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God Bless You, Mitt Romney

You Would Have Made a Great President



With Class and Graciousness…


(AP)   Mitt Romney’s concession speech, Boston, MA.

Thank you.

I have just called President Obama to congratulate him on his victory. His supporters and his campaign also deserve congratulations. I wish all of them well, but particularly the president, the first lady and their daughters.

This is a time of great challenges for America, and I pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation.

I want to thank Paul Ryan for all that he has done for our campaign and for our country. Besides my wife, Ann, Paul is the best choice I’ve ever made. And I trust that his intellect and his hard work and his commitment to principle will continue to contribute to the good of our nation.

I also want to thank Ann, the love of my life. She would have been a wonderful first lady. She’s _ she has been that and more to me and to our family and to the many people that she has touched with her compassion and her care.

I thank my sons for their tireless work on behalf of the campaign, and thank their wives and children for taking up the slack as their husbands and dads have spent so many weeks away from home.

I want to thank Matt Rhoades and the dedicated campaign team he led. They have made an extraordinary effort not just for me, but also for the country that we love.

And to you here tonight, and to the team across the country _ the volunteers, the fundraisers, the donors, the surrogates _ I don’t believe that there’s ever been an effort in our party that can compare with what you have done over these past years. Thank you so very much.

Thanks for all the hours of work, for the calls, for the speeches and appearances, for the resources and for the prayers. You gave deeply from yourselves and performed magnificently. And you inspired us and you humbled us. You’ve been the very best we could have imagined.

The nation, as you know, is at a critical point. At a time like this, we can’t risk partisan bickering and political posturing. Our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people’s work. And we citizens also have to rise to the occasion.

We look to our teachers and professors, we count on you not just to teach, but to inspire our children with a passion for learning and discovery. We look to our pastors and priests and rabbis and counselors of all kinds to testify of the enduring principles upon which our society is built: honesty, charity, integrity and family. We look to our parents, for in the final analysis everything depends on the success of our homes. We look to job creators of all kinds. We’re counting on you to invest, to hire, to step forward. And we look to Democrats and Republicans in government at all levels to put the people before the politics.

I believe in America. I believe in the people of America. And I ran for office because I’m concerned about America. This election is over, but our principles endure. I believe that the principles upon which this nation was founded are the only sure guide to a resurgent economy and to renewed greatness.

Like so many of you, Paul and I have left everything on the field. We have given our all to this campaign.

I so wish _ I so wish that I had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction, but the nation chose another leader. And so Ann and I join with you to earnestly pray for him and for this great nation.

Thank you, and God bless America. You guys are the best. Thank you so much.   Thank you.   Thanks, guys.




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  1. Our hearts are heavy today. We grieve for our country. We are stunned and shocked. We will get through this.

    • We will get through it. We’ve been together for more than four years. Can you believe it?

      I can’t wait to see the photos of Barry walking McConnell’s dog or washing Boehner’s car. You know, he’s such a plagiarist. He just takes what other presidents have said and pretends they’re his own thoughts. His subliminal messaging. His narcissim knows no bounds, because in this instance he’s stealing from Lincoln. This story was recently in the Smithsonian magazine.

      Lincoln’s lack of self-importance extended even further with that pluperfect horse’s ass Gen. George B. McClellan. In 1861, McClellan was using his command of the Army of the Potomac to enhance his self-esteem (“You have no idea how the men brighten up now, when I go among them”) rather than to engage the enemy. In letters home he was mocking Lincoln as “the original gorilla.” Lincoln kept urging McClellan to fight.

      Told that the general was at a wedding, [President Lincoln] waited in the parlor for an hour. When McClellan arrived home, the porter told him the president was waiting, but McClellan passed by the parlor room and climbed the stairs to his private quarters. After another half hour, Lincoln again sent word that he was waiting, only to be informed that the general had gone to sleep. Young John Hay was enraged. … To Hay’s surprise, Lincoln “seemed not to have noticed it specially, saying it was better at this time not to be making points of etiquette & personal dignity.” He would hold McClellan’s horse, he once said, if a victory could be achieved.”

      So Barry’s speechwriters are channeling Abraham Lincoln in an attempt to compare Lincoln’s waging of the Civil War with Barry’s sudden concern about reaching compromise of solving our debt crisis (which he created).

      And of course they think We the People are too stupid, too unintellectual, to notice the allusion. I doubt that the media did or ever will. Notice the plagiarism of concepts, I mean.

      Or the extreme narcissism involved in comparing oneself favorably to one of the most esteemed presidents in the history of this Republic and, especially, with one of the most truly humble and patriotic of presidents.

      Mitt Romney more closely resembles Lincoln than does Obama. BY FAR.

      • I have been in contemplation all day long thinking about this. The person on FR said exactly what I feel, which is this:

        “Something just doesn’t add up about this whole election. One side of me is telling me that the election was legit while the other is telling me that election fraud is deeper than you and I may envision. It just seems out out the realm of possibilty that all the key states went in O’s favor and not by big margins. Just enough to put him over the top. Coincidence or very well calculated?
        Again, not a sore loser but something just doesn’t add up and it’s been gnawing at me all day.”

        That was written by Kevin in CA. I feel exactly the way that he’s saying. It’s true that something is not right. I think a lot of folks do feel this way. Obama can’t do anything without cheating his way in. Maybe he had many rigged machines?? I didn’t vote on the machines. Ours was paper ballots. In our state, it’s overwhelmingly Repubs anyway.

        • I believe that, too. It’s scary because another story I read said that if it was massive fraud (so easy with the machines) then now they know HOW to do it so that from now on, we’ll never again have a real vote. Just the illusion of a vote where we think our vote counts.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          Agreed, kittykat.

    • We’ve been together four years and now we have four more years to go. We have been working so hard to find out what the heck is going on with our country and we still have lots more to do.

      Among the things we have discovered are the ways the left tries to influence the courts with law review opinions backed by non profit leftist foundations. We have also found O’s adopted “sister” and O’s cross-dressing “nanny.” We have put together so much information it’s hard to keep it all straight.

  2. Good News! Sheriff Joe was reelected. He is still a thorn in the side of the Left.

    Controversial Arizona sheriff Arpaio wins sixth term

    PHOENIX (Reuters) – Controversial Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio , known for targeting illegal immigrants, fended off a strong challenge from a strong challenge from a Phoenix police veteran on Tuesday to win a sixth four-year term.
    “The president … is going after me, but I will continue to enforce the laws, including illegal immigration. Nothing changes,” Arpaio told cheering supporters late on Tuesday, vowing to continue his drive to lock up illegals.,0,1253274.story

    • Oh, that is good news. HA! I love it. Go, Sheriff Joe.

