Fluke’s Dream: The Pill OTC and the “Morning After Pill” for Children. (Open Thread)

© Miri WTPOTUS November 26, 2012

Recently, the influential American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) issued an opinion about access to birth control pills in the USA.

[Emphasis added to all quotes.]

No prescription or doctor’s exam needed: The nation’s largest group of obstetricians and gynecologists says birth control pills should be sold over the counter, like condoms.

The surprise opinion this week from these gatekeepers of contraception could boost longtime efforts by women’s advocates to make the pill more accessible. …

Earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration held a meeting to gather ideas about how to sell regular oral contraceptives without a prescription, too. …

Half of the nation’s pregnancies every year are unintended, a rate that hasn’t changed in 20 years — and easier access to birth control pills could help, said Dr. Kavita Nanda, an OB/GYN who co-authored the opinion for the doctors group.

“It’s unfortunate that in this country where we have all these contraceptive methods available, unintended pregnancy is still a major public health problem,” said Nanda, a scientist with the North Carolina nonprofit FHI 360, formerly known as Family Health International. …

Then there’s the price question. The Obama administration’s new health care law requires FDA-approved contraceptives to be available without copays for women enrolled in most workplace health plans. …

The doctors group made clear that:

—Birth control pills are very safe. Blood clots, the main serious side effect, happen very rarely …

—Women can easily tell if they have risk factors … and should avoid the pill.

Other over-the-counter drugs are sold despite rare but serious side effects …

—And there’s no need for a Pap smear or pelvic exam before using birth control pills. But women should be told to continue getting check-ups as needed …

A cynical person would suspect that the ACOG is reacting to political pressure in two areas: (1) Helping the Obama administration to reduce the cost (actual and political) of Obamacare mandates by giving insurance companies an out (making “the pill” over the counter (OTC) may mean that insurance companies won’t have to pay for contraceptives for women who don’t qualify for free pills on the basis of income) and (2) acquiescing to the goals of the progressive left, which encourages, in any way possible, the break-down of traditional sexual mores and the nuclear family.

Contraception on demand has long been viewed by leftists as necessary for women’s “equality”. Leftists have a deep antipathy towards nature, which has disproportionately saddled women with the consequences of sex because, in their view, women are the ones who are “punished with a baby” as a result of indiscriminate sex, to quote Barack Obama. To a leftist, that’s simply not “fair”. And so, as seen by this policy statement from the ACOG, pregnancy is a disease to be prevented. An expensive one, at that.

Although the ACOG cites some risks associated with oral contraceptives, they seem to suddenly dismiss them, as if life-threatening blood clots are less dangerous to a woman’s health than an unwanted pregnancy. These doctors justify their policy change as if their most important goal is to prevent “unwanted” pregnancies. (As if preventing life is more important than preventing real disease and death.)

Perusal of the actual statement by the ACOG shows a distinct lack of concern about other extremely dangerous (and expensive) health consequences of irresponsible sex: HIV and STDs.   Yet another of their opinions advises women:

The best way to help prevent the spread of HIV infection during sex is to use latex condoms. … For best protection, condoms should be worn every time you have sex.

The ACOG doesn’t seem to consider the increased risk of acquiring HIV or another STD when women can obtain contraceptive pills OTC. Those costs to society aren’t factored into their analysis.

If women already follow the ACOG guidelines for condom use, then unwanted pregnancies should be greatly diminished. If they are not diminished, then it seems as if the ACOG’s HIV-prevention guidelines, policies, and programs should be revamped because unwanted pregnancies mean that women are also at risk for a worse consequence:  AIDS.

Instead, this new policy seems to encourage the abandonment of condoms. There’s no consideration of the added pressure that might be placed upon women by male partners. Men who prefer to not use condoms when a woman is on contraceptive pills could very well pressure her into unsafe sex.

When a woman sees her doctor for a prescription, that’s the one time that a caring and conscientious doctor has the opportunity to find out about and offer advice about her sexual practices.  If she’s not in a monogamous relationship, then the doctor should encourage her to do everything possible to prevent HIV infection, as well as other STDs.  That means using condoms even if she’s on the pill.

This opinion cites the cost to “society” of unwanted pregnancies, but does not cite the cost to society of the potential increase in HIV infections, when HIV is a REAL disease that is extremely expensive to treat.

Of course, there’s also nothing in this policy that addresses religious or social considerations.

Is it coincidence that at the same time, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that “emergency contraception” be made available in advance to teens? The AAP also wants teens younger than 17 to be able to buy the “morning after pill” OTC:

Pediatricians should actively counsel teens about “emergency contraception” and even provide them with prescriptions or products ahead of time, to ensure they have the pills if they need them, the American Academy of Pediatrics says in a policy statement released online Monday.

AAP members also are urged to advocate lifting the age restriction for these products. Currently, girls 16 and younger need a prescription to obtain the “morning-after pill,” as these products are sometimes called.

This is yet another goal of leftists: To liberate children from the oversight of their parents, by any means necessary.

The recommendation that pediatricians proactively consider giving “advance” prescriptions or actual emergency contraception products to patients stems from research showing that teens will use the pills if they have them, said Dr. Breuner [physician at Seattle Children’s Hospital; professor of pediatrics at University of Washington School of Medicine.] The goal, of course, is to encourage sexually active youths to use regular birth-control methods, she added.

How does giving CHILDREN an easy way to “fix” sexual irresponsibility encourage sexual responsibility (i.e., the use of “regular birth control methods”)?  All doctors, especially pediatricians, should discourage sexual activity by children and should also explain to them the horrors of HIV, which results from unsafe sex (i.e., not using condoms).  The same behavior that results in “unwanted pregnancy” results in HIV infection.

Which is the greater danger to the child and to society?

Those who object to their new recommendations are, of course, anti-science luddites:

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy supports wider access to all birth-control products, said Bill Albert, its chief program officer.

Parents and others may understandably have concerns about emergency contraception for younger teens, but those concerns seem “to be in conflict with the best science that we know,” he said.

Where in their “best science” is any concern that their new policy might make it easier for boys to be irresponsible with regard to condom use and harder for girls to resist engaging in unsafe sex, because of the ready availability of these “morning after pills”? Common sense, in this instance, would seem to trump their “best science.”

At least the Washington Times cites one critic of this new recommendation–Wendy Wright, vice president for government relations at the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute:

There are too many questions to be answered, she said, such as what is the proof that younger teens are mature enough to be using these products. Also, what protections are being put into place to prevent girls from sexual exploitation if they could get these products easily, she asked, noting that some girls begin to menstruate as early as age 10.

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to regular readers that George Soros is a partner of and donor to FHI 360.  And the aforementioned National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy also has curious connections:

NCPTUP is funded largely by abortion rights and population control advocating foundations including most prominently the Susan Thompson Buffet, Turner and William and Flora Hewlitt Foundations. Various population control advocates are represented on the board including Planned Parenthood and their religion and values advisors include the Planned Parenthood Clergy Advisory Board Chair, Catholics for Free Choice Board Chair and the president of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Curiously, these same GLOBAL organizations are active in Africa and other Third World countries with regard to HIV/AIDS prevention.  But population control in the USA?  Can you say, Agenda 21?


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  1. New open thread.

    • I thought this should be at the top of the comments to go along with your article. The once respected Time Magazine’s pick! They should rename their award, Time’s “Slut of the Year.” Rush Limbaugh called Fluke a “slut” and he was right. Another face of the demoncRat party – a woman with no morals. I think the shrinks have a name for her disease; sex addict.

      Sandra Fluke nominated for Time Person of Year
      ‘Apparently unable to figure out how to purchase low-cost birth control’
      Nov. 26 snip

      She became the face[or was it her vagina] for the pro-abortion movement during the 2012 elections and the laughingstock of pro-lifers for her relentless push to force Americans to pay for her birth control. College student Sandra Fluke has been nominated as a potential Person of the Year by Time Magazine.


  2. Actually, now that I think about it, this may not be a dream of Sandra Fluke. She wants her pills to be free, not over the counter where she has to pay for her own danged pills. Lefties like Fluke are probably torn on this issue: Free pills from the insurance company or more readily accessible pills for all? This certainly might let Barry off the hook with Catholics. I mean, if the pills are OTC, then no insurance will pay for them and likely the government will hand them out like candy to the “poor” via Planned Parenthood. Grants and such. Where We the People pay, no matter what. Population control is an ideal for these global lefties, especially in the USA, where they want to diminish the population of “whites” and encourage immigration into the US by persons of color, preferably from socialist/communist countries. Isn’t it curious that these lefties support abortion on demand, contraceptives on demand, but at the same time decry our falling population and use that as the excuse for why we need to have open borders and more immigration?

