Obama Outsources NASA (Open Thread)

© Miri WTPOTUS July 30, 2012

While the Democrats and the Obama campaign falsely accuse Mitt Romney of outsourcing jobs while at Bain Capital, they seem to forget all about Obama’s largest outsourcing accomplishment:  The U. S. space program. 

Obama gutted NASA. Our astronauts now ride on Russian shuttles.

Ticket price?  $63 million per trip.  Privately owned spacecraft deliver our supplies.  The price so far?  About $3.5 billion for 40 tons of payload.  (No savings for the U.S. taxpayer there.)  A story from October 2010 warned:

Communities along Florida’s Space Coast, built on the optimism and industry of the space program, are in economic peril. The area’s 12 percent unemployment rate—2½ points higher than the national average—is expected to rise to 15 percent over the next year, mostly as a result of the space industry contraction. Meanwhile, as America dithers, Russia, China, India, and other countries are expanding their shares of the space market.

In the U.S., entire towns that once relied on the space industry are decimated.  Not only federal employees and contractors have lost their jobs (over 40,000 in 2011) but many others have also lost jobs from businesses like restaurants and shopping malls.  The US lost more, however:

There will be no more heroic astronautsAnalysts argue that putting humans in space is risky, extraordinarily expensive, and not very productive from a scientific point of view. They’re right about that. They’re wrong, however, when they sneer at the prestige of manned space flight.  “Our space program was about American pride and exceptionalism,” said Victor Dahlquist of the Kennedy Space Center. “Some of us actually liked that dream.”


 Yes, we did; but some of us did not.  Therein lies the tale.  Obama sneers at American pride and exceptionalism.  This we know. 

Outsourcing the space program is also dangerous because

The Chinese apparently want to go to the moon to convince us of their dominance. And dominant they will be when they militarize the moon. China military expert Richard Fisher points out that Beijing is building an “Earth-moon space infrastructure” for offensive military purposes. China is going to the moon for many reasons — to garner prestige, to mine helium-3, to spur technology — but the one that should concern us most is that the People’s Liberation Army wants to grab the high ground of space.

From the moon, the Chinese military can control access to deep space. A moon base, for instance, will allow the PLA to observe American satellites and possibly destroy them. That’s especially true if the Chinese also have the only space station in orbit. And once China blinds our satellites — something it tried to do a half decade ago with lasers — the American homeland will be wide open to attack. As Fisher told me, “a nuclear Pearl Harbor is possible.”

But some simply do not care about America’s prestige, exceptionalism, heroism, or national security.  Some would rather cede space to the communists.  Or even to friendlier Asian countries.


Finally, the United States will lose out on scientific breakthroughs and inventions that come from having a viable space program.  The space program has already led to the development of MRI machines, smoke detectors, laser technology, neuromuscular stimulation, ocular screening, ergonomic furniture and shoes, water purification techniques, memory foam, fire-resistant fabrics, solar-simulating lights,

and Tang. 


Photos courtesy of NASA. 

181 responses to “Obama Outsources NASA (Open Thread)

  1. the Yamasee native american Moors….also recognized, I think in P.Rico.
    They were some of the earliest tribe of people to fight the different explorers and colonizers in the new world….the French in South Carolina, Georgia, and various other areas…then they fought the Brittish .They were very separate at first but later became disolved within the Chrokee and other tribes . They are considered of Turkish/Egyptian/Black-a-moors descent here before the explorers…at least five or six hundred A.D.

  2. and they have some very interesting connections with early Islam and US and Citizenship! There are tons of ambiguous articles about them….
    and there are some Obama connections too check em out…..And the Drew name has interesting connections to that too as well as the Saddiq name. Muslims were likely here before Columbus and there’s much history about our forefathers before and during and just after the revolution and Arabs/Turks/Muslims.

  3. http://www.usatoday.com/tech/science/space/story/2012-08-01/NASA-mars-rover/56656270/1

    “U.S. astronauts won’t land on Mars by themselves but with international partners in the 2030s, NASA’s chief said Wednesday.