      Btw, not to disrespect Governor Romney, but I’M READY FOR SOME “PARTISAN BICKERING.” It’s what the Founders expected of us; it’s exactly why we have three co-equal branches of government, free speech and freedom of assembly. Bickering is PATRIOTIC and it’s the only way to ensure that the WILL OF THE MAJORITY WHO VOTED FOR ROMNEY IS HEEDED.

    • I sure wish that the Sheriff had some more news about BO. Also, wish that he could arrest BO. That would be great!

      • I was hoping that Trump or the Sheriff had more. I still think that if Trump is TRULY as outraged as he says he is, with his money, he could BUY THE TRUTH. With Wikileaks and all the other leaks and hacking we see, how hard would it be to “unbribe” the complicit ones in Hawaii who KNOW the truth? He could start with that $5 million he offered Barry. Make it a BOUNTY for the TRUTH.

        • Or someone at Columbia? Wouldn’t you risk your min wage job as a clerk in the records dept for $5,000,000?

          • I would think so! Especially because you would be telling the truth and exposing the fraud. Nothing that ought to worry your conscience about.

        • None of the people in Congress would cover the ineligibility issue and still haven’t and that might have been done if we took over the Senate. The same reason exists now, we can’t get anything though the Senate. Harry Reid stops budgets – does anyone think the eligibility issue would be brought to the floor? Same thing will happen with Fast and Furious and Benghazi – even if there are investigations and people are found culpable. Eric Holder will go free, and even if the investigations find Obama didn’t call for reinforcements, and told people to stand down, nothing will be done. The citizens have no power over Harry. He is not moved by the citizens as we saw regarding Obamacare.

          The bright hope that I see is that Glenn Beck is starting a real news agency. They will bypass the MSM in getting real information out to the people. I would bet he can get lots of backers now that Obama was selected again.

    Win or lose, Obama was not and is not the president
    Nov. 7

    As I write, it is not yet clear who has won the presidential election. Win or lose, though, Mr Obama was not and is not the president. The Hawaiian long-form “birth certificate” he publicly endorsed and posted at the White House website last year as proof that he was born in the jurisdiction of the U.S. and is thus constitutionally eligible to be president is a forgery.

    I can prove it.

    I have been asked to prepare an affidavit in one of the 80 court cases U.S. citizens have filed in the hope of persuading someone – anyone – in office to lift a trembling, liver-spotted finger and do something about the forgery.

    The affidavit, which I shall be swearing today, is posted here, with the written permission of the plaintiff’s attorney.


    Click to access monckton_affidavit.pdf

    • Proof positive that we have not yet begun to fight. Truth will out. We will abide.

      “As the table shows, the probability that the White House document is genuine (in that each of the irregularities identified by the investigators occurred by inadvertence), is the product of the individual probabilities that the mutually independent irregularities were accidental: that is, 1 in 75,000,000,000,000,000.”

      That’s QUADRILLION. But of course, we know that he IS “The One” so anything’s possible.

      There are NOT coincidences anymore.

      • “Whichever way you stack it, the “birth certificate” is as phony as a 3-dollar bill. But the entire Republican Party is asleep at the switch (as usual). It would only take one senator or congressman to raise an objection during the joint session mandated by the Constitution for confirming the election results.”

        • “Then, at last, the kim-chee would interface with the rotatory convector. To mix a culinary metaphor or two, the kipper behind the radiator would be exposed, and Obama, with egg all over his face, would be out of the frying pan and into the fire. He would be toast and would stew in his own juice behind bars for decades.

          But, having talked to one or two members of Congress, I am not holding my breath. No one seems to want to put an end to the putrid, in-your-face corruption that is the non-presidency of 2009-2012.

          John Carroll, a leading attorney and former state senator from Hawaii, has written to every congressman and every senator asking them to do their duty. Not one has even replied.

          John and others have written to the Secret Service. Its head has not replied, though it is his job to investigate the authenticity of identity documents. No replies from the head of the FBI, all members of the Cabinet and nearly all secretaries of state, attorneys general and governors.

          Till now, though, these bumblocrats have not been confronted with sworn testimony. This is where you come in. Write to your congressman, to both senators, to your state’s governor, AG and secretary of state, demanding that Mr Obama’s birth narrative be investigated as fraudulent. And send them copies of my affidavit.”

      • They use these same “odds” for dna testing. We had to have a son matched to my husband and self and it is positive, for court purposes, based on the the percentage positive in ralation to all the combined markers.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        None whatsoever.

    • Hey, Judge Roy Moore was voted a Chief Justice of Alabama. Maybe they need Judge Moore. He might be worthwhile.

  4. “I so wish _ I so wish that I had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction, but the nation chose another leader.”

    I so wish it, too. But the people did NOT choose another leader; he was once again selected by corrupt people via massive voter fraud.

  5. I can’t find the Tweets or Twitters…but someone will. The Obama campaign told all those on Food Stamps ($47 million?) that they would lose them if Romney was elected. They were also told they would lose their free phones. So they had better vote for Obama.

    Now these idiots, who may have a menial job or may not, were also told by major employers of those who work in the food industries, resort and restaurant industries that they would lose their jobs if Obama was elected. Their choice – jobs or food stamps and a free phone. They chose the latter. More dependents now will go on the government dole because they have no job, but they have a free phone. Do we see crime rising? More flash mobs?

    Now watch businesses cut the hours of employees so they won’t have to cover their health insurance. It is going to happen and soon. Those who thought that Obama would take care of them are in for a rude surprise. Those living through the aftermath of Sandy are also finding out that they can’t rely on government. It will be a hard lesson.

  6. Putin is thrilled that Obama is still in office. He can’t wait for that “flexibility” that Obama talked about. Chavez, Castro, and Putin endorsed Obama. Perfect trifecta.

    Global candidate: Obama was world’s clear choice
    Nov. 7

    A BBC survey during the run-up to the election found remarkable support for an Obama second term. More than 21,000 people in 21 countries were questioned in July, August and September, with residents in all but one country backing Obama. Only Pakistan, where Obama’s heavy reliance on drone strikes has been unpopular, preferred Romney. [No citation to that BBC survey to see what countries were questioned.]

    But the list of countries with a strong Obama preference in the BBC survey were as diverse as Nigeria, Panama, South Korea, Germany and Brazil. [China was worried about Mitt calling them out as a currency manipulator. No worries with Obama.]

    • This is powerful but depressing, by Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit:

      November 6, 2012 is the day America changed.
      8 to 9 percent unemployment is the new normal. It’s good enough. 46 million people on food stamps is OK. It shows we care. Debt spending is good. It will get paid off some day and if not, our kids can worry about it. Trillion dollar deficits make sense.

