Caught Between a Rock and Prison – Democrats Warned (Open Thread) Updated

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How Will They Get Out of This?

Poor, poor Sheeples – caught between a rock and a hard place!


During the last four years we have not seen powerful attorneys pitted against each other.   Instead, we have been privy to the Obama attorneys backed by the presidency, paid by the taxpayers,  use every trick in their collective arsenal against those choosing to question Barack Obama’s eligibility.  Nary a hearing  before any judge has been successful in allowing attorneys to present all of the evidence against Obama’s claims of legitimacy and eligibility.

Most lawsuits were tossed because of  standing.  (A legal term used for kicking the can down the proverbial road  into a ditch.)  A couple others were presided over by judges who clearly were “heavily influenced” by the Obama administration.  Their less than scholarly  decisions  against Obama’s opposition were seen in their objectionable rulings including using evidence that was not even presented during the hearing over which they presided.  (GeorgiaJudge Michael Malihi;  New Jersey, Judge Jeff Masin;  California -former Marine, Judge David O. Carter ).

The judicial system in our country that was to provide the checks and balances and maintain our nation of laws has been corrupted by threats, bribes and unconscionable criminals.  If we hadn’t seen the court room dramas, observed corruption,  and read the felonious lawsuits and charges espoused by the Obama lawyers, or read the judges decisions, we would still be believing in justice for all.   That is no longer the case.

The judges involved in these historical cases will be remembered because of their inability to stand up for our country and enforce the laws.   Those judges will go down in history for their cowardice, not their bravery.  Their reputations are now tainted, and their judicial opinions challenged as legally inept and unworthy.  The robes they wear are no longer symbols designating respect or dignity.  They saved themselves and perhaps their families, but allowed our precious nation to dip further into the totalitarian abyss.

In unprecedented action, yet one we have longed to see,  an attorney is using his clout to send a loud and clear warning to his equal,  Robert Bauer, Perkins Coie, formerly Obama’s personal attorney,  former WH counsel, and now the general counsel of the DNC.

Prior to the DNC Convention, private practice attorney, Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch USA, issued a warning to the Democratic party executives that their choice to qualify a candidate who was not legally eligible would put them into jeopardy.  Charges of perjury and election fraud were mentioned.  Their participation in allowing an ineligible candidate to be nominated after receiving specific information and the legal analysis from Klayman would not allow them to plead innocent of wrong doing should the charges be filed. They were, therefore, forearmed and forewarned.

Klayman sent a letter to the infamous  Robert Bauer (husband of Anita Dunn of channeling Mao fame, and lead attorney for Obama eligibility lawsuits) on August 29, warning him as general legal counsel for the Democratic National Committee, that election fraud charges among others can be filed against him and anyone who chooses to certify Barack Hussein Obama for the 2012 election because

“the evidence shows no one knows for sure about Obama’s eligibility, so letters from the DNC to states about Obama’s 2012 candidacy may be problematic.”

At the same time, another certified letter was sent to “each DNC Executive Committee member – as well as each state Democratic Party chair, secretary of state, and state attorneys general” with the advice and warning that they were in jeopardy of perjuring themselves and being charged with Election Fraud if they chose to certify Obama as a constitutionally and legally qualified candidate to the presidency of the United States.  Klayman stated,

Such verifications, if created, would be “perjurious.”

In his letter,  Klayman laid out the case that no one knows Obama’s background and according to Hawaii’s own laws, the  verification about Barack Obama that AZ Secretary of State Bennett requested was evasively answered by Onaka.  Conclusively,

“the only legal reason for not verifying that the posted long-form [birth certificate] “is a true and accurate representation of the original record in [the DOH] files” is if it is not.  There is no other plausible explanation.”

“He refrained from verifying the key requested items because he cannot.”

The charges of election fraud and its consequences should be alarming for those taking the chance and signing their John Hancock to a nomination form for Barack Obama. All those looking to Robert Bauer for legal answers around this issue should consult their own attorney first because it appears they will need one… if they choose to follow this path.

Larry Klayman is famous for fighting government corruption and made a name for himself when he got a court to rule that President Bill Clinton committed a crime.  He was the first attorney to ever get such a ruling against a sitting president.

Yes,  Robert Bauer has been put on notice by his peer,  and it is about time for Bauer to face the jury.  Bauer’s shenanigans and cover-up of Obama’s ineligibility, and those whom he dominates or advises may finally see justice – real justice – thanks to Larry Klayman.

The moment those nomination forms are signed by anyone their fates are sealed.  They have committed a crime.  They may believe that they will be pardoned by the Empty Chair Obama for their crimes, but come November the new broom will sweep clean, and the likelihood that they won’t be prosecuted is nil.    We hope they enjoy the Democratic National Convention with this real threat hanging over their empty sheepled heads!  Prison is just a signature away!

As Forrest Gump once said, “Stupid is as Stupid does.” 


H/T Obama lawyer warned against certifying eligibility




UPDATE 1:  H/T Leza

The following article  illustrates the difficult position that Hawaii’s Department of Health and the Democratic National Committee  now face with their own laws, bylaws, and responses.  Butterdezillion has worked tirelessly to  expose the DOH’s  questionable responses to anyone requesting verification of Obama’s birth certificate.   It appears both the DOH and DNC are both caught in traps of their own making.   She makes it easy to understand in her article,

“Wheel of Fortune vs Family Feud”


WND’s Bob Unruh Discusses Democrats Certification Of Nomination For Ineligible Obama

Peter Boyles Show – Denver, CO – You Tube


198 responses to “Caught Between a Rock and Prison – Democrats Warned (Open Thread) Updated

  1. I only wish those people would suffer the legal consequences they so richly deserve.
    I just don’t share your belief that anything will ever happen to them.
    There’s nobody to mete out justice to them because they are all involved.

    • I think there are lawyers ready to pounce the minute those nomination forms are signed and sent to their respective states.

      When the thugs are gone, I believe we will see more people stepping up to the plate. I have to believe that this will all be sorted out. I am holding on tight to my optimism and those famous words that “justice will prevail and the “truth always wins out.”

      This radical crew has held us hostage with their perverted views for 4 years and the majority in the country still know right from wrong. There are many people trying to right the wrongs and they won’t stop. Sheriff Joe isn’t going to quit, and we won’t either.

    • New efforts are afoot to utilize Sheriff Joe’s affidavits as soon as Soetoro is announced as the DNC nominee.
      7 September

      Carl Swensson
      New efforts are afoot to utilize Sheriff Joe’s affidavits as soon as Soetoro is announced as the DNC nominee. Congress has no spine and will do nothing.., this much we’ve already figured out but we can turn the tide on the DNC Electoral college, Secretary of States and Governors who didn’t have the Posse’s findings when making previous decisions. We must fight at every level available and never give up.

  2. Great post, Bridgette. I love that photo! This morning’s comment by Leza fits here on this post. It concerns butterdezillion’s latest post, where she illustrates the conundrum that the DNC and the HDOH have gotten themselves into:

  3. WTPOTUS.. got the “KID” OUT.. nothing stops…OUR GANG!

  4. Apologies. This is off thread but important
    Obama just tried to surrender to Iran. He sent diplomatic messages that whatever Israel does, the USA will not help them nor support any attack against Iran.

    Iran said no way.

    The fake prezodent that can’t even surrender!

