The IRS Is Not Off the Hook

These obfuscators count on it that readers of such headlines will remember the gist (“liberals targeted, too”) instead of carefully parsing what was said (and not said) and how it was said.

If a person reads only the headlines from these stories and none of the later “corrections”, if any, then the disinformation campaign has achieved its goal of obfuscating the truth and watering down the impact of the IRS scandal.

Do note their use of the word inappropriate.  This also suits the spin:   Targeting taxpayers for political reasons is far worse than inappropriate, but the media get their talking points from this administration; and they apparently believe that if they use such weasel words often enough, they can diminish the seriousness of any charge against the Obama administration.

Some mainstream media writers cleverly couched their stories, using phrases such as “seem to,” as in “seem to change the terms of a scandal that exploded over accusations that the I.R.S. had tried to stifle a nascent conservative political movement.”  Or “appeared to,” as in “appeared to back up contentions by I.R.S. officials and some Democrats that the agency did not intend to single out conservative groups for special scrutiny.”

The stories carefully omit the FACT that on the newly discovered Be On the Look Out list (BOLO) the word progressive was under a heading that reads “historical” (meaning, obsolete.  No longer in use.)

Despite yet another attempt by Democrats to spin the story (now claiming that Occupy groups were also flagged), the fact remains that the IRS targeted conservative groups. Treasury Inspector General J. Russell George affirms that no evidence was found (he looked) to indicate that progressive groups were subjected to the same onerous scrutiny as were conservative groups.  Nor were progressive applications subject to oversight from Washington D.C. or delayed for years.

There’s a distinct difference between being “flagged” and being “systematically targeted,” as pointed out by Rep. Dave Camp of Michigan.

Werfel came into office professing that he would clean up the IRS and restore the public trust.  Yet during a hearing on June 27, Werfel presented an “incomplete” report, which concluded

that politics didn’t play a role in the now-defunct practice of providing extra scrutiny to conservative groups applying for a tax exemption.

Yet the IRS and the FBI had barely begun the investigation!  The report, according to Rep. Tim Griffin of Arkansas was designed to be nothing more than “political cover” for the Obama administration.

It is abundantly clear from Commissioner Werfel’s testimony that his 30-day review was more about offering political cover than providing the American people with facts on why folks were targeted because of their political beliefs.  Despite the fact that Mr. Werfel failed to interview key IRS officials at the center of the scandal – one of whom has already pleaded the fifth because of her involvement – his report boldly concludes that there was ‘no evidence of intentional wrongdoing’. 

Even more telling: out of all of the points made in his 83-page report, Mr. Werfel felt it important enough to highlight this erroneous conclusion when he personally briefed President Obama on the report before its release.  Mr. Werfel’s including this conclusion in the report is irresponsible and it underscores the need for further investigation and, ultimately, fundamental tax reform that will reduce the power of the IRS.

Exoneration first; “investigation” afterwards!

Werfel’s investigation remains incomplete, so members of Congress were rightfully outraged that he would issue a report basically exonerating the Obama administration, before the facts were in.  This is akin to issuing a verdict before the first witness is called to the stand!

The sole intent was to further a media meme that there’s nothing to see here, folks, MOVE ON.  The administration’s purpose was to give the media an excuse, any excuse, to run misleading headlines in order to leave a false impression in the minds of the public. In other words, it was a disinformation black propaganda operation.  An operation with which Mr. Whirl was totally on board.  Of course he was; he’s a political appointee!

Who is Danny Werfel? By all appearances, he is an Obama loyalist. Like [Rep. Elijah] Cummings, he has done his best to obstruct the investigation with diversionary falsehoods. The latest example is the report Werfel released this week finding no wrongdoing by the IRS. Werfel’s report, however, was “incomplete.” He is peddling rather obvious falsehoods, rather obviously designed to obscure the truth in the service of his political masters.

Werfel has a brief record of public service, all of it in the Obama administration. It may have been difficult to get a bead on him at the time of his entry onto the scene. In his short time at the IRS, however, Werfel has proved himself a weasel. That Obama has sent a factotum and fixer over to the agency is another sign of the gravity of the IRS scandals.

Werfel’s propaganda ploy resembles the very similar lame gambit that former IRS official Lois Lerner attempted, when she used a planted question to roll out the truth about this IRS scandal, in advance of the release of Inspector General George‘s report.  (Factoid: George once dated Michelle Obama.) Unfortunately for the Fifth-pleading Lerner, she’s not as good at the game, not as polished, as Mr. Whirl.

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77 responses to “The IRS Is Not Off the Hook

      • Good point, Papoose. I forgot the link to Biden.

        “More than two years after her upstart Senate campaign rocked the Delaware political world, Christine O’Donnell got an unexpected contact from a U.S. Treasury Department agent warning that her private tax records may have been breached.