      Socialized medicine is good. It will cost more, but did you honestly believe it wouldn’t? It doesn’t matter what you were told. Catholics should pay for abortions. Sandra Fluke is a prophet. Abortions and birth control should be free. We should fund abortions overseas, too.

      The First Lady should be allowed to blow millions on lavish vacations. The White House parties should cost millions, too. The president should play as much golf and basketball as he pleases. They deserve it. They work hard. They’re Democrats.

      Greedy Americans should pay more taxes and millions of Americans who pay no taxes should receive more free money. It’s only fair. Businesses can afford to pay more taxes too. That’s what they teach you in school, right? We all know the Bush tax cuts that brought the deficit from $450 billion to $175 billion in four years and created millions of jobs didn’t work. Obama said so. And did you know Obama created 5 million jobs? Who cares how he came up with that number. In September he even created 600,000 part-time jobs somewhere. And, don’t you dare question his math.

      Benghazi was a protest, or a terrorist attack. Obama said so from the beginning. Who cares anyway. Things like that happen all the time. And the media never covered anything up to help the president either. Right, 60 Minutes?

      Al-Qaeda is dead or on the run. …”

      Rest at the link.

    • Now it appears that they’re saying Mitt lost the popular vote and that he got fewer votes than McCain did, meaning that even though DemoncRAT turnout was lower, so was Republican turnout. Had people not voted Libertarian, Romney would have won handily. Sometimes you just have to compromise in order to save your country. I also heard this morning that a good percentage of people in the exit polls said it was a factor in their vote for Obama–how he reacted to the hurricane! TY, Christie. Thanks a whole bunch. You have sunk any chance you might have had in 2016. I will NEVER vote for that man. He can accept help without GUSHING. He knows that all he really got from Obama was a quick photo op. Where’s the help for the people? As bad, if not worse than Katrina.

      “Chris Christie has been under fire from Republican insiders ever since he he performed a U-turn and started praising Barack Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy last week.

      And now the governor of New Jersey has lashed out at anonymous aides to Mitt Romney who have criticised him for refusing to attend fundraising events for the GOP presidential candidate.

      The outspoken figure, a strong supporter of Romney over the past year, described his critics as ‘know-nothing, disgruntled Romney supporters’ who did not respect the duty he owed to the people of his state. … Yesterday it was revealed that Christie had been asked to appear with Romney at a campaign event in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, just 20 minutes away from the New Jersey state capital, Trenton.

      The governor refused, leading to criticism from anonymous aides to the presidential candidate, one of whom said, ‘You can’t tell me he couldn’t have gone over there for a night rally.'”

      What sort of behind the scenes deal was made that day in NJ? Once again, the UK tells us the stories our lamestream won’t.

      • Yeah I noticed a comment on Hillbuzz early this morning that just said “Sc#$w you Chris Christie” and I felt that way too.

        I had a thought this morning, after going through all my stages of grief (well, still in the anger stage)….and it is this:

        The gov’t will take what it can from me in taxes, but the rest of my money is still mine to control and I am going to do whatever I can to make sure it goes to people/businesses/causes that believe in the country that I believe in. It may lose me some friends, it may make for some difficult decisions (there ARE liberal causes and businesses that I like) but if I can’t influence my government anymore I will do my damnedest to use my spending power as influence.
        Maybe we can start a movement right here and now……

        • OK, I hate to beg, but this one idea is my lifeline today so somebody PLEASE respond. 🙂

          • It is a good idea SEO. I will support you and anyone that grabs hold of this idea.

            • I suggested one method: Since the lamestream is without doubt our enemy, then we should boycott the advertisers who support the worst of them. MSNBC, for example. But even CBS and NBC, etc., if they do NOT report the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing BUT the truth. Same with your local newspaper. If they don’t truly become objective and report honestly, then cancel the subscription (telling them why–not just the circulation desk but the head of the paper) OR contact their largest advertisers and tell them you WILL boycott their businesses until they either stop advertising with that paper OR send word to the paper that they expect CHANGE in the news coverage.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            Bless you, SEO. We need an organized, old fashioned sit in, but it must be organized, not a 3-5 person affair. One that cannot be ignored. Nothing shows media bias more clearly than the laser focus the media lavished her with when she, a single person, sat in outside President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. Ongoing, wall to wall media coverage. Bias much? HA!

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            Sorry. “Her” being Cindy Sheehan.

        • I don’t know how one will know the party of the owner of the businesses they frequent. In TX, we get Christian phone books so that those businesses will be known – but one can be Christian and support the democrats – as we’ve seen. We know some that are outed by the Left such as Chick Fil A. Plus we know some of the ones that support the Left, like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Progressive Insurance is a real tell also.

          I think we have to be more aggressive in outing the Left’s ideas too as being anti-American or communist or socialist – whatever it is. Plus we have to explain and be able to say the words that have meaning. How many kids know Che – but do they know what he did? We must stop the hero worship by telling the real history of people they want to emulate in their music and in shirts they wear. Call Clinton what he was/is, an impeached lying president – who had many killed during his presidency, and was involved in money laundering which is criminal. We must make the distinction between good and evil because it is becoming blurred.

          • Thanks Bridgette 🙂 I feel better now.

            I also have a slim hope that, now that a future election isn’t in play, some of the media might go into “tear down” mode…you know that’s their game, beyond their own politics, to build someone up just to tear them down,

            and if you stop and think…they have to sell something that people will be interested in buying and the “obama is great” story is now old and tired and MAYBE now just one mainstream outlet will find the still secret past of obama to be an interesting story.

            Also…google the number of troop deaths in Afghanistan since Obama took office; never mind here’s the link
            1520 US troops died there under Obama’s watch; 5 so far this month!
            Almost 3 times as many who died in the entire 7 years previously under Bush. And the deaths are not slowing down. Where are the anti-war protesters? Maybe WE need to become the anti-war protesters.

            • SEO, I’ve mentioned many times that during the Bush administration, every week my local paper would publish a list of the “victims” of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. By victims, they meant our brave troops who died in combat or via IEDs or terror attacks while trying to liberate those ungrateful Muslims. In any case, IMMEDIATELY upon Obama’s election, that graph of “victims” ceased to be published. It was a regular feature, every week, when GWB was POTUS. Now, every so often, they do talk about “deaths” in Afghanistan, but they don’t extend their graphs to include the Bush years, so people can see for themselves how the number of deaths spiked under Obama, who makes the troops “fight” with one hand tied behind their backs. Why? Does he get a vicarious thrill out of exercising this power? Well, if it were COMMON KNOWLEDGE that the “police” who “guarded” our mission in Benghazi had NO BULLETS and were connected to the Islamist militias (or at least wouldn’t stand up and fight them), I would HOPE that the American people would be outraged. This is simply one more fact the media hides. However, they can have their investigations and hearings, but what’s to make the media cover them? Before the election, my paper didn’t even MENTION the Benghazi hearings, much less the outrageous facts that came out of them.


