Cover-up Over Obama’s Eligibility – Will CNN be Charged with RICO?

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Major Media Network CNN

Claimed They Had Obama’s Birth Certificate…

Gary Tuchman reporting for CNN in Hawaii

“CNN’s Gary Tuchman says that the reason he likes his job is that his only mission is to get the facts.”

~ J. Mirkinson, Huff Po

Do you recall a CNN live report by Gary Tuchman, on Anderson Cooper’s 360 program,  “Busting the Birther Conspiracy Theory”  that aired April 25, 2011?  Screen shots were taken from a video of a subsequent broadcast airing a year later that show a birth certificate they alluded to being  Obama’s.   Apparently,  the birth certificate  did not belong to Obama;  it belonged to another person.  Three different videos were compared and one is different. The original videos show Tuchman saying they borrowed a man’s birth certificate while he is holding up a black birth certificate.  Their version a year later has them pretending that the black birth certificate is Obama’s.

The timing of CNN’s segments is interesting.  In the videos of their broadcast, they show Obama’s computer generated birth certificate the DAY BEFORE THE WHITE HOUSE RELEASED THE FORGED LFCOLB  (the green computer-generated abstract with the TXE error).

This is what Cpt. Pamela Barnett said in her statement at the Obama Ballot Challenge.

CNN states on their program that a picture of a real Hawaii birth certificate is Obama’s when it belongs to a Japanese-American (possibly Keith Suganuma) child born in 1960 to a father Francis (possibly last name Suganuma), 42, who was a police officer and a mother Mildred, 20.  I think the mother’s middle and maiden names may be Kazuo and Yashiki respectively.   Please review screen shots from CNN’s video and help fill in the rest of the pieces.

Notice that CNN would not even post the forged birth certificate at [They used one from Fact Check.]

The media has been engaging in fraud – possibly criminal fraud, as they are to be named in a RICO complaint soon regarding Obama’s ineligibility and the pursuing cover-up.

 You can’t trust CNN to tell you the truth on Obama’s fraud crimes and real record of destruction to this country.

This is a transcription of  Cpt. Pamela Barnett’s video that appears to be an edited version of those original segments from April 25, 2011,  and then rebroadcast in 2012.  This segment did not appear in either of the original CNN versions at Huff Po or the one downloaded by BirtherReport. com.   It is this version that is under scrutiny. (The other videos are linked below in Additional Reading.).

At 1:16:  As Tuchman was talking to Dr. Fukino (a green, out of focus COLB is shown along with another darker tan colored document where the numbers -6 2007 are visible). Then Tuchman says, “But Dr. Fukino says, even if she hadn’t seen the original certificate here in the health department building, this document, (a  BLACK  BIRTH CERTIFICATE is shown),  the president’s computer generated certificate which was made public 4 years ago, (cuts to a photo of a 7 yr old Obama)  had already proven he was born in Hawaii.” 

We have witnessed extreme media bias by CNN in reporting news, and anything about the Obama Eligibility issue, but this crossed the line. It appears that CNN presented false information to the public to protect and/or cover for Obama’s ineligibility to the presidency. That is fraud, pure and simple. This could lead to criminal charges for those involved. There are people who are filing a lawsuit against CNN.  In preparation for a lawsuit, they are trying to identify the information that is seen on these screen shots.

Below are the four screen shots from the Obama Ballot Challenge. Additionally, I cropped and inverted the colors of  two of them to make them a little easier to read.  Let’s see what is written on these new bogus birth certificates of Obama’s presented by CNN to an unwitting public.    The video can be viewed at the link or URL posted below.  The screenshots were taken at the 1:24 mark.

Can we help them?  What do you read? 

Click to enlarge the photos.


Photo #1 – CNN


Photo #2 CNN


Photo #3 CNN


Photo #3 – CNN – Inverted Color


Photo #4 – CNN


Photo #4 – CNN – Colors Inverted


Do we have a lawyer who could weigh in and tell us what charges they could face? RICO is racketeering, is there anything else? Such as conspiracy or treason?


Below is the video of CNN’s segment that Pamela Barnett is referencing.


Additional Reading from the Left: 

 CNN’s Gary Tuchman On Birthers:  ‘Not One Iota Of Evidence’  by Jack Mirkinson at Huffington Post.  4/26/11  (Video)

In the CNN video at Huff Po, at the  4:06 mark, it says the black birth certificate belonged to another man.  This is not in the video that was published by Pamela.

‘Not One Iota Of Evidence    Video

GOPer: No doubt Obama born in Hawaii
Anderson Cooper 360 – Added on April 25, 2011

Tuchman Birther April 25 CNN     Video

Reading from the Right:

ORYR – LIES DEBUNKED:  CNN’s Anderson Cooper, et. al., caught Lying About Hawaii Law And The Release Of Obama’s Purported Birth Records.   Fact: According To Hawaii State Senator Sam Slom, and The Hawaii Law Itself, The Truth Is On The Side Of The Birthers. CNN’s Lies Debunked Below… The Segment Aired 4/25/2011.

In the video at ORYR, at the  4:06 mark, it says the black birth certificate belonged to another man.  This again is not in the video that was published by Pamela.

CNN Caught Lying About Obama’s Purported Birth Records – 4/25/11
Uploaded by  BirtherReportDotCom

In your comments, please refer to a specific photo that  you are interpreting.


UPDATED Before I published:

Law offices of Orly Taitz
Press release
September 10, 2012

A challenger with the most perfect standing is represented by Attorney Orly Taitz.   Keith Judd  ran against Barack Obama in W.V. and got 40% in the Democratic party primary.   Today Attorney Orly Taitz filed a legal challenge to Obama  on behalf of Keith Judd, who has a perfect standing, as [do a] number of other parties.

This is the most comprehensive elections challenge to date with 109 pages of  pleadings and 154 exhibits, 30 defendants, 14 causes of action. A number of media networks and news men were named as defendants as well in causes of action for defamation and Racketeering scheme to defraud the Plaintiffs and to defraud the nation and aid and abet Obama to get on the ballot with forged IDs and a stolen SSN.  Among media networks are: CNN, MSNBC, Clear Channel and others.

More information will be provided tomorrow



The video of  Pamela’s was shorted from the one  at ORYR.  The report originated at ORYR in an article by Pixel Patriot on Saturday, June 2, 2012.

“The “BIRTHGATE” scandal is still unfolding after CNN committed an act of “Fraud” upon the American people on May 30th 2012 by writing, producing, editing and broadcasting a report with a microfiche copy of a long form birth certificate knowing it is not Barack Obama’s yet claiming it was.

At  1:16 – Green birth certificate, debossed seal document (left),  tan document with -6 2007 on it (right),  and a black one.





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  1. Excellent post that explains this issue well. This refutes the obots who are out there trying to say that Tuchman didn’t lie–that he correctly characterized the black-and-white LFCOLB as another person’s. Of course he admitted that–back in 2011, a year ago. But a year later, they must have deliberately moved the image of somebody else’s birth certificate and placed it immediately after the images of the SFCOLB and then stated (erroneously) that “THIS document, pResident Obama’s computer-generated birth certificate” was released four years ago. But (1) that wasn’t Obama’s LFCOLB and THEY KNEW IT and (2) it wasn’t made public at any time. Nobody has EVER seen his long-form, original birth certificate.


  3. It’s easy to see that this was deliberate. It had to be deliberate. In the original video, that ran over a year ago and on the day before Barry released his supposed LFCOLB, at 1:26 into the video, they show Obama’s SFCOLB. Behind that, on the left, is a portion of one of the debunked FactCheck photos allegedly taken of the “document” in Chicago in August 2008 but really taken in March 2008, right before the passport file break-in. On the right, behind the SFCOLB, they show a portion of what looks like the entire back side of A SFCOLB, purportedly Obama’s, showing the date June 7, 2007, and the embossed (or debossed) seal, which we were led to believe was when the campaign ordered it from Hawaii.

    As they show those three documents on the screen, Tuchman, the narrator says, “This document, the president’s computer-generated certificate, which was made public THREE years ago, had already proven he was born in Hawaii.” Tuchman says, “THIS DOCUMENT” AS the camera zooms in on the SFCOLB. Then the scene shifts to a photo of toddler Barry.

    Here’s a breakdown of the editing they did 13 months later:

    They inserted into the video, right after the image of the SFCOLB, the OTHER MAN’S LFCOLB. They blurred that image. In this new version, Tuchman doesn’t begin to say, “This document” UNTIL THE BLACK-AND-WHITE IMAGE IS ON THE SCREEN and then he FALSELY states that document is Obama’s birth certificate, when he knows it is not Obama’s. He updated the narration to state that the SFCOLB (not that image on the screen) was released “four years ago”, adding the year that elapsed from the time they first released the video.

