New Questions about the Tsarnaev Investigation (Open Thread)

© Miri WTPOTUS April 25, 2013

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Another day, another set of questions about the many discrepancies in this evolving story about the Boston Marathon Islamist terrorist attack.  Here are just a few:

After authorities claimed that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev engaged in a shootout with police from his hiding place in a boat, they now say that no weapons were foundDzhokhar was unarmed, even though early news reports claimed he had “several weapons.”

Quite obviously, the fact that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was unarmed puts to rest any prior claim that he tried to shoot himself in the mouth to commit suicide.

After federal authorities testified that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was not on any watch lists, now they say he was on at least two watch lists, if not three.  Russian authorities had reported Tamerlan Tsarnaev to US intelligence agencies (both the FBI and the CIA) at least twice in 2011 (March and November, if not also in September). He was placed into the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE), a “highly classified central database of people it views as potential terrorists.” He was also placed on the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB), “maintained by the Homeland Security Department’s Customs and Border Protection bureau which is used to screen people crossing U.S. land borders and entering at airports or by sea.”  Janet Napolitano testified that the system “pinged” when Tamerlan Tsarnaev left for seven months to visit a hotbed of Islamic terrorism in Dagestan because he was in the TECS “platform”; but the system did not ping when he returned, because by then (we’re told) the “intelligence” agencies  had concluded that he was no threat, even though the Russians “pushed” in a “warning letter” to have him listed as a potential terrorist because of his increasing radicalization and the fact that he used different dates of birth and aliases.

After news reports stated that the Tsarnaevs had a regular arsenal of weapons (an M4 carbine, two handguns, and a BB gun) now we’re told that there was “a single firearm” recovered at the scene of the shootout.  This weapon was a 9mm handgun, not an M4 “assault rifle”.

Numerous stories said that the parents of the suspects would come to the USA as early as today; now we hear that the father will come but the mother will stay in Russia, perhaps because as soon as she sets foot on US soil, she’ll be arrested:

She faces three felony charges for alleged shoplifting and property damage in Massachusetts in 2012, according to Natick District Court. She jumped bail, and there has been an arrest warrant for her since October, the court’s clerk magistrate Brian Kearney said.

Here are a few questions I have:

Right before the bomb exploded, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was talking on a cell phone.  Given that the Tsarnaev family are reported to have taken advantage of multiple social welfare programs over the years, one wonders whether both brothers had Obamaphones.  Enquiring minds want to know what taxpayer monies potentially funded these Islamic terrorist attacks against us.

Did either or both of the Obamas visit the Saudi national “student” in the hospital, either before or after Secretary of State Kerry had a closed-door meeting with the Saudi ambassador and Barack Obama had a unexpected encounter with Saudi bigwigs in the WH?

Exactly WHO is the Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi who visited the White House multiple times over the Obama presidency?

Is he or is he not the Saudi national “student” of the same name who was at the scene of the Boston Marathon bombing and was allegedly injured and was originally reported to be a “person of interest” in the terrorist attack?

Who were the other Saudi nationals who were wounded in the explosion, seen with Al-Harbi, and were ANY of these men on terror watch lists? How did any of them get into the country?  Were they fast-tracked, unvetted, as VIPs?  Are any of them currently “armed and dangerous?”

What is the government going to do about the estimated 15,000 Muslims who came to the US on “student visas” but never showed up at school?

Is the reason our “intelligence” agencies do not adequately follow or investigate Muslims because they are intimidated from above by a president and his administration?  Is it political correctness run amok, as suggested by the fact that this administration labeled the Fort Hood Islamic terrorist attack “workplace violence“?

