Today’s the Day: Zimmerman Trial Winds Down

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Today’s the day that a jury of six citizens will probably be tasked with deciding the fate of George Zimmerman.  Will justice be done?

Much injustice has already been done–by the media, race baiters like Al Sharpton, and politicians like Barack “If I Had a Son” Obama, the sitting president of the USA (who’s now trying to walk it back).

Who envies these six citizens? 

Here’s just one example of what these citizens on the jury and George Zimmerman are up against: [emphasis added to quotes]

The legal watchdog Judicial Watch released an audio recording Thursday of a Department of Justice staffer urging Sanford, Fla., city officials and the minority advocacy group Dream Defenders to seek justice for Trayvon Martin, because “if a community perceives that there’s something wrong in the black community, there’s something wrong.

CRS is an arm of the department that we call the Peacemakers,” Thomas Battles, regional director of the DOJ’s Community Relations Service, said at a meeting at the Shiloh Church on April 19, 2012. “We work with communities where there is real or perceived racial tensions.” …

It was reported Wednesday, according to documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, that from March 25 to April 12, CRS spent roughly $5,000 [of taxpayer money] upon being deployed to Sanford to work marches, demonstrations, and rallies “related to the shooting and death of an African-American teen by a neighborhood watch captain.”

The findings, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said, “detail the extraordinary intervention by the Justice Department in the pressure campaign leading to the prosecution of George Zimmerman. My guess is that most Americans would rightly object to taxpayers paying government employees to help organize racially-charged demonstrations.” …

Indeed, the taxpayers probably would rightly object, if they knew. However, most of the mainstream media have not reported these facts.   Kudos to the Washington  Times for reporting truth.

Here’s another example of what Zimmerman is up against.  The judge disallowed most this evidence from being presented to the sequestered jury:

Nor do they know much about Trayvon Martin’s downward spiral after this father’s second divorce, when he was forced to leave the stepmother he grew up with most of his life.  They believe in the cultivated image of a kid “carrying candy” and “iced tea,” and they resent speaking ill of the dead. 

The truth is different.  Martin had gone to the 7-11 to buy a cigar under the counter, which he and his friends used to fill with marijuana, called a “blunt.”  He bought Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail [not tea] to lace with codeine from cough syrup to get high with, a druggy concoction called “Lean.”  We know all this from his online chat with friends about blunts and Lean, testimony from his cousin to the police, and the store video camera.

Martin was not the small sweet-faced boy shown in the media photos, but a big, angry 17-year-old.  He was recently suspended from school when they found that his backpack held burglary tools and 12 pieces of stolen women’s jewelry and a watch.  It is not unlikely that he was out on that rainy night casing houses to burgle.

The researchers at have the makings of a very good book. I hope they compile and publish it, no matter how this case turns out. We the People, all of us, need to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  We applaud the “Treepers” for finding and reporting the whole truth.

As usual, undocumented citizen journalists must do the job that the mainstream U.S. media refuses to do.

Justice is about TRUTH.  There is no justice without truth.  Context matters, too.  How can this jury decide fairly, unless they know the full context of what happened that night?

Who was the real victim?  Who will be the next victim?

May God guide the jury in their pursuit of truth and justice for this man who, remember, is INNOCENT until proven guilty. 


114 responses to “Today’s the Day: Zimmerman Trial Winds Down

  1. Matthew Weaver 22 caught red-handed… “a incredibly entitled young
    man” … he showed “phenomenal misjudgement” (..& lacking honesty!)

    • The political agenda revealed: Repeal the Stand Your Ground laws:

      What is their problem with people being able to defend themselves? It’s SO NOT FAIR that victims might be armed and NOT at the mercy of predators.

      “… Some Justice officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, and many outside experts have said that bringing civil rights charges against Zimmerman would be extremely difficult and perhaps impossible. But delegates here believe that it will be hard for Holder, the nation’s first African American attorney general, to ignore an NAACP petition seeking such charges that already has been signed by hundreds of thousands.

