Supreme Court Strikes 3 of 4 Provisions of AZ Immigration Law; Upholds ID Checks (Open Thread)

© Miri WTPOTUS June 25, 2012  

Today, in a 5 to 3 decision, the Supreme Court struck down three of the four provisions of the Arizona Immigration statute, S.B. 1070.  Justice Kagan recused herself from the case.

Upheld was the provision that allowed AZ law enforcement officers to check identification to see if persons routinely stopped are in the country legally. 

The bottom line is that the Court ruled that immigration is under the control of the federal government and, so it seems, the system set up by Congress allows the current administration to apply “discretion” in determining who to arrest and what to do with them.  The Court ruling stated

As a general rule, it is not a crime for a removable alien to remain in the United States.  The federal scheme instructs when it is appropriate to arrest an alien during the removal process.

The Court appeared to rule that the Attorney General (currently Eric Holder) holds the power to issue warrants to arrest illegal aliens, or not.  Therefore, state officials cannot interfere in the federal government’s process by arresting illegal aliens without a warrant, if their only crime is to be illegally in our country.

This is something that the NEXT CONGRESS ought to fix. The Court also says that their crime is a “civil” violation. Something else that the NEXT CONGRESS ought to fix.

Welcome to open border country, folks.  This is WHY the next election is so crucial.  Either we have a system that respects the rule of law, and an administration that upholds the rule of law, or we lose our country and its sovereignty. It’s as simple as that. 

Statistics.  Something that the Obama Administration loves (see Fast and Furious) but which, in this case, will come back to bite them. This means that state officials can compile statistics on the number of illegal aliens identified by state law enforcement but then let go by the federal government. 

This is a developing story, so updates and analysis can take place in comments.

155 responses to “Supreme Court Strikes 3 of 4 Provisions of AZ Immigration Law; Upholds ID Checks (Open Thread)

  1. 1. It was reported that Barry is turning overseas for donations.

    2. It was reported that the DemoncRATS are short millions for their convention.

    3. Their solution? 🙂

  2. Attorney asks JUDGE to have BHObama VETTED!!!!!
    AGAIN!!!!!! ???

    • “In a proposed memorandum opinion and order Klayman has just submitted to the judge, he asks for a determination that Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner “has an affirmative duty to determine the eligibility of defendant Obama before his name is placed on the Florida primary or general election ballots, or before the presidential electors for the state of Florida cast their votes after the 2012 general election should he ‘win’ the Florida presidential election.”

      Klayman suggests that the court issue “preliminary and permanent injunctions preventing the certification, by the Florida Election Canvassing Commission, of defendant Obama as Democratic Party nominee for the 2012 presidential primary and Florida general elections, as well as preliminary and permanent injunctions preventing the placement of defendant Obama’s name on the 2012 Florida presidential primary and general election ballots and with regard to the presidential electors voting for defendant Obama should he ‘win’ the Florida general election for the office of the president of the United States.”

      The court should “issue a writ of mandamus requiring that the Florida Secretary of State adhere to the Florida and U.S. Constitutions and verify the eligibility of defendant Obama for the office of the president of the United States, or rule that the failure to do so is an abuse of discretion, arbitrary and capricious and contrary to law,” the proposal recommends.

      Klayman argues there is reasonable doubt as to whether Obama was born in the United States, which could cast doubt on his citizenship, and “even if he was born within the United States, plaintiff seeks to have this court declare that defendant Obama is not a natural born citizen as described by the U.S. Constitution because he was not born in the United States and to two U.S. citizen parents.”

      Klayman suggests that the court has jurisdiction, since a Florida law provides that anyone qualified to vote in the election may challenge a candidate based on “ineligibility of the successful candidate for the nomination or office in dispute.””

  3. Miri….the plan IS to FU*K with us…. till we SURRENDER…
    THAT IS THE PLAN!!!!!! WHEN will we WAKE UP?
    When it’s TOO LATE?
    SUCH SORRY SUCKERS WE ….(THEY) have become ….
    KEEP fighting…. stay alive….

