Obama’s SOTU Drival is Proven By the Numbers (Open Thread)

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America “Tuned Out” Obama for State of the Union!

The Numbers Prove He is Already a Cooked Goose!


Goose and Obama


So How Did He Win Reelection?


Last year’s State of the Union in 2012 had a total audience of 37.75 million across 14 broadcast and cable networks.  That was down 12 percent from his SOTU speech in 2011 that had 42.79 million viewers.  There were 48 million viewers in 2010, and 52.4 million in 2009.  The Chief  Bloviator Obama wins the prize for the second-lowest rating since Nielsen began recording viewership in 1993.  Bill Clinton is still the winner with the lowest number of views in 2000.

Continuing the Usurping Blowhard’s downward trend are the latest 2013 State of the Union’s numbers.  According to newly-released Nielsen ratings, in 2013, there were 33.5 million viewers across 15 networks and Univision.


Total Viewers 33.5 Million in 2013!

Down from 37.7  Million in 2012!

If those numbers hold, that is a drop of  36% since 2009!

It is a 12.6% decrease in viewers in ONE YEAR!

According to the U.S. Census Bureau the U.S. Population in July, 2012 was  313,914,040.  That means that 280,414,040 people  refused to listen to the Usurper’s lies, promises, and Marxist vision for America.

Assuming these network numbers may change by the end of  Wednesday, this still shows an approximate viewership of 33.5 million who withstood listening to a rehashing of  Obama’s campaign speeches.  (At least he believes in recycling and recycling and recycling!).  Subtract the media personnel that were required to listen to him and those government officials, the people that tuned in were most likely the people that voted for him in November 2012.  Those are probably the real numbers that went to the polls and not the numbers we had to swallow after the election where he won in some places by an amazing 140%.

May Obama and his corrupt administration feel the pain, embarrassment, lack of confidence, and distrust of the American people!  May he feel a huge slap in his face!  For future reference, advertisers should take note!

Yes, Americans sent a message to Obama as well as to the MSM!

Well  Done Americans!



The information will be updated as it becomes available from the various sources.  Whether the numbers increase  a million or two or not, there was a substantial drop in viewers. In other words, Obama tanked!


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  1. I love it that the ever-present fly is already on his head. Flies must like cooked goose, too!

    btw, WE know how he “won”. Massive vote fraud. How ELSE does anybody get over 140% of the vote in any district? Even Saddam never got that percentage of the vote. He settled for 100%.

    • Exactly, Miri. And let’s not forget the huge, huge crowds — tens of thousands in some cases, as compared to Less Than Zero’s 1,000 or so — that turned out for Romney / Ryan rallies. No way did Romney and Ryan LEGITIMATELY lose that election.

      Then there are the Republican poll workers (Pennsylvania? Ohio?) who were forced out of 70-something polling places. Judge’s order that they be allowed back in to do their jobs was ignored. It took a personal escort from the Sheriff’s Department to get them back in the doors.

      And the cases of voters in Ohio showing up, only to be told “Hey, you’ve already voted”.

      And voters in several states (I’ve seen varying numbers) who pressed the button for Romney, only to have it default to Zero.

      And other instances in multiple states of possible tampering concerning the software and program codes themselves.

      And the military vote, which for the second presidential election in a row, was either not counted, or the ballots were mysteriously “lost” in various bulls#!t “accidents” (or sent out too late to the troops stationed overseas).

      And the Somalian immigrants who had to have “interpreters” with them to even understand the ballot, who ALL — surprise surprise — voted for Less Than Zero.

      And the residents of assisted-living centers and nursing homes, most of whom had varying degrees of dementia, that were bussed to polling places and “helped” to vote.

      And lest we forget, there’s the Consent Agreement from 30 years ago, by which the RNC is not only legally prohibited from contesting vote fraud, but is apparently not even allowed to do anything to ensure future election integrity!

      The list goes on — and on — and on . . . but I’m starting to pi$$ myself off, so I’d better stop. Next thing I know, I’ll start crying my eyes out again thinking of the gracious, dignified, decent man and his lovely, classy wife who could, and SHOULD, have been living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue right now.

      • Everything you said! It’s disgusting that the gutless Republicans TOOK IT. They just TOOK IT. Elsewhere on this thread is a video of Levin giving it to them. They had better heed him if they still care at all about this country. It’s perhaps a good sign that they are stalling the nominations of Hagel and Brennan. We’ll see if Reid pulls a fast one and changes the rules. My guess is that he will, because so far nothing’s happened to Barry when he flouts the law and the Constitution.

        • Heh heh — you should see the letter I sent the RNC shortly after the election telling them in no uncertain terms why I was changing my registration from Republican to Independent. Granted, there are two profanities in there (well, technically one profanity and one mere “vulgarity”), but they were completely in context. 😉

          • I am so sorry for the additional post — Miri or one of the other moderators, could you do me a favor and take out the “23” that appears right after the word “election”? I have NO idea how that got in there.

            Many thanks —

      • We know they know. The question is why.

        Just like – why are they tolerating and ignoring the lies of Benghazi.

  2. I like how you put it. The sheer numbers speak volumes–over 280 MILLION people did NOT watch Barry ‘s [we wish he’d] STFU speech. Why anyone other than a mind-numbed robot WOULD care to watch any of his speeches is beyond me. They must like being hypnotized via neuro-linguistic programming. “They deserve a vote!” “We can’t wait!” “Now is the time!” “We MUST move FORWARD!” (trademark: Uncle Joe Stalin) http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2012/05/03/forward-for-communism-is-obamas-new-forward-slogan-really-a-coincidence/

  3. “Belafonte is no stranger to controversy, recently advocating that critics of President Obama should be thrown in jail.

    He continued: “When everybody really didn’t quite know what the game would be. Well, the American people, in their maturity, declared themselves fully. We want what Barack Obama is talking about. We want the country to go in that direction.”

    Belafonte said “what fascinates me, is that the face of millions of Americans expressing their desire. The whole political establishment defining its game, that there should be this lingering infestation of really corrupt people who sit trying to dismantle the wishes of the people, the mandate that has been given to Barack Obama.”

    “And I don’t know what more they want,” he said. “The only thing left for Barack Obama to do is to work like a Third World dictator and just put all of these guys in jail. You’re violating the American desire.””


    • That guy is a regular genius, isn’t he?

      Belafonte blasts ‘white America’ for black gun crimes
      NAACP forum used to attack 2nd Amendment ‘carnage’ in cities

      Harry Belafonte, entertainer, long-time left-wing activist and admirer of Third World dictators, inserted himself into the national debate on gun control when he claimed “white Americans” who agitate for gun rights are ignoring the black “river of blood that washes the streets of our nation.” …

      “Although making comparisons can be dangerous, there are times when they must be noted,” he said. ‘America has the largest prison population in the world. And of the over 2 million men, women and children who make up the incarcerated, the overwhelming majority is black. [Yes, and why is that, exactly? Perhaps because they committed crimes?] We are the most unemployed, [Yes, and why is that, exactly? Fatherless homes, cultural differences that ridicule academic achievement (acting “white”?), etc. Does he WANT to know or just blame whitey?] the most caught in the unjust systems of justice, [Unfounded allegation without evidence. Where’s the proof that these were innocents merely “caught” in an “unjust” system?] and in the gun game, we are the most hunted.” [HUNTED BY WHOM? Other blacks? Why is that, exactly? Could it be fatherless=joining gangs=juvenile “macho” culture=no concern for human life?]

