Columbus Day Open Thread

Happy Columbus Day!

Here’s a little history about Columbus Day:

A U.S. national holiday since 1937, Columbus Day commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World on October 12, 1492. The Italian-born explorer … intended to chart a western sea route to China, India and the fabled gold and spice islands of Asia; instead, he landed in the Bahamas, becoming the first European to explore the Americas since the Vikings set up colonies in Greenland and Newfoundland during the 10th century. …

The first Columbus Day celebration took place in 1792, when New York‘s Columbian Order–better known as Tammany Hall–held an event to commemorate the historic landing’s 300th anniversary.  …

In 1892, President Benjamin Harrison issued a proclamation encouraging Americans to mark the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ voyage with patriotic festivities, writing, “On that day let the people, so far as possible, cease from toil and devote themselves to such exercises as may best express honor to the discoverer and their appreciation of the great achievements of the four completed centuries of American life.”

In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed Columbus Day a national holiday …

Here’s hoping that you have a day off work to relax and enjoy the autumn weather.

Open Thread!

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  1. h/t to Leza for being on top of the latest breaking story. I’m bringing the topic over to this new open thread. Read her previous comments here:
    Here’s the story that Bridgette said was coming today:

    It’s being covered there at Breitbart as it develops. Bottom line:
    1. “ website is not owned by the president’s campaign but rather by Obama bundler Robert Roche, a U.S. citizen living in Shanghai, China.”
    2. “The unusual website redirects traffic directly to a donation page on the Obama campaign’s official website,, which does not require donors to enter their credit card security code (known as the CVV code), thereby increasing the likelihood of foreign or fraudulent donations.”
    3. “68 percent of all Internet traffic to comes from foreign visitors.”
    4. “White House Visitor Logs list the name Robert Roche at least 19 times, despite the fact Mr. Roche’s primary residence is in China.”
    5. This report also “exposes myriad gaping online security holes that stand to threaten the integrity of House, Senate, and presidential elections.”

    As I said yesterday, Pam Geller exposed the potential for these illegal donations to Obama back in 2008. This time around, he’s allowing unidentified individuals to donate via Twitter and it’s already been reported that as many as 70% of his Twitter followers are fake, meaning they’re not real people. Bogus accounts. The story is developing.

    • Also from Leza:

      I forgot that they say he tried to block this story from coming out. How could he, I wonder?

      Gallup now says Romney is up 5 pts. since the debate, but they’re still calling it a “tie”. 47% to 47%. So is Rasmussen, but at 48% each. I find this sincerely unbelievable. Truly. Are people simply lying to the pollsters? I think so.

    • Obama Campaign Receiving Illegal Donations from Foreigners

      • ABC News covered the story. In that story is a link to Red State with screen shots showing that Obama’s campaign did accept a donation from Russia (fake) with no passport number entered. From ABC:

        “The report suggests the Obama campaign is uninhibited in its foreign solicitations, lacks rigorous screening for donors’ citizenship and fails to impose basic e-commerce safeguards, such as requiring donors to provide the Card Verification Value (the security code on the back of a card) to prove a donor is in physical possession of the card.

        Under U.S. federal election law, contributions from foreign nationals to presidential campaigns are forbidden.

        “People around the world are being asked for donations by the campaigns themselves, simply because they signed up for information on campaign websites,” Schweizer and Boyer write. “The problem: candidate webpages don’t ask visitors from foreign IP addresses to enter a military ID or passport number. Instead, the websites use auto-responder email systems that simply gather up email addresses and automatically spit out solicitations.”

        The authors claim the current system is also subject to “robo-donoations”- computer-driven giving to a campaign through various aliases to evade contribution limits and avoid detection. The Federal Election Commission conducts little to no oversight of internet fundraising practices, leaving each campaign to police itself, the report claims.”

        At least they covered it. Apparently the other news organizations complied with Barry’s attempt to prevent it from being covered. National Review has a take on it, too:

        “That the Obama campaign has left itself wide open to contributions from foreign nationals is particularly galling given the concern the president and his senior advisers have expressed over such contributions. In his 2010 State of the Union Address, the president slammed the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision because, “I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled by America’s most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities.””

  2. Here’s a link to their key findings:

    Marco Rubio had a similar problem with potential foreign donations. There’s a map on this page that shows you other U.S. politicians with the same problem:

    This site says someone can donate as much as $200 without the campaign having to report the person’s identity unless they’re audited, and if the amount is under $50, they DON’T EVEN HAVE TO KEEP TRACK OF THE DONORS IDENTITY! Everyone knows that Obama touts the fact that most of his millions come from “small donations”, which he uses to imply that he has widespread support amongst the poor and middle class. (Maybe, but WHERE?)

    This story explains how the vast majority of Obama’s donations are “unreportable.” Ya think his donors are deliberately trying to evade the reporting requirements by making up multiple Twitter accounts and donating over the limit by using all of them for the minimum donations?

    • So far, two stories at Fox about this:

      “First, the report, titled “America the Vulnerable,” claims the Obama campaign “lacks the industry-standard level of credit card security for donations,” but “uses it for merchandise purchases” on the campaign store. Donors on the official Obama site don’t need to include their credit card security number, the three- or four-digit code found on every card.

      [More from Mashable: Welcome to Twitter, David Cameron]

      The Obama campaign previously claimed it doesn’t need that code — called the CVV — because “they are able to vet contributions on the back end using sophisticated techniques that it doesn’t disclose,” claims the report (the Obama campaign since said it uses an Address Verification System to verify credit cards). Second, the report highlights, a domain that’s not owned by the Obama campaign but points to a campaign donation page. … The Obama campaign’s response? A Monday afternoon blog post explaining that the campaign screens for foreign IP addresses and requires a copy of a valid passport from a contributor identified as valid but donating from abroad.

      It also dismisses the GAI as having a right-wing agenda and claims the campaign “does not accept donations from foreign nationals or any other ineligible individual.”

      “OFA has strong and rigorous safeguards in place to ensure our donors are eligible and that our fundraising efforts comply with all U.S. laws and regulations,” reads the post. “While no campaign can control who visits their websites, OFA is in no way directing solicitations to foreign nationals nor knowingly seeking foreign contributions — that is the legal standard.””

      Guess it’s true that they were worried because they have that entire blog post ready to “fact check” the “right wing” report. They pointedly didn’t respond to the issue of the site being located in CHINA. You know, didn’t we hear this last time, too? That they accept donations and check them later, in the meantime using the dinero?

      “For one, the report said, the third-party owned — which redirects users to an official Obama campaign donation page — has 68 percent foreign traffic, which would suggest a large amount of foreign traffic likewise heading to the Obama campaign donation page.. The site, according to the watchdog group, was bought by an Obama bundler in Shanghai, China.

      “It’s very clear the Obama campaign is the most successful and aggressive at online fundraising and they on a regular basis are submitting contributions or asking for contributions from people around the world,” Peter Schweizer, president of Government Accountability Institute, told Fox News on Monday. “At the same time (they) have the basic lack of security on the back end.”

      The study also flagged the “absence of the industry standard” CVV requirement — the requirement that users punch in the security code on their credit cards before purchases — and it said it’s unclear whether the campaign uses a separate anti-fraud system to check where donors live. The study also claimed the campaign used “active foreign solicitation” with email solicitations that go around the world.

      The report raised concerns that small-dollar donations could be trickling in with little accounting of where they come from. Information on donations under $200 does not have to be disclosed.

      An Obama campaign official, though, told Fox News the claims were “baseless,” pointing to “robust safeguards” in place to prevent improper donations.

      A campaign blog post further explained that the campaign does not accept donations from foreign nations, using an “address verification system” to confirm their legitimacy and manually reviewing any transaction flagged as potentially fraudulent. The campaign said it also requires a passport copy from anyone eligible to donate but listed with an address outside the U.S.”

      HMMM. To donate to Barry, you need a passport to prove your citizenship, but there’s apparently no need to have valid paperwork to be potus.

