He Has Risen! Happy Easter!

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The “Cross in the Woods”

The Cross in the Woods, Indian River, Michigan

The Cross in the Woods, Indian River, Michigan


During this Holy Week that began on Palm Sunday, we commemorated the death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday. Jesus died upon the cross to bring salvation to all who believe in him. Today, this Easter Sunday, we celebrate his rising from the dead. To my fellow Christians, I say, He is Risen!  Hallelujah!

As I thought about Easter, my memories went to upper Michigan where the largest bronze crucifix in the world resides. Indeed, it is a sight to behold.  It was breathtaking.     Over the years, the area is very different from what I recall.    I used to spend summer vacations in the Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Charlevoix and Indian River area, and would make it part of my trip to visit the relatively unknown sacred area that was close to Burt Lake State Park.   I was unaware of its history until now, and I am sharing it with you.

In Indian River, Michigan, tucked back in the woods, is the Cross of the Woods, built in 1959. Unknown to me, in 2006, it was declared a national shrine by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

About the Cross in the Woods

In early April 1946, Bishop Francis Haas, of Grand Rapids, Michigan traveled to northern Michigan to make a survey for a church in the Indian River area. Parishioners from the Indian River and Wolverine area made long trips to attend mass at St. Monica’s in Afton, despite difficult travel on unpaved roads. A parish in Indian River would establish the first residential priest in this area of Cheboygan County. The Bishop and Fr. Arthur LeRoux from Alverno, Michigan went to the home of retired businessman Mr. James J. Harrington. He had been living on Burt Lake for many years and offered to help locate land for the new Catholic Church.

Despite the fact that there were only twelve Catholic families in Indian River in 1946, Bishop Haas decided a new parish would be established. There were large numbers of Catholics who vacationed in the area during the summer months. Through inquiries, J.J. Harrington learned of undeveloped Burt Lake State Park property that was ideal for a church. Fr. LeRoux asked the Department of Conservation for the undeveloped land, but was denied because they wanted to save the property for future development.

On June 23, 1946, Fr. Charles D. Brophy learned that he would become administrator of the new parish in Indian River and the mission church of St. Monica’s in Afton. The church’s name was to be St. Augustine after the son of St. Monica, but as he drove north to his new parish, Fr. Brophy took notice of the beautiful woods along the highway. He thought of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, the seventeenth century Mohawk Indian maiden who had become a Christian. She loved to make small crosses and place them in the woods in trees for shrines.  Fr. Brophy wanted to use her name for the new church, but found he could not because she had not yet been declared a saint.

Despite the lack of a formal church building, parish life commenced. Masses were held at the Township Hall. Land and a church were still just a dream in 1947 when parishioner J.J. Harrington went to Buffalo, NY to attend a family wedding. While he was there, he went to an outdoor mass for shut-ins. The faithful could attend mass in a car and be near an outdoor altar. J.J. came back to Indian River and told Fr. Brophy about the outdoor church. Both men dreamed of an indoor church for permanent residents and an outdoor church that would attract visitors during the summer months.

During the year, there were many trips to Lansing and many letters written requesting the State Park land. Plans for the grounds and new church were presented. It was stressed that this outdoor church and shrine could be an asset for Michigan tourism to the area. The Commission decided to grant the land to the new parish in May 1948. The cost was $1.00 and a box of candy for the secretary!

Mr. Alden Dow, [The son of Herbert Henry Dow (founder of the Dow Chemical Company)] from Midland, Michigan was contracted to be the architect for the new church building, rectory, and outdoor church. He was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, an architect who designed homes and buildings to blend naturally with their surroundings. Mr. Dow designed the church with long low lines to follow the natural bluff of the property and blend the church into the woods. Five tall picture windows made up the north wall. The design followed the idea of a “long house” so often used by the Native Americans.  Memorial Day weekend 1949 saw the completion of the new church.

At the dedication Mass for the new church, Fr. Brophy announced plans for Calvary Hill with a large wooden Cross. He told of his dream to have the Cross paid for with contributions from around the world. At first, the idea was to construct a large cross with a life-size figure of Christ on the church lawn near the highway. But after discussions, Fr. Brophy and Alden Dow agreed that people would drive by and not pay much attention to a crucifix of that size. Something unique should be created to make people come and stop. It was decided that the largest crucifix in the world should be created. It wasn’t until July 1952 that Bishop Babcock of Grand Rapids gave permission to begin construction of Calvary Hill. The area in back of the property, adjacent to the State Park was cleared for the foundation.