    NASA chief Charles Bolden focused on Mars as the “ultimate destination for now” for human space exploration, in a meeting with the USA TODAY Editorial Board.

    I have no desire to do a Mars landing on our own,” Bolden said. “The U.S. cannot always be the leader, but we can be the inspirational leader through international cooperation” in space exploration. …

    The Obama administration’s space plans have attracted criticism this year from some space-state senators such as Richard Shelby, R.-Ala., who disagreed with its emphasis on private space rockets to resupply the International Space Station, rather than a heavy rocket that would send a spacecraft to circle the moon in 2017.

    NASA science chief John Grunsfeld put the odds as “very high” of the Curiosity mission’s finding chemical signs of a habitable environment on the Red Planet perhaps 2.5 billion years ago.

    A human mission to Mars would send six astronauts, who would take six months to get there and stay a month before returning on an eight- month trip back to Earth.

    “I believe that most westerners presume that a human mission to Mars will quite likely be multinational. I certainly think so, and indeed would prefer this approach,” says former NASA chief Michael Griffin, who has criticized the administration’s manned spaceflight plans in the past.

    I do not believe that China makes such a presumption,” Griffin adds, by email. “I suspect that when China believes it is ready as a nation to go to the Moon, it will do so, and later on exactly the same thing will be true of Mars.” China announced plans on Tuesday to launch its third lunar probe next year, part of an effort aimed at a manned moon landing in the next decade.”

    • Perhaps NASA will be reinstated to all its glory and once again be taking several more “giant steps for mankind” after the Usurping Obama has been blindsided by the Tsunami coming in November.

      I don’t think the Democrats have a clue as to what is happening across the country. All they have to do is check out the nationwide support for Chick Fil-A’ s – and that happened with little advertising except by Mike Huckabee and the blogs. The Libs thought they had a handle on keeping the Right’s voice contained. They have tried to silence Rush and other radio commentators to no avail. They’ve had to buy off or threaten judges across the country to file frivolous answers to charges against Obama too. The Silent MAJORITY hasn’t spoken yet, but they will …in droves. People are getting the message even if the media tanked loons refuse to acknowledge it or report real facts. Who really has the blinders on? I believe, “They ain’t seen nothing yet!” We aren’t alone in our thinking and the Chicks helped make that known yesterday. Can’t wait to filet the Marxist commies in November – they so have it coming!

      With a cluck, cluck here, and a cluck cluck there, here a cluck, there a cluck, everywhere a cluck, cluck!

  4. August 2

    “Peter Boyles Show”

    “This hour Peter switched gears and spoke with Susan Daniels who is a Private Investigator who has dug into Barack Obama”s past. …”

    [audio src="http://www.khow.com/cc-common/podcast/single_page.html?more_page=1&podcast=fullshow_boyles&selected_podcast=08022012peter6am_1343918661_30243.mp3" /]

  5. what em… what em i gonna be ?*#@*!!!! ? dis Sat.?? sugar sweet.
    how many seats were really filled ….. did not see 2 many…

    • Duhhhh. The Lying Prevaricator in Chief speaks and doesn’t know how old he will be…I wonder why. So many lies, so little time.

      “It’s true that I’m going to be — what am I going to be?” President Obama at a campaign event in Orlando today. “I’m going to be 51 on Saturday. 51.”

      Say it again to be sure, Barack. Was it written on a teleprompter for ya??

    • Drudge must have been mistaken when he said the teleprompter was making a comeback. What’s up with Bill Clinton being asked to ride to the rescue? Heard he’s going to be the big kahuna speaker at the convention that nobody’s going to. Going to ask Bill to help him triangulate (I mean LIE) some more to the people? Now Barry’s signaling that he’s moving into a campaign mode sans “attack ads.” Well, I guess we should applaud him for making this decision after he saw that the more negative he went, the more his polls sagged. He’s a genius! Can read the writing on the wall, huh, bub? Will it work? Will the people be fooled again? Will they believe this NEXT incarnation of That One as a “middle of the roader” like Bill Clinton? How freaking stupid do they really think we are? I hope the Chick-fil-A episode yesterday scared the holy cr** out of them.

