MOSCA: The Obama Drone (Open Thread)

© Miri WTPOTUS February 28, 2013   Spoof alert.

flybarry - Copy

Thanks to an anonymous tip, WTPOTUS has breaking news about the MOSCA (Morphable Obama Stealth Cybernetic Agent)–the very first miniature drone developed by the Barack Obama administration. This fly-like drone actually flies and, exactly like a regular housefly, “drones” (on and on and on, like the president).

Unlike some other drone technology (e.g., Darpa’s Hybrid Insect Micro Electromechanical Systems), which inserts mechanics inside of a real insect, the MOSCA was designed to be a totally self-replicating cybernetic organism (or cyborg). Thanks to nano- and bio-technology, a MOSCA can thrive on crap (again, like the president), gathering all the raw material it needs to replicate from sewage. Groundbreaking technology allows the drone to lay “eggs” that develop into cyborg-maggots and then into full-sized MOSCAs, whenever necessary. 

Nano-cameras in multifaceted eyes allow the drone to grab 360-degree images in the blink of an eye. Nano-mics allow it to pick up conversations from within any room; and its programming allows it to isolate conversations even from noisy public locales, such as an outdoor Tea Party rally.

This drone uses cutting-edge technology to store data in its morphable DNA. Instead of digital 1’s and 0’s magnetically encoded onto a silicon chip, data is stored within the components of the MOSCA’s DNA. Thymine, guanine, adenine, and cytosine (TGAC) are reconfigured so that the drone’s terminally redundant DNA can store hundreds of terabytes of information. The drone is also capable of transmitting this information via ubiquitous cellphone towers back to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in the event of an attack against its “person” (e.g., with a fly swatter, which will be a federal crime, of course).

Thanks to carbon-fiber wings, a MOSCA can fly much faster than an ordinary housefly; thus, the drone is nearly impossible to swat (unless you’re as quick as Obama). For its wings, the drone captures and contains carbon from the atmosphere, which helps to reduce CO2 and mitigate global warming, thus meeting one of Obama’s “green” goals.

Meeting yet another Obama green goal, the MOSCA has solar collectors on its wings, allowing it to gather energy from the sun and artificial lights, not unlike a solar-powered calculator. As might be expected, this drone is resistant to insecticides; and bug repellents are useless against it.

The defense contractor who developed the MOSCA (a Democrat-owned American firm located in Saudi Arabia, with subcontractors in Iran, China, and North Korea) received an $85 billion grant from the EPA, via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, thus creating or saving tens of thousands of high-paying jobs overseas, for Muslims and communists.

A MOSCA will be capable of infiltrating anywhere that the Obama administration wants to go: bedrooms, public restrooms, the House of Representatives, Republican National Headquarters, elevators, white supremacists’ outhouses, automobiles, port-a-potties, the NRA, living rooms, offices–the possibilities are endless.

Although a MOSCA may be useful in “overseas contingency operations“, the Obama administration intends to use this drone within the borders of the United States, without warrants, of course. They do not, however, expect to deploy it during “workplace violence” that involves Muslims.

Sources inform us that the drone is scheduled to deploy on 6/6/2013 (2+1+3=6). Rumors about MOSCA have been flying and buzzing around DC, recently.

At a White House press gaggle, someone asked presidential spokesperson Mocking Jay Carney-Barker to respond. (That reporter was subsequently banished from the White House Press Corpse and now “reports” at CNN.)

While Carney-Barker explained that he could not and would never confirm nor deny baseless rumors, he did also state that the Attorney General (AG) has advised the Obama administration that no persons in the USA (except illegal aliens, Muslims, felons, and liberal “persons of color”) have any reasonable expectation of privacy when it comes to being observed by houseflies, real or cyborg.

Our sources inform us that the AG expects that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will not interfere in any way in the “political decision” to deploy fly drones within the USA, perhaps because a MOSCA, during testing, left the Ohio micro-aviary to gather some very useful information on every SCOTUS judge.

Our anonymous sources reveal that the MOSCA has the capability of being armed with a biological weapon. Septic pathogens, in a toxic stew propagated from the saliva of Varanus komodoensis (aka the Komodo Dragon), can be stored in a tiny reservoir. Once armed, a MOSCA can make a beeline to any break in the target’s skin (a pimple, a scratch, a papercut, e.g.) and regurgitate the putrid poisonous payload through its labellum. Flesh-eating, antibiotic-resistant bacteria do the rest.

The “beauty” of this approach, according to designers, is that the drone “strike” and its effect are separated by time–it takes days for the target to die, but die he will. Nothing connects this pesky “housefly” to the assassination.

Could armed MOSCAs be used within the USA? We can gather a clue from what John Brennan, nominated to head the CIA, said recently about other types of drones currently in use by our government:

Asked squarely, “Could the Administration carry out drone strikes inside the United States?” Brennan replied, “This Administration has not carried out drone strikes inside the United States and has no intention of doing so.”

This is what is known as a non-responsive answer. It is reasonable to assume that if the answer was “no,” Brennan would simply have written, “no.” Instead, in order to avoid a giving straightforward “yes,” he answered a different question than the one that was asked.

When asked at [his confirmation] hearing whether he believed that the Obama administration could carry out drone assassinations on US soil, Brennan responded that he was determined to “optimize transparency on these issues, but at the same time, optimize secrecy and the protection of our national security.” He thus completely evaded the question …

Sources reveal that there was quite a dust-up during the development phase. Obama required each MOSCA to be “branded” on its forehead with a tiny image of Obama’s face. This, he insisted, is payback for the embarrassment that houseflies have caused him over the years.

Obama, often jokingly referred to as “The Lord of the Flies“, seems to be overly attractive to Musca domestica, which habitually land upon his lips, face, and forehead, eliciting snarky commentary in the blogosphere.

Obama won that battle, as he wins most battles, so each MOSCA will have Obama’s face emblazoned upon its head, right between the eyes. The administration is convinced that nobody will ever notice the Obama branding. Our sources paraphrased their attitude:

Ain’t nobody gonna look that close. The past four years have shown that the American people seldom see what’s right in front of their noses. We gave them bread and circuses to keep them distracted.

And so, come June sixth, the Fourth Reich, I mean, the Obama administration will “move forward” (Heil!) with deployment of the MOSCA. Before then, you might want to consider buying one of these:

Beekeepersmoker - Copy

End of  spoof.


I’m making light of something which is very serious, indeed. Perhaps you could say that I’m whistling past the graveyard. The above quotes by John Brennan are REAL, as are the linked pages, while the MOSCA is, of course, a figment of my imagination. Or is it?

Drones truly are in the news these days: [emphasis added to quotes]

The Federal Aviation Administration said [that] it had issued 1,428 permits to domestic drone operators since 2007, far more than were previously known. Some 327 permits are still listed as active.

Operators include police, universities, state transportation departments and at least seven federal agencies. The remotely controlled aircraft vary widely, from devices as small as model airplanes to large unarmed Predators.

The FAA, which has a September 2015 deadline from Congress to open the nation’s airspace to drone traffic, has estimated 10,000 drones could be aloft five years later. The FAA this week solicited proposals to create six sites across the country to test drones, a crucial step before widespread government and commercial use is approved. …

In theory, drones can offer unblinking eye-in-the-sky coverage. They can carry high-resolution video cameras, infrared sensors, license plate readers, listening devices and other high-tech gear. Companies have marketed drones disguised as sea gulls and other birds to mask their use.

That’s the problem, according to civil liberties groups. The technology is evolving faster than the law. Congress and courts haven’t determined whether drone surveillance would violate privacy laws more than manned planes or helicopters, or whether drone operators may be held liable for criminal trespassing, stalking or harassment.

Americans have the right to know if and how the government is using drones to spy on them,” said Catherine Crump, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, which has called for updating laws to protect privacy.

Drones are becoming more and more worrisome:

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is funding research on “micro-drones” that resemble moths, hummingbirds and other small flying creatures and hence can “hide in plain sight,” as one Air Force researcher told me. The Air Force is now testing micro-drones at facilities such as the “micro-aviary” at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

These micro-drones could be armed. The Air Force has produced an extrordinarily creepy animated video extolling possible applications of “Micro Air Vehicles,” which a narrator extols as “unobtrusive, pervasive, lethal.” The video shows winged drones swarming out of the belly of a plane and descending on a city, where the drones stalk and kill a suspect.

The Obama regime has quietly compiled legal arguments for assassinations of American citizens without a trial, as reported recently by NBC News.

It’s heartening to see this story covered in National Geographic, a respected, widely read publication. Their article is comprehensive, giving historical background on drones and information about this fast-developing global technology:

At least 50 other countries have drones, and some, notably China, Israel, and Iran, have their own manufacturers. Aviation firms—as well as university and government researchers—are designing a flock of next-generation aircraft, ranging in size from robotic moths and hummingbirds to Boeing’s Phantom Eye, a hydrogen-fueled behemoth with a 150-foot wingspan that can cruise at 65,000 feet for up to four days.

More than a thousand companies, from tiny start-ups like Miser’s to major defense contractors, are now in the drone business—and some are trying to steer drones into the civilian world. Predators already help Customs and Border Protection agents spot smugglers and illegal immigrants sneaking into the U.S. NASA-operated Global Hawks record atmospheric data and peer into hurricanes. Drones have helped scientists gather data on volcanoes in Costa Rica, archaeological sites in Russia and Peru, and flooding in North Dakota.

