I Have a Dream That We Have a President Who Enforces the Law (Open Thread)

Illegal aliens line up for “deferred” deportation at Navy Pier in Chicago

© Miri WTPOTUS August 20, 2012

Whose jobs will they take?  Those Dreamers.  The illegal aliens being illegally handed de facto amnesty (and work permits) by President Barack Hussein Obama II, in apparent violation of his oath of office, according to Judicial Watch and Representative Steven King.   As many as 1.7  MILLION of them, according to a conservative estimate by the Pew Center.  There could be millions more, because there seems to be no way to prevent fraud, perhaps by design, as suggested by some ICE officers.  Whose jobs will they take?

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Their jobs!  To focus on a constituency that likely voted for Obama in 2008 and may plan to vote for him again. 

In July 2012, unemployment among black teens stood at an astounding 39.3%.  What has Obama done to help black teens find jobs?  Anything?  Nope.

He gave amnesty to 1.7+ MILLION illegal aliens so that they can compete for jobs with U.S. citizens!  Among these citizens are many black teenagers who already sufferer from an astonishingly high unemployment rate.  Just what they need: More competition for those scarce jobs.

Illegal aliens will also take jobs from white teenagers: their unemployment rate stands at 20.9%.  Currently, the unemployment rate for all teens is 23.8%.

Because this amnesty applies to individuals up to age 30, these illegal aliens  will also take jobs from many other unemployed U.S. citizens.  I found nothing in their policy requiring employers to defer to U.S. citizens when hiring, something which would seem to be a no-brainer.  It’s far more likely that if an employer should “discriminate” against any of these illegal alien “dreamers” when hiring, the Department of Justice under Eric Holder will be ready, willing, and able to file a lawsuit on their behalf.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics places the unemployment rate for all workers at 8.3%; for all black workers at 14.1%; and for all workers over age 25 with a high school diploma or its equivalency (but no college) at 8.7%

Therefore, all U.S. CITIZENS will be at a disadvantage when competing for jobs with these ILLEGAL ALIENS

Just days ago, Representative Lamar Smith and Senator Charles Grassley wrote to Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) [emphasis added]:

These illegal workers will compete for scarce jobs in difficult economic times with Americans who need to provide for their families. The Department has indicated that it may also grant relief to illegal immigrant parents who brought their children to the U.S. illegally. These parents will not be penalized for breaking the law when helping their illegal immigrant children apply for this new immigration benefit, and in turn, may also be allowed to work and compete with unemployed Americans. …

This administration will undoubtedly preside over one of the most fraud-ridden immigration programs in our history. Illegal immigrants will be eager to purchase or create fake documents showing that they arrived in the United States before the age of 16 and meet the continued physical presence requirements. DHS will be sorely taxed by the burden of disproving the evidence presented in each application.

Smith and Grassley challenged Napolitano to provide information about how she plans to prevent fraud in this program.  They should have also addressed the question of how the DHS intends to prevent voter fraud in the next election, if this amnesty gives identification papers to illegal aliens who may then use those same ID’s to register and to vote.  No doubt, this is ALSO part of the design.

Will databases be shared across local, state, and federal governments?  Given the lack of transparency characteristic of this administration and given their penchant for doing an end run around the law and the Constitution, my guess would be,

No way, Jose.

Even Obama knows that this amnesty is not within his legal powers to grant. How do we know this?  His own words to LaRaza

The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting, I promise you, not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works.

Will all United States citizens, regardless of race, color, or creed, come together in November to choose a president who will respect the laws, the Constitution, our borders, and give sole allegiance to the CITIZENS of the United States of America?

We hope and pray that it will be so.


Aerial photo via Gateway Pundit.