      Belafonte continued: “The river of blood that washes the streets of our nation flows mostly from the bodies of our black children. [Who kills them and why? White people? I think not. Would there not be more dead children if there weren’t so many criminals locked up in that “unjust” system of justice?] Yet, as the great debate emerges on the question of the gun, white America discusses the constitutional issue of ownership, while no one speaks of the consequences of our racial carnage.” …”

      Now that is a MASTERPIECE of logic. Racial carnage AS IF all the dead black children were killed by white people? Amazing. It’s black on black crime. WHY? Is he going to blame white people forever for everything?

      • WND analyzed the crimes in Chicago:

        “A WND review of the Chicago Police Department Murder Analysis reports from 2003 to 2011 provides a statistical breakdown of the demographics of both the victims and offenders in the 4,265 murders in Chicago over that time period.

        For the 2003-2011 period, blacks were the victims of 75 percent of 4,265 murders. Blacks also were the offenders in 75 percent of the murders.

        According to the 2010 U.S. Census information, Chicago has a population of 2,695,598 people. The city is 33 percent black, 32 percent white (not Hispanic), and 30 percent Hispanic or Latino in origin.

        For the 2003-2011 period, whites were nearly 6 percent of the victims and accused of carrying out 4 percent of the murders.”

        For the 2003-2011 period, Hispanics or Latinos were 19 percent of the victims and 20 percent of the offenders.

        And so whites are disproportionately VICTIMIZED by those of another “race”. So who are the hunted ones and who are the ones perpetrating “racial carnage?”

        What an ass. We didn’t talk about it, but I did see that other ass, Foxx, who made the RACIST comment that blacks are the most talented people in the world. Why can these people get away with blatant racism?

        • Glenn Fairman:

          “If one looks to the 2011 FBI crime statistics, one notices that whites (Hispanics included) make up 78.1% of the U.S. population while Blacks comprise 13.1%. By race, blacks commit 45% of their crimes against whites while 43% target fellow blacks and 10% of their victims are Hispanic. when Whites commit violent crime, only 3% of their victims are black. By considering these crimes as a percentage of the population at large, blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites than vice versa and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.”


          Part of Schmutzli’s comment:


          “The results are today’s America, where Barack Hussein Obama and his racist and bigoted regime has succeeded in another aspect of his promised “transformation” of America. This time by setting race relations back decades and eagerly awaiting the day that someone terrorized by a flash mob takes matters into their own hands and becomes the next George Zimmerman, only this time being characterized as a racially motivated mass murderer (a hate crime!!!), thus providing the tyrant Obama and his sycophants the final excuse they need to disarm America.

          Fundamental transformation, indeed.”

      • Who Failed Chicago?
        By Michelle Malkin
        February 13, 2013 Snip

        Obama, his wife, his campaign strategists, his closest cronies and his biggest bundlers all hail from Chicago. Senior adviser and former Chicago real estate mogul/city planning commissioner Valerie Jarrett and her old boss Richard Daley presided over a massive “Plan for Transformation” in the mid-1990s to rescue taxpayer-subsidized public housing from its bloody hellhole. How’d that work out for you, Chicago?

        Answer: This social justice experiment failed miserably. A Chicago Tribune investigation found that after Daley and Jarrett dumped nearly $500 million of federal funding into crime-ridden housing projects, the housing complexes (including the infamous Altgeld-Murray homes) remained dangerous, drug-infested, racially segregated ghettos. Altgeld is a long-troubled public housing complex on Chicago’s South Side, where youth violence has proved immune to “community organizing” solutions and the grand redevelopment schemes championed by Obama and company.


        • Afternoon Bridgette. I didn’t see you comment on Chicago and crime. That’s a better rendition of what I meant exactly. Nothing has gotten better in Chicago. I’m waiting to see if Rahm realizes the failures…it’s hard to imagine they could let the same policies go on forever. It’s like a sickness that one is prescribed every drug there is with all the detrimental side effects till finally you get rid of all the bad medicinene and you suddenly get well. You think it will ever happen?

          • Chicago has gotten “progressively” worse over the years. Until they get rid of all the aldermen and corrupt politicians it will never change. As long as the elections are rigged, pay to play is how the game will be played. It is time for Chicago and Illinois to wake up. Maybe their going bankrupt will be the answer. High unemployment, crime, killings, and drugs are their centerpiece. What we got in the WH from Chicago is just a sample of how they operate. Unfortunately for us, their brand of corruption is now seen and used on a national scale.

            • Unfortunately, they get rid of the corrupt politicians by sending them to the WH. First Barry, now Drudge reports that Rahmbo is considering a run: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/02/14/rahm-emanuel-toying-with-2016-presidential-run-sources-say.html

              Rahm Emanuel May Be Toying With 2016 Presidential Run

              Obama’s former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel might make a go for 2016, two well-connected Democrats tell Lloyd Grove—as long as Hillary doesn’t. And the potty-mouthed Chicago mayor could win. …

              The 53-year-old Emanuel, who is busy raising money for his 2015 reelection campaign in the Windy City, has had discussions both over the phone and face to face in the past month with Democratic Party donors and fundraisers about a possible White House run, according to sources. …”

              I’m going to be sick, and it’s not from the wine and candy I had for Valentine’s Day.

        • Oh yeah, Rambo for president. Then the old communist cronies can remain and the Marxists will have completely taken over. Can you imagine his SOTU address with the addition of all the FU’s emanating from his mouth! Truly another representative from the slimy, snaky side of the tracks. That makes me want to drink an entire bottle of wine. Gosh, maybe he can team up with the Hilter looking guy, Axelrod. What a team. Starting to drink heavily now. Changing to Scotch to endure the visualizations I’m having.

      • Some of the problems are because of white people….but it’s the WRONG white people…too bad he hasn’t figured that out by now. Blacks are waking up. And how is it one of their own (sort of as O. is barely black) can fool them so well. Has O. ever lived in the Hood, when did he actually ever live in any black surrounding …EVER….what could he possibly know of the real short comings of the black race…. what, when he worked on the Annenburg Challenge with white people like Ayers, or when he helped build up housing in the REZKO and slums.or were he and Sadiqqi and his other Pakistani friends pontificating the problems with the black race. Maybe at Punahou he learned a thing or two from the elite in that school with his white grandparents. He couldn’t have learned much productive from Frank Davis who ditched his black wife for a white commie. Well I could go on, but when are blacks going to ask themselves the ultimate question….when a charlatan finally leaves them high and dry from Pennsylvania Avenue. Many blacks will have let him turn their hearts sour, but I really do have HOPE that they are witnessing the cold scam he’s delivering and are waking up and they won’t like being used much longer.

        • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Security_and_Homeland_Security_Presidential_Directive
          I’ve been meaning to put this somewhere…..If you don’t know what COG, continuation of government is you should read up on anything you can find on it. The actual documents and papers are very secretive and as you see here even the senatae is not privy to it. Brennan is a major player in the as you see here. Parts of COG were initiated after 911 and are still in effect….and we don’t acutally know what it all entails….hardly anyone does…but it’s part of how and why we got the Patriot act and now probably this drone directive. Senators don’t know because they are unimformed. If you can find a good utube or article by the former Berkeley professior/political poet Peter Dale Scott, he is worth listening to as much as you can by him and there are many others that explain this. He explains why we are in the dark about such recent incidents, such as the Benghazi one for example (while he doesn’t discuss Benghazi, the antedotes are clear). He talks about COG. He has done empeccable research and is well known (not neccesarily well liked by some). professor Scott tells and explains what deep cover is and in this short wicki piece on COG you can see that it has deep cover principles as well. When you start seeing blatant wierd things happening and don’t get it, maybe this will help to see a bit deeper. Really read or watch Peter Dale Scott, he is just a good start, but there’s much more. He knows all the facets of Indonesia’s coup. He went to Jakarta. He grew up during the 60’s and Viet Nam teaching at Berkeley. Alot to learn from this old man.

