Sequestration Blues (Open Thread)

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The Sequestration Blues. That’s what Barack Hussein Obama II has got to be singing these days.  Things didn’t go quite as planned.  Obama hoped to rile up the populace against those evil Republicans; instead, he came off looking petty, petulant, and peeved, not to mention bewitched, bothered, and bewildered.

Falling poll numbers and an increasingly skeptical media (Halleluiah!) required Obama to do an about face and think up a new approach: Courting the sour old farts (sorry, but it’s apt) in the Senate.  Charles Krauthammer explained the reasons behind Obama’s sudden and unexpected “charm offensive”:

The only thing that truly changed is that his numbers have gone down from the mid to high 50s into the 40s. And the only thing that’s happened in the real world he tried to exploit the sequester … with predictions of the apocalypse. Then with sort of the petty actions like shutting the tours of the White House. And what happened is Obama’s strongest constituency, which is not the left, it’s the mainstream media, could no longer cover for him without being entirely embarrassed.  It had to expose the one exaggeration after another on the sequester.

The Hammer didn’t mention it, but another reason for Obama’s sudden and unexpected dinner party, hosted by Obama for a dozen Republicans, was to distract media attention from Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster of John O. Brennan’s nomination to head the CIA.   As Obama’s credibility was falling, Senator Paul’s was rising.

Today the White House was closed for the first time since September 11, 2001.  Obama turned a cold shoulder to an appeal by school children, who challenged him via YouTube to open “The People’s House” to them:

The children’s video caught the attention of White House reporters

What is your answer, or the president’s answer, to the sixth-graders at St. Paul’s Lutheran School?” one reporter asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

“It is extremely unfortunate that we have a situation like the sequester that compels the kinds of tradeoffs and decisions that this represents,” said Carney.

“It’s unfortunate.” These children, and many others who had planned trips to DC to tour the White House, are being used as pawns in a petty political game being played by Obama and none other than Obama.  You think it’s not a game to him?  Consider this:

Eric Bolling offered to pay for a week of White House tours.

“Make you a deal. Jay Carney, grab a pencil. Let the families take the White House tours next week and I’ll cover the added expenses. The word is it’ll cost around $74,000. If I can get the White House doors open, I will pick up the tab. Mr. Carney, you know this is an offer you can’t refuse. Give me a call.”

Sean Hannity joined him and offered to pay for a second week of White House tours.

Newt Gingrich added that if Obama cancelled one of his golf outings he could fund the White House tours for 50 weeks.

What did the White House have to say in response to these generous offers?

When another White House spokesman was asked whether private donations might put the tours back on track, he said that step might be unfeasible given the technical requirements of the sequester.

They don’t want solutions. They want symbolic “victories”.  They want to inflict pain on school children in their sick political game.  Did Obama have to cut out White House tours?  No, and he miscalculated. He wrongly assumed that closing the White House would make for bad optics and bad press for the Republicans. Instead, his gambit backfired on himself.

Everyone knows that the sequestration didn’t require closing the White House.  Those tours are run by volunteers; some are self-guided.  There’s a discrepancy in the figures given for the actual cost of White House tours.  One ABC reporter set the cost at $18,000 per week; the White House claims that the cost is $74,000 per week in overtime for the Secret Service.  Whatever the actual cost, as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich pointed out:

The president will use up more Secret Service time guarding him while he golfs than it would take to keep the White House tours open all year.

Just this week, Obama rode in a 20-car motorcade, a mere six blocks, to his dinner with the Senate Republicans. Yes, six blocks and twenty cars.  How many Secret Service agents?  How many chauffeurs? (Were they collecting overtime?) How much gasoline? What was the cost of that motorcade to the taxpayers? 

Something tells me that President George W. Bush might have jogged the six blocks to that dinner, had he been the host.

It’s not just the president who wastes our tax dollars.  What about Michelle Obama?  She gets Secret Service protection, too:

The price tag and draw on Secret Service resources involving promotional campaigns like Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative is less clear. 

The Secret Service does not usually reveal how many agents and other resources are assigned to protective missions so it’s not known just how much it cost taxpayers to ferry the first lady to events like her dance routine on Jimmy Fallon’s show — the highlight of a Feb. 22 media blitz in New York — or her Feb. 27-28 visit to Mississippi, Missouri and her hometown of Chicago. 

Those trips would all have involved Secret Service details traveling with the first lady, as well as advance work by teams of agents on location. 

When asked … if the first lady’s office or schedule would be affected by the sequester, the White House issued a 100-word statement that made no mention of any specific cuts that might affect Michelle Obama’s activities — while making a generic reference to cuts affecting the ‘Executive Office of the President,’ which houses the first lady’s office.

At least one “First Daughter” is not curtailing her activities, either:

It’s also not clear how many Secret Service agents and resources were dedicated to a recent New York visit by 14-year-old Malia Obama, who was spotted in the Big Apple shortly after President Obama signed off on the sequester.

Nor is the White House dog.  Yes, whenever Bo Obama must travel–and apparently he must go to the vet or to be groomed or to pick up things at Pet Smart–he also travels in a motorcade.  I’m not making this up:

Bo the Obama Dog will keep his motorcade.

The entire $9,000,000 budget for White House tours, according to FOX News, is what it costs to operate Air Force One for only 51 hours.  Consider the number of hours that plane was in the air, taking Obama on his never-ending campaign, most recently to enlist the public in his failed attempt to demonize the Republicans over the sequester, which, by the way, was Obama’s idea.

I didn’t check the math in any of these stories, but Forbes reported that it costs $180,000 to fly Air Force One for one hour Therefore, NOT flying Air Force One for just one hour would fund White House tours for ten weeks, if you accept ABC’s figure of $18,000 per week for the tours.

Let’s not forget those every-Wednesday-evening soirees at the White House, with celebrities and the glitterati.  What do they cost taxpayers?  Are they still taking place?

One clue about how much they cost We the People (a lot!):  The White House spends over $277,000 per year for three calligraphers.  Three of them!  What do they do?  For one thing, they scribe, by hand, fancy invitations to White House events (like those celebrity soirees):

In a day and time when we have the Autopen to sign for the President who would believe there is enough need to have not one, but three calligraphers on staff at the White House. Who knew? It is nice to see that not everything in the White House is high tech.

But that’s not all!  That story also informs us that on the White House payroll is at least one “domestic assistant” who makes around $42,000 per year.  Doing what? My guess is picking up Barack’s stinky socks:

Ellen DeGeneres also asked the First Lady if President Obama picks up his socks – a question sent in from a viewer via Facebook.

No, no. He doesn’t pick up his socks. He thinks he’s neat but he has people who help him. I’m like, ‘It’s not you that’s neat. It’s the people who pick up your socks. Those are the neat people,’” she shared.

The day after the sequester struck, Senator Tom Coburn noted that

the government had posted 606 new federal jobs, including one at the Food and Drug Administration for “social media management,” 23 openings related to recreation, four public affairs specialists and a “director of history and museum policies and programs” for the Air Force (salary $143,600 to $165,300).

The USDA, which has warned of furloughs for food inspectors, had posted a job for a librarian. Dr. Coburn also asked that agency whether they might just consider canceling two planned conferences in California and Oregon that were to include “guest chefs” and tastings of “exceptional wines.”

Speaking of chefs, the White House has many. What do they cost us?  Apparently, we can’t find out, because the White House didn’t specify those salaries when they released the list. (h/t commenter SnarkEsq. at White House Dossier.)

Let’s close with commentary from Rush Limbaugh:

[W]e can’t keep the White House open for tours, and it’s not playing well for Obama and the media. The media is mad. Here’s ABC. We have Diane Sawyer and Jonathan Karl talking about it. I mean, even Diane Sawyer was a little upset about this …

SAWYER:  The White House says they’re forced to shut down White House tours.  Little kids are disappointed, and people have been e-mailing us today saying, “Really?  Is that the only way to save money?”

Yeah, see, that’s not the way this is supposed to happen.  What’s supposed to happen is that little kids are supposed to be running around acting like they did when the Republicans were gonna starve them back in 1995.  Back in 1995, when these little kids were gonna be starved to death, they were writing letters to the Republicans, “Dear Mr. Congressman:  I can’t study when I’m hungry.  I can’t live if I don’t have food.  I don’t want to die.  Please don’t starve me. Please don’t cut the school lunch budget.” Little kids writing letters to that effect.

Now, what they’re supposed to have been doing here is writing letters to Republicans blaming them for shutting down the White House tours, but they’re not, they’re blaming Obama.  That’s not how it’s supposed to go.  Democrats are worried.

