Drip, Drip, Drip Benghazi-Gate (Open Thread)





33 responses to “Drip, Drip, Drip Benghazi-Gate (Open Thread)

  1. General Petraeus has stated he will voluntarily testify on Friday.

    • I thought I heard that on Fox radio news, but I wasn’t sure. Good. And I hope that Congress gets the report he wrote after his trip to Libya and that it’s AS HE WROTE IT and not re-edited to suit Barry. We, of course, won’t likely hear what he says, will we? That’s irksome. The congressional investigators and representatives are all in a huff about not being kept apprised or being told lies, but they themselves plan to hide this from us, at least in these closed hearings. Why aren’t We the People, WHO EMPLOY ALL OF THEM, allowed to KNOW what’s going on? And I don’t mean with this stupid drummed-up “sex scandal”. My local paper devoted 2 1/2 full news PAGES to that “sex scandal” today. In total, I doubt that they’ve had even 1 full page of coverage of Benghazi-gate since September 11. Today, Barry’s having a press conference, where likely this manufactured sex scandal will be the focus of questions and NOT WHY THEY LEFT FOUR AMERICANS TO DIE IN BENGHAZI.

      I love that cartoon, btw! Surely that didn’t run in any lamestream newspaper.

      • I laughed so hard…must be my first real guffaw since the election!

        Even on FOX they said no other news is being reported except for the sex scandal.

        You’ve seen they are sending out test ballooms how people react to giving John Kerry the Secretary of Defense position (Panetta’s) and Susan Rice the Secretary of State job when Hillary leaves! Yeah, John Kerry, the Swift Boated presidential candidate who lied about what the troops did in Viet Nam. It was shameful and I still remember it. Unfortunately Eric Holder is staying. More losers in the cabinet.

  2. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/11/14/us-palestinians-israel-hamas-idUSBRE8AD0WP20121114

    “Israel killed the military commander of the Islamist group Hamas in a missile strike on the Gaza Strip on Wednesday and launched air raids across the enclave, pushing the two sides to the brink of a new war.

    The attacks marked the biggest escalation between Israel and Gaza militants since a 2008-2009 conflict and came despite signs on Tuesday that neighboring Egypt had managed to broker a truce in the enclave after a five day surge of violence.

    Hamas said Ahmed Al-Jaabari, who ran the organization’s armed wing, Izz el-Deen Al-Qassam, died along with an unnamed associate when their car was blown apart by an Israeli missile. ”

    Barry will stand with the Muslims.

    • Rush Limbaugh made some reference to her two foreclosed-on houses. He was ridiculing her for calling 911 to ask for police protection. She said she was an “honorary consul” so she should have diplomatic protection because she’s “inviolable.” (Doesn’t look like it to me, but that’s another story.)

    • “Jill Kelley, the woman who complained to her FBI friend about threatening emails she received from General Petraeus’s mistress Paul Broadwell thus initiating the federal probe, has been running an obvious scam charity out of her home since 2007.

      How do we know it’s s scam? The “charity” raised $157,000 in 2007. Here’s where that money went:

      $43,317 for “Meals and Entertainment”
      $38,610 for “Travel”
      $25,013 for legal fees
      $8,822 for “Automotive Expenses”
      $12,807 for office expenses and supplies, and
      $7,854 on utilities and telephones

      When more half the money raised by a charity goes to meals, entertainment, and travel – while none goes to cancer research – some kind of fraud is being perpetrated on the donors.”

      Is she friends with Barry’s brother Malik? https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/09/19/meet-malik-obamas-oldest-brother/

  3. Of South Korea? I thought I read that somewhere.

  4. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/11/13/Exclusive-Sheriff-Joe-to-Obama-Let-s-Meet-Man-to-Man-to-Discuss-Immigration

    This is classic Sheriff Joe! He wants Barry to invite him to the WH to discuss why amnesty is a no go. He promises not to ask for Barry’s birth certificate. He also promises to run again in 2016. Age is NOT an issue!

  5. Good for Allen West. He will NOT concede: http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/267419-west-refuses-to-concede-as-opponent-arrives-in-dc-for-orientation-events

    “Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) is refusing to concede to Democrat Patrick Murphy, but that hasn’t kept Murphy from Washington.

