Progressives are Following the Marxist Model (Open Thread)

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“America is moving rapidly to Marxism under the influence of these people who call themselves Progressives.”

~General Boykin

General Jerry Boykin, the Green Beret General

As you know, family values, traditions, morals,  religious freedom and liberty, the institution of marriage, and the sanctity of life are threatened on a daily basis by  progressives [communists]  who want to redefine our values,  extinguish or pervert  our thinking and our way of life.   The Family Research Center is one of the organizations that stands for and defends America’s traditional values.  They are a main target for the progressives.   The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has even designated them as a “hate group.”    Why?  Because they espouse biblical-based beliefs regarding marriage and sexual behavior.

This culture war has intensified since Obama entered the White House with his Leftist Marxist ideology.   The once closeted minorities of anti-Americans made up of deviant and anti-American groups  such as the communists, socialists, Marxists, Islamists, gays, atheists, and others  have been given  full rein and megaphones to spout their abnormal thoughts.   They have corrupted our value systems,  applauded criminal behavior, turned right to wrong, and divided our people into classes, races, and groups.

In July 2012,  Lt. General William G. “Jerry” Boykin  (Retired) joined the Family Research Council as  executive vice president to assist them in fighting the ongoing Culture War of our time.

According to Wiki, “on September 26, 2009, Boykin gave an address at a How to Take Back America Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, hosted by the Eagle Forum. According to the Canada Free Press, General Boykin asked the audience. “What are you prepared to give up for America? Are you willing to pay the ultimate price?” He followed up with warning, “there is no greater threat to America than Islam.”

In September, General Boykin participated at the “Religious Hostility in America” panel at the Values Voter Summit 2012 and spoke about the Progressives.  I have transcribed below his conversation from a video.  What can’t be seen in his words is the emphasis, seriousness  and concern heard in his voice.  His words are important with the election so close and early voting having begun.

A Retired 3  Star General Explains “Progressives”

Lt. General William G. “Jerry” Boykin (Retired):

“I want you all to harken back and remember that one of the terms they used for Adolph Hitler was a Progressive – I didn’t make that up, that’s historic.  I want you to also realize that Karl Marx said,  “Religion is the opiate of the masses.”  Karl Marx also said, that “My objective is to dethrone God and to destroy capitalism.”  

I think that the people that are behind this would not call themselves Marxists, but I would tell you that they are following to the letter the Marxist model.   America is moving rapidly to Marxism under the influence of these people that call themselves progressives.  And their leading advocates, and their leading front groups are organizations like the ACLU, and the Southern Poverty Law Center that has just recently gone after me again.

So why, why is this happening and why is Christianity singled out?  Because Christianity is the true light.  It is the most powerful beacon of light in the world.  Now when you think, when you think about the fact that we are the only nation in history that was founded on the concept of inalienable rights,  and then you look at the fact that what Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, and Vladimir Lenin, as well as,  Hitler himself – what they wanted to do was  move everyone in society away from the notion that there is sovereign God that provides those inalienable rights;  so that you are dependent upon the government and the people in power.

What you are seeing in America today is Marxism.  They don’t call it that, but it is Marxism and they are destroying the concept of a sovereign God  incrementally,  so that we ultimately become dependent upon government.   And Christianity is the most powerful force in America that goes back to the founding of this nation’s Judeo Christian principles.  And they have to take God out of our society to insert government.




133 responses to “Progressives are Following the Marxist Model (Open Thread)

  1. Can you believe this? There’s one more jobs report due out before the election, but now the Dept. of Labor is using the storm to consider “delaying” it. How convenient.

  2. Where is the black, million dollar Obama bus? Obama is sitting at the White House giving photo ops while telling the states he will cut through the bureaucratic red tape for states. His assurances to citizens, uh annnnd, un. I can’t wait to get rid of the Duh factor.

    Romney Delivers Hurricane Relief While Clinton Compares Him to Hurricane Sandy
    Oct. 29 Snips

    On the eve of the biggest storm to hit the eastern seaboard of the United States in 100 years, Bill Clinton was delivering a speech revving up Democrat zombies for Senate candidate Chris Murphy of Connecticut:…
    So what was Mitt Romney doing while the Obama Desperation Team was out politicking?

    “The Romney campaign has canceled campaign events, commercials, and fundraising appeals in states that will be impacted by Hurricane Sandy, and is instead using a campaign bus to help deliver supplies to those who will be impacted by what forecasters are predicting may be a ‘storm of the century.’”

    Romney was first on the scene when hurricane Isaac hit. Offering relief is not a campaign ploy for Romney. Say what you will about the Mormons, but they are one our nation’s largest non-governmental relief agencies.

