Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Long-Awaited Press Conference (Open Thread)

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Tomorrow is a day we’ve been waiting for, when Sheriff Joe and his Cold Case Posse release the “breathtaking” information uncovered on a recent  trip to Hawaii. 

Will we truly be shocked?  Or will this be a rehash of information that has already been found out over the past few years? 

With Sheriff Joe’s authority, of course, he has access to (or should have access to) sources that we can’t tap.  The Posse also plans to provide an “update” on the investigation, which is continuing. 

Some interesting facts:  In April 2011, before Barack Obama released what his people claimed was an image of his original long-form birth certificate, 55% of the public believed that Obama was born in the USA.  Today, over a year later, the same 55% of the public believe that Obama was born in the USA.  Looks like 45% continue to doubt him.

Before Obama released his “birth certificate” in April 2011, 15% of those polled did not believe that he was born here and another 30%  did not know.  Today, over a year later, 20% of those polled don’t believe that he was born here and 25% don’t know.  That means that 5% of the doubters became unbelievers after Obama released the birth certificate image that Sheriff Joe and his Posse characterize as a probable forgery.  

Releasing the “birth certificate” actually convinced people who previously gave him the benefit of the doubt:  Now, they believe that Obama is not telling the truth!  No wonder the media, who nearly uniformly support Obama, won’t cover this issue.  

The  press conference takes place at 2:30 p.m. Arizona time, July 17, 2012.  We’ll try to cover it.  Again, you have to sign up to get the live feed (if it works).  I’m not clear about whether you have to sign up a second time, if you signed up last time.

Other news about Arpaio:  He’s “far ahead” of his challengers in campaign donations.  About 80% of the money comes from donors in states such as California, Florida, and Texas–other states that, like Arizona, suffer under the massive influx of illegal aliens and the outrageous neglect of the federal government, under Obama, that will not enforce our immigration laws.   Sheriff Joe is a hero to those of us who believe in the rule of law and believe that it’s a travesty of justice and a threat to our national security for Obama to give what amounts to amnesty to illegal aliens and to stop cooperating with Arizona law enforcement in their efforts to fight illegal immigration.  In September, a court will hear Sheriff Joe’s appeal of a ruling that prevents his officers from detaining those suspected of being illegal aliens.  I tried to find a poll that would tell us where Sheriff  Joe stands with regard to his reelection campaign, but had no luck.  Sheriff Joe issued a High-Noon-like challenge to a foul-mouthed comic who insulted Arpaio recently. The Sheriff is getting a little help from Iowa Congressman Steve King, who is filing a lawsuit against the Obama administration’s new policy that ignores our immigration laws.

What do you think tomorrow will bring?  Hope for change or more of the same?

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  1. July 18

    “Peter Boyles Show”

    “Jack Cashill joins Peter again this hour to talk more about Obama and Sheriff Joe”s press conference.”

    [audio src="" /]

  2. Well, looks like someone has cajones in OKlahoma! Sheriff Joe is not allllll alone. Not about eligibility but TaxCare. If this works, I am moving to OK!

  3. Now here’s a real man for the JOB????…..VP? love his record..
    compare with O’s… listen to his video…. 2000 babies delivered….
    married 33 yrs. less gov …less taxes … pro-life nice man!

    • Yep, he’s the one I linked to a few upstream that is willing to have OK face off with the Federal Government and not only say no to TaxCare but arrest any federal agent who tries to come into OK and enforce their stinking healthshare.

      • Carefull, he has also helped and supported the OK Repub.’s that are responsible for trying to change NBC 8 times. I believe OK has a significant amount of stinch on it related to this Obummer.

    • Funny, I thought with the intro and 2000 babies delivered that it was Ron Paul you were leading me to!

    PUNAHOU…. (it’s after you can call me Barry!!!) article # 1 /of 3 by JD

    Get THIS.. O’s “DARK” Regina ~ in Dreams.. was REALLY “WHITE” ~

  5. yep Hoot…. that’s how I found him… sending a few MORE claps his way!
    now if I can Move my barn their… Oklahoma here I come….

  6. interesting connections… do we know more?
    Sunahara’s BC came from Shoefield Barracks Hospital

    • So, on some paperwork are the words “Shoefield BARRACKS Hospital? Is this for real or a set up? How convenient to copy in “authentic typeface” Barry’s name.

