The Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama Administration (Open Thread)


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After the Arab Spring, now comes the Arab Summer, which pushes the reset button on hope and change for the people of Egypt, who saw their revolution usurped by Islamists: [emphasis added to quotes]

Secular and liberal factions trying to install one of their own as Egypt’s new prime minister collided into strong resistance Sunday from the sole Islamist faction that backed the military’s ouster of President Mohammed Morsi, reflecting the difficulties in building a broad coalition behind a new leadership. 

As wrangling continued over the prime minister spot, giant rallies by the movements that pushed out Morsi took on a sharply nationalist tone, pervaded with posters of the military’s chief and denunciations of the United States and President Barack Obama for [what] they see as their backing of the Islamist leader. …

Throughout Morsi’s year in office, many of his opponents accused the United States of backing his administration. Washington often underlined that it was dealing with Morsi as the country’s elected leader.

Before the wave of anti-Morsi protests began on June 30, U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson said in a speech that she was “deeply skeptical” protests would be fruitful. She defended U.S. relations with Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood as necessary because the group is part of the democratically elected government. …

Obama “must know that this is a popular revolution,” said Shawki Ibrahim, 37, in Tahrir with a portrait of army chief Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi dangling from his neck.

The United States should support the people’s will and not the interest of a person or a group seeking only their own interest,” he said.

We don’t really need those signs to tell us what we already know: The president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama II, supports the Muslim Brotherhood–the regime of Islamists whom the secular and liberty-minded in Egypt just ousted in a crushing blow to the dream of a global caliphate.  No surprise.  After all, Obama did promise Muslims that he would support them “should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

The wind is rather ugly in Egypt these days, at least for the forces of Islamism, although now that the winds have changed, Obama’s administration pretends that they did not support the Muslim Brotherhood.

This, despite the fact that Islamists were welcome guests in DC after the Arab Spring, meeting with officials from the National Security Council.  Other instances of Islamists being welcomed into the White House are too numerous to mention, but a simple Internet search will turn up more examples. Here’s a story about one recent meeting in “The People’s House”:

Radical Egyptian cleric Yusuf Qaradawi is considered so radical that the United States bans him from entering the country.

Qaradawi, considered the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, has called for the killing of Jews and Americans.

That history makes the June 13 [2013] White House meeting with Sheik Abdullah Bin Bayyah all the more inexplicable. Bin Bayyah is vice president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), a group founded by and headed by Qaradawi. The IUMS has a long history of supporting Hamas –a top Hamas leader is an IUMS member – and of calling for Israel’s destruction.

Bin Bayyah’s website claims that he met June 13 with senior Obama administration officials at the White House.

Nonetheless, it was the Obama administration which sought the meeting with Bin Bayyah, his website’s account said.

“We asked for this meeting to learn from you and we need to be looking for new mechanisms to communicate with you and the Association of Muslim Scholars (another name used for the IUMS),” Gayle Smith, senior director of the National Security Council, reportedly said.

Bin Bayyah’s June 13 account placed other senior officials in the meeting, including: Rashad Hussain, the U.S. special envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), National Security Adviser Tom Donilon and White House spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri. But the account was later changed to delete the reference to Donilon’s presence at the meeting.

Note that Islamists are welcome, but CITIZENS of the USA can no longer take tours of the White House, allegedly because of sequestration.

Huma Abedin (on the right, with Hillary Clinton) is the wife of the disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner, the aspiring first lady of New York City, and the long-time personal assistant, body woman, and deputy chief of staff for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Abedin is alleged to have ties to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, through three close relatives:  Her mother, Saleha Abedin, seen below with former Secretary of State Clinton; her brother Hassan Abedin; and her father, Syed Abedin.

Although the mainstream media tried to debunk the allegations about Abedin’s Muslim Brotherhood connections, others have offered a good deal of what so far is unrefuted evidence.

A letter sent by several members of Congress to the Department of State, delineating their concerns about potential Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into our government, can be found here. Interestingly enough, on the anniversary of the mailing of that missive, Senator Charles Grassley sent a letter of his own, this one to current Secretary of State John Kerry, asking questions about work that Abedin apparently did for private clients while still being employed at the State Dept.  Grassley’s questions about Abedin’s special treatment at the Dept. of State were ignored.

One of the most ardent defenders of Abedin’s family,

John L. Esposito, is founding director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud is a Saudi billionaire who has purchased a goodly proportion of the US media.  Thus, he has a goodly proportion of power to control what’s said in our media and what is not said.

Instead of  “minions“, this prince has “dwarfs” to do his bidding–they’re his modern-day version of court jesters, providing comic relief for a bored royal.  From Business Insider:

With a reported net worth approaching $20 billion, Alwaleed is number 26 on Forbes’s list of the world’s billionaires.

Alwaleed has that much money in part because, back in 1991, he invested $590 million in a struggling American bank, then called Citibank.  

The bet paid off insanely well, turning the nephew of Saudi Arabia’s king into a billionaire many times over. 

Then Alwaleed invested in Apple, just before Steve Jobs turned it around. He’s now the second largest shareholder in News Corporation and owns a big stake in Time Warner, too.  … [H]e took a $300 million stake in Twitter, one of the hottest American tech companies.

Prince Alwaleed calls himself the largest foreign individual investor in the United States. And he may well be.

If you recall, this is the very same Saudi prince whose $10 million donation to New York City after the Islamic terror attacks of 9/11/01 was famously rejected by then Mayor Rudy Giuliani, because the prince had opined that we brought the attack upon ourselves.  How times have changed.

Now Huma Abedin Weiner may become the wife of the next mayor of New York City.  (One really does have to continue to wonder exactly who was on Air Force One when it did that infamous reenactment flyover after Obama’s election. This was yet another outrageous “mistake” made by the Obama administration that Obama claims to have learned about from the news.)