  6. Black Pastor: “Obama Has No Honor!”
    August 2, 2012 Snip

    Harlem pastor Rev. James David Manning delivered a stem-winder sermon to his flock with such passion he was overcome with so much emotion he had trouble catching his breath! He called out for his black flock to regain honor. “Fifteen people killed while Obama was in town (Chicago)” he screamed out recently from his video pulpit. “Only a N (word) would do that. . .no other word describes such lack of honor!”


    Only Blood Running in the Streets of America Will Do

    Dr. Manning describes the word Niger, its definition, and thinks it should be used again. There is no other perfect word to describe the black man who has no honor. There isn’t a better word to describe the behavior and the debauchery of his race.

  7. Democrats fight GOP report on Solyndra, ask how much investigation cost

    Democrats are fighting a Republican report on the GOP investigation of solar firm Solyndra with plans to release their own report [where they will lie to cover their complicit asses] and call attention to how much the investigation cost taxpayers.

    On Thursday House Republicans made public their report from 18 months of investigating Solyndra, the failed solar energy company that struggled to survive even after the Energy Department gave it a $535 million loan guarantee.

    The report called Solyndra a “cautionary tale” of the dangers “that come when the Federal government plays investor, tries to keep a company and industry afloat with subsidies and attempts to pick the winners and losers in a particular marketplace.”
    The GOP report says that an analyst for the White House warned as early as the beginning of January that the Obama administration could have liquidated Solyndra in order to regain some the money invested in the company instead of going ahead with a much-criticized restructuring plan that same year.


    • Divert the issue from the real problem – the interference and politicization of the WH wanting to play green energy investor! A reminder that over 12 Green companies SPONSORED BY THE WH have FAILED. Taxpayer monies went down the drain or into their cronies bank accounts. How many are being investigated for fraud? How many got money and went bankrupt within 2 years of receiving the funds? They are all crooks and belong in jail. Where is a jailhouse big enough to hold this network of criminals?

    • This is great. It seems as if they have finally learned how to fight the DemoncRATS by their own rules. This goes along with that House report that I just wrote a post about–the one documenting the appalling lack of transparency in this administration and the very the clear possibility that the Obama administration is in violation of the Presidential Records Act. Keep them coming!

  8. And take that Obama! Speaker Boehner tells it like it is!

    Speaker Boehner: Obama has ‘never even had a real job, for God’s sake’
    8/02/12 Snips

    House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) lashed out at President Obama during an interview Tuesday, saying the president has “never even had a real job, for God’s sake.” Boehner was discussing the presidential election, and accusing President Obama’s campaign team of using “over-the-top” rhetoric to distract from his economic record.
    Then the Ohio lawmaker lit into the president’s qualifications to discuss job creation.

    “But the president has never created a job. He’s never even had a real job, for God’s sake,” Boehner said. “And I can tell you from my dealings with him, he has no idea how the real world, that we actually live in, works.”

    In the same interview, Boehner blasted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) for his suggestion on the Senate floor Thursday that Mitt Romney paid no federal income taxes for a decade.

    “I don’t know how you go out there and make a statement like that without any facts,” Boehner said. “It’s one of the problems that occurs here in Washington, people run out there without any facts and just make noise. The American people are too smart for this, they’ll get to the bottom of this, it clearly is not a fact, and I would think that the Senate majority leader would be smart enough to know that.”


    • He has no clue how the real world works because he’s NEVER lived in it. First he was raised as an Indonesian royal, then he went to a bunch of schools for the very elite, then he “worked” as a professional rabble rouser. That’s a job? Hardly. But the biggest reason he hasn’t a clue is that he is OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY, as most with his psychiatric diagnosis are.

