Operation Fast & Furious: Attorney General Holder Found in Contempt of Congress

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You didn’t think that we’d let the news about Obamacare crowd out the fact that Attorney General Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress, did you? 

The House of Representatives voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress Thursday for failing to provide documents relating to the Fast and Furious gunwalking program.

The House took two votes, one on criminal contempt charges, which passed 255-67. The criminal contempt of Congress is likely not to go anywhere as the Justice Department, which Holder heads, is the department responsible for opening a criminal investigation.

The second charge, which passed 258 – 95, was a civil contempt charge, could move to federal court where it could take years to litigate. Though the action puts more pressure on the administration to abide by the subpoenas and provide requested documents.

The Democratic Party was split on the action. Seventeen members voted with the Republicans to hold Holder in criminal contempt while just under two dozen voted to hold him in civil contempt.

So he will have his day in the sunlight. His day that shall live in infamy. 

For the first time in US history, a sitting member of a president’s cabinet has been held in contempt (of Congress.  He and other cabinet members have earned more than their fair share of contempt from others, throughout the years.)  As predicted, the Obama Administration is historic!

And as would be expected, the Congressional Black Caucus was quick to make allegations that hinted at racism.  They and scores of other Democrats staged a walkout before the vote.  Holder himself and others of the usual suspects also played the race card, in typical Alinsky fashion:

Holder had brought race into the debate over the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal. The House Oversight Committee‘s investigation was a way for Republicans to get at the president in part because “we’re both African-American,” he told The New York Times last year.  …

Now, the moves in Congress Thursday raise the specter of charges of a racial conspiracy by white Republicans against a black administration.

Some leaders, like the Rev. Al Sharpton, suggested that Republicans had “stopped and frisked” Holder to make an “example” out of a black man. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi opined the contempt vote is retribution for Holder’s opposition to new voter ID laws that are seen as targeting minority voters in former Confederate states. MSNBC host Chris Matthews questioned whether the rancor of the contempt vote has an “ethnic” root.

One representative explained why they walked out:

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II, D-Mo., told the Los Angeles Times: “We are non-participants in what we believe to be a calamity. This is a terrible day for the House of Representatives.  We did not want to participate in something that had some kind of a smell to it.”

Might that be, unfortunately, the smell of several hundred corpses?  Operation Fast and Furious was a terrible calamity all right–for the dead and their families. 

The typical lies are being repeated by Obama supporters, about how former President George W. Bush also used “gun walking” (as if that excuses Holder and Obama) but there were huge and distinct differences between the programs: 

Under Bush, the guns were intended to be tracked.  Under Bush, the US cooperated with and informed the Mexican government of the program.  Under Bush, nobody was killed.  Under Bush, the program was transparent and it was stopped as soon as it was recognized as a mistake

The Obama/Holder Operation Fast and Furious had no such features, as explained by the Sipsey Street Irregulars

There are five key accusations against ATF and DOJ made by ATF whistleblowers and other sources within FedGov:
1. That they instructed U.S. gun dealers to proceed with questionable and illegal sales of firearms to suspected gunrunners.
2. That they allowed or even assisted in those guns crossing the U.S. border into Mexico to “boost the numbers” of American civilian market firearms seized in Mexico and thereby provide the justification for more firearm restrictions on American citizens and more power and money for ATF.
3. That they intentionally kept Mexican authorities in the dark about the operation, even over objections of their own agents.
4. That weapons that the ATF let “walk” to Mexico were involved in the deaths of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata, as well as at least hundreds of Mexican citizens.
5. That at least since the death of Brian Terry on 14 December, the Obama administration is engaged in a full-press cover-up of the facts behind what has come to be known as the “Gunwalker Scandal.”
So-called objective journalists, now that this is a threat to Obama and Holder, are suddenly bothering to report on the scandal; but only to spin the story to excuse the Obama administration.  This article goes to great lengths to rationalize that the gun culture in Arizona is responsible for the situation: 
Close scrutiny by gun rights advocates caused prosecutors to be too intent on crossing all their t’s and dotting all their i’s, which in turn caused the ATF to back off from interdicting certain gun purchases (like the one that led to Agent Terry’s ambush and murder).
Refer to the Sipsey Street Irregulars for the truth, which is too involved to go into in this post.  This scandal is far too deep and wide to explain in a single blog post, and that is EXACTLY why there should be Watergate-type hearings to get to the bottom of it once and for all.  Hearings with gavel-to-gavel, nationwide television coverage, exactly like we saw with Watergate.  Two brave members of U.S. law enforcement and many hundreds of innocent (and maybe even guilty) Mexicans lost their lives. 
Doesn’t the Congressional Black Caucus care about those dead Mexicans?  Are THEY racist bigots who will look the other way for POLITICAL reasons?  For shame.  What a terrible calamity for the House of Representatives.
We the People deserve to know why and how those people died, as do their families. 
Today, there are literally hundreds of news stories about email messages that anonymous “people” allegedly showed to members of Congress and then described to reporters before the vote yesterday.  Of course, these anonymous descriptions  of unseen emails seem to exonerate Holder as having been blissfully unaware of gunwalking and imply that he was outraged and wanted to get to the truth.  The proof is in the pudding. 
Holder and Obama should turn over every scrap of paper and every electronic message generated by our government that has anything to do with Operation Fast and Furious. This administration promised to be the most transparent in history.  It is not and it’s about time that it began to be.  I agree with this writer:  
Could some intrepid reporter ask the hapless Jay Carney if the POTUS believes that the U.S. Government is “of the people, by the people, and for the people”? If he believes that, then surely he should understand that every document generated by that government is the property of the American People. There should be a high bar to clear before declaring any document confidential. To simply assert blanket executive privilege without a strong explanation is outrageous.  A power-corrupted Department of Justice is a grave danger to every citizen who is not a favored political ally. 
Congress should immediately file a civil suit to force the Dept. of Justice to release all records subpoenaed by Representative Issa’s committee.

