Monkeyshines: Ahmadinejad in Space? (Open Thread)

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News from or about Iran caught my eye today.  First, Iranian President Ahmadinejad, unafraid of martyrdom, has proclaimed:

I am ready to be the first human to be sent to space by Iranian scientists.

I’d like to see him get his wish.

BANG, ZOOM! Straight to the Moon!

You may recall that the Iranians claimed recently to have sent a monkey into space and recovered it unharmed.  Whoops!  No surprise.  It was alleged to be a hoax, but now they claim they just made a “mistake” with the photos: [emphasis added]

Last week, Iran’s state news agency broadcast images of a monkey astronaut they claimed was sent up to suborbital flight, more than 70 miles above Earth’s surface. But shortly after Iran announced the mission, several observers pointed out that photos released of a monkey being prepped for launch did not match the monkey that was presented later, post-flight, in a custom tuxedo. The preflight monkey had light-colored fur and a red mole over its right eye, while the monkey in the tuxedo was dark-colored and unblemished.

On Saturday, Iranian space official Mohammad Ebrahimi told the Associated Press that the light-furred monkey shown in the still photos was one of the alternate monkeys, not the one that went up in the capsule.

They put the monkey in a custom-made tuxedo!  This would be funny if it didn’t serve to hide their probable ulterior motive: to develop space weapons.  EMP, anyone? Meanwhile, Obama dithers.

But if talks with Iran seem a long shot to produce peace, the Obama administration appears to be less worried about war than it did just a few months ago. Current and former senior administration officials privately say the threshold for military action is high. Foreign diplomats in Washington say that after three years of tough talk the administration is showing a softer face ahead of the talks. They read the appointment of John Kerry as Secretary of State and the nomination of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, both of whom were critical of the war in Iraq, as signs the administration is not in a hurry to go to war again in the region. On Feb. 2 at the same Munich conference [Iran’s foreign minister Ali Akhbar] Salehi spoke at, vice president Joe Biden said the U.S. would consider one-on-one talks with Iran, last offered in 2009 but then abandoned in the face of Iranian intransigence.

Next up:  Malcolm X’s grandson was arrested by the FBI, on his way to Iran:

Malcolm X’s grandson and Muslim civil activist, Malcolm Lateef Shabazz has reportedly been arrested by FBI agents, according to reports from PressTV.

Prior to the arrest, the grandson to the civil rights icon was en route to Tehran, Iran for the third annual Hollywoodism International Conference held on Sunday (February 3rd).  The FBI has refused to release information regarding Shabazz’s current whereabouts and the cause for the apparent arrest. The Hollywoodism International Conference hosts filmmakers, activists and scholars from across the globe to discuss issues facing world cinema and it being used as a vehicle for nationalistic propaganda.

Are they for it or agin it?  Using cinema for nationalistic propaganda, I mean.

The story goes on to speak about a battle between the Shabazz family and the Lifetime network, which produced a new movie about Betty Shabazz and Coretta Scott King:

A major point of contention for the Shabazz family was the dramatization of Betty Shabazz’s death which resulted from a fire set by her grandson, Malcom [sic] Lateef Shabazz. The movie depicted Malcolm X’s dying wife as using her last moments of life to speak to Coretta Scott King, even though the Shabazz families claims she was unable to speak after suffering third-degree burns.

There’s video at the link of Malcolm Lateef Shabazz “explaining” his grandmother’s death. (He seems to be the same Shabazz who was arrested recently on his way to Iran.)

Malcolm Lateef Shabazz got eighteen months detention for manslaughter and arson.  Eighteen months in juvie for setting a fire that killed his grandmother, when he was twelve.  It almost sounds as if he blames society for his disaffection, imho.   It was traumatic for him to lose his grandmother, he says.  (Do you see any family resemblance?)

PressTV provides this gem (and another photo of Shabazz) concerning the Hollywoodism conference:

Mike Gravel, a former US Senator who attended the conference, condemned Hollywood’s role in imposing imperialistic views on the people of the world.

Hollywood is just a tool of the American government and European governments to pursue their imperialistic views whether it is in economy…culture…or religion,” Gravel stated.

It’s a blessing that he’s a “former” senator, imho.  With senators like this, who needs I’m-a-nutjob? I don’t have to tell you that Gravel was a Democrat, do I?  (He’s now a Libertarian, or so they say.)  He even ran for president in 2008.