    They removed the part that used to be in the video (at 4 minutes in) where Tuchman explains that they looked at the birth certificate of “another man” to see if there was a box for religion. (You might get a better view of the other bc on the original video, before they blurred it more.)

    The part they removed came immediately after Dan Nakaso, the newspaperman who wasn’t around in 1961, spoke about the announcements and how they were generated. In the edited, second version, broadcast over a year later, they simply cut the video short. Why? Because the very next segment was the one where Tuchman showed “another man’s” LFCOLB, which is the one that they had moved to an earlier part of the video, to make it appear AS IF that was Barry’s LFCOLB when they KNEW it was not.

    (As an aside, in the original video, Tuchman falsely stated that the birth announcements came “directly from the hospital records.” This we KNOW is not true because not all children are born in hospitals and the Cold Case Posse has proven that even 3-year-old adoptees were “announced” as newborns when they were adopted.)

    • Great analyses Miri. Fantastic investigative reporting by both you and Bridgette.

      • TY. I wonder if people who have more power than us will look into this further? I would love to know how it was that Tuchman got hooked up with the guy who provided his LFCOLB. Of course, if the guy is sympathetic to the “cause”, then he’s not going to complain when Tuchman mischaracterizes his BC as BARRY’S BC. But did Tuchman FIND him or did he contact Tuchman? If so, then how and why? Who put him up to it? This is important to know, whether our supposedly free press is simply becoming an arm of the State. The STATE MEDIA, just like in Soviet Russia.

        If Tuchman found the BC owner on his own, then what criteria did he use to choose him, of all people? That person wasn’t announced in the paper at the same time as Obama, which is how Tuchman allegedly found Stig Waidelich. He was born a year before Obama. So how did HIS name arise in Tuchman’s consciousness?

        Tuchman owes us an explanation, since he’s the one who obviously deliberately misled viewers by having his video edited and by changing the narration to make it seem as if he were presenting an image from microfilm of Obama’s original birth certificate, when that is NOT Obama’s birth certificate.

        If that BC does belong to Leith Suganuma, who is connected to the DemoncRAT party and the ILWU, then WHY did Tuchman go to an obviously partisan individual to help Tuchman with this biased video? It seems he didn’t even need a real LFCOLB. He could have asked for a blank or redacted form from Hawaii, if his purpose was to learn what information was formerly on long form birth certificates in the 1960s. He could have used the already public Nordyke birth records.

        It’s incumbent upon Tuchman and CNN to EXPLAIN fully how this misleading video came about.

  4. So why did they put out this edited, misleading video? Context. At that time, Arpaio had given one presser and had announced a second one to be soon. Trump was bringing up the issue of the forgery. Arpaio was asking for the MICROFILMS. Of course, there IS no microfilm showing Barry’s contemporaneous, 1961 birth certificate because all indications are that his birth records (called documents by Fukino in the video, so plural) were late or altered or amended or sealed on account of an adoption. IF these microfilms exist, they exist in four places. There should be records, but there are not. They will not release the microfilms because the film for that month and year will likely show NO RECORD for Barry. But because Arpaio and others specified the microfilm and how it would show the TRUE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT, if one existed, they had to make it appear as if there is a birth record for Barry out there that looks exactly like the ones the Nordykes’ mother has shown. Black and white. EXACT and TRUE REPRESENTATIONS of their ORIGINAL birth certificates.

    Onaka would NOT verify that the WH LFCOLB is an EXACT AND TRUE REPRESENTATION of Barry’s original birth record. That’s, of course, because it is not and he’s smart enough to know he can’t swear to a lie. The image itself proves that it’s not a copy of the birth certificate. Nobody else on this planet has a LFCOLB from Hawaii that looks like that–that says “TXE” and that it’s an “abstract”. Or that is printed out on green so-called security paper which was really something added as background on a pdf. That “document” which is NOTHING MORE than a computer image is not probative and ANYBODY can see that it’s not a birth certificate. It certainly doesn’t look like the “original birth certificate” of that other man, that Tuchman found. (One wonders if the man supplied it or whether the HDOH simply revealed someone else’s original to Tuchman.)

    So because this issue was also out there, Tuchman and company edited the original video, moved the image of that other man’s LFCOLB to a spot after Barry’s SFCOLB (instead of using the available image from the WH blog), and IMPLIED that it was Barry’s original certificate ON MICROFILM, IN BLACK AND WHITE. They more than implied it; he called it “this document” AS THE VIDEO SHOWED THE OTHER GUY’S LFCOLB.

    I expect them to claim that this was an editing error, but there’s no way. You have to deliberately splice that image into that video at that exact spot. You have to deliberately move the narration away from the zoom-in on the SFCOLB and delay it to have the words “this document” play over the image of the black and white LFCOLB. You have to then make sure to delete from the end of the video, the image of the LFCOLB and, especially, the reference to it as belonging to “another man”. Too many steps involved there for this to be a simple error. That’s implausible deniability but it’s par for the course. Something we “birthers” are getting accustomed to seeing.

    • Have ‘we’ ever heard before that Obama considered “converting” to being a Muslim in high school? That is, the collective WTPOTUS “we”. 🙂
      I ask because…well, read Keith Kakugawa’s account of being Barry’s bff….

      • Here’s an excerpt:

        Barry and I were in the Academy’s large school library one Wednesday afternoon. He picked up a Malcolm X book and said that he’d thought about maybe becoming a Muslim.

        I said, “Hold on, man. What you gonna do? You don’t know the first thing about being a Muslim.What are you going to do, change your name?”

        He said, “Well, my name is Barack Hussein Obama.”

        Hmm … Hussein, huh?

        • Keith’s dad said, “Guess what — my nephew is the President of the United States!”

          I see.

          • What? Say, do you see a vague resemblance to Maya? Compared to Keith, I mean.

            • What a story that guy weaves. This isn’t “Ray” is it? He sounds like a name-dropper and as much of a fabulist as Barry. What an interesting find. Keith’s mother taught at UCLA and was involved with the Black Panthers and other radical and COMMUNIST activists. He ends up in Hawaii right when Barry ends up in Hawaii. Remember that Stan and Mad lived in CA in the mid-50s. OMG, he actually claims that Barry wasn’t shaped by the Chicago thug political scene. Ha! Since Keith knows Buffet and all these other celebrities (blacks, many of them) then I suppose he’s NOT biased and being used to promote Barry’s “story”, is he?

              Now Keith says Gramps was at all the games, but Ms. Nelson the fabulist claims it was she and Madelyn. I don’t recall any mention of Stan being at the basketball games.

              Oh, even Keith’s aunt calls Barry a member of her family. Isn’t this guy supposed to be gay? Sorry if I’m mixing up the friends, but I thought this was the gay drug pushing, half-Japanese/half-black “Ray”. That story about a Republican trying to bribe him into talking about Barry’s drugging and use of “hookers” also sounds so bogus. If it’s true that Barry had to be bullied into taking a drink, maybe it’s because his religion forbade drinking. This sounds so bogus–his emphasis on Barry being a HAWAIIAN. Birth certificate bogus background, anyone? By what logic is Barry Keith’s father’s nephew? If they’re “brothers”, then Barry’s his son. Is it possible? Or is this some kind of hanai relationship? He reminds me of that character played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie about that social-climbing fraud.

              Reading that entire thing, I see that Keith DID know that Barry lived in Jakarta for years. If so, then how could he say that Barry knew nothing about being Muslim? So Keith follows a long line of Barry’s relatives, friends, and hangers on who are cashing in with “memoirs”, huh?

        • I don’t remember that specifically but I do seem to remember the statement about his name. This sounds like a planted story (especially the part about “you don’t know the first thing about being a Muslim.” What a stupid thing to say to Barry Soetoro, who was raised as a Muslim by Lolo, his stepfather, and whose father and grandfather were Muslim, and who said the sound of the call to prayer is the most beautiful thing in the world. If his bff didn’t know THIS about him, then what does his opinions of who Barry was or is matter now? Obviously, he doesn’t KNOW Barry as well as we do.)

          So Barry thought about becoming a member of the Nation of Islam, a BLACK Muslim? That makes some kind of sense. Black Muslims and typical Muslims are very different. Like different sects of Christianity. One might talk about becoming a Lutheran when one is an Episcopalian. He might have considered becoming a Black Muslim for political reasons; he might HAVE become a member of the Nation of Islam, since the TUCC accepted Muslims (most likely Black Muslims) and didn’t make them convert to their particular brand of “Christianity”. Barry did try hard to “learn” to be black, after all.