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  1. h/t Zenway:http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/issa-puts-wiretap-details-congressional-record_647986.html

    Two can play at that game. If Harry Reid can gut a House bill and insert into its shell a Senate bill, to get around the Constitutional rule that all tax bills must begin in the House, then Issa can hide behind the rules of the House and constitutional technicalities, too!

    “House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) quietly dropped a bombshell letter into the Congressional Record.

    The May 24 letter to Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), ranking member on the panel, quotes from and describes in detail a secret wiretap application that has become a point of debate in the GOP’s “Fast and Furious” gun-walking probe.

    The wiretap applications are under court seal, and releasing such information to the public would ordinarily be illegal. But Issa appears to be protected by the Speech or Debate Clause in the Constitution, which offers immunity for Congressional speech, especially on a chamber’s floor.

    According to the letter, the wiretap applications contained a startling amount of detail about the operation, which would have tipped off anyone who read them closely about what tactics were being used.

    Holder and Cummings have both maintained that the wiretap applications did not contain such details and that the applications were reviewed narrowly for probable cause, not for whether any investigatory tactics contained followed Justice Department policy.

    The wiretap applications were signed by senior DOJ officials in the department’s criminal division, including Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jason Weinstein, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Blanco and another official who is now deceased.”

  2. At least that’s good news about withHolder. Meaning the contempt. Hopefully something will come from that.

  3. “BOTCHED”… ~botched~ Reporting…..(sounds like me/sorry 4 errors)

    • Fixed the link. Yep. We know the drill and we know the meme. Like Sandy Burglar was just “sloppy”, the Holder operation was simply “botched”. NO, it did as it was INTENDED TO DO, which is the point of the investigation. They had no intention of tracking the guns. They deliberately let them WALK into Mexico because they WANTED to “recover” them and “prove” that 90% of the guns “recovered” in Mexico THAT WERE TRACED, came from the US. Then they could use the lying stats to infringe upon the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens by enacting gun control.

  4. http://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/jun/28/house-could-arrest-holder-with-inherent-contempt-p/

    “House could arrest Holder with inherent contempt power


    By Stephen Dinan

    The Washington Times
    Thursday, June 28, 2012
    Despite voting to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in contempt of Congress, there’s little House Republicans can do in the short term to compel him to turn over documents — unless it wanted to revisit a long-dormant power and arrest him.

    The thought is shocking, and conjures up a Hollywood-ready standoff scene between House police and the FBI agents who protect the attorney general. It’s a dramatic and unlikely possibility not least because Congress doesn’t even have a jail any longer. But in theory it could happen.

    Republicans say it’s not even under consideration, with House Speaker John A. Boehner’s spokesman flatly ruling it out.

    But the process, known as inherent contempt, is well-established by precedent, has been confirmed by multiple Supreme Court rulings, and is available to any Congress willing to force such a confrontation.

    “The House is scared to death to use the inherent contempt power,” said Mort Rosenberg, a fellow at the Constitution Project and author of “When Congress Comes Calling.” “They’re scared to death because the courts have said … the way the contempt power is used is unseemly. It’s not that it’s unconstitutional, because it’s been upheld by four Supreme Court decisions, but unseemly to have somebody go arrest the attorney general.”

    That’s why it’s been more than 75 years since either chamber has used the option though it used to be somewhat common.”

    What’s unseemly is this corrupt administration.

  5. This is a response to the Fortune article I cited in the post, after which I referred you to Sipsey Street Irregulars for the truth. This is a good summary of the problems with their obfuscations on behalf of Obama: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2012/06/28/Fortune-Flat-Out-Lies-About-Fast-Furious?utm_source=e_breitbart_com&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Breitbart+News+Roundup%2C+June+29%2C+2012&utm_campaign=Breitbart+News+Roundup%2C+June+29%2C+2012&utm_term=More

    “Fortune’s story is a fantasy made up almost entirely from the accounts of individuals involved in the reckless tactics that took place in Operation Fast and Furious. It contains factual errors – including the false statement that Chairman Issa has called for Attorney General Holder’s resignation – and multiple distortions. It also hides critical information from readers – including a report in the Wall Street Journal – indicating that its primary sources may be facing criminal charges. Congressional staff gave Fortune Magazine numerous examples of false statements made by the story’s primary source and the magazine did not dispute this information. It did not, however, explain this material to its readers. … Mr. Voth and the ATF never made an effort to interdict the weapons. None. The testimony of whistleblowers at a hearing on June 14, 2011 stated there was never intention to interdict these weapons.

    There’s a reason why Chairman Issa and others think Fast & Furious was used to enforce stricter gun laws. Ms. Attkisson released emails on December 7, 2011. At some point, whether it was at the beginning or middle, the operation was used to make a case for more gun control laws.

    Throughout the article Ms. Eban tries to make the case for those gun control laws. It’s simply too easy for anyone to buy guns in Arizona. Ms. Eban fails to tell her readers that the ATF forced the gun shops to sell these guns to the straw purchasers. In the article above Ms. Attkisson shows emails between the owners and the ATF. Who is included in these emails? David Voth. The gun shop owners did not want to sell these weapons, but Mr. Voth reassured them the ATF was tracking the weapons. They weren’t doing that, though. It’s hard to use the supposed loose gun laws when the ATF forced them to break the laws and sell the weapons.

    This is the worst case of journalism malpractice I’ve encountered while covering Fast & Furious and just further proves the desperation of the liberal media to protect this administration.”

    More at the link.

  6. Have you guys ever noticed some pictures one sees of Holder, that he has this “scared deer in the headlights” look about him?

  7. CNN Tells The Truth About ObamaCare

    • “On December 14, 2010, Terry was shot in the back in Peck Canyon near the Arizona border. An AK-47 found at the scene was linked to Operation Fast and Furious. On February 15, 2011, ICE agent Jaime Zapata was ambushed and killed in Mexico with weapons traced to a Texas-based gun-walking program.