    • Another possibility for why Romney paid no INCOME TAXES (IF IT’S TRUE) is that Romney has no salaried income. His income is from capital gains and he probably offsets the taxes due on those by MEGA-CHARITABLE GIVING. I think Romney should challenge Reid and especially Pelosi to release the last 23 years of their tax returns so we can see for certain EXACTLY WHAT DEDUCTIONS THEY TOOK AND HOW MUCH THEY GAVE TO CHARITY. I have news for Harry Reid: WHILE HE’S DAMNING THOSE WHO HE THINKS DON’T PAY TAXES, HE CAN LOOK AT THE NEARLY 50% OF THE POPULATION WHO PAY NO TAXES WHATSOEVER AND SOME OF WHOM GET A “REFUND” OF MONEY THEY NEVER PAID IN. And then THIS HYPOCRITE can talk about Romney’s tax strategy WHEN REID HIMSELF PAYS EVERY CENT ON HIS OWN INCOME WITHOUT TAKING ONE, EVEN ONE, DEDUCTION. Nobody who takes ANY deduction has room to talk about Romney offsetting taxes due by LEGAL DEDUCTIONS.

      • Immediately following his Feb 2009 coronation, Kenya Boy staffed his “administration” with tax cheats and evaders. At the time, I was appalled, taken aback, shocked to see that bunch of crooks assembled under the White House roof. “Why, I never…!” Trillions in unaccounted Stimulus monies gone and only God knows how many Treasury pilferings later, tax fraud, tax cheating and tax evasion ain’t so bad. The accusations against Romney don’t bother me at all because I just don’t care if they’re true or not. If he’s managed to screw the IRS, then good for him for giving the IRS some of what, until Feb 2009, it traditionally gave to taxpayers.

        Dingy Harry, by the way, didn’t make a sound about tax cheats and tax evaders back in Feb 2009. Kenya Boy and Geithner, to name only two of the gang, made excuses and told lies. The rest of that gang of thieves lied and made excuses then, too. Now, however, they give a crap about tax evasion…as long as the alleged tax cheat is Romney.

        It can’t be said enough: The hypocrisy of libturds knows no bounds.

        • http://finance.yahoo.com/news/irs-pays-billions-refunds-identity-213000822.html
          While they’re worried about Romney taking LEGAL tax deductions, the IRS under Obama gives away BILLIONS of our tax dollars to identity thieves, under the guise of trying to serve the public better by handing out “refunds” before they even check whether or not the tax return is legit. One Lansing, Michigan, address alone received $3.3 MILLION in tax returns that were obviously fraudulent.

          How close is Lansing to Dearbornistan? I wonder what were the names on those “returns” and where the money went. The identity thieves PREFER automatic deposits or to have the money loaded onto debit cards. Well, of course, all the easier to grab the money and run. Disappear before the idiots at the IRS notice that thousands of “returns” were going to ONE address, as if thousands of taxpayers can live in one home. The same happened with the direct deposits. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-08-02/irs-may-lose-21-billion-in-identity-fraud-study-says.html
          In at least 10 cases, the IRS sent more than 300 direct deposits of refunds totaling more than $470,000 to the same bank account.”

