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Thursday, 8 November 2012

 “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning.”.

~Sir Winston Churchill  speaking  on   November  9, 1942

The latest formal criminal complaint naming OBAMA in TREASON was filed this morning at 1131 hours local (11: 31 a.m. EST).  The TREASON complaint is copied below for your convenience.

Thursday, 8 November 2012
70th Anniversary OPERATION TORCH – World War II Northwest Africa – Casablanca

From: Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III United States Navy Retired

To:       Robert Swan Mueller, III, Director – Federal Bureau of     Investigation, Washington D.C. (ORIGINAL)

The Foreman of the two sitting Federal Grand Juries sitting in Knoxville, Tennessee via William C. Killian, U.S. Attorney for Tennessee’s Easter District


1. OBAMA represents a clear and present danger to U.S. national security, to the U.S. Constitution and to our Republican form of government. OBAMA IS A FOREIGN BORN DOMESTIC ENEMY! OBAMA is working assiduously to destroy America! No document record exists showing Barack Hussein OBAMA to be a United States citizen.

2. OBAMA paid money and aided and abetted Al-Qaeda members and groups that attacked Americans on U.S. territory in Benghazi, Libya on 11 and 12 September 2012. Al-Qaeda is the jihadist terrorist organization that attacked the United States on 11 September 2001.

3. Pro-jihadist and Islamist OBAMA personally denied frantic cries for help from Americans in mortal danger throughout a 7-hour attack by approximately 150 heavily armed known jihadists. OBAMA watched four Americans die in real time. OBAMA is allowing our enemies to slaughter our servicemen piecemeal at the same time ordering our troops to disarm.

4. OBAMA lies to the American people about his TREASON with every opportunity. OBAMA is lying to the American people about the 11-12 September attack in Benghazi, Libya in a cover story intended to protect OBAMA from facing a criminal prosecution and conviction.

5. OBAMA is personally responsible for the 6 August 2011 shoot-down of an Army CH-47D Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan. 17 Navy SEALS died. All 5 men of the Chinook crew died. 3 Air Force special tactics airmen died. 5 men of a Navy support force died. OBAMA and his gang of outlaws lie to the America people about that

6.  In commission OBAMA is engaged in purchasing and supplying guns, heavy weapons, high-powered munitions and explosives to foreign aggressors—AMERICA’S ENEMIES—around the globe. OBAMA has and continues to ship weapons from Libya to Syria through Turkey. Some weapons may be being directly shipped to Syria. Christopher Stevens was OBAMA’s point man of this operation when Stevens was murdered in Benghazi during the attack of 11-12 September 2012. In this TREASON OBAMA is arming America’s enemies: Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood connected to Syrian rebels.

7. As an Act of TREASON OBAMA provides safe-haven and sanctuary to those bent on the destruction of the United States, its people, and its form of government. OBAMA encourages, facilitates and arms our enemies to carry out a WAR on the United States from enemy bases set up in the homeland and around the globe. OBAMA aids and abets these known enemy forces to establish and strike from strongholds OBAMA allows established on American soil.

8. OBAMA refuses to pledge his allegiance to the United States.  OBAMA conspires with leaders of countries, groups and organizations bent upon the destruction of America. By so doing OBAMA engages in TREASON against the United States in every aspect of TREASON.

9. As an Act of TREASON OBAMA  broke into and occupies the White House by force of contrivance, concealment, conceit, dissembling and deceit. OBAMA is an undocumented illegal alien and spy. Posing as an imposter president and commander-in-chief OBAMA strips civilian command and control over the military establishment. Known military criminal actors—command racketeers such as Martin Dempsey—are free in the exercise of an extra-military government intent upon the destruction of our Republican, constitutional form of governance. There are dozens of senior military commanders no more obedient to the United States Constitution than is OBAMA.

10. OBAMA  is joined in his TREASON by a raft of civilian criminal assistants too numerous to name in this submission. I leave it to the Grand Jury, in the conduct of an independent, autonomous, and unfettered investigation, to assign specificity and particularity to the list of OBAMA’S co-conspiring outlaws.

11. OBAMA is  a FOREIGN BORN DOMESTIC ENEMY, an infiltrator, a traitor and a spy. OBAMA installed and operates a government that rivals and competes with our U.S. Constitution. OBAMA operates government not found in our United States Constitution. If not arrested OBAMA will continue to commit TREASON. OBAMA is emboldened now and more dangerous to this country’s survival as a constitutional Republic than any other threat the United States faces in the world.

12.  We come now to this reckoning: I accuse Barack Hussein OBAMA of TREASON. I accuse OBAMA’S military-political criminal assistants of TREASON. Their criminal mischief is recognized as TREASON in pure form. I expose and identify OBAMA and his criminal associates as TRAITORS (Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, Susan Rice, David Petraeus and Martin Dempsey, but a few).

13.  It needs be said out loud and relentlessly: OBAMA is aiding and abetting America’s enemies. OBAMA is lying to the American people in every regard going to OBAMA’S TREASONOUNS escapades. OBAMA IS A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

14. This submission renews and extends all previous filings naming OBAMA in commission of TREASON dating from 17 March 2009. The list of ACTS of OBAMA’S TREASON found in this formal criminal complaint is not exhaustive. Far from it.

15.  My sworn duty is to stand against everything OBAMA stands for. The  FOREIGN BORN DOMESTIC ENEMY OBAMA IS NOT MY PRESIDENT! HE IS NOT MY COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF!

     “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Obedient to my oath to the United States Constitution in submission of this criminal complaint for TREASON I remain stead fast and,



Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
United States Navy Retired

 Distribution wide

Sworn and issued before me

Ashlei D. Lawson this 8 day of November 2012
at 1003 hours local (10: o3 a.m. EST)
My commission expires: 23 April 2013



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  1. Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Show

    There were rumors that he was having an affair when KT McFarland was there 18 months ago. That was the time Petraeus was being considered as CIA Director. At that time, the FBI would do then do a background check and Petraeus would be given a polygraph test. The FBI would have already known about his affair at that time BEFORE his taking the job with the CIA.


    • That makes sense. How would he have passed a background check? It seems they have their timeline a little too pat. I read that they claim he started the affair in August 2011 and was made CIA director in Sept. 2011, the very next month. So as with the complicit biographers who have an answer for every question raised, I guess they’re going to tell us the background check was complete before the affair began.

    • That’s something else! She says that whenever someone like Petraeus is to testify, he must submit what he plans to say to the WH. Either they didn’t like what he planned to say and they pulled the plug on him, so he wouldn’t testify, by using this affair they’d kept like an ace up their sleeve, or he wouldn’t change his testimony to fit what they wanted him to say, so he left. (My words, her gist.) She says he is going to testify and he’ll tell the truth. We’ll see. First of all, if they’ll let him testify and not claim executive privilege. We’ll see.

  2. Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Show – I Don’t Believe in Coincidences re Petraeus

    The curious timing of CIA Director Petraeus’ resignation.


    • Judge Jeanine Pirro, I love this woman! She’s a straight shooter and tells it like it is.

      First off Paula was granted unprecedented access to General David Petraeus, she had too be vetted by the FBI and cleared in order too have this kind off access to Petraeus. And now they expect us too believe she is some crazed woman sending intimidating, no threatening e-mail’s too some other woman Petraeus “may” be involved with? uh huh, sure.

      Paula Broadwell has also had assignments with the U.S. intelligence community, U.S. Special Operations Command and an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. She has had and probably still holds clearances at the highest level of government. And were expected too believe she willing too risk this along with one of America’s most acclaimed leaders General David Petraeus for an affair? uh huh, sure. Not even to mention the damage to their family’s.