                Every society has normal, decent people and the other kind. The America we grew up in was fundamentally decent. Decency was the expected standard.

                Now the balance has changed.

                The evidence for our sleazified culture can be seen all around. It is in our pop music, which has lost melody and now just has rhythm. We have a President who won on revenge against middle class values. That’s what he meant by telling his people to vote for revenge. And they did — showing us exactly who they are.

                We are now a society divided between the makers and the takers, and the takers are on a campaign of theft and revenge.

                We have a President who takes dangerous pride in his hatred for “middleclassness” as Jeremiah Wright taught him to believe. We have a President who culminated his campaign with a ghetto singer rapping about hoes and bitches, about drug-ridden and broken families, as if all those cruelties were good.

                This is not normal, decent America.

                It is not.

                We need to face that. …” More at the link.

        • SEO – I just got an email that shows donations by businesses to parties. I am going to make a page up above so people can see it. That is where we can add information to it and it will help push your idea. Funny that it arrives today.

          It is in the Header above “Political Donations.”

    • So the study cited above was conducted by Pew Research – a leftist organization.

      Most nations want Obama re-elected, survey shows
      Paul Koring -Washington — The Globe and Mail
      Jun. 14 2012

      Mr. Obama’s approval has dropped most sharply in China and Mexico but remains strong in many European countries, the Pew Research Trust concludes after one of its periodic surveys of global attitudes. The polls in 20 countries (Canada isn’t among them) allow Pew to track changes in attitudes over time.
      In its report, Pew found “little support for Obama, however, in the predominantly Muslim nations surveyed. Fewer than three-in-ten express confidence in him in Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and Jordan.
      The Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project conducted its survey from March 17-April 2, with interviews in 21 countries.

      The Pew Report
      Countries named on page 7

      Click to access Pew-Global-Attitudes-U.S.-Image-Report-FINAL-June-13-2012.pdf

  7. Allen West most likely lost. (I hope he asks for a recount.),0,7046903.story He hasn’t conceded, although his smart-ass challenger has declared victory. Ever gracious in victory, the opponent said:

    “Allen West was quite a character to run against,” Murphy said in his victory speech, according to the website. “And I’ll keep it at that, and hopefully that’s the last time I ever need to mention his name too.”

    I hope the people of Florida are PROUD of what they did. Does electing the white man make them all racist? Or maybe they just despise the military. Could that man be MORE disrespectful of West?

    Michele Bachmann won. (Another bright spot.)

    Scott Brown (the RINO) lost. Mia Love lost. Again, are the people of Utah racist as well as sexist? It appears so to me. Selecting a white man instead of an articulate, clean cut African-American woman?

  8. Sobering Reality will hit soon. Excellent overview.

    Thank You for Re-Electing Obama
    October 24, 2012
    By Eileen F. Toplansky

    If you think that you will be safe from the intrusions and totalitarian disposition of this administration, think again. Repeatedly, there have been warnings, and it behooves you to take them seriously. This is the precipice, and there will be no turning back if Barack Hussein Obama gets a second term.

    H/T Granny -Gateway Pundit

  9. Just in from frontlines. First hand report. from major state university:

    “Blacks were really disrespectful last nite…. very thug like running up and down the halls yelling the president is black bitch.”


    The reasons why we lost and this writer agrees with Caddell about the lamestream media. Also mentions what I wrote this morning–how many of our fellow citizens lack a “moral compass.” It’s sad. Sometimes I think the only solution is for the red states to form their own union.

    • The [Obama’s] code message dispensed with, the rest of the speech continued to appall. Andrew Malcolm of Investor’s Business Daily, in a mordantly hilarious column, drew a contrast:

      “Romney in 703 words graciously admitted his loss. He said the word “America” five times, the word “pray” three times and the words “Thank you” 21 times.

      The Real Good Talker, who’s never seen anything he couldn’t throw a speech at, took 2,163 words to claim victory in what is traditionally a moment to call for unity and healing after a divisive campaign.

      The victorious Chicagoan, who promised before the last election to end Washington’s partisan bitterness, strangely uttered the word “fight” five times and “thank you” but seven times. He spoke the word “unify” zero times, “unity” zero times, “heal” zero times and “pray” zero times.

      He did, however, manage to mention himself 27 times.

      We had best gird our loins. When it comes to ruthless leftism, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  11. Limbaugh: ‘Very difficult to beat Santa Claus’
    ‘I went to bed last night thinking we lost the country’
    Nov. 7

    PALM BEACH, Fla. – Rush Limbaugh, the popular voice of the political right, says he’s genuinely perplexed by the re-election of Barack Obama to the presidency. “I went to bed last night thinking we lost the country. I don’t know how else you look at it,” Limbaugh said today in his post-election analysis.

    “Small things beat big things yesterday. Conservatism in my humble opinion did not lose last night. It’s just very difficult to beat Santa Claus,” he continued. “In a country of children where the option is Santa Claus or work, what wins?”

    • It’s perplexing because it’s not true. Romney won, but they stole the win from him. I also do not believe that Obama won the popular vote after all (he HAD TO counter THAT meme) or that turnout was down. I don’t believe any of their numbers. Who tells us this stuff? The lamestream media, which also tells us that Barry was born in Hawaii and is eligible. I’m sorry, but at this point they have ZERO credibility. They are nothing more than the propaganda machine for the dictator. Like with Putin or with Saddam Hussein, who won 100% of the vote, whenever he ran for office! And nobody questioned it.

      • Rush Limbaugh said today that either as conservatives we are losing ground permanently (being outnumbered by those who want “stuff”, as O’Really says) OR this was one of the biggest thefts of an election in history. I vote for the latter. It’s the only scenario that fits the EVIDENCE we saw with our own EYES. We know for a fact that they leaned on Gallup and Gallup was the only poll that showed evidence of what we saw with our own eyes–a breakout by Romney, who was ahead by 7 points, iirc. Then the hurricane came and Gallup, I suspect, used that as the excuse to not capitulate to Barry’s threats but also to stop publishing the poll showing Romney so far ahead. Gallup has always been reputable and accurate. Suddenly they’re wrong and all the complicit pollsters are right? I don’t think so. Does it make sense that people would reelect Obama, after suffering through the past four years? Does it make sense that they would prefer that childish, hateful, glowering person they saw on the debate stage? I have more faith in most of the American people. I simply don’t believe that he won either the popular vote OR the electoral vote. If most of the votes that put him over the top came from CA, then they’re probably all the illegal aliens voting there. CA suffers almost the MOST from Barry’s policies. Their economy stinks. They’re overrun with illegals who are helping to bankrupt their state. When will they wake up?