      In response to the “indescribable pain” of the Terry family culminating in the contempt charge, the top law man in the nation called out Republicans for their “truly absurd — truly absurd — conspiracy theories.” Holder also stated that “today’s vote makes for good political theater.””

      As if their lives mean nothing. He calls investigating their deaths “absurd”.

  8. Rosemary Woodhouse

    I really hate to write this because I am an optimist/ glass is half full person. But there comes a time when we have to admit…..we KNOW what’s going on. We KNOW who this man is and, as a result WHY he wins all the time. In fact, why he- without credentials or qualification, won in the first place,Do we need more proof? How many more defeats it it going to take? How many more hopes are going to be dashed about states rights, “standing”, etc? Case, after case, after case. Defeat, after defeat, after defeat. How many more times will our hopes be dashed until we acknowledge exactly who he is?

  9. Allen West on Holder:

    Lady Justice wears a blindfold because she represents objectivity– in that justice is or should be meted out objectively, without fear or favor, regardless of identity, money, power, gender or race. Today the Congressional Black Caucus and other liberal Members of Congress judged the Attorney General by the color of his skin, and not by the content of his character. I am disappointed my colleagues would rather engage in a political stunt to distract the American people from knowing the truth behind the Attorney General’s disregard of the law and disrespect of congressional oversight to provide requested documents. I stood on the House floor and cast my vote for Justice–Justice for Brian Terry, Justice for the American people and Justice for our Constitutional Republic.” (Twitter via Gateway Pundit.)


    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Absolutely! He is The Real Deal!

      • Air Force Brat

        I concur.

      • I was thinking about this last night. How the Republicans might take Holder to court. Will they find one that will accept the case or rule as they should, or will they be treated the same way that all the plaintiffs in the ineligibility cases have? I think I can guess. This is exactly WHY they should have paid attention to us from the very beginning. Now they’ll get the “birther” treatment.

        Have you noticed that the media is giving the Fast and Furious scandal the SAME TREATMENT that they give the ineligibility issue and the supposed Shirley Sherrod “nothing to see here, folks”? Whenever they call something a “conspiracy theory” or “wacky” or “out of context,” then you know there’s something HUGE there.

  10. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/06/29/after-holder-contempt-vote-republicans-eye-civil-court-case-to-extract-furious/#ixzz1zDRYGm4Q

    What a surprise!

    “Deputy Attorney General James Cole confirmed in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner that the department in fact would not pursue prosecution. The attorney general’s withholding of documents pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious, he wrote, “does not constitute a crime.”

    “Therefore the department will not bring the congressional contempt citation before a grand jury or take any other action to prosecute the attorney general,” Cole wrote, in the letter obtained by Fox News.”

    Link to the letter:

    Like little children they point to a situation during the adminstration of former President George W. Bush to excuse the non-analogous behavior of Holder and Obama.

  11. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Tyranny, straight up. Unless we unite…..truly unite……and do something proactive this nation is doomed. As I’ve written so many times before, all it takes is just one state. One governor w/ the balls to secede. Jan Brewer? Rick Perry? Rick Scott? Sadly, none of them will do it. Where have all the brave Americans gone…..just a John Wayne fantasy? I would say yes if not for the bravery displayed by The Greatest Generation during WWII.

    • I don’t know that any state has to secede.
      We are only two states away from calling for a new Constition Convention.
      It is risky, but not as risky as calling for secession.
      We should risk it. I trust The People. Yes Bilderberg and CFR, that would be John Robert’s CFR will try to pack the delegates. I trust the People.

      • If you believe the last election, the “people” elected Obama and this DemoncRAT Senate. I might trust the people but I don’t trust the progressives that would infest any Constitutional convention. We’d end up like Egypt.

  12. On John Roberts

    from repubx.com:

    Roberts member of Club of Rome, CFR
    by Administrator 29. June 2012 07:55

    Enough said! Another Dog and Pony show to make it look close.

  13. he will lose his job along with his boss in November.
    Vote Patriots. 🙂

  14. Unexpected turn in eligibility case: ‘Put it on record!’


    ‘This judge can’t get out; if he screws around, he’s violating law’

  15. This story talks about Issa putting that info in the Congressional Record, about the DOJ knowing that guns were walking from the wiretap applications: http://thehill.com/homenews/house/235715-issa-reveals-sealed-wiretaps-from-doj-mole

    This story is good because it contains video of Hillary and Napolitano and talks about how the obots in the lamestream are still carrying water for them, trying to make it look like a tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory by crazed gun rights advocates: http://americanpowerblog.blogspot.com/2012/06/debunking-rachel-maddows-lies-about.html

  16. Cash Walking | We the People of the United States
    These are the actual emails the ATF sent regarding retaliation against whistleblowers

    See attachments to the Grassley letter

    Click to access 2012-06-29-CEG-DEI-to-DOJ-OIG-Thomasson-whistleblower-retaliation.pdf

    • Those messages prove even more about the cover-up. They reassigned the whistleblower suspects to a boss who vowed to f*** them. Isn’t it also against the law to punish whistleblowers? They simply have no fear and so much gall. Believe that nothing will ever touch them. That, in itself, is frightening.

      You know, that message mentions the “Tucson shooting” and THAT makes me wonder, given their lack of regard for the victims of OFF (Operation Fast and Furious, interesting acryonym, all things considered). Was the “Tucson shooting” ALSO part of the plan? I know that sounds extreme, but so does giving thousands of guns to Mexican criminals in order to rig the numbers. Was Gabby a sacrificial lamb? It’s frightening to even think about but so is the idea of giving guns to criminals and then sitting back and watching the carnage. This is our government. All this being done in our name. Like the drones. Like the latest plan to send terrorists from Guantanamo to supposed detention IN AFGHANISTAN. Dealing with the Taliban who, I might add, don’t like that idea. They just want the criminals RELEASED. And Morsi, in Egypt, is calling for the release of the blind sheik from the US prison. You remember him, don’t you? First attack on NYC.