Here’s Jonathan Karl … 

KARL:  For tourists visiting the nation’s capital today, the decision to close the White House has hit with a thud. What do you guys make of this decision for the White House to say that they’re going to cut White House tours?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Basically, it is just bull… [bleeped].

KARL:  We talked via Skype to a 6th grade class from Waverly, Iowa, just told their White House tour next week has been canceled. How big a deal is it to be able to go to the White House?

KAREN THALACKER:  It’s very important. They’ll remember it for the rest of their lives.

KARL:  Now they’ve launched a Facebook campaign to get the White House reopened. The message…

WAVERLY, IOWA, SCHOOL CHILDREN:  The White House is our house! Please let us visit!

KARL:  We ran into the Speaker of the House. The President says he has to cancel the tours because of the budget cuts.

JOHN BOEHNER: We’re open and Americans are welcome.

So now Obama’s singing “The Sequestration Blues”.  Ya gotta luv it!


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  1. New Open Thread!!!!

  2. Richard Winchester:

    “The American Ignoramus”

    “If democracy requires an informed citizenry to function well, the United States is in serious trouble. Many Americans are political ignoramuses.

    What are the consequences of widespread political ignorance? Manipulation of ordinary people by what Angelo Codevilla calls the “ruling class,” which includes political leaders, the news and entertainment media, and special interest groups. Instead of public opinion shaping public policy, most of the time Jane or John Q. Public has no political influence, because she/he knows little, if anything, about what is going on in the corridors of power.

    In summary, most people, most of the time, aren’t very interested in public affairs, and consequently don’t know a lot. Moreover, given patterns of media exposure and a larger amount of soft news, it’s unlikely that things will change much.

    What does it mean? At best, the U.S. will have bad political leaders, chosen by low information voters. At worst, American democracy will slowly shrivel due to widespread ignorance.

    Ignorance seldom leads to happy endings.”

    • “Cloward-Piven Paradise Now?”
      By Jeannie DeAngelis
      August 1, 2011

      “Combine class warfare, demonizing the rich, getting as many people onto the welfare rolls as possible, and pushing the economic system to collapse and you have a flawless formula for Cloward-Piven 2.0 — and a vehicle that ensures Obama remains in power.

      The duo taught that if you flooded the welfare rolls and bankrupted the cities and ultimately the nation, it would foster economic collapse, which would lead to political turmoil so severe that socialism would be accepted as a fix to an out-of-control set of circumstances.

      The idea was that if people were starving and the only way to eat was to accept government cheese, rather than starve, the masses would agree to what they would otherwise reject. In essence, for the socialist-minded, the Cloward-Piven strategy is a simple formula that makes perfect sense; the radical husband-and-wife team had Saul Alinsky as their muse, and they went on to teach his social action principles to a cadre of socialist-leaning community organizers, one of whom was Barack Obama.”

      “Land of The Freebies, Home of the Enslaved”

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Political ignoramuses?! The author, Winchester, is being far too kind. Make that ignoramuses…period. Perhaps an exclamation point!

    • “Ignorant Support Obama, Whatever”

      “The ignorant, the low information voter, the uninformed, the mentally incompetent, whatever you call them, they support Obama without question and without knowledge of why.”

    • Yep. I was just commenting on that on another thread, h/t to Zenway for finding the UK story about it. If not for Breitbart, we wouldn’t read about it here. Oh, but that’s 9 months away. By then, Barry and the DemoncRATS will have saved the economy. Wow, this sort of reads like my post:

      “While the Secret Service protection during White House tours costs some $74,000 per week – the cost the White House brags it is saving on the cancelled tours — Air Force One costs $175,750 per flight hour, not including pilots, airmen, and Secret Service. (Some sources say the cost for the tours is $18,000 per week.) Obama has taken several pricey jaunts to locations including, most recently, Florida in the past few months. And those parties at the White House? They certainly cost a fair bit of money, but we’ll never hear how much; as the Washington Post put it back in 2012, “getting a straight answer about the cost of any White House party is almost impossible.””

  3. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Read this and weep. The T S A’s sole purpose is to humiliate and terrorize Americans. And yes, it began under GW.

    • This one makes me weep, too:

      Is America in Danger of a Federal Takeover of Our Elections?

      The Obama administration has appointed a bipartisan presidential commission with the stated purpose of recommending changes in election procedures supposedly to streamline our elections. No fewer than five bills to increase federal control over American elections have been filed in the 113th Congress. Even a cursory review of the five bills already proposed reveals an unconstitutional federal power grab over American elections. If these measures are passed, they would also result in a drastic reduction in the remaining electoral safeguards left in at least some of the states.

      The bills submitted so far:

      • HR 50 — Streamlined and Improved Methods at Polling Locations and Early Voting Act of 2013 (SIMPLE) submitted by George Miller (D-Calif.).

      This bill would force the states to implement early voting.

      • HR 280 — Same Day Registration Act of 2013 submitted by Keith Ellison (D-Minn.).

      This bill would force the states to implement same-day voter registration.

      • HR 281 — Voter Access Protection Act of 2013 submitted by Keith Ellison (D-Minn.).

      This bill would repeal all state laws that require photo ID for voting.

      • HR 289 — Value Our Time Elections Act of 2013 (VOTE) submitted by James Moran (D-Va.).

      This 50-page bill would expand the already unconstitutional Election Assistance Commission (EAC) gradually making it the federal bureaucracy that runs America’s elections.

      It would force the states to implement Internet voter registration and even allow digital signatures in voter registrations. It would also mandate that the states implement automatic voter registration, which is dangerously on the path to universal voter registration.

      This bill has a list of information to be gathered for these automated voter registrations. One major omission is the source of the voter registration. While it doesn’t prohibit the states from recording voter registration source information, federal standards have a way of becoming de facto state standards. Voter registration source information, whether it be a computer source or the name of the registrar, can be a key part of an evidence trail that can help investigators get from one suspect voter registration to others that came from the same origin.

      Under the guise of such innocent-sounding descriptions as “prevention of unauthorized access” and “confidentiality,” this bill could easily stifle efforts by concerned citizens to verify voter registration and have fraudulent voter registrations deleted. American elections depend on openness and transparency of all aspects including voter registration information to safeguard elections from fraud.

      This bill would also prohibit the use of these voter registrations for determining citizenship.

      • S 9 — Clean and Fair Elections Act submitted by Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

      This bill, while short on specifics, generally endorses all of the above and could easily be modified to include the specifics in the House legislation listed above. Like all the bills above, it calls for unconstitutional increases in federal regulations of our elections. …”

      The writer goes on to explain all these bills in more depth and the unconstitutional aspects, although it’s not specific and would/might end up being decided by a court. The writer implies that Romney and others seemed interested in this “reform” and says, basically, that anytime there’s bipartisan committees, it’s almost a given that it will come to pass. My guess is that it WILL come to pass, if the next national election results in the DemoncRATS taking full control of our government. We MUST do all we can to ensure that not only does the House stay in Republican hands, but also that the Senate gets taken by the Republicans, too.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        I written it before, but now it’s a plea: will some governor prove he/she has the (sorry, won’t mask in Spanish as is usually done. This is America; we speak English) BALLS to honor the Constitution, not to mention states rights and file for secession?!

    • RW, I saw a story that I skimmed yesterday, while writing this post, that said that in some airports the TSA issued security badges to CRIMINALS because there was some delay in doing background checks (a backlog?) and so they erred on the side of giving the security badges and the jobs to people who should NEVER be in the TSA. I also recently read that the EEOC is discouraging employers from using criminal background checks because, get this–there’s a disparate impact on persons of color because more of them fail background checks. Why? Because more of them are criminals! So it’s unfair to give jobs to non-criminals and discriminate against criminals. I’m not making this up. It was in the WSJ.

      • Why the heck not. Issue the criminals a badge take away the defense of a law-abider. Dark is light and light is dark. It is the Alinsky way. If there is no discontent the agitator is not doing his/her job and all is chaos. Obama the bastard (no pun intended, but the truth) is the master of chaos and/or confusion/upheavel.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        I saw the article about Adele, but skimmed over it. Good share, Zenway.

