Uncle Omar Onyango Obama: Deportation Hearing Scheduled (Open Thread)

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Barack Obama’s illegal alien uncle is in the news again. Onyango Obama was scheduled to face a deportation hearing, right after his nephew made an important speech about immigration enforcement, as well as a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to be a timely adjudication: [emphasis added]

A Boston judge today set a Dec. 3 deportation hearing for President Obama’s uncle, Onyango Obama, to determine whether he should be forced to return to his native Kenya. 

Immigration Judge Leonard I. Shapiro set the date during a brief hearing in a Boston immigration court. …

After Shapiro’s ruling, Obama’s attorney, Scott Bratton, told reporters that his client’s long-term goal is to remain in the United States. …

Despite a deportation order issued against him 21 years ago, Obama, a 68-year-old liquor store manager, stayed in Massachusetts, living and working undetected until Framingham police arrested him in August 2011 on drunken driving charges. He later admitted to sufficient facts in the case and was sentenced to a year’s probation that ends in March. …

The uncle’s hearing comes one day after President Obama called for a path to US citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, as long as they don’t have serious criminal records. … 

Critics have said that Onyango Obama, who is the president’s father’s half-brother, appears to be getting special treatment. He was released from immigration detention quickly after his arrest, despite the outstanding deportation order, and then secured a federal work permit and a state hardship driver’s license, since his own was temporarily revoked, so that he could return to work at a liquor store. …

Obama came to America at age 17, in October 1963, to enroll in a Cambridge boys’ school. Federal records show he was supposed to have left the United States by Dec. 24, 1970.

Instead, Obama worked from 1973 to September 1984, when immigration officials found him, according to the court’s decision. In 1989, the judge again ordered him deported, and three years later, in 1992, the Board of Immigration Appeals dismissed his appeal …

But he stayed, anyway.  The Obamas do have one thing in common:

They simply don’t obey laws that they don’t like or don’t agree with.

Now we’re supposed to feel sorry for Uncle Omar because after 50 years of evading our laws, he feels at home here in the USA.

We have a series of articles about Uncle Omar, which document his past escapades.  See here, here, and here.

Our research indicates that not only did Uncle Omar drive drunk, evade immigration laws, and defy deportation orders, but he also avoided paying taxes and possibly used false identification to avoid being found out as an illegal alien. Are these not crimes?

How fortunate for him that his nephew placed this caveat in his speech:  illegals ought to be allowed to stay as long as they don’t have “serious” criminal records.

So it all depends upon what the meaning of “serious” is.  Who gets to define “serious”?  You can guess.

But no matter. If, instead of the executive branch, Congress gets to define the term, and if Obama doesn’t like their definition, he will probably ignore it and issue an executive order to redefine it.

He’s already ignored settled law to allow Dreamers to stay, by executive fiat–something for which his administration is being sued. It seems that ICE agents don’t like being ordered not to perform the jobs for which We the People are paying them.  Why are they even on the payroll, if Obama won’t let them do their jobs? (h/t Zenway)

Will Uncle Omar get away with it?  What say you?


Open Thread.

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  1. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Lindsay Williams. Gawd…I’ve been awake a long time.

    And btw, Katy Perry nee Kate Hudson’s parents are devout evangelists who have denounced her lifestyle. “Perry” was taped saying she intended to be an Amy Grant but sold her soul instead.

    • Rosemary, you know of whom I speak? Have you listened to his CD’s? My son gave them to me to listen to at least 2 yrs ago. Haven’t thought of him (Williams) in a while . The orly link reminded my of what was said my HWBush.

  2. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Yes Dar, I do.

    • We’ve seen that one. So far I can’t find where we discussed it. We may have found it on a different link/story. I remember saving the picture. I believe that’s Maya sitting at the table. Ikranagara, the other woman’s name, isn’t found by searching on our blog except for here: http://news.detik.com/read/2006/07/06/092146/630128/10/bersarung-ke-musala-lucu-deh Leza found this and translated it:

      “Indonesian to English translation

      Kamis, 06/07/2006 09:21 WIB
      The Barack Obama Bersarung tracks to the prayer room, Funny Deh!
      Arifin Asydhad – detikNews

      Jakarta – Barack Obama small still remembered by his friends in Jakarta sepermainannya. Barry, the Barack call during a small, sociable and jaunty. In addition to playing marbles and football, Barry also often with his friends to musala. “We used too often to ask him to musala close to home. If you wear gloves, deh funny,” said Rony Amir, Barry sepermainan friends while living on Jl. H. Ramli, when the story about the memories with Barry told AFP on Wednesday (05/07/2006).

      Actually, without wearing gloves, Berry also looks funny. This was because he was quite fat and tall, and blond curls. Ronny when remembering memories with Barry always laughed. “It’s funny anyway,” he said with a chuckle. Barry had always been Muslim. His biological father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was a Muslim economist from Kenya. Before marrying Ann Dunham, Hussein Obama was married to a Kenyan descendants have 7 children. All sebapak brother Barry was Muslim.

      But, this time Barry has moved the Christian religion. He lives happily with his wife, Michelle, with two daughters. Since elected as U.S. senator from Illinois, Barry’s name more famous. In fact, today he was mentioned as a candidate for U.S. President 2008, which will fight in the Democratic Party Convention against Hillary Rodham Clinton. Although already a famous person, but Barry still maintain good relations with his brothers from Kenya. Information from the poet Ikranagara, when Barry was sworn in as U.S. senator in Washington DC in early January 2005, Barry brothers from Kenya also came. One of them named, H Joseph.

      About Barry’s football exploits in the U.S., Rony Amir also feel proud. According to Ron, since small, Barry did like to hang out. Perhaps that is the capital for Barry, so that a politician who was well respected in the U.S.. Ron also quite surprised when I heard Barry became the top in the U.S.. In fact, since small, Barry did not vary with children who like playing Menteng Dalam marbles and soccer. “What distinguishes us is, when it was his great height,” said Ron who now works at Bank Mandiri this. When Barry came to Indonesia, Rony tenty just wish I could meet him.

      Photo Caption: Barry happy with his family (ash /)”

      Now that’s interesting. There’s a poet named Ikranagara.

      • Kay today: http://id.linkedin.com/pub/kay-ikranagara/b/b39/961 Her hubby? http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikranagara

        “Ikranagara (born in West Loloan, Bali, 19 September 1943, age 69 years) is an actor and writer Indonesia.