  3. At BET, Jamie Foxx refers to Obama as “our lord and savior” right after thanking God. Prepare to be outraged by this sacrilege: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2012/11/26/jamie-foxx-calls-obama-our-lord-and-savior#ixzz2DKou43ep

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Oh yes, outraged indeed. Now, “they” will point out the fact that Jamie Foxx is a comedian. It’s no less sacrilegious if it were a joke. Then again, y’all know where I stand on this. 😉

      • We stand together on this one. It’s outrageous. No surprise that the first video the writer linked has been scrubbed. The audience applauded. One would think at least some would be appalled. It’s no joke. I can’t imagine how it can possibly BE a joke to call Obama that. “Lord”, even if not meant in a religious way. Truly, Jamie? That’s what y’all are looking for? May as well say “Massa”. Is it any better if he’s half black? A lord and massa is still anathema to an allegedly freedom-loving people. What exactly did Obama save Jamie Foxx from? As one of the 1%, Jamie ought to worry about when Obama comes after his wealth. Oh, wait! He probably doesn’t have any left. No doubt Jamie Foxx, former capitalist, has given it all away already.

        • It wasn’t said in any joking manner. The guy was serious. How sick can they get?

          • My response to the facebook libs informing me Jamie Fox is a comedian, like I don’t know?
            “First of all, give an honor to God, and our Lord and Savior Barack Obama” Funny, making fun of honoring God, which he did not say “give honor to….” but “…AN honor” The honor to God appears to be that He gets to be included in homage with Barack Obama. How special. Just because one is a comedian does not mean every gig is a comedy routine. Compare this introduction to one of Fox’s actual prepared-to-be-funny routines. But even if a comedic routine, the crowd did not laugh at the “routine” but cheered and adulated, again not in the manner of his trademark routines/presentations, which lends to the fact that even if Fox doing a routine, his audience did not respond as a funny but as an honoring of “…God, and our Lord and Savior Barack Obama”. Fox is a part of that culture and thus, most likely knew exactly what he was doing and that he would be given a pass as being a comedian and defended as such. Now that I think more on this, it is offensive but the expose’ is not just about Fox; it is also about the crowd’s response.

            • That’s exactly what sacrilege is–joking about, making fun of, ridiculing the Sacred. When people ridicule Obama, do these obots think it’s funny? Are they tolerant of THOSE kinds of “jokes”? Where’s their famous compassion, concern for diversity, and cultural relativity when it comes to making fun of the religious beliefs of others?

              “Sacrilege is the violation or injurious treatment of a sacred object. It can come in the form of irreverence to sacred persons, places, and things. When the sacrilegious offence is verbal, it is called blasphemy. In a less proper sense, any transgression against what is seen as the virtue of religion would be a sacrilege. “Sacrilege” originates from the Latin sacer, sacred, and legere, to steal, as in Roman times it referred to the plundering of temples and graves. By the time of Cicero, sacrilege had adopted a more expansive meaning, including verbal offences against religion and undignified treatment of sacred objects.

              Most ancient religions have a concept analogous to sacrilege, often considered as a type of taboo. The basic idea is that sacred objects are not to be treated in the same way as other objects.” From Wikipedia.

              What Foxx is irreverently “stealing” is the title that belongs to the one true Lord and Savior. It’s no mistake on his part. He knew what he was doing. He prefaced his remark with “It’s like a church in here.” Would it surprise you to learn that Eric Marlon Bishop (aka Jamie Foxx) had a father who converted to Islam and renamed himself SHAHID ABDULA. Wiki says that Jamie, however, was raised as a strict Baptist, which means for certain that he knew what he was doing when he blasphemed. His parents abandoned him when he was 7 months old and he was raised by his mother’s adoptive parents; he always cites his grandmother’s good influence on him, according to wiki. (Some things he has in common with his massa.)

              http://www.mediaite.com/tv/hannity-panel-battles-over-jamie-foxx-calling-president-obama-our-lord-and-savior/ That story has a Hannity segment about this topic. http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2004/nov/21/features.magazine

              “‘I have my own religion,’ says Foxx. ‘That religion is Jamie’s Love, and my religion is infinity. I’m putting a velvet rope around the world.'”

              He has at least two children from two women. This biography says he has “reconciled” with his father. http://www.talktalk.co.uk/entertainment/film/biography/artist/jamie-foxx/biography/145?page=1 I can find no story that says he’s currently practicing any religion.

  4. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1112/84226.html

    The Supreme Court on Monday ordered the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to examine the constitutionality of the health reform law’s employer requirements and mandatory coverage of contraceptives without a co-pay.

    The move could open the door for President Barack Obama’s health law to be back in front of the Supreme Court late next year. The Supreme Court responded to a request from Liberty University, one of the groups that sued over the health care law’s individual mandate in 2010. When the court ruled in June that the mandate was constitutional, it dismissed Liberty’s entire lawsuit.

    Over the summer, the school asked the Supreme Court to reopen its arguments against the employer mandate and the contraceptive coverage mandate, which it said were not addressed by the court’s ruling this summer. The court on Monday agreed to the request and told the Fourth Circuit to hear arguments on the two pieces. … Liberty University argues that the law’s employer coverage provisions — which will require businesses with more than 50 full-time workers to provide health insurance for their workers or face fines — are unconstitutional because Congress overstepped its power by setting those rules.

    It also says the individual and employer mandates violate the Constitution’s right to a free exercise of religion. The employer mandate is unconstitutional because of the contraception coverage requirement, Liberty argues, claiming that the individual mandate would require individuals to pay for coverage of abortions.” More at link.

    Gee, I wonder if there’s any connection to these big doctors groups coming out and advocating for OTC contraceptives and morning after pills for all?

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Am not holding my breath. Hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous, Miri. xo

      • I’m not either. I have little to no faith in the SCOTUS these days. My Thanksgiving WAS fabulous. Of course, I ate too much but it was deeeeeelicious! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, too.

        Here’s an interesting article http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/11/a_persistent_obamacare_factoid.html that tells those who don’t want to comply with the Roberts/Obamacare tax how to get around the IRS:
        “For those who don’t want to pay the RobertsTax, Hillyer’s fourth point is a must read:

        Fourth, Roberts makes the extraordinary claim that “Neither the Act nor any other law attaches negative legal consequences to not buying health insurance, beyond requiring a payment to the IRS” — and that the IRS is forbidden from using criminal prosecution to penalize those who refuse the mandate. The problem here is that the IRS can withhold income tax refunds from those who refuse to pay the penalty, and it can choose to apply ordinary income taxes to the penalty first, before crediting the citizen with having paid his due income taxes — and then the IRS can impose a penalty for failing to pay those taxes, and then prosecute or garnish wages for failing to pay that penalty.

        In effect, just as funds are “fungible,” so too are the enforcement mechanisms of the IRS fungible so that, in the long run, there are indeed some hugely “negative legal consequences to not buying health insurance.”

        But if one doesn’t want to pay the RobertsTax for not owning health insurance, the way to circumvent the problem Hillyer addresses supra is to simply adjust one’s payroll withholding and/or quarterly payments so that one owes the IRS on April 15. And this is all perfectly legal. As long as one owes the IRS less than $1,000 on April 15, one isn’t supposed to get a penalty for underpayment. (Taxpayers ought to stop giving the feds interest-free “payday loans” anyway. We should engineer our payments over the tax year so that we don’t have a refund coming. Being “overpaid” on Tax Day is for chumps.) In short, make sure you owe on April 15 if you don’t want to pay the RobertsTax.”

  5. I heard about this on Glenn Beck’s show and this is somewhat related to this post. Seems appropriate that this story is datelined on Halloween. The UK national health service has something called a “care pathway”. Very Orwellian in that the “care pathway” is actually the “death pathway”, which includes removing food and hydration from those tagged to die (ensuring that they die). Death panels, as in Obamacare: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/9644287/NHS-millions-for-controversial-care-pathway.html

    Almost two thirds of NHS trusts using the Liverpool Care Pathway have received payouts totalling millions of pounds for hitting targets related to its use, research for The Daily Telegraph shows.

    The figures, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal the full scale of financial inducements for the first time.

    They suggest that about 85 per cent of trusts have now adopted the regime, which can involve the removal of hydration and nutrition from dying patients.