      This “affair” is nothing but smoke and mirrors. An excuse to step down and discredit so that Petraeus does not have to give any more testimony than the CIA will allow him to, and now his testimony and actions can also be challenged.

      Benghazigate, Fast and Furious, will we ever know the truth? NO, of course we wont. Were only fooling ourselves if we think we will ever get “truths” from this administration.

      • Good points, Leza. None of it makes sense. Just like EVERYTHING ELSE associated with Obama. His biography makes no sense. Nothing he says makes sense. No timelines concerning ANYTHING make sense.

        • It makes perfect sense! These “people” meaning Petraeus, Broadwell, and Kelley all work for who? The CIA aka Barry. Who doe’s the CIA/FBI cover for at all costs?

          The Daily Beast reported last night (Sunday the 11th)

          Jill Kelley: Five Facts About the Petraeus Affair’s Mystery Woman

          by Nina Strochlic Nov 11, 2012 7:08 PM EST

          Snip ~

          She Works as a Liaison to a Mysterious Counterterrorism Unit
          Kelley is the State Department’s liaison to the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), one of the most mysterious components of the U.S. military. Based in Fort Bragg, N.C., the 30-year-old JSOC officially works to study and conduct “special operations requirements and techniques,
          ensure interoperability and equipment standardization, plan and conduct special operations exercises and training, and develop joint special operations tactics.” But it’s widely known that the JSOC conducts top-secret counterterrorism missions, and encompasses such elite units as the Navy SEALs. The JSOC was integral in helping the CIA and Pentagon in the investigation on the attack of the Benghazi compound, which means Kelley and Petraeus likely crossed paths in their work.


          Now look at Paula Broadwell’s profile –

          Institute For Defense And Business
          Ms. Paula Broadwell

          A distinguished graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point, Paula has lived, worked, or traveled in over 60 countries during more than fifteen years of military service and work in geopolitical analysis and counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations. During that time, she had assignments with the U.S. intelligence community, U.S. Special Operations Command and an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. After graduating with honors from West Point and serving on active duty, Paula earned degrees from the University of Denver, Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and studied at the University of Amman in Jordan. While attending Harvard, she also served as the Deputy Director of the Tufts University Fletcher School’s Jebsen Center for Counter-Terrorism. Paula is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London and a research associate at Harvard University’s Center for Public Leadership. She is also an instructor at the U.S. Academy for her Army reserve duty, teaching “emerging security issues” courses on failing states, state building, development, and international law, inter alia.

          Click to access Broadwell%202012.08%20BOD%20Bio.pdf

          • Falling on the sword for the messiah? This is so ridiculous. They do think we’re stupid.

            This story says: “Jill Kelley, 37, of Tampa, Florida, is an unpaid social liaison officer to military headquarters in the city and has a longstanding friendship with Petraeus, who quit as CIA director in disgrace last week.”

            Another story said she AND HER TWIN SISTER are family friends of the Petraeuses. Who works as an “unpaid social liaison OFFICER“? With her three kids, 6, 7, and 9, she doesn’t have enough to do? Her sister’s name is Natalie Khawam. Arab name. Kelley’s maiden name or name of the sister’s husband? They’ve been friends of the Petraeus family for “over five years”. Allegedly Jill “she has no official status and is not employed by the U.S. government. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to discuss the case publicly, said Kelley is known to drop the ‘honorary’ part and refer to herself as an ambassador.”

            Get this: “Kelley and her twin sister Natalie appeared in a 2003 Food Network competition that pitted two sets of twins against each other in the kitchen.”

            Celebutants. Can we have a serious government, please? Does it even make sense to have people like this working in or with the CIA? Did this woman pass a background check? Are they honeypots, too?

            “Those close to Broadwell are casting doubt over what she has been accused of.” Not only does it sound out of character for Petraeus, it apparently is out of character for Broadwell. Of course, anything’s possible. “David Bixler, a wounded soldier who met Broadwell through a charity in 2010, told ABC: ‘I have some serious questions about who is connecting these dots… Paula Broadwell is not the type… she isn’t.'”

            If this is true, one wonders why a woman with two little children would do this? IF this is NOT true and if she had such large ambitions about her own career in government, why isn’t she speaking out? Her career is toast now, isn’t it?

            Is this all a plan to throw Petraeus under the bus for those “talking points” that “misled” the administration to falsely claim that the video was the cause of Benghazi? Whatever the truth: I totally sympathize with his wife, even if she’s involved in sending emails (just speculation). Your husband is a star and he’s surrounded by all these gorgeous career women who are prone to hero worship. He’s maybe feeling age creeping on, especially with his prostate issues. Like many 60ish women, she’s losing her slim good looks.

          • Natalie Khawam, and Jill (Khawam) Kelley are Lebanese

            Christmas Mideast Style Memories Of Lebanon Flavor The Holiday For The Khawam Family. Now They’re Sharing Their Recipes And Their Heritage.
            December 18, 1988 (notice the year 88)
            By Gerald Etter, Inquirer Food Writer

            When Marcelle Khawam recalls her childhood Christmases in the small seaport of Jounieh, in northern Lebanon, she sees gentle visions.

            Snip ~

            The family came here in the mid-1970s. John Khawam is a musician and was considered one of the leading organists in Lebanon. Marcelle was an accomplished cook who spent a good deal of her time entertaining people involved in the arts and politics.

            They have four children – Caroline, David (who was born shortly after midnight on Christmas Day 17 years ago), and twins Natalie and Jill, 13. The family resides in Northeast Philadelphia and operates a small Middle Eastern restaurant, Sahara, at 114 White Horse Rd.in Voorhees.


          • Natalie Khawam, General Counsel and Director of Government
            U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

            Natalie’s extensive background in health care includes: analyzing Medicare & Medicaid fraud cases for The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in conjunction with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and the Department of Justice (DOJ)

            Natalie K. Khawam

            Natalie Khawam joined Trenam Kemker in March 2010. Prior to joining Trenam, she was with the law firm of Cohen, Foster & Romine, P.A. Natalie practices in the area of Health Care Law with a strong emphasis on Qui Tam matters (False Claims Act).

            Natalie received her law degree from Georgetown University Law Center and 2 graduate degrees including a M.S. in Healthcare Finance and an M.B.A. in Health Care Administration from Temple University. She received a B.A. degree from Beaver College in Pennsylvania.
            Having worked at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Natalie possesses an insider’s view of the health care industry, and brings a unique perspective and understanding of Medicare reimbursement. Natalie’s extensive background in health care includes: analyzing Medicare & Medicaid fraud cases for The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in conjunction with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and the Department of Justice (DOJ); drafting and proposing federal laws and regulations for CMS at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services in Washington, DC; hospital administration at Holy Cross Hospital, Washington, DC; clinical research at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; and federal policy and legislative work for a national healthcare trade association, Medicaid Health Plans of America in Washington, DC.


          • 2010 State of the Attorney Disciplinary System Report

            For misconduct in two client the DRB for District IV and David John Khawam matters.


            Document 28 :: HOLESAPPLE et al v. E-MORTGAGE MANAGEMENT, LLC

            PA 19103 Attorneys for plaintiffs DAVID J. KHAWAM


          • Three women intertwine in downfall of David Petraeus

            Rick Rothacker Reuters

            11:32 p.m. EST, November 12, 2012

            Snip ~

            A source close to the family said that Kelley is now being advised on how to respond to the Petraeus uproar by one of Washington’s most prominent trial lawyers, Abbe Lowell, a family friend who has represented high-profile criminal defendants like former U.S. Senator John Edwards and disgraced Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Lowell did not respond to requests for comment.

            Kelley has also enlisted the help of Judy Smith, a well-known crisis PR manager who is the model for the ultra-effective fixer and spin doctor Olivia Pope in the ABC Thursday night TV drama “Scandal.”