      I said it before and I truly expect it to happen: Before he leaves, Barry will probably pardon all those detainees. Probably Mumia, too. Probably all the old pals of Bill Ayers, too. Maybe even Dukes. Why not? Holder already helped pardon the FALN terrorists, for no logical reason.

    • The suggested answers to media questions about OFF are interesting in that, as is typical of the Obamanation, they EVADE the questions. For example, they DON’T answer the question as to whether the guns that killed Agent Terry came from OFF. They DON’T truly answer why they allowed guns to walk, only implying that it was because there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest, that it is a legal product so it’s hard for them to tell when “illegality” begins, and that they wanted the end user and not the go-betweens.

  17. The biggest scandal in U. S. history

    Ann Coulter says Forget executive privilege, contempt of Congress, “Fast and Furious,” how many documents the government has produced and who said what to whom on which date.

    The Obama administration has almost certainly engaged in the most shockingly vile corruption scandal in the history of the country, not counting the results of Season Eight on “American Idol.”

    Administration officials intentionally put guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, so that when the guns taken from Mexican crime scenes turned out to be American guns, Democrats would have a reason to crack down on gun sellers in the United States.

    Democrats will never stop trying to take our guns away. They see something more lethal than a salad shooter and wet themselves.

    But since their party was thrown out of Congress for the first time in nearly half a century as a result of passing the 1994 “assault weapons ban,” even liberals know they were going to need a really good argument to pass any limitation on guns ever again.

    So it’s curious that Democrats all started telling the same lie about guns as soon as Obama became president. In March 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced to reporters on a trip to Mexico: “Since we know that the vast majority, 90 percent of that weaponry (used by Mexican drug cartels), comes from our country, we are going to try to stop it from getting there in the first place.”

    As she sentimentally elaborated on Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren show: “The guns sold in the United States, which are illegal in Mexico, get smuggled and shipped across our border and arm these terrible drug-dealing criminals so that they can outgun these poor police officers along the border and elsewhere in Mexico.”

    Suddenly that 90 percent statistic was everywhere. It was like the statistic on women beaten by their husbands on Super Bowl Sunday.

    CBS’ Bob Schieffer asked Obama on “Face the Nation”: “It’s my understanding that 90 percent of the guns that they’re getting down in Mexico are coming from the United States. We don’t seem to be doing a very good job of cutting off the gun flow. Do you need any kind of legislative help on that front? Have you, for example, thought about asking Congress to reinstate the ban on assault weapons?”

    At a Senate hearing, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said: “It is unacceptable to have 90 percent of the guns that are picked up in Mexico and used to shoot judges, police officers and mayors … come from the United States.”

    And then, thanks to Fox News — the first network to report it — we found out the 90 percent figure was complete bunkum. It was a fabrication told by William Hoover, of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF), and then spread like wildfire by Democrats and the media.

    Mexican law enforcement authorities send only a fraction of the guns they recover from criminals back to the U.S. for tracing. Which guns do they send? The guns that have U.S. serial numbers on them. It would be like asking a library to produce all their Mark Twain books and then concluding that 90 percent of the books in that library are by Mark Twain.

    You begin to see why the left hates Fox News so much.

    Obama backed away from the preposterous 90 percent claim. His National Security Council spokesman explained to Fox News that by “recovered,” they meant “guns traceable to the United States.” So, in other words, Democrats were frantically citing the amazing fact that almost all the guns traceable to the U.S. were … traceable to the U.S.

    Attorney General Eric Holder told reporters that even if the percentage is inaccurate, the “vast majority” of guns seized in crimes in Mexico come from the United States. (And he should know, because it turns out he was sending them there!)

    This was absurd. Most of the guns used by drug cartels are automatic weapons — not to mention shoulder-fired rockets — that can’t be sold to most Americans. They are acquired from places like Russia, China and Guatemala.

    Right about the time the 90 percent lie was unraveling, the Obama administration decided to directly hand thousands of American guns over to Mexican criminals. Apart from the fact that tracking thousands of guns into Mexico is not feasible or rational, the dumped guns didn’t have GPS tracing devices on them, anyway. There is no conceivable law enforcement objective to such a program.

    This is what we know:

    (1) Liberals thought it would be a great argument for gun control if American guns were ending up in the hands of Mexican criminals;

    (2) They wanted that to be true so badly, Democrats lied about it;

    (3) After they were busted on their lie, the Obama administration began dumping thousands of guns in the hands of Mexican criminals.

    We also know that hundreds of people were murdered with these U.S.-government-supplied guns, including at least one American, U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

    But let’s look on the bright side. The BATF was originally going to ship warheads to Iran until realizing the explosions might disable the tracking devices.

    (Contrary to more Democrat lies, there was no program to dump thousands of guns in Mexico under George W. Bush. The Bush administration did have a program that put GPS trackers on about 100 guns in order to actually trace them. That operation was ended almost as soon as it began because of the lack of cooperation from Mexican officials. You may as well say Holder’s program was “started” by the first cop who ever put tracer dye on contraband.)

    No one has explained what putting 2,500 untraceable guns in the hands of Mexican drug dealers was supposed to accomplish.

    But you know what that might have accomplished? It would make the Democrats’ lie retroactively true — allowing them to push for the same gun restrictions they were planning when they first concocted it. A majority of guns recovered from Mexican criminals would, at last, be American guns, because Eric Holder had put them there.

    Unfortunately for the Democrats, some brave whistleblower inside the government leaked details of this monstrous scheme. As soon as Congress and the public demanded answers, Holder clammed up. He just says “oops” — and accuses Republicans of racism.

    • Nobody says it like Ann Coulter. I took the liberty of adding emphasis to the best parts. It’s obvious how the Journolist was activated for this crusade against guns, exactly as they are now activated to help in the cover-up, exactly as they are activated to help in ANYTHING that helps Barry.

    • A few other gunwalker facts (from Sipsey Street over the course of their reporting on this ‘botched’ operation):

      Texas also ran a similar program, which is where the gun came from that was found at the scene of Zapata’s murder in Mexico. Zapata, it turns out, was investigating F&F.

