Most Ethical and Transparent Administration Ever? (Open Thread)

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Doesn’t that look absolutely yummy?  That might explain why Obama administration officials prefer to meet lobbyists over steaming cups of cafe latte in a coffee shop across the street from the White House.

But probably not.  More likely, they meet there, outside the White House,  so that lobbyists, union officials, and other cronies won’t be registered in the open-to-the-public White House Visitor logs.  To make matters worse, it appears that this “most transparent” and most “ethical” administration in history has officials who persist in using private email addresses to carry on public business, in what may be an attempt to avoid provisions of the Presidential Records Act.

Even Democrat Representative Henry Waxman of California took issue with Obama and his administration [emphasis added to all quotes]:

“The Presidential Records Act was enacted to ensure that White House records are preserved for history and are owned by the American people,” Waxman said. “Everyone who is covered by the law should follow it, regardless of which party controls the White House.”

The Republicans in the House of Representatives released a report  a few days ago that documents a distinct lack of transparency in this administration. Subsequently, the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney opined

that emails between White House officials — including Obama campaign manager Jim Messina — and lobbyists sent from personal email accounts appeared to violate federal laws.

“This appears to be a violation of the law which requires that all official communications be preserved,” Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstom said on a conference call with reporters Thursday. …

The Presidential Records Act requires that all official executive-branch communications — including emails — be archived. …

“I think it’s very troubling that Jim Messina … when he was serving in the White House as a senior aide, made promises to a lobbyist about obtaining billions of dollars in public funds, and he did it using his personal email, which suggests he wanted to hide the conversation,” Fehrnstrom said. 

So far, the Republicans don’t seem to be using the word


like the Obama campaign outrageously applies to Mitt Romney, but it’s early in the campaign.  While it’s probably not a felony to deliberately evade the Records Act, it still lacks transparency and gives at least the perception that this administration has something to hide.  

Oddly enough, there’s no reference in the House report to the president’s use of a Blackberry.  Text messages sent via that instrument don’t appear to be archived, although email may be.  Still, we must trust them when they say that Obama uses his Blackberry only for personal business. 

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said [several years ago] … that “a pretty small group of people” — some senior staffers and personal friends will be permitted to have the e-mail address that reaches Obama’s smartphone. …

He also said that the president reached a compromise to keep his cherished gadget, according to The Associated Press, although Gibbs didn’t say with whom a compromise had been reached.

Gibbs said it is presumed that e-mails will be subject to the Presidential Records Act, a law that requires the National Archives to preserve presidential records.

There’s said to be a system for archiving email sent to and from Obama’s Blackberry, but can we trust that’s true?  Consider all the other documents that this administration refuses to release or has simply “lost” or “misplaced” (see the updates at the end of this post).

The House report charges that the Obama administration failed to comply with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for White House visitors logs for months, despite a court ruling stating that such logs are public records. 

Eventually, the White House instituted a “voluntary” disclosure process, but that system did not go back to the beginning of the administration, when key policies were being developed, such as Obamacare (not to mention the bailouts and stimulus programs.) In typical fashion, Obama later went on to take credit for instituting the open visitor logs, which are open only because he was forced to open them to scrutiny.  

From other evidence submitted to them, the House committee became aware of many meetings and phone calls related to Obamacare that were not preserved in the public record

The Obama administration contends that email sent to personal email addresses, instead of to official email addresses, is “copied” to the official accounts. However, it’s an honor system. There’s no way to ensure that this is done faithfully. 

The House report also says that conferences that addressed the LightSquared/GPS controversy were apparently deliberately held outside the White House, in order to avoid public disclosure.

The Romney campaign should stay on top of this issue and continue to plug away at the Obama administration.  Seems as if they’ve been paying some attention to what people have been saying over the past four years.  This is a hopeful sign.


Photo courtesy of Alayna the Extravagant at Wiki Commons.

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    This is interesting because of how they see racism in the very fact that the video points out BLACK racism and also because I’m thinking of our conversation about exactly who is behind that conservative majority series of ads. Black ops within black ops? (No pun intended.) Who is the candidate they’re trying to help? Hurt? Actually, I don’t see anything racist about the ad. It speaks the truth. They sure are paranoid in the lamestream. Why do they fear the truth?

    • Last night I read the name of the guy behind the Conservative ads and he is/was a political consultant. I think the one I saw had a link to the FEC filing.

      From LA Times –

      “The Conservative Majority Fund, set up a month ago by a political consultant, is sponsoring television ads that recycle some discredited conspiracy theories regarding Obama’s identity — including suggestions that he’s using a phony Social Security number and a fake birth certificate.

      This week, the group reported spending more than $500,000 to oppose “Barak [sic] Hussein Obama,” according to the organization’s Federal Election Commission filings, with most of the money going to a nationwide phone-call campaign.

      The Conservative Majority Fund treasurer is Scott B. MacKenzie, a consultant with an address in an Arlington, Va., office building. MacKenzie is also treasurer of another PAC, Freedom’s Defense Fund, that in 2010 raised and spent nearly $3 million to help elect Republican candidates — most of it from relatively small donors, reports show. More than $1.2 million of that group’s spending went to firms affiliated with Base Connect, a Washington political consulting outfit that lists MacKenzie as a “strategic partner.””

    • I don’t know if these two are related, Conservative Majority PAC and Conservative Majority Fund. The first has Alan Keys as the Chairman.

      Daily Kos is all upset about these ads and are looking for information about this racist group. Also just found an article from The Hill. (I think this is what I read at Kos).

      Conservative group runs ad questioning Obama birth certificate
      By Meghashyam Mali – 08/04/12

      A new national ad campaign from Conservative Majority Fund is repeating attacks questioning President Obama’s citizenship. The ad, titled “Shady Past,” features discredited theories from the “birther” movement, which claims Obama was not born in Hawaii and is ineligible to serve as president.
      It first ran on both CNN and Fox News this week, according to a report from ThinkProgress.