        Being as plain spoken as possible: In the mid 1960s the productive citizenry of the USA who comprised the vast majority, but certainly were not limited to white citizens, allowed themselves to be cowed by political correctness. They were made to feel guilty for all they had achieved. Were it not for white Americans there would be no electricity, no automobiles, no air travel, most conveniences we take for granted. The list of achievements could go on and on. White Americans were made to feel guilty for sins committed by some whose forebears who were slave owners This certainly didn’t pertain to every American’s since in the late 1800s there was a huge influx of LEGAL immigrants from Europe, and intermittently from China. I would venture to guess vast swaths of white Americans are descendants of these European immigrants. And yes, these immigrants were put through their paces and had to prove themselves (NO IRISH NEED APPLY; “COOLIES” built the rail for train transportation). In hindsight, these immigrants general civility and well mannered ways were manipulated against them to serve the Agenda. White=privileged=guilty!

        Now, again, plainly written, look at any country that has shaken off white “rule” . (e.g. South Africa, Rwanda which gained independence in 1962; Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia- a ghastly history) The facts speak for themselves.

        But of course, part of the Agenda was to label anyone who would dare point out facts a “racist” – the worst label one could bear in this era of engineered political correctness! Yes, facts are persnickety things. And I Am Not A Racist! But I also refuse to play the game. I dare to point out truth/facts without a scintilla of guilt or shame.

        • Well said. Do you remember the interview of George Obama where he said that the country of Kenya went downhill when they threw off the British Empire? There’s a truth speaker they don’t want to listen to. Just goes to show that even a drunken druggie can be right in his more coherent moments. George seems to see more clearly than his “brothers”.


    They have POSTPONED giving the anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish, pro-jihad, America-hating MUSLIM WOMAN an award.

    Samira Ibrahim responds to award being postponed with another anti-Jewish tweet

    The Obama administration is postponing an award for an Egyptian activist who rallied worldwide attention against forced “virginity tests” on female protesters because of anti-American and anti-Semitic comments discovered on her Twitter account.

    The State Department announced earlier this week that Samira Ibrahim would be among 10 recipients of the International Women of Courage award presented by Secretary of State John Kerry and first lady Michelle Obama on Friday.

    But State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Thursday the U.S. would hold off on awarding Ibrahim while officials investigate the tweets, which include support for attacks against U.S. diplomatic installations and praise for a terrorist assault against Israeli citizens in Bulgaria.

    Ibrahim, who has already arrived in the U.S, says her account was hacked, though the comments stretch back several months.

    The idea that her Twitter account was hacked is, frankly, ludicrous.

    Tonight, her first reaction to the award being postponed was this:

    رفضت الاعتذار للوبى الصهيونى فى امريكا عن تصريحات سابقة معادية للصهيونية تحت ضغوط من الحكومة الامريكية فتم سحب الجائزة #سميرة_ابراهيم

    I refuse to apologize to the Zionist lobby in America under pressure from the U.S. government for previous statements hostile to Zionism.

    Ah, you see, she’s not anti-semitic! She is merely a victim of the Jewish – er, Zionist Lobby! …”

    Brilliant, isn’t she?


      US postpones award for Egyptian woman after anti-Semitic tweets surface

      “We, as a department, became aware very late in the process about Samira Ibrahim’s alleged public comments,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters. … The tweets were first reported by The Weekly Standard.

      Sen. Mark Kirk urged the State Department to investigate and said other women were more deserving of the honor. [Gee. Ya think? We all here at WTPOTUS are more deserving. 😉 ]

      In a letter to Kerry, the Illinois Republican said Ibrahim used her Twitter account to “express anti-Semitic views and support for international terrorism” and called her hacking claim “dubious” given the timing and duration of the tweets. …”

      It would be interesting to learn who nominated her for this award and who was responsible for vetting her qualifications for it? Heads should roll. How could they, “as a department” be unaware until “very late in the process?” When did they become aware? When Sen. Mark Kirk pointed it out? Or before that? Did they vet her at all, or was that left up to the Weekly Standard? It’s appalling, the INCOMPETENCE OF THESE PEOPLE. Or else it’s their MENDACITY. They’re either STUPID or they think that WE ARE and that they won’t get caught.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Such a great twist of words. She’s the next Susan Rice who is now under consideration as the next Director of the NSA. Yes, they are all so brilliant. And transparent too.

      • Can you believe that about Rice? He is SO in your face. He has to do it just to get even. If she has the gall to take that position, then when the TRUTH comes out about Benghazi, she should experience the full weight of the justice that should be coming to her.

  5. In the “I swear you cannot make this sh** up” category:

    Busted. Gabby Giffords’ Husband Spews Anti-Assault Weapon Rhetoric Then Caught Buying an AR-15

    Former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ), a victim of a mass shooting in 2011, and her husband, Mark Kelly, testified before a Congressional panel on gun control in January. Kelly told the assembled members of Congress that modern weapons

    “Have turned every single corner of our society into places of carnage and gross human loss.” … [video there at the link]

    Then he went out and bought an AR-15.

    Kelly bought the AR-15 at Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson. Breitbart reported:

    Mark E. Kelly, gun-control proponent and husband to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, recently purchased an AR-15 (an “assault weapon,” he called it)—which he now says he intended as an illustration of the need for more stringent gun laws.

    Kelly reportedly bought the AR-15 and a 1911-style semi-automatic pistol at Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson, Arizona.

    Various sources contacted Breitbart News once Kelly made the purchase, and after we began investigating the details surrounding the purchase, Kelly announced on his Facebook that he was not going to keep the AR-15, which he has yet to pick up from the store.”

    So what kind of stunt was this? Any ideas?

    • Funny this assturd never showed up at a republican meetings. That should say multitudes to the crowd the dems draw.

    • As someone pointed out in the comments, if he bought it to give to a third party (police department), that is a crime. Where is the logic in taking something LEGAL to the police? Azzhat. And I thought astronauts were smart.

  6. This is hilarious: h/t Gateway Pundit

    ‘Toaster Pastry Gun Freedom Act’ proposed in Maryland

    A Maryland state senator has crafted a bill to curb the zeal of public school officials who are tempted to suspend students as young as kindergarten for having things — or talking about things, or eating things — that represent guns, but aren’t actually anything like real guns.

    Sen. J. B. Jennings, a Republican who represents Baltimore Harford Counties, introduced “The Reasonable School Discipline Act of 2013″ on Thursday, reports The Star Democrat. …

    A nationwide flurry of suspensions seemed to reach an absurd level recently when Josh Welch, a second-grader at Park Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland, was suspended for two days because his teacher thought he shaped a strawberry, pre-baked toaster pastry into something resembling a gun.

    Park Elementary School officials later offered counseling to other students who may have been traumatized by the pastry. …

    Senate Bill 1058 restricts the disciplinary options Maryland public school officials can use for any student who “brings to school or possesses” an image of a gun or an object that might look like a gun but isn’t one.

    Students could also form their fingers in the shape of a gun without fear of reprisal.

    The bill also includes a section mandating counseling for school officials who fail to distinguish between guns and things that resemble guns. School officials who fail to make such a distinction more than once would face discipline themselves.”

    I love that last part best of all. What’s good for the goose. The thing is, those type of people REALLY DO NEED THEIR HEADS EXAMINED.


    Army, Marine Corps Cancel Their Tuition Assistance Programs …But Illegal Aliens to Receive Financial Aid

    … The U.S. Army and Marine Corps have pulled the plug on their tuition assistance programs one week after across-the-board federal spending cuts known as sequestration went into effect. …

    It’s too bad they’re not illegal aliens. More than 20,000 California illegal aliens are seeking state financial aid for the first time under the state’s new Dream Act. And, the Colorado House just passed legislation to lower tuition for illegal aliens.”

    If you notice, those are state programs BUTT most of that money likely comes from the feds.

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    A ?…. Hey…. Gordo pro’…& all the rest of U….
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    • Believe me . I have tried every Web Browser, every search engine, every email, they all have as home page NBC–CBS… ABC..Reuters — every damned thing is dedicated to the furtherence of the communist party USA in one form or the other. I am back to square one. All I can say is as it stands we are screwed. Everything that does not come up google comes up Obama. TRUTH!!!!

    • “Startpage”

      “Ixquick also operates the Startpage search engine which only uses Google for search results. But unlike Google, Startpage does not record user IP addresses and strips away any uniquely identifying user information before sending the search request to Google. For each search result, Startpage also provides users with the option of viewing them via Ixquick’s proxy services known as Ixquick Proxy.”

      • Tried it. It is still google.

      • “Startpage” is BETWEEN you and Google – it’s the ‘middle man’.

        • Gordo I can’t reply, later.

          • ken, somehow your name got replaced by a message, so your comments went into pending. I was offline for a while, and I found them when I got back. Just be sure that your name and email address are the same as you always use, and then your comments shouldn’t go into moderation.

