The Unveiling of Our Last Legal President – George W. Bush (Open Thread)

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Classy and Dignified!


President George W. Bush Official Portrait – WH


The Official Portraits of Former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush were officially unveiled in a ceremony on Thursday, June 1, at the White House hosted by the current occupiers.


Former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush unveiling their official White House portraits at a special ceremony.


Administration officials Karl Rove, Colin Powell, Alberto Gonzales, and Donald Rumsfield as well as the Bush’s extended family former staff and media were in attendance. Amid loud clapping, President Bush joked, “Thanks so much for inviting our rowdy friends to my hanging.”

The current president showed his normal crassness and couldn’t leave partisanship aside for even an hour.  Heaven forbid that Obama be upstaged by a former president who is everything he is not.  Obama isn’t fit to shine his shoes.  His introduction of his predecessor stopped short of outwardly using his  well honed Alinsky brush that blames Bush.  Yet according to the Blaze,  Obama still had to snipe and gave President Bush and his guests an “earful”.

President Obama on Thursday twisted the knife he‘d stuck in his predecessor’s legacy, reminding former President George W. Bush that he left the economy a mess and al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden alive when he left the White House three years ago.

“The months before I took the oath of office were a chaotic time,” Obama told a crowd of mostly former Bush administration officials and members of the Bush family, including Bush’s parents, former President George H.W. Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush.[…]

“We knew our economy was in trouble, our fellow Americans were in pain, but we wouldn’t know until later just how breathtaking the financial crisis had been,” Obama continued, raising some eyebrows among the Bush crowd seated just a few feet away.”

Disgraceful.  Obama is just a campaigner and a huge embarrassment, nothing more.   The past is the past and Obama and his administration now have a four-year record of failures that cannot be attributed to the Bush administration. Obama is an abject failure, and the ineptness of those who contributed to his policies, are now to be blamed. They held the reins and it is their decisions that helped shape his lackluster legacy.

If Obama completes the presidency they need not waste a penny of taxpayer’s money on having him pose for a portrait. An artist could easily just paint an empty suit hanging from a chair with  some Christmas balls with Mao’s face on them in the background, and Das Kapital resting on a table.

It is unfortunate that the official portraits of the Bushes couldn’t be unveiled next year when a Republican president will once again bring class, honor and integrity to the White House.

In his remarks, President Bush thanked the artist, John Howard Sanden.    He said he asked that he be posed in front of a painting that was in the Oval Office for eight years and was one of his favorites, “A Charge to Keep”, by William H. D. Koerner.

Laura Bush’s portrait shows her standing in the Green Room wearing a demure midnight-blue gown. She exudes warmth, dignity,  and Southern charm.  (This photo is from a screen print of the video.).


Former First Lady Laura Bush’s Official Portrait


President Bush said he was pleased to see that his portrait would hang so close to his father’s portrait.  He also noticed that the portraits hanging in the hall  began with the first president named George, and they would be  ending with another George.   He talked about the tough decisions that president’s ponder and said now Obama could stand in front of the portrait and ask, “What would George do!”   Great laughter accompanied his statement.   He went on to introduce Laura as his favorite First Lady and then looked at his mother a little sheepishly, and said, it could be a tie as to who was his favorite.


President George W. Bush and his Official Portrait


The short video of the ceremony shows a vivid contrast to the current occupiers. The Bushes exude genuine gratitude, appreciation, humility, and class; qualities that have been sorely missing  since they left the White House. They thanked the household staff that made the White House their home for eight years, and their appreciation and joy could be felt by all.  Laura ended her short speech by saying,  “This House Belongs to Those Who Will Never Have A Portrait Here.”

The Bushes graced the White House and dignified the presidency.

Yes, Mr. President, you both ARE missed!


The video of the event can be viewed here.


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  1. Sam Benson… & W.L.Mix… August 21,1967… (barry from ‘hawaii’ was 6 )
    Immigration & Naturalization Service in ….San Pedro, California
    ……one critical exchange… of …” THE SCARLET LETTERS ” …..
    bottom of page…. “The Beatles Anthology”

  2. I’ve not a President …I LOVE… for sure ONE stands out that I DON’T!
    Georgie & Laura…..What’s not to Admire…Lovely….