          It occured to me the other day that THIS might be exactly why the lamestream goes ballistic whenever anyone says he’s a Muslim. They call us racist. “Racist” because they’re focusing on BLACK Muslims.

          • Barry…would need to become black first…which i’m not so sure is possible.

          • Oh, good point, alfy! I was noticing yesterday just how much he does resemble some Hawaiians. Poai Suganuma:


            What’s interesting is that some of these martial arts are called Lua. I suspect maybe this dude’s related to our Miss Hula.

          • Fabulist, eh, MIri? hahaha. Funny when I read it, one of my first thoughts was that you wouldn’t expect two narcissists to be best friends. And yes, I believe he is “Ray”…I’ll have to look that up though. I thought “Ray” was older and not a student?
            I found the comment he made suggesting that the students at Punahou were so amazing that he wouldn’t have been surprised if any of them became president rather nauseating.

            • Ray was older but he was a student there at Punahou. I do think that I read somewhere that he’s gay, which explains the connection, besides the Choom Gang dope connection. Yeah, that particular comment about how awesome they all were explains a lot. All indoctrinated at these elite schools to think they’re the bees knees, to borrow a phrase from my Granny. Two narcissists. Yep. What a combo. It seems to me more like Ray AND Barry are Kenyans at heart, given how grasping and self-promoting all Barry’s “relatives” in Kenya are. Actually, there are a few “elite” prep schools like Punahou in my area and the students are universally arrogant, narcissistic, and basically despised by those of us who went to ordinary high schools. They’re certainly not smarter because it’s their parents’ money that gets them in and keeps them in. I have met many and they’re dopes, just like Barry. They THINK they’re intelligent and well educated, but the proof is in the pudding. They get along because, as Keith admits, it’s WHO YOU KNOW that often matters. They have a leg up and an easy ride because they’re not the products of hard work and scrambling from the bottom up.

          • According to a 2008 Jake Tapper article, Ray was Keith. A review of David Maraniss’ new book says, according to a review:

            “A character in Obama’s memoir called Ray, portrayed as a symbol of young blackness, is in fact based on a fellow pupil who was half Japanese, part native American and part black and was not a close friend.”

            Sounds like Keith except for Keith’s claim that they were the very bestest of bestest friends.

            Read more:

            • Well, given that Ray was a pusher and the one who supplied Barry (besides FMD) and was in PRISON, it makes sense that complicit Maraniss would downplay their relationship. So many of Barry’s Hawaiian friends are shady. Who’s the guy he stays with all the time? The one arrested for soliciting not long ago? Begins with a T. My mind is mush.

          • Robert ‘Bobby’ Titcomb is who I think you are talking about. His daddy was a judge.

      • What a yarn of a story that was with additional flavor of some other famous people tossed in.

        I do wonder about Obama being called “nephew” by Keith’s father. That means that either a sister or brother of Keith’s dad is supposed to be the mother or father of Obama. So Keith would be a cousin.

  5. Can you read the month on the “accepted date” stamp? The parents first names appear to be “Franczia”??? (OK, probably not) and Mildred but I can’t make out any of the last name yet. I don’t know that it will do us any good to figure out the “who” of this bc, but I’m working on it. I see Verna signed this one, too. If anyone thinks they have a clue on the last name, I could work with that. The signature is actually the clearest, but that would be the mother so not as helpful as figuring out the father, and thus the baby’s last name.

    • Working from the first image:

      BC# looks like 151 00 05009 (maybe 05000).
      Looks like the father is 42 and mother is 29.
      Mother does look like Mildred.
      Father does look like “Francis”.
      The date looks like, maybe, April 21, 1961? Can’t tell for sure.
      Yes, I see Verna’s name.
      Is the signature of the doctor something Thurber G. Takaka? Their street address is 1702.

      Working from image 4, colors inverted:
      Is the name Francis Kasuo Sugamura (or something like that?)
      1702 East Waikai Street?
      Now the date looks more like 1960.

  6. I mean, Franzia, for what it’s worth.

  7. Never mind…I feel stupid. 😦 That was in the story…

    • Better not to read what they found in the story and see what You see.

      When you enlarge the photo, to make it larger still – hold Ctrl and press the +++ button

    • SEO! What story was it in that you feel stupid? 🙂 Just kidding. I wish I knew how to enhance these things better. I know we talked about this before and I have a vague recollection of either trying to figure this out before or reading somewhere where people were trying to figure it out. What that black image says, I mean. I’ll look for it. Maybe it’s at FR.

    • SEO, please do not ever feel stupid, you are very far from stupid. We’ve all made the same mistake’s, we just get in a hurry most of the time is all. We all lead busy lives, but yet we take time out of them too defend our freedom’s, and I thank you SOE for your patriotism for being here and fighting for our Country and it’s freedom’s.

  8. 3 A inverted


    A Name at #9 Wilfred

    Age 21

    Date signed looks like 4 – 23-60 – after Herbert’s name

    so date stamp is Apr 21, 1960

    Signature at bottom Herbert Sakaki or Sukuki


    Still looks more like Wilfred not Mildred – it is an f not a d

  9. 4 Inverted

    Middle name of kid – Katuz – whatever middle name of mother is I think

    1701 xxx Walanai Street

    Fransia Suga…a
    42 y/o
    Mildred Katua Yashid or Yashiki
    25 y/o Kapiolani

    Herbert X Sakahi

    Vera Lee’s signature recognized

    Lee Berwater – Charlie G. G….

    Apr 21

  10. I found this on ORYR in the comments to a story about this:

    After ‘QUICKLY’ viewing the CNN video, the freeze framing it, then enlarging the microfiche document CNN presented. I FIND THAT It bears the name of

    Leigh(on) MANUO SUGANUMA




    DATED APRIL 21, 19??

    Maybe SUGANAMA OR SUGANUMA in Japanese means …, “B.O. it stinks!” Something is rotten at CNN and in the White House.

    Here is the Obit of Liegh’s father

    85, of Kane’ohe, died Aug. 28, 2002. Born in Honolulu. A retired Honolulu Police Department detective. Survived by wife, Mildred; sons,
    Francis Jr., Leith , Alan and Gary; two grandchildren. Private service held. Arrangements by Hosoi Garden Mortuary.

    Francis SUGANUMA
    Birth Date:9 Mar 1917
    Death Date:28 Aug 2002
    Social Security Number: 576-12-1108
    State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Hawaii
    Death Residence Localities
    ZIP Code:96744
    Localities: Kaneohe, Honolulu, Hawaii

    I wonder what the SUGANUMA family thinks of their family birth records being aired on CNN to authenticate Obozo’s claim to being born in Hawaii? How can they show one microfiche of an unrelated familly but can’t show the same for Odumbo?

    June 7, 2012 2:10 PM

  11. Tatsumi Yashiki
    Posted On June 13th, 2012 – Honolulu Star-Advertiser

    June 1, 2012

    Tatsumi Yashiki, 87, of Honolulu, a retired Motor Supply automobile painter, died in the Queen’s Medical Center. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by brothers Atsushi and Lawrence M., and sisters Mildred K. Suganuma, Elizabeth M. Echavaria, Jane E. Tateyama and Patsy Y. Petersen. Private services. No flowers. No monetary offerings.

  12. Not saying this person is right btw…I suspect the employment box says “None” not Nana.

  13. Obituaries
    Wednesday, September 18, 2002

    Francis Masao Suganuma, 85, of Kaneohe, a retired Honolulu Police Department detective, died Aug. 28 in Oahu Care Facility. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by wife Mildred; sons Francis Jr., Leith, Alan and Gary; and two grandchildren. Private services.

    • Oh, that’s interesting. Dad was a cop. Have we figured out which child was the one born in 1960? Or is it ’61?

    • The name of the child in image 2 does appear to have five letters, so might be “Leith”. Can you make out the middle name? I think it says Male.

      • BREAKING NEWS! CAN YOU SAY LONGSHOREMAN’S UNION? Look at the names in the first photo. Leith Suganuma, maintenance. Gee, an Inouye on the committee, too.

        Click to access ilwufeb02.pdf

        There’s even a Nate Lum mentioned in this issue, along with Leith, too: Think he’s any relation to Barry’s basketball buddy?

        Whoops! Here he is again: I think we can assume he’s the chubby guy, third from left?

        • Don’t know if Nate is related to Alan, but here’s a long story about Nate and the longshoremen:

          Doesn’t BHO Sr. have a long history with this union? Spoke to them or protested with them? What a coinkidink.

          Can’t help but wonder HOW Tuchman got hooked up with Suganuma. Long association with communism, that union.


            Obama “Senior was one of the featured speakers at a Mother’s Peace Rally in Ala Moana Park on Sunday May 13, 1962. International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) leaders, including Jack Hall, joined the march and rally.