Finally, it seems that the Iranian regime isn’t very fond of Ben Affleck’s movie ARGO.  That’s a shame because the Iranian people seem to like it:

In response to the liberal Hollywood interpretation of the real-life 444-day siege by Iranian students of the US Embassy in Tehran and how the CIA extracted six diplomats at the height of the crisis, Iran banned the Oscar-nominated film.

Not only does Iran not want the film to be screened in the country, but in response they’re also filming their own movie version of the historical events titled “The General Staff.”

But Iranians apparently don’t want the new version, they want Affleck’s.

According to a Wall Street Journal article titled “Iran’s Latest Hit: Bootleg ‘Argo’ DVDs,” underground DVD sellers say it’s “their best seller in years” with an estimated “several hundred thousand copies” sold.

The DVDS, obtained by sellers with national distribution networks, only recently became available on bootleg discs with Persian subtitles.

At a recent screening of “Argo” at Sharif University, Iran’s top engineering school, one 28-year-old film student who declined to give his name said the DVD sales mean more than just entertainment: “People are indirectly saying to the government that they are tired of this hostile behavior and it’s time for us to be friends with the world and the US again.”

Turns out the Iranians are against propaganda in movies, but only if it’s somebody else’s propaganda, not their own.

The third edition of the International Conference of Hollywoodism is also being held on the sidelines of the [Fajr International Film Festival].

Many Iranian and foreign cineastes and film experts have been invited to the conference, which will be held from February 2 to 7.

One of the main goals of this conference is to probe the philosophy of the anti-Iranian and anti-Islamic movies that are produced by Hollywood, they said in a press release.

The cinema of the Non-Aligned Movement member countries is scheduled to be reviewed during the 31st Fajr International Film Festival.

A collection of movies by filmmakers from NAM member states will be screened in a special section.

Sixty-one films from 26 countries including Algeria, Azerbaijan, Chile, Indonesia, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Nepal, Vietnam, Malaysia and Kenya have been submitted to the festival.

The festival also plans to hold a meeting to discuss the establishment of a NAM filmmakers’ union.

So Hollywoodism apparently means anti-Muslim, anti-Iranian propaganda coming from Hollywood, in their opinion.  That must be an opinion with which Malcolm Lateef Shabazz and Mike Gravel agree.  Are they on board with Sharia-ism, I wonder?

Another thing I wonder about:  Why exactly was Malcolm Lateef Shabazz arrested?  Is somebody afraid of what he might say to enquiring minds over there?


New Open Thread.      h/t to Gateway Pundit

U.S. Army photo from Wikimedia.

132 responses to “Monkeyshines: Ahmadinejad in Space? (Open Thread)

  1. Beckwith at “The Obama Files”:

    “Homeland Security’s RFP for 240,000 “training” bullets”

    “The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has just published a request for proposal for 200,000 hollow point and 40,000 ball ammunition for “training.”

    Aaron Klein previously reported that last March, DHS ordered 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition, including hollow point bullets, from defense contractor ATK to be delivered over five years.

    Hollow-point tip bullets are rarely used in training exercises. They are among the deadliest bullets, with the ability to pass through barriers and expand for a bigger impact without the rest of the bullet warping.

    In April, Business Insider reported on an additional DHS request for 750 million more rounds for a total of at least 1.2 billion bullets. The 750 million is more than 10 times what U.S. troops used in a full year of Iraqi combat.

    Is Obama morphing DHS into his dream of “a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded (as the military)?””

    • Yes he is and it’s an end run around the Posse Comitatus Act, which forbids the US MILITARY from operating in certain ways within the US. For example, the Coast Guard also is NOT under the Posse Comitatus Act. “The Bill/Act as modified in 1981 refers to the Armed Forces of the United States. It does not apply to the National Guard under state authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within its home state or in an adjacent state if invited by that state’s governor. The U.S. Coast Guard, which operates under the Department of Homeland Security, is also not covered by the Posse Comitatus Act, primarily because the Coast Guard has both a maritime law enforcement mission and a federal regulatory agency mission.”

      So not only is the CIA acting as a “paramilitary”, so is the DHS. Congress needs to fix this ASAP. Has ANYONE asked Congress why these purchases are being made?

  2. “Obot Targets Cops In Killing Spree: Slams Those That Question Obama’s Birth Certificate”

    “Chris Dorner, the suspected mass-murdering cop killer on the run in California, is a big supporter of leftist leaders and liberal media hacks. Before he went on his killing spree he wrote a 22 page manifesto full of praise for leftist leaders in media and politics. Dorner is suspected of killing one cop and two civilians during a rampage that began Sunday, injuring two other officers along the way.