  3. Jerome Corsi:

    “Swing-state stunner: ‘Dreams’ mailed to 2.7 million”

    “Filmmaker Joel Gilbert has mailed 2.7 million copies of his full-length documentary DVD, “Dreams from My Real Father,” to households in key swing states, with 1.5 million going to Florida, 700,000 to Colorado and 500,000 to Iowa.

    This follows an earlier mailing last month, in which Gilbert sent 1.38 million DVDs of “Dreams from My Real Father” to households in swing state Ohio and an additional 100,000 to New Hampshire and 80,000 to Nevada.

    Gilbert told WND the direct mail program is aimed at bypassing the mainstream media blackout on his film.

    “It’s shocking that in the land of the First Amendment, in the ‘information age’ no less, a state of censorship exists on so many levels in the American media today,” Gilbert said.

    “Another reason the mainstream media is reluctant to cover my findings is because it would expose the media as not having done their jobs investigating Obama’s background,” he explained.

    Gilbert told WND plans are in the works to send millions more DVDs of “Dreams from My Real Father” across the nation.”


    That’s a strange and interesting story. The SCOTUS is being asked to decide whether we have a right to sell our own stuff, if it was manufactured somewhere other than the USA. If they rule with a lower court, then this will heavily impact Craig’s List, EBay, and other places where people sell their stuff, not to mention garage and estate sales, I would imagine. It’s a copyright issue and the lower court said that a person who resells something made in another country has to ask permission first of the original creator! This might even cover heirlooms you inherited but which came from “the old country.”

    • The dupers are duping us from both sides. Don’t you get it? If both sides dupe us we’re sure to react….just as planned !!!! From Leon Panetta, John McCain, Hillary and ms Rice. Oh what a tangled webb , from the news media to the US allies of both camps….Oh some are in the dark that they’re being used for what purpose, but the outcomes are to be the same no matter who yu believe.

      • I’m referring to the video, not the Duper post below my statements. I’m not talking about the fictional Obama scam dupe, I’m talking about the creators of the terrorist narative…..from AlQuaida, Moslelm Brothers, Syria,Lybia,Israel,Egypt, Saudi….ie. that narative. We’re being led down a road with the help of our own government,CIA ops ect. and we don’t know where the land mines are going to be.

  5. October 08

    “Peter Boyles Show” – 7am

    Don Wilkie interview.

    [audio src="" /]
    Don Wilkie:

    “We Have Been Duped: The Story”

  6. We have turned against the law of god and nature.

    “thou shalt surely set him king over thee, whom Jehovah thy God shall choose: one from among thy brethren shalt thou set king over thee; thou mayest not put a foreigner over thee, who is not thy brother.” — Deuteronomy 17:15

  7. Two stories about how the DemoncRATS tolerate diversity and love free speech:

    “SUPPORTERS of Samantha Pawlucy, the Port Richmond teen ridiculed by a teacher for wearing a Mitt Romney shirt, plan to bombard her school with patriotism Tuesday.

    According to an event listing posted on the website of Pennsylvania House candidate Dave Kralle, Pawlucy’s supporters believe that there’s something wholly un-American about her school, Charles Carroll High School.

    “We have been told there isn’t a single American flag at the school and the Pledge is NEVER recited. This gives you an indication of how far our public education system has fallen,” the Web flier claims.

    Kralle, a Republican from Northeast Philly, has called for geometry teacher Lynette Gaymon to be fired for telling Pawlucy, a sophomore, that her Mitt Romney shirt was akin to wearing a KKK shirt to school. Gaymon also told Pawlucy that the school was “Democratic.””

    “Actress Stacey Dash, who has starred in everything from the 90′s hit Clueless to CSI, prompted a firestorm on Twitter after publicly endorsing Republican nominee Mitt Romney, and then standing by her opinion.

    “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @mittromney @teamromney #mittromney #VOTE #voteromney,” Dash wrote on her official Twitter page, accompanied by a photo of herself with an American flag.

    Not long after, presumed Obama supporters began insulting Dash for her opinion, saying she isn’t “black” enough, several even asking if the actress would just “kill herself.”

    One man wrote: “This hurts but you a Romney lover and you slutting yourself to the white man only proves why no black man married u @REALStaceyDash.””

    Screen shots at the link of some even NASTIER comments.

    • This is what’s sad: “You put Allen West on a ticket some time and you’ll have blacks forgetting they were ever Democrat. Put that Mia Love on a ticket and watch blacks go nuts for her as VP or something in the future.”

      Boy, did they miss their chance. Allen West would have been a knockout all around as VP. What’s clear from this story and also the one about that black actress being excoriated for supporting Romney is that racism IS alive and well in the USA, it just isn’t coming from the usual “suspects”.

  8. Mitt’s great foreign policy speech today. 🙂

  9. Hilarious debate tweets (from a commenter at Breitbart)

    Obama didn’t jump the shark tonight: he collapsed with an audible sigh in front of the shark then rolled himself into its mouth

    · Good news: Obama t-shirts increasingly worn by hipsters. Bad news: This time, ironically.

    · So we get to see the OBL kill photos tomorrow, right?

    · Tomorrow Obama will sign an executive order banning future debates

    · UNINSTALLING OBAMA….. █████████████▒▒▒▒▒▒ 89% complete

    · Remember when they found out about Milli Vanilli? Yeaahhp. Pretty much that.

    · This is the day Obama has always, in the back of his mind, must have known was coming.

    · That wasn’t a debate so much as Mitt Romney just took Obama for a cross country drive strapped to the roof of his car.

    · Romney should torture Obama. Put a pack of Marlboros on his podium.

    · That “Mortal Kombat!!!!!!” moment when you’re victorious and grab the opponent’s head and smash it? Romney’s had about a dozen.

    · Time to call a mercy rule for Obama. Romney is so far ahead at this point

    · Breaking: Choom Gang revokes Obama’s membership.

    · Right now this debate looks like a man trying to have a serious discussion with his Alzheimer’s suffering friend.

    · Obama looks intimidated by Romney, looks like he’s in way over his head – that alone can cost him the election.

    · My name is #Mitt #Romney and I approved this ass-kicking.

    · Congratulations MSM, your failure to ask the president hard questions for 4 years has left him soft and unprepared. #irony

    · This is a businessman, talking business, to a grad student. Obama should be taking notes and asking for an extension.

    · Obama better hope a Kicked Ass is covered under Obamacare.

    • Those are hilarious. I was going to report the one I found so darn right funny when I saw it, and then forgot it. It is in the ones above.

      That wasn’t a debate so much as Mitt Romney just took Obama for a cross country drive strapped to the roof of his car!

    • FUNNY! I read somewhere that up until Obama, the highest number of executive orders written by any president was 62, under GWB. Obama’s at 923, iirc. Over 920 for certain. Amazing, isn’t it?

      I think my fav is the uninstalling Obama one! The last two are goodies, too. These people are funnier than Letterman, Leno, Stewart, and (inadvertently) Chris Tingle, too.

      • That would be almost 1.5 per day. He probably falls asleep thinking what executive order he has to sign in the morning and his will be done for the day. That explains all the vacations and golf, huh?

  10. Knew this was coming: Accusation that Chavez rigged the vote:
    “”It is unfortunate that Chavez has retained his grip on power in Venezuela,” said a statement from Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the influential chairwoman of the House foreign affairs committee.

    “Chavez has denied access to international election monitors, employed last minute ballot changes, controlled the judicial system, harassed independent journalists, and consolidated his power to manipulate the vote in his favor,” she said on Sunday.”

    Sound familiar?

    • Dictators do not lose elections

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        And that’s what everyone here fears too. If you are able bodied, I would strongly encourage everyone to sign up as a poll watcher. It’s an approx. 2.5 hour “training” session. Common sense, really. But poll watchers are needed in this election more than ever!

        The last I checked Drudge yesterday, Capriles was ahead. Chavez insisted the polls remain open until late in the evening. And, although we never imagined it could happen in our country, we now all know it CAN happen here.

        Please, sign up to be a poll watcher ASAP!

        • I have ended up being an inspector at the polls but don’t know yet what that is I am so excited. It is in an urban area, too, which is just right for me.