Update 04/25/13 12:37 p.m.:  I forgot this one:  Who brought in the magistrate and the U.S. Attorney to STOP the FBI interrogation of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and why?  He was cooperating, but “immediately” clammed up upon being read his Miranda rights.  The FBI was not amused:

Two officials with knowledge of the FBI briefing on Capitol Hill said the FBI was against stopping the investigators’ questioning and was stunned that the judge, Justice Department prosecutors and public defenders showed up, feeling valuable intelligence may have been sacrificed as a result. [emphasis added]


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  1. Reports: Suspects In Custody Allegedly Helped Dzhokhar Tsarnaev After Bombing
    May 1, 2013

    While investigators have not yet publicly revealed the alleged conduct of the three new suspects arrested in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings, they are focusing on whether the three aided accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, according to NBC News’ Pete Williams.

    Williams reported on Wednesday that the suspects were roomates of Tsarnaev. Two of the roommates were already in custody related to immigration violations and the third was arrested Wednesday morning, according to Williams.
    CBS News reported that the suspects were arrested for allegedly “harboring or aiding the two brothers” after the bombing. According to CBS, federal charges are pending.

    • Boston Police: Three Taken into Custody in Marathon Bomb Case
      Wednesday, 01 May 2013

      A U.S. law enforcement source said that two of the suspects taken into custody on Wednesday include classmates of the younger brother at the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth. They are being held by immigration officials for violating the terms of their visas. The source said they are likely to face charges related to obstruction of justice and with making false statements to investigators.

      Police are investigating whether the classmates threw away a backpack at suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s request after the bombing, which killed three people and injured 264 others. Last week law enforcement officials were seen searching dumps in southeastern Massachusetts.

      Two of the three people newly arrested are men originally from Kazakhstan who were friendly with the main suspect.
      Azamat Tazhayakov (AHZ’-maht tuh-ZAYE’-uh-kov) and Dias Kadyrbayev (DYE’-us kad-uhr-BYE-ev) appeared via video for a visa violation hearing in immigration court in Boston on Wednesday. The third person taken into custody on Wednesday was a U.S. citizen, and all three were being investigated for actions taken after the bombings, the U.S. law enforcement source said.


    BOMBER SUSPECTS Dumped Dzhokhar’s Backpack & Computer – Knew He Made Bombs

    The three suspects arrested today in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings knew that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could make bombs. They also dumped his backpack and computer in a dumpster after the bombings. According to the feds the two Kazakhstan suspects rushed to Dzhokhar’s residence and disposed of his computer and backpack after they saw his picture in the news. They were classmates of bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

    Tzhokhar texted the suspects: “Come to my room and take whatever you want.” …”

    GP says they found the backpack at the dump.

  3. lightning strikes twice for one poor lady

    • What is the second event this lady was in?


        I posted that earlier and asked people to make up their minds. Is that the same woman being interviewed both at the scene of the bombings and then later at the scene of the shootout? It sure looks like her to me. What are the odds? Was she a crisis actress? What say u?

        • You know, this video should have been shown simply showing both interviews and asking, “what are the odds the same lady was at both events?” Then it could be posted around liberal social medias without be tuned out as a conspiracy theory of the “enemy”. so much of these things could and would stand on their own but for all the attempts at framing and doing viewers’ thinking for them.

          • Good point. In addition, they have all that extraneous stuff, which makes it hard for anybody to sort out their point.

        • I would assume voice analysis would verify or disprove?

          • One would assume. Some of the comments had people saying she had an accent. I heard no accent. The voices differ, but anybody can make their own voice sound different. Just ask Kathleen Turner. The hair, the blouse, the glasses, even the jewelry looks the same.

  4. What are the odds the Daddy Diplomat that visited the son that was a suspect then not a suspect, injured and then not injured at the hospital where Mrs. Obie visited is connected to this suspected slave house?

    • “A quiet, upscale neighborhood in McLean, Va. is stunned to learn that federal authorities are investigating a home owned by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for possible human trafficking violations.

      Two women were rescued from the home, located in the 6000 block of Orris Street, during a raid by local police and federal agents on Tuesday.

      It is believed the women are from the Philippines and work at the Saudi Embassy in Washington.

      The pair claim to have been mistreated, a State Department officials tells CNN.

      The headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency is less than two miles from the guarded, gated home. …”

      They’re investigating “the HOME”. They can’t investigate the occupants, seeing as how they probably have “diplomatic immunity.”

