United States Constitution’s Birthday (Open Thread)

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We the People of the United States Say

 Happy Birthday!

United States Constitution

United States of America Constitution!

September 17, 1787

We owe our Founders  a huge debt of gratitude for their wisdom in drafting and providing us with a document that gives our country a solid platform of government and grants our  citizens  life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  We embrace its God inspired tenets and hold its words close during these days of turmoil.

The CQ Press, tells the story of the signing of the U.S. Constitution by our Founders.

On September 17, 1787, the United States Constitution was signed by 39 of the 55 delegates attending the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Delegates from 12 states had gathered at the Convention with the purpose or revising the nation’s first written charter, the Articles of Confederation. Instead, they discarded the nation’s first system of government and created a new one they believed would provide the United States with a strong national government to deal with the many challenges of the Confederation. The Constitution was subsequently ratified by each of the original 13 states.


Our Founders Signing the U.S. Constitution


In 2004,  only eight years ago, Congress designated September 17 as a day to memorialize the Constitution.  Today, September 17, 2012 is the day to celebrate because

Where Would We Be Without It to Guide Us?


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119 responses to “United States Constitution’s Birthday (Open Thread)

  1. CAIR, recognized as a terrorist supporting organization, and to whom Eric Holder spoke at one of their conventions, is now inflaming Iran! Kick this group out of the U.S. They were connected as unindited co-conspirators in the Holyland convictions in Dallas. They are part of the Muslim-mafia. The FBI stopped collaborating with them also. Let’s us do the changing and get rid of the heads and member of this group. It may not be the change they want, but it is one we need. Inciting foreign countries to violence shows whose side these creeps are on. They want a religious war with any faction that isn’t Islam, be it the Christians or the Jews. It doesn’t matter.

    America to blame for Muslim riots, says CAIR
    New York leader contends Middle East reacting to ‘war on Islam
    Sept. 21 Snip

    Contending it’s America that needs to do the changing, a representative of the U.S.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations told Iranian television that violent protesters in the Middle East are reacting to a “war on Islam” waged by the U.S. Cyrus McGoldrick, civil rights director for CAIR’s New York chapter, previously declared his intent to “Islamicize America.”
    The onus is on America, declared McGoldrick, to calm things down by changing its policies.


    • CAIR is provoking the Iranians from the U.S., and now it appears China is entering the fray. Button up people, it seems everything is falling apart because of our weak usurping president. Our enemies are beating their chests and rattling their swords. They see they don’t have a lot of time left and see that the upcoming election may cripple their plans. You can be sure they don’t want to see a tough guy showing up in the White House. All of these factions want to declare their dominance.

      Is China intentionally trying to provoke confrontation?

      U.S., Beijing in heightened competition over regional security
      September 22, 2012

      While most eyes are focused on the Middle East and the prospect of war waged on Israel by its hostile Muslim neighbors, Beijing is rattling nerves in this country that 75 years ago killed millions of Chinese.

      WASHINGTON – China and the United States are engaged in a competition to sway regional security in the Pacific Far East, as the U.S. begins to put more assets into the region at the same time that China shows a greater assertiveness to extend its influence. Part of China’s assertiveness has been displayed recently in restating historical claims over maritime interests in the East and South China Sea, pitting it against such neighbors as Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia, among others.

      As a result, these countries have appealed to the U.S. and its military presence to counter China’s dominance in the region.


  2. I was watching some of the videos recently posted, and there was another one that I listened to – it was from September 1999. Did we know he spent a year in Harlem? If he did, why didn’t Dr. Manning know him?

    September 1999 Interview with Joe Green and BHO.
    State Senator running for Congress vs Bobby Rush

    1:35 My background is basically at the grassroots level in terms of community organizing. “I first came to Chicago from NY City where I was an organizer in Harlem basically working with students out of city colleges in NY, and I did that for about a year and then realized that I wanted to continue to pursue a career in community development and community activism.

    There were a group of churches on the far south side of Chicago.” It cuts to another topic.

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