        He began his walk in the world of art through drama and poetry. [1] His involvement in the film was recognized IKRA because of mere fad. At least up until now has been about 13 successful films he starred. Not just play the movie, he also managed to achieve the award, such as the Men’s Assistant Starring Praised Bandung Film Festival (2009), and Best Male Main Actor Indonesian Movie Award (2009). [2]

        Ikranagara deconstructed the traditional theater (especially in Bali) in a positive sense, that depart from the results that he then went on to the intertextuality, or creative and critical thinking, while also involving intuition kesenimanannya, which ended with the birth masterpiece theater rooted masakini the pre-Indonesian culture. Together Putu Wijaya, he deconstructed the traditional theater by exploring Balinese culture, as did the Renda through Javanese culture and Arifin through Cirebon and Betawi arts. [3]”

      • Click to access Mar09_FrontLines.pdf

        That link will show the actual publication with the photo of SAD in it.

        • http://ericstonebooks.blogspot.com/2008/05/me-and-obamas-mama.html That person claims to have known Ann SUTORO personally.

          “I met Ann Sutoro when I was working for Asian Business magazine and interviewing people for a cover story on what the private sector can do to help alleviate poverty. She was an economic anthropologist working for Bank Rakyat Indonesia, the rural development bank of the country. She was in charge of the bank’s microfinance program. … I liked her, a lot, the moment I met her. We became friendly and for several years, whenever I was in Jakarta I’d give her a call. We’d have a drink, a meal, hang out talking in her beautiful house in Jakarta. She had a great, quirky, sense of humor, was kind and decent to a fault and was just plain whip smart, one of the sharpest people I’ve ever known. I envied her her job, admired her tremendously and always looked forward to seeing her. … Today, I was trying to think up a subject for this blog entry and I was thinking about my conversation of the other night. I thought I’d write about a few of the world’s best jobs, so Ann immediately popped into my head. Just for the hell of it, I googled her, not really expecting to find much, if anything. What I found out is that she was Barack Obama’s mother.

          There’s much that I like and admire about Obama. But, as with all politicians, there is also much about him that makes me suspicious and nervous.”

          This post was from May 2008! Now for all I know, we discussed this before. As Leza said the other day, so many details and such poor memories we have! Anyway, someone asks him WHY, if he knew ANN so well, he didn’t know OF HER SON? His response:

          “I didn’t know her all that well. Well enough to have several meals with her, drinks a couple of times, spent one or two evenings at her house. She may have mentioned her son at some poit, but we mostly talked about Indonesia and her work there. I vaguely recall seeing some family photos on a wall or mantle or something.

          I met Ann nearly 20 years ago. Barack was in his mid-20s and I don’t know what he was up to then. [NOR DO WE!!!] For all I know, she told me something about him at the time, but she was the one who made the impression on me.

          My friend who introduced us, stayed with Ann a few times and met “Barry” once when he was staying there. (He remembers him as a somewhat non-descript high school kid. That was eight or nine years before I met Ann.) But that was about it.

          What seems curious to me is that Barack, in his autobiography, says very little about his mother, concentrating instead on his father. I don’t know that he’s trying to hide anything, but that does strike me as odd.”

          What strikes me as odd is that if this friend who introduced them met Barry once, then why would he call the BLACK son of a white anthropologist married to an Indonesian “non-descript”? IF, that is, the Barry he met WAS black. The author of the blog post looked Ann up every time he was in Jakarta, over several years, and spent several evenings with her at her house, TALKING. In all that time, Ann NEVER mentioned her black son? NEVER pointed him out in the photos on the wall? Never mentioned the very “descript” name Barack Hussein Obama II? Now THAT’S odd.

        • This photo actually looks like the naked Ann.

      • Has anyone else heard of Joseph being called H. Joseph? He came from Kenya to see Barry sworn in in 2005. When did we first pick up on Joseph in the USA with Dora?

        H. J. Bounel? 🙂

        • he’s been here for awhile. didn’t he go to Trinity? or Brown? Tennis? he flies under the ‘radar’ but i am sure he’s a “vendor”…

          out of reply options up there
          yes, i noticed that right away with with Kay’s husband – one name, and the kids have a portion, nagara, maybe the surname.

          soebarkah, its a public record. ignored because it has weight.

          • on the Kay linkedin link you posted, Miri, she is an “Education Consultant” — and also it notes University of Hawaii…

          • Their other kid – Rakrian Biko Nagara

            from 2002

            Occidental College, Pasadena
            Organizing an Occidental student coalition against a war in Iraq with other students and still deciding on plan of action
            Contact Rakrian Biko Nagara: nagara@oxy.edu or 323-256-6869

            looking at this link, i imagine the occupiers and have no doubt.

          • I’m just astounded. They truly are the children of the sixties. Never grew up. Never “evolved” or “progressed”. How can the young be so radical? Oh, yeah. INDOCTRINATED, just like Inno is indoctrinating toddlers. How, sweet. He goes to/went to Occidental!

    • blow it up, That there is a nice photoshop……lots of photoshop anomalies. I’ll point em out if need be, but that’s gettin so old. It’s a photoshop folks…plain and simple…and Barry wasn’t plump at that age…at least one of the kids used as Barry wasn’t plump at that age as he stood by the Sotoro family in one photo around five or six, course the photo of him in Indonesia on the ground with the little Indo kids, he did grow a rather large head,yet the rest of the kids didn’t grown at all.Remember those photos?
      In this photo the two are leaning but no correct shadows for their positions, then the poor girl is standing in someones ghost shoes. The baseboard doesn’t continue ……and her hands are eaten off, maybe by some hungry children, and her plate is photoshopped in. Need I add more?

      • I don’t remember any pics with AD showing that slim of thighs either!

        • I remember when that showed up. I do think it was a photo in a different news article, but the same photo. It showed more of the classroom, more kids at the table. I don’t remember that name for the friend. Can’t remember if the friend was even identified. Seems to me that the article mentioned Alice Dewey. I searched on our blog, but can’t find it. Can’t think of the right keywords to use. It might be on my old computer. I’d have to go looking tomorrow, unless Leza or Bridgette remembers the source. I remember us talking about how young she looked, trying to figure out where Barry was. I think this was after she left Lolo. That photo is better than the one I remember, which was somewhat blurry. I remember us thinking it was photoshopped. She WAS thinner and that doesn’t match up with other photos we’ve seen of her, like when Maya was a pin-headed baby, unless she somehow lost the “baby weight”. Remember the story about how she dated some photographer?