        • I agree Miri. If it was not for the fraud votes just like in 08′ Romney would have won this election by a landslide. When my husband and I went to vote last night here in CA my husband said I’m not here too just put in my vote but is it okay if I vote for 3 others who have not shown up too vote? it was about 6:30 p.m. when we voted, and they said sure if you can give me their names you can vote for them!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! because they were serious! Just before that hubby had a chiropractors appointment and in the lobby we were watching how Romney was leading and a union guy sitting across from us said its already a done deal, Obama’s got this, then went on too say Romney wants too dismantle the unions. I was like realllly? and where do you get your information from? he said his union leaders! too make a long story short my husband almost ended up busting the guys chop’s until I got up and took my husband outside too cool him, and me off. I had too inform the receptionist we’d be outside waiting for our name too be called. As it turned out our entire district went red, Romney won, got the vote in my area. Actually he won alot of the vote here in CA except in the very democratic areas. like SF, LA, SD. And LA, SD are….you got it, filled too the brim with illegals, SF, San Jose, same sex partners. That’s how he won the vote here in CA, and voter fraud. Otherwise Romney would have gotten it by a landslide.

          I REFUSE too ever be convinced people of OUR great Country voted him in a second time…or the first time for that matter. We were warned
          50 years ago about what is happening and it is all coming true. Will we
          survive another four years, of course we “may”. But by the end of this next four years we will never be free again.

          My husband and I made a decision last night after Romney coincided, were selling our small business and moving out of CA. CA is lost, there’s no fix now, its only going too get worse. And as a small business owner we refuse too submit too the dictator. Oh believe me, were going too
          continue the fight too bring our Country back, but they will have too drive a knife through my heart before I summit too their, Socialist, Marxist, Communist, way of life.

          Love too you all. Newssleuth, really great too see you back!

          • Are you kidding me, Leza? They said your husband could vote for others if he just had their names? Do you think they had reason to believe those votes would go for Barry? Too bad you didn’t have a camera to record this. It’s outrageous, but as expected.

            If you guys move from CA, you won’t be the first and for the same reason. The DemoncRATS are destroying what was once a great state. As CA goes, so goes the nation. Remember that? They actually used to be a red state, when Reagan ran. But as the conservatives bale, the state becomes more and more “blue” (minority, full of illegal aliens, gay, DemoncRAT) AND BANKRUPT due to their socialist policies.

          • I was a poll inspector, the head honcho, so to speak at a precinct poll. Quite a few people came in expecting, like they did last time they said, to vote for their lady friend or their mother who was home sick. One man wanted to vote for his father in a nursing home that had Alzheimers.

          • This makes me sick to read things like this. Whatever happened to honesty and fairness? A win by cheating isn’t a win. No wonder we feel so disillusioned and disenfranchised.

  12. Megan Kelly is reporting on CBS hiding the interview of Obama regarding Benghazi until 48 hrs before the election. So FOX is going to continue pounding this. I expect the anger of the Republican’s loss will push it forward too. They aren’t going to let up and they shouldn’t. This could be what we need to get rid of Obama because there is no way he and his top officials aren’t implicated in a cover-up. I visualize criminal charges against them and removing them from office.

    In exit interviews, foreign policy was not important – 5%. Might that be unimportant to the populous because of the lack of media coverage by the MSM? I would say so.

    • Brett Baier said that the Congressional Hearing will be next Thursday. James Clapper, Matt Olsen, and David Petraeus are supposed to be under the microscope.

      • Oh, I can’t wait to see Clapper under the hot lights. I hope they put some grill marks on him. He’s such a tool. Petraeus is a disappointment. Olsen–isn’t he the one who told the truth?

      • Just heard that they are meeting behind closed doors so we will have to wait for one of the Congressmen to speak about what they heard. Grrr.

        Matt Olsen was/is the Director of the National Counter-terrorism Center. He was the one that told the truth and was supposedly reprimanded for doing so. When asked about it, he denied the reprimand happened.

        • Oh, yeah. I remember that it was supposed to be a closed door session. Infuriating. The media and Obama LIE to us; the Republicans allow them to tell the truth (if then) IN SECRET and continue to HIDE it from the American people. Why do I suspect that they ALL know exactly WHO Obama is and what his birth records really say?

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            And they hid the news about the Iranians striking one of our drones on 11/1. Of course they waited until their man won to “declassify”.

            An honest media should be priority #1.

  13. …Have another DONUT!!! or a bakers dozen….. kiss
    a*s Kiss a*sser…… OH what just happened?? Not a CLUE?? Was it something I SAID?? Stuck on stupid…. stuck..

  14. OMG….HAMMERED….. The SHOW MUST GO ON…… WTF….the world is watching…… us get plastered….and getting PAID 4 IT!!!!!


    Voters failed to do right thing.

    Up to us now. We intend to try another option.

    Watergate him. Not waterboard him. Watergate him.

    Don’t contact me again.

  16. I feel as EMPTY as this man whom bribes….buys &…bullies… EMPTY!
    WE DID NOT LOSE…. For we gained NOTHING! Built on SAND…
    our Sandman… like holding Mercury …it slips away & is gone in time!

    • If he HAS learned from us, then the first thing he will do is to reach out to Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney to confer on how to get our economy back on track. But that will come AFTER he reins in Harry Reid, telling him that HE has to work with the Republicans and Independents in the Senate as well as with the House of Representatives. Do you think that will happen OR do you think it will simply be a recasting of “my way or the highway” or else he demonizes the Republicans after deliberately sending us over the cliff?

  17. “But Romney’s biggest mistake was to try and turn this into a technocrat, tunnel-vision campaign on the economy alone and not to focus on where Obama was truly vulnerable, on character, trust and integrity, because of the latter’s many, many lies and distortions, especially after Benghazi. Two weeks of “Why should you trust a President who won’t tell you the truth about Benghazi?” could have gone a long way towards putting the President on the defensive and maintaining Romney’s momentum. Instead, like Senator McCain four years earlier, he let Obama off the hook without a swing. Why should Americans care about character if Romney doesn’t?

    So now we have the spectacle of blacks, browns, young people and many women screaming in ecstasy at the man who has bankrupted them and generations to come by making empty promises paid for by trillions of dollars we don’t have. They won’t know their betrayal until it’s too late, until the Piper has to be paid, when inflation is out of sight, our credit rating is downgraded, when the entire coal industry is shut down and fracking banned, when China stops buying our worthless debt, when the dollar standard is discarded and we can’t delay disaster by printing more worthless money or buying our own treasury bonds with money borrowed from China, when we finally, inevitably, fall off the cliff into a truly great depression and/or World War III breaks out, only after anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying Iran has nuclear weapons and Israel is possibly incinerated. What a great second term we have coming.

