The Magna Carta and Our Shared Anglo-Saxon Heritage with the UK (Open Thread)

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Despite the  Romney campaign’s knee-jerk and foolish denial, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with anyone pointing out that the United States of America shares an “Anglo-Saxon heritage” with the peoples of the United Kingdom.  This is fact.  Saying so displays no “racial insensitivity” whatsoever. 

We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special,” the adviser said of Mr Romney, adding: “The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have”.

These anonymous “advisors” could well be (probably are) illusory and this could be (likely is) nothing more than another progressive, left-wing JournOlist ploy to damage Romney by any means necessary.  Nevertheless:

Truth is truth is truth. 

We do share a “heritage” with the UK and we did have a “special relationship” with the UK.  We the People of the United States of America look forward to the restoration of the Churchill bust to the White House, where it belongs, and to the restoration of our former firm alliance with our cousins across the Pond. 

The greatest evidence of our shared heritage:  The Magna Carta

Magna Carta, also called Magna Carta Libertatum or The Great Charter of the Liberties of England, is an English charter, originally issued in Latin in the year 1215 …

The 1215 charter required King John of England to proclaim certain liberties, and accept that his will was not arbitrary, for example by explicitly accepting that no “freeman” (in the sense of non-serf) could be punished except through the law of the land, a right which is still in existence today.

Magna Carta was the first document forced onto an English King by a group of his subjects, the feudal barons, in an attempt to limit his powers by law and protect their privileges. It was preceded and directly influenced by the Charter of Liberties in 1100, in which King Henry I had specified particular areas wherein his powers would be limited. … The charter was an important part of the extensive historical process that led to the rule of constitutional law in the English speaking world. …

The American Constitution is the “supreme law of the land“, recalling the manner in which Magna Carta had come to be regarded as fundamental law. This heritage is quite apparent. In comparing Magna Carta with the Bill of Rights: the Fifth Amendment guarantees: “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.” In addition, the United States Constitution included a similar writ in the Suspension Clause, article 1, section 9: “The privilege of the writ habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion, the public safety may require it.” Each of these proclaim no man may be imprisoned or detained without proof that they did wrong. The Ninth Amendment to the United States Constitution states that, “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” The framers of the United States Constitution wished to ensure that rights they already held, such as those provided by Magna Carta, were not lost unless explicitly curtailed in the new United States Constitution.

The United States Supreme Court has explicitly referenced Lord Coke‘s analysis of Magna Carta as an antecedent of the Sixth Amendment’s right to a speedy trial.

“This heritage is quite apparent.”  Even Wikipedia says so.

Because Barack Hussein Obama II has indicated that he wants to “fundamentally transform” the United States and because he has excoriated the Constitution as merely a “charter  of negative liberties,” with “deep flaws,” it becomes obvious that Obama does not understand the importance of the Constitution to our Republic.  This foundational charter was designed to limit government and to protect and preserve our God-given, self-evident rights.  What Obama fails to grasp is the fundamental truth of the Constitution: 

The government does NOT exist to bestow rights or to redistribute the wealth of others to anyone; the government exists ONLY to preserve and to defend the “unalienable Rights” with which we all are born. 

There’s nothing “racially insensitive” about pointing this out.  Perhaps what’s “racially insensitive” is that Obama, when expressing his deeply flawed opinion of the Constitution, did so in the context of wishing that he could find some way to redistribute the wealth of others to blacks.

We’re still wondering why the Churchill bust was removed from  the White House and sent back to the UK.  Dr. Paul Kengor’s recent book, The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor, tells us that Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, despised Churchill as a colonialist. That might be one explanation for Churchill’s banishment.  Kengor wrote:

Davis also disliked Churchill because the British prime minister was the ultimate anti-communist. Davis, to the contrary, was so pro-communist that he was an actual card-carrying member of Communist Party USA.

I first found examples of Frank Marshall Davis blasting Churchill in articles he wrote for the Associated Negro Press in October-September 1943, the height of World War II. He excoriated Churchill as an imperialist, a warmonger seeking domination and “supremacy.” “The only people Churchill gives a rap about,” charged Davis, “are the white people of the British Empire.” Churchill hoped to “bludgeon all other countries into submission,” and was seeking American support in that cruel endeavor.

Needless to say, this was very much a rare opinion on Churchill, alien to any American’s wartime thinking. It was Churchill’s country, after all, that had been attacked. The only place this shocking opinion could be found was Stalin’s Kremlin and the communist press.

What’s worse?  That some anonymous “advisor” is alleged to have said (gasp!) that the US shares an Anglo-Saxon heritage with the UK or that the current president of the US had a card-carrying member of the Communist Party as his chief mentor while growing up?

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  1. New open thread. Here’s a story that may explain why Obama is so focused on fund-raising overseas. The systems for people to vote from overseas are ripe for fraud:

    “Internet voting is not ready for prime time. The security environment is not what it needs to be to cast ballots over the Internet,” says Susannah Goodman of Common Cause’s Voting Integrity Campaign, one of the report’s authors. When Washington, D.C., set up a pilot Internet voting program in 2010 and invited hackers to try to corrupt it, a University of Michigan team hacked the system to change votes and even play the school fight song.


    This one is amazing. Or not. Remember back when Judicial Watch got the emails and documents associated with that movie that was originally planned to be released in time for the election–the one about how Barry got OBL? Well, suddenly the government (actually the CIA) claims it found, a la the Rose Law Firm records, a stack of documents that were probably “responsive” to the Judicial Watch FOIA requiest. I wonder where they were? Just sitting on a table in the WH? Why are they coughing these up now? Because somebody already found something else that indicated that they existed? Most transparent administration in history. Riiiiiiiight.

  3. Hmmm. So, lay off Sheriff Arpaio for sending ONE deputy to Hawaii to investigate and for actually paying for the guy’s expenses by public donations!

    I actually say, more power to the NYPD. Thank you, patriots, for looking out for US.

  4. Pray for Sheriff Joe as he is under tremendous pressure. He’s said to be sick, too, which is concerning. “Flu”, he thinks.

    Consider the irony. They come to our country, illegally, and then have the gall to protest and cry out for Sheriff Joe to be arrested. They were arrested. 4 illegals. Probably will STILL be eligible for Barry’s unilateral amnesty, because this will be just a “misdemeanor” arrest. How does that woman work as a community organizer and cake decorator WITHOUT BEING HERE LEGALLY? Does she have any papers? Does she use FORGED or FALSE papers? Does she pay taxes? Will the arresting officers investigate these possible felonies?

    “No papers; no fear.” Uh, that’s the problem in a nutshell. No ethics. No morality. Sin vergüenza.

  5. ….. THIEF in CHIEF OBAMA!!! ….
    Orly’s Hot & we need to protect our Sheriff …
    O’s got new name today….

  6. From:
    The American Revolution:
    Was it an Act of Biblical Rebellion?

    David Barton – 05/2009

    The Rev. Dr. John Witherspoon (also a signer of the Declaration) also affirmed:

    On the part of America, there was not the most distant thought of subverting the government or of hurting the interest of the people of Great Britain, but of defending their own privileges from unjust encroachment; there was not the least desire of withdrawing their allegiance from the common sovereign [King George III] till it became absolutely necessary – and indeed, it was his own choice.

    Significantly, as Dr. Witherspoon had correctly noted, it was Great Britain who had terminated the entreaties; in fact, during the last two years of America’s appeals, her peaceful pleas were directly met by armed military force. King George III dispatched 25,000 British troops to invade his own Colonies, enter the homes of his own citizens to take their private possessions and goods, and imprison them without trials – all in violation of his own British Common Law, English Bill of Rights, and Magna Carta (centuries old documents that formed the basis of the covenant between British rulers and citizens). Only when those governmental covenants had been broken by their rulers and America had been directly attacked did the Americans respond in self-defense.

  7. Compare to what the Rev. Dr. John Witherspoon (a signer of the Declaration of Independence) said about the American Revolution

    there was not the most distant thought of subverting the government or of hurting the interest of the people of Great Britain

    …to how Democratic Socialist/Communist Barack Hussein Obama views the American Revolution…

    Barack Hussein Obama on June 23, 2007:

    But my journey is part of a larger journey- one shared by all who’ve ever sought to apply the values of their faith to our society. It’s a journey that takes us back to our nation’s founding, when none other than a UCC church inspired the Boston Tea Party and helped bring an Empire to its knees.

    Obama is not alone in his incorrect views of the American Revolution being about bringing the British Empire to its knees.

    Our country’s founding Revolution exalted the ideals of equality, justice, and democracy, of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. Marxists have long hailed its progressive significance

    Founded in Chicago in 1919, the Communist Party of the United States has an outstanding history in the struggles for peace, democratic rights, racial and gender equality, economic justice, union organization, and international solidarity. Our Party is organized on the principle of democratic centralism, combining maximum democratic discussion and decision-making with maximum unity of will and action, ensuring our ability to play a strong organizing role in the class struggle. We focus our efforts on increasing our ability to organize millions into struggle, fighting anti-communism as a divisive weapon of the capitalist class. With Marxism-Leninism guiding our actions, the Communist Party strives to build the broadest unity against global capitalist imperialism now headed by U.S. imperialism, for immediate gains and reforms that benefit working people, and for a progressive democratization of the government, the economy, and society of our country on the road to and after winning socialism.


    • It’s amazing what jumps out when we re-read something: “shared by all who’ve ever sought to apply the values of their faith to our society …”

      Then he launches into that screed about the UCC inspiring the Boston Tea Party. Say what? First of all, I dare say that the Trinity UCC in Chicago is far, far, far removed from the vast majority of UCC congregations in the USA. Second, the Boston Tea Party had NOTHING to do with applying “the values of their faith to our society.” It had to do with taxation without representation. Money and profit and commerce.

      Wikipedia reveals the tenuous connection to the UCC:
      “When the tea ship Dartmouth arrived in the Boston Harbor in late November, Whig leader Samuel Adams called for a mass meeting to be held at Faneuil Hall on November 29, 1773. Thousands of people arrived, so many that the meeting was moved to the larger Old South Meeting House.”