            Kelley could not be reached for comment. She was spotted driving away from her Tampa home on Monday in a car with “Honorary Consul” on the license plate. She is considered an unofficial ambassador at the MacDill base, promoting community relations with foreign liaison officers, said a source familiar with the situation.

            Kelley is the daughter of Marcelle and John Khawam, now of Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, but with roots in the Northeast section of Philadelphia, said her brother, David Khawam, a lawyer who practices in Westmont, New Jersey. The Lebanese-born parents owned three restaurants, all called Sahara, when their children were growing up.

            Kelley’s vocation has been to be an “honorary ambassador” to the military, her brother said. “She has always wanted to take a certain role, in giving back to the community,” he said.

            He said it’s not surprising she would go to the FBI after receiving threatening emails from an unknown source, considering her connections to the military and the fact that she has a wealthy husband and young children.

            “I believe my sister probably reported this because of fear that somebody may be serious in any kind of threats they may be making towards her,” he said.


            The Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI agent who started the investigation was a friend of Kelley’s. He was later barred from taking part in the case over concerns that he had become personally involved. Officials found that he had sent shirtless pictures to Kelley, the Journal reported.

            The agent’s identity has not been disclosed.

            Kelley, 37, also has an identical twin sister, Natalie Khawam, with whom she appears with Holly and David Petraeus and her husband in a 2010 photo published in newspapers on Monday.

            Court records show Kelley played a role in a bitter child custody trial that preceded the divorce case between Khawam, and Khawam’s then-husband, Grayson Wolfe of Washington, who once worked for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq.

            In a scathing decision in November, 2011 against Khawam that granted sole primary and legal custody of their then 3-year-old son to Wolfe, District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Neal Kravitz refused to believe Kelley’s claims that Wolfe had tried to push her sister down a flight of steps in Kelley’s Tampa home.

            “The court does not credit this testimony,” Kravitz wrote, calling Kelley “a patently biased and unbelievable witness.”

            Neither Wolfe nor Khawam could be reached for comment.



            Akkadian Private Ventures


            Grayson P. Wolfe

            Grayson Wolfe is a Partner at Akkadian. He previously served as Director of Broader Middle East Initiatives and Iraqi Reconstruction and Special Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer at the Export-Import Bank of the United States. He was appointed to the bank by President Bush in June 2002. Between January and August 2004, Wolfe served as Manager of the Private Sector Development Office of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, Iraq. In this capacity he was directly responsible for implementing a wide range of initiatives to attract foreign direct investment and provide financing to Iraqi companies. During this time, Wolfe worked extensively on the ground with senior Iraqi and Kurdish officials, and with the Ministries of Finance, Trade and Oil.

            From 2001 to 2002 Wolfe worked as an attorney for the law firm of Fleischman and Walsh, LLP, where he represented clients engaged in Homeland Security, Telecommunications and Intellectual Property matters. He served as a member of a seven-person team that worked with the North American Railroads and Chlorine Chemical Industries to develop a National Homeland Security Risk Analysis and Management Plan. This plan was adopted by the Class I Freight Railroad CEOs on Dec 6, 2001. Wolfe served as Legislative Director and Counsel for members of Congress from 1999-2002. He has also served in numerous positions in presidential, federal and state political campaigns. Before this, he worked for Citicorp in Poland focusing on emerging markets and franchise development opportunities in Central and Eastern European countries.


            This about Akkadian Private Ventures is also quit interesting..

            Akkadian Energy

            Akkadian Energy Company Ltd. is the energy projects operating subsidiary of Akkadian Private Ventures. Cumulative total investment requirements in energy over the next quarter-century (2005-2030) are estimated by the International Energy Agency to reach $20.2 trillion. Power investments will account for 56% of that total. Regionally, Asia and the Middle East will account for $8.6 trillion (42% of global investments) .

            Akkadian Energy is currently serving as the end-to-end developer for the first phase of a 450MW Power Project in Pakistan. In the past, Akkadian’s principals led efforts as US Government Presidential appointees to: (i) provide a $25 million insurance policy from the US Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) to the El Paso Energy Corporation for a hydroelectric power plant in Panama, (ii) provide over $300 million of OPIC support for projects in the power and infrastructure sectors and (iii) settle long standing commercial disputes involving the $2.9 billion Dabhol power project in India and the $2 billion Izmir and Gebze power projects in Turkey. Akkadian principals were also involved in the establishment of U.S. government environmentally-friendly energy financing programs.


            • This gets weirder and weirder. So Kelley is an unbelievable witness. A tool of the administration? A honey pot? What is going on?

          • Miri, Grayson P. Wolfe is Natalie Khawam’s ex-husband. Did you catch this on his Akkadian Private Ventures profile I posted? VERY possible a huge connection here. Think in terms of “arms supply” rebels.

            Wolfe worked extensively on the ground with senior Iraqi and Kurdish officials, and with the Ministries of Finance, Trade and Oil.

  3. New details in Petraeus scandal: Woman who received threatening emails revealed
    November 11, 2012 Snip

    A second name emerged Sunday in the FBI investigation into CIA Director David Petraeus’ email correspondence that exposed an extramarital affair with a female biographer, then his resignation last week. Sources tell Fox News the women is 37-year-old Jill Kelley, a close friend of the Petraeus family. Kelley alerted the FBI about the emails that appeared to be an attempt to blackmail Petraeus, which started the investigation, said the sources, who are close friends of the Petraeuses.

    In addition, the threatening emails might not have come from biographer Paula Broadwell, as widely reported.

    Kelley, a Tampa, Fla. resident who is married with three children, and sister Natalie are close friends of the Petraeus’ and spent holidays together. And she was not having an affair with the retired, four-star Army general, sources close to the family tell Fox News.

    Neither the State Department nor the military’s Joint Special Operations Command could confirm Kelley worked for either, contrary to other published reports.

    The relationship [with Paula] was an open secret with those who knew the Petraeus’, sources also tell Fox News.


    • AP broke a story today that is totally misleading according to Jennifer Griffin. She wants to know who fed the story to the AP? Who was the official? It apparently says someone was a liaison which is a lie. A search on liaison brought up this story. Full of lies.

      Official identifies 2nd woman in Petraeus affair
      | Associated Press – 1 hr 20 mins ago

      WASHINGTON (AP) — A senior U.S. military official says the author who had an affair with David Petraeus sent harassing emails to a woman who was a “social liaison” to military bases in Tampa, Fla. The official says 37-year-old Jill Kelley in Tampa, Fla., received the emails from Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell that triggered an FBI investigation. The official was not authorized to discuss the case publicly and spoke on the condition of anonymity.


      • Let’s see if we get this right. Emails sent saying “stay away from my guy” and they are from Petraeus’ PERSONAL email account. Now who would have easy access to that PERSONAL account? Who is the real woman scorned? If the friends knew, then his wife suspected it. After all, she knows him and his “ways” after 37 years. Her intuition would have picked it up. A national security breach – really. A breach of a wife is more likely. So the wife got it wrong as to who the woman was, that is my thought. I am sure the media will get to the bottom of this whereas they refuse to do any real investigative work on Obama. In two days, they have outdone themselves over an affair. Priorities.

        So the media frenzy will continue about the affair until THURSDAY and the hearings begin again. What will the Obama administration use to draw a distraction away from the hearings on Benghazi? Stay tuned.

        Espionage à Trois
        UPDATED: Woman who reportedly received Petraeus biographer’s threatening emails revealed
        By Monique Hamm 7:00 PM 11/10/2012

        The emails Kelley received from Broadwell reportedly included threatening messages like “I know what you did,” “back off” and “stay away from my guy.”[Wow, those are sure scary! She should see the ones we get for writing a blog.]
        A source has told reporters that the emails from Broadwell may have been sent from Petraeus’ personal Gmail account, potentially suggesting a significant national security breach.