  4. Oprah & Obama….. will it change? or will the FREY treatment
    be in order? …… Place your BETS NOW FOLKS!!

    • Well, even if she does NOW, nobody’s gonna see it because her show’s a flop, isn’t it? NOW? I bet she won’t give him the Frey treatment because she should have done it long ago, if she’d bother to even READ his “memoirs”. You know they’re phony when he writes about what his mother was THINKING. I was skimming it recently and actually saw a long soliloquy supposedly going on in SAD’s head. Obviously, this guy has no clue what OTHER PEOPLE ARE THINKING unless he’s an omnipotent mindreader. I know he thinks he’s a god but he’s most definitely NOT. Anybody with a shred of common sense knows that the entire thing is just made up.

      • This is funny! “… many members of the media agreed with Oprah that fabricating stories in a memoir is no small matter.

        So if Oprah and much of the media had this strong a reaction to misrepresentations made by a previously unknown man who was just trying to make his life story sound a little exciting, one can only imagine how strong her reaction would be to a politician who was misrepresenting his life story to further his political career.”

        Har, har, hardee, har, har. I can’t wait until they hold Barry to the Frey standard. Wait and wait and wait. Crickets.

    • From that fast food story: “As a matter of fact, he treats Michelle’s healthy eating edict as he treats the US Constitution — as if it doesn’t exist. One would think that if Michelle were around for one of these pit stops, she’d send a Myplate sailing straight for her husband’s head. … Nevertheless, sort of like an illegal alien in a voting booth canceling out the legitimate vote of an American citizen, whenever Obama chooses to publicly indulge in artery-clogging yummies, Mr. ‘What’ll ya have?’ Obama is successfully becoming the junk-food counterpoint to his health-food advocate wife.”

    • From the other story:

      “In checking to see how David Maraniss’s new biography, Barack Obama: The Story, was faring on Amazon’s bestseller list, I came across an intriguing reader review, an excerpt of which follows:

      And as if to spike the ball while putting the final nail in the coffin of the Birthers theory, Mr. Maraniss interviews nurses and other disinterested people who worked the maternity ward in Hawaii’s Kapi’olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital at the time Stanley Anne Dunham was giving birth to America’s first black President: Barack Hussein Obama was born there on Friday, August 4, 1961, at 7:24 pm, in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, USA.

      This was precisely what I was hearing from the mainstream chattering classes in the build up to the book’s release on June 19. The only problem, of course, is that it is not true. In fact, it is opposite of true.

      Although the book is otherwise exquisitely detailed, Maraniss does not talk to anyone who had anything even remotely to do with Obama’s birth. The reader has no idea how his mother got to the hospital, who accompanied her, how difficult was the labor, how big was the baby, who took her home, or where she went when she left the hospital.

      The only confirming detail comes from a former teacher of Obama’s. She told Maraniss that sometime after the birth a doctor told her that he had heard on the grapevine that “Stanley had a baby,” it being unusual that a “Stanley,” as in Stanley Ann Dunham, would have had a baby. She is alleged to have remembered this anecdote for nearly 50 years before tying it to Obama and presumably settling the birther issue. I do not know how an anecdote this sketchy could have made it by the editor.”


      The only person who spoke about this was the long-ago-discredited and complicit Babs Nelson.

      Cashill writes, “Although the book is otherwise exquisitely detailed, Maraniss does not talk to anyone who had anything even remotely to do with Obama’s birth. The reader has no idea how his mother got to the hospital, who accompanied her, how difficult was the labor, how big was the baby, who took her home, or where she went when she left the hospital.

      The only confirming detail comes from a former teacher of Obama’s. She told Maraniss that sometime after the birth a doctor told her that he had heard on the grapevine that “Stanley had a baby,” it being unusual that a “Stanley,” as in Stanley Ann Dunham, would have had a baby. She is alleged to have remembered this anecdote for nearly 50 years before tying it to Obama and presumably settling the birther issue. I do not know how an anecdote this sketchy could have made it by the editor.