      • I was taught way back when in school that diplomatic immunity meant they could not be charged as enemies of the state ONLY. But for crimes it meant they could be charged as a foreigner without Miranda rights. Made sense somehow back in middle school.


    Jihadi told Russians about Tamerlan

    A slain Canadian jihadi gave Russian counter-terrorism agents the tip that put alleged Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev on their radar two years ago, Bay State U.S. Rep. William R. Keating confirmed yesterday — raising questions about whether Tsarnaev’s direct link to the known militant was ever passed on to the FBI or local authorities.

    Keating told the Herald yesterday his staff in Russia has learned William Plotnikov, while under interrogation in the militant hotbed of Dagestan, named Tsarnaev as a fellow extremist.

    “That’s when the Russian government started looking at Tamerlan and he showed up on a jihadist website,” Keating (D-Bourne) said. “That’s when they contacted the U.S.” … It is unclear whether the Russians told the FBI that Tsarnaev was associated with Plotnikov or another suspected extremist, Mansur Mukhamed Nidal. … “I have no idea what the Russians did or did not share, but the fact they brought up his name should have been a flashing red light,” U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a member of the committee, told the Herald last night. “You combine that with international travel, and somebody’s going to have to answer some questions.

    • “We have to be very careful THIS TIME,” says the FAA about a mystery plane that’s been buzzing Quincy, Massachusetts (can you say Boston terror attack?). They won’t tell anyone, even the mayor, what this plane is. Can we guess? Is it Victory Flight II? As in, Air Force I flyover of NYC, after 9/11 victory flight? Celebrating the success in Boston? WTF is going on? There’s video at the end of the second page, but they don’t show the plane, which only flies when it’s not cloudy:

      Mystery Aircraft Frightens Quincy Residents

      A mystery in Quincy continues to deepen: Who is flying around the city from dusk to dawn, for the past ten days or so?

      It’s frightening, not just weird, but frightening,” said one resident of the Wollaston section.

      Every night for nearly the last two weeks, residents have spotted a low-flying aircraft doing loops over the city. WBZ has learned the FAA knows what’s going on, but the agency isn’t telling.

      “I mean it is strange. I don’t know if they’re looking for somebody, I have no idea,” one resident told WBZ.

      It’s not the state or local police doing the flying, and the FAA is giving out little information, even to city officials.

      “It’s frustrating, it really is,” says City Councillor Brian Palmucci. “I specifically asked, ‘Is it a law enforcement flight? Can we tell people that?’ He said, ‘No, we can’t tell you that.’ Then I asked that when folks call me can I at least tell them that it is something that they shouldn’t worry about, it’s something they shouldn’t be concerned with? He said, ‘I can’t tell you that.’” …”

      They have to be very careful THIS TIME.


    Boston Bombers May Have Financed Terror Spree with Food Stamps

    A mountain of new welfare records shows numerous EBT card cash withdrawals made by the Tsarnaev family, but so far there is no information about how terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev and others may have spent the money.

    The EBT receipts were handed over by the state to the House Post Audit and Oversight Committee as part of its probe into the Russian family’s $100,000-plus taxpayer-financed life in the Bay State. The committee met yesterday behind closed doors to review Medicaid and welfare awards.

    The purchases show specific stores, but not the items bought. But further details could be available to investigators.

    The committee’s request for financial aid records from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth — where marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, was a sophomore flunking some classes and owing a reported $20,000 — was rejected, the Herald learned. Federal officials have forbidden the school from releasing any records publicly.

    Rafi Ron, a former top Israeli security official and past consultant to Logan International Airport, said the welfare cash could have been enough money to help the Tsarnaev brothers build their pressure-cooker bombs that killed three and injured more than 260 at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15.

    It is still unclear from the records whether any welfare cash was used to finance slain bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s journey to Dagestan from January to July 2012.

    Lenin famously said that the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them. But that was when America was still capitalist. Today welfare will give them the rope for free and run an ad campaign to inform them that they can get the rope for free while providing them with an interpreter so that the rope giveaway will be culturally sensitive.

