Moratorium on State of Union Address by the Usurper (Open Thread)

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Turn Off the Radio and TV on Tuesday Night! 

9:00 pm EST

We Have Heard it All Before – Ad Nauseum

I, I, I, me, me, me, and Uh, uh, uh, Ugh!

TV with BHO - Broken



The Usurper’s  face and voice will blanket the TV networks on Tuesday evening for “his” propagadized take on the State of the Union.   We don’t need any more of his lies to tell us how our country is coming out of the economic recession – a recession that he and his administration have prolonged because of their failed Keynesian economic policies.  FIVE Years is the telling of how he has done.

We know people aren’t working and are well aware of how many people are on the government dole – 47 1/2+ Million on Food Stamps is a great indicator.   We know the U. S. Department of Labor manipulated the statistics prior to the election to show that unemployment went under the stationary 8.1% to 7.8% in September, 2012 under the direction of  communist backed Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis.   Yes, the lowest in 44 months!  They “crooked”  the books because presidents don’t win with a bad economy.  It was all in a day’s work by another follower of Marxist/Alinsky‘s rules, “The end is what you want, the means is how you get it” and an Obama sycophant.

We don’t need to tune in to hear the empty words of a Marxist:  Blah, blah, blah…  jobs, the economy is improving, fixing the country’s infrastructure, middle class crapola, more class divisiveness in line with the Marxist utopia, more gun control with a dog and pony show of those hurt by bullets.

Why don’t the Republicans make a parade of  all of our veterans and working soldiers who were shot by ENEMY bullets?  Why not parade those citizens who were saved from burglars or intruders by responsible, conscientious gun owners?

The government wants your guns because not knowing who has them and where they are is what holds them back from installing a totalitarian government with a dictator at the helm.  Taking away lawfully owned citizen’s guns won’t protect children from mentally crazed individuals who set out with a plan to do harm.  Children’s welfare and protection are the Left’s latest excuse and ploy to disarm America.  The right to keep and bear arms was guaranteed by our founders and is the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Speaking of the Second Amendment, Nancy Pelosi,   Democrat House Minority Leader, showed her complete ignorance of the U.S. Constitution on FOX News  Sunday when she was talking to Chris Wallace about gun control.   I wonder which amendment she thinks guarantees Free Speech!

We [Democrats] avow the First Amendment. We stand with that and say that people have a right to have a gun to protect themselves in their homes and their jobs, where ever, and that they–and their workplace–and that they, for recreation for hunting and the rest. So we’re not questioning their right to do that.

Of course, the Left says she misspoke!  She is probably more familiar with the tenets of  Mein Kampf.

We already are aware of  how our great country is being destroyed by  the undocumented Obama’s anti-American leadership in conjunction with his second-rate administration and their total incompetence as witnessed by the hearings about Benghazi.

Obama and Hillary Clinton were AWOL the evening of the attack on September 11, 2012,  and it was confirmed by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and General Dempsey in the Benghazi hearings on February 7.   Obama, Hillary, and Susan Rice lied to the parents of those four patriotic Americans that were slain and to the country.  Their gross negligence in protecting and supporting  Americans  overseas was covered up by the administration and the MSM.  By lying and presenting fabrications about an amateur You Tube video causing a terrorist attack,  Obama didn’t have to face the citizens of this nation prior to the election.  There is no doubt that the allegation that he was derelict in his duty as Commander-in-Chief  would have affected his reelection.    The Democrats needed the votes to reinstall him as president by hook or by crook…crook being the operative word.  They accomplished their goal, another means to an end.

This country didn’t vote for a man who believed in America’s greatness or exceptionalism, nor did they expect him to devalue and condemn all that we have held dear for over 237 years.   His ideology is the antithesis of Americans and that is clearly seen as he tramples our Constitution, and runs roughshod over Congress and We the People.  King Obamayomama chooses which United States laws he and his agencies will support instead of upholding the oath he took three or four times.   The text, as set down in Article II, Section 1, of the US Constitution, reads:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

When have you heard him preserve, protect or defend our Constitution?  I doubt you have.  But we have heard him say in all his wisdom, that he sees “the Constitution as a flawed document from which we must break free.”  In 2001,  as an Illinois state senator,  Obama spoke about how to “break free” of Constitutional constraints against redistribution to provide “economic justice.”  His comment, “You didn’t build that!” tops it off as to where his thinking differs from the old American way.