    Murphy arrived in the Capitol on Monday to attend orientation events with his fellow incoming lawmakers, even as the result of his race awaits final certification. [LIKE AL FRANKEN. ACT AS IF YOU REALLY WON INSTEAD OF STEALING THE ELECTION. ALLEN WEST SHOULD HAVE GONE TO DC, TOO.]

    With only a handful of military and overseas ballots outstanding, Democrats believe little will change after Friday, when the final ballots are due.

    Following a partial recount, both West’s and Murphy’s vote totals were revised downward, but Murphy has 50.3 percent of the vote — a 1,907-ballot lead that puts him ahead by nearly 0.6 percentage points, just outside the 0.5 percentage point threshold that would force a recount, according to Florida election law.”

    Convenient. Just outside the level needed for a recount. More:

    ““West for Congress will pursue every legal means necessary to ensure a fair election, not only to ensure Gertrude Walker is held accountable, but also ultimately replaced, so the citizens of St. Lucie County will be ensured fair and accurate elections,” he said in the statement.

    After the results are officially certified Friday, West will have 10 days to contest the outcome of the race in court, but Eric Johnson, a senior adviser to Murphy’s campaign, isn’t concerned about the court allowing him a recount.

    “That is highly, highly unlikely to be successful, because if it were successful, every candidate in Florida would ask for that recount,” he said.

    Michele Hickford, spokeswoman for West’s campaign, said they are reviewing all legal options at this time.

    However, Michael McDonald, associate professor of government and politics at George Mason University, said that there might be grounds for a full recount because the total number of votes cast had shifted so much after the partial recount.

    “I think that a court would at least want to look and figure out why these election results are so different now,” he said.”

    You would THINK SO, but the courts ought to similarly be very interested in why B. Hussein Obama won’t produce proof of eligibility, and yet they’re apparently not concerned.

  6. What we noticed on and off for 4 years – Now the media notices. Will his ears be next?

    Obamahair: Gray vanishes after election
    ‘He is using Grecian Formula for the economy, too. Watch it go dark’
    Nov. 14

    When Barack Obama campaigns on “change,” does he mean his hair color?
    The answer may not be certain, but for all those wondering how to win the battle against a graying head of hair, perhaps winning a presidential election is the answer. Photos of Obama before and after Election Day show a marked difference in the tint on his noggin.

    Obama’s freshly darkened hair is already being spoofed online, with comments such as:

    “He is using Grecian Formula for the economy, too. Watch it go dark.”

    “If he left it gray, he would look to much like Frank Marshall Davis.”

    “The ‘gray’ reminded me of all the bottles of White-Out needed to cover-up his Kenyan tracks.”

    “Black, gray, same old Red to me.


    • Oh, I noticed that too, yesterday. So freaking obvious. Do they think this is the only way he fools the people? It’s symbolic, to be sure.

  7. Obama Attempts to Intimidate Opposition Attorney in RICO Case to Be Heard Friday in MS
    Pamela Barnett – November 15 Snips

    Obama Attempts to Intimidate Opposition Attorney in RICO Case to Be Heard Friday in MS

    Barack Obama’s attorneys attempted to intimidate an attorney in a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) case regarding Obama’s forged Hawaii birth certificate and forged Selective Service Registration (Draft Card), and Obama’s use of a social security number never assigned to him according to federal database (E-Verify). See here and here. The next hearing on this case is Friday, Nov. 16, 1 p.m., at the federal court house at 245 W. Capitol St. in Jackson, MS, and is open to the public.

    Scott Tepper, Esq, attorney for Obama, sent an email threat to sanction Orly Taitz, Esq., plaintiff representing herself in the federal RICO case, because she filed an affidavit that shows that the “Obama birth certificate” that Tepper filed with the court was further altered from the original forgery at whitehouse.gov.

    This case was filed in the Southern District of Mississippi the Honorable Henry Wingate, a Ronald Regean appointee, now presiding.

    From pleading filed by Taitz –

    Tepper e-mailed Taitz and other plaintiffs a proposed settlement offer, where he wanted Taitz not to make any “defamatory remarks” about defendants and their attorneys and pay $25,000 attorneys’ fees to Attorney Begley or otherwise defendants will go after Plaintiffs seeking a much higher amount.