        • Me Either!

    • So I’m looking for it and find this one:


      • When was this photo taken? Was it when “Barack” was in HI? If so, why a pic and spend time with a boy about same age? Is this, maybe your son, Ann?

        • No clue. I suppose it must have been after Barrry went to Hawaii. I found it on an image search. I can go back and try to find a webpage to go with it. Here it is: http://www.venusbuzz.com/archives/23854/batik-exhibit-of-obamas-mother-ann-dunham-at-iamm/ Her face in that image does look much like it did in the infamous photo of the whole family on that settee, where Maya is an infant. It was not long afterward that Barry was shipped to Hawaii. Could it have been jealousy of the baby? I always wondered about that. It has to be hard on a kid to be an “only” and then suddenly an adored little sister comes along. She must have supplanted him in Lolo’s heart, too.

        • The picture further up doesn’t look like AD, but who knows it could be and the other pics; the ones we are familiar with, aren’t! Pseudo reality.

          • I just found this and it may be of interest to people who study handwriting. Allegedly SAD’s anthropological journal:

          • It looks like the naked Ann, though.

          • It DOES look like the naked one! Good eye.

          • Miri, I was going to compare those signatures to her handwriting also. Glad you did it first! 🙂
            I suppose it’s possible there is a psychological reason behind it, but doesn’t it appear to you that her letters when she writes “Soetoro” are very different than when she writes (especially S and t) her “own” name?

            • Yes, it does. I wish Dr. P. would weigh in. He’s more of a handwriting analyst than I am. I see more similarity between her journal and the writing on her passports than between her journal and the so-called signatures of SAD on Barry’s birth certificates.

        • I’m not sure that isn’t a grown man.

          • I think it is a grown man. Did somebody think it wasn’t? I just thought somebody meant that those ears seem characteristic of Indonesians. Of course, we don’t know WHO that man is, but my suspicion is that it’s one of her SERVANTS.

          • It was me who thought a young man, or boy. I thought the ears looked familiar, too….like Indonesians….

      • Are those ears on that there boy familiar?

      • OK, I realize I am obsessing over this pic. You know it does not show up or get a match when a tinyeye it. However when I just crop out Ann and enter the boy I get this entire pic as a result. Well, about an hour ago I did. Now when I put in the boy. NO RESEULTS. (oh, Watchful Eyes, you are having fun today, aren’t you?)

      • Is this the ‘heavy version’ of Barack that shows up in his childhood pics, as opposed to the small framed kid that also shows up?

        • Do you mean that man/boy standing next to Ann, under the eaves? You know, now that you mention it, if I mentally age the photo of “Barry”, the one where he was lying on the ground with his schoolmates, he could end up looking like that guy. Something about the face. I never thought THAT kid lying on the ground looked at all like the kid who was in class in Hawaii with Scott Inoue.

      • That picture looks similar to the “Barry” from the “Choom Gang” (correct spelling?) The picture of Barry in Hawaii laying on the grass with the “gang” resembles this person standing above with Ann.

        Miri, I’ll be back later tonight and post a few more things I’ve I’ve found. No time right now.

      • This photo….her outfit looks just like the photo ya’ll haver, where she’s sitting on a chair in what looks to be bags of grain(?) in that storeroom.At least the clothes, her hair, and age look to be same timeline. Remember the button up blouse ?

        • I noticed yesterday that she was very fond of plaid shirts. There are at least three photos of her wearing plaid shirts. I compared two yesterday and they were different shirts. Similar, but not the same shirt. It does appear to have been a phase, so likely all those photos were taken around the same time.

          • i meant to mention that in the article with the pic 1975, Kay says SAD was a :child of the 60s… not hardly, she was a red diaper baby from the 40s, liar. her son was born in 61 according to the legend.
            btw, Maya is on her FB page posted earlier… the network continues.

          • I see that now, Papoose. Great work. You and Leza, too. I find these things about the time I have to get offline, but the night owls pick up where we day birds left off! I’m still shaking my head over the coincidence of SEO asking about that photo with Kay yesterday and the very same day, Weasel Zippers has a post about Inno. Synchronicity.

          • strange isn’t it from plaid shirts and conservative innocent looks to Batiki flower child looks. Wish the girl could afford more shoes though as her toes have to hurt, always sticking out or bent into those sandals in exact same position sometimes.

      • It’s odd. His watch looks like Barry’s and he seems to have one of those lines/scars on the side of his head.

    • How special. Ann, in 1975 was working with children, but abandoned her own, leaving him HI. . .

      • She abandoned Maya, too. Left her with Lolo’s mother and then later, she sent her to boarding school and then off to Punahou. It just occurred to me to wonder with whom Maya lived while she was at Punahou. You know what I’m thinking? That Lolo was his real father. Look at this photo from this link:


        • Same father, different mother?

          • Can’t say. Just notice the striking resemblance. Although the obots would say, of course, they have the same mother. Except the characteristics that are similar are not any ones they have in common with their “mother”. They would be the characteristics that I see in common with Lolo. I never before noticed the similarities in their hairlines and skin tone. Profile, teeth, brows, eyes. I don’t see ANY resemblance between Barry and SAD.

          • I think Stan the Man is his daddy and his mother is yet to be determined.

        • When did skinny-necked barry get a line-backers back and shoulders. Observe this photo for a bit…..you’ll begin to see Barry’s (or whoever that is) head and neck would not be in sufficient placement on this big shirted body. Just not possible.

          • OMG. Good eyes, alfy! You’re right. Those shoulders ARE too big. They almost look like a true Hawaiian or perhaps a Samoan. The head is too tiny and at the wrong angle, too. The lei serves to hide the clone line! He’s a regular Frankenstein.

          • and that pic is of an old barky face.

        • Now here’s a curiosity for you. We saw from Ikranagara’s Wiki that his wife is Kay and son Innosanto Nagara (also Rakrian Biko Nagara). http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikranagara

          But from the story I linked with the photo of Barry and Maya, comes this paragraph:

          “Attending the event was actor Ikranegara and wife, Melly G. Tan, Communications expert Effendi Gazali, Expert Political Adhie Massardi and others.”