Is the prince connected to the Muslim Brotherhood?  Why, yes he is.  This story calls him the Brotherhood’s “tech investor” because of his ownership stake in Twitter and other hi-tech businesses; the writer reminds us that during the “Arab Spring” activists organized via Twitter.  (Note that Obama himself was a self-proclaimed “community organizer”.)  This report from 2008 calls the prince “a major donor to groups linked to the global Muslim Brotherhood.” It continues, citing

Prince Talal’s donations to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), both part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, as well as his support of the Georgetown University Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (CCMU), run by long-time Muslim Brotherhood supporter Dr. John Esposito. In May, an Arab business Prince Talal has also made numerous financial contributions to a pan-Islamic interfaith dialog organization that is closely tied to the global Muslim Brotherhood and which has an antisemitic statement posted on its website. In March, the Kingdom Foundation established by Prince Talal was one of the sponsors of a conference held by the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists (WCMP), a new international Islamic philanthropic organization with strong Muslim Brotherhood representation.

And so we come full circle, back to the defender of Huma Abedin:  John Esposito.

We currently have a president who supports the Muslim Brotherhood.  Let’s not elect another one:  Hillary Rodham Clinton.  She plans to run in 2016; no doubt about it.  Why else did both she and Huma leave the Dept. of State when the questions began to fly?  Will we ever learn the truth about Benghazi?

Will we ever learn the answers to the questions that Congress asked about Clinton’s “second daughter”, Huma Abedin?

Their first letter was met with an astroturfed, Alinsky-like media demonization of those who dared to ask logical questions.  No answers were provided and no investigation was done, although Abedin did “quietly” leave her job at the  Dept. of State that very month. The second, more recent letter was “stonewalled” and “blown off,” according to multiple news reports.


When will We the People learn the answers?


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  1. They were expecting it, I think. Everything is going according to Plan.

    Cannot remember what bogus potus was doing back when the Gulf blew for weeks on end and the Iranians were totally ignored…those poor People were begging for help, screaming out to the World on deaf ears. They wanted to be free and oust the “clerics”. The population is predominantly young adults who want to move into the modern age. – or back to the modern age like their parents and grandparents once knew.

    The suppression of these people and their Green Movement was tactical.

  2. Hillary connection to that break-in of the lawyer’s office?

    PJMedia Asks: Does the Obama Scandal Machine Now Have Its Own Amateurish Break-In?

    … The State Department’s paid spinner, Jen Psaki, has issued this interesting denial.

    Any allegation that the Department of State authorized someone to break into Mr. Schulman’s law firm is false and baseless,” spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

    What if the State Department authorized someone to authorize someone to “find out what Fedensin’s lawyers know”? [This reminds me of how someone who worked for John O. Brennan just happened to be the person who “cauterized” Barry’s passport records. Huh?]

    Fedensin’s allegations touch former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton more directly than anyone else currently in the Obama administration. Clinton was SecState when the eight investigations that Fedensin alleges were scuttled by senior department members, were scuttled. The scandals even touch Clinton’s own security detail as well as her long-time fixer, Cheryl Mills.

    Exit question: Where’s Sandy Berger these days? …”

  3. This is an open thread. I just didn’t put it in the title. That first photo: The beard drawn on Barry’s face looks like an example of MY photoshopping! 😉


    Another win for James O’Keefe. His expose of the Obamaphone people forced the administration to crack down on cheaters. His good! 🙂

    • They believe Morsi/MB is a proxy for the Obama Administration

      Up front and personal in Egypt.

      very informative commentary discussion. collusion

      • DC is huddling

        peekaboo, barky

      • That’s what I heard earlier–that Barry and peeps were behind the coup. So what’s the story here? Morsi wasn’t under control? I do believe Barry supports the MB. Wheels within wheels. I had read that somewhere weeks ago–that Barry and peeps were using their organizing tactics to help the protesters. So first they oust Mubarak and now Morsi. WHY? I can’t keep it all straight. The commenter in the video says we’re supporting both sides, which begs the question: To what end? What’s their goal? Barry still says they’ll send the aid to Egypt. Oh, Egypt is “gateway to sub-Saharan Africa”. That could explain some of it. It is an interesting take on it. Barry’s goal is to actually prevent a “people’s government”. Well, of course. He’s not for a people’s government HERE! He says Barry wants to destabilize Egypt. Probably. I’m becoming more and more of a Buchanan-ite. Interesting. This guy says the MB is infiltrated by the West. Oy.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Miri is terrific!

    • TY, Papoose. I wish that I had a better handle on all these factions. It’s hard to keep it straight. Wheels within wheels. Which is why we should NEVER have messed with those people in the first place. And yes, I deliberately wrote “those people.” We don’t understand them. We never will because they come from a place that we can’t even imagine being FREE PEOPLE from the day we were born. They have ingrained into their culture lying, fakery, game-playing, mendacity, perpetual adolescence, machismo, oppression, NO liberty for ANY individual, hatred for women, on and on. They’re TRIBAL. They can’t get along with each other. They’ve never been able to. It’s the exact same problem their “prophet” faced when he decided to unite the warring tribes via religion, 14 HUNDRED years ago! In all that time, they’ve STILL not been able to come together (except when they think they have a common enemy, which at the moment is the West, including Israel). I’m still trying to figure why that prince sides with the MB, seemingly, when his King is invested in keeping them down, lest they turn on the Saudi royals. We really DO need to become energy independent. The WEALTH that oil has given to these people is part of the problem. It’s almost enough to make one root for the Chinese and their rising economic power.

    • Another good one. I was reading today about Morsi in the paper and he’s EXACTLY like Barry. Just RULING.