    More than six out of 10 of those trusts – just over half of the total – have received or are due to receive financial rewards for doing so amounting to at least £12million. At many hospitals more than 50 per cent of all patients who died had been placed on the pathway and in one case the proportion of forseeable deaths on the pathway was almost nine out of 10.

    Last night the Department of Health insisted that the payments could help ensure that people were “treated with dignity in their final days and hours”.

    But opponents described it as “absolutely shocking” that hospitals could be paid to employ potentially “lethal” treatments.


    Check out this part:

    Protocols say that doctors should consult the patient, if possible, and their families.

    But the system has been mired in controversy amid claims that it can actively hasten death.

    A series of cases have also come to light in which family members said they were not consulted or even informed when food and fluids were withheld from their loved-ones.

    In some instances patients placed on the pathway because doctors judged that they were nearing the end of their life went on to recover.

    • That’s a new line, ‘Tagged to die.” What we in the US have to look forward to…thanks to the Communist leftists that passed this abomination without the consent of the governed. Sarah Palin said what as in it and the Left Lied about it, and now we die according to whatever protocol the panel of non medical bureaucrats follow. The Left is probably creating their own “kill list” of those who are already tagged, no matter what their illness or prognosis. Food and fluids denied to hasten death. Sorry old folks, you are no longer productive members of society. You are put out to pasture before God determines your time. I am so sorry my children and theirs will be subjected to this. It is beyond criminal.

      My God is not a punishing God, but in this instance, I hope he does give them what they deserve…an eternal lifetime in Hell. These are psychotic people and we are allowing them to rule over us. I will never believe a majority of the country reelected the Usurper. Never. Our country can’t be that far gone.

      • They promote the LIE that depriving the dying of food and hydration is painless. It’s not. Unfortunately, I know from experience, after watching someone die that way.

        It’s a convenient lie, but of course they are masters of convenient lies. And conveniently dead people, too.

        This is also part of the UN Agenda 21. Resources should not be “spent” keeping alive those who are unproductive and worthless to GLOBAL society or, even worse, who are a drain on global “society”. In their zero sum game, in the COMMUNIST COLLECTIVE UNIVERSE, all “resources” belong to the collective.

        Even if you have saved your entire life, even if you have paid in so that when you get old Medicare and Social Security will be there for you, in the eyes of the collective (the leftist elites) THAT’S NOT YOUR MONEY. You didn’t build that equity. You didn’t save that money. It doesn’t belong to you, especially if you are judged to be worth less of an “investment” than, say, a poor child in a third-world country.

        If money is NOT spent in Western nations to keep alive elderly or disabled folks long past their “usefulness” to society, then that money will be “freed up” so it can be better spent in the Third World or wherever it is that the UN wants to redistribute our wealth.

    • Coming our way with Obamacare. All those dimwits that voted for Obama have this to look forward to. If they are a parent, who will they blame if it is their child who is denied all the life saving procedures? They will have to blame themselves if they voted for the Marxist. Is there an outcry in Great Britain?

      Now sick babies go on death pathway: Doctor’s haunting testimony reveals how children are put on end-of-life plan
      Practice of withdrawing food and fluid by tube being used on young patients
      Doctor admits starving and dehydrating ten babies to death in neonatal unit
      Liverpool Care Pathway subject of independent inquiry ordered by ministers
      Investigation, including child patients, will look at whether cash payments to hospitals to hit death pathway targets have influenced doctors’ decisions
      28 November 2012

      Sick children are being discharged from NHS hospitals to die at home or in hospices on controversial ‘death pathways’. Until now, end of life regime the Liverpool Care Pathway was thought to have involved only elderly and terminally-ill adults. But the Mail can reveal the practice of withdrawing food and fluid by tube is being used on young patients as well as severely disabled newborn babies.One doctor has admitted starving and dehydrating ten babies to death in the neonatal unit of one hospital alone. Writing in a leading medical journal, the physician revealed the process can take an average of ten days during which a baby becomes ‘smaller and shrunken’.

      Medical critics of the LCP insist it is impossible to say when a patient will die and as a result the LCP death becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. They say it is a form of euthanasia, used to clear hospital beds and save the NHS money.


      • Obama is already on record supporting letting babies die who happened to be born alive after a botched abortion, so this should be a simple call for him and his death panels. “Care” pathways. Isn’t that so evil? I know for a fact that people who have a loved one with a terminal illness are “counseled” to believe that removing food and water is a painless way to “let them go.” It is NOT. The elderly as well as these poor “disabled” infants feel hunger and thirst. They LIE because they want the family to let the person die (and free up beds and resources).

  6. Bridgette linked this story on the last thread, but it speaks to what I alluded to in the post. How one goal of the leftists is to destroy morality as we know it in the USA. How better than to sexualize our children and divorce sexuality from love, commitment, and procreation within a nuclear family? http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/11/the_new_normal_turning_back_cultural_marxism.html

    “Post-presidential election commentary has focused on demographic trends. Another trend should also be noted, and that is cultural Marxism, a movement that seeks the elimination of codes of behavior, binding obligations, and moral standards. With President Obama’s re-election, this drift will intensify.

    Rousseau-inspired cultural Marxists aim to convert our country from a virtue-based community to a wilderness of wildly autonomous selves. In Rousseau’s own words, these elites seek to “force us to be free” — free in particular from self-evident and objective truth.

    As has been the case for the last four years, this state-sanctioned amorality will be bureaucratically implemented and ignored by a pornography-addled media invested in the system’s success. Resistance to this attack on virtue will occur in the social issue trenches, be exhausting but faith-enabled, and likely require court intervention.”

    COMMUNISM, STALINISM, LENINISM. All the leftist “isms” that the “ismistas” of the left love. They require the destruction of Judeo-Christian values. That’s a powerful concept: “STATE-SANCTIONED AMORALITY.” Exactly.

    That story links to this one: http://www.issues4life.org/pdfs/20101119sexedadvocatesignoretherelationshipbetweenbirthcontrolabortionandstds.pdf

    “… legalized abortion and hormonal birth control leads to higher rates of STD infections. Jonathan Klick and Thomas Stratmann of George Mason University examined over four decades of STD data, state by state, and found that legalized abortion could account for as much as one third of all new infections. … Anyone who thinks a fifteen year old girl who takes Depo Provera for birth control is going to be extra certain to use a condom every time she has sex has never met a fifteen year old girl. Now just as sensible people would observe that a hangover is not the most serious consequence of excessive drinking, so most would acknowledge that pregnancy, while inconvenient, is not worse than getting a horrible disease. The fact that the pro-sex education lobby has refused to recognize the proven link between the abortions and birth control they aggressively market to teenagers (and black teenagers in particular) and the rise in STD infections proves that they are more interested in refraining from making any value judgments about sexual behavior than actually helping young people avoid infection.”


    Genocide, too. Race-based? You be the judge:

    “Anyone who has seen the powerful documentary MAAFA 21: Black Genocide in 21st America will not be surprised that Planned Parenthood employees are more interested in lowering the black birthrate than protecting black women’s health.”

  7. http://www.commentarymagazine.com/article/the-uns-internet-grab/

    The UN is meeting soon to decide who controls the Internet. This article summarizes the threat to this treaty, which no doubt Obama will want to sign. The meeting is in DUBAI. That bastion of freedom.

    “This all began in 2005, when the United Nations sponsored a World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis. That choice of venue was itself rich with irony, since Tunisia’s then dictator, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, was the Arab world’s leading censor of the Internet, and the two sponsors of the summit’s trade fair were China’s biggest network companies, Huawei and ZTE. They are the anchors of China’s Great Firewall that keeps out Western ideas and suppresses dissent—and also leaves it free to hack into the secrets of Western governments and corporations more or less at will.

    That is precisely the kind of Internet many other countries would like to have, and China emerged from the Tunis meeting as their chief spokesman. Several belong to the so-called G-77 of developing countries, which includes Pakistan, the Philippines, Brazil, and Argentina, as well as Iran, Syria, and Venezuela. They believe that the administration of the World Wide Web by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), headquartered in Los Angeles, isn’t responsive enough to the needs of developing countries, and so they pushed through a paragraph in the Tunis final report that “underlines the need to maximize the participation of developing countries in decisions regarding Internet governance, which should reflect their interests, as well as in development and capacity building”—in other words, in helping governments control what their citizens can see, and can’t see, on the Internet.

