Lost and Found (Open Thread)

fatberg062wayPoor children in the USA have lost a lot of lard:

The obesity rate among preschool-age children from poor families fell in 19 states and United States territories between 2008 and 2011, federal health officials said Tuesday — the first time a major government report has shown a consistent pattern of decline for low-income children after decades of rising rates.

Let’s mooooooove.  Predictably on cue, Michelle Obama was there to take credit:

Today’s announcement reaffirms my belief that together, we are making a real difference in helping kids across the country get a healthier start to life.  We know how essential it is to set our youngest children on a path towards a lifetime of healthy eating and physical activity, and the more than 10,000 childcare programs participating in the Let’s Move! Child Care initiative are doing vitally important work on this front.

Just where exactly did all that lard go?  Breaking news!

The city of London was recently attacked by a huge Blob of lard, nicknamed “fatberg” (photo above).

The bus-sized berg behaved like a biological bulwark, blockading sanitary sewers, preventing Londoners from flushing!

CCTV footage shows the 15-tonne mountain of congealed fat and sanitary products in a sewer in Kingston, south-west London. The massive lard lump was first noticed after the residents of a block of flats nearby were unable to flush their toilets. The ‘fatberg’ was blasted by high-powered hoses and took three weeks to clear. Thames Water says it’s the biggest ever recorded in Britain, and was the size of a bus. 

The question just begs to be asked:

Has the Obama administration found a secret weapon to use against those evil colonialists in the British Empire? 


217 responses to “Lost and Found (Open Thread)

  1. here’s an easier read.. from above…. Does this mean that ~O~??
    is our first non-Black ASIAN~ISH USURPER ????? or what is he?


  2. Save on Babysitting Fees!


    Extermination: $50. off on Sundays! Tell your friends!

    • Oh, that WOULD save on babysitting and nanny fees, wouldn’t it? Prevention is the best “cure”.

      I was thinking about this topic of babysitters and nannies last night. How many of us had either? Not I. My parents were always home, probably because they didn’t have the money to go out on the town. If both ever had to be absent, like when Dad worked and Mom was having another baby, then it was a relative like Grandma or an Aunt watching us–for FREE, of course, because who could AFFORD babysitters or nannies? Just another indication that Barry and Mooch, despite how they pretend otherwise, were both from well-to-do families.

      • yeah, like when you’re just michelle robinson who knows a valerie jarrett, perchance, and a bernardine dorhn, just hanging out at the jesse jackson’s dayand night, you surely must be well-to-do. (barky’s lucky he “found” them whence he discovered life in the lower 48.)

        yes, families lived amongst one another in neighborhoods until the federal government deemed them a common community and destroyed the terrain and traditions, systematically expended treasuries, in every City of the Late Great America, the Old Country.

        illegal aliens are coming to dilute by federal invitation.

        • They are coming and the Obama housing nazis are going to ENSURE that they live in your neighborhood–be it black, white, yellow, or red. DIVERSITY!!!!! I truly do think diversity is good. The FHA needs to find me a home in ONE of these neighborhoods:

          IN REVERSE ORDER of affluence:
          8. Westlake, Texas
          Population: 915
          Top 5% Income Avg: $2,041,000

          7. Westover Hills, Texas
          Population: 693
          Top 5% Income Avg: $2,045,000

          6. Chevy Chase Village, Maryland
          Population: 2,018
          Top 5% Income Avg: $2,090,300

          5. Jupiter Island, Florida
          Population: 504
          Top 5% Income Avg: $2,090,6000

          4. Cove Neck, New York
          Population: 232
          Top 5% Income Avg: $2,383,000

          3. Chenequa, Wisconsin
          Population: 802
          Top 5% Income Avg: $2,498,000

          2. Mill Neck, New York
          Population: 800
          Top 5% Income Avg: $2,511,000

          1. Huntleigh, Missouri
          Population: 369
          Top 5% Income Avg: $2,700,000

          It’s only FAIR, after all.

        • Eric Whittaker and Mooch worked together at that hospital. Barry apparently recommended him for the job at the Dept. of Health.

      • Good point about growing up without sitters or nannies. The thing is, when Mooch’s &Barry’s sitters are mentioned they are interpreted as sitter of the likes of today–those that watch the children while parents are at work; that paints another false image or two like Barry’s mom was a single mother that haaaad to work.

        • Oh, that’s true. But today, it “pays” just to stay home with the kids because the social “benefits” are such that a person makes less money working and doesn’t get to be with the kids. I’m sure the babysitting for the Obama girls was whilst the parents were at soirees (like the one that the LA Times has film of, but won’t reveal).

  3. JUST Symbols…&… Logos!!!!! ….???? SICK’OS PEDOPHILES!


  4. okay. chill. the rodeo clowns are going to take sensitivity courses.


    relax. it’s all good now. but here’s the question: will they be required to get CEU’s? (continuing education credits/ units) we must be vigilant.

    • Oh, I know. Isn’t that ridiculous? I forgot to mention that part of the story. Sensitivity training! Who needs sensitivity training are people like that DemoncRAT operative who doesn’t understand rural humor and Barry, who’s prejudiced against people who, he says, cling to guns, religion, and xenophobia.

    • btw, even though Missouri is a “red state”, the governor is a DemoncRAT and he appointed MOST of the state fair commissioners so …

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