      With the unrest in Egypt, and the TACTICS the MB are using, I wondered whether or not Raila Odinga is giving them advice.

      I heard Judge Napolitano on the radio this morning. He was talking about how it’s TOTALLY ILLEGAL for Barry to just up and delay the Obamacare law, as he sees fit; but that there’s no way for anybody to sue to stop him. I think he meant nobody has standing, which is their usual excuse to deny We the People any recourse in the courts.

      iirc, he mentioned all the other extra-legal stuff Barry pulls, and I thought: How ironic. They don’t notice, STILL don’t notice, that it all began with his illegal usurpation of the office for which we all KNOW in our guts that he’s ineligible in the first place.

      There’s NOTHING in our Supreme Law–the Constitution–which carves out an exception to the eligibility requirements if a person, by hook or by crook, can manage to get onto ballots and be “democratically elected;” but that’s the excuse they all use to allow him to take and keep office–that he was elected.

      There IS a process for this gutless Congress to force Barry to OBEY THE LAW: It’s called IMPEACHMENT. But the DemoncRATS are so power mad and SO CORRUPT that they will NEVER impeach him, no matter what he does. Of course, they set a terrible precedent, because what’s to stop the next president from simply running rough-shod over the LAW and IGNORING LAWS as he or she sees fit, and picks and chooses? But they bank on there never being an opposition president again.

      I read another story yesterday, in the WSJ, about a huge (bi-partisan, including Jeb Bush) campaign to get the estimated 8 million legal residents in the USA to NATURALIZE. In other words, to become VOTERS citizens.

      Maybe this is their Plan B, in case, on the off chance, they’re not able to RAM THROUGH “immigration reform” like they did Obamacare. The amnestied won’t be eligible (they say) to become citizens for 13 years, so they need to find more voters now, to continue the “fundamental transformation of America.”

      However, even IF they pass that immigration law, there’s NO GUARANTEE that it will be 13 years before the amnestied get citizenship. Why? Because OBAMA DOESN’T OBEY LAWS NOW, AND HE MAKES THINGS UP AS HE GOES ALONG.

      He’s already handed amnesty, illegally, to the “Dreamers”. What’s to stop him from just making an executive order, once he has all the names in the database, that says that ALL OF THE AMNESTIED ARE AUTOMATICALLY CITIZENS? I fully expect them to make CITIZENSHIP automatic. I have no doubt that they’ll find a way, because it’s said that right now, only 40% of the last group of amnestied ever applied for citizenship. So …

      I also have no doubt that Barry WILL do whatever it takes to allow these 11 to 20 million to be able to vote for him or his party in 2016. I say “him” because what’s to guarantee that he will be kept off the ballot then, no matter what the Constitution says? He’s CURRENTLY ineligible under the Constitution, and yet–there he sits. Rant of the day over now.

      • There’s NOTHING in our Supreme Law–the Constitution–which carves out an exception to the eligibility requirements if a person, by hook or by crook, can manage to get onto ballots and be “democratically elected;” but that’s the excuse they all use to allow him to take and keep office–that he was elected.

        Democrats think we are a Democracy, ruled by majority vote, and as long as someone is elected democratically, they should be allowed to hold the office.

        Republicans are supposed to acknowledge that we are a Constitutional Republic, ruled by the rule of law, and if someone is not legally eligible to hold an office, they are not allowed to do so, even if they were elected democratically.

        What part of “failed to qualify” don’t they understand?

        U.S. Constitution – Amendment 20, Section 3:

        3. If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President. If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or the manner in which one who is to act shall be selected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice President shall have qualified.

        • They have all decided, for whatever reason, to pretend not to understand. I heard Michele Bachmann on radio (Dana Loesch show) just now and she said that you would be amazed and FRIGHTENED to learn just how many so-called CONSERVATIVES in the HOUSE are talking as if they WILL vote for amnesty. She said now’s the time to MELT THE PHONE LINES.

          She doesn’t understand WHY they would even consider giving Barry a win on his number one priority–which is the VERY THING that will guarantee that constitutional conservatives NEVER WIN ANOTHER ELECTION. She said what I fear and what I mentioned in another comment just today. I hope and pray that she’s wrong but she said that once amnesty is passed, then OBAMA WILL SAY THAT IT’S NOT CONSTITUTIONAL TO HAVE THIS POPULATION OF PEOPLE IN A QUASI-LEGAL STATUS. Legal but unable to vote. THAT will be unconstitutional, she says that he will argue. and THEN, he will just make an executive order saying that they can vote.

          Then there will go the House in 2014 and the 2016 election, too, and conservatives will NEVER AGAIN have power in any branch of our government. The commies will have PERMANENT MAJORITIES forever to fundamentally transform the USA into a socialist state. It’s frightening but I can see it happening.

          Barry IGNORES LAWS NOW. Why would they think that whatever they put in the “immigration reform bill” will be enforced–that he and his administration will follow that law, when they don’t follow laws now? I can totally see him doing it–just giving the amnestied the vote. Allowing them to vote and then daring anyone to challenge it in court.

          Like with his ineligibility, it will take YEARS to litigate, if you can even get a case heard. In the meantime, his progressive behemoth will be in place, will be illegally passing laws and enforcing whatever they like (such as with the current ILLEGAL NLRB), and by the time any court rules that the amnestied cannot vote, then it will be too late.

          That is, IF any court will rule that way, because by then they will have loaded more progressives onto the SCOTUS and we will be toast. Then it will be time to move to somewhere like Poland where, one hopes, they still know the value of FREEDOM.

      • he claims his father is a foreigner. Not Eligible to be the Commander-In-Chief of the American Military. case closed.

        We’ve been coup’d thanks to the Pentagon, Supreme Court and Bill Clinton.

        Imagine having a half-blooded American in charge of your Country and your Military. They’ve set a precedent.