      The book is not performing nearly as well as the publishers might have hoped. It is too honest for the left and not honest enough for the right. Despite a huge PR boost from the media, Barack Obama: The Story is currently 40th on Amazon’s bestseller list. Ed Klein meanwhile, who can’t buy time on the networks, has the compensation of seeing his Obama book, the Amateur, at number 8 on that list, despite being out a month longer.”


        That’s the guy who apparently falsely misrepresents this book to the buyers at Amazon (or the non-buyers, I should say). He has plenty to say about “birthers” but apparently is a fabulist himself, either having not read the book or is “just making things up”, because Cashill HAS read the book and finds nothing about interviews with nurses and others who worked on the maternity ward. This guy is from Falls Church, VA. A black, “ex-college professor and diplomat.”

        This guy is so naive it’s scary. Look what else he writes:

        “The book says loudly and clearly that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii, USA. And for “birthers” who still don’t believe it, some of the innocent (and disinterested) people who worked on the hospital staff (and also those who lived in Kenya at the time of his birth in the U.S.) are still alive and available to be interviewed (and deposed if necessary) to attest to the facts of Mr. Obama’s USA birth (or non-USA birth as the case may be). This should put an end to the birther controversy for good.”

        Now THAT’S a true believer. Has he NO CLUE that not one of these people and not even the potus, who IGNORED A SUBPOENA, would dare to be “deposed”? Drs. Sinclair and West are both deceased. So who are these hospital staff that are still living? I’d like to see him get to Granny Sarah to ask her under oath what she really remembers. While he’s at it, he can have her asked about what she meant when she implied that Barry was an orphan who passed through her hands, hands that were in Kenya?!

        SIR, if you can get those people, including OBAMA, deposed under oath in any of the many courts of law that are investigating this matter, then you may be right: It may put the “birther controversy” to rest for good and all. But you may not like how it turns out!

      • Hey gals, The daughter-in-law of Dr. West(?) has written in the comment section of American Thinker on more than one occasion. She said that her father-in-law had kept hand written logs of every baby he delivered and that bHo was not on the list. She also wrote that he never would have made a comment to someone about an ordinary birth. Also she mentioned that they didn’t have cafeterias in the hospital in 1961. The daughter-in-law/commenter should have a press conference and announce to the world!

        • Is it Dr. West’s daughter-in-law or Dr. Sinclair’s? My mind is shot.

          I remember recently quoting a story that said one of the doctors kept meticulous records of births in “bound volumes” (maybe books) and I said it reminded me too much of Abercommie’s statement that a notation about Barry’s birth was “written down” on something in the State Archives.

          Did he THINK it would be there but when he looked, it wasn’t? Is that why they did a 180 and suddenly decided that Dr. West wasn’t the delivering physician–that it was Dr. Sinclair (also conveniently dead)?

          Dr. West was a hero in Hawaii during the war. It’s likely that his papers were given to the State Archives. That might explain why Abercommie thought a record would be there. It also explains WHY there’d be birth records in the State Archives. I thought it was a curious thing to say, back then. Birth records aren’t in the State Archives. They’re vital records kept at the Dept. of Health. Otherwise, I thought he was referring to the newspaper announcement.

          Maybe they didn’t realize that his records still existed? When Babs Nelson first put out the story that Dr. West was the delivering physician, maybe they only knew that he was a practicing OB-GYN in Hawaii at that time and that he was conveniently deceased.

          Oh, I remember now reading about how Dr. West’s kin said that he would never have violated doctor/patient confidentiality. I said at the time, when Babs gave out that story, that it was smearing him publicly by claiming that he gossiped about a patient. Especially by saying that he named names, and pointed out that SAD was a white woman with a black baby. I even remember looking up his kids’ names, to see if that woman commenter was legit. I’ll try to find it on the blog, if it’s here. We might have discussed it on the previous blog where we used to comment.