      There were so many protesters that they needed a larger venue for the meeting. The UCC apparently had a larger location (and that’s only if it’s true that the Old South Meeting House was UCC), so they decamped to their meeting house. It wasn’t LED by the UCC. IT WAS NOT “INSPIRED” BY THE UCC. A preexisting grassroots group of thousands who opposed the King USED THEIR MEETING HALL because it was the only place big enough to contain that large of a crowd–Faneuil Hall being too small.

      Still the entire sentence by Barry begs the question: Which “values of … faith” is he trying to impose on our society? Which “faith”?

      “MY MUSLIM FAITH.” Sharia? TUCC welcomes MUSLIMS into its fold. They do not require MUSLIMS to give up their faith in order to join TUCC.

      Red Pill: Maybe he IS a constitutional scholar–of the Constitution of the COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. CPUSA, to which his MENTOR Frank Marshall Davis was CARD-CARRYING MEMBER.

  8. July 26

    “Peter Boyles Show”

    “This hour starts with open lines talking about topics discussed in the previous hour. Jerry Corsi then joins Peter for a phone interview to talk about Obama”s affidavit signed by Tim Adams and why he is in Great Britain- to obtain more information on Obama”s hidden past. …”

    Go to 12:40 —

    [audio src="" /]

    • The next hour, Paul Kengor was on to speak about the book The Communist, about FMD, Barry’s mentor.

    • Gordo, I don’t see a counter, but I listened to Corsi. Most important thing he said, imo, is that he has affidavits from people in Kenya that attest that what BIRTH RECORDS existed in Kenya were destroyed after Obama’s 2006 visit, when he campaigned for his commie cousin Raila Odinga, whose supporters burned Christians alive in a church in anger when Odinga LOST the election. (I said that last part; Corsi didn’t.)

    • Kengor doesn’t take a position on the potential fatherhood of Barry by FMD. He said “nude young women” were Davis’s favorite subject to photograph. He says FMD happily admits that. When would he have taken the photos? Boyles says the record albums in the photos match the timeline for her meeting FMD and being photographed before she gave birth. He brings up that Ann told her father to “take him to Frank,” meaning Barry. Kengor was blown away by the theory that Frank could be the father when he saw the video. He was also amazed by the theory that Stanley Dunham worked for the CIA. He thinks it’s plausible. Kengor says the Dunhams moved to Hawaii June/July 1960. She had to have met Davis right off, so it’s a “narrow timeframe.” He says there’s so much about Barry that’s “a total mystery” and the media won’t just ask Barry these questions. Why not ask him about FMD the communist and ask him if he introduced him to communism? But the media won’t even ask. Kengor says he can’t give an answer about how Stanley the dad came into contact with FMD in the first place. He says Maraniss explains that Stan’s brother knew FMD through his job. He says Maraniss is awful in his book and that Remnick is even worse. SNARK! True! Kengor says even if Barry and Frank only met 15 times as an adolescent, it would be “quite significant.” A more significant relationship than Clinton with Fulbright, who Clinton called his “mentor”. Kengor talks about how many people were sent by the media to factcheck Palin’s memoirs, but nobody will even “look at” FMD’s relationship to Barry. Barry never gives the full name of Frank in his memoir, but he believes Barry did mention him out of respect for FMD and the importance of that relationship. “Never before in the history of America … has a president ever had a mentor who was a card-carrying member of the communist party.” Boyles asked why Ann, out of all the people on that island, would choose Frank to be Barry’s mentor? Kengor talks about Pops, the poem that IS about FMD (allegedly written by Barry). Maraniss admits “Pop” is FMD. Kengor will be back next week; they ran out of time.

  9. Just a note about the Churchill bust: It was on loan to the White House by the British govt’s art collection.

    Barack Obama sends bust of Winston Churchill on its way back to Britain
    Barack Obama has sent Sir Winston Churchill packing and pulse rates soaring among anxious British diplomats.
    By Tim Shipman in Washington
    5:20PM GMT 14 Feb 2009

    A bust of the former prime minister once voted the greatest Briton in history, which was loaned to George W Bush from the Government’s art collection after the September 11 attacks, has now been formally handed back.

    The bronze by Sir Jacob Epstein, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds if it were ever sold on the open market, enjoyed pride of place in the Oval Office during President Bush’s tenure.

    But when British officials offered to let Mr Obama to hang onto the bust for a further four years, the White House said: “Thanks, but no thanks.”

    Diplomats were at first reluctant to discuss the whereabouts of the Churchill bronze, after its ejection from the seat of American power. But the British Embassy in Washington has now confirmed that it sits in the palatial residence of ambassador Sir Nigel Sheinwald, just down the road from Vice President Joe Biden’s official residence. It is not clear whether the ambassador plans to keep it in Washington or send it back to London.

    American politicians have made quoting Churchill, whose mother was American, something of an art form, but not Mr Obama, who prefers to cite the words and works of his hero Abraham Lincoln. Indeed a bust of Mr Lincoln now sits in the Oval Office where Epstein’s Churchill once ruled the roost.

    The bust was on loan to the US “as a powerful display of solidarity in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.” It was a symbol of the Brits telling the Americans, “We got your back, man.” That it was on loan actually made the statement by the Brits to the US stronger than the statement of a gift would have been. As long as the bust remained on loan, the friendly relationship between the two nations and their respective leaders remains unquestioned.

    Haven’t we all given something to a friend and called it a loan? Forever after, whenever the recipient of the “loan” offers the return or repayment, we say, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll get it back later.” As long as the loan is never returned/repaid, we are bound by that unfinished business to see each other again. In time, to return/repay the loan would be symbolic of the possible severing of the relationship. Same thing with the Churchill bust.

    Unless the British govt wishes to symbolically state their pleasure in the ousting of Kenya Boy (Ding dong! The witch is dead!), I wouldn’t count on seeing the Churchill bust in the White House again.

  10. Ok. I need some duct tape to keep my head from exploding. The contrast is insane. Go figure. Two stories about Rahmbo.

    First off, he WELCOMES anti-semitic, anti-white lunatic Screwy Louie to Chicago streets to supposedly help (what? like the Taliban morality cops?) with the (non-existent because unreported) black rioting and ATTACKS ON WHITES! Tell me how that’s going to work when Farrakhan is a major promoter of the exact philosophy that leads to such attacks?
    People of faith have a role to play and community leaders have a role to play in helping to protect our neighborhoods and our citizens. You cannot get there on just one piece of an anti-crime strategy,” the mayor said.”

    Hold that thought about “people of faith” having a role to play. Wait! They’re not going to help stop mob attacks on whites. No, they’re there to help stop homicides, assuming black on black murders. To hell with the white victims. Don’t they sound like the Taliban?

    “For the last two Mondays, black men in dress suits and bow ties fanned out across violence-plagued Chicago neighborhoods — first Auburn-Gresham, then South Shore — to form a human wall of protection against any sudden outbreak of gunfire.

    The army of men, know as the Fruit of Islam, were led by Farrakhan.” Wow. Females need not apply. If they run across any “loose women”, do these Fruit of Islam lay into them with switches? So, these “people of faith” are welcome in Chicago. Welcome to act like vigilantes, too!

    Then we have this story, about how Chicago will NOT welcome a Chick-fil-A in their city because of the personal religious views of the CEO, who (gasp!) is “guilty” of believing in traditional marriage.

    “”Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values. They’re not respectful of our residents, our neighbors and our family members. And if you’re gonna be part of the Chicago community, you should reflect Chicago values,” Emanuel said Wednesday.

    “What the CEO has said as it relates to gay marriage and gay couples is not what I believe, but more importantly, it’s not what the people of Chicago believe. We just passed legislation as it relates to civil union and my goal and my hope … is that we now move on recognizing gay marriage. I do not believe that the CEO’s comments … reflects who we are as a city.”

    Ald. Joe Moreno (1st) is using the same argument to block Chick-fil-A from opening its first free-standing restaurant in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. … Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy was quoted last week as saying he was “guilty as charged” for supporting, what he called the “biblical definition” of marriage as between a man and a woman.

    “We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that,” Cathy was quoted as saying.”

    Somehow, I seriously doubt that the people of Chicago, as a whole, believe the way Rahmbo believes, when it comes to this issue of gay marriage. I’m sure that they don’t believe in having a thought police or a religious police. I’m sure they don’t want to punish an entire corporation because of the personal religious views of the CEO. What about RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, RAHMBO? If you don’t believe like Rahmbo wants you to, you don’t get to operate in Chicago? Sound familiar? Sound like another dictator you know? To hell with the Constitution in Chicago.

    And somehow, I seriously doubt that the values of the people of Chicago are IN LINE WITH SCREWY LOUIE’S VALUES. So, since Louie’s values are also NOT Chicago values, why does Rahmbo welcome him? Are Louie’s values respectful of white citizens and FEMALE citizens of Chicago? No, they are not.

    So “people of faith” are welcome in Chicago as long as their “faith” is the right one, in Rahmbo’s opinion and as long as their opinions match up with his. This ex-ballet dancer, friend of Barry, who belonged to the same club as Barry obviously allows his personal views to decide what “diversity” they’re going to “tolerate”. Antisemite? Okay, by Rahmbo. Believe that women are second-class citizens, actually not even worthy of being citizens because they’re little more than herd animals who exist to be used by men? Okay, by Rahmbo. Just don’t make the mistake of believing in traditional marriage. Then you’re not welcome in Chicago.

    EAT MORE CHIK-IN. EAT CHICK-FIL-A! (It’s great!) AND IF YOU BELIEVE IN TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE, BOYCOTT CHICAGO. I’m never going there (besides that I don’t want to be the victim of a hate crime) but especially if they ban Chick-fil-A.

    What a bunch of hypocrites.

    • WND Alert –Lawyers to anti-Chick-fil-A mayors: Make my day

      Mayors around the country, who have been scoring points with their leftist political base by threatening to use the power of their office to punish Chick-fil-A restaurants for the religious beliefs followed by the company’s chief, may soon have to decide if they want to play a game of chicken … legal chicken.

      Attorneys sympathetic to the Christian-owned company have a bone to pick … and they say the plucking will be easy.

      Would you like fries with your lawsuit?