          “Mely Tan Giok Lan (born 11 June 1930), professionally known as Mely G. Tan, is a Chinese Indonesian sociologist. Tan obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University of Indonesia, later receiving a scholarship to study at Cornell University. After finishing her doctorate at University of California, Berkeley, Tan returned to Indonesia and wrote extensively on economics and Chinese Indonesians. She is Roman Catholic. … After graduation, Tan returned to Jakarta to teach sociology at the Catholic University of Jakarta, later becoming a researcher with the Center for Economic and Social Research of the Indonesian Council of Sciences (ICS, later renamed Indonesian Institute of Sciences) in 1963. The ICS sent her to further her studies at the University of California, Berkeley, in August 1963.

          During her studies at Berkeley, Tan participated in sit-ins as part of the Free Speech Movement, only stopping when warned that she could be deported if arrested. … [Kay was arrested in 1964 at a civil rights protest (Sheraton-Palace Hotel Demonstrations, which was part of the “Free Speech Movement”) and again in 1967 at an anti-draft protest.]

          In August 1968, Tan returned to Indonesia. Within a few months, she had become head of a subdivision at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences. In the early 1970s, she became involved in discussions for the economic development of Indonesia. In an article in Tempo, Tan argued for development to use local materials, manufacturers, and equipment.

          Afterwards, Tan later took numerous jobs as a lecturer. From 1968 to 1997, Tan taught women’s studies at the University of Indonesia. During the same period, she taught at the Jakarta Police Academy. From 1997 – 2001, Tan became the head of the research department at the Catholic University of Jakarta. She currently works as a lecturer on Police Practices at the University of Indonesia”

          He and Kay divorced, perhaps? This story mentioning Mely is from 2010. Mely seems likely to be a woman SAD WOULD HAVE KNOWN in Indonesia. Kay may have known her at Berkeley in the 1960s and then later on in Indonesia. A cozy little group.

          • Ok, help me here with your better memories. Did Lolo do population research in Indonesia? About Mely:


            Melly G. Tan will never forget the turbulent years she spent studying at the University of California in Berkeley, where she was the only Indonesian at the university’s sociology department.

            She was there from 1963 to 1968, during which great historical events took place in the United States and Indonesia. …

            She said that when she left for Berkeley it was not without apprehension. The economic situation under the Sukarno administration was heavily deteriorating and the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) was gaining ground.

            For Indonesian students abroad, it was a terrible time of anxiety and uncertainty. The anxiety had begun in 1963, when Indonesia was leaning toward the left, the Eastern bloc. We students in the leading country of the Western bloc heard many rumors that our fellowships would be canceled.”

            Berkeley is far different from Cornell University where she obtained her master’s degree. At Berkeley “neither faculty members nor students were interested in Indonesia as an area of study”, she said.

            Despite her apprehension, Melly completed her dissertation on the Chinese community in the U.S. in 1968 and returned to Jakarta as the first Indonesian female sociologist with a PhD.

            When she returned to the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), where she worked, she was virtually alone again. She had a “triple minority status”, being a woman, a Chinese and a Roman Catholic.

            However, it was no hindrance to her career and role as a scientist. Within a few months, she was appointed the head of the institute’s division of social studies and was involved in setting up the division of population studies, one of the institute’s strongest research centers.

            For more than three decades, she researched and wrote a vast number of papers on gender, racial and poverty issues in the country. …

            Her research on Chinese-Indonesian Muslims, who also take an active part in Islamic organizations such as Muhammadiyah, acts as a reminder to the country’s majority ethnic group, who often overlook the fact that not all Chinese Indonesian are non-Muslims. …

            Melly, who gets annoyed when people say she was a member of the Berkeley Mafia, a pejorative term for Soeharto’s first economic team, believes sociologists can contribute a lot to development, which is currently dominated by political and economic considerations.”

            Was not Kay’s father also involved with this so-called Berkeley Mafia? Yes, see below, where we researched J. Bruce Glassburner. He promoted this group of Indonesian students who were educated at Berkeley and returned to Indonesia to set up their economic policies.

          • This is why it pays to go back and take another look. Can you believe that What A Hoot translated that story before, in June 2011, and Ikranagara’s name was before us then? https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/blackberry-brambles-tales-of-obamas-lfcolb-part-two/comment-page-2/#comment-86177

          • wiki claims Kay on his profile and the photo claims Maya and Inno as classmates…
            its interesting that Kay also went to Berkley according to her Linkedin,

            maybe an alias? everyone has to have a few with this crowd.

          • Papoose: She went to Berkeley as Kay (possibly Ellen) Glassburner. I found two articles about her arrests. Actually, the 1964 article was about how the jury found her and a mess of other defendants “not guilty” of the charges. They were apparently arrested for locking arms and sitting in somewhere. I didn’t read it all yet. The 1967 article was about her getting arrested at an anti-draft protest. She was 24 at the time. When I get more time, I’ll transcribe the pertinent paragraphs.

            I’m trying to figure out whether or not that’s a mistake that Ikranagara’s wife is Mely. Maybe the reporter got confused. We’ve seen mistakes before in those Indonesian papers. Yes, Inno and Maya were in the playgroup/kindergarten together, in Jakarta. I remember that we read another story that had that same photo in it, but I can’t find it. It seems to me that the person interviewed told a tale about Barry coming to the school, too, and sitting in on Maya’s class. Something like that.

          • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mely_G._Tan

            here she is “econonics” going back a looong way, she was born in 1930. she probably was hooked up in the glassburn circle.

            sino-indonesia economics…. this is pay dirt!

          • Zurbuchen AAA Soetoro Paper – University of Hawai’i, Manoa
            http://www.anthropology.hawaii.edu/News/Announcements/Dunham… Ann Dunham Sutoro and the Ford Foundation’s International Philanthropy …. Ann’s supervisor was Tom G. Kessinger, then Representative for Southeast Asia, ….. and Foundation grantees were Saparinah Sadli, Omas Ihromi, and Mely Tan.

            i can’t open the link, it appears to be a video

            they are all in it together.

          • This the link? I bookmarked that yesterday to read later. I think we saw it before. Can’t excerpt it, according to the link, so read it here: http://www.anthropology.hawaii.edu/News/Announcements/Dunham/Zurbuchen.pdf

            Yes, it’s right there in the pdf. She WORKED WITH “leading faculty” at U of Indonesia, including MELY TAN!

          • It’s easy to have more than one identity with this crowd. Anyway, while I’m a bit confused on who’s who….Mely born 1930 hardly appears to be 10 years older than Ann.
            And don’t forget….as many Chinese were tortured and killed or run out of Indonesia as PKI communists. It would seem fitting to have a Chinese Berkli-ite join the group of infiltrators for the so called research in Indo., paid for with CIA bloodmoney thru various front organizations. Nothing new there. ( Sorry but the dang reply box is covering my words again.