        The phone message earlier this year shocked the battled-scarred candidate, a tea party favorite who knocked off Republican mainstay Michael Castle in the primary before losing in a bid to win Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s former seat. …

        Now Mr. Martel, a criminal investigator for the Treasury Department’s inspector general for tax administration, was telling her that an official in Delaware state government had improperly accessed her records on that very same day. Beyond that, Ms. O’Donnell and Senate investigators who have tried to help her have run into a wall of silence, leaving more questions than answers about whether abuses of the IRS system extend to private individuals and not just the tax-exempt groups already identified as victims.

        Investigators for Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, an influential Republican who serves on the Finance and Judiciary committees, have uncovered one key issue: a backdoor system in which state officials can access Americans’ private tax records in the name of investigating with little oversight or accountability.

        But the Justice Department has declined to prosecute any of the offenders. Treasury officials have refused to give Mr. Grassley any specifics on the cases or to describe the disposition of Ms. O’Donnell’s case, claiming even people who improperly access tax records have an assumption of privacy under federal tax laws. …”

        She was also TARGETED for the same Alinsky tactics the left and the media, too, used against GOVERNOR Sarah Palin. Remember? Both of them were dumb bimbos.

      • This is a great find, Papoose. TY. Check out this part; doesn’t it sound so very familiar?

        “Ms. O’Donnell has spent the past six months trying to find out more about what happened to her personally, with little success.

        Investigators have told her the probe has been closed, without offering an explanation. Ms. O’Donnell’s attempts to get records about the possible misuse of her tax files through Freedom of Information Act requests have been delayed or denied. …”

        • More: “She fought through a three-year audit into her personal finances that ended with her repaying $1,100 to the federal government. Family and friends also were subjected to audits, though they were cleared, she said.

          She had been warned that such events were possible.

          As she was considering a Senate run, Ms. O’Donnell said she was told by a prominent political figure in Delaware that if she challenged Mr. Castle, the IRS and others would “F with her head.”

          Ms. O’Donnell said she has reason to believe her political opponents were behind the scheme.

          “An official with this investigation told me that there was evidence linking this inappropriate use of my tax records with the Delaware political leadership, Delaware political leaders on both sides of the aisle,” she said, though she declined to identify the official with whom she spoke.”

          Nothing about this in my local paper or the other national paper I read daily. Gee, isn’t THIS news? Imagine if this were, say, Hillary Clinton’s or Barack Obama’s tax records. Note the reference to “both sides of the aisle.” The story talks about Karl Rove. Remember how the DemoncRATS and the likes of Rove teamed up to demonize the Tea Party?


            Delaware officials admit tax snooping; won’t identify Christine O’Donnell as target

            The director of Delaware’s tax-collection office said Friday that his agency accessed the federal tax records in 2010 of an unnamed taxpayer, believed to be former GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell.

            Patrick Carter, director of the state’s division of revenue, would not identify Ms. O’Donnell as the taxpayer but said he approved the inquiry “for routine purposes.”

            “A state Division of Revenue investigator accessed records on or after March 20, 2010 following information that came to the attention of the division,” Mr. Carter said in a statement. “The record access led the state revenue investigator to conclude there was no basis for further state investigation of a taxpayer and no action was taken by the state Division of Revenue against the taxpayer.” …”

            Right. Perhaps so, but they SAW what they WANTED TO SEE on the pretext of a “routine purpose.” And to whom was said information transmitted, if anyone?

            “… Patrick Carter, director of the Delaware Division of Revenue in the state Finance Department, says he approved access to a taxpayer’s federal records for “routine” purposes and was questioned by a federal investigator on the matter earlier this year. State tax auditor David Smith was the official who accessed the records, Carter said. …”

            • OUTRAGEOUS, BUT NOT SURPRISING. What hasn’t been disappeared when it threatens to harm Barry and his DemoncRAT allies?

              “Records of Christine O’Donnell tax snooping disappear

              Delaware state officials have told Congress that they likely destroyed the computer records that would show when and how often they accessed Christine O’Donnell’s personal tax records and acknowledged that a newspaper article was used as the sole justification for snooping into the former GOP Senate candidate’s tax history.

              The revelations to Sen. Chuck Grassley’s office came Tuesday as the Treasury Department’s inspector general for tax administration, the government’s chief watchdog for the Internal Revenue Service, formally reopened its investigation into the matter by re-interviewing Ms. O’Donnell.

              “It is an active investigation now,” Ms. O’Donnell told The Washington Times after meeting with the same Treasury agent who first informed her in January that her tax records were improperly accessed. …

              “The state says it looked at Ms. O’Donnell’s federal records because of a newspaper article describing a federal tax lien against her,” Mr. Grassley said. “Does the state look at every taxpayer who faces a federal lien or only those who happen to appear in a newspaper article? Is it routine for a state employee to email his boss about looking at a taxpayer’s records on a Saturday, when the article appeared? It’s hard to evaluate what happened in the O’Donnell case without answering these questions, and I’ll continue to work to get more information.””

              They should just subpoena the records from the NSA.

    • WOW! I guess we now know at least one of the political candidates who was targeted by the IRS and I guess it’s JUST A COINCIDENCE that she’s a Tea Partier:

      “… [T]he U.S. Treasury Department told Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, that at least four politicians had their private information examined improperly by the IRS.