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  1. http://giveusliberty1776.blogspot.com/2012/08/give-us-liberty-review-of-dinesh.html …. the link on Laura I. only plays 1/3 of interview ? sorry!
    Comment by (Sabra 8/19/12 8:08pm paragraph 5) above is bit
    about the “goats”… as DD was informed to bring A GOAT to gain a interview & see the graves etc. A woman called that DD had talked with George O earlier about 1 hour away by plane …. they then refused DD & told him to take “his GOATS”…
    DD not only took 1 goat…. he took 3 goats…. for good measure…
    Dinish D’Souza was now the keeper of GOATS! … as the “NAME”
    Goat Man! ….IT WAS A JOKE! & I will STILL!!!! enjoy LC all 2 myself…

  2. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/08/the_obama_identity.html
    More about the movie….2016….. seems to be a HIT!
    (open at blue) ….Dr.Thomas Sowell’s article…

  3. After We the People have been subjected, for 5 years or more, of photos of Barry with haloes of light around his pinhead, NOW Drudge reports that this photo is “raising eyebrows”. It’s about time! TOTUS.


  4. http://www.infowars.com/tsa-rifles-through-bags-conducts-pat-downs-at-paul-ryan-event/

    TSA is out there, frisking everyone. Watching everyone. Unionized SEIU thugs. Where is Congress on this police-state outrage?

    • By what authority are they going beyond their intended transportation security duty? Are they specially trained to do this at political events? Are they our new brown shirts? This is all under Napolitano’s direction – a Marxist at heart! It does appear they are following the path of former tyrants like Hitler.

      I’d be happier to read that the TSA personnel were supporting Paul Ryan and were there to listen, but if seen patting people down then my radar is really up.

  5. What do you make of this bizarre story about threats against a bigwig media mogul/Barry fundraiser by a guy with an Indian surname?

    “AUGUST 22–In an extortion scheme busted up by federal agents, a fledgling actor threatened to kill members of movie producer Harvey Weinstein’s family unless the Hollywood titan wired millions to an offshore bank account, The Smoking Gun has learned.

    Weinstein was one of several business titans allegedly targeted over the past two months by Vivek Shah, a 25-year-old West Hollywood resident whose Facebook and IMDB pages are stocked with photos of him posing with stars like Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie (at right), Ozzy Osbourne, Sofia Vergara, and Zach Galifianakis (below).

    While Shah describes himself as an “entrepreneur” and film producer, his Hollywood credits appear to be limited to extra work and an Intel commercial. But he has rubbed shoulders with stars at movie premieres, several awards shows (Screen Actors Guild, ESPN, Golden Globes), and the Playboy Mansion.

    Federal agents arrested Shah August 10 after he was named in a U.S. District Court complaint charging him with sending threatening interstate communications, a felony carrying a maximum 20-year prison term. He remains locked up in lieu of a detention hearing.”

    Here’s his biography: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2862542/bio He’s NOT the 38-year old by the same name, although they could be related.

    • I thought all those seals on the OBL raid were killed in that crashed/bombed helicopter.

      • I thought so too! I guess not all died if a survivor has written a book.

      • I think it was just key players or the navy seals that the administration said killed BinL but knew they did not. Others down the line may not have (or may have) known anything but an orchestrated smoke and mirrors? Disclaimer: just think aloud. . . am not saying it did not happen and seals did not do it!

  6. http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/22/politics/conventions-anarchists/index.html

    “Law enforcement officials are concerned about possible violence by anarchist extremists at the upcoming Republican and Democratic national conventions, according to an intelligence bulletin prepared by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

    The bulletin, which was obtained by CNN, says that anarchists could try to use improvised explosive devices.

    It also says that, as of March, the FBI had intelligence indicating individuals from New York “planned to travel to Tampa and attempt to close” all of the Tampa Bay-area bridges during the Republican National Convention next week.

    According to the document, the FBI’s information as of March showed that anarchist extremists proposed “engaging in potentially destructive criminal activities against critical infrastructure outside the security perimeter throughout the Tampa Bay region because they expected access to the main RNC venue to be tightly controlled.”

    The FBI routinely issues intelligence bulletins in advance of many major events to warn local law enforcement of possible security concerns.

    The document notes anarchists have a history of trying to disrupt major events.”

    • Let’s see if we have this right – Joe Biden McGaff will want some media attention, Michelle will demand some too. Add in the Occupy Tampa derelicts, the new Black Panthers who want to kill all of the Crackers, and some anarchists to round out the guest list by the Left. Anything to disrupt and take attention away from the Republicans. Why not have Barry do a fly over as well? Have we heard from Screwy Louie’s group or Jessee and Al – they surely must be in attendance to add some race baiting to the agenda? How about the dolted spokeswoman, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, will she be there to add some flavor to the mix?