            • If she’s married to Ikranagara, then he’s 12 years or so younger than she.

              • http://dubois.fas.harvard.edu/transition-tense-and-tender-ties Why does that story refer to Kay as a “Dutch woman” married to an Indonesian? Did she give up her US citizenship? I assumed she was born here. Wasn’t she?

              • Apropos of I don’t know what. This is Ikranagara’s teacher: http://www2.hawaii.edu/~grace/vita.html Directed her dissertation. http://digicoll.manoa.hawaii.edu/grace/

                “Dr. George Grace is a professor emeritus at the University of Hawaii-Manoa, where he served on the faculty in the Department of Linguistics from 1964 until 1991. In 1955, while a doctoral candidate at Columbia University, Dr. Grace began work for the Tri-Institutional Pacific Project (TRIPP) — a project of Pacific anthropological research funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and administered by Yale University, the University of Hawaii, and Honolulu’s Bernice P. Bishop Museum. His task was to produce a classification of the Austronesian languages of Oceania, with particular attention to the position of Polynesian languages. In 1955, after several months of library research in New York, Dr. Grace departed for Melanesia, and for the next year traveled throughout the region conducting fieldwork. During his travels — which included stops in Hawaii, Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Papua (a.k.a. West Papua/Irian Jaya) and the Solomon Islands — Dr. Grace also shot a number of photographs, documenting a wide array of subjects within the region. In 2007, Dr. Grace donated his Melanesian field notes, photographs and related papers to Hamilton Library’s Pacific Collection. This online collection contains the complete set of photographs and papers that comprise the George Grace Linguistic Research and Slides of Melanesia collection.

                To view the papers that have been digitized for this online collection, including a chronology of Dr. Grace’s life and work, click on “online documents” above. …”

          • Mely Tan would be 7 years older than Kay

  3. Where are these ‘new’ pics coming from. I know this never showed up before on google images http://media.npr.org/assets/artslife/arts/2009/08/batiks/annbarackmaya-d1964393f7a086b578d589a635f55cf2f8f9ec30-s6-c10.jpg It is from an NPR 2009 article on batiks. You all probably have the pic already but new to me. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=111892135

    • I don’t remember the first one, either. The girl only vaguely resembles the Maya we know. The batik story looks familiar, but not that particular image.

      • what are they up to now? that studio picture is a crock and a laugh!

          • Neck on ‘barry’ strange and the funny shape on neck on right side of pic looks to be a hand covered up. You know when a head/chin is leaning/resting on a hand. Ann’s hair, when pic enlarged is too funny. You can see right through it to the shirt and the head is a flat drawing with no slope to the back. Comical. But photo shopped or not, that looks like a barry looking like a meth addict.

          • Why does one side of his collar not match the other side? One side patterned, one side not.

          • IT looks to me like a photocopy (like on an older xerox machine) of a portrait. I think that would make any conclusions about the photo itself difficult. I don’t know WHY someone would publish a photocopied portrait but that’s what it looks like. Or a paint by number version 🙂

    • I searched for, but didn’t find, any other reference to that story, so we must have not seen that particular version. According to the Internet Archive, it’s been out there since 2009, along with the photo of Maya looking un-Maya-ish. My judgment is that it’s a Barry “head game” because… where’s his ring? We know he wore it then.

      • Speaking of head games, check out this story: http://news.yahoo.com/altered-mug-shots-spur-probe-greek-police-beatings-193730156.html
        Altered mug shots spur probe into Greek police beatings

        A Greek prosecutor ordered an investigation on Monday into whether four suspected bank robbers were beaten in custody, after police published mug shots that were altered to make their injuries appear less severe. …”


        Same technique exactly that we see in some of the questionable photos of Barry’s family. PROOF for skeptics that governments can and DO lie to their people in order to cover up their own malfeasance.

      • I was just going to comment on the “no ring”…do we know about when the photo was supposed to have been taken?
        Also went to the link there for the “Kansas” NPR story;

        “That’s his grandfather and grandmother he’s talking about. Speaking in a packed gymnasium at a local community college, Senator Obama looked back to the 1930s when hard times forced his grandfather, Stanley Dunham, and his bride to scramble to make ends meet, then came World War II. ”

        Yeah, yeah…whatever. Didn’t she become his “bride” in 1940?

        • He makes it up as he bloviates. Yeah, they allegedly married in May 1940.

        • And look at this part: ” He told how his mother, living in Kansas, fell in love with a man from Kenya. And he spoke of how that man left when Obama was just two years old. He talked of how his mother struggled with poverty and of how he and his sister were still able to get a good education.”

          • “GONYEA: A 72-year-old white woman stood up in the audience not far from the stage – Margaret McCurry Wolf.

            Ms. MARGARET McCURRY WOLF (Senator Barack Obama’s Grandmother): His grandmother is my first cousin and we lived in Wichita and his grandma grew up in Augusta so we spent a lot of time on holidays and picnics with his grandma.

            GONYEA: Wolf says she first heard of Barack Obama about four years ago and got a huge surprise one day while watching him on TV. Obama was being interviewed about his new book and began talking about his maternal grandmother.”

      • Actually, he may be wearing a ring in pic; when blown up there is a ‘could be’. What era is this pic. This, to me, looks like a ‘junkie’ pic. There is this pic where Maya is doing her flirting/coyness with the camera. http://www.thewomenseye.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/maya_barak0012.jpg

        In the ‘junkie’ photo there is a person blacked out next to him. Oh yes, there is. Take the pic up to 600 in paint and there it is.

        • some of the ‘black out’ went onto the top ledge of Barry’s shirt. Just an observation. Wish I knew how to take off layers.

        • “junkie” or a convalescent from an accident; auto or something (although I totally see as hogwash ‘terribletruth’

        • I find this pic of Ann and the two kids more intriguing than any of the photoshopped pics to date. You can see right through Ann’s hair to the print on Barry’s blouse. A thought popped into my head when colors inverted (real creepy to look at). Did Maya ever wear ‘veiling’ or muslim head/neck scarf? Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the pic edited out was a, say, a look alike to present day guy in the WH? I should have written mystery novels, with my imagination!

          • OK. I think the junkie pic may be the only true pic from the past of the guy in the wh. He has a nice bump on his head. I am not sure who/what got shaded over. The photo shows signs of being in color first, I think. I it a fun one to play around with.