        • I was a poll watcher for the first time in the last election. I just sat at a table, away from the election officials, for a couple of hours and observed but you watch for things like people in the polling area wearing campaign slogans, etc. Depending on where you are, it could be more exciting than that I guess. 🙂 Honestly I would have loved to be a poll watcher at that Philly office where the black panthers were standing guard….at least in my dreams I would.
          I was (am) unaffiliated but you do have to be trained/”certified” by one of the parties. I was planning to do it again this year.

      • I know. I’m surprised he wasn’t reelected with 110% of the vote. But, like here, they keep it “close” to give the impression that there’s really democracy and a choice.

  11. Pew Research released their latest poll /FOX
    (Previously Pew has always showed Obama ahead!)

    Romney 49%

    Obama 45%


    Gallup Poll

    Romney 49%

    Obama 49%


    “CBS News: (CBS News) The former head of a Special Forces “Site Security Team” in Libya tells CBS News that in spite of multiple pleas from himself and other U.S. security officials on the ground for “more, not less” security personnel, the State Department removed as many as 34 people from the country in the six months before a terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others. Lt. Col. Andy Wood will appear this week at a House Oversight Committee hearing that will examine security decisions leading up to the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi. Speaking to CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson, Wood said when he found out that his own 16-member team and a six-member State Department elite force were being pulled from Tripoli in August – about a month before the assault in Benghazi – he felt, “like we were being asked to play the piano with two fingers. There was concern amongst the entire embassy staff.””

    God bless him.


    Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from the new e-book “The Lizard King: The Shocking Inside Account of Obama’s True Intergalactic Ambitions By An Anonymous White House Staffer,” edited and introduced by Daily Caller writers Jamie Weinstein and Will Rahn. Buy it here now. And come back the rest of the week for more excerpts.


    In the pages ahead you will find an unsolicited manuscript we received in the mail at the offices of the Daily Caller. The envelope indicated it had been mailed from Thailand. When we opened it, we found a leather-bound book with a note attached. The note was from a man who claimed to be a former Obama administration official who left Team Obama during its first year in office. The note asked us to publish the contents of the book so the world would know the truth about the president. We do so in the pages ahead, which have only been moderately edited to excise the long, graphic, and detailed sex scenes, which to our surprise were the least plausible aspects of the author’s manuscript.

    We did our best to verify as much as we could. What we know is that the author was indeed a high-ranking member of the Obama administration who left suddenly under suspicious circumstances. As for the rest, it’s largely unverifiable unless others in the administration talk, which so far they haven’t. We leave it up to you to decide whether you are reading fact or fiction.

    Will Rahn and Jamie Weinstein


    Chapter 1: My Name is What?

    I was a senior official working in President Obama’s administration during its first ten months and am a die-hard liberal. While working at the White House, I was with the president often, if not constantly.

    This is not idle talk. I saw the president almost every day, and I often spent much of the day with his senior staff. We did everything but sleep together—and at the beginning of the administration I would have been open to that. I said I was a liberal, right?

    In a nutshell, few have seen how this administration operates the way I have. I know its inner secrets. I know the president’s idiosyncrasies. I know it all.

    But I won’t be voting for the president this fall—and you shouldn’t, either.

    In order to understand where I am, you have to understand where I’ve been. When I say I am a liberal, I mean it. I’m a liberal’s liberal. I connect with the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. I like arugula. I feel comfortable at gay weddings. I used to drive a Prius. I even think Chris Hayes is smart and incisive. So I’m not someone who naturally finds himself participating in a project that will benefit the Republican Party.

    At the University of Chicago, I was your typical privileged college progressive. I joined all the progressive campus groups: Kyoto Now!, College Democrats, Black Students United, Hermaphrodites are People Too, Black Hermaphrodites United, Straight Friends of Lesbians and Gays (SFLG), which later be came Straight Friends of Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals (SFLGB), which later became Straight Friends of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders (SFLGBT), which finally (I think) transformed into Straight Friends of Lesbians, Bays, Bisexuals, Transgenders and Questioning (SFLGBTQ).

    But beyond my campus activism, I actively involved myself in the campaigns of local Democratic politicians. That’s how I first encountered David Axelrod.

    While I was in college in 2002, there was a contentious Democratic primary for a seat on the Chicago City Council. Axelrod didn’t usually work on such low-level races, but his candidate was a young hotshot Hispanic star who he had high hopes could one day become mayor of Chicago. I worked on the campaign of the incumbent.

    I soon came to Axelrod’s attention when I ended his candidate’s prospects. Working on the campaign, I quickly discovered that I had a talent for the dark side of politics, the muckraking opposition research that can not only destroy a candidate, but potentially destroy a man.

    And so I destroyed Axelrod’s shining star. In order to do so, I went to the streets. I talked my way into several gangs in Chicago’s Lower West Side and ultimately discovered that Axelrod’s candidate had for a short time been part of one particularly infamous drug gang in the city.

    It was actually a sad story. At fourteen, Axelrod’s candidate’s father abandoned the family. The young future candidate took it upon himself to find a way to support his mother and siblings. He thought he could do it by joining a gang intimately tied to an infamous and brutal Mexican drug cartel. He even spent some time as a drug mule, ferreting drugs in his anus from Mexico into the United States. As soon as he could, he left that dark world and turned his sights on making things better for people in Chicago, poor people like himself. He had talent. He rose like a rocket—full scholarship to Loyola University, then amazingly enough to Harvard, where he earned a law degree. He thought he could escape his past. He had escaped it. But then I uncovered his little secret. His political career was over.

    Axelrod wasn’t mad. He was impressed. He wanted to get me on his team. He took me under his wing. And when a young Illinois senator emerged victorious out of a packed Democratic primary to take on a potentially strong Republican challenger for U.S. Senate in 2004, I was tasked with making the race easier on him.

    And so I did. I discovered that the Republican candidate, Jack Ryan, and his wife had a history of attending swingers’ clubs. It wasn’t illegal. But it so embarrassed Ryan that he dropped out of the race—and left it wide open for a then unknown Barack Obama to become the next U.S. senator. The Republican replacement for Ryan, Alan Keyes, was a roadblock to Obama’s chances in the same way a pencil is a suitable defender against Kobe Bryant on the basketball court or the French army was an adequate buffer to German advances during World War II.

    When Obama decided to run for president, Axelrod brought me along. When Hillary Clinton dropped out of the presidential primary in June 2008, the media reported it was because she knew she couldn’t win the nomination. But that’s bogus. Bill had already secured the super delegates necessary for her to win if she took the race to the convention. She dropped out because of what I found on her. It turns out that Chelsea is not her and Bill’s daughter at all—but the product of a night of passion between Hillary and the late PLO chairman Yasser Arafat during a trip Hillary took to Beirut in 1979, shortly after Bill became governor of Arkansas.

    My loyalty to Team Obama and mastery of the dark art of political chicanery made me a natural choice for a White House role after Obama won the presidency. They wanted me on their side. I was appointed a special assistant to the president, though I mainly worked on special projects behind the scenes, as you shall see.

    My long connection to Team Obama makes this book especially difficult because it constitutes a grand act of disloyalty. However, I cannot remain silent knowing what I know, seeing what I’ve seen.

    Read more:

    • Is this a joke? The Onion or something? Or some kind of black ops/poison pill? Chelsea isn’t Bill’s daughter? So how is it that she looks like Bill? This is ridiculous. When he talked about hermaphrodites, I thought we’d really hear something. 🙂 It sounds like the guy is an insider, but if the best he can come up with is that Hillary had an affair with Arafat, that’s RIDICULOUS. I can believe Huma. I don’t believe Arafat. What would be the appeal? Seriously? Bill is far cuter (gag, hate to have to say it) than Arafat could ever have hoped to be.

      • This is quite real Miri. Wait till you read the rest….