      Threats to Chick-fil-A ‘height of stupidity’
      July 27

      Legal team warns city officials who promise trouble for restaurants
      A legal team that specializes in religious and civil rights and the Constitution says city officials who are promising to punish Chick-fil-A restaurants for the religious beliefs followed by their chief are asking for trouble.

      “These government officials ought to be ashamed. For a public official to threaten denial of a right to do business because the president of a private company supports natural marriage is the height of stupidity and intolerance,” said Mathew Staver, chief of Liberty Counsel
      “There is absolutely no evidence that Chick-fil-A has discriminated against anyone,” Staver continued. “The intolerance displayed by these government officials ought to serve as a wakeup call to the majority of Americans who support the commonsense understanding of natural marriage.

      “If given the chance, these intolerant officials would silence anyone who supports natural marriage. They have placed extreme ideology over freedom,” Staver said.

      • It is, it is. What the hell is wrong with these people? Seriously! They’re supposedly lawyers themselves. They are stupid, besides. How many people do they alienate? Not only Christians, but also ACLU types who actually DO SEE how FASCIST this is. How thuggish. How about the people in Chicago who depend upon tourism? Who the HELL is going to Chicago (or Boston) when the thugs that rule those cities actually believe that they can simply act like thought police, as if the First Amendment doesn’t exist? Billy Graham weighed in, too:

      • It does get worse…..
        Chick-fil-A’s public relations director dead of heart attack —- died suddenly!

        Read more:

        I feel sick….can I YELL ? PERRY name AGAIN ? Ahhhhhhhhhhh !
        From link above;
        The head of public relations at Chick-fil-A died Friday morning of an apparent heart attack, according to the company.

        The employee, Donald A. Perry, was the company’s vice president of corporate public relations.

        His death comes as Chick-fil-A finds itself embroiled in a public relations fiasco with the gay community and supporters of same-sex marriage protesting the company because of statements made by company president Dan Cathy.

        Erica M. Martinez, a Chick-fil-A spokeswoman, confirmed the news Friday afternoon in a statement to The Daily Caller.

        Read more:

        • Already gay activists are applauding the man’s death, calling it karma. First of all, he’s the VP of public relations. He’s not the man who made the comments that the gays hate. Thought police. Religious police. NAZIS and FASCISTS. That’s what it’s come to. It’s disgusting. This is what our society has come to, where people wish death on those who simply BELIEVE something. Not act on it. Believing in traditional values does NO HARM to anyone. NONE. But the extreme radical gays will not be happy until they force you to THINK and even BELIEVE what THEY want you to think and believe. It’s not enough that they have tolerance. It’s not enough that Christians say, live and let live. Hate the sin, but love the sinner. NO. They must force you to SUBMIT (like the TALIBAN) and you MUST think, say, believe that it’s NOT a “sin”. They’re “normal”. It’s not going to happen. Never.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      BTW, Mr. Cathy, C.E.O. and founder of Chick Fil-A, spends thousands of dollars a year on scholarships at a college in Georgia for those who profess Christian values, May God continue to bless him and his endeavors. I’m not a fast food eater, but have a sudden craving for Chick Fil- A (never tried it, truth be told, but at the soonest opportunity……

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Oooops. I made this comment yesterday. Must. Have Chick-Fil-A, apparently! 🙂

      • Rosemary, please do go visit Chick-Fil-A. The food is great. Several items to choose from, but my favorite is their original Chick-Fil-A sandwich with waffle fries dipped in BBQ sauce. Yum Yum. They used to have lemon pie that was oh so good, but I think they removed it from the menu and added ice cream. It’s been some time since I’ve been there, but I’m going to start going there again.

        Next these crazies will be going after Hobby Lobby stores. Their owner Mr. Green is a christian man also and he allows his employees to have Sundays off. These are two great men and corporations that actually take a stand against the heathen times that we live in.

        • I agree Kathy. They have the best lemonade in the world, and these sweet little rolls at breakfast with fried chicken inside. I go there in early mornings when I go out for herbs and flowers at our nursery. Do go Rose. I will go there more now as well.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          Thank you Kathy and Renee!

      • Wednesday, August 1, Huckabee is planning an anti-boycott. On Wednesday, Eat Mor Chikin. 🙂 Go to Chick-fil-A to show your support. It’s really good, even if probably a bit fattening. But what isn’t?

  11. Since this is an open thread, I was wondering if you have any information about this article.


    carney doesn’t know if jerusalem or tel aviv is the capital of israel

  13. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Duplicate comment removed.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Sorry for the dupe. Please delete this one. T/Y

    • yep. al quds…
      doesn’t the state department put jerusalem on passports for place of birth, instead of jerusalem, israel, but other cities say israel like tel aviv, israel? am i remembering that story right? so, the position that has never changed is that the obama whitehouse does not recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and in fact does not recognize jerusalem as part of israel…. al quds, palestine?

      • You both just reminded me of that name again…
        Riyad Hassan El-Khoudary – Wikipedia, the free … – Riyad Hassan El-Khoudary – Wikipedia, the free …

        He heads the Education and Higher Education Department of PLO, being a … He is also the Vice President of the Board of Trustees of Al-Quds Open University.

        Caraway, That is Neil Albercrombie’s wife. I am fishing in the sea now with them in research. Something else I need to post. Let me add it too.
        Her, here is that other connection. Married PLO official after Hussein moved on. Muna, another wife, / from the Sutton- Gardiner family and connects to Percy Sutton and Obama’s college help at Harvard.See Arab royals from there.Noor- Lisa, final wife of Hussein is from Dallas, from FAA -Hajeeb-Haliby family.Dina though connects to PLO.

        In 1956, while the Queen was on a holiday in Egypt, King Hussein informed her about his intention to separate from her. They were divorced on 24 June 1957, during a period of strain between Jordan and Egypt,[3] at which time she became known as HRH Princess Dina Abdul-Hamid of Jordan. The ex-Queen was not allowed to see her daughter for some time after the divorce.[1]

        On 7 October 1970, Princess Dina married Lieut-Colonel Asad Sulayman Abd al-Qadir (born 1942), alias Salah Ta’amari, a Palestinian guerrilla commando who became a high-ranking official in the Palestine Liberation Organization. He was imprisoned by the Israelis in 1982.[1] A year later, Princess Dina negotiated one of the largest prisoner exchanges in history—freeing her husband and 8,000 other prisoners

        Who and what and what is the history of Al Quid? – Yahoo! Answers
        Al Qaeda led by Osoma bin Laden along with the Taliban launched world wide attacks against the U.S. culminating in 9/11. In October of 2001 the …

        Cute when that happens no ? Oh Miri, here is another one of those coincidences again…

        And then there is that Percy-Pierce name again…like Percy Sutton ? Muna ?

        • Who and what and what is the history of Al Quid? – Yahoo! Answers

          Al Qaeda led by Osoma bin Laden along with the Taliban launched world wide attacks against the U.S. culminating in 9/11. In October of 2001 the …

  14. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Duplicate deleted.

  15. Diana West:


  16. OT: I’ve read this morning that Hillary signed the UN Small Arms Treaty yesterday. Has anyone else heard this? I also read that 50 senators signed a letter to the administration saying they would not compromise and would not ratify it.

    I’ve heard commentators, including Judge Napolitiano, say that a treaty is in effect until the Senate takes it up. Of course, considering the SCOTUS ruling, Reid v. Covert, neither the Senate nor the executive, alone or together, can sign us up for any treaty or use any international law that supercedes the Constitution, I don’t see how this treaty can carry any force of law at any time, whether the treaty is signed or not. Art. VI cannot and does not amend Art. V.

    If you haven’t already, whether you’re a firearms owner or not, I would again encourage everyone to send to their Senators the selected excerpts of Reid v. Covert that I posted here earlier. I had no doubt Hillary would sign it, but IMO, it’s important that as many people who will let the Senate know that we are aware of that neither they nor the administration has the authority to alter the Constitution by treaty or international law.

    Today it’s 2nd Amendment protections, tomorrow it may be the treaty Arab countries presented to the UN to make it illegal to defame or speak out against Islam or Mohammad. Once we relinquish sovereignty in one area, all others are compromised beyond repair. No matter how someone may feel about guns, if we are willing to take someone else’s unalienable right, we destroy our own. The next one to fall will surely be one we cherish.

    Please take a minute and let your Senators know that neither they nor the administration have the authority. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and they cannot override that by treaty or international law.

    I would also encourage everyone to pass on this SCOTUS ruling to everyone who understands the seriousness of preserving Constitutional protections in all areas of sovereignty.

    One additional thing. Does anyone here post over on Ulsterman? I’ve tried to post this information there when people were discussing this issue, but my posts are never allowed to go through, even though until this issue came up, I have never posted before and have never caused any problems there. I don’t know if it’s subject matter or if my IP just happens to be in blocked range. But if someone is willing to post Reid v. Covert over there, I would appreciate it, as I’m sure the commentators there would as well. Thanks.


      “WASHINGTON – A bipartisan group of 51 senators is threatening to oppose a global treaty regulating international weapons trade if it falls short in protecting the constitutional right to bear arms, as the United Nations bumps up against a Friday deadline for action.

      In a letter to President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the senators expressed serious concerns with the draft treaty that has circulated at the United Nations, saying that it signals an expansion of gun control that would be unacceptable.

      “Our country’s sovereignty and the constitutional protection of these individual freedoms must not be infringed,” they wrote.”
      “Still, experts told that if the Obama administration signs on and the Senate does not expressly reject it, the treaty may later be enforceable in the United States as international “customary law” – absent a successful challenge based on the Constitution.”

    • No, didn’t know that Hillary went ahead and signed it. Senators may oppose it, but if Harry Reid doesn’t bring it up for a vote all will be lost. Harry does the bidding for Obama. Note that Harry hasn’t wanted to follow any of the rules unless it benefits the Democrats i.e., any Budget Proposals passed by the House. Harry and company will also bring up all of the other legislation that they couldn’t get passed if they lose the election and also lose control of the Senate. It will be done during the Lame Duck session.

      We are still under the control of the DemoncRATS whether by Obama’s ability to “Rule” by Executive Order, sign treaties that have a Senate timeline to be opposed, and by Reid’s control of the Senate agenda.