    • Poor Ann Dunham only owned one pair of shoes/sandals for many years.

  4. I know I’ve seen this before, it’s apparently the photo that made Janny Scott want to write about Ann, but do we know who everyone is in the photo?

    • SEO, I just discovered today that the book is online: http://www.scribd.com/doc/97444384/A-Singular-Woman-The-Untold-Story-of-Barack-Obama-s-Mother I saw that photo, too. They may say who’s in it, in the text. OMG, I look at SAD and I can’t help but empathize with her middle age spread. The curse of (most of) us all.

      • So, I’ve been reading a little bit of “A Singular Woman” and am amazed at the contradictory stories she includes, without once questioning how (or if) they could all be true?
        She admits Ann left HI right after BO was born (her friend Maxine Box saw her in LATE SUMMER ,1961) and then relates stories of how he became

        different after they married and threw food at the wall when she cooked for him.

        There are definitely some photos I have never seen, especially of the “Lolo” era. Lolo and Stan on a couch, Ann, Lolo and a friend at a party, Lolo holding Maya as a baby.

        • I noticed that photo of Lolo and Stan on the couch, too. What struck me off hand was how OLD Stan looked at the time. It was supposed to be, iirc, 1965. That’s because they want us to believe that her relationship with Lolo post-dated her breakup with BHO Sr. But remember the photo of Stan seeing BHO Sr. off? He looked much younger there, although (going off the reservation here) I have always suspected that that is NOT Stan in the photo. I thought it was their friend Bob, based upon other photos of him. He resembles Stan. Tall, with a long chin. (I think it was Bob. I’m rusty on these friends of BHO and SAD.)

          Anyhoo, doesn’t Stan look weird AND old? In addition, Lolo himself seems to age and then get younger again, and then age again, over time, as the photos are revealed. It makes no sense.

          Of course, that’s because they’re messing with the story and the timeline. I do believe and always have believed that Lolo was there simultaneously with SAD and BHO Sr. and that perhaps she was two-timing both of them. Lolo came to the US in the mid-1950s. I once found a reference to him (a Google books snippet, since scrubbed) that mentioned him as a student of geography at the U of Kentucky.

          I don’t think she knew who the father was. I think she chose the father, based upon which would be more likely to help her see the world. I don’t think she was about to go back to Kenya with BHO Sr. and be a co-wife, after finding out about Kezia.

          In addition, it occurs to me that perhaps she and BHO Sr. were together in Port Angeles, WA, to arrange that adoption they’d been thinking about. Ya think? btw, did Janny Scott mention their plans for putting Barry up for adoption in that book?

    • This is Kay now:

    • My, my, my. Kay (p. 147 of Janny’s book) was “jailed for political activism” during the ’60s, when she was at UC BERKELEY; but that would be under her maiden name, which is not given. Kay’s son Inno was in the playgroup, with Maya, when Maya was 5. That’s when they were photographed, I suppose. Listen, this is a project for another day, but skimming through that book, I came to page 295 and nearly choked on my green tea. A man ran across Barry “pumping iron” in SAD’s garden in the ’80s. PUMPING IRON. Right! That’s the Barry we know. Page 432 reveals that Eric Stone was interviewed by Janny for her book. What could he tell her? He claims to not even have known she had a son. My, no mention of Geithner or Cook.

      • Here’s a curiosity for you: page 153, a woman speaks of living with Ann for a couple months when Maya was 9. That would be, what? 1979 or so? The woman says Ann wasn’t particular about bedtimes but insisted that her “CHILDREN” get up early in the morning. Children? 1979, in Indonesia? What CHILDREN would those be, besides Maya? What’s interesting is that Janny Scott puts the houseboy Saman into Barry’s bedroom, instead of LIA, and there’s NO MENTION of Turdi, Barry’s cross-dressing nanny. Isn’t that interesting?

        • I’ve started reading it now, fascinated.

        • Uhhhh,,,say what?? Obama went to Washington with Ann? p. 104

          “Judy Ware, a family friend of the Dunhams who recalled meeting Obama with Ann sometime later in Port Angeles, Washington,said, “I remember that he was very outgoing and friendly, and that he was flirtatious, and that made me uncomfortable. He was just a little bit intimidating to me”.

          • Say what is right!! When was it EVER said that BHO SR. went to Washington state? Boy, doesn’t that description of BHO Sr. sound like Barry (not Judy’s, the other ones, where people talk about him being almost a bully, uninterested in anybody else’s opinion, as if he’s always right)? And here I was leaning against him being the father. I wonder. Did Barry think Lolo was his dad all along? Did Ann lie to everyone? Or was it the adoption and she let Barry think that Lolo was his dad? Port Angeles, WA. What were they doing there? WHEN was this supposed to be? Good catch!

            Port Angeles is very close to the Canadian border. Would you take a ferry to get to Canada?

      • Wait..I saw this yesterday, Kay’s fathers name was...shoot…found it! Bruce Glassburner.

        • Glassburner?!!! Never heard that one.

          • Abstract of a story from the Sacramento Bee, 1997:

            “There was an empty chair at the table Wednesday at the Orange Hut in Davis, where three retired professors have long met each week for lunch.

            Gone was J. Bruce Glassburner, an economics professor, bass player and family man. He died Tuesday of a stroke at age 76.

            In a long academic career that took him and his family throughout Southeast Asia, Egypt and Australia, Professor Glassburner helped train some of the people now governing Indonesia. He served as the first chairman of the economics department at the University of California, Davis, directed the university’s Study Centre in Hong Kong and entertained Davis residents with Gilbert and Sullivan plays at the Davis Comic Opera pit. …”

          • http://texts.cdlib.org/view?docId=hb7t1nb4v2&doc.view=frames&chunk.id=div00030&toc.depth=1&toc.id=
            “J. Bruce Glassburner, Economics: Davis
            Professor Emeritus

            Professor Bruce Glassburner was born on December 4, 1920, in the state of Iowa where he grew up, finished high school (1938) and earned a B.A. (1943). He then served in the army as a pilot in the heavy artillery brigade, from 1943 to 1946, during which time he took part in combat in Germany. He ended his service as captain in the reserves. Following his discharge he returned to Iowa State University to teach economics while completing a master’s degree in economics (1949). He then moved to California for a doctorate in economics from Berkeley. …