  3. Obama’s Sequester Proposal Slashes Funds for FEMA, Disaster Relief
    Oct. 29

    As Hurricane Sandy approaches the northeast United States, the left is attempting to politicize the storm, attacking Republican nominee Mitt Romney and his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), for wanting to shift more responsibility for disaster relief from the federal government to the states.

    They ignore the fact that President Barack Obama’s proposal for the upcoming budget sequester would cut nearly $900 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, including disaster relief, food and shelter, and flood management at both the federal and state levels.

    Obama has also shown a singular disinterest in other natural disasters, from the earliest days of his presidency; his newfound interest is an election-season phenomenon. [Glad they noticed this also.]


  4. Don Wilkie:

    “Just When Was Obama Born?”

    “… It now appears that Mary Toutonghi, Ann Dunham’s sometime babysitter in Seattle, was also “managed.”

    Mary and her husband were the managers of the Villa Ria apartments located in the Capitol Hill section of Seattle. The apartments were carved out of a large old house. All of the tenants shared a common kitchen. Ann and baby had an apartment on the first floor.

    If we assume that Mary’s statement is correct, that Obama was seven months old in August/September of 1961, then many things begin to make sense. First-time mother and 18-year-old Ann Dunham did not improbably take her three-week-old infant from Hawaii to Seattle so she could enroll in school; she waited until he was seven months old and more easily cared for. Obama was not born in August of 1961; he was born in February 1961. Mary’s daughter was not 18 months old when Mary babysat; she was 18 months older than Obama. Remember too that Maraniss, Scott, Jacobs and Remnick all are totally — and inexplicably — silent on Ann’s whereabouts from February to August 1961.’

    Is Mary’s statement the “smoking gun”? Did she innocently reveal a truth the Obama camp has been fighting hard to keep covered up? She has never once mentioned seeing a newborn. …”

    • Can I be excused for being snarky? Now there’s an original thought.

      We’ve been on Mary Toutonghi from DAY ONE. From when we were back at TD’s. Among the very first, if not the first, to point out that her math, to put it mildly, sucked. Corsi was informed of the error and he “corrected” Mary’s math by writing an article excusing it. He claimed he interviewed her himself and she somehow satisfied him that she was just mistaken about HOW OLD HER OWN CHILD WAS when she babysat an alleged newborn infant. NO WOMAN is going to forget whether or not she cared for TWO babies in diapers as opposed to one in diapers and another in the throes of the terrible twos, especially when this was her FIRST CHILD. Most mothers remember every detail about their first child’s early life. In addition, she claimed to have NO PHOTOS! None. No photos from those days when her first child was living in that building with SAD and Barry.

      Other suspicious giveaways are Mary saying that Barry was “very large” and how that story ends by saying, “She’s hoping the alert, inquisitive boy she once took care of now takes care of the country.”

      Three days old or seven months old, who calls an infant an “alert inquisitive BOY?”

      • From the story: “If we assume that Mary’s statement is correct, that Obama was seven months old in August/September of 1961, then many things begin to make sense. First-time mother and 18-year-old Ann Dunham did not improbably take her three-week-old infant from Hawaii to Seattle so she could enroll in school; she waited until he was seven months old and more easily cared for. Obama was not born in August of 1961; he was born in February 1961. Mary’s daughter was not 18 months old when Mary babysat; she was 18 months older than Obama. Remember too that Maraniss, Scott, Jacobs and Remnick all are totally — and inexplicably — silent on Ann’s whereabouts from February to August 1961.

        The sham marriage of Ann Dunham and Barack Obama, Sr. would have probably taken place in February of 1961, just before or after the baby was born. This would also mean that Barack Obama, Sr. the man, “married in name only,” who has no physical resemblance to our president, could not be the biological father; there just wasn’t enough time. For Obama Sr. to work as the real biological father, an early August birth date is about as soon as a child could be born. This would explain the story of an unlikely meeting in a Russian class and the rapid seduction of Ann. It would also explain why Obama’s birth certificate appears to many experts to be a forgery. Obviously, if Obama was born in February 1961, the birth certificate would have to be “modified.”

        Is Mary’s statement the “smoking gun”? Did she innocently reveal a truth the Obama camp has been fighting hard to keep covered up? She has never once mentioned seeing a newborn. It would stand to reason that if Obama was really just three weeks old when Mary first saw him, that would be what she would remember. A seven-month-old Obama in late August 1961 would make sense on several levels.”

        Yep. What we said.