    • I heard some of Rush Limbaugh’s show yesterday and he said basically the same thing: Not much difference between Morsi’s tactics and Barry’s.

  5. things are warming up at the tp&…. also…. refreshing….

  6. O’s…. COLLECTING… your CONFIDENTIAL Credit Card Data
    …+ videos at comments… must SEE … this must Stop!!!!

    • This story brings to mind that issue in MO, where the Dept. of Revenue was scanning everybody’s documents and sending them to a private contractor in GA, which does work for the FEDS, too. Driver’s license photos, anyone? BIG BRO is watching YOU.

      Smile, Nashville, you’re on FBI cams
      Metro area launching work with facial recognition system

      Nashville, Tenn., is developing a plan to track down “bad guys” by using a facial recognition system that links to a database being developed by the FBI.

      WND reported just days ago that the FBI already has gained access to driver’s license photos for residents of Nebraska, Illinois, South Carolina, Utah, North Carolina, Delaware, Texas and other states for its database.

      In memorandums obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, the FBI is authorized to search state databases, which include images and personal information.

      The agreements between the state motor vehicle divisions and the FBI allow the FBI to use facial recognition systems to compare subjects of investigations to the millions of license and identification photos retained by states. [This sounds like what the MO Dept. of Revenue was surreptitiously doing, against MO state law. Their governor just signed a law that (again) forbids them to scan private documents and send them to GA. However, I don’t know if it precludes this “cooperation” with the FBI on driver’s license photos. I’ll bet not.]

      EPIC’s letter explained: “The increasing expansion of facial recognition technology carries with it a number of privacy and security concerns. Facial recognition data is personally identifiable information and improper collection, storage, and use of this information can result in identity theft or inaccurate identifications.

      “Additionally, an individual’s ability to control access to his or her identity, including determining when to reveal it, is an essential aspect of personal security that facial recognition technology erodes. Finally, ubiquitous and near-effortless identification eliminates individuals’ ability to control their identities, posing special risk to protesters engaging in lawful, anonymous speech. The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld the right to engage in political speech anonymously.” [Except when the FISA court allows them to unconstitutionally gather your metadata in a “relevant” fashion; and then you’re supposed to trust Big Bro to NOT data mine for his own political purposes.]

      EPIC also is suing the FBI to learn more about its development of a vast biometric identification database. …”

      Good luck with that! They just did an end run around the FOIA by transferring MILITARY records of the Bin Laden takedown to the CIA because THERE the records can remain sealed and/or be destroyed.

  7. First contrails, now this:

    NYPD, Brookhaven Releasing Harmless Gases in Subway for Chemical Weapon Study
    The NYPD and Brookhaven National Laboratory will begin studying air flow in the subway system

    The NYPD is releasing harmless gases into the subway system during the morning rush beginning Tuesday to study how chemical weapons could be dispersed through the air.

    Police, working with Long Island’s Brookhaven National Laboratory, were spotted placing air-sampling devices in specific areas on the street and within the subway system across the five boroughs. Several researchers spent Tuesday morning outfitting the Columbus Circle subway station with the devices.

    Researchers will track the movement of harmless tracer gases called perfluorocarbons.

    The gases mimic how a chemical or biological weapon may react if released. They’ll be dispersed in low concentrations for 30 minutes only during the morning, city officials said. …”

    All the better to …

    I’m sure Bloomberg was more than happy to cooperate.

    • Outrageous!

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        O.M.G. This IS Germany circa 1933. Check this out:

        In 1932, *****Hitler was granted German citizenship.**********
        In the July 1932 elections, the Nazi Party obtained 37.3 percent of the vote for the Reichstag (Germany’s parliament), making it the controlling political party in Germany.
        On January 30, 1933, Hitler was appointed chancellor. Hitler then used this high-ranking position to gain absolute power over Germany. This finally happened when Germany’s president, Paul von Hindenburg, died in office on August 2, 1934.

    • They don’t care. They planned it to fail so that they can then argue for a single payer system (the gummint, of course) AFTER they’ve destroyed our current system, doctors, clinics, hospitals, and insurance companies. Then, all “health care workers,” including doctors, will be hourly-paid employees of the government and WILL all belong to UNIONS. Probably SEIU. HOORAY!!!!

    • Detention Center

  8. Won’t work just like Barry. 😆

    • That’s one of the first thoughts I had. That he’s on a MISSION. It’s very “progressive” as an issue. Barry is leaving. There’s this huge honking database there and, being the progressive that he is, he WILL suspect that others who follow will be as corrupt as he (and the Clintons before him) and WILL avail themselves of it (as the Clintons did with FBI files, as his own IRS has done). His entire presidency is based upon lies. This database was created when GWB was POTUS, at least the beginnings of it. It’s there. Barry knows what use he’s made of it and how useful it has been, indeed, I’ll bet. In any case, does he want to LEAVE IT for posterity? On the off chance that somebody like Rick Perry follows him into office? (Not saying Perry WOULD abuse it; just saying that people like Barry think EVERYONE is as corrupt as they are.) I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all a ploy to get a big campaign going to DELETE THAT ARCHIVE, just as everything else has been scrub-a-dub-dubbed. Blackberries leave tracks, don’t they? Metadata. This dude didn’t even want to publish the WH visitor log, which is NO DOUBT censored, anyway. Nothing is EVER as it seems in the Obamanation. Another useful outcome from this incident: Our allies don’t trust us anymore. By allies I mean our TRADITIONAL ones, not the ones Barry hews to. I mean UK, Germany, France, EUROPE. Not the Saudis whom Barry loves. Or the other Muslim states who pretend to be our allies. I will never forget that one of the first things Barry did was to remove Churchill’s bust from the Oval Office. That spoke volumes. And remember the cheesy “gift” he gave the Queen–an iPod with HIS SPEECHES on it? So disrespectful. He’s always despised the Europeans.