          Before you swallow the excuse of the IRS, consider this: The first return might make sense, since they give employers longer to file their income reports and the IRS processes returns as soon as received. Maybe even the second return to the same address, or even through the 100th, if it’s an apartment building. But 2137? A FEW LINES OF CODE IN A COMPUTER PROGRAM WOULD HAVE EASILY CAUGHT IT WHEN THOUSANDS OF RETURNS WERE FILED FROM THE SAME ADDRESS OR HUNDREDS OF DEPOSITS WERE MADE TO THE SAME BANK ACCOUNT. These returns could have been flagged, and a human being could have used Google Earth to look at the damned building. Surely they can cross reference databases. If WE can do it, they can. They don’t need a lot of staff, either. It costs little more than having a programmer spend an hour or two writing a few lines of code to flag these exceptions. This is a plan like so many other of the commie plans of this administration. This is organized refusal to enforce the laws. Organized looking the other way when people scam the taxpayers, whether it’s document fraud, welfare fraud, Medicare fraud, what have you. Whatever serves to impoverish the U.S. government is good for the Alinsky forces and the communists that WANT TO COLLAPSE THE U.S. ECONOMY. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. The Obama administration response is, of course, that they’ve already fixed the problem (who believes it?) and that the report exaggerates. RUN OUT THE CLOCK. ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS PLAY ROPE A DOPE WITH CONGRESS UNTIL THE COLLAPSE AND THEN THEY’RE HOME FREE.

          “”Once the money is out the door, it is almost impossible to get it back,” IRS inspector general J. Russell George told CNBC. “The bad guys know that the IRS is unable, given the limited number of its staff it has, to address every single allegation of tax fraud it has.” [But they are hiring thousands more to police the “individual mandate” for Obamacare. How much medical care can we get for $5.2 BILLION wasted on thieves? Illegal aliens? Jihadists? Probably. No doubt, “privacy” will be cited to prevent the public from ever knowing exactly who and what is stealing our wealth, perhaps to fund attacks against us. http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/report-afghan-militants-mafia-financing-16904910 “One of the deadliest militant groups in Afghanistan, the Haqqani network, has developed a sophisticated, “mafia”-style financing operation that relies on extortion, kidnapping, smuggling and ties to legitimate businesses, according to a new report by a U.S.-based think tank.” Think they don’t use similar methods here?]

          The report said the identity theft scam is most prevalent in Florida, with two cities, Tampa and Miami, topping the list of potentially fraudulent claims. Tampa saw 88,724 potentially fraudulent returns filed, generating refunds of more than $468 million. And Miami saw 74,496 potentially fraudulent returns generating more than $280 million in possibly bogus returns.”

  9. http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/fla-crowd-sings-happy-birthday-to-obama/2012/08/02/gJQAZJ7vSX_video.html FUNNY>>>>BUSTED!!!!!!
    Bridgette….check this ….TELEPROMPTER ? Watch the slight of hand
    after checking…his watch so COOL…but really reading a slip of paper TELLING O…His VERY OWN “BIRTH…AGE”….. “51” ?????
    then our Magician SLIPS IT INTO HIS VERY OWN POCKET……
    like NO ONE WOULD SEE……… IT!!!!!

    • I really, really, really am loving on that John Nolte. 🙂

      “This is nothing more than an act of intentional juicing to keep The Narrative alive that says Obama is winning and that Romney can’t get his act together. You see, it works like this…

      The only way our failed president can win is if Romney is disqualified; if voters don’t see him as an acceptable alternative. So if the media and their pollsters can bedevil him with nonsense — fabricated gaffes, audacious lies, D +19 sample sizes — it keeps Romney on his heels, on defense, and smothers his ability to get his message out. In other words, it makes Romney look incompetent, and if Romney looks incompetent, the American people won’t hire him, no matter how much they want to fire Obama — and they are desperate to fire Obama, believe me.

      The timing of this juiced poll is also likely not an accident. Tomorrow the July job numbers come out, so what better way to distract from what will likely be bad news for Obama than with an absurdly skewed poll that allows the corrupt media to squirrel the job numbers and go right back to talking about Romney’s inability to run a competent campaign? … There’s nothing Obama can’t accomplish with the Media-Poll Propaganda Machine dialed up to 10.

      NOTE: I called and left a message to get a comment from Pew. As of this writing no one has called me back.”