    The best way to do that, China proposed in the run-up to the Tunis meeting, was to take administrative control of the Internet away from ICANN and hand it over to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The Union is a branch of the United Nations in which all countries have an equal vote, whether their delegates know anything about the Internet or not. (Most of the calls made by ICANN are done by engineers who have a background in cyber issues, and who are also—inevitably—trained and educated in the West).

    A clear agenda was taking shape, with Chinese help. Free and open access to the Internet was being defined as a “Western” or “Eurocentric” priority that should not be imposed on “developing countries” by a Western institution such as ICANN. Accepting censorship as a governing principle was being defined as showing sensitivity to the needs of the developing world—with a UN-based body as the perfect vehicle for doing it.”

    Just what we need. The UN controlling the Internet. In short, they’re using our own concepts against us in an Orwellian ploy to CENSOR the Web. They use the argument of “democracy” to complain that one country (the US) shouldn’t control the Web. All those other totalitarian communist or Muslim countries should be able to “vote” on how the Web runs. They also use “security” and “multi-culturalism” and “diversity”, all of which, of course, will lead to totalitarian control and destroying free speech. Don’t forget that it’s the UN that wants to outlaw speech that “insults” Islam.

    • Say what? “We’re not fighting terrorists, we’re fighting people who engage in terrorism, but have a whole host of rationales and excuses for why they do this,” Obama said.

  8. H/T John Pendog

    Congratulations to the Democrats and Young People! You now own it and you can’t blame Bush.

    The next terrorist attack you own it.
    Can’t get a job after graduation, you own it.
    Sky rocketing energy prices due to Obama’s EPA shutting down the energy producing states, you own it.
    A nuclear Iran, you own it.
    Bowing to Russia, you own it.
    Another severe recession, you own it.
    A volatile border with Mexico, you own it.
    Trouble getting good health care, you own it.
    Higher health insurance costs and health care costs, you own it.
    No budget, you own it.
    Our allies mistrust, you own it.
    Another trillion of debt, you own it.
    More Benghazi situations, you own it.
    No one willing to join the military, you own it.
    Trouble getting a loan to buy a home, you own it.
    More dependency on food stamps, you own it.
    Trouble finding good employment, you own it.
    Several part time jobs instead of a good job, you own it.
    A World Government, you own it.
    The UN governing the United States instead of ourselves, you own it.
    A Senate that will not bring any legislation to the table even if it is “Dead on Arrival”, you own it.
    China controlling our world trade trampling all over us, you own it.
    Loss of our freedoms as we have known it in the past, you own it.
    A dictatorship instead of a democracy that follows the Constitution, you own it.
    Less take home pay and higher living costs, you own it.
    Driving a car that looks like a toy, you own it.
    More government corruption and lies, you own it.
    More toleration of extreme and fanatical Islamists, you own it.
    Terrorist attacks called work place incidents, you own it.
    Your revenge instead of love of country, you own it.

    President George Bush is out of it now, and there is not another good man for you to vilify and lie about. In a way I am relieved that another good man will not be blamed when it was impossible to clean up this mess you voted for. Have a good day. God bless the United States! God is our hope now.

  9. http://cnsnews.com/news/article/black-friday-treasury-borrowed-21169-us-household-day-after-thanksgiving

    On Black Friday, Obama borrowed $24.3 BILLION, amounting to $211.69 PER US HOUSEHOLD. Since he was selected, Obama has INCREASED the national debt by approximately $49,432.73 PER HOUSEHOLD. That’s $12,368.00 PER YEAR PER HOUSEHOLD.

    Every household now “owes” on the national debt nearly $100,000!

    How’s that “lord and savior” working out for you obots? Huh, Jamie Foxx?

  10. Who does this make you think of? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/belgium/9703166/Belgian-discovers-his-wife-used-to-be-a-man-after-19-years.html

    “A Belgian is seeking to have his marriage annulled after discovering that his Indonesian wife of 19 years had been born a man. The man, only named as Jan, married Monica, his family’s former au pair in a previous marriage, in 1993 despite legal difficulties raised by the Belgian immigration authorities.

    But it was only in recent weeks that he discovered that his wife had originally been a man and had undergone a sex change.

    “I feel I’ve been assaulted,” he told the Het Nieuwsblad newspaper.

    “I brought her to Belgium. That was not easy. The Belgian courts had serious doubts about the authenticity of her birth and her identity papers, but eventually they accepted it anyway. I thought she was an attractive woman, all woman. She had no male traits.” …

    “A friend told me that he had heard that Monica was actually a sex-changed man. I could not believe it. My son heard similar rumours,” he said.

    “I pushed her against the wall and said: Now I know the truth. Are you a man? She then announced that she was born as a boy and that she had been operated on. She was now a woman, and so she did not need to tell me about her past as a man. My world collapsed. That evening came to blows. The police came.” ”

    I’m a just sayin’!

    • His son?

      • One must wonder if Indonesia in the 50s and 60s was a hotbed of transsexualism (like Thailand today is a hotbed of pederasty and pedophilia). What’s up with these transsexual au pairs? TURDI, after all? Have we stumbled upon one of those weird cultural things, where the “place” for transsexual men was to be au pairs for wealthy children? Was Indonesia the place to go for a quick sex change? Where would an au pair get the money to have that operation? Or did Indonesia specialize in doing it quick and dirty? I’m just askin’. I’ve always thought it was tres curious that SAD would seek out and hire a transsexual to be the “nanny” for Barry. I wonder if this was after she broke up with Lolo? Being a devout Muslim, can’t imagine him approving of Turdi. But then again, if they had a contentious relationship with SAD being rebellious and headstrong (as she’s characterized), maybe she hired Turdi simply to get Lolo’s goat.

  11. During the summer the Seattle School District put posters up on school buildings, middle and high school, telling teen girls where to go if they had a “contraception emergency” which meant if they accidently had sex without using “protection”. There was a list of participating drug stores they could go to and get the “morning after” treatment, a very high dose of hormones to prevent a fetus from attaching to the womb. No Dr. involved and no parents. When I complained about the obvious health risk to young girls being exposed to high doses of hormones, they refused to do anything about it. I mean, these 13 years olds could have 3 or 4 “contraception emergencies” a month or a summer.

    • It appears that was against the law, if there was no doctor or prescription involved. Those under 17 are required to have a prescription for the morning after pill.

      IMHO, and I’m no doctor but common sense and experience inform me, no girl in the throes of puberty should take this pill and certainly no woman should take it regularly. How do I know?

      Veterinarians have used a similar system to prevent pregnancy in dogs that escaped while in heat. Vets would NOT use the method in the same animal more than twice or at the most three times because it was very detrimental to the animal’s health. So common sense would indicate that if vets wouldn’t use emergency contraception on an animal multiple times, surely it’s NOT advisable for young girls to use it regularly (or even once, during puberty).

      When you think about the number of people who go berserk about having their children vaccinated against deadly diseases, or the number of people who live in fear that their kids will get sick from gluten or peanut butter, or the number of people who eat organic meat because they suspect (rightfully so, no doubt) that the HORMONES fed to chickens, pigs, and cattle end up in our bodies and cause multiple illnesses (cancer, premature puberty, autism, ADHD, male infertility, etc.), then one must wonder WHY there is no similar public outcry about the morning after pill from the environmentalist, vegan, or organic-food-adhering left.

      Other than politics and that they hate religion, but particularly Christianity. They like to say that religious people are anti-science, but they refuse to allow any science to be published that conflicts with their ideology and they refuse to recognize scientific facts that conflict with their ideology. Surely there must be evidence that the morning after pill harms young women, especially if used multiple times. Otherwise, how would veterinarians know that such a medication is harmful to dogs? The answer might be that (1) studies were NEVER DONE or (2) when they were done and the results went against what their ideology preferred, the results were suppressed. Some day, probably not long off, the girls who will pay the price for this social experiment WILL be suing someone (probably the taxpayers) for the damage done by these drugs.

      • Some ten or so years ago, my brother, a single father at the time, listed me as the emergency contact with my nephew’s school and after-school babysitter. While bro was out of town, the babysitter called me and asked me to please come pick up my nephew, who was about 10 years old at the time, because it appeared he was covered in chicken pox. (He was.) So, I took off from work right away and picked him up before he had time and oppty to infect the other kids in her care. (I’d been with that employer for years, was an employee in good standing and, with no kids of my own to stay home and care for when sick, I had better attendance than most. So, this was written off as one of those family emergencies that happen sometimes.) Having never had chicken pox myself, nor had my four younger siblings, I had no experience with the virus and didn’t know what care he needed. Also not knowing who his pediatrician was or if he even had a regular doctor (yeah, bro and I should have talked about that beforehand, but…live and learn), I took him to the nearest minor emergency clinic, where I quickly learned that I could not authorize them to provide treatment for a minor who was not my child. All the doctor could do was educate me about the cycle of chicken, advise me to give the child Benadryl and Calamine lotion for the itching, and to check him occasionally for fever, which he shouldn’t have (and didn’t get) at the pox stage of the virus.