    • Israel is the master of her fate and Bibi has known this in having to deal with Obama’s forked tongue. Obama trying to make nice with a tyrant who has more experience at being one. I guess this was Obama’s way of “unclenching his fist.”

  5. dave … Valerie Jarretts … “home country” …Iranian Connection…
    is she barry’s sister??? She set up the cover for MO & Barry ??
    arranging their very 1st date… Lots of questions…. still…

    • I have always asked if the two were siblings. For a time, before I knew who “All in the Family” were, I just assumed Val was sister…..because she looked like it.

      • I remember an article about Val where she said something like they were brother and sister. I think it was in Vanity Fair during the 2008 election cycle. What normal marriage would allow a woman to come home with them every night, and why would Val want to other to than to keep tabs on them? To peculiar to me.

        • There have been several where either Val says it or Barry does–that they’re like siblings. Maybe Val goes home with them because she’s their “minder”. Everything about those people is peculiar.

          Goes without saying that the TV is OFF tonight and will be for the next few days. I don’t want to risk even HEARING their annoying voices.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      First AFRICAN American this. First AFRICAN American that . Just not American.

  6. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Is it any surprise? (cue Church Lady) but seriously, are they serious? VERY telling.

  7. Rosemary Woodhouse

    edit: church

  8. Them libs is a Godless bunch 👿

  9. David Farrar to Win Obama Election Challenge Race?

    Georgia resident David Farrar says that he will be the first to challenge President Obama’s place on the National Presidential Ballot this week […]

    More at the link:

    • The Birther is telling Folks…run by a lady out of SF from the Left. Trying to cash in by putting all of “our” news and blog links in one place so they can excoriate and twist the truth on the left as fast as they are written by the right. She is putting the same headline on all of our normal reading blogs. I checked Google instead of clicking on hers, and there is a piece by another one of the lefty blogs doing exactly what I said they do; attacking and ridiculing Farrar. I won’t be giving her any change.

    Where is the best place 2 put this update…ON BAR~ROCK?
    I Love the gal after MO…the pray was beautiful…if onlt all would do as it shares…. if ONLY…. 4~less years…..

  11. Donald Trump via Twitter: The media can track down @PaulRyan’s old girlfriend and marathon time but can’t find @BarackObama’s college applications or other info.

  12. This is a good one!

  13. Reminder that Charles Johnson (Breitbart) has Documented Proof that Obama is Indonesian Citizen – where is that report, Charlie?

    • Lots of spicey comments at FR. A man who knows what we know…Obama not po!

      What hard times has Obama had compared to many of us?

      He was raised in an upper class household. He was raised largely by his grandparents. His grandmother was a vice president of the Bank of Hawaii. He attended the most exclusive private high school in Hawaii. He attended Ivy League universities. Exactly what major struggles has he had in life?????????

      11 posted on Tuesday, September 04, 2012 9:41:19 PM by Dilbert San Diego


      No, Barack has not lived the American dream, he’s lived the immigrant dream.

      33 posted on Tuesday, September 04, 2012 10:09:17 PM by Arcy

    • Nice view of her back – very attractive stance – buttt – look at the crowd – all the delegates jammed in for the photo! Another bag of wind and her oh so adoring husband who hasn’t changed one bit since getting into the WH. I need a hot air bag!

      Close up of her at Free – really nice and new painted on eyebrows! Is that the new look for 2012 – she being such a fashion icon and all? Meow.

  14. Michelle’s message: The president is just like you
    Sep 4, 10:51 PM (ET)

    (AP) First Lady Michelle Obama addresses the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on…

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) – Michelle Obama’s message: President Barack Obama is just like you.

    “Barack knows the American Dream because he’s lived it,” the first lady told the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday in an address intended to reassure voters that her husband share their values – hard work, perseverance and optimism – while also drawing a contrast between him and Mitt Romney.

    Oh YEA……

    • He hasn’t changed a bit according to MO. If the man hasn’t changed from the stresses of the Oval Office, then he hasn’t been doing his job…(well, we know that!). For that statement alone, he deserves the empty chair designation. ECOTUS!

    • Fact Check: First Lady’s False Fairy Tale of Struggle
      September 5, 2012

      First Lady Michelle Obama’s pitch to voters last night relied on the premise that she and her husband understand what it is to struggle to make ends meet….

      Her fairy tale — however well delivered — was one great, big colorful lie. [Two liars in a pod! Perfect for each other.]
      “[T]ruth matters,” Michelle Obama told the nation last night. That, too, is a lie–because so far, she has evaded it without consequence.

      • Wow. Saves me the trouble of writing the post I planned to write about this. I had the same thoughts as Pollak. Of course, not only won’t the usual suspects “fact check” her lies, they REPEAT the lies for her, in the “news” articles. Mooch’s whole speech was full of lies. No surprise that they allege (aka LIE) that Ryan’s was full of lies. But THEY LIE about what they FALSELY say he said, and then they dispute the truth of it. But it’s not true because IT WASN’T WHAT HE SAID. And yet there was no mistaking that Mooch LIED about the circumstances of their early life. Of course the student loans (if they had ANY) were more costly than the mortgage. They mysteriously put down a tremendous downpayment. Where’d they get that money, about $111,000, one OUGHT TO WONDER? (I would give the link to this story but I’m not about to. Previous links to it, even in the Wayback Machine, were scrubbed, redirected, or the story was moved. We know this game. I HAVE the story but I’m not going to reveal it because it will then shortly be scrubbed. Suffice it to say that they’re not going to outfox me. I found it months ago, when I was drafting a post that I never finished. It took me a long time to find it and a convoluted search, but I got it. Public records showed they put down $111,000 (mas o menos) on that condo, in 1993. It’s hardly “struggling” if you have over a hundred grand to put down on a condo, even in Chi-town. I really DID struggle in my newlywed days and we were lucky to have 2 grand in the bank (which it took me years to save) as our buffer against hard times. Don’t prudent people KNOW that they’re supposed to have at least six months of living expenses set aside for hard times? So that must mean that Mooch and Barry either weren’t prudent, had a wealthy sugar daddy who GAVE them the money, or they’re lying about their net worth in 1993. btw, Mooch was driving a BENZ in those days. No rust bucket, like she alleges.

  15. Washington Times Daily – Full Page Ad – Sept. 4th Snips

    Call Rep. Eric Cantor and Demand an investigation…(202) 225-2815

    Who uploaded the forged document?
    Is there no integrity left in DC? Where is the Special Prosecutor?

    Only an Immediate Congressional Investigation can expose those responsible and Hold Them Accountable.

    With an illegitimate president, don’t we have an illegal, unauthorized government?

  16. I have too lay down now….. just too much emotions….in that crowd…

  17. Obama Quashes Conservative Media Access at DNC
    Sept. 4
    Media availability for Obama officials and acolytes has been shut up as tight as a clam for conservative media here at the Democratic National Convention. According to sources at Talk Radio News Service, placing a stringer outside the designated TV area to ask high-level Democrats to stop by radio row has been banned by the DNC – in fact, as one source told me, “You need permission from Obama for America.”

    Meanwhile, top Obama outside advisor and head of the Center for American Progress John Podesta stopped by radio row this morning – but only long enough to speak with liberal talkers.
    The Democrats and their allies are clearly fearful of a major mistake. That’s why they’re keeping their allies away from those who will ask adverse questions. And that’s why I’ve purchased an Obama pin. If they won’t answer questions from a conservative, maybe they’ll answer questions from a faux fellow Obama-worshipper.

