Presidential Debate Round #2 – The Intimidation Factor


Expectations are High for Round #2

Tonight   7:55 p.m. CT

“Take that you lousy, good for nothin’, lying, cheating, flea-bitten, jackass!”


The jivin’,  lyin’, Mr. Calm and Cool Barack Obama will try to redeem himself tonight after his last pitiful performance in the first presidential debate.    The man pretending to be president showed 68+ million people around the world exactly why our country is in the shape it is in.   It was a pathetic showing for the man so highly touted as the greatest orator to ever represent the Democrats, and the man who allegedly is the most powerful man in the world.    That night he earned and deserves the distinguished title bestowed upon him as the Empty Chair.

In 2008, people believed in a man with no experience, no history, and no bona fided credentials.  Unbelievably, they voted him into the highest office in the land.   They lauded him as the first African-American man to become president even though his background was shady, his friends were all radicals and anti-Americans,  and his ideology Marxist/socialist.   People only knew what the narcissist wrote about himself, or I should say what Bill Ayers wrote about him.  All he had going for him was his color, a big mouth,  and a traveling teleprompter.  He sprinkled lots of  NLP to hypnotize the masses whenever he spoke so they’d scream or faint as though he was a rock star.  He said words that had no meaning, yet people were blinded and mesmerized inexplicably.   The media and the Obama campaign created a man out of nothing, a man who has no substance, no values, no morals, and no love of America.  His image and everything about him was and is  pure invention on the part of his creators.

Those in charge of perfecting the image stepped back and told themselves, they done good.  They saw him as a piece of  clay and they sculpted him from the bottom of his toes to the top of his head.  They gave him several new names, family members to call his own, mostly dead relatives,  a wife and kids, a suspicious and unconfirmed genealogy, sealed his medical history or records, provided him with a new background, prepared photo-shopped family photos, forged a birth certificate and a selective service card, and they even provided him with several social security numbers to use.  They supplied him with scholarships to schools, and helped him get into the best universities as a foreign student.  They paid for his trips around the world, and changed his identity and fingerprints.  They even helped him linguistically so he can speak Southern, Ebonics, or mainstream English.   He can even speak and understand words in Arabic.  He may speak Chinese or Russian, but we don’t know about that.  There isn’t anything that he had to work for to succeed other than learn the prepared stories and talk a good game.

Physically, they changed him from being a short and stocky, big-boned  little boy into a tall, scrawny man.  He’s had both fat and skinny hands,  multiple ears, new teeth, and a moving mole.  Sometimes he even had a widow’s peak and other times it disappeared.   They were able to change his face from round to oval with a change in their lens.   Truly Barack Obama is  a man of many talents, faces,  images, and identities.

The complicit, fawning  media and journOlists wrapped themselves into babbling, lying  Obotic idiots to ensure his success at a cost to their own integrity.  In all their liberal and radical mania, they didn’t vet the aspiring con man, and still are refusing to see the man as he really is without the illustrious, faux halo they placed on his mysteriously scarred head.    The day will come when those who covered for this man tell the real story and why they were so cowed that they covered for him and his administration at every turn.

The man who walked on stage two weeks ago burst those vacuum filled bubbles of the Kool-aid drinkers, and confirmed for others that their  impressions of him were correct.  What most people saw didn’t compute with the idealistic version of the man that they were presented with four years ago.

The great orator Obama strutted onstage and put on a good show.    He tried to act indifferent, haughty, and lofty.  Yet what no one has identified and said is that Obama’s look of disdain, petulance,  and contemptuousness was instead a reaction to the man standing next to him on stage.    Yes, Obama was totally intimidated by the man standing at the next podium.

The man next to him, Mitt Romney,  was a real winner.  He was a successful business man who had attended Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School at the same time.   He had even governed a state and saved the winter Olympics.  The man across from him created thousands of real jobs, not imaginary jobs,  and that man was poised to remove him from the only real job he’d ever had.  That guy was going to take away his airplane, his house, and all his toys.  His lengthy vacations at taxpayer expense would be over, and his fleet of limos, SUV’s,  and his new black bus would soon be gone.  His basketball games with the NBA players would end and all those Wednesday night soirees would only be memories.  No one would be around to open his doors or salute him as he walked by.   That  is what Obama was facing.

He couldn’t look at or acknowledge Mitt Romney because to see him one would know he is a classy and successful man by his attire, mannerisms,  speech, and knowledge regarding the issues.  If he did look at him instead of at the podium,  Obama would have to contrast his own life with the person he had shamefully denigrated throughout his lengthy campaign and in his nationwide ads.  He would have to accept and see his own life as a complete sham and himself a total charlatan.

