“Get the Hell Out of the United States of America Obama!”

©Bridgette @WTPOTUS 2013

Allen West Tells Obama to Take His Ideology  Anywhere…but

“Get the Hell Out of the USA!”


Allen West - GOP Lincoln Day Dinner


Allen West, the former Florida representative,  is a true patriot and his words resound with truth and clarity whenever he speaks.  We are all aware of how the election was fraudulently won by the Democrats in his district.   It appears, West is not going to be silent even though he reluctantly gave up the fight during the election mismanagement and voter fraud allegations.   The GOP didn’t assist in helping him and they should hang their heads in shame.  This man has honor and integrity, and should be the voice of the GOP!  In fact, many of the cowards could learn a thing or three from listening to him.   He IS the voice of the people! He IS the voice of true blue, patriotic Americans!

He was recently speaking to the Palm Beach County GOP Party for their Lincoln Day Dinner.   C-Span recorded the event.  Unfortunately, WordPress won’t embed the video of him speaking, but I have transcribed his words, and eloquent words they are.  Read them and then go to the URL at Patriot Action below to hear him say them.

This is a battlefield that we must stand upon. We need to let President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and my dear friend the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee – we need to let them know that Florida ain’t on the table.

Take your message of equality of achievement, take your message of economic dependency, take your message of enslaving the entrepreneurial will and spirit of the American people, somewhere else.  You can take it to Europe, you can take it to the bottom of the sea, you can take it to the North Pole, but get the hell out of the United States of America!

Yah, I said Hell.

This is not about the 1% or the 99%. This is about 100%.  It is about 100% American.  And, I will not stand back and watch anyone defame, degrade or destroy that which my father fought for, my older brother, my father-in-law, myself, my nephew and all friends still in uniform, I will not allow President Obama to take the United States of America and destroy it.

So, if that means I am a number one target for the Democrat party, all I have got to say is one thing, “Bring it on, baby!”

So, God Bless You All, God Bless America, and God Bless the great state of Florida, and we are going to make sure that this state stays RED!

Thank you!   


Amen,  Rep. West,  Amen!   God Bless Allen West!


See the video here.

H/T Patriot Action


214 responses to ““Get the Hell Out of the United States of America Obama!”

  1. K E dogged by his past ? I’m baffled by his agitated presence..
    not much respect going on… yes we all want OUR words to be
    heard… the man is 49 … yikes. I bet the little lady is sleeping well.


  2. https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/benghazigate-hillary-clinton-speaks-open-thread/comment-page-1/#comment-106470
    There’s an update at that link on the many questions CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson asked the administration about Benghazi. Asked and NOT ANSWERED, despite her FOIA request.

    • You’re right. I saw that yesterday when looking for the pics of Barry doing the same. I am sick and tired of these juveniles. It’s a long time since I saw a grown man “knuckle deep”! WHERE did these people come from? Do they NOT know what a tissue is? Or a handkerchief? It’s disgusting.

      Dressed to the nines, but they pick their noses or wipe with the backs of their hands. Amazing.

      • Maybe they really are lizzards like David Ike says. He’s probably not picking but poking those flies back up there in his sinus cavities. That’s also why everyone thinks O. has been snorting coca , but those flies we find buzzing around O.well maybe this is where they come from. Lizzards , all of them. What do you get from Flies????? Magates! yikes!!

  3. OUR …. White House… Threatens People? OH REALLY!!!!
    First Bob Woodward & now Lanny Davis.. SO how many more will
    This is NOT WHO WE ARE!! EXPOSE & OUT these Threat Gangsters!
    Stand UP American’s … STAND UP! … The TIME IS NOW!


  4. Lanny J. Davis…. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! You are now ONE of the
    can we add to the list of …YOUR GOING TO….or “YOU’LL REGRET”
    ~ (a HUGE NASTY THREAT… like in DEAD? INJURED? ECT?) ~
    CHALLENGING “US”..WHO said IT & IT needs to be EXPOSED NOW!