    • You’ll only hear or see what they want you to see! DNC’s “Big Freeze Out” No opposition allowed. The One has spoken. By the way are all of the ABC networks covering the DNC or not? Wondering if they are filtering it like they did the RNC.

  18. Tea hee! Going out of business sale perhaps? Closing down shops? Economic downturn hit the DNC? Nobody wants Obama goodies? Wait for it – 50% off in another day or two!

    Closing Sale: All Obama Campaign Gear 25% Off!

    Democratic National Convention: all gear is 25% off

  19. Great idea – Dr. Paul – Drop the Republican party and give Obama another 4 years! He lost, and now they think this will work? With 2 months to go? The Obama campaign is thrilled at the prospect, no doubt. Will Rand talk sense to his father?

    Source: Paul ‘Republican No More,’ Not Ruling Out Third-Party Run
    4 Sep 2012 Snips
    …over 300 Ron Paul supporters joined a conference call on Sunday night to discuss plans to urge Paul to run as a third-party candidate on the Libertarian Party ticket.

    According to Cutler, Paul was “no longer a Republican as of Friday,” and for Paul to get his name on the ballot in all 50 states, Paul would have to be on the Libertarian Party ticket.

    Republicans last week played a video tribute to Paul and put issues dear to Paul and his supporters, such as supporting a commission that looks at returning to the gold standard and an audit of the Federal Reserve, in the party platform to appease Paul’s supporters so they would stay in the Republican Party in November.

    • Couldn’t care less what ron paul does.
      Either obama is in office or the republicans who fight to the death to squash every effort to out obama’s fraud.
      What exactly do you hope to achieve by putting constitution shredding republicans in place of constitution shredding obama?

      • I only care if those that follow Paul sacrifice their votes in an election that is vitally necessary to get Obama out of power. This isn’t the time to split the Republican vote. Either the Paulies vote for Romney or they are giving the election to the Marxists. The Republicans need every vote. Let the platform and legislation show that the Paulies are heard after we take back the presidency and the Senate. We must rid our government of the corrupt individuals that have bankrupted our country, and given billions away for no reason but pie in the sky investments. The government is not in the investment business for building companies that can’t be funded by private sources. If government is limited, that means more money in the pockets of citizens. It should mean less taxes are needed to take care of normal limited business. If we stop funding all of the countries that consider us their enemies, that foreign aid could be better put to use dealing with allies who are interested in a republic and democracy, or putting those funds back into building our nation.

        Communism or socialism is not what this country stands for and every single one of those leftists/progressives/democrats should be removed from Congress as well as our state and local governments. If we would start calling them by their real party affiliations and educate people about them and their ideology, we would be further along. If people want to live like they do in despotic countries – move them over there and let them enjoy the fruits of their labor. We don’t need any anti-Americans here.

        We aren’t dealing with normal old time democrats – we are dealing with the radical left who have usurped our government, schools, universities, healthcare, and the minds of young adults. They had a plan and they have patiently put it into action and its culmination is seen in the administration that is in power today.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          Brigitte, I’ve read blogger comments that indicate they will do exactly that. Either wait to see if Paul runs, or abstain. They do not see any difference between Obama and Romney, or the parties for that matter. Incredible!

          • Voting for someone other than Romney or not voting is the same as a vote for Obama. People are responsible for their actions or inactions. They cannot complain after the election, if they help to reelect Obama.

          • Agreed. abstaining is voting for Obama.
            If they think Ron Paul is the only one who can restore constitutional rule, they are no better than the Obot zombies; they have joined a cult of personality and put everything in a person to the point of blinding themselves to all else. doesn’t matter who the person is or what he/she believes, it’s dangerous. and if they really think there is no difference between Obama and Romney/Ryan (especially with Ryan on the ticket), then they are smoking too much of the drugs they want to legalize.
            I think Rand will talk sense into him if need be. he understands. but my instinct is that it’s a head fake by Ron Paul to gain some leverage to negotiate a role in the Romney administration. he’s probably trying to negotiate being a part of a fed audit committee or something.

          • rosemary,
            exactly what part of “the republicans are shredding the constitution with obama just as much as the obama is shredding the constitution” do you not understand?

            now the fact that you don’t understand it is what is incredible

          • yes, well said Haydon…I would like to see more of Ron P. …as auditor of the fed or just give him a hard hat,a stethoscope, some tools, and an old van and have him do a republican tune up now and then.

          • I don’t see reply buttons where I think I need to reply, so I’ll just post this here. The REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT is to blame if people are so disenfranchised that they stay home and do not vote. They choose Romney/Ryan and it’s up to them to convince people to vote for them. Don’t make the same mistake you made with Obama. What do you REALLY know about Ryan??? Just because someone sounds intellegent, dosen’t make it so. Much of his so called brilliant understanding and analysis is just plain wrong. When you research Ryan, you are going to run into BOREN, OK, and corrupt DEMOCRATS. What do you really know about the MORMAN church?

            Currently, I’m in the anything but Obummer camp, but I’m not excited to go vote either. My sad prediction is that unless there is a dramatic change, many, many, many people will stay home on election day.

            Even if we are successful in getting Obummer out, we need to fight like hell to get the Republicans on the side of the American people. Right now both parties are in the pockets of the croneys/elites. The American people need to FORCE term limits on congress, if our country and freedoms last that long.

            • WordPress messes up the comments and the reply options and the comment box. They know about it; they apparently don’t choose to fix it. We have to live with it for the time being.

              I agree that the Republican establishment sucks. That’s the quickest and easiest way to say it. But this election is TOO IMPORTANT to sit at home. No matter how bad you think Romney and Ryan are, Obama and his crew are light years WORSE. I know a lot about Ryan, as a matter of fact. He’s looking at REALITY and what we HAVE TO DO to get this country out of the mess it’s in. Both parties have created this mess, but the fact is: It’s here. It can’t be wished away. It HAS TO BE FIXED.

              What do I know about the Mormon Church? Not much. I admit it. I do know that without them, I’d know a whole lot less about my family tree than I do. I do know Mormons personally and they are GOOD PEOPLE. MORAL people. That says a lot, imho. RYAN is Catholic. I know a LOT about Catholics. He’s AS intelligent as he looks and sounds.

              We DO need to fight like heck to get the Republicans on the side of WE THE PEOPLE. And the way we do that is to elect as many small government, conservative Republicans (or Independents or even Democrats if they really are conservatives and not more liars). Then we hold their feet to the fire. Why do you think Claire McCaskill is running as fast as she can AWAY from Obama? She is ONE OF HIS BIGGEST SUPPORTERS. She helped elect him. And she avoided the convention and her TV ads specifically point out where SHE CLAIMS she broke from Obama and voted against what he wanted.

              Our country and our freedoms won’t last the next four years if Obama is reelected. That’s why we MUST HOLD OUR NOSES AND VOTE FOR ROMNEY.

          • Kathy,

            Comment left blank intentionally, most will “get it”.