Yes, Mitt Romney was someone who wouldn’t be hoodwinked by a man whose claim to fame was that of  being a lowly community agitator and who had won his seats in the Illinois legislature and in the Senate by cheating.   Mitt Romney is a person who has rightfully earned all of his accolades.  His character and morals are that of an honorable man, and his family and history are verifiable, unlike Obama’s.  The  contrast between the two men was easily recognizable on stage.  A real leader was standing next to Obama and it scared the hell out of him.  Without his props and all the pomp and circumstance, Obama was an imposter and it showed.  Obama’s fear was that Mr. Clean was going to clean Mr. Doper’s clock!

Obama had a wild-eyed look when he first spoke.  As he wished Michelle a “Happy Anniversary”, the words sounded hollow and insincere,  and they fell flat.   (Mitt noticed, and tried to rescue him).  There was no fanfare when he answered questions, and no teleprompter for him to use as a crutch.  He was alone with his own ineptness.    As he rambled and barely answered questions, his facade was pierced.  The coached and repetitious speech came across as incoherent babbling.  Obama made little sense years ago and this night was not much different.  The great pretender stood there totally exposed for all to see.    He was a man without a plan, without a path.   Unlike 4 years ago, this time people listened and heard him.  Then they saw him as he really is.  Empty. Void. Without substance.

The shallow, uninspiring, radical Marxist doesn’t have much to show in the way of accomplishments after living off  the taxpayer’s money for almost 4 long, long years.  Unless you think that his  improving his handicap on the golf course is an accomplishment!

Let’s look at a short overview of how Obama has deliberately, with malice,  run our great America into the ground and what he may try to defend in the next two debates, if it is even possible.  The U.S. was in bad shape when Obama conned his way into the Oval Office with the awe-inspiring words of hope and change.  He was going to solve all our country’s ills by transforming our capitalistic economy into a failed version of either socialism or communism.  That was the change he failed to expound upon when elected in 2008.  He set out to destroy our economy and our way of life, and he and his associates have tried their hardest to ruin the best country in the world.

Yes, with a wave of his magic Marxist wand:  our national debt exceeds $16 Trillion; our U.S. credit rating was demoted for the first time in history and is set to be lowered again;  no U.S. budget was passed for over 3 years;  he waged war on Libya without Congressional approval;   he pushed through a Stimulus Bill to create jobs and instead it has over 1,900 ongoing investigations into fraudulent uses of the monies;   47 million people are on food stamps;  the work force in the US has stagnated;  unemployment remained above 8% and higher throughout his term in office;  class warfare and racial conflicts have been exacerbated;  states have been sued; citizens and veterans were labeled as right wing extremists and terrorists;  Christianity and the tenets of the Catholic Church have been attacked; a fake war on women has been waged;  lawlessness and corruption has become acceptable;  perverted behavior is being “normalized”;  the successful and wealthy are demonized; gasoline prices have increased; food prices have skyrocketed; housing prices have declined; he has sided with terrorists; interfered in foreign country’s business; and he has  demoralized our military.

Those are just a few things that stand out for me that Obama has “accomplished”  in his determination to destroy our U.S.A.  He never intended for our economy to get better and has done everything to impede our growth, to pit citizen against citizen, and turn country against country.  He has dissed our allies and embraced our enemies.  Another four years with the Usurper at the helm and our quality of life will deteriorate further.

It is with great hope that tonight, voters may ask Obama what his plans are for the next four years should he be re-elected and to have him rightly identify his ideology so that he is on record.  I even pray that someone dares ask him why he considers himself eligible to run for office when he is not qualified under our Constitution. Wouldn’t that be a stunner!

The second presidential debate will be easier for  Obama because he won’t have to look directly at Mitt Romney, he will be able to schmooze the people instead.  They will be listening with open ears, and if they listen real hard they won’t hear much.   I doubt that Obama can change his stripes with just a few debate sessions under his belt.  The communist, Axelrod,  has been his trainer for this session so Obama may go for the jugular, but Mitt has more ammunition than Obama does.   Obama’s biggest fear in the last debate was that he was  going to be shown up as an empty suit by Mitt Romney and he was.  I expect it to happen once again.

