The Pigford Scandal — Pigs Feeding at the Taxpayers’ Trough (Open Thread)

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Today is national Everybody Blog about Pigford Day, so WTPOTUS will do its part.  Although we have known about and griped about this scandal for several years, unfortunately most of our fellow citizens, who are on the hook for the payments to these fake farmers, are kept in the dark, deliberately, by the lamestream media.  That held true–at least until, inexplicably, the New York Times finally ran an in-depth story about the scandal, which involved compensating black “farmers” for alleged discrimination by the US Dept. of Agriculture. [emphasis added to quotes]

[A]n examination by The New York Times shows that [an effort to redress discrimination] became a runaway train, driven by racial politics, pressure from influential members of Congress and law firms that stand to gain more than $130 million in fees. In the past five years, it has grown to encompass a second group of African-Americans as well as Hispanic, female and Native American farmers. In all, more than 90,000 people have filed claims. The total cost could top $4.4 billion.

From the start, the claims process prompted allegations of widespread fraud and criticism that its very design encouraged people to lie: because relatively few records remained to verify accusations, claimants were not required to present documentary evidence that they had been unfairly treated or had even tried to farm. Agriculture Department reviewers found reams of suspicious claims, from nursery-school-age children and pockets of urban dwellers, sometimes in the same handwriting with nearly identical accounts of discrimination.

Yet those concerns were played down as the compensation effort grew. Though the government has started requiring more evidence to support some claims, even now people who say they were unfairly denied loans can collect up to $50,000 with little documentation.

As a senator, Barack Obama supported expanding compensation for black farmers, and then as president he pressed for $1.15 billion to pay those new claims. Other groups quickly escalated their demands for similar treatment. In a letter to the White House in September 2009, Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey, a leading Hispanic Democrat, threatened to mount a campaign “outside the Beltway” if Hispanic farmers were not compensated.

The late, great Andrew Breitbart covered this growing scandal initially, so he gets much of the credit for exposing this outrage (even from the New York Times)!

Breitbart (the media entity) now leads the way to try to call more attention to this outrageous fraud perpetrated deliberately upon US taxpayers, in what can only be considered back door reparations:

… Sharon LaFraniere’s story is a huge breakthrough because it vindicates all the work of Andrew and the Breitbart News team, confirming the major conclusions we reached and adding new details. 

The New York Times sets the agenda for much of the mainstream media, and it’s already had an effect, but we need your help to keep the momentum going. …

May 1st is a crucial date because corrupt farmers’ settlements for women and Hispanic farmers are STILL open –the claims form is at–but the deadline for these schemes is May 1st.

And schemes they are, indeed.

May Day. How appropriate for a communist-style fraud to redistribute the wealth of a nation to favored groups, to whom the regime is beholden for its very existence.

The NY Times story reports that one family alone collected a half million dollars in “compensation” by having 10 extended family members file claims.

In another instance, the residents of an entire URBAN apartment building each received payments of $50,000, no questions asked.  Will black women, previously compensated as blacks, now be re-compensated as women?  Don’t be surprised if they are.

No wonder so many Obama voters were ebullient when Obama won in 2008.  They knew; even if we did not suspect.

Remember the woman who famously cried out that now that Obama was president, she wouldn’t have to pay her mortgage any more?  We laughed, thinking she was misguided, if not totally off her rocker.  Perhaps now she’s laughing–all the way to the bank!

Obamaphones, Obamacare, Obamareparations.

We the People are stuck with the bill for this egregious fraud, which was aided and abetted by Obama, Eric Holder’s DOJ, and many members of Congress.

Looting the Treasury on behalf of selected groups of citizens.

If Hispanics also end up getting reparations for pretending to be farmers, would it surprise you to eventually learn that many of those recipients weren’t even US citizens? It’s probably coming …

Reparations for illegal alien “farmers”, too!  Why not?

All things are possible in the Obamanation.

Links to some of our many discussions of Pigford, and related scandals, are here.


127 responses to “The Pigford Scandal — Pigs Feeding at the Taxpayers’ Trough (Open Thread)

  1. WTF is up with this, people? Seriously?! h/t Papoose. Here’s the house where those alleged kidnappers, rapists, and probably alleged murderers (I’m worried about what’s buried in the yard) kept those three women:


    Here it is again:


    Notice anything different? Why two different flags? Here’s another:


    And another:


    And another:


    Bizarre. One’s the Puerto Rican flag and of course the other is the US flag. I still want to know: Are these guys legal immigrants, US citizens, or illegal aliens? Hmmm. I wonder: Did any of them collect benefits from the US taxpayers?