            Senior, who was studying economics at the University of Hawaii, Afro-American Affairs Institute, told the crowd of 350, “Anything which relieves military spending will help us…Peace will release great resources…” The march for peace was featured in the May 18, 1962 issue of the VOICE OF THE ILWU. Other speakers included Patsy Mink, Thomas Gill, Ralph Vanderslice, Rev. Nicolas Dizon, Rev. Seikan Higra, Rabbi Roy Rosenberg, Rev. Delwyn Rayson, and Dr. John Mollet. The ILWU was opposed to the escalating U. S. involvement in Vietnam and held many activities to educate its members and the public.

            Frank Marshall Davis, in his own writings, had said that Robeson and Harry Bridges, the head of the ILWU and a secret member of the CPUSA, had suggested that he take a job as a columnist with the Honolulu Record, “and see if I could do something for them.” The ILWU was organizing workers there and Robeson’s contacts were “passed on” to Davis, Takara writes.

            Cliff Kincaid ties up all the loose ends in his white paper, “Communism in Hawaii and the Obama Connection.”” So there’s a connection to both of Barry’s fathers.

            • larger

              There’s BHO Sr., speaking to the ILWU.


                That’s a Trevor Loudon article about Jarrett and his connection to FMD and the ILWU. This blog post has more:

                “One of Obama’s most mentioned mentors a man that goes by” Frank” in Obama’s “Dreams From my Father” is a person we all need to know. A man mentioned 22 times in his book…

                Frank Marshall Davis was a Radical Communist. A man so radical that the FBI had a 600 page dossier on him and his activities. Activities and views so wildly radical that he was considered a National Security threat and should hostilities erupt with Russia he was to be subject to arrest immediately. This card carrying Communist, btw his number was 47544, was an Editor in Chief for a major Communist Newspaper..the Atlanta Daily World. His semi-weekly columns often included words like “Change” and Fundamental Transformation” words we have all heard before.

                Not surprisingly some of Davis’s friends where Vernon Jarrett father in law of Valerie Jarrett Obama’s closest adviser.

                Also it is interesting to note that Davis moved to Hawaii and became part of the ILWU and became friends with Jack Hall a man arrested for trying to overthrow the United States Government. The ILWU controlled the Honolulu Record and the ILWU Book Club. Among the authors made available through the ILWU Book Club were Saul Alinsky, Howard Fast, Philip S. Foner, Carl Marzani and Victor Perlo. All known radicals and threats to the US with several being KGB agents.

          • Don’t you wonder why the crowd looks like it is a block away?

            Excellent connection, Miri! Good finds.

        • Monday, Oct. 18, 1999
          Fear of Communist infiltrators engulfed postwar Hawaii

          A telling showdown came in 1954 at a rally when injured war hero Dan Inouye dramatically defended his patriotism
          By Richard Borreca

          The match that set the fire that ignited the red-baiting blaze in postwar Hawaii was tossed by Hawaii’s Democrat-appointed Gov. Ingram Stainback. In a March speech at a Punchbowl memorial service in 1947, Stainback, who had made the dangers of Communism a favorite speech topic, issued a dramatic warning. He claimed there was a Communist plan to take over Hawaii, that Communists saw Hawaii as fertile ground for conquest, and that there were even Communists in his own Territorial government.
          “I shall immediately take steps to unearth these activities that are going on in this Territory,” he pledged. “And where possible, expose and dismiss Territorial employees who are involved.”

          And from Ichiro Izuka, former vice president of the ILWU on Kauai, came “The Truth About Communism in Hawaii” pamphlet, which said ILWU leader Jack Hall was a Communist who distributed Communist literature.

          The labor movement was being led astray, Izuka warned. “The Communist Party is not interested in the workers of Hawaii as human beings or individuals,” he wrote. “Its loyalty is not to Hawaii or America, but to the Soviet Union.

          Now the ILWU and the Communist Party were linked.

          Later, in 1975, Gov. John Burns, who in the 1950s was a Democratic Party organizer and delegate to Congress, would reflect that perhaps there were Communists within the union. “Every guy in the ILWU was at one time or another a member of the Communist Party of America. This is where they got their organizational information and how to organize, and how to bring groups together and how to create cells and how to make movements that are undetected by the bosses and everything else. … I know what they were about. I said this is the only way they are going to organize,” he said.

          And Dan Inouye, the U.S. senator who during the 1950s was Burns’ political ally, noted in his autobiography that Communists were probably enrolled in the union. “No one with any sense of political reality denied that there were probably some Communists in the ILWU. … There were those who felt that the Democrats’ Party, by logical extension, was also controlled by Communists.”

          In August 1951, FBI agents arrested the seven purported Communist leaders: Hall, ILWU regional director; John Reinecke, the former teacher; Koji Ariyoshi, editor of the Honolulu Record; Jack Kimoto, Honolulu Record employee; Jim Freeman, a mechanic; Charles Fujimoto, announced chairman of the Communist Party of Hawaii; and Eileen Fujimoto, Charles’ wife and an ILWU secretary.

          The trial lasted nearly two years and despite the ILWU’s all-out defense of Hall, the seven were convicted. Appeals kept them out of jail until finally in 1958, the verdict was overturned.

          That Communist spectre, however, was still alive in Hawaii as the Big Five and businessman Walter Dillingham used it to fight against statehood.

          One of the most telling showdowns of the era came during a campaign rally in Aina Haina in 1954, when Democrats, including young attorney Dan Inouye, were accused by Republicans of being Communists. Inouye, the highly decorated WWII hero, rose to answer the charges. “We bitterly resent having our loyalty and patriotism questioned by cynical political hacks who lack the courage to debate the real issues of this campaign,” Inouye shot back. He raised his empty right sleeve and shook it: “I gave this arm to fight Fascists. If my country wants the other one to fight Communists, it can have it.”

          Although the forces against statehood and the Democratic Party continued to argue the danger of Hawaii’s Communist-union links, the debate gained little public support.

          I added a response here but erased it, I’ll wait to see what your take is on this article. I hope you didn’t already have the link listed and I missed it. If so, apologies.

          • My response is that even back then, DemoncRATS like Inouye used their typical deflection to avoid answering the questions put to them. He sounds like Hillary Clinton, in her famous rant about being tired of having her patriotism questioned. Are we supposed to assume that communists didn’t fight in WWII? We know they did and guess what? They fought on our side.

            Stalin fought on our side and that’s why FDR (no surprise, himself a socialist) looked the other way when Stalin massacred 20,000 Polish officers in the Katyn forest. Deflection.

            I wonder how successful anybody was in rooting out the commies in the ILWU? I probably did have this link somewhere, Leza, because I was gathering data on this union and its communist connections and its connections to Barry, FMD, and Jack Hall for a long time; but I don’t think I ever posted what I found. I haven’t done anything with the info yet. We know that the unions have always been connected to commies. After all, look at the teachers in Chicago who are even NOW wearing their black and red commie colors as they picket. The SEIU is infamously connected to the radical left, including commies and commie sympathizers and domestic terrorists like Ayers. We know, but it’s certainly not common knowledge. Because so many of the members are “minorities”, political correctness (or political sympathy) makes the lamestream look the other way.

          • My response is that even back then, DemoncRATS like Inouye used their typical deflection to avoid answering the questions put to them. He sounds like Hillary Clinton, in her famous rant about being tired of having her patriotism questioned. Are we supposed to assume that communists didn’t fight in WWII?

            Almost word for word what I had said but erased.


      • Haruo. Leith Haruo Suganuma.

        Leith Haruo Suganuma
        Leith H Suganuma
        Leith Suganuma
        52 Ewa Beach, HI Alan K Suganuma
        Francis Masao Suganuma Jr
        Francis M Suganuma
        Gary Shiro Suganuma
        Mildred K Suganuma


      • Photo#4 Middle name of kid looks like it is Katua or Katuz – probably the maiden name of the mother.

      • H/T Gordo – This needs to be with the Longshoreman’s Information here.
        Jack Cashill:

        “A Possible Explanation for Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number”

        “Joel Gilbert suggests a more likely explanation. In doing his research in Hawaii, Gilbert heard from several sources that pre-statehood, every institution or branch of government in Hawaii was dominated by the Japanese syndicate known as the “Yakuza, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), and a complicit bureaucracy. After statehood in 1959 the Federal Government came in, and the syndicate went underground, but maintained the same control, and does so to this day,” says Gilbert.