        Will the book sales go up now because they were written by Broadwell about Petraeus? Will she go on book tours? Should they rename the book from “All In” to “Sex Under the Desk”?

        • I guess the reviewers weren’t too keen on her book when it came out in January, 2012.

          Writing on the (comment) wall? Amazon reviewers weigh in on Petraeus biography
          11:35 PM 11/11/2012 Snip

          Early reviewers called the book “thinly veiled hero worshiping,” while another wrote that “Paula is obviously a fan and didn’t have any objectivity in the book.”

          “More than a little over the top for hero-worship of Petrarus [sic],” another wrote in February.

          But after the affair came to light on Nov. 9, more reviews poured into Amazon — some from people who had likely never opened the book. [Civility unchecked.]

        • You’re spot on, Bridgette. This serves many purposes for Barry: Diminish one of the great American military heroes of this generation; DISTRACT the media from covering Benghazigate with a sideshow about sex; warn the CIA and anybody else who pays attention: this could be you if you have skeletons in your closet.

          I agree: Those are supposed to be “threats”? They should read comments we get.

          That story about Kelley is being repeated all over. Oh, wow! Now the story’s out on Fox News (RADIO) about Broadwell’s speech at her alma mater where she may have given classified info to the public.

          This is really getting ridiculous: Would Petraeus use a Gmail account, a personal account, to discuss ANY “national security” info? I’ve already read that her book sales are soaring. What do people think she would have put in that biography? This almost sounds like a fable Bill Clinton would have invented for Barry’s use. Another ghost writer?

          Today’s paper had Peter King saying that the FBI is implying that they only learned about Petraeus’s affair on election day. That’s not possible, given that Eric Cantor KNEW weeks before as did that reporter Kessler. They’re going to have to come up with another story, but this perfectly fits Barry’s M.O.: Confuse the issue so much, with so many competing stories, that in the end nobody can discern the truth and will throw up their hands in defeat.

        • This gets more complicated. Did Broadwell know about that secret prison at the annex via Petraeus or perhaps could it be through her reporter friends who planned to go to her birthday party? Is there a reason why they would have wanted to trash Broadwell as the “Fatal Attraction” type villain? This refers to what FOX News reported on Oct. 26 and in her speech, Broadwell specifically cited Jennifer Griffin’s stories about Benghazi: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/11/12/petraeus-mistress-may-have-revealed-classified-information-at-denver-speech/?intcmp=trending

          “In the original Oct. 26 Fox News report, sources at the annex said that the CIA’s Global Response Staff had handed over three Libyan militia members to the Libyan authorities who came to rescue the 30 Americans in the early hours of Sept. 12. [So Broadwell might have known this from the FOX News story. Being in the loop, somewhat, she might have picked up on that aspect of the story without having heard it from Petraeus. I sort of remember reading this but blew right past the implications–maybe the militia didn’t help and maybe they instead attacked to take Stevens hostage to exchange him for those guys in the annex. Why did they give them up the next day, TO the Libyans?]

          A well-placed Washington source confirms to Fox News that there were Libyan militiamen being held at the CIA annex in Benghazi and that their presence was being looked at as a possible motive for the staged attack on the consulate and annex that night.

          According to multiple intelligence sources who have served in Benghazi, there were more than just Libyan militia members who were held and interrogated by CIA contractors at the CIA annex in the days prior to the attack. Other prisoners from additional countries in Africa and the Middle East were brought to this location. [EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION? The VERY THING for which the leftists excoriated GWB?!! “Torture by proxy?”]

          The Libya annex was the largest CIA station in North Africa, and two weeks prior to the attack, the CIA was preparing to shut it down. Most prisoners, according to British and American intelligence sources, had been moved two weeks earlier.

          The CIA categorically denied these allegations in response to a query by reporter Eli Lake: “The CIA has not had detention authority since January 2009, when Executive Order 13491 was issued. Any suggestion that the agency is still in the detention business is uninformed and baseless.””

          And the rule is: If they vehemently deny something, it’s TRUE. The more vehemently they deny it, the more you can be assure that it’s true. So much that they’re hiding: Arming Al Qaeda AND extraordinary rendition. Amazing. Would he have been reelected by LEFTISTS had they KNOWN about this?

          • Consider this: “Broadwell’s affair with Petraeus was likely known to Holly Petraeus, according to family friends. The FBI reportedly knew about it months beforehand and White House Counterterrorism adviser John Brennan reportedly was aware that there was a relationship as early as the summer of 2011. [Uh, that would be when he was given that background check before going to CIA? So if Brennan knew then, why did they allow Petraeus to lead the CIA? If it was NOT a security threat then, why is it now? They banked the info, Chicago thug style, to be used as needed.]

            Broadwell, whose affair with Petraeus reportedly ended earlier this year, continued to serve as an informal spokesman for the CIA director.”

            Now that last part really seems implausible. If she ended it, why would she continue as an “informal spokesman” for him, ESPECIALLY IF HE WAS STILL HARASSINGLY PURSUING HER? If he ended it, either because his wife or Brennan knew, then why would he keep her around?

            • They end with this: “Congressional leaders say privately they believe they were lied to by Petraeus when he testified shortly after the attack. Some of these members already considered charging Petraeus with perjury, but said they planned to withhold judgment until he testified this week. After resigning as CIA director, the CIA said Acting Director Mike Morrell would testify in his place.

              All of this raises the question: What was the CIA really doing in Benghazi in addition to searching for Qaddafi’s stash of more than 22,000 shoulder-held missiles that could bring down commercial airplanes, and who in the White House knew exactly what the CIA was up to?”

    • New Details in Patraeus Scandal: Woman Who Received Threatening Emails Revealed

      Did you guys just hear Jennifer Griffin on FOX? FIRST- AP reported the command is in Tampa when in fact, it is at Ft. Bragg…AND Jill Kelley does NOT work for the Dept of State nor CentCom- she does not have a job that means she needs to stay in touch with Petraeus- they are family friends of Holly and David Petraeus.

      And- it now seems it may NOT have been Paula Broadwell who wrote those threatening emails…so now the question is- WHO DID? And why in the HELL didn’t the FBI notify ANYONE that the DCIA was under investigation and that someone was trying to blackmail him?

      NONE of this makes…sense.

      21 posted on Sunday, November 11, 2012 6:23:44 PM by SE Mom


  4. I hope these aren’t right wing extremists who were tagged as supremacists.

    Feds swoop down on white supremacist gang in Texas
    November 11, 2012 Snips

    Nearly three dozen alleged members of the white supremacist group Aryan Brotherhood of Texas have been charged in a 43-page federal indictment that includes crimes that could result in the death penalty, the Associated Press reports. A federal grand jury returned three weeks ago the 17-count indictment, which was unsealed Friday.

    According to Reuters, the 34 suspected white supremacist gang members, 14 of whom were arrested in a massive raid on Friday, face charges including murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, assault and conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and cocaine. The arrests include four of the gang’s “generals.”

    The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas was founded in the 1980s as a white-only gang inside the Texas prison system, according to Reuters. [That is 30 years ago.]


  5. Hillary is supposed to appear at a hearing on November 25. She is traveling now so is unavailable for any of the hearings this week.

    The administration is scrambling trying to get their stories straight!

  6. FOX – The Pentagon has released their own Timeline. It shows CIA unaware of Benghazi attack for nearly an hour. How many timelines do we now have? All agencies playing CYA.

    Pentagon releases Benghazi timeline: took 19 hours to respond
    November 10 Snip
    … the timeline showed that it took 19 hours for military assistance to arrive

    New Pentagon details show that the first U.S. military unit arrived in Libya more than 15 hours after the attack on the consulate in Benghazi was over, and four Americans, including the ambassador, were dead.