            After completing his Ph.D. at Berkeley in 1955 [Stanley Dunham was at Berkeley in the mid-1950s] and a short stint with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, he moved to Davis in 1956, where he stayed for the rest of his academic career and his life. …

            Glassburner initially specialized in the history of economic thought and international trade. While he continued to teach these topics his major teaching and research field was international economic development. In the international arena he served as a member and then chair of a consortium of economists on a mission to establish an economic department at the University of Indonesia. His early experiences in Indonesia have been credited with the honor of promoting a group of Indonesian scholars that have been called the Berkeley Mafia–an important cadre of Indonesian economists graduated from Berkeley who eventually became major players in economic policy-making. He also directed the Education Abroad Program of the University of California in Hong Kong, as well as the University’s agricultural project in Egypt. His international missions took him to Pakistan, Austria, Malaysia, Jordan, and China. But his most important and sustained international activities were centered around Indonesia. There he was a teacher, researcher, advisor, program builder, and friend of Indonesian students and scholars. He and Ellie [his wife] studied Indonesian together and he became proficient enough to write and publish professional papers and books in that language. As consultant he worked with AID, the World Bank, the Ford Foundation, and Stanford and Harvard University groups. …”

            The usual suspects.

        • Bruce Glassburner was also in Pakistan in 1965

          Bruce Glassburner 1965 – Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

          The authors – Glassburner & Griffin, in 1965 while working at the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics authored a three part plan for development in Pakistan that included

          Development of crop’s
          Sterilization of the population (in order for the plan to work by phase three)
          Constructing 108,500 primary schools and improve 47,600 others at a cost of 520 Million dollars.

          An Evaluation of Pakistan’s Third Five Year Plan
          Keith B Griffin and Bruce Glassburner
          Additional contact information
          Keith B Griffin: Pakistan Institute of Development Economics
          Bruce Glassburner: Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

          No 1965:037, PIDE-Working Papers from Pakistan Institute of Development Economics
          Date: 1965
          Downloads: (external link)
          http://pide.org.pk/pdf/rr/RR037.pdf First Version, 1965 (application/pdf)

          • I forgot to add the original link at where I had found – 1965 Bruce Glassburner: Pakistan Institute of Development Economics


          • Can you believe that? Redistribution and sterilization? The obit I read said that he was pro-capitalism. Was he?

          • betcha $5. he’s the money guru for the Dunhams, Geitheners, et al… back in the day. Aloha, we now have a Bank… glassburner was into alfred marshall, too. he defined the term political economics long ago.

            the Kay angle that recently cropped up is intriguing as well. her son and Maya were born in Indonesia to come to the USA in order to indoctrinate our children with there quacky crap… that book should be declared a crime of corrupting kids and highjacking their childhood. its abusive and Anti American to the max. check it out if you haven’t yet.
            A is for Activist…by Kay’s son? Glassburner’s grandson? .

  5. I wish I could see the photoshop evidence everyone else seems to think is obvious…I just don’t.

    • I see it clearly in the photo of the modified mugshots from Greece. They used a smudge tool to smooth away the evidence of the beating. This is the same thing we see on various photos of Barry’s family. I remember it mostly with modifications to SAD’s hair and, in particular, Papoose’s favorite photo of the toddler “brothers”, allegedly David and Mark. In the first version of the photo that was published, they changed “David’s” upper lip. I don’t particularly see photoshopping in the pictures of Maya, Ann, Barry that we discussed here. If anybody else does, then please point it out. What I thought odd was how that window, in the photo where they’re in front of the Christmas tree, seems to be missing its other half. Isn’t it odd that there’s a long drape on the right, a valance, and then no left side of the window? Wouldn’t you just put up a full drape without a valance? In that photo, the only thing that looked odd to me was the angle of Barry’s head, suggesting a “head game”, but it’s hard to say.

      • Something, pics up as facial features, is blacked out (well, actually more purpled out) of the pic of the Barry that looks like he is a junkie. Also, colors show up in the pic when playing around with special effects and the shadow under Maya’s chin comes out purple. If you merely magnify the pic Ann’s head is funny; so is hair. I don’t think people were photoshopped in the pic just result of trying to get background gone, which I think includes a person (opposite side from Maya, next to Barry). Also, there may be a ring on the finger.

        • I do see that they monkeyed around with that photo, but it’s so pixelated that it’s hard to tell. I see that odd-shaded spot to the right of Barry. I wonder if they took OUT the ring. His fingers look weird. Not only does Maya not look like Maya, but also: is that thing on Ann’s shoulder supposed to be Maya’s hand? It’s just such a crummy copy of the photo. Kind of creepy, too. Who knows what the original looked like? There’s no reason for such a crummy photo to be published.

      • amazing! finds. shuddering here,

        yes, that Baby’s face haunts me. its baby barky. whoever he is.

      • Yes miri, I think of ” head game” too, as his head is the more prominent in the photo with those perfect teeth and over sized smile, but mainly the neck; if you study the neck,I think the person that Barry’s head sits on had a neck whose body or head was in a different position. Go back and notice the twist and bulge on the right and also the tiny bit of extra neck at the back near Barry’s collar. This extra part would not occur in Barry’s position.
        I noticed the blocked out window also. Maybe they’re in a hotel room. What’s that equipment behind Ann? Didn’t have CD’s and cassette slots together yet in the 70’s? seems there’s these hokey christmas trees in so many photos of these people.

        • In the pic I call the “junkie” pic, where Barry looks like a meth addict in his batik shirt….. The neck looks funny because…..I suspect the right side of the pic (his left) at the neck is a hand, you know when someone rests their chin on their hand, on top of relaxed fist. It showed up when had power reduced on computer so screen duller and the screen itself was at a funny angle, and there it was — looking like the back of hand. Imagination, huh?

  6. Since Open Thread, will take liberties to mention I just received a birth certificate for myself and under “Mother’s Current Legal Name” is typed “not recorded”. And nowhere does it indicate mother was married. All that is there is her maiden name. Well, I don’t have my old one to compare to but looked at it enough to know it did not leave the impression I was born out of wedlock, to use a dated phrase. Is that how states are doing it now, no distinction between unmarried and married? Is it considered irrelevant now?