        • Miri, do you have any background on Mary (dob, etc?). I always thought her name sounded vaguely Native American (like Inuit, Eskimo maybe) and that made sense with her being in the NW, but I just found a record of a Mary Toutonghi and family arriving in 1946 to NY (she was 10) and she and her family are listed as “Stateless” of Syrian origin, born in Cairo, and she an Arab-English speaker.

        • so, Mary was replaced by a woman named Ruta. hmmm.
          (No place to reply, below.)

          about that February 1961 “marriage”… no way. It never happened. Senior was already married and it had to be a part of his permanent record for funds, enrollment, etc.

          Of course, he said, you can just tell your wife “we’re divorced” and that makes you divorced… guess you can get married that way, too, according to the Book of Barky.

          • Yep. That’s what I was getting at. They claimed his marriage to Kezia was “tribal” and that (MUSLIMS) can just tell a wife she’s divorced and they are. Thing is: I think somebody forgot to tell Kezia. She was LEGALLY his widow when they settled his estate, so Kenya never recognized the divorce or else they remarried. I wondered if there’s such a thing as a “tribal” wedding in Hawaii, overseen by some tribal muckety-muck that because of political correctness NOW the state of Hawaii will recognize.

          • Yep, and ‘what up’ with the chapter and verse in barky’s fairytale that there was commotion at the time the estate was settled because Mark could prove he was an heir. and that stupid, II following his moniker.
            Yeah he’s The Second. So much for Jr. and not being able to prove you’re the chosen one. Then didn’t Mark change his name to his “step father’s” surname? Its so whaaaaaccckkked!

      • The passenger list also says they were going to join their daughter O.F. Van Beveren in California.

        • Guess what? Oscar was a HUGE OIL MAN.

        • First, I hate when I think I have discovered something and it turns out that you guys covered it in detail YEARS ago 🙂 but it’s such a tangled web that there is always something, eh?
          So, I didn’t know who Oscar was yesterday, but now I’ve found the divorce records for him and the Toutonghi daughter. According to CA records, he was

          married to Mary A Toutonghi, in 1944, who was born in 1924. How many Marys were in that family?? I guess she was probably Mary Agnes and went by Agnes.
          If they were Catholic maybe that’s not unusual.

          • Many Marys, iirc. I’m guessing, based upon them being Middle Eastern, that they were either Coptic or Maronite. But since then, several of them have converted to Islam, embracing their inner Muslim.

          • Don’t feel bad, SEO. We know a lot more than we’ve published. As I said, but for Mary, they are private citizens and I don’t see any reason to ureasonably expose them (other than what they’ve already exposed for themselves on the Web). Many of them may have nothing to do with whatever it is that Mary was up to, with her supplying of a cover story for SAD. She was also involved in politics (pro-Obama) during the 2008 election. Her yard signs got vandalized, iirc. It was in the news. Easy to see what her political persuasion was. I never did find THE connection between the Dunhams and these Toutonghis, if any, other than that some seemed to have lived in CA at the same time Stan was allegedly at Berkeley and also that some moved to Seattle, where the Dunhams also lived. Of course, maybe you know (or don’t know) that some at Free Republic posit that a member of this family is the mother of Barry. Their theory also is that Malcolm X is the father. I personally lean more towards FMD OR one of the black boyfriends Ann was rumored to have in high school. I also like the theory that she went to give birth in Canada, where at the time Stan’s half-sister lived (on a military base, iirc).

          • Miri , Joseph Toutonghi was R.Catholic like the Russian Orthodox,that may be because of his Latvian wife. That’s not to say all his children are that now. THere is a daughter Annette who looks to be Muslim(at least when she was in Cairo she wore a head scarf).

            • Where does it say anywhere that he was Roman Catholic? (Or that Mary was?) The father was buried from what appears to be a Roman Catholic church, but that could be that this was the closest congregation that fit their religion. Maronites are typically Syrian and have their own churches; however, there may not have been a suitable church in Seattle. The Jesuits are associated with a lot of universities, probably including the American University of Cairo.