          This didn’t happen, according to the Babs fable, in the hospital cafeteria: Babs said she had a meal (lunch/dinner, who knows?) with Dr. West at some yacht club or country club. She talked about the buffet line. All those little details to make herself seem like another Rain Man who could remember it clearly. Like it was yesterday. A picture-perfect memory. Rain Man II.

          Rain Man I being the elementary teacher from Indonesia who still could recite from memory what Barry allegedly wrote in grade school! It must be a catching disease. All these people who come in contact with Barry walk away as fabricators of tall tales, seemingly. (Maraniss, Babs, there must be hundreds more.)

          • When I first read her comments I thought she must have been referring to Dr. Sinclair but as I read further on she mentioned West by name. Her comments are part of Jack Cashill’s articles this past week. He has had at least 2 so I am not sure which one. It wouldn’t be too hard to check just a little scrolling time!

        • The comments by Dr. West’s daughter-in-law are in the comment section (naturally) of Jack’s article on 6/22/12. “Maraniss Bio Deepens Obama Mystery…”
          She goes by the moniker barigood.
          Barbara she states (went by Bobbie) was Dr. West’s daughter’s friend. In no way would the Dr. share personal info and especially not in a “buffet”.

          • Dar, I can find no such comments on that Cashill post. Do you have a link to them? I have tried the WayBack Machine and searching on “barigood”. I find nothing.

  5. two above need “blog” added… .com/blog/2012/06/

  6. Crazy?
    What Lame Cherry used to warn of
    read with caution
    but there also is this:
    Panic in the New World Order
    Be strong.

    • Well, if it’s bad for the NWO, it’s probably good for us. Except they’ve linked these economies so much that what happens over there affects us over here. I never thought the Eurozone would work. How could it? It’s almost a mirror image of the split that we have here between “progressives” and constitutional conservatives (who believe in self-sufficiency, instead of the collective). Or maybe I should say the half of the population that TAKES versus the other half that GIVES.

  7. dave m… thanks for cheering me up…. my day got stale like yesterdays bread… LUCIFER… lay traps, sow seeds of crises / chaos… yep… check!
    cradle 2 grave… check! micro-chipped population… check!
    Illuminated founded 5/1/1776.. by Adam Weishaupt 2/6/1748 -11/18/1830
    The road to hell & no way back…..??? Hello… anybody ?

  8. GLOBE Magazine: The Man Who Forged President Obama’s Birth Certificate Caught?

    GLOBE Magazine: The Man Who Forged President Obama’s Birth Certificate Caught! (Photo)

    BY Dr. Jody Overland on June 27, 2012

    This week’s issue of The GLOBE has the cover story ‘BUSTED! This Man Forged Obama’s Birth Certificate!’ Now who would want to go and do a nasty thing like that? Forging anyone’s birth certificate is illegal, let alone the President’s. In fact, forgery is a serious crime, so let’s hope that this turns out to have some benign explanation. Of course there are all sorts of cranks out there so you never know…

    This week we look forward to seeing the print edition as GLOBE has blockbuster details regarding the probe into President Obama‘s birth certificate and a stunning photo re-enactment of the moment investigators approached one of two men they suspect of playing a part in the forgery of the document.

    The question that comes to mind is why someone would want to forge the President’s birth certificate? I doubt that the perp wanted to get a driver’s license in the name of Barack Hussein Obama II – or apply for a passport bearing this moniker – it would kind of stand out. Could this forgery be politically motivated?

    • Well, this is a trade mag so what are we to think? Why would the libs want to find the forger? Could this just be to sell papers?

      On the other hand wasn’t another story broken because of something in one of the check-out land magazines? To much info to remember anymore!

