An Illegal Alien by Any Other Name Is Still Illegal (Open Thread)

© Miri WTPOTUS April 5, 2013

Illegal alien crossing

Recently we learned that a specific word is to be banned by the Associated Press (AP) when used in conjunction with another word: immigrant.  The AP “stylebook” will be amended. No longer will AP writers be allowed to write about “illegal immigrants.”  Mind you, they have already done away with the word alien, as in “illegal alien,” replacing it with the word immigrant, in an attempt to avoid offending those who have blatantly broken our laws and, in the process, stolen resources, assets, jobs, and benefits from the citizens of OUR COUNTRY.  The short-hand term illegals is also out, of course.

First, “illegal aliens” became “illegal immigrants” and then “illegal immigrants” morphed into  “undocumented immigrants” or “unauthorized immigrants”.  Now, to further contort and distort our English language (a language that some find “offensive” in and of itself), the AP has decided that people cannot be illegal or undocumented.

Actions are illegal; people are not. 

So they now contend: [emphasis added to all quotes]

Most news organizations have long used the term “illegal immigrant,” which some people find offensive. They prefer “undocumented,” arguing that “illegal” is dehumanizing and lumps border crossers with serious criminals. Some even view “illegal immigrant” as tantamount to hate speech and refuse to utter it, referring only to the “I-word.”

On Tuesday, the Associated Press revised its influential stylebook and jettisoned “illegal immigrant,” reversing a decision from six months earlier. The AP did not offer an exact replacement, instead recommending that writers fully describe a person’s immigration status.

I-word immigrant is out, too, one must assume.  Border crossers isn’t exactly descriptive, because people do cross our borders legally every day.   Can one use illegal border crossers, or is that offensive to “some people?”

The authors of the LA Times story (cited above) go on to remind us how difficult it is to be an illegal alien these days. Have some compassion, people!

For immigrants, especially those who have lived without papers, the issue is personal.

When one is told that one is illegal, it really creates this identity of being a criminal,” said Carlos Amador, 28, who works with young immigrants at UCLA’s Dream Resource Center. “But the reality is, myself, my parents, those in my community who are in this situation of not having papers — all we want is to contribute back into this country, to be accepted and welcomed.”

Immigrants without papers!  What used to be known as … dare I write it?  WopsWikipedia tells us that

Wop is a pejorative racial slur used primarily, but not exclusively, to refer to people from Italy. It is also used to slur Italian-Americans, and it is similar to the word ‘Wog‘, used in Australia.

It originated between 1910 and 1915 in the United States. One theory is that it stands for “without papers” (abbreviated WOP).

When did “Italian” become a race?  I digress …

Will AP writers paraphrase activist Amador’s language and call illegal aliens “people living in communities in the situation of not having papers?”  That rolls right off the tongue!

Time points out, however, that undocumented isn’t precise enough, either:

The easy fix, one pushed by many immigration reform activists, is to use “undocumented immigrants.” But AP Stylebook editors, being highly concerned about the precision and accuracy of their language, rejected that adjective too. That term … is still too imprecise, [AP standards editor Tom] Kent says: after all, an “undocumented” immigrant could have all sorts of documents, like a driver’s license or a birth certificate from their home country.

AP senior managing editor Michael Oreskes explains why the AP will no longer use the adjective illegal:

It’s incorrect to describe a person as illegal, even if he or she has committed an illegal act, said Michael Oreskes, AP senior managing editor. Thus, “illegal immigration” is acceptable while “illegal immigrant” is not.

Does this mean that we will no longer see words like felon, criminal, rapist, thief, burglar in AP stories?  Will felon will be replaced by “a person who has been convicted of a felony”?  Will rapist will be replaced by “a person who has been convicted of rape?”

The Times story reminds us that Representative John Conyers

expressed the preference that no one … use the term “illegal immigrants” and instead [Conyers] called such people “out of status.” Yet Kent finds that phrasing even less clear. Everybody has some status,” he says. “I mean, I’m seated at the moment. I don’t think most readers would grasp what we meant by that.” … Kent’s most elaborate suggestion was “foreigners in the United States in violation of the law.”