Plans for the hill called for a fifteen foot high concrete and steel foundation that would be covered by thousands of cubic yards of soil. The finished earthen knoll would be 150 feet long, 75 feet wide and 15 feet high.

In July 1952, inquiries were made to find a source for the wood for the Cross. Redwood was the preferred wood because it was known to resist both insects and deterioration. The timber came from Oregon and was harvested by the Mauk Seattle Lumber Co. in the summer of 1953. The owner of the company wrote that “the workers put extra effort into this job because they knew the tree they were cutting would be used for a Cross”. It was custom cut with a chainsaw, and the squared timbers were shipped on a railroad flat car.

The wood was seasoned during the winter of 1954. It was then sanded, polished and fitted with an iron jacket or base. The base would be fastened to bolts in the concrete and steel foundation that had been buried in Calvary Hill.

When the two redwood pieces arrived at the Shrine, it took two days to assemble the Cross. On August 5, 1954, hundreds of people saw McCready and Sons of Gaylord and William A. Porter, contractor, of East Jordan use their cranes to lift and place the Cross on its foundation. The larger crane had a 70 foot boom. Lifting and placing of the Cross took only one-half hour. A crew of workers tightened the nuts to secure the Cross on Calvary Hill.

On August 5, 1954, hundreds of people witnessed two large cranes lift the cross.”

Cross being lifted

At the dedication ceremony an estimated 3,000 people heard Bishop Babcock state that “the Cross looks like an empty house without the figure of Christ on it”. He announced that renowned Michigan sculptor Marshall Fredericks had accepted the commission to design the figure of Christ. Mr. Fredericks stated that he had always wanted to design a cross.

It took him four years to transform his designs from sketches to plaster mold to completed bronze. Fredericks rented a New York studio to make the large plaster model and took it to the Kristians-Kunst Metalstobori Foundry in Oslo, Norway to personally cast it in bronze. When it was completed it was one of the largest castings to ever cross the Atlantic. It was shipped up the St. Lawrence River Seaway to Detroit, and the seven ton figure moved on a huge flatbed trailer to Indian River.

The Cross in the Woods  (Photo by Scott P. Richert)

The Cross in the Woods (Photo by Scott P. Richert)

Hundreds of people watched during the six days that it required to prepare the sculpture for lifting and attachment to the Cross. Hans B. Nielsen, a metals expert from Denmark, attached the arms to the huge figure. On August 9, 1959, work began very early in the morning, but by 6:00 pm the figure of Christ was finally raised and attached to the Cross.

A week later thousands attended the dedication ceremony.

With the completion of the Mackinac Bridge in 1957 and the Interstate 75 Indian River Exit in 1962, it was easier for travelers to visit the Shrine.

Over the years, since the Cross In The Woods has become a reality, millions of visitors from around the world have visited to pray and gaze upon the “Man on the Cross”.



From all of us at  WTPOTUS, we wish you and yours a blessed Happy Easter!


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  1. http://dailycaller.com/2013/04/03/first-couple-hosts-celeb-filled-concert-amid-sequestration/#ixzz2PQ7J3cNY

    First Couple hosts celeb-filled concert amid sequestration

    President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle will host a star-studded roster of music legends April 9 for another glitzy installment in the “In Performance at the White House” concert series, according to a White House press released issued Tuesday.

    The concert comes as the White House is emphasizing cuts caused by sequestration and criticizing reporters for not paying enough attention to the hardship caused by the mandatory slowdown in the rate of spending increases. Though the White House notably canceled all visitor tours in March, ostensibly due to sequestration, the First Couple’s series of White House concerts — billed as “the nation’s highest honor for popular song” — manages to survive.

    Al Green, Ben Harper, Queen Latifah, Justin Timberlake and Booker T. Jones are among the performers confirmed for the event. [Timberlake being the token white.]

    You know, the other day I was snarky when I said only white kids are excluded from the WH. Well, maybe I was correct–this gala isn’t the first they’ve had recently. They had a private screening of the new movie about Jackie Robinson:

    POTUS and First Lady with Rachel Robinson at movie screening of “42” in WH …”

    Then there was a “workshop” where Mooch spoke thusly, with more of my snark interspersed in brackets: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2013/04/02/remarks-first-lady-42-film-workshop

    “… MRS. OBAMA: Welcome to the White House. (Laughter.) It’s nice. Let’s do this. (Applause.) I know sometimes it’s hard to know how are you supposed to act in the White House. (Laughter.) [What an elite snob. I’ll bet nobody had snot running down their lip!] Everybody is sitting with their — just loosen up, loosen up. It’s okay. You all are here. You’re just going to talk. I can tell you all talk a lot. (Laughter.) So you’re just going to talk a little more right here in the White House. We are honored to have you. Welcome, welcome.