    • I figured there was some reason why they lay low. Intent to distribute. To fund WHAT, exactly?

      “A sister of the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects is facing a drug charge in New Jersey.

      Bella Tsarnaeva pleaded not guilty Tuesday to possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

      Attorney Mario Blanch says Tsarnaeva was arrested in December when police responded to a domestic violence report at her Fairview, N.J., apartment.

      Her boyfriend, Ahmad Khalil, faces the same charge and also pleaded not guilty.

      Tsarnaeva has applied to a program that would enable her to avoid a criminal record. …”

      Yes, let’s give her a special deal so she can avoid a criminal record. Is she a citizen, too? If not, a criminal record might mean–back to Dagestan with her! If so, then we wouldn’t want her deprived of her “right” to vote as a felon.

  7. Indictment….MURDER… Dzhokhar Tsarnaev…

    Boston Marathon Bombing…. & what about…FORT HOOD?????

  8. Saturday, October 09, 2004


    Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily published October 1 a Global Information System (GIS) report from Sarajevo that the Saudi and Iranian governments are working through Bosnian terrorist groups to support Chechen Islamist terrorist and guerilla operations against the Russian government.

    A secret Wahabbi terrorist organization, Kvadrat (Quadrant), whose membership practice “Islam from the roots,” was founded in Sarajevo in 1995. Kvadrat has expanded dramatically during 2004 in operations and funding by opening a new string of offices and facilities in Bosnia and in the Raska (Sandzak) Muslim area of southern Serbia. A new base for future operations is being built in Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus.

    The report claims that individuals who were orphaned as children during the Bosnia-Herzegovina civil war are being indoctrinated and trained in the Wahabbist ideology and in the tactics of terrorism and guerilla warfare. These trained personnel are sent through the “green transversal,” a narco-trafficking safe-haven line, that runs from Bosnia, through Turkey and Georgia, to Chechnya, where they join the al-Qaida-supported Chechen Islamist terrorist operations.

    The Iranian VEVAK [Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS)] has assisted in the training of the youth of Kvadrat, with the Saudi Government providing financial assistance. The Iranian government has denied publicly that it supports Chechen Islamist separatists, in order to protect the continuation of arms and technology trade with Russia.

    Bosnian sources have told GIS “The young Kvadrat members have been brainwashed for a decade; since they were little children in most cases. They have been taught to believe that only their zealous approach to Islam is correct; they are fanatical.”

    Kvadrat operates in the triangle area between Zenica, Tuzla and Sarejavo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The operational leader of the group is Pezo Adnan, though he “takes his orders” from a leader in Vienna, Austria. Adnan lives in Zenica, and has a known muhahedin, “Acit”, as his bodyguard and driver. Acit came to Bosnia through Zagreb in 1993, and was a member of the el-Mujahid terrorist unit in Bosnia from October 20, 1993. El-Mujahid operated within the Bosnian Muslim Army in 1995, and participated in beheadings and mass murders of prisoners in Ozren and Vozuca.

    The national origin of Acit is not known at this time. He is known, from surveillance, to be in contact with Abu el-Mali, an “emir” (leader”) of the el-Mujahid.

    Training of the orphan boys has occurred since 2001 on Jablanickom Lake in Podi, Bosnia. A main trainer for indoctrination is Cengic Faruku from Sarajejo, though VEVAK officers are in charge of training in terrorism and guerilla warfare. Known members of Kvadrat include Zulum Almir, killed in Chechnya, and Bijedic Kenan, arrested in Turkey in 2001.

    The Saudi funding of Kvadrat is funneled through the High Saudi Committee for Children Without Parental Care (VSK), based in King Fahd Cultural Center, in Sarajevo Bosnia. This organization is led by Sheikh Nasser al-Saeed, and its deputy is Abdul-Rahman al-Rashed. Another individual linked to the organization as a supporter is Khalid al-Aqueli, said to have a Bosnian passport. The VSK’s office have been raided by NATO Stabilization Force (SFOR) because of suspected links to terrorists.