He hasn’t protected our citizens from illegals  crossing the border instead he sided with the illegals and had Eric Holder sue  Arizona for upholding the Federal laws.  He defended aliens not citizens.

On his world apology tour, he berated our country, he didn’t defend her.  To the Europeans, he said that the U.S. has been “arrogant, derisive and divisive”.  During an address to the Turkish Parliament,  Obama said, “We [Americans] do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.”  Hey Obama, Muslims did not found our U.S.A., they weren’t pilgrims,  nor did they contribute to our heritage,  and we aren’t a Muslim nation! Our heritage is based on Judeo-Christian ethics, and no matter how many history books are rewritten, this information will not be permanently erased and replaced with Islamic or communist nonsense.

The teflon-coated Obama is being shielded by the MSM who refuse to report on the atrocities and criminality of his corrupt  administration.  They blatantly cover for his ineptitude as well as that of his chosen czars and members of his administration.   The MSM chose not to report about “Fast and Furious” where over 300 Mexican nationals and one American border policeman were murdered by guns supplied to them by one of the US agencies under the watchful eyes of  the corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder.  Other scandals not reported by the MSM include billions of dollars given in loans to “green”  companies  run by donors or pals of Obama’s only to have those companies go bankrupt.  Billions were wasted on “pie in the sky” ideas that smart private investors wouldn’t touch.   Millions of dollars were wasted on Obama’s  electric car, the Chevy Volt, that GM was forced to build.  It ran until it burned up.

The list of lawless behavior and activities are running rampant in this regime while the fourth estate turns a blind eye. Instead the so called journalists or reporters regurgitate what the White House tells them to report.  Our MSM should be reminded that they are becoming much like the regimes  of China, Russia, North Korea, or Iran where their news and broadcasts are communist “State” approved.

We refuse to listen to the oratory of the Leftist, Marxist, Islamist Obama whose promises of unity lead to more decisiveness among our citizens, whose views only reflect the smallest minority of people, and whose policies have allowed the infiltration of enemies into our government.

Thus far, this illegal alien, Obama,  has circumvented prosecution for his crimes of holding office under an assumed name, not being constitutionally eligible, using fraudulent documents such as his Selective Service application, committing identity theft and co-opting  Harrison J. Bounel’s social security number, and who can’t pass the government’s own illegal alien identification system called E-Verify.  These are felonies!

Obama has mislead millions with his ghost-written fictitious historical background of family and friends.  Unbelievably, it is 5 years later and We the People still don’t know WHO the man calling himself Obama really is or where he was born.  Yet he sits in our White House signing Executive Orders to regulate us, our homes, businesses, and our country.

On other days, his narcissistic personality begs him to call on foreign  leaders and pontificate as to how they should run their countries as if his leadership should be an example to emulate.   Daily he can be heard belittling whomever is his  scapegoat du jour be it fat cat bankers, the wealthy, or jet plane owners.  We know he chooses not to attend those pesky daily National Security Meetings where he might be informed about terrorist activities worldwide.  When he isn’t too busy or involved in playing golf, watching sports, entertaining Hollywood stars, or shooting clay pigeons, he enjoys playing judge and jury as he checks out his weekly unconstitutional “Kill List.”

Obama, an Undocumented Worker and our Employee, has made our friends or allies now distrust us, as he courts the enemies of our nation i.e., CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, and the Taliban.  He sides against our once most valuable ally in the Middle East, Israel, and places them in a perilous position knowing they are surrounded by  countries seeking and vowing their destruction.   He wants Prime Minister Netanyahu to hold off attacking Iran while Obama is still trying to get the Iranians to unclench their fists.   At the same time Obama procrastinates, Iran is accelerating their nuclear capabilities.  No matter that Netanyahu warns that Iran is getting closer to their “Nuclear Red Line.”     Obama secretly sided with the Russians, and said he would be more “flexible” regarding missile defense and nuclear disarmament after winning a second term.  The Communist Russians were thrilled to know they had a “friend” in Barack, and that his naiveté and support will work to their ideological and political advantage.