        “Hawaii was and is a corrupt state,” Gilbert continues. He was told by retired Honolulu police detectives that in the state bureaucracy, “anything could be purchased, including Social Security numbers.” These were real numbers, likely available because the original card holder was dead. The sellers trafficked in SSNs that did not originate in Hawaii. That way, if the person using the phony SSN were ever caught, the crime would be traced back to the issuing state, not the Hawaii office.

        Gilbert’s theory is that the SSN problem is related to the question of Obama’s birth certificate, which is required to get a SSN. Lacking a valid birth certificate, Obama was forced to buy an SSN so he could get his first job at the Baskin Robbins in 1977. In this theory, Obama was sold an SSN that was Connecticut-based so it couldn’t be traced back to the Hawaii office.”

  14. SHIRLEY “CHAKO” AIKO YOUNG, 73, longtime resident of Anaheim, Calif., died Nov. 24, 2008. Born in Hilo, Hawai’i. A 1953 graduate of Sacred Hearts Academy. Survived by sons, Kurt, Karl “Butch” and Kip; sisters, Yoshiko Miyashiro, Irene Takahama and Mildred Suganuma; two grandchildren. Committal service 2 p.m. next Friday at Hawai’i State Veterans Cemetery. No flowers.

    • Aileen Shizuko Takara
      March 30, 2005
      Aileen Shizuko Takara, 86, of Honolulu, a licensed practical nurse, died in Kapiolani Medical Center at Pali Momi. She was born in Pepeekeo, Hawaii. She is survived by sons Milton T. and Clinton Y.; daughter Jean N. Miyashiro; sisters Yoshiko Miyashiro, Irene Takahama, Mildred Suganuma and Shirley Young; 10 grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren. Services: 3 p.m. Saturday at Borthwick Mortuary. Call after 2 p.m. Aloha attire. No flowers.

    • I saw that one, too, but I can’t reconcile it with the names of the other siblings reported in her brother’s obit. Maybe there were actually two Mildred Suganumas? Hard to believe. They do have those hanai relatives and they do change their names, using nicknames and middle names, so … The SHIRLEY struck me! 🙂

    • Tsura Jitchaku, 110, of Honolulu died Sunday in Maunalani Nursing Center. Born on Okinawa, she is survived by daughters Kameko Harakuni, Aileen S. Takara, Mildred Suganuma, Cynthia Olsen and Shirley Young; 16 grandchildren; and numerous great- and great-great-grandchildren. Services: 10 a.m. Sunday at Hosoi Garden Mortuary. Casual attire. No flowers.

  15. For background, here are two posts where we previously discussed these videos:
    Look for this comment by GORDO | June 2, 2012 at 11:23 pm and then scroll down for the comments on the video. Look for this comment: Miri | June 7, 2012 at 12:37 pm

  16. Property valuation of Kuliouou Road, Honolulu, HI: 492 A, 494, 494 …
    Honolulu, HI

    Current land market value: $366,400. Current building market value : $344,900
    http: //

  17. Isle stars handpicked for Obama fundraiser
    Honolulu Advertiser – Honolulu, Hawaii
    Author: Wayne Harada
    Date: Aug 12, 2008

    “Willie is one of Sen. Obama’s favorites,” said Emme Tomimbang, the veteran television producer and host, who is producing the VIP show “that is culturally sensitive and gives a sense of Hawai’i where Barack Obama was born,” she said. Besides Willie, who performed in an Obama benefit last year, the lineup includes hula dancers from Michael Pili Pang’s Halau Hula Ka Noeau; Kuhi Suganuma, 2008 Miss Aloha Hula from the Merrie Monarch Festival;

  18. Seiji Suganuma ……1876 Japan .. 64 ..Dad
    Nao Suganuma ……1874 Japan ….66 ..Mother
    Toshio Suganuma ….1913 Hawaii ….27 ..Son
    Francis M Suganuma .. 1917 Hawaii ..23 ..Son
    Birth: 3/9/1917 & Death: 8/28/2002

    1940 …Census.. Honolulu, Hawaii B-602 Kunawai Lane

    FMS also had a brother Toshio ..? with wife & Kids?

  19. Keep up the good work. Been reading…not much time to comment or search. Praying for you and those doing investigations. Have a good week!

  20. A personal message to Ms. “Hancock”: You’re wrong; you’re repeating lies and obot talking points; you’ll never get through moderation here, so stop wasting your time.

  21. Alan K Suganuma .. Born …6-15 1962 …50 yrs. (near barry’s dob)?
    Mildred K Suganuma Born …9-1-1971… 41 yrs.
    both live at: 45 Namoku St. Kaneohe, HI 96744
    Leith Haruo S. age is 52?

  22. All Suganuna 1930 Census ...
    1930 US Census Ancestry

    Seiji 53. 1877…
    Nao 57. 1874/1875 both born Yokohama, Japan
    James A.27. 1903
    Toshio 17. (B.1-22-13) .. (D. 7-1980)
    Francis Masao Suganuma 13. 1917 & Mildred Kuzue Suganuma
    Yoshiko 28. (daughter-in-law) mother of Aiko
    Aiko 7. 1923 (grandaughter)

    two lodgers ? Female Aiko S. 16. & Male Keichi S. 13.

    • Zen, would you see if you put in the surname at ancestry and a birth year of 1960, 1961, 1962 and parents Francis and Mildred in Hawaii, and see what comes up. Maybe we are missing a child that died and that is why the years aren’t matching up.

      Has anyone checked the cemetery listings in Hawaii? Same cemetery where the others were buried.

  23. Shirley “Chako” …AIKO… Young (daughters below…)
    Irene….( Kimiyo ) Takahama died 2011 …91 yrs.
    hub, Lawerence Isamu Takahama

    Yoshiko Miyashiro.. 1902 born ( A ? Suganuma ?) Pearl City HI 1902
    named her daughter “AIKO” 1923 born

    also A sister… Mildred Suganuma…would that be the 41 yr. old MS?

  24. 1930 Census… has Yoshiko Suganuma 28 born 1902 in HI..
    Widowed & Daugther-in-law
    James A Suganuma 27 born 1903 may be hub? may have died?

  25. I’ll be brief. You guys are great, such wizards.

  26. Can do… list all names you want …I’m lost at where we are
    going & what is needed at this point in time… steer me please.
    And I’ll go fetch them… if I can… & Ancestry is not always correct…
    ps…. and this is such small potatoes… with all the big news stories…

    • Ok, I checked LDS for anyone dying or who was born 1960 – 64 under the surname Suganuma, and there was no one listed. There is a Hawaiian database on ancestry where the information might come up. One other site said there were 5 that should show up. One was with the first initial of S. Suganuma.

      I have checked Find a Grave and Internment and nothing. So the answers might be on ancestry in their Hawaiian databases. They have both the birth and death indexes.

      I am trying to see if there is someone who was born in 1960 – 65 since we can’t read the dates clearly, although it looks like the child was born in April.
      Date signed looks like 4 – 23-60 to me. So a date in April in the 1960’s is what we are searching for.

      I agree, about things going on so no big hurry.

  27. How RACIST of them:

    “Three of the state’s top elected Republicans on Thursday determined they lacked sufficient evidence of President Barack Obama’s birth records to decide whether to remove the Democratic nominee from the November ballot in Kansas.

    The State Objections Board comprised of Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Attorney General Derek Schmidt and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer postponed until Monday action on a complaint filed by a Manhattan resident pending review of a copy of Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii.

    “I don’t think it’s a frivolous objection,” Kobach said. “I do think the factual record could be supplemented.”

    Requests were to be sent to officials in Hawaii, Arizona and Mississippi in an attempt to secure copies of the president’s birth records.”

    • Kansas State Officials Suggest That President Obama’s Name is Not Certain to be on Ballot
      September 14th, 2012

      On September 13, the Kansas State Objections Board, consisting of the Lieutenant Governor, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of State, heard a challenge to President Obama’s name being listed on the November ballot. The Board postponed making any decision about the matter until next week. See this news story, which suggests that Kansas officials will be seeking information about President Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii officials.

      The Board also rejected an appeal by the Americans Elect Party of Kansas to list Roseanne Barr on the ballot as the Americans Elect nominee. The board did not explain the basis for its decision. Casey Peters presented the Americans Elect Party of Kansas case via telephone speaker phone, because at the time he was physically in his state of residence, California. No one argued against the Barr nomination except for an employee of the Kansas Secretary of State. It is not known if the Board’s decision will be explained in writing.

      • What really gets me is the election boards are asking HI for validation when they should be asking the candidate, as in Barack Obama. He has to show he is qualified to run and when it is challenged he is not, it is his responsibility to provide the necessary paperwork/documentation for scrutiny.

        • Exactly. ASK HIM. Dare HIM to show them one of the two originals he claimed to already have, courtesy of that special presidential waiver he got last year.