          • Remember when the White House was digging up the lawn?

          • I am saying that COG means that the Constitution as we know it HAS been suspended .
            Here’s a bit with Benghazi and UN Sec. RICE…..by Peter D. Scott
            But here’s just a bit about suspending our consitution (as far back as Iran/Contra ……both of these are short articles

          • If he knows all about the Indonesian coup, then he must be a smart guy. That’s the most confusing, convoluted history I’ve ever tried to make heads or tails of.

          • Sorry Miri, if this seems convoluted, but it’s not to me, probably because I read the many versions of Indonesia’s coup and it’s overwhelming many facets, I followed Nicaraqua and Iran Contra years ago because we have many friends in Nicaraqua. Now following the drugs and money laundering and how even during the bank 2007 -08 crisis drug money was used to liquidate the banks. I am not sure which articlee was hard to follow. I has taken alot of reading to finally be familiar with how CIA’s involviement goes way back and the many many front organizations it has.. If you’re talking about COG, I’m just now trying to get this in perspective.
            Could someone tell me how to keep the address box from covering what I am writing? It makes it hard to keep track of my thoughts and I can’t see what is written.

            • alfy, I don’t know how to keep that danged address box from covering what you’re typing. I had the problem, too, until I switched to using Firefox for a browser. Maybe that would help? Otherwise, maybe Gordo has a clue? I guess you could try to shut down your browser and clear cookies and history. MAYBE that would stop it. WordPress has had the problem for a long time and I’m sure they’re aware of it. The scroll bar on comments doesn’t work right all the time, either.

              It’s the Indonesian history that has always been hard for me to follow. I do believe you when you say that the CIA is complicit in all of it. They are and have been throughout the world for years. Yesterday, I was thinking that Congress should disband them, defund them, and perhaps start all over from scratch with careful rules and very, very CLEAR oversight. They’re like the UN. They cause more wars and trouble than they solve.

          • If we listen closely to news about getting out of Afganistan , you’ll notice the area in Northern Afghanistan that we’re still heavily involved in….the area near the borders of Pakistan….this is the area where the borders are questionable between the two countries and where the biggest pashtun drug lord operates . We or the Brittish or Canada will be involved in the drugs for years,there, mark my words or anyone else who tells that story, because this money finances many wars/weapons and the country’s only economic stability. This is why we’ve been in Afghanistan for so long. One needs to read the similarities of Viet Nam and Afghanistan, to get an angle on why war in Afghanistan was destined not to be a war to win anything except to feed corporate interests, banks, and drug pushing to ruin millions of lives. We’ve help instigate the bad Islamic infiltration there. Before our involvement there the Islamic groups were mostly Sufi . Just like in Viet Nam, McChrystal recognized that it was a fools errand to think we could create democracy there like we think of democracy……as tribal elders have a huge influence and the small government is only a fraction of the influence in that country.
            My neighbor’s husband is in Afghanistan, with ‘ special clearance’. They are building bridges, schools, fancy buildings with our money and drug money to pacify the Afghans while another faction oversees and aids in controling the drugs from that country.
            Brzezinski wanted the Russians in Afghanistan, so he helped create the right conditions and we helped train the dudes that fought there and the russians came home with millions of heroin addicts…millions. Brzezinski said he gave them their Viet Nam(to weaken them). Now Afghanistan has been our second Viet Nam…many think so. Now will we have millions of addicts who come home from that war ,the drugs there are easy to get just like in viet nam….time will tell.

          • CIA has only gotten bigger and there’s too much kickback maney to go around…..just depending onwhere one is at any given time , they may be a part of a covert, deep cover op for CIA with the help of outside monies too, not just gov. $$. Ambassadors in Indo. ,and like CHris Stevens, gov. aid in all forms, and senators become involved in their operations, as do companies, airlines , bankers. It will not END!!!

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        He’s a senile old man. Dementia.

        • A demented commie.

        • Are ya’ll talking about Peter Dale Scott…hardly demented, and hardly commie. He’s written two or three books in the past couple years and has one out recently that took seven years to complete the research on. He speaks all over the place. I think Alex Jones has interviewed him and considers him very keen and informative. Perhaps if you watch a utube. In some of his writings he is so informatiove and detailed on the many facets of Sukarno/Suarto that one can almost picture exactly what Ann Dunham would have been doing as a psuedo-anthrapologist/CIA operative.

  4. Mark Levin Anniliates Obama For Ignoring The Constitution, Tells GOP To ‘Start Acting Like Men’
    Feb. 14

    Hannity and Levin were both amazed at how Obama could say in his State of the Union that none of his proposals would add a dime to the deficit. Levin said Obama continues to lie to the American people, and went after him for not acknowledging the grim realities of the economy in his address last night. He claimed that the president “treats us like we’re France,” and completely ignores the Constitution in trying to get his agenda past Congress through executive orders.

  5. Obama’s Secret Court for Killing
    By Judge Andrew Napolitano
    February 14, 2013 Snip

    We now confront the truly unthinkable: a proposal to establish yet another secret court, this one with the authority to authorize the president and his designees to kill Americans. This proposal has come from Congress, which seems more interested in getting in on the killing than in upholding the Constitution. The federal government only has the lawful powers the states delegated to it. As the states cannot kill Americans without due process, neither can the feds. Congress cannot create this killing court, and no judge on such a Stalinesque court can authorize the president to kill.


    • If his essay doesn’t sound like sufficient reasons for impeachment, then I don’t know what does. He clearly says that some drone killings are criminal. This is what I was bloviating about yesterday, and I’m glad that my “legal” sense seem to have been correct. The CIA are not the military and thus Barry is not their Commander in Chief, authorized by Congress to wage whatever war they’re waging, which sounds like an illegal war. Congress declares or authorizes war, to be waged by the MILITARY under the CiC. NOT the CIA.

      “Thus, if New Mexico-born Anwar al-Awlaki had been shooting at American troops at the time the government took aim at him, naturally, the troops can shoot back. But when he merely encourages others to shoot, his behavior is protected by the natural law, the First Amendment and numerous federal statutes. As well, he was 10,000 miles from the U.S., never known to have engaged in violent acts, and having a private conversation at a roadside cafe in a desert when he was killed. No law or legal principle justifies the U.S. government killing him then and there; in fact, numerous laws prohibit it.

      The president’s use of the CIA for offensive killing also violates federal law. Intelligence agents may only lawfully kill in self-defense, not offensively. Only the military may lawfully kill offensively. In the al-Awlaki case, intelligence sources have confirmed to Fox News that a team of American and Yemeni intelligence agents had followed al-Awlaki and had him under continuous observation at the time of his killing and for the preceding 48 hours. They easily could have arrested him had he been charged with a civilian crime or a war crime, which he wasn’t.

      Of course, the murder of his Colorado-born son and the son’s American friend are not even arguably defensible, and the president’s spokesman who suggested that the young al-Awlaki should have “chosen a different father” shows a seriously defective thought process and an utter antipathy for the rule of law in places of power.”