      • I never heard of that place. I can’t read Orly’s site because at the moment, it’s locking up my browser. Not an unusual situation with her site. It’s been reported several times that Virginia was born in another hospital. I thought it began with a W. I can’t remember the name at the moment, but never heard of that one.

        Before my browser completely goes down, here are some links: That’s to an analysis by one of the guys who was present at the presser but didn’t speak. He’s one of the two tech experts that analyzed the document image for the Cold Case Posse. I tried to guess how to spell his name when it was mentioned yesterday.

        This is crucial, something I noticed but forgot to mention:

        “From 1955-1982 this was the case because birth registry could be obtained by an adult simply coming in and filling out the paperwork. They provided unsworn testimony and there was no investigation to see if the testimony was truthful.

        “It appears that in the case of Hawaii law, any person can obtain a birth certificate if any adult or their parents can prove that they resided in Hawaii for one year and paid taxes,” he said. “There is no requirement to show that the child itself was actually born in Hawaii or on U.S. soil.””

        What I forgot to mention was that the information is UNSWORN and they MUST accept it and “SHALL ISSUE” a bc. It’s just not legal evidence. That’s WHY they won’t swear that it is.


        “Virginia Sunahara’s birth on the morning of Aug. 4, 1961, at Wahiawa General Hospital in Wahiawa, Oahu. She was the daughter of Hawaii-born Tomio Sunahara, a postal clerk of Japanese ancestry who fought for the U.S. in World War II, and his wife, Clara.

        The infant developed complications and most likely was transferred to Kapi’olani Women and Children’s Medical Center in Honolulu, although the hospital could have been Queens Medical Center. She died on Aug. 5, 1961.

        WND contacted Virginia’s mother Clara, 83, who is living in Wahiawa on Oahu.”

        So my guess is this is another batch of records. Virginia was born before the Nordykes, too. But if he was registered late, say a year or more later, then his number would in no way be near hers or those of the Nordykes. But Wahiawa is on Oahu. Not Honolulu, so not the same batch as the Nordykes. Which might explain why her number, if it’s the number Barry appropriated, isn’t before the Nordykes’ numbers. Or since she died and since Barry’s number may be way, way off from the Nordykes, depending upon when he eventually got his BC, they might have appropriated hers, figuring nobody would ever know or suspect. Remember that originally, they gave no number. Blacked it out, they said, because they didn’t know if it “meant something.” Which, of course, it did! When they found out that to use the number he originally had assigned would give away that it was late, then they knew they had to get a number closer to what might match the official story. I think that Duncan Sunahara said his sister was born at Wahiawa. I don’t know where Orly gets this stuff.


          Duncan got his sister’s medical records. She was born at Wahiawa Hospital.

          • Yes Wahiawa. When I, The Post & Email, and “The Interrogator” did the original investigation (which I confess I personally felt was not the best use of time) The Interrogator is the first person who interviewed Mrs. Sunahara. She is the one that collected all of the information on Virginia originally.

            • The FIRST person? Or do you mean in person? There was a good deal of information collected about that baby before this interrogator went to Hawaii.

        • The Nordyke twins certificates were filed on a Friday. That might have been the last of the batch of Kapiolani birth certificates. That would make sense then if Virginia’s certificate was filed after theirs and therefore had the higher number. I believe that Barry’s certificate number could have really been 10611, which would be easy to change to 10641 and why the 4 looks so bad on his PDF.

      • I think you’re talking about schoefield barracks. And yes there is a hospital there. A military base hospital. I have found a few interesting things long ago there when looking for Nides stuff.

        • Well, it’s possible that Orly is onto something. Virginia’s father was a war hero. She may have been born at a military hospital. The story about Virginia being born at Wahiawa might have been planted to throw researchers off the track; but then you’d have to disbelieve her brother, although there were some oddities surrounding how all that came out.

          • No reason brother not fed incorrect information. Has his sister’s cert been examined for fraud as well? He was expected to show up, I imagine and things could have been “prepared” for him. Interesting, to say the least.