    A Defense Department timeline obtained by The Associated Press underscores how far the military response lagged behind the Sept. 11 attack, due largely to the long distances the commando teams had to travel to get to Libya.

    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and his top military adviser were notified of the attack about 50 minutes after it began and were about to head into a previously scheduled meeting with President Barack Obama. The meeting quickly turned into a discussion of potential responses to the unfolding situation in Benghazi, where militants had surrounded the consulate and set it on fire. The first wave of the attack at the consulate lasted less than two hours. …

    But there have been persistent questions about whether the Pentagon should have moved more rapidly to get troops into Libya or had units closer to the area as the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America approached. In particular, there was at least a 19-hour gap between the time when Panetta first ordered military units to prepare to deploy – between midnight and 2 a.m. local time in Tripoli – and the time a Marine anti-terrorism team landed in Tripoli, which as just before 9 p.m.

    Why so long? The Pentagon claims that the situation was “murky,” that they didn’t understand whether a hostage situation might develop, and also claimed not to have been aware of any specific threats….


  7. CONFIRMED: US Was Holding Prisoners at Benghazi Annex (Video)
    November 12, 2012, 11:24 AM

    Jennifer Griffin at FOX News today confirmed that the US was holding prisoners at the Benghazi annex near the consulate compound. US agents
    handed three prisoners over to Libyan authorities on their way out of the city on September 12.
    The prisoners may have been held in the compound for several days.

    Paula Broadwell leaked information on the US annex prisoners in a speech she gave at Denver University in October.

    Barack Obama reportedly ended the CIA secret prisons his first year in office.
    Guess not?

    The CIA denied the claims that the US was holding Libyan militants at the annex.


  8. BREAKING: Paula Broadwell Set Up Several Dummy Email Accounts to Harass Jill Kelley (Video)
    November 12, 2012

    The FOX News Justive Department producer confirmed this morning that Jill Kelley received several emails from dummy email accounts set up by Paula Broadwell.


  9. BREAKING – Catherine Herriage. Classified Documents FOUND on Broadwell’s Computer. AG Holder knew about the FBI investigation in the summer and sat on the information. [Did Holder order the investigation?] Failure to notify the appropriate individuals on Capital Hill will be investigated.

    Did we know that her computer was impounded or did the FBI get access to her email account? Did they get a search warrant? They would have to hack into Petraeus’s personal emails.

    This is beginning to look like spooks vs spooks.

    UPDATE: Classified documents were not from Petraeus. Threatening emails equate to cyber security and that is why the FBI got involved.

    • Yep. Spy vs. Spy! In the summer was when they talked about Romney possibly tapping Petraeus for VP. I still wonder if it was oppo research, which is why they sat on it.

    • So he keeps his mouth shut? http://gma.yahoo.com/petraeus-affair-military-prosecute-adulterers-103804132.html

      “Retired Gen. David Petraeus, who resigned as CIA director last week after admitting an extramarital relationship, could possibly face military prosecution for adultery if officials turn up any evidence to counter his apparent claims that the affair began after he left the military. like

      The affair between Petraeus and his biographer, Paula Broadwell, both of whom are married, began several months after his retirement from the Army in August 2011 and ended four months ago, retired U.S. Army Col. Steve Boylan, a former Petraeus spokesman, told ABC News. … The timeline of the relationship, according to Patraeus, would mean that he was carrying on the affair for the majority of his tenure at the CIA, where he began as director Sept. 6, 2011. If he carried on the affair while serving in the Army, however, Patraeus could face charges, according to Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which reprimands conduct “of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces.”

      Whether the military would pursue such action, whatever evidence it accumulates, is unclear.”

      One can only imagine what sort of retirement package somebody like Petraeus has.

      • The Five – it is suggested that Patraeus did not have a polygraph before taking the position with the CIA. Also, the final investigation and interview with Paula Broadwell was the Friday before the election. Someone just said Paula went on to Harvard.

        Lots of subplots. No crimes committed, Paula is irrelevant in the investigation of Benghazi.

      • This has no earth shaking information but is for showing in the few sentences, how all is attributed to anonymous people, friends, military official, and associates who aren’t at liberty to speak. Look at the redundancy in this article. The AP stories can’t be believed.

        How will the media keep this affair/sex circus going so it doesn’t have to report or focus on Benghazi and what led to the death of 4 Americans. Will they ever report on who told them to stand down and not save those pleading for help? Will they find that arms sales to Al Qaida was approved by Obama and is treasonous? Will they see the sale of arms to Al Qaida suggestive of what occurred in Fast and Furious?

        Petraeus shocked at girlfriend’s emails to friend
        By Anne Flaherty, Kimberly Dozier, Adam Goldman – Associated Press
        11/12/2012, 2:55pm ET

        WASHINGTON (AP) – Ex-CIA director David Petraeus has told friends he was shocked to find that his biographer and girlfriend, Paula Broadwell, was suspected of sending anonymous, threatening emails to a Petraeus friend she saw as a romantic rival.

        A close Petraeus associate said Monday that FBI investigators told Petraeus that Broadwell sent anonymous emails to Jill Kelley, a Petraeus family friend from his time at Central Command in Tampa, [there is no Command post in Tampa] warning her to stay away from him. The Petraeus associate spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss confidential conversations with Petraeus.

        Petraeus was not shown the emails, but was told the tone and content seemed threatening to Kelley, prompting her to report them, the close Petraeus associate said.
        The affair began in 2011, two months after he became CIA director, a friend and former top aide said Monday. The case has sparked an uproar in Congress over FBI investigative tactics and complaints by lawmakers they weren’t told soon enough about the probe rocking the intelligence and law enforcement establishment.

        Members of Congress said they want to know more details about the FBI investigation that revealed the extramarital affair between Petraeus and Broadwell. They questioned when the retired general popped up in the FBI inquiry, whether national security was compromised and why they weren’t told sooner.

        The military official who identified Kelley spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to publicly discuss the investigation. He said Kelley had received harassing emails from Broadwell, which led the FBI to examine her email account and eventually discover her relationship with Petraeus. It was not clear what led Broadwell to send the emails to Kelley.

        The FBI contacted Petraeus and other intelligence officials, and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper asked Petraeus to resign.

        The affair with Broadwell started about two months after Petraeus took the CIA post, Boylan said. Petraeus became CIA director in September 2011.


        • I agree. It’s all a planned distraction from the substance of the Benghazi hearings. It’s even on those tabloid shows now. Is Feinstein getting involved because she actually CARES about this country and the lies or is it to run interference and to spin for Barry?

          • hmmm. she opened her house to barky the night he threatened Hillary Clinton and forced her to “suspend her campaign” 36 hours later.

            Thursday, June 5th. 2008 – June 7th, 2008

        • There’s video here where a former CIA guy says that the WH is absolutely LYING about not knowing about this affair before election day. He says no way would Clapper NOT tell Barry. He says this is “politically engineered” from the WH. The FBI would not be reading the email of the head of the CIA without Clapper and the WH knowing about it.

          Again it seems as if Panetta changes his tune. See here. Whereas he originally said they didn’t do more to help in Benghazi because you never send in troops without knowing the full situation, now he says (like Barry claims) that they did everything possible. But that’s not true. This story also disputes how Panetta claims there was no AC-130 gunship there:

          Multiple reports had an AC-130 gun ship (which Panetta denies) and two U.S. drones in the vicinity of Benghazi: Panetta does not deny the drones. In fact, the drones were beaming real time footage of the Benghazi attack into the situation room at the White House where Panetta and the President could see it.