  3. I am surprised George’s Mommy didn’t get up and smack that punk in the face. 😯

  4. The bush’s are a Class act.I love them all. 🙂

  5. “Janine Turner and Bill O’Reilly about Obama’s Birth Certificate: Obama Has Never Been Vetted”

  6. Oh, I love them both, George & Laura. Sure do miss them.

  7. National-security leaks must be plugged
    May 31

    Senators Marco Rubio, Richard Burr, and Dan Coats blast the White House for their lack of discretion.

    Espionage is a dangerous business often seen only through a Hollywood lens. Yet the real-world operations, and lives, that inspire such thrillers are highly perishable. They depend on hundreds of hours of painstaking work and the ability to get foreigners to trust our government.

    Sitting in a prison cell in Pakistan is one of those foreigners who trusted us. Shakil Afridi served as a key informant to the United States in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. This brave physician put his life on the line to assist U.S. efforts to track down the most-wanted terrorist in the world, yet our government left him vulnerable to the Pakistani tribal justice system, which sentenced him to 33 years for treason. The imprisonment and possible torture of this courageous man — for aiding the United States in one of the most important intelligence operations of our time — coincides with a deeply damaging leak in another case.
    Reckless disclosures of top-secret information compromise national security operations, undermine the hard work of our intelligence officers and overseas partners, and risk innocent lives. Congress’s intelligence oversight committees will not tolerate it, nor should the American people.

    • Anything leaked is usually to benefit the Usurper, not the other way around. What is the Obama administration doing to save Afridi? He is the one that deserves the praise for finding Bin Laden. He is a hero not Obama. We offered a $50 million reward (unsure of amount) for information – has that been sent to Afridi? Who leaked his name?

      • Krauthammer skewered Barry in an opinion piece about how his ploy to take credit for offing OBL failed and so, now, he sponsored that official story about drone kills in the NY Times. The Hammer made an excellent point: Before Barry was elected, he criticized GWB for waterboarding the very terrorists that Barry now indiscriminately offs from 30,000 feet WITHOUT due process, WITHOUT civil rights, WITHOUT a chance for a defense, WITH NO TRIALS WHATSOEVER. Barry, judge, jury, executioner. So is this consistent logic? And the very ACLU and others that supported him in his quest to depose GWB for violating terrorists’ rights now support Barry for assassinating them! Amazing.

        “”The article could have been titled “Barack Obama: Drone Warrior.” Great detail on how Obama personally runs the assassination campaign. On-the-record quotes from the highest officials. This was no leak. This was a White House press release.

        Why? To portray Obama as tough guy. And why now? Because in crisis after recent crisis, Obama has looked particularly weak: standing helplessly by as thousands are massacred in Syria; being played by Iran in nuclear negotiations, now reeling with the collapse of the latest round in Baghdad; being treated with contempt by Vladimir Putin, who blocks any action on Syria or Iran and adds personal insult by standing up Obama at the latter’s G-8 and NATO summits.

        The Obama camp thought that any political problem with foreign policy would be cured by the Osama bin Laden operation. But the administration’s attempt to politically exploit the raid’s one-year anniversary backfired, earning ridicule and condemnation for its crude appropriation of the heroic acts of others.

        A campaign ad had Bill Clinton praising Obama for the courage of ordering the raid because, had it failed and Americans been killed, “the downside would have been horrible for him.” Outraged veterans released a response ad pointing out that it would have been considerably more horrible for the dead SEALs. Obama only compounded the self-aggrandizement problem when he spoke a week later about the military “fighting on my behalf.”

        The Osama-slayer card having been vastly overplayed, what to do? A new card: Obama, drone warrior, steely and solitary, delivering death with cool dispatch to the rest of the al-Qaeda depth chart.”

  8. More excerpts from the new book by David Maraniss. We will wonder how a 3rd grade paper of Barry’s was discovered and where. Written in English or Indonesian and translated? He even finds “a string” of girlfriends! A string of them, mind you, not just one or two.