          • They won’t let him see her original records, so yeah. They could have easily given him a bogus computer-generated abstract/short-form COLB. ladysforest, though, said that her investigator talked to the mother who knew (of course) where she gave birth and it was Wahiawa. If only the woman still had her copy of the original birth certificate. It’s possible that it was sdisappeared by a saboteur. Anything’s possible. Someone who knew the family, knew the circumstances, may have volunteered the child’s identity and saw to it that nothing would come out to contradict what the HDOH released about her. There was already the bizarre mixup about where she was buried. Originally reported to be in one cemetery but later moved to another.

  7. Mrs. Verna K L Lee … birth data … do we have more on her ?

  8. Fred Nerks:

    “So what made him so special? Mother’s ancestors came from Cairo, she’s Lebanese and the father a convert to sunni islam in 1965?”

    Fred Nerks:

    “He got that little bit of colour he has from his almost-white sunni convert ex-convict father and the purple lips from his arab/Lebanese mother.”

  9. Can someone tell me what the last post on this thread is before this one and the time it was posted? I am showing Miri at 9:27 am.

  10. Can someone tell me what the last post is on this thread before this one? I show Miri at 9:27 am this morning.

  11. Pen Johansson ? blogger The Daily Pen…. the Coding 6 months ago?
    Hawaii BC …and the … “X” on BC Intentionally?? the postemail

    • Yes, that one. It sounds as if Sharon is questioning who he is and his motivations. I can’t read the articles, though. If anyone subscribes, can they nutshell this for us? We questioned those racial codes when he posted his commentary. They don’t match up with what Helen found. They don’t match up with a document I found and linked on the “links” tab yesterday. There are other documents out there that don’t match but which appear to be legit, too. Pen doesn’t give the source, does he? When you publish snippets of images from somewhere, you ought to supply the source. WND does this, too: They crop and post parts of images without naming sources. I read Pen’s article about the X. He thinks it’s cutesy allusion to Malcolm X. I think they put it in, the TXE, to give plausible deniability. If something is obviously not authentic, then nobody can legitimately accuse them of fraud or forgery. The registrar’s stamp isn’t the right one. It either has a misspelling or that is there to clue everybody in that this is only a computerized abstract of data FROM birth records that are presented to LOOK LIKE but are NOT actual certified “facts”.

  12. Bennie Jerome Edwards. Columbus, Georgia. Sex offender. address: 505 Farr Road.

    • Cute. Not!

    • this may be an off the wall comment, but it is just weird that another Bennie(Ben/Benjamin) Jerome is Ben Jerome Cayatano…..of Hawaii. He’s either the mayor of Hawaii or was and he held other political offices before that. He was the first Philipino- American Governor . I think he was 5th governor of Hawaii. Abercrombie was the 7th.

    In the absence of honor, courage and justice on the part of those serving in the U.S. Congress and Federal Judiciary, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case investigative group has concluded the only law enforcement analysis of the image of Obama’s alleged “Certificate of Live Birth” posted to a government website in April, 2011 and found it to be the product of criminal fraud and document forgery.
    The seeming endless evidence against Obama has now taken investigators to the foreign archives of Great Britain wherein it has been discovered that vital events occurring under the jurisdiction of the British Colony in the Protectorate of East Africa prior to 1965 were recorded and held in the main office of the British Registrar in England until 1995 before being archived in the BNA.
    It now appears the worst fears of the U.S. Constitution’s framers were well founded as investigators working on behalf of the ongoing investigation into the Constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama have found yet another lead in a growing mountain of evidence within the public records section of the British National Archives indicating the occurrence of at least four vital events registered to the name of Barack Obama, taking place in the British Protectorate of East Africa (Kenya) between 1953 and 1963, including the birth of two sons before 1963.
    Recall, investigative journalists working for have already discovered biographical information published by Barack Obama’s literary agent in which he claimed he was born in Kenya. Prior to Obama’s ensconcement to the White House, many international stories also stated that Obama was Kenyan-born as did members of Kenya’s legislative assembly. Since then information on Obama’s ties has been curtailed by government officials as the Obama administration has coincidently paid nearly $4 billion dollars for capital projects in Kenya.
    Also, the presence of Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, cannot be accounted for from February, 1961, the alleged month of her marriage to Obama, until three weeks after the birth of Obama II in August, 1961 when she allegedly applied for college courses at the University of Washington. Theories about her whereabouts have included that she participated in the Air Lift America project as an exchange student and traveled to Nairobi as one of many recent highschool graduates (see AASF Report 1959-1961).
    The record of birth of a second son prior to Kenyan independence is significant because biographical information about Obama’s family indicates Obama Sr. fathered only one other son prior to Obama II’s birth.
    The books containing hand written line records of vital events attributed to Obama are contained in Series RG36 of the Family Records section in the Kew branch of the BNA. The hand written line records first discovered in 2009, indicate several events were registered to the name Barack Obama (appears to be handwritten and spelled “Burack” and “Biraq”) beginning in 1953 and include two births recorded in 1958 and 1960, a marriage license registration in 1954 and a birth in 1961. Barack Obama is said to have died in 1982 and had married at least once more in Kenya and had at least one more child in 1968, but no record of these were found in the BNA because, according to the Archives’ desk reference, the events occurred after Kenya achieved independence from British colonial rule in 1963.
    To date, Barack Obama II is the only known alleged son of Obama Sr. born after 1960 and before the independence of Kenya became official in 1963.

