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reading the news

Some news of the day, for your reading enjoyment:

First some disappointing but not unexpected news.  Boehner purges fiscal conservatives from key committees: [emphasis added to quotes]

Effective next Congress, leadership pulled Kansas Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp, Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash and Arizona Republican Rep. David Schweikert off committees from which they could exert conservative pressure on fiscal matters. Amash and Huelskamp were pulled from the Budget Committee and Schweikert from the Financial Services Committee.

Huelskamp, a freshman elected during the 2010 tea party wave, thinks the leadership move to pull him from the powerful committee is revenge for him standing up for conservatism. “It is little wonder why Congress has a 16 percent approval rating: Americans send principled representatives to change Washington and get punished in return,” Huelskamp said in a Monday night statement. “The GOP leadership might think they have silenced conservatives, but removing me and others from key committees only confirms our conservative convictions. This is clearly a vindictive move, and a sure sign that the GOP Establishment cannot handle disagreement.”

I heard someone this morning on the Jamie Allman radio show say that Tea Party II will dwarf Tea Party I.  We shall see.  When will they ever learn?

The columnist quoted by Bob Costas on Sunday Night Football has done it again.  This time, he compares the NRA to the KKK; but he doesn’t know his history.  Typical leftist! Some interesting history for you:

This will give you an idea of how gun control laws worked. Following the firebombing of his house in 1956, Dr. Martin Luther King, who was, among other things, a Christian minister, applied for a gun permit, but the Alabama authorities found him unsuitable. A decade later, he won a Nobel Peace Prize.

How’s that “may issue” gun permit policy working for you?

The NRA opposed these discretionary gun permit laws and proceeded to grant NRA charters to blacks who sought to defend themselves from Klan violence — including the great civil rights hero Robert F. Williams.

A World War II Marine veteran, Williams returned home to Monroe, N.C., to find the Klan riding high — beating, lynching and murdering blacks at will. No one would join the NAACP for fear of Klan reprisals. Williams became president of the local chapter and increased membership from six to more than 200.

But it was not until he got a charter from the NRA in 1957 and founded the Black Armed Guard that the Klan got their comeuppance in Monroe.

I’ll take this opportunity to remind everyone of these facts:   Abraham Lincoln was a REPUBLICAN.  The REPUBLICAN party is responsible for passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The original House version got 80% GOP support, the Senate version got 82% and the final vote in the House was 82% of Republicans in support. On the other hand, Congressional Democrats never saw higher than 69% of its membership in support of civil rights for blacks.

And who one of the leading voices in favor of passage? It was Illinois Senator Edward Dirksen, a Republican. Who was a leading voice opposing civil rights? Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat from West Virginia …

If it were up to Democrats in 1964 the Civil Rights Act would never have passed.

Inconvenient truths as well as convenient deaths.  There’s a new book out about the Vince Foster “suicide”.  Gateway Pundit has an interesting take on it:

Before Hillary Clinton and the Obama-Clinton regime blamed the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans on a YouTube video, the Clinton White House blamed the death of Vince Foster on the Wall Street Journal.

On July 20, 1993, Vince Foster, President Bill Clinton’s childhood friend and Hillary Clinton’s closest White House confidante, was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in the head in Fort Marcy Park, McLean, Virginia. His shocking and untimely passing was the highest ranking government official’s death since President John Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

Foster’s mysterious death sparked a firestorm of controversy that engulfed the nation. Was it murder or suicide? The charges leveled against Hillary and Bill Clinton were serious: Foster knew too much.

Salon magazine actually  blamed Jerry Falwell for the WSJ editorials–the same editorials that Clinton blamed for Foster’s death!  There’s a long history of conveniently dead people in the past few  Democrat regimes.

Is THIS a good idea?

The University of North Dakota in Grand Forks is setting up a program to train foreign students to fly unmanned aircraft.

UND’s Unmanned Aircraft program director, Al Palmer, said the university is buying three flight simulators, which can teach pilots to fly aircraft such as the Predator, for an Air Force research project. The university plans to use the equipment to attract international students. …

[A]ny training program that includes international students must be approved by the State Department, a process that takes several months. …

United Arab Emirates was the first to purchase the export version of the Predator, and I suspect there will be other countries that will take a look at using those devices as well,” [Program Director Al Palmer] said. “They’ll be looking for organizations for training and, of course, we would like to provide that training.”

Palmer planned to attend an unmanned aircraft conference in Abu Dahbi later this month to gauge interest in the training program.

Have you read about this incident?  An IED set off by an “Iraqi refugee” at a Social Security Office in Arizona!  The following was published two hours ago.  The incident happened four days ago.