      That’s leverage,” said Gary Bledsoe, vice chairman of the NAACP’s legal committee. He said that he heard enough during Zimmerman’s three-week trial to convince him that race played a role in Martin’s killing.

      Especially compelling, Bledsoe said, was a statement Zimmerman made in a call to a non-emergency police line after spotting Martin walking through his community in Sanford, just north of Orlando: “These a–holes, they always get away.” Any linguist would say Zimmerman’s comment had racial connotations, Bledsoe said. …”

      HUH? No linguist and nobody with common sense would turn “these a–holes” into RACIST language! He was talking about the people who had been burglarizing his gated community, and how they always get away. That’s RACIST? Referring to burglars is racist? In what sense, unless you’re going to concede to a falsehood that all burglars are black so it must be racist. This guy is insane. On the other hand, we have Rachel Jeantel claiming that the n-word, if it ends with an “a”, is NOT racial, but if it ends with an “er”, then it is racial. And she claims that “cracka” means police or just a man, ANY MAN, even a Chinese guy. What cracker means, I haven’t a clue, in her world.

      But here she is ON RECORD, blathering on and on, about how NOTHING was racial or racist that night because Trayvon feared the cracka “police” “man” might have been a gay rapist!

      Since when, according to the NAACP, does a petition signed by thousands mean that the JUSTICE DEPT. MUST do what the petitioners want? In that case, let’s get up a petition to have Holder fired. Shouldn’t be hard to get MILLIONS of signatures on that baby.

  2. Mikado Cat Billy_Pilgrim • 26 minutes ago
    True, but Zimmerman really had no reason to think turning his back on Trayvon would be so dangerous, but I agree Zimmerman should have been more vigilant while waiting for police even though Trayvon had run toward the rear entrance as others had previously. Once Trayvon had returned to the area Zimmerman was waiting and was close enough to punch him, Zimmerman had no control of the events that followed, unless you consider not screaming for help and taking the beating an option.

    I don’t fall for the baloney about staying in his truck, Trayvon had done nothing to warrant considering him too dangerous to try & watch. Doubling back & attacking Zimmerman was not something that would be expected.

  3. Book Description
    Release date: January 8, 2013
    From the editor-at-large of comes a galvanizing and alarming look at the strategy and tactics of leftist thuggery.
    While President Obama and the left like to pretend that they oppose bullying with all their hearts and souls, the truth is far darker: the left is the greatest purveyor of bullying in modern American history. Bullying has morphed into the left’s go-to tactic, as they attempt to quash their opponents through fear, threat of force, violence, and rhetorical intimidation on every major issue facing America today.

    Ben Shapiro uncovers the simple strategy used by liberals and their friends in the media: bully the living hell out of conservatives. Play the race card, the class card, the sexism card. Use any and every means at your disposal to demonize your opposition—to shut them up. Then pretend that such bullying is justified, because, after all, conservatives are the true bullies, and need to be taught a lesson for their intolerance. Hidden beneath the left’s supposed hatred of bullying lies a passionate love of its vulgar tactics.

    The left has created a climate of fear wherein ordinary Americans must abandon their principles, back abhorrent causes, and remain silent. They believe America is a force for evil, that our military is composed of war criminals, and that patriotism is the deepest form of treason. They incite riots and threaten violence by playing the race card, then claim they’re advocates for tolerance. Disagree with Obama? You must be a racist. They send out union thugs and Occupy Wall Street anarchists to destroy businesses and redistribute the wealth of earners and job creators. No target is off limits as liberal feminists declare war against stay-at-home moms, and gay activists out their enemies, destroy careers, and desecrate personal privacy.

    These are the most despicable people in America, bullying their opponents while claiming to be the victims. Shapiro takes on the leftist bullies, exposes their hypocrisy, and offers conservatives a reality check in the face of what has become the gravest threat to American liberty: the left’s single-minded focus on ending political debate through bully tactics.

    • This is unbelievable, from Breitbart, too:

      DOJ Asks Civil Rights Groups, General Public for ‘Tips’ on Zimmerman

      On Monday afternoon, the US Department of [IN]Justice appealed to civil rights groups and the general public across the country for “tips” on George Zimmerman in their pursuit of potential federal civil rights charges against the just-acquitted defendant in the Trayvon Martin killing. The DOJ actually went so far as to set up an e-mail address to allow such tips: … The email address is slated to go operational by the end of the week.