      In other words, that’s one cold-blooded bastard. I’m in no way defending Islamists. Far from it. But we must uphold our own laws and the Constitution. First them and then who’s next? Huh? First the CIA becomes “paramilitary” and then who’s next? DHS? EPA? TSA? FEMA? Gulag, anyone?

      • One more: “The president has made a political calculation that it will be easier for him to justify killing folks he can demonize than it will be to afford them due process, by capturing, housing and trying them.”

        And whom does he most love to DEMONIZE?

  6. Tonight, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton is scheduled to appear on Fox News with Bill O’Reilly.

    Tom will be discussing videos Judicial Watch recently uncovered showing out-of-control political correctness and abuse of tax dollars at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).The videos reveal a “Cultural Sensitivity Training” program that required employees to bang on tables, chanting in unison “The pilgrims were illegal aliens” while being instructed to no longer use the word “minorities,” but to replace it with “emerging majorities.

    Judicial Watch received the videos as part of an investigation launched last May through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.The investigation was prompted by a tip provided to Judicial Watch by a USDA whistleblower.

    Judicial Watch email.

  7. Sen. Feinstein delays Brennan confirmation vote until after recess
    By Carlo Muñoz – 02/13/13

    The California Democrat ordered the delay after committee members requested the White House provide more information on its armed drone program and last September’s terrorist attack at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. According to a congressional source, Feinstein did not request further details on the Benghazi attack, which left four Americans dead, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. However, she did ask for more information pertaining to the Justice Department’s classified legal justifications on the use of armed drones against terror suspects, the source said.


  8. Why not do the same with BHO – let’s find out if he is an Obama or where his DNA shows he is from. I doubt he has a drop of BLACKer than black Obama blood. Stanley’s white genes weren’t strong enough to dilute that Kenyan’s.

    Using DNA To Trace Michelle Obama’s Past
    mfiske | 09/12/2012

    First Lady Michelle Obama always suspected that she had white ancestors. But she had no idea who they were. With DNA testing and research, I was able to solve that mystery and finally identify the white forbears who had remained hidden in her family tree for more than a century.
    I suspected that Mrs. Obama’s white ancestors belonged to the white Shields family that had owned her great-great-great grandmother, Melvinia Shields. So I persuaded several descendants of the black and white Shields to do DNA testing.

    The results showed that the two families were related. The DNA testing indicated that Melvinia’s owner’s son was the likely father of Melvinia’s biracial child, Dolphus Shields. (Dolphus Shields is the first lady’s great-great grandfather.)


    • Why is this person’s explanation that the woman was raped? Could they not have been adults making “choices” on their own about whom to love? Could she not have fallen in love with the owner’s son? What does this prove without DNA evidence that Mooch is in any way related biologically to these people?

  9. Justice Scalia: State of the Union “has turned into a childish spectacle”
    February 13, 2013

    While his colleagues got ready to go to the Capitol, Justice Antonin Scalia sat on a stage across town and held forth about why, for the 16th consecutive year, he would not be joining them for the State of the Union. He doesn’t go when a Democrat is president. He stays away when the president is Republican.

    “It has turned into a childish spectacle. I don’t want to be there to lend dignity to it,” Scalia said, with a certain amount of mischief. The 76-year-old justice has previously made clear his disdain for the event, but Tuesday may have been the first time he did so at nearly the same time as the speech.


  10. I knew someone would be counting! Sheer coincidence of 44 times…or was it?

    SOTU: Barack Obama’s Favorite Word
    February 14, 2013

    How did Barack Obama use his State of the Union address, in his own humble and prayerful way, to mark the fact that he is the 44th president of the United States? He used one pronoun 44 times. Guess which one it was?

    Why, there’s no fooling you—you guessed. The pronoun was “I.”

    Yup, forty-four times that most humble of men who knows he is elected to serve the people managed to squeeze in a reminder of whom this speech was really about.


    • By coincidence, I read this op-ed today: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/opinion/perspectives/the-beauty-of-brevity-calvin-coolidge-didnt-say-much-but-he-said-enough-675207/

      The beauty of brevity: Calvin Coolidge didn’t say much, but he said enough

      … Coolidge, says Ms. Shlaes, thought his office “really was one of ‘president,’ literally one who presided.” And “the best monument to his kind of presidency was no monument at all.” This absence, however, is a kind of admonitory presence for him who said,

      “It is a great advantage to a president, and a major source of safety to the country, for him to know he is not a great man.”

      The 1933 funeral service for this man of brevity lasted 22 minutes.”

      Another coincidence? They have a photo of Coolidge “doing” skeet at the link.

  11. Filibuster on Hagel–Vitter: We Have 41
    14 Feb 2013

    Republican Senators have the necessary 41 votes to block the confirmation of Chuck Hagel from coming to a vote this week, and will be able to stage a filibuster,
    according to an interview given by Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) ..
    ABC News’ Jonathan Karl confirmed that Democrats do not yet have the votes to ensure that Hagel will be confirmed, as of Thursday morning: It now looks like Democrats don’t have the votes to get Hagel confirmed, at least not yet.

    Vitter noted that delaying the confirmation vote would give the Senate more time to consider Hagel’s record, including new information that is coming out “every day” about his background.

    UPDATE: Fox News Channel confirms: “Senior Republican sources [are] telling Democrats they intend to mount a full-scale filibuster of the Chuck Hagel nomination and will block his nomination from receiving an up or down vote.”


    • Exclusive–The Hagel Speech that ‘Wasn’t’: More Evidence Emerges of Failure to Disclose
      14 Feb 2013

      New evidence has emerged that a 2008 address to the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) by former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE), President Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, was in fact a formal speech, contrary to the claims of the Obama administration.
      The ADC is known for taking staunch anti-Israel positions. According to the IPT, it has argued, for example, that Israeli leaders should be tried for war crimes. It also defended journalist Helen Thomas in 2010 when she said that Jews should go back to Europe and “[g]et the hell out of Palestine.” It has expressed admiration for Hagel in the past for standing up against Israel when few others in Congress would, declaring during the Second Lebanon War that everyone else “a lot of blood on their hands for remaining silent and for re-arming Israel.”

      Hagel was the keynote speaker at the June 13, 2008 fundraiser for the ADC’s political action committee…


      • OMG. Helen Thomas. What a joke. How we miss her! “Jews should go BACK to EUROPE.” Makes sense. Huh? Actually, it would make more sense for her to say they should go back to Mesopotamia; but then where should the “Palestinians” go back to? Africa?

    • So that’s why Harry Reid is whining about how horrid it will be for us to have no defense secretary. Oh, my. The sky is falling! We have no defense secretary. Surely this has NEVER happened before in the history of this great country. And Patriot Panetta would never consider staying on until a replacement is confirmed?

  12. Another RINO joins FOX

    Scott Brown Joining Fox News
    13 Feb 2013

    Fox has announced that former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown will join the network as a contributor, with his debut set for February 13th on Sean Hannity’s show.

    Recently, a handful of Fox News contributors–including Sarah Palin and Dick Morris–have left the network. Brown joins Dennis Kucinich as the news network’s newest contributor.