So far only a dozen police departments, including ones in Miami and Seattle, have applied to the FAA for permits to fly drones. But drone advocates—who generally prefer the term UAV, for unmanned aerial vehicle—say all 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the U.S. are potential customers. They hope UAVs will soon become essential too for agriculture (checking and spraying crops, finding lost cattle), journalism (scoping out public events or celebrity backyards), weather forecasting, traffic control. “The sky’s the limit, pun intended,” says Bill Borgia, an engineer at Lockheed Martin. “Once we get UAVs in the hands of potential users, they’ll think of lots of cool applications.”

Recently, a woman from Ukraine was arrested for allegedly entering into a sham marriage so that she could stay in the USA. What was most interesting about the story was its connection to drone technology:

The woman was not a mail-order bride. She had come here to study. She graduated from the University of Missouri with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering. … [C]ourt records show that the woman was working in Arizona. … “She also has worked on research for the Department of Defense, according to online résumés, specializing in micro-air vehicles: drones the size of birds and insects.”

That is the wonderful thing about a newspaper. Sometimes reading a single sentence is like opening a door into the future.

Drones the size of birds and insects.

We are already being monitored.

Perhaps it’s a good thing that this woman doesn’t want to go back to Ukraine and take with her all that she has learned, courtesy of our government.

As more and more countries develop their own drones (including our enemies, like Iran) or purchase the technology, allegedly for peaceful uses, it would behoove our leaders to carefully consider the Pandora’s Box that has been opened up with Obama’s extensive use of drone assassinations in foreign countries. How long before other countries claim the right to carry out assassinations, within our borders, against individuals they consider threats to their way of life?

Recently, the son of the “Blind Sheik”–the man imprisoned in the US for his role in the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center–threatened us:

We issued many warnings that a lack of response to our peaceful demands might encourage some Jihadi groups, who view the imprisonment of an Islamic icon like Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman in the U.S. as a direct affront to Islam. As we saw, some youths in Algeria took several people hostage, and tried to exchange them for Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman and for the Pakistani doctor Aafia Siddiqui.

We say: America should be held accountable for the actions of these groups. America got itself into this mess by kidnapping and imprisoning Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, followed by the kidnapping of Sheik Tal’at Fu’ad Qasim, of Abu Omar in Italy, and of Ahmad Salama in Azerbaijan. They were all kidnapped after President Bill Clinton made a decision, in 1993, to allow the CIA to kidnap these men, to interrogate them, and then extradite them to their countries…

It is America that proves, both directly and indirectly, that peaceful methods do not work with it. These guys undoubtedly wanted justice to be done, and that is why they carried out their actions.

So, you see, they believe that they are justified to take violent action against us to defend Islam and rectify what THEY BELIEVE is an injustice. While we think they’re lunatics, we can’t be sure, given recent history, that the UN or “international law” will see things our way.

The National Geographic article covers many important aspects of the debate about drones: safety, privacy, how to defend against drones from enemy countries, autonomous drones.  Shades of TERMINATOR.  Yikes!

What once was science fiction is very quickly becoming our worst “nightmare scenario.”  Big Brother on steroids … and potentially worse.

Obama may yet make good on his promise to unite us all, but not in the way he pretended to envision.  When it comes to our government using drones inside the USA, conservatives and libertarians now find common cause with liberal groups like the ACLU and the EFF.  It remains to be seen whether or not Congress and the Courts will protect us from the likes of MOSCA in the hands of a tyrannical executive branch.


UPDATE 06/21/13:  FBI head Robert Mueller ADMITTED that the FBI currently deploys drones to spy on US citizens:

The FBI uses drones for domestic surveillance purposes, the head of the agency told Congress early Wednesday.

Robert Mueller, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, confirmed to lawmakers that the FBI owns several unmanned aerial vehicles, but has not adopted any strict policies or guidelines yet to govern the use of the controversial aircraft.

“Does the FBI use drones for surveillance on US soil?” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) asked Mr Mueller during an oversight hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“Yes,” Mueller responded bluntly … Earlier in the morning, however, Mueller said that the agency was only now working to establish set rules for the drone program.

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  1. “Breaking: Acxiom Database Pull Shows Obama Also Used The Name Barack Soetoro”


    BREAKING NEWS – Obama / Soetoro discovered at Columbia University address. My friends. I am still going through all of the files that I made from all of the database pulls that I was completing almost daily on Obama and Soetoro just to name a few. On 10/21/2011 I completed a pull for the last names of Soetoro and Obama for the state of NY and I printed it and scanned the pull and made a file then for later use. I just found them again. I want the public to see it first because as Americans we all deserve the truth first before anyone else. Let others try to disprove this. I DARE THEM. Note the addresses that belong to both, “Barack Soetoro” (not Barry) and to Barack Obama as of 02/2010. It is an address in NYC at Columbia University. These were pulls that were completed using ACXIOM. I will be doing an article for the Hustle tomorrow. Documents had to be altered on 02/2010 at Columbia for there to be two separate indexes to be created. Could it be a name change to help hide something? Do they think we are stupid ???”


      • I updated the two posts that track his various names. The Broadway address is Columbia U.

        • I have to admit I’m confused by this article. This data was pulled in 2011? It wasn’t published then? (Was it?) The fact that the date reported is 2010, but no other dates (like Maya has) using that name…what does that mean? He didn’t LIVE at Columbia (as far as we know) so wouldn’t that name show up at his apartment addresses also? Maybe I missed the explanation.

          • SEO, I don’t understand how those databases work. I assume that Al is contending that when someone modified some public record coming out of Columbia in 2010, and changed the name from Barack Soetoro to Barack Obama, it updated this database that he “pulls” from. The address listed there is the address, apparently, at least TODAY, of some office at Columbia that deals with foreign students and how they fund their tuition. Maybe it’s an indication of the update taking place in 2010? They work with these databases, so they ought to be able to better explain to us how it works and how they KNOW this means someone in 2010 fixed the records. Like you, I wonder why the address of his school would show up in these public records. It must indicate an association of that address with that name and not necessarily as a place of residence. The date next to the address must indicate the date that the particular record showing that name and address was generated, by whatever source. Maybe it’s from a credit check? Where do these databases get their source records? Certainly from city directories. Phone books. Things like that. Maybe there are government records that are public and which are open to the people who compile these kinds of records. I know that it used to be (but it no longer is) possible for entities to BUY the entire DMV database from a state. That I-94 card sounds to me as if it’s a government-issued card. One crucial question is whether or not he had two SS#’s. One in the name of Barry or Barack Soetoro and the other (that he’s using) which he presents as belonging to Barack Obama but may or may not actually belong to Harrison Bounel. If you read it at the Obama Hustle, maybe it will make more sense than what was at ORYR.

          • SEO, that scrubbed Rolling Stone article I talked about elsewhere said this:
            The U.S. “… Defense Department tried to launch a system called Total Information Awareness to build what it called a “virtual, centralized grand database” that would create constantly updated electronic dossiers on every citizen, drawing on banking, credit-card, library and phone records, as well as footage from surveillance cameras. …”

            Those databases that Al accesses probably get some of their information from the same sources. It’s what “data miners” do.

    • Let’s see..He was president in 2010 using the name Barack Soetoro? For what reason was that name used, dear Barry? And why the use of a NY Address? What scam was he pulling at the time – 2 years ago?

    • “Update: Acxiom Database Confirms Obama Received Financial Aid At Columbia As Soetoro?”
      “BREAKING NEWS – Barack Soetoro aka Barack Obama Discovered At Columbia University As Of 2010”

      By Al Hendershot @ The Obama Hustle

      “It is well known that Obama supposedly attended Columbia University for his supposed last year of undergraduate studies. However, the name used for the financial aid that he reportedly received has been an unanswered question until now. There can be no denying that Obama used a different name to obtain monies reserved for foreign students to pay for his tuition to Columbia University back in the 80’s when was supposedly an undergraduate student.

      In October of 2011 I was conducting one of my daily database searches for any information relating to Obama and his alter identities such as his other last name of Soetoro. I discovered an anomaly using the database information that was pulled when I used the last name of Soetoro in and for the state of New York. The following exhibits are the items that were pulled when the searches were completed.”

      [go to link for exhibits]

      • TY, Gordo. Do you have a link for wherever it is that Al posts his articles? The ones he promises to write? I’d like to see if he wrote any lately. Seems we’re waiting for several.

      • No particular connection to your comment, but Citizen Wells, who’s enamored of the book 1984, would find this scrubbed article to be hair raising: China, with the help of our government and US companies, is instituting an Orwellian “Police State 2.0”

        “Here is a small sample of what the company [formerly L-1, now MorphoTrust] does: produces passports and passport cards for American citizens; takes finger scans of visitors to the U.S. under the Department of Homeland Security’s massive U.S.-Visit program; equips U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan with “mobile iris and multimodal devices” so they can collect biometric data in the field; maintains the State Department’s “largest facial-recognition database system”; and produces driver’s licenses in Illinois, Montana and North Carolina.

        That was as of when the article was written, in May 2008. Now, as we see, iirc, they make drivers licenses for 41 states.

  2. ABC Face The Nation -just now
    Bob Woodward just denied saying he was threatened by anyone. Like I said, don’t try to second guesse a lunatic.


    Ann Romney: ‘I’m Happy to Blame the Media’” What might have been.

  4. Growing some?

    Republicans warn government against political use of furloughs

    House Republicans, among them the head of a key oversight panel, threatened Friday to call Cabinet secretaries and other executive agency managers before congressional hearings on how furloughs are applied in the wake of forced spending cuts.