The attacking elephant in the room will be Mitt Romney, and he will be ready to walk all over the lies and gross exaggerations that Obama will try to use to sway some voters.   All Mitt has to do is be himself and show those innate leadership qualities that Obama does not possess.   Mitt already has that intimidation factor on his side. Competence will dominate the incompetent.


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  1. we will not LET ACTS of terror…. but but but…

    • Is that guy the most nauseating commenter you ever saw? His demeanor and way of talking, I mean. At least he didn’t buy the spin.

  2. I drive a major interstate of the toss-up states…to work every day. All along the highway corridor are what appear to be homemade, huge Romney signs. One was a banner the size of a semi trailer (I know that because it was hung on a semi-trailer); there is a series of them on farmland, on the top of big wooden poles (one of which says “My Farm, I Built it”).

    There was a new one today that says “Obama or America, You can’t have both”

    It is a more rural area of this state, so more likely to be Republican support but I haven’t seen a single Obama sign all campaign season.

    • Yep. I read that elsewhere–that Barry told the questioner IN PRIVATE that he did delay calling it a terrorist attack and pretended that was because they didn’t have enough “intelligence” yet. So Barry admitted in private that he DIDN’T call it a terrorist attack!

      Here’s something that should be front page news and is not. It’s frightening, considering who runs the Justice Dept. and who runs the Secret Service. Threats on Romney’s life are EXPLODING on Twitter. Are they tracking these people down? Are they prosecuting them? Are they even REPORTING these threats? I don’t see it anywhere but on Drudge:

      Pray for Romney’s safety.

  3. the above site (the speechatime) has Sean Hannity & John Sununu
    doing fact check …. Video is spot on!!!! O was in the “rose garden”
    but that WAS ON…. Sept 12, 2001 …. not on Sept 2012…..

    • I forgot to mention that a lot of people pointed out how at the beginning, Obama immediately went and sat down. Romney stayed standing. You know why? Because like the gentleman that he is, he waited for Crowley to sit first.

    • More Crowley caaaaaaawing:
      ““Listen, what I said on that stage is the same thing I said to you actually last night,” she told Soledad O’Brian. “[W]e got hung up on this ‘yes he said,’ ‘no I didn’t,’ ‘I said terror,’ ‘you didn’t say terror.’ … So I said, [President Obama] did say ‘acts of terror, call it an act of terror, but Governor Romney, you are perfectly right that it took weeks for them to get past the tape.’”

      Asked if that was a backtrack, Crowley said, “No. The question was — we got so stuck on that ‘act of terror.’ Now, did the President say this was an act of terror? The president did not say — he said ‘these acts of terror,’ but he was in the Rose Garden to talk about Benghazi, so I don’t think that’s a leap.” (The exact phrase Obama used: “no acts of terror.”)”

      So, WRONG AGAIN and TWICE: First, he did not say “THESE” thereby including Benghazi in “acts of terror.” Second, he was in the Rose Garden TALKING ABOUT THE COMMEMORATION OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTER ATTACK, NOT talking about Benghazi WHEN he said, “acts of terror.”

    • Oh, yeah. Now they say the NEXT debate WILL be about foreign policy, so I’ll bet the “strike” on the killers of Stevens and the rest WILL come before the next debate. Who will even know whether or not anybody was struck? They can just come out and announce it and who will know? I’m sure they want to get rid of all of them NOW. Because, after all, they KNOW who did what, when, where, why. Where all the bodies are buried. Where all the weapons came from. WHY Stevens died. WHAT they were doing there.

    • Oh, I’m sure. WAG THE DOG. I figured it would come sometime within the next few weeks. It has to. Who will buy it? Not me. Whatever he does, it’s still no reason to allow him to continue to DESTROY the USA.

    • Would these perpetrators happen to be the same people they just got finished ARMING? Fast and Furious on a global scale.

    • Khattalah is mentioned as one of the men responsible for killing Stevens. This name is different from the last name that I read that begins with B – that guy was captured by the CIA then let go in Libya. I guess Khattalah is one attacker they recognized in the security films that were taken at the Consulate.

  4. he was RIGHT IN THE MAIN!!!!!!!
    C C ….. baby sitting obama …..

  5. WOW! Fox News reports, basically, that it WAS a set up between Barry and Candy, his bff:

    “Afterward, CNN’s post-debate analysis team focused heavily on that point and Crowley herself admitted Romney had been right “in the main.” She said Romney “picked the wrong way to go about talking about it.” She also emphasized that each point she made also generated applause from one half of the audience, then the other.

