Larry the Cat Meets Barry (Open Thread)

800px-Larry_the_Cat_-_May_2011 - CopyPlease, Mom. Take me home. I never thought I’d say this in any of my nine lives but

I need a bath!  Now!!!

Weekend open thread.  Anything new in your neck of the woods?


183 responses to “Larry the Cat Meets Barry (Open Thread)

  1. I see BILLY all over …. again…. before he dies he has a
    chance to share some of his BIG MONEY…. with HIS SON!

    • Here’s the other story you linked a few days ago, Zenway: Photos of the same kid when he was younger. He does resemble Bill, unless that’s a photoshop job.

      • Seeems to me there were print articles in some major papers while Clinton was in office with pics of a little boy …. and the mother….and like, this is really old news.

        • True…BUTT if he’s the son… before Bill “leaves earth” the.. “could
          B” son wants to shake his fathers hand & see him face to face….
          so would I…. & the Mom passed the lie test ?… Billy has NOT !..
          (how about he proves she LIED? then it’s finished…over)
          just saying…what if?… I’d bet a wooden nickle… on it being true.
          Old NEWS?…Nothing can be OLDER NEWS than.. BARRY’s BC!

          • This young man and Bill’s “business connections” to black women is why he was called the first black president; had nothing to do with his civil rights advocacy.

        • I think you’re right Hoot. seems like it was at least in one of those enquirers or something like that at the grocery check out. That’s also where I observed a headline that he had Parkinson’s. I’ve never known if that’s true, but I do notice him use his hands differently,perhaps to control the shake he has. I think the Clintons are despicable, and I certainly wish they would get raked over the coals publicly for their lying,deviant behaviour, but I don’t wish Parkinson’s or any other ailment for that matter on him. Does anybody know if he really has Parkisnson’s?

          • Nope, was not a tabloid because I did not read them nor did scan the headlines in the checkout. It had to have been a MSM like Time, Newsweek, People (ok, that is a tabloid), Reader’s Digest, USNews, etc.,

          • just saying like, you said, it’s not so new news. That was really my jest. I like your first black president reasoning.

  2. Yep! …. Paid SEX that keeps on charging…$$$ cha-ching
    I guess Hill will never really lose old blue eyes … smooth talker…

    I wonder if Barry will claim him as his SON also?

  3. ERIC Himpton HOLDER Jr. …1 / 21 / 51 … Bronx NY
    Complete Criminal BIO….

  4. June 2. 2013

    Drew Zahn:

    “‘Constitutional Sheriff of the Year’ goes to …”

    “ST. CHARLES, Mo. – The cop who told the citizens of Milwaukee to arm themselves against violent criminals has now been crowned the “Constitutional Sheriff of the Year.””

  5. June 3, 2013

    At WND:

    “Obama birth-certificate doubts head to Capitol”

    “Audible gasps, shock, outrage and support for a congressional investigation were the responses by law-enforcement officers, elected officials and attorneys to a presentation by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse of evidence that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent.”

    • “… Zullo recently met with members of Congress concerning the evidence his team has gathered.

      After examining the evidence, he said, “They’re looking … and saying, ‘My God, a fifth-grader can see through this.’” …”

      Maybe besides the current legal qualifications for public office, we need to amend the Constitution or pass a law to require an IQ test or at least proof of a greater-than-fifth-grade education before somebody can enter the House or Senate.

      • We’ve been at this for 5+ years. Most people are not just low-information, they are HIGH-disinformation. I’m not ‘buying’ total congressional ignorance – some know far more than Zullo.
        Published on September 9, 2012

        “TEA Party Power Hour” – Mark Gillar

        “Sheriff Arpaio’s Commander Mike Zullo Blames John Boehner For Congressional Inaction On Obama!”

        Go to 18:22

    • The Obama administration has dismissed questions about Obama’s eligibility with “mockery and ridicule”….. yawn ~ yawn….
      …. the Old Saul TRICKS…. just won’t be doing “IT” ….
      It’s about to get VERY BIG FAST! Prove US WRONG….. PROVE IT!
      LET’S ROLL ….. the TRUTH will make a very refreshing… summer!

  6. No Confidence? oh c’mon now, he was just doing his job according to Plan:

    once again, thanks to the Brits!

    • This is interesting, isn’t it?

      “The embattled Boston Fire Chief Steve E. Abraira resigned on Monday after clashes with senior staff over his management style and his perceived weak handling of the Boston Marathon bombings.

      Abraira was the first chief in Boston Fire Department’s history hired from outside of its powerful union and since the April 15th terror attack he came under pressure from his 13 deputy chief, all who have risen up through the city ranks. …

      Mr Abraira initially defended himself in May, saying that is a ‘nationally accepted practice’ for the top chief to continue to allow his deputies to handle the situation if everything seems to be working, rather than insert themselves into a situation that is already being controlled. …

      ‘You only take command (as chief) if there’s something going wrong or if you can strengthen the command position or if it’s overwhelming for the incident commander, and none of those things were in fact happening.’

      However, in his resignation letter dated June 3rd, Abraira said that he never had the support of his deputies and was left with no choice but to resign.

      ‘Your selection of me as Chief never had the support of a number of members of the Department who preferred that the Chief be selected from within the ranks of the Department itself,’ Abraira said in the letter. …

      One thing he doesn’t deny is that he changed the department’s protocol when he came into office in November 2011, making it so that he would not automatically become the so-called ‘incident commander’ at a fire as soon as he arrived.

      He justified the move saying that before changing the operating procedure, he polled 29 other city fire departments around the country and the only one that still made the Fire Chief the incident commander was in New Haven, Connecticut. …

      Abraira, the city’s first Hispanic chief, was also the first hired from outside the department’s own union. He led the Dallas department and was an assistant chief in Miami before coming to Boston in 2011.

      In his resignation letter, Abraira said his outsider status hindered his efforts to fulfill his mission to modernize the department.

      ‘A number of members … preferred that the Chief be selected from within the ranks of the Department itself,’ he wrote.

      ‘I think it is also fair to say that unfortunately a vocal and aggressive minority of the members of the Department did not support our efforts,’ he said.”

      I really don’t know what to make of it. Sounds totally political. Dem against Dem, would be my take. Union against an “affirmative action” hire for diversity. What say u?

  7. The A List.

    Is this where they all decide to swap employees?

    Unreal. the gall

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