A man charged with detonating a homemade explosive device outside a Social Security Administration office in Arizona had researched how to construct a particular explosive that authorities say has been used in terrorist bomb plots, according to a criminal complaint.

Abdullatif Ali Aldosary, 47, was charged in federal court with maliciously damaging federal property by means of explosives and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He appeared in a Phoenix courtroom Monday but didn’t enter a plea. He is set to appear again on Wednesday. …

Authorities said no employees were in the building at the time, no one was injured, and the damage wasn’t extensive.

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives initially opened an investigation but soon gave the case to the FBI.

Chances are, you didn’t hear about that story.  I didn’t until media watchers began to notice the story being buried, along with certain facts.  From a story published yesterday:

The major mainstream media outlets continue to ignore whatever doesn’t contribute to the agenda actively promoted by our so-called leaders. Thus far, only local media in Arizona have reported the name of the man arrested. … 

While the little town of Casa Grande and the nearby Phoenix area are talking about the incident, virtually no one else is. In fact, the only reason I was following the story is because I’m presently in the area and saw the initial reports on the explosion and continued to look into it .

Within 90 minutes of the explosion, police had a suspect in custody. But you wouldn’t know it from reading the establishment media reports this past weekend. One reason might be that the suspect is 47-year-old Abdullatif Aldosary of Coolidge, AZ, an Iraqi refugee.

Undetermined as yet whether Aldosary is Muslim.  Wanna make a guess?

So there’s some news that caught my eye today.  What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

151 responses to “News of the Day and Open Thread

  1. Rosemary Woodhouse

    For the record, I will not put another dime in Ann Coulter’s coffer. I used to enjoy her rapier wit. No longer. She has turned.

  2. Beware Scam Site- “”
    GeorgeM at 7 December, at 00 : 49 AM

    They are claiming “Obama” college records were released and trying to collect money.

  3. Jay Leno said that he heard that a tribe of Indians are now honoring Obama. In fact, they came him a new name, Chief Running Deficits.

  4. Col. Lawrence Sellin (Ret):

    “Election conspiracy”

    “The outcome of the 2012 Presidential election was determined by massive voter fraud. This was done in two ways (1) illegal voters and (2) erasing votes. Here are only a few of the hundreds of nationwide claims of voter fraud.

    Barack Obama won St. Lucie County, Florida, which had 141.1% voter turnout. That is, out of 175,554 registered voters, 247,713 votes were cast.

    In 21 of the 1,022 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, the statistically impossible happened. Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney by 5,978 to zero. Even third party and write-in candidates got more votes than Romney. In 202 precincts Obama tallied 95% of the vote and in 20 precincts he received over 99%. Furthermore, the average number of voters per precinct decreased by more than half as you move from precincts where Obama won less than 50% of the vote (714) to those where he won 95% (356). In precincts where Romney received zero votes, the average number of voters was 288. These data suggest that Romney votes were being systematically erased.

    The conventional wisdom on the Republican side, however, was best reflected in an editorial “You Think Obama Stole the Election? Then Read This,” which appeared in the for-profit blog Red State. Without providing any data whatsoever, the author declared that there wasn’t “enough” voter fraud to affect the outcome of the Presidential election and anyone who questioned that conclusion was a conspiracy theorist similar to those who believed the 9/11 attack was an inside job. Red State plans to ban anyone from their site who disagrees with them.

    That is the type of response from those who have some vested interest in maintaining the status quo, usually financial.”
    “ Bans the Eligibility Question”

    “Many Republicans are outraged following the discussion ban of the eligibility question imposed yesterday by the Editor-in-Chief of, a leading Republican News Blog published from Washington, D.C.

    Eric Erickson justified his action in a post entitled, “Vigilance: I’m Banning Birfers, Truthers, and Groups Affiliated Therewith” for the following reasons:

    “We must be vigilant. We must be willing to draw a line in the sand and stand against fatuous nonsense that opens up the right to attacks by a left-leaning media intent on embarrassing the good people who have developed through the tea party movement a renewed sense of civic involvement.”

    Birfers and Truthers have no place among us. And they are most decidedly not welcome at RedState.”

    • With all this evidence, the Republican Party capitulates. WHY?

      • The guy that owns or runs Red State took a job as a CNN conservative commentator either shortly before or after the ban on “birfers” – a derogatory term coined by the Left. It was interesting that he used that term. He continued to run Red State in conjunction with his new job.