    Let me start today by thanking Paulette for moderating today’s workshop. Paulette is the new Director of the Office of Public Engagement right here in the White House, [hiring a new staff member, but no tours for white Lutheran kids allowed] and we’re glad to have her on our team. I want to give her a round of applause — Paulette. (Applause.)

    I want to thank Harrison Ford — I’ve wanted to say that for a while. (Laughter.) Harrison Ford. So you think you trip because I’m here? [Again, what an elite snob. What an ego! People are “tripping” because they’re in her beneficent presence!] I’m tripping out — (laughter) — because he’s here. And look at this stage — Mr. Harrison Ford, Chadwick Boseman — he’s as cute as he was in the movie. (Laughter.) Just admit it. (Applause.) Outstanding — as well as Brian Helgeland, who is here as well. You’re going to hear from them.

    And I want to thank all of you young people here, because I want to make sure I know who’s here. We have students from Gaithersburg, Maryland — who are you, where are you? (Applause.) Maryland in the house. Alexandria, Virginia. (Applause.) You guys are here. We’ve got some D.C. kids. (Applause.) Of course you all are the loudest ones. [If a white person said that?] (Laughter.) It’s okay. We’ve got students from the Animo Jackie Robinson Charter High School in Los Angeles — where are our L.A. kids? (Applause.) There you go. You can be louder. (Laughter.) It’s okay, you all traveled. [On our dime? Who paid for their trip? We the People?]

    But I want to make sure that you all know how welcome you are here in this house, [but white Lutheran kids aren’t, especially if uninvited kids who dare to speak their minds and point out the lack of Obama hospitality and how they politicize their roles as potus and motus at the expense of children] because the truth is we do these things — we make sure that we do these workshops so that you all know that this is your house, too. [But not if you’re white and Lutheran and mouthy, daring to “embarrass” Obama.] So we want you to make yourselves at home. We want you to feel good and relaxed and learn and ask questions, okay?

    And finally, I saved the best for last. I want to pay special thanks to a woman that I am totally in awe of. And I’m not going to get emotional. I’m going to say that now, because I can tend to get emotional. But she’s a woman of strength, of courage, conviction; a woman who paved the way for me, but she paved the way for millions of Americans all across this country. We have with us Mrs. Rachel Robinson. (Applause.)

    And this is what a beautiful woman looks like. [That’s good to know because folks hanging around the WH sure don’t have any example of what a “beautiful woman” looks like!] She is a proud 90-years-old, and I’m telling you that because she told me she’s proud of it. (Laughter.) And I told her she wouldn’t have to tell anybody how old she was because she doesn’t look a day over 40 (laughter) — beautiful, and smart, and gifted, and graceful. [Everything Mooch is not!] So we are just so thrilled to have everyone here. …”

  2. Horizon Event…. is this where Barry’s double slips in? so B can scoot/slip away? … & then we pay MO for ever & ever? I wonder.

  3. Jay Leno: AP Will Replace “Illegal Immigrant” with “Undocumented Democrat”
    Wednesday, April 3, 2013

    On NBC’s Tonight Show last night Jay Leno joked about the AP’s crazy new policy not to call illegal immigrants what they are.

    Leno said, “They will now use the phrase ‘undocumented Democrat.’

    Transcript of Leno via NewsBusters: “And in a groundbreaking move, the Associated Press, the largest news gathering outlet in the world, will no longer use the term ‘illegal immigrant.’ That is out. No longer ‘illegal immigrant.’ They will now use the phrase ‘undocumented Democrat.’ That is the newest – ‘undocumented Democrat.’”

    See video..

    • We are hurting the illegals feelings by calling them illegal aliens! Political correctness dictated by the AP, a leftist group of journalists, isn’t going to change what I call them…ILLEGAL ALIENS. If they didn’t come in ILLEGALLY, they wouldn’t be labeled as ILLEGALS. What part of the term illegal don’t they understand? The Mexicans would jail us if we jumped the fence into their country without proper papers, and we should be doing the same.

      I watched the guy, an illegal jounalist that came out last year stating he was illegal, try to promote this nonsense. I think his name was Vargas, and he arrived in the US at age 12. I don’t know if he applied for citizenship yet.