    *** the name Barack Obama (appears to be handwritten and spelled “Burack” and “Biraq***

    • More from the article. Sucks for Obama that most records are someway, somehow, cross-referenced in different departments. Eventually the truth will be told, hopefully soon enough to get Lady Libery our of ICU.

      “The line records do not specify the identity or names of the children, only gender. However, the line records are associated with index numbers of actual microfilm copies of certificates, licenses and registration applications filed in the archives. According to researchers, Obama’s line records were discovered in Series RG36, reference books. Not surprisingly, when researchers specifically requested access to the relevant microfilm for the Obama birth registrations, they were told that the records were currently held under an outdated “privileged access” status, meaning researchers were denied access under Chapter 52, Sections 3 and 5 of the British Public Records Act of 1958.
      However, evidence shows these records were available for public access before August of 2009, the approximate date of arrival of Hillary Clinton in Great Britain during her trip to Africa that year.

      Click to access access-to-public-records.pdf

      Several sources show that Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton made a sudden visit to the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British agency which oversees Public Records Archives from colonial protectorates, to speak with the Chief Executive of the Archives in early August of 2009. African news agency expressed surprise at Clintons arrival since she did not announce her intentions of stopping in Great Britain before embarking on her two week trip to Africa.”

      • Anyone know what the Obama Initiative is? Hum, 09-17-2009.


        “The Obama initiative is about transparency of data and the UK initiative is primarily about re-use which also includes transparency.”

        Click to access 170210Paper1-17-09-09-APPSI-minutes.pdf

      • Oh, for God’s sake. We really need to pray and pray hard. I have a new post about something that went on while we were looking at the Arpaio stuff. Huma Weiner. What a coinkidink that we were talking about her just the other day. Now they have their panties in a wad over Michele Bachmann asking for an investigation into Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of our government. Flash back to Huma “mistakenly” being assigned as an intern to First Lady Clinton’s personal staff and staying there ever since as her personal “body woman”. Well, that makes two blackmailable members of our government. At least. This is frightening. The media is in an uproar, going all out against Bachmann, because they’re positioning Hillary in case something goes sideways with Barry. BUT SHE’S COMPLICIT and this is further proof of it.

      just thought you could use this Renee……Also there was an Earl Eugene and Rose Payne, members of the commuist party(he headed a committee in Seattle and one in Oregon and possibly other states during 40’s and 50’s. Also found a Bertha K. Payne connected to Georgia, comm. party and was on a committee with F.M.Davis and Vernon Jarett.

    • Two sons BEFORE 1963. That would be Malik and who else? The 1958 birth is Malik. 1960 is Auma. And 1961 is … Ding, ding, ding, ding! mossad, please advise. we need your help. We are crying out for your help. For the love of GOD and all that’s holy. British citizens, please help. We know Obama dissed Churchill and your queen, but please don’t hold that against us. (Or the Revolution, either.)

  14. 1959-1967 Vital Stats Mortality codes list “9” as Hawaiian. I’m sure it has no significance…….maybe. Anyway, still looking for the 1961 Natal Stats instruction man.

  15. Mike Zullo & Mara Zebest .. (video 13 min.) get brushed aside
    as no one cares or wants to do anything…. cotton candy brains!


    Trump is back at it, again. Good for him. Several tidbits from the story: Arpaio interviewed THREE persons of interest with more information. I suspect these were not named or the info they gleaned revealed, because that would be saved for a prosecution.

