Reader’s Choice for TIME Person of the Year: Not Fluke, but Flake Kim Jong Un (Open Thread)

© Miri WTPOTUS December 13, 2012

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Well, the voters have spoken.  Their choice for TIME Person of the Year?  Not Sandra Fluke, but the Sexiest Man Alive–North Korea’s Kim Jong Un!

Voters lately seem to have developed a habit of selecting narcissistic, dictatorial communists.  What the heck is going on?

As this isn’t a true democracy, however, an elite krewe of magazine czars will make the final choice:

Kim Jong Un is having a good year. After taking over the leadership of North Korea from his late father Kim Jong Il, at the end of 2011, he’s solidified his control over the country, appeared on TIME’s cover and he was even named ‘Sexiest Man Alive.’  (OK, that honor was actually bestowed as a spoof in the satirical newspaper, The Onion, but a Chinese news service mistook the Onion piece for real news and the story went global.)

Now, he’s gotten the most votes in TIME’s completely unscientific reader Person of the Year Poll with 5.6 million votes. Not bad for a man who didn’t make an official public appearance until 2010.

This doesn’t mean Kim is TIME’s Person of the Year. That choice is made by the editors of TIME and will be revealed Dec. 19 …

We should have encouraged our readers to vote for the Higgs boson.

Open thread!

273 responses to “Reader’s Choice for TIME Person of the Year: Not Fluke, but Flake Kim Jong Un (Open Thread)


    Time selects Obama as 2012 Person of the Year

    We are in the midst of historic cultural and demographic changes,” Time managing editor Richard Stengel said in announcing its choice. “And Obama is both the symbol and in some ways the architect of this new America.” …

    The president’s reelection in November showed “the Obama effect was not ephemeral anymore, no longer reducible to what had once been mocked as that ‘hopey-changey stuff,'” Time’s Michael Scherer wrote in the accompanying cover story. “It could be measured in wars stopped and started; industries saved, restructured or reregulated; tax cuts extended; debt levels inflated; terrorists killed; the health-insurance system reimagined; and gay service members who could walk in uniform with their partners. It could be seen in the new faces who waited hours to vote and in the new ways campaigns are run. America debated and decided this year: history would not record Obama’s presidency as a fluke.” [Indeed it’s not a fluke. It’s a plot. It could be seen in destruction of our Constitution, our way of life, our freedom, our dignity, our “free agency”. It could be seen as the imposition of a communist dictatorship or an Islamist state–take you pick.]

    The cover features a silver border–just the fourth time in Time’s 89-year-history the magazine was published without its trademark red. [I guess they understood that inconvenient symbolism.] …

    It was easy to think that maybe 2008 was the anomaly,” President Obama told Time in an interview. “And I think 2012 was an indication that, no, this is not an anomaly. We’ve gone through a very difficult time. The American people have rightly been frustrated at the pace of change, and the economy is still struggling, and this president we elected is imperfect. And yet despite all that, this is who we want to be. That’s a good thing.”

    • TIME is now more than insignificant – much like their peer magazine, Newsweek. The North Koreans will be upset that their emperor was dissed in favor of Obama. Perhaps Un will send up a few missiles to signify the unfairness of the West in not choosing him to be the person of the year. It sure is a load of crapola and is as impressive as Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize. Those Time editors should be mocked into non existence along with the once respected TIME …oh, I think they are already on their way.

      • Dissed one emperor in favor of another. Or should we say, “tyrant?” Selected instead of DEMOCRATICALLY elected. No different than last month’s selection. VOTE FRAUD rampant, but who cares? You know how the “American people” are upset about the slow march of “change”.

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