    These epochal issues were what was really at stake in this Presidential election, but Mr. Romney, good man that he is, wouldn’t go there. On the contrary, he praised Obama’s good intentions, refused to dramatize the real danger, apparently out of fear of being labeled a warmonger, and lost the true battles of character and ideas to the shameless, craftier, demagogue.”

    I agree, unfortunately. We need to learn to fight fire with fire.

    • I disgree Miri, Romney could only stick to the economy and jobs; anything else including Benghazi would have backfired. Remember Candy Crowley? Whatever Romeny said on anything except jobs, which was already a record for Mitt before the election, got twisted and presented in an alternative truth that even half the conserviative showed they believed by saying things like Mitt should not have this or that, this way or that way. This way, now when it goes full steam ahead, more truth (not alternative universe truth but the real thing) may actually get presented and heard, now the the game/fight of the election is out of the way and the Regime is onto other activities trying to take the Americans out of Amerika.

  18. This is what reaching across the aisle looks like:

    “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday that he will try to push through a change to Senate rules that would limit the GOP’s ability to filibuster bills.

    Speaking in the wake of Tuesday’s election, which boosted Senate Democrats’ numbers slightly, Mr. Reid said he won’t end filibusters altogether but that the rules need to change so that the minority party cannot use the legislative blocking tool as often. …

    A filibuster takes 60 senators to overcome it.

    Leaders of both parties have been reluctant to change the rules because they value it as a tool when they are in the minority. …

    After Mr. Reid’s comments Wednesday, Don Stewart, a spokesman for Mr. McConnell, said Democrats would set a bad tone for next year.

    “We hope Democrats will work toward allowing members of both sides to be involved in the legislative process — rather than poisoning the well on the very first day of the next Congress,” Mr. Stewart said. “And that Sen. Reid will honor his public commitment to do rules changes only through the regular order.””

    An excellent but very sad and depressing prediction of how we’ve lost our country and how we MIGHT get her back.

    • And here is a perfect bookend for that article: How LOW we’ve fallen as a culture. And the leftists celebrate this.

      “Beyonce celebrated President Obama’s reelection on Tuesday night by taking a dig at Mitt Romney supporters.

      The singer posted a photo of a piece of notebook paper which read: “TAKE THAT MITCHES” on her Tumblr shortly after Obama’s victory was announced.

      It appears that the post has since been removed.”

      And so we can begin our boycott with Ms. Beyonce. Hit her in the pocketbook, where it hurts. She’s an embarrassment to America. Take THAT …

    • I just heard a clip on radio of Chris Tingle saying (not making this up) “I’m so glad we had that storm last week because I think the storm was one of those things.”.” He should be fired. NOW.

      Compare this to Mourdock’s comment about God’s will when a child is conceived from rape. All Mourdock did was see the child as a GIFT of LIFE from God. Chris Tingle seriously says that he’s HAPPY about a storm the killed many and hurt millions and yet he gets a pass. All because it benefits his messiah. It’s disgusting.

      TY Barry for the losses we had today in the stock market. Already the “experts” are out there blaming the “fiscal cliff” for the drop, not fear of Barry’s policies, and also saying that Barry will have “no choice” to save us by “executive fiat.”


    Many of these people say what I’m thinking. Fraud on a massive scale. A rigged election. 2008 again. Yesterday, when it turned bleak and dreary, and when I read what Carville said about how, if they lose, it’s fraud then I knew what was going to happen. This is what they do. They accuse their opponents of exactly what they’re DOING. This was the beginning of the meme to demonize anyone who would suggest that THEY won via vote fraud. Like they preemptively attacked “birthers” as conspiracy theorists. When I heard Barry had his concession speech ready (which I don’t believe), I also got a sick familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach, which warned of the result we see. This has happened to us far too many times over the past five plus years to not recognize a set up when it happens. I still don’t know WHY this is happening, but it’s happening as surely as the fix being in when he ran against McCain. He knew he’d win. Thus the fake Air Force One, the Greek columns, his supreme confidence during the fiscal crisis. He knew the fix was in this time, too. It could be the vote counting machines. It could be corruption of all the local election boards in just the right places. His last campaign. His last election. Even Mooch says so. Ominous double meaning there.

    • they are so easy to read, transparency = projection

      • Was just looking at a link provided by Ulsterman, but from the Washington Post, on how votes shifted from 2008 to 2012. Looked in my state, and there was a HUGE shift of white evangelicals from Republican to Democrat. WTF?????????? I now have a new group to be really p.o.’d at. Obviously has to be the Mormon thing. Really???
        Perhaps they are also in the excedingly stupid group of “Worse off today than 4 years ago” who voted for Obama 90% to 10% Romney?
        Would apologize for offending anyone but if you were in either group,I HOPE you’re offended.

        • Impossible. There would NEVER be a huge shift of white evangelicals from R to D. Would not happen. Did not happen. Sounding like a broken record here but Dictators and Regimes do not lose elections. If that many were disatified they would have been out campaigning nonstop for their new found love and redeemer and Obama could not find enough workers or contributors. Out right lie. Don’t believe. Don’t comment/react as if true because it then becomes the current reality. Don’t help a lie become a “fact”.

          • What a Hoot, you are probably right. I just saw a similar analysis at The Blaze (from the Huffington Post) that showed a small shift of evangelicals FROM democrat to Republican overall. Unless there was some weird anomaly in Colorado, the scenario I saw does seem unlikely.

        • You know, SEO, I was afraid of that. It’s infuriating that anyone would prefer Obama over Romney on account of religion. I thought, worst case, they’d just stay home or not vote for either. I read, but am not sure that it’s true, that half of the Catholics still voted for Barry.

  21. Testing physics ~ House of Cards …. Kiss your card goodbye….

  22. Allen West has asked for a recount.

    Late last night Congressman West maintained a districtwide lead of nearly 2,000 votes until the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections ‘recounted’ thousands of early ballots. Following that ‘recount’ Congressman West trailed by 2,400 votes …

    The St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections office clearly ignored proper rules and procedures, and the scene at the Supervisor’s office last night could only be described as complete chaos. Given the hostility and demonstrated incompetence of the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, we believe it is critical that a full hand recount of the ballots take place in St. Lucie County. We will continue to fight to ensure every vote is counted properly and fairly, and accordingly we will pursue all legal means necessary.

    West has committed to pushing this battle into the courts if necessary.”

    A man that knows HOW to fight.