    Kvadrat has been supported by Al-Haramain charity (AHF) — the Al-Haramain and Al-Masjed Al-Aqsa Charity Foundation — based in Riyadh. [Note: days after the publication of this report, Arabia announced the dissolution of Al-Haramain Foundation, according to an October 6 report of Al-Sharq al-Awsat, a London-based newspaper (BBC Monitoring International Reports, “Saudi Arabia Announces ‘Dissolution’ of Controversial Charity Foundation,” October 6, 2004.)] The United States has publicly linked Al-Haramain to support of terrorists in Chechnya, as well as to the al-Qaida bombings of two U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar e-Salaam in 1998.

    The U.S. branch of AHF is headquartered in Oregon and was established in 1997. A federal search warrant was executed on February 18, 2004, against all property owned by the AHF in the United States. The investigation included agents from the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigations, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement. A statement was issued by the U.S. Treasury department on September 9, 2004 designating the AHF a terrorist-linked organization.

    The U.S. investigation of AHF revealed criminal violations of tax laws and money laundering. Individuals associated with the U.S. branch concealed the movement of funds to Chechnya by omitting them from tax returns or mischaracterizing their use as being intended for a prayer house in Springfield, Missouri. Funds identified as supporting Chechen refugees were diverted to support the al-Qaida network of Chechen leaders and mujahedin.

    AHF has operations through the Union of the Comors, which was identified as a staging area and exfiltration route for the perpetrators of the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

    • Never mind Miri…please re-lease my comment in moderation with the misspelling in my name. Clearing my cache did not help, and it will just keep telling me “you’ve already said that” and not let me re-post the comment. Leaz, ha! too funny. From my avatar the peeps here know tis me 😉

      Anyway…this comment/link goes with the comment/link in moderation

      Boston Bomb Suspects Connection to Chechnya – A ‘Hub’ of Extremist Saudi Wahhabism

      Wednesday, 01 May 2013 07:26 By Tiffany Gabbay

      New details are emerging about the religious motivations of Boston bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and their recent interest in Chechnya, which experts say has become a hub for the extremist Saudi sect of Islam known as Wahhabism.

      The brothers are ethnically Chechen, though Dzhokhar was born in the Russian republic of Dagestan while his deceased older brother Tamerlan was born in the neighboring Russian republic of Kalmykia. Their parents confirmed that Tamerlan visited Dagestan and Chechnya last year, but denied reports that he did so to engage in militant Islamist training.

      University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Professor Brian Glyn Williams, who mentored the younger Tsarnaev brother via email for his class on the War on Terror, noted the brothers’ growing sense of Chechen identity.

      Williams also posited that Tamerlan Tsarnaev became radicalized during his trip to Russia and also helped influence his younger brother.

      “That kid [Dzhokhar] and his brother identified with the Chechen struggle,” he said in an email to Steve Urbon of South Coast recently.

      “He was learning his Chechen identity, identifying with the diaspora and identifying with his homeland,” Williams said of Dzhokhar.

      “He wanted to learn more about Chechnya, who the fighters were, who the commanders were. I sort of gave him background.”

      Chechnya and Dagestan, separate Russian republics nestled in the North Caucasus, have majority Muslim populations that have long been influenced by Wahhabism, described by the U.S. Congressional Research Service as a “puritanical” form of Sunni Islam whose practice is centered in Saudi Arabia.

      U.S. officials maintain that the Tsarnaevs acted on their own and were not connected with any other groups — taking pains to affirm the innocence of two Saudi students questioned in Boston on the day of the bombings. One of those Saudi students, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, was initially a person of interest in the bombings and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano confirmed Tuesday that he was placed on a terror watch list after the attack. An event file created by federal law enforcement agents on April 16 called for his visa to be revoked, citing a terrorism threat, and indicated he was not properly vetted before being admitted to the U.S.