  5. “Chris Matthews Race-Baiting J.C. Watts With Obama Birth Certificate Scandal”

    • How RACIST of Matthews! Why does he hit J.C. Watts with this? Maybe people don’t like Indonesian-adopted, Indonesian-raised, Kenyan-born, Indonesian citizen, British subject half-whites as president. Maybe people don’t like presidents who “don’t want to disclose the truth” because they’re among those “people with something to hide.” J.C. Watts doesn’t say it’s not true–he says it’s a “losing issue.” That’s probably true, but what’s not true is that “birthers” are wrong or that Barry’s eligible. We’re right that he’s ineligible.

    • It’s a scandal all right! The scandal is a president who is not transparent and who spends millions to HIDE his documentation because it will prove that he’s a liar and that he’s not eligible to BE president.

  6. The Left doesn’t like having their tentacles exposed so they are starting their threats and intimidation against conservative web sites. They have done it to a number of sites before , and now they are after Discover the Networks who maps out the tentacles of Soros and other organizations associated with the radicals, and who runs their operations, and who in government associates with them. The Leftist Communists want the limelight, but only if it benefits them. When it exposes their real intentions, they do what they do best; Threaten.

    Huffington Post publishes threat to conservative website

    I’ve got friends and they’ve got friends … enough to cause a computer meltdown’
    Dec. 6 Snip

    Writing in the Huffington Post, a senior fellow at a George Soros-funded radical think tank with close ties to the Democratic Party seemingly threatened the Discover The Networks website.

    Discover The Networks, launched by former radical turned conservative David Horowitz, is a central database that maps out left-wing agendas, activists and causes.

    “I’ve got friends, too – and they’ve got friends, and they’ve got friends, and they’ve got friends … enough to cause a computer meltdown at Discover The Networks,” wrote Richard Eskow, senior fellow at Campaign for America’s Future, or CAF. The veiled threat [doesn’t look veiled to me!] was issued in a Huffington Post blog piece responding to a WND article reporting how the CAF had launched a new website urging politicians and activists to wage class warfare. The new website,, also hailed what CAF called a new era in politics – the use of class warfare to win elections. The WND article quoted from Discover The Networks about the ties of the Eskow’s CAF to so-called progressive Democrat politicians.

    • Jerome Corsi:

      Published: 11/25/2012

      “Decisive action against Obama’s left-wing ‘trolls’
      Pajama bandits seek to stifle thought, discredit right”

      “NEW YORK – WND Internet forum moderators have conducted extensive studies of leftist, pro-Obama “trolls” who post misinformation.

      Trolls appear to perform a “disinformation” function typical of counter-intelligence efforts by intelligence agencies to confuse political enemies and refute or deflect opposing political views that are less susceptible to refutation by more traditional methods of debate and argumentation.

      Typically, trolls operating on WND forums attempt to defend Obama by posting specious and diversionary arguments with the goal of changing the subject and obscuring topics that could damage Obama, such as his birth records, life narrative, political history and policy preferences, including his current positions as president.

      Particularly offensive is the proclivity of trolls to use obscene or blasphemous language mixed with personal invective.”

      • The untold story is that not only do they perform the duties of counter-intelligence efforts by intelligence agencies, but they very well also may be actual employees of “intelligence agencies.” Or at the very least, FORMER employees of intelligence agencies who are paid somehow under the table for their activities. They used to do this in other countries; now, like the military, they illegally operate within the USA, AGAINST US CITIZENS.

      • For some reason, methinks I hear strains of the Blue Danube Waltz.

    • I have a feeling that those “friends” have been active for years, already. In any case, his stats are full of it, so his claim that the “majority” of Americans are with him, against the “rich” and for class warfare, is bogus. A poll by the GOP shows that “While Americans favor raising taxes on the wealthy, a Winston Group poll two weeks ago (conducted for the GOP House leadership) found just 26% of respondents agreeing that “given the state of the deficit, those making over $250,000 a year should have to pay 40% of their income in federal taxes.” Some 68% disagreed. This is relevant because Mr. Obama wants wealthy Americans to pay 39.6% of their income in federal taxes, plus additional levies that would bring the total bite to at least 44.6%.” There are lies, damned lies, and then there are statistics. The leftists in this country, the class warfare warriors, are experts at distorting polls, statistics, and public opinion. Not to mention experts in Orwellian language. Just the tone of that guy’s article gives you a clue into his soul. Snotty, snarky, superior. And he threatens, like NAZIS do. (If he’s going to call conservatives McCarthyites and Leninists, then let’s call a spade a spade.)

      • btw, DID YOU NOTICE THAT BARRY’S BROKEN HIS PROMISE? Didn’t he say that nobody making under $250,000 will see his taxes go up? Now he’s lowered his limit to $200,000. One has to wonder whether he chose that figure because most in Congress collect salaries just under $200,000.

        I can’t wait to see BARRY and MOOCH pay those higher taxes. I’m all for redistributing THEIR wealth.

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