    The lawmakers warned President Barack Obama against choosing political gain over public safety in deciding which federal employees are assigned the periods of unpaid leave as a result of $85 billion in automatic cuts that began Friday. …”

    • “… From her own site, Atlas Shrugs, Pamela writes:

      the Grover Norquist/Suhail Khan cabal refuse to address (jihad, sharia, the war on freedom in the West).

      This year, I applied to speak and was ignored. I tried to get a room for an AFDI event, “The War on Free Speech,” and was ignored. So, for the first time in five years, I won’t be at CPAC. Last year Suhail Khan bragged out loud that he (and his other operatives) had successfully kept Robert Spencer and me from being invited to speak. He went so far as to warn people not to attend our events or read our books.

      In several articles I took on Grover Norquist and his powerful influence over CPAC, most notably here and here. As soon as I published my Newsmax column concerning his perfidious influence at CPAC, my Newsmax column was taken down and my name and picture were removed from the Newsmax page….. it was two slots away from Grover’s. My weekly column never appeared at Newsmax again. It was axed.

      Now this. I might add, every AFDI event at CPAC was standing room only. We turned people away every year. …”

    • “… Numerous examples of a lack of transparency exist in this administration and warrant mention, some egregious:

      In May 2008, during the campaign, Obama did not release his full medical records.

      During the mid-term campaigns of 2010 Democrats and President Obama railed against ‘anonymous foreign donors’ yet Democrats established new political organizations (PACs) for 2012 using models that allowed a majority of their donors to be veiled.

      President Obama promised the White House would maintain a detailed (and public) visitor log. According to the Center for Public Integrity both the names and details relative to meetings have routinely been omitted.

      Both the ACLU and the Sunlight Foundation have taken serious exception with the administration’s proposed changes to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) guidelines. In essence the Department of Justice (DOJ) would be given the unilateral power to decide that documents do not exist and therefore prevent congressional and judicial oversight.

      Relatively early in Obama’s presidency Operation Fast and Furious reared its head. … Eventually executive privilege was cited by Obama to protect Attorney General Eric Holder and others involved. Investigatory efforts continue to be stonewalled by the administration.

      The forgoing examples do not include Obama’s efforts to hide facts relative to Benghazi, aggressive efforts to stop FOIA requests from being fulfilled, demands to force disclosure of James Risen’s (a New York Times reporter) source on a security matter and the growing EPA scandal … the examples can go on ad nauseam. Just this week it was disclosed that key White House operatives had threatened both Bob Woodward and Lanny Davis for writing critical narratives on administration activities. The lack of transparency coupled with intimidation is apparently an Obama tactic. …”

      No, it’s a “strategy,” according to Woodward (and here I always thought those words were synonymous, differing only in volume, if that’s the right word to use).

      This FOIA issue concerned a “proposed rule” that first arose in March 2011 and again in October of the same year. They had to get public comment. Apparently, they didn’t expect the leftist groups to be SO opposed, so they asked for “more” public comment in October.

      This was the proposal to allow the government to stop issuing “glomar” statements and instead allow them to LIE and say a record doesn’t exist when it does exist. Stories at the time seemed to focus on Fast and Furious and other scandals as the reason why they wanted to allow DOJ and others to LIE about the existence of records. However, the birth certificate scandal pointed out, earlier on, how clever requestors COULD determine that a record did or did not exist, based upon the way that government was REQUIRED to respond. For example, if the record exists but they denied access to it, they had to say so. If the record did NOT exist and that’s why they couldn’t provide it, they HAD TO SAY SO.

      Obviously, one can deduce by the response whether or not, say, Barry’s birth certificate EXISTS, or whether or not he had a U.S. passport in 1966, for example. Ditto for records concerning his parents and “stepfather”.

      The ACLU and Sunlight Foundation argued that to allow them to LIE and to NOT give the statutory language explaining their refusal to provide records precluded citizens from even appealing the decision.

      I cannot figure out the disposition of this proposal, although, given Barry’s history, just because it’s not LEGALLY put into effect doesn’t mean that they won’t put it into effect in reality and act AS IF it’s legal to do so.

      Cordray is still sitting in an office, performing a “jop” as head of the new Liz-Warren-fake-Indian consumer bureau, and those 4 individuals are still illegally and unconstitutionally doing “jops” at the NLRB.

      Anyway, here are some links to refresh your memory: The actual proposal:

  5. let our BARRY…destroy all he wants!!! HE WON!!!!!
    Just don’t YOU offend the USURPER!

    Dr. Carson: WH Told Me ‘Not To Offend The President’ Before Prayer Breakfast Speech


      I updated my list with Carson and Jordan. That’s a fabulous video of Dr. Carson. Worth watching all of it. He’s certainly what we need NOW in this Republic. Such a gentleman. I wish I had his tact, which OBVIOUSLY I don’t. What he said about how if a person starts his commentary by talking about the other party, we should tune him out. That’s so true. That’s a person who has no brain, is lazy, and only wants to wallow in blame instead of solving problems. We need someone like Dr. Carson to solve the problems of this nation. Romney was robbed of his chance, and he’s another gentleman with a brain, the tact, and the means to do the job.

    • There have been lots of comments in the lamestream about how over the top and out of place she is lately, especially interjecting herself into the Oscars. Better late than never. Obama and Mooch fatigue.

  6. February 27, 2013

    Mark Gillar:

    “50 Year Document Expert: “Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Fake”

    “Paul Irey, a document expert with fifty years of experience claims he can prove that Barack Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate Is Fake.”

    • Interesting. I notice, but have not seen mention of, that the double line across the bc above appears to not be a ‘form’ line but added, in places, with the underline strike key.

      • also, the first document that is linked, in red, would be a great one to print out and leave, conveniently in places about town. If everyone just copied ten a week… impact could be made. I think the time is coming for private news, to be printed locally and distributed locally, is one of our biggest tools and actually just as important and powerful as the internet. It is amazing what people pick up ‘dropped’ folded on a Walmart bathroom floor or left in a cart. Fold with print facing outward. I get calls from business cards (shiny coated ones) dropped in the parking lot. People can’t help themselves but read something sticking out from the seat in a McDonald’s, either. Especially if handwritten somewhere on it something personal, like, “Ted, wow! Mary who is an obama lover asked me to read this. You know she authenticates bc’s for genealogy, don’t you?” A Thousand of these left around Chicago……or Philly…..the time is right. They just need to look like they are something found and not handed out.

        • I wanted to put this article with Obama’s Family archives, but I couldn’t really find a suitable place to intervene. This article is important in that it talks about Indonesia’s military Kopasus(sp), but not only of this military’s past but it’s activities recent. I had come across our involvement with Kopassus a good while back, because I kept trying to find out who SoeBarka was. Remember that name on a pssport of Obama’s. That was the nane of a military officer with this military unit. The only info I could ever find was that he was present at some military funeral for someone important…maybe Suarto or Sukarno. I just think it’s important to see our connections still with this group. Believe me , the military there is known for there corrupt doings,but do they also help keep our corporate interests protected there…Oil, gas, minerals ect.? I’m curious why we need to fund them now. The Rockefellers have never left Indo. or Papua N. G.. They have big investments there.

          • This gives me another opportunity to bring this up 🙂 Hoping someone will be able to dig deeper into who this “Lt. Sutoro” was it Lolo? In national archives (via are INS documents from June 1,1959 showing a “Lt. Sutoro” was part of the Suharto/Soekarno entourage touring the world (in this case the US, they went to Honolulu and LA).

          • wish you would show me what information you are referring to on Lt. sotoro. I figure Lolo possibly went to a US military training camp in the US (somewhere I came across the fact of us training them leading up to take over of Sukarno ). This may be why Miri and others could not find where else Lolo was while in the US.. But still, the Sutoro you found could be his father, even though we have been told he was killed, he coud have been in mililtary also. Much of the countries people were mililtary or paramilitary at some point in Indonesia, due to all the various battles, from Dutch occupation, Japanese occupation and of course all the stuff leading up to Independence and after. I figure like father like son.
            But the Soebarka name still has me wondering why O. would have this name on a passport at some point.

          • alfy, you need a subscription to Ancestry to see the document in question, so unless somebody can help and provide an image … However, if it’s in the National Archives, it may be possible to find it at their online site. I can’t remember if we discussed this on the blog before, but if there was a world tour including this person and the president of Indonesia, maybe there are news articles out there?

          • I did search for news articles on that Soekarno world tour…or was it Suharto? I can never remember which one was president at that time (?) and I’m not at my computer that has the files. Anyway, they were both on this trip. Miri, I think I emailed you the copies of the INS cards at some time. I found some letters I think in the state department archives indicating that they didn’t have an official state visit in the US, but that the president wished them well (something like that). I seem to recall they were slightly offended they didn’t get a meeting with the Pres. of the US. I know they stayed at the L.A. Hilton, and then went to Honolulu. The INS cards show them arriving through Brownsville, TX on Jun 1 59 from Mexico City on a Pan Am flight. I don’t have an ancestry account right now, but Miri is right, these came from publicly available Nat’l Archive files (I’ve never figured out how to get those files directly thought)

            • Yes, you sent copies and we have them.

            • SEO, I’m sure I saved articles about this, about the time you sent us that data, but would you believe–I forgot where I put them. I’ve been looking and can’t find them so far.