      Read Park McGraw’s comment

      • Well, as Gibbs and Obama say, “the only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.”

        WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE? Gibbs asked have we ever seen anybody go to such lengths to hide something (speaking of Romney’s tax returns, which he has released). So I’ll answer with the obvious:


      • BECAUSE these groups are CALLING ATTENTION to these ads is exactly what makes me suspicious. After over 4 years of HIDING the issue, after IGNORING the Arpaio press conferences, etc., suddenly they bring attention to this, which they probably believe will help Obama by getting him sympathy?

        “It first ran on both CNN and Fox News this week, according to a report from ThinkProgress.”

        What sort of report is the SOROS and PODESTA group “ThinkProgress” (aka ThinkCommunism, aka ThinkEliteDictatorship, aka ThinkNewWorldOrder) putting out that would tell the media about THIS particular ad? Does ThinkProgress publish the JournOlist talking points now? Marching orders for obots of the lamestream?

      • What Park McGraw says fits in perfectly with the milieu that that writer at the Smithsonian pointed out is typical of Hawaii and the U of Hawaii, too. Insular, suspicious, secretive, racist, clannish, anti-haole and certainly, most probably, of the sort to NOTICE, REMEMBER, and GOSSIP about people like Barry and his so-called white (Melungeon, now) mother. Note what Park says about the neighborhood where Barry’s mother supposedly lived:

        How did Barak’s mother get to the campus living so far from Manoa and by what means? An acquaintance of mine lived only 1.5 blocks (6 houses away) from where Obama’s mother supposedly lived on Kalaniana`ole Hwy near Hawai`i Kai. An expensive neighborhood behind Paiko lagoon and very odd location for an impoverished white mother and supposed UH student to live. … Talk at Kapi`Olani, would have been openly unabashed, the city of Honolulu at the time very racist towards black people. Hence would not surprise me to learn that had such an event occurred at Kapi`Olani, the nurses and doctors on the birthing ward and elsewhere in the hospital would have been motivated, from a medical learning point of view, to see this new born hapa child.”

        But Maraniss, despite his implications, found NO nurses or doctors who remembered that so-called hapa child. NONE. And the only anecdote he could find is the completely discredited tale by Ms. Nelson which focuses NOT on Barry’s skin color but upon the “curiosity” that his mother’s name was allegedly Stanley, although she put Ann on the bogus bc.

    • Conservative Majority Fund – [Obama’s] Shady Past [Fox News Channel Airs Ad About Missing Records]
      July 24, 2012

      Actually according to a source, the guy behind the ads who owns the Conservative Majority Fund is named Larry Ward who is a protege of Dick Morris, President Clinton’s former campaign advisor and Fox News pundit. Lawrence also is president of

      Larry Ward

      20 posted on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 11:52:37 PM by Fred Garvin-MP

      Another post at FR.
      Conservative Majority Fund Shady[Obama’s] Past(National Ad calling to remove Obama as a candidate)
      YouTube ^ | July 24, 2012


    That Free Republic post is about the finding of Barry’s American slave roots. Alleged slave roots, I should say. It occurs to me that perhaps this is being put out there because of the recent comments by notable black actor Morgan Freeman. Were they worried about his allegation taking “root” in the black community? The allegation that Barry’s not REALLY our first black president? Freeman said,

    “First thing that always pops into my head regarding our president is that all of the people who are setting up this [racial] barrier for him … they just conveniently forget that Barack had a mama, and she was white — very white American, Kansas, middle of America. There was no argument about who he is or what he is. America’s first black president hasn’t arisen yet. He’s not America’s first black president, he’s America’s first mixed-race president.”

    So now Ann’s a “Melungeon”, not just some “very white American” from Kansas. (Not true, but it’s par for the course in this ever-morphing tale of Barry’s roots. Soon, they’ll find he’s related to Kunta Kinte.)

    If that’s their motivation, to make him a descendant of slaves to strengthen his apppeal with the black base, they ought to instead worry about all the black preachers who oppose Barry’s stand for gay marriage, especially if the DemoncRATS put it in their platform.

    I was beginning to wonder if this Chick-fil-A thing is a Bill Clinton setup. He’s been called in to help. He had his own Sister Souljah moment, remember? What if Barry does another flip/flop and opposes gay marriage in the platform or comes out in defense of Chick-fil-A? (Not that I can see how that would help him. But I’m just putting it out there as a possibility.) Why was Rahmbo so front and center, getting involved in this issue? Threatening to use his powers as mayor, unconstitutionally, against a corporation? Is it a setup? Let it play out and then, so Barry can look “moderate” to independents, he suddenly criticizes Rahmbo? We’ll see.

    • This is a funny take on it by Rush Limbaugh:

      “Obama’s white half is more authentically black than his black half. Now, Obama said that his grandmother was a typical white woman. Was his mother a typical white woman? Do typical white women have slave blood? And if so, does that make Obama a racist now because he insulted a white woman with traces to the original slave? This is the way they think. I’m just trying to relate to them.”

      He was referring to Obama’s comment about how his “grandmother” was just a “typical white woman”. Turns out his grandmother is descended from the first African slave in the US, if you believe their lies, which I don’t. But it’s funny, all the same.

      • Even better from Rush:

        “Now, researchers are missing a record connecting this guy, Punch, to a presumed son who, by his early twenties, owned 450 acres and grew tobacco in Virginia. So they’re missing a link between Punch and the son who is supposed to be the connection. So the whole story is a fairytale. They do not have the link, and yet they’ve run the story claiming that they do. In other words, the whole story that they’re having a cow — this story’s two days old now. They’re excited about this. The Associated Press is overjoyed. This whole story is based on a link from Punch to some son who might be an ancestor to the Dunhams, but they can’t find a link between Punch and the son. It’s totally laughable.