      • Senators may oppose it, but if Harry Reid doesn’t bring it up for a vote all will be lost.

        IMO, the point about the Constitution’s supremacy is that it doesn’t matter if they sign us up or if the senate votes or not, they have no authority under the Constitution to put into place any treaty or international law that contradicts or overrules the Constitution or the people’s unalienable rights. The Constitution does not grant one single right. It charges elected and appointed officials with the protection of the rights of the people and they all took an oath swearing before God and man to do that. What government does not grant, government cannot take away and if they try, they are far beyond a simple violation of the law. Would they not have just attempted to overthrow the legitimate government of this country?

        What concerns me is the media meme that if the treaty is signed, it’s a done deal until the Senate either ratifies it or rejects it. Congress goes on recess in August. If this treaty is held back or does not come up before the recess, then all we need is a big event where the administration and the UN can claim that the treaty is valid, even though it has never been ratified by the Senate. That’s not what the Constitution says. Art. II, Sec. 2, paragraph 2 states: “He (the president) shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur….” IOW, he has no treaty making power without the advice and consent of 2/3 of the Senate. Simply signing a treaty does not make it valid or enforceable. I have never heard anyone even suggest such an abbreviated process makes a treaty enforceable. Think about the nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia. It was never doubted that it was not valid or enforceable until the Senate voted. But now…

        I think we’re being fed a misrepresentation of the treaty process, and possibly, being set up. I don’t know what’s up, but there is just cause to be suspicious when there appears to be a concerted effort to mislead the public. I do know there is no reason to lie unless there is a anticipated benefit. It looks to me as if they want us to believe they can make this treaty valid even though it supercedes the Constitution and even if the Senate doesn’t vote on it. That simply is not true. If something were to happen and the administration and the UN tries to enforce it, there will be neither time nor circumstances that allow legal objections to filter their way up to SCOTUS. I have no doubt that the liars know this.

        The bottom line is that they can’t sign on to or ratify this treaty Constitutionally, legally or by the moral spirit of their elected capacity as oath-sworn public servants and they sure can’t make it enforceable without the consent of the Senate. Yes. I know. But so do we. And the more people that know, the fewer will be deceived, no matter what the media or the federal government says. That’s why I believe it’s imperative that we reiterate this point with the Senate (state legislators too) by way of Reid v. Covert as proof, and remind or educate others so that there is no confusion. They cannot do it and not be guilty of the most heinous crime that can be committed against one’s own country.

      • Two major misconceptions right off the top of my head that have been fed to the public and aren’t in line with the Constitution – the Usurper, and gun laws. There is nothing being spoken from either side knowing that Obama is ineligible – and every single Congressman was notified time and again (remember the pink slips?). Libya and Obama’s act of war did have some congress people calling for Obama to be removed from office although those were laws put in place by Congress. But the ones that the Left is trying so hard to get are those that oppose and disregard the 2nd amendment. Immigration laws are misinterpreted as are citizenship rules and aren’t to be enforced because the Lefties don’t like them.

        The Constitution doesn’t matter – remember Obama and his ilk believe it is a flawed document because it doesn’t meet their criteria. Laws and rules that the Left doesn’t like aren’t to be followed so they will do anything and propagandize anything to make it sound correct even if way off the mark. That is intentional and planned.

        They are, by stealth measure attempting to undermine our rights as citizens and replace anything they can with their versions. Consider Obamacare – socialized medicine, where not one vote was cast by Republicans – and the majority of citizens said no we don’t want your vision Obama – yet it passed.

        I don’t know what you think they have been doing if not overthrowing our government in all that they are doing. We can’t count on the vote because the machines are rigged and the vote is being counted in another country. The monies sent to the government are being stolen and given to lefties for businesses that go bankrupt within months not years and to foreign countries known not to be allies. They are dissing allies and cozying up to countries once known as enemies. Obama makes remarks meant for a communist leader to hear (Putin) and reaches out to the Muslims overseas right after taking office. If it is American normal and traditional – Obama and his minions are against it.

        • I don’t know what you think they have been doing if not overthrowing our government in all that they are doing.

          I agree, Bridgette. That’s why I said at the end of my post that “Yes, I know.” I knew what people would be thinking, since I agree that it’s obvious that Congress has been complicit or actively engaged in allowing the current administration to carry on its merry way trampling the Constitution. I also realize they aren’t the first, merely the most blatant and the one to bring about the final ‘change’.

          However, I will not go down without pointing to chapter and verse about how they are destroying not only my unalienable rights, but their own as well. Looks like those who know better, but remain in silence for fear, will eventually have to decide which fear is stronger–the fear of speaking out, for whatever reason, or the fear of the personal destruction that will come when they are no longer needed for the facade. History does repeat itself, in one form or another, and the silent play-along-to-get-along crowd, who may or may not have their own secrets levied against them, will be among the first to be permanently removed. Not by the people who want them to uphold the Constitution–we won’t have the chance–but by the very people they aided and abetted by remaining silent. And I want them to know that I know. I want them to know that the majority of the people know, that we did not fall for the lies and misrepresentations and that we will not surrender in the same cowardly fashion that they did. We’re armed, first and foremost, with the truth.

          We may have some chance with the state legislatures finally rallying, but then again, we may not. I feel the same about them as I do Congress. I expect nothing but what we’ve gotten from the administration. I still believe that we must all teach and preach the truth about the Constitution and explain to anyone who will listen that if a government will overthrow its own Rule of Law, they will sacrifice anyone and anything to accomplish their goals. But this I do know and I have never doubted for one single second, no matter how overwhelming the Constitutional assaults become and no matter what war they may levy against us, we will win. How do I know this? I know that this because this assurance does not come from within me. I also know that we have to do a lot of heavy lifting between now and then, with education of our fellow citizens being a priority at this point. I know we have to do everything we can to avoid the worst, to warn them, but to be honest, I don’t think we can stop this runaway train. However, the moral high ground must remain ours. We don’t have to start a thing and shouldn’t. They’ll do it and they’ll try to do by stealth. I don’t look forward it, because I believe it will be horrific beyond anything we have ever seen on these shores, but we will win.

          I want ‘them’ to know. And most of all, I want the people to never doubt that, as long as they stay within the light of Constitutional truth and equal justice, even where our enemies are concerned, they are in the right. And if anyone is so inclined, pray and seek the Lord’s guidance. I also believe that if we are with Him, no one can prevail against us.

          Thanks, Bridgette. I appreciate your response. Like Mr. Franklin said, “We must all hang together or we will surely hang separately.” I’m in this with you.

          • Today I read that Barry, just like with the Dream Act and border enforcement (or lack thereof), is saying that they’re not proposing more gun legislation “this year” but, he says, there are “other things” they can do. What? Unilateral gun control? Executive orders? Trying to control ammo, like the way the Dems are trying to sneak Ammo Control into the cybersecurity bill? It’s the same language: There’s a “stalemate” in Congress. There’s “other things we can do.” Yes, another end run around the laws and the Constitution. It’s just a matter of time until we hear the refrain “We can’t wait.” Which he thinks is his excuse to just act like a dictator. They say the talks are down to the wire; they end at midnight NYC time tonight. If Hill the complicit signs it, it will be like the typical Friday night document dump. Don’t look here–look over there! Watch that Olympic Ceremony. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

          • Us speaking out means truth will prevail. Us as in U.S. as in UNITED STATES. If nothing else, I believe in my heart we need someone just exactly like McCarthy at this point. I was hoping that Peter King would be the one since he was taking on the Muslims investigation initially, but it was not to be. Next one through the gate was Michelle Bachman, but she again, is looking at the Muslim infiltration of government. She has a steel backbone compared to the other 500 wimps we endure. Allan West started to take on the communists and socialists in the Black Caucus but stopped short, really short. May others find their courage and bravery to stand up to the leftist media paid for by laying down with the enemy and stomping upon our flag and constitution Soros and his ilk are the enemies of the US. I want all of the radical leftists and those that were to cowardly to stand up for moral principles to be put in prison to rot.

    • Hi, I have tried to post over there for some time. As far as I know I always post within the rules. My comments are always under moderation and I just realized yesterday that I am the only one that can see them. I don’t know what is up with this. Appears to be an exclusive club LOL. Who knows.

      • This was supposed to post under the question about posting at UM. Don’t know how it ended up here where it did. Oh, well.

  17. This is totally infuriating. The message is NOT Getting out about NBC to those that need to know!! From Liberty News – “Grassfire Nation, our parent company and one of the largest networks of conservatives with more than 1.8 million members.”

    Majority of Tea Party Selects Marco Rubio as VP according to a poll done by Grassfire Nation. A total of 54,523 responded.

    Q) Do you consider yourself to be part of the Tea Party movement?
    1) YES, in that I identify closely with the ideals of liberty and limited government – 40,577, or 73.9%

    Q) From the following choices, name the individual you would most like to see Mitt Romney choose as his vice-presidential running mate:

    1. Marco Rubio – 36.6% [UNQUALIFIED!!! – NOT NBC!]
    2. Allen West- 23.4%
    3. Condoleezza Rice – 18.2%

    • How many of those who CLAIM to “consider” themselves to be Tea Partiers actually ARE and are NOT obots? They stack the deck of all these online polls. They have their networks to get the word out, surreptitiously, and then they astroturf the results. It’s of a piece with how we ended up with McLame last time, because so many DemoncRATS voted in the Republican primaries. How did they ensure the integrity of the poll? I’ll bet that a good number of obots actually JOIN these conservative organizations, just so they can spy and rig polls. Infiltrators. MARCO RUBIO IS NOT QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT. HE IS INELIGIBLE.

  18. We need more like Mike Kelly who thinks and uses common sense!

    Representative Mike Kelly, (R – PA) speaking on the House floor July 26th, managed something very rare in the history of the institution – he got a standing ovation. Applause is usually forbidden in the house, but Kelly‘s blistering attack on regulatory red tape and Washington’s culture of control was apparently so powerful that several of his fellow house members couldn’t resist showing their support, clapping, standing up and shouting “USA! USA! USA!”