          • seo, I am assuming when you said Soekarno and his group toured Honolulu and LA, you mean LOS Angeles?

          • Sukarno toured us in may 1961 ….to LA and Honolulu. Haven’t found photos yet, but I have seen a silent video of Sukarno with a military officcer and a few others visiting the Pope in 1958 or 59. THat one is interesting.

          • Exactly, Sukarno’s visit was considered an informal visit on April 24-25 1961 to LA then Honolulu. He had other visits with pres. Kennedy and Eisenhower.There should be several photos of him with Kennedy. Seems that was 1958 and he visits Kennedy in Wa. d.c. in January 1961. He visits also in 1956 May.
            Lolo was a colonel either in the military ….which at that time was called the RPKAD or if he was in the special forces (like Suarto’s son in law) that was the Kopassus, ehich by the way Obama has has some dealing with since he’s been in office. They are the ones with tons of human rights criminal violations, know for their bloody cruelty…(like skinning people alive,ect.). Both military have been trained in the US. Fort Benning Ga. and Fort Bragg are two of the places they were trained…there seems like there was another place but I can’t remember right now.
            One reason Suarto and Sukarno’s names are spelled several ways is because of the Dutch and CHinese and Japanese influences…Different times and different areas use various spellings…….THat’s also why we see Sutoro, soetoro , sotoro for Lolo’s name too.

        • I love your commint Hoot, what a Hoot you are! Now that’s good thinking,seems you’ve thought it out too. I’m for it. Somethings got to give sooner Than later.

          • if anyone is interested, the Kenyan election is ongoing , lots of votes are coming in and it’s between Raila Odinga and Kenyatta’s son Uruhu Kenyatta. So far looks like Kenyatta might be leading.

        • “Hootie”, you’re a regular Tom Paine. What a great idea. You could easily, very easily, stick them into shopping carts at Wal-Mart. Or your local grocery store. Leave them in restrooms. Leave them on the coffee counters at convenience stores or in the booths at McDonald’s. Everywhere!

          • The trick is to make it seem like it is not their business; someone left something personal behind. People are just so damn nosey.

    • Interesting, but Irey makes an awful lot of claims about Stan and Mad being CIA that aren’t backed up. New theories introduced, but he doesn’t really say they’re theories. (He says he likes the “story” told by Dreams From My Real Father.) He sounds as if he presents this as fact, but without anything to back it up. He should stick with the document analysis, imho. Or else give some proof. I’m not sure I agree with the FMD as father theory (although … those moles are convincing). For one thing, the story about Stan working to keep the B-52 plans AWAY from commies is like the opposite of other theories that said he was spying for the commies to GET those plans. Which is truth, if either?

      I’m also not sure, and have said so before, that that is STANLEY ARMOUR with BHO Sr. in that photograph. He looks too young. Far too young. It’s either a photoshopped image (which it looks like) or else that’s someone else. Possibly Bob Ruenitz:

      Irey is also wrong to say that just applying for a birth certificate for a home birth, which is NEVER investigated and backed up with evidence, will result in a birth announcement in the paper even though NO BC# was assigned. Iirc, it never gets to the point of becoming ANY official numbered record. It’s just sitting somewhere as an application, which could be what Abercommie was talking about with regard to something being “written down” and in the state archives.

      They assigned numbers when they created birth certificates, and birth certificates (VITAL RECORDS) were what created the list that went to the newspapers, which printed the announcements.

      I’m impressed that Gillar says he used facial recognition software to confirm that the nude shots of SAD taken by FMD ARE her, because the program brought up SAD’s HS yearbook photo. Hmm. Interesting. I wish somebody could link us to a similar program, so we could use it, too.

      I totally believe that those birth announcements ARE FAKE. They’re AS FORGED as the rest of the documents.

      Imagine the price you could get on ebay if you had a REAL PAPER COPY of that newspaper from 1961. Just imagine! It’s presidential material, fit for the museum he will likely want to have. Any collector would pay perhaps millions for it, given the controversy.

      Why do we see NO ACTUAL PAPER COPIES OF THAT NEWSPAPER? Because it doesn’t exist. Even if people have a copy without his name in it, it might be proof of nothing because there were various editions of the paper and someone might not make a claim without having proof that he wasn’t listed in other versions of that paper. In those days, several editions were published daily. Besides which, these people threaten Bob Woodward. What can and do they do to regular citizens?

      • Right before the 26 minute mark, Irey refers to the forger as “HER”. Since HIM is the universal default when you don’t know the sex of someone you’re speaking about, this seems to indicate that they have an idea that the forger is a woman.

        I challenge any woman of a particular age who listens to this tape to NOT get a bit peeved about how this man is referred to as a professional simply because for a time his profession was typist. ANY working woman of a certain age could and would have as easily attested to these same anomalies on that document. We are legion–those of us who used typewriters. I’m just sayin’. We certainly were NEVER treated as professionals, however. Yet when a man does the same job for the military, why–he’s a pro. (Rant over.)

        Ok. I’m still listening and Gillar (smart guy!) picked up on this sex issue at about 30 minutes in, after Irey “corrected” himself after saying “she” again and then said “he or she.” Irey admits that he thinks he knows who the forger is. (WISH WE KNEW!) So it was a Freudian slip.

        • Irey has done a very impressive analysis of that document. I have to hand him that. He says someone he knew in the early 2000s in DC, who worked in the media, admitted that ALL lamestream media stories are first vetted (censored) by the government. This is something the editors know, but reporters don’t know. When their stories are quashed, the true reason why isn’t given to reporters, leaving them to assume it was the owners who were uncomfortable. He seems to say that people who know didn’t REALIZE that Barry, a connected guy, was also an ILLEGAL ALIEN, so they let him go through and now it’s too late to reel it back in, so they’re stuck with what is. He calls this system “the Daily Wire”. That explains why they don’t even report on anything concerning this issue. This comports with what Fox News was allegedly told–what their on-air people were told, I mean.

        • One thing I’ll say: IF the CIA and the government were in on this and covering for him, there’s NO WAY they would have had a “young” woman make such a crappy forgery. I have no doubt that the CIA could produce something that nobody would be able to see is fake SO OBVIOUSLY. One of Irey’s sources told him that the Secret Service KNOWS that the bc is forged and they’re not doing anything about it. (63:42 in) Neither is the FBI, which allegedly got a complaint and said they’re “working on it.”

      • ladysforest:

        “There used to be an archive maintained by the newspapers that was available to the public. That was “closed” to the public around the same time as the announcements were “discovered”.”

        “The material that I collected proved that the images first shown to the world could NOT have originated from the sources/films claimed. Also proved that “Koa” lied about finding their copy in person at the Honolulu State library. BZ’s research detailed how Starfelts and several others, claims about where their copies were sourced from were garbage.”

        • Shawn Glasco:

          “Are Obama’s 1961 Birth Announcements Fake?”

          Starfelt’s credibility, and thus the credibility of the Advertiser birth announcement, immediately comes into question. Did Starfelt make up the story about births being posted at the end of the week by the Advertiser, or was she misinformed by the Advertiser, the Hawaii Department of Vital Records, or both? There is another confusing detail. The Nordyke twins were born on Saturday, August 5, 1961, in the same hospital Obama was reported to be born in, but their birth announcement appears in the Wednesday, August 16 Advertiser.

          At about the same time as Starfelt’s July 2008 posting, a blogger named “Infidel Granny” posted the same birth announcement image on an AtlasShrugs blog. Infidel Granny claimed to have received her copy in an e-mail from the same nameless research librarian who helped Starfelt from the Hawaii State Library. Infidel Granny briefly resurfaced in 2009 in an AtlasShrugs blog, where she opined, “I sure hope you don’t think I had anything to do with a forgery.”

          The origin of the second birth announcement is even more murky. The best evidence (hat tip: Butterdezillion) is that sometime around August 13, 2008, a Honolulu resident named “Koa” posted the August 14, 1961 Honolulu Star-Bulletin birth announcement on TexasDarlin apparently after she found it herself in the Hawaii State Library. …”

        • I remember. That’s partially why I disbelieve the announcements, although I NEVER believed them from the moment TD first posted them.

          • I’m going to try posting this again, amazingly my pages are saying “document expired”. so I hope I can get what was saved posted before it also “expires”!!

            Ugh! anyway – remember this? I had forgot about this until tonight when I started looking into Lori after the above comments –

            The second Birth announcement that was mysteriously found in Berkley, CA? I did some research tonight after Starfelt was mentioned above by Grodo and Miri above. Okay…Starfelt lived in CA for years, she had an ex William Starfelt, they shared a son….right? Okay, chances are he “William” the ex would want to be close to his son which Lori had custody of…seem’s logical. So I went searching for this William, the ex in CA. Otay..the second birth announcement was “discovered mysteriously” in Berkley, CA well, I just happened to find a William Starfelt which I believe to be Lori’s ex living in Petluma, CA which is less than 40 miles from Berkley, CA

            Listed on page 4 William Starfelt

            William Starfelt ’74 Electronics Engineering, resides in Petluma, CA and is a project Engineer at Jones Lang La Salle.


            Also –
            (tax assessments)
            14xx Morning Glory Drive Petaluma, CA
            Land value: $72,596
            Building value: $122,509
            Total value for property: $195,105

            Coincidence? Were Lori and her ex conspiring together? “If” this William is Lori’s ex (which I believe he is) whom did he know from the ’70s from the bay area Hayden, Ayer’s, the panther’s?