        Now, I’m spending some time on this because it’s a teachable moment. It shows us how much meaningless things count for them. It shows us that they live in a pretend fairyland, make-believe land. There is no link. The AP story admits there’s missing data in the link. It doesn’t matter, it’s close enough, it counts. It’s like, if you miss the putt by half-inch, it’s close enough, it went in. Go ahead and count it. It’s a teachable moment. They don’t live in reality. They make it up. They massage it, they bend it, shape it, flake it, form it, to be what they want it to be. Anything. This whole thing is laughable. Punch’s son would have been black. How many black men owned more than 450 acre tobacco plantations in Virginia in the seventeenth century? There would be records up the wazoo if such a black man had existed, and we don’t have such records.

        Now, can we get these researchers to look into Obama’s college transcripts? Can we call upon to see if they can find the transcripts at Occidental and Harvard and Columbia. And while they’re at it, birth certificates. This may be the group to do it. There’s a whole story written about how they did find a link, so desperate are they to have a story that Obama’s traceable, isn’t it laughable, not just slave blood, I mean, they claim he’s got a traceable link back to slave number one. I thought the president’s DNA was highly classified. Didn’t that come up in the controversy over Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress? How did these researchers get his DNA? AP doesn’t tell us that.”

        I didn’t even notice that part about Bunch owning so much land when he was allegedly the son of a black SLAVE. By his 20s, he owned so much prime land. How is that possible? IF his father was black and a slave for life, how did Bunch end up being a relatively wealthy landowner? Who was HIS benefactor? Who was his mother? It makes no sense.

  3. Beckwith:

    “Amateurs guide to Obama’s fraudulent birth document”

    “8. Read the registrar’s certification — “I certify this is a true copy or abstract of txe record on file” — It doesn’t say it’s a true copy of Obama’s original birth certificate — it says it’s an “..abstract of TXE record on file.”

    8a. The word “the” has been edited to read “txe” — a “txe” file is a TEXT file – see it!

    8b. The certification actually says that the document is an abstract of a text file — remember, “It depends on what the meaning of is, is.” You have to parse these political statements from politicians and bureaucrats.

    8c Look at the “txe” again! You can clearly see it has been altered.

    9. Now, using the scroll bar on the right, move down the document to the registrar’s signature.

    10. Look at the “A” in “Alvin” — see the smiley face that Team Obama added to mock you? (reduce by hitting the “minus” bar — it’s clearer)

    11. America, you’ve been punked by Team Obama”

  4. From Ann Barnhardt’s site
    August 4, 2012

    US Army Wargaming Mil Response to Tea Party

    I tried to tweet this but the website in question, , causes all tweets to go to the home page. Please spread and repost this. It needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Here’s the link:

    Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A “Vision” of the Future

    This isn’t some wild bee-ess from some Alex Jones site. This is the real deal. The author is a retired Colonel currently on staff at Ft. Leavenworth, which is the hub of all flag officer advanced education and indoctrination. Ft. Leavenworth is not called “the Little Pentagon” for nothing. The piece is lengthy, but worth the read. It is basically war gaming how the United States military would be deployed to put down a “Tea Party insurgency”.

    The Scenario for 2016 [uses the Tea Party as the enemy in their scenario]!

    In May 2016 an extremist militia motivated by the goals of the “tea party” movement takes over the government of Darlington, South Carolina, occupying City Hall, disbanding the city council, and placing the mayor under house arrest. Activists remove the chief of police and either disarm local police and county sheriff departments or discourage them from interfering. In truth, this is hardly necessary. Many law enforcement officials already are sympathetic to the tea party’s agenda, know many of the people involved, and have made clear they will not challenge the takeover. The militia members are organized and have a relatively well thought-out plan of action.

    • I didn’t realize that Bo had posted a similar article based on this same information but a different website. I missed his post when I was adding information today.

      His is above: Bo Latham | August 5, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    • I’m putting this here because it shows that the story has at least gone to the lamestream:

      I hope this means that Romney will take notice and call out the Obama administration on this outrageous insult to the American people.

      “The vision is hard to take seriously. As retired ArmyBrig. Gen. Russell D. Howard, a former professor at West Point, observed earlier in his career, “I am a colonel, colonels write a lot of crazy stuff, but no one listens to colonels, so I don’t see the problem.” Twenty years ago, then-Air Force Lt. Col. Charles J. Dunlap Jr. created a stir with an article in Parameters titled “The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012.” It carried a disclaimer that the coup scenario was “purely a literary device intended to dramatize my concern over certain contemporary developments affecting the armed forces, and is emphatically not a prediction.”

      The scenario presented in Small Wars Journal isn’t a literary device but an operational lay-down intended to present the rationale and mechanisms for Americans to fight Americans. Col. Benson and Ms. Weber contend, “Army officers are professionally obligated to consider the conduct of operations on U.S. soil.” This is a dark, pessimistic and wrongheaded view of what military leaders should spend their time studying.

      A professor at the Joint Forces Staff College was relieved of duty in June for uttering the heresy that the United States is at war with Islam. The Obama administration contended the professor had to be relieved because what he was teaching was not U.S. policy. Because there is no disclaimer attached to the Small Wars piece, it is fair to ask, at least in Col. Benson’s case, whether his views reflect official policy regarding the use of U.S. military force against American citizens.”


      Is Benson going to be relieved or is what HE’S teaching now U.S. policy? We need to know the answer.


        One issue many in the Tea party have with the scenario is to be lumped in with the various fringe groups with known difficulties as regards living in a civilized society. Groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, “militia’s” and what is described as anti-immigrants, i.e. The Minutemen, and other “right-wing groups”.

        The characterization of those who: Seek an end to ILLEGAL immigration, is blatantly politicizing a National security issue, while training officers in the Army to accept the definitions of what might constitute “domestic terrorism.’

        Vilifying those whose most ardent request is a return to using the Constitution as an actual governing document as co-equal with radical southern Democrat Ku Klux Klansmen is both tacky and dishonest.