    • This is a good one, too, which asks a LOT of questions. Some of them questions that even we didn’t think of. HA! 😉

    • Let’s not forget how fishy his name sounds, too. Catch-22.

      • Check out this link, Miri.

        Snowden – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎
        Edward Snowden (born 1983), American who disclosed the National Security … Snowden (character), a character from the novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller …

        Looks like it was last corrupted, I mean edited on 7/8/13

  9. Blackmail ? NSA, Obama, ROBERTS & CONGRESS ~
    How Deep Does it GO ??

    • Whoa. What she says about Roberts. I sort of suspected but …

      For what it’s worth, in NO WAY do I believe that Barry’s a victim of blackmail and that he’s NOT calling the shots.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      We are the country who produced young men who fought…many who gave their very lives…. in wars on behalf of our nation based on nothing more than patriotism. I still find it incomprehensible that NOT ONE PERSON in D.C. would put their personal lives in peril on behalf of our country. It just doesn’t make sense.

      • Yes, Rosemary. I am looking at my uncle’s picture when he died a Hero in Korea, at 21 years old…

        it does not make any sense unless you see it for what it is.

        Makes perfect sense to me. We’re under assault. And I suspect many of them in DC are as well – up close and personal.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          I am sorry about your uncle, Pap. He’s an American hero. I refuse to believe they are ALL IN IT TOGETHER. It’s statistically impossible!

      • I was reading some thread at Free Republic today and butterdezillion let slip that she knows that there WAS one person who was prepared to issue a warrant for document fraud UNTIL he found out the subject was Obama. He’s the protected one, apparently. Or else the person knew it would never go any further. She also said that there’s a reason why the members of Congress won’t meet with Zullo: He’s law enforcement and if they see ANY EVIDENCE that indicates probable cause that a crime has been committed, then they’re OBLIGATED to pursue it or else THEY themselves are accomplices and can be charged. That very well may be why some say they will meet and then do not. They KNOW but they choose to look the other way and, like Barry, they find clever ways to evade the law, such as “plausible deniability”. It’s hard to believe that all of them can be such cowards. Compare them to LTC Lakin. They should be ashamed.


    Obama Demands Peaceful Surrender to Brotherhood

    Barack Obama’s administration is the best American friend the global caliphate movement has ever had. Obama, a notorious backstabber of accomplices who have outlived their usefulness, is now demonstrating that he is capable of steadfast comradeship when his heart is in it, responding to the mass uprising and military coup that has toppled Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood regime by demanding that the Brotherhood be allowed to participate in whatever form of government comes next. …”

    Yup. That’s why I asked if Raila Odinga is counseling them on how to lose but worm their way into power, anyway, by VIOLENCE. Have they burned anybody alive in a church yet? That battle yesterday was astroturfed. Planned by the MB. Complete with their “martyrs” to the cause. This part is particularly good:

    “Note to the duplicitous “fact checkers” out there: of course you will not find Obama’s direct statement of support for the MB. At the risk of vindicating Michele Bachmann’s account of MB influence within the government, Obama obviously cannot come straight out and say, “If I had a son, he’d look like the boy who killed Tyrone Woods with mortar fire.” Instead, the administration is reverting to the progressives’ standard method of indirect support for anti-Western tyrants: moral equivalency arguments. Thus, in answer to accusations from Egyptians that the Obama administration had long supported Morsi’s government, the administration’s official answer is that Obama “is not aligned with, and does not support, any particular Egyptian party or group.” That’s the administration’s strongest effort to dissociate itself from a terrorist-supporting organization openly advocating world dictatorship — moral equivalency. In effect, “We don’t support them, any more than we support anyone else.””

    • This writer says things so much better than I do. I certainly agree with this:

      “The fact that the Obama administration’s instinct, when secular tyrants were being ousted in favor of Islamic rule, was to encourage this shift as evidence of “hope and change,” while, when the developing Islamic tyranny is ousted, the administration’s instinct is to admonish Egyptians and make demands on behalf of political Islam, is both telling and revolting. I cannot pretend to understand what is happening in Egypt, or to predict what will happen next.”

      • But that professor that one of you posted on a utube sure understands Egypt and how they take their orders from us, whether it the MB or the military. He explains the poor economic situation and the ambiguous situation, because of us and the other old colonial powers and corporate avarice. How the IMF has Egypt over a barrel. Either way Egypt moves, we pull the strings. That professor explained it well. It would do me good to listen to it again. I can’t remember the name or who posted it the vid, this morning or late last night.


    The best part: “By this time, [James] O’Keefe was imagining a new slogan for Project Veritas: “Undocumented journalists — doing the work that American journalists refuse to do.””

    I like that. We can relate to it. We’re “undocumented journalists”, too, at least according to DICK Durbin.

    • I saw on Drudge that she was giving kids Greek yogurt, but I didn’t read the story, alas.

      “Kids too hungry.” I swear, only in AmeriKa.

  12. July 9, 2013

    “WOBC: Carl Gallups: High-Ranking Government Official Meets With Sheriff Joe Obama ID Fraud Investigator; Linda Jordan Talks Obama Failed E-Verify Research”

    • Gallups tells Jordan and “Mike” (the radio host) that Zullo was contacted by yet another “high-ranking government official” who can possibly get a Congressional investigation going. This official wanted Zullo to come plead his case in DC, and so he did. That person is going to meet soon with Stockman. The meeting went well, according to Gallups. Can’t PROMISE anything but things are happening. Second item: The World Tribune published an article about Zullo and did their own investigation: “forensic evidence proves” that the bc is forged. Gallups said that The World Tribune did their own investigation, but there’s nothing to that effect in the article. No results that I can see from their investigation.