      Former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell said she is one of them. She said the day she announced her run for the U.S. Senate in 2010, the government placed a tax lien on her house.

      The problem is she didn’t own the house at the time. The IRS later withdrew the lien, calling it a “computer glitch.” [“inadvertent mistake?”]

      But in January, O’Donnell was informed by a criminal investigator for the Treasury Department that her records had been improperly accessed on the day she decided to run. [So it ought to be easy to find the IRS EMPLOYEE cum DemoncRAT plant who did this, but I’m guessing this is the case that HOLDER of the DOJ decided not to prosecute, as was mentioned in yesterday’s hearing. I hope Grassley gets to the bottom of this.]

      O’Donnell claimed she had been warned that if she ran for Senate, the IRS would “(expletive) her head.”

      “Whether it’s one, eight or 80 (cases), it’s an abuse of power at the IRS. It’s using the IRS as a political weapon, and that shouldn’t be done,” O’Donnell told The Washington Times. “


    “… Rep. Darrell Issa – chairman of the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform – released a letter detailing testimony from Carter Hull, a now-retired Washington tax specialist who was responsible for providing guidance on reviewing tax-exempt applications for Tea Party groups. Hull told Congressional investigators that Lois Lerner, Director of Exempt Organizations who is now on paid leave, directed that the Tea Party applications be sent directly to the office of IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins for specific review and examination prior to the 2010 election.

    “This is one of the most extremely disturbing revelations yet,” said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ. “It is now clear that the IRS Chief Counsel, appointed by President Obama in 2009, was involved in examining and reviewing applications from Tea Party groups – many that were basically shut out of the 2010 election process because of delays in handling of their applications. This development raises significant questions about what the White House knew and when. In a politically charged run-up to the 2010 election, why was one of President Obama’s most trusted and partisan appointees involved in examining the applications for Tea Party groups? We look forward to tomorrow’s testimony [now over] and further information about the origins of this unlawful and unconstitutional scheme that violated the First Amendment rights of our clients.” …”

    That letter linked above asks for priority attention to their requests for all communications between the IRS, the IRS Counsel’s office, and THE WH.


      “… IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins is a direct political appointee of President Obama in 2009 and significantly calls into question the Obama Administration’s ever evolving timeline of who knew what when, but even more importation who directed and orchestrated the targeting of the Tea Party.

      President Obama’s IRS claimed IRS Chief Counsel, one of two politically appointed IRS positions, was not aware of the IRS targeting until this year. Yet, testimony from multiple IRS lawyers in Washington, D.C., released by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform now directly implicate IRS Chief Counsel’s office. According to multiple IRS attorneys in D.C., including tax law specialist Carter Hull, who oversaw the review of the Tea Party cases, Lois Lerner, former Director at the Exempt Organizations Division, and her top advisor directed that certain Tea Party applications as part of a “test” group be sent to her office and IRS Chief Counsel for review in the winter of 2010-2011.

      Chief Counsel’s office, after months more of delay, then demanded Mr. Hull make further inquiries of the Tea Party. According to the testimony, it was Chief Counsel’s office that was demanding to know more information about the conservative groups’ activities “right before the [2010] election period. In other words, immediately before.

      In addition, the testimony indicates that the Chief Counsel’s office was heavily involved in preparing a template for handling these cases, something Mr. Hull testified was impractical “because these organizations, all of them are different. A template wouldn’t work.” Yet, as he testified, a template was prepared by someone in Chief Counsel’s office in conjunction with other tax law specialists. Even more disturbing he testified that after three years, IRS Chief Counsel’s office had not made a determination about these “test” Tea Party cases, even though in 2011, Mr. Hull had all the information he needed to make a recommendation as to their request for tax-exempt status. …”

      In a way, I’m very glad that someone of the caliber of Jay Sekulow is now experiencing the kind of stonewalling that we “birthers” have experienced in trying to pry information out of this administration. Also with the “scrubbing” of information from the record. Maybe he and others like Gowdy will have the ability to crack this nut.

    • Yes, but note the media blackout. There can BE no “scandal” with no coverage, and Barry’s a master at inveigling the media to look the other way and at giving them plenty of distractions–like an impromptu speech about Trayvon Martin.

  2. Another Tea Party person persecuted by the IRS:

    Exclusive: IRS watchdog reviewing claims of improper audit of Tea Party farmer

    The IRS’s internal watchdog is reviewing allegations that the agency improperly audited a Tea Party owner of a small Virginia farm whose repeated clashes with a local environmental group and the county over zoning laws have made her a cause celebre for property-rights advocates. …

    Amid the publicity, Boneta last year also received notice of an IRS audit – an audit she believes is directly related to her disagreements with the environmental group and the county and is intended to frighten her into backing down.

    “The audit had the effect of really scaring me,” she told the Washington Examiner. “If that was the intention, it worked. I was terrified. The auditor asked me questions that were uniquely related to my litigation with Fauquier County and the Piedmont Environmental Council. If not collusion, how could this be possible?

    A spokesman for the PEC said the group has nothing to do with the zoning issues she was having nor the audit. …”

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