      I expect fireworks and hopefully, this brand new idea will backfire like most of their recent attempts. They are acting like teenagers instead of having any semblance of adult civility and respect. How embarrassing for them …yet in a way it is good to let citizens see how really sick and demented the Left has become. The Left’s attendance will insure that they come across as fools especially since the upper echelon sided with the OWS groups! What a pitiful lot. Is Soros paying the OWS group again? Does he support the anarchists with his cash also?

  7. Who knew? But Paul is a racist anyway! I am sure his wife and kids will like these newsy stories. Whatever the Left can drudge up to take the heat off Obama! And the fact Obama had a white girlfriend in his dreams? How about his white Boyfriends? Now that would be news!
    Keli Goff is the typical race baiter.

    NY Daily News blasts Keli Goff for making Paul Ryan’s black ex a campaign issue Paul Ryan’s black ex-girlfriend
    August 22, 2012 Snip

    Paul Ryan’s love life as an undergrad may not seem like it would have a wealth of political fodder, but The Root political correspondent, Keli Goff, managed to churn out over 700 words on the subject in her blog Does Paul Ryan’s Black Girlfriend Matter?

    “So here is the million-dollar question: Is the fact that Ryan has dated interracially a noteworthy detail to consider when analyzing his politics and policies? Here’s a well-known phrase that has virtually become a punch line: When someone finds himself on the ropes facing an allegation of racism, the go-to reflex defense is usually something along the lines of ‘But some of my best friends are black!’ Translation: ‘I can’t possibly be racist or racially insensitive because there are black people I like and they like me. So there.’ Many of us are so used to hearing this — and, frankly, dismissing it (remember George Zimmerman’s media-friendly pal Joe Oliver?) — that we long ago stopped asking, What if it’s actually true?”

    Some bloggers and social media users fired back that Goff’s blog was meant to intimate that Ryan was a racist in spite of having an interracial relationship.


    • What’s race got to do with it? Paul Ryan’s black ex-girlfriend becomes a campaign issue
      August 22, 2012 7:56 AM Snips

      Liberals have been distracted from playing the race card for a couple of days while they hope people forget Vice President Joe Biden told a largely black audience that Republicans want to “put y’all back in chains.” But considering the alternative is talking about President Obama’s horrible, failed record, you knew it was only a matter of time before it came back. And it’s back.

      Keli Goff, “political correspondent” for TheRoot.com (described as a “leading online source of news and commentary from an African-American perspective”) who wrote a piece this week entitled, “Does Paul Ryan’s Black Ex-Girlfriend Matter?” In this incredibly dumb piece, Goff asks the all-important (to no one) question, “Is the fact that Ryan has dated interracially a noteworthy detail to consider when analyzing his politics and policies?

      The simple answer is “no.” But to race-obsessed liberals the simple answer has no place in politics.

      Goff then goes off on tangents about Lou Dobbs and Strom Thurmond, wondering why they didn’t bring up the fact that they have family members who are of the racial group they were routinely accused of hating. (Dobbs is married to a Mexican woman, Thurman had a black daughter.) She does this under the guise of the old “But some of my best friends are black!” defense against a racism charge.

      This pointless piece ends up taking the long way around to implying Ryan is bad for black people and may not like them much, despite the fact that he has a black sister-in-law and a black ex-girlfriend. He’s bad, but probably not a racist. To drive this point home, she ends the piece with this, “For the record: No, I am not calling Ryan a racist. I am saying, however, that if you want to know where a politician’s heart lies when it comes to a particular community, it may be best to look at that person’s policies — such as his or her record on civil rights — rather than personal relationships.” So Ryan is probably not a racist, but his policies sure tap-dance on the edge of that line.

      • Dobbs couldn’t win for losing, no matter what he did. If he brought up his “Mexican” wife, then they would have accused him of pandering. Since he didn’t bring her up, they still attack him and assume he’s racist, which is ridiculous because Mexican isn’t a race.

