Does This Make Sense? (Open Thread)

Posted by Bridgette@WTPOTUS 2013


If we lie to the government




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  1. Peaceful ? …… allah knows best????

    • Oh, this is special, isn’t it? Malik with the thug Gaddafi (or however you spell his name this week):

      He met Gaddafi at least six times! WHY?

      Have we seen this photo before? Identify the women, if you can. Is that not Kezia on the far right?
      larger Another head game? Source of Barry’s face?

      Malik is 6’4″? Who knew? “He complains that he is maligned and misunderstood because he is a Muslim and a black man. His voice is deep, with an American twang – he has lived in Washington since 1985 and divides his time between there and Kogelo.” Does he, now?

      “Malik reveals how he once tried to use his family ties to change the shape of international politics – by pleading with his brother to save Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi after his people turned against him in 2011.

      ‘I went to see my brother and I said look, this is somebody I know and it’s terrible what is going on. Let’s see if we can talk to him and find some kind of rapprochement. He wasn’t interested.

      ‘He didn’t want to know, which was very disappointing. But he did tell me that he shook Gaddafi’s hand when they met at a conference in Rome.

      Then he chides Barack for not doing enough to help his Kenyan relatives.

      ‘I’m very proud of my brother, but I would like for him to do a little bit more for the family on this side. I would like to say he could send some money. I give money when asked. That’s what family is for. We’re not well off, though people think we are.’” SNARK!!!!

      Another new photo?


      She looks right at home. She likes the saying, “Let’s move.” I say, please do. Move on, Mooch, move on.

      More tidbits:

      “Malik was just one in 1959 when his father, Barack Obama Senior, left his wife Kezia to take up a scholarship at the University of Hawaii. Malik’s sister Auma, two years younger, appears to have been conceived when his father was home on holiday. Kezia, now 72, later studied in America and lives in Bracknell, Berkshire.”

      “Malik recalls: ‘My father came back in 1964 and we lived here in Kogelo, before moving to Nairobi. He was the senior manager at the Kenya Tourist Development Agency, which was a very good job. We had the very best of everything – a nice car, a lovely house, and servants.

      ‘But we lost it all after the accident in 1971 because he couldn’t work. I was going to one of the best private schools, but I suddenly I had to walk ten miles to get there.

      ‘There were times when we didn’t even have money for food. I had to scrounge meals from family members. [RUTH the wealthy was letting them starve? I don’t believ it!] It was tough to see my father’s disintegration. He died at 46, without ever realising objectives. Just by being alive I’ve already achieved something he didn’t.’

      After graduating from the University of Nairobi with a degree in accountancy, Malik worked in Nairobi until 1985, when he moved to America.

      Barack made contact soon after I started living in Washington and flew from Chicago, to meet me,’ he says. ‘I knew about him from the beginning, because my father used to talk about him a lot.’

      Malik, who runs a small electronics shop a half-hour’s drive outside Washington, says there is nothing wrong in using his name as a force for change – but he adds that his brother’s family is not involved.

      ‘They’re hands-off,’ he said. ‘They’re not involved in what I’m doing. He’s doing his thing, he’s the President of United States. I am Malik Obama, doing this thing.’

      He claims to have raised nearly $100,000 for his foundation, a charity set up to in 2008 to ‘do good for Kogelo’.

      But there have been questions about where the money has gone. A probe was launched over cash owed to the US taxman from his fund-raising activities. Much of the money raised had come from Malik’s Muslim connections in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan and Yemen.

      These people were happy that my brother is the President of the United States,’ he says. ‘So they invited me to conferences. I saw it as a chance to use my name in a good cause.’”

      “Malik insists he is a fair man. ‘There have been 12 wives since my first marriage in 1981, [WHOOPS! 1981?] when Barack was my best man. I have done my best with all of them, along with the children.’ He won’t, however, say how many he has.

      When I ask about the reactions of the President and First Lady to his polygamous life, he shrugs and grins slyly. ‘They’ve never commented to me about it. They keep their thoughts on such matters to themselves. But they are happy that I’m a proud Muslim.’”

      Good find, Zenway. There’s a story we won’t be reading in the New York Times! So it’s confirmed: 12 wives! AT LEAST!