The LA Times informs us that

The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, which supports deportation and opposes legalization, reacted to the AP’s decision by adopting a new term of its own: “illegal invader.” “Immigrant” should be reserved for people who came to this country legally, said William Gheen, the group’s president.

Illegal invader is more precise, clear, and concise than “foreigner in the United States in violation of the law.”  Even more concise would be trespasser, interloper, intruder, poacher, or the time-tested moocher.

What I find particularly galling is this from the LA Times:

“It’s lazy to label people. It’s better to describe them,” Oreskes said.

As Oreskes and Kent have told us in no uncertain terms, it’s also offensive to label people.  Do you know what’s offensive to some people?  The label birther. 

That particular offensive, pejorative label has been used by the AP in many news stories (e.g., here, and here, and here). It seems that their concern for the “feelings” of people in the United States extends only to those who are here illegally.

“We try to be fair to people’s feelings,” standards editor Tom Kent tells TIME, “but we’re not responding to one political current or another.”

Of course not!  The AP would NEVER respond to a “political current.”  (We totally believe that their sudden ban of the phrase illegal immigrant has NOTHING whatsoever to do with Obama’s legacy-building push for amnesty for illegal aliens.)  As for the pejorative term birther, the AP would NEVER use an Alinsky-inspired epithet to discredit

United States citizens who expect presidential candidates to prove that they meet the eligibility requirements delineated by the U.S. Constitution by providing authentic, certified, three-dimensional, and accurate documentation to the public.

They would never unfairly and offensively label a group of U.S. citizens in an attempt to support the political campaign of a certain candidate who happens to be the first African-American president.  But wait! Oh, yes, they would, and they have.  Multiple AP stories have labeled and stigmatized UNITED STATES CITIZENS by calling them birthers.

Doesn’t the AP care about our feelings?


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    • OMG will they ban knives next? 🙄

      • No doubt it is coming down the pike! You better learn how to cut a steak, beef, pork or anything else with some other implement! Shred it with a fork perhaps? Spread butter with a spoon? It will put meat cutters out of business – well, the whole darn meat/poultry industry will suffer the effects of a knife ban! Try using plastic knives like they give you on airplanes….there’s the solution. Not that cave men first designed the knife for a particular use and it has been in existence for thousands of years, who cares? Then it could carry over to banning the use of bayonets – oh that’s right according to our usurper in the WH, those are already obsolete.


      Breaking: 14 Stabbed at Lone Star College

      … My Fox Houston reported:

      The Cy-Fair Volunteer fire department is confirming there are multiple stabbing victims on the Lone Star College Cy-Fair Campus, located on West Road and Barker Cypress in north Harris County. Robert Raza, a spokesman with Cy-Fair EMS, confirmed there were 14 total victims, 12 of whom were taken to hospitals. Raza initially told FOX 26 News that five people were stabbed in the Health Science Center building, with one of the victims was taken by Life Flight to Memorial Hermann Hospital, two others taken by ambulance to another hospital. Some of the first reports were from witnesses on campus via social media.

      UPDATE: USA today is reporting the stabbings were random and the suspect was going “from building to building”. The suspect appeared to be a student who may be hearing impaired and was armed with an exacto knife.

      UPDATE: Eye witness and student tells Fox News he wishes they could carry guns to protect themselves and the students did not receive the school’s text message alert until an hour after the stabbings occurred. …”

      Rather inconvenient event for the gun control people. Let’s pray that the victims recover.

  1. Are the Republicans finally getting into the dirt like the Democrats? These tactics sound like what the Demoncrats are known for doing. Bugging a meeting…another strategy often used by the Left and one that was used against Romney and his talk about the 47%.

    McConnell campaign alleges Judd discussions were bugged, seeks FBI investigation
    By Michael O’Brien, Political Reporter, NBC News
    Apr 9, 2013

    Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell’s re-election campaign has asked federal authorities to help it identify the source of a recording of private strategy sessions earlier this year involving research into a potential opponent, actress Ashley Judd.

    McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton said Tuesday that the campaign is working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Attorney’s office in Louisville to uncover who recorded a Feb. 2 meeting in Kentucky – attended by McConnell himself — which was published earlier today by the liberal magazine Mother Jones.

    In the tapes, McConnell and a handful of aides are heard discussing opposition research against would-be Democratic challengers next fall, most prominently Judd. While Judd eventually declined to challenge McConnell for re-election in 2014, the aides were heard on-tape discussing research into Judd’s background, including her mental health history and religion.

    • I believe that it’s probably typical to do opposition research on ALL political opponents. Nothing illegal or unethical about it. It’s basically what WE DO to our targets. Huh? What’s the story here is that the DEMONCRATS are getting into the Watergate-like business of BUGGING McConnell’s office, taping his opposition research meetings and campaign strategy, and then handing the tape off to a complicit reporter like Corn. She did drop out of the race, didn’t she? Are they implying that if a Republican had mental issues the DEMONcRATS wouldn’t use them? I believe they used them against one of their own–Tom Eagleton. Oh, I have a life-sized picture of the FBI and the DOJ actually finding who bugged his office, although, seems to me, that someone took the fall for illegal intercepting a Republican cell phone conversation.


        Mitch McConnell seeks FBI investigation

        Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign asked the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office on Tuesday to investigate how a magazine obtained a recording of a February strategy session.

        “Senator McConnell’s campaign is working with the FBI and has notified the local U.S. Attorney in Louisville, per FBI request, about these recordings,” McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton said in a statement. “Obviously a recording device of some kind was placed in Senator McConnell’s campaign office without consent. By whom and how that was accomplished will presumably will be the subject of a criminal investigation.”

        On Tuesday morning, Mother Jones, a liberal magazine, published an audio recording of McConnell staffers discussing opposition research they could use against actress Ashley Judd, who was considering running against veteran senator. In an earlier statement, the McConnell campaign accused “the Left” of using “Nixonian tactics” and bugging the campaign’s headquarters. …”

  2. Got kids in college getting loans? Bad news for you. Obama’s idea to put student loans in the hands of the government -isn’t working out real well. Do I believe that Republicans want to raise the interest rate, no. But that is what this article from the Left states.

    Interest on government student loans set to double this summer
    By Herb Weisbaum
    April 9, 2013

    The interest rate on government-subsidized Stafford loans is set to double on July 1 – to 6.8 percent from 3.4 percent – unless Congress acts to stop it. And there’s no guarantee it will.
    Student groups and college educators across the country have called on Congress to stop the rate hike, which would affect more than 7 million students.
    “The government is borrowing the money at about 2 percent and lending it at 3.4 percent,” Hartle said. “They don’t need to get a 6.8 percent return.”

    As you might expect, Congress remains divided on this issue along political lines. Republicans think the rate should go up, ??? Democrats don’t.

    • Is this for loans being paid on by students who have already graduated or is it for new loans for current students? Just curious.

  3. Performance at the White House SERIES?

    Another Exclusive Party at W.H.—at Taxpayer Expense
    Will White House release guest list?
    Apr 9, 2013

    On Barack and Michelle Obama’s schedule for today, this event is listed:
    7:30PM THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY host a concert celebrating Memphis Soul music as part of their “In Performance at the White House” series; THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks

    As the White House has previously announced, Justin Timberlake (who will be making his White House debut), Al Green, Ben Harper, Queen Latifah, Cyndi Lauper, Joshua Ledet, Sam Moore, Charlie Musselwhite, Mavis Staples, and others will be performing at the exclusive event.

    But while the performers are known, the guest list for the private event has not yet been released. One imagines it’s a tough ticket to come by. To attend any event at the White House, one must be invited. (The White House is now closed for public access by members of the general public.) And especially this one, with Hollywood and musical stars–and with remarks by the president of the United States.

    A White House official did not immediately respond when asked for a guest list of tonight’s event.