  13. Don’t Freak its just the R-WORD.. as we decay from within… Lloyd Marcus


  14. Video: Orly – Obama Failed To Register For Selective Service

  15. President Obama wants Congress to increase the minimum wage. Believe me, when it comes to doing the minimum for their wage, Congress knows what it’s talking about.
    ~Jay Leno

    Last night while the president was speaking, the Westminster Dog Show wrapped up. The dog show and the State of the Union address are very different, of course. One’s a lot of yapping and prancing and sniffing. And the other is the dog show.
    ~Craig Ferguson

    The trend this year is couples saying they don’t need to get each other anything for Valentine’s Day, because they love each other EVERY day. I think that’s sweet, but to all the guys out there watching, I just want to say it’s a trap!
    ~Jimmy Fallon

    President Obama also gave House Speaker John Boehner a thumbs-up before the start of his State of the Union address. Or as Boehner put it, “Beats the finger I usually get!”
    ~Jimmy Fallon

  16. DHS Nullifies Fourth Amendment Rights of Millions of Americans
    February 14, 2013

    The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution reads: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    The Department of Homeland Security doesn’t believe in the Fourth Amendment and has recently issued statements to that affect. They are claiming that if you live within 100 miles of the international border that they have the right to search all electronic devices, including cell phones and laptop and tablet computers without probable cause or first securing a warrant. The 100 mile distance is being referred to as the border security search zones.

    This would include cities such as San Diego, Escondido, El Centro, Yuma, Tucson, Las Cruces, Carlsbad, El Paso, Brownsville, Seattle, Grand Forks, Toledo, Cleveland, Erie, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Montpelier to name just a few. But wait, it gets even better! If you live anywhere in Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey or Rhode Island, DHS says the search zones encompass the entire state. Let’s not leave New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia out of the fun, because large areas of these states are also being designated as search zones.

    If you live anywhere in any of the designated search zones, the feds claim to have the right to invade your privacy and conduct an unconstitutional search of your private possessions without any probable cause or warrant.


    • Are they out of their ever-loving minds?

      • Some stories that explain more:


        DHS Watchdog OKs ‘Suspicionless’ Seizure of Electronic Devices Along Border

        The Department of Homeland Security’s civil rights watchdog has concluded that travelers along the nation’s borders may have their electronics seized and the contents of those devices examined for any reason whatsoever — all in the name of national security.

        The DHS, which secures the nation’s border, in 2009 announced that it would conduct a “Civil Liberties Impact Assessment” of its suspicionless search-and-seizure policy pertaining to electronic devices “within 120 days.” More than three years later, the DHS office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties published a two-page executive summary of its findings.

        “We also conclude that imposing a requirement that officers have reasonable suspicion in order to conduct a border search of an electronic device would be operationally harmful without concomitant civil rights/civil liberties benefits,” the executive summary said.

        The memo highlights the friction between today’s reality that electronic devices have become virtual extensions of ourselves housing everything from e-mail to instant-message chats to photos and our papers and effects — juxtaposed against the government’s stated quest for national security.

        The President George W. Bush administration first announced the suspicionless, electronics search rules in 2008. The President Barack Obama administration followed up with virtually the same rules a year later. Between 2008 and 2010, 6,500 persons had their electronic devices searched along the U.S. border, according to DHS data.

        According to legal precedent, the Fourth Amendment — the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures — does not apply along the border. By the way, the government contends the Fourth-Amendment-Free Zone stretches 100 miles inland from the nation’s actual border.”

        Here’s their “executive summary”: http://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/crcl-border-search-impact-assessment_01-29-13_1.pdf You’ll be glad to know that they took pains to ensure that people weren’t targeted on account of race, ethnicity, religion, gender–so no profiling! They keep stats, so agents have to beware, which likely means that a lot of 90-year-old ladies will have their cell photos examined, but Mexican drug cartel members or Islamic jihadists will not.

        We have another common cause with the ACLU: http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2008/10/aclu-assails-10/ FROM 2008

        ACLU Assails 100-Mile Border Zone as ‘Constitution-Free’ – Update

        Government agents should not have the right to stop and question Americans anywhere without suspicion within 100 miles of the border, the American Civil Liberties Union said Wednesday, pointing attention to the little known power of the federal government to set up immigration checkpoints far from the nation’s border lines.

        The government has long been able to search people entering and exiting the country without need to say why, which is known as the border search exception of the Fourth Amendment.

        After 9/11, Congress gave the Department of Homeland Security the right to use some of its powers deeper within the country, and now DHS has set up at least 33 internal checkpoints where they stop people, question them and ask them to prove citizenship, according to the ACLU.

        “It is a classic example of law enforcement powers expanding far beyond their proper boundaries – in this case, literally,” said Caroline Fredrickson, who heads the ACLU’s Washington, D.C., Legislative Office.

        The ACLU says it has scores of complaints from citizens and wants Congress to investigate and roll back the buffer zone. According to a map the rights group released Wednesday, some 190 million citizens live within what the ACLU dubs the “Constitution-free Zone.”

        DHS spokesman Jason Ciliberti says the ACLU’s description of the zone as “Constitution-Free” couldn’t be further from the truth and that the check points follow rules set by Supreme Court rulings.

        “We don’t have the ability to just set up checkpoints willy-nilly,” Ciliberti said. “The Supreme Court has determined that brief investigative encounters do not constitute a search or seizure.”

        When citizens or visa holders encounter a checkpoint, most are waived on after showing identification, but if an agent suspects the person is not lawfully in the country, the agent can detain the person until the agent’s investigation is satisfied.

        The government has long had the power to set up such check points, but has recently expanded the number of permanent and ‘tactical’ check points and deployed them in areas they hadn’t before — such as near the Canadian border.

        The courts, however, are not on the ACLU’s side — and have regularly ruled that the Fourth Amendment’s protections don’t extend to the border area, airport screening or even to laptops at the border. …”

        Of course, the ACLU is concerned with ICE keeping out those illegal aliens I mean “out of status” American citizens. I suspect that if taken to the SCOTUS, they might say that the “border” doesn’t extend 100 miles inland.

  17. Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!!! 🙂

    • Happy Valentine’s Day to you, foxy, and to all here at WTPOTUS!

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      You too, foxy and everyone here at WTPOTUS! Xo Ro

    • Drat…I thought it was tomorrow! My calendar on my computer is off by a day. It says Feb 13…I can’t believe it! Well, now I will feel bad because no one asked me to be their Valentine. In my mind, I was giving them an extra day. It is all a result of the Duh or Ding Bat factor, since I have been posting the date all day long and no bells or hearts went off.

      So I wish each and everyone of you We the Peeps a Happy Valentine’s Day. May it be filled with love and joy, and perhaps some flowers, candy or wine! Hugs and lots of XOXOXOX!

      Are kids still decorating shoeboxes and getting valentines in Elementary Schools or was all that fun removed for some stupid liberal reason like shoeboxes might be considered a weapon?

      You all have a great time, as I will have the “whine”, boo hoos and poor me’s covered.

      Has the new regime removed V-Day from calendars yet? I recall the Muslims won’t celebrate it. I checked, and they miss out on the “fun”.

      The Muslim’s attitude towards this [Valentine’s Day] holiday should be clear:

      1- He should not celebrate it, or join others in their celebrations of it, or attend their celebrations because it is forbidden to celebrate the festivals of non-Muslims.


      • i am having bing cherry vanilla ice cream on a sugar cone. yumm

        but wait, its forbidden for America Children, too.


        • My gosh I was kidding about Valentine’s Day being banned…and yet it was! What a friggin’ crock! Send those DIVERSE kiddies back to their homeland if they don’t want to assimilate! I am so sick of this. They have ruined Halloween and now they go after a love day! Can you imagine the families the freaks grew up in where birthdays and holidays weren’t celebrated – those must be the ones now in charge of schools.