  5. Daniel Martin Gray Bill63 • 9 hours ago
    Woodward TELLS TRUTH!

    And, as ALL “Progressives”, his FORMER admirers
    ABANDON and DISDAIN him when he won’t COVER-UP for them.

    As an Apostate PROG myself, SUCCESSFUL in DEFEATING SEIU, I also feel the HEAT.

    But the TRUTH is what LED me, over these past decades, from Hoffman, Rubin, and Alinsky, to our Founding Fathers.


    But we FAILED to HEED. We have SOWN the WIND, and now REAP the WHIRLWIND.

    There is ONLY ONE CHOICE to be made.

    Will you voluntarily CEDE all personal POWER, your Freedom, your Liberty, your CHOICE, to “EXPERTS”, who “SOLVE” crises by making them WORSE?

    Who USE circumstances, use US, to garner and solidify POWER OVER US?

    Will you live as a SLAVE to KINGS, on your KNEES?

    I would NOT… …. Nor shall WTPOTUS!!!!!

  6. Rock my World…. it’s starting to get very COLORFUL!!!! I wonder if
    THEY will start to feel the HEAT…. and REGRET their pushy GAME?


  7. This is on Orly today… can any of this be possible… and what is stopping any of this from going forward?

    Yoel – February 28th, 2013 @ 9:01 am

    I believe “0″ can be prosecuted at the international level as hostis humani generis, as his actions as a foreign national who has usurped the office of POTUS logically constitutes a form of international piracy (he has, by subterfuge, hijacked control of the government of this nation). Also, “0″ has confessed to having ordered the murders of various people in this nation and around the world, plus he is currently in the process of permanently destroying the economic viability of this nation, thereby impoverishing and effectively enslaving all inhabitants. He has armed the sworn enemies of the U.S.A. and Israel, which constitutes a form of genocide.


    For the purpose of this Statute, “genocide” means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    (a) Killing members of the group;
    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;…).

    That is only the beginning of the myriad prosecutions which must be set in motion right away in order to stop “0″, who most definitely qualifies as the enemy of mankind.

    • That is an interesting concept.

      Hostis humani generis

      Hostis humani generis (Latin for “enemy of mankind”) is a legal term of art that originates from admiralty law. Before the adoption of public international law, maritime pirates and slavers were held to be beyond legal protection, and could be dealt with as seen fit by any nation, even if that nation had not been directly attacked. The term is also used in the present to describe the status of torturers.

      As John Yoo points out, the term “hostis humani generis” and the peculiar status of the “enemies of mankind” that it conveys continues to be relevant up until the present day. However, the only actual extension of “hostis humani generis” blessed by courts of law has been its extension to torturers.


  8. WOW ~ “YOUTHS WANTED” ~ … $1,000.00 cold hard cash … (not if food stamps or free phone ) … but CASH $$$$$
    ~ Best Documentary ~ offered by DOFF
    Your 15 minutes of FAME! and a bit of “Skin in the Game”
    This will be FUN to watch! … Let’s ROLL IT!!!!! CUT! … ACTION!!!!


    • DOFF announces a $1,000 award for the best short documentary on the theme “Where are the original IDs: Why judges refuse to order production of the original Obama’s IDs, when the copies were found to be forgeries???”
      February 28, 2013 (Snip

      Press release

      President of the Defend Our Freedoms Foundation, Attorney and Doctor Orly Taitz is announcing a short film competition on the theme: “Where are the original IDs: Why judges refuse to order production of original Obama’s IDs when the copies were found to be forgeries???”

      This competition is geared more towards younger people: high school and college students. The film should be 10-15 minutes long, not to exceed 20 minutes.

    • I wish him well. I bet that hurts! I won’t be reading the nasty comments of the ill bred left.

      Feb 28, 2013 3:45 PM

      Sheriff Joe Arpaio fell on his way to lunch Thursday in downtown Phoenix and suffered a broken left shoulder, officials said. The 80-year-old Maricopa County sheriff spent time in the emergency room of a hospital getting X-rays and meeting with doctors. No surgery is needed and he is said to be in good spirits. Officials said he’s expected back at work in a few days.