      • Nobody likes Constitution shredding, but it’s the level and the choices Barry makes about what to shred that’s more concerning. Either the Republicans were threatened or they truly do FEAR the results of this Constitutional crisis that their own inattention caused. I don’t believe that the Republicans want to become dictators. For certain, their “base” doesn’t support and wouldn’t want that. Nor does the business community. Barry shreds the ENTIRE document, not just the eligibility requirements. He’s the greater threat and the ONLY way to stop that threat is to elect Romney/Ryan and then HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE, TOO.

        • just one issue of many, that I’m scared if Romney wins, is the Keystone Pipeline…I don’t care what reasons it was opposed or the reasons people want it….the real issues about this haven’t seen the light of day and we will be forever sorry . There’s some Hegelian politicing going on folks, and be very, very careful what you rejoice over. Our ports are already being compromised and whose building that huge super,super highway from the borders of Mexico thru Texas . The Texas governor knows what’s going on.

          • I want us to be energy independent and we can be. We must be, otherwise we’ll forever be seeing our presidents holding hands with or bowing to the Saudis. Or worse.

        • Energy independent….I want that too, and I also want to keep our sovereinty while we get there.

    • If he WERE a patriot, he WOULD rule it out post haste.

    • That would qualify as a far worse whopper than Ryan saying that Reagan delivered his line about “are you better off” at the RNC convention instead of during the debates. Ryan was about 10 years old at the time; it’s probable he doesn’t remember it at all, except through media reports later. But it’s FAR WORSE to lie about a material fact concerning your own grandmother-in-law, with your purpose being to DECEIVE. In her speech, Mooch said that Barry’s grandma Madelyn was a bank SECRETARY. Not a vice president! A secretary. How insulting to women. Does Mooch have a problem believing that women can be vice presidents? Is that why, in kneejerk fashion, elitist lawyer Mooch assumes little white granny Madelyn was “only” a secretary?

      • I like that UM uses my phrase about Barry: Child of Privilege. He most certainly was. How many other presidents of the US were raised in a “royal environment” in a foreign country?

      • so, four years ago, Madelyn was a vice pres. of a Bank, now she’s just a secretary. And four years ago Stanley Anne was very pregnant and single when she had Barack, and Obama was a Kenyan when running for senate. So what’s so odd about this. Shouldn’t we expect it by now? Bet he won’t be using the Food Stamp story this go round, being that’s a touchy subject this time around with all the added food stampers. Maybe she’ll tell us in her next speech Barry was very , very gay when she met him. He would get a few new votes fr off of that. That’s the most believable statement she could make. I could finally believe something.

        • Yep. But WE’RE the crazy ones to notice the TRUTH or at least what we were told the truth was yesterday, or last week, or last year. CW would be able to quote 1984 for you. I don’t have the book handy and read it so long ago that I don’t remember. But just like in that book, they rewrite history as they go along. And nobody is supposed to notice the discrepancies! I do believe he was very very gay when they were introduced as a prelude to their arranged marriage and the “creation” of the requisite 2 children.

  20. Narcissist in chief: Obama leads march of the ‘Me’ generation
    Tuesday, September 4, 2012

    He authorized himself to declare martial law. He inserted himself into other presidents’ bios. He honored Neil Armstrong’s passing with a photo of himself. In short, President Obama’s ego knows no bounds. A commander-in-chief whose sense of self seemingly exceeds the office should not be laughed at. He should be watched. Closely.

    • Is Our President a Bit of a Jerk? [An understatement!]
      Emerging theme: Obama’s ‘selfish’ and ‘arrogant’
      Carol Platt Liebau
      Monday, September 3, 201

      At law school, few people knew Barack Obama really well, and I wasn’t one of them, although we did have some dealings when we overlapped The Harvard Law Review.

      But in the run up to the convention, it’s clear that there are people who have had extensive dealings with him, and they don’t like him very much. Two themes have emerged from news coverage in the last two days, and they are revealing: He’s selfish. … He’s arrogant. … “Even by the standards of the political world, Mr. Obama’s obsession with virtuosity and proving himself the best are remarkable, those close to him say,” Jodi Kantor writes. …

      Frankly, the take-away from all this “personality” coverage is that the President sounds like a bit of a jerk.

      • Jerks don’t change their spots. She knew he was a jerk then; he’s a jerk now.

        • He’s obsessed with virtuosity?? Oh riiiiiiiiiight! The lying purple lipped con man doesn’t know what the word means. That word is as foreign to him as the word American.

      • He’s selfish because he doesn’t support other DemoncRAT politicians? But that’s easily explained, besides that he’s a narcissist: They’re white.

        He’s arrogant because he’s the classic overachiever who suspects (it’s true) that he’s inferior. Excess of bogus self-esteem hides the fact that he really has no self-respect and, in fact, like many with his diagnosis–no self. He’s cocky because he lives in a fantasy world that he makes up as he goes along–he’s omnipotent and lives where nobody can reach him, in his imaginary world. He’s the only person to not realize how ridiculous it was to give a Nobel Prize to someone who had NO accomplishments (and still has none).

    • The Competitor in Chief
      Obama Plays to Win, in Politics and Everything Else
      September 2, 2012 Snips

      “it is very rare that I come to an event where I’m like the fifth or sixth most interesting person.” [Who said that?He did, of course about himself.]
      Mr. Obama’s own words of praise and derision say it best: he is a perpetually aspiring overachiever, often grading himself and others with report-card terms like “outstanding” or “remedial course” (as in: Republicans need one).
      Those were not the only times Mr. Obama may have overestimated himself: he has also had a habit of warning new hires that he would be able to do their jobs better than they could.[Don’t believe him, he hasn’t had any real jobs until the one he usurped!]

      “I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters,”[How many has he written himself?]

  21. Who hooo. Washington TImes is reporting the story from WND.

    Ex-DOJ lawyer warns of Obama eligibility risk
    Sept. 3, 2012

    A former U.S. Justice Department attorney who founded the government watchdog Judicial Watch and later Freedom Watch has warned a key Barack Obama attorney that Democrat Party or state elections officials certifying Obama’s eligibility for the 2012 election could become the targets of election-fraud charges.

  22. The Hill Poll: Voters say second term for Obama undeserved, country is worse off [Amazing, that the poll would show that! More amazing is that is published!]
    Sheldon Alberts – 9/04/12 Snips

    A majority of voters believe the country is worse off today than it was four years ago and that President Obama does not deserve reelection, according to a new poll for The Hill. [Are you Surprised – Democratic leaning Hill?]

    Just 40 percent of voters said Obama deserves reelection. [Can we see 30?]

    The results highlight the depth of voter dissatisfaction confronting Obama as he makes his case for a second term at this week’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. [It also shows by them having to bus and pay people to listen to the ECOTUS!]

    • I’m amazed that 40% think he deserves a second term, but when you figure that half the population doesn’t even pay taxes, it’s more amazing that 10% of them must believe that he doesn’t deserve a chance to finish his “incomplete”. I’ll bet Barry is way familiar with the concept of “incomplete”. I’m sure it’s something he took advantage of all during school. He probably had a ghostwriter to finish his incomplete classes for him.

  23. Where are the headlines Media? National Debt under Obama just Reached $16 Trillion! Congrats! That along with the US historical first time monetary downgrade are perfect examples of his work – HE FAILED ! What else could anyone expect from a guy that only knew how to agitate others and talk a good game?

    $16,000,000,000,000.00 (That’s $16 Trillion)! Stamp that on his forehead!