  13. Linda’s new website idea sounds awesome.

    Fear of Government Thugs may be a minor glitch, however.

  14. Mrii, this article reminded me of your warning about driver license organ donation. Looks like the standards for determining when dead have been changed but these doctors did not get the memo.

    • Oh, yeah. I read that one yesterday. Horrible, isn’t it? They said this probably wasn’t the only case, so one has to wonder how many were “mined” for their organs but unfortunately never woke up in time to object. How long before, under Obamacare, the expendable will be mined for their organs, so they can be given to the more “productive” members of society? Those who can contribute more and not instead be a drain? Logan’s Run combined with Soylent Green, with the latter being the fate for those with unusable organs. Here’s the scary part:

      “Still, the nightmare is “exceedingly rare,” Wijdicks said. The American Academy of Neurology guidelines consist of about 25 tests for doctors to perform to be absolutely sure a patient won’t get better, he said.”

      The standard isn’t that you’re STILL ALIVE; it’s their subjective judgment that you “won’t get better.” AN OPINION. Not to worry, though: it’s “exceedingly RARE.” Rare is not the same as “doesn’t happen” or “never happened.” How’d you like to be one of those rare cases?

  15. Paranoid, much?

    Federal employees and contractors are asked to pay particular attention to the lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors – like financial troubles, odd working hours or unexplained travel – of co-workers as a way to predict whether they might do “harm to the United States.” Managers of special insider threat offices will have “regular, timely, and, if possible, electronic, access” to employees’ personnel, payroll, disciplinary and “personal contact” files, as well as records of their use of classified and unclassified computer networks, polygraph results, travel reports and financial disclosure forms.

    Read more here:

    • That woman’s a machine! That said, while I admire her spunk, I wish she had advisors (like us 😉 ) to help her before she files this stuff. If I were Orly, I’d have asked for any information related to the meeting that she had with them– ANY paperwork generated before or after the meeting, for example, and emails, etc. Then I’d ask for information related to ANY investigation into her allegations and/or any decision NOT to investigate. I wish that she’d highlight the pertinent parts of the law, when she cites it. It would not only help us, but it would also help the recipients of the missive, which is something you would want to do–get on the good side of these people instead of potentially aggravating them. Little things mean a lot, sometimes.

      • Orly is OBOT. Get a clue.

        • yeah, takes one to know one, you know how it goes.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            I don’t think she’s a bot. I just don’t think she knows when to exit the stage and leave the issue in more experienced hands. Again, I admire her tenacity and patriotism.

          • You know, Rosemary, if it weren’t for Orly, this issue would have been dead a long time ago. She’s a one man band.

            I should say, “these issues”. She’s relentless.

          • It’s an alias.

        • Oh, were you talking to me? Were you talking to ME? 🙂

          I know the theory. If she is an obot, she’s sure a hard working one and a great actress to boot. She deserves an Academy Award. Far more than the obots who win them.

          We have to find our hope wherever we can. Some cases have not worked out, as you know, despite how much we all hoped and prayed that they would. The in-fighting gets me down. I don’t know about you, Mick. We do have a clue. In fact, we have too many clues. So many that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel for this krewe of Sherlocks.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            When has anyone known me to not be blunt? And you may disagree with me, but please don’t shoot the messenger. Orly does not have enough experience. She is outsmarted. And, trivial but very important, she needs elocution lessons. People do not take her seriously because she is not polished. These people she’s up against are very smart. And if the actors on the stage aren’t so smart- which we know to be the case with the lead actor- they are surrounded by very smart, calculating people who ARE polished. This case needs a Robert Shapiro, or a Johnny Cochran (yes, I know he’s passed) or dare I write…Robert Kardashian (passed as well) . His family sure knows how to make $$$. Actors, all. Most trial attorneys develop excellent acting skills. It’s their job.

            • I agree with you, RW. Not trying to shoot the messenger. I was addressing Mick, who says Orly’s an obot. I started off by saying she needs better advice before she files this stuff.

              She well could be an obot. We just don’t know. My argument against that, however, is that I don’t think ANYBODY is that good of an actress. She has passion, and maybe that’s the problem. Too much passion leads to acting from the heart and not from the brain.

              I’m not so sure that even a smart, polished person would succeed where she fails. I think Sarah Palin is smart, polished, ACCOMPLISHED, well spoken, quick on her feet–even so, she was Alinskyed as EVERY smart, good-looking (or not), accomplished, conservative woman is. If you’re not dumb, the progressive media creates the perception that you are. It’s typical of these progressives and especially obots. Who’s NOT stupid in their propaganda?

              Dan Quayle? Stupid. Gerald Ford? Stupid. Ronald Reagan? A dunce? GWB? A clown. Sarah Palin? Stupid. Katherine Harris? Dumb bimbo. Now they’re working on Rick Perry.,0,5616523.story He’s dumb, too. Last campaign full of “gaffes”.

              So my point is: It really doesn’t matter who you are, how smart you are, how accomplished you are. If you oppose Obama and the progressives, you WILL BE portrayed as stupid and incompetent (in which case you may as well be stupid and incompetent).

              Conversely, if you support the progressives, then you’re a genius (Obama) or the smartest woman in the world (Hillary).

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            No, I absolutely do NOT believe Orly is a bot. And I know you weren’t addressing me, Miri. I think we all “get” one another’s communication at this point, even though its limited to writing. But that’s to be expected. We”ve been communicating this way since 2007!!!

            Further, you wrote, “So my point is: It really doesn’t matter who you are, how smart you are, how accomplished you are. If you oppose Obama and the progressives, you WILL BE portrayed as stupid and incompetent (in which case you may as well be stupid and incompetent).”