  8. Obama: “Outrageous” McCain And Graham Are Targeting Susan Rice Over Benghazi, They Should “Come After Me”… “She Had Nothing To Do With It”…

    Nice try, they are going after her because she went on several Sunday talk shows and lied to the American public by telling them the attack was the result of the Mohammed film when the administration was fully aware there were NO protests and that it was a planned terrorist attack by al-Qaeda.

    Update: Lindsey Graham responds. Lindsey Graham statement:

    “Mr. President, don’t think for one minute I don’t hold you ultimately responsible for Benghazi.”


    • This is Obama admitting that Susan Rice went on the Sunday talk shows at the request of the White House. She was following orders.

      Krauthammer Nails Obama To The Wall: “Why the Hell” Did You Have Rice Address Benghazi If She “Had Nothing To Do With It?”…
      November 14, 2012 8:44 pm Snip – VIDEO

      CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, you called it his one show of passion. I would say it was his usual show of indignation which is his default response whenever he feels defensive or backed into a corner. You know, “How dare you attack my UN ambassador?” And he gives the strangest defense by saying, “She didn’t have anything to do with the Benghazi affair.” Well then why the hell are you sending her out there? Why don’t you send, why didn’t you send out the Secretary of State or the CIA director or Panetta or somebody who did know?


      • Exactly. The text of what she said proves that she outright lied or else that she was INSTRUCTED TO LIE by Obama, who admitted that he sent her out to lie. HE KNEW the truth, even if she didn’t. This is the price one pays when, supposedly the representative of the USA at the corrupt UN, a woman allows herself to be used as a political toady for the administration and, worse, as a person using her ambassadorial clout to CAMPAIGN for the president. In addition, typical of DemoncRATS, Barry is now playing the very offensive sex card. Can Susan Rice, a so-called very professional and intellectual and capable woman, NOT DEFEND HERSELF for her own actions? She needs a “man” like Barry to take offense and act as if he needs to defend her “honor” as if this is still the 18th century? What next? Will he challenge McCain or Graham to a duel? That, I’d like to see.

        • OMG. I just now got around to watching what Krauthammer said. He said it a lot better than I did! Patronizing Sir Lancelot act! Good one. That guy really is a genius (unless he consulted women before speaking). He gets it. He really does. He can understand how women might react to that ridiculous display by Barry yesterday. It does women no good to have a “man” like Barry defending them as if they’re second-class citizens who need special help to succeed in their careers. How many of us have not had to work with insufferable sexist males like that? With that attitude?

  9. Israel Taunts Hamas On Twitter With Picture Of Their Assassinated Military Leader Ahmed Jabari…

    H/T WZ

  10. This presser is what has aggravated dear leader. In no uncertain terms they said they don’t trust the Obama administration to do its own investigation. They want to bring together one joint committee so they get all of the information under one umbrella.

    VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Republican Senators McCain, Graham and Ayotte Hold News Conference on Benghazi Investigation
    Nov. 14

    Republican senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte held a news conference on Capitol Hill today to discuss the status of the investigation into the Sept. 11 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, and the upcoming hearings on the matter. The trio called for the creation of a joint committee to investigate the attack, similar to panels that investigated 9/11, Iran-Contra, and Watergate.


  11. Imagine this, bigotry against Mormons in the press corpse.

    “Questions permeated hushed conversations and private e-mail chains: Does Romney really believe he will get his own planet when he dies? Does he baptize dead Jews in his temples?

    And as one prominent journalist at Newsweek quietly asked a colleague in the run-up to the Republican primaries, “Would he actually wear that Mormon underwear in the White House?” … Reporters in his traveling press corps often wondered why, even as the general election kicked into full gear, Romney insisted on dropping off the campaign trail on Sundays, opting to spend the day with family in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire or La Jolla, California. Some speculated that it was a symptom of his distaste for campaigning, but one aide told me his motives were mostly religious. Even when he was obligated to travel, he made efforts to find a Mormon Sacrament meeting nearby. He also abided by the other Sabbath-related bylaws, abstaining from dining out and and shopping on Sundays.

    “He actually follows all those rules,” the aide told me. “It’s hard to explain to [press] that, no, he’s not going to eat out on Sunday, or anything else.””

  12. Almost a thousand ballots “found” in Florida’s Broward County: http://www.wsvn.com/news/articles/politics/21009052826783/almost-1k-ballots-found-in-broward-elections-warehouse/

    “LAUDERHILL, Fla. (WSVN) — Nearly a thousand ballots that were not included in Florida’s final count have been found in a warehouse in Broward County.