      • Kansas Obama Ballot Challenge Hearing Back on!
        GeorgeM at 15 September, at 1 :27 AM Snip

        … Even after Montgomery dropped his complaint, citing “intimidation” and “hostility!” Looks like it was never “off.” We are praying that the Kansas Objections Board will have the resolve to see this through. If they do it properly and honestly, they will see that Obama has provided not a shred of legal proof of Constitutional eligibility for the presidency.

        Kan. GOP Sec. of State Moving on Obama Birther Nov. Ballot Challenge

        Less than two months before Election Day, a group of Kansas Republicans, led by a voter ID law advocate, is moving on a withdrawn challenge which may result in President Obama being removed from the ballot.

        Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who has embraced forcing voters to produce ID at the polls, said Sept. 13 that he will preside over a Kansas Board of Objections Sept. 17 meeting where a Manhattan, Kans. veterinary professor Joe Montgomery, questioned Obama’s birthplace and the citizenship of his father.

        • Great! Let’s hope THIS TIME, somebody will have the guts to stand up and the fortitude to stick it out in the face of what will be massive intimidation. Where’s the BIRTH CERTIFICATE? If, as they said, it’s in the office of his personal lawyer, then Kansas should tell him to cough it up or remove him from the ballot.

          “However, Montgomery on Sept 14 withdrew his objections, stating that the Kansas roots of Obama’s mother and grandparents, apparently in his opinion, satisfies the U.S. Constitution’s “natural-born citizen” requirement for the presidency,.

          The president’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and maternal grandparents, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, were Kansas natives.”

          Does that make any kind of sense? Since when does it matter if your grandparents were “natives”? Why are they bringing the grandparents into this? Is it possible that his parents of record are these so-called grandparents, by virtue of adoption?

          There’s another legal question for the legal eagles. If a person of unknown origin, citizenship, and ancestry is nevertheless born in the U.S. and then later adopted by two U.S. citizens, and his birth certificate is rewritten to name them as the parents, does that suddenly make him a NBC? Isn’t it odd that they’re bringing up his grandparents? This is nothing Montgomery didn’t know before, so why would he suddenly (but “apparently”) believe, “in his opinion,” that Barry is a NBC based solely upon his mother’s status? Short of seeing Barry’s BC, Montgomery doesn’t even know whether or not Stanley Ann Dunham, the Kansan, IS his mother.

          Why is Kobach requesting information about Barry from Arizona and Mississippi? HAWAII is where the original records are supposed to be. So is he asking for copies of those so-called letters of verification that did NOT go through the legal process for obtaining them and so are not legitimate proof of anything?

          The issue is settled in Hawaii and Barry is on the ballot? Ok, then: What’s the wording on the DNC paperwork submitting his name for the ballot? Did the state of Hawaii change the language in the dead of night so that the DNC doesn’t have to AGAIN swear (and possibly perjure themselves) that he’s CONSTITUTIONALLY eligible?

          • Are you sick of this topic yet? If not, butterdezillion had an interesting comment on Free Republic that I just ran across:

            “The kicker of it is that HRS 338-17.7 allows a new BC to be created if “law enforcement” (Eric Holder) says it is necessary for his safety. Now we know why there was the sudden big push to paint “birthers” as violent extremistsright when Abercrombie was realizing (and saying to his friend, Mike Evans) that there was no legally-valid BC for Obama but just something “actually written down, in the archives…” – and right before Neal Palafox was forced to resign as HDOH diretor and replaced by Fuddy who immediately said they would never allow anybody to see original BC’s or copies of original BC’s (and all of a sudden, once they didn’t have to worry about the originals ever being seen, we started seeing anomalous BC#’s on computerized COLB’s as well – for Stig Waidelich and Virginia Sunahara, and a badly-done forged BC# for Johanna Ah Nee)…

            As of late January 2011 when Abercrombie spoke to Mike Evans, there was not a BC for Obama. Now Onaka has verified that the BC# on their file for Obama is the number on the WH BC – which could not have been on that document in 1961. [WHEN DID HE DO THIS?] So sometime between late January and April of 2011 the HDOH gave Obama a different BC# than what he was originally given. The legally-allowable reason to do that is if law enforcement has said it is necessary for “safety” – and in that case the fake BC that is created for “safety’s sake” will say whatever law enforcement (Eric Holder) says it needs to say.

            So the HDOH has a fake document for Obama, for them to give to Obama so he can stay safe in hiding with a fake identity. The HDOH created that fake document for Obama; they had access to all those other BC’s to get the bits and pieces that they C&P’ed together, just like Eric Holder told them to do. But it doesn’t replace the real record in their files. When Onaka was asked to verify the real facts he couldn’t do it, because the HDOH still has to acknowledge the real BC, and the real BC isn’t legally valid either.

            I’ve got a new post up on my blog, showing how the 4 anomalous BC#’s fit together. That’s at . If Verna Lee told us the way they really numbered those BC’s in 1961 then Obama was almost certainly given Stig Waidelich’s BC#, Stig Waidelich was given the BC# for either Ray Piiohla Jr or Keith Min Thayoshi (if Thayoshi died as an infant), who was then given Virginia Sunahara’s BC#. Sunahara was given the real BC# for Johanna Ah Nee, and Ah Nee was given the BC# for an infant born in outlying Oahu in mid-July and died shortly thereafter.

            So anyway, coming back to what Kansas is going to do. Hopefully they are going to request ALL the BC’s the HDOH has for Barack Hussein Obama II and not be satisfied until they are either shown both records or are allowed to audit the microfilms and computer transaction logs. Actually, hopefully both.

            But you’re right; it would definitely take some stones. I’m praying for those guys’ stones.

            29 posted on Thursday, September 13, 2012 11:45:51 PM by butterdezillion

          • For Butter to give the sequence of other people’s names, she must have those BC’s in her possession or be going from a birth index.

            So Eric can change birth information – has he put Obama into a witness protection program to cover for whoever he is?

            I am sure someone will be asking through an FOIA request for the DNC’s nomination form for Hawaii..but that request might get lost until after the election due to some unforeseen error at the Hawaii Election’s Board or their Democratic Party Office wherever those forms are filed.

    • I am posting it in entirely because of the problems people have with Orly’s site.

      Press Release by Orly Taitz


      At the hearing I brought 2 main points:

      1. Original objector to Obama’s candidacy Joseph Montgomery withdrew his objection under duress. It was widely published that he was under duress. He, his family and co-workers were harassed with e-mails and phone calls. I forwarded to the Sec of State all of the evidence. I argued to him that duress negates the intent. If the withdrawal was under duress, it is invalid. I gave him an example of rape. If a rape victim withdraws her criminal complaint against a thug who raped her because she is under duress, because he threatens to kill her and her family, such withdrawal of criminal complaint is invalid, as it was under duress.

      Koback claims that he did not receive evidence of duress. It was a complete lie. I forwarded to him evidence of duress and his attorney Ryan Kriegshouser confirmed that he received it.

      2. Second point was that he claimed that he no longer has jurisdiction to hear the objections. I responded that it is not true as well, as according to the Kansas annotated statute 25-208a he has 10 days, which will not expire until the end of the day today. See the chapter below. He said that it is not in the statute. I stated that it is in the statute and demanded that he read the statute to the public seating in the audience, as it is a public hearing and the public is entitled to know, whether he has jurisdiction or not.

      3. Finally one of his staff attorneys found the statute below and read it.

      At that point the public could hear that the 10 day period is correct, but the staff attorney came up with a third excuse. He claimed that because the statute says that it is relates to the nomination it does not apply, as we are talking about the certification.

      I responded and argued that in this case it is the same: the certification is indeed a nomination by the Democratic party of Obama as a candidate for the U.S. Presidency. It is a nomination and it is a declaration by the Democratic Party convention that they nominated Obama as their candidate, therefore the secretary of State has the right and the jurisdiction and the duty to hear the evidence.

      4. Lastly Koback claimed that even if he were to have the jurisdiction there is a letter from the Registrar in Hawaii. I responded to him that this letter from Onaka is negated by the evidence that I provided previously that Obama is using a stolen CT Social Security number, forged birth certificate and a forged selective service certificate.

      At that point the other two people on the board, two operatives sent by the Attorney General Derek Schmidt and the LT Gov Jeff Colyer got really restless, (Schmidt and Colier were afraid to show their faces), they demanded to vote immediately and they demanded to dismiss the challenge immediately and adjorn the meeting, which they did.