            And that’s the game plan in a nutshell. Ridicule, ridicule. Lie. Agitate. Ridicule. And with a completely complicit media…it’s like shooting a fish in a barrel (Note to the NSA folks: I am only using the word “shooting” in a commonly used idiom to further emphasize my point. In no way, shape or form am I a) advocating violence or b) advocating the harm of other living creatures.) Saul Alinsky would be so proud. His instruction book on takeover from the inside is being followed to a “t”

            • Word Press doesn’t make it easy for us to understand who’s talking to whom. There are so many weird things going on that I don’t even know how to moderate. Right now, there’s a comment in moderation that I THINK was made by What A Hoot, but which doesn’t have What A Hoot’s name on it. I don’t know what to do with it. It has the What A Hoot gravatar, but did What A Hoot post it? If so, then it shouldn’t have gone into moderation.

        • she’s a dung contractor according to this ‘know it all’

          How many votes did Michelle Obama get? I forget.

  16. I believe that I heard this morning that the judge in the Zimmerman case is not allowing Trayvon’s text messages to be entered into evidence, nor posted photos of him with guns or smoking dope, because, she says, there’s no “proof” that he’s the one who did the texting. (Which is actually plausible; however, I’ll bet thousands of people have been convicted of something based upon email or text message contents–it’s on Judge Judy EVERY DAY.) In any case, this gives some explosive insight into why they don’t want this in evidence. Rather prejudicial:

    That blogger argues that one of the people with whom Trayvon was texting about buying a gun was his own father. In this case, you be the judge. While some may believe that it’s not fair to try the “victim”, in this case, the “victim’s” mindset is wholly pertinent to the defense’s argument, which is that Trayvon was spoiling for a fight, that he was the person who racially profiled a “creepy-ass cracker”, and that in his thuggish mindset, he attacked the cracker, resulting in his own death because, unfortunately for him, the real victim was armed.

    • Even more explosive, it allegedly appears that contents of Trayvon’s phone were deleted WHILE it was in the CUSTODY of the police dept.! Well, what’s new? We’re more than well aware of the tendency of some in the Obamanation to scrub-a-dub-dub inconvenient truths. That link explains more about the arguments against this being “evidence”. The writer argues that the case is on a planned timetable. This is the first I watched of this case since I saw a little of Jeantel’s testimony. It’s AMAZING how biased this judge seems.

    • I suspect the big story is Tray had a gun somewhere on his person that was found and removed when dead body removed from scene or Son told Dad the crazyasscrackuh is talking to 911 and Dad told son to get rid of the gun or he was going to go down when the cops came. Mayhaps Tray took gun back home to keep safe cuz was Daddy’s and then went to beat the tar out of the neighborhood watch cracker. The conversation was about guns with Dad but what is not being said is when the conversation was and it is being insinuated past tense conversations well before the fateful evening meet-and-beat.

    • Yea, the judge is not letting in what the Prosecution already knows to be the Truth.

      It only makes sense when you see it for what it is: Collusion by Law Enforcement. They know who and what that kid was. A dangerous Thug.


    That post is very, very good. A funny (but not really so funny) take on gay marriage.

  18. It’s Ramadan. Is Barry on “vacation” yet?

  19. My favorite part of the INSIDER THREAT story:

    “For instance, an FBI insider threat detection guide warns private security personnel and managers to watch for “a desire to help the ‘underdog’ or a particular cause,” a “James Bond Wannabe” and a divided loyalty: allegiance to another person or company or to a country besides the United States.

    Uh, huh. Hmmmm.

    Read more here:

    • Follow, follow, follow the money. How many of Obama’s friends and relatives work in this industry of “behavior detection” (such as at companies like MITRE? It’s a “not for profit”!)

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      I still can’t shake the thought that people on the inside are…shall I say…working this out. I also can’t understand why it’s taken them so long. Teflon riots? Yes, the prep for Zimmerman trial is quite possibly a trial balloon. Why else would the media have blown it up? We all know who the media works for.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

      • An important disclaimer to any to the N S A agents who may be lurkng…when I write “blow it up” I refer to blowing the situation out of proportion.

        There now. We must parse every word. Can’t be too careful in the USSA. I love the Kremlin typewriter idea. See link below.

        Note to Miri: I just noticed before I hit “Post Comment” that WordPress j did that thing again, but this time with Papoose. I typed in the email address I use and Papoose’s name showed up in the name field as well as her gravatar. Of course, I typed my name over hers and the gravatar field disappeared. I thought you should know as this happened several times but with your name and gravatar after typing in my email address. I believe I mentioned this to you before. Obviously it’s a WordPress issue.

        • Okay….and see how my name is hyperlinked. Odd.

        • Yes, something is definitely going on as its happening with Disqus, too, over the past few weeks. There has been a lot of chat about it at Weasel Zippers where posts are being made in other commenters names and even on other sites.
          Very weird.

        • I’ve noticed that lots of times when I have to renew my address…that’s always after cleaning out my chache. I just assumed it was some sort of default. Once I put my own address in it changes to my gravatar. Are you saying something else happens?

        • Good. We can save this one in case the New Stasi come after us. We can PROVE that we didn’t necessarily say what they claim we said. Did it ever occur to anybody that, just as Barry can edit his BC, they can edit EVERYTHING in cyberspace, secretly, and then allege you made a threat–whatever? If it’s good for Trayvon (see how the judge threw out ALL his photos with guns and dope and texts about buying same, based upon lack of PROOF he was the author) then it’s good for us. We can PROVE NOW that WordPress is attributing to someone else what another person wrote. btw, RW, I tried to figure out HOW to contact them about this, but so far–no luck with that. I did look at their “frequently asked questions” and found nobody else reporting this problem. I’ll try again. I can GUESS what’s going on with their software programs (forgetting to clear fields) but I don’t know for sure. They likely don’t know either because I bet they outsource their coding to contractors (like the NEW STASI!).