      Barbara Arnwine, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law told the Orlando Sentinel that the DOJ had held a Monday conference call “calling on us to actively refer anyone who had any information” that would help build a case against Zimmerman. “They said they would very aggressively investigate this case,” Arnwine stated. [They apparently don’t want tips that won’t help them build a case–such as testimonials from people who KNOW Zimmerman is NOT racist.]

      According to Arnwine, the call began at 3:30 p.m. with Tom Perez, [And they’re currently talking about a deal to confirm him for Sec. of Labor!] Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division of the United States DOJ, and representatives of the FBI on the line. Several prosecutors joined the call, too. …”

      So now anybody who has the gall to invent a story about Zimmerman being a racist can do so and the so-called Dept. of “Justice” will use it to persecute a doubly innocent man (once by Constitutional presumption, the second time by a jury). This is OUTRAGEOUS.

      Where’s their tipline for information about all the whites and hispanics who have been attacked “for Trayvon”? Where’s their tipline for the victims of these crimes?

      Eric Holder Forgets to Tell NAACP – Violent Crime Against Whitey Is Up 18% In Last Year

      Obama’s Race Wars– Instead of stoking rage and making empty promises at the annual NAACP convention today, Eric Holder should have been calling for peace.

      The latest FBI statistics show that violent attacks on whites have increased by 18% from 2010 to 2011. At the same time, violent crimes against blacks only increased by 2 percent.

      Those would be troubling numbers with any group, or any other racial group anyway, but the Department of Justice’s statistics show that violent crimes against White non-Hispanics increased 18 percent from 2010 to 2011.

      This increase cannot be put down to an across the board increase in violent crimes, because during that same period, violent crimes against blacks only increased by 2 percent.

      Serious Violent Crimes against whites, such as rape and murder, increased by 13 percent. Serious Violent Crimes against blacks within that same period increased by only 4 percent.

      Crimes directed at men significantly jumped by 27 percent in that same period suggesting that white men have suffered a major jump in attacks within that year. [and what percentage were white GAY men attacked by black men during the Knockout “game”?]

      The two age groups with the highest increases were the elderly, whose victimization rates increased by 48 percent and the 18-24 group, whose rates went up by 45 percent. The numbers however become truly disturbing when we look at Serious Violent Crimes where the rates of victimization for the elderly went up 91 percent.

      One local St. Louis teen claimed to have knocked out over 300 people in the “game.”


        IGNORED BY LIB MEDIA: Zimmerman Was a Democrat, Voted For Obama, Tutored Black Kids

        For some reason the corrupt American media forgot to mention this in their reports…

        George Zimmerman calls himself a Democrat. A local media channel even reported this back in March 2012. …

        George Zimmerman was an Obama Democrat. He took a black girl to prom. He tutored black kids. …

        Researchable and legitimate source examples of Zimmerman’s past history of working with and for blacks include:

        He and a black friend opened up an insurance office in a Florida…”
        “He’d engaged in notably un-racist behaviour such as taking a black girl to his high-school prom…”
        Not only does he have black relatives, he has reportedly donated his time to tutor black children.”
        “He launched a campaign to help a homeless black man who was beaten up by a white kid.” …”

        But none of this matters. He’s caught up in the corrupt political machine of the Obamanation, which is intent on destroying our country, one way or another. They WILL fundamentally transform it if they have to burn it down. That’s their goal. Retribution. Redistribution. Revenge. The three R’s. They are RACIST HATERS, so that makes four R’s. God help us. Pray for our country. Pray for George Zimmerman and his family.

        I’m just sayin’. Is this promising? OR does this sound like a COWED Republican?