        • Cultural equality? That’s a new one. How about CULTURAL FREEDOM? They’re being taught to CELEBRATE DIVERSITY, so then why can’t they CELEBRATE the diversity of their “67 cultures” by allowing ALL OF THEM THE FREEDOM TO CELEBRATE THEIR CULTURES? Or, let me guess: Is it ONLY the “white” cultures (Christians, too) that are suppressed while they teach about Eid al Fitr, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, etc.?

      • I would bet they’re not allowed to celebrate because Valentine was a Christian saint. OMG! Can’t have that. In fact, I think Gateway Pundit had a story today about somewhere in the Middle East where they protested Valentine’s Day and threatened people that if they don’t stop celebrating it, they will stop them one way or another. Here it is. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/02/pakistani-islamists-hold-protest-against-dreaded-st-valentine/ Was in Pakistan.

        • Personally, I don’t care what they choose to do in other countries about their own brand of holidays, but I do care about ours! Tell the non-Americans to stay home if their parents don’t want them to indulge in OUR USA’s holidays!

          President ‘s Day is coming up and I fully expect that it won’t be about our George and Abe, but the Left will want it to be all about the Usurper. No doubt he will think it is for him too!

  18. GO ORLY GO ORLY Goooooooo Will you be my Valentine?
    She did Great… & WHO.. HAS THE KEY .. to this mess…?
    & I SPIT .. on each & everyone of the CHEATERS… today!

    LOVE IS IN the AIR !!!! ~ & a BIG FAT “SHOUT OUT” 2 US ALL ~

  19. What a “smart” third grader REMEMBERS… Sandy HOOK…?
    “we were having a DRILL? … & thanking my TEACHERS for
    “helping a lot of time”? just doesn’t cut it…. wrong day wrong drill?

    • Wanted to tell them what happened that day:

      “I remember that a lot, a lot of policemen were in the, um, school, um … well, a lot … i was like … like hiding under … when uh, when we were having a drill, we were hiding under, like …”

      Then both his mother and the interviewer interrupt him and change the subject to asking about his teachers. The kid is obviously under stress about how to answer, what to say, as if he forgot his lines.

      This makes it appear rather certain that they were having a drill on that Friday. Whether or not the drill was hijacked for another purpose is up in the air, but it seems from these few pieces of evidence that it began as a planned DRILL.

      • http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/20/education/lockdown-drill-scares-school-in-east-harlem.html?_r=1&
        I meant to link this the other day, but forgot. I don’t know if this has been linked before, but it relates to what the child above seemed to be saying:

        Lockdown Drill Surprises Some, Scaring a School in East Harlem

        We really thought we were not going home that night,” one teacher said. “It was probably the worst feeling I ever had in my life.”

        Less than a week after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Conn., a lockdown exercise on Tuesday morning at Public School 79 in East Harlem caused alarm, as not everyone understood there was to be a drill.

        On Wednesday, Marge Feinberg, a spokeswoman for the New York City Education Department, said only, “We are looking into how this drill was conducted.” The school’s principal, Greer Phillips, declined to comment.

        P.S. 79, the Horan School, serves 300 students with special needs, including those with severe emotional disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy and other disorders. The students range in age from 12 to 21, one staff member said.

        The lockdown drill began about 10 a.m. on Tuesday with a woman’s voice on the school’s loudspeaker saying, “ ‘Shooter,’ or ‘intruder,’ and ‘get out, get out, lockdown,’ ” said the staff member, who added that it seemed so realistic that it was hard to tell if the woman speaking was actually talking to a gunman or to teachers and students throughout the school.

        At 10:01 a.m., a woman dialed 911 from her cellphone and said she had heard a message over the loudspeaker “that there was an intruder in the school, and that she was in the class with her students,” said a Police Department spokeswoman.

        Officers from the 25th Precinct station house responded, she said. When they arrived a minute later, school officials told them that it was just a drill. …”

        So it does happen that there are drills and it does happen that not everybody is apprised of the fact that it’s a drill and it does happen that even the first responders aren’t apprised that it’s a drill.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Unfortunately,, looking up to the right as he does accesses remembrance not imagination.

      • yes, but maybe he’s trying to remember what he was told to say about the drill, Rosemary.

      • http://bodylanguagesignals.com/eyes2.html That article seems to say the opposite. I do know that the right side of the brain is more emotional, artistic, less verbal and the left is more logical, concrete, linear, verbal. Isn’t it? Oy. Long time since I studied that. I thought he looked to the right because his mother was there and he was aware, perhaps, of what he ought to say and worried he wouldn’t say the right thing. The puffing seemed to indicate a good deal of stress, but he really had little to say, even though the interviewer said that the boy himself wanted to be asked what happened that day.

  20. There is a saying ironically coined by Maya ANGELOU : “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

    Could NOT have SAID it BETTER MYSELF….. I agree 1 TRILLION %

  21. DemoncRATS show their true colors in an alleged “red state”. Maybe they are RED after all:


    “Missouri Democrats Introduce Legislation to Confiscate Firearms – Gives Gun Owners 90 Days to Turn in Weapons

    Missouri Democrats introduced an anti-gun bill which would turn law-abiding firearm owners into criminals. They will have 90 days to turn in their guns if the legislation is passed.

    Dana Loesch Radio reported on the new legislation being pushed by Missouri Democrats:

    Any person who, prior to the effective date of this law, was legally in possession of an assault weapon or large capacity magazine shall have ninety days from such effective date to do any of the following without being subject to prosecution. … [for a] Class C FELONY.”

    The choices include getting the gun out of MO (before sunset?), making it “permanently inoperable” (like Marines at Barry’s inauguration), or handing it over to the gummint for destruction (they say, more likely sale to Mexican cartels to finance more “investments” by Barry).

    Oh, cute. So illegal aliens can vote but not Constitutional Gun Owners, because they’ll be felons.

    I believe, unless I’m mistaken, that the Second Amendment is to the U.S. Constitution and that means NOBODY can “infringe” on it, much less a state legislature. If a state has this right, then they can rescind the provisions of the 14th amendment, too, and take away the citizenship of African-Americans. Couldn’t they? Ya think that would fly? Or maybe they could take away women’s suffrage. Ya think?

    Of course, this has a snowball’s chance in hell of passing in MO, and you have to wonder why the DemoncRATS would even put forward such a bill. Not likely to endear the DemoncRATS to the populace of MO, many of whom are actually gun-toting Democrats who love the Second Amendment, too. Are they insane?

    Well, let’s not get in their way as they overreach and self-destruct. Too bad McCaskill is in for the next six years. I’ll bet she’s crying a river over this stupid move. Almost 3000 comments on that post already. Is that some kind of GP RECORD?

    • Who wrote this gem of a bill? Are their names not being publicized? I hope the gun toters get out in force like they have in other states like New York when legislation was passed in the dark of night. I like it when they all show up with their guns showing – with concealed licenses to carry in their pockets.

      Did MO go Democratic in the election? What is their legislative makeup now?

      • UNFORTUNATELY, it appears that the WH must have written it, or somebody working on Joe Bite-me’s committee did. The state of Minnesota introduced a similar bill with almost the exact same provisions. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/02/breaking-mn-democrats-introduce-law-to-confiscate-guns-using-same-language-as-mo-democrats/

        Breaking: MN Democrats Introduce Law to Confiscate Guns… Using Same Language as MO Democrats

        This is not a coincidence. It is a concerted effort.