      It’s more sinister than that, though. They MUST keep the poll numbers close or keep Barry ahead (in the MEDIA, not in reality) SO THAT THERE’S NO POPULAR UPRISING WHEN HE WINS. THEIR PLAN FOR VOTE FRAUD DEPENDS UPON THE ILLUSION THAT IT’S A CLOSE RACE. REPUBLICANS ALWAYS MUST WIN IN A BLOWOUT IN ORDER TO COMPENSATE FOR THE PERCENTAGE OF DEMONCRAT VOTES THAT ARE FRAUDULENT. They have to juice the polls EVEN MORE now, because Barry’s losing. He’s losing and they know it and they are in panic mode.

    • You be the judge. He do look like FMD with those moles, moles, moles. That’s hereditary and you don’t see them on his supposed kinfolks.


      Ugly is as ugly does.

  10. Someone calls into Rush today, supposedly from Harvard, and says Obama had the worst grades of any student, ever. Also said professors were easy on him even when he did not show up for classes.

    Later in the show another person calls saying he went to school himself at Occidental and the entrance requirements were very stiff, albeit he went a few years earlier than Obama. This second caller mentioned the school only took applicants that were in the top 5% academically and that had been very involved in other activities and leadership roles in high school.

    And a light goes off in this pretty little head of mine…As long as everyone is analyzing Obama to have been too dumb and too partier-ish to have gotten into the schools, people will see him as, well, dumb. It is a perfect setup to take all focus off of the real Obama, who is a well-trained, well developed, and very well educated elite Communist. It seems all the new birthers coming on board, including Rush (not that he is a birther but he is at least letting people now talk about it on his show), are saying the Obama story doesn’t add up and that the reason the records are sealed is because he was not qualified to be there. Barry is is being re-imagined away from his Communist, Elite grooming.

    Noticed for awhile Barry was not using the teleprompter but it is reported he is using it again. Well, he must have gone off the wagon again. Hmmm, he stayed cleaner a little longer this time, I would say. Start noticing more droopy eyelids and glass-over eyes in the next couple of weeks —- when which coincidentally, there will be almost no still pics put out of him and very controlled videos. Let’s just watch and see….

    • One more musing today (was in car a lot so listened to radio would not normally listen to.) Barry used “two FUNDAMENTALLY differences….” when describing two parties. Remember (of course we do) “Fundamentally Transform”. I believe whenever he uses the phrasing Fundamental whatever (idealogy, transform, ways for America) he is talking to his followers around the world.

      • It’s like when Michelle talked about the five pillars of her nutrition program. Code words. Code. Another good point.

      • I still can’t help but think about that speech he made after the shooting in Colorado when he addressed the “Comrades”. Who was he really talking to. I mean comrades didn’t seem like the right choice of words.

        • It was a perfect word for HIM to use.

        • Huh, I don’t recall any ‘comrade’ comment. I would love to see the video of that one. Would like to compare the inflections to someone else saying ‘comrade’.

        • Huh, I don’t recall any ‘comrade’ comment. I would love to see the video of that one. Would like to compare the inflections to someone else saying ‘comrade’. Ok. found the transcript; now to listen to the speech — if I can stomach it.

    • What a Hoot, I saw this behavior with my own eyes when I was in college. I wasn’t at Harvard but was at a well known and similarly prestigious university around the same time Obama was in college. The black students were pampered, promoted, favored, even sat NEXT TO the professor, on either side, at the table. We shared our papers and, I’m not making this up, some of the black students could not write at a grade school level. And yet. And yet. They got A’s on those papers. There is NOT A UNIVERSITY in this country that will refuse to admit a student if his or her family makes a big enough donation to the school. They ALL will accept these students, so long as someone pays them to take them. All you need is MONEY. No matter how large their endowments, it’s never enough. People can and do BUY admission to these colleges and to hell with the exams. That being said, you may be right about how they’re spinning it to look as if he’s dumb to distract from the truth, which is that he WAS trained to be a COMMUNIST usurper and to “fundamentally transform America” into a communist dictatorship.

      “Barry is is being re-imagined away from his Communist, Elite grooming.” That is a brilliant insight.