    • No tours for the kiddies tho. 👿

    • When the word audacity comes to mind, it is always the Obamas who are perfect examples of the word. The “gall” is another word that is perfect to describe the two that live lavishly and entertain themselves like kings and queens on the backs of hard working taxpayers. Those performing can’t see how they are used, but we certainly can.

  4. [NY Gestapo] Police Confiscate Man’s Guns Over Son’s Water Pistol Threat
    April 9, 2013 Snip

    Well this is just crazy. Check it out:

    In the latest example of anti-gun hysteria, police in New York State confiscated a man’s firearms and revoked his pistol license after his son threatened to use a water pistol against bullies who had taunted his friends at school.

    Commack resident John Mayer is now pursuing legal action after Suffolk County Police visited his home and threatened to embarrass him in front of his neighbors before confiscating Mayer’s handguns and rifles, firearms worth around $6,500 dollars. Mayer also had his pistol license revoked and was told it would only be restored when his son reaches 18 years of age and moves out of the home.

  5. Linda Joy Adams…. 4th down Daily Recap 4/8/13 91% fooled?
    open… lots of Photos..

  6. Man Charged W Shooting Bear That Was Going To Attack Him In Backyard – Did Not have Right Permit? Police said he should have gone back into his house and called animal control.

  7. Escaping ..Westboro Baptish Church.. Linda Joy Adams & Phelps..
    I’m checking a photo to match the house … we did a while back…
    I have a good feeling about Linda’s story… I don’t think she is nuts…
    Nothing else seems real or connects … I want proof.. That’s all….

    • Interesting and intriguing. I had read the thoughts she may be off her rocker but to me she sounds the kind of crazy people sound when they keep saying something over and over and people just look at them like they are crazy. I think she knows (well knew now that it is plastered all over the internet) than Obama himself; unfortunately no one got to the documents before the cohorts found out — and suspect now, poof, there are no records and no amount of court orders will reveal records.

      Oh, the day sometime in the future, when Obama’s daughters read all this and look at the all the pics and KNOW.

      • Well, she also says that her father is Alexi Romanov, son of Czar Nicholas II, so I suppose that means that Rev. (Clarence) Tracy Hardy is Alexi Romanov, who married Florence Hunt and then they together adopted Linda, who is herself actually the daughter of Elizabeth II (yes, the current Queen) and Earl Spencer (Lady Di’s father). So that would mean that Lady Di is Linda’s half sister and Prince Charles her half-brother.

  8. Photo # 18 … (3 on the step) .. the “house” we discussed before it looks the same to me .. the window frames.. wood floor .. exterior etc. can someone find that page… ?

    • I have to say that the one twin sister of Roland Hackett does somewhat resemble Stanley Ann Dunham. Photo 35.

    • #20 – Those “Pope Boys” Kenneth Hardy, Daniel Wayne and Millard Dell Jr, have got some noticeable ears!

      Dan Pope aka Stanley Dunham  pics early 1940's Scan13-03-29 1507

  9. Miri the top photo …can you find the link we worked on… was it in
    Kansas the same house? I searched & can’t find… our page.

    Scan13-03-28 2221Dan Pope and Nebraska Photographer's family

  10. Miri.. thanks 4 the photos of that house…. can you give me a link &
    title page please .. & is “Categories” the only way to search 4 any ?

    • Zenway, I’m sorry but I didn’t find the post where those photos were discussed. I looked hard, but ran out of time. I ended up finding the photos at other sites (one from LC’s!) so you could see them again. If you have a clue what keywords I can use to try to find where we discussed it, I’ll look again, when I have time. I tried “McCurry” because she’s in the pic. I tried “Madelyne”, and “Kansas”, and “porch”. You can look on categories for Obama family, but we might have discussed it anywhere! I even looked in our photo library, but couldn’t figure out a keyword to find the right pics. We have lots of photos in the library and there’s no easy way that I know of to seem them all, like in thumbnails.