      This is too weird for words. I can’t even begin to fathom what those poor women went through or imagine how they will overcome this.

      Homeowner where 3 women were found was no stranger

      In the tight-knit neighborhood near downtown where many conversations are spoken in Spanish, it seems most everyone knew Ariel Castro.

      He played bass guitar in salsa and merengue bands. He parked his school bus on the street. He gave neighborhood children rides on his motorcycle.

      And when they gathered for a candlelight vigil to remember two girls who vanished years ago, Castro was there too, comforting the mother of one of the missing, a neighbor said. … Ariel Castro was friends with the father of Gina DeJesus, one of the missing women, and helped search for her after she disappeared, said Khalid Samad, a friend of the family. He also performed music at a fundraiser held in her honor, Samad said.”

      I’ll bet Mark Fuhrman will have something to say about that! Perps like to interject themselves into the story. It gives them their jollies.


        Police source: Multiple pregnancies, miscarriages among missing women found in Cleveland home

        A police source said there were multiple pregnancies among the three missing women found in a Cleveland home Monday night.

        The source told NewsChannel5’s Paul Kiska the pregnancies were “multiple” between Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, but no specific number was mentioned.

        According to the source, one of the victims had two to three miscarriages in the Seymour Avenue because she was malnourished.

        Another police source who is actively working on this investigation told NewsChannel5’s Michael Baldwin there were at least five pregnancies inside the home. It’s not clear if that number includes Berry’s 6-year-old daughter who was found in the house with the women.

        The three victims were rescued after getting the attention of a neighbor and calling 911.

        There were initial reports of more children inside the home, but police have not released any other details about that specific piece of information. …”

        “Amanda Berry: Three captive women chained up in grim dungeon for a decade gave birth to five babies

        Three women held captive in a dungeon for a decade gave birth to five babies during the ordeal. …

        Officers also revealed the three women had “multiple” pregnancies.

        There was evidence of as many as five children being born while the women were held hostage.

        One of the victims suffered as many as three miscarriages because she was so malnourished.

        Reports also told how the women were beaten so badly they lost other babies.

        Police were today seen examining dug up areas in the back garden. …”

        How sad. They were kept chained in different rooms.

    • yes, i saw this in one broadcast on Fox. During the report the flag kept changing.

      • Too funny. And no explanation whatsoever. I read that one of the neighbors, for some reason, was outraged about the Puerto Rican flag being there, but I doubt that it was because she was angry about them flying that flag. She had a hispanic name, too. What I think she was outraged about was that “their” flag was besmirched by these alleged criminals, as if they didn’t have sufficient respect for it. If that’s why, then why replace it with the US flag? Somebody needs to explain the logic. Either this was photoshopped for some reason or else they TAMPERED WITH A CRIME SCENE! Which is it? Was it political correctness so there wouldn’t be a “backlash” against poor Puerto Rican “immigrants”? Or so that it wouldn’t affect immigration “reform”? Or are they trying to make these guys seem like crazy, right-wing “patriots”? Was the flag changed out or did they do it via photoshop? Remember the days when everybody got outraged when photos were messed with? Like when somebody darkened OJ’s face on a magazine cover? That was messing with the truth. What’s this? I just would like to know the agenda. In addition, have you all noticed the disappearance of Mr. Ramsey? Yesterday, a meme began to develop that Amanda Berry herself is the “hero” in this story. Story I read today said she kicked out the door. Not that Charles Ramsey and other neighbors did. If she could have kicked it out herself, then why did she cry out for Ramsey to let her out? The POLICE said in several different stories I read that Amanda is the “true hero”. Charles just disappears. Why? Did he not fit their meme of the perfect hero? Did somebody check into his background, as if it’s relevant to his actions of saving these women? Arredondo, in the Boston bombing case, is a hero, despite that he’s got some odd things in his background. Why is Mr. Charles Ramsey unfit to be a media darling? Because he speaks “colorfully”, using scatological language, like most REAL PEOPLE do? Is he unfit for prime time, so can’t be trusted on the Today Show? Well, kudos to Anderson Cooper. He had Ramsey on his show: Isn’t it great? McDonald’s is reaching out to Charles Ramsey because he was eating one of their sandwiches when he became a hero.