        That’s right. A doctor can not legally treat a minor with chicken pox without authorization/permission of the child’s parent or guardian. Even when presented with a ten year old boy bearing the pox “sores” (for lack of a better word) on his face and arms by a blood relative who the child’s father has listed as the child’s emergency contact and who he’s given written permission to the child’s school and his sitter to remove the child from their care and premises, that is the law.

        So, if for no other reason, because that is the law when it comes to minors and medical treatment, doctors should not be permitted to provide treatment to girls under the age of 18. No exceptions should be made for providing birth control, abortion or any other reproductive treatment. That’s just the way I sees it.

        Incidentally, when my brother got back into town, we filled out, signed and had notarized a form, provided by a friend at work, that gave me legal permission to seek medical care for my nephew. It also listed drug allergies, which was a good thing, indeed, because I wasn’t aware that the boy was allergic to penicillin. Had the doc at the minor emergency clinic treated the boy, and had that treatment included a shot of penicillin or a prescription of penicillin, the kid would have ended up hospitalized and very sick, at best. It’s because of things like this – drug allergies and other medical history – that the law requires authorization by parents and legal guardians for doctors to treat children. That doctor and I, had he not followed the law, could have killed that boy.

        • There’s really nothing they can do for chicken pox other than what the doctor told you. It’s a virus and antibiotics wouldn’t have done anything, unless the sores had a secondary bacterial infection. Nowadays, they vaccinate kids against chicken pox, so it’s probably rare today. They might these days give an anti-viral medication, but you’re right. They WON’T treat any child who’s brought in by a non-parent or non-guardian or someone not authorized. (Unless it’s a life-threatening emergency.)

          But the lefties have turned this into a crusade to make exceptions for birth control and abortion for political reasons. These are now “civil rights” that are exempt from parental oversight. You can’t give a girl an aspirin or even a vitamin pill, but you can give her an abortion without her parents’ permission. It’s insane. Think of the potential side effects of abortion or strong hormones on children.

    • Nice to hear from you, again, ethicall. 🙂

  12. It’s baaaaack. Remember this painting? Outrage suppressed it last time, but here it comes again: http://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/top-stories/painting-depicts-obama-as-crucified-christ.html

    “A painting that features President Obama posed as Jesus Christ crucified on is on display at a community college art gallery in Boston.

    The painting by Michael D’Antuono is part of a larger exhibit called “Artists on the Stump – the Road to the White House 2012.” It’s on display at the Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery until Dec. 15th. The painting is called “Truth” – and shows the president with his arms outstretched. A crown of thorns rests on his head. …

    I always regretted cancelling my exhibit in New York because I feel my First Amendment rights should override someone’s hurt feelings,” D’Antuono told Fox News. [so why did he cancel?] “We should celebrate the fact that we live in a country where we are given the freedom to express ourselves.” [looking for him to be on the front lines defending Pam Geller’s right to speak and cartoonists’ right to mock the muslim prophet, not to mention that YouTube video.]

    A spokesperson for the art gallery told Fox News there hasn’t been any criticism of the painting.

    D’Antuono said the public exhibition “has afforded me the ability to right a wrong. [a self-inflicted wrong? He could have had the guts to stand his ground. He admits that HE canceled his first exhibition. Why did he? No guts, no glory.]

    He dismissed critics who called the display blasphemous.

    “The crucifixion of the president was meant metaphorically,” he told Fox News. “My intent was not to compare him to Jesus.” [Right. That’s why it’s called “Truth”. He needs to get acquainted with truth.]

    D’Antuono blamed the controversy on conservative mediatrying to promote the idea that liberals believe the president to literally be our savior.””

    Now who would ever suspect that? Jamie Foxx?

  13. An update. The guy who ate the roaches choked to death. http://tampa.cbslocal.com/2012/11/26/fla-man-choked-to-death-in-roach-eating-contest/

    The don’t tell us whether the roaches regurgitated themselves.

  14. To our secret contact: Thanks for the info. Coincidentally, I’ve been researching and writing a post about that very person. TY.

  15. I’ve warned about this one before and we talked about it again recently. http://www.goldworth.com/newsmax.php

    “The Latest move can be found in the Obama Administration`s, 256 page- FY 2013 Budget Proposal. The revival of his 2008 presidential run, the “Automatic IRA” which has now “Evolved” into two proposals:

    Secure Choice Pension & Government Retirement Accounts (GRA’s), both of which automatically- “Mandate” 5% – 6% contributions into Government Run Pension funds.

    One feature of “GRA`s” is once a participant dies, the uncollected equity belongs to the government. [100% estate tax. NO MONEY GOES TO YOUR HEIRS. IT’S THE GOVERNMENT’S TO REDISTRIBUTE.] It’s no wonder the Retirement age for GRA’s will be 67, and one proposal calls for 69 years of age. They’re “off the hook” as soon as you`re dead. [Stealing 5-6% of your income throughout your working life and then seeing to it that you die via death panels, so they can take your “savings” and spend them.]

    Another change to the retirement account laws, the Tax Benefit. The current Tax Deduction will be replaced with a “Credit”, which is only redeemable after retirement. To be Eligible for the Tax Credit, you will be given the “Option” to place Your Equity into Annuities composed of U.S Treasury Bonds, that will payout an estimated 3% annually.

    Yes, you`ll be Investing/Buying what China No longer wants, U.S. Debt (Treasury-Bonds).

    Will This Socialistic Plot end, when Obama`s Term ends?

    No matter who wins, our government is Neck-Deep in Debt. When faced with the Reality of a Complete government Collapse… a Politician will do, what a Politician, needs to do! The $4.6 Trillion in IRA’s and the $4.3 Trillion in 401(k)s … are all too tempting!”

    They will STEAL IT IF WE LET THEM.

    • With that in mind when I read today’s paper, I wondered whether they’re testing for ALL possibilities or only for the allegation that he was poisoned by radioactive polonium? Something tells me that if the cause of death is AIDS, we won’t be hearing that. Didn’t Hillary and Arafat get along famously?

  16. U mean a rainbow riding bareback rump ranger master????
    Who would have guessed? Really!

    • Debbie calls him a “Fruity Pebble.” So funny! She says he was a gay old guy, and you already know what their religion says about being gay. I.e., he was a hypocrite.

      Anyway, I had heard it before that he was a homo. Just curious.

  17. Clever…as only Beck can be.

    Glenn Beck puts Obama bobblehead in ‘urine’
    ‘I have been working on a masterpiece’
    Nov. 27 Snip

    If you ever used the term “whiz kid” to refer to Glenn Beck, you now have him pegged.

    The media giant is reacting to controversy over a painting of President Obama resembling Jesus Christ on a crucifix by putting a bobblehead doll of President Obama into a container of what appeared to be urine.

    “I like to call this ‘Flobama,’” Beck said with a faux French accent, as he played the role of an artist expressing himself on his television program Tuesday evening.

    He titled his artwork, “Obama in Pee Pee” and put a price tag of $25,000 on it.

    “I have been working on a masterpiece. I have been working on something for quite a while,” Beck clowned. “When I say quite a while, I mean all day, small little doses all day. I drank a lot of water when I did this.”
    The idea, for Beck however, is not to be untoward, but through irony, to highlight the hypocrisy of those who would shout in defiance at defacing the image of a sitting U.S. president, but not that of an image so sacred to Christianity – the world’s largest religion.” Beck also intended his artwork to highlight the hypocrisy of those who complain about demeaning Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.


    • Flobama! That’s good. For your viewing pleasure:

    • The Leftist commies are working overtime… Guess they can’t they take a joke? ROFL at their hypocrisy and how they are such fools.

      Progressives Go Berserk Over Beck’s ‘Obama in Pee Pee,’ Hurl Expletives at Beck

      Critics Go Berserk, Hurl Insults at Beck Over ‘Obama in Pee Pee’: ‘F**kwit,’ ‘Worse Than Feces’ & ‘Enjoy Hell’
      November 28, 2012 Snips

      Many on the left are reeling after radio and television host Glenn Beck exercised his First Amendment rights in the creation of his own Obama-themed piece of art. As TheBlaze reported on Tuesday, Beck submerged an Obama “bobblehead” doll in faux urine.