    • It just may be, What A Hoot. We wouldn’t want to put unwed mothers up for ridicule, would we? I’d have to go dig out my birth certificate, but I seem to recall a box that was checked for married or not married, while mother’s name is given as her maiden name, with the assumption that her legal name is her married name (husband’s surname). With so many now not taking their husband’s surname, maybe that’s a new thing. Because when you were born they didn’t ask for your mom’s “legal name”, and they just ASSUMED it would be the same surname as your father’s, they can’t NOW make the assumption that it is or isn’t his surname. It’s being politically correct, so as not to stigmatize the guilty promiscuous liberated or not so careful women. So now it’s almost as if they’re stigmatizing women who married and had kids before this change took place. But now that I think about it, wouldn’t the mother’s SIGNATURE be her legal name? In that case, it should be “recorded” but I bet their stupid computer can’t read signatures.

  7. checking out the handwriting sample above… thanks, Miri

    wonder why they chose a page with a message about anti feminist Islam.?

    this writing is very interesting…

    • I noticed that, too. Trying to make her seem to be what she was not? Although, being a feminist, and being at odds with Lolo on account of his macho, maybe she found that Islam stuck in her craw, with regard to its attitude towards women. I do think that’s possibly why she sent Barry to Hawaii–to get him away from macho Lolo and Islam.

      • Well, I look at this way — Ann married two Muslims; not one but two and wonder is there is a very obvious reason why so many of her photos have ‘hair alterations”? Her life, shows she liked not only foreign men but a very specific type of foreign man — Muslim. I think that for a while she WAS Muslim and supported Barry being immersed in it.

        • Could be. It may be that marrying foreign Muslim non-white men was a rebellion against her dad, and then she grew up quick when she got a load of what life is like for women in Muslim countries. It’s a good guess that her hair modifications are removing a veil. I always thought that in the photo of her on the settee with Lolo, Barry, and pinhead Maya, she’s wearing a veil that was turned into hair.

        • yes, and that’s why they planted that page where SAD writes about Acch and the “fanatical anti feminism Islamists… Women Power b s whilst being a hotshot in the old boys club.

          I really don’t think she was truly married to that fly-by-night foreign drunk from the Mboya movement. and I do think that Lolo and she knew each other back when they were learning Russian or something; **remember when he said he and the FF met in class when he was in Russia, iirc? I think he pulled that fact from his mother’s situation. in any event it was a big fat lie he told that audience…

          everything they do from now on is making it up as they go along.

      • i think she sent him to Hawaii like Moses was sent down in a reed basket.
        (the switch – the new name on the passport, soebarka crossed out to exclude, per the instructions.

        he and his mother spent alot of time together touring East Asia, thus, the hidden passports, birth certificate,education transcripts, clients, State Senate schedules. and on and on and on.

        and Ruth, the mystery woman…hmmmm

        • in the movie, 2016, there are audio clips of barky reading excerps from Dreams and at one point he says that his mother sent him to Hawaii to get him away from Lolo’s excesses; that Ann was upset about his wealth and lifestyle – that he was everything she was opposed to — something to that effect… he enjoyed lavish parties, etc.

          • How ridiculous! It was Ann who enjoyed the excess, or at least she joined in. That guy who knew her there, the one Janny Scott used as a source–Eric Stone–said that he visited her at her luxurious home in Jakarta. I suspect that’s the home that Lolo bought for her and Maya, after they separated. She met Turdi, Barry’s transvestite nanny, at an elite soiree. Stone ALSO said that another of her friends was a translator for Suharto. We’re learning the connections between Ann and her co-workers and friends, all of whom seem to have flown in elite circles. The FACT that each kid HAD a nanny speaks to her wealth. She also, as we see, hobnobbed with the media, artists, and actors (like Kay’s hubby). Something else that her “son” has in common with her. He, too, enjoys the ELITE company of all the ELITE from all areas of society. He, too, wherever he was (particularly at Oxy) sought out and hung with the wealthy and connected. His two WHITE girlfriends were both RICH and connected to elite society.

            Whatever Barry provides for the reason that he was sent to Hawaii, it’s sure to be a lie. If his lips are moving, he’s lying. That’s the rule. If he says this is why, it’s NOT why; and whatever the true reason was, he’s covering it up.

  8. Ann Dunham’s snake-bladed Kris, made for her by one of the master smiths, is discussed and pictured in the book as a sort of “biographical object” (Hoskins 1998). Th black forged iron has a dark patina and is a weapon capable of killing. Yet it is also ornamented with a wonderfully delicate nickel lamination, a work of art as well as a spiritually charged cutting instrument. Keeping the Kris by her side, Dunham maintained a tie to Kajar, where she was initiated into the mysteries of metal smelting. She was also holding onto a tool of power in very Indonesian sense, which could stand up to the wider “Power” of government planners and international development agencies. A powerful Kris can be used to intimidate an enemy in a bloodless act of self defense that asserts the agency of the bearer, at the same time drawing on the store of power contained in its ceremonial use. Ann Dunham used her anthropological knowledge as a practical weapon and a spiritual talisman, hoping that through it, and by imparting its values to her children, she could bring into being the changes she deeply wished to see in Indonesia and the world.

    • a good read on that link. see this tidbit from merely a glance:

      After helping Suharto seize power, Soetoro became an official of the Indonesian state-owned oil company, Pertamina, and Mobil Oil. The CIA assessment states: “Huffco and Mobil, two U.S. firms, rapidly developed natural gas exports for the Japanese market in the past decade in partnership with Pertamina.” The memo states that this development, as well as coal, hydro, and geothermal, was carried out with strong financial and technical assistance from the World Bank and foreign aid donors like USAID. Huffco is Huffington Oil, founded in 1956 by Texas oil man Roy M. Huffington, the father of former Representative Michael Huffington (R-CA), a former vice chairman of Huffco and the ex-husband of Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post. The Huffingtons divorced in 1997 and a year later Michael Huffington announced that he was gay. More noteworthy is the fact that Roy Huffington, who died in 2008, was a seven-year chairman of the Asia Society, linked to the East-West Center in Hawaii, where Obama’s father and step-father resided and the CIA.

    • “CIA mujaheddin support activities in Pakistan” SEEMS LIKELY.

      That article seems familiar. It contains a lot of now outdated “facts”.

      • Things to remember about Ghana: Kofi Manu, Barry’s Oxy friend, was Ghanian. And then there’s Roman. Hayden connected these dots to Ghana: Charlene Mitchell, Chicago commie activist, who recognized the “importance of Africa,” particularly Ghana. Another link to a story about Ann and Ghana here. “Reverend” Wright IN Ghana. More about Ghana from Leza here and here.

  9. of course there is no company profile on this, but the “news” on it is bit cloudy…


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