    • I think someone switched it thinking it would hinder the illegal immigration debate but the person directing the move does not know that the PR flag is equivalent to a state flag and Puerto Ricans are US citizens. Someone is going to get exposed as Stooopid, for sure. Oh to find the person! (Or they thought they would switch it and watch conservatives say Puerto Ricans are immigrants, illegal or legal……)

      • Certainly we’ve written enough about how many benefits the residents living in Puerto Rico collect from the federal government, not to mention how Barry et al hope(d) to make it our 51st (or would it be 58th?) state. Here’s one post:

        I remember writing about how there has been a HUGE increase in the number of Puerto Ricans (in Puerto Rico) who collect DISABILITY benefits, but all on account of their high unemployment rate. As unemployment went up, so did the number of applicants for disability–which they all got, despite that they don’t pay the types of federal taxes the rest of us do. You know what’s interesting? If they live in Puerto Rico, they can’t vote for POTUS, but if they’re in any state, then they can. I hope nobody tells the DemoncRATS this because I can foresee somebody like Soros giving the whole population of Puerto Rico extended “vacations” in swing states. 🙂

        Were these alleged perps from Puerto Rico? I only know that their surnames are hispanic. Maybe that’s an angle–maybe they’re NOT but their neighbors are and didn’t want “their” flag besmirched.

        • Just to be sure I have this correct. . which flag was seen first?

          • Who knows? The first I heard of it was when I read a story about the neighbor complaining about it being there. The context of it made no sense to me, because I didn’t understand her point. Some of the photos are in the day and some at night. Papoose is the one who noticed it. It’s weird. It was a crime scene, so how could it have been changed? Ok. It looks as if the Puerto Rican flag was up while they were investigating during the day. Then, at night, you can see the US flag, so seems somebody took down the one flag and put up the other. But WHY?

          • the very first reports and i think i saw it break on Greta, the house had a Puerto Rican flag. it was prominent. That next night, the American Flag showed up.

        • Ok. That story does say Castro was born in Puerto Rico, so that eliminates one question. The neighbor couldn’t have been complaining that a non-Puerto Rican was flying that flag. Makes no sense.

      • This interesting comment, of which I have no idea if has merit, was posted on fb discussion about the two flags,
        ” Because Ohio has a huge problem with human trafficking of women and girls to Muslims. This is going to be a bigger story than people think and it IS happening in the US of A.”

        • Whoa. That’s interesting. I was thinking last night of ladysforest’s story about her niece and the babies she gave up. I wondered if that’s what happened to some of the babies these three women had. I read today that Castro was sometimes seen with a little girl at a local playground. Imagine being that poor child. I hope, like those women and children in Europe who went through a similar thing, that they’re given new identities, if they want them. This seems like such an unlikely place for this to happen. Ohio? What blew me away is how all of the girls (they were girls when kidnapped) were taken from intersections with the same one street, mostly within just blocks of each other. You’d think that would be a huge clue for investigators. They were found within 3 miles of the sites of their abductions. I wonder what brought those guys to that area, where they took those girls.

      • Ok. Wanna go nuts? This story says the house has BOTH flags on it! In the same place? Comment (?) on this page seems to say that one side is a US flag and the other is the PR flag. I don’t get it. (at 12:32 ET)

  2. Breaking news! Mark Sanford has WON the special election in SC, defeating comedian Colbert’s sister.

    “Ex-SC Gov. Sanford back in political office

    Former Republican South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford has resurrected his political career, easily defeating Democrat Elizabeth Colbert (KOHL’-buhrt) Busch to reclaim his old congressional seat. …”

    That’s one House seat we won’t have to worry about for a while.

  3. ” WAY TO GO, MARK ” ….. very smooth move…. 54 to 45 !
    Blue 1st time in …30 years … wake up America!!!!!

    • Yeah, even a flawed Republican is better than most DemoncRATS, especially sisters of comedians who are “in” with the progressives. He more or less walloped her, which I didn’t expect. People in SC must have forgiven. It probably didn’t hurt that Sanford came up with that MUG SHOT of his opponent. That was a stroke of genius (or dumb luck).

      • a classic case of “the lesser of two evils”

        • Really. We get these choices all the time: sleaze bag or commie. That’s your choice these days. I was thinking yesterday about how that respectable, honorable, honest, ethical, GOOD man John Ashcroft was treated by DemoncRATS, the lamestream media, and history. Compare him to what passes for an Attorney General these days. Mr. Ashcroft should make a poster with his face and a word balloon reading, “Miss me yet?” I truly do.

    You’re gonna love this story!