      While no current evidence links Alharbi to the Tsarnaev brothers, preliminary statements from the interrogation of Dzhokhar suggests the brothers were motivated by Islam Additionally, the brothers appear to have been driven by a radical brand of Islam — although U.S. officials claimed they do not seem connected to any Muslim terrorist groups.

      That raises this question: Just how influential is Islam, and Saudi-Wahhabism in particular, in Chechnya and Dagestan?
      Snip ~

      Jihadi links with Chechnya and Dagestan

      Chechnya has long been an outpost from which jihadists have operated. Consider the fact that 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden openly backed the Chechens in the 1990s during their wartime struggles against Russia, and 9/11 hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui was, according to the Wall Street Journal, “a recruiter for al-Qaeda-backed rebels in Chechnya.”

      Chechen militants fought with al-Qaeda and Taliban forces against the U.S.-backed Northern Alliance in late 2001.

      Even German al Qaeda operative Christian Ganczarski went on to Chechnya after becoming radicalized in Saudi Arabia, which has reportedly furnished thousands of international scholarships to young men in an effort to provide al Qaeda with a steady stream of new recruits.–a-hub-of-extremist-saudi-wahhabism&catid=121:special-features&Itemid=325

      Between both links they “may” help to answer some of the questions you have in this post, ya think? Bell’s of Prez. Clinton’s involvement in Kosovo going ding, ding, also.

      • I fixed it before I released it. Amazing stuff you’ve found. I wonder WTF is going on? Is our military now simply a mercenary army/puppet army that does the bidding of the House of Saud? I would redirect those cruise missiles, if they ever get off the ground.




          “After meeting with the president Monday at the White House, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) — who has been among the leading Syria hawks — warned that if Congress rejects the resolution, “the consequences would be catastrophic. The credibility of this country with friends and adversaries alike would be shredded, and there would be not only implications for this president but for future presidencies as well.””

          Let’s take our chances with a future president, sooner rather than later. IMPEACH HIM NOW.

          There’s currently a poll on Drudge. Give Barry the power to attack Syria or not. OVER 92% SAY NO!!!!


            “Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y) on Monday called it “embarrassing” that President Barack Obama has drawn a “red line” on Syria, and the congressman does not see “anything urgent about it.”

            “I love Obama, and you’ll never find a truer Democrat than me, but this whole idea of any president of the United States drawing lines saying that if any country does something, that he considers wrong, that the nation is going to war, it’s unheard of–drawing a red line. So, of course, it’s embarrassing. I wish it didn’t happen,” Rangel said.

            An MSNBC host asked Rangel: “Are you concerned in terms of that red line – the president was very clear about that a year ago – are you concerned if there is not action once that line has been crossed that it will send a message to the world about the United States’ influence and their strength in the face of countries openly defying them?”

            Not only was Rangel embarrassed by Obama drawing a red line, the congressman said Secretary of State John Kerry should be “even more embarrassed” after Kerry’s speech in which the secretary said the need for military intervention was “urgent.”

            “I guess Secretary Kerry is even more embarrassed than me after making his emotional speech about this was urgent. And clearly, as I said earlier, I couldn’t see anything urgent about it, and I’m glad the president reviewed his thinking and he is going to give us time to discuss it,” Rangel added.

          • What we all would like to know Miri, WTF is happening, WHAT is his thinking behind this?

            A U.S. strike on Syria will only strengthen al-Qaeda.

            A quote from – George Friedman, chairman of global intelligence

            The collapse of Assad isn’t likely to lead to a democratic regime respecting human rights, but to an Islamist regime with links to Al-Qaeda,” said George Friedman, chairman of global intelligence company Stratfor.

            • Hey, Leza. Good to hear from you. Yep. They want to strengthen AQ and they’re going to vote on the anniversary of their biggest attack on us.

  9. Miri, my first comment went into moderation (my fault). I’m re-posting the same comment. The comment in moderation please just delete, ty.


    The Blaze 4/24/2013 Mytheos Holt [Free Republic credited]

    Posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 2:21:31 PM by Jim Robinson;page=1

  11. OH … just more scary news…. Sister- Sisters

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