    Tuesday morning and into the night, there was a buzz of activity at the Voting Equipment Center in Lauderhill, a week after the general election.”

    So what effect might this have on Allen West’s race?

  13. Hamas started it and hopefully Israel will end it. Israel is surrounded by enemies.

    Israel: IAF hits 70 Gaza targets after rockets trigger TA sirens
    11/15/2012 snips

    Israel strikes 320 targets in the Strip since launching Operation Pillar of Defense with assassination of Hamas military chief; 16 Palestinians killed; Gazans fire over 300 rockets into South, killing 3.

    Palestinians have fired over 300 rockets from Gaza into the South since the IDF launched its operation. Two rockets triggered an air raid siren in Tel Aviv, marking the first time that a real siren was sounded in Tel Aviv since the Gulf War in the early 1990s. According to Bethlehem-based Ma’an news agency, 16 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the operation. At least two children, including an 11-month-old baby were among the casualties.

    The IDF shifted infantry brigades and tank columns to the Gaza border, and announced the call-up of 30,000 reservists, as it made preparations for a possible ground incursion into the Gaza Strip. “The aim of the attacks is to disrupt the ability of the terrorist organizations to fire rockets,” the IDF said. “Terrorist cells involved in firing rockets have also been hit.”
    Wednesday’s violence came after a four-day rocket barrage which began Saturday appeared to have come to an end on Tuesday evening. The hostilities saw over 100 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel and Israeli retaliatory strikes which killed six Palestinians.


  14. “Little Old Lady Goes Birther On CNN Hitman Reporter Gary Tuchman”

    Published on Nov 16, 2012 by BirtherReportDotCom


      At YouTube:

      “On April 26, 2011, CNN had two totally fraudulent reports that were so blatantly deceptive and false as to leave no doubt they were intentionally covering up Obama’s document fraud.”

      Uploaded by TheDrRJP on Oct 21, 2011

    • Gee, are they going to do a similar story on the areas where Romney got NO VOTES? Let’s look at the make up of those who have “such distate” about Romney, too!

      Obviously, Tuchmann the obot’s point is to counter the suspicions of vote fraud in PA, where incredibly Romney got NO VOTES in 59 DENSELY POPULATED districts.

      What is the population of King Co, TX? “As of the 2010 census, its population was 286.[1] Its county seat is Guthrie.[2] King County has the third smallest population of any county in the United States, ranking behind only Loving County, Texas, and Kalawao County, Hawaii.” (Hey! I wonder how many votes Romney got in Kalawao? Either no results reported yet or nobody among the 90 residents voted: http://townhall.com/election/2012/president/hi/kalawao/summary )

      According to Wikipedia. So Barry got 5 votes there in King Co., TX., if you accept Tuchmann’s figures. That’s 1.7% of the votes, if everybody COULD vote. But surely not all 286 are registered voters! If you figure maybe half the residents are kids, then that makes the 5 votes the equivalent of 3.5% of the votes for Barry, even in conservative King Co., TX.

      YET IN 59 PHILADELPHIA DISTRICTS, ROMNEY GOT 0% OF THE VOTE. 0% of 19,605 votes. That’s impossible.

  15. Jack Cashill:

    “Obama’s Jonestowns”

    “Worse than fraud is the process that turned nearly 20,000 black Philadelphians — and millions of inner-city dwellers throughout the country — into automatons. Hope does not produce this kind of regimentation. Fear does. In looking at these numbers, in fact, one can begin to see how, 34 years ago this Sunday, in the jungles of Guyana, Jim Jones was able to persuade 918 of his followers, most of them poor and black, to drink their lethal Kool-Aid. Fear can do that.

    Like so many Democrats, Obama among them, Jones worked to aggravate race relations in America, not improve them. To that end, Jones had his people write hateful, racist letters and attribute them to lesser white people. Obama likewise worked to intensify the fears of black America, as he famously did at Hampton University in June 2007, when he reminded his listeners that the Republican administration did “not care about” them or consider them “part of the American family.”

    “They’re going to put y’all back in chains,” Joe Biden told a group of African American supporters in August.
    Silly us — we thought it was a gaffe!”


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