    • U.S. Debt Hits $16 Trillion
      September 4, 2012 at 4:22 pm

      Today, the U.S. debt clock hit $16 trillion. Compare that to the end of 2008, just days before President Obama officially took office, when the total federal debt was short of $10 trillion. That’s a 60 percent increase in the federal debt in less than 4 years! Now more than ever, Congress should get to work to rein in out-of-control spending and debt. The economic health of the American nation is at stake.

      Each American’s share of the federal debt rises to $37,437.

    • Where are the headlines? There are none but the talking points are being parroted. The tp of the day is that Barry inherited this economy and so he’s suffered under this debt. They neglect to mention how much Barry INFLATED the debt over his four years. UNNECESSARY INFLATION, CHOSEN DELIBERATELY BY HIM. Real reporters would report what the debt WOULD BE if Barry had not inflated it, so they can separate “Bush’s debt” from “Barry’s debt”. But they won’t do that.

  24. Castro TWINS — one fills in for the other at recent parade. Crowd and news did not realize…..

    • So if one ever gets elected, he has his automatic bogus substitute. Can you believe the deception? It’s par for the course. Barry probably has doppelgangers, too.

    • I don’t know much about these twins…but I think they are grooming one to become the governor of TX, if they are from San Antonio. That said, I also think his mother was a founder of the radical organization, La Raza. I read this yesterday or today about someone giving the keynote address at the DNC. The cheers go out to La Raza – the radical racist organization that wants the lower US states to be given back to Mexico! Imagine how these grown twins were raised and what they really think about America. How many Americans know what this group really believes and how they side with illegals crossing the border.

      • Yes, I did hear on radio yesterday that they’re grooming one for governor of Texas. I can’t imagine it happening, but I never would have imagined Barry happening, either.

    • 10 Things To Know About San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro
      September 5, 2012 Snips

      1. At 37, he’s the youngest mayor of a top 50 American city. Castro was elected mayor of San Antonio, Texas, in 2009 at age 32 and was re-elected in 2011 with more than 82 percent of the vote
      (Photo: Reuters)
      San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro delivered the keynote at the 2012 Democratic National Convention Tuesday in Charlotte, N.C.

      2. His mother is famous in the Chicano community. Castro is the son of Maria “Rosie” Castro, a Chicano political activist who helped establish the Chicano political party La Raza Unida in the 1970s. In 1971, at the age of 23, Rosie Castro unsuccessfully ran for the San Antonio City Council.

      3. He has an identical twin. Castro’s brother, who is one minute younger, is Joaquin Castro, a Texas state representative who is currently running for the U.S. House of Representatives.

      4. He was raised to be politically active. Both Castro brothers were raised with the expectation that they would do great things, as a 2010 New York Times magazine profile of Julian explains. The brothers, who skipped their sophomore year of high school, grew up accompanying their mother to political events and worked on campaigns as teenagers. Both attended Stanford University and then Harvard Law School before moving back to Texas to launch their political careers.

      5. People already expect him to be the first Hispanic president .[NBC? somewhere I read that mama crossed the border so he probably isn’t an NBC, and she is probably not naturalized if a founder of LaRaza – just my thoughts.]

      10. He has bipartisan appeal. While Texas is a solid red state and is expected to remain so in the near future, political operatives expect that if any Democrat can take back the governor’s mansion, it will be Castro.

      The mayor,…supports the North American Free Trade Agreement, advocates an energy policy that includes fossil fuels and has maintained a balanced budget in San Antonio. He is also a practicing Roman Catholic, although he has publicly supported same-sex marriage and women’s reproductive rights.

      • We must have both been looking these guys up at the same time. So the other is already a representative and running for the U.S. House? No wonder they want no voter ID and to throw out the redistricting maps. Raised to do “great things”? It all depends upon what the meaning of “great” is. Aztlan, anyone? The Reconquista? Racist is as racist does. How can you belong to a group called LA RAZA? Stanford and Harvard Law. Gee, I wonder if they had the same benefactors as Barry or did they get foreign student scholarships, too? Are they NBCs? He can’t BE a Roman Catholic if he supports gay marriage and abortion. It’s an oxymoron, as Pelosi knows and the Kennedys know, but few in the Church have the guts to remind them.

        Speaking of people being “groomed”, here’s an article all about Huma and Hill:

        “As Bill Clinton once again takes center stage at the Democratic National Convention, let’s amuse ourselves by screening the vilest soap opera in American history: Bill and Hillary and Huma and Anthony.

        This one’s got it all: two sham marriages, sexual perversions, and national treachery at the highest level. Naturally, the “mainstream media” refuses to inform you of it, but that’s why I’m here.

        If you’ve scratched your head trying to puzzle out the complex inter-relationships between these glamorous grifters, stop scratching. I’m about to unveil a Grand Unified Theory that explains why Huma Abedin, the alleged Muslim Brotherhood asset who’s the top aide of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, chose to marry disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner in an interfaith ceremony performed by matrimonial expert Bill Clinton.”

        Rest at the link. No surprises, really, for us because we’ve uncovered this all, too. But it’s a good story and I like the way she writes it.

      • Only Socialists and Communists refer to America as being Imperialist! That is one of the key words that shows who is anti-American.

        Mother of Dem convention star Castro called Alamo defenders ‘drunks,’ ‘crooks’
        September 05, 2012

        CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Hispanic Texas mayor whose keynote speech wowed the Democratic National Convention crowd Wednesday night draws political inspiration from his mother – who was a member of a radical civil rights movement and who reportedly thinks the truth behind the Battle of the Alamo is that Texans swiped Mexico’s land.

        Maria del Rosario Castro, the mother of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, said in 2010 that she grew up being told the battle was “glorious,” only to learn the so-called heroes were really “a bunch of drunks and crooks and slaveholding imperialists who conquered land that didn’t belong to them.”

  25. Hillary’s visit is part of ongoing six-nation tour, which started on August 30 and will also take her to the Cook Islands, Indonesia, East Timor, Brunei and Russia.

    • She’s also talking with China about the “Law of the Sea.” Expect them to sign it before Barry leaves office, no matter what. By hook or by crook. What might Hillary find there in Indonesia, East Timor, and Russia? Interesting choices, huh?

  26. At a Tea Party, Allen West calls out the Democratic trackers that follow him around waiting for him to make a mistake. He isn’t worried about them because God is on his side! He hits it on the nail again!

    Allen West Calls Out Dem ‘Trackers’: ‘I Serve a Mighty God’ & ‘I Am Not Afraid’

    O with two of his daughters…. Don’t see any tears??? do U?
    Lady keep them nasty under arms down…. look like vaginas 2 me.
    what can we say…. rehashed hash is slung once more…. &
    Penn pushing his hashtag.. no class 4 sure.. dead fish RM was dead.

    • You’re so funny. Vaginas? Well, they did celebrate them by dressing as them, at least Code Pink did. There was a video tribute to the Chappaquidick assassin. This is what passes for a hero in the DemoncRAT party. An alleged rapist. A faux Indian. A vehicular womanslaughterer. A guy whose mother was a founding member of LA RAZA UNIDO (An American political party centered on Chicano nationalism. What nation, one wonders?) I’m surprised Barney Fwank isn’t appearing, but Rahmbo is. Or did. How about Castro? (Love the name. So appropriate.)