    But Crowley also admitted she took her cue to intervene from Obama. She said Libya was where Romney “tripped himself up.” But she clearly helped. After Romney made his point she cut in. “The president kept looking at me, going you … and I thought, well, I did know that, I said, he, you, he did, call it an act of terror.” She then chastised Romney because “he picked that one wrong fact.””

    Barry looked at her, probably in the same way that he gave that pleading look to Lehrer in the first debate, and, on cue, Candy did as Svengali Obama told her to do.

    • Candy made no sense when she responded saying that Obama had called it a terrorist attack. Romney picked what wrong fact? Obama lied, and Candy went along with it. Prepping for a debate with a liar is hard to do because one will never know what they will come up with. Even if you know they lie, lies are hard to counter. Obama’s tone was also very offensive in almost every sentence he uttered. He was accusing Romney of things and Romney wasn’t given the time to counter some of them.

      Obama had that same wild-eyed look that I noticed in the first debate. He was on a different drug this time that made him more manic, nasty, and disrespectful in his demeanor. He was snide in his responses and attacks. The last time it seemed he was lethargic and slow but he still had that look in his eyes. Seeing him in two debates, I don’t see how he comes across as likeable to so many. He gives me the creeps much like Hitler looking Axelrod.

      I also find it interesting that Ax and Gibbs are again the spokesmen for Obama. They are both hitting the news circuit.

      • Maybe it was the coke. That would do it to him. He probably felt like he was on the top of the world, literally. I’ve read stuff that people get very aggressive on that crap and THINK they have a lot of self-esteem or whatever.

  6. I read in a comment at Breitbart that someone has a new website or twitter account called October surprise. They have some document they will release in 5 days that is supposed to change the election because one of the candidates lied. They started their countdown of days on Buzz Feed with little teases. Assuming they put it on a leftist site, it probably has to do with Mitt. Perhaps it is Mitt’s tax returns that were supposedly stolen, although the accounting firm said no one got anything. They are twittering or tweeting the teases. They said to watch the debate and the interaction with Candy because one of the people will be very nervous; that person knows it is coming.

      • It’s a good guess that it’s Romney’s tax returns. They teased it with that FAKE theft of the returns, in order to make it look as if Barry had nothing to do with it. This is classic Obama. Classic. It didn’t happen, according to the accounting firm; but in order to leak them, they have to have an explanation for where they got them. If they have them, we know where they came from. But that means Barry’s administration, so that tars him. Can’t have that. So they make up a fake hacking/burglary. Then, they can always forge them or change them or photoshop them, just as they rig everything else. I hope and pray that it’s NOT true that Romney didn’t pay taxes. Price Waterhouse did say that he paid taxes EVERY YEAR and Reid said he didn’t. I expect an October surprise. They’re releasing this, they say, this weekend, right before the next debate which is SUPPOSED to be about foreign policy. Was either of them looking nervous last night?

        • Interesting comment from Free Republic:

          ““Tax return created by dan rather?!”

          Looks like a Mass. tax return form to me (I live here).

          Since obtaining and releasing it would be a crime if it were real, I put nothing past these people.

          An electronically doctored tax return is totally plausible. They’re slimy.

          I just think Romney’s too squeaky to have anything really damning that would anger anyone except crazy leftists. He could just say “it’s fake” (whatever it says) and what could they do? If it was illegally obtained they’d be opening themselves up to arrest and prosecution. They could never prove it was legit because Mitt never gave permission to have them made public.

          It’s a big nothing, no matter what it says.”

          Another person said it’s possibly a “partnership tax return” with no taxes paid, but they would have been paid by the individual (Romney). If anything, it may be a ploy to trick Romney into showing his real returns, in order to refute the fake one. I hope they’re prepared for this. They should be because it doesn’t take much brains to see it coming, as soon as they reported that bogus breakin.

    • From Free – To: Lady Heron
      Is this the person involved? Only one picture on the site, but buzzfeed had another picture which can be traced back only to

      Posted on buzzfeed by “wiowsa” Profile leads to which is owned by:
      Deftones Deftones, PO BOX 654,Sacramento, California 95821
      60 posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 1:06:48 PM by JPII Be Not afraid

      Oct surprise guy just responded to me. There are 5 documents, one has 2 pages for a total of 6 pages. All docs related to each other. FWIW.
      72 posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 2:14:07 PM by Raebie (WS)

      More suspicions at:

      If this traces back to Occupy, then of course it will be something against Romney. Slimy tactics used to discredit an opponent – the Left’s MO.