          • Miri so funny that you say Eleanor B.’s twins were Stephen and Michael. There is lots of confusing stuff on the Toutonghi’s, but there are Stephen and Michael Toutonghi brothers. They don’t always go by that name but either a middle name or something….But……on the Mothers side Lorice Sarruf, guess who that is? The second wife of Joseph Toutonghi and a David Sarruff Born 1977 to somebody in that family works at the lawfirm of Perkin Coie in Seattle Washington with Ronald Bernstein and I find him and a Stephen Toutonghi with Vizrea Corp. as giving both giving money donations monthly to the democrat national services corp. by Stephen and Bernstein with Perkins Coie giving to Rep. Nat. committee. in Seattle. THen of course there’s John Pauls Toutonghi who took his father Joseph to Cairo during or just after the riots were over, and the article was intriguing in that it was published on a Social Justice page.
            The Saruff name is really telling…as there is an Uncle who is today vice president of the American University in Beruit. And if you look further this family was an old socialite Bolshevick crowd/ Lenin sympathisers(they were considered Lenenites.)
            I have a feeling if we knew how to look, that Joseph was a Union guy(like in the days of Paul Robeson unions and Seattle had it’s communist headquarters highly stationed there. Sure they’re a sweet family that should just be left alone, but whoever John Pauls Toutonghi associated with Joseph is he is a professor (can’t remember ,but I thing U. California), has been a teacher at Lewis and Clark College. He is a writer and poet(in the social justice circle). His brother is Michael Joseph, married to a Chzech republic woman. Funny too, as you know it is sometimes genetic….he and his wife Peyton Marshall have TWINS. Now if you follow where Pauls studied, Syracruse University…..that’s the founding area of interfaith Gamalieal founder George Wiley of 1968. It was Alinsky training at it’s finest although Wiley and Alinsky were sort of rivals. They were both associated with the soviet spy Frederick Fields and Gordon Sherman.Just type in their names and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Students at Syracruse were enlisted in Alinskyite training for civil rights at Syracruse University.
            I may not have made the connections well for you, but I think the Ann Tout/Toot anna Toot name could have had some roots in the Toutonghi name. Michael Joseph was born Aug 1962. Mary was first born child Aug. 1956 in California. Another date that Mary Toutonghi says her daughter was born 1959 . This daughter could be Annette. John Pauls was born 1963. Ther could be another Mary (Joseph T.’s sibling )Toutonghi that had a child named Mary also to add to the confusion.
            Back to the Latvian stuff Mary Jean Zolin of Riga in Latvia and the Lorice Sarruf both seem to be Latvian. One grandmother helped build the Latvian Hall in Seattle. Funny how Paul tells his parents met in French class in Washington.
            Michael Joseph and Pauls both went to St. Andrew U. abroad in Scotland then Michael got phd. at Cornell while Pauls went to Syracruse N.Y.
            It is quite likely there is an Anna Toutonghi, because Joseph had many brothers and sisters with names like Mary, Maria, Anna, Alexandra but I did not explore all ther offspring. BUT the inlaws on one of their mother’s side Alexander Ishak Saruff and Nabel Alexandra Sarruf had a son David Saruff working for Perkins and Coi
            One other point Joseph’s family was actually more in the Jesuit Catholic realm (see Scotland Jesuits). In his obit it is also noted to send donations to some Jesuit instit.

          • Miri, it’s probably thru the wives of Joseph T. that I have come accross the Roman Catholic stuff, but mother Russia is in their history somewhere. But it was Jesuits that I had made a note of and I realized that just as I had posted. But it looks like Seo and you both have made the Jesuit conects, so I digress.
            I have always wondered and looked around a few times trying to see why the only bits of info on Stanley Dunham I can remember is him being called a Bohemian. That has always stuck with me ever since I read O. filthy book. Why and in what context could he have meant. HE left Stanley with mysterious phrases like that in his book. I’ve always thought he was an import of sorts, a hidden “shadowy figure” (a term Obama may have learned and just used recently) with some maybe illegal ties….Maybe he was dealing arms out of Lebanon and knew CIA Union guy Brown. Remember him….drugs left Lebanon with a courrier to Turkey, Paris and US. Or maybe Stanley’s Bohemianism was like all the anarchists of the day who were the Jewish/European Socialists/Marxists/writers running in some very strange circle of friends with spies/poets/musicians /wealthy people and hoodlem all mixed together. They called themselves Bohemians. I still think why on earth Did Mark Ndesandjo choose to play a piano piece for an unknowing bunch of Chinese socialites, a very old Black Jazz tune called Viper’s Drag…which, now that I know how that song is supposed to be played….he did a very crude rendition of it. Why that song about reefer of the 20’s 30’s? Are these people for the Obama Fraud scurrying around old book stores, their parents attics, blowing dust off of old crap and just throwing it all together to make a Gumbo for us to digest, knowing we’ll never get their witty disconnected clues . I do hear Ayers is a good cook…maybe a better cook than writer.
            Sorry I’ve been so long winded today. Forgive me and I won’t keep it up, think my brain needed airing out…yu can probably tell it’s a bit foggy.