    • I read that column yesterday and it was so absurd. Ryan can’t win. Her theory seems to be that BECAUSE he’s white, he’s a born racist who probably has never been reformed. IF he did ever date a black woman, than he must, as all racists do, consider her to be an exception to the rule that he has in his mind–which is the typical stereotype that all racists have about blacks. You know what this blogger is? A racist.

  8. What would election time be without the resurgence of ACORN – aka whatever new names they have used to rebrand them? To top it off these “new” organizations with the same directors and employees are getting Federal funding! When will Washington wake up and do some vetting and stop them from getting funding under different names? 174 new names!!! Who needs voter ID laws?

    Report: 174 ACORN Groups Still Active Under New Names
    August 23, 2012 Snips

    The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now or ACORN famously came under fire a few years ago because its political affiliates engaged in electioneering and lobbying. There was also an embezzlement scandal, allegations of facilitating voter fraud and a notorious video sting by conservative provocateur James O’Keefe. The organization officially announced the closure of its offices in 2010 after losing government funding due to the controversies.

    But that doesn’t mean it vanished from the landscape altogether. The nonprofit watchdog group Cause of Action published a list today of “still-active ACORN entities, ACORN allies, and rebranded ACORN organizations.” The connections between these groups and the old ACORN groups include: having the same physical location, sharing leadership or staff or having the same tax ID number.

    “For some of these groups, all they did was legally change their name. Nothing else changed. The corporate structure, leadership and staff are the same,” said Karen Groen Olea, Cause of Action’s chief counsel. At least two of the groups, Affordable Housing Centers of America and Mutual Housing Association of New York, have received federal dollars, Cause of Action said.


  9. GOP platform calls for more Arizona-style immigration laws
    August 21, 2012 SNIPS

    The Republican Party has officially endorsed its backing for Arizona-style state immigration laws, adding into its platform language that such laws should be “encouraged, not attacked” and calling for the federal government to drop its lawsuits against the laws.

    That language and other provisions were widely approved by the party after being introduced by the co-author of the Arizona law, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R).“I was pleased at how overwhelming the majorities were, it was a voice vote and I think there were maybe 80 percent supporting it,” Kobach told The Hill shortly after the hard-line immigration language was added to the party’s official platform. “The Republican Platform is now very strongly opposed to illegal immigration.”

    The official party position now reads that “State efforts to reduce illegal immigration must be encouraged, not attacked,” and says the Department of Justice should immediately drop its lawsuits against controversial state immigration laws in Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina and Utah.

    That language is likely to please immigration hard-liners — but it could further damage the party’s standing with Hispanic voters, a key voting bloc in a number of swing states. Many Hispanics see Arizona-style laws as discriminatory. “I think it’s an expression of support for Arizona-style laws,” Kobach said. “The platform also encourages states to create laws in this area.”

    Kobach’s amendment, which is now official party policy, also includes calls to withhold federal funding for any universities that provide in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants as well as “sanctuary cities” that refuse to enforce state and federal laws on immigration, and calls for the government to complete construction of a fence along the Mexican border that Congress authorized in 2006.Another amendment he backed that was included in the party platform strengthens the GOP’s previous support of a national “E-Verify” system.
    But Kobach said … “If we start with the premise that illegal means illegal we need to address that specific things can be done to make that become a reality.”


    • Can it be? Really, illegal means illegal? Are we trending toward “normal” and that words will mean exactly how they are defined? Americans will breathe easily again knowing some grownups with sound thinking and analytical skills are in charge! I am pleased as punch that this is part of the party platform. It started with Jan Brewer and it will continue!

      Romney is supposed to give his energy speech today to define how things will change. One that I saw was that oil could be drilled on Federal lands and that decision would rest with the states and be taken out of the Fed’s hands. Perhaps he will give land that the Feds took over back to the States as well! (Did Hillary and Obama used the land as collateral for monies received from China?]

      The next two months are going to be horrific as the Left pulls out everything they have in their disgusting playbook. The Left is pandering to the tiny minority of gays and all the other minorities as they add to their platform that they want to redefine Marriage.