  11. Obama Mystery Theater: Vernon Texas / same photo of house.
    SEO 2/16/12 – 3:33pm …. Papoose 2/19/12- 12:32pm the same…

  12. MO’s gun control speech… HP was ME…& I was HER….. oh!
    Was Barry…. also the Men in Benghazi ???

    Michelle Obama’s Chicago gun-control speech highlights death of fallen honor-student Hadiya Pendleton
    April 10, 2013

    ‘Hadiya Pendleton was me, and I was her,’ the First Lady said of the 15-year-old, who just one week after she sang at the President’s inauguration in Washington, fell victim to the rampant gun violence afflicting Chicago.

    • ‘Hadiya Pendleton was me, and I was her,’ the First Lady said of the 15-year-old,

      So, was Hadiya a single mother, too? Or was Michelle a single mother at 15?

    • “Was Barry…. also the Men in Benghazi ???” HA! Good one, Zenway. Nobody pokes Barry like you do!

    • So true. He’s not giving up his NLP: “Now is the time.” btw, the Sandy Hook sister of Soto used the same NLP, mesmerizing talking points. It’s NO COINKIDINK.

    • Bill Ayers- Unrepentant, Unapologetic, and Unmasked on Wisconsin’s Afternoon News

      Bill Ayers is one strange guy.

      Ayers was one of the founders of the radical 1960’s group the Weather Underground. His group was responsible for bombing the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol and a New York police station as a way of protesting American involvement in the Vietnam War.

      He is also credited with launching the political career of President Barack Obama. They lived in the same neighborhood, their wives worked together, and Ayers hosted a fundraiser for a young Obama back in 1995.

      Ayers has long been unrepentant about his anti government activities during the 1960’s, despite the fact that three of his colleagues actually died during a botched bomb making mission in the late 1960’s.

      For the better part of a year I had been trying to line up an interview with Ayers. He does a lot of traveling and public speaking now. We exchanged emails from around the world. He would write me back from Germany and Egypt. I could never get him to commit to a specific time. I felt like he slipped through the cracks over and over again. He rarely does interviews and I just couldn’t get him locked down. …”

      He’s a strange guy alright. Even stranger is that he walks free, teaches in a university, and is applauded by the left. He’s also a liar and promoter of disinformation. Who believes for a moment that he truly thinks Barry is a disappointment and a moderate? He’s there playing good cop/bad cop. Pretending not to be an ally of Barry’s, just as he so pretended in 2008. We the People are NOT THAT STUPID, Bill.

  13. Dig it…………DIG IT …. them peoples…… HOUSE!!!!!

    • Hmmm. He looks different. AND he looks even more like Roman:

      Better pics here:

      So now we have his “official” birth date. Yes, he lied to get into Harvard.

      I’m kind of freaked out. Somebody quotes our O Timeline on Smith’s blog.

      • That’s a cool find. I love seeing original documents. Lucas says he’s going to have a followup post on this subject…I wonder if all of the pages with the stamps are available to him?
        If you do a search on just about anything we talk about here, WTPOTUS is usually one of the first results you’ll get. I guess you’ll have to get used to your fame, Miri. 🙂
        I know it freaks me out when I search for something and one of MY posts comes up.

        • I’m embarrassed that I’m so far behind on updating the O Timeline. I did manage to update it today with the new information about his passport (the provenance of which is unknown, of course). Seems I read at his blog that he received it just last year. I also hope there’s something regarding the stamps. It is confusing in that on one page it seems to say that it expires in 1964 and the other page says 1969. It’s “cancelled” so he must have gotten a later passport and it would seem that this one must have come from the family some way, somehow. Or do they confiscate your old passport when they give you a new one? If so, then this must have come from the government over there. I did notice that it was good for only a selected number of countries, USA being one. West Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland were written in. I couldn’t make out the other writing. It does say, “see page 7”, so one assumes there are more pages than what we’ve been shown, or else they were redacted by someone.

          • hiyas!! 🙂 big smiles all around!

            yea, Roman. ugh

            a name and probably — i can’t but help to constantly see the connections to the Woodhouse Saga. circa 66, born on or about June 16th… NYC… coven. Right, Rosemary? I wonder if that story was foreshadowing. seriously. wicked.

            hope all has been going well for everyone and that Spring is “sprunging” wherever you are. I have been keeping up on the hoax in CT. great stuff. and the recent chat about Ruth and her crowd. The blog has been great!
            (Ruth Gordon comes to mind. !)