    USC study: 1 in 10 L.A. County residents in U.S. illegally

    One in 10 Los Angeles County residents is an immigrant living in the country illegally, according to a study released Tuesday by the USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration.

    Many of those immigrants have been in the country for more than a decade and are the parents of children who are American citizens, the study found. One in five children in Los Angeles County has at least one parent who is in the country without proper documentation.

    One in four of the estimated 11 million people said to be in the United States without legal authorization lives in California. Statewide, the study estimates that about 7% of residents, or more than 2.6 million people, are in the country illegally.

    That means the stakes for California are particularly high as Congress debates immigration reform, including the possibility of a mass legalization. …”

    Raise your hand if you believe that none of them vote. And they wonder how a red state like CA turned blue.

    • The screen door has a round sticker I LOVE ? (unclear what’s written)
      The 2 Bald Eagles one on garage & 1 on the front of the house.. but
      the kicker is the Mail (male box)… let me take YOU GIRLS for the ride
      of your LIFEs… a “HORSE & CARRIAGE” since A Castro 52 blames
      the GIRLS…. because THEY made the MISTAKE of getting in a CAR
      with a total stranger… yes, that was 10 years ago and things were a
      bit safer…. in our own neighbor”hood” ……
      ~ I can’t wait 4 us to make a ~ BIGGER MISTAKE ~
      when we ~ FRY this dude…. SCUMBAG… to a crisp! bring him on!!!
      very interesting….

      • UPDATE:
        Some interesting numbers I didn’t see before –

        – Ariel Castro abducted his first victim, Knight, 21, on August 22, 2002.

        – According to the record above, he registered as a Democrat on Oct.5, 2002. That means he decided to become a Democrat after 44 days of raping an imprisoned girl half his age.

        – His next victim, Berry, 17, was abducted on April 21, 2003, in a little over six months.

        – Almost exactly a year later, they were joined by DeJesus, then 14 years old.

        (Zenway) is this like a GAY marriage without the PAPERWORK???

    • His other daughter was a FRIEND of one of the victims. She claimed to have had a date to go skating with that victim the very night the girl was kidnapped. She claims that her now-deceased mother forced her to cancel that date and the end result is that her own father just happened to snatch the victim (friend of his own daughter) off the street. Hmmm. Brothers now exonerated, apparently. Did daughter have any role? Boy, how surprised she must be to learn that her own father kidnapped her good friend.

      “Suspect’s Own Daughter Had Been Childhood “Best Friends” With One of the Missing Girls

      It’s still early, obviously, but today’s slow drip, drip, drip of information about the Ohio kidnappings suggest at least two noteworthy connections between the children of the man police have identified as their chief suspect, 52-year-old Ariel Castro, and one of the missing women who was rescued from his Cleveland home last night.

      For starters, we already told you this morning about how Castro’s son, Ariel “Anthony” Castro, wrote an article for a local community newspaper about Gina DeJesus’ disappearance only months after she went missing in 2004. In the process of his reporting, the younger Castro appears to have interviewed DeJesus’ mother.

      Now, the Cleveland Plain Dealer—which, as you’d expect, is all over this story—brings us news that one of the suspect’s daughters, Arlene Castro, sat down with America’s Most Wanted in the months after DeJesus went missing and told the show that she was the last person to see her alive:

      Arlene Castro was a friend and classmate of Gina DeJesus at Wilbur Wright Middle School in Cleveland. She told the show—which profiles missing-persons cases to draw attention to them—that she was walking with DeJesus and borrowed 50 cents from the then-14-year-old to call her mother to ask if the two could hang out at Gina’s. When her mother said no, Castro said they parted ways. …”

      Remember what I said about perps interjecting themselves into a story. The Puerto Rican flag is a mystery but why they missed all these RED FLAGS is beyond me. Mark Fuhrman, where are you when poor girls need you? Here they are:


        Did Arlene Castro Lie to America’s Most Wanted??

        Arlene Castro is the daughter of Ariel, the man who Amanda Berry said kidnapped her, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight and held them captive for a decade. A few years ago, America’s Most Wanted interviewed Arlene, who told police and Gina’s family that she was the last person to see Gina before she disappeared.

        Arlene said Gina gave her money to call home to ask her mother if she could go to Gina’s house. But she couldn’t so Gina just walked home by herself.

        In light of the news of her father’s arrest–and Arlene’s sister going to prison for trying to kill her kid–police need to re-interview this woman to find out what she knew and when. Ariel Castro damaged a lot of lives. I’m guessing we’re just beginning to get a sense of this man’s influence and the corruption of his extended family.” There’s video at that link of the interview on the TV show.