        The blatant hypocrisy of such a Left Wing stance being taught to Army officers studying at the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies at Fort Leavenworth, Kan is tantamount to indoctrination of a branch of the military. [Well, they indoctrinate in colleges across the country, so military colleges would be their next logical step.]

        For some Americans the larger issue is the acceptance of individuals in the political realm of the legality, and the feasibility of using the United States military against the citizens of this nation.

        And it brings to mind why the current U.S. Regime might be so unwilling to step into the civil war in Syria.

        If the politicians are considering the possibility of an upcoming American Civil War III, it would be unhelpful to have Russia or China aiding and arming the “rebels”.

        The Insurrection Act of 1807 is given a full explanation at Cornell University Law School. (From Title 10 US Code the President may use the militia or Armed Forces to:
        § 331 – Suppress an insurrection against a State government at the request of the Legislature or, if not in session, the Governor.
        § 332 – Suppress unlawful obstruction or rebellion against the U.S.
        § 333 – Suppress insurrection or domestic violence if it (1) hinders the execution of the laws to the extent that a part or class of citizens [NOT ILLEGAL ALIENS] are deprived of Constitutional rights and the State is unable or refuses to protect those rights or (2) obstructs the execution of any Federal law or impedes the course of justice under Federal laws.) ”

        It seems to me, according to the last phrase, that the Obama administration, by obstructing the execution of federal laws and impeding the course of justice under federal law, is itself guilty of insurrection. Governor Brewer should ask the government to suppress it.

      • I think this American vs American training cited above goes along with Obama Administration’s NDAA law that Obama signed and so many states have refused to accept by passing legislation. We have discussed NDAA multiple times. I hope Judge Forrest maintains her constitutional stance.

        Obama fights ban on indefinite detention of Americans
        August 07, 2012 Snips

        The White House has filed an appeal in hopes of reversing a federal judge’s ruling that bans the indefinite military detention of Americans because attorneys for the president say they are justified to imprison alleged terrorists without charge.

        Manhattan federal court Judge Katherine Forrest ruled in May that the indefinite detention provisions signed into law late last year by US President Barack Obama failed to “pass constitutional muster” and ordered a temporary injunction to keep the military from locking up any person, American or other, over allegations of terrorist ties. On Monday, however, federal prosecutors representing President Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta filed a claim with the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in hopes of eliminating that ban. [Reminder that Tea Partiers are considered right wing extremists and most likely belligerents because they want to follow the Constitution. These evil Tea Partiers could be on Janet Napolitano’s and the Southern Poverty Law Agency’s Hit lists as terrorists!]

        The plaintiffs “cannot point to a single example of the military’s detaining anyone for engaging in conduct even remotely similar to the type of expressive activities they allege could lead to detention,” Obama’s attorneys insist. With that, the White House is arguing that as long as the indefinite detention law hasn’t been enforced yet, there is no reason for a judge to invalidate it. [So believe Obama, he won’t use it to detain ordinary citizens! He is such a man of good will. He can be trusted.]

        Reuters reports this week that the government believes they are justified to have the authorization to lock alleged belligerents up indefinitely because cases involving militants directly aligned against the good of the US government warrants such punishment. Separate from Judge Forrest’s injunction, nine states have attempted to, at least in part, remove themselves from the indefinite detention provisions of included in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, or NDAA.

        • Probably so. There’s one issue where the lefties and the ACLU agree with us. I wonder if they are alarmed by these war games against the Tea Party? Need we remind them that should a Tea Party conservative ever get in the WH, Obama precedents and this military just might be used, say, against Occupiers? They (Occupiers) are more likely to do the things that the war gaming scenario posits. In fact, seems to me that the Wisconsin DemoncRATS were in insurrection when they took over the State House. How simple it could have been! The Governor could have just called on the U.S. military to oust them! The ACLU should be asked what they think of that scenario about using the military in the U.S. against our citizens.

          In WWII, we had Christians hiding Jews in attics to save them from the death camps. 70 years later, will we have progressive Jews hiding Tea Partiers in their attics?

        • Dictator and Total Assault on the Constitution shown right here! Ignore this along with anything else Obama and the DOJ don’t like? What are his plans that he would demand this injunction be lifted? They won’t follow the law anyway and state it will have nil effect? Who are these attorneys that work for the DOJ? Are they the ones hired out of Holder’s private office and are they the ones that have taken the cases of the terrorists? Government [which government?] attorney Benjamin Torrance is the one involved in this case.

          Obama Demands Court Uphold His “Right” To Ignore Constitution
          August 15, 2012 Snip

          Obama’s Department of Justice is demanding a federal judge dismiss the injunction with which she sought to uphold the constitutional rights of the American people.

          On May 16th, federal judge Kathleen Forrest granted a preliminary injunction to plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed against Barack Obama and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA), striking down those sections of the Act that provide the president the power to indefinitely detain American citizens without benefit of their 5th and 6th Amendment rights.
          On July 25th, Administration lawyers filed papers demanding Judge Forrest’s preliminary injunction NOT be made permanent. In the filing, Obama made it clear his Administration would ignore the court and its injunction regardless of what the judge may decide, claiming incorrectly that “…[the] injunction would have ‘nil’ effect, for the government would continue to possess the identical detention authority under the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force…” Of course, that is a lie, as the AUMF applies only to known members of al Qaeda or the Taliban.


      “Several items of interest are to be noted in the scenario the Army uses to describe the tea party activists — “right wing,” “extremists,” “insurrectionists,” all of whom are lumped together with militias and organizations that are considered “racist” and “anti-immigration.”

      By contrast, those who oppose the tea party are referred to as “mainstream.”

      The obvious question that arises is why would this sort of scenario, with its obviously biased and skewed portrayals, be presented as a teaching tool to military personnel? Why would the U.S. military consider the tea party to be “extremist” or “insurrectionist?” And why would the tea party be classified together with groups that are “racist, “anti-immigration,” and “extremist right wing?”