      • Jose Antonio Vargas, a gay journalist, won a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings.

        Jose Antonio Vargas
        “Not Legal, Not Leaving”

        A year after coming out about my undocumented status in the New York Times Magazine, I wrote an essay for TIME magazine—this time, addressing provocative questions that everyday Americans around the country, from Alabama to Arizona, have asked me.

        “Why haven’t you gotten deported?”

        That’s usually the first thing people ask me when they learn I’m an undocumented immigrant or, put more rudely, an “illegal.” Some ask it with anger or frustration, others with genuine bafflement. At a restaurant in Birmingham, not far from the University of Alabama, an inebriated young white man challenged me: “You got your papers?” I told him I didn’t. “Well, you should get your ass home, then.” In California, a middle-aged white woman threw up her arms and wanted to know: “Why hasn’t Obama dealt with you?” At least once a day, I get that question, or a variation of it, via e-mail, tweet or Facebook message. Why, indeed, am I still here?


        Full story here
        Not Legal Not Leaving
        By Jose Antonio Vargas Monday, June 25, 2012

        UPDATE: Shortly after Jose Antonio Vargas’ story on the issue of the undocumented was published in TIME, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced that it would no longer deport young undocumented residents who qualify for the DREAM act. Those eligible will receive work permits.

    • The Open-Borders “Journalists” Who Banned “Illegal Immigrant”
      By Michelle Malkin | April 3, 2013

      File this in the overflowing cabinet labeled: No Wonder the Mainstream Media Is Dying. On Tuesday, the Associated Press announced that it is banishing the phrase “illegal immigrant” from its famous stylebook. The world’s largest newsgathering outlet now advises reporters that “illegal” will “only refer to an action, not a person.

      AP directs writers not to use the terms “illegal alien, an illegal, illegals or undocumented” anymore, except “in direct quotations.” It won’t be long before illegal border crossers, illegal visa overstayers, illegal deportation evaders, document fraudsters and illegal alien traffickers are all referred to as “our fellow Americans.” Without the quotations. Mark my words.

      AP explains that it wants to stop labeling people. Hah. This is the same organization that employs journalists who have repeatedly shown naked bias against tea party members, gun owners and pro-life activists.
      So what changed? “Journalist” Kathleen Carroll, AP’s executive editor, attributes the move to the “evolving” English language. I attribute it to the “evolving” transformation of once-neutral news organizations into brazenly transparent satellite lobbying outfits for the left. It’s not media bias that’s the problem, of course. It’s the sanctimonious pretense of objectivity to which these alleged practitioners of journalism cling.

      Just look at the ABC News coverage of the AP’s decision. “Journalist” Cristina Costantini praised the move and patted her own colleagues on the back for their progressivism. “Fusion, the ABC-Univision joint venture, does not use ‘illegal immigrant’ because we believe it dehumanizes those it describes and we find it to be linguistically inaccurate.”

      • “@joseiswriting” is Jose Antonio Vargas, the former Washington Post reporter who spearheaded the whitewashing of our language and our laws on behalf of illegal aliens. In 2011, with great fanfare and elite media sympathy, Vargas publicly declared himself an “undocumented immigrant.” Except, as he himself confessed, Vargas had documents coming out of his ears — including a fake passport with a fake name, a fake green card and a Social Security card his grandfather doctored for him at a Kinko’s.

        As I previously noted when Vargas shed his “journalist” costume in favor of full-fledged activist, he had committed perjury repeatedly on federal I-9 employment eligibility forms. An immigration lawyer advised him to take responsibility for breaking the law and return to his native Philippines. Following the rules would have meant a 10-year bar to reentry into America. Making false claims of citizenship is a felony offense. Document fraud is a felony offense. Instead of accepting responsibility, Vargas used a friend’s address to obtain an Oregon driver’s license under false pretenses and duped his employers until the golden moment to confess — without any fear of punishment under the illegal alien-friendly Obama administration — arrived.


  4. Lash back promote YOUR CAUSE… Be heard get noticed BIG
    … like Hillary…what difference does it make? Puts the breaks ON!
    SO undocumented-unauthorized- it’s still a CRIMINAL ACT’ acting out!


  5. Brooklyn judge slams birther lawsuit as ‘fanciful, delusional and irrational’ and orders theorist to pay $177G

    Judge Arthur Schack wrote that if the case brought by Christopher Earl Struck claiming President Barack Obama was not truly born in Hawaii were a movie script it would be entitled ‘The Manchurian Candidate Meets The Da VInci Code.’
    By Oren Yaniv
    April 3, 2013

    Conspiracy theorists have claimed that President Barack Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate is a forgery and that he was really born outside of the U.S.