          The drones are problematic for Panetta and others who claim any ignorance of what was happening. And the AC-130 gun ship, or any other air backup that could have been sent to Benghazi quickly, completely undercuts the claim that the DOD did everything that could have been done.

          Ask yourself this question: What would former Navy SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty say if they were alive to be asked whether our DOD did everything it could do?

          Both men spent the last minutes of their lives painting targets for military strikes with Ground Laser Designators (GLDs) because they believed backup was coming. Yet DOD never sent it. Sean Hannity has spoken to people who’ve heard the audio tapes of Woods and Doherty literally begging for backup–literally begging for their lives–and Hannity claims those who’ve heard the tapes say “they’re pretty damning.”

          Perhaps Panetta could release those tapes, or talk Obama into releasing them? Then we’d have a much better feel for what the DOD did and didn’t do.”

          Horrible. Just horrible. But the media will keep the public looking at a sex scandal that just might be “politically engineered”. The story that Bridgette linked (the one with all the anonymous sources) mentions that supposedly this email account where the salacious emails were found was an account set up under assumed names and instead of Petraeus and Broadwell emailing from it or to it, they would each create drafts that they never sent but each would log into the account to read the messages. That way, allegedly, they evaded the risk of the emails being read when they were transmitted.

          Now this answer is also too pat. It’s like those “yeah, that’s the ticket”, all-too-familiar, David-Maraniss-like explanations for discrepancies that make no sense in the Obama biography.

          We of course all said: How could the director of the freaking CIA be so lax and not know (what? Do they admit it now?) that they READ EVERYBODY’S EMAIL?!!!!

          So now they conveniently “explain” it away with this far-fetched tale of two people, using assumed names and identities, sharing an email address where they leave messages in the draft folder for each other.

          So riddle me this: HOW THE HECK DO THEY EVEN KNOW WHO WAS AT THE KEYBOARD AT ANY POINT IN TIME? Who couldn’t have created this and made it all look as if Petraeus and Broadwell did this?

          None of this makes sense. None of it. The more we learn, the more far-fetched it sounds.

    • Now this story doesn’t agree with the previous story that said they were planning a weekend party that included REPORTERS to celebrate her 40th birthday. So did they originally plan to invite the reporters to their romantic getaway? The party was canceled when the news of the affair came out. So how does that timing work? This makes less and less sense, but in the age of the complicit and lazy media who don’t bother to fact check and who use anonymous sources, it’s typical. OH, NEVERMIND! I hadn’t read the end of the story. They were going to return home for the party Saturday night. So their “weekend” really consisted of Thursday night to sometime Saturday.

      “But Broadwell’s father, Paul Kranz, said that he is standing by his daughter ‘100 per cent’ – and expects more details into the affair will emerge, suggesting it was part of some cover up.

      This is about something else entirely, and the truth will come out,’ Kranz said outside his home in Bismarck, North Dakota on Sunday.”

      I hope so; I truly do.

  10. Oh my gosh, another twist. This is an hour by hour saga. It has to be sex that get the media all a twitter! Tabloid journalism. At least they might get it out of the way before the main events…the hearings. This story is getting weirder and weirder. Will all of this be a total distraction from the main problem – the Benghazi attack?

    An FBI agent was sending topless photos of himself to the woman in Florida! Apparently he was the original whistle blower that went to Cantor. He was afraid that the information about Petraeus was going to be covered up. Yet he is sending photos of himself? What was he up to?

    Next up, the FBI is at Broadwell’s NC house tonight per CNN. What are they looking for this time? Have they been there before? Or did they just hack into her emails? Pictures are being taken of the porch or entry area – why? That is what they are showing on FOX now.

    • The hearings themselves will be overshadowed by the sex angle AND the very next day is a Friday and Barry’s second attempt at pretending to be bi-partisan by “inviting” the Republicans to a meeting. Remember how the first one went? When he announced that “I won?”

  11. Anyone hear about this whole Petraeus thing being a stopping of a coup of/on Regime? That he is suspected of being connected to some sort of plan to be prepared to go in an remove Obama and Regime? A couple of people have mentioned that but when google don’t really find anything?

    • Haven’t heard that one. It would make more sense as to why the FBI was hacking his emails – since it was supposedly a criminal investigation. It would be great if it turned out that he was doing that. I’d put him on my shoulders and carry him around! The waters keep getting muddier – exactly what the Axelrod group is known for. Misinformation, misdirection, and miscommunication. Whatever it is – I hope it ends up with BHO being arrested for his part along with his other pals. Right now the dots are hard to connect because they keep adding new dots.

      • Should have googled before asked…. here is just one article about this. Interesting spin. http://www.therightofway.net/2012/11/petraeus-part-of-attempted-coup-now-thats-some-food-for-thought/

        • Just seeing the name of the author tells me that it shouldn’t be believed. We have been fooled by the stories of this author before. “Sorcha Faal”. I can’t remember if male or female, just that he/she always refers to something in Russia and there are no sources for the information. Always a great tale though.

        • I thought of Putin when I heard that they’re smearing General Allen now, too. At least PUTIN is MAN ENOUGH to be forthright with his purges of the military.

          It certainly makes more sense than to believe that the FBI was reading their emails on account of some woman telling a guy who was sexting her that she was worried about anonymous emails telling her to “stay away from my guy.”

          • That story reads like a cheap spy novel and it’s rather ridiculous. I don’t believe they would do away with Romney to replace him with Petraeus. It’s more likely they feared these generals as the most likely people to oppose their plans. Was there any gun battle in DC? That’s rather far fetched.

    • Pulling General Allen into the mix makes that seem likely. Don’t forget the alleged statements by Jarret where she said they’d get even with anybody who “opposed” them.

  12. About sex, I am not buying it. Is this connected, to set precedent so we believe without question, to the fbi sex scandals? Like someone already mentioned, Dems concerned about affairs? http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/scandal-probe-ensnares-commander-of-us-nato-troops-in-afghanistan/2012/11/13/a2a27232-2d7d-11e2-a99d-5c4203af7b7a_story.html

    • Hoot, I mentioned this too Miri on the 11th

      This “affair” is nothing but smoke and mirrors. An excuse to step down and discredit so that Petraeus does not have to give any more testimony than
      the CIA will allow him to, and now his testimony and actions can also be challenged.

      Is this a possible scenario? I think so. And could his be what they are doing now with Allen? Scary times for sure. Worst thought, which I’ve seen others mention this a.m. at FR, scenario a coup.

      • link to FR….can’t find discussion in all their listings/posts. thanks

      • It’s a possible scenario that they’re trying to discredit him so that nobody believes what he says if he disagrees with what his successor testifies to at the hearing. They can still call him and this may be a way to lean on him in advance. Scooter Libby him. Threaten HIM with perjury if what he says disagrees with the official party line story. Holder would make the call in a NY minute.

        This is a purge of the military leadership. It’s a way to demoralize the troops and the American people, too. It’s a way to do it so that the complicit media will be distracted by sex and NOT look for the REAL underlying reason. They prefer to cover sex. They prefer to believe that their messiah has no ulterior evil motives. They will continue to serve as his tools up until the moment that he squeezes the life out of their companies and they’re out of jobs (or else they capitulate and become bogus “free” journalists and truly do act only as arms of the state media).

        Jarret, if that’s true, warned that they’d get REVENGE on anybody who has opposed them. Who has opposed HER and Barry, most likely? The military who are sick of these Islamophilic policies and sick of seeing our troops decimated, one by one, by their sick “rules of engagement”. And don’t forget he wants to gut the military budget.