From all of the assaults on us as Americans during the reign of Obama from the name calling to limiting our ability to choose how we live without interference from the government; demonizing Christianity and promoting Islam; telling us what to eat or what our children can eat;  forcing an Obamacare tax on an unwilling majority of citizens;  determining the size drink we can purchase; telling restaurants how to cook their food and portions to serve;  over regulating our energy industries;  through a program called CSCOPE secretly teaching that Christianity is a cult, early Christians were cannibals,  teaching Wicca and the tenets of socialism to our children all without parental oversight;  allowing our military to be weakened by the Left’s social engineering ideas;  taking the “work” out of entitlement programs;   bypassing Congress and giving the children of  illegal immigrants a form of  “dreamer’ or citizen status by executive order; allowing our federal debt to mount by trillions; and increasing taxes on everyone.

Those are only a few of the steps the Obama administration has taken to quicken the “transformation” of our great nation from a prosperous one to one that can be more fair and equal to the poorer nations in the world.  Who voted for  any of those things?  Did we want to become like Mexico, Venezuela, or some other European country?

We have learned that whenever a Democrat/Progressive/Socialist/Communist opens his mouth and speaks – it is a lie.  The words from the  Occupier of our White House are always the same, and rub most Americans the wrong way.   Obama and the Left have goals for us,  but those goals aren’t in our best interest because they aren’t a pro- America agenda.   Obama’s speech will be same old, same old, promises and lies.  Guaranteed.  There is no doubt about it.

Congress:  Once you’ve heard him speak again, listened to the Marxist vision he has for our country,  understand that  he plans to destroy our military and our nation from the within, know that he was derelict in his duties regarding Benghazi,  and that he refuses to follow the laws of the land regarding immigration, DOMA, and has secretly participated in arming terrorists  – For God’s sake,  Stand Up and Do Your Duty!  Obey your Oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution!   Start Obama’s Impeachment Proceedings!  You have the ammunition! It is the U.S. Constitution!

Our Country Can’t Withstand Another Four Years of  this assault on America by this Anti-American regime!  

You Have the Power!  Use It!



Americans, Refuse to Listen to Obama’s Lies!

Send a Silent Message to Obama and the MSM!


H/T Papoose to turn off the TV’s and let silence show our disdain.


146 responses to “Moratorium on State of Union Address by the Usurper (Open Thread)

  1. This is just another way for the terrorists to get into the US!

    Struggling Caribbean islands sell citizenship
    ‘It’s dangerous to us and dangerous for our neighbors’
    Feb. 12 Snip

    KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) – Hadi Mezawi has never set foot on the Caribbean island of Dominica, has never seen its rainforests or black-sand beaches. But he’s one of its newest citizens. Without leaving his home in the United Arab Emirates, the Palestinian man recently received a brand new Dominican passport after sending a roughly $100,000 contribution to the tropical nation half a world away. “At the start I was a little worried that it might be a fraud, but the process turned out to be quite smooth and simple. Now, I am a Dominican,” said Mezawi, who like many Palestinians had not been recognized as a citizen of any country. That passport will help with travel for his job with a Brazilian food processing company, he said by telephone from Dubai.
    “Investor visa” or citizenship programs are offered by many nations, including the United States, Canada, Britain and Austria. But the Caribbean countries offer a fast path to citizenship at a very low cost. The whole process, including background checks, can take as little as 90 days in St. Kitts. And there’s no need to ever live on the islands, or even visit.
    By contrast, a U.S. program allows visas for a $1 million investment in a U.S. business employing at least 10 people or $500,000 in designated economically depressed areas. The investor can apply for permanent residence in two years, and seek citizenship after five more. Demand in Canada is so great that the country stopped accepting new applications in July. [I learned about this program because a friend from Holland took advantage of this.]

    • Hey Bridgett, did you know you could own an island by way of the 1863 Guano Act by the US. , that is if you don’t mind the smell. Just a strange tidbit. your comment made it pop into my head. I know someone still used the AcT in the 50’s. Wonder if you still can.

      • Are you thinking somebody would be exiled to a Guano Isle? Or perhaps someone was born on a Guano Isle–now that would be fitting.

        • don’t listen to me, I was off on a tangent…you can claim an island, guess you could become a citizen or your own island. This law still may be viable. Lincoln used this statue issued to somebody and it the Guano Act of 1863 was used again, by some shady CIA types back in the days of the Allende Coup, the Chile Pinochet coup, and Indonesia Coup Guano island had a radio station not registered to any Federal authority, and Air planes flew in and out of there. Any way don’t pay me any mind, I didn’t mean to get off subject, it wasjust something that ran thru my brain when the above

          post was about thosewhacky citizenship tactics , giving donations to a country gets you citizenship.