        • Your disclaimer reminds me of a phrase my family uses when Mom (me) is ready to give her two-cents worth in a vociferous manner, “Watch out, Mom is going to blow a gasket” They had better knock that off as a prezzer koocer has a gasket.

  20. First the race-baiting extortion business, a la Jesse Jackson. Now the SAME from the “gay community”:

    Vermont Christian Business Owners Forced to Pay $30,000 in Fines for Expressing Their Religious Beliefs to Lesbian Couple

    … A Vermont bed and breakfast has settled a lawsuit brought by the state’s Human Rights Commission and two women who wanted to have a same-sex wedding reception on the inn’s property.

    The Wildflower Inn in Lyndonville agreed to pay $10,000 to the Vermont Human Rights Commission as a civil penalty for violating Vermont’s Fair Housing and Public Accommodations Act as well as $20,000 in a charitable trust to be controlled by the couple, the Burlington Free Press reported Aug. 23.

    “The Wildflower Inn has always served — and will continue to serve — everyone in our community. But no one can force us to abandon our deeply held beliefs about marriage,” owner Jim O’Reilly, a Catholic, said in a statement. “Our beliefs haven’t changed, but we do have lives to live, a family to love, a business to grow, and a community to serve.

    “Small businesses like ours cannot match the limitless resources of the government and the ,” O’Reilly said. “Ongoing litigation like this can cripple any small business [That’s the goal!] and the livelihood of its owners, so we’re relieved to put this ordeal behind us.” …”

    So they pay up, knuckle under to the extortion, simply because they don’t have the financial resources to fight for their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse


        • Abdul Rahman Alharbi, once a person of interest in the Boston Marathon bombing, turned up at the White House for July 4th festivities. He was at one time placed on a watch list and was at one point labeled a threat to national security by the State Department. What in the world was he doing there? … A number of lingering questions remain on the issue, though the White House has not responded to TheBlaze’s inquiries.

          “He’s at the White House celebration with the First Family, with the president and his wife. Why would you do that? Apparently they were invited,” Pat said.

          “In fact, he was considered one of our most dangerous categories of terrorists and now he was just at the White House celebration of Independence Day. Is that bizarre? Would you ‑‑ I mean, even if ‑‑ would you take a chance? What are you doing? I don’t even begin to understand this. Really, really amazing.””

          We KNOW what he was doing there–CELEBRATING.

  21. Mad at Da Won. I love it. 😆

  22. “ONE MAN with Integrity” …. “BILL LEE” … “I upheld MY OATH”….
    Yes …. you did “BILL” … so I say…. THANK YOU SIR!
    Got FIRED.. Let GO…. JUST NASTY ..Dirty… Disgusting GAMES played

    • From Judicial Watch

      Carswell responded: “That’s why we make the big bucks.”

      Set up under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the DOJ’s CRS, the employees of which are required by law to “conduct their activities in confidence,” reportedly has greatly expanded its role under President Barack Obama. Though the agency claims to use “impartial mediation practices and conflict resolution procedures,” press reports along with the documents obtained by Judicial Watch suggest that the unit deployed to Sanford, FL, took an active role in working with those demanding the prosecution of Zimmerman.

      On April 15, 2012, during the height of the protests, the Orlando Sentinel reported, “They [the CRS] helped set up a meeting between the local NAACP and elected officials that led to the temporary resignation of police Chief Bill Lee according to Turner Clayton, Seminole County chapter president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.” The paper quoted the Rev. Valarie Houston, pastor of Allen Chapel AME Church, a focal point for protestors, as saying “They were there for us,” after a March 20 meeting with CRS agents.

      ~ also
      ~ ~ there was 40 mile police escort transporting the protesters.

      Nothing on the News. I wonder why.


    The Stasi NSA Has Inserted Its Code Into Android OS, Or Three Quarters Of All Smartphones

    Over a decade ago, it was discovered that the NSA embedded backdoor access into Windows 95, and likely into virtually all other subsequent internet connected, desktop-based operating systems. However, with the passage of time, more and more people went “mobile”, and as a result the NSA had to adapt. And adapt they have: as Bloomberg reports, “The NSA is quietly writing code for Google’s Android OS.

    Is it ironic that the same “don’t be evil” Google which went to such great lengths in the aftermath of the Snowden scandal to wash its hands of snooping on its customers and even filed a request with the secretive FISA court asking permission to disclose more information about the government’s data requests, is embedding NSA code into its mobile operating system, which according to IDC runs on three-quarters of all smartphones shipped in the first quarter? Yes, yes it is.

    Google spokeswoman Gina Scigliano confirms that the company has already inserted some of the NSA’s programming in Android OS. “All Android code and contributors are publicly available for review at” Scigliano says, declining to comment further. …”

    Quietly now.

    • its getting more outrageous more and more each day.

      wearing you down for the common good.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Spot on. Hand the lady a lollipop.

        And my mantra these days: why are they getting away with it? Because nobody is stopping them.

  24. ~ I’m wrapped…. in GOLD!!! now eat yo’ greens … kook-in’ kids….
    I wonder where they ALL … headed 4 after … the shin-dig??

    • Oh, yum. NOT! How many thousands in gold bracelets? btw, how big is that MOLE going to get? Lot’s of emotion in that smooch of Mooch. Not! “No noodle lasagna.” MMM mmm mmm.

    • Did he borrow one of Paula Deen’s “waiters”? He believes in diversity:

  25. Dominicans… rage… “Lunes Negro” or “Black Monday”… MR. WALLY!
    protest O’s GAY Ambassador PICK! … OH … in your face….

    • Gag alert. Hasn’t Beyonce worn out her 15 minutes of fame yet? She’s so YESTERDAY. She and Mooch–two of a kind.

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