      The reaction to his “art” has been swift, with left-of-center outlets lambasting the action and with Twitter users hurling slurs at Beck. One individual took to the social media platform to call the host “disgusting and disrespectful” and a “F**kwit.” Another promised to “slap” the commentator if she ever encounters him in person. And yet another dubbed him “WORSE than feces.” Here are some of these responses, as captured by Twitchy:….

      Of course, the Twitter rants didn’t end there. Someone else told Beck, “I hope you enjoy hell as*hole.” Another more sinister message read, “I’d like to put ‘Beck’ in his jar urine with his GOP buddies. Then put an air tight lid on it.” Discussion wasn’t limited only to Twitter.

      New York Magazine took aim at the host and Gawker’s Taylor Berman called Beck a “liar,” writing the following:

      Now that he’s cornered the denim market, noted patriot Glenn Beck has set his sights on an even more lucrative business. As part of a bizarre campaign to prove the importance of the first amendment, Beck filled a jar with what he at first claimed to be urine (he later admitted it was beer) and then placed an Obama toy inside. He has plans to sell the “art,” which Beck titled “Obama in Pee Pee,” on his website for the reasonable price of $25,000.


    • Previously, there was this one, calling him a homophobe. Whatever labels they can use to try to destroy people. They can ridicule, but don’t like it when it comes back at them.

      Glenn Beck Wants to Cloak America’s Men In American Jeans
      Robert Kessler
      Oct 15, 2012

      Great American pot-stirrer patriot Glenn Beck has finally discovered his purpose in life: to make jeans. Like so many great homophobes before him (see also: none), Beck has gone and opened himself a fashion house.

      The Washington Post reports Beck decided to start the line after he swore to boycott Levi’s in response to this ad, which shows sex-crazed, drug-addled young people protesting. Beck’s clothing line is named 1791 Supply & Co., after the year the Bill of Rights was ratified. (Oddly enough, it was the Bill of Rights that gave us freedom of assembly. But I digress.)


  18. More communist websites for the uneducated and vulnerable brought to you by the one and only George Soros. Guess the left needs education on what ideology class warfare represents – and it isn’t American. How many more years will George live as he continues his destruction of the morals and values of the USA? We better get used to it, and start using the same tactics to keep America alive. Ridicule and sarcasm appear to work better than truth. The uneducated can’t recognize truth when all they see and read is propaganda.

    Democrat operatives launch class-warfare website
    ‘More of our elections going forward will feature’ divisive tactic
    Nov. 27, 2012 Snip

    A George Soros-funded radical think tank with close ties to the Democratic Party has launched a new website urging politicians and activists to wage class warfare while hailing what it calls a new era in politics – the use of class warfare to win elections.

    WageClassWar.org was launched last week by the Campaign for America’s Future, or CAF.CAF’s co-director, Robert Borosage, explained the need for such a website.“America’s growing diversity and its increasingly socially liberal attitudes played a big role in this election. But looking back, we are likely to see this as the first of the class warfare elections of our new Gilded Age of extreme inequality,” he wrote in a statement.


    • How they connect..
      Occupy, Soros, Democratic Party

      WND previously reported how CAF has partnered with Occupy.

      CAF is funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute as well as by the Soros-funded Tides Center, which channels funding to hundreds of progressive and far-left groups.

      Tides has been connected to the Occupy movement since its beginning.

      Another grantee of Tides is Adbusters magazine, which is reported to have come up with the Occupy Wall Street idea after “Arab Spring” protests toppled governments in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. The Adbusters website serves as a central hub for Occupy’s planning.

      MoveOn.org, which has joined Occupy, is funded by Tides. CAF’s board of directors includes MoveOn.org President Eli Pariser.

      CAF’s co-founder and director Roger Hickey, who also co-founded the Soros-funded Economic Policy Institute, was reportedly heavily involved in crafting the foundations for President Obama’s health-care law.

      CAF campaigns for universal health care, immigration reform and progressive education initiatives.

      CAF is deeply tied to progressive politicians from the Democratic Party, many of whom routinely are featured at CAF events. Just last year, Nancy Pelosi was the featured speaker at CAF’s “America’s Future Now” conference in Washington, D.C. In 2008, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., was honored at CAF’s annual dinner for her “advocacy in Congress,” noted Discover the Networks.

      • http://blog.heritage.org/2012/11/29/liberal-stealth-groups-paved-obama-win/ SOROS!

        “More than 4 million people who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 did not vote this year. But by applying new voter science, Obama nudged enough replacements in key states — many who were rare or first-time voters — to give him his margin of victory (leveraged even larger by the Electoral College).

        Years of stealthy multimillion-dollar efforts paid off for America’s left in the 2008 and 2012 victories by President Barack Obama. Using new voter science to get rare and first-time voters to go to the polls, the races have changedAmerica’s electorate — those who make the country’s decisions by showing up and voting.

        Aided by $5 million minimum from George Soros, plus millions more from others, at least two secretive institutions were created to enable this effort by focused research on behavioral science. Their results are made available only to liberals and their causes. [Although one MUST wonder how much of the underlying research was publicly funded. If the groups are not-for-profit and allegedly non-partisan, then they need to be looked into.]

        The AI has been quietly stacked with behavioral scientists, mostly PhDs or PhD candidates from Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Yale,Princeton, and Dartmouth (with Notre Dame and University of Chicago thrown in for good measure). They coordinate with market researchers for various commercial products. AI materials brag that the Institute supports “a community of 400 data analysts and related professionals in collaborating and sharing their findings through monthly Analyst Group meetings and retreats.” …”

        More at link. DATA MINERS.

        • “Although not made public, the findings are shared with the other special organization that Issenberg explains was created to apply the research. This is Catalist, headed by longtime Democrat operative Harold Ickes, a former deputy chief of staff in the Bill Clinton White House.

          Catalist’s website describes its mission: “To provide progressive organizations with the data and services needed to better identify, understand, and communicate with the people they need to persuade and mobilize.”

          Their website, http://www.catalist.us, identifies 237 clients, including more than 50 Members of Congress, Planned Parenthood, Rock the Vote, the Democratic Governors Association, AFL-CIO, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, Human Rights Campaign, ACLU, Emily’s List, Sierra Club, Families USA—basically the entire inner circle of the Left.

  19. Is Egypt complicit with the US on this meme of the video? Is that what Hillary got Morsi to do – blame the film as cover for Obama for US aid? What a fake story coming out of Egypt yet. Money talks.

    Egypt sentences 8 to death over prophet film
    Florida-based American pastor among those convicted in absentia
    Nov. 28 Snips

    CAIRO – An Egyptian court convicted in absentia Wednesday seven Egyptian Coptic Christians and a Florida-based American pastor, sentencing them to death on charges linked to an anti-Islam film that had sparked riots in parts of the Muslim world.

    The case was seen as largely symbolic because the defendants, most of whom live in the United States, are all outside Egypt and are thus unlikely to ever face the verdict. The charges were issued in September amid a wave of public outrage in Egypt over the amateur film, which was produced by an Egyptian-American Copt. [a sleaze bag, embezzling felon who is now in prison – political prisoner, Obama’s scapegoat? He also violated his probation.]

    The low-budget “Innocence of Muslims,” parts of which were made available online, portrays the Prophet Muhammad as a fraud, womanizer and buffoon. [Wasn’t he? Wasn’t he also a murderer? Truth hurts.]

    Egypt’s official news agency said the court found the defendants guilty of harming national unity, insulting and publicly attacking Islam, and spreading false information — charges that carry the death sentence.

    The man behind the [totally obscure] film, Mark Basseley Youssef, is among those convicted. He was sentenced in a California court earlier this month to a year in federal prison for probation violations in an unrelated matter…bank fraud.
    Florida-based Terry Jones, another of those sentenced, is the pastor of Dove World Outreach, a church of less than 50 members in Gainesville, Fla., … The connection of the other five sentenced by the court was not immediately clear. They include two who work with Sadek at a radical Coptic group in the U.S. that has called for an independent Coptic state, a priest who hosts TV programs from the U.S., and a lawyer living in Canada who has previously sued the Egyptian state over riots in 2000 that left 21 Christians dead. The other person is a woman who converted to Christianity and is a staunch critic of Islam.

    Some Christians and human rights groups worry that prosecutions for insulting religion, which existed to a degree under the secular-leaning regime of Hosni Mubarak, [Muslim Brotherhood] will now increase with the ascent of Islamists to power. [Ya think?]