    ‘He can’t dunk, wore his hat cocked to look cool and danced like Mick Jagger’: Explosive book reveals Obama’s not-so-presidential past

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    2 June 2012 Snips

    He had a pet ape named Tata, spent his evenings smoking pot and when he was in the third-grade wrote a paper about how he wanted to be President.

    But long before he played ball, he moved to Indonesia with his family. ‘The backyard was a sight to behold, Lolo’s personal Indonesian zoo: Chickens, cockatoos, snakes, turtles, two biawaks (reptiles that resemble miniature crocodiles) in a pond, and a small ape named Tata that he brought back from a mapping assignment with the army in Papua,’ writes Mr Maraniss.

    Mr Obama was not always such a skilled writer, as a third grade essay reveals a lot of ambition, but little talent.

    ‘My name is Barry Soetoro. I am a third-grade student at SD Asisi. My mom is my idol. My teacher is Ibu Fer. I have a lot of friends. I live near the school. I usually walk to the school with my mom, then go home by myself. Someday I want to be president. I love to visit all the places in Indonesia. Done. The eeeeeeeeend,’ the essay reads. [Read that as president of Indonesia.]

    As he grew older, he began taking bigger risks. When he was living in Hawaii, he used to drag race with his friends. Once, when he was in a car a friend was driving he got into an crash. ‘The car he was riding in flipped and landed upside down,’ Mr Maraniss writes. ‘The other car turned around and found Obama, who had crawled out a back window, laughing hysterically.’ [Laughing after a crash – that seems normal – only if you are drugged.]–danced-like-Mick-Jagger-Explosive-book-reveals-Barack-Obamas-presidential-past.html

    • Doesn’t the crash part of the this article remind you of the Bari story and the tickets issued to a Bari Shabazz found in Hawaii?

      I checked to see if the name of the 3rd grade teacher, Ibu Fer, has been mentioned on the blog, and it hasn’t. We mentioned a couple other teachers and showed their photos.

      Now we find out that his toes had freedom and one was straight! Good grief.

      The author traces everything from the President’s love of hats, ‘He wore them cocked, to look cool,’ to how he wore his flip-flops.

      His little toe was straight, rather than cramped and curling inward, a sign that his feet enjoyed a liberated existence, unbound by leather shoes,’ Mr Maraniss writes.

    • That “The eeeeeeeeeend” is an anachronism and NO KID in a Catholic school in those days would dare to end an essay like that. It’s totally bogus. Written in 2012 by an obot to make it appear as if little Barry was as reported in his bogus biography. I believe Lia, though, when she reports that Barry admired and wanted to emulate the commie DICTATORS of Indonesia. I thought his father was his idol! His mom? What a joke. Is this in response to the recent snarks in the blogosphere about how he thanked his grandparents and his PUSHER but NOT his MOM (or dad) in his high school yearbook? Stinks of obot mendacity, to me. Just lies. More lies.

      The biggest joke of a meme is the new one coming out about how, “yeah, he was a slacker and a pothead in school, but you know–he was SO MUCH MORE INTELLIGENT than everybody else that he simply got those straight A’s without really trying.” THIS is to help justify not releasing the transcripts. They said how he’s smarter than every person who ever lived. Now it comes out that he was a slacker and THAT’S not consistent with getting such good grade that he got scholarships to Ivy League schools. So, they can’t and won’t release those transcripts (because they suck) but they can “explain” how it was that he still got excellent grades while being a drug addict–he’s just a born GENIUS. What a lie. Just lies. More lies.

    I remember hearing BO’s house was on the same street as Farakhan’s but I didn’t realize or remember it was right across the street!!! from his house and MOSQUE!!! but don’t worry, it’s just a coincidence, i’m sure. I wonder what that extra strip of land BO bought was for . . .