      Koback stated that I can bring my arguments to the Superior court. He was a bit better than others, but at the end of the day his adherence to the Constitution is nothing but hot air and show. He follows the same marching orders as the rest of the establishment. In my mind I was wondering whether the whole challenge and hearing were staged in order to show that something is done and to promote three young bureaucrats in KS: Koback, Schmidt and Colyer. Keep in mind, the public already suspects Schmidt to be a part of the establishment due to his decision to dismiss the case against the Planned Parenthood.

      My testimony picked the interest of the media and after the hearing I gave interviews to Associated Press, ABC, NBC, CBS, Kansas public radio and a number of other local papers and stations. I gave them the video tape of the hearing in GA, videotaped sworn testimony of the witnesses and all the documents. some of the reporters gave me their names. One was from WIBW-TV, I believe it is NBC or CBS affiliate in Kansas and he said that he believes that the report will be on 6 pm news. Other reporters were Lauren Seabrook and Scott Schyle.

      It was clear that all of Obama’s thugs were under the marching orders to yell and scream and not let me speak. As I was giving the interviews they formed a half circle behind me, about 20 men, most of them African American men, who were yelling, screaming, hackling. I thought in a minute they would beat me up. When we were going downstairs a policemen went with me and told the hacklers not to follow us, but to go in the elevator. The police had to move the interview 3 times and disperse due to constant yelling and hackling.

      The protesters did not have any valid arguments of course. They were yelling “Stop it, stop it”. “Show us your birth certificate, where were you born? Racist! Obama’s mother is from Kansas, he is one of us. Everyone is equal under the law”. Later reporters interviewed some of the protesters, who protested against me. I pointed out to the Associated Press reporter and others the difference between me and Obama’s thugs. I pointed to them that when I spoke, Obama’s people were yelling, screaming, acted like wild animals, while when they spoke I was silent and politely listened to what they had to say. Obama and his people believe that politeness and civility should go only one way: we need to be civil towards them, but they do not need to show any civility and they believe they can drown the truth and justice with yelling and screaming and hackling.

      I noted that indeed everyone is equal under the law, that anyone else committing the same crimes as Obama: using a stolen Social Security number, forged birth certificate and a forged Selective Service certificate would go to prison, and that is where Obama belongs, as we are indeed equal under the law.

      • I wish there were pictures of those thugs that surrounded her afterwards. Wouldn’t you be frightened? She does have extra doses of tenacity. It looks like she made valid points and was ready for their excuses.

        Who sent the bots?

        • Obama sent them. Who else would have? Oh, wait. He would maintain his six degrees of separation. One of his minions sent them, surely. I’m glad at least that the cop was there to protect Orly. It was so heartening to see that she anticipated their stupid spin, weasely parsing, and evasion. I wonder how this will go down in history? The MENDACITY of it all. The COWARDICE of these shameless men. She’s like St. Joan, isn’t she?

      • Wow. She is a true American and a true patriot who truly UNDERSTANDS our system as it’s supposed to be and was designed to be by our Founders. What has happened to our country. Cry, the beloved country! So disappointing. I had hoped that these men in Kansas would have cojones. Apparently not.


        September 20, 2012
        Press release – Law Offices of Orly Taitz

        State of Kansas District Court Judge Larry D. Hendricks will hear a challenge against Mr. Barack Obama brought by California attorney Orly Taitz and a Mr. Walters, a citizen of Kansas. The hearing is scheduled for October 3rd, 1:30 pm, at division 6, 3rd floor, State District Court at 700 SE 7th street Topeka Kansas.

        The challenge is brought due to overwhelming evidence of the elections fraud by Mr. Obama, as well as identity fraud, use of forged identification papers, use of a last name not legally his, use of a Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425 not issued to him. Plaintiffs are seeking an emergency preliminary injunction keeping Mr. Obama off the general election ballot until the original identification papers are finally produced and examined by experts. Plaintiffs are seeking the original application to Connecticut Social security number 042-68-4425, which Mr. Obama is using, even though it was never assigned to him according to E-Verify and SSNVS, original application to Selective Service Certificate which shows a forged postal stamp with only 2 digits year( 80), while all the other postal stamps showed the 4 digit year 1980, as well as the original birth certificate and the original microfilm of the aforementioned birth certificate. Full pleadings are attached below. Supporters are urged to be in the courtroom and donate to Dr. Taitz in order help with expenses of her flight to Kansas for the second time and litigation expenses. More information on her web site Bio of Judge Hendricks is below.[link doesn’t work]

        Taitz Walters v Sec of State KS final
        Taitz Walters v Sec of state of Kansas Exhibits1-7
        Taitz Walters v Sec of state of Kansas Exhibits 8-14

        • Bio of the judge in Kansas – Snips
          The Kansas Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Larry D. Hendricks BE RETAINED.

          Judge Hendricks was appointed as District Judge in the 3rd Judicial District in 2006. Judge Hendricks primarily handles civil and domestic cases and his administrative duties include service on a number of court committees.

          As his greatest strengths, Judge Hendricks notes his sound legal knowledge, work ethic, preparedness and timeliness, as well as his ability to listen to and treat all participants equally.

          Judge Larry D. Hendricks was appointed to the bench in 2006. He was a member of the US Air Force for 8 years and practiced law for 25 years. Degrees include a Bachelor’s from K-State, a Master’s from UNC at Greeley and a law degree from Washburn.

  28. we saw this before to large…. BC phony dad??? in name only??

    Israel Science and Technology Homepage
    Long-Form Birth Certificate of Obama is a Forged Document

  29. Comment by butterdezillion:
    September 15, 2012 at 9:36 am

    “Since there’s all this BC# juggling required to give Obama an authentic-looking (superficially anyway; it’s anomalous given both numbering systems described) 1961 BC#, it’s reasonable to suppose that he must not have had one given in 1961, or at least within 37 days of his birth. If that is the case, then he NEVER had a legally valid HI BC and he had to have been using a DIFFERENT BC any time he needed documentation. That is one of the reasons that the HHS inspector general’s report (found at ) says that if there is something questionable on any vital records or citizenship document it calls for an audit of ALL the identity and citizenship documentation – since breeder documents are so often used to get fraudulent but authentic records so even the authenticity of a given record doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not also fraudulent.

    Obama is the textbook scenario to illustrate why this is important. EVERY document for him has some kind of fraud associated with it. SSN, draft registration form, non-valid BC covered up by 2 forgeries (COLB and long-form), and his Passport record was breached 3 times and the guy whose company oversaw the breaches was rewarded afterwards with an appointment as National Security Chief. The guy is a textbook illustration of massive document and identity fraud.”

    • Excellent analysis, as usual. Breeder document. Fo shizzle. It’s why they had to cauterize his passport files, lose the INS records, lose his kindergarten records, let bugs eat his Indonesian school records, etc. SAY! What ever happened to that guy who said he had definitive evidence from Indonesia?

  30. ~~~ Scott Takeji ~Suganuma .. BORN ~ 1959 ~
    ~ born 7-31- “1959 ” …. ~ died 12-4-2001 ~ (age 42 yrs.)
    (Civil HI) ~ SS# 575-66-9805

    ~ James A. Suganuma 1903 ~ Kunwai Lane
    (wife) Clara M. S. 1913 ? also (1911 & 1912)
    ~ Alvin A. S. 1923 ~ Roy K. S. 1935

    Clara M. S ~ born 6-18- 1911
    ~ died 3-10-2003 ~ (91 yrs.) ~ Civil HI ….no ss#?
    still checking…I will pass this on… hope it’s correct…

    • You are looking for someone born in the 1960’s that might have died. The ones you are showing were born in 1903, 1911, but Scott is close.

  31. on butter above 1st link has a comment saying the BC amendment was not original BC … a fathers name may NOT be listed…?
    as we have said long ago. Is that the reason he now said a “single” MOTHER raised him ?…or is it daddy left & let a “single MOM” like so many single mothers with struggles will vote for the “SAD CHILD”

    Like CLINTON….it’s what the word ‘REALLY MEANS” as you twist the real meaning…..

    • One of the FactCheck photos shows that there’s NO FATHER’S NAME on the SFCOLB, if you look closely enough. It’s the same one shown in that CNN video, on the left, behind the SFCOLB. It’s hard to see because they have it turned sideways and they deliberately have a harsh light thrown across the image, showing the so-called raised seal, but obscuring the words. The angle also distorts the word, making dark blurry spots on the far left, showing what were words on the paper. In the exact spot, near the crease, where the name of the father SHOULD BE, there’s no dark blur representing words. So, imho, that document HAD NO FATHER listed on it.

      Is this a new meme to promote the idea that even if born in Kenya, his mom was single and so he gets her citizenship and he’s a NBC? Well, that definition does not apply: Derivative citizenship is NOT natural born citizenship.