      • “During the late 1970s the La Raza Unida Party decided to change tactic from a “get out the vote” organization to a more community based, grassroots, Revolutionary Nationalist formation seeking the unity of all Chicano, Latino and Native American peoples of the Southwestern United States which is commonly referred to as Aztlan by proponents of the views of the Party, but not by non-Chicano, Latino and Native American peoples.”

        Aztlan. That’s the “nation”.

  28. Try to make sense of this one! This is the guy that went to the FEC to get permission to run for president and we were aghast that he was being allowed to raise money when he wasn’t born in the US – let alone not being an NBC. I think I wrote an article about the FEC’s decision too. He is planning to go all the way to the Supremes with each loss.

    The Other Democratic Candidate
    September 4, 2012, 2:27 PM

    Abdul Karim Hassan, a labor lawyer in Queens, is running for president. A Guyana-born naturalized U.S. citizen, Mr. Hassan is looking at long odds. He has filed five lawsuits in which he argues that the Constitution’s natural-born-citizen requirement is a vestige of our less noble past, before we decided that discrimination based on national origin is a grievous wrong. (He points in his briefs to Dred Scott v. Sandford.)

    The lawsuits say the Constitution’s admonition that “[n]o person except a natural born Citizen . . . shall be eligible to the Office of President” violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. [Awk!]

    Mr. Hassan has seen his challenges booted out of the First and Second U.S. circuit courts of appeals, and on Tuesday, he lost another one, this time in the Denver-based 10th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. “It looks like I’m going to have to keep my day job,” Mr. Hassan, who represents workers in wage and hour litigation, told Law Blog.


    • FEC Says Ineligible Candidate Can Bilk Citizens!
      Posted on September 3, 2011
      By Bridgette

    • Has the WSJ covered ANY of the many challenges to Barry’s eligibility? This is risky for Barry because if they do rule that he’s ineligible as a naturalized citizen, then all one has to do is find Barry’s naturalization papers.

      Seems this would be useful as a ruling to support Klayman. Since this ruling came down, have any of the Secretaries of State claimed it’s not their purvue to vet candidates for eligibility?

      “The 10th Circuit held that a state’s “legitimate interest in protecting the integrity and practical functioning of the political process permits it to exclude from the ballot candidates who are constitutionally prohibited from assuming office.”

      He might be a closet conservative. If so, he’s more of a patriot as a naturalized citizen than many in Congress. At least he’s trying for a clear ruling.

    • Did you hear the part where Deval Patrick says he’s not going to stand by while Barry is “bullied” from office. Bully? What a clown. An election is bullying. Poor widdow Bawwee. He must be protected from all opposition. He can’t stand competition. He can’t stand criticism. All his life, shielded and protected by the politically correct, who tell him whatever his ego craves to feed his overweening “self esteem”. If you disagree with Barry, not only are you a RACIST, now you’re also a BULLY. And how are Republicans “bullies”? Why they obstruct Barry’s policies by NOT voting in lockstep with the DemoncRATS, as if the DemoncRATS EVER voted with Republicans when Bush was in office. Did they not obstruct Bush? Why, yes they did. When they “obstruct” it’s not being bullies. No, they’re patriotic to disagree with the powers that be. It’s only Barry and the DemoncRATS who believe that it’s the job of Congress to simply RUBBER STAMP whatever Barry wants, EVEN IF THE PEOPLE OPPOSE IT, TOO. He’s the bully. He spits upon OUR REPRESENTATIVES. He spits upon US.

    • That’s a great link and story, Zenway. Notice the artwork. Just like Barry’s commie-inspired posters. What’s the symbolism in Castro’s poster? Notice the color scheme. The MEXICAN flag’s colors, not the USA’s colors. Why, btw, do they make him look more black than Barry? Just sayin’.


      From this story:

      • What a crock. The New York Times magazine called him “post-Hispanic” in exactly the same way they CLAIMED that Barry was “post-racial” which has turned out to be yet another humongous WHOPPER by the left.

        This is illustrative about his mother:

        “She was born in San Antonio in 1947 to an immigrant mother who didn’t get past fourth grade; she didn’t meet her father till she was 34. To Rosie, the Alamo is a symbol of bad times. “They used to take us there when we were schoolchildren,” she told me. “They told us how glorious that battle was. When I grew up I learned that the ‘heroes’ of the Alamo were a bunch of drunks and crooks and slaveholding imperialists who conquered land that didn’t belong to them. But as a little girl I got the message — we were losers. I can truly say that I hate that place and everything it stands for.””

        • So perhaps what I heard was them talking about the grandmother who crossed the border and was an immigrant. Yet, I could swear that Rosie was the one that crossed with her mom. What about daddy…was he a citizen too? I don’t trust the twins, just knowing the radical ideological upbringing they had. Whether born in Texas or not – he probably believes what he was taught by his parents – about Mexico being stolen and hating the Alamo.

          San Antonio is heavily populated by Mexicans now; approximately 65%, according to a friend living there, and there is a heavy military presence with 5 or 6 military bases in the vicinity i.e., Lackland Air Force Base, and Randolph Air Force Base.

          • The media are probably already LYING for him. Now we’ll have to start looking in the WayBack Machine for early stories that told the truth about the Castros. Castro brothers. Just what we need–another set of commie Castro brothers. Who IS the daddy? Maybe this IS exactly like Obama. How many of those who voted for him for mayor are even citizens eligible to vote?

          • What are the chances that they would be twins also? Helloooo? Haven’t we considered that Barry is a twin and photos show there are two of them. Already grooming “them” or him for the governorship or presidency. Last name just happens to be associated with the Communist brothers in Cuba. Radical LaRaza.. how similar to dear ole Barry being surrounded by radicals. Plus we are reading some of the same type talking points…Yikes.

          • As a matter of fact Bridgette, the high school the Castros went to,,looks like almost entirely hispanic . The Thomas Jefferson High in San Antonio. That’s also the school that Elizabeth Ann Duke (Weir)the revolutionary radical and her sisters went to when they were growing up. Small world .

            • alfy, you are just a font of interesting factoids. The Castros went to the same high school as Duke/Weir? Weird. I wonder if they knew the Castros’ mom? Or dad, whoever he was?

          • Bridgette or Miri, I wish like crazy one of you (or anyone from Tx.) could find someone who went to T.Jefferson High school and could get their hands on a 1957 or 58 yearbook. It would help me in my research immensely….and it might help everyone else even. Wishing like Crazy…..

          • Use the Wayback Machine and see if it is different. It should be there.

          • yes, I got that mixed up too. Read Dora Zepeda’s family history. I think her mother has run for office or served in local politics. All the stories are pretty much the same. …crossing the border or running from some persecution. Most only speak of or infer one parent and it’s just possible there’s a reason for that. Like our EPAgency lady, says she’s black but looks hispanic and she’s adopted by a mex. or puerto rican person(born 1961)(I’m talking about Environmental protection Agent Zhar. Notice the father’s sort of lost in her biography,, or like judge Sotomayor. Her real father is not in her story, only her mother with a step father she barely knows. There’s a reason , I think these bios have a missing(possibly union working immigrant other half paid to come work in this country. You have to read the history or the history of the industry, unions, worker parties ect. then it’s possible maybe to see how these people got here and why they’re usually socially progressive.