        • I believe the guy was an insider. I don’t believe that Chelsea is Arafat’s daughter and this seems too close to making fun of Gilbert for saying that FMD is Barry’s dad. Whatever it is, that certainly is not true and it’s not even funny, considering she’s a young woman who mostly has stayed out of the limelight. I know she’s likely to be a progressive like her parents but it’s a nasty thing to say. She’s (so far) not running for anything. I’m not likely to read the rest because I wouldn’t buy the book.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          Oh bullshit! There is no way Chelsea is Yasser Arafat’s daughter! Please use discernment. Everyone here so much smarter than this!

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Yes. Huma is more a more credible dad than Yasser! 🙂 And don’t they all wish that were possible?!

  14. Was this a test run for the crash of 2012? An October surprise? How many times have we been told that this kind of thing has been controlled for? Wasn’t there similar testing of the system before the 2008 crash?

    “A single mysterious computer program that placed orders — and then subsequently canceled them — made up 4 percent of all quote traffic in the U.S. stock market last week, according to the top tracker of high-frequency trading activity. The motive of the algorithm is still unclear.

    The program placed orders in 25-millisecond bursts involving about 500 stocks, according to Nanex, a market data firm. The algorithm never executed a single trade, and it abruptly ended at about 10:30 a.m. ET Friday.

    “Just goes to show you how just one person can have such an outsized impact on the market,” said Eric Hunsader, head of Nanex and the No. 1 detector of trading anomalies watching Wall Street today. “Exchanges are just not monitoring it.””

    Martha Stewart goes to prison but these guys continue to get away with it. You have to ask yourself WHY.

    • That Townhall story about the illegal foreign donations connects with this because one of the guys who conducted the study is the same one who wrote a book about INSIDER TRADING by Congress members.

      Wouldn’t a simple executive order fix this? FEC could be told to ensure that safeguards are placed on all campaign websites. After all, aren’t they the ones who approved donations by text message?

      I have a dumb technology question: Can tweets serve as text messages? In the same way that email can be sent as a text message and vice versa?

      That report on foreign campaign donations covered Obama’s online donation website. How do they possibly control for foreign donations coming in via text messages?

      Townhall asks whether it could be an honest mistake? Are we supposed to believe that the obots didn’t read Pam Geller’s stories about them not using the authentication codes back in 2008? They MUST deliberately not use them. IIRC, Pam showed that you must deliberately disengage them in order to NOT use them. As Townhall points out, it actually costs the campaign money to disengage the authentication features.

      • Pam’s previous stories prove that this is deliberate neglect, at best, on the part of OFA:
        “While no person can be held accountable under the law for violations he or she is powerless to prevent or for violations of which a person had no knowledge, the law recognizes that to permit meaningful enforcement a person cannot escape responsibility for a crime by deliberately ignoring facts and circumstances that would lead a reasonable person to conclude that a crime is most likely being committed. Moreover, the FEC regulations make it clear that a campaign official cannot avoid criminal culpability by ignoring facts that would lead a reasonable person to inquire whether foreign nationals are contributing funds to the campaign.” That’s the U.S. code, according to Townhall. Are we to believe that these experts at OFA don’t know what a “reasonable person” can easily see and understand? This is also clearly ILLEGAL:

        “The internet for the Obama campaign has proved to be a cash cow, but it’s also provided a digital paper trail of potential illegal activity for investigators. When foreign bloggers received donation solicitations from the Obama campaign, they wrote about it online. GAI found their sites and documented their experiences. Social media accomplished the same thing–an online trail of Obama campaign solicitations to foreign nationals.”

        And they have the evidence to PROVE IT, so why aren’t the media even reporting this? It’s also EXTREMELY suspicious that Rubio didn’t have the same authentication check on his donation page until AFTER his campaign was over. Sleaze and corruption is INTOLERABLE, no matter where it’s found. I’m SICK of the corruption. It has to end. We need to restore HONOR and MORALITY to our government.

        • “OFA isn’t run by amateurs and has a highly sophisticated online presence. OFA is known as the “gold standard” in online technology with a Facebook co-founder, veteran YouTube videographer and an award-winning CNN producer keeping everything running smoothly.”

          Anybody know, off hand, the names of these “folks”?

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          Agreed. And I like Rubio. But you are 100% right! No right/left on this issue. Only right/wrong!

  15. Another foreign policy fiasco that Barry LIED ABOUT. Remember when they had that general blame the troops for the “insider attacks” where the Muslims being trained in security by our troops turned around and used their weapons against our troops? He said the troops needed more sensitivity training, for example, to not put their feet up on desks and inadvertently insult the Muslims by showing them the soles of their boots! Now, once again, we learn the truth from the Muslim leaders themselves:

    The idea that insider attacks are mostly the result of cultural differences is “unfounded,” Afghanistan’s deputy foreign minister said Thursday morning.

    “The majority of it is terrorist infiltration,” Jawed Ludin told reporters at the Embassy of Afghanistan. “Some people who think this is essentially a cultural thing vastly overstate. And actually grievously ignore the fact that we’ve been doing this for 10 years now.”

    U.S. officials, including Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Marine Gen. John Allen, commander of the NATO International Security Assistance Force and U.S. forces in Afghanistan, have repeatedly said that Taliban infiltration only accounts for about a quarter of the insider attacks, and that the remainder are due to other reasons, ranging from hunger and thirst during Ramadan to cultural misunderstandings.

    On Wednesday, British Lt. Gen. Adrian Bradshaw, deputy commander of ISAF, told reporters in a video press conference that he believes NATO is making the environment safer for troops in Afghanistan by taking “sensible precautions” like posting armed guardian angels to keep watch and by improving intelligence-gathering efforts.

    But Ludin dismissed the idea that cultural friction is to blame for attacks on international forces by Afghan troops.”

    First the lies from Barry; then the TRUTH comes out from everywhere else, including the Brits and even from the Muslims themselves. So this gets reported and notice Panetta spinning:

    “Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and other U.S. officials heading into the meetings say they expect to reassure allies that military commanders are doing all they can to stem the tide of insider attacks, in which Afghan troops or insurgents dressed in their uniforms turn their guns on the coalition forces that are training them. … The attacks, which have killed more than 53 coalition troops this year, have imperiled the strategy by eating away at the trust between the allied forces and the Afghans they were sent there to mentor and train.

    My goal is to make clear to NATO and to our allies that we are taking all steps necessary to confront this issue and that it should not be allowed to deter us from the plan that Gen. Allen put in place,” said Panetta.”

    Nothing in that story mentions that previously, this administration dishonorably tried to blame the troops themselves for these attacks. Now, only because NATO is getting wary and they need to make sure they meet their deadline for withdrawal, Panetta is singing another tune. They made up that crap about the troops bringing these attacks upon themselves via their own cultural insensitivity (and racism, surely) because otherwise, they have to admit, as with Benghazigate, that Al Qaeda is NOT defeated and was behind both the jihadist terrorist attack on the embassy AND these attacks on our troops who are training their “security” people.

    The Haqqani insurgent network, based in Pakistan and with ties to al-Qaida, is suspected of being a driving force behind a significant number of the “insider” attacks by Afghan forces that have killed or wounded more than 130 U.S. and allied troops this year, American officials say.

    Until now, officials had said the attacks seemed to stem either from personal grievances against the allies or from Taliban infiltration. The Taliban has publicly claimed to be orchestrating the campaign to subvert the U.S.-Afghan alliance.

    New data provided to The Associated Press this week also reveal that in addition to 35 U.S. and allied troops killed in insider attacks last year, 61 were wounded. Those included 19 in a single attack in the eastern province of Laghman on April 16, 2011, in which six American servicemen were killed. Thus far in 2012 there have been 53 killed and at least 80 wounded, the figures showed.

    Haqqani involvement in the plotting would add a new dimension to that group’s insurgent activity, which has been marked largely by spectacular attacks against targets inside Kabul. It also could complicate U.S.-Pakistan relations, since the Haqqanis are based mainly in Pakistan.”



  16. They think they have a winning argument going after Mitt for JOKING that he’d cut funding for Big Bird, which as it turns out doesn’t get funding from us, or so they say. They’ve asked the Obama campaign to remove their ad that uses Big Bird:

    They’re also using an ignorant photo of some little girl apparently looking at Romney’s rear end, in surprise, and running it along with a story claiming that Romney “dissed” kids by not participating in the rigged Nickelodeon “kids vote” (they don’t) stupidity. Oh, yes. The lamestream will excoriate Romney for refusing to meet with kids but say nothing about Barry DISSING and refusing to meet with Netanyahu. This is all they have. They have to resort to Big Bird!