  9. Miri …. tall… blue jeans… black jacket.. a face only a mother
    could love…. no skin in the game…. I think he is 27 years old…. dark hair
    Place a BET ?…. The Sheriff is coming 2 get U….. it’s getting HOTTER

  10. Tomorrow will be a big day. The House will vote on contempt charges against Holder and the SCOTUS will announce the fate of Obamacare. Steny Hoyer says there will be “defections”, so expect Democrats who still have any shred of decency and consideration for the rule of law to actually vote for contempt charges. They must be worried about their own reelections.

    “Issa and the rest of the racist, politically-driven Republicans will be joined by an untold number of [racist, politically-driven?] Democrats in voting for Contempt of Congress against Holder tomorrow.

    Hoyer says he doesn’t know how many defections there will be. Only that he’s certain a percentage of Democrats will support the contempt charges against Holder.”

    If you ask me, no matter how many of them vote for contempt, the DemoncRATS should not be spared from being tossed out on their complicit hineys. We “owe” them a pink slip because they are responsible for so much of the despair this country has been subjected to over the past 3 1/2 years. They marched in lockstep with this dictator wannabe. There’s NO EXCUSE for it and so they deserve to be gone along with him, when he’s defeated in November. It’s too late to suddenly decide, like that ridiculous Claire McCaskill, that the people are too stupid to notice almost 4 years of mendacity and so instead will believe that suddenly, they’ve all become bipartisan, Constitution-loving, freedom-loving, small government, ethical “moderates”.

  11. Court rules that the purge of Florida’s voter rolls does not violate federal law. A victory for the rule of law and free and FAIR elections.

    “A federal judge denied the U.S. Department of Justice’s request for an emergency restraining order to halt Florida’s non-citizen voter purge and said the controversial scrub does not violate federal law. … He also chided both administrations, saying the “federal government and the state government ought to be working together” to ensure honest elections. … Wednesday’s hearing is the first of multiple lawsuits over the voter purge. Scott is suing the Department of Homeland Security over access to a federal database the state contends would allow them to create a less error-prone list than the Secretary of State Ken Detzner distributed to county supervisors in April. … Scott insists that no citizens have been wrongly removed from the voting rolls as a result of the purge but that about 100 non-citizens were found to have been registered to vote.

    Many of the 2,600 flagged individuals on the list given out in April turned out to be naturalized citizens and therefore eligible to vote, Hinkle noted.

    “Questioning someone’s citizenship unnecessarily is not as trivial as the state would have it,” Hinkle scolded. “But leaving an ineligible voter on the list is not a solution. People need to know we are running an honest election.””

    Yeah. You’d think judges would realize that state and federal administrations also ought to work together to enforce the immigration laws.

  12. UT Austin hacks government drone with $1000 of equipment

    • “DHS dared Humphreys’ crew to hack into their drone and take command. Much to their chagrin, they did exactly that.

      Humphrey tells Fox News that for a few hundreds dollar his team was able to “spoof” the GPS system on board the DHS drone, a technique that involves mimicking the actual signals sent to the global positioning device and then eventually tricking the target into following a new set of commands. And, for just $1,000, Humphreys says the spoofer his team assembled was the most advanced one ever built.

      “Spoofing a GPS receiver on a UAV is just another way of hijacking a plane,” Humphreys tells Fox. The real danger here, however, is that the government is currently considering plans that will allow local law enforcement agencies and other organizations from coast-to-coast to control drones of their own in America’s airspace.”

      Isn’t that nice? They plan to allow thousands of drones to fly over the US, possibly armed. Any college student with a $1000 bucks to spare can then hijack one. And what if that college grad is a jihadist? Or drug or human smugglers? They can hijack the border drones and send them elsewhere or use them against our border patrol. Even as small as they are, and even if unarmed, a hijacked drone could wreak havoc. What are they thinking? They cannot even keep the Pentagon computers secure!

  13. I noticed that Lame Cherry has once again started posting his unique blog

    It’s over here:

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