        • So, Gordo: Is what you’re saying is that if you use Startpage, then it might look like Google, but it’s being routed through Startpage and all Google sees is information connected to Startpage and not me (or ken)? Is that how DuckDuckGo (DDG) works? It also has an option that one can select after seeing the DDG results–it lets me pick Bing images or Google images or Google news, etc. I’m HOPING that when I do pick that from DDG, it hides my identity and all Google sees is DDG’s info. Sounds good. I might switch to Startpage. Do I need to set that as my home page?

          • “Is what you’re saying is that if you use Startpage, then it might look like Google, but it’s being routed through Startpage and all Google sees is information connected to Startpage and not me (or ken)?”


            Even better, use the proxy service (see video in ‘hints’).
            I’m not very familiar with DDG. You can use both – SP & DDG. SP is the homepage on the three browsers I use – Firefox, Dragon and IE.

  9. GOOD LUCK Orly. 😉
    Brand new development in the effort to force Obama to come clean about his ineligibility to be president…

  10. Orly sounded GREAT!!!! …& she is so right…..” WE WILL SEE “!!!! …. ” WE WILL SEE … WHAT HAPPENS “!!!!!

    If the SKY FALLS , hold up your HANDS!!!!!! Mine are spread wide OPEN….Willing …Waiting… for the BIG DAY…. I LOVE ORLY 2 pieces!

  11. Senator Ted Cruz has introduced an amendment to Defund ObamaCare. The Senate could vote as early as Monday, March 11! Call them here:

    • “Video: 14 Congressman Served Subpoenas For Obama Identity Document Fraud Lawsuit”

      Press Release Via Dr Taitz: 14 U.S. Congressman and House Judiciary Committee were served with subpoenas with attached Urgent Demand for Verification to be provided within 2 weeks by March 19th. If they do not comply, they are in contempt of court. Most of the congressmen served are members of the Judiciary committee. Most of them are attorneys, former prosecutors and judges. Proof of service on every Congressman is being posted on today and tomorrow. Copies are being sent by certified mail to the US Attorneys’ office-Department of Justice and are being filed with the presiding Judge Morrison C. England. Donations to cover expenses are greatly appreciated. Law abiding U.S. citizens have a right to contact their congressmen and demand that they comply with subpoenas expeditiously.

  12. This is the funniest ears picture of Obie yet, and up at Drudge. Sometimes I think Matt’s pic choices are just for pure entertainment…

  13. Man my bags would be packed & on a plane home…. It stinks over there…. how do we spell get OUT??? & I surel would not want to stay behind…. 4 what? to be killed 4 sure…? sorry….

    • Really. I hate to agree with Barry but we need to get out of Dodge now. Or else just FIGHT and get it over with, instead of making our troops sitting ducks for these ungrateful asshats. I would prefer that they fight, so that the women of Afghanistan don’t have to go BACK INTO SLAVERY LIKE CHATTEL CATTLE.

  14. Never ever… liked looking nor hearing barry …. since DAY 1
    Butt’ his ears…truly have done the least amount of damage …since nada enters them ever…drugs, sex, flies or pleas.. butt’ they are funny!

  15. “Washington Examiner’s Byron York Declares Sen. Ted Cruz Eligible To Be President”

    “Byron York pushing leftist views. FNC declares Cruz not eligible…”


    “Any talk about Cruz follows years of discussion about birthplace and presidential eligibility involving President Obama, Sen. John McCain, and Sen. Marco Rubio. The bottom line in the case of Cruz, who was born in Canada in 1970, is that his father was an immigrant from Cuba and not a U.S. citizen at the time of young Cruz’s birth, but his mother was born and raised in the United States. The law in effect then, and now, made Ted Cruz a U.S. citizen at birth. Although the drafters of the Constitution did not define what they meant when they required an American president to be a “natural born citizen,” it is generally thought that “citizen by birth” is the best modern-day equivalent. On that basis, Cruz appears entirely eligible — if he ever chooses to pursue the White House.

    Last year, I wrote about citizenship law, focusing on the case of Rubio, who was born in the United States and about whom there is no question of presidential eligibility. Some of that article also applies to Cruz: […]”

    • “Fox News Declares Sen. Ted Cruz Ineligible To Be President Due To Birth In Canada”
      Published on March 9, 2013

      At YouTube:

      “Fox News Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron Declares Senator Ted Cruz Ineligible To Be President Due To Birth In Canada.”

      • Cameron is a lib, so that explains that. Gee, can we look forward to demonizing leftist “birthers”? It might be fun to throw their own hate back at them. 🙂

    • “Ridiculous: Breitbart News Wrongly Declares Canadian-Born Ted Cruz Eligible To Be President”
      by Ken Klukowski @ Breitbart

      At Breitbart link:

      “Cruz was born in Canada, but his mother was a lifelong American, born in Delaware. (His father was a political refugee from Cuba.) So under federal law, Cruz was born an American citizen by virtue of his mother.”

      • They won’t accept this until a ruling is made by the SCOTUS. It’s obvious that Cruz is only a citizen based upon a law passed by Congress. That makes him OBVIOUSLY not a “natural born” citizen. Of course, the sentiments of the public at large changed over time, on account of women’s suffrage and equal rights. Previously, natural born citizenship (and simple citizenship) depended upon the FATHER’S status. Like Barry, Cruz has a FOREIGN FATHER. If both were also born outside the USA, they’re not even citizens, except Cruz is a simple citizens but not natural born one. Barry, if born outside the USA, is not even a citizen through his mother, so he’s neither type of citizen, unless at some point he naturalized, which makes him ineligible, anyway. imho, because both had non-citizen fathers, neither is a natural born citizen, no matter where born.

        This is nice. Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit, is getting an “accuracy in media” award at CPAC: Congratulations to him. We rely on him for a lot of our tips and research pursuits.

        • “Last Word: American Thinker Pushes Leftist Myth 14th Amendment Citizen Is Natural Born Citizen”

          “Note to American Thinker’s Ken Blackwell, Bob Morrison, and J.R. Dunn. If you don’t like Article II of the Constitution then seek to have it amended. Crapping all over it and misleading your readers is disgusting and shameful. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal are citizens of the United States but they are not “natural born Citizens” of the United States. See here and here.

          Either you three are the stupidest fools on the planet or you are purposely misleading the readers of American Thinker. And judging by the lashings you’re receiving in the comment threads they clearly are not stupid. Again, if you don’t like the Article II requirement then have it amended. Articles in question declaring several potential, and ineligible, presidential candidates eligible, here and here.

          You say:

          “Consider this historical question: Could it have been the original intent of the Founders to disqualify themselves from serving as president? It was not until Martin Van Buren, eighth president, that we elected a man who had been born an American citizen.”
          I was going to point out the Grandfather Clause to you but your reader Countryman did it for me:”

          “Cruz, Haley, Jindal, Rubio: Flight 2016 Cleared for Takeoff”
          By Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison

          “Let’s close down the silly season on presidential eligibility early.”

          • Really. With what kind of authority can they speak to the issue of natural born citizenship when they don’t even understand the grandfather clause? The existence of that clause explains all.

            “Our colleague, Ken Klukowski, is a constitutional lawyer who argues here that newly-sworn-in Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) is likely eligible to run for president in 2016.”

            Operative words: argues and likely. Likely does not equal IS.

  16. Does anyone else believe there was snarky symbolism in Barry inviting 12 Republicans to supper?

    • Why Florida Persists in the Zimmerman Prosecution
      By Jack Cashill

      Prodded by a president with a weakness for racial agitation and enabled by a politically complicit media, the State of Florida persists in a prosecution that can come to no good end.

      The defendant is neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman. The charge is the second-degree murder. The potential outcomes range from major injustice, if Zimmerman is convicted, to mayhem in the streets, if he’s acquitted. And the state plods on as though the angels were on its side. They are not.

      The witnesses to the February 2012 shooting of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin are proving even more troublesome than the angels. The state’s case took a hit last week when Witness #8, Martin’s alleged 16-year-old sweetheart “Dee Dee,” was caught in falsehoods so flagrant that even the Trayvon-friendly Orlando Sentinel noticed them. Conceded the headline, “Lawyer: State’s main witness in George Zimmerman murder case lied.”

      When Dee Dee was first introduced to the world last March, the state and the media presumed her testimony would nail Zimmerman’s coffin shut. She had been on the phone with Martin during the incident. “Trayvon Martin told her that someone was following him,” said CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin on March 20. “He was nervous. He was concerned. She explained to him that he should run.”