      In the numerous tea party rallies that have occurred across the nation no racism was noted by any observer. Speakers included persons of all races and ethnic backgrounds. No sentiment was expressed against legal immigration but outrage was directed toward those break the law and enter the country by illegal means. And the charge that the tea party is extremist right wing is difficult to justify given that the main thrust of the movement is the protest against runaway government spending that has placed the nation on the brink of economic ruin due to its enormous and unsustainable debt.

      Yet repeatedly since the election of Barack Obama in 2009, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has referred to the tea party as “potential homegrown terrorists.”

      Why? Not a shred of evidence remotely suggests that the tea party has any connection whatsoever with terrorists. Yet some of President Obama’s closet longtime friends have not only been associated with terrorism but actively participated in it, such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, who as members of the Weathermen from the 1960s and 70s bombed federal buildings that resulted in the deaths of police officers.

      But if one listens to the rhetoric emanating from the White House, DHS, and now the U.S. military, one gets the impression that none of the president’s friends ever posed a threat to the country but hundreds of thousands of tea party activists are ticking time bombs lying in wait to unleash a nuke on an American city at the drop of a hat.

      The brainwashing against conservatives by this administration has had a definite impact on the military. One analyst who works for retired U.S. Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely told this reporter that now over half of Pentagon personnel are solidly in Obama’s corner and share his values and world view.

      And with the publication of the Benson and Weber article, it is now clear that the U.S. Army considers it a valid proposition to assume that a future civil war will be sparked not by extremist Islamists with dirty bombs or left wing insurrectionists inspired by Alinsky or Ayers but by the tea party and the conservatives who participate in it.”

      Because the tea party and the conservatives are the most likely to oppose Obama’s communistic fundamental transformation of America. This is the beginning of Ayers’s plan to put as many as 25 million into Gulags, or worse. WAKE UP AMERICA.

      We need a new commander in chief ASAP.

      • Half the military is in Obama’s corner – HALF? I can’t fathom that number. The military are Marxist or Leftists? I guess that could explain why we didn’t have a military coup against the usurper or why no military commander stood up to him especially over Libya and making our troops subservient to NATO.

        I saw that General Petraeus was being floated as a VP nominee.

        • I did a double take on that one, too, but Vallely said half the “Pentagon”. I take that to mean the brass. Of course, they’d be thinking that way, or at least pretending to. If they’ve moved that high in the military, they know who they have to please if they expect to stay in the military and continue to be promoted. Obama can move people as he pleases. It’s why Petraeus is at CIA now. I’m thinking it would be great to have him as VP. That would frost their …

  5. Rush – Obama Got Worst Grades in Harvard History — and It’s Up to Him to Prove He Didn’t
    August 02, 2012 Snip

    So I am calling on Barack Obama to release his Harvard transcripts, based on this call. I got a call from a guy at Harvard who claimed that Obama’s got the lowest grades out of anybody who went there and didn’t even go to class sometimes, and the professors covered for him. It’s up to Obama to prove it. The allegation’s out there. It’s up to Obama to prove it. I got this call from Harvard, and the guy — he sounded smart — said he went to Harvard. He knew enough to call a phone number that would get to me. This guy found a way to get to me.

    He said, “Rush, this guy got the lowest grades that anybody ever got at Harvard. And he didn’t even go to class a lot of times, and he got B’s and C’s.”

    So the allegation’s out there. (interruption) What do you mean the burden is on me to prove it? I don’t have to prove anything here. Look, the burden is on Obama. He’s the one that I’ve alleged got the worst grades in the history of Harvard. It’s up to Obama to prove this. It’s up to Obama. So we need the transcripts, and while we’re at it, I wonder if I could get a call from somebody at Occidental and maybe I’ll get a call from somebody at Columbia, and maybe I’ll get a call from somebody that attended an Obama lecture on the Constitution at the University of Chicago who will tell me that he never even taught the Constitution. What he taught was subverting it and overthrowing it according to the way Saul Alinsky said to do it. But there it is. Lowest grades ever in Harvard, never went to class. Well, a lot of times got covered for by the prof. I got a call.

  6. This is a takeoff by the Left from The Five who are asking people to tell about how they built their business sans government help. It was associated with Senator Cornyn’s website. The Five was picking out the best example weekly. Gun dealers have certainly been helped by Obama’s anti-American policies. I thought of another one, but the Navy is a government entity (fuel costing $59 a gallon instead of $3 – I don’t recall the exact numbers) So now comes the Left. It will be interesting to see who/how Obama has helped small business. Calling allllll basement dwellers to tweet something outrageous and mostly boldface lies.

    Obama wants you to Tweet how he’s helping your business “succeed’!
    Sunday, August 05, 2012 2:36:33 PM · by Nachum · 27 replies
    Twitter ^ | 8/5/12 | Obama, Biden

    Obama for America Tweets: If you or someone you know owns a small business, share how President Obama’s policies are helping it succeed!

    One comment at FR said that Coyote’s are doing a booming business!
    See the photoshopped picture of the Vampire looking Obama. Yuk.

  7. Wisconsin has 7 Dead at a Sikh (sick) Temple … 11am EDT
    the gunman is also dead. list the shooter as….. a “White gunman”

  8. Dilemma (and this is for real, I kid you not). Somehow the state does not have a birth cert for one of the Hooties. The city where he was born, at home, and where we registered the birth has no record of such and thus, never sent one infor to the state. Oh boy, what a nightmare not having a ss# at tax time. While we were waiting for the city and state to find the golden piece of paper we had trouble with the irs. They would not accept any of the child deduction (7 & 8 of them at the time) because we were missing his ss# and were screaming for a LOT of money from us. Well, got that fixed because we were able to finally get a card. We provided affidavits, medical info, etc., and it was verified and accepted. Ok. Great. Not.
    The short of the long story is a bc never was found. Little Hootie can’t get driver’s license; no bc. (but Uncle Omar got one without bc because he had a ss#.. The License Branch not think funny when I mentioned this little tidbit) Lil Hootie can not get highschool diploma w/o bc, and a whole bunch of other things to boot.
    We do not have enough of the required documentation and the amounts needed to get a delayed bc. We have to go to court or something to try and establish his birth (which won’t happen for quite awhile as that costs money)

    BUT, the kid needs the driver’s license! So, how about someone help me use the other children’s certs to layer one for Lil Hootie, we take in the computer copy of it and try to get the youngster his license?