            Tip of the Day:
            keep your eyes on the skies. what are they doing? and why? i bet our bankrupt “green investment” dollars are paying for it. i bet you they are funneling our $$$ to some global personal economy… that NASA guy, he’s a green globalist? NASA $ oh yeah, mission to aid and abet jihadist interests…

            • Hiya, Papoose! Great to hear from you again!!!! Welcome back. Spring was sprunging in my neck of the woods until tornadoes yesterday and now COLD weather again.

        • Nice, but do I believe it’s him. Not really, where’d this come from? nice creation. Remember Pake Zane??? said(paraphrasing) ” He(Barack O.) was so black, the blackest person I had ever seen.”

          • I wondered myself where that came from. The same guy who came up with the so-called Kenyan BC, iirc. What’s very, very interesting is how EXACTLY the passport conforms with the information in that HUGE release of BHO Sr’s. immigration records (but for the morphing date of birth). Most of these people who post documents on the Internet fail to provide provenance, with the exception of a few–who actually also post their FOIA requests, etc. I updated the O Timeline with the information, linking to the source; however, just because it’s there doesn’t mean that I agree that it’s legitimate. The O Timeline exists, in part, to show and document the DIFFERING VERSIONS OF “TRUTH”. Whose life is like this, other than Obama? I was born on a specific date. Every document I have shows that same date. Not with the Obama family. Everything is changeable. Facts “evolve”, like slugs. Or maybe I should say reptilian lizards who eat flies.

          • I realize ya’ll don’t believe everything you post, just thought if I stick this little antidote here, it might serve as a reminder that this was probably more propaganda to stoke the birther rabbit hole.

            • That’s okay, alfy. I knew what you meant. I just wanted to explain for readers my “logic” in linking to the contradictory “facts” reported everywhere about Barry. Whether or not the passport is forged, it does match (mostly) what the INS allegedly released in the immigration files. We know from long experience together how much stoking is going on with that danged rabbit hole (lizard hole?). 🙂

          • Because ya know, people DO come here for facts some times…or hoping to anyway. YOu wouldn’t won’t to tarnish your rep.

            • The problem is that we can’t stand behind ANY “facts” because the Internet, where we do most of our research, is notoriously subject to scrubbing, lies, forgery, fraud, tampering, etc. I suppose when we find old newspaper and magazine articles, they may be MORE factual; but even so, when you have the likes of the NY Times transcribing their stories to post, who can be sure that what we read is WHAT the story said when it ran, say, in 1990? We’ve seen two instances of Mother Jones incorrectly transcribing (or editing or taking out of context) audio that’s been unethically if not illegally obtained. So where are “facts” in this Obamanation? We don’t know. All we can do is try to compile and point out the discrepancies so that people at least REALIZE that there is NO TRUTH in the Obamanation, especially with regard to his background.

          • Good point. He doesn’t look very black, does he? Well, maybe he didn’t get as much sun in Nairobi as he did later in Hawaii. 🙂

      • I had skimmed your remarks and gone straight to the link, so I just saw what you said about him looking different and I thought the same thing!

      • Glasses are not the usual……

        • Exactly. They’re wire-rimmed.

          • He’s posted the 1964 Kenyan passport now. I’d “pull” it over here if I knew how.
            Maybe I’m gullible, but this looks legit…well, at least more legit than a lot of things we’ve seen.


            “… Up for review now is Barack Obama Sr.’s Kenya (Republic of Kenya) Passport.

            A few adjustments in biodata are recorded in this passport:

            – DOB: 18.06.1936 or June 18, 1936. Five years earlier, on his British Passport, he says June 18, 1934.

            – Eyes: Brown. Five years earlier, on his British Passport, he says black eyes.

            – Height: 5′ 11″. Five years earlier, on his British Passport, he says 5′ 10”.

            – Occupation: Economist.

            – Issued in Nairobi on September 18, 1964. Note: Nairobi was now located in the Republic of Kenya, not to be confused with the Kenya Colony or the Kenya Protectorate.