  17. Did you know that Barry put out a statement about Columbus Day? Well, of course he had to diss Columbus for what happened to the “tribes”:

    ““When the explorers laid anchor in the Bahamas, they met indigenous peoples who had inhabited the Western hemisphere for millennia,” the proclamation states.

    “As we reflect on the tragic burdens tribal communities bore in the years that followed, let us commemorate the many contributions they have made to the American experience, and let us continue to strengthen the ties that bind us today.””

    There were also peoples descended from European “tribes” living in the Western Hemisphere for millenia. Nobody is “indigenous” to the Western Hemisphere and many peoples arrived here over many thousands of years, including from Iberia, Japan, Mongolia, along the Arctic Circle, etc. Not all “indigenous” tribes were non-white, in other words.

    Columbus, in 1492, was simply the most recent immigrant and every other wave of immigrants from the Old World brought war, disease, and disaster. It wasn’t Italians who killed off the mammoths.

    On a similar note: Mooch wants to feed school children EXPENSIVE buffalo meat:

    “In marking the one year anniversary of Let’s Move! in Indian Country, First Lady Michelle Obama praised the work done by Native American and Alaskan American communities in fighting childhood obestiy by, among other things, adding “traditional foods like buffalo meat into school lunches.”

    A year ago, Mrs. Obama joined Native American children in the White House garden to launch Let’s Move in Indian Country by planting the “three sisters”–corn, beans and squash.

    “This is such an important issue,” Mrs. Obama said in the video marking the one-year anniversary of the program. “We know that children in American Indian and Alaskan Native communities experience higher rates of obesity.”

    • Buffalo? Didn’t they almost go extinct because the indian tribes over exploited them. If they killed a buffalo they would kill the whole herd because iirc they thought the others would avenge the death or something? The meat would rot because it was more than they needed. Almost killed them all off

  18. and they are worried about BIG BIRD….? Nasty …. dirty… because
    they can…. wonder why we see no bumper stickers & signs ???

  19. “MSNBC Goes Rogue: Presidential Debate Was Obama’s Emperor Has No Clothes Moment”

  20. Reporter Lara Logan brings ominous news from Middle East
    Oct. 7 Snips

    Lara Logan, a correspondent for CBS’ “60 Minutes,” delivered a provocative speech to about 1,100 influentials from government, politics, media, and the legal and corporate arenas.

    Her ominous and frightening message was gleaned from years of covering our wars in the Middle East. She arrived in Chicago on the heels of her Sept. 30 report, “The Longest War.” It examined the Afghanistan conflict and exposed the perils that still confront America, 11 years after 9/11. Eleven years later, “they” still hate us, now more than ever, Logan told the crowd. The Taliban and al-Qaida have not been vanquished, she added. They’re coming back.

    “I chose this subject because, one, I can’t stand, that there is a major lie being propagated . . .” Logan declared in her native South African accent. The lie is that America’s military might has tamed the Taliban. “There is this narrative coming out of Washington for the last two years,” Logan said. It is driven in part by “Taliban apologists,” who claim “they are just the poor moderate, gentler, kinder Taliban,” she added sarcastically. “It’s such nonsense!”

    Logan stepped way out of the “objective,” journalistic role. The audience was riveted as she told of plowing through reams of documents, and interviewing John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan; Afghan President Hamid Karzai, and a Taliban commander trained by al-Qaida. The Taliban and al-Qaida are teaming up and recruiting new terrorists to do us deadly harm, she reports.

    She made a passionate case that our government is downplaying the strength of our enemies in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as a rationale of getting us out of the longest war. We have been lulled into believing that the perils are in the past: “You’re not listening to what the people who are fighting you say about this fight. In your arrogance, you think you write the script.” Our enemies are writing the story, she suggests, and there’s no happy ending for us.

    • Obama says that we have “Al Queda on its heels.” Lara calls out Obama and accuses the administration of lying about Al Queda. They are gaining strength in Iraq and have doubled in size. They aren’t retreating. She says there are 140 attacks per week! Excellent interviews with General Allen and Pres. Karzai of Afghanistan. A Taliban commander is also interviewed telling how he is associated with Al Queda. Pres. Karzai said that Terrorism hasn’t gone away, it has increased.” The new signature attack of Al Queda is going to be the “Insider Attack”. (Those pretending to be on the side of the Americans and who turn their guns on them).

      “The Longest War” Lara Logan

      • If you remember, this is the reporter who was sexually assaulted by that mob of hundreds of Muslim men. She was saved by a group of women.

        We talked about the insider attacks here:

        I’m glad 60 Minutes did this story.

        • This is an indictment on Barack Obama, and everybody in Washington on both sides that are not telling the truth to the American people. She even says that American should seek revenge for Stevens and the others deaths. Obama’s support and encouragement of the Arab Spring two years ago helped to set off how Al Queda has become emboldened. When will other journalists start telling the truth? It is frightening to hear the truth – yet we can handle it. Praying for all our soldiers who are in the Middle East and elsewhere fighting for us with their hands tied behind their backs because of the ineptitude and policies of this administration. I wonder how she was able to get an interview with the Taliban commander. Who set it up? Was he one that the Obama administration was meeting with secretly? Those meetings failed as was reported recently.

          • Amazing interview, Pakistan is the problem. Of course it is, they protect Al Queda. They are like a breeding field for Al Queda. Where was Osama bin laden captured but in a Pakistani military protected compound. They were covering for Osama bin laden, there is just no humanly way they did not know it was Osama living in that house on their compound. Steve Coll actually describe that fact in one of his articles on Al Queda.

            Why are we STILL sending funding to Pakistan even AFTER these facts were known by this administration? In actuality our men and women in the military are being slaughtered by our own tax dollars we pay into that then goes too fund a country that supports and more than likely helps fund Al Queda? This is just insane! crickets from the news media on this of course. I thank Lara Logan for doing this report, the woman has guts and courage something the rest of the media greatly lack.

          • You said it! My sentiments exactly. I don’t know much about her except her experience with being assaulted. I can’t help but think of that old saying about how a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged.

        • Why do we keep supplying Pakistan with money? Nukes. They have nukes. We don’t want those to get into Al Queda’s hands. I recall that it was Gates that said they were secure…whatever that meant, but in his estimation they were safe from getting into terrorist’s hands. Pakistan upped their nuclear capabilities in response to India’s threats a couple years ago.

          The problem has been that the countries receiving our money have NO accountability. I remember Hillary saying that money was being given but they would be accountable. How is that working Hillary? Corruption abounds and is part of their culture so how does the US stop it?

          How do we stop the corruption in our own country? As we have seen, lawlessness has been observed and no one in authority does anything. A new attorney general with ethics will help curb what we in our country have seen running rampant. Assume that in third world countries, that corruption is accepted. Then multiply it 500 times what we have in the US. One would have to understand that honesty isn’t a value present there or here. When we find that our own government is coddling the Muslim Brotherhood that has the goal to see all infidels dead – we can only wonder what Obama and his pals have been doing to undermine our government further. What is our government doing to the Code Pink people protesting our government’s use of drones in a foreign country? They should be arrested for anti-American activities.

          • Those are two more wonderful things to look forward to with Romney in the WH (oh, think how wonderful to have a classy first lady again): A NEW attorney general, one who honors and upholds the law and the Constitution, and an end to the employment of all those Muslim Brotherhood operatives, including Ms. Weiner.

      • Allen said “within the context of my authority,” he would hunt down Haqqani/al Qaeda. What exactly is the context? With Barry as CiC–one hand tied behind his back. Barry will NOT deal with Pakistan because … Guess why? Personal friends with muckety-mucks in the Pakistani government. Bet on it. Imagine what Allen could accomplish with a commander who wants to win.