      • From your Free Republic link above –

        Posted on buzzfeed by “wiowsa” Profile leads to which is owned by:

        Deftones Deftones
        PO BOX 654
        Sacramento, California 95821
        United States

        Administrative Contact:
        Deftones, Deftones
        PO BOX 654
        Sacramento, California 95821
        United States
        (217) 766-9593 can be traced back to owned by:

        Administrative, Technical Contacts:
        Name: Hopwood, Jeffrey
        Phone: 2177669593 [2 domains use this phone]
        Address: Burnham, Illinois 60633
        United States

        Owner Contacts:
        Name: Jeffrey Hopwood
        Address: 14240 S. Burnham Ave.
        Burnham, Illinois 60633
        United States
        IP: IP: IP:

        Other site using that email is Maverick Records.

        What does it all mean??? lol Who is Jeffery Hopwood and what does he know?
        Comment 60 posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 12:06:48 PM

        • I just posted a comment that went into moderation, but I just found this from 2003 and I think there’s a really good possibility this is the same Jeffery Hopwood that’s doing this (as mentioned above and in the Free Republic link posted)

          NCAA Div. I Men: Michigan Spanks Ohio State, 161-114 — February 2, 2003

          ANN ARBOR, MI., Feb. 1. MEMO to USC’s defending NCAA 1650 free champ Erik Vendt:

          Better not look, because there’s a Wolverine gaining on you real quick!

          Coach Jon Urbancek’s No. 4-ranked Michigan team closed out its season in impressive fashion here this afternoon with an old-fashioned 161-114 whupping of arch-rival Ohio State at the maize and blue’s Canham Natatorium.

          Michigan, with victories over Texas and Florida this season, improves to 8-2 and 5-0 in the Big 10. Ohio State is now 7-2, 1-2 in the conference.

          While it was Senior Day in Ann Arbor, it was rookie distance-specialist Peter Vanderkaay who stole the spotlight with his stirring 14:56.66 1650 victory. His time, a pr by 30 seconds, boosts him into No. 2 nationally behind Vendt’s 14:42.97, swum at the Longhorn Invitational in Texas the first Saturday in December.
          Seniors Jeff Hopwood (Palo Alto, Calif./Palo Alto HS) and Garrett Mangieri (Closter, N.J./Mercersburg Academy, Pa.) each posted
          individual event victories, while Justin Drake (Phoenix, Ariz./Arcadia HS), Josh Hack (Chelsea, Mich./Chelsea HS) and Ryan Earhart (Cincinnati, Ohio/St. Xavier HS) earned runner-up finishes.

        • Found him (I think? 🙂


          Deftones are an American alternative metal band from Sacramento, California, founded in 1988. The band consists of Chino Moreno (lead
          vocals and guitar), Stephen Carpenter (guitar), Chi Cheng (bass), Frank Delgado (keyboards and turntables), and Abe Cunningham (drums and percussion). Since 2009, Sergio Vega has been standing in on bass while Cheng recovers from a car accident. They have released six albums to date, with three Platinum (Adrenaline, Around the Fur, White Pony) and one Gold certification (for the self-titled album).

          ^ a b Rolinho, Nuno. “Deftones biography”. Retrieved 2007-12-14.


          Donk ( ) Jeff Hopwood

          – Site’s thanks –

          Donk ( http://www.Donk ( ) Jeff Hopwood ) Jeff Hopwood

      • And Barry PRETENDS that his hands are clean, although we already KNOW who’s behind Occupy Wall Street. ASTROTURFED, but it failed. I read yesterday that Barry’s dropping all his negative ads and going positive. Either it’s a ploy to woo back women who thought he was too aggressive/mean OR he’s playing nicey-nice in advance of this attack on Romney, which he’ll CLAIM he and his campaign had nothing to do with.

      • “KRoyalll | October 18, 2012 at 4:22 am

        I have been researching this for a couple of hours. It appears many of the other posters have indeed “made” the guy who is behind this because he is furiously trying to delete stuff off of multiple web sites so as not to be outed. This of course only confirms it IS him because anyone *not* involved wouldn’t even know this was going on.”

        That’s interesting. It sounds as if whoever is behind it isn’t exactly tech savvy.

  7. btw, did anybody else notice the meme: “the audienced gasped” when Romney cut Barry off because he wasn’t done speaking yet and told Barry that he’d get a chance in a minute?