            Something else I found interesting was the State of CA say’s there 5.2 Starfelt’s in CA, I found one other and he also stood out, a relative?

            This is from a link that “expired”

            Graham Starfelt
            System Administrator
            Ignited Minds Llc
            2221 ********
            El Segundo, CA 90245-4909

            I was able to find this link again –
            Company Overview of Ignited LLC
            Ignited LLC operates as an advertising agency. It offers creative, media, strategy, technology, film, social media, analytics, experiential, lab, government, and time travel services. The company serves client-side marketers, agency executives, artists, writers, filmmakers, software developers, production gurus, event planners, and entrepreneurs worldwide. Ignited LLC was formerly known as Ignited Minds LLC and changed its name to Ignited LLC in 2007. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in El Segundo, California. It has a location in New York, New York.

            2221 Park Place El Segundo, CA 90245 United States
            Founded in 1999


            The company serves – Filmmakers what was Lori into?? film and production. To many coincidences not to connect some how?

            Anyway…waaay past my bed time, hope I posted the info. where it all make’s sense! Lori was 55 when she passed away if this William was in Petluma in the 70’s did Lori live there with him then? I know she was young when she had married him, and I believe they both would have then came here from ILL after they married? It’s hard digging up much information on exactly when she came to CA, but according to what I was able to find she had been in CA for years.

          • I have a comment in moderation, to many link’s. pretty pu’lez release me when you rise and shine, TY 🙂

          • Movies filmed in Malibu

            The Watermelon
            Release date:September 28, 2008
            Directed by:Brad Mays
            Genre:Romantic comedy
            The Watermelon is an independent feature film penned by Michael Hemmingson and directed by Brad Mays. It is produced by Lorenda Starfelt at LightSong Films in North Hollywood.The Watermelon is Michael Hemmingson’s first produced full-length screenplay, and director Brad Mays’ fourth feature film. The Watermelon has been called “a story without seeds” and “a film about how really weird stuff can happen.” It is a metaphysical comedy about a fellow… who receives a mysterious inheritance from his long lost alcoholic stepfather: a ratty old trailer painted like a watermelon. This draws in a number of odd characters who bug him, including a romantic interest, a woman on the run from her psycho drug-addict criminal husband. The quirky love story stars Will Beinbrink and Kiersten Morgan. Mike Ivy, who plays Homer, is a regular on The Sarah Silverman Program. Bob Golub, who plays Creon, has been seen in Goodfellas and Art School Confidential. Beach scenes were shot in Malibu, on the property of Tony Romano, executive producer of Catch Me If You Can and I, Robot. “Hemmingson is one of the best screenwriters out there,” Romano has stated, “only no one in this goddamn town knows it.

            I tried to post the photo with this short piece, because I found an earlier site that said Lorenda Starfelt helped produce this…and it also listed her as the cast….so this photo (go down to the movie “The Watermelon” was produced in Malibu) could be the one and only LORI STARFELT. I later checked around for her when I found all these people she had worked with and it gave their bios in july 27, 2007.

            • It’s she, because that is listed on the Wiki page as one of her productions. Much of the stuff she produced or was involved in is crap, imho. Scatological or semi-pornographic. What more can one expect of leftists?

          • Miri, from the wiki link you posted above –

            Snip –
            While attending Belleville High School, Starfelt developed an interest in the theater, but circumstances prevented her from pursuing that passion until much later in life. Several years after graduation, Lorenda met and married an engineer named William Starfelt. The short-lived marriage produced a son, Graham, who remained under his mother’s care after his parents’ eventual divorce. Following a brief stay in Florida, Starfelt moved to San Francisco, where she quickly became involved in the political work of left-wing activist Tom Hayden. Starfelt and her son eventually settled in Los Angeles, where she began work as an interior designer, while maintaining an interest in politics.

            SOOO…She Lori Starfelt did move to San Francisco from Belleville, ILL where Lori quickly became involved in the political work of left-wing activist Tom Hayden.!!! So it would make since that this William Starfelt I found in Petluma, CA would be her ex husband! ohhh boy, full circle wouldn’t you say? 2+2=4? so the odds would be a good 99.9% that the Starfelts both Lori and the ex were put up to the b/a by communist Hayden?

            I had started my original research from Starfelts old blog that her husband Brad had kept going for awhile? (I did not realize she had a wiki either) but when I ran a search – CA Starfelt, her old blog came up –

            Snip –
            Lorenda Starfelt was born on January 11, 1955 in Belleville, IL. She and her brother Brad were raised, in the main, by their mother Phyllis, who worked as a nurse and suffered from mental illness. According to Starfelt, her mother hated girls and routinely beat her. When she began high school, an attempt was made to remove Lorenda from her mother’s care, but this effort was short-lived. While attending Belleville High School, Starfelt developed an interest in the theater, but circumstances prevented her from pursuing that passion until much later in life. During her senior year, Lorenda became pregnant. She gave the child – a daughter – up for adoption. Strikingly, the adoptive mother was Lorenda’s high school drama teacher. Several years after graduating, Lorenda met and married an engineer named William Starfelt. The difficult and short-lived marriage produced a son, Graham, who remained under his mother’s care after his parents’ eventual divorce.

            I missed that Graham was her son. (I had saw her ex’s name and ran with it before finishing reading the rest) So the Graham Starfelt I found above IS her son then….interesting! TY for pointing out this fact. I was sooo tired last night…surprised you understood what I’d posted.

            Did you happen to pull up the doc I linked above? William Strarfelt from ’74? happen to notice his teacher John Baker and his nationality? Maybe nothing, but….maybe a connection there also?

            Alfy, I found Lori was involved in quite a few productions…another –

            The Bacchae
            The Dionysus in Euripides’ tale is a young god, angry that his mortal family, the royal house of Cadmus, has denied him a place of honor as a deity. His mortal mother, Semele, was a mistress of Zeus, and while pregnant, she was killed because her sisters accused her of lying about her son’s paternity and their father Cadmus using Zeus as a cover up. Most of Semele’s family, including her sisters Ino, Autonoe, and Agauë, refused to believe that Dionysus was the son of Zeus, and the young god is spurned in his home. He has traveled throughout Asia and other foreign lands, gathering a cult of female worshipers (Bacchantes), and at the start of the play has returned to take revenge on the house of Cadmus, disguised as a stranger.
            Snip ~
            Brad Mays directed his own adaptation of the play at the Complex in Los Angeles in 1997, where it broke all box office records and was nominated for three LA Weekly Theater Awards:[7] for Best Direction, Best Musical Score and Best Production Design. Because the production featured several scenes with levels of violence and nudity rare for even the most experimental of theater pieces, it was widely discussed in print,[8] and even videotaped for the Lincoln Center’s Billy Rose Theatre Collection in NYC.[9] The production was eventually fashioned into an independent feature film[10] which, interestingly, featured Will Shepherd[11] — the Pentheus of Richard Schechner’s Dionysus in ’69 — in the role of Cadmus. Both productions were produced by Mays’ wife, Lorenda Starfelt.

            Also – one more thing I wanted to point out. Where William Starfelt is (was?) employed as of 2006 (from the above doc) Jones Lang La Salle. Major political connections, big contracts in Barry loving Country’s…if you get my drift 😉

          • Leza, I’d forgotten that Graham is the son, too. That’s how long ago it was that we looked into her. I don’t even remember now where I put what I found about her. I seem to remember knowing more than is on the blog or that we’ve found today. In particular, I remember discussing with someone the oddity that her son’s Facebook page barely mentioned her supposedly UNEXPECTED death and then went on with the usual type of blather that kids talk about on Facebook. That’s what made me wonder. Is she live or is she Memorex? If she went underground, I certainly do not blame her one bit. This all happened very unexpectedly right as Trump began to look into the announcements. Seems all her friends were surprised, too. Nobody knew she was sick. In fact, iirc, we did peruse her blog and there was no mention of any illness there, either. It’s very curious. Or not. Nothing is surprising anymore in the Obamanation. I had a disquieting thought about that company that’s selling all those surveillance systems to Red China so they can create “Police State 2.0”. Is it being developed in tandem with our government (keeping in mind all the bullets and tanks and drones DHS is stockpiling) in order to have it ready to go when our Masters (the owners of our debt) show up to collect (by confiscating all our land)?

            Why not have the same system here (in their imperial colony) as over there (in their police state Homeland)?

          • Miri, do you ever remember finding a obit on Lori? Where she is “supposedly” buried? I have the mean’s to “verify” if you get my drift….again 🙂

            Yep….know what you mean…did you catch this?

            DHS built domestic surveillance tech into Predator drones

            What you are saying is coming…H#ll, were almost there! I agree with you totally with you.

          • I just ran a quick search and the only thing I’ve found so far Re; Unitarian Universalist Church and Starfelt was comments by you and Bridgette 🙂


            You link this link –
            Miri | September 22, 2011 at 4:00 pm | Reply

            Unitarian Universalists. Need I remind anyone that’s Lori Starfelt’s church? 🙂 IIRC, also Stan, Mad, and SADOS’s church, when they attended.

            I’ll look into into it more later tonight. I’ve got to finish up a few things around here, eat dinner, and I’ll look into it more…TY Miri

            And yes iiarc, you are correct about Obama Sr.

          • Not sure if we already had this, the original clip of the b/a Starfelt sent TD? that was posted on TD’s blog back in 08. I just came across it in a search so I’m posting it just in case we do not have it.