        I would love to box Karzai upside the head in that big ear of his. Such gratitude! Where would he be without our troops, without GWB defeating the Taliban for him (only for us to see Barry lose the war that our troops, under GWB, won)?

        She did an excellent job. Better than our own reporters do, of speaking on behalf of the American people. She knows how angry we get at the ingratitude of these ingrates. Millions of dollars and worse–thousands of our troops killed and maimed. Sitting ducks for those IEDs. “Fighting” but NOT fighting.

        If Karzai is so pissed about the safe havens in Waziristand, what the hell is stopping him from leading an army of HIS TROOPS into those safe havens in Pakistan and cleaning them out? Nope. It’s his country but he wants OUR GUYS on the front lines. OUR country in the line of fire if Pakistan decides to retaliate. They do, after all, have nukes.

  21. GM Bailout Could Be Undone By Same Judge That Allowed It

    From the “how’s that for irony” file comes a report that the judge that signed off on the GM bailout has been having second thoughts, because — surprise, surprise, surprise — he wasn’t informed about part of the deal.

    The Washington Free Beacon reports:

    As GM teetered on the edge of bankruptcy in June 2009, it cut a $367 million “lock-up agreement” with several major creditors in order to prevent its Canadian subsidiary from going under. The move spared the subsidiary from fulfilling the $1 billion debt it owed the creditors—major hedge funds—ensuring that GM would not have to face bankruptcy courts in two nations, which could have delayed the company’s recovery.

    The trustee for (old GM) creditors shortchanged by the government-driven bankruptcy are now suing the hedge funds in a move that could undo the bailout.

    “Many U.S. creditors waived their rights to object because the government wanted to push through the bailout for political reasons,” risk analyst Chris Whalen said. “If they had continued through normal channels, they could have easily been in bankruptcy for five years. So they made sure these issues were not adequately briefed before the court.”

    The GM that exited bankruptcy was radically different than the one that entered. The Treasury Department arranged for the company to split into Motors Liquidation Co., known as “old GM,” and created a “new GM” with the help of $30 billion from American taxpayers. Judge Robert Gerber, who approved the sale with little hesitation, could now reverse the entire auto bailout—and overturn one of President Barack Obama’s signature achievements.

    “When I approved the sale agreement and entered the sale approval order I mistakenly thought that I was merely saving GM, the supply chain, and about a million jobs. It never once occurred to me, and nobody bothered to disclose, that amongst all of the assigned contracts was this lock-up agreement, if indeed it was assigned at all,” Gerber said in July.

    Well, what do you know, the Obama Administration didn’t reveal all the details to the judge. Is anyone surprised that this gang of Chicago thugs decided that the judge didn’t need to know the sweetheart deal that would save their union buddies?

    It sounds like Judge Gerber is ready to reopen the whole thing, essentially forcing GM into a real bankruptcy, including having to pay back the $27 billion to the Treasury… which, given that they only have about $30 billion on hand, could spell the end of GM.

    If we’re lucky, this will come apart very soon… just in time for the non-political-wonks to read the news as they’re deciding whether or not Obama deserves a second term.

  22. WordPress, have I reminded you yet today that you a pain in everyone’s arse, but we love ya anyway 🙂

  23. Wisconsin Sheriff Says He Won’t Stop Voter Fraud
    October 9th, 2012 Snips

    As polls show support for President Obama sagging in the battleground state of Wisconsin, the sheriff in one of the state’s most populous Democratic counties says he wants inmates to vote and his deputies to ignore the felon status some of them might have. Wisconsin state law prohibits felons from voting while they are serving jail time or on parole.

    Sheriff Dave Mahoney of Dane County, home to the state capitol of Madison, is a former union official who frequently involves himself in the local political scene. A memo sent Lt. Mark Twombly of his department instructed deputies working at the county jail to allow inmates to obtain and cast absentee ballots. The memo specifically instructed the officers to not check the department’s computer system to determine whether or not the inmate is eligible to vote under state law.

    “It is going to be up to their polling location to research whether they are allowed to vote based on their criminal record, not the DCSO [Dane County Sheriff’s Office],” Twombly wrote in the memo. In Wisconsin absentee ballots are delivered on election day to the local polling location of the voter to be counted. Municipal clerks are tasked with filling absentee ballot requests.

    Caught! [A whistleblower released the memo!]
    Dane Co. Sheriff Says He Won’t Stop Felon Voters Oct. 8 Snip

    During an in-studio radio interview with a Madison talk show host on Monday, Sheriff Dave Mahoney attacked the whistleblower deputy and the conservative Milwaukee talk show host who blogged about an e-mail the deputy sent him. Mahoney called the whistleblower and talk show host “unethical” and said he couldn’t believe one of his officers would release the internal memo. The sheriff suggested that the deputy acted in an unprofessional fashion. [Famous last words Sheriff Joe – ethical was the whistleblower!]

    Mahoney vigorously denied that his office is facilitating possible voter fraud! [What is it then Dave?]

    He is a white guy!

    From Dave with love to the citizens of Wisconsin….

    “I am very proud to be your Sheriff, and do not take my service to you for granted. I invite you to visit our website often for changes within your Sheriff’s Office.

    Serving our citizens with Pride,”

    • Sheriff Dave – a typical progressive union thug. The only way the Democrats win an election is when they cheat. Wisconsin needs to recall or make this guy resign if he can’t follow and abide by the laws of the state. Mahoney was a former labor union boss, and refused to arrest protesters at the state capitol when they harassed and threatened Republican lawmakers and staff. Why does he still have a job? Can he be accused and charged of aiding and abetting a felony – voter fraud is a felony!

    • Now that takes guts to call a whistleblower unethical and unprofessional because the person rats on a sheriff who is telling his deputies to break the law! Amazing. He should be fired immediately. He sounds like the kind of sheriff who would have been on Barry’s “truth squad” back in 2008. Here we go again.

    Dumb~Dumber~Dumbest…. same jerks different day….. GO SARAH!!!
    Having to DUMB DOWN…. for all the … HOE’ ~ HOLLYWOOD BABIES?
    & the ones with small kiddies better back off & THINK AGAIN! HELLO??
    KEEP up the fight … spread the TRUTH….. Kid “Rock’s” … Ben Afflick …
    CLINT EASTWOOD… & the rest of the AWAKENED AMERICAN’s…
    with all we have … fight … fight clean…. Just FIGHT!!!!

  25. Stacey Dash… is Pretty… & Smart … say it Loud & B Proud!!!
    Were all with YOU.. 100%… welcome…. aboard

  26. I just saw a poll that shows Scott Brown has finally pulled ahead of the fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren. Scott Brown 48% and Warren 45%. Was it because of her not beingan Indian or an licensed attorney who practiced law?

    • I think it may have been practicing law without a license that did her in. But only leading by 3%? What the hell is wrong with MA?

  27. Supreme Ct can end Affirmative Action and the case begins tomorrow. I say let it end.

    Will Fisher vs. Texas End Affirmative Action, Or Make It More Effective – Forbes
    October 9, 2012 Snips

    Tomorrow the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments that could lead to the end of race-based affirmative action in higher education. Supporters of Abigail Fisher, the white student denied admission to the University of Texas, say she was the victim of a system that elevated skin color above other attributes such as grades or test scores.

    Fisher’s supporters would seem to have the Fourteenth Amendment on their side. The 1868 amendment states that all citizens are entitled to equal protection under the law. And Chief Justice Roberts, in a 2007 affirmative-action decision, famously stated that the “way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”
    The outcome of Fisher vs. UT, meanwhile, is difficult to guess. Only eight justices are voting, since former Solicitor General Elena Kagan recused herself.

  28. Jerome Corsi:


    “NEW YORK – As a student at Harvard Law School, then-bachelor Barack Obama’s practice of wearing a gold band on his wedding-ring finger puzzled his colleagues.

    Now, newly published photographs of Obama from the 1980s show that the ring Obama wore on his wedding-ring finger as an unmarried student is the same ring Michelle Robinson put on his finger at the couple’s wedding ceremony in 1992.