    Oh, and what bc does Dear Leader show when he renews his licesnce as it is HHS law we have to show one to renew??????? Just a wondering??

    Lil Hootie was recently enrolled for first time in public school and that is a story for another time on how one goes to school without a bc! (illegals do not have to show one but Lilly White Hootie Citizens must!)

    • For real? Then there must be Obama birth certificates floating all over the place. His grade school, high school, license bureaus in Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois.

      Lil Hootie born at home with no medical attendant? Baptismal records? Vaccinations? Doctor’s notes? Won’t they accept all that for a delayed/late birth certificate?

      • Ok, I just answered this with the best I had and with the right amount of facts, snark, and such, and I lost the entire epistle somehow before got posted. I will try again later. Short answer is No immunizations. Doctor office says no longer have records as we stopped going there over ten years ago. (a court could help them be found) The problem is the documentation has to fit into certain time frames in different categories. No baptismal. Not Catholic. “Midwife” present but Dad delivered and she was not a “medical professional/sanctioned”. Too bad only one affidavit is allowed for presence at birth — it was Hootie #7 and the other Hooties were there (not in the room, though, so I suppose we could have got Baby from the Stork through the window or something.)

        • (That is no immunizations — but not because no records. Chilibeans not immunized — medical records separate problem. Wrote incorrect grammar.)

          • Really confused things with my poor grammar, — “Midwife” present but Dad delivered and she was not a “medical professional/sanctioned”. — and her policy, which we agreed to, was not to document her as a midwife because she could get in trouble for practicing medicine is any medical situations arose…..which they did and I ended up at the hospital to have placenta removed which makes the birth look even more suspicious because I showed up at hospital with no baby who was left at home with Dad. That was a challenge with the social service vultures asking their questions about where is the baby, etc., This is our nightmare but the bottom line: It is not an easy task to go through life, as a child of citizen parents, without a bc. You do not exist and it is difficult (because we don’t know anyone in the document fraud industry) to get the coveted birth certificate.

            So we are back to wanting to create one for the youngster. Can you picture the videos of a mom of nine and grandmother in jail for forging a birth certificate and trying to use it establish identity. Picture the graphics with the story — Obo’s bc and Lil Hootie’s side-by-side and each layer visually floating and being placed atop the prior layer and build the two certs together and wow. …… Same fraud as the president. Is the president above this law but this mother is not? Is she being discriminated against in that she does not have equal access to crime as the President because she is white? Is it because Mother Hootie is Tea Party and the president declare all TP the enemy of the government? Is is because she is a domestic terrorist? Is it because of the rise of Christophobia in the country? Oh my, and Lil Hootie’s social security #; was that illegally obtained and used on taxes? Why is the IRS now jumping in and calling fraud on this family? (At this point Lil’s ss# and Obo’s number come on screen with nice graphics) And the best: we could post Pics of my darling Lil H. with the phrase, “PresidentObamaCouldBeMyFather”.

            My family is worried I am serious about this. And I am. If we can’t get a driver’s license the least we can do is use the situation as an opportunity to show the fraud of the the guy in the BH. (that’s Black House because we just know it was always called the White House out of racism and the color of the skin of the residing presidents, right?).

            • I would think that your hospitalization coupled with medical records for the child would be proof enough, coupled with the affidavit of the person who was present at the birth. It sure is more than we have for Obama.

  9. Posted on August 5, 2012

    “Gibbs Defends Harry Reid: “Have You Ever Seen Anybody Go To Such Great Lengths To Not Put Something Out?””

    “Gibbs: Again, put the tax returns out. Put this whole thing to rest. Candy, have you ever seen anybody go to such great lengths to not put something out? And when you generally don’t put something out, isn’t it because you’re generally hiding something?

    “I’ve never seen anybody jump through more hoops to say, a, somebody is lying, but also not put out a document that would prove what the real truth is,” Gibbs also said.”

    [video at link]

    • “Gibbs Is A Jackass …”

      Uploaded by purldiver on May 27, 2009

    • These people are total psychos. He could be talking about the birth certificate and HE KNOWS IT. They are just thumbing their noses. When the EFF are the Republicans going to fight back?

  10. I said three years ago there would be stupid murders,
    Gifford, Colorado theater, more
    I also said there would be coaches, almost invisible, who motivated the killer
    Two months prior to the theater massacre, James Holmes’ entire world was turned upside down. That’s when two “Black Op” hitmen, entered his life and unravelled it using a drug called “SCOPOLOMINE” – also known as the “The Devil’s Breath”.

    Read the whole thing

  11. To create extreme MASS emotional reactions TO distract US ALL (not)
    the GAYS folks… are really the props… yes they are….
    Yes on our watch… the SOUL~LESS folks dance with their DEVIL as the
    BEAT….. GETS LOUDER ….. it’s their JOB! Crash & BURN so SAD!
    The BEST news… is that… WE are NOT THEM! We will Prevail!

  12. Duplicate comment removed

  13. White House considers executive order, leaves Internet takeover a possibility

    The White House has left open the possibility of enacting its Internet agenda via executive order after the failed effort to bring the Democrat-supported cybersecurity bill to a full vote in the Senate last week.

    In response to a question from The Hill, a Washington, D.C. political newspaper, about whether President Obama was considering advancing his party’s cyber-plan through an executive order, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney didn’t rule out the possibility. “In the wake of Congressional inaction and Republican stall tactics, unfortunately, we will continue to be hamstrung by outdated and inadequate statutory authorities that the legislation would have fixed,” he said via email.
    An executive order would be another action from the Obama administration to extend executive branch authority over a largely free and open Internet.