    Trump said, about the publisher’s biography, that the word Kenya doesn’t get mixed up with United States. 🙂

    If Romney only asked for Barry’s college records in return for his tax returns, Barry’s talk of Romney’s taxes would stop. So true, so call his damned bluff, Mitt. Take off the mittens.

    btw, did you know that McClatchy newspapers asked ALL of Congress for THEIR tax returns? Pelosi went ballistic. Said she’s not running for president. When asked where’s the standard about presidential candidates, she was dumbstruck about that, too. It is a great question: Where’s Pelosi’s tax returns for the past 23 years? How about McCaskill’s? How about the many Kennedys’? How about John Kerry’s? Harry Reid’s? The list goes on and on.

    They won’t like this story:

    “Democrats shouting the loudest about Mitt Romney’s reluctance to release his tax returns do not apply the same standards to themselves, according to a McClatchy News Service report.

    Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California and Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, the two Democratic leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives, are among hundreds of elected officials from both parties who refused to release their tax records, McClatchy reported.

    Pelosi said Romney was unfit to serve as President or even in the Cabinet because of his refusal so far to release all of his returns and Reid said Romney wasn’t even fit to be dogcatcher.

    But just 17 out of the 535 members of Congress released their most recent tax forms or provided some similar documentation of their tax liabilities in response to requests from McClatchy over the last three months, the news service reported, indicating a double standard.

    Another 19 members flat out refused and the rest didn’t even bother to respond to McClatchy’s request.

    Pelosi aides flat out said no, saying she’s disclosed all that Congress requires.”

    Back to Trump: He had his own computer expert examine the WH LFCOLB and he was told it’s a computer-generated document.

    • Do read that McClatchy story I linked above (embedded link). It has some priceless stuff about Wassermann-Schultz and other rich DemoncRATS. Here’s an American hero:

      ““Are you guys asking the president to turn over his college records? Or asking him to turn anything over of any kind?” responded Allen Klump, the communications director for Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C.”

      I like how he thinks! here:

      McCaskill did give them her tax return, but she files separately from her very rich husband who has been criticized before.


    “Yet, the birth certificate issue would repeal more than the Obama administration. It would bring down the entire liberal regime. The ruling elites — the establishment media, the Hollywood left, the federal bureaucracy, the myriad regulatory agencies, the public sector unions, big banks and the financial sector — have refused to seriously examine Mr. Obama’s background. In fact, they have repeatedly propped him up. He defends the liberal corporatist status quo, constantly expanding government power. This is why they are determined to destroy anyone who seriously challenges Mr. Obama’s constitutional authority. To simply inquire into the status of his birth risks being called a “birther” — a kook and conspiracy theorist akin to Holocaust deniers. Having coddled and protected him, the ruling class could not survive if Mr. Obama was exposed as a slick con man. Their moral and intellectual legitimacy would be discredited as well.

    The topic has become toxic. Even Fox News refuses to touch it. Many leading conservative radio talk-show hosts ignore it. The editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal mock so-called “birthers.” Meanwhile, the liberal media continues to vilify Sheriff Arpaio. He is being accused of racial profiling, committing civil rights abuses and having failed to effectively prosecute sex crimes. They allege he is waging a baseless, personal vendetta against Mr. Obama. Liberals are portraying him as a Southern stereotype: a racist, out-of-control sheriff determined to bring down a black president.

    The very opposite, however, is the case. It was the citizens of Maricopa County who through a petition asked Sheriff Arpaio to investigate Mr. Obama’s birth certificate. The sheriff is not the only one with doubts. Many question the president’s status as a natural-born citizen. Mr. Obama’s grandmother says he was born in Kenya. This is echoed by Obama relatives. Members of the Kenyan parliament have repeatedly claimed Mr. Obama as their native son. The Kenyan media asserts he was born in Kenya. For nearly 15 years, Mr. Obama’s literary agent produced a pamphlet describing him as being “Kenyan born.” In his 2004 race for the U.S. Senate, wire stories — including by the Associated Press — frequently referred to Mr. Obama’s place of birth as Kenya. As late as 2009, the Kenyan government sought to build an official monument commemorating the site of Mr. Obama’s birth (until the State Department ordered the project be shuttered).”