    A birther’s lawsuit was born of a crackpot theory.

    That’s what an irritated Brooklyn judge said in slapping a preeminent conspiracy theorist with a hefty bill for filing “a frivolous” suit and wasting the court’s time.

    Brooklyn Judge Arthur Schack slammed a birther conspiracy theorist’s case calling it ‘fanciful’ and ‘delusional.’

    Christopher Earl Strunk sought to have President Obama disqualified as a candidate. The author of some 20 other lawsuits — most of which have been dismissed — Strunk was ordered to pay $167,707 in attorney fees plus a $10,000 sanction for the 2011 lawsuit that named Obama, New York’s Board of Elections and a list of others as defendants. “If the complaint in this action was a movie script, it would be entitled ‘The Manchurian Candidate Meets The Da Vinci Code,’ ” wrote Judge Arthur Schack, calling the allegations, “fanciful, delusional and irrational.”

    When the judge dismissed the suit a year ago, he blasted birther arguments that contend Obama isn’t a natural-born U.S. citizen.

    Schack also mocked Strunk for claiming a “massive conspiracy to defraud American voters (that) was perpetrated by hundreds of individuals, at the behest of the Roman Catholic Church and especially the Jesuits.” He imposed the fees for three law firms that opposed Strunk’s lawsuits.

    “I’m going to have this thing overturned and I’m not going to pay a dime,” vowed Strunk.


    • Sounds like “standing” to me. What a travesty of justice. In a CIVIL case, every jurist, every attorney, every clerk, ought to be courteous to EVERY CITIZEN who is exercising his or her right to petition the courts. This is certainly NOT an unbiased judge. He can dismiss a case without resorting to ad hominem, ALINSKY attacks.

      • Just look at the faces of the two men in this story and answer which one looks more reliable, trustworthy, and honest? To what, exactly, does the judge refer when he speaks about a Jesuit, Catholic conspiracy? One select comment from the story:

        “mikedfrombrooklyn9 hours ago
        This is the same judge that pasted posters of a lawyer he didn’t like in a case before him all over the court house. Yeah, he is of sound mind. SInce when does this idiot have the right to levy fines for bringing a lawsuit. I guess the other million or so more frivolous lawsuits that come before the court don’t merit his sanctions. Why is he still a jurist after the poster scandal?”

  6. Big Whoop!

    Obama to return 5% of salary in support of furloughed workers
    The President is giving up roughly $1,700 a month through the rest of the year in a gesture toward the thousands of federal workers going without pay due to budget cuts.
    April 3, 2013

    The move will be retroactive to March 1 – the start of sweeping cuts known as sequestration – and apply through the rest of 2013.

    “The salary for the President, as with Members of Congress, is set by law and cannot be changed. However, the President has decided that to share in the sacrifice being made by public servants across the federal government that are affected by the sequester, he will contribute a portion of his salary back to the Treasury,” a White House aide told the Daily News.

    The pay cut amounts to a little less than $1,700 per month.

    The announcement comes one day after word that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will give up part of his $200,000 salary to the Treasury in support of the more than 700,000 civilian employees facing an unpaid furlough from the Pentagon.


    • Hope those 700,000 employees who were furloughed voted for Obama! Are they feeling the pain yet? Is our Defense Department weakened as much as Obama wanted them to be? Who was in charge of deciding that they needed to get rid of employees rather than look at other places they could save money? Was the furloughing of employees part of the sequestration contract or was this Hagel’s idea of how to inflict lots of pain?

      We could easily save $400,000 just by getting rid of Obama! That would be a huge savings for the USA! All those in favor say aye!

    • The story that I read this morning said that this information about Barry is based upon an ANONYMOUS report from an official who isn’t authorized to speak. So, coming on the heels of Hagel EMBARRASSING BARRY by his earlier announcement that he’s giving up part of his salary in solidarity with the military, one has to wonder whether or not this is even true. How do we know or will we know, at least until Barry files his tax returns for 2013, if we can even tell from that? This is a way for him to have it “leaked”, get credit, but then later on be able to renege on it, because he can always say that it was a false, unauthorized report.