        Some of the media, amazingly, are actually remarking on how unlikely this all is. http://www.stltoday.com/news/opinion/columns/eugene-robinson/eugene-robinson-a-spy-tale-with-missing-pieces/article_b31ce4c3-3816-58b5-8d69-b06edf62e604.html

        “The one familiar aspect of the David Petraeus scandal is that he had an affair. Everything else about this story is weird. … Not every man in that situation betrays his marriage vows. Some do, as evidenced by the whole of human history.

        So the sex part is deplorable but comprehensible. The rest of this saga is bizarrely opaque, starting with the timing.

        According to reports by The Washington Post and other news outlets, the FBI investigation that uncovered the relationship between the retired four-star general and Paula Broadwell, his two-decades-younger biographer, was launched early in the summer. Yet Petraeus’ boss, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, wasn’t told of the inquiry until Nov. 6. Which just happened to be Election Day.

        Sorry, but there are no coincidences in spy novels.

        It is inconceivable that FBI agents would skulk around investigating the private life of the CIA director without informing top officials of the bureau and the Justice Department. It was obvious that as soon as Clapper knew, he would have to inform President Obama — and that Clapper would have to make some recommendation about Petraeus’ future. The whole mess surely would come to light. … It’s possible that the FBI kept the investigation such a closely held secret because it wanted to avoid the perception that the bureau was somehow going after the CIA. Then again, I guess it’s possible that the bureau was going after the CIA.

        Another mystery is why the nation’s chief spy didn’t practice better tradecraft in seeking to protect his little secret. … It’s as if he didn’t know anything about IP addresses or location data. Presumably, as CIA chief, Petraeus must have read intercepted emails sent by terrorists who tried to disguise themselves by using false names. Why did no light bulb appear above his head, no thought bubble saying, “Gee, even if I don’t use my real name, somebody might figure out it’s me”? … In the end, this may be a simple story: A woman gets a series of disturbing messages and asks an FBI agent she knows for help. A few months later, the nation’s chief spy — and perhaps its greatest living military hero — comes crashing down.

        If you believe in coincidences.

        If you don’t, there has to be a foreign spymaster involved, an updated version of John le Carre’s diabolical Karla, an unseen figure manipulating these characters like puppets toward subtle and devious ends.”

        Noteworthy, I suppose, that this was in the opinion portion of the WaPo. The writer is a black columnist, perhaps apropos of something (or nothing); but I find it interesting. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugene_Robinson_%28journalist%29 He’s an MSNBC contributor.

        So there’s always the possibility that this article is tongue-in-cheek and intended to RIDICULE those who see a “conspiracy theory”. Jury out on this one.

        Surely there are still SOME functioning journalistic minds in this media. Bob Woodward? Are you OUT THERE? Do you even care, or do you ignore this because this potus perhaps has an ideology more in line with your own?

    • PERTH, Australia — The FBI probe into the sex scandal that prompted CIA Director David Petraeus to resign has expanded to ensnare Gen. John R. Allen, the commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, the Pentagon announced early Tuesday.

      According to a senior U.S. defense official, the FBI has uncovered between 20,000 and 30,000 pages of documents — most of them e-mails — that contain “potentially inappropriate” communication between Allen and Jill Kelley, the 37-year-old Tampa woman whose report of harassment by a person who turned out to be Petraeus’s mistress ultimately led to Petraeus’s downfall. Allen, a Marine, succeeded Petraeus as the top allied commander in Afghanistan in July 2011. He also served as Petraeus’s deputy when both generals led the military’s Tampa-based Central Command from 2008 until 2010.

      The FBI first notified the Pentagon of its investigation into Allen’s communications with Kelley on Sunday evening, according to the senior defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss details of the pending case.

      In response, Pentagon chief Leon E. Panetta referred the investigation on Monday to the Defense Department’s Inspector General for further review, according to a statement released by Panetta early Tuesday as he was traveling to Australia.

      The Pentagon did not address the nature of Kelley’s alleged relationship with Allen. But another senior U.S. official, who is close to Allen, strongly denied that the general and Kelley had an affair or engaged in inappropriate communication. … Some of the e-mails may have prompted suspicions among FBI investigators because Allen sometimes used words such as “sweetheart” to refer to her, the senior official said. But the official added that Allen, who was raised in Virginia, employed that language as a term of platonic friendship, not romantic interest. The senior official described Kathy Allen, the general’s wife, and Kelley as “good friends.”

      “He’s embarrassed by this,” the senior official said. “But there’s no there there.” Still, the scrutiny of Allen’s personal behavior extends a remarkable string of failures and misconduct allegations that have dogged the last four commanders of the Afghan war. Petraeus took the job in 2010 after President Obama fired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal for cooperating with a Rolling Stone profile that quoted McChrystal’s aides as mocking the president, Vice President Biden and other civilian leaders. McChrystal had lasted only a year after taking over from Gen. David McKiernan, who was sacked when then-Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates lost confidence in his ability to fight the war. [Hmmm. What’s the common factor there? OBAMA.]

      The unfolding scandal has shaken President Obama’s national-security staff and upended his carefully chosen plans for filling senior military and intelligence leadership jobs in his second term. … In his statement, Panetta said Allen would remain as commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan for now, “while the matter is under investigation and before the facts are determined.” The senior defense official said Allen “disputes that he has engaged in any wrongdoing,” but would not elaborate.

      But his time as commander in Afghanistan may be short. Panetta has also asked the Senate to expedite the confirmation of his likely successor, Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford. …

      Allen had been simultaneously nominated by the White House to take over as chief of the military’s European Command and NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander in Europe. That nomination is now on hold, Panetta said, pending the outcome of the probe of his communications with Kelley.”

      This spin sounds as if Barry is the victim here!

      • This all sounds so completely unbelievable. How likely is it that this Kelley woman, if she were engaged in anything “inappropriate” with General Allen, would complain to a sexting friend who happens to be an FBI employee, about emails to her from an anonymous source allegedly threatening her, when the obvious outcome would be the FBI READING ALL HER EMAIL, INCLUDING ANY “INAPPROPRIATE” ONES BETWEEN HER AND ALLEN? It wouldn’t happen. How do they go about getting the ability to read Kelley’s email, Petraeus’s email, Broadwell’s email, and the anonymous accounts set up by any of them? Do they get a warrant? Think how stupid it would be to ask the FBI to read your email and track down someone sending you quasi-threatening email when you have 30,000 “inappropriate” emails from Gen. Allen. It wouldn’t happen. It didn’t happen. Who is feeding this crap to the media and why are they reporting it?

        Now we have new timelines on this:

        November 2011 the affair begins between Petraeua and Broadwell, allegedly (previous report said it began August 2011)
        May 2012 the emails were allegedly sent to Kelley from Broadwell
        July 2012 the Petraeus/Broadwell affair allegedly ends by mutual agreement
        August 2012 it’s rumored that Petraeus may be Romney’s VP, as suggested by Obama. Speculation as to whether he would “betray” Barry like that, and that Petraeus would get a big position in a Romney administration, even if not VP
        “Late summer” Mueller and Holder allegedly told of the Petraeus/Broadwell affair
        Election night Clapper allegedly told of the Petraeus/Broadwell affair
        Thursday, two days after the election, Barry allegedly told of the Petraeus/Broadwell affair

        Plausible? Hardly.

      • http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/OTUS/petraeus-personally-investigated-benghazi-attack-libya/story?id=17706615

        “In late October, Petraeus traveled to Libya to conduct his own review of the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

        While in Tripoli, he personally questioned the CIA station chief and other CIA personnel who were in Benghazi on Sept. 11 when the attack occurred.

        The Libya stop was part of a six nation trip to the region. Petraeus intended the review as a way to prepare for his upcoming testimony before Congress on Benghazi.

        He was looking forward to testifying,” a Petraeus friend told ABC News. “He wanted to be fully prepared.” … Petraeus’ personal involvement in this investigation is one reason some in Congress are likely to insist he testify on Benghazi.