          • I am trying to figure where to post, it’s been right much dialogue. Thanks again Hoot. I went to that last page you posted about Betty Ann Weir announces major, but it says this site is broken…..probably the way these sites work…you found it but you can’t share it…something like that.

            But hey, I found her in the 1958 monticello and she’s just lovely. There are two main photos of her used thruout. She’s got shhort hair,(semi short). It’s amazing the transformations she takes on in her not so attractive fugitive photo. Her smiles are gone, but the likenes is still theere. I have another photo of her from the 1960’s where her hair looks very black , thick and long. The photo could be late 60’s early seventies. I don’t know how to post it. If I come across it again, I will though. I really want to thank ya’ll.
            I think it’s possible Mrs. Weir(betty ane’s mother taught at this school too, so maybe she did know Julian Castro’s family. They had an ambulance and medical supply service in San Antonio so it’s likely Betty Anne’s family knows alot of people.Sorry if my spelling is off, I’ve got a bouncing reply box

          • Check emails. pic may be distorted because enlarged and may have widened too much.

      • what a hoot, the high school in san antonio , their teams were called Mustangs. I never saw that anywhere. Man, thanks for finding that but, I did look thru the entire thing. Blew it up as large as I could and still (it’s copyright material)couldn’t read it. I am not sure if this is the right SCHOOL yearbook. I know for sure 1958 should have what I am looking for, but 1957 should too. Thank you so much for trying.

        • I believe what you are looking for is in 1957. Very nice pic. No mistaking who it is, either. Name matches. Hmmmm…..

          • could be she’s in that one too….she’s a graduate in 1958. I’ll check 1957 if you say “No mistaking who it is. That might be a good one. I wanted to post what I found but it won’t let me.

          • Exactly Hoot. we’ll keep it to ourselves or that is ,to this blog anyway. Such a love for teaching that ole Betty Weir.

            • ok. had posted at external link. put private. and….please remove any reference to link. made it twice. oops. . . . ..

          • Thanks again. I’ll check em out…….
            Well, O. has finished his speech and it’s raining buckets in North Carolina. My mom just called me. It’s downpour. She’s about hour and half from Charlotte so I don’t know about there but. North Carolina has rained almost everyday for a month. Now I’m not saying this is why they chose to move inside, but it really is a rainout for North Carolilna in many places. In fact the weather this week there says rain most every night along the oast.

          • Hoot, I don’t know anything about how to use your site. I don’t know how to get the pics.

            • Oops, I put private which is why the links to computereyeexam does not work. It was up for a moment and I changed my mind. Decided probably a lot of hype about nothing and did not want to be embarrassed or dilute the truths with silly suppositions. Admins: check your emails, again, along with spam.

        • Alfy, All – trying to connect some of your name’s I came across Dora Zepeda. She was the District 6 Director of the Progressive Coalition LULAC in San Antonio back in 2006, she may still be. This info. doe’s not surprise me, but it doe’s give us more info. into her connecting to the Union’s, ect.

          Here’s the pdf where i found the info. on Dora and being a director for LULAC –

          Click to access 2009_convention_program3.pdf

          Information on the LUAC –

          LULAC and Campaign for America’s Future Join 32-Member Strong Progressive Coalition

          Snip ~

          America Votes’ national partners include organizations that work on many issues such as choice, the environment, labor, “netroots”, civil rights, education, minority rights, retired persons, and much more. Our partners include: ACORN, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, Alliance for Retired Americans, American Federation of Teachers, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence with the Million Mom March, Campaign for America’s Future, Clean Water Action, Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, Democracy for America, EMILY’s List, Human Rights Campaign, League of Conservation Voters, LULAC, The Media Fund, Political Action, Music for America, NAACP National Voter Fund, NARAL Pro-Choice America, NDN, National Education Association, National Jewish Democratic Council, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Progressive Majority, SEIU, Sierra Club, USAction, Working America, Young Democrats of America, and 21st Century Democrats.

          America Votes is working to educate progressive voters about important issues in eight key states across America including: Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and Arizona. America Votes is the nation’s largest coalition dedicated to turning out the vote in 2006. Comprised of a historic partnership between many of the largest, membership-based grassroots groups in the nation, America Votes is independent of any political party, and is singularly focused on communicating with voters on the issues themselves. This election cycle, America Votes will work to raise awareness on a broad range of issues including the economy, health care, security, the environment, education and civil and human rights.

        • Photos that I will post came from What a Hoot. Then she can explain them.


          • Nancy has an interesting face.

          • OK. I will try to explain these photos. Alfy asked about a yearbook and Betty Ann Wier. I went and googled her information and was directed to these yearbooks with a Ann Stanley and a Nancy Schara. When I saw the pics (try link to see more) the first pic I saw was, at the link, the “nurse” page. I never even looked at the order of the names and how they coordinated with the pictures; thought the woman up front was Ann Stanley, looking so much like SAD. Saw pic and saw name, “Ann Stanley” in name identification listing. Only later did I realize that the girl, second from the back, was Ann Stanley and not the one I thought, who was really labeled “Nancy Schara”. Oh well, probably jumped the gun. Anyways looking through two yearbooks I found all the pics of Ann Stanley and of Nancy Sparks. Something is weird. But I don’t know what. First off, it is mentioned on the board, I go look, and poof! the sample page for the yearbook year in question happens to be a page with Ann Stanley and not the name I even was following, Betty Ann Weir. The yearbook is not from San Antonio but from Dallas but came up when googled “Thomas Jefferson High School yearbook 1957 San Antonio. I do not have all the pics up at the site. I made this blog specifically to just show these pics because I did not know any other way to show them. I have more and will post them. One strange thing is:

            When I first googled and was taken to ueyearbook (which I ended up paying for subscription to get clear pics and be able to browse books) a pic came up of a “Junior Red Cross” page in an El Captain yearbook. I thought their was the name Ann Stanley in there somewhere. Then I posted the link here. When went back, using link I had posted, I was taken to a dead end. Later, browsing through the Thomas Jefferson HS, Dallas (found that El Pasa books now could only be found under “Dallas”) I came across the “Red Cross” page. No Ann Stanley. She was named Betty McClure. About now decided I was going bonkers. An entire day had gone by from when first say Red Cross page until found it again. Oh well. Take a look.

            Isn’t the Ann Stanley pretty? And what about the ears on that Steve Stanley? Wild goose chase and sense set up to follow it…… but then …….

            I have not been very good at labeling pics. The Red Cross screenshot is followed by a close up of Betty McClure, followed by a close up the her name in the listing. May want to study that, I suppose.

            Towards the end I have gotten sloppy with the posting and out of sequence…will have to read names and looks for person in pics to make sense……Names to spot: Ann Stanley, Steve Stanley, Nancy Schara, Betty McClure.

            It is just weird that I google Betty Ann Weir and end up at these pics. Stranger even that when googled
            Thomas Jefferson High School yearbook 1957 the link I clicked on takes me ueyearbook with the sample page for that entire year just so happens to be the “future nurses” page with a Ann Stanley on it.

            Oh well. Wild goose chase.