  7. Rep. Peter King: US could make preemptive strike on North Korea
    4/03/13 Snip

    Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) said Tuesday that the United States had the right to take preemptive military action against North Korea if there was “solid evidence” that Kim Jon Un planned to attack the U.S. or South Korea.“If we have good reason to believe there’s going to be an attack, I believe we have the right to take preemptive action,” King said on CNN’s “Erin Burnett Outfront.”

    “I don’t think we have to wait until Americans are killed or wounded or injured in any way,” he continued. “I’m not saying we should be rushing into war, don’t get me wrong, but if we have solid evidence that North Korea’s going to take action, then I think we have a moral obligation and an absolute right to defend ourselves.”


    • Hope Obama doesn’t get wind of that unless we want him to send in his drones and do a preemptive assassination. We can do that now ya know. Nah, O’s too wimpy right now, he doesn’t have enough gouls standing behind him, but I’m sure he would if he could hide behind something.

    • This is looking more and more like a “manufactured crisis.” Joe was wrong last time; it was within six months of THIS inauguration. Huh? What was Rodman doing there, anyway?

    • “… The entire regime is built around creating appearances that mask the rot underneath. For instance, the Pyongyangsubway, whose only two stations open to foreigners are done in Stalinist Russian style, and where some observers contend the same passengers are seen riding the trains and escalators all day long, apparently for the purpose of impressing the few foreigners in the capital that there exists a functioning underground railroad system. It must be noted that Pyongyang is a city of broad, empty boulevards featuring trolley busses and very few private cars, with no need for a subway. …”

      Somehow that makes me think of the people milling around and around the Sandy Hook fire station.

  8. Click to access open_cispa_markup_ltr_4-1-13.pdf

    That’s a letter written to the HOUSE concerning their plan to work on amendments to the cybersecurity bill IN SECRET. One of the few issues on which I agree with the ACLU.

  9. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/04/chicago-tears-down-ronald-reagans-childhood-home-for-parking-lot-video/

    This is a real shame and the shame/blame is on Barry:

    History Erased… Chicago Tears Down Ronald Reagan’s Childhood Home for Parking Lot

    Ronald Reagan was the first president to live in Chicago and he’s the only president who was born and raised in Illinois. Today Chicago University tore down his childhood home. They want to build a parking lot. …”

    The Barry connection is two-fold, the home is only about a mile from Barry’s so-called house in Chicago AND the U of Chicago wants to be the site of Barry’s presidential library. Barry wouldn’t like to share the site with another president, especially one who’s REVERED like Reagan. http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/bill-kellys-truth-squad/2013/jan/25/reagan-home-become-parking-lot-obama-library/

    “… While the university is planning to kill Reagan’s home, University of Chicago is also aggressively lobbying to be the site of President Barack Obama’s presidential library.

    Could the Reagan site become a parking lot for Obama’s library? Opponents of the demolition say yes.

    There is good reason for them to be suspicious.

    First Lady Michelle Obama and the president’s close advisor Valerie Jarrett are former top executives of the University of Chicago Medical Center. President Obama was a lecturer at the law school for twelve years. And let’s not forget, Obama’s Hyde Park home is here too.

    This is still Chicago. Barack Obama’s Chicago. Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago.

    It is safe to say that Democrats don’t want any reminders of a Republican president named Reagan and his glory days a stone’s throw from a future Obama Presidential Library.

    Better to raze the building now, than later. But do they have the right to erase Ronald Reagan from Chicago history?

    Only time – and that wrecking ball – will tell.”

    • Don’t it always seem to go….you don’t know what you got till it’s gone…They paved Paradise and put up a parking Lot…….

  10. http://washington.cbslocal.com/2013/04/04/police-va-minister-painted-racial-slurs-on-house-before-setting-it-on-fire/

    This happens more often than is reported:

    Police: Va. Minister Painted Racial Slurs on House Before Setting It On Fire

    A minister at a Virginia church faces charges of setting his house and car in Chesterfield County on fire.

    Chesterfield County police had investigated the fires as a possible hate crime because a racial slur had been painted on the house. Police believe 41-year-old Olander D. Cuthrell, who is black, painted the slurs on his home before he set it on fire.

    Police charged Cuthrell on Tuesday with two felony arson counts following a joint investigation with the FBI. …”

  11. http://www.adventuresofabrokensoldier.com/1/post/2013/04/wed-apr-3-2013.html

    This sounds unconstitutional to me. A violation of the man’s right to free speech and (arguably) freedom of religion. To label oneself as an “infidel” using a Muslim term for “unbeliever” is the same thing as saying, “I am not a Muslim.” Since Barry says the same thing, then what’s wrong with this? Read it and weep: A disabled veteran is kicked out of a sky diving BUSINESS (open to the PUBLIC, presumably with a business LICENSE) because he had a tattoo that reads “infidel” in Arabic and because some Muslim Qataris complained:

    Disabled Purple Heart veteran, embarassed at local business.