    • I wouldn’t be surprised by anything. Read the second to last paragraph of this story from today’s NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/28/us/politics/after-benghazi-meeting-3-republicans-say-concerns-grow-over-rice.html

      On-the-ground accounts indicate that Ms. Rice’s description of the attack, though wrong in some respects, was accurate in others. Witnesses to the assault said it was carried out by members of the Ansar al-Shariah militant group, without any warning or protest, in retaliation for an American-made video mocking the Prophet Muhammad.”

      So their NEW meme, to protect Barry’s similar LIE to the UN, is to say, yes, Rice was wrong about the protest or demonstration, BUT it WAS done because of the video. That’s a complete LIE. A fabrication.

      In fact, there was WARNING because reports were out there in Libya saying that the guards knew in advance that the assault was planned, their families wanted them to stay home from work that day, a Libyan politician had advised them to “stand down,” AND the terrorists had set up ROADBLOCKS HOURS BEFORE THE ACTUAL ASSAULT! The Turkish diplomat had to leave by going through those roadblocks.

      There WAS warning. There was NO protest. But it was NOT done in retaliation for any damned video.

      But history must be changed so that Barry isn’t on record as lying at the UN.

  20. Will Karzi allow his brother to be sent to prison? Was any of the money siphoned off from his brother to President Karzi?

    Nearly $900M Kabul Bank [Afghanistan] fraud reportedly included smuggling money out on airline food trays
    November 27, 2012 Snips

    KABUL, Afghanistan – Hundreds of millions of dollars from Kabul Bank were spirited out of Afghanistan — some smuggled in airline food trays — to bank accounts in more than two dozen countries, according to an independent review released on Wednesday about massive fraud that led to the collapse of the nation’s largest financial institution. The report, which was financed by international donors, offers new details about how the men at Kabul Bank and their friends and relatives got rich off $861 million in fraudulent loans in what the International Monetary Fund has called a Ponzi scheme that used customer deposits and operated under nascent banking oversight in the war-torn country.
    President Hamid Karzai announced in April 2011 that Kabul Bank would be put into receivership. Earlier this month, a trial began for more than 20 people indicted in the debacle, which has become a symbol of the country’s deep-rooted corruption and cronyism.
    The report said $861 million, or 92 percent of Kabul Bank’s loan book, went to 19 individuals and companies. Among them are key bank shareholders, including Sherkhan Farnood, the former bank chairman and a world-class poker player, former chief executive officer Khalilullah Ferozi, and the brothers of Karzai and first Vice President Mohammad Qasim Fahim. Other bank funds — an estimated $66 million — were spent on lavish expenses, cars, rent, bonuses, salary advances and salaries for employees that did not exist.


  21. D.C. Suburb Spending $100K on ‘Application Assistance’ for Illegals Seeking Obama’s ‘Deferred Action’
    November 27, 2012 Snips

    Officials in Montgomery County, Maryland, an affluent suburb of Washington, D.C., voted to approve $100,000 of public money to help illegal aliens sign up for President Barack Obama’s administrative amnesty program for certain young illegal immigrants. [The voters didn’t decide, the officials did! Do the taxpayers agree or was it done in secret? The Montgomery County Council adopted the resolution on Nov. 13 – but was the public informed? Did they want their tax money used for this?]

    The $100,000 was allocated from Montgomery County’s Department of Health and Human Services.

    The Montgomery County plan was unearthed by watchdog website Judicial Watch, which discovered that the money will go to a pro-illegal immigration group Casa de Maryland, which operates centers for illegal day laborers. [This group came up before in our research on someone. Sotomayor?]

    The wealthy D.C. suburb is well known for its sanctuary policy towards illegal immigrants,…


    Comment: Dixie Suzan Davis [Great thought Dixie, if we only had laws that were followed. We remember the days… She has some excellent comments.]
    Bringing in and harboring certain aliens
    8 U.S.C. § 1324 : US Code – Section 1324

    It is a violation of law for any person to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection in any place, including any building or means of transportation, any alien who is in the United States in violation of law. HARBORING MEANS ANY CONDUCT THAT TENDS TO SUBSTANTIALLY FACILITATE AN ALIEN TO REMAIN IN THE U.S. ILLEGALLY. …...

    • Dixie: There is no Presidential Barack Obama administrative amnesty in existence. There does exist an unConstitutional act, a felony criminal act done by Obama decree claiming authority to shield by decree known illegal aliens from the Federal criminal statutes requiring deportation. The illegal aliens must buy Presidential protection from Federal criminal law by paying $465/head. Those who do not buy protection are deported. This is extortion, not amnesty.

  22. B… not able to connect….

  23. Where is the 24/7 Coverage? Or would truth still hurt Obama’s image?

    Please help hurricane Sandy victims in Staten Island
    Nov 28, 2012 | Kevin “Coach” Collins SNips

    Hurricane Sandy victims in Staten Island are suffering far more than is being reported. Won’t you please help?

    We need help feeding our neighbors whose lives have been destroyed. We need your prayers as well. The Red Cross and FEMA are doing very good work, but even they are falling behind.

    I am a volunteer at a relief center set up by and for ordinary Staten Islanders with no government help. We are retired New York City Police Officers and Firemen. We serve 800 to 1000 meals a day from our own pockets and the generosity of other ordinary people.

    I know you are not hearing and/or seeing much about Staten Island in the media, but the devastation is much worse than any single entity can fix without help.

    We don’t need clothes. The region and the nation have opened their hearts and closets to provide enough warm clothes for now.

    We need food and or money for food. To help feed victims who have nothing, no home or belongings – really nothing because they ran out of their homes in knee deep water into the night during a raging storm.

    Information to contribute –

  24. What’s a Conservative to Do?
    28 November 2012 Snip

    Things are getting worse and we have to do something.
    But what, how and when?
    David Solway asked at PJ Media Is America Broken? He concluded that she is.
    The America we have taken for granted and insouciantly abused is no longer. The two-term Obama presidency, with its roots in the seditious neo-Marxist doctrines of Antonio Gramsci, Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky, signals what resembles the end of the great republican experiment. The American dream seems to have become just that — a dream — or what amounts to the same thing, the American nightmare. What its enemies could not do, a demoralized America has accomplished for itself.
    “And a man’s foes,” we read in Matthew 10:36, “shall be they of his own household.”

    The only issue that remains is whether recovery and restitution, something akin to a reborning, is still possible.


  25. More trouble ahead? This is the king to whom Obama bowed.

    Op-Ed: Saudi King Abdullah, the great reformist?
    By Katerina Nikolas
    Nov 27, 2012 Snip

    Saudi King Abdullah is rumoured to be clinically dead. If the rumours are true then the death of a great reformist will bring sycophantic tributes from weapon-selling oil-guzzling nations. But by whose standards is the Guardian of the Kingdom a reformist?


    • Saudi King reported ‘clinically dead’
      November 27, 2012

      RIYADH – Saudi King, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, has been in a state of ‘clinical death’ for the past two days, reported Albawaba News quoting Arabic newspaper Asharq Alawsat on Monday.A report by the paper claimed that medical staff in Saudi Arabia have confirmed that the King’s basic organs are no longer working. According to the source, ‘The fate of the king will be determined within three to four days.’ The news seemingly contradicts reports from the Saudi Royal Court, which publicly announced that the eleven hour operation had been a success. According to state news agency, SPA, the monarch, believed to be in his late 80s, was in hospital for surgery to tighten a ligament in his back.
      Saudi stability is of global concern. The key US ally holds more than a fifth of world petroleum reserves and is the birthplace of Islam, where millions of Muslims flock to perform the annual Haj.
      Abdullah – who took power in 2005- named his brother Prince Salman, 13 years his junior, heir apparent in June.


    • Well, he is either dead or alive – it all depends on what media to believe. Could the broadcast on TV be from his previous surgery last Oct.? Who were the medical staff in Saudi Arabia that confirmed the King’s basic organs were no longer working so he was clinically dead?

      Saudi king appears for first time since November 17 surgery
      Reuters – 9:49 a.m. CST, November 28, 2012 Snips

      JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) – Saudi King Abdullah has appeared on state television on Wednesday for the first time since his 11-hour operation to tighten a back ligament on November 17, helping assuage fears over his health. In footage broadcast on state television, the monarch, who is in his late 80s, appeared to be in good health as he sat in a chair receiving members of the royal family and officials at the National Guard’s King Abdulaziz Medical City in the capital Riyadh.