    I have read that in at least 5 stories today and I’m sure that “travel press pool report” is the source. Notice that all three of the “audience reax” reports are in Barry’s favor and make Romney look the fool.

  8. Question for you guys. I just read that people think that Barry has “the slimes” and don’t think that he’s going to last very long, at least up until 2016. Just asking, but is this a slang for AIDS, HIV?

    • Never heard of it. It appears it is a slang word used by rappers. Neither of the explanations below seem to fit in the way it was used in your sentence. I’d go with your explanation as it makes more sense.

      SLIME = Street Life Intelligence with Money is Everything, thats harlem lingo

      something used when referring to a friend
      Yo what up sliiiiiime!???

    • “slimes” => slims
      Kevin DuJan at HillBuzz:

      “4. Obama’s hands were skeletal, his face was twitching, his eyes had deep dark circles around them, and he generally looked like death walking. In Chicago, most people on the ground think Obama has ‘The Slims”, which is black slang here for AIDS. …”

      • Where’s Reggie Love when you need him. Didn’t he help O. get beefed up last time. Guess there’s no time for that this time around. O has almost always looked skinny except for a few photos of him and some of those may have had some artistic photo enhancements. Without his shoulderpadded suits he looks like a skinny limp wristed twirp.
        He could have hepatitis…all those drug years? Just saying.
        I figure too, he’s not had much sleep lately, which you can take your pick as to why that would be…lots to choose from. Of course he could have Muchelle syndrome or more appropriately called Beard Battered Man syndrome. She is looking so demure and sheepish lately

        • Hepatitis is also spread the same was as AIDS. Beard Battered Man Syndrome. That’s funny! I got an image of him wrapped in tempura batter and covered with hair. YUK.

          • Funny, but I was referring to the beard Muchelle as ya’ll like to call her. Your image is funny too, although I was Picturing Muchelle pinning him against the door jam as he’s about to enter the bathroom, and reminding him he better learn his lines or else she’ll rip his —– off and stuff it in her own panties, if she hasn’t already done that. Those healthy arms of hers didn’t get that fit swinging em at her hairdresser. She probably wore him out after that first debate…did he think just wishing her Happy Anniversary prior to his first debate was a preapology to his slave driver wife…she and the kids have probably been torturing him, making him do that jumprope thing Michelle does, for hours on end reciting his lines without a teleprompter ! , while she says “Barak, now I am not giving up all theses whitehouse perks because of your lazy ,smart elec A… ,now keep jumpin.”

            • Yep. I know. You’ve given me a lot of new mental images. VERY funny ones. That photo Bridgette found does seem to indicate that sometimes she might have something stuffed in her drawers. What it is is anybody’s guess.

              You know what I just thought of? Romney should have reminded everybody that not only did Barry not call Benghazi a “terrorist attack,” but he also DID call the deaths of four Americans “a bump in the road.”

          • It’s about time O. had a psyhcological break down, unless of course he’s already had one and we weren’t privy to it. Wish we knew what would send him over the edge. Just take away one crutch (Axelrod for instance or a few media blips of truth) and we’s probably start seeing more nervous tics, more eye darting, more confusion….
            Maybe a few more points towards Romneys polls could even have him lookin like a rag doll that’s been thru the washing machine a few too many times. I have a feeling he’s close to this precipice, but he’s got people still propping him up. THe third debate will have to have a preFix; something over the weekend to occur arranged via the media, or something big to hold over Romney’s head going into this debate, or else O. could be in hot, hot water. His tax stuff, as you all have alluded too, but I think it’s got to be bigger.
            Another matter, I just don’t get how a CNN dude had Steven’s diary/journal. You don’t reckon it was really sent to CNN all along before everything went down, so when the story broke, they were going to milk it for sympathy on what a great cultural leader he was/is, to create and build on the nations emotions for a wondrous rescue? Anyone else thought on this at all? You know the guy with CNN (what’s his name) once had ties to or was something with CIA, you know, the one who’s mother was a DuPont.(Rothschild ties). I have never trusted him, the gay guy, what’s his name?

            • CNN. Complicit all along, as always. They’re defending Crowley: As usual, the UK media tells the truth.

              “CNN has sent out talking points to its staff, directing them to say that Candy Crowley was merely ‘stating a point of fact’ about the Libya ‘terror’ row and insisting that Barack Obama only got more time than Mitt Romney because he speaks slowly.

              In an email to all CNN staff, the network’s managing editor Mark Whitaker congratulated his anchoron her role as moderator and washing over the controversy over her effectively siding with Obama over Romney on a question concerning the U.S. Consulate attack in Libya last month.

