Welcome HOME, Mr. President (Open Thread)


The Obama family is in Africa–the immediate family, as well as Mrs. Marian Robinson and her son’s daughter.  The trip is said to cost taxpayers $100 MILLION.  In the meantime, the White House remains closed to visiting citizens, because the president alleges that the government can’t afford to pay for tour guides and security (not even when the resident family is in Africa).

Look closely at the photo above. Those African children’s t-shirts read:


We’ve always suspected that the Africans know more than we do.

The view from their hotel room in Senegal:




272 responses to “Welcome HOME, Mr. President (Open Thread)

    • Perfect place for her. Savannah going to join, too, or would it be uncomfortable, seeing as how her ex works there?

  1. Today a friend of mine who’s husband is in the hospital told me her husband’s doctor, who is a very well known Indian doctor here, …that he will be leaving to go to Washington next week to visit Mr. President Obama. I wonder…what that’s about? I assume something to do with more Health Care finagling???

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