  10. I think Romney is going to pick Paul Ryan, shortly after Walker wins the recall election

  11. June 2nd, 2012

    “Eligibility Cover-Up Widens”

    “Exclusive Investigative Report by Pixel Patriot”

    “The “BIRTHGATE” scandal is still unfolding after CNN committed an act of “Fraud” upon the American people on May 30th 2012 by writing, producing, editing and broadcasting a report with a microfiche copy of a long form birth certificate knowing it is not Barack Obama’s yet claiming it was.

    The timing of this act of “Fraud” upon the American people is also very significant, because Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona has recently announced he will be holding another highly anticipated press conference surrounding the ongoing investigation into the authenticity of the purported long form birth certificate and other evidence of felony identity fraud which is scheduled to occur in the next few days or weeks. Investigators from his Cold Case Posse have just returned from Hawaii and have indicated they have “shocking” new evidence to reveal the American public.”

    [video at link]

    • May 22, 2012

      “CNN Hits 20-Year Weekday Primetime Low”
      By Dominic Patten

      “The only ratings news CNN is getting lately is bad news. Last week, the cable news network had its lowest-rated weekday primetime in 20 years in terms of total viewers. From May 14-18, CNN averaged 395,000 viewers in primetime with Anderson Cooper’s AC360 and Piers Morgan Tonight. The full seven days of last week was the third-lowest-rated full week in primetime since March 1997. Additionally, last Monday to Friday was also the network’s fourth-lowest-rated weekday primetime week among adults 25-54. CNN scored just 111,000 viewers in the demo. CNN’s previous worst weekly weekday primetime among adults 25-54 was May 15-21, 2000, when the network recorded 91,000 viewers among adults 25-54.

      This ratings news comes less than a week after the network hit its lowest primetime among adults 25-54 in 15 years on May 15 with Pier Morgan Tonight. That followed a terrible April where CNN had its lowest-rated month in a decade.”

    • Does anyone remember a discussion on The Daily Kos right before they posted the bc where someone stated they could easily make a bc? The thread disappeared from the site soon afterwards, but I remember reading it. I also seem to recall that someone–a blog–had screen shots of the thread. Unfortunately, I don’t remember who. I did an online search not long ago and couldn’t find any reference to it, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t dream this.

      My theory, if I remember correctly about this Kos incident, is that the obama machine ‘never’ intended to release anything, but the Kos Kiddies thought it would be hoot to screw with the ‘birfers’ and put up the fake bc. It instantly went viral, with obots and media everywhere pointing to it as a fact–without any questions as to how Kos got it and who authorized them putting it on their site. So now, the o-machine had a choice to make: Deny it and go back to square one, as well as alienate and embarrass some of their most fervent supporters whose joke got out of hand or go along with it and hope it satisfied the ‘stooopid birfers’ or at least, discredited them. I think they chose the latter. Up it went onto the Fight the Smears site.

      For a long time, the administration refused to actually ‘own’ the bc even when pointing to it as evidence. Eventually, Gibbs said he put it up on Fight the Smears, I think, but no one ever explained how Kos got it first in preference over the candidate’s very own campaign site or why

      From then on, it simply became a game of catch-up for the o-machine. When one piece of evidence was debunked and went viral or there was a threat of additional information being discovered, they had to produce something else and so on and so forth in an effort to stay a step ahead of researchers.

      In the end, it may be that the ‘birfers’ won’t be the ones who bring down the o-machine, but their very own supporters who, by thinking they were exceptionally clever, started the entire string of forgeries needed to cover up a joke that was mistaken for fact, then willfully perpetuated by the machine as a gamble to shut down any inquiries. I wonder how annoyed the machine was with the Kos jokesters? I also wonder if Kos and kids worry someone serious will get around to asking them questions about how they got the bc before Fight the Smears or uncovers screen shots of the deleted thread? Wonder how long it will take them to talk? Self-preservation is a strong motivator. They should be worried. The truth will always out, even if it takes years.

    • This is amazing. I remember that video but it’s longer (not edited) in that version at ORYR. What’s going on here?

      The signature of the mother looks different, too, but of course we can’t read a deliberately blurred image that’s only flashed on the screen.