        Instead, as I suspected, they are investigating the hero who helped rescue Amanda. Now a hero has to be a perfect individual. Otherwise, if he doesn’t fit the narrative, he’s no hero and the victim herself becomes the hero.

        Charles Ramsey is still a hero
        His own domestic violence record doesn’t negate what he did to free Amanda Berry. It makes it more remarkable

        … Now we’ve learned, via the Smoking Gun, that Ramsey was charged with and served time for multiple domestic violence counts. He was also convicted and imprisoned on drug charges and receiving stolen property.

        All of that is awful, particularly for his ex-wife and daughter. But it doesn’t change the fact that Ramsey was a hero when he helped Amanda Berry escape Monday night. It may make him even more admirable, if he had an inkling that his sudden fame might expose his troubled past. …”

        I agree with Salon for a change. I don’t agree, however, with this particular writer’s attempt to blame the dissing of Charles on right wing radio hosts. It’s the lamestream that has dropped Charles like a hot potato. And I think I know why. They want to pretend that the black community doesn’t have people like Charles in it. If there’s a black hero, he has to be PERFECT. He can’t be a REAL PERSON who is flawed like everybody is but who did what was human and necessary, like most heroes do.

        They dropped Charles for the same reason they dropped that TV reality show that was going to be about some black guy with his eleven different girlfriends, all with children by him (probably all on public benefits).

        It’s the same reason, however, that they also go out of their way to SHOWCASE stupid white people like Honey Boo Boo. This is their redistribution of disapprobation. Whites deserve to be taken down a peg; blacks need to have their image carefully protected (from reality).

        It’s also the same reason why (have you noticed?) most TV commercials put the white person in the role of fool or ignorant one and the black person in the role of wise mentor, clever person, professional, boss, etc.

        Reparations via propaganda. Reverse racism. All to protect their liberal narratives.

      • yea, that flag thing really bugs me especially when they both show up at different times in the same broadcasts with no explanation…

        probably a plant… to make us nutz… its so obvious. and so maybe it is a two sided flag and my eyes can’t bend. they should still chat about its uniqueness.

        this angle to the story turns my stomach. its unfathomable.

        • The FLAG…. “I couldn’t help but notice… the swaying Puerto Rican
          FLAG on the porch” ….

          • The median income of residents around Seymour Avenue is half that of Cleveland’s median, according to Census. Half of the households earn less than $10,000 a year and almost half the households get food stamps, almost twice the city rate.

            “It’s an impoverished neighborhood, and people are forgotten here,” King said. “It’s easy to conceal things because there’s a lack of visibility.”
            …. “House of Horrors” usa today/articles

          • Our explanation: “When Cleveland officials announced charges against Ariel Castro — the suspected kidnapper of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight — prosecutor Victor Perez where the city’s “Puerto Rican community” stood.

            “As the chief prosecutor for the city of Cleveland, born and raised in Puerto Rico, I want everyone to know that the acts of the defendant in the criminal case are not a reflection of the rest of the Puerto Rican community here or in Puerto Rico,” he said.

            Perez wasn’t alone. “When the house that the girls were held captive in was shown on the news, I couldn’t help but notice the swaying Puerto Rican flag on the porch,” Arielle M. Rios . “My father Manuel’s reaction was that this could bring a lot of shame to the community. These horrific acts are in no way a reflection of all Puerto Rican men.”

            It’s notable that Perez and Rios felt the need to speak up on behalf of Cleveland’s Puerto Rican community. Equally notable is the common sentiment they express: This man does not represent us. …”

            So, what? They replaced it with the US flag because that monster, in their opinion, DOES represent the non-PR community, i.e. the rest of America?

  5. Dishonest Congressman….SOON to be OUTED!!!! Carl Gallups
    YES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WE>>>>>> CAN>>>>>>>>> !

  6. Who from the White House is talking to the higher-ups at CBS? There are many candidates, but sources tell Breitbart News that one obvious candidate is Ben Rhodes, deputy national security advisor for communication for Barack Obama. Rhodes has worked for Obama since 2007, and works under National Security Advisor Tom Donilon.

    Rhodes’ brother, David Rhodes, is the president of CBS News. He “directs network newsgathering for all CBS News platforms,” according to the CBS News website.

    Ben Rhodes has been named as a central player in the revision of the Benghazi talking …..


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