      Florida also had a similar program that allowed guns to walk to Honduran gangs.

      Indiana also had a similar program that allowed guns to walk to street gangs. (NBP? NoI?)

      How many more states had ATF agents allowing guns to walk to all sorts of degenerates?

      Hillary is involved.

      Napolitano is also involved.

      Wide Receiver ended in 2007, ran for only a short time, and was conducted with Mexico’s knowledge and cooperation (even if executed poorly on Mexico’s part). Mexico was not aware of F&F…supposedly. I have some doubts since the thing was a rigged game to prop up the 90% meme. It’s possible Mexico’s role was to be outraged by the number of US guns found, then to sue gun manufacturers. Which they promptly did. There was no need for any official partnership since they weren’t supposed to know about all the guns to start with…even if they did. The ATF and DOJ would handle those pesky gun shop owners. Crying Democrats and media muffins would demand immediate action to help the poor people being terrorized by those American bitter clingers by banning anything and everything they could ram through Congress.

      The main straw purchasers were FBI informants. The FBI gave them the money to buy the guns…most likely from the Stimulus package. Looks like we may have footed the bill for attempts to undermine our own unalienable rights. I hope the gun shop owners get to keep the money, at least.

      Why were guns always dropped and left at scenes of carnage? I mean, if you paid between $900 and $1200 dollars for a semi-auto that you could get in an auto model from S. America or another country for 50 bucks, wouldn’t you want to keep up with your weapon? No matter how much money the cartels have, that’s bad business and they ain’t stupid. Oh! US serial numbers. And we paid for them. Silly me.

      • Thanks, 7delta. I didn’t realize how all those other states were affected by this corrupt policy, too.

        I’m with you: Mexico was in on the scam, just not officially. Plausible deniability to protect them from the understandable outrage of their own citizens whose families were affected. (Their entire government is now affected–yesterday, they put the corrupt PRI back into power; that party that had a stranglehold on Mexico for 71 years. They were swept back into power for “change” because the people are fed up with the drug violence, crime, beheadings, etc. ALL exacerbated by our government ARMING the cartels. How is this much different from arming Contras, btw? Something that the progressives were outraged about.)

        You can tell Mexico was complicit because their government is notably silent about OFF, when even their own media (Jorge Ramos, for one) decry it. They don’t want to hurt their friend Obama who’s made sure their poor can continue to come here illegally, to be fed, clothed, housed, given health care, and educated by US taxpayers, so they can then take our jobs and send millions back to Mexico every year, to prop up the MEXICAN economy.

        As you said, Mexico did their part–pretending to be outraged over the guns coming from the USA (but NOT the real source) and suing over it (but not suing HOLDER and OBAMA for their role in arming cartels).

        That’s an excellent point about the guns being left at the scene. Why would anyone leave those expensive, hard-to-come-by weapons there, unless it was the plan for them to be found, so the DemoncRATS would have their meme to enact more gun control to infringe on OUR 2nd amendment rights?

        • To quote an NPR Radio interview on 3/25/09, with Jason Beaubien and Robert Siegel in Mexico city:

          BEAUBIEN: Well, they’re hoping that the U>S> starts moving with a lot of the money that has been put forward in the Merida Initiative. This was approved by Congress. It’s millions and millions of dollars for fighting drugs throughout Central America. But the bulk of it is going to Mexico and it’s been kind of slow in flowing. So they’re hoping that , that will get sped up. They’re also hoping for equipment.

          And they’re also really hoping that on the border itself, the U>.S. can do more to stop the flow of money that’s coming back into Mexico and weapons that are coming in. Ninety-five percent of the guns that are getting picked up after drug related shootings here – according to the State Department, according to the U.S. State Department – are being traced back to the U.S.”

          • You all do a lot of investigating and research. Have you ever heard of the Merida Initiative?

            I am convinced that Mexico knew all about Fast and Furious. The administration gets their gun control, and Mexico gets money.

            (sorry for all the typos)

          • Figures. The Mexican government is corrupt so anything sent there will not end up where it’s supposed to go and won’t be used for what it’s supposed to be used for. Sort of like with all the aid sent to tyrannies in the Middle East and dictatorships in Africa.

          • I read about Merida a few years ago while doing research but it wasn’t directly reated to what I was doing at the time so it’s kind of fuzzy. basically it was supposed to be a cooperative program between u.s. and mexico in fighting the cartels and trafficking. it was mostly funding and equipment like helicopters for mexico’s army. i think that it allocated a certain amount on an annual basis (I remember thinking that’s a shitload of money) but it wasn’t immediately handed over. the actual disbersement had to be approved every year or quarter or something by congress and congress put the brakes on. If I remember right it was started around 2007 and it wasn’t that much dinero but then in 2008 or 9 they allocation skyrocketed but then by 2010 congress wasn’t approving funds.
            you can read the official report of the whole thing – that’s what i read – but i don’t remember where i came across it. it was tangential to the thing i was doing so i didn’t save it.
            i was reading a lot of the doj national drug intelligence center reports (ndic) and high intensity drug trafficking area (hidta) reports for tuscon sector from 2007-2010, so maybe that’s where i came across it.

  18. ‘Fundraiser-in-Chief’: Obama Reportedly Begs Donors for More Money Aboard Air Force One


    • I read that Barry will spend the Fourth of July in FRANCE! The European country with the largest Muslim population. Raising money. Isn’t that special?

      “presumably legal?” IS IT LEGAL to fundraise aboard Air Force I? Oh, they say there’s a special phone on board, paid for by his campaign, which supposedly makes it legal.

      They’re “dealing with” the SuperPacs by siccing the IRS on them about their tax exempt status. Just the conservative ones, though. Of course.

      • After what happen last week Obama is going to do whatever he wants, that is what a good dictator does….

  19. Live Stream: Sheriff Joe Sets 2nd Obama Investigation Press Conference For July 17th


  20. Why do they announce ahead of time the date and time? Isn’t is better to just surprise everyone?
    I thought Andrew made the same mistake and it cost him dearly..