            Link to image –

            Link to post where where I found it –

            Hey, Barack Obama Exists After All

            David Weigel | July 23, 2008

            The latest news from the Obama Conspiracyverse is the first third-party proof of Obama’s birth in Hawaii. It’s a birth announcement from a 1961 issue of the Honolulu Advertiser that was dug up, ironically enough, by Lori Starfelt, who’s working on an anti-Obama documentary for pro-Clinton PUMAs.

            The crucial clip:(link above)


  7. MO…is going 2 the Dogs…. why don’t you work on Gangs attacking innocent people? That would BE PRODUCTIVE ….HELLO???

    • Another event blacked out by maistream news media

      On January sixth of this year, Zullo held a conference with members of the Arizona chapter of the Tea Party and others but did not hold a nationally televised event. He assured patriots and Tea Party citizens that efforts are still ongoing and that a Plan B is underway. In this particular plan, key national figures in the private and governing sectors of society will raise their concerns and voice their opinions that the President has violated the Constitution and has been allowed by Congress to continue in office because either the leaders on Capitol Hill have ignored the evidence at hand or have simply not acted as they should with the body of evidence to pursue due process and impeach a sitting President.

      Undeniable charges

      Their allegations may also be presented such as naming President Obama as a defendant, who has committed forgery of a federal document, falsified his identification, and has assumed office of the Presidency under false pretense. There are many other charges that this would involve such as treason for endangering national security, being an accessory in the murder of American federal employees overseas, the violation of national security through his unauthorized knowledge of secret intelligence releases, waging a foreign war without Congressional approval and more.

  8. Help, where or where did I see today talk of CPAC not allowing/inviting Pamela Geller? It was a good discussion (here of course) and I want to pass it on…

  9. I remember doing this not so long ago…. Ground Hog Day!!!
    Lorenda ….. lots to look at…

  10. Brad Mays tribute to her memory…. this is all I ever found before

  11. HERE’S THE ANSWER. Holder tells Rand Paul that the POtuS CAN order the MILITARY to use a drone to kill and American citizen on American soil! They should call for him to step down, immediately. If they confirm Brennan, it’s a travesty:

    Eric Holder: Drone strikes against Americans on U.S. soil are legal

    Attorney General Eric Holder can imagine a scenario in which it would be constitutional to carry out a drone strike against an American on American soil, he wrote in a letter to Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

    “It is possible, I suppose, to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States,” Holder replied in a letter yesterday to Paul’s question about whether Obama “has the power to authorize lethal force, such as a drone strike, against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil, and without trial.”

    Paul condemned the idea. “The U.S. Attorney General’s refusal to rule out the possibility of drone strikes on American citizens and on American soil is more than frightening – it is an affront the Constitutional due process rights of all Americans,” he said in a statement.

    Holder noted that Paul’s question was “entirely hypothetical [and] unlikely to occur,” but cited the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks as the type of incidents that might provoke such a response.

    “Were such an emergency to arise, I would examine the particular facts and circumstances before advising the President on the scope of his authority,” he concluded. …”

    Posse Comitatus? The U.S. MILITARY is forbidden to operate inside the USA without Congressional approval. Obviously, it’s appalling for Holder to believe a drone strike on a citizen within this country is legal. What about collateral damage?

    The 30,000 spy drones over your homes are for your safety.
    The 2,700 DHS armored cars are for your safety.
    The 2 Billion rounds of ammo DHS bought are for your safety.
    & The FEMA camps can keep up to 21 million of you very safe.

    • Yesterday, an editorial in the WSJ spoke about how it’s KNOWN and ADMITTED by the DemoncRATS that their goal is to put Pelosi back in the Speaker’s chair next year: 2014 election. They had a meeting between Barry and his new campaign arm (that’s allegedly NOT a campaign arm) OFA, which has the goal to work in every state to get DEMONCRATS elected to the House. Another story I read somewhere said that this is unprecedented and possibly illegal, but when did Barry and the DemoncRATS ever care about legality? In any case, this is WHY he does NOT want a deal on the sequester and why he’s deliberately trying to sabotage any deal on immigration reform. He is making everyone in the country SUFFER so that he can spin the “gridlock” and everything DIRE that he’s making come to pass as the fault of the Republicans. I don’t know if this is because he’s so sure that We the People will FALL FOR IT or whether it’s all kabuki theater to create the appearance of an explanation for WHY the DemoncRATS win in 2014, when the truth will be MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD TARGETED TO THOSE REPUBLICAN SEATS. I heard Dana Loesch talking about their state projects, particularly in Colorado and Texas, to turn those states blue. We can only hope and pray that the Republicans are smart enough and savvy enough to figure out how to counteract this MAFIA-LIKE MACHINE.

      On another note: IL is passing in their House legislation to ban semi-automatic weapons and multiple clips. They’re pulling a fast one by amending a BLANK BILL. Yep. It has nothing in it, but it’s being amended in an “unusual process.” One amendment gives a person 300 days to GET RID OF A CURRENTLY LEGAL GUN WHICH WILL BE OUTLAWED. The newspaper didn’t explain how the person is to divest himself of the gun, or whether the alternative is confiscation. Again, I believe they intend to make possession a FELONY. In other words, then they can remove the RIGHT TO VOTE from people who simply are exercising the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. They have to pass the bill before they find out what’s in it! SNARK. This is the logical next step, isn’t it? They pass a blank bill and then later on, they put into it whatever they want. Basically what they did with Obamacare, anyway.

  13. This site is interesting… Brad Mays… and Lori also

    • Zenway, that link doesn’t work. Do you have another?

      • Ha! Good one Zenway! Some good information in that link they obviously did not want us to see, because since you posted it yesterday they have scrubbed it! Their bad, because……I still have the information up since last night and the info. is still up on my page. Mostly has the info. on Mays productions, but his personal information is interesting. I’ll post what was listed.

        Brad Mays

        A veteran of dozens of stage, television and independent film productions spanning some thirty years, Brad Mays’ professional experience began with an internship at the McCarter Theatre’s resident repertory company in 1970 in Princeton, New Jersey. By the age of 18, he was directing main stage productions at Baltimore’s Corner Theatre experimental theatre company; during this time, he also became interested in film making. The long and short of all this is that by 1982, Brad was living and working in New York City, where he directed a number of off-Broadway stage productions, including Requiem by Linda Chambers, Dragon Slayers by Stanley Keyes, and the acclaimed The Water Hen by Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz. During this time he also produced and directed his first feature-length film, Stage Fright, which premiered at the 1989 Berlin International Film Festival. Since moving to Hollywood in 1991, Brad Mays has worked in a variety of capacities: screenwriter, script doctor, post production supervisor, producer, editor and director. He has also staged a number of highly-acclaimed and award-nominated theatrical productions: Joan by Linda Chambers, Marat/Sade by Peter Weiss, a highly controversial multimedia production of Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange, and the critically acclaimed 1997 hit production of Euripides’ The Bacchae (which he adapted to film in 2002). In 2008, Brad completed work on the documentary film SING*ularity, a portrait of Ann Baltz’s world-famous OperaWorks training program for classical vocalists. Mays’ 2008 romantic comedy feature, The Watermelon, was featured at the 2008 San Diego Film Festival and is currently in national distribution. The Watermelon was also the recipient of the 2010 California Film Awards “Diamond Award.” In 2009, Mays was invited by producer Annie Wong to participate – along with Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka, theatre scholar Richard Schechner, and acclaimed actor Alan Cumming – in a discussion about The Bacchae for an up-coming series An Invitation to World Literature, which launched on Annenberg Media’s educational website in September, 2010and was subsequently aired nationally on PBS through WGBH Boston. Mays is currently preparing to direct Beginning Blue, a feature film drama about a group of brilliant young female musicians. The film was conceived and co-written by Mays’ longtime partner in life and art, Lorenda Starfelt, who died of cancer on March 16, 2011.

        Date of birth: May 30, 1955 (age 57 years)

        Film Director
        Film Editor
        Television Director
        TV Editor
        Film Producer

        Country of nationality:
        United States of America

        Also known as:
        Bradford Mays

        Influenced By
        David Cronenberg
        Stanley Kubrick
        Sidney Lumet
        Ken Russell
        Richard Foreman
        Fritz Lang
        Hans Feldman
        Carl Jung
        Don Evans

        Steve Yeager

        Place of birth:
        St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America

        Ethnicity:Caucasian race
        Parents:Gerald F. Mays Virginia Hopkins
        Children:Zachary Mays
        Siblings:Jennifer McCormick Steve Mays

        Spouse (or domestic partner): Lorenda Starfelt
        Spouse From Jan 11, 1995 To Mar 16, 2011 Type of union Marriage

        Places lived:
        Los Angeles
        New York City
        Webster Groves

        Information that was in the link Zenway posted above

        Miri, if you want me to capture that information from the link just remind me how to capture and post and I will before I click out of the link.

        • I don’t think it will work because you use that but you give it the link and it goes and saves the page. If they’ve already removed it, then webcite won’t be able to get it. All you can do is screen prints.

        • So he LIVED IN NYC THE SAME TIME AS BARRY. In addition, there’s the connection to Annenberg. He lived in CA, around the same time Mark Ndesandjo was out there. Have you found this one yet? I can’t keep track and am too lazy to search:
 It seems to be the same biography, but with a photo:

          Oh, yeah. If you go to You Tube and put in their name, you get a lot of videos they’ve posted. I didn’t see the memorial service one, but I didn’t spend a long time looking.