    I am a disabled combat veteran. I served in Iraq and worked in Afghanistan. I took an IED because my country asked me too, and I was injured by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. I have a Purple Heart and an ARCOM with Valor. I fully expect to be treated differently when I am visiting another country – when I am in America I expect equality and toleration; but what I experienced today is something that I never would have thought I’d have to go through in my own country. The country I fought for! … I was called to the back office and asked to cover it [the tattoo that reads “infidel” in Arabic] up by the OWNER. Not that I would, but its 80 something degrees here today, and that would be an unreasonable request. After I told her that I had no pants to cover it up she told me that she has DUCT TAPE that I can use to cover it. I told the lady that I was not going to cover it up, as it was nothing more than a tattoo saying “I am not a Muslim”. After beating around the bush for a few minutes entertaining me while I was trying to convince her otherwise, she asked me to leave.

    What kind of America do we live in where someone comes back from war; disabled and decorated… while serving overseas was called an “infidel” for over 2 years, and then get asked to leave an establishment because of a tattoo I have that says just that, because of a culture of people visiting our country, and an American Business with no ethical sense or a backbone for that matter. …”

    Sounds like a lawsuit to me. Where’s the ACLU when you need them? If a Muslim with a tattoo reading “Muslim” or “non-infidel” or even “non-Christian” on his leg was kicked out of a business for refusing to cover it, what do you think would happen?

    Even worse is the fact that this man served OUR COUNTRY, was wounded in the service of OUR COUNTRY, and now a business in OUR COUNTRY violates his constitutional rights AND INSULTS HIM to boot because FOREIGNERS who are here on our sufferance complained. The comments inform us that when people began to criticize the business on Facebook, they first (against Facebook rules) made a BUSINESS PAGE private and then, iirc, took the page down. He should get a lawyer and sue them. This is GOT TO STOP. He also said in comments that it appears that the person who asked him to leave MAY BE a local government employee and that may have been public property. If you ask me, it doesn’t matter. Even if a private business, we’ve learned from civil rights laws that places of public accommodation cannot discriminate on account of race, sex, disability, RELIGION, etc. Here’s another story about it: http://www.bizpacreview.com/2013/04/04/iraqi-vet-kicked-out-of-business-for-arabic-tattoo-muslims-complained-59433

  12. Roger Joseph Ebert …70 … 6-18-1942 has died…& now his
    LONG battle with cancer has ended … RIP…. RJE

  13. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50144220n

    Was MO channeling Beyonce’ .. single ladies… put a ring on it? maybe.. or was it a FLUB ?.. & where are her EYES? just 2 much such stress … such a HARD JOB … terrible…. just terrible

  14. throw up a brick!!! Now how BAD is he… open under the second photo as the ending of that story is a great read ….


    • Racist Media Assumes Obama’s Good at Basketball… Obama proves them wrong! He also proves that the myth created of him was just that…created. Think of the minds that believe this was the most embarrassing moment of his pResidency. Not that giving his speeches on a ipad to the Queen might be one of those moments, or bowing to a Saudi.. Nooo, he only made two shots out of 22 while pretending to be a basketball star. The NBA players know the truth…

      RUSH: It’s little things, you may never hear about it, little things, barely a ripple and nobody might ever see. The same thing with Obama totally embarrassing his buddies in the pop culture media. You’re supposed to walk away. If you’re having such a bad day that you can’t make more than two out of 22 shots, walk away.

      But, see, Obama doesn’t look at himself that way. He doesn’t look at himself as never having it on a given day. But yet Kornheiser says, “Yeah, that’s the most embarrassing day of his presidency.”

  15. DRUDGE DRUDGE DRUDGE….. all the way home! he’s got ‘some nerve’ ..as he’s got the Facts … tells the Truth…. so DEAL WITH IT!
    33 Million in 24 hours… 900 Million hits last month.. 11 Billion in 2012
    Yes he can… Yes he can….


  16. Part Four: Three Bizarre Events We All Scratched Our Heads At
    Friday, April 05, 2013 10:15:38 AM by butterdezillion

    Summary: Three events are bizarre unless you realize what was going on:

    1. Abercrombie claimed an investigation of Obama’s birth record found something actually written down in the State Archives.