    • Dar, because of this, I am beginning to not trust Sheriff Joe. Something is OFF. I don’t like teases. Nothing he “bombshelled” on us with his hyped announcements was new. None of it. None of it could be used as evidence and what they do have they talk around and soften it.

      He is a part of a group of sheriffs working against agenda21. The best approach would be to have each of those sheriffs and himself need to state that if Obama comes to their county, every attempt will be made to arrest him by themselves (only ones I believe have authority to arrest president) for fraud/identity theft and have the charges and reasons filed which would become public record that we could get a hold of and publish from all the counties at the same time, all over the internet. Plaster the charges all over public places by Patriots who each have printed a ream of paper with the warrant/s or whatever it would be called. Having the facts come from a zillion directions at once makes people see it as truth. Sad, but true. Now, O’King WILL flaunt himself and go to one of these sheriff’s states and the sheriff will NOT be able to get close to the king and O’ will give that smirk and make a joke about it. BUT by then, because of the massive overloaded flooding the masses with the charges, people will pay attention and more than now will see his smugness and recognize him for what he is: The first dictator of America that is not going to be voted out of office because dictators do not lose “elections”.

      • What a Hoot: thanks for reply.
        I tend to agree with you that something is off. Teasing is another way of keeping people distracted, however, that may not be his motive.
        I like the possibility that the state of HI has problems that go way back that could incriminate a lot of people if certain things are uncovered and probably why we can’t unseal these same things.

      • I don’t like the teases, either. It’s like Trowbridge. Too much like her. The thing is, though, that Arpaio is a strategist and he’s been in law enforcement and in the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for decades, so he knows more than we do about how these bureaucracies work. Any successful politician like Joe knows how to play the game, too. As does a REALLY successful cop/sheriff like him. He knows how to work the angles and he knows what makes criminals tick.

        I read a newspaper article today. The reporter decried that statement by the Chicago bishop who compared Barry to Hitler and Stalin. Other dictators. He said the Hitler comparisons need to go away because there’s a difference: The bishop would never have been able to criticize Hitler, like he can Barry. I wondered if in a few years that guy will be eating crow. I hope not. I truly hope not. But when will these people realize how very close to the truth the bishop is? Do they really believe it can’t happen here? Do the Jews who support Barry but also proclaim “never again” realize the danger?

  21. BREAKING! Sheriff Joe Promises a JULY 17th SCORCHER ON Obama’s Eligibility

  22. It’s a Tax….It’s a Tax…It’s a Tax…..It’s a Tax….It’s a Tax!!!!

    • The housedocs link is a bad url. I tried adding http:// and www, but doesn’t work. I checked the original youtube page and the link is the same in comments. Anybody been able to get it to work?

    • We talked about this long ago. https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2010/03/20/why-president-obama-and-his-marxist-allies-are-pushing-socialized-healthcare/comment-page-1/#comment-8597

      First of all, there’s a CHIP program that’s referenced in the bill. That’s Children’s Health Insurance Program. Not microchip trackers. There’s mention of implantable medical devices. That includes pacemakers. I found no wording (back then) to indicate this rumor is true. I hate to cite obots, but the truth is important. It doesn’t serve us well to spread rumors, especially these kinds, because they are as LIKELY to be propagated by obots as not. Why? In order to make us look like loons so nobody listens when we SPEAK THE TRUTH. OBAMACARE is bad enough already.

      I heard this morning that OBAMACARE IS A TAX ON EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY THE MIDDLE CLASS. Where else would anyone expect the money to come from, if they intend to insure over 33 MILLION without insurance? Money doesn’t fall from the sky. IT WILL COME FROM YOU AND ME, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

      So, someone who had a “no frills” insurance policy that covered catastrophic care only, and which cost about $50 a month, will NOW BE FORCED TO BUY A FULL POLICY, WHETHER HE WANTS IT OR NOT AND WILL HAVE TO PAY AT LEAST $250 A MONTH FOR THE INSURANCE.


      Everybody (but the elites like Obama) will be in THAT crummy program. The government can’t even handle voter registration, dog catching, and driver’s licenses. How will you like it when your doctor is a public “servant”.

      Do you think the doctor will care about your outcome when his outcome is set? Meaning, no raises unless Barry decides to give a crummy 2% cost of living increase.

      What the doctor does or how he performs does not in any way control his compensation. No more doctors making hundreds of thousands a year and being able to take vacations in Bermuda or Tahiti or drive a Lexus. Nope.

      Your government employee doctor will make about $50 grand, if he’s lucky. No more best and brightest going into medicine because it WILL NOT PAY. Being a plumber will pay better. So a medical degree, paid for by the government, btw, will be synonymous with a degree in education. If you don’t know the GPA of the typical education graduate, look it up.

      If not enough Americans want to become doctors under those conditions: Not to worry! There are plenty of Indians, Pakistanis, and Africans who will believe that $50 grand a year is a GREAT DEAL. The more immigrants from oppressive socialist governments, the better! All the better to “diversify” (read destroy) American culture and “fundamentally transform America.”

      There will be no incentive to do well. The doctor’s in a UNION. He gets his set pay no matter what he does and no matter how he performs. No matter if you live or die, he keeps his job and he gets his crummy pay. If he kills patients through incompetence, the union protects him. He cannot be fired.

      That’s OBAMACARE. Bad enough without implantable chips. Besides which, who could imagine that it’s in any way Constitutional to force everyone to be implanted with a microchip? Yes, Barry pushes the limits of the Constitution but even Ginsburg would vote NO on that one. She might be a loony lefty but she’s not totally insane. Nothing would ensure a huge backlash against the progressives than (1) trying to disarm the American people or (2) trying to implant them with the mark of the Beast.

  23. When I look at Holder’s picture, I ask myself, is this guy an Arab, or is he Black? I just don’t trust these criminals.