  19. Time for those late, late term abortion (partial birth abortions) videos to come out to show what Obama, Margaret Sanger, and Hillary’s real visions are and what Planned Parenthood is all about! Hit them with Eugenics information and the genocidal plans for the black race worldwide according to Their vision for America and the world. Contraception denied – really? What woman can’t take responsibility for her own sexuality? Even the prostitutes do!
    Obama Campaign is bringing back THEIR WAR on Women. New ad says it is a “scary time” to be a woman! Uses lies attributed to Romney’s views. Insidious! Ridiculous! It is running in Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, Nevada and Ohio, according to the Washington Post, and will begin airing in Colorado on Monday.

    • A poll today has Romney up BY 5 POINTS. If they report that, it’s probably a much larger margin than that. Romney needs to HAMMER THIS MESSAGE:


      “What’s the difference between a calm and cool Barack Obama, and a rattled and worried Barack Obama? Four words, it turns out.

      You didn’t build that” is swelling to such heights that it has the president somewhere unprecedented: on defense. Mr. Obama has felt compelled—for the first time in this campaign—to cut an ad in which he directly responds to the criticisms of his now-infamous speech, complaining his opponents took his words “out of context.””

      It wasn’t out of context. The story says that the Romney response, which includes the “context” has even more devastating comments: “the president also put down those who think they are “smarter” or “work harder” than others. Witness the first president to demean the bedrock American beliefs in industriousness and exceptionalism. The “context” only makes it worse.”

  20. Outrageous. Even the new so-called criteria for the amnesty for “Dreamers” have no enforcement provisions. They are to let the person go based only upon their statement that they went to high school or have a GED. Testimony by current officials. Case of a person released as a “Dreamer” instead of him being charged with crimes he should have been charged with. Top immigration guys say it’s NOT TRUE when Big Sis Naps claims the border is safer than ever. This is great. Of course, it happened yesterday and there’s “crickets” in the media. Too busy looking for Romney “gaffes”.

    Just MORE LIES. Obama announced his new “dreamer amnesty” and completely LIED about the so-called standards they’d have to meet. They are letting EVERY illegal claim he’s a “dreamer”. It’s a freaking nightmare that HAS TO END. TY, Mr. Sessions.


    Chick Fil a public relations manager, been with company for 29 years died suddenly this morningl cause of death not yet reported, but may have suffered a heart attack.

    • I know Elle…what do YOU think ? It is the PERRY* name I am now working on w/ PECK*…again and again Elle, same names…too many coincidences..

  22. How can the Jews still support Obama? Do they only listen to his empty words and not acknowledge his actions? Bibi knows so do the Israeli’s – the last poll I saw only 4% of the Israeli’s trust or like Obama – that means 96% are against him. Who is feeding the propaganda to the Jewish people in the US? Do they honestly think they are safe from this group just by living in the US? This is only the beginning if the Usurper keeps his job. Whoever is making this video should make it personal as to how it will affect them in the US and not just their relatives or friends in Israel. The anti-Semetic meme is being preached by “friends” of this administration – the Muslims, [CAIR], and the Nation of Islam – Screwy Louie!

    Jewish Group Releases Powerful Anti-Obama Ad: “He’s Going to Place Israel in Position Where They’re in Danger” (Video) [He has done that already!]
    Jim Hoft on Friday, July 27, 2012 Snip

    The far left Washington Post reported:

    The Republican Jewish Coalition is launching a $6.5 million campaign to convince Jewish voters — among the most loyal segments of the Democratic coalition — that it is okay to vote against President Obama because of his stand on Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian issue. The campaign is aimed at key Jewish areas in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, where the RNC hopes to swing just enough votes to tip those states in Mitt Romney’s electoral vote column.

  23. Aren’t we just starting to see the evil ads from the Left! Astounding. It is the Left that wants excessive population control and are financed in their efforts with citizen taxes and by the likes of the infamous Bill and Melinda Gates! Yet they dare to compare Republicans to Stalin when it is the Left who put the the death panels into Obamacare and still LIE to say rationing won’t occur and that bureaucrats won’t decide if you live or die! BS on all of them!
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Republicans Who Oppose Obamacare Are Like Stalin… Want People to “Die Needlessly”
    July 27, 2012 Snip

    A new low for the Post-Disgrace…The St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board published a piece this morning on the Obamatax. If you are against it you are like Josef Stalin and “Want to allow people to be sick and die needlessly.”

    • Have you noticed that they are parroting back everything that’s said about Obama? They know Kengor’s new book points out that Obama’s MENTOR Frank Marshall Davis was not only a commie, he was a STALINIST. In addition, just yesterday, I heard a clip of some obot saying that Romney is a “hidden” man. That we don’t know “who he is.” What do you think that’s all about?

      They are like a bunch of juveniles. It’s like kids arguing: “He did it first.” “No, he did it first.” They think that by jumping in front and making these accusations before Romney’s supporters make them about Obama, or by making the same claims against Romney (no matter how non-applicable), they will defuse the allegations. That they will reduce them in people’s minds as just campaign rhetoric. Hyperbole. When in Obama’s case, the ALLEGATIONS ARE TRUE.


      That CBO report is just another lie by the Obama administration. It’s laughable. If you read between the lines, the “savings” that Obamacare will see come FROM THE SCOTUS RULING THAT SAYS THAT THE STATES DON’T HAVE TO EXPAND MEDICAID. So, in other words, Obamacare won’t be as expensive only because the SCOTUS allowed the states to opt out so that the Feds won’t have to match the funds to expand Medicaid to the middle class!

      Obamacare and Obama are like Stalin because of the DEATH PANELS THAT WILL ENSURE THAT MANY, MANY DIE. They will be the “statistics.” But I’m sure Obama’s administration won’t be counting THOSE statistics. Or if they do, they will consider the murdered-via-rationing to be people who were “blessed” with a “peaceful death”.

      See how totally crass, hypocritical, and evil they are? Obamacare rationing and death panels will be instituted because it’s implicit in the whole damned thing that they will WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT let people be denied life-saving treatment SOLELY BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO OLD AND NOT WORTH SPENDING THE MONEY ON. The elderly and disabled (those considered not capable of “contributing” enough to society to make caring for them worth the cost) will far exceed in numbers the 17,000 this writer claims will be “killed” if Medicaid isn’t expanded.

      • I did hear several lefty commentators say that no one knows who Romney is and that he is an unknown. The ethical know him and of him. He isn’t of the ilk like Obama’s pals and his felonious friends like Rezko. Romney wouldn’t stoop to their criminal level. Romney has more class in his little pinky than all of the Obama family put together (whoever they are) and runneth over! The classless, despicable belong to the Left now – that is their constituency.

        • It’s ridiculous. I commented about it here before, when I heard them say the same thing. It must be on the JournOlist talking points. How can Romney be an unknown? He’s been in the public eye since his father was a governor. He himself was a governor. He saved those Olympics. It’s stupid to say he’s an unknown, but they will say it anyway. It doesn’t matter what’s true. You can see how ridiculous they are when they tell us that Obama didn’t say what he DID most certainly say and then, in the same ad that’s supposed to be proving he didn’t say it, they play the clip of him SAYING IT! They are either so far gone, like Jim Jones’s juice-drinkers, OR they REALLY do think we’re completely stupid.

          • I can’t stand Obummer, but I don’t feel that we KNOW the real Romney either. After all the corrupt stuff we have discovered…..Both sides….The entire CONGRESS, I don’t really believe any of them. Romney had an assult weapons ban in MA. He installed ROMNEY CARE in MA. He was at the Bilderburger meetings. He IS hideing his income tax returns. He was heavily envolved in outsourcing AMERICAN JOBS. After the stuff we’ve seen with Obama, I won’t believe that ROMNEY is a NBC unless he shows us all the proof including his parents records. I want a real investigation into both Romney and Obama. We know as a MORMAN that he denies JESUS as THE CHRIST. I know this may sound crazy, but for all we know, he could be the antichrist, a wolf in sheeps clothing.

            Sadly, again this year, I don’t feel I have a candidate I can support. I’ll be voting for who I percieve as the lessor evil. In the GHWB NEW WORLD ORDER corrupt enviornment we now have in our Congress and courts the American people better get on their knees and PRAY!

            • One thing we know about Romney: He’s better than Obama. Another thing: He’s an American who LOVES this country and its traditions. Another thing: He published his tax returns, just not as many as Barry wants. When Barry releases the past 23 tax returns from when he first ran for president, then he has a leg to stand on to ask Romney to do the same. If I ask you to publish your tax returns (even just one year’s) on this blog and you refuse, are you “hiding” them? Romney is without a doubt a NBC. Both of his parents were citizens when he was born IN THE USA. As a Mormon, like everyone in America, Romney has the constitutional right to believe whatever he wants to believe in his religion. I don’t know the tenets of the Mormon religion and personally, I don’t care. Everything I do know about Mormons, all the Mormons I have known in my life–they are GOOD PEOPLE of good will. I disagree with the tenets of many religions. What about Buddhists? Are they ineligible to be president because they sort of don’t even believe in any supreme being? We have ATHEISTS at the highest level of our country right now. People who love Chairman Mao and Stalin. Anybody “could be” the antichrist.

          • Does anyone here know if it’s possible to have a campaign for a write-in candidate for a national presidential election? Does each have their own rules for this, or is this possible at a national level? I know it’s late in the game, but I think most people are like me and will be holding their nose when they enter the voting both in this election. WE THE PEOPLE need to have our candidate, not candidates that the elites have chosen for us. We are being setup. Obama would never have won the election, if he had been running against a real candidate. AND Romney would not have a chance in HELL of being elected against anyone but an Obama. By using the internet and networking with Christian churchs and the Tea Party, I believe we could successfully promote a candidate chosen by WE THE PEOPLE and anoited by GOD.

            This election has so much riding on it for the American people. Here are just a few verses that I think we should be following. I feel like we should be putting on the armor of God and singing Onward Christian Solders. There is a spiritual battle going on for the Soul of our Nation. We are sinners and have fallen far away from the Lord, but I know he still loves us.