      “It should put to rest all the rumors that were circulated by unknown people,” Jamal Khashoggi, an influential Saudi commentator said after footage of the king appeared on television.


  26. This president without doubt is the smallest and most petty man on earth. Therefore, my guess as to why he really invited Romney to the WH: To humiliate him and lord it over him because he “won” and Romney lost. Believe me, it’s his victory lap in Romney’s face. IOW: Revenge.

  27. Exclusive: UN Conspires to Expel Prominent Jewish Group from Palestine Vote
    by Joel B Pollak

    Today, for the first time, the United Nations will name Palestine a (non-member) “observer state” by first engaging in exactly the charge that they press against Israel: apartheid.

    For kick-off day and the vote at the General Assembly, which is supposed to be all about mutual respect and coexistence, “Palestine” has teamed up with the “UN Division for Palestinian Rights” and UN officials to pack the Assembly hall with Palestine supporters while denying access to a prominent Jewish organization.


  28. Congressman: Obama’s Tax Increases Fund Government for Eight Days!
    Nov. 28 Snip

    President Barack Obama has proposed raising taxes on the rich to put America’s fiscal house in order, but critics say federal spending is so massive that the wealthy don’t have enough money to cover the nation’s unprecedented debt.

    “The president’s plan to increase taxes on the upper two percent covers the spending by this federal government not for eight years, not for eight months, not for eight weeks but for eight days. Eight days only,” said Mr. Tom Price [R-GA]. “It’s not a real solution. So, again, I’m puzzled by an administration that seems to be more interested in raising tax rates than in gaining economic vitality.” [You are puzzled? You don’t get it yet? They don’t want to fix the economy Rep. Price – they want to destroy it!]
    Indeed, even Mr. Buffett seems to concede that he and the president’s “soak the rich” proposals are more an act of political theater designed to generate an emotional response than serious solutions: Mr. Buffett told Matt Lauer he believes his proposal would boost the “morale of the middle class. [Boost the morale – what a crock! Solutions are what is needed and the economy to turn around so there are more jobs! Another band-aid for the illiterate Obama swooning nincompoops. After the money is taken from the rich – what happens after 8 days when there is no more to get? How will the morale be boosted then?]


    • I heard that this tax increase on “the wealthy” has the potential to destroy 700,000 jobs. When they did this in France, companies and the wealthy moved elsewhere, like to Belgium.

  29. Johnson applies what the radical Communist Democrats are doing and blames it on corporations rather than the ideology of the Democrats. Restrict Free Speech – silence everyone! Spoken like a comrade.

    [DemoncRAT] Rep. Hank Johnson: Amend Constitution to Restrict Freedom of Speech
    Nov 29 2012 | Eric Scheiner

    Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) says, “corporations control the patterns of thinking” in the United States and that the Bill of Rights to the Constitution should be amended so that the government is given the power to restrict freedom of speech. “We need a constitutional amendment to allow the legislature to control the so-called free speech rights of corporations,” said Johnson. “These corporations, along with the people they support, other millionaires who they’re putting into office, are stealing your government. They’re stealing the government and the U.S. Supreme Court was a big enabler with the Citizens United case,” Johnson said at the Annesbrooks HOA candidate Forum in Georgia in October. [Who is stealing the government Comrade?]

    “They [corporations] control the patterns of thinking,” said Johnson. “They control the media. They control the messages that you get. So, you are being taught to hate your government–don’t want government, but keep your hands off of my Medicare by the way. I mean, we are all confused people and we’re poking fingers at each other saying, well you’re black, you’re Hispanic, immigration, homosexuals. You know, we’re lost on the social issues, abortion, contraception.[Who is this guy? The DemoncRATS are the ones doing what he is saying, not corporations.]

    “And these folks,” Johnson said, “are setting up a scenario where they’re privatizing every aspect of our lives as we know it. So, wake up! Wake up! Let’s look at what’s happening. We need a constitutional amendment to allow the legislature to control the so-called free speech rights of corporations.”

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission is that corporations have a right to freedom of speech, including the right to speak about politicians and federal officeholders during an election year.


    • Henry C. “Hank” Johnson Jr.

      is the U.S. Representative for Georgia‘s 4th congressional district, serving since 2007. He is a member of the Democratic Party. The district is based in DeKalb County, a largely suburban county east of Atlanta

      he is also the first Buddhist to serve in the United States Congress.

      In 2009, Johnson demanded censure of Rep. Joe Wilson following Wilson’s “you lie” exclamation during President Obama’s speech, delivered to a joint session of the 111th United States Congress on September 9, 2009, concerning his plan for health care reform; Congressman Johnson argued that the comment had an unseen racial undertone and that, if Wilson was not formally rebuked, “we will have people with white hoods running through the countryside again”.

      The Congressional Progressive [Communist/Socialist] Caucus (CPC) is the largest membership organization within the Democratic Caucus in the United States Congress with 76 declared members. They work to advance progressive liberal issues and positions.

      Georgia – Hank Johnson (GA-4, Lithonia) John Lewis (GA-5, Atlanta)


    • Look what he uses as an example. “Keep your hands off my Medicare.” Well, that’s because people PAID FOR MEDICARE in advance, in the form of payroll taxes. They EARNED it. The government isn’t “giving” anything to people, but if they take away the benefits that people EARNED and PAID PREMIUMS FOR, then they’re STEALING from people. The government MANDATED that people pay in, so it’s only fair that they give the benefits back to those who paid for them.

      Good luck getting a Constitutional amendment, Rep. Johnson. Good luck with that. Actually, I’m surprised he’s not simply proposing an end run around the Constitution, like Barry does.

  30. John Boehner, Please Retire
    November 29, 2012 By Floyd and Mary Beth Brown Snip

    Don’t be deceived by anything you hear on the nightly news; the sad and simple truth is that John Boehner and House Republicans already had – and still have – the power to stop the implementation of Obamacare. They had that power from the very day that Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives back in January of 2011, and they have that power at this very moment.

    Mr. Boehner simply needs to hold a simple up-or-down vote in the GOP-controlled House of Representatives to deny Obamacare funding, and Barack Obama and Harry Reid can’t do anything to stop it. It really is that simple.

    The problem is not that Republicans can’t stop the implementation of Obamacare. The problem is that the so-called GOP Leadership won’t stop Obamacare, and that’s why we need a change in leadership.
    What we need is a true leader at the helm who is not afraid to call Barack Obama’s bluff and negotiate from a position of strength, and that man is not John Boehner.


  31. It’s back on the Dems “To Do” List. Could Gitmo detainees be coming to your backyard? Remember the prison in Illinois near the nuke plant where they wanted to send these terrorists? Sen. Feinstein commissioned a report on housing options in U.S. to move 166 detainees to the US from Gitmo.

    Closing Gitmo

    “The report demonstrates that if the political will [radical left’s and Obama’s will] exists we could finally close Guatanamo without imperiling our national security. [Really, as if the sleeper cells in the US won’t want to get them released, and will use their ingenuity to do so – like they did in Benghazi!]

    The GAO report makes clear that numerous prisons exist inside the United States…capable of holding the 166 detainees in Guantanamo in an environment that meets the security requirements.” [How much was spent on Gitmo to make sure that it met legal and other needed requirements? How many prisons are set up for jihadists? Then will they have civil rights too, so they can complain about the food, or not having prayer time in prison? How will the US prisoners take to the jihadists – they might do the job that the army didn’t do – eliminate them. Meanwhile, we could expect mayhem where these guys are in the U.S. ]

    Sen Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)


  32. Senate panel approves bill requiring police to get a warrant to read emails
    November 29, 2012

    A key Senate panel approved legislation Thursday that would require police to obtain a search warrant from a judge before they can read a private citizen’s emails, Facebook messages or other electronic communications.The revised Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee will now move on to the full Senate for a vote. Passage would be a victory for privacy advocates, who say current privacy rules have been left in the dust by technological progress.
    The revised law will make it more difficult for the government to access the content of a consumer’s emails and private files from Google, Yahoo and other Internet providers.
    An amendment from Senators John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah), which was passed by voice vote, will modify the provision to allow a delay of notice for up to 90 days for governmental agencies that are not law enforcement.[What government agency will be allowed to view emails?]


    • Ok. I guess I’m dense. What the heck does “delay of notice for up to 90 days for governmental agencies that are not law enforcement” mean, exactly? Does this mean some agency like the FCC or IRS can peruse your mail for 3 months before they have to advise you that they’re reading it? (With a warrant, I assume.)

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