        But now Petraeus is telling friends he does not think he should testify.

        Petraeus has offered two reasons for wanting to avoid testifying: Acting CIA Director Morell is in possession of all the information Petraeus gathered in conducting his review and he has more current information gathered since Petraeus’ departure; and it would be a media circus.”

        A GENERATED MEDIA CRISIS TO PROVIDE THE EXCUSE FOR WHY HE WON’T TESTIFY. They ought to subpoena him anyway. I hope they do.

  13. FBI Agent in Petraeus Case Under Scrutiny
    Updated November 13, 2012 Snips

    WASHINGTON—A federal agent who launched the investigation that ultimately led to the resignation of Central Intelligence Agency chief David Petraeus was barred from taking part in the case over the summer due to superiors’ concerns that he was personally involved in the case, according to officials familiar with the probe. After being blocked from the case, the agent continued to press the matter, relaying his concerns to a member of Congress, the officials said.

    New details about how the Federal Bureau of Investigation handled the case suggest that even as the bureau delved into Mr. Petraeus’s personal life, the agency had to address conduct by its own agent—who allegedly sent shirtless photos of himself to a woman involved in the case prior to the investigation.

    A State Department official’s [who?Jill is not with the government] complaints about email stalking launched the months-long criminal inquiry that led to a woman romantically linked to former Gen. David Petraeus and to his abrupt resignation Friday as CIA chief.

    FBI officials declined to identify the agent, so he couldn’t be reached to give his side of the story. The agent is now under investigation by the Office of Professional Responsibility, the internal-affairs arm of the FBI, according to two officials familiar with the matter.
    The FBI agent who started the case was a friend of Jill Kelley, the Tampa woman who received harassing, anonymous emails that led to the probe, according to officials. Ms. Kelley, a volunteer who organizes social events for military personnel in the Tampa area, complained in May about the emails to a friend who is an FBI agent. That agent referred it to a cyber crimes unit, which opened an investigation. However, supervisors soon became concerned that the initial agent might have grown obsessed with the matter, and prohibited him from any role in the investigation, according to the officials.

    One official said the agent in question sent shirtless photos to Ms. Kelley well before the email investigation began, and FBI officials only became aware of them some time later. Eventually, supervisors told the agent he was to have nothing to do with the case, though he never had a formal role in the investigation, the official said.

    Top Commander in Afghanistan Investigated

    The agent, after being barred from the case, contacted a member of Congress, Washington Republican David Reichert, because he was concerned senior FBI officials were going to sweep the matter under the rug, the officials said. That information was relayed to top congressional officials, who notified FBI headquarters in Washington.


  14. FBI Scrutinized on Petraeus
    Complaints by Female Social Planner Led to Email Trail That Undid CIA Chief
    Updated November 12, 2012 Snips

    The emails began arriving in Jill Kelley’s inbox in May, U.S. officials familiar with the probe said. Ms. Kelley, who helped organize social events at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla., told the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the emails, which she viewed as harassing, the U.S. officials said.
    In the aftermath of the investigation, some lawmakers are aiming criticism at the FBI and the Obama administration, including Attorney General Eric Holder, who knew about the email link to Mr. Petraeus as far back as late summer. A House Republican leader also learned of the matter in October.
    The FBI investigation began with five to 10 emails beginning around May and received by Ms. Kelley, according to U.S. officials.
    But the agents spent weeks piecing together who may have sent them. They used metadata footprints left by the emails to determine what locations they were sent from. They matched the places, including hotels, where Ms. Broadwell was during the times the emails were sent. FBI agents and federal prosecutors used the information as probable cause to seek a warrant to monitor Ms. Broadwell’s email accounts. They learned that Ms. Broadwell and Mr. Petraeus had set up private Gmail accounts to use for their communications, which included explicit details of a sexual nature, according to U.S. officials. But because Mr. Petraeus used a pseudonym, agents doing the monitoring didn’t immediately uncover that he was the one communicating with Ms. Broadwell.

    By late summer, after the monitoring of Ms. Broadwell’s emails uncovered the link to Mr. Petraeus, prosecutors and agents alerted senior officials at FBI and the Justice Department, including Mr. Holder, U.S. officials say. The investigators never monitored Mr. Petraeus’s email accounts, the officials say.

    In September, prosecutors and agents began a legal analysis to determine whether there were any charges that could be brought. Among the discussions: whether to interview Ms. Broadwell, who was the focus of the criminal probe, and Mr. Petraeus.


    • More anonymous sources! All that time and effort and taxpayer money expended on what? The New York Times is the source of the allegations that the whistleblower who told Cantor, who’s now under investigation by the FBI, is a right wing conspiracy theorist motivated by political hatred of Barry. Gee, he thought they were trying to cover this up before the election. Well, who would possibly come to THAT conclusion except a right wing conspiracy theorist? http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/13/us/timeline-shows-fbi-discovered-petraeus-affair-in-summer.html?pagewanted=2&_r=0&pagewanted=all

      ” Later, the agent became convinced — incorrectly, the official said — that the case had stalled. Because of his “worldview,” as the official put it, he suspected a politically motivated cover-up to protect President Obama. The agent alerted Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, who called the F.B.I. director, Robert S. Mueller III, on Oct. 31 to tell him of the agent’s concerns.

      The official said the agent’s self-described “whistle-blowing” was “a little embarrassing” but had no effect on the investigation.”

      • This from the NY Times story:

        “David H. Laufman, who served as a federal prosecutor in national security cases from 2003 to 2007, said, “there’s a lot of chatter and noise about cybercrimes,” and most of it does not lead to an investigation. But he added, “It’s plausible to me that if Ms. Kelley indicated that the stalking was related to her friendship with the C.I.A. director, that would have elevated it as a priority for the bureau.”

        Orin S. Kerr, a George Washington University law professor who specializes in computer crime issues, said it was “surprising that they would devote the resources” to investigating who was behind a half-dozen harassing e-mails.

        “The F.B.I. gets a lot of tips, and investigating any one case requires an agent or a few agents to spend a lot of time,” he said. “They can’t do this for every case, and the issue is, why this one case?””

        GOOD QUESTION. Why was it so important to tarnish Petraeus?

  15. Cliff Kincaid – “Accuracy in Media”:

    “Petraeus Sex Scandal Could Have Sunk Obama”

    “More than a week before the election, an FBI whistleblower went to a Republican member of Congress with explosive details about a national security scandal that could have stopped President Obama’s re-election campaign dead in its tracks. But the potentially devastating “October Surprise” was hushed up by Republicans.

    Despite the explosive nature of the allegations, two Republican members of Congress, Dave Reichert and Eric Cantor, decided to pass on the information to the FBI director and take no action themselves. They didn’t even inform their colleagues on the House Intelligence Committee or in the House leadership. It was a terrible mistake on their part that enabled Obama to escape the damaging repercussions of the scandal right before what many conservatives called the most important presidential election of our lifetimes.

    Because of Cantor’s failure to go public, the scandal exploded only after the election, as Petraeus submitted his resignation as CIA director and Obama accepted it. “I would like to congratulate President Obama on his re-election,” Cantor had actually said on his blog, knowing that Obama’s administration was engaged in a massive cover-up. Only later did he acknowledge, in response to a New York Times report, that he had the information that could have derailed Obama’s presidential campaign and possibly given Mitt Romney the presidency.”


    • Exactly. It was hushed up by Cantor and the others. WHY? Because they like Petraues? My local paper gave “credit” to Cantor for being circumspect and not being political. TY, Eric Cantor. The whistleblower should have gone to Breitbart, if he really wanted to blow the whistle. His mistake was thinking that the RINOs care about the country.

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