      • “Malik worked in Nairobi until 1985, when he moved to America.

        Barack made contact soon after I started living in Washington and flew from Chicago, to meet me,’ he says. ‘I knew about him from the beginning, because my father used to talk about him a lot.”

        compared to this further in article dates.

        ” ‘There have been 12 wives since my first marriage in 1981, [WHOOPS! 1981?] when Barack was my best man”

        Met him (for first time by following with, “I knew about him from the beginning, because my father used to talk about him a lot.”) in 1985 but Barack was his best man in 1981. Yep, Whoops! 1981. Is that one of his missing years he was supposed to be in Pakistan?

        • Exactamente! The lost year. When Barry was 20. When Barry went to Kenya for the first time, most likely, which explains WHY they have to remove his younger head and replace it (at an odd angle) with an older version of his smiling face. They slipped up on the ONE photo. That one where he’s carrying Granny Sarah’s yams to market in that sack upon his back. They forgot to replace the head with an older version.

          larger 20-year-old? I think so.

          • And not the cool gigolo in a white hat smoking, either. NOT at all. Very interesting when looking at it in 400 or 800 pixels.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            WAIT!!!! Photo in red shirt seated and on left. Doesn’t that head shot remind you of the Col omb i a photo w/ g’parents on park bench?

          • I agree, What A Hoot. He looks nothing like the gigolo in the pimp hat. WHY is that? It’s either a contemporaneous photo or one taken only a few years after. In the photo where he’s sitting with Granny Sarah (a relatively young granny), look how young the other women look. Kezia has an infant. Who would that child be? 1981, Kezia would have been about 40 and so still perhaps having children. But with whom? Unless that’s her grandchild. Is that Auma, Kezia’s daughter, sitting next to her? Did Auma have a child then? Of course, that baby could be one of Malik’s MANY. Granny Sarah, in 1981, would have been about 60. IF 1985 (or 86/87, depending upon which tale you believe), Kezia would be 44-45 and Sarah would be 64-65. (Their ages change, too, depending on who’s telling the story.)

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Happy he’s a proud Muslim. Gracious! Speculative, but could it be because MO TU s lets her husband be polygamous too? Maybe not polygamous in the legal sense but in the let us each do our own thing sense. Used to be referred to as an open marriage.

    • “Having picked up an Oscar, Adele might have thought her incredible US adventure couldn’t get much better.

      But now I can reveal the Skyfall singer has landed the biggest gig of next year – singing for Michelle Obama during her 50th birthday party at the White House.

      The 24-year-old star will join Beyonce at the bash on January 17 – proof she has been given the ultimate seal of approval in the US.

      Adele has graciously accepted and waived her usual fee for the high-profile private performance. She will sing a selection of her most-loved hits for the First Lady and her friends.’

      According to sources, Mrs Obama has long been a fan of Adele and is eager to share the singer’s talents with her nearest and dearest at her party.

      The source added: ‘The Obamas will pay Adele’s expenses as it’s a private party, not a State one.’

      REALLY? REALLY? They’re planning a huge bash at the White House, with Adele singing for Mooch, for Mooch’s 50th birthday? REALLY? They expect to do this after shutting down the White House for tours? Yes, it’s 9 months from now, but still

      9 months in the planning from conception to birth! Mooch’s 50th birthday bash! Isn’t that special?

      Another story you won’t be reading in the New York Times. At least not until then, when they won’t be able to resist gushing over all the celebs in attendance. Is Adele to be the token white?

      A command performance for her majesty? Yes, the source was quick to point out that the Obama’s will pay for Adele’s trip there and good Ms. Adele–she’s waiving her fee. Is Beyonce? (Disgusting outfit, btw. At least Adele looks classy.)

      Even if they pay to shuttle the celebs in, will the Obamas pay the REST OF THE EXPENSES FOR THE SOIREE? THE OVERHEAD, SO TO SPEAK–FOR SECURITY, LIGHTS, HEATING, FOOD, ETC.? Somehow, I doubt it.

      btw, WHAT is that lump on Mooch’s right elbow?

      • the lump is not on Michelle’s elbow. That is not Michelle; funny they ran with an impersonator for pic.. . .

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