            Matthew 18:20
            “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”
            Matthew 18:19
            Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.
            Philippians 4:13
            “I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me”
            Philippians 4:6
            “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God”

            All I ask is that you think about what I have said. I am very ill, but many of you have great talents that could be used for the glory of God. Christiananity truly is the Religion of Peace if following Jesus Christ. God commands us to “Love one another”. I’m asking us to come together, out of Gods great love, to restore The United States of America.

            • You shouldn’t even bother to vote for a write in. You may as well stay home. A vote for anybody but Romney (sad to say) IS A VOTE FOR OBAMA. Those are the choices. Romney or Obama. At least ROMNEY ISN’T A COMMUNIST.

              We need to get hold of the Congress. Vote for anybody for Congress but the complicit obots (Republican, DemoncRAT, or Independent). When we have Congress, we have more power. It’s especially important to get the Senate, where treaties are voted on, Supreme Court nominees are vetted, and presidents are IMPEACHED by trial. There’s no use the House calling for impeachment when the Senate is controlled by Reid. Obama, by ignoring the laws of this country and behaving like a dictator, should be impeached. But it’s useless to do it now, when the Senate is in DemoncRAT hands.

          • A wright-in-campaign might force them to manually count each and every vote, eliminating some of the electronic voter fraud.

      • If I was running for any kind of public office, I would gladly release my tax returns. I beleive that it should be a REQUIREMENT for any public position. We need to STOP the croney influences and corruption in our government. This would only be a start, but it would be a start. The elites and one worlders have picked our candidates for too long. It’s up to us to save this country.

        Sadly, I believe both men have been put in the places they are by evil forces. This country was founded of Judeo Christian principals. Without a moral society we will FAIL. I’m afraid, it may already be too late. WAKE UP AMERICA!

        • The thing is, Romney did release his tax records. They didn’t find anything “wrong” there that they could use to pummel him with, so now they’re asking for more. Obama didn’t release ANY tax records before he ran for the Senate that would explain: What name he used 23 years prior to 2008; what citizenship he claimed; what social security number he used; what loans he took out for college, if any, and for how much and from whom, etc. He didn’t release as many as George Romney did, so he’s using a double standard, as are the media. IRS is under the control of Obama. Do you really believe (after Linda Trip, Jack Ryan, Blair Hull, Wikileaks, and the national security leaks) that IF there was anything in those records that would damage Romney, they wouldn’t have already been “leaked” to complicit lamestream? (Of course, they may be setting something up and already have the forged records prepared for an October surprise, like the GWB national guard “records”.) NO LAW says ANY candidate has to release their tax returns. Until there is, it’s not fair to hold one candidate to some arbitrary standard and give the other a pass.

          • Let us not forget that Obama’s tax return showed up with a Social Security number that he pilfered and is now using. Where are the questions about that by the Lame Stream Media? They have had years to vet Romney and haven’t come up with anything rotten yet… that must tick them off royally. So instead they have to make things up or invent them only to be proven wrong. How lame was that 5 page spread on Mitt cutting off some guys hair when in prep school – and they tried to turn that into a gay bashing.

            Yet they still haven’t investigated the Rezko affair and Obama not paying taxes on certain parcels, and his not owning the property that he purports to own. Yet on his tax returns it says he paid taxes but to whom? You would certainly think that the government in Illinois would show payments by him for that property and it doesn’t. Why would someone have to buy the property for Obama in the first place? No documents perhaps to prove who he is?

            • Oh, I don’t forget it. That’s why I pointed out the Obama criterion. HIS OWN RULES.

              Romney, because his father George released 12 years of tax returns when he first ran for president and because Obama thinks Romney ought to release his records from Bain, should release the last 23 years of tax returns. BY THE SAME OBAMA STANDARD, DESIGNED BY OBAMA, BARRY OWES US HIS TAX RETURNS FROM 1985 TO 2000. I’d be satisfied with that.

              Then we’d see some of his tax returns from when he was in college, after he married, before he was a state senator and before he was a U.S. senator. We’d see what SS# he used in the ’80s. We’d see if he reported those grants, scholarships, and/or loans. We’d see the amounts, wouldn’t we? How much interest he paid, if any. When he really paid them off, if he even had them in the first place. Already that American Thinker article reports possible problem with failure to report some income on the records that he did release.

              Raise your hand if you think Jesse Jackson Jr. is hiding out at the Mayo Clinic in order to avoid the House Ethics committee investigation. Me, me, me! It was either that or …

  24. When your network is in the tank, the best thing to do is resign. The Communist Network (CNN) is losing its president! Been there 30 years and proud of what it has become are you Jim? What will they become now? Who will the owner hire this time around? (Is Ted Turner, the radical, still the major owner?) He resigned or was he fired, now really? Darn we won’t know until year end whether they go left or right… doesn’t it depend upon the election? They USed to be a dependable, trustworthy network until they bellied up to the radicals. Now if we could get some more resignations from the other leftist networks including the biased anchors and the journolist/cabal members.

    Breaking: CNN’s Jim Walton Resigns
    July 27, 2012

    CNN President Jim Walton, who has been with the company for 30 years, has announced that he’s resigning. He will remain with the network until the end of the year. “CNN needs new thinking,” Walton wrote in a note to staff this morning. “I have interests to explore, I need to give myself time to do [them].”
    [No kidding, they need new thinking!] “That starts with a new leader who brings a different perspective, different experiences and a new plan, one who will build on our great foundation and will commit to seeing it through. ”

    • Don’t let the door …

    • Another Awwwww…More good Lefty news. Didn’t the NY Times want one of Obama’s bail outs? They have been without a leader for almost a year….a year to find a new CEO? That isn’t saying much for the Board members is it? For a newspaper that used to have the premier spot among media, they are now just a leftist rag. I’d get better information from the Globe or from WTPOTUS!
      July 26, 2012
      New York Times Co. Posts $88 Million Loss, Citing Write-Down
      Advertising revenue at the company’s News Media Group, which includes The Times, The International Herald Tribune and The Boston Globe, fell 6.6 percent, to $220 million.
      The Times Company continues to search for a new chief executive to succeed Janet L. Robinson, who left the company late last year after Mr. Sulzberger decided a leadership change was necessary.

  25. She is an American! Americans don’t have a reluctance to lead, Americans don’t have an American leader who promotes the United States! We have a usurper who apologizes for our power, values, and traditions. Real Americans will rally behind a bona fied and constitutionally qualified leader. Bank on it!

    US must recall it is not just any country
    July 26, 2012 8:37 pm
    By Condoleezza Rice — Snip

    In this young century, the 9/11 attacks, the global financial crisis and the unrest in the Arab world have struck at the heart of vital US interests. If Americans want the tectonic plates of the international system to settle in a way that makes the world safer, freer and more prosperous, the US must overcome its reluctance to lead. We will have to stand up for and promote the power and promise of free markets and free peoples, and affirm that American pre-eminence safeguards rather than impedes global progress.
    The American people have to be inspired to lead again. They need to be reminded that the US is not just any other country: we are exceptional in the clarity of our conviction that free markets and free peoples hold the key to the future, and in our willingness to act on those beliefs. Failure to do so would leave a vacuum, likely filled by those who will not champion a balance of power that favours freedom. That would be a tragedy for American interests and values and those who share them.

    • interesting that she talks about overcoming “reluctance to lead.” Maybe she’s not just talking about America under Obama, but about herself. she has never aspired to elected office, preferring to retreat to her private life in palo alto. she is very tough, very articulate, and brilliant, literally a genius. could you imagine her against Biden in the debates! he would look like even more of a dufus!
      Romney’s made his pick i think, so the pick knows who they are….who else is out making speeches?
      the pick can’t be another boring white guy! a la portman, pawlenty. that leaves west, rice, rubio, who else?
      Allen West would obviously be awesome,
      i like Rubio despite the NBC issue – i mean he’s a real patriot and you know there might be a caveat in immigration law. i have been doing a lot of research in it lately, but for something unrelated so not exactly on point, but there are a few caveats where children are given citizenship as if they had it since birth and since he was born in U.S., arguably that would make him a NBC. i seem to recall that it may apply to the child of parents who are both naturalized (after the child’s birth). if the child is under a certain age, oh, i can’t remember! it gets very complicated, most laws are the ones at time of birth, but some are retroactive, and there are all sorts of different rules for every circumstance under the sun.

  26. I couldn’t sleep….just found this on FR. Has the Tribulation begun????

    Sackcloth&Ashes Obama CONFIRMS COVENANTonTISHA B’Av The 9th of Av A day of CALAMITY!*/index

    • Obama wants to underscore “our” unshakeable alliance with Israel just as his opponent, Mitt Romney, is visiting Israel to speak with Bibi. Obama has shone his real side to Israel through his inaction and his siding with Palestine. Obama wanted Israel to give up their land to an uncompromising Palestine and go back to agreements made long ago. Obama hasn’t sided with Israel only for Photo ops. It was perfectly clear when Bibi took the challenge and spoke to our Congressional leaders. Bibi was a true leader and the differences in statesmanship were in sharp contrast to the usurper. Bibi acknowledged his country’s plight amid dangerous enemies and his dependence on the goodwill of the US. The prime minister stands strong for his country while the usurping guy who has a power position does everything to undermine our nation through executive orders, denying the constitution and our laws.

      It is therefore interesting that just prior to Romney’s visit to Israel that Obama not only signs what is called an agreement that the puppets of propaganda – the Associated Press – are printing stories like the following to further smear Israel. Although we know not if the following accusations are true – given the normal actions of this administration, I wouldn’t blame them one bit for not trusting the people that are in power in the US.

      One should read the entire article for its full impact. Naturally, those that speak are anonymous.