      Arpaio held a standard staff meeting Thursday morning, conducted an interview with a local TV station and was on his way to lunch when he tripped and fell around the One Renaissance Square plaza area, near Central Avenue and Washington Street.

      The sheriff never lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital by staff.

  9. Since the nasty … comments keep coming…. about 80 year old JOE
    I do remember when Barry got a 12 stitches on his lip…. thinking he
    was being passed a choom joint or a juicy penis… whatever !!!!


    • It didn’t keep his mouth closed for long, did it? To bad his jaw didn’t have to be wired shut for a long, long, time. I’ve never seen any scars in his lips or above them.

      Nov. 27, 2010

      President Obama needed 12 stitches on his upper lip after he was inadvertently hit yesterday morning while playing basketball with friends and family at Fort McNair in Washington, D.C.

      • Good point. Where are the scars from 12 stitches?

      • Was it his double that got clobbered? 12 stitches – all inside his mouth? But it says ON his upper lip.

        • You remember the photo of him recently where he is making the disgusted tightlipped grimmace, with his big puffy underlip poking out?(I can’t really describe the look, sorry)? Well, I was going to say something then about how the cleft part above his upper lip looked like it had a scar running parallel with the cleft, all the way up to the bottom of his nose. Back then I was thinking maybe this is where he had some surgery, for what I wasn’t sure (I was thinking about ….nose job…good place to hide a scar…then I thought….”hairlip”….sorry, I know that’s not a politically correct word anymore…anyway, I had forgotten about his basketball accident…Could that be where he split his lip? See if you can find the photo…it was fairly recent…he looks mad ..at least the story line was negative, I remember.

        • In viewing different pics of mo I am wondering how many there are of her unless it is just the “different hairstyles”. The vid of her licking her upper lip and using the back of her hand showed her to have a completely different look. I know sometimes makeup, color of clothing and hairstyles can change the way someone looks. But there are really times I wonder.

          And that extra puffy spot under the bottom lip of barry makes me wonder if he has “chew” stuffed in there since he has to hide that he smokes!

  10. King Bhumibol Adulyadej could this be Barry’s (royalty) daddy?
    Born 12-5-1927 he’s 85 … I read it on Orly today… ?????

    • Looks like he’s got the ears!

    • King Bhumibol Adulyadej


      When I looked at that Wiki page, I remember reading it previously, so I think the King was mentioned before. Perhaps we wrote about him on this blog, or else it was sent to us as information to review.

      I checked and he wasn’t mentioned on our blog. I do know that the lefties are sending bogus information to Orly as a joke and have talked about it – this may be one of their jokes. they get a kick of sending material to her to get a reaction from her and the readers. I haven’t read the information presented at Orly’s yet.

  11. Well, since your asking…. Bridgette I have one for you….

    They Threatened Me Too
    The reality is, who the hell has not been threatened by the Obama regime?


    • I was going to write that same sentence earlier and I didn’t. Yikes, that is scary to me. Was I channeling Lame and didn’t know it?

      Lame has it right, and as he mentioned, himself, Lt.C. Lakin, Larry Sinclair and the ones really threatened and now dead are the ones mentioned in the article, “Crossing Obama Can be Deadly.” I don’t think he mentioned Orly or other bloggers. No mention of Sheriff Joe or Breitbart either.

      “Crossing Obama Can be Deadly.”

    • Will Bob Woodward end up on the long list of mysterious deaths linked to Obama?
      Feb. 28, 2013
      By Doc Vega

      Famous reporter Bob Woodward, whose fame is derived from breaking the Watergate Scandal during the Nixon administration, has once again hit the mark and revealed criminal wrong doing in the Obama administration. However, the stakes have run a bit higher for the well-known journalist who continues to make important contributions to news reporting with his recent published work as well.