      According to Hostin, Dee Dee heard Martin say to Zimmerman, “Why are you following me?” Right after this exchange, “She felt that someone had pushed or tackled Trayvon and, at that point, the phone call dropped.” Hostin summarized that this “was the last conversation that Trayvon Martin had with anyone, and it also, in my view, dispels the notion of self-defense.”

      CNN then cut to a press conference featuring Benjamin Crump, attorney for the Martin family. “She couldn’t even go to his wake she was so sick,” Crump said of Dee Dee.”Her mother had to take her to the hospital.” Given the trauma and the fact Dee Dee was a “minor,” Crump asked the media to respect her privacy. The media did not need to be asked. Dee Dee, as filtered through Crump, provided the confirmation they needed to establish the narrative they wanted: racist thug kills innocent Skittles-bearing black boy.

      As it turns out Dee Dee was neither hospitalized nor a minor. …”

    • Second Drone Spotted Over New York? UAV reported within 3 miles of LaGuardia Airport

      For the second time within a week, police are investigating reports of an unmanned drone spotted flying over New York within three miles of LaGuardia Airport.

      According to journalist Christopher Robbins, police scanner audio revealed that the NYPD was called to look into an “unusual incident” concerning reports of a “drone flying” near exit 23 of the Long Island Expressway (LIE).

      According to Robbins, the NYPD later reported a “negative result” after investigating the incident, although it is unclear whether this means they couldn’t identify the drone or had discounted the report altogether.

      Last Monday, the crew of Alitalia Flight 608 reported a drone just 200 feet away from their aircraft as it approached John F. Kennedy airport. The drone was initially reported as having four engines, but the FBI later described the object as having four propellers and being only three feet wide.

      The incident, which occurred at 1,750 feet and roughly three miles from runway 31R , prompted the FBI to ask the public for information on identifying the owner of the drone. …”

      So tell me again: HOW IS BIG SIS GOING TO PROTECT THE HOMELAND FROM DRONES? POLICE are investigating and the FBI is asking the PUBLIC for information! How freaking comforting.

      • Let’s see, so how many Drones have we sold to other countries so far? Oh that’s nice. It’s going to be a zoo in the air pretty soon. So, you think this will hurt the commercial airlines? I don’t like flying all that much as it is, now it’ll be like backing out of the driveway when you’ve got six kids all with bicycles laying anywhere they please. This ought to be interesting. And eveidently, they are not detected to easy by radar (maybe because of weight and size?). So you think Obama will start feeling a bit uneasy knowin how many of these things he’s sold to swarthy shady characters in other countries. Just wondering.

        • I’d expect that drones will hurt commercial airlines. They have crashes now on account of BIRDS being sucked into the engines. What’s to stop a drone from just “accidentally” doing the same, especially when you consider that the keystone cops at DHS are ASKING THE PUBLIC’S HELP TO IDENTIFY that drone that was spotted at 1500′ near an airplane full of people?! Obviously, radar’s not working. How will they do air traffic control with these things? It’s ridiculous that they’re not passing laws NOW to regulate this. I don’t want them flying over my house. The technology is such that even if they’re way up there, they can spy on us. Yeah, I know. Helicopters have the same capability now, and they fly over our homes all the time. But we HEAR them and it’s not everybody who can afford a copter. It’s the cops, hospitals, the military, or traffic copters. I’m not worried about them. Google Street View was bad enough. What’s to stop anybody from flying these drones right outside our windows and filming what’s going on inside? Are there any laws now to prevent it? I bet not. And how would we know they did it, anyway? We’re going to have to use blackout shades and never see the sunlight again. Good point about Obama feeling uneasy. He’s the Paranoid in Chief, what with his 20-car motorcades (I heard Mark Steyn today say it’s 40 cars!) All so nobody knows which car he’s in, I suppose. How do they propose to protect ANY OF US, including him, from these drones if the FBI and DHS don’t even know they’re there?

          • I just thought of a plan to put some people back to work.’ Drone Watching’. Every county is going to need several drone Watchers. Perhaps they can learn how to bait these suckers. I was trying to picture what type of craft was needed to just vacum em right out of the sky. Wouldn’t that be cool, you know just like the giant street sweepers that goes thru my neighborhood now and then; we could have Drone Sweepers.
            you made me think of it talking about how planes my get one sucked right up there engines just like birds.. And I wouuld think it should be legal to be a drone watcher since we are being spied on, we need to see who’s doing the spying, seems fair. Seeing as how Drones are going to make Warrants a thing of the past; I mean we’re being spotted , searched, and catalogued by those pesky streetlights all over the place, and drones will be able to see in your house , car. They eventually be able to just fly by and scan your computor without needing to get a warrant.

            • alfy, it only just came to me that drones could be used that way. It’s scary. We need to think outside the box. Our Congress and DHS OUGHT TO BE thinking of these possibilities. In fact, that’s exactly the reason for the existence OF DHS, not watching Tea Party Patriots. What are they doing? Sitting on their hands.

              Congress is actually allowing drones to operate! How will they police this? Oh, they say they can fly below 400′. Well, obviously some aren’t obeying the law. What are they doing to stop it?

              It’s a true danger to the public, not to mention to our privacy. It’s should be VERY alarming to them that drones are being spotted near airports.

              Remember after 9/11 when everybody was supposed to watch for and report suspicious activity? Already it’s speculated (and likely) that that airplane out of NY was brought down by a missile and not some implausible explosion in the gas tank.

              (I know. Didn’t the manufacturer “pay” for that? I’ll bet. Transferred first from the U.S. Treasury, would be my guess. “Be patriotic and take the fall. We’ll cover for you with the dough. The public would panic if they knew and so, for national security and the economy, let’s all cover up.”)

              Is it even on their radar (irony intended) that private drones flown by jihadist infiltrators (through the porous border that Barry refuses to police) could be surveilling places like airports and other usual targets? WTF is Big Sis doing? Does she even care?

              Drone Sweeper is a great idea. Would a huge magnet work? Maybe a reversed magnetic field to repel them. Surely, because this is expensive “private” property, we’d be sued for sweeping those spies out of OUR SKY.

              Google Street View was bad enough, but fair enough. What they can see from the public street is fair game. But this is another thing altogether. They could fly mini-drones or even bigger ones, over our property, look into our windows with cameras, listen to our conversations with mics, photograph everything going on inside our homes. BIG BROTHER.

              Is nobody in Congress concerned except for Rand Paul (and his concern seems to be weaponized drones flown by the government)?

          • Anyone ever think about the lead paint that was made illegal? I don’t think lead was removed from paint for the reasons it was. If we had lead paint wouldn’t it keep infrad from seeing through walls? Just a thought. But that would keep pictures/videos from windows.

    • 46,609,072 People on Food Stamps in 2012; Record 47,791,996 in December
      Nearly a quarter of the people living in Washington, D.C. are on the program.

      On Friday, the United States Department of Agriculture quietly released new statistics related to the food stamps program, officially known as SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). The numbers reveal, in 2012, the food stamps program was the biggest it’s ever been, with an average of 46,609,072 people on the program every month of last year. 47,791,996 people were on the program in the month of December 2012.
      Depression Era

      The federal government also says that in a given month in 2012, the number of households on food stamps was 22,329,713.

      The state with the highest average number of participants per month in 2012 was Texas, with an astonishing 4,038,440 folks drawing from the program. The second highest is California, with 3,964,221, and then Florida, at 3,353,064.

      Washington, D.C., with an estimated population of 617,996, had an average of 141,147 participants. Meaning, roughly 23 percent of folks living in D.C. are on food stamps, according to the numbers provided by the federal government. The participation rate in Texas, which has an estimated population of 26,059,203, 15.5 percent.

      The state with the lowest number of participants in the program was Wyoming, with 34,347 out an estimated population of 576,412. …”

      • And the number of people on Gov. benefits will get much worse if this is allowed to go through. Once ObamaCare starts in 2013 employers will cut jobs even further, and those that will work for less pay will take over the job you as a American Citizen now hold. That’s 11 Million illegal (I believe that’s a low estimate) instant vote’s for the Demo-evil party. Most states will have to give them driver’s license’s to hold a job, in most States that’s all you need to registrar to vote!

        And something to think about, all’s they need is to pass a driving and written test to get a Commercial Drivers license. They do not have to be an American Citizen to drive a 80,000 pd Commercial Vehicle down the road in the U.S. Additional job Security for the DHS, and the Drone makers for sure.

        Senators agree on path to legal status for illegal immigrants

        La Times Mar. 11, 2013 Brian Bennett, Washington Bureau

        • It’s likely that the database that stores the information about who came in from the cold as an illegal alien will be kept from the states, so that they can’t check voter registrations against it. Seems to me that one of the proposed laws (by Ellison?) involves not allowing voter registration to ask citizenship. They will try to keep the states from indicating on drivers licenses that the holder is an ALIEN.