    Moreover, according to Arabic-language and Islamic experts, the ring Obama has been wearing for more than 30 years is adorned with the first part of the Islamic declaration of faith, the Shahada: “There is no God except Allah.”

    Egyptian-born Islamic scholar Mark A. Gabriel, Ph.D., examined photographs of Obama’s ring at WND’s request and concluded that the first half of the Shahada is inscribed on it.

    “There can be no doubt that someone wearing the inscription ‘There is no god except Allah’ has a very close connection to Islamic beliefs, the Islamic religion and Islamic society to which this statement is so strongly attached,” Gabriel told WND.”
    At YouTube:

    “Sen. Barack Obama slips up on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos and refers to “my muslim faith”.”

    Uploaded on Sep 7, 2008

    • How could the guy see an inscription? Is it from recognizing the style of the ring and its origins?

      • I find this totally frightening. Totally. How blatant and he’s gotten away with it for four years. “My Muslim faith.” Remember? OMG. Amazing. Certainly the guy must be correct because there’s no other explanation for that bizarre design/pattern.

    • You’ve GOT to be kidding me! Say what? Those latest photos with him and Hamid showed that ring very well. I could see that it seems to have vertical “pleats” (only way I could think to describe it). OMG. Red Pill! The Shahada. As you said. Are we on the cutting edge or what?

      • He will say it’s an heirloom from his father or grandfather stepfather or mother (it’s Indonesian, Corsi says) and the libs and obots will say, “nothing to see here, folks. MOVE ON.” Could this be WHY they suddenly produced those photos? Is it possible there’s actually a patriot amongst those progs from Oxy?

      • It is perfectly in character for him to be so in our faces. Just like the Mao ornament on the WH Christmas tree.

    • For some reason, I feel that this story fits here.
      “A prominent scientist who had previously dismissed the possibility of the afterlife says he has reconsidered his belief after experiencing an out of body experience which has convinced him that heaven exists. …

      During his illness Dr Alexander says that the part of his brain which controls human thought and emotion “shut down” and that he then experienced “something so profound that it gave me a scientific reason to believe in consciousness after death.” In an essay for American magazine Newsweek, which he wrote to promote his book Proof of Heaven, Dr Alexander says he was met by a beautiful blue-eyed woman in a “place of clouds, big fluffy pink-white ones” and “shimmering beings”.

      He continues: “Birds? Angels? These words registered later, when I was writing down my recollections. But neither of these words do justice to the beings themselves, which were quite simply different from anything I have known on this planet. They were more advanced. Higher forms.” The doctor adds that a “huge and booming like a glorious chant, came down from above, and I wondered if the winged beings were producing it. the sound was palpable and almost material, like a rain that you can feel on your skin but doesn’t get you wet.””

    • October 10

      “Peter Boyles Show”


      “This hour Peter welcomes Dr. Jerry Corsi to talk about the article he wrote about President Obama”s gold ring.”

      [audio src="" /]

      • Has anyone ever seen Barry fingering that ring during specific points in time? It’s said that people tend to stroke their rings when they’re thinking of or speaking about their spouses. So I wonder if there are “tells” in any of his speeches.

    • “Is Barack Obama Really A Saudi / Muslim “Plant” in the White House?”

      Uploaded by ppsimmons on Jul 27, 2010

      • You can see that ring pretty well about 2 minutes in. Remember that Barry says the future must not belong to those who insult his prophet.

      • Well, I used to like Avi till his last statement, bringing jew and christians together for judeo christian UN in Jerusalem! So the Rothschilds got their central banking there already, what’s this guy up to? Spose he loves Romney . That last statement was eerily like what I’ve heard predicted , that in the end times we’ll worship the false god (UN). Won’t that be spectacular when Jesus comes to destroy the Jews attempt to build another temple. Unless God brings us there to witness to the Jews this will be the most Satan antichrist’s haven. I’m starting to get the picture. And Pastor Manning didn’t even notice.

    • As Red Pill reported here first in August, 2010 …Do YOU know what Shahada means?

      Two years later….
      Report: Duke professor confirms Arabic on Obama ring
      ‘It is the first part of the Islamic Shahada’
      October 10, 2012 Snip

      WND’s report that Arabic-language and Islamic experts claim the gold band Obama has been wearing on his wedding-ring finger for more than 30 years is adorned with the first part of the Islamic declaration of faith naturally was met with skepticism in some circles, but Glenn Beck’s news service published a report citing a Duke professor who confirmed the WND experts’ assessment.

      Earlier today, before it published the report, four members of The Blaze editorial team, including Editor-in-Chief Scott Baker, cautiously discussed the Obama ring story in their “Blazecast Rewind” Internet broadcast, without mentioning WND. [Looks like the Blaze added WND to their written story]

      • Does Obama‘s Mystery Ring Really Have ’There Is No God Except Allah’ Inscribed in Arabic?
        October 10, 2012 Snips

        A World Net Daily (WND) report alleging that a ring President Barack Obama wears on his left hand includes the Islamic and Arabic phrase, “There is no God but Allah,” has been making its way across social media and the blogosphere. The article cites two Obama critics as sources who claim that the president has been wearing the ring, which apparently now doubles as his wedding band, for the past 30 years.
        TheBlaze decided to speak with experts at some of America’s leading universities. One academic, a professor at Duke University, provided a candid assessment, but asked to remain off-the-record. Based on the images and analysis present in the WND report, he said that the script present on Obama’s ring appears to be Arabic and that it does, indeed, include the first portion of the shahada. “I think this is accurate, he said of the description surrounding the ring.

        That in mind, the professor said that he believes the president’s claims that he is a Christian and that the purpose for the ring might be more rooted in other sentiments that lay outside of the Islamic religious tradition. In fact, some individuals wear rings similar to Obama’s for personal protection, he said. “Usually people in the Middle East — they wear such rings just for protection against any evil [spirits], car crashes — to keep them safe from evil,” he explained.[Any excuse will do.]
        While the Duke scholar seemed certain of the Arabic script present on the ring, Harvard University’s Dr. Ali Asani, a professor of Indo-Muslim and Islamic Religion and Cultures, told TheBlaze that the images of Obama’s ring were not clear enough to make a determination. “I’d actually have to see it much closer to see exactly what it says,” Asani said. [Not clear enough? Is Asani a member of CAIR or a close personal friend of Obama or some other Harvard grad?]

        • A World Net Daily (WND) report alleging that a ring President Barack Obama wears on his left hand includes the Islamic and Arabic phrase, “There is no God but Allah,”

          I’m glad WND did look into Obama’s ring. It includes the Islamic and Arabic phrase, “There is no God but Allah,”. Haven’t we all suspected his ring contained something too that effect since TD day’s? So now it’s been confirmed. You have too excuse me using this phrase of mathematical term’s a lot, but it seems most people cannot figure out simple math that 2+2 ALWAYS equal’s 4!

      • I just heard Glenn Beck and his co-host talking about this ring. They have heard a lot from their listeners who allege they’re ignoring the story. They seem to believe that there’s something more important–that’s to attack Obama on what he does and doesn’t do, not to criticize him for a ring that MIGHT be a family heirloom. They also ridiculed the “birth certificate” issue, as usual. I believe that’s because they believe it’s falling into the Alinsky trap of marginalizing anyone who actually does have real, provable, valid complaints against Barry. I understand their argument, and can see why they avoid these topics because they can’t afford to turn off anybody who otherwise might be convinced by their truthful information about how Barry is destroying our country, perhaps by design. In any case, Glenn did say that wearing that ring that has Arabic script on it for over 30 years at least proves that he has an affinity to the Arab world.

        What I thought of last night: Remember when he didn’t wear his wedding ring over the weekend of the 2010 anniversary of 9/11, when there was the issue of that Ground Zero mosque going on? Snopes talked about it, supposedly because people alleged he didn’t wear it because it was Ramadan:

        But the “true” story, according to ABC, was that it had to be “repaired,” although they wouldn’t say what allegedly was wrong with it. So here’s what I’m thinking: That maybe it was “repaired” to remove the second part of the Shahada, the one that contains allegiance to that prophet. The context of the times was everyone wondering WHY Obama was supporting that Ground Zero mosque. Light of day shining on his ring might have drawn questions? It certainly does appear that parts of the ring look new and other parts (the inscription) look worn. The way it appears today is strange. It doesn’t look symmetrical. The design is bizarre. Unbalanced. Did it originally contain the entire Shahada, but “repairs” omitted certain parts, replacing them with those parallel lines? We’d need good, pre-September-2010 photos to compare.