    Well, that last part is interesting. The State Dept. shut down the Kenyan monument to Barry’s birth! We can add to their list: His grandmother said he passed through her hands in Kenya as an orphan and the Harvard Law Revue called him an “AFRICAN African-American.”



    July 17, 2012

    Click to access Birth%20Certificate%20Investigation%20Part%20II.pdf

    For more information regarding the analysis of the computerized document:

    “Comprehensive Analysis – Obama LFBC PDF File”

    Click to access Media%20Supplemental%20Report.pdf

    “IV. Compare Optimized PDF with White House PDF”

    “Layers in the White House PDF Document”

    “The White House PDF image is a composite of many different layers, each containing an image element. When the individual images are all laid on top of one another, analogous to stacking transparencies onto a projector with each image printed on a separate transparency sheet, they create the composite birth certificate image. Below are screenshots of the most important layers.”

    “Figure 12 –Safety paper, form lines, doctor’s signature and most of local registrar signature”

    “Figure 13 –Most of the form data, missing doctor’s signature and last digit of BC#”

    • July 23, 2012


      By Dan Crosby
      Of The Daily Pen

      “Investigators suspect an intentionally corrupted chain of custody occurred sometime between the release of the original paper documents by the State of Hawaii to the time they were posted to the website two days later. There is now strong evidence showing that the information contained in the original documents issued by the State of Hawaii was most likely transcribed and altered by forgers working on behalf of Obama in the course of fabricating the “new and improved version” .pdf file prior to posting it online. This evidence includes inconsistencies between content and vital statistics coding, the absence of viewable information in the lower margin, the use of layers to obscure and add information and, most significantly, the lack of cooperation by the State of Hawaii to validate what has been claimed is the identical information in both the image and original documents.”

      • Published: 05/15/2011

        “State officials have declined to respond to WND requests to confirm that the document released by the White House is an accurate representation of the state’s records.”

        • In the case of adoptions: “statistics produced from the records never identify individuals.”

          They don’t identify INDIVIDUALS even in statistics, and yet butterdezillion has said that at least TWO adopted children are indicated by ORIGINAL NAME on a birth index released by the HDOH in response to a request for proof of Obama’s birth there. Index data is public and this HAD TO BE PULLED OUT OF THEM. They produced an index with Barry’s name on it, but also the names of at least two who currently go by other names, because they were adopted after birth. Their birth names should NOT have appeared on that index, but they apparently did appear. This seems to indicate that for the purpose of just that released run of the index, somebody turned off the “do not print” switch for ADOPTED kids, so that their BIRTH NAMES would show instead of their new ADOPTED names.

          • You know, given that it was reported on INS records that Ann planned to put Barry up for ADOPTION through the Salvation Army, is it possible that he was adopted shortly after birth? Nobody KNOWS for certain that HE was in Seattle with Ann in Sept. 1961. We know from testimony by his friends that Barry wasn’t anywhere around his father. We know his grandmother didn’t have him, from testimony of the daughter of the people with whom Madelyn and Stanley Armour Dunham lived at the time of Barry’s birth. We have only the questionable testimony of a babysitter who apparently was confused about the timelines–she had to be mistaken about the age of her own first child, something not likely. So what if Ann did give him up for adoption? What if he WAS adopted? What if later on, for some reason, his grandparents challenged the adoption and they eventually got custody of him back, evidenced by him suddenly appearing in photographs as a toddler, with his grandfather? Maybe his adoption by Lolo wasn’t his first adoption. He might have been adopted in Africa, so he could pass through Sarah’s hands as an “orphan” as she said, or maybe the Salvation Army was involved. Could it be possible that the Salvation Army “repatriated” him to Kenya through one of their programs? Is it possible, if they did, that his grandparents could have gotten him back?

  19. Frank-ly Speaking Again | Wtpotus Research Blog
    Mark, the news is swirling again about your parents. If you read this, I wish you would comment again please.

    Obama Orwellian media, Big brother thought control, News stories rectified as in 1984, Jeremy Peters Times story, The lies pas
    From a comment by “anonymous” at

    Barack Obama’s half-brother is Mark Kaleokualoha Davis?