    • The bill didn’t get passed so Obama wants to take things into his own hands again, and with the stoke of his left hand sign an EO that will allow him to decide if and when there is a risk to national security. Yes, with that bill not passing, he alone wants the power to shut down the internet. What will constitute a national security risk? He alone is our security risk! Can you see the election becoming a risk to him, and if he wants all negative information about himself stopped he can close down the internet where all of the information is freely disseminated. Then we can hear from the alphabet soup anchors only the propaganda dished out to them.

      Remember that Soros and Podesta gave Obama a proposal and told him to “Rule” by Executive order, and if he wasn’t going to follow their proposals, they would find someone who would. They gave O a list of progressive legislation that they wanted passed. We are witnessing Obama’s Executive Orders – the latest being the one for the illegal “dreamers”. If Congress won’t pass it – Obama the illegal usurper will.

      Soros Strikes Again
      George the Evil “Advises” Obama to Use Forceful Measures to Override the People’s Will and to Circumvent Congress!
      Soros’ Center for American Progress [John Podesta] Gives Obama His Marching Orders to Subvert the Will of the People
      November 18, 2010

  14. The Washington Liberal Post outing Plouffe? Can that be? Why wasn’t this reported in 2010? Does the Post see the writing on the wall? Does this in any way explain why Obama didn’t support the dissidents because they really don’t? Or would Valerie condone this being an Iranian communist herself?

    Top Obama adviser made $100,000 from Iran-affiliated company

    One of President Obama’s most senior advisers accepted $100,000 in exchange for speaking to a company doing business with Iran, the Washington Post reported Sunday night. In the interim between running Obama’s 2008 campaign and joining the White House as a senior adviser in January 2011, David Plouffe accepted a $100,000 payment from a telecommunications company conducting business with Iran’s government. That business may include monitoring the behavior of Iranian dissidents on the government’s behalf.

    In December 2010, Plouffe was paid for two speeches he made in Nigeria to “a subsidiary of MTN Group,” which “had been in a widely reported partnership for five years with a state-owned Iranian telecommunications firm,” reported the Post.
    White House officials responded to the Post’s inquiries Sunday by insisting that no group had ever critically flagged MTN for its business relationship with Iran, making Plouffe’s visit harmless:….
    As early as 2006, the Bush administration identified MTN’s Iranian venture, Irancell, as being “fully owned” by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps. MTN asserts that it owns a “non-controlling 49% stake” in the company.

    “Since Plouffe’s speeches, the U.S. government has become increasingly concerned that the Iranian government has used MTN operations or technology to help monitor dissidents,” the Post also reported. And questions about Irancell’s activities were raised well ahead of Plouffe’s speech as well. In 2009, after post-election protesters began to demonstrate against the disputed re-election of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Irancell announced some suspiciously-timed “technical problems” that debilitated the country’s cell phone service during the anticipated time of the protests, the Los Angeles Times reported in August 2009. MTN has previously dismissed concerns about its involvement in Iranian human rights violations as “false and offensive.”

  15. Totally expected. If Donors are named, they can expect some kind of investigation to come from the IRS or the Justice Department. The write-ups by the AP or others will be filled with innuendos, but are expected to raise suspicions and discredit the person involved. Yet no investigation into Soros…yet.

    Justice Department investigates Las Vegas Sands Corp.
    The inquiry into potential money-laundering involves two high-rolling gamblers.
    Associated Press via the leftist L.A. Times
    August 6, 2012

    WASHINGTON — The Justice Department is investigating whether Las Vegas Sands Corp., owned by high-profile Republican donor Sheldon Adelson, broke federal law by failing to report millions of dollars of potentially laundered money transferred to its casinos by two high-rolling Las Vegas gamblers, according to the Wall Street Journal.
    The Journal said there were no indications that the investigation included actions by Adelson, Sands’ chief executive and a major political donor for the Republican Party. Adelson has pledged to spend as much as $100 million to help Republican candidates in this election cycle.
    The Justice Department is also investigating more than $100 million in money transfers by another Las Vegas high roller, Ausaf Umar Siddiqui, who was previously a vice president at Fry’s Electronics. Siddiqui was arrested in 2009 for accepting illegal kickbacks. He pleaded guilty to the charges and is serving a six-year prison sentence.,0,2898540.story

    • Guilt by association? Well, there’s plenty of guilt for Barry, then. Just count HIS crooked associates. And COMMUNIST ones.

  16. Dirty Harry is getting filthier! We knew the election was going to get nasty, but this is beyond the pale. This is how the democrats tried to and did get rid of Herman Cain suggesting and producing fake women to discredit Cain. Do you believe this crap? Again, an anonymous person called Harry. Who will charge Harry for overstepping his bounds and refer it to the Ethics Committee chaired by a DemoncRat? This is evil. Is the Daily Rash a rash and dash outfit?

    Harry Reid: ‘Bain Investor Told Me There’s a Mitt Romney Sex Tape’
    August 6 Snips

    WASHINGTON – In an interview with The Huffington Post, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said a Bain Capital investor told him that Mitt Romney wasn’t releasing his tax records because for ten years he didn’t pay a dime in taxes. This afternoon, less than 48 hours since the accusation, Senator Reid told The Daily Rash that he received a call from another Bain Capital investor who told him of the existence of a Mitt Romney sex tape. Now, along with demanding the release of his tax records, Senator Reid is calling for Mitt Romney to release his sex tape.

    In a candid interview from his Capital Hill office, Reid told The Daily Rash he was “very surprised” to hear from yet another Bain Capital investor who possessed shocking information about Mitt Romney. The existence of a sex tape, he said, made Romney’s chances of winning the 2012 election highly improbable.

    “Harry, Mitt Romney made a sex tape,” Reid recounted the person as saying.