              Whitaker wrote: ‘Let’s start with a big round of applause for Candy Crowley for a superb job under the most difficult circumstances imaginable.’

              According to the internal email, obtained by TMZ, Whitaker continued: ‘The reviews on Candy’s performance have been overwhelmingly positive but Romney supporters are going after her on two points, no doubt because their man did not have as good a night as he had in Denver.’

              The moderator’s dramatic intervention, in which she cut Romney short when he claimed that Obama had failed to say the attack was the work of terrorists in the his Rose Garden statement the following day, has been met with outrage.” The memo with the talking points is at the link. Notice that the UK article reports the TRUTH that Mooch was LEADING the audience to applaud for Barry, when the rules of the debate said NO applause. Breitbart also reported that Mooch was acting as a cheer leader. They MUST cheat. They must. It’s what they do.

              It’s an interesting question–how’d CNN get Stevens’s diary. They claim they just picked it up in the building. It’s possible it was one of their Libyan “reporters”. Who knows? I’ve since read (surely this is CYA) that they didn’t HAVE any crucial paperwork there that needed to be shredded or protected. They CLAIM that all correspondence was electronic and would have been read and deleted. So, do they completely wipe all computers and thumb drives with every communication? I bet not. What became of the computer that Sean Smith used for his “gaming”?

          • Yeah, a bump in the road, I thought about that too, when he said that.

      • Oh, TY, Gordo! That’s what they meant. I have heard that term “slims”. When I looked for slimes, all I could come up with was some type of green enemies in those video games or a fungal disease, fungus being prone to form slime mats. But people with HIV are at risk for fungal infections, so … I agree that what I saw that night from Denver did make it appear as if he was either very ill or doped. I’ve always suspected that’s what’s hidden on his medical reports. It makes sense because he would have been of the age to contract the disease, through his known behavior, before it really was identified for what it was. Remember that it arose first in this country in the gay community out in CA, iirc. In the early ’80s.

    • Whatever it is, it pulls up some disgusting mental images.

      • After getting a good amount of sleep last night, which is unusual for me, I must say my mind was clearer this morning ……..I ventured over to lame Cherry this morning. Well her third or so story, one on the debates got me thinking. Lame is making the case that O. having used the terrorist term could make another important case. Got me thinking, as I said… so If Romney had not had his wits so totally trampled on by O. and Crowley he might have been able to pull off a coup de’ tat…..” So Mr. Obama , forgive me, I didn’t realize you thought this was a terrorist plot all along, so why did you lie to the American People for two more weeks , along with your whole staff, Sec. Clinton and so on, in telling us this was riot caused by a video….not just any video, but a dispicable detestable video, by a very shady character Hillary described as a coptic christian?” Why at every news conference did you choose to lie after that?”
        Too bad Rom didn’t have ample time to readdress the question, as Obama tried to show gravitas, but quickly ran back to his seat hoping that discussion was over. I hope in retrospect he can smear him on this in the next debate…course we know Romney is not just debating one guy ,but an entire debate team with supplemental charm.
        My husband pointed out how great a debater Romney was in his first debate, thus he calls him a ‘ Master-bater’.

  9. Limbaugh: Obama Could Not Have Done This Last Night Without Candy Crowley’s Assistance

    RUSH: You don’t score points lying.

  10. RUSH: Candy Crowley ‘Blowing Up Her Career Like A Suicide Bomber’

    RUSH: Candy Crowley had to go back and eat crow on CNN. In a real world, she woulda committed career suicide last night, in the real world. In the media world I grew up in, her career would be finished. It won’t be now, because she gave it her all for the good guys. She gave it all for the right side. But she committed an act of journalistic terror or malpractice last night. If there were any journalistic standards, what she did last night would have been the equivalent of blowing up her career like a suicide bomber. But there aren’t any journalistic standards anymore. She’s going to be praised and celebrated, probably get a raise, maybe give her another half hour on that show she hosts.

    Read Full Transcript @

  11. Old …. LOLLI~POP CHEEKS … has made it BIG TIME.. WOW!!!!
    “THE VIEW” …CANDY C … Michelle & Obama have got ..
    Attack Watch down doggie style. WHAT A BUNCH OF FOOLS!!!
    ….. I say…. FIRE THIS BIT*H …… NOW!!!

  12. This may be far-fetched, but my husband asked about those blurred documents and said to me, Sounds like it’s a Trump thing.