    Kaleokualoha’s 1950 Birth Certificate:

    Barack Obama’s Short Form Birth Certificate:

    Click to access birth-certificate.pdf

    Childhood Photo of Kaleokualoha:

    Childhood Photo of Barack Obama:

    High School Photo of Kaleokualoha:

    High School Photo of Barack Obama:

    Kaleokualoha Today:

    Barack Obama Today:

    More Kaleokualoha Photos and Documents:
    Autobiography of Kaleokualoha:
    Kaleokualoha despises all journalists that attempt to connect Barack Obama with his father Frank Marshall Davis, whether ideologically or biologically:
    Kaleokualoha lives in Las Vegas, Nevada:
    Perhaps Kaleokualoha would be willing to do a DNA test to verify his claim that he is not related to Obama.
    Kaleokualoha lived in the house at the time that the alleged photos of Obama’s mother were taken by Frank Marshall Davis, perhaps, if contacted, he would be willing to go on the record as to whether he ever saw Obama’s mother or Obama at Frank Marshall Davis’s house:–0fqXoFA
    They look like brothers. Yes?
    Why are the birth certificates so different? Maybe Mara Zebest should have a look!

    A few thoughts:

    1. It would be wise for as many as possible to save a copy of the above photos and documents of Mark Kaleokualoha Davis before they get taken down by him in response to this post.

    2. In comparing the above birth certificates, please note that Mark Kaleokualoha Davis’ from his account that he obviously posted, along with every other kind of document from his life you can think of, reads at the top “CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH” while Obama’s short form from says “CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH”.

    3. Please note the differences in the basic formatting of each birth certificate: There are differences in Kaleokualoha’s and Obama’s certificates that include date stamps (Obama’s looks like an ink stamp while Kaleokualoha’s looks like a pressed stamp, you have to zoom in a little to see it clearly), Obama’s says “African” for father’s race while Kaleokualoha’s reads “negro”, etc., etc..

    4. The childhood photos, at least to me, indicate a family resemblance: look at the forehead (really obvious in all the photos compared) along with the turtle lip and the circle around the mouths, etc., etc..

    5. Kaleokualoha is obviously a prolific blogger and it is easy to learn a lot about him by searching for “Kaleokualoha” or “Mark Kaleokualoha” in Google search engine.

    6. If they are indeed brothers a DNA test can prove it in a court of law:

    July 23, 2012 1:31 PM

    • I have never seen the resemblance between FMD and Barry BUT I do see a brotherly resemblance between Mark K. and Barry. In fact, they look like 100% brothers vs just half bros.

  20. I’ll also post this in a more recent thread, but wanted to put it here to emphasize the very real threats that Arpaio faces..

    Apr 12, 5:30 PM EDT
    Package sent to Arpaio could have injured, killed

    • A federal judge ruled Friday that the office of America’s self-proclaimed toughest sheriff systematically singled out Latinos in its trademark immigration patrols, marking the first finding by a court that the agency racially profiles people.

      The 142-page decision by U.S. District Judge Murray Snow in Phoenix backs up allegations that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s critics have made for years that his officers rely on race in their immigration enforcement.

      Snow also ruled Arpaio’s deputies unreasonably prolonged the detentions of people who were pulled over. …

      Arpaio’s lead attorney Tim Casey was reading Snow’s decision Friday afternoon before commenting on it.

      The sheriff, known for jailing inmates in tents and making prisoners wear pink underwear, started doing immigration enforcement six years as Arizona voters grew frustrated with the state’s role as the nation’s busiest illegal entryway.

      The ruling represents a victory for those who pushed the lawsuit. They weren’t seeking money damages but a rather declaration that Arpaio’s office racially profiles and an order that requires it to make policy changes. The sheriff won’t face jail time or fines as a result of the ruling.”

      That may be because if they tried to punish him then he’d get his day in court, which would allow DISCOVERY and a public hearing of the issues. That’s also because all they wanted was a “talking point” and also this: let the civil suits begin. They hope to cost the citizens of Maricopa Co. so much money that they vote Arpaio out. I don’t think it will work because the people there support him for the very reason that OBAMA et al hate on him. This is yet another of the Obama administration’s persecution of conservatives and even law enforcement people who merely enforce THE LAW AS WRITTEN, when Obama and Holder believe they’re ABOVE the law and they can simply decide, unilaterally, which laws ought to exist and which should be ignored. I hope the Sheriff appeals this.

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