  17. Costing US …1.4 BILLION a year to keep BO & MO…. Happy? I recall
    it being the “the Peoples House” (tours & all) .. BUTT’.. It’s now
    turned into “Her” “Peoples House”… no MO tours.. It’s cut BACK time!

    • Obamas’ Cost of Living in the White House: $1.4 Billion a Year

      … Charles Cooke over at NRO has tallied up the total for the Obamas’ cost of living in the White House: $1.4 billion per year.

      The executive mansion is not in that much trouble, of course. It’s certainly not in sufficiently dire straits for Air Force One ($181,757 per hour) to be grounded, or to see the executive chef ($100,000 per year) furloughed, or to cut back on the hours of the three full-time White House calligraphers ($277,050 per year for the trio), or to limit the invaluable work of the chief of staff to the president’s dog ($102,000 per year), or to trim his ridiculous motorcade ($2.2 million). If Ellen DeGeneres wants another dancercize session or Spain holds another clothing sale, the first family will be there before you can say “citizen executive.” Fear ye not, serfs: Austerity may be the word of the week, but the president is by no means in any danger of being forced to live like the president of a republic instead of like a king.

      The current annual cost of the White House — just in household expenses, not the policy operations for which it exists — is $1.4 billion: Annually, presidential vacations cost $20 million (the low estimate for one presidential vacation to Hawaii is $4 million, but the true cost is probably five times that); the first family’s yearly health-care costs are $7 million; more than $6 million is spent on the White House grounds each year. Transporting the president cost $346 million last year. But as Michelle Obama might say, America is basically a downright mean sort of place, so the tours will just have to go. One hopes at least that the calligraphers were recruited to sign the docents’ pink slips. …”

      OUTRAGEOUS. THE DOG BO HAS AN ASSISTANT THAT MAKES OVER A HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS (YOUR DOLLARS) A YEAR! Wait! That’s the “chief of staff”, which implies that the dog BO has a STAFF, too! You can’t have a chief without underlings.

      I heard Mark Steyn say on the radio just a while ago that if you ADD TOGETHER THE BUDGETS OF ALL THE ROYAL FAMILIES OF EUROPE, OBAMA STILL SPENDS MORE. He thinks he’s a KING. No wonder he doesn’t want a budget, because then they will be ON ONE and everybody will see what they spend.


    Gateway Pundit has a story with audio supporting this claim:

    “On 740 AM KVOR radio Friday morning Sheriff Terry Maketa stated, in short, that the Sheriffs of Colorado are being threatened, extorted and blackmailed for speaking up for our 2nd amendment rights. According to the sheriff, the threats are being initiated by the Democratic party.”

    The threats involve promises to stall pay raises and promotions for any sheriff who doesn’t support gun control. It starts about 5:20 into the audio.

  19. Another infuriating story. You know that PUBLICLY FUNDED PROGRAM CALLED VISTA? Read this and weep:

    Good Grief… Wisconsin Officials Encourage White Teens to Wear “White Privilege” Wristbands

    A Wisconsin Americorps program called VISTA is encouraging white teens to wear white wristbands “as a reminder about your (white) privilege.”
    EAG News reported:

    The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction runs several programs that heavily emphasize racial issues in public schools.

    Some feel that one of those programs – an Americorps operation called VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) – may go a bit overboard by encouraging white students to wear a white wristband “as a reminder about your (white) privilege.” …”

    I’M REMINDED OF HOW THE NAZIS MADE JEWS WEAR YELLOW STARS OF DAVID to remind everybody of their status as official government/societal pariahs. Well, what if Hitler only “encouraged” them to wear it? Would that make it okay?

    So now we have a GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED program deliberately discriminating against VOLUNTEERS, FOR GOD’S SAKE, because of the color of their skin, and forcing them (encouraging is akin to forcing) to wear something akin to the Nazi’s “yellow badge” or Hester Prynne’s “scarlet letter” (for adultery. btw, the leftists love that book because Hester is the heroine. One assumes, therefore, that they don’t think this BRANDING of people is a good thing.)

    If your boss “encouraged” you to do something, is that a “suggestion” or is it a mandate? I’m reminded of the girl in that movie Office Space who is supposed to wear 16 pieces OR MORE of “flair” but she does the bare minimum and catches hell from her boss.

    Who IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would think this is a good idea? Is ANYBODY going to suggest that they DEFUND THESE RACIST PROGRAMS IMMEDIATELY? Who has the “privilege” nowadays? Hint: It’s not white people. They’re not “persons of color”. Can you imagine the person who designed this program, sitting in a cubicle thinking up these things to torment and torture and GET EVEN WITH white kids who, mind you, are in the program to SERVE people as volunteers, regardless of the color of THEIR SKIN. They are CREATING AND PERPETUATING WHITE GUILT. THEY ARE TORTURING INNOCENT YOUNG PEOPLE ON ACCOUNT OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN FOR “SINS” THAT ARE NONEXISTENT AND “PRIVILEGE” THAT IS EQUALLY NON-EXISTENT. Not only are they supposed to wear the wristbands, but they are ALSO supposed to be ready to explain to others why they wear them. In other words, to GROVEL AND HUMILIATE THEMSELVES AND PUBLICLY SHAME THEMSELVES, LIKE A MONK WHIPPING HIMSELF WITH A LASH! Guess what? They’re also supposed to “FIND A PERSON OF COLOR WHO IS WILLING TO HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE FOR ADDRESSING PRIVILEGE.”

    I’ve said it before. The mindset is that all white people are born with the original sin of racism and the sins of their fathers (who are NOT their fathers in most cases) are visited upon them, unfairly, and now they must atone for those sins and be held accountable for them by “persons of color.” This story has me seething. WHAT A BUNCH OF RACISTS.

    This is the source:

    Here are the authors:

    Wanna bet that they are funded by grants from We the People? Or perhaps they get their jopsss via minority contracting privilege? Or perhaps they are not-for-profit and therefore don’t pay taxes?

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Runs screaming from the room.

      Ponder this….what if those who are “pri vil eged” just stopped p ay in g t ax e s? Immediate c o l l ap se. But you know, we are too “civil and well mannered” S n ick er.

      • I have said for a long time now the fastest way to fix so many problems is to have businesses unite to not be tax collectors for the government. No more income tax taken out of checks by employers They unite and fund the ones that are the first to be examples of what happens in noncompliance so the punishments and enforcement is not felt very long. Second thing that would add to this being effective would be for states to just so “No” to any monies coming in from Federal Department of Education into a state. And the state ban companies in their state from collecting federal income taxes on employees. The state sends money to DC vs it being taken. States also could offer alternative to residents — offer own SS and not allow companies to collect SS for the government. If individuals in a said declared state wants SS, they can send it in on their own. Now is the prime time for twenty or so states to unite and do these things. Now, while we are in the midst of the created chaos, we find our own order. The window of time for this to be successful and people to have the balls to do so is very small, though.

  20. ~ Monday …Monday…. Remember the mama & the papa’s ….
    Honey …Sugar ~ Sugar ….. ” the BLOOMBERG FOOL TOOL”
    Judge Milton Tingling…. SAYS…. NO NO NO ~ Good move M T!

  21. What kind of lies will they spin to explain all the ammo and tank purchases? Forbes takes notice and ASKS what Big Sis is up to:

    1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It’s Time For A National Conversation

    The Denver Post, on February 15th, ran an Associated Press article entitled Homeland Security aims to buy 1.6b rounds of ammo, so far to little notice. It confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security has issued an open purchase order for 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. As reported elsewhere, some of this purchase order is for hollow-point rounds, forbidden by international law for use in war, along with a frightening amount specialized for snipers. Also reported elsewhere, at the height of the Iraq War the Army was expending less than 6 million rounds a month. Therefore 1.6 billion rounds would be enough to sustain a hot war for 20+ years. In America.

    Add to this perplexing outré purchase of ammo, DHS now is showing off its acquisition of heavily armored personnel carriers, repatriated from the Iraqi and Afghani theaters of operation. …

    It is utterly inconceivable that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is planning a coup d’etat against President Obama, and the Congress, to install herself as Supreme Ruler of the United States of America. There, however, are real signs that the Department bureaucrats are running amok. …”

    • This woman has a mental disability, put her in a padded room and take away her EVERYTHING!