  24. What the Media Won’t Tell You About Jared Loughner

    Click to access death-cult.pdf


  25. Why does this have the smell of obot mendacity? http://washingtonexaminer.com/secret-service-shuts-down-fire-eric-holder-protest/article/2501155

    There was a student-led protest in DC yesterday, in front of the WH. Just as it was getting attention, the Secret Service (aka the SS) discovered a “suspicious package” nearby and so SHUT DOWN THE PROTEST. Doesn’t this sound like your typical obot/DemoncRAT dirty tricks? How easy is it to plant a “suspicious package” anywhere there’s any protest that Obama doesn’t like and then have the authorities shut it down? Of course, I’m sure the package turned out to be innocent and they won’t bother to track who placed it, although surely there are cameras everywhere. On the other hand, let somebody try this tactic against Code Pink or Occupy and see what happens. Despicable. What’s Barry afraid of? FREE SPEECH AND FREE ASSEMBLY?


    The Secret Service on Monday shutdown a student-protest calling for the firing of Attorney General Eric Holder saying they were acting on concerns over a ‘a suspicious package’ apparently left by a tourist on White House grounds.

    Secret Service officials forced the approximately 50 student-activists, who organized the event over social media, to leave the area after the protest had attracted significant attention from members of the White House press corps. and major news outlets. Maurice Lewis, a student at the University of California, Merced, who marched in the event told Campus Reform that the Secret Service had seemed on edge well before the “suspicious package” was discovered.

    “Several agents seemed hostile to our march and seemed anxious for us to leave the area,” said Lewis. “The discovery of the ‘unidentified package’ came just as the protest began to gain traction.”

    The Secret Service reopened the the portion of Pennsylvania Ave. that borders the White House shortly after protesters, who had been waiting nearby on 15th street for nearly half an hour, had dispersed. Agents did not communicate with organizers during that time.

    Neither the White House nor the nearby Treasury building were shutdown. Employees of both building and members of the White House media were allowed to traverse the evacuated zone while protesters were kept out.

    • Yes, he is afraid of these things. He knows he is down in the polls. They have to stop anything that will cast a bad light on him. But I think, truthfully, he does a good job of that all on his own!
      Hey, about the m chips. I agree what you said, we have to be careful what we say. God will reveal when that certain thing is coming on the forehead or back of the hand deal. We will have time to say “No way Jose’ and run for it. Our fate will be sealed if we do that.

  26. I get so mad about all of this.we must vote them out.
    Hurry up November 🙂

    • Yes, I think we all are looking forward to November. But I don’t want to wish my summer away. I feel like it just started. We need the time to for more things to be exposed, right?

  27. From Katz porch.
    Spread it far and wide
    We The People of the United States of America: Employer from the Proud State of (circle one)


    Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California,Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont,Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

    July 5, 2012

    President Barack Obama

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

    Washington D.C., U.S.A. 20006

    Dear Employee,

    We regret to inform you that your employment with the United States government is being terminated, effective November 6, 2012. Your employment termination is the result of poor performance as outlined below:

    Budget Competence: 10 percent of all unemployed Americans had been out of work for 52 weeks or longer. Today, that number is above 30 percent. The amount of money that the federal government gives directly to Americans has increased by 32 percent since you took over the position, with assurances that you had the required experience to reduce government expenditures. U.S. housing prices are now down a total of 35 percent from the peak of the housing bubble. The official U.S. unemployment rate has been above 8 percent for 40 months in a row. The inability to work with the Congress to produce a budget confirms that your performance does not meet our minimal standard.

    Refusing to Comply Policies of the Republic: Article II of the U.S. Constitution vests the executive power of the United States in the president and charges him with the execution of federal law, alongside the responsibility of appointing federal executive, diplomatic, regulatory, and judicial officers, and concluding treaties with foreign powers, with the advice and consent of the Senate. Upon your Oath of office, you swore and made contract with the People of the United States (Employer) to uphold the Constitution. You have not complied with this agreement, with specific infractions of execution of federal law in the compliance required to find solutions to various investigations.

    Confidentiality & Security: We view your inability in communication and cooperation with different states of the Republic to be demonstrative of immaturity and inexperience. Particular instances reflect a disdain and unwillingness to serve all states and all people’s, equally. Nepotism has been observed and is not conducive to the clearly defined Bill of Rights, of this Republic, you agreed to uphold.

    You were issued verbal and written concerns of these performance problems. Your written and recorded responses on each issue indicate that you discussed it with your staff, including steps you could take to improve performance. As stated in your final warning, you needed to take steps to correct your performance immediately. Your failure to do so has resulted in your employment termination.


    We the People of the United States of America

    • p.s. We’re still waiting for confirmation of your birth certificate. You have been asked repeatedly for a certified, 3-dimensional, unredacted, paper copy (did I say CERTIFIED?) of your original (aka initial, i.e., FIRST) birth certificate. Said copy to be a true and faithful representation (certified by the Dept. of Health) of the complete long-form birth certificate from Hawaii, submitted by you personally, so there’s no question that you yourself are claiming this to be an authentic document.

  28. Over 100 members of Congress appear to share the concerns of a former Army general who has sounded the alarm over efforts by the Obama Administration to push through the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, or ATT.

    As WND reported, retired Lt. Gen. William Boykin earlier this year, in a video in which he claimed Obama was leading America down the path of a quiet, Marxist revolution, blasted the ATT, also known as the small arms treaty, saying it would regulate private gun ownership.

    “There has been a decree by the administration by the president and the secretary of state saying that our president will sign the United Nations small arms treaty, which is about how we will buy sell and control individual private weapons,” Boykin warned. “That means the United Nations, an international body will decide how you and I as Americans can buy and sell our weapons, how we control those weapons, who is authorized to have those weapons and where they are. This is a dangerous trend.”

    Now some 130 lawmakers, consisting of mostly Republicans, but also including Democrats such as Reps. Jason Altmire, Sanford Bishop, Jerry Costello, Danny Davis and Peter DeFazio sent off a letter to the Obama administration opposing the treaty.