      • US sees Israel, tight Mideast ally, as spy threat!
        Associated Press
        Jul 28, 11:29 AM EDT Snips

        WASHINGTON (AP) — The CIA station chief opened the locked box containing the sensitive equipment he used from his home in Tel Aviv, Israel, to communicate with CIA headquarters in Virginia, only to find that someone had tampered with it. He sent word to his superiors about the break-in.
        Such meddling underscores what is widely known but rarely discussed outside intelligence circles: Despite inarguable ties between the U.S. and its closest ally in the Middle East and despite statements from U.S. politicians trumpeting the friendship, U.S. national security officials consider Israel to be, at times, a frustrating ally and a genuine counterintelligence threat.
        The CIA considers Israel its No. 1 counterintelligence threat in the agency’s Near East Division, the group that oversees spying across the Middle East, according to current and former officials. Counterintelligence is the art of protecting national secrets from spies. This means the CIA believes that U.S. national secrets are safer from other Middle Eastern governments than from Israel.
        The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to talk publicly about the sensitive intelligence and diplomatic issues between the two countries.
        Just on Friday, Obama said he was releasing an additional $70 million in military aid, a previously announced move that appeared timed to upstage Romney’s trip, and he spoke of America’s “unshakable commitment to Israel.”

        • I read that article in the paper this morning and immediately KNEW that it was designed to make Israel look bad so they can “justify” Barry’s attitude towards Israel. His sudden concern about Israel is like his sudden and TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE love for the Second Amendment. He will LIE and say ANYTHING that the polls tell him to say to FOOL ANYONE WHO’S STUPID ENOUGH TO BELIEVE HIM AND VOTE FOR HIM IN NOVEMBER. Then, like last time, he WILL do as he pleases and to hell with whatever he said before. He’s already said that there will be no legislation for gun control, but there are “things we can do.” There it is again: CIA speaking on “condition of anonymity” (which means, with the complicit lamestream that they may not even exist. With their “vetting” how do THEY even know these are CIA officials?)


    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      My husband and son saw Dark Night Rises and both agree it’s an anti communist, conservative move. Additionally, the London Olympic committee refused to honor those 11 Israeli Olympians who were murdered at the Munich Olympics in 1972. So that the 2012 Olympics are pro Israel…..that would be a resounding NO!

      We believers all know our resident has been written of in the Bible as has the United States (Read Revelations 12 and 13) . What we don’t know is which role he plays. A beast? The statue spoken of in The Book of Daniel, comprised of different material with feet of clay, or…..The One.

      • I find it hard to swallow that this is just a coincidence that this movie was chosen for that attack. Have you heard about all the bomb threats against Walmart over this weekend? There have been eleven reported, so far. The progressives hate Walmart. This seems orchestrated, but one has to wonder how much effort will be put into finding the culprits and connecting the dots.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          I was just speaking of this tonight, Miri (not Wal Mart though. Interesting!) Chip, chip, chipping away in an attempt to further traumatize a nation which has been terrorized by its own government since 9/11 (Homeland Security anyone? A few months back, one of my children was standing on line to board a plane. A muslim family was in front of him. Guess who was chosen to be “inspected?) Fly the unfriendly skies. Besides, unless you fly first class, flying is now like taking a bus. If anyone saw the short lived show, Pan Am, it showed how flying was once an “event”; something people dressed for. Now, well- let’s just say it’s gone the way of the American culture: crass and common.

          • well it’s still somewhat of an event! Like a major event that you prepare for hours in advance , only now people should just line up naked,no dressing required.

  27. And this from Fellowship of Minds……

    What First Amendment?

  28. Lawrence Sellin:

    “Exposing Obama would reveal the depth of US Government corruption”

    “It is not now politically advantageous for either the Democrat or the Republican Party to tell the truth about Barack Obama; that he is an illegal President and very likely a felon, who has a forged birth certificate, a forged Selective Service registration and is using a Social Security Number not issued to him.

    Both parties are steadfastly protecting Obama to protect their investment in the corrupt political status quo.

    Both Democrats and Republican recognize that exposing Obama will lead to a bloodbath of revelations about their complicity to undermine the Constitution and flout the rule of law, which would jeopardize their comfortable lifestyles. The truth would generate genuine outrage among the American people.”
    “Ret.Col. Lawrence Sellin Explains Why Barack Obama Is Not In Jail”
    Published on July 28


    Rubio’s plane makes emergency landing.
    h/t drudge

    • This is his tweet for the link above. Not one but two planes!

      Marco Rubio ✔

      Not one, but two planes I was on today had malfunctions.Second one forced to make emergency landing in New Mexico.I know how to take a hint!

  30. This also from Drudge. LOOK at all the empty seats. Were the elites given advance warning not to show???? Remember ATF, OKC!!!

    London 2012 Olympics: Empty seats on the opening day prompts investigation

    An investigation has been launched by the London 2012 organisers Locog after banks of empty seats were evident in multiple sporting venues on the opening day of the Games.

  31. This guy is not helping the cause. I think we looked into his background affiliation previously. He is mixing several issues together that make no sense. No doubt the Lefties will tie him to the birthers.

    Juneau [Alaska] man sues for President’s birth records
    July 25, 2012 8:33 pm Snips

    Juneau man is still trying to get President Barack Obama to produce documents showing that he’s qualified to appear as a candidate on the November general election ballot. This time, he’s filed a lawsuit to force the state Division of Elections to produce the documents.

    Gordon Warren Epperly earlier this year filed an objection with the Division because he believed that Obama, as a child of a mixed marriage, did not have the political right to hold federal office. Epperly says that the “purported” ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment only allowed for civil rights for those that he calls Negros or Mulattos. The Division turned down the challenge, saying that they do not have jurisdiction or governance over selection of national candidates.

    Epperly is acting as his own attorney and has now filed suit in Juneau Superior Court in what may be the first claim of presidential eligibility ever litigated in Alaska. Epperly says Obama’s status as a citizen is unknown and he was unlawfully inaugurated as President of the United States. Epperly claims that, by assuming office, Obama has committed the crime of advocating the overthrow of the United States government. Epperly also questions the qualifications of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to run for federal office. Pelosi, Epperly believes, has no inherent right of birth as a citizen because she is a woman.

    Epperly has sued Obama, Pelosi, Division of Elections director Gail Fenumiai and her supervisor, Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell.

    Previous information when his suit first appears and the leftist blogs carried the “news.”


    Just an old article I ran across again today. Seems they went to efforts to disappear it from where it first appeared, so I tracked it down again. Some interesting testimony from an interview with someone, Nina Nayar, who was very close to SAD right before she died, between 1993 and 1995 (allegedly).

    “After her divorce she married Lolo Soetoro, who was a royal from Central Java. They had a daughter, Maya. Barack and Maya were raised in a traditional royal environment in Jog-jakarta.” (Not a direct quote.)



    Jack Cashill writes about the hateful tricks obots use to diss books that conservatives write. It’s about the book he co-wrote with LTC Lakin and how obots on the book review pages lie about the contents of the book, to discourage people from buying it. They use the same talking points that they’ve ever done. It’s not enough for them that the man’s life is ruined simply because Obama would not produce the supposed “real and authentic” birth certificate and instead consigned LTC Lakin to PRISON. Not only does he have to submit, he has to do it willingly and keep his mouth shut. They MUST destroy him totally for the crime of daring to oppose “The One”.

    • “In ”Leading From Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him,“ Richard Miniter writes that Obama canceled the “kill” [Osama Bin Laden] mission in January 2011, again in February, and a third time in March. Obama’s close adviser Valerie Jarrett persuaded him to hold off each time, according to the book.

      Obama administration officials also said after the raid that the president had delayed giving the order to kill the arch-terrorist the day before the operation was carried out, in what turned out to be his fourth moment of indecision. At the time, the White House blamed the delay on unfavorable weather conditions near bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

      But when Miniter obtained that day’s weather reports from the U.S. Air Force Combat Meteorological Center, he said, they showed ideal conditions for the SEALs to carry out their orders.

      “President Obama’s greatest success was actually his greatest failure,” Miniter told The Daily Caller Friday. ”Leading From Behind,“ he said, traces the arc of six key Obama administration decisions, and shows how the president made them — and, often, failed to make them.”

      • I’m suspicious of the opinionating that props up Hillary as the most adamant decider there, for going after OBL. Sounds like propaganda to me. Positioning her for the future? SHE’S COMPLICIT. SHE’S NO BETTER THAN OBAMA. After reading that this site threatened to sue freepers, I look at their storiesa with a grain of salt.

        • well, the original story from his white house insider came out immediately after news broke, same night i think, and it actually pointed to Panetta as the real hero behind the operation because he snookered Obama and Jarett after they canceled the bombing mission by getting the okay for a ground mission. Jarrett thought it would buy her more time because it would take months to plan and get a unit trained up. Unbeknownst to Jarrett, Panetta already got the mission going and Team Six trained up months beforehand, so he called her bluff. they were gonna go but made the mistake of telling BO beforehand and jarrett got wind and aborted (the “bad weather”). the second go around Panetta didn’t inform Bo until it was too late to abort it. That’s when he was dragged off the golf course. From the Insider it at least it was squarely in Panetta’s lap and he would take the fall if it went badly, but Hillary and Gates said they were with him. I used to think it was just a journalist using a creative tool, but after a year of reading extremely accurate predictions, I decided it’s for real.

          • I remember that and it’s even as if in that WH Insider story, they eventually circle back to praising Panetta and Petraeus, but there’s still the gushing over Hillary.

  34. I just want to apologize for the misinformation regarding the Small Arms Treaty. My source is generally pretty good, but this time, it was premature in reporting Hillary had signed it.

    The treaty is not dead, by any means, nor is the one presented to the UN by Arab countries to ban derogatory religious speech, which translates as forbid-anyone-from-speaking-ill-of-Islam treaty. I don’t think there is much chance that Islamists will stop beheading and converting infidels at the point of a sword. Shariah law supercedes all other laws, as does the Constitution. I’ll take the Constitution, thank you very much.

    Still, the discussion was good and I still believe the bottom line remains that we all have to keep countering the media’s mantra that Art. VI (and ignoring Art. 2) gives the executive the authority to put into place any treaty they want (ignoring the supremacy of the Constitution) and make it enforceable until the Senate votes. That’s simply not true. So when I hear people repeat these misrepresentation, I tell them why that’s not true, with legitimate resources as my proof.

    We may not stop this renegade administration from trying or from implementing illegal usurpations of power or get Congress to uphold their oath, but we don’t have to believe their lies. I want to make sure as many people as I can reach simply know the truth. A lie repeated ‘often enough’ is still a lie.

    Thanks, guys.