  10. Texas Judge Preparing For ‘Civil War’ If Obama Re-Elected
    August 22, 2012

    A Texas leader is warning of what he calls a ‘civil war’ and possible invasion of United Nations troops if President Barack Obama is re-elected. Lubbock County Judge Tom Head is convinced that Mr. Obama winning a second term would lead to a revolt by the American people and he’s is pushing a tax increase for the district attorney’s office and the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office. He says the money is needed to “beef up” it’s resources in case President Obama wins the November election.

    In the event of civil unrest Judge Head said he’s concerned the President would hand over sovereignty of the United States to the U.N. and that the American public would react violently. “He’s going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the U.S. to the United Nations, what’s going to happen when that happens?” Judge Head told FOX 34 in Lubbock. “I’m thinking worse case scenario,” Judge Head explained. “Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe…we’re not just talking a few riots or demonstrations.”

    The West Texas judge’s proposed tax increase is to help the sheriff’s office hire a law enforcement large enough to protect the county and to drive away the invaders.“I don’t want rookies,” Head said flatly. “I want trained, equipped and seasoned veteran officers to back me.”The republican judge said that he himself will meet the enemy, “in front of their armored personnel carriers” to tell them they are not welcome, and has the county sheriff to back him up. “I don’t want U.N. troops in Lubbock County,” he said.


    • What is fascinating is this is mainstream CBS reporting and they are REPORTING, not journolisting……Very significant, methinks.

  11. What do you know! FINALLY – those being forced to do Obama’s dirty work and not obey the Immigration Laws that are on the books are taking the issue to court!! Today, a group of ten ICE agents sued the Obama Administration over the UNCONSTITUTIONAL executive order! Fear for their own livelihood because of threats is taking a backseat to standing up for our nation’s laws! Hurray! We’ve got your back Law-abiding Agents! Way to call the Obama regime out! We understand and salute your bravery and courage to take a stand!

    Immigration Agents Sue To Stop Obama’s Non-Deportation Policy
    By Stephen Dinan | Thursday, August 23, 2012 Snip

    Saying they’re fed up with being told they can’t do their jobs, 10 immigration agents on Thursday sued the Obama administration to try to halt the president’s new non-deportation policy and an earlier memo instructing them not to go after rank-and-file illegal immigrants.The lawsuit, filed in a federal court in Texas, adds a legal controversy to the political fight that has been brewing over President Obama’s immigration policies, which have steadily narrowed the range of immigrants the government is targeting for deportation.

    The 10 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and deportation officers said Mr. Obama’s policies force them to choose between enforcing the law and being reprimanded by superiors, or listening to superiors and violating their own oaths of office and a 1996 law that requires them to put those who entered the country illegally into deportation proceedings.

    Upping the ante, the agents are being represented by a high-profile lawyer, Kris W. Kobach, secretary of state in Kansas and the chief promoter of state immigration crackdowns such as Arizona’s tough law. “ICE is at a point now where agents are being told to break federal law, they’re pretty much told that any illegal alien under age of 31 is going to be let go. You can imagine, these law enforcement officers are being put in a horrible position,” Mr. Kobach said.

    Mr. Crane said agents face another dilemma: If they do follow orders and release someone who later goes on to commit a crime, they may open themselves up to a civil lawsuit.


    • Trumka [A Communist] slams ICE union-led lawsuit against Obama administration
      8/23/2012 Snips

      AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka slammed the lawsuit filed by 10 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents against the Obama administration over its deferred deportation plan, Thursday.

      Led by Chris Crane, president of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council — the union representing over 7,000 ICE agents and employees — the agents filed their challenge to the Obama policy in federal court, claiming that it forces them to break their oath to uphold the law. At least nine of the 10 are members of the ICE union.

      According to Trumka, however, it is the agents who are out of line.“These agents are working with some of the most anti-immigrant forces in the country, forces that have long sowed division and destruction,” he said in a statement.
      Trumka, who endorsed President Barack Obama in March, blamed conservatives for immigration problems.For too long, conservative politicians have failed our people and our country by blocking the creation of a common-sense immigration process. Their inaction prompted President Obama to announce a policy to grant deferred action for DREAMers who were brought here as children — a policy that helps all working men and women.”