    The letter states that Congress is concerned the treaty could “pose significant threats to our national security, foreign policy and economic interests as well as our constitutional rights.”

    The letter goes on to declare that the Second Amendment guarantees the “fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms” and the U.S. has no business supporting a treaty that infringes on the Bill of Rights.

    The ATT would specifically require signatories to identify and trace, in “a timely and reliable manner,” illicit small arms and light weapons. The information would be required to be submitted to the United Nations.

    The treaty was opposed by the Bush administration, but Obama’s administration reversed direction on the treaty. U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said the United States would support talks towards ratifying the treaty.

    While the treaty is still in a draft stage, the United Nations is beginning a month-long process beginning this week to craft the final details of the treaty.


    The Arms Trade Treaty is the name of a potential multilateral treaty that would regulate the international trade in conventional weapons. The treaty will be negotiated at a global conference under the auspices of the United Nations from 2 – 27 July 2012 in New York.

    OriginsInitially put forward in 2003 by a group of Nobel Peace Laureates led by Oscar Arias, it was first addressed in the UN in December 2006 when the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 61/89 “Towards an Arms Trade Treaty: establishing common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms”.

    Gunrunner ? The reason for here ?
    Wants our arms of all kinds……

  29. Sally Stanford: Grand Dame of Madams | Baghdad By The Bay

    Feb 13, 2011 … Her best known bordello was located at 1144 Pine Street near Jones where Herb Caen even claimed that the United Nations was formed there …

    Sally Stanford (May 5, 1903–February 1, 1982) was a madam, restaurateur, and the mayor of Sausalito, California.

    Born Mabel Janice Busby, in Baker, Oregon (Baker County), in 1903, she came to San Francisco in 1924. Stanford eventually came to run one of San Francisco’s well known and elegant bordellos at 1144 Pine Street, near Jones Street, on the south slope of Nob Hill, in a house built by Stanford White (demolished in 1961 to build condominiums). She was the madam of this house of ill repute from 1940 to 1949, when it was raided by Edmund G. Brown, Sr., then the District Attorney of San Francisco, his fame from this raid led to his 1950 election as Attorney General of California.[1]

    It was said by Herb Caen, writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, that “the United Nations was founded at Sally Stanford’s whorehouse,” because at the founding conference of the United Nations in San Francisco, in June 1945, many of the delegates were customers of Sally Stanford and a large part of the actual negotiations took place in the living room of her cathouse.[2]

    In 1950, she opened the Valhalla restaurant in Sausalito, California. She ran six times for Sausalito City Council and finally won in 1972, was vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce, a Little League sponsor and in 1976, was re-elected with a majority that made her mayor at age 72.

    In 1985 the City of Sausalito commissioned a drinking fountain to be made in honor of Sally and her dog Leland. Local potter Eric Norstad constructed a multiple person drinking fountain with a basin inscribed with the words “Have a drink on Sally”. The runoff poured to a long knee length basin that read “Have a drink on Leland” for the dogs visiting the site. The drinking fountain sits permanently at the Sausalito Ferry Building.

    Stanford died of a heart attack at age 78, in Marin General Hospital, on February 1, 1982.

    Sally Stanford adopted the name Stanford as one of many pseudonyms for Mabel Busby. According to her autobiography, Lady of the House, she saw a newspaper headline about Stanford University winning a football game and adopted the surname

  30. Click to access 2012-07-03-CEG-to-DOJ-FF-Memo.pdf

    Issa and Grassley: Tag teaming Holder.

    July 17, he wants a reply by. Interesting date. July 17. Agent from AZ. July 17.

  31. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/07/white-house-admits-brian-terry-border-agents-fired-beanbags-not-bullets-during-cartel-shootout/

    Our government armed them and then tied our agents’ hands behind their backs, forcing them to use BEAN BAGS. That’s what Agent Terry was firing at the thugs who murdered him. Today, I read that the Mexican government is calling for an investigation of the US agent who killed a Mexican on the Mexican side of the border, from the US side, because the Mexican was aiming a gun at him. I’ll bet that Holder steps up to the plate and investigates THAT killing.

  32. AFTER the election, heads roll:

    Top ATF officials involved in Operation Fast and Furious had their government security clearances revoked and others were fired, demoted, or transferred.

    Former ATF Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Field Division Bill Newell, former ATF Special Agent in Charge of Operations in the West Bill McMahon, and former Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Field Division George Gillett were fired. Former Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jim Needles and Field Supervisor David Voth were demoted. Lead case agent Hope McAllister was placed on leave and transferred out of Phoenix. …

    Despite these developments, the agents will receive full retirement benefits.”

    Payment for services rendered?


    “A copy of a letter … addressed to Eric Holder from Senator Chuck Grassley questions the attorney general about a leak on a gun trafficking case tied to the Fast and Furious gunwalking operation that resulted in the indictment of the husband of the then-head of the New Mexico U.S. Attorney’s Office Criminal Division.

    The letter, sent on Wednesday, provides further details to a story related last Monday in this column, concerning Danny Burnett, married to federal prosecutor Paula Burnett, charged with leaking wiretap information to a suspect in an ATF gun smuggling investigation in New Mexico, and revealed to be “a longtime friend of one of the key players in the ring” in an ABQ Journal story filed by reporter Mike Gallagher.

    The indictment does not explain how Mr. Burnett obtained this knowledge or whether his wife had any role in disclosing it to him, Grassley explained to Holder, citing how “During the Congressional review of Operation Fast and Furious, the head of the

    Criminal Division in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona resigned and asserted his rights against self-incrimination to avoid testifying before Congress.

    “It is disturbing that the head of the Criminal Division in the neighboring district has now also resigned in connection with a case related to Fast and Furious, though she reportedly remains an assistant U.S. Attorney,” he observed.

    In order to reassure the public regarding the integrity of the New Mexico U.S. Attorney’s Office and the way this matter is being handled, please answer the following questions,” he requested …”

    Questions at the link. Will Grassley get answers?

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