          • well , I’m responding to twoo of you guys posts…Don’t feel bad exposing these families as they are very busy in public affairs, from Seattle, New York, California and it seems Egyppt and Saudi too. I had just run across some public thing in Alaska I guess where old Mary Toutonghi is talking about oil prices in April of this year. I’ll see if I can find it. I’m assuming there’s just one Mary T. in Alaska, but could be a younger relative???? But THe Van Beveren name and oil, caught my eye. Hmm, wonder in Oscar had anything to do with oil during the war….operation and CIA….

        • This is from the story Joseph’s son Pauls wrote that I referenced:

          “In the spring of 1941, when he was eight years old, my father cut his knee during recess. It was a small laceration, barely bigger than a postage stamp. At the time, he was in the third grade at La Collège de la Sainte-Famille, an all-male, French-language school run by Jesuit priests in the sleepy Cairene suburb of Heliopolis. A Melkite, Eastern-rite Catholic from a family of Catholics, Baptists, and Copts – my father felt slightly out of place at Sainte-Famille. Discipline at the school was strict. Students wore stiff-collared white shirts and navy blue short pants and leather suspenders; when the teachers asked them questions, they stood beside their desks to respond. So, late for class, my father was afraid to go to the infirmary and wash out his cut.”

          • Melkite! TY. I figured it was an Eastern rite church. Not the same as ROMAN Catholic. Not the same allegiance to the Pope. Different patriarch.

            I wonder if the students at that school wore strange little emblems on their school uniforms. Remember?

            In that case, alleged to be the emblem of College Notre-Dame de Jamhour, a private Jesuit Catholic French language school in Beirut, Lebanon. Don’t they say that SAD spoke French?

          • I see you found the Jesuit connections. I must have been writing . Interesting we find Ann with that Jesuit connection. While there was a Jesuit College in Lebanon that we keep associating with her , the college did not allow girls , however there was a lower grade school for girs there. I found it once but didn’t know where to interject at the time.

            This is Joseph Michael Toutonghi. Maybe all those riots and quick visuals for the Egypt uprising with everyone with a cell phone with photos are thanks to this guy. He may have sold this to microsoft …haven’t checked further, but he was a vp with Microsoft too. Right, just your average middle class ?

          • WOW. I missed this whole, entire conversation!

            Probably wrapped up in Behghazi and the election fraud taking place…

    • O’…. a good place to play….. & kill some time????? Toutonghi…
      her maiden name ? Zolin?….

  5. Click to access Press_Release_DFMRF.pdf

    Joel Gilbert suspects that a “reporter” (an obot leftist one who’s connected to SOROS) has somehow hacked or got access to hacked information from HIS bank accounts, in an attempt to discredit Romney somehow.

    “The only way our banking information could have been obtained would have been through illegal hacking into our private company bank accounts,” Gilbert said. “The information was not public.” Gilbert concluded, “the story Rosenfeld seems to be concocting is that, because a few DVD buyers may be Romney supporters, the Romney campaign must somehow be involved,” he said. Gilbert continued, “this won’t work because number one, I have no association with the Romney campaign, and number two, the evidence in my film is overwhelming that Obama’s real biological father is Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist Party USA propagandist who became Obama’s ideological father. Barack Obama is a red diaper baby.” Gilbert stated, “the coming attack on my film by Seth Rosenfeld may be a last gasp dirty trick by the Soros funded network of communist front organizations.” Story also at WND:


    WND made a donation to Obama’s campaign, which was ACCEPTED illegally, and they said they were Osama bin Laden, donating from Pakh-eeee-stahn. No lie. Amazing.

    “Cleta Mitchell, a Republican campaign finance attorney, told WND there were many documented cases of illegal foreign contributions to the Obama campaign in 2008 that were “wholly ignored by the Federal Election Commission and the Obama Department of Justice.”

    “I have been hearing the same stories from many sources during this campaign as well,” she said. “Every other campaign has safeguards against these illegal transactions – every campaign except the Obama campaign.”

    Mitchell told WND it’s “abundantly clear that the Obama campaign is raising and accepting illegal contributions – and is being protected from investigation by his politicized Department of Justice.”

    “It is high time that this was investigated and all illegal funds disgorged – and those responsible be prosecuted,” she asserted.”


    Michael Moore, the profane, and Move On put out a threatening and disgusting “ad” against Romney. They have a history going into nursing homes and corrupting the elderly, driving them to the polls, telling them how to vote. Nothing’s changed, has it? Disgusting. Are these the 112 year old voters in NC?

  8. Dr. P.: What is your source for the above family tree? Was this put online by the family? We’ve had complaints before about copyright violations on family trees and we also don’t like to publish personal information about private citizens that they themselves have not put online. Can you provide a link to sources?

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