    • A possibility but it seems likely that at least one of the documents is from Massachusetts. The thing we might be forgetting is that those Occupiers are bound to be very disgusted with Barry, so they may turn on him, too.

      Whatever it is, if it’s on the scale of that GWB fake national guard stuff, then the Republicans had BETTER BE READY TO RELEASE EVERYTHING THEY KNOW ABOUT BARRY. They’ve been covering up for him for 4 years and if they let some obots snatch Romney’s victory away with lies or distortions that imply that Romney’s a liar, then they are worse than useless. Yes, one of the candidates is lying. BARRY’S BEEN LYING SINCE DAY ONE. HE LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING. HIS LIES ARE MULTIPLE AND MONUMENTAL.

  13. Oh, the Left and their labels of grandeur! Who are they trying to pull the wool over now…? This will make you do a huge guffaw! Just the title people, just the title and the label! What universe does Joy-Ann live in that she would think that the pansy-ass pres is alpha? Can we check in with our military and see if they see him as alpha, rather than zero? I swear I am rolling!

    Romney menaces, but Obama emerges as the alpha male in 2nd presidential debate
    Opinion by Joy-Ann Reid | October 17, 2012 at 12:45 AM

    • In her metrosexual world, maybe that’s what passes for an “alpha male”. They’re mirroring again. This is what people said about Romney in debate one, so they MUST pull it back and say it about their guy, who looked like little more than what his people fear he will look like: an angry black man, except in his case we’re not so sure that he IS black. As usual, the lamestream believes that if they “repeat the lie, repeat the lie, repeat the lie” often enough, then people will believe what they write instead of the evidence of their own eyes. Romney held his own against the new Romney-imitating Barry-the-actor. I can visualize little Barry, standing in front of the TV set, Lia standing behind at attention, pretending to be the dictator of Indonesia. He’s a faker (if not also a fakir).

      I heard on radio this morning that it was apparent that “these guys don’t like each other.” No. While I’m sure that Romney probably doesn’t “like” Obama, he’s not the kind of guy to nurse a grudge. But Barry absolutely does and will HATE anyone who dares to stand up to him, who dares to disagree with him, who dares to oppose him, who dares to think he’d do a better job at ANYTHING than Barry. It’s an existential threat to his own warped self-image that is characteristic of his type of personality.

      You know what I read? After the debate, he went up to the young man who asked the first question and they talked about Barry’s favorite basketball team. Then, somehow, in the course of the discussion, the so-called president of the United States told this young man that there’s NO DOUBT that he’d beat the young man one on one. Can you believe that? He is SURE that he’d beat someone else he’s never seen play the game. It reminds me of his bragging that he would be a better speech writer than any of his hired hands (then why have them?) and that he knows every subject better than any of his “advisors”. (Again, then why have them?) And then, as if that’s not ridiculous enough, recently Mooch was quoted as saying that her husband doesn’t have a big ego. HA!

      So much to laugh at.

  14. Did Obama Calls Romney An A**hole??

    • Words have meaning and you proved it in the the use of the word balanced by Obama and Romney. It is unfortunate that we need a dictionary for the Leftist commentary to decipher what their new definitions of words mean. Most on the right know the correct meaning, but the Lefties education had them reading from different books…like Mein Kampf or Rules for Radicals.

      The great masses of the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one. ~Adolf Hitler – Mein Kampf

      The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force. ~Adolf Hitler – Mein Kampf

      Look at the Left’s words from Pill’s examples and tell us who in that radical party has integrity, civility, or fiscal responsibility – using the real definitions! Then explain their “New Direction” for America. New direction apparently means toward socialism that is not capitalism upon which the USA was built.

      “With integrity, civility and fiscal discipline, our New Direction for America will use commonsense principles to address the aspirations and fulfill the hopes and dreams of all Americans. That is our promise to the American people.” [Hopes and dreams of communists and socialists! Had the Left used the ism words to explain their new America they would not have won the election. In their place, they used hope and change.]

      “Our New Direction is committed to “Pay As You Go” budgeting – no more deficit spending.”

      “Our new America will provide unlimited opportunity for future generations, not burden them with mountains of debt.” [6 Trillion and climbing with Obama.]

      “Our federal budget should be a statement of our national values. One of those values is responsibility. Democrats are committed to ending years of irresponsible budget policies that have produced historic deficits. We will restore “Pay As You Go” budget discipline.” [Did they mean PLAY as you go? No budget by the Democrats for 3 years shows they have no values.]

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