    The killer is also a huge Obama supporter and fan of gun-control.

    Loves Obama:

    You disrespect the office of the POTUS/Presidency and Commander in Chief. You call him Kenyan, mongroid, halfrican, muslim, and FBHO when in essence you are to address him as simply, President. The same as you did to President George W. Bush and all those in the highest ranking position of our land before him. Just as I always have. You question his birth certificate, his educational and professional accomplishments, and his judeo-christian beliefs. You make disparaging remarks about his dead parents. You never questioned the fact that his former opponent, the honorable Senator John McCain, was not born in the CONUS or that Bush had a C average in his undergrad. Electoral Candidates children (Romney) state they want to punch the president in the face during debates with no formal repercussions. No one even questioned the fact that the son just made a criminal threat toward the President. You call his wife a Wookie. Off the record, I love your new bangs, Mrs. Obama. […]”

  3. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Another school shooting today at a college campus in Florida. Second one on or related to this campus in a year.,0,5302744.story

  4. Audacious Hack Exposes Bush Family Pix, E-Mail
    Hacker breached AOL account of ex-president’s sister, other
    February 7, 2013

    FEBRUARY 7–The apparent hack of several e-mail accounts has exposed personal photos and sensitive correspondence from members of the Bush family, including both former U.S. presidents, The Smoking Gun has learned. The photos and e-mails were uploaded yesterday to an online account that appears to have been hacked for the purpose of hosting the material.
    The posted photos and e-mails contain a watermark with the hacker’s online alias, “Guccifer.

    Photos from the hacked emails showing GW’s new career as a painter/artist.
    Guccifer stamped all of them. Cute name the hacker has… a take off of Lucifer.

  5. Claim: ICE is now being run by the illegal alien lobby
    February 7, 2013 Snip

    On Tuesday, Chris Crane, the president of the union representing more than 7,600 rank-and-file ICE agents, told the House Judiciary Committee how the agency is “now guided in large part by the influences of powerful special interest groups that advocate on behalf of illegal aliens.”

    Crane testified: These influences have in large part eroded the order, stability and effectiveness of the agency, creating confusion among all ICE employees. For the last four years it has been a roller coaster for ICE officers with regard to who they can or cannot arrest, and which federal laws they will be permitted to enforce. Most of these directives restricting enforcement are given only verbally to prevent written evidence from reaching the public. Most Americans would be surprised to know that immigration agents are regularly restricted from enforcing the two most fundamental sections of United States immigration law…

    In October 2011, Crane told a House Judiciary subcommittee: “Law enforcement and public safety have taken a back seat to attempts to satisfy immigrant advocacy groups.”

    Crane also said that the Morton memo gave agents “a roller coaster of arrest authority that has changed from month to month, week to week and at times from day to day.”
    Perhaps, even more troubling are the “secret” orders under which ICE agents are reportedly now operating. “Our officers are already under orders not to make arrests or even talk to foreign nationals in most cases unless another agency has already arrested them; you won’t find that written in any public ICE policy,” Crane said.

    • Exactly and this is so dangerous, obviously. But as critical: This morning, news reports say that illegals may have to wait 10 years for a “green card” (which would mean, iirc, another 5 years beyond that for citizenship). It would depend upon what provisions they write into the law concerning the “triggers” that must be met with regard to sealing the border. One option, they said, was a certain number of border agents hired or a certain amount of wall being built (here we go again with the wall that’s never built but which WOULD WORK IF BUILT). In any case, think about it: what difference would it make if he hires thousands more agents (which he’d love because it would bloat the public payroll) IF they’re not allowed to do what they’re hired to do? Unless Rubio et al put into the bill IRONCLAD CLAUSES THAT THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH MUST ENFORCE THIS LAW AND ALLOW STATE OFFICERS TO ENFORCE IT, TOO, THEN IT’S USELESS. USELESS. Another trick and sham.

  6. Did you know? Holder gives the Almighty Obama the Authority …where is it written Holder?

    Eric Holder: Obama Decides Who’s ‘Entitled’ to Second Amendment Rights
    8 Feb 2013

    VIDEO – Attorney General Eric Holder discusses gun violence at Clark Atlanta University in Georgia.


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