  32. Feds take control to keep Obama on November Ballot
    September 11, 2012

    Nashville, TN. A large group of curious and skeptical American voters has been diligently filing lawsuits in various state courts attempting to force Barack Obama to provide the required documentation that would confirm his eligibility to serve as US President. Now, a federal judge has interceded in a state court to throw out one of the last remaining suits.

    Federal judge intercedes to throw out challenge to Obama Presidential eligibility lawsuit in TN state court.

    The outraged and furious announcement from Liberty Legal Foundation explained the surprise verdict and detailed what they term, “the very dangerous direction in which the courts are now headed”.

    • The Obamanation Strikes Back
      08/30/2012 Snips

      When you read what happened last Friday afternoon, I hope you will be as furious as we are because you will understand the very dangerous direction in which the courts are now headed.

      When we challenged Obama’s eligibility because he is not a natural born citizen, we filed cases against the DNC in Arizona Federal court and Tennessee State Court. The cases were similar, but did have some important differences. In Tennessee, we were specifically relying on state fraud statutes, because we knew the DNC intended to commit fraud again by certifying a non-eligible candidate for the TN general ballot.

      Well, because states have lost their sovereignty, the DNC attorneys were able to remove the case from TN state court to Federal Court. Then the DNC attorneys filed a motion for sanctions against our lead attorney, Van Irion, in Federal court, a court we never filed the case in! That motion for sanctions was replete with blatant and provable lies, which Van pointed out in his response. Ultimately, Judge Anderson of the Western District of TN Federal court dismissed the case and since we have an active Federal case in Arizona we decided not to appeal the decision. We thought the TN case was over. Boy were we wrong.

      Friday afternoon, Judge Anderson not only did not address the outright lies of the DNC attorneys, he piled on his own lies in an order to personally sanction Van Irion. His order states that our lawsuit was legally frivolous and that Van was either incompetent or “vexatious” in filing the lawsuit. Cont.

      • I am sure most are aware of the corruption in Tennessee as followed for several years at the Post & Email. So this ruling and judge really are no surprise. Van Irion is feeling what Orly and other attorneys have felt for years when filing against Obama and his eligibility issues. Outrage.

      • I am angry, shocked, appalled, frightened. How can this be happening? What has become of our country?

    • When will all of this corruption in the judicial department end? When we get rid of Holder and activist judges. We will have to get rid of them one by one in the next election, if not this one. How many people look at the records of judges they vote for? Most people are primarily concerned about governors, reps and senators. That is how so many activist judges have moved into local and state government. We need a list of all of the ones that threw right and wrong, the law, and the Constitution under the bus. Then we need to set out to get rid of them. The Obama attorneys may win but their arguments suck and it appears most are unethical. I am waiting for truth to prevail.

      • Any clue WHO Van Irion is going to appeal TO? I am still shaking my head over the astonishing news that a federal judge can just unconstitutionally interfere in a STATE court performing a STATE function concerning something (names on ballots) that is totally within the SOVEREIGNTY of the state.

    • How ludicrous! Nagamine (wife or ex-wife of Maya’s own lawyer) ridiculously argues that those (gasp) 50-year-old documents are just so delicate! I have papers older than that in my dresser drawers and they’re just fine.

      “During the proceeding, Nagamine argued that Duncan Sunahara’s request did not derive from a true interest to examine or obtain a copy of his sister’s original birth records, to which he was entitled under Hawaii law. Nagamine insisted his underlying interest was to produce evidence in Obama’s birth controversy, to which he was not entitled under Hawaii law.

      Nagamine argued that the original 1961 birth certificate records were delicate and needed protection, and accessing them was burdensome.

      ‘But to get the long form you actually do have to go to the vault. And the records that are in the vault have been bound in volumes, not just the one, not just plaintiff’s sister’s records, but other records from around that time of birth, for example, in this case, the president’s birth certificate, which we know this is all about.

      So these volumes in the vault are kept in temperature-controlled areas, they are bound in volumes, the clerk would have to go and find the volume that it’s in, pull out the volumes. These are old records, and in plaintiff’s case it’s more than 50 years old. They would have to open the volume. They have a special Xerox machine that copies those old records that they don’t remove the binding. They have been bound.

      The plaintiff could not back (sic) in the area of the Department of Health where that special Xerox machine is and he couldn’t go in the vault without this disrupting the security and safety of the other records, the temperature in the room in the vault where the records are kept. So it would be very, very burdensome, not only for the legwork involved going to retrieve the volume, find the volume, find the page, take it to the Xerox machine, copy it.

      But they did it for BARRY! If you believe their story. And Fukino’s on CNN video talking about waltzing in there on her own initiative and looking at Barry’s records, so she could make some statement Lingle asked her to make.

      There’s nothing in the Hawaiian statutes that say Duncan’s entitled to the record so long as his motives are pure and have nothing to do with outing Barry for the liar he is. He’s entitled; he’s eligible to get the record; he gets his sister’s records, according to their own laws.

      Why does Nagamine care? What could possible be on Virginia’s record that would prove anything about Barry’s birth certificate? Barry’s telling the truth, isn’t he? What’s her worry? She’s giving herself away here. She KNOWS that Duncan can’t see Virginia’s record because there IS something there connected to Barry’s record, which should not logically be. What are they afraid of? TRUTH?

      “Zullo was quick to point out that in the court proceedings Nagamine admitted the entire volume of birth certificates containing not only Virginia Sunahara’s long-form certificate, but also those of the Nordyke twins and Barack Obama, has been moved to a special secure location with very limited access.

      The point apparently is to hide away Obama’s original birth certificate, if it exists and then deny anyone access to see the document on the premise it’s too fragile to examine,” he said.

      “What purpose did the Hawaii Department of Health have in preserving these records if it was not to show them when requested to family members and others who have a legal interest in seeing the documents?””

      Check out this photo of Onaka just traipsing around, looking at the books:

      • Selected snippets from that WND post:

        ““The reason the Hawaii Department of Health most likely does not want the public to see the original 1961 birth records is that an honest examination would show the forgers made a mistake in assigning to the forged Obama birth certificate a number that was out of sequence,” Zullo insisted.”
        ““To my amazement, all Nagamine offered the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office as proof Obama was born in Hawaii was a computer-generated list of birth registrations that was contained in a ring binder such that pages could be removed, altered and reinserted,” he noted.

        “There was no level of security other than the closed rings of the binder holding the pages in place.”

        Zullo added that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has obtained a signed affidavit from an individual who went to the Department of Health early in the public’s quest for the truth about the Obama birth certificate.

        That individual states that when he first went to the Hawaii Department of Health’s main office in Honolulu, Obama’s name did not appear in the computerized registration list in the ring binder, but when he went back approximately 14 days later to examine the same list, he was amazed Obama’s name suddenly was there.”” [That must be ladysforest’s friend. TY patriot!]
        ““It is utterly impossible to have a birth certificate number so far out of sequence as the Sunahara birth certificate and to have that document accepted at a registrar’s office managed by Verna K. Lee,” he said. “The cover-up remains alive and well even today in the Hawaii Department of Health.””

        Now the question is, what is Gilbert going to reveal on Boyle’s radio show tomorrow, about FMD and Barry? I listened to the link to the radio program that Gordo gave us this morning. Gilbert promises something revealing tomorrow. The thing is, I get sick and tired of all these promises of big reveals that don’t pan out.

        • Click to access bc-number-manipulation-analysis.pdf

          A link to “Butter’s” explanation of why the sequencing of the known birth certificates don’t work under Verna Lee’s system or Okubo’s alleged “system”.

          “If Verna Lee accurately described their numbering system, then Mr. Obama was given the BC# for the 3rd person born after Gretchen Nordyke in Honolulu – almost certainly Stig Waidelich – and the HDOH has been juggling numbers for Waidelich and others in order to try to hide that fact, with the specific Hawaii statistics giving a profile of the 3 dead infants and 2 live individuals whose BC#’s have been juggled to give Mr. Obama a number that he could not have had in 1961.”

          Now that is a very interesting observation and it explains, perhaps, how it is that CNN “reporter” Tuchman happened to run across Stig Waidelich to use as an exemplar. So interesting. Still wondering if Leith was also offered up as another willing exemplar. My, oh, my. The tangled web.

    • Zenway – that is run by a gal out of San Francisco and she pulls all of our headlines and information from the multiple right wing sites. She is associated with Fogblows. They want to keep an eye on the right wing extremists. I don’t know if she gets paid for hits on that site. I can’t remember for sure, but I think her name is Pamela and she is a student or is purported to be.

  33. I’m late to this story, here it is two years later and absolutely nothing has been done about it. This man was a fraud to begin with and it hasn’t got better. Yet nothing is done? Why is that, who is protecting and promoting this criminal….

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