          • will try again…..the link did not print

          • What a Hoot….I see you spent better part of day trying to get the right yearbook. THis is interesting(although a bit hard to follow) but I have found Betty Ann Weir in some memories yearbook site. It was equally as hard to get and I sort of half way subcribed to get to it,which of course I could not capture or copy any photos. At first I thought I might be on a wild goose chase because as you can see these sites take you all over the place and you’ll be looking at what you think is the right school/year only to find you’re not really there.

            I did find the right Betty Ann Weir and all the bits of info on her matches up with other articles I have found on Betty/Elizabeth Weir Duke. She was a national honors student at Jefferson High School in San Antonio (same school as Julian Castro).She was an ambassador delegate to Southwestern University (a methodist college,which she was a member in her youth of the United Methodist church,learned this through a news article) She was treasurer of student body a couple years and it made mention in a tiny hard to read list of her accomplishments that she was already a recipient of something at Southwestern University ,Georgetown texas, which is where I find a news article that repeats that this is where she went after high school till around 1962. THen she gets married to James(Jimmy) Daniel Duke. She teaches jr. high school in Dallas where she and Jimmy have two children. First child 1963, Cheryl Rae; second child born 1965(I think ,have to check back) was something Russell Duke.

            She had two sisters….and one I find as a graduate in the same high school in 1961…Mary Avis Weir. I find what may be more than one Mary Avis Weir as a Dr. in psychology and one who chaired a psych. department at U. of Texas and U. of Texas Health Science. She may have died. Her other sister is Kathleen Weir Vale and she is interesting…and if you can find a picture of her(there are photos of her) she looks an awful lot like someone we all know (not Stanley Anne either).

            At the end of the Thomas Jeff. High School yearbook…there is an add for Betty Ann Weir’s fathers ambulance service…..Hope Ambulance. This also assures me I have the right one.

          • What a Hoot: The pictures in your link are not visible.

      • I think Julian and his twin look half Filipino. Their father’s name is/was (not sure if he is still among the living) Jessie Guzman according to Wiki.

        Make’s one wonder if maybe Jessie knew a woman by the name of Anna.

        • wow, not sure how my comment ended up waaay down here! I was commenting to Zenway’s link @ FR way up, about Julian Castro.

          • I’m only familiar with Abe Lincoln Brigade on the surface. It’s something I sure have come across alot but haven’t gone further, but……there was a faction of communists that were part of the support and causes of Spain….this was during Paul Robeson’s Frank Marshall Davis’s time. The communist party USA split around this time. There was a riff between the Earl Browder and (other guy who became head of C. Party). I don’t remember all that stuff , although I must have read dozens of articles on the history of Com party inthe US, it all runs together, because when I’m reading it I am usually looking for one small detail in particular.
            Miri seems to have explained the last name issue for Guzman/Castro….sort of. I did come across a site…a new article on Julian Castro where he was campaigning in Virginia….and it made reference to Simon Bolivar (who was related to Guzmans) being a mentor of sorts to Julian Castro. I would have saved the site but it was not loading too well and gave my computor problems so I left it alone. Was hoping to find more on it but haven’t.

        • Was dad Jessie Guzman Castro or where did the name Castro come from? Adopted by a Castro? Why aren’t they Guzman’s?

          • Good question Bridgette. Guzman was also an activist and a teacher, wondering if he also might have known a Bessie from San Antonio. I’m sure Alfy is on it 🙂

            You go girl! your bringing it together!

          • These name have to do somewhat with Venezuela and probably president of Venezuela in 1800’s. Antonio Guzman Blanco ….had dealings with Julian Castro. He was a relative of Simon Boulivar/Bolivar. There was also a Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, so this could be misleading, but I expect there is homage to these Spaniards and revolution….THere are not as many sirnames in Spain and many times the father’s and mothers names have a way of getting shuffled around (like the Chinese using last names first and having several provincial names. My guess is he’s got some Bolivar,Guzman,Castro heretiage and he may also be purposely misleading. I trust him about as much as I do Barak and Marco Rubio! They are all mama’s boys with that sweet look on their face. Sorry, look like social climber spoiled children to me.

            Google Translate

            • The typical way for Mexicans to carry surnames: Given name, father’s surname, mother’s surname. When a woman marries, she becomes Given name, her father’s surname, then de her husband’s surname. So she drops her mother’s surname. The man usually carries mom’s surname (last) for life. Guzman could be their mother’s father’s surname; Castro their father’s surname. To “Americanize”, maybe they both dropped Mom’s surname. (I think I have that right.)

          • alfy | September 11, 2012 at 12:22 pm

            Alfy, re: some of what you said @ 12:22 pm have you ever looked into The Abraham Lincoln Brigade?

            From Wiki –
            Many of the people who volunteered for the Abraham Lincoln Brigade were official members of the Communist Party USA or affiliated with other
            socialist or anarchist organizations, such as the Uruguayan Hugo Fernández Artucio.[citation needed] Members of the Industrial Workers of the World (“Wobblies”) were also represented. It is sometimes thought to be the first American military unit to be commanded by a black officer, Oliver Law.[1]

            American volunteers began organizing and arriving in Spain in 1937.

            Back at TD’s I had accomplished a lot of research into the Lincoln Brigade and had connected name’s back then. The research has since been lost but if the information hasn’t been scrubbed I’m sure it can be found again. I’ve often wondered if the Lincoln Brigade is what Barry idolizes and not Lincoln himself.

          • A bit controversial here, but I get Obama identifying with Lincoln. He was the president who refused states rights. The South separated from the Union, which was their right to do, and Lincoln would not let them. It was not about slavery. Never was. Used the slavery issue to give the cause credibility to go to war with another nation, The Confederate States of America. The country The Confederate States of America did not belong to the US. They believed in States Rights. They followed States Rights. When the “government” told them what to do, they rejected and separated. It was not a civil war. That would say it was citizens of one country at war with one another. The South separated and was not part of the USA anymore. Their rights (which had nothing to do with slavery, initially, but slavery was the progressive “moral” argument used to get masses behind the cause”), their states rights were violated and they succeeded. Left. Would not take the government owning and being bossman over the states. Yes, I realize this is controversial, but I learned history without the progressive agenda attached to it — in the North no less — Lincoln retaliated when the South said “no” to surrendering their States rights. So, Obama, who has studied American history from a foreigner’s perspective, respects Lincoln and sees him as the progressives around the world see him — as a liberator of individual state’s rights and by default liberator from the injustices of individual rights and freedom.


    Continuing the meme. Now they compare Nikki Haley to Eva Braun. What are they going to do, issue a lame apology a day?

    • A working list of who the “Obama” campaign have offended at their convention this week:

      Jews, Palestinians, Christians, Native Americans, Muslims, their own Liberal base, the Occupoopers, even Anderson Cooper!
      And there’s still one day left.

  30. There’s a 10% chance of rain that night, but they moved the Barry speech to a smaller (much smaller) venue and the media dutifully report that it’s because of the threat of lightning. They won’t allow bumpershoots in the stadium, either, but hey. There’s such a thing as a poncho, AS IF it’s going to rain, anyway. Liars, pants on fire. They think we’re stupid.

    • well, you know what happens when there’s lightning and lots of lying going on……don’t ya? Bang…POOOF……. it’s not the folks they’re worried about, but the whole DNC might get eliminated in one giant lightning strike! Yeah, that would be the biggest party of lit breeches in North America.

  31. Did you ever notice that Mark Zuckerberg looks like James Holmes used to look? Just sayin’.

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