  2. The Judge on Obama’s Assassination Court – Drone Use
    Feb 12, 2013

    Judge Andrew Napolitano sums things up nicely, basically saying Obama is nothing but a coward. I don’t think you’ll find many who disagree with the Judge.

    • Exactly! The Constitution guarantees your right to life. NO president or judge has the power to decide to execute you without due process. It’s criminal, and it’s “denied expressly by the Constitution.” It’s a “transfer of the power to kill, from nowhere”, because Barry doesn’t have the POWER to order kills, to judges, who also don’t have the power. He doesn’t have the guts to close Guantanamo or put them on trial, so he kills them instead of capturing them.

    • Now even though the Weather Underground LATER (after the fact that they were considered the largest group of subversives conspiring to do America harm and overthrow the government) said they never intended for any person to get blown to smitherines by their activities, would they fall under the potential to be drone targets by Obama’s new standards??? Darn , a day late and a dollar short, huh.

      • I don’t think they’d fall under the provisions of Barry’s “white paper” because it has to be unfeasible to arrest them. Well, how hard is it to arrest them when they’re sitting at your own kitchen table or vice versa?

  3. Mr. President, Umgawa!
    February 13, 2013

    The State of the Union speech last night reminded me of a speech made by an African politician to a remote native village. The village elder arranged for a group meeting on a hillside at the edge of the village, and introduced the politician to the group.

    The politician started with his assessment of the situation with an “Isn’t it awful” list of things that needed to be accomplished. Next, he started down the list, outlining government programs that would fix each problem and bring prosperity to the country, including them. As he finished describing his first fix, some in the crowd shouted “Umgawa.” As he finished his second promise, more people shouted “Umgawa.” He was on a role. By the end of his speech, everyone was chanting “Umgawa, Umgawa, Umgawa.”

    The village elder asked his guest if he would like a village tour when the politician spotted a strange animal in the forest that he had never seen before. The politician asked his host if the animal was a unicorn. The elder responded, “Yes, we grow them here.” The politician asked, “Mind if I take a closer look?” The elder responded, “Yes, but be careful that you do not step in the umgawa.”

  4. Jose Vargus….. because I said so….

  5. Check out Rubio’s first post-speech tweet — this is spectacular! haha

  6. “Sheriff Joe’s Obama Document Fraud Investigator: New Items Have Been Uncovered”

    Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    “Carl Gallups just got off the phone in a 45 minute conversation with Lt. Mike Zullo of the Sheriff Arpaio Investigation. Lt. Zullo assured Carl that the investigation is full steam ahead, new items have been uncovered, more information is flowing in, plans are being made, new legal contacts are being made and cultivated – and a definitive plan of action is NOW in the works. Lt. Zullo’s message to all law abiding, constitution loving Americans is to NOT GIVE UP – stay engaged – stay in prayer – THIS IS NOT OVER!

    Be patient. When information flow is relatively silent – it does not mean that nothing is happening! MUCH is happening behind the scenes preparing for soon coming ACTION. God bless you and please help us SPREAD this word around America! – PPSIMMONS.”

    Shovel ready info … has to be somewhere… KEEP DIGGING BOYS!
    Never give up! I PRAY daily to stay sane & safe, BLESS US ALL

  8. Sufi Sam… his MUM …. Harriet Rosenthal was the daughter of
    Lenore Rothchild the International Banking Family..

  9. Rubio drinks it ~ then spins it… good
    as old Barry the fly trap thinks he walks on water…
    Sure tops all them … Kool-aid drinkers…

  10. tncnslrsldy
    Remember that commercial from Reagans era, where there is a scene of someone frying an egg and a voice over narrates ‘this is your brain on drugs.”
    And the fools selected someone who was so into ‘choom’ and cocaine what little brains he was born with are FRIED. Anyone who has known or has a family member hooked on drugs knows they live in a fantasy land all their own. I still remember back in his first term where he was sitting in a chair across from one of the Fifth Columnists for an interview, where he was in a continous fit of giggles which forced the interviewer to ask him if he was ‘on’ something. I believe he has never quit his drugs and Auntie Val makes sure he is never off them thus making him very holding a treat high above the nose of a hungry dog.

    ~ I’m a believer…… are you…?

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