  35. Here we ago again………….Another unprovable narrative….Who’s DNA did they use??? Do they have Ann’s???? CBS was reporting on this this morning.

    President Obama decends from the first Arfican enslaved for life in America

    • It is completely ridiculous and another distraction. They say they did use DNA. They claim it proves that SAD was also descended from at least one “black” person–John Punch who was not a slave but an indentured servant who tried to escape his servitude (which is like breaking a contract) and was punished by a life term as an indentured servant. Later in the article, they claim the Y-chromosome confirmed that he was of African descent. However, note this: SAD would not HAVE a Y-chromosome and Obama’s would come from his alleged father, who would have no relationship to John Punch. Therefore, whose DNA did they use? They laughably call John Punch and Obama the most “historically significant African-Americans.” I would say that MLK’s descendants might argue with that characterization. I’m sure there are many other historically significant African-Americans as candidates who far outshine these two.

      • I can’t believe all this talk today on Obama’s ancestry and heretage,as I most recently myself had stumble onto some very Moorish rooted discussions and Obama (that’s turkish blacks; Free blacks). ANd the Melungeon stuff again!
        Miri, I love that ” whose DNA did they use? And the John Punch story sounds just like all the other classic piti stories of Obama’s illusionaary personhood designers. This is all more poop for the pooper scooper. So he’s has a black ancestor somewhere. Duh! He might

      • Unless Obama has been scuba diving lately in the hawaiian pacific for his mothers and grandma’s ashes what sort of DNA, or whose DNA are they using?
        This will be a great new supporting antedote ,hoping to ride the racial wave again…..and……without using his dear ole KENYAN dad either. Whoopee.

        • Uncle Chuck’s DNA – purported to be a relative might be a DNA candidate (Madelyn’s bro), if he really was related, and if Madelyn was a for real person. I think Chuck was living on Social Security and needed the cash so he said he’d be a stand-in for a relative. None of the so called relatives appear to be real blood.

          I’ll never forget watching MO totally ignore Chuck when sitting next to him at the Normandy Memorial. She was sitting with Ms. Sarcozy and on the other side of her was Chuck. When the two ladies arrived to take their seat, no acknowledgement to him was made. But BO brought up his service during WWII in his speech. If he was a real relative and known, why wouldn’t MO know him when she was seated right next to him? Another charade.

          • Actions and body language speak louder than DNA. That was a great observation. She ignored Chuck because he’s really no relation to her. You’d think that Uncle Chuck, having lived right there in Chicago, would be a FAVORITE relative. But then, he’s white, too. They just LOVE the black Kenyan non-relations. Auma and Malik and the rest. Remember how the cousin McCurry and the other Kansas kin weren’t given the same “invite” to the WH, complete with family portrait there, like the Kenyans got? Why, the Kansans just gave him a pass for how they were ignored. He was too busy to bother. They’d never met him before, anyway.

        • I read the PDF and it seems to me that there’s a Bunch family website where, as a lot of families are doing, they’re getting DNA tests to link families together. The people who run the BUNCH family site posted their DNA results for the Y-chromosome, which of course is only the male line. They don’t have any DNA from Barry, which would be the ONLY way to confirm he’s even related to Leona McCurry. She’s the one who supposedly is descended from John PUNCH, but you first still have to make the flying leap that these men named BUNCH, one of whom MIGHT be Leona’s ancestor, are the sons of John PUNCH. Nowhere does Anastasia document WHOSE DNA was tested. As I said, first step for any REAL genealogist would be PRIMARY documentation of the person’s parentage. And then you need PRIMARY documentation to prove EVERY step backward in the tree.

        • They could EASILY confirm his maternal ancestry IF they got a DNA sample from his good, conservative cousin (the cute doctor, Milton Wolf) and a sample from Barry. Both should have the EXACT same mitochondrial DNA.

    • Kathy, this is hilarious. I thought that “genealogist’s” name sounded familiar: Anastasia Harman. We’ve run across her before: and They’re trying to justify his false claim of being Cherokee by making him a Melungeon, which was just outed as a mixture of blacks and whites who wanted to believe they were Native American and/or Portuguese, iirc. Obots. They morph the name Punch into Bunch (because Leona McCurry had an ancestor named John Bunch–can you find a more COMMON name? “Punch could easily be a phonetic spelling of the surname Bunch.” As easily, it COULD NOT BE! Actually, maybe John BURCH is a better phonetic candidate!)

      There’s even a plethora of missing and burned records, so they must piece it all together. What a surprise! No records eaten by bugs yet, but I’m not done skimming the treatise. It matters not because this is there to create a NARRATIVE to explain away his original claim of being Cherokee (a la Elizabeth Warren) and to make up some foundational myth to recreate the historic nature of his presidency. Oh, he’s also descended from the VERY FIRST slave in the US of A. And his mother is a mulatto-by-generations-removed, too. Except she’s missing the very FIRST step in any genealogy: DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE, IRREFUTABLE, BEGINNING WITH THE FIRST GENERATION. It’s WASTED EFFORT to research Leona McCurry’s roots when there’s NO DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE HIS BIOLOGICAL RELATIVES IN THE FIRST PLACE. There’s NO IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE THAT STANLEY ANN DUNHAM GAVE BIRTH TO THIS potus. NONE.

    • Again, Who’s DNA did they use??

      Here is a link to information on the new type of DNA test that does not rely on Y or X chromosomes.

      A DNA test for gentlemen…and ladies.

      Our new AncestryDNA test uses some of the latest DNA autosomal testing technology as a more comprehensive way to find family across all lines in your family tree. So one test covers both sides—maternal and paternal—and is equally effective for both men and women.

      Looking for our Y-DNA or mtDNA tests? These specialized tests give you information about either your direct paternal or maternal lines. This means that Y-DNA and mtDNA tests limit the number of ancestors you can learn about.

      The new test looks at all of your chromosomes, not just the Y.

      Autosomal what?

      Without getting too technical, the new test analyzes your autosomal DNA, which includes the entire genome—all 23 pairs of chromosomes—as opposed to only looking at the Y-chromosome or Mitochondrial DNA. Not only can everyone take the new test, but it also provides a more complete picture of your family history.

      Also, the Y-DNA and mtDNA tests look at much smaller amounts of your DNA. For example, YDNA tests only look at about 40 locations whereas AncestryDNA comprehensively looks at the entire genome at over 700,000 locations, all with a simple saliva sample. 40 vs. 700,000? You don’t need to be a scientist to see that this is a huge improvement.

      • The PDF says they were relying on Y-chromosome DNA that was already tested for men in the BUNCH family. Male line with the BUNCH family surname. They claim that this Y-chromosome proves that these men named Bunch carry a Y-chromosome that traces back to Sub-Saharan Africa. Leona McCurry had an ancestor named Bunch. There was a man named John PUNCH (not BUNCH) in New England and he was an indentured servant. Somehow, they put together the Bunch family surname DNA reports and John PUNCH and from that they make up this myth that Barry is not only descended from the first slave in the USA but also, amazingly, from the FIRST black/white married couple!

        • It occurs to me that they’re dredging up a US-born BLACK ancestor for Barry because otherwise, he isn’t African-American. He’s what the Harvard Law Revue said: an AFRICAN African-American. They’re really pushing this story so it’s another JournOlist effort:

          “Now, there’s new information about his ancestors. The surprising connection goes all the way back to the earliest days of colonial America. …

          “President Obama is the 11th great-grandson of John Punch, who was the first documented African to be enslaved for life in the American colonies,” says Joseph Shumway, a genealogist at

          He says the president’s white mother is a direct descendant of the first known slave in the American colonies through a family by the name of Bunch.

          “We found that, through DNA testing done by members of the Bunch family, that their direct ancestors are of sub-Saharan African origin. … Eventually, we were able to make a connection with the earliest Bunch family members and a gentleman by the name of John Punch,” Shumway notes.

          In 1640, John Punch, an African, was a servant in Virginia who escaped, was caught and sentenced to remain in bondage to his master for life.

          As for the difference in the names – Punch with a “P” as opposed to Bunch with a “B” – researchers say that’s not unusual, that early record-keepers wrote names as they sounded.

          Though records are incomplete, the genealogists say the slave John Punch is the only likely person to have been the father of John Bunch, sometime before 1637.

          John Bunch’s mother was white, and so was his wife, which means President Obama descends from the first known black and white couple who left traceable descendants. …

          “The bunch family over the generations continued to intermarry with white people and just became white for all intents and purposes.” …

          David Maraniss, author of a new Obama biography, did extensive research into the Obama family for his book, “Barack Obama: The Story.”

          “At that point, it included Luo, the tribal clan of the Obamas, and English and Welsh and Irish and Scottish and German from the white side of his family. And now we’re discovering something more!”

          Maraniss, who traveled to Kenya and Indonesia in search of the influences that shaped Barack Obama, says the president’s diverse roots make him hard to categorize.

          “Because of the color of his skin and his father’s background, he was African-American,” Maraniss points out. “But culturally, he was not. He had to learn it. … He’s never been easy to pigeonhole. That’s part of the attraction and mystery of Barack Obama.””

          GAGGING YET? This is so freaking ridiculous. Yes, there’s a mystery about Obama and it’s not that he’s hard to racially categorize. The mystery is how he can attract sycophants like a 21st century Jim Jones. So now SAD is “white for all intents and purposes!” But hey, she’s really black, folks. No longer is SAD the “white woman from Kansas.” No, now his mother is a mulatto, descended from the first black “slave” in America and also, isn’t this special? The first black and white couple.

          “The researchers got the DNA from the Bunch family and, even without the documented connection to John Punch, they say they’re very certain of their finding about the president’s slave ancestor on mother’s side.”

          So this fixes all. He’s descended from American blacks AND that ancestor was a slave, even IF they have to turn an indentured servant into one. And where’s the PROOF that Leona McCurry’s ancestor named Bunch is related to this family of AFRICAN-AMERICANS named Bunch? Are they also related to Ralph Bunche?

          When does Punch sound like Bunch? Punch drunk. The lot of them.

          • Oh, I hope that someone asks Dr. Milton Wolf to have a DNA test to confirm that black ancestry. Pretty please, doc?

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