      The photo that Zenway tipped us to almost exactly matches your prediction. Droopy looking eyes to me. No makeup, either, so there’re those moles and pock marks. And he can’t even remember how old he’s SUPPOSED TO BE. It’s hard to keep track of those pesky details when your whole life story is a LIE.

      • The way everyone laughed, Barry was making fun of us by acting like he did not know his age. It was not a gaffe, in my opinion.

  11. http://www.myfoxny.com/story/19262671/group-plans-mars-settlement

    “A Dutch company called Mars One is planning to settle Mars by the year 2023 by sending people on a one-way rocket ride to the red planet.

    And Mars One hopes to turn the entire process into a reality TV show.

    They say that the only way the mission will be possible is to fund it commercially. And the only business model that they say they believe is currently feasible, is one based on the creation of a “global media spectacle” around the project.

    They hope a worldwide audience would help pick the teams of settlers, follow their training observe the trip, and pay for it. The mission is estimated to cost $6 billion.

    The plan would be to establish a habitable settlement that would receive new astronauts every two years.

    The group claims that existing technology would make it feasible. Mars One estimates the trip would take seven months.”

    Still awaiting word on whether this Dutch settlement will allow prostitution and marijuana. 🙂

    • I remember reading that they had something like liquid water on Mars, but it was syrupy and salty. Salty I understood, but water thick like Aunt Jemima’s pancake syrup? I don’t recall there being oxygen, but I haven’t kept up with the findings.

    • And Mars One hopes to turn the entire process into a reality TV show.

      Oh boy ! can’t wait ! Desperation TV rules ! This reminds me of why I have lost interest in tv….there is no more decent tv. It is gone. Creative genius has been lost somehow. No more real, creative talent these days.

      TV Guide

      1. Hoarders
      A story of real people, mentally challenged, trama- depression patients, shopping addicts or garbage collectors. New cast every week !

      2. Wife Swap
      A real time adventure pitting America’s strangest, dysfunctional families with the go- getters. Full of interesting plots and twists.

      Want to see a gal freak out in her kitchen in designer threads at her marble countertop as she gets a call that her hubby has been picked up by the feds ? Or how about the drama of a bad manicure ? This one is for you if you like to see nice houses.

      For money you get to eat worms, let rats bite you, snakes cuddle you and more !

      5.Dancing With The Stars
      Watch them vomit from nerves and fall down as the masses note who looks fatter in their costumes.

      6.American Idol
      Don’t even get me going.

      7. Dance Moms
      Stage mothers snarling at their finest.

      8. Jackass
      You will roll with laughter as you wonder if these are insane assylum inmates that slipped out somehow…

      That is just a few of our current line up.Poor TV. I used to watch it. It sits silent and lonely alot more these days here.

    • Still awaiting word on whether this Dutch settlement will allow prostitution and marijuana…

      Miri, Then they can be called the Zoom, Boom and Choom Gang.

  12. Oink Oink…we have a real tv a’ la kink issue too…freaks and pigs..don’t have time to read the papers for ther jobs…gotta get off on some kiddie porn instead…lowest of all the low…

    Allen W. Dulles, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) wrote in “The Craft of Intelligence,” “sex and hard-headed intelligence operations rarely mix well.” Perhaps the boys at the Pentagon need a refresher course.

    This past week, the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency warned its staff not to view porn on U.S. government computers. The Pentagon also released a report on April’s Secret Service Colombian scandal. The two are connected.

    In April, I said the Colombian scandal exposed a national security problem, the epidemic of U.S. government employees viewing porn — child porn — on government networks. I suggested readers type “Transportation Security Administration,” “U.S. State Department,” “Pentagon,” “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” and “child porn” into Google’s search field to understand the scope. I neglected to include “Missile Defense Agency.”

    Bloomberg quotes a cybersecurity expert saying the Missile Defense Agency’s use of porn is concerning because “many pornographic websites are infected and criminals and foreign intelligence services such as Russia’s use them to gain access and harvest data.”

    The only possible response is: Duh

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