        Here’s an example of our race-baiting media double standard:

        “… HLN legal show host Nancy Grace is back in the headlines in a way her publicists might not appreciate. Shortly before the George Zimmerman ‘not guilty’ verdict was read on Saturday night, she claimed on the air – uncensored – that he had called African-Americans ‘f—king coons’ while on the phone with police. [WHICH WAS NOT TRUE AND WAS A LIE DEBUNKED SHORTLY AFTER ANOTHER MEDIA OUTLET MADE IT UP, and Grace had to know that.]

        But during a little-watched and little-noted broadcast on Friday, Grace used her own racial stereotype to refer to Zimmerman

        ‘Give George Zimmerman back his life?’ Grace exclaimed on the air, Mediaite first reported.

        ‘Give Zimmerman back his life? He’s [been] out on bond, driving through Taco Bell every night, having a churro,’ she said. …”

        Unlike Paula Deen, she apparently STILL has her job.

  4. Injustice and Acceptance

  5. jd1958 • an hour ago
    Mr. Holder; what about the 700 deaths in Chicago since the beginning of the year? Oh, you’re only concerned about this one because of Florida’s Stand your Ground Law which was not used in Mr. Zimmermans Defense. Self-Defense was the issue. 2nd degree murder was the charge. Self-Defense and an acquittal was the result. They don’t care about the other 700 because it was black on black crime/murders.

  6. FED’s Case…. against Z.. very unlikely…. so go whoop-ass will ya

  7. …… redwolf6911 • an hour ago
    Zimmerman is part Black, Hispanic and a registered Democrat. Obama & Holder are ignoring these facts & are essentially out to get him. They are willing to charge him with imagined crimes in order to try and get “stand your ground” laws removed in as many states as possible. Not to mention gun control laws & gun confiscation.

  8. NBPanthers….. Z’s …. Verdict….MEANS….WAR’ …. for ????
    ~ gonna B startin’ SOMETHING.. been so waiting for this DAY 2 come

  9. IF they BRING a “KNIFE” …. “JUST RUN” SAYS HOLDER…. O -no
    so very FUNNY DUDE U have BODY GUARDS ! …remember that!
    Removing … Stand Your Ground…& then & then & then…. etc.
    Hacking ….. away everything …. in SITE!!!!

  10. This is the same Fake outrage the Obama administration created over ‘the video’ in the Benghazi scandal. As in many Muslim cultures, Obama’s people have Perfected the Technique of Shaming to claim Moral Superiority. Attorney general, Eric Holder, …………………..
    who describes America as a “nation of Cowards,” won’t quit his outrage over the Martin/Zimmerman case. ….(from above)

  11. From the mouths of babes:

    High school student irritates Jay Carney

    A high school intern with the conservative Daily Caller Web site got into a testy exchange with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Wednesday after asking if the White House would intervene to protect George Zimmerman from death threats in the wake of his acquittal on murder and manslaughter charges. …

    “Because of the death threats being received by George Zimmerman and his parents, is the president going to take any action for their security or are they on their own?” Gabe Finger asked.

    Carney responded that he wasn’t aware of the threats and that Florida authorities would be responsible for handling them, but that Obama opposes “any violence of any kind” in response to the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case.

    So they’re on their own?” Finger asked again.

    You can editorialize all you want and I have no doubt that you will, but that is a ridiculous statement,” Carney replied. …”

    What an ass. Let’s assume he would not have spoken that way to a liberal or a black student.

  12. You can bet your sweet Bippy!… as O stirs the BREW with his Sweep & they sing praise of … Obama… Nothing gets Past the Bully Pushers….. NOTH-ING Carney’s a clown! A joke. not worth his pay.. but “tricky”
    WHEN are they ever willing to discuss with the crowd? Not worth the $

  13. ~ DREAM DEFENDERS….?? Leaders of the PACK…. T Martin
    Protest Leaders Revealed….

    • That’s right. We always keep forgetting that not only is Zimmerman hispanic, but he’s also black and probably native Peruvian, too, which makes him tri-racial at least. So more of a “person of color” than white African-American Barry.

    • Don’t know what I feel about this one. Seems they ought to sue the person who made the original mistake, but that person probably has no money. If they win, it certainly would set a bad precedent and stifle speech on the Internet. Of course, some would love that outcome.

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