    • I was just going to post that. My eyes perked up at the St. Lucie county problem. That same county was mentioned as questionable by the WI at Ulsterman’s. It would be great if it was found that machine was tampered with. That would set off an investigation of other same brand name machines elsewhere. Intense scrutiny could determine if there was fraud in other areas.

      I still have a difficult time looking at the final map from last night that was almost entirely red, and them saying Obama won. They have shown that map all day and it doesn’t compute in my brain. It should be a reverse of what I see for Obama to have won.

      • From what I remember about the map, even in the red states the more populous counties with the inner cities are the ones that went for Barry. I think it’s quite curious that the popular vote ended up almost EXACTLY as the polls stated, EXCEPT with Barry getting the 50% and Romney the 48%. Knowing what a narcissist Obama is, I’m sure that it galled him to see those numbers for the past few weeks. Think about the swing it takes to REVERSE those numbers and put HIM on top. But if they did rig the results, he would not tolerate an electoral college win with his opponent winning the popular vote, even IF it served their ultimate goal to get rid of the electoral college. His ego is such that he MUST always win. So I do think it’s rather suspicious that he took away EXACTLY the winning percentages that were predicted for Romney.

        I read an story with the silliest twisted logic ever: They were talking about how the Republican caucuses in the House and the Senate are now “less diverse” based upon losses by people like Allen West and some hispanic and female Republicans. But in every case, the person who BEAT THEM in their race was a WHITE MALE. So they spin this as something to the detriment of Republicans–that THEY have fewer blacks, women, hispanics in both houses of Congress now. NOT that the DemoncRATS ran WHITE MALES against these “diverse” Republicans in order to defeat them and muzzle the “voices” of these “minority communities.”

        They were touting the new female senators, most of whom are DemoncRATS with four Republicans, iirc. Among them is Fauxcahontas, the fake Indian Elizabeth Warren. They touted some woman I never heard of as the first female Asian senator. I’m surprised they didn’t tout Duckworth as the first whatever SHE is (just like Barry, huh? Born overseas. Remember?) I’m also surprised that they don’t tout Warren as the FIRST FEMALE NATIVE AMERICAN SENATOR! How proud those Cherokee must be. 🙂

  23. Rosemary Woodhouse

    I am in mourning today. President Reagan spoke of morning in America. We now have widespread mourning in America.

    p.s. Go Allen! He was targeted as **the** one most feared and despised by the machine. Am surprised but pleased that Michelle Bachmann won reelection. We all know in our hearts that Rosemary’s Baby won by fraud. By any means necessary, right? It’s going to be hell on Earth for 3.5 years. Starting date: for God to determine.

    • Rosemary’s Baby did win by fraud. I know it in my heart AND in my mind. When will the rest of the Republicans follow West’s lead and realize that if they continue to be cowed by the media and capitulate to their opponents, they will NEVER win because unless they EXPOSE and FIGHT this fraud, we are doomed. Good for Allen West, but you know, he somewhat has that teflon advantage that Barry has. He’s black AND a military veteran. For them to try to accuse HIM of what they accused Bush of in 2000 won’t work. They can’t attack him too vehemently without offending blacks, other minorities, and the veterans and current troops. I’m willing to bet that if he gets his HAND recount, he will win. I wonder how long it takes?

      Freudian allusion there, RW: Allen West very well MIGHT HAVE BEEN “targeted by the machine.” The SCYTL VOTING machine.

  24. Jack Cashill:


    “The harvesters seem to have done their best work in southeast Florida. In Miami-Dade County, Obama improved his results by 5 percent over 2008. In Broward, he improved his numbers as well but by less than half of 1 percent.

    What makes these numbers suspect, especially the Miami-Dade numbers, is that Romney outperformed McCain’s 2008 numbers in virtually every other Florida county. And in those counties where Romney fell short, it was by a hair.

    Interestingly, too, Obama’ numbers fell in every state of the union with one interesting exception – New Jersey. The Sandy photo-op would seem to have paid off. It might have even saved his election.”

  25. I have a friend in FL whose neice called her because after she had waited in line for 2 hours, got to the front and was told they were out of ballots (inexcusable!), and was told they had been out for a couple of hours. My friend (an attorney) called her friend who was running for mayor (and subsequently won), and a truck soon pulled up with ballots. My question – how many people gave up and left during the 3 hour time span when there were no ballots to fill out? This was in Brevard county, I believe – can check and report back if anyone thinks it’s important. They have reported the situation as fraud, since there is no excuse to not have enough ballots on hand – you know how many registered voters you have in any given voting block…this is just one little story. Magnify it. As those mythbusters Hindman and Savage would say – “There’s your problem!” Grrrrrrrrrrrr


  27. A true Scottish Story:

    Scotland has at time been an independent country and at other times,as it is now, part of Britain. Braveheart, the movie about the life of William Wallace, tells the story of it’s struggle for freedom, which it achieved, though not During Mr. Wallace’s lifetime. It didn’t stay free. As a reult of a monumentally stupid idea to build a 2nd Panama Canal it became bankrupt. England rescued Scotland but demanded it once again become part of Britain.

    Times change.

    About 10 years ago, they voted in a new political part, called the Scottish Independence Party, leader Alex Salmon, to become the majority party in Scotland and it has been successful in winning the right to hold a referendum, in a few years time, for the voters in Scotland.
    The referendum has only one question, Should we stay or should we go?

    David Cameron, The English Prime Minister has agreed to this and if the Scottish voters by a simple majority choose once again to become their own country, that will be granted.

    King George died centuries ago and Queen Elizabeth will not order her military to once again cross their border.

    It is a modern day recognition that When In The Course of Human Events the union is no longer maintainable, it is better to peacefully dissolve the Union and let both go free.

    • We could have a nice cohesive union down the center of the country. Of course, isn’t that one of Soviet Russia’s plans? To split the US into several countries, to diminish our “superpowerness”? Did you see that the pro-statehood people in Puerto Rico prevailed in an opinion referendum?–sector.html

      ” But nearly one-third of the total votes cast left the answer to the second question blank and were not included in the vote tally. With those ballots counted, support for statehood was calculated to be closer to 45 percent, analysts said.

      The referendum was backed by Republican Governor Luis Fortuno of the New Progressive Party which supports statehood. … Wall Street expressed concern a loss by Fortuno could upset a fiscal restoration plan he implemented that included government layoffs and other belt-tightening measures.

      Puerto Rico debt is widely held by U.S. investors because of its unusual full exemption from federal, state and local income taxes, and investors have credited the Fortuno administration with bringing government finances under control and implementing tax and energy reforms.