      A liberal reporter who refuses to lie for the White House

      It seems that Bob Woodward, as he testified, was threatened by a senior official in the White House, for Woodward’s revealing article. according to Bob, he was screamed at for about half an hour. That wasn’t the end of it according to the legendary reporter as he later received an e-mail from this verbally abusive White House figure who apologized initially for the tongue lashing he handed out, but added that Bob Woodward would live to regret taking the stance that he had over his article on developments at the White House!

      A President who would hurt the people for his own gain

      You might recall that recently Bob Woodward had uncovered what would normally be interpreted as unlawful conduct when an acting President actually plans and orchestrates a crisis. Especially, that will negatively impact the American people for the sake of the political gains that can be made by the President and his party as a result of this behind the scenes manipulation of the truth. That truth is just how the President plans to make the American people suffer the consequences of the sequester in as debilitating a fashion as they possibly can. This, so as to capitalize upon the anger and hardship of the people of this nation.

      Woodward uncovered that President Obama actually schemed a damaging sequester with painful repercussions to be imposed upon America as a result of 85 billion dollars in proposed federal growth being curtailed as a result of a bill the President himself voted for and supported.

      The long list of homicides associated with Obama

      President Obama leaves a string of strangely coincidental murders and apparent deaths by natural causes among scores of people who have worked with him, threatened to testify against him, or were simply possible security leaks based upon what incriminating knowledge they had over the ascending Barack. I will list these names without ample space to detail why or under what questionable circumstances they died under. If one does the research and they will find that those who knew enough to discredit Senator Obama or give damaging testimony against him died in all manner of brutal and clandestine ways.

      Those who have been left dead in the wake of a rising and ruthless star, Barack Obama-alias Barry Soetoro would be cannot be dismissed out of hand by the sheer number of questionable deaths of such people as, Kim Kuwata, Steve Bridges, Seal Team Six, Bill Gwatney, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Quarles Harris Jr., Christopher Kelly, John Wheeler III, Donald Bland, Nate Spencer, Larry Bland, Michael Scott, Beverly Eckert, David Koschman, Ashley Turton, Rodrigo Villalopez, Brian Goring, Mercedes Hugley, Tamika Hill, Hasadal Shareez, Darsano Rahardjo, Reverand David Manning, Christopher Hargrove, Paul Rothchild, Curtis Jackson, Harvey Kenyon, Sheila Baugh, Keyshawn Calworth, Lawshawna Martin, Bill Ferguson, and Gandy Baugh. These people had intimate knowledge of Obama, discretionary legal information, were opponents of, or were involved in some sexual association with the President in the past. They suffered the deadly consequences. [Most are mentioned in “Crossing Obama can be Deadly.”]


      • Bridgette, where did you get that list of dead people associated with O? I sure hope it’s not a pretext for something sinister cause Reverend David Manning is not dead as far as I know. Is there more than one David Manning Reverend? I see he’s on your list.

        • There are two – the one that died is REVEREND DAVID MANNING – Former head of the Trinity Baptist Church in Chicago. The other is REVEREND DAVID MANNING –Atlas Ministries in Harlem. See the information at Crossing Obama article.

          • Oh, thanks , I do recall now.

          • Thanks for making that distinction. I was concerned it was the Pastor in Harlem. I think his middle name is James. Haven’t listened to him for a couple of years but remember him to be Quite vocal!

    • No one LITERALLY! Any and everyone who is an American citizen simply because Obama has been a threat to America from the day he begin to walk the streets of Chicago and preach the Saul Alinsky gospel, divide and conquer.

    • Great article Zen. I read the realy well written “Liberal Fascism” by Goldstein. Can’t remember first name. After reading his rather in depth section on Mussolini, my thoughts of Obama as a Corporate Fascist/socialist were furthered. I read it just before O. took office the first time. O.’s and Mussolini’s personas even seem similar in several ways. The Alinsky methods seemed to have sprung from a Mussolini ideologue. That’s creat friction to move forward. That’s the motto of both Alinsky and Muss and O.
      Mussolini was admired and swooned over by the US at first. Women adored him . That is at fi first, then of course he killed as many if not more thatn Hitler later.