  29. As seen on Hannity – American Crossroads’ hard hitting ad targets Obama on Libya. It shows images of the attacks on the American Consulate in Benghazi meanwhile Obama spent the day campaigning in Las Vegas and making no announcements to the American public about the incident and deaths of the four Americans. Then it shows Obama with Letterman and appearing on the View to further emphasize his glossing over the attacks. He wasn’t present in the Oval Office, and didn’t even vote present during the weeks following. Was Obama clueless or was it him who started the coverup and the meme regarding the video as being responsible for the attacks? 14+ days for the administration to say it was a terrorists attack when they knew within 24 hours!

  30. Can we assume that the business he is in hires lots of minorities? Will they get the message? A bold action on his part…but he does own the company and has a right to his say, doesn’t he. He is giving them the heads up! Again, use of the terms Socialism, communism or Marxism aren’t being used. A great letter.

    CEO Threatens to Fire Employees If Obama Is Reelected and Raises Taxes
    October 09, 2012 Snips

    David Siegel, the founder and CEO of real estate company Westgate Resorts on Monday threatened to fire some employees if Barack Obama is reelected and carries out his plan to raise taxes on the so-called rich.

    Business is at the heart of America and always has been. To restart it, you must stimulate business, not kill it. However, the power brokers in Washington believe redistributing wealth is the essential driver of the American economic engine. Nothing could be further from the truth and this is the type of change they want.

    So where am I going with all this? It’s quite simple. If any new taxes are levied on me, or my company, as our current President plans, I will have no choice but to reduce the size of this company. Rather than grow this company I will be forced to cut back. This means fewer jobs, less benefits and certainly less opportunity for everyone.
    You see, I can no longer support a system that penalizes the productive and gives to the unproductive. My motivation to work and to provide jobs will be destroyed, and with it, so will your opportunities. If that happens, you can find me in the Caribbean sitting on the beach, under a palm tree, retired, and with no employees to worry about.

    Signed, your boss,

    According to Gawker, they were worth over a billion dollars in 2007, but that could be less now as a result of the real estate bust.

    • That is fabulous. What a great letter. Do read the entire thing. It’s worth it. Romney needs to quote THIS GUY!

    • Steve Wynn [CEO of Wynn Resorts] On Obama: “I’ll Be Damned If I Want To Have Him Lecture Me
      Oct. 9, 2012 Snips

      WYNN: I’ve created about 250,000 direct and indirect jobs according to the state of Nevada’s measurement. If the number is 250,000, that’s exactly 250,000 more than this president, who I’ll be damned if I want to have him lecture me about small business and jobs. I’m a job creator. Guys like me are job creators and we don’t like having a bull’s-eye painted on our back.

      The president is trying to put himself between me and my employees. By class warfare, by deprecating and calling a group that makes money ‘billionaires and millionaires who don’t pay their share.’ I gave 120% of my salary and bonus away last year to charities, as I do most years. I can’t stand the idea of being demagogued, that is put down by a president who has never created any jobs and who doesn’t even understand how the economy works.

      • Another job creator comes out of the closet to tell Obama to literally shove it. It does seem that the winds of change are a blowin’! Any prosperous person who has built a business successfully has to laugh at the blowhard Obama who has never worked hard, nor earned anything by his own sweat or sacrifice in his entire life. I assume they look at him and see a giant L for “loser” engraved across his forehead. [I see a giant A for a@@]. Obama was fed Marxist pablum from a stolen silver spoon and any respect for him is only from those still under the hypnotic spell induced by drugs and age old Kool aid drinkin’ anti-Americans.


      “Republican Larry Fenton, who is running against Democratic Sen. Brian Taniguchi for the reapportioned District 11 seat on Oahu, says he served summons Monday (Oct. 8) that accuse state employees of “aiding and abetting President Obama in fraudulently obtaining ballot access through false and altered documentation.”

      Papers were served for Alvin T. Onaka and Loretta Fuddy at the Hawaii DOH, Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz, the Attorney General’s Office and for Lynne Matusow at Democrat Party Headquarters.

      Excerpt from Fenton’s release:

      In Judd v. Obama, a case filed in US District Court, Central District of California, Southern Division, the complaint alleges that Defendant Onaka, Registrar of the State of Hawaii, aided and abetted Obama and was complicit in the cover up of the fact that Obama is using a forged birth certificate from the state of Hawaii. Onaka refused to provide an original birth certificate or original microfilm for examination. Also defendant’s Brian Schatz and Lynne Matusow are alleged to have aided and abetted fraud committed by Obama when they signed an altered/falsified Official Certification Of Nomination form from the Hawaii Department of Elections and removed the necessary wording “eligible according to the US Constitution” from the document in 2008.”

    ….. fun to watch … the 3 …. Stooges are back in town

  32. October 09

    “Peter Boyles Show”


    “Peter turns to Jerry Corsi this hour to talk about the differences in various films that have come out about Obama.”

    [audio src="" /]


    “Filmmaker Joel Gilbert joins the show to talk about his film “Dreams from my real father” and how he will be shipping thousands of free copies to Colorado.”

    [audio src="" /]

  33. This story from the UK reveals that Barry actually believed that he won the debate with Romney:
    btw, the “ring” is visible in a photo there, too.

    The Ring. It’s odd that many of us have seen parallels between the story told in The Lord of the Rings and these last few years.

    • Love those headlines Miri! At what point do you think his bubble burst? Who was first to inform him that he was a complete flop? Those drugs do mess up the mind!

      Obama ‘believed he had BEATEN Romney’ in Denver debate – after ignoring advice of top aides on preparation!
      – Obama believes he’d got the better of Romney as he walked off stage to the dismay of his aides, according to a Democrat close to the campaign
      – The President failed to prepare properly, opting instead to visit the Hoover Dam the day before the showdown
      – Democrat claims he was so disdainful of Romney that he didn’t think he needed to even engage with him
      – Had one-liners on 47% prepared but chose not to use them [perhaps he didn’t remember them either.]

      • He “believes” a lot of things. He sure believes he’s wonderful. Pondering this story, I wonder.

        I wonder, for one thing, whether everybody on his campaign is in on the “trick”. That being that once again he sure seems supremely confident of winning. WHY? It was obvious and scary last time, as if he knew in advance that the fix was in. Perhaps he didn’t bother to “engage” with Romney because, once again, he knows the fix is in. I’m not saying it is, but what is up with these “close” polls?

        It makes no sense after the past four years to see this race so close. I know a lot of people are … How to put it? Blind, if not stupid. I’m sorry but there’s no other way to explain those who vote for a person SIMPLY because of the color of his skin, because they want to feel less bigoted than others (superior), or because they like his smile, youth, “cool”, or whatever. Superficial things.

        However, if it didn’t work with a percentage of the population, we wouldn’t see it used time and again, mostly in Third World countries by tinpot DICTATORS like Chavez, in conjunction with giving them items paid for with other people’s money.

        HOW can half the U.S. population, after the past four horrid years, still claim to support Obama? With all that’s come out? With his poor performance at the debate, which showed him as he really is? With this economy and with how he’s deliberately, DELIBERATELY, destroyed the coal industry, made energy prices “skyrocket”, caused the price of gas to double, and racked up a $16 trillion deficit? With his outrageous, record 923 executive orders that prove that his oath to uphold the Constitution is, at best, selective?

        So the polls must be rigged. WHY? Because they conspire to make it look close in order to avoid the inevitable questions of fraud when he wins? Or is it simply to energize his people and demoralize Romney’s?

        So is everyone in his campaign in on it or are some of them actually under the impression that it’s a fair fight that he might lose? I can’t decide. I want to have hope that there IS hope that we will get him out of the WH in a few weeks.

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