        • Miri, I went on a wide search for information on what we have been having discussions about and what has been linked. Almost everything, scrubbed. So I went back to to the link/page I saved that Zenway posted to see just who had done the editing/removal of the information on that page/link. The name or handle of the person was gmackenz, so I did some research into HIM to see if I could find out why or maybe the connection to Mays. I’m sure what I found will not be to surprising to anyone. Btw, gmackenz is listed on as Staff on the page/link that was deleted by him. And I say by him, it is because it says he was the last staff member at to edit that page.

          What I found –
          gmackenz user profile
          My Activity
          Jan 8, 2013
          gmackenz posted to a discussion on
          re: Wikipedia hoax page

          332,552 Facts
          On Freebase since:
          Mar 29, 2007
          Now working on:
          Business Commons
          Organization Commons
          Collectives Base

          My Full Name:
          Gordon Mackenzie
          Where I Live:
          East Bay
          More @ the link

          So I looked up Gordon Mackenzie, surprised? he works for Google!

          Gordon Mackenzie
          Schema Wrangler at Google
          San Francisco Bay Area
          Information Technology and Services

          Gordon Mackenzie’s Overview

          Schema Wrangler (Ontologist) at Google

          SQA Engineer at Metaweb Technologies, Inc.
          SQA Engineer at Lucent Technologies
          SQA Engineer at Ascend Communications
          Graphic Designer at Solar Electric Engineering Inc.

          California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
          Sonoma State University

          Gordon Mackenzie’s Experience

          Schema Wrangler (Ontologist)

          Public Company; 10,001+ employees; GOOG; Internet industry

          July 2010 – Present (2 years 9 months)

          I am massaging, creating and editing schema/types.
          SQA Engineer
          Metaweb Technologies, Inc.

          Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Internet industry

          April 2007 – July 2010 (3 years 4 months)

          I test things.

          I currently test the client software running on Firefox, IE7 & Safari browsers.
          SQA Engineer
          Lucent Technologies

          Public Company; 10,001+ employees; ALU; Telecommunications industry

          January 2000 – October 2002 (2 years 10 months)

          Tested VOIP functionality & load performance with Access products (Ascend’s Max-xxxx, TNT, APX).
          SQA Engineer
          Ascend Communications

          Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; ASND; Telecommunications industry

          1995 – 1999 (4 years)

          Load testing & performance benchmarking of Ascend access products:

          from the ISDN-based pipeline-xx to the T1-based TNT products.
          Graphic Designer
          Solar Electric Engineering Inc.

          September 1990 – July 1991 (11 months)

          Gordon Mackenzie’s Skills & Expertise
          Testing Python Perl Unix Linux

          Gordon Mackenzie’s Education
          California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
          Bachelor of Arts (BA), Graphic Design

          1988 – 1990

          Sonoma State University

          1983 – 1984

          Gordon Mackenzie’s Additional Information

          Photography; Bicycling; Messing around my home computer network and usually crashing it (and later repairing it).

          Amazing gmackenz aka Gordon Mackenzie from Google that also works with firefox just happened to erase the information re: Brad Mays from within hours after it was posted here. Is it ANY wonder the pages/links of research we post here and the research other web site’s disappear so quickly? I know you and Bridgette have talked about this many time in the past, about information on research we do disappearing from the web, but if this isn’t proof of “who” is doing it don’t know what is. Also makes me wonder “if” we are being followed through firefox also.

          • Wow. Leza. You done good. Of course this site is being followed. It would not do any good to go private. That is read, too, no doubt. Same with email. They, who we now have direct connection to the who ‘they’ is, are always one step ahead, huh? I recently did a test with email, passing some information and within ten minutes all went quiet.

            I have often wondered, if I had some bombshell info on Obama, say like a video made by the choir director that is now dead; a video with him and Obama together in a very graphic situation and on this video is shown a box that is filled with private papers of Obama’s and the papers are shown that the director managed to get his hands on. In this video, made like a documentary by the choir director, also has Obama threatening the director and talking crassly about Michelle and Valerie What’s Her Name. So, I wonder, if I should stumble upon this on a ,say, a hard drive of a damaged computer I was taking apart and on the hard drive also has directions to hidden original documents, WHERE AND WHO would one turn to with the information? Think about it. Stuck. Who can be trusted? Who can be trusted and do something about it? What would come of it?

            I have thought of this and have an answer but to share? Oh, Watchful Eyes, WE The People are watching you, too!” (this is not a threat but just an attempt at humor and making light of things, which is an indication the what ifs are not rooted in paranoia.)

            Really, who and how would anyone get the info out? Is it even possible? I think, up to this point, the answer is it would go nowhere and suspect many, who we think are doing nothing, have actually tried but nothing came of their efforts.

            You know this little exercise of wondering if found something would make a good plot for a fiction book. . .They say everyone has one good book in them and I have not written mine yet. . .

          • He likes “to watch things.” Yes, we noticed. Particularly people who are exercising their freedom of speech and association and the press.

            I’m flabbergasted by your finding this. Can you explain how you figured it out who edited the page to disappear the information, and when? Does that site work like Wikipedia, where you can view the history? I can’t even bring up the page. It says I happened on a “bug” and asks me to report it. AS IF, EEJITS. AS IF. Bad karma’s going to get you, you know. When you see Hugo next, give him a raspberry from us.

            [Note: In no way is that intended as a threat to anyone. It’s a general statement about how all of us, when we, as we all must, shuffle off this mortal coil after a long and happy life (which I wish everyone) then karma has a way of catching up. We are judged by what we do in life. That’s my point. Nothing else. It’s a shame that it’s come to this in the Obamanation–that we must explain everything we say because someone WILL misinterpret it, if it’s at all possible to do so. I wish all obots a long life because I believe there’s hope for everyone.]

            OMIDYAR Network gave their organization a grant.

            I suppose we could give them the benefit of the doubt, since they brag that they don’t have duplicates of anything in their all-encompassing database. That’s the role of the “schema wrangler”, I suppose. To get rid of duplicates and make sure there’s only one place that a certain biography is stored. So maybe, since I found that biography lots of places yesterday, they just were cleaning up their database. Ya think?

            Isn’t it odd how the tables are turned, btw? We aging hippies, who marched for civil rights and the Constitution and freedom and liberty and free speech for all, now find ourselves spied upon by those who pretend to be hip, cool folks. And NOT capitalists! Heaven forbid. They must certainly do it for free, for the good of the masses.

          • Miri, on the top right corner of the pages of it shows what staff member last edited the page and the date they dd it.

            Another example of how they do this. Look at this page on and at the top right corner it will show you who has edited the page with the date showing the last time it was edited.


            On the one Zenway had posted it had gmackenz as the one who had edited/completely deleting the page, along with the date, which was March 5th, the same day Zenway posted it. I just had happened to pull it up and left it up while I researched the different information from it. When I went to bed that night I left up the page and set my computer into hibernation. The next morning when you had mentioned to Zenway the link had no information and I checked in I saw where you had mentioned that I thought great, the info. will be gone from my link I still had resting at the bottom of my screen from the previous night. So I pulled it up to see, but the information was still there. It was great because we beat the ba$tard’s for once!

            Here is discussion from gmackenz from 08 –

            Discussions on Obamabase


            latest post: gmackenz. , Nov 6, 2008. Link to discussion. Metaweb Staff

            (searched through Iquick using the term – gmackenz for the search)

            Obama base! Obviously considers himself part of Obama’s team.

            What A Hoot, thank you, but if any credit is due it goes to Zenway, if she would have never posted that link we would not have gotten the proof of google’s actions. These son’s a you know what’s need to be outed any time we catch them in the act of deleting information from the web. It’s a plain out act of communism, Communistic rule.

            It just wasn’t making any sense that all the information I was finding on the web was suddenly gone off the web within a matter of hours after that post was deleted. And that’s why it accrued to me to go back and investigate.

            I know what your say’in Hoot, who do you go to with information? I’ll tell you one thing, that’s why I stay here at WTPOTUS and with Miri, Bridgette and Pill, because I KNOW I can trust them with any information I find. But a higher authority? Only one in the WORLD I’d trust, and his name is Joe!

            • TY. I didn’t even notice that editing history on the pages, although I never could pull up the page that Zen linked to. Yes, it’s true, fortunately, that information stays on your screen once you pull it up. What else disappeared in the time since Zen posted that link? Yesterday, I was still able to read the link that I found, which is the same biography of Mays that’s all over the place.

          • Miri,

            Thursday, February 28, 2008

            PRESS RELEASE: Soros Economic Development Fund, Omidyar Network and Launch $17m Small to Medium Enterprise Investment Company for India

            Posted by MicroCapital Team in Category: South Asia, East Asia and Pacific at 12:01 am

            Source: Open Society Institute.

            Original press release available here.

            NEW YORK, February 19 – The Soros Economic Development Fund (SEDF), Omidyar Network and announced today a new USD 17 million Small to Medium Enterprise Investment Company for India to create job opportunities and spur greater economic participation for a larger segment of the population. This joint Investment Company will provide capital to small and medium businesses in underserved markets.

            “With this investment, we will meet the huge demand to serve smaller businesses in India that have little access to finance,” said Neal DeLaurentis, Vice President of Soros Economic Development Fund. “Long ignored by commercial capital markets, small and medium businesses are an attractive investment opportunity as well as an engine for economic growth for India.”