      If this was on the video all along, then why wasn’t it shown in the longer length, right at the beginning, when it was filmed?

      We took that visit to the HDOH apart here, when it first was put out there by CNN. Was this when Stig Waidelich first raised his supportive obot head, too? I forget.

      That document sure looks very different from Barry’s so-called real original LFCOLB. And THAT has never been released for scrutiny. Still hasn’t.

      If she (who, iirc, wasn’t even working at the HDOH anymore, when that video was made) HAD in her possession a copy of his original bc from microfiche, then WHY does the HDOH REFUSE to allow Sheriff Arpaio’s agents to view it? Why did the HDOH or its former employee show it to a REPORTER from CNN but they still refuse to show it to duly elected and authorized law enforcement officers?

      • A thought: Is this the predicted NEW FORGERY that’s coming out to support the lie that he has an original on file that matches what he put out there?

      • It’s easy to see that this is a different LFCOLB. If it’s Obama’s, then it differs from what he posted and pretended was a copy of his original LFCOLB. Look at the little arrows at the bottom of the image, where they point to the signatures. You can’t read the signatures, but you can see that they begin and end in different places on this microfiche black image and the image that Obama had placed on the WH blog. Ms. Lee’s signature looks like it’s in the same place, but the mother’s and the doctor’s begin very close to the left side of the box, whereas on Barry’s version, they do not. And look at the bottom left, where the date stamp is. On this new CNN version, it’s stamped over the text that explains what the box represents. It’s NOT stamped over the text on Barry’s version. Didn’t that guy who analyzed the layers say that in some cases they had to change the text in the boxes because people had written over or stamped over data preprinted on the form? This might be one example. It’s more likely that that’s NOT his document AT ALL, but as usual, the reporter is IMPLYING that it is to leave a false impression with the viewer that there really IS a birth certificate for him in Hawaii. One of the questions raised about his LFCOLB is: Why is it green? Also, why doesn’t it look like the Nordyke twins’ birth certificates? Theirs are black with white lettering, like this bogus CNN version. It’s being put out there to give a false “answer” to valid questions raised just in case ANYBODY’S PAYING ATTENTION to “birthers”. That’s another mnemonic device. Flash it up there. Imply it’s his. When people say, “But that LFCOLB on the WH blog is probably forged. Sheriff Arpaio said so.” Then the response will be, “But I saw the real one on CNN. It didn’t look like that because it was a photostatic copy from microfiche, but the Health Director showed it to the reporter, so it’s real. They have it in Hawaii.” But nobody will point out that FUKINO WASN’T AT THE HDOH WHEN SHE GAVE THAT INTERVIEW. She had no authority to possess that document, whatever it was. In fact, though, hands were holding it. Whose hands? Who knows? Was she shown holding it? I don’t remember. Will have to watch it again.

    • The easiest way to see that it’s bogus is to draw a line from the beginning of the local registrar’s name to the signature above it. On Barry’s LFCOLB on the WH Blog, the U in the registrar’s name lines up with the second letter of the doctor’s name–a (David Sinclair). On that bogus one that CNN flashed to viwers, the doctor’s name (whatever it is) is far over to the left and the registrar’s name begins below the center of the name. No way is that an exact image on the WH blog.

    • So Fukino thinks as a public official Hawaiian law gave her a “tangible interest” in Obama’s BC, so she could look at it. But Sheriff Arpaio’s investigators, LTC Lakin, and every other citizen who wants proof that he’s eligible to be employed by us as the president has NO TANGIBLE INTEREST? And somehow, Fukino can just authorize herself because she was asked by the governor’s office to “make a statement” about it? So she “found” his original in a “vault” at the Health Dept. Was it so hard to find? Wasn’t it stored with everyone else’s originals? That is so totally bogus and a complete LIE! They say, “this document” and then they characterize it as Barry’s “computer generated” certificate that was “made public FOUR YEARS AGO.” But they’re showing an EXACT COPY of A LONG-FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND THAT WAS NOT PUT ONLINE UNTIL APRIL 27, 2011 AND IT LOOKED NOTHING LIKE THAT THING IN SOMEONE’S HANDS. I know ORYR said this already, but I had to repeat it because it’s such a lie. Nobody saw that document before April 27, 2011, in ANY form. IF they had, then why have that “gaggle” last April? What a freaking joke. Are they serious? They call this “busting the Obama birther ‘conspiracy'” when all they’ve done is busted themselves as big liars, just like Dan Rather did with his lies about Bush and HIS bogus documents! This was when the Babs-Nelson-like Stig Waidelich showed up to lend a helping hand to Barry.

