Black Leader Calls Obama a “Borderline” Communist! (Open Thread!)

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Black Leader Labels Marxist Obama!


Harry Alford on Hannity


The following was all transcribed from the video shown below.  It is important to not only listen to the words of another prominent black, conservative leader, but to read them.

Finally, people in the spotlight are using labels for Obama and his ilk’s ideology that are correct.  Allen West stated he believed that “80 House democrats are communists,”  (members of the Black Caucus), and he also said, “Obama is a “Marxist, socialist, rigid ideologue.    Now we have  the CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce calling Obama’s actions, borderline communist.

Many times, I have said we needed to use the anti-American ideological labels so people would understand what is behind the decisions and actions Obama and the radical, Progressive Democrats are espousing; those of socialists and the goals of communists.    If those terms were used to describe Obama in 2008 and 2012, perhaps he would not have won.  Why? Because interested, yet uneducated people who looked up Obama’s lack of documentation,  would also have searched for the definition of socialists and communists.  They would have educated themselves if they weren’t taught about them in public schools.  They would learn the history of the communists and socialists and what they believe. Their intent is to destroy the USA, its values, traditions, and history and replace it with a system that has failed in every single country where it was implemented.  Their intent is take over the USA, and create a socialist/communist system of government.  The same type government that rules over oppressive, dictatorial countries like Russia, China,  North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela.

Instead, the media, our presidential nominees, and congressmen who were running for office were silent.  Because of their political correctness and fear of  the leftist media backlash, the presidential election was lost to a Marxist, Barack Obama.   His many communist/socialist cohorts won other power positions within our government both nationally, statewide, and locally, as well.  If they were not elected, then Obama chose them or nominated them to be in positions of responsibility, i.e., cabinet members,  agency secretaries, or czars.  The rabid anti-Americans not only have infiltrated our government, they were elected!

Now from a variety of sources, the terms Socialist and Communist are starting to be used to describe the people and policies of the people who hold power within our government.   This includes labeling  Obama.

On Feb. 22, after a National Press Club Meeting, a reporter from the Daily Caller asked Harry Alford, CEO, Black Chamber of Commerce,
what he thought about Pres. Obama and his policies.

His response,

“He doesn’t have a clue, he has never had a business,  he has never had a real job. He doesn’t understand how it all works. he is just…  As you know I don’t really support him to well. And he knows it.  And that is a badge of honor.  He’s bad, he’s bad.  And I supported him.  I voted him the first time around.  I had hopes because he was black.  Shame on me.  He is not  Adam Smith. He does not believe in capitalism the way America, our founding fathers did.  He is very social, and it is getting borderline communist.

Hannity’s  interview with Harry C. Alford.

Hannity:  Sir, good to see you.  Welcome back.

Alford:  Well thanks, Hannity.   Shawn, Shawn, please.  Glad to be back.

Hannity: …You actually said something that caught my attention, before we get to Obama, “I voted for him the first time around.  I had hope because he was black.  Shame on me.”   What did you mean by that, Sir?

Alford:    We were in such hopes that finally that black leader came around, and that he was tall and handsome, and could speak so eloquently, and he was going to lead us and take us to a new level. We were kind of blinded by that; we being the African American community basically, and many others Hispanics and others.  It didn’t turn out that way.  It didn’t turn out that way.  It is like the old Roberta Flack song, ‘Killing me Softly”.  Wins me over, then sweet talks me to my death… if we don’t watch it.

Hannity:   I like the song, but I don’t like the way this has turned out.  The president has been scaring people a lot, demagoguing about the economy.  Here is my fear.

We’ve got 50 Million Americans on food stamps.  We’ve got 1 in 6 Americans in poverty.  We’ve got $6 trillion in new Obama debt.  Now the economy is contracting.  What has he done wrong because he said he would fix all this?

Alford:   He hasn’t done anything to fix it, he has been ignoring it. He has been spending, spending, spending — that’s the problem – spending.

He wants to tax, tax, tax.  Yet the irony of it is,  he dogs successful people.  He says they are bad. Rich is evil, but yet he is courting on his knees the rich to come and give him some money so that he can use it for whatever reason, I don’t know.  He’s turned out, I don’t know what he is planning for us.

Hannity:  When you look at demographics, and probably we spend to much time in this country breaking things down demographically, we are all Americans.    But you look at the African American community voted for him by 95%.   Huge numbers.  When you look and break down demographics, it is the young people in this country that voted for him in a majority of numbers.  African Americans and minorities that seem to be hurt the most by his policies.

Alford:  Absolutely.

Hannity:   Why then would they vote for him?

Alford:  And they even know it.  Ben Jealous, of the NAACP, admitted it on “Meet the Press”.  We all  know this misery.  But it is something like, “Well, we got a bad guy in the family, but we are going to protect him because he is family.”  We gotta to wake up;  slap ourselves and wake up!

This is America, and everybody is involved in this.  If our children are hurting, it is our responsibility to find someone who understands that pain, feels it like Bill Clinton would say.  This guy doesn’t feel it.  In fact, he issues a lot of that pain…with a smile.

Hannity:  You said he isn’t Adam Smith, he doesn’t believe in capitalism the way our founders did, and he is very social and becoming borderline communist.

Alford:  I said it, and to my advisers including my wife, I should never say that, but ..

Hannity:  Why, why do you believe it?

Alford:   Well, it is so anti-capitalistic. This distribution of wealth.  That to me, that says it all;  he. wants. to. redistribute. wealth.  Take money that was honestly earned and taxed by people who struggled and suffered and paid the price to win that money or at least keep it.  He wants to take it from them, give it to people who don’t  have to do a thing!

It is the will of the State to oversee everyone.  And for the unions to control the employees, and for the CEO’s to just sit and be quiet,  while we take all we can, and then tax the rest.

Hannity:  “To each according to his needs, from each according to his ability.”  You know the people that are working now in New York and California, they are paying over 60  cents of every dollar they make to the government…state, local, federal government, etc.

You also said, that “He doesn’t have a clue, he has never had a business,  he has never had a real job.”  Why don’t you think that the
media in this country paid attention to the fact?  I still don’t know what a community organizer is.  Maybe you can help me out.  I don’t know what an ACORN guy is except we see ACORN and what they are involved in in the elections.  Why do you think that the media ignores it and gives him a pass?

Alford:  I think they are in on it for some reason.  I can’t figure out our media.  I used to have faith in all the media that they would print the news, print the truth.  It looks like we are having in a couple entities …it resembles old PRAVDA of the Soviet Union, doesn’t it?

Hannity:  I will say this, there is a state run media.  And democracy, I would argue Sir, can not function without a diligent media that does its job.  We don’t have that in this country right now, we really don’t.  (Unintelligible word)  Uh – meaning the mainstream media.

Last thing about President Obama, maybe give your thoughts.  Why
is it that he gets away with this fear mongering?

We are going to cut $85 billion out of a $3.6 Trillion budget.  He has already increased the budget 20%, we are just trying to save the country from accumulating more debt. Why does he go through this whole fear mongering over just a small cut after dramatic increases.  Why do you think he is doing that?

Alford:  It is part of that divide and conquer.  He is trying to bait and switch.  The deal is, we want a 3% reduction.  THREE percent.

Hannity:  2.4%

Alford:  That’s peanuts!  You can do that.  That’s so simple.  When I was in corporate America, and if the boss said we have to decrease the budget 2.4%, we’d all start dancin’!

Hannity:  Alright Sir, good to see you.   Thank you for being with us.

Alford:  Thank you.




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