      To the agents involved, however, they say their concern is about the rule of law.“ This lawsuit seeks to prevent law enforcement officer Plaintiffs from being forced to either violate federal law if they comply with the unlawful directive or risk adverse employment action if they disobey the unlawful orders of the DHS secretary,” the suit reads. “This lawsuit also seeks to preserve the balance of legislative and executive powers established by the United States Constitution.”


    • Thanks, this is a great refresher to know how the Left operates and how they follow Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. We can identify which rule they are using in most articles that are written.

  12. http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/08/wargaming_termination_of_tea_party_extremists.html ….(from above 8/22/12 … 6:17 pm)
    and RULE …. # 14….. since OLD ALINSKY is still breathing!

  13. Pray that they are correct this time! Imagine all of the Tides Foundation monies going into the elections across the country as well as our votes being counted in another country by a company involved with Soros. Those voter ID laws that have been enacted will help, but we know that whatever the Left can do, they will.

    9 for 9?: Economic model correctly picks last 8 presidents, predicts Romney win
    August 22, 2012

    DENVER — A University of Colorado economic model that has correctly predicted the last eight presidential elections shows Mitt Romney emerging as the victor in 2012.

    Ken Bickers, professor of political science at the University of Colorado Boulder, and Michael Berry, political science professor at the University of Colorado Denver, announced Wednesday that their state-by-state analysis shows the Republican capturing a majority of electoral votes. “Based on our forecasting model, it becomes clear that the president is in electoral trouble,“…


  14. This explains it all!

    EDITORIAL: Holder’s “severe mental deficiency”
    Justice Department takes affirmative action to crazy extremes

    You don’t have to have a severe intellectual disability to work at the Justice Department. But it helps.


  15. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/08/gloves_are_off_mitt_said_bless_his_heart_to_barack.html
    Mitt tells BARRY…. “BLESS HIS HEART”

    LC also has some TIPS … for MITT… but I’m keeping it 2 me~self’
    thank y’all very much!

  16. How Todd Akin could still get out


    Go …Stay Go…Stay … Said & done… a distraction we can’t afford…What 2 do…? Can he really be “SO selfish” & not see the BIGGER PICTURE… what WTPOTUS are fighting 4? another time I’d say FIGHT! Please TODD AKIN …… remove your error… slip of the lip… you had NO script & attack watch…. is out for your & our butts…. wake up brother!

  17. Will Joe try to rally delegates in his speech at the Republican Convention to pressure the GOP to Investigate Obama? Will there be news and video?

    Sheriff Joe Now Headed For Tampa
    Amid Obama probe, DOJ lawsuit, he’s ‘wildly popular’ throughout the nation
    August 23, 2012 Snip

    Amid his battle with the Justice Department and his investigation of Obama’s eligibility, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been asked to address a large audience of delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa. The invitation-only reception for delegates from Western states will be held Aug. 30 at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. Elephants, appropriately, are expected to be at the GOP event.


    • What a great resume!

      Lookout Tampa, Here Comes Sheriff Joe!
      August 24, 2012 Snips

      Over the past several years, two top cops have been center stage in the media. Attorney General Eric Holder, the nation’s top cop and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the county’s top cop. Most of the media has centered around Holder’s lawsuits against Arpaio for racial profiling against Hispanics.

      Sadly, most of the nation has heard little to nothing about Arpaio’s investigation into Barack Obama’s birth certificate, Social Security Number and Selective Service Registration Card. The Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse has uncovered substantial evidence to indicate that all three of these documents are forgeries and that the presentation of them to the general public constitutes fraud. …

      Joseph M. Arpaio is a first generation American, born to two legal immigrants from Italy. After serving 4 years in the Army, Arpaio worked as a police office in Washington D.C. from 1954 to 1957. In 1957, he moved to Las Vegas to work with their police department. Six months after arriving in Las Vegas, Arpaio became a special agent with what is now the Drug Enforcement Administration. He worked 25 years with the DEA in Argentina, Mexico, Turkey and the U.S. and eventually became chief of the DEA branch in Arizona. In 1992, he successfully ran for Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona and has been re-elected in the next four elections.