      Feinstein: Veterans May Have PTSD And Should Not Be Exempt From Gun Ban… 3/8/13

      At a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on Thursday, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) opposed an amendment to her Assault Weapons Ban legislation that would allow military veterans to continue to buy the firearms that would be banned. Feinstein says a veteran may be mentally ill and should be prevented from purchasing firearms.

      • Opp’s, this was the link meant to go here. The one above was meant to be posted below…

        We can only hope all gun and ammo makers follow suite 🙂

        Number Of US Gun Makers Refusing Sales To Gov’t In ‘Firearms Equality Movement’ Triples In Two Weeks 3/09/2013 Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.

        On February 22, “Right Views” reported that a growing number firearm companies have suspended the sale of guns to states, counties, cities and municipalities that restrict their citizens’ rights to own them.

        In just two weeks, the number of companies participating in what has been named the “Firearms Equality Movement,” has more than tripled from 34 companies to 118.

        The Police Loophole lists every company and links to the statements that each has released regarding their new policies.

        Wilson Combat, a custom pistol manufacturer located in Berryville, Arkansas, joined the movement on February 28 stating the following:

        “Wilson Combat will no longer provide any products or services to any State Government imposing legislation that infringes on the second amendment rights of its law abiding citizens. This includes any Law Enforcement Department, Law Enforcement Officers, or any State Government Entity or Employee of such an entity. This also applies to any local municipality imposing such infringements.”

      • Yep. Been noticing that meme for a long time. “They’re all unhinged.” They are, iirc, among those who may become “domestic terrorists”, too, according to DHS.

        PTSD. All these diagnoses serve to aid the leftists in their plan to fundamentally transform the USA. Diagnose all the vets. Get them to use more and more veterans’ benefits. They bloat the benefit roles further by putting most kids, especially little boys (potential domestic terrorists), on ADHD, ADD, ODD, etc. drugs. That serves their purposes to make people dependent upon government and help bloat the debt and deficit, too.

        Now they can use PTSD diagnoses to deny veterans their Constitutional rights, AFTER they put their lives in jeopardy to serve their country and defend the Constitution! The syndrome is nothing new. Shell shocked, they used to call it. The WWII vets muddled through.

        The Greatest Generation did NOT go on gun rampages in the USA after the war, although there were more gun owners in the decades after the war than there are today. Truly. Glenn Beck said 50% of homes then had guns, which is less than today. And yet crime was less then (especially mass shootings).

        If guns (or vets) were the cause and the problem, then crime would have been worse then and less today. But it’s not.

        By any means necessary, even if it means demonizing our veterans.

  22. Greece ~ Italy ~ Spain… & US have no jobs …. for 1/2 our youths
    as we wait for the Great Powerful OZ…. to pull something off… maybe?

  23. Rosemary Woodhouse

    My posts are usually so serious. Saw this and had to share
    Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama go to heaven:

    God addresses Gore first. ”Al, what do you believe in?”

    Gore replies, “Well, I believe that I won that election, but that it was your will that I did not serve and I’ve come to understand that now.”

    God thinks for a second and says, “very good. Come and sit at my left.”

    God then addresses Clinton. “Bill, what do you believe in?”

    Clinton replies, “I believe in forgiveness. I’ve sinned, but I’ve never held a grudge against my fellow man, and I hope no grudges are held against me.”

    God thinks for a second and says, “You are forgiven, my son. Come and sit at my right.”

    Then God addresses 0 ba m a, “B ar ack, what do you believe in?”

    0 ba m a replies,”I believe you’re in my chair.”

  24. Sources: Obama poised to pick Thomas Perez for secretary of labor

    The Washington Times March 10, 2013 Jim Kuhnhenn & Sam Hananel – AP

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Two people familiar with the process say President Obama is close to naming Thomas E. Perez, a civil rights official in the Justice Department, as his choice to head the Department of Labor.

    His nomination could come as early as Monday, the people familiar with the process said Saturday. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the official announcement has not yet been made.

    Flashback –

    Federal Court: DOJ May Have Lied About the New Black Panther Case

    PJ Tatler 7/31/2012 Hans Von Spakovshy

    In a little noted decision on July 23, a federal district court judge concluded that internal DOJ documents about the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case “contradict Assistant Attorney General [Thomas] Perez’s testimony that political leadership was not involved in” the decision to dismiss the case.

    In other words, the sworn testimony of Perez, the Obama political appointee who heads the Civil Rights Division, before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights was apparently false.

    The decision in Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice by Judge Reggie Walton was in a case filed by Judicial Watch after the Civil Rights Division refused to turn over documents about the NBPP case requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Walton is the same federal judge who presided over the prosecution of Scooter Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff.

  25. Mayor Bloomberg, and Mooooochelle take notice!

    Study: Even ancient mummies had clogged arteries

    ap Mar 10, 8:57 PM EDT MARIA CHENG

    Even without modern-day temptations like fast food or cigarettes, people had clogged arteries some 4,000 years ago, according to the biggest-ever study of mummies searching for the condition.

    Researchers say that suggests heart disease may be more a natural part of human aging rather than being directly tied to contemporary risk factors like smoking, eating fatty foods and not exercising.

    CT scans of 137 mummies showed evidence of atherosclerosis, or hardened arteries, in one third of those examined, including those from ancient people believed to have healthy lifestyles. Atherosclerosis causes heart attacks and strokes. More than half of the mummies were from Egypt while the rest were from Peru, southwest America and the Aleutian islands in Alaska. The mummies were from about 3800 B.C. to 1900 A.D.

    • Funny. One story about this said that it was the “elites” who suffered. Mooooooch take note. Wagyu beef, not good for the arteries.

  26. A note to Bridgette. Hope all is well, we have not been seeing much of you lately. You, your great post’s, your input, and article posting’s are dearly missed. Hoping we see a lot more of you very soon! Miss ya 🙂

    Miri, don’t get me wrong, your fantastic of course 🙂 but the two of you together you make the dynamo team! Just noticed Bridgette’s absence, and am miss’in her.

  27. I came across this link last night and wanted to share for those that enjoy reading past American History…My personal favorite subject.

  28. Nancy says Obama has been Bipartisan. 😆

    • She’s delusional. What a snark-ass. “Thank you for the question.” She really didn’t appreciate actually being challenged by a question that wasn’t totally fawning. She actually looked surprised, didn’t she? Does she really think we’re stupid enough to believe that she HOPES there will be a bipartisan agreement on anything? Notice that what she claims to be working on with Barry “for the American people” is a bunch of stuff that WE the PEOPLE oppose. We don’t want amnesty. We don’t want gun control. We don’t want Obamacare. What she really means is that they believe that they know what’s best for us and they’re going to do it despite us.

  29. Is the Obamamedia waking up?? 🙄

    • Who knows? They worry about rich people buying access. As if the celebs that show up every Wednesday at the WH aren’t enough evidence of selling access! Beyonce has had more dinners with them than Mitch McConnell or John McCain, arguably people that Obama should be dining with, if anybody. Today, Jay Carney Barker actually attacked Mara Liasson of NPR. I heard on radio that the reporters in the background were appalled at his attitude:

      Jay Carney Snaps at NPR Reporter Over Budget Question

      White House Press Secretary Jay Carney during a press briefing on Monday snapped at NPR reporter Mara Liasson for asking whether entitlement reforms would be part of President Barack Obama’s official budget.

      “Mara, the way you phrase that question makes me think that you’re still working on a typewriter or something. It’s available online. The proposal is there,” a frustrated Carney replied.

      Liasson then reminded Carney that she was asking specifically if it would be in Obama’s budget. Carney refused to answer the question and said he would not “predict the budget.”

      “I would wait for the budget to come out,” Carney added. “But it is the president’s position, it is the president’s offer.””

      Obama’s “Charm Offensive” Derailed By White House Spokesman, The Occasionally Charming Jay Carney [He’s NEVER charming, imho.]

      It’s week two of the president’s charm offensive, and already there is dissension in the ranks.

      … The first questioner, the Associated Press’s Jim Kuhnhenn, asked Carney to square President Obama’s “charm offensive” with his decision to speak this week to the highly partisan Organizing for Action group.

      “I think you’re misrepresenting the group,” Carney informed Kuhnhenn.

      NPR’s Mara Liasson asked him a question about Obama’s yet-to-be-released budget. “Mara, the way you phrase that question, you know, makes me think that you’re still working on a typewriter or something,” Carney told the 57-year-old radio correspondent. Mara took it well….

      He further informed ABC News’s Ann Compton that she had a mistaken understanding of the president’s meetings this week with lawmakers. And when CBS’s Bill Plante pressed him on when Obama would release a budget (it was supposed to have been done last month), Carney leaned forward to argue.