  12. Obama on nudity, drag racing, and how to write: 20 details from Maraniss’ ‘Barack Obama: The Story’
    By Chris Moody
    June 1, 2012 Snips of the outline

    Here are 20 details from Obama’s life detailed in Maraniss’ book:
    1. Maraniss suggests that Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr., may have abused Obama’s mother.
    2. When Obama was six years old, he moved to Jakarta, Indonesia to live with his mother and step-father, Lolo Soetoro, in a home full of exotic animals. [From an article I just found, Lolo was in the military in New Guinea and took some of the animals back to Indonesia with him.]
    3. Obama’s presidential ambitions stretched back to the 3rd grade when he wrote this paper for his class.
    4. As a teenager, Obama was in a car accident while drag racing in Hawaii.
    5. Obama doesn’t have hops.
    6. Obama, college style…..his daily uniform: OP (Ocean Pacific) corduroy shorts or denim jeans, a shell bracelet, polo shirts or tees (including one promoting the Hawaii state senate candidacy of Neil Abercrombie…).” [Ohh sure! Neil knew him as an infant! ]
    7. Obama’s got the moves like Jagger.
    8. Obama thought the world would be a better place without clothes, especially when nice-looking ladies were around.
    9. Obama loved to wear hats in college
    10. In his younger days, Obama smoked his cigarettes like he smoked his weed.
    11. Obama joked that he would stop smoking after he got married because it would be okay to get fat then. Mark Parsons: “I remember him telling me he would quit after he got married.
    12. The camera loved Obama, and he loved it back….Lisa Jack
    13. Obama was that guy in college who didn’t study much but still got better grades than you. [Of course he did. He is sooo brilliant!]
    14. Obama was known to show compassion to those who seemed lonely or different. Friend Kofi Manu said, “Obama was especially friendly to people who seemed lonely or felt a sense of otherness …
    15. Five writing tips from a future president. [Jack McCaskill will love this!] “5) “[W]rite outside your own experience…I find that this works the fictive imagination harder.
    16. Obama slept outside in an alley on his first night in New York.
    17. Obama says he wasn’t very interested in running for office during his college days. “I don’t think I could see a clear path [to the presidency],” Obama told Maraniss in an interview for the book. ”
    18. When it came to social life, Obama was friendly, but he was no Bill Clinton. Amelia Rugland, a student at Columbia recalls:”When you’d see him walking in the hall he always looked like he was thinking of something. [Calling on Dr. Manning to see if he knows this student.]
    19. Obama the doodler.
    20. How Obama liked to chillax. From a postcard Obama sent to friend Phil Boerner while he was back in Indonesia: “I’m sitting on the proch in my sarong, sipping strong coffee and drawing on a clove cigarette, watching the heavy dusk close over the paddy terraces of Java. Very kick back, so far away from the madness.”

    • To me It looks like Maraniss is filling in the details previously missing in other’s books and answering questions many have raised. Is the revelation that Eric Whitaker tried to bribe Rev. Wright to shut up pre election the biggest story in the book? #17 says Maraniss interviewed Obama for the book. So this may be another shilling book for Obama.

      • That’s all they ever do, these complicit “reporters”. They’re obots. Hired obots, who officially are condoned by the Barry administration, which feeds them the propaganda, which is customized in response to allegations raised in the blogosphere. Their purpose is to supply an answer, any answer, any rationalization, to ANYTHING that sounds like a valid question so that people think, “nothing to see here, folks, move on.” We’ve watched this pattern develop for 4 years. They are shills, like you said. It’s ALL they are. The purpose of the book is to EXPLAIN well enough until after the election. It’s not designed to tell the truth. It’s designed to obfuscate and confuse. It’s just more lies and more FICTION.