    2. Mike Evans claimed Abercrombie told him he had gone to the hospitals with a search warrant, and there is no birth certificate or other evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii.

    3. When the story of Evans’ claims went viral Abercrombie and AG Louie forced HDOH Director Palafox to resign and lied about it while anonymously threatening to investigate him for medical billing fraud. Three days later Palafox forced them to tell the truth about firing him by saying he didn’t know why he resigned.

    I believe Palafox was the snag in the plan to create a new BC for Obama based on law enforcement saying it was necessary to protect Obama from those “crazy Arizona birthers”. Palafox wouldn’t create a new BC for Obama because the only record they had for Obama was non-valid and couldn’t legally be presumed as true, and the law only allows a new BC to be created for someone who was born in Hawaii. So Gov. Abercrombie and AG Louie got rid of Palafox and replaced him with Loretta Fuddy who (as we will see) proceeded to execute the plan – including (among other things) the unlawful shuffling of 4 August 1961 BC#’s in order to land Obama with a BC that claimed a Kapiolani Hospital birth and had the BC# that had been used on the forgery to sanitize Obama’s passport file 3 years earlier: Stig Waidelich’s.


  17. Not to be outdone…

    Kerry to donate 5 percent of salary to charity for State Dept. workers. As Defense Secretary, Kerry receives an annual salary of $183,500 and by their calculations 5% of that is $9,000. Kerry is worth $193mil. The best part about Kerry’s charitable donation? A Tax deduction!


  18. What does this tell you about Ali Velshi’s leanings? Remember that Al Jazerra is Hillary’s favorite network too.

    Current TV officially becomes ‘Al Jazeera America,’ poaches Ali Velshi from CNN. CNN’s now-former business correspondent Ali Velshi.
    Something tells us that this move will damage Velshi’s credibility more than it will help his toxic new employer. Just a hunch.


  19. The Associated Press Revises Another Politically Charged Term
    Stylebook entry for ‘Islamist’ revised two days after ‘illegal immigrant’ dropped
    April 4, 2013

    Following on the heels of the Tuesday decision by The Associated Press to discontinue use of the term “illegal immigrant,” the news agency on Thursday revised its stylebook entry for another politically charged term.

    The term “Islamist,” the AP clarified in a Thursday afternoon alert to online stylebook subscribers, should not be used as “a synonym for Islamic fighters, militants, extremists or radicals.”
    As of Thursday’s update, the AP definition reads: An advocate or supporter of a political movement that favors reordering government and society in accordance with laws prescribed by Islam. Do not use as a synonym for Islamic fighters, militants, extremists or radicals, who may or may not be Islamists. Where possible, be specific and use the name of militant affiliations: al-Qaida-linked, Hezbollah, Taliban, etc. Those who view the Quran as a political model encompass a wide range of Muslims, from mainstream politicians to militants known as jihadi.

    CAIR praised the AP’s update.
    The AP’s decision to discontinue “illegal immigrant” was part of an ongoing process of “ridding the Stylebook of labels,” the organization’s senior vice president and executive editor, Kathleen Carroll, said in a blog post. It was immediately criticized by opponents of illegal immigration, including Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who told U.S. News he objected to efforts “to soften the crime of entering illegally.”


  20. The New Campbell: Mmm Mmm Good
    Friday, April 5, 2013

    Lady M [Michelle O], fashion icon and busy (single) Mom[sans photoshop to make her buuutiful. What a beauty…love those clip on bangs. Getting a little porky is she? Not eating enough arugula?]


  21. North Korea tells Brit diplomats to get out — then sets chilling April 10 deadline
    Friday, April 05, 2013 Snips

    ROGUE state North Korea today sparked fears that it could trigger a nuclear strike as early as next WEDNESDAY. Crackpot Kim Jong-un’s regime today issued a chilling threat to British diplomats warning them to get out of Pyongyang. Alarmingly the North Korean government said it would not be able to guarantee the safety of embassies from April 10. Russian diplomats have also been advised to evacuate.

    Today the Foreign Office added that it is “considering next steps” after the threat. It is still unclear why next Wednesday has been set as a deadline – but it is sure to spark fears despot Kim Jong-un will launch an attack after that date.

    This week South Korean workers employed in factories in the North were also told to leave by April 10.


  22. Alleluia! Angelic… so lovely….. this is on barnhart.biz + a read…

  23. “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”…Barack Obama

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