            – Names of wife and children (and their biodata) are requested but are not provided.

            – No. of Passport: 5866. …”




          • great, now photo shopp has fixed his wife rimms….. he had a visa and was to leave by 1964…..forget it, he wasn’ an economist yet either. This stuff is not even worth scrutinizing no matter how legit it may APPEAR! It’s possible he was already an economist if he had been already educated somewhere else before he got to the states….and was helping Mboya with Labor Union stuff…..CIA….Irving Brown…knew Mboya …and Jay Lovestone(CIA)…who both by the way were involved in more than labor union stuff (like using people to run drugs/and other stuff out of several countries via Europe……that’s the only way O. Sr.. would have already been listed as and economist…whick may be why we see him earlier by 1959….which was during Isenhour’s time, not Pres. Kennedy.

            • I “hear” you, alfy. I would like to know the provenance of this document. This is the guy, remember, with the Kenyan BC. Where’d he get this, and why now?

              It does look somewhat legitmate, though. Those look like new photos of him, which we’ve not seen before. Even if photoshopped, the basic form looks like him, especially this 1964 version. By 1964, he was done with Harvard, wasn’t he and on his way to being deported back to Kenya, where he went to work for the government?

              I wonder what kind of double checking the Kenyan government did for passport applicants? Wouldn’t one have to explain why the previous passport had a different date of birth? But if the newly organized Kenya was like other corrupt African countries, such as Nigeria, a little bribe by a rich wife would go a long way.

              The date of birth is interesting because the forgers of the birth certificate for the “son” must have relied on SOME source for the father’s age. If he was truly 25 in 1961, then he had to have been born in 1936; but most of the public records we’ve seen say 1934, until he LIED when he went to Harvard. So the INS records have most, but not all, of the pages saying he was born in ’34.

              News articles, iirc, said he was 25 when he got to Hawaii in 1959, which would make him 27 in ’61, so born in 1934, which comports with the newspaper article’s age, too.

              So what was the source for the forger’s info about BHO Sr.’s age? In 1961, BHO Sr. was NOT lying about his age yet. He started lying, making himself younger, the summer of 1962, according to the INS records. So why did the forger make that “mistake”?

          • I’m not saying these passports are legit, but I haven’t really heard a convincing reason that they aren’t. People have been known to change glasses occasionally; I don’t think passport offices require proof of your profession, I would assume it is whatever you tell them. Maybe he wasn’t an economist yet, but then again he apparently called himself “Dr.” when he never got a doctorate.

            • I think you’re correct. I don’t remember proving my profession when I got a passport. I do think I had to send my birth certificate. He never did get his doctorate, though. Harvard sent him back and he never completed his dissertation. He just began calling himself “doctor” like some people call themselves “reverend”.

          • Uh, the second passport; those lips be way too large to be of the purple variety. . .

        • evidently none of yu have ever read that fake documents in kenya are peddled like selling shaved ice in Hawaii. For various amounts of money one can aquire birth cert.’s , passports, an assortment of identification, It has been a problem for years in Kenya. I don’t know about today, but as of a year ago it was still a problem. I can’t imagine it changing that much. There’s money in it and some documents can go for several thousands of dollars. Wonder what this one costs in the states?

          • Good point, alfy. If it’s forged, we have to wonder what’s the point? I mean, other than messing with us.

          • Uh, Alfy, to comment and see differences IS an acknowledment we evidently have heard and are more than aware that fake docs in kenya and everywhere are peddled like selling shaved ice in HI. Last I checked that is a big chunk of the premise for this site to begin with. . . What’s going on?

          • I knew someone wouldn’t like how I put it, but I thought your premise was to seek truth,which I know in this Obama world, that’s getting harder to do, but, by now we should be able to recognise the weeds from the flowers. I mean have your senses become dulled from too much bad smelling stuff, that you don’t recognize what you’re smelling, when it’s obvious this doesn’t smell good at all????? Besides, if we left all the passport crap out of the equation one truth is still obvious….that the person O. CLAIMS to be his father (another dead piece of evidence ) was a citizen of somewhere other that the US! THis stuff just muddles the obvious and keeps people in a feeding frenzy, which is what Obama’s people want.