    “The Republican presidential nominee has a graphic sex tape! Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain,” Reid said. “But obviously he’s got to either produce the sex tape or prove to the American people that it doesn’t exist. How are Republicans going to explain a sex tape to their children? My heart breaks for those kids.” [What a crock of Poop!]

    “His poor father, can you imagine the shame? Tax evasion is heartbreaking, but a sex tape? I can only guess the depths of his despair. The poor man must be must be so embarrassed about his son,” Reid said, “But his grandchildren’s humiliation must be intolerable for him.”Senator Reid bowed his head and sighed, “I cannot fathom the anguish that poor man’s having to endure.” [How dramatic, how phoney Harry!]


      This is definitely a plan. They want to put all this outrageous stuff out there to make some kind of equivalency with the accusations of Obama being gay, having sex with Larry Sinclair, hiding his birth and college records, etc. Anything that’s been said about Barry, they’re going to MAKE UP about Romney. Then they hope ALL will be dismissed as just campaign rhetoric. Given their record with forging false documents (Barry’s and the fake ones trying to sandbag Bush) and photshopping photos (Barry’s so-called family), I wouldn’t be surprised it they didn’t invent a sex tape, like people make tv ads with Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart in them. This could be to offset the photos of SAD in FMD’s apartment.

      You can read between the lines on this, like the Gibbs thing. They’re going to try to force Romney to disavow everything that people like Corsi and Arpaio, Kengor and Cashill, say that’s TRUE about Obama by putting out these FALSEHOODS about Romney.

      The way the phrase it is the proof. They say what we say, that Obama has to produce the proof that he’s eligible. The obots number one bullcrap was that we have to prove that Barry’s NOT eligible; he doesn’t have to prove he’s eligible. Which is NOT TRUE. It’s in the Constitution that one must be eligible. There’s NOTHING in the Constitution that says a candidate has to have paid taxes (in this case, not taken deductions) or even has to not have made a sex tape. What they’re going to do is say that if the media won’t cover Reid’s or Gibb’s false accusations, then they should similarly stop covering the TRUTH about Obama, whenever somebody does speak it, which isn’t often. There’s a method to this madness, you can count on it. It’s a ploy to shut up those who WILL SPEAK THE TRUTH ABOUT OBAMA.

      • So funny. If there was really anything on Romney. It would be out there. They know exactly what his taxes say. They have the IRS to tell them. If there was something illegal or damaging they would leak it out themselves. If there was a sex tape they would put it out or hold it until October and release it. They wouldn’t float it like that if it was real. So yes the purpose is to protect obamas hidden documents and secret boyfriends. You think there’s an Obama sex tape. Why else would they fabricate a tape and not just imply affairs? That’s pretty risky to float a tape. I bet there is or someone made them believe there is one of Obama and scared the crap out of them

        • Sure. If there were anything, they’d leak it. It’s BARRY’S M.O. He did it habitually in Illinois. It’s how he “won” his races. He got the divorce records of two opponents. Blair Hull and Jack Ryan. He had a complicit media, as now, to help him exaggerate. The records were sealed, for the sake of the children; but who cares about children when there’s an election to steal? The DemoncRATS have no qualms about getting their hands on records that should be sealed or private. They got Linda Tripp’s personnel records. Sandy Burglar cauterized something. So did John Brennan’s people. Sealed means nothing to them because there’s always somebody like Assange who WILL steal and expose the records for their own warped ends. They have no morals or ethics. Even if there’s nothing there, they WILL make it up–as they did with the so-called National Guard records of GWB. LIES, but they didn’t care, so long as Bush was damaged. They hoped damaged enough, but unfortunately for them, it didn’t work. It might have, if not for the pajamas media. Thus, they WILL try if they can to shut us down. The Daily Rush is a parody site, according to search engines. It would have been funnier, but more unbelievable, if they’d said that Reid did a sex tape.

  17. TAPES??? TAPES? This is ONE OBAMA FEARS …. the MOST!!!!

    ” Runaway Slave ” Documentary! Blacks aren’t stupid….. they were told NOT 2 THINK & JUST where DID it GET THEM? & where did that get US … Time is begging 2 turn a new leaf….~Dr. Alveda King ~ Herman Cain ~ Allen West ~ Dr.Thomas Sowell ~ Glenn Beck ~ Andrew Breitbart ~ Rev. C L Bryant ~
    Self~Respect starts when you say so! Our enemy is BIG Government….Obama… is trying 2 HOLD BACK . Open them EYES!!!!!
    Government is NOT God! WE are free people… ACT like you know that! Respecting & respectful of our God given rights. Honor that!
    Together bondage of SELF can be buried. If you choose to WORK 4 it. we’re in this together .. Show OUR power in numbers….. Stand UP… like “Hushpuppy” says… I’m the MAN! so MAN UP!

    • Zen -Your You Tube doesn’t work. It was removed. Am guessing that this one below might be what you wanted posted. There are several trailers about the movie.

      Runaway Slave Movie – Trailer #2 with special message from CL Bryant

  18. Runaway SLAVE …. I’ll try again…. ( thanks miri…. 4 your help..)

  19. sorry ..Bridgette~ it was U who got that video…with all the shooting killings dirty rotten evil tricks being tossed at us.. My heart also sat down.
    I’m out of sorts…but willing to fight & hold our ground…2 the death!
    Wishing more were with us in the fight for our LIVES! maybe soon?
    ps… were you away on vacation? I missed U…lots! love letter….

    • YW. The one at Hill buzz is different and worthwhile viewing.

      No vacation. Major computer problems (using a family member’s laptop now and I am not good on it), and dealing with family issues, so wasn’t online at all. Still trying to catch up; lots went on during my unexpected hiatus.

      Bunches of thanks and hugs to Miri for keeping the blog going with all of her articles and insight!

  20. “Beasts of the Southern Wild” … lots 2 remember
    Welcome 2 the Bathtub… Wink & Hushpuppy ….

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