      But they just may get a chance to hear about it during the Republican National Convention. Sheriff Joe has been asked to speak to a closed group of delegates from western states on August 30 at the zoo in Tampa. The topic of his talk has not been disclosed but I sure wish I had the privilege to be there to hear what he says. I would also like to know how much or how little the national media will cover his talk.


  18. I think we read about their intent to do this months ago when the scandal was first being broadcast. What a joke of a name – Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics – CREW – as if the Left had any ethics in the first place. Imagine having the FCC take away FOX’s license to broadcast in D.C.! Fox remains the Left’s enemy to destroy.

    Fox’s U.S. TV station licenses challenged
    [SOROS LEFTIST] Watchdog cites phone-hacking scandal in Britain
    Joe Flint | Los Angeles Times Snip

    A public policy [progressive] watchdog group has asked the Federal Communications Commission to strip News Corp.’s Fox Broadcasting of licenses it has to operate television stations. Citing the phone-hacking scandal that has engulfed News Corp.-owned newspapers in Britain, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a petition to deny Fox’s applications to renew licenses for three of its TV stations – WTTG-TV and WDCA-TV in Washington, D.C., and WUTB-TV in Baltimore. “It is well-established that News Corp. has been involved in one of the biggest media scandals of all time,” said CREW executive director Melanie Sloan.


  19. Bernanke got his walking papers today from Pres. Elect Romney! New brooms will sweep clean! See Bernanke sprucing up his resume of failure and getting out of the country post haste especially if the Fed is going to be audited.

    Romney Wouldn’t Appoint Bernanke to New Fed Term
    August 23, 2012 Snips

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he wouldn’t appoint Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke to a third term.
    Romney has said Bernanke doesn’t deserve a third term. The Fed chief hasn’t said he wants one.

    I would want to select someone who was a new member” and “someone who shared my economic views” to the top spot at the U.S. central bank, Romney said. He said he would seek someone to provide “monetary stability that leads to a strong dollar and confidence that America is not going to go down the road that other nations have gone down, to their peril.”


  20. Who would vote for this evil, demented, devil of a man to lead our country? The Marxists EXCLUDED partial birth abortion to cover for Obama or do they all really think this. They make me physically ill! His living is a punishment to sane citizens. Please God, remove him from our midst.

    President Infanticide: Dem Abortion Platform Does Not Exclude Partial-Birth Abortion
    23 Aug 2012

    Obama was in charge of the Democrat Party in 2008, and there’s been no scuttlebutt whatsoever about any change that might include an exception for children who are already partially born and very much alive — but still aborted. The practice known as partial-birth abortion is infanticide — nothing more, nothing less. It’s a horrifying procedure (more here) that over two-thirds of Americans believe should be illegal. And there’s little hope the 2012 platform will calibrate towards sanity and include this exception. After all, Obama is still in charge of the Democrat Party, and while running for the U.S. Senate in 2003, Obama defended late-term abortion:.. [VIDEO] .

    Worse still, as a state senator in Illinois, Obama opposed the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act and in his defense said something that should put a chill up every mother’s spine:

    “There wasn’t any question about what was happening. The abortions were going wrong. The babies weren’t cooperating. They wouldn’t die as planned. Or, as Illinois state senator Barack Obama so touchingly put it, there was “movement or some indication that, in fact, they’re not just coming out limp and dead.”

    No, Senator. They wouldn’t go along with the program. They wouldn’t just come out limp and dead.

    They were coming out alive. Born alive. Babies.
    As an Illinois state senator, he voted to permit infanticide. And now, running for president, he banks on media adulation to insulate him from his past.

    The record, however, doesn’t lie.


    • What a horrific thing to say! So Todd Akin is roundly excoriated for saying “legitimate rape” and yet this potus actually referred to aborted infants that way? Complaining that they weren’t “just coming out limp and dead” like they were expected to? Who is heartless and who is waging a war on women (on men, too)? That is truly chilling. I never heard that quote before. This NEEDS to be a campaign ad. Todd Akin should run it.

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