          • Sorry Alfy, but going back over the ‘conversation’ it doesn’t seem anyone was buying anything; just going over more stuff, haha, ‘brought to light’ which is pretty much understood all is an allusion. Did you want the stuff to not be discussed and broken down/apart publicly? Do you want us to not validate it as a fake? Do you not want it to be looked at too closely? You know that is what is done here — look, look, look, and scrutinize the good, the bad, and the ugly. So why on this little so called document dump the not-so-alfy accusatory mocking for talking about something? You really are saying, on THIS site, after years of finding and proving fakes/frauds, “evidently none of yu have ever read that fake documents in kenya are peddled like selling shaved ice in Hawaii.” Like I asked, “Where did THAT come from?” You are not new here and for all I know are one of the admins and the comment and tone just seemed………well……a bit off for Alfy.

          • The only administrators at this blog are the names listed on the front page as authors.

          • no ofense meant to anyone,but unless there’s an expert that can verify that passport,it’s only worth so much attention. Once it is proven that it is what is(which isn’t going to happen just looking at a copy of it on here)then it could be considered a viable fact, and I was trying to say, what does appear to be a fact, after reading various African reports on the problems of forgery ,with people making great money on it in Kenya, that it is highly possible for it to be fake. THat’s all I’m saying. And Miri, I do think the only reason for it to be out there is ,yes, too mess with us, keep us busy mired in the insignificant, while this administration gets away with MURDER.

  14. Any wonder WHY we are so …soul sick… 1 BABY every 30 seconds
    137 per hour… 3,300 daily… in the GOOD OLD ..US of A !
    Under OUR watch…. 40 years worth…54,559,615 … so very mean!

    • It’s a black mark on our country as evil as the black mark of slavery. How many slaves were there? About 4 million by 1860. If you generously figure that maybe twice that many had existed in what eventually became the USA from the beginning of the institution, that still means that 5 times as many babies have been killed by abortion as there were slaves in this country. Slaves at least lived out their lives, albeit without freedom and in drudgery. Even so, I wonder how many of them, given a choice, would have preferred to be aborted?

      • yep, and its a population control device/ mechanism they have been implementing for decades. plus, its a big fat non-profit federally funded health issue. all bases covered. proof of inhumane and cold blooded some people are.

        they want you to believe in abortion and accept it so they can one day demand that you submit to parasite extermination because you have 1 too many kids already. or maybe you’re unbalanced. or maybe to save the Earth… or whatever they say. surrender.

  15. The AP needs to spend more time writing about the truth then worrying about how the truth hurts. Quit wasting American worker’s time printing words they are afraid to use in public. Call them what they are [epithets deleted by moderator].

    Wow, it took the AP 25 paragraphs to write what I wrote in two and they still haven’t come up with their suitable words.

  16. “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”…Barack Obama

  17. This video was taken last month. The numbers in crossing are way up. As many as 200 illegals cross just two ranches per day. They boldly come right up on the porches looking for handouts, and the ranchers cannot even go outside to work in their yards without being armed.

    The video was taken on one of the ranches 60 miles inside the border in Brooks County, TX. Many that are caught are not from Mexico but OTM’s (Other than Mexican) and not necessarily looking for a better life. Many have criminal backgrounds, when BP checks them out. 68% caught by Border Patrol in Brooks county are from other countries. Another 23 were caught yesterday, and only one was from Mexico. Many from these other countries can be confrontational. Captures from China are not out of the ordinary, and the families who own the ranches have pictures to prove it, but get the silent treatment from this administration when they try to bring the topic to their attention. How safe do you feel? Think about those statistics, and those numbers are only based on what they CATCH! America needs to know how porous and dangerous this situation has become. The Amnesty proposals have made the situation worse. If the WTPOTUS readers could help make this video go viral, it would be appreciated.

  18. btw…There is audio along with that video.

  19. I guess I didn’t the video to imbed properly. URL is above.

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