        Missouri Democrats are pushing a bill to confiscate guns giving gun owners 90 days to turn in their weapons. Minnesota Democrats are pushing the same bill. …

        Minnesota Democrats are pushing similar legislation using nearly identical language as the Missouri bill.

        MN H.F. No. 241, as introduced – 88th Legislative Session (2013-2014) Posted on Jan 31, 2013

        Any person who, on February 1, 2013, legally owns or is in possession of an assault weapon has until September 1, 2013, to do any of the following without being subject to prosecution under Minnesota Statutes, section 624.7133:

        (1) remove the weapon from the state;

        (2) surrender the weapon to a law enforcement agency for destruction;

        (3) render the weapon permanently inoperable; or

        (4) if eligible, register the weapon as provided in Minnesota Statutes, section 624.7133, subdivision 5.

        EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective the day following final enactment.”

        So, were these bills written before Sandy Hook? Was the plan in place, just waiting for the signal? As Glenn Beck says, to “go, go, go.” Get ‘er done before anybody can organize to oppose it? I am so outraged by this. Just outraged. They truly do think that they can seize our government and just ram what they want through, no matter the law, no matter the Constitution, no matter the WILL of the MAJORITY of the people. A majority of the people OPPOSE BARRY’S GUN CONTROL POLICIES.

    • Just out of curiosity, I looked up the MO Constitution. This proposed law violates not only the U.S. Constitution but also at least two provisions of the MO State Constitution:


      Right to keep and bear arms–exception.

      Section 23. That the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person and property, or when lawfully summoned in aid of the civil power, shall not be questioned; but this shall not justify the wearing of concealed weapons.

      Source: Const. of 1875, Art. II, § 17.

      (2004) Section does not prohibit the General Assembly from enacting statutes allowing or disallowing the carrying of concealed weapons; the Concealed-Carry Act is therefore constitutional. Brooks v. State, 128 S.W.3d 844 (Mo.banc).”

      MO has a concealed carry law, so people can conceal carry. http://www.moga.mo.gov/const/A01026.HTM

      “Compensation for property taken by eminent domain–condemnation juries–payment–railroad property.

      Section 26. That private property shall not be taken or damaged for public use without just compensation. Such compensation shall be ascertained by a jury or board of commissioners of not less than three freeholders, in such manner as may be provided by law; and until the same shall be paid to the owner, or into court for the owner, the property shall not be disturbed or the proprietary rights of the owner therein divested. …”

      The proposed law has NO provision that I can see for compensating people who are forced to destroy their guns. Some of these guns cost thousands of dollars. In the case of a collector, we could be talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is patently unconstitutional on a federal and state level to seize their property or force them to sell it or move it to where it’s of no use to them, without compensation. Surely they’re going to use this as some kind of “compelling public purpose” in the name of “safety”.

      btw, I read the proposal and it also INCLUDES SEMI-AUTOMATIC HANDGUNS. NO WEAPON is “grandfathered.” This proposed law redefines semi-automatics as “assault weapons.”

      I suspect what they’re trying to do is to build an argument for why they MUST have one law at the federal level to deal with the “patchwork” of state laws that confuse things. Already, there is telegraphing of a meme in the media. Juan Williams talked recently on FOX about how DC suffers, in his warped opinion, because the state of Virginia has no strict gun laws like DC does, so that explains WHY so many crimes are committed with guns in DC–he says they come into DC from VA. It’s a risk to his safety, in his opinion, because VA doesn’t violate the Second Amendment in the same way that DC does. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/02/hammer-time-mary-katherine-ham-blasts-juan-williams-after-his-awful-attack-on-gun-owners-video/

      Good news from Gateway Pundit: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/02/major-us-gun-manufacturer-halts-sales-to-new-york-law-enforcement-in-protest-to-recent-gun-control-laws/

      Major US Gun Manufacturer Halts Sales to New York Law Enforcement in Protest to Recent Gun Control Laws …Update: More Companies Join Boycott

      Firearm manufacturer Olympic Arms announced that they will no longer sell to New York law enforcement in protest of the gun control laws recently passed there.

      “Legislation recently passed in the State of New York outlaws the AR15 and many other firearms, and will make it illegal for the good and free citizens of New York to own a large selection of legal and safe firearms and magazines. We feel as though the passage of this legislation exceeds the authority granted to the government of New York by its citizens, and violates the Constitution of the United States, ignoring such SCOTUS rulings as District of Columbia v. Heller — 554, U.S. 570 of 2008, McDonald v. Chicago — 561 U.S. 3025 of 2010, and specifically the case of United States v. Miller — 307 U.S. 174 of 1939.”

      “Due the passing of this legislation, Olympic Arms would like to announce that the State of New York, any Law Enforcement Departments, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders within the State of New York, or any New York State government entity or employee of such an entity — will no longer be served as customers.

      “In short, Olympic Arms will no longer be doing business with the State of New York or any governmental entity or employee of such governmental entity within the State of New York — henceforth and until such legislation is repealed, and an apology made to the good people of the State of New York and the American people.” …”

      GP gives a link to a list of other gun companies following suit: http://www.ncgunblog.com/new-york-boycott/

      • The sponsors all appear to be urban DemoncRATS: Jill Schupp, Margo McNeil, Rochelle Walton Gray. All three women from the metropolitan area.

        • Just the other day, I was talking about ex post facto laws, which make someone a criminal for doing something that was legal before they passed a law making it illegal. It’s no mistake, either, that they’re trying to make those who possess these guns FELONS, so they are then disenfranchised from voting. In addition, there’s language in the bill making it ILLEGAL for a company to manufacture these prohibited guns and ammo within the state (or for any PERSON to do so). This is likely to try to head off the FACT that the feds cannot make any law to preclude INTRASTATE commerce. They have NO AUTHORITY under the U.S. Constitution to control commerce within any state. And they want to prevent people from making ammo themselves. Or guns. I read recently that there are blueprints on the Internet that explain how someone can very simply make plastic weapons. This was touted as good news for use in countries where the people are oppressed by tyrants.

          • Now Wisconsin is banning ammo:

            Breaking: Democrats Move to Ban Ammunition in Wisconsin
            Democrats in Wisconsin are circulating legislation to ban civilian possession of hollow point or frangible ammunition.
            Media Trackers reported:

            A Democratic state senator and three Democratic state representatives have circulated draft legislation that would ban civilian possession of hollow point or frangible ammunition. According to existing Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regulations, sportsmen and women in Wisconsin must use such ammunition when hunting deer or bear. The Democratic lawmakers, two of whom are freshman, all hail from urban districts in the City of Milwaukee.

            The reason behind the legislation is not completely clear. The impact, however, is quite clear. According to a legislative counsel review of the legislation, it would essentially make it impossible for civilians to hunt deer or bear in Wisconsin. …”

            I do think they’re deliberately trying to create chaos so that Barry can argue that the Feds MUST have a country-wide law and take control of this issue for the sake of “interstate commerce” or some compelling national reason–that being to have conformity and prevent fights between the states. It’s likely that states will begin to sue each other. The DemoncRATS are nothing if not adept at creating chaos and muddying the waters to get what they want. As in MO and MN, they make non-compliance a FELONY. Being in the USA ILLEGALLY isn’t even a felony.

  22. excuse youse? well, then in that case lets ban white taxpayer’s wages from your funding!

    • Colorado School Bans White Students From After-School Tutoring Programs…
      Feb. 14
      Shockingly, people have a problem with this!

      AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A school principal said no white children were allowed at an after-school tutoring program, and now some parents call it discrimination.
      I wonder what color the principal is. We sure have seen some idiot principals, superintendents and teachers in the last couple years. They are pushing and shoving the progressive, racist crap on school kids everywhere. Where do these people come from?

      Perhaps there is no federal funding (WHITE TAXPAYERS) for white kids…Discrimination, ya think?! I wonder if it is another affirmative action program just for minorities…who seem to be getting all the benefits but not doing much to change their culture or thinking. They are entitled to all these programs because of slavery or whatever other excuse they need to continue their victim status, and they don’t use the opportunities they are given to succeed.

      • its Anti-American and its theft

      • He’s a black guy. I saw on Gateway Pundit that the district is issuing an apology and sending out a letter to retract the one the black principal sent out and telling people that ALL kids are included. There’s video there that I couldn’t link directly to. Here’s the story at GP: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/02/school-bans-white-kids-from-after-school-tutoring-program-video/

        The newscaster says that there’s more behind the story and that they’ll continue to cover it. I’d be interested to see if that principal keeps his job and how it is that he came up with that lame brained idea.

      • Given that it’s Colorado, you have to wonder how many of the kids slated to get the extra-special tutoring for “children of color” are actually ILLEGAL ALIENS who shouldn’t be in the country, much less in our public schools. This is the mindset, and they don’t CARE if they stigmatize and hurt the white children. In fact, they WANT TO HURT THEM. That’s their payback. That’s their retribution and reparations. I said it before: There’s a certain number of warped individuals in this country who believe what’s “fair” is if they get to rise to the level of the elites and then lord it over and OPPRESS “WHITES” for 200 or so years, maybe forever, because, you know, the “white devils” deserve it. This is what comes from 30-40 years of teaching “victimhood” and “black studies” and “brown studies” and “women’s studies”. They’ve gotten to the point that they make “white” children ashamed of being born white. They’ve taught them and all the “children of color” that these “white” kids were born with the original sin of racism, which, of course, the “children of color” can’t suffer from. They CAN’T BE racist, or so they’re taught. This original sin of racism must be beaten out of the “white” children, by any means necessary; but, of course, you know they can’t be “cured”. In fact, even when they believe that they’re not racist, that itself is just another manifestation of their inherent racism. They’re so racist that they don’t even know that they’re racist. And black people can’t BE racist. So …

        That man should be fired and every person who had a hand in designing that tutoring program should be fired, too. An apology is NOT ENOUGH.

        We are all AMERICANS (those of us who are citizens and not illegal aliens). We need to ALL stand up to this divisive CRAP. NOW IS THE TIME. WE CAN’T WAIT.

    • You can’t make this stuff up. In this day and age, who could imagine that this is LEGAL? Is this a public school? It’s blatant discrimination, not to mention stigmatizing and offensive to the white students. By what freaking logic are white children excluded from tutoring because of the color of their skin? If I were that mother, I would suggest to Mr. Pearson that my child IS a “person of color”. White is a color. Besides which, the child is probably some shade of tan. That’s a color, too.

  23. Dearest Harry,
    Your sounding just like that Taylor Swift’s song….
    ‘We Are “Never Ever” Getting Back Together’ as we have a
    Usurper Usurping our White House…. let’s all mourn together now….
    How much worse CAN IT GET ? REALLY…
    Maybe YOU can move mountains ?

  24. okay its Time for cartoons; read the comments.


    check out the creepy weirdo fake phony donkey. yuk

    • That looks like a story right up LC’s alley. I hate to give him cover, but she does resemble him, particularly the noses. That little ridge underneath. He should tell his daughter to put some clothes on; but DemoncRATS think differently.

  25. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Is this creeping anyone else out? If somethinng onerous happens in the interim, it’s OUR fault, congress’ fault and he’s…….off the hook?! I pray I’m wrong.


    • No need to worry…. we still have Leon until the nomination comes through or is hopefully quashed. In the interim, the person below Leon would most likely be in charge anyway. It is another scare tactic. I will be more frightened if Hagel gets the job.

      “Of course, Leon Panetta is still Secretary of Defense, so there is no vacancy at the Department of Defense. This same argument could be made every time the White House nominates a candidate.

      The Republican demands on Hagel have been very simple: release your records. The White House and Hagel have refused, and have stonewalled questions about those records.”

    • I figured they would try to change the rules to allow simple majority, against all history and tradition. They cannot win without cheating. It’s the Obama way.

  26. These numbers belong here, too:

    • The national defense number would be reversed if the MSM would report further on Barry’s kill list, use of drones in the US, and especially Benghazi. In fact, his numbers would plummet substantially like they should have done prior to the election. The mainstream media is keeping people in the dark about him and his atrocious policies that will at some point affect them.

      As I noticed in Phoenix, the local TV stations didn’t report much on national news and if that is how other local stations operate in other communities and what most people watch instead of cable, they are not learning a thing about Obama. Most people don’t tune into politics, they are busy living their own lives.

      What gets me is that the poll number all showing that Americans believe our country is going the wrong way, but they still “like” Obama. They don’t attribute the decay of society to him and his administration. One and one do still make two, but people aren’t willing to see him objectively. Those photo ops are what they see.

      • Rush Limbaugh talked about this today. How can it be that Obama is still “popular” and was (allegedly) reelected, despite polls that show that a majority of people reject his policies, when asked about them? He says it’s because Obama, by always traveling around and campaigning AGAINST his own policies, has managed to innoculate himself. People don’t associate him with his own policies or attribute the results of them TO Obama. That’s because, in his constant campaigning, he’s managed to tag the Republicans will all the poor outcomes of HIS OWN POLICIES. For example, the sequestration! It’s HIS IDEA. A failed game/ploy that he THOUGHT would make the Republicans capitulate out of fear of the defense budget being cut drastically. So now, even though it was his idea, he’s out there blaming the Republicans for NOT capitulating instead of blaming himself for making up the idea in the first place. IF sequestration occurs, then it’s the Republicans’ fault if meat prices go up because they have to cut inspectors or if preschool funds are cut, etc. He blames them, too, for unemployment. He probably will blame THEM for the increased costs people must pay on account of Obamacare. I’m sure he blames them for the increase in payroll taxes. It’s true. He doesn’t lead. He’s AWOL all the time. He’s out there “feeling everybody’s pain,” so people don’t associate himself with his own policies.

        • people don’t associate him with his own policies….how true miri.

          • That’s the Republicans’ task in a nutshell. They need to figure out how to prove to people that it’s OBAMA who is causing all this pain and chaos. I heard Van Jones in an audio on the radio this morning. He actually said that he was happy that Rubio stopped for that drink of water because he was on a roll. He was getting emotional and connecting with people and that’s “dangerous” to the DemoncRATS and to their leftist commie policies. That’s why the likes of Wolf Blitzer hilariously claimed that perhaps it was a career ender–for Rubio to get a drink of water! How ridiculous. But I do so wish that they’d been better about stage managing that response. One has to wonder whether the people who manage the filming have been infiltrated with obots who deliberately sabotaged Rubio by making the lights far too hot and putting the water too far from him. Is it THAT hard to get it right? It seems like common sense to me. It’s not unknown that the DemoncRATS send infiltrators into Republican ranks and play these dirty tricks.

        • Barry has been doing this for 6 yrs. give or take a couple of months. People only hear the sound bites. Our local station doesn’t talk much about major issues which is why I quit watching. If I don’t hear about the latest killing in town that is fine with me. People who only watch local don’t know much like the above comment mentioned.

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