      I challenge virtually every premise of your question,” he told Plante. “I don’t know what your question is here,” he said when Plante tried to ask it in a different way. Bill Plante has been reporting on the White House since before Carney was born…..

      Bill, how long have you been covering Washington?” Carney asked the 75-year-old newsman when he persisted in inquiring about the tardiness of the budget. “Has there ever been a presidential budget that was enacted, word for word, into law?

      NBC’s Chuck Todd broke in, telling Carney that a president never waits until after the House and the Senate introduce budgets to introduce his own. “Well, I disagree with that,” Carney snapped.

      This might be called putting the “offense” in charm offensive.

      It was a caution to those swept away by the notion that an entirely new and amiable Obama White House has suddenly emerged: Charm is hard. …”

      Charm is nonexistent in the Obama WH.

      Are they waking up? Who knows? It’s about time, if they are. They still don’t seem to realize, none of them, including Peggy Noonan, just exactly who and what he is. Maybe especially her.

      ” … Barack Obama really is a study in contrasts, such as aloof and omnipresent. He’s never fully present and he won’t leave. He speaks constantly, endlessly, but always seems to be withholding his true thoughts and plans. He was the candidate of hope and change, of “Yes, we can,” but the mood of his governance has been dire, full of warnings, threats, cliffs and ceilings, full of words like suffering and punishment and sacrifice.

      It’s always the language of zero-sum, of hardship that must be evenly divided, of constriction and accusation.

      It’s all so frozen, so stuck. Just when America needs a boost, some faith, a breakthrough.

      Mr. Obama is making the same mistake he made four years ago. We are in a jobs crisis and he does not see it. [NO, Peggy. He’s planning it!] He thinks he’s in a wrestling match about taxing and spending, he thinks he’s in a game with those dread Republicans. But the real question is whether the American people will be able to have jobs. [He doesn’t WANT THEM TO, Peggy.]

      Once they do, so much will follow—deficits go down a little as fewer need help, revenues go up as more pay taxes. Confidence and trust in the future will grow. People will be happier. [And that’s the LAST THING THAT BARRY WANTS, PEGGY. He wants them uncertain, afraid, lacking confidence and trust, and dependent upon HIM and big government.]

      There’s little sense he sees this. Dr. Doom talks about coming disaster when businessmen need the confidence to hire someone. He’s missing the boat on the central crisis of his second term.”

      Do you think she gets it? Hardly. She seems to think that Dr. Doom is not planning this doom. He is. When will they recognize and accept that FACT? The central crisis of his two terms is by design. It’s his plan and his goal.

      The entire article is worth reading because she DOES GET his game with regard to this charm offensive and the reason for it. It’s just another gambit in his plan to demonize the Republicans for the sequestration and run against them in 2014, using OFA.

    • I saw that earlier today and actually went in front of the mirror to see if THAT happens when making that face….. He has got to invest in a better make up mask artist. The current one has had to many “slips” and “slides” with gravity. I still say the guy is closer to 60+, but you know how I love my blinged-out tinnies….. Black he ain’t!

      • I agree with you; he looks far older than the age that he’s supposed to be. Note the turkey wattle. Not typical of a 51-year-old, especially an African-American (allegedly).

  30. Well, well, looks like someone found a way for the Social Security numbers of The Mr. and Mrs. to get exposed, along with other financial information that could lead to non-birthers wondering. Make it a tabloid before the news is attached to any pre-designated wacko-bird group and the masses actually read and ask questions. Wonder if some of the credit report stuff will show stuff connected to the not purchasing and owning the Chicago home, I mean house, as it is not a home or they would have gone back for the holidays and birthdays of the girls.

      • Or was this ‘conveniently hacked’ to verify student loans ‘existed’????? C’mon, really, Progressive Auto ran a credit check for in 2011 when Mr. And Mrs. needed auto insurance? For security reasons, the purchase would have been made without a check and a check could not have been made because, again, security would have had it blocked. Yes??

      • Michelle Obama
        SSN: 350-60-2302
        DOB: 01/17/1964
        Phone Number’s: (773) 702-0770, (773) 343-2082, (773) 644-4809
        Last *KNOWN* Address: 180 N LA SALLE ST 2200

        CHICAGO, IL 60601

        Previous Addresses:
        5046 S GREENWOOD AVE, CHICAGO, IL 60615
        5450 S EAST VIEW PARK PK1, CHICAGO, IL 60615
        7436 S Euclid Ave Chicago, IL 60649
        5470 S Everett Ave Apt 1S Chicago, IL 60615

    • How would anybody know whether or not the information allegedly exposed is real, anyway? Can you trust anything seen on the Internet? These are Russians, they suspect; but their site looks suspiciously like something from OWS. And they claim they love Mooch. Enough said. Why would Russians? It could all be another Alinsky distraction. That story reminds us of how the Bush family’s emails and photos were hacked and published. Did Mooch feel left out? Any publicity is good publicity. Isn’t that the rule for ALL “celebrities”? She imagines she’s similar to Beyonce and the other “stars”.

      • Exactly! I thought I had been misdirected to an OWS site, actually! lol.

      • I bet someone from Free will find out where the domain of the website is and who owns it.

      • I don’t know why Russians but the bombers are from Russians from Chekyna (or however it is spelled) which is mainly comprised of Suni Muslim which are supposedly associated or strong family ties to Saudis, and Michelle supposedly went to visit a Saudi student injured in Boston Bombing that was originally a suspect but now being deported after Kerry and POtuS talked with Saudi Officials/Royalty or whatever……….and then……”I will have more flexibility after the election”

        Why Russian? The answer may be right in front of us.

    • So GUCCIFER struck again! First the Bushes and now others. I wonder which one of Michelle’s Social Security numbers was revealed. Is it
      one that The Obama Hustle identified in his reports?

  31. We received this comment: “We have had four years, plus with this president has been in office on fraudulent pretense’s, and no one with clout, has yet to get anyone with authority to do something about this fraud in Office. I would have thought that if there is truth, through evidence, to the fraud that has been in place for the last four years,Plus that one of these congressman, or senator, would have the gumshion to bring forth impeachment charges on this man in office, then charge this man with fraud. Knowing that there is this information floating around, and nobody has attempted to do anything about it, is upsetting as hell, and if there are Senators, and Congress persons that know about it and has done Nothing, to me they are just as guilty as Obama is, and they to need to be thrown into prison along with Obama.”

    Because I don’t know whether or not this writer wishes to be anonymous or contribute as a “named” commenter, I’ll just post the comment under my own name and add my response:

    We’re as puzzled as you are. Our blog has been in existence for almost 4 years, and so far we haven’t figured out the answer to these questions, which we have also asked for years, both here and at other blogs.

    Mark Steyn recently said that there’s no Republican who will impeach Obama because they “don’t want that hanging around their necks.” That’s sadly probably true.

    They care more for their own careers and their party than they care about saving our country from the disastrous policies of this man.

    Today, right now, families suffer without jobs, without hope. Seniors see their retirement savings disappearing or at least not growing as expected, so now the WSJ reports that those who worked and saved all their lives will live lower-class lives when they expected to live middle-class lives after retirement. (Of course, those who once lived lower-class lives, because they never bothered to work or save in the first place, will likely be living middle-class lives, courtesy of the money earned and saved by those seniors who see their life savings confiscated to be redistributed via Obama’s idea of “fairness”.)

    Seniors and others will likely see their access to medical treatment cut off by the Obama death panels, while illegal aliens and deadbeats get the best of care. It’s already begun.

    Our constitutional rights are under siege. First Amendment, Second Amendment, Fifth, Tenth, Fourteenth. You name it. Drones are spying on us and the AG and POtuS believe that they have the right to be judge, jury, and executioner if they decide you’re engaged in “combat” or are an “imminent” threat to them. (I would say to the country, but I believe “them” more appropriately describes their mindset.)

    Apparently, the Republicans believe, must believe, that they’re going to be able to get back control of Congress and/or the presidency. I hope they’re right, but fear they’re wrong. They “misunderestimate” this guy in the WH.

    • After the dinner date by Republicans, which indicates where and who they stand by and give loyalties, instead of staying and supporting their own, it is clear they are not waiting to get back in control to fix but to continue with The Usurpation. And, whether or not these diners did not want to stay and support, I expect them to stay when in session and not just pick and choose when to skip out. I would expect them to stay for anyone, anyparty that filibusters because that is their job to be their. Very few non-Marxists left in Washington.

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