        • Jack Cashill:

          “Maraniss got every critical detail wrong. Dunham visited Seattle in the summer of 1961, not 1962. She stayed and enrolled at the University of Washington. She had no idea Obama Sr. would head for Harvard a year later. She never went to Cambridge. She told her friends she was headed for Kenya in any case. She never saw her friends again.

          Rare is it that a reporter gets to make so consequential an error, if an error it was. What Maraniss did was to create the illusion that Obama Sr. and Dunham Sr. spent a year together, long enough to share their improbable love and their abiding faith in America. In short, he preserved the fiction on which Obama had built his campaign.

          Next month, Maraniss’s much-discussed new book, “Obama: The Story,” debuts. I am hoping Maraniss corrects the record, but given his track record, we can take at face value nothing Maraniss says about Obama not even his story of the missing girlfriends.”

        • “Did Obama Biographer David Maraniss Have Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate In 2008?”
          By Kris Zane

          “What the video above [below] focuses on, however, is an odd statement that Maraniss made on C-SPAN in August of 2008 after writing an extensive biographical article about Obama in the Washington Post. He states, unequivocally, after being asked about the controversy surrounding Obama’s birthplace, that he was in possession of Obama’s birth certificate, to which at this point no one had been given physical possession of, even, which was allowed to photograph and examine it, but not keep. His statement also seems to indicate that the birth certificate he had in possession was the LONG-FORM birth certificate, which was not released until April 27, 2011, in that he intimates the birth certificate indicates that Kapiolani was the birth hospital, of which the short-form does not indicate.”

          • Great catch Kris! To find a video from a couple years ago where Maraniss says he has a copy of Obama’s birth certificate before it was requested from the Hawaiian DOH! Then the Obama legal team had to get a special waiver and then have an attorney fly to Hawaii to pick it up…Oh, lets have him explain! it might be the one that was hidden in one of the books that Obama had – that could be the answer. Then if he had it, where was it and why did Obama have to create such a story? And think of the expense to immediately fly that attorney from Seattle to Hawaii and then to D.C. to deliver it! Obama didn’t know what hospital he was born in, but Maraniss did! Lies and more lies! It will have to be some other author that goes after him that can ruin his reputation among his peers.

          • Gordo @ 1:29 P.M.: Maraniss mentions his exclusive access to Bill Clinton. Bill, Hillary, Council on Foreign Relations (Rockefeller/Rothschild NGO, whom Hillary consults with on a regular basis). Connect the dots…Barry, Timmy, Ford Foundation, Kissinger, Brezinzski, Soros, Bilderberg, Committee of 300, IMF, banksters.
            Maraniss’ exclusive access comes at a price; he’s been given access to what O’s people want him to know.

          • Remember the Bilderberg’s were meeting this weekend…so they may have something to do with who is running. I was thinking the same thing Pill – Hillary may be up next. Let them keep Obama, we can beat him. Hillary might pull all of the dems back into the fold that left..unless they now understand what the real agenda is. Two terms of Marxists and our country would indeed be gone. We’ve had enough! We’re fed up!

            • Hillary is no better than Barry. She’s complicit. She’s been complicit from day one. She took her marching orders from Soros, just like Barry. Bill and Hillary were the second most corrupt couple in the WH. They are in up to their eyeballs in all this corruption. Holder was a Clinton guy before he was an Obama guy. We’ve HAD ENOUGH! You said it.

          • This interview with Marannis was August 2008. He said he had the birth certificate. He said Obama was born at Kapiolani. But he doesn’t say that the birth certificate he saw says that. It’s all inference by Kris. Maraniss, like all obots, does a good job, always, of implying without evidence. He didn’t necessarily have a copy of ANY birth certificate unless, like Anderson Cooper and O’Reilly, he printed it out off the Web. How many times have we heard “reporters” infuriatingly state that they have or saw