            Many small to medium Indian businesses lack formal funding options because of a market gap between the microloans offered by microfinance institutions and the larger investments of commercial banks and private equity funders. Most of the existing Small to Medium Enterprise funds make investments in the USD 3 million – USD 5 million range, leaving out a significant portion of this market. The Investment Company will target this “missing middle” with equity investments between USD 500,000 and USD 3.5 million.



            The “missing middle of Mico-Finance”. One word – crook’s! And hence how “Ann” was evolved as being into Mico-Finance. Anything Micro-finance is a scheme, even the so called “missing middle”. Rob from the poor is Micro-Financing, period!

            Not surprised in the least by this, Soros Economic Development Fund, Omidyar Network and connection.

            • Yep. It’s a scam as so many other charities and foundations are. Scams. Like Barry, they USE the “poor” and the “unfortunate” to collect money, which they use (like Muslim charities do) for their own purposes and to gather to themselves wealth and power. Not to mention that many of them are fronts for the likes of the CIA (or Al Qaeda, for that matter). Sunlight Foundation and Peter Osnos are connected to Omidyar. Nepotism and incest.

    • Zen, did you find this originally by using Google? Don’t use Google. They spy. Straight up fact. They are totalitarian capitalists. A new breed. Like the Red Chinese, who believe in Police State 2.0.

      • FBI ‘secretly spying’ on Google users, company reveals

        Published March 06, 2013


        Google Says the FBI Is Secretly Spying on Some of Its Customers

        By David Kravets
        5:55 PM


        h/t –

        FBI ‘secretly spying’ on Google users, company reveals

        • There’s a news flash. 🙂

        • From the second link:

          “It was the first time a company has ever released data chronicling the volume of National Security Letter requests.

          National Security Letters allow the government to get detailed information on Americans’ finances and communications without oversight from a judge. The FBI has issued hundreds of thousands of NSLs and has even been reprimanded for abusing them. The NSLs are written demands from the FBI that compel internet service providers, credit companies, financial institutions and businesses like Google to hand over confidential records about their customers, such as subscriber information, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, websites visited and more as long as the FBI says the information is “relevant” to an investigation.

          In each year from 2009 to 2012, Google said it received “0-999″ National Security Letters. … “You’ll notice that we’re reporting numerical ranges rather than exact numbers. This is to address concerns raised by the FBI, Justice Department and other agencies that releasing exact numbers might reveal information about investigations. We plan to update these figures annually,” Richard Salgado, a Google legal director, wrote in a blog post. …

          What makes the government’s position questionable is that it is required by Congress to disclose the number of times the bureau issues National Security Letters. In 2011, the year with the latest available figures, the FBI issued 16,511 National Security Letters pertaining to 7,201 different persons.”

          But Barry doesn’t care about the LAW.

    • interesting that Starfelt’s memorial would be posted from a New York library and then just to some off as liberal, which we need to be reminded of her two liberal sounding commentors add a bit in gest. Guess Basement Angel can come out of the basement now. Where’s a newspaper obit?

    • The Unitarian Universalist Church of Studio City there it is Miri! Another good one Zenway!

      Lorenda’s memorial service will take place two weeks from tomorrow, Saturday, May 7 at 2:30 PM, at:

      The Unitarian Universalist Church of Studio City
      12355 Moorpark Street, Studio City, California 91604.

      We hope that anyone who can attend, will attend. Instead lieu of flowers or medical research donations, Lorenda’s husband Brad and son Graham are asking that anyone interested in making a material expression of love do so by supporting her last theatrical project. You can do so by clicking below:

      Alfy, I believe that is Brad Mays, Lori’s husbands blog. I found some of the old blogs he and Lori posted at last night, and if I remember right this one was Brads blog.

      • It is, but why from the library site, and for a guy so devoted to his theatrical wife/partner the memorial sounded like an afterthought.?
        I don’t know ,but I see he got help from ANNENBeRG Media? Hmm. You know one of Bernardine and Bill’s sons is in theater too.

        • EXACTLY Alfy ANNENBeRG Media. He has many connections to ANNENBeRG. Very telling of Brad and Lori don’t you think?

    • I posted that yesterday in a big mess of links here:

      I clearly NOW remember that they had at least one video on You Tube from the memorial service. There was some hippy-dippy singing, like a folk concert. Reading all those links yesterday, and looking at the photos, what struck me was the similarity between her early photos and photos of SAD (not quite contemporaries) and the similarity in the cause of “death”, including the morphability of the cause. It was either sarcoma, or ovarian cancer, or uterine cancer that became liver cancer. Not to mention having a child that she put up for adoption.

  14. DRONES DRONES & more DRONES!!!!

  15. Amazing how objections about the use of drones from citizens, foreign citizens, and humanitarian organizations don’t seem to give our shameless administration and the many shameless members of Congress much pause.

    Apparently the miracle of the drone has captured the imagination of jingoistic, racist, testosterone-trigger happy, neocon Americans along with the wallets and pocketbooks of the less testosteroned ones, especially those who happen to have voting power in Congress. As for President Obama, his obvious obsession with the “drone” we can maybe attribute to being one of those passed along dreams of his bottom-feeding, scum-sucking, murder-peddling, surrogate, corporate fathers.

    • Did you know that Rand Paul is filibustering Brennan’s nomination over the drone issue, after Holder told him that they believe Barry can order drone strikes on American citizens ON AMERICAN SOIL? Which answers two questions: Will drones inside the US be armed and do they think they can use them here against citizens? Yes and yes. Not only is Rand Paul filibustering, but it’s a tag team effort that includes at least one DEMOCRAT: Ron Wyden of Oregon. Paul says he will talk until he can talk no more. It’s been 6 hours so far. Cruz of Texas is taking part, too, and Mike Lee. I hope I got the names right. I heard it on radio. This is from Drudge:

      ““I will speak today until the president responds and says, ‘No, we won’t kill Americans in cafes. No, we won’t kill you at home at night,’” Mr. Paul said early on in the filibuster, that began at 11:47 and showed no signs of slowing more than four hours later.

      He did get an assist during the talkathon for about an hour from Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, two ideological allies who took some of the pressure off by asking long questions of Mr. Paul, using up time that let him preserve his voice. Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden also came to the floor to take part in Mr. Paul’s effort.

      Speaking from his corner desk Mr. Paul, in red tie and gray suit and with a glass of ice water — within reach but rarely touched — spoke about political history and the origins of key constitutional precepts. …”

      Dana Loesch was listening on her radio show and she said Paul’s speech was a masterpiece that deserves to be saved and shown to everyone, for a lesson in history and so that people realize what dangerous times these are and how freaking scary and outrageous this is.

      You can watch it live on CSPAN. I applaud him so much. He has my vote should he ever run for the presidency. He must be scaring the RINOs because Jeb Bush is making sounds as if he’s going to run. PLEASE, NOT ANOTHER BUSH. THEIR TIME IS OVER. NO MORE FREAKING POLITICAL DYNASTIES (yeah, I know Rand’s dad is in politics, but two does not a dynasty make. Three does, imho.)

      OMG. Can you believe it? I reading the rest of that story and Barry plans to …. wait for it …. MAKE A SPEECH ABOUT DRONES AND THE “ISSUES” SO THERE CAN BE A “DEBATE”. Yeah. Like there’s a debate about immigration, health care, gun control, etc. There’s NO ‘debate’ with Barry. It’s all DO AS I SAY. GOT IT?

      • Look what this ARROGANT SOB SAID:

        “Mr. Holder also said, though, that he is not sure Congress could ban the president from using drones to kill Americans on U.S. soil.

        He said that such a ban would likely run afoul of the Constitution’s grant of powers to the president in Article II.”

        AS IF THEY CARE ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION! WHAT HAPPENED TO “LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” LIFE.


        If he truly believes this, then it’s IMPEACHMENT TIME.

        What use is an oath to the Constitution if this person believes that he can make the Constitution say whatever the hell he wants it to say? KILL CITIZENS FIRST AND ASK THE COURTS LATER?

        He needs the Congress’s PERMISSION TO DO ANYTHING IN THE REALM OF MILITARY ACTION. He does not control LAW ENFORCEMENT, either. HE RUNS AFOUL OF THE 10TH AMENDMENT IF HE SENDS ARMED DRONES INTO A STATE TO KILL ITS CITIZENS WITHOUT DUE PROCESS. Of course, we watched as Reno killed citizens in Texas. Without any declaration of war.

  16. Leza …. also open on right (“spouce” Lori S) info & places
    she lived etc. ..I wrote some stuff down.. why are they Scrub-in? !?
    My FBI friend is helping me track the low-lifers….down! ….

    • Yes, it’s a reminder of what a smastard Obama is. No surprise, therefore, that his aides were recently accused of calling a female reporter a c-word and a b-word, not to mention the a-word. Any doubt they said it? No. But the leftist females, in lockstep, defend Barry as he looks down his smug wide nose (is that racist?) at them. He’s, of course, culturally indoctrinated to see women as little more than herd animals, owned by Muslim men. She’s wrong and right about Clinton: Wrong in the so-called “accomplishments” and right in the FACT that she never took a stand against bigotry coming from the leftists. Did you EVER hear her defend Sarah Palin?

  17. so little time… & so much to read & reread again…

  18. They’re HEEEEERE: h/t Zenway

    No more pockets of citizenry that refuse vaccines (such as in CA at the moment, where a measles outbreak happened because there were so many un-vaccinated children combined, no doubt, with a bunch of UACs–illegal alien children from Central America).

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