      However, Puerto Rico’s debt has ballooned to $67 billion, making it among the most indebted jurisdictions in the United States, and economic growth remains tepid, growing by 1.1 percent last year after six years of decline. [He lost, so this will cost us and we can understand now why he lost.] … Most Puerto Ricans pay no federal income tax, but contribute to Social Security and are eligible to receive federal welfare benefits, and many have served in the armed forces. [And an amazing percentage of them are now on “disability” payments, aka redistribution from the mainland to them, who pay NO income taxes! That’s what I call “fair”. NOT!]

      “Puerto Rico has emerged in recent years as one of the easiest places in the U.S. to get payments from the Social Security Disability Insurance program, created during the Eisenhower administration to help people who can’t work because of a health problem. In 2010, 63% of applicants there won approval, four percentage points higher than New Jersey and Wyoming, the most-generous U.S. states. In fact, nine of the top 10 U.S. zip codes for disabled workers receiving benefits can be found on Puerto Rico. The SSDI is set to soon become the first big federal benefit program to run out of cash—and one of the main reasons is U.S. states and territories have a large say in who qualifies for the federally funded program. … Over the years, Puerto Rico’s dependence on SSDI has grown particularly stark, exacerbated by the closure of factories and U.S. military installations, an exodus of skilled workers and a number of corruption scandals. … “The mentality is that it’s ‘big, rich Uncle Sam’s money,”‘ said Ivan Gonzalez-Cancel, a prominent Democrat and cardiac surgeon in San Juan who is planning to run for governor in 2012 for the New Progressive Party. He said the system is rife with corruption, something local and federal officials deny. … Benefits can be modest: In 2009, they averaged $1,064 a month. [Many who work don’t clear that much.] But the program opens up access for recipients to other government programs, multiplying the ultimate cost to taxpayers. … Puerto Rico has long had an outsize reliance on disability benefits. The island has had a double-digit jobless rate for most of the past 30 years, settling at 15.7% at the end of December. Doctors here say as people find it harder to get a job, they apply for disability benefits.

      Even though Puerto Rico’s population fell in the past 10 years, from 3.8 million people in 2000 to roughly 3.7 million today, the number of people on SSDI rose 25% from 2000 through 2009 to 188,298. The Social Security Administration sent roughly $163 million a month in SSDI benefits to Puerto Rico in 2009, the last available full-year data, accounting for 2% of the program’s total spending.

      In 2006, just 36% of applicants in Puerto Rico were approved for benefits. By 2010, the rate had rocketed. In December, 69% of applicants were approved, the highest one-month approval rate by any state or U.S. territory since 2002.””

      Link to a story from 2010 that explains why DemoncRATS would support PR statehood (besides helping to bankrupt us by redistribution):

      “* The U.S. would transform, overnight, into a bilingual nation. At least half of Puerto Ricans do not speak English, the language of our U.S. Constitution and founding documents. The Washington Times article, “Puerto Rican statehood,” analyzes all the implications of adding a foreign language-speaking state to the Union.

      * It would bring immediate demands for massive federal spending. The average income of Puerto Ricans is less than half that of our poorest state, and infrastructure and the environment are far below American standards. Puerto Rico has a population with a median national income of $17,741, nearly a third of that for the U.S.

      * Puerto Rico is already a democracy. Despite the bill’s deceptive title, Puerto Rico already has an elected government and exists as a self-governed commonwealth of the U.S.

      * Statehood would give Puerto Rico more congressional representation than 25 of our 50 states! It would inevitably give Democrats two additional U.S. Senators and 6 to 8 additional Members of the House.”

      Watch this one! Bridgette wrote a post about this topic back in 2010. It appears what was predicted came true. This two-tiered vote was intended to get a “statehood” result to force it on the people, even if they don’t want it. They will keep voting until the get the result desired:

      • Here’s the key: “Robert DePosada, a senior adviser to the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders, says that if the NPP gets what it wants in the plebiscites, it will then elect senators and congressmen and send them to Washington to “demand” their seats the same way Tennessee did in 1796 (this is in the party’s platform). The party’s leader and former island governor has said that members of Congress will then be forced to support statehood to “avoid being accused of bigotry against Hispanics. So the plan is to rig an election and then extort approval from Congress of Puerto Rico as the 51st state.

        …citizens are faced with a manipulative bill that political observers will recognize as designed to create millions of new votes at a time when certain political actors fear their election prospects are diminishing.”

        Guess which side Barry will be on and guess how the Republicans will be the ones demonized for this. Already the meme developing post-election is that the Republicans will be FORCED to capitulate on “immigration reform” (maybe even AMNESTY, which would be political SUICIDE) because they MUST, so the meme goes, court hispanics or never again win an election. That will be true IF all the illegal aliens are given amnesty and if the open borders allow more illegals to pour in to get the amnesty AND THE VOTE. Add Puerto Rico as a state and there are more electoral votes for the DemoncRATS. Perhaps even for Barry, potus for life, in 2016.

  28. Maybe the Republican party should re-brand itself. In marketing terms,
    “Republican” doesn’t say much about you, and “Conservative” is not
    a lot better. I suggest “American Independence Party”.

  29. Rosemary Woodhouse

    The only real solution I see is for state secession. Then taxpaying, hard working ethical people will flock to said states leaving the remaining states of the former USA bankrupt. Texas is perfect because we then could seal the border. Google how independent Texas is: cattle, oil, all sorts of goods/services.

  30. So, You Think I’m a Sore Loser?
    By Aaron Cantor USAF (ret) Snip

    I sat in utter disbelief this evening, watching the election returns, and was amazed that so many Americans could live and breathe with their head that far up their ass.

    You addle brained idiots have just lived through all the crap this miserable bastard and his fat cow of a wife could think to throw at you for the last four years, and you just signed up for four more years of the same. He is a worse serial liar that that scumbag Bill Clinton ever thought of being, and he still needs to be vetted because until he is, he is still not eligible to occupy the office.

    Obviously you have not read all 2700 pages of the Obama care bill. Did you know for instance, that the provisions of this bill will allow the IRS to tap into your bank account any time they like?

    Let us not forget Dhimmitude, which is the Muslim system of controlling non-Muslim populations conquered through jihad. Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-Muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence AND as a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to Islam.

  31. Herman Cain Calls for Third Party
    November 8, 2012

    Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is calling for the creation of a third political party — saying it is clear to him that neither major political party is willing to address the nation’s economic problems. “We need a third party to save this country,” Cain told American Family Radio host Bryan Fischer. “This country is in trouble and it is clear that neither party — is going to fix the problems we face.”

  32. 5 Big Stories The Media Will ‘Discover’ After The Election

    Now that the election is over, one thing is clear – the country will have to deal with several major problems that the mainstream media largely ignored to protect President Obama. On issue after issue, in fact, the media didn’t cover Obama’s first term as much as they’ve covered up for him, whether it was the dismal state of the economy, the failure of his policies or the increased troubles abroad.

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