  12. Fourth Best President Ever

    Obama has been rated as the 4th best President ever! A study group recently released its findings as to the best President of the United States of America. The study took into consideration economic, political, foreign relations, health, and industrial factors, and not to the surprise of many, Obama has been rated as the 4th best President ever.

    The overall results were as follows: Ronald Reagan and 9 others tied for first. 15 presidents tied for second,18 other presidents tied for third.

    And Obama came in fourth. …….. perfect

    • Barry looked like he was going to cry yesterday, when he was whining about not being a dictator. He was like some bratty kid who knocked over the game table in a fit of pique and now can’t understand why nobody likes him anymore or wants to play with him again. I’m talking about the media here. For ONCE they showed some skepticism, emboldened by Woodward, perhaps, and they actually questioned The One. He was not amused. Are they finally noticing that their emperor has no clothes?

    • One of the democrats own “Speaks Power to Truth” or does the mole just want his job back at Fox News?
      “When the chief economic adviser says you will regret having taken that position – that is not an expression of ideological discontent. It’s a threat.’’
      Dick Morris


    • That’s another name for the list:

      ” … veteran San Francisco Chronicle journalist Carla Marinucci, was banned from the presidential press pool in San Francisco, a beat she’d been covering without incident for some time.

      Her sin? Recording a group of leftwing hecklers who spontaneously sang a bizarre song (related to the Bradly Manning Wikileaks incident) in protest against Obama at a fundraiser in San Francisco — a somewhat embarrassing moment for the president who was visibly caught off guard once he realized they weren’t singing his praises. …

      In a Pravda-like effort, the Politburo at 1600 Penn Ave sought to excise this stunt from popular view by banning Ms. Marinucci from the pool, demanding that the video not be posted and promising retaliation if its threats were made public. In a series of exchanges reminiscent of the Woodward episode, “key people” at the White House denied removing Ms. Marinucci from the press pool or threatening the Chronicle with retaliation. Inexperienced novice reporters might have been intimidated by such strong arm tactics — further chilling the speech they supposedly covet — but Ms. Marinucci and her editors, Phil Bronstein and Ward Bushee, were undaunted as they exposed the Administration a la Bob Woodward. … “

  13. would ….Terry Lankin be on that LIST? …. texasdarlin?

    • Update on Linda’s case: http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2013/03/motion-filed-washington-state-busted.html

      Update: Reply Motion Filed; Washington State Busted Trying To Swindle Obama Identity Fraud Challenger

      … Motions addressing modification of the inflated $12,675 sanction have been flying back and forth between Washington State’s assistant Attorney General Evens and Jordan’s attorney, retired Supreme Court Judge Sanders.

      In particular, Sanders filed his most recent Motion on February 28, 2013 where he states “The Attorney General acknowledges he sought and obtained an award of attorney fees in the amount of $12,675 without disclosing fees actually billed the client for the hours claimed in his declaration were $3,412.40” (emphasis added). Sanders goes onto to state for the record “The issue here is whether an award of reasonable attorney fees is compensatory or punitive. The AG prefers the later, at least when the government is the recipient rather than the party which must pay.”


      Sanders goes onto school AG Evens on the difference between reasonable v inflated legal fees citing decisions made by Washington State courts regarding such penalties. He states “Appellant does not dispute that the rate the AG actually bills the Secretary (about $65 per hour) is reasonable nor that it is appropriate to multiply that rate times the reasonable hours necessarily expended to dismiss an alleged frivolous appeal; however the government is entitled to compensation, not a penalty or overreaching windfall” (emphasis added).

      Bingo! AG Evens made a conscious decision to ignore clearly established legal precedent in Washington State by intentionally inflating Jordan’s sanction to bully her and by extension her family.

      Sanders concludes by asking “Is there a special rule for the government which does not apply to private citizens?” Apparently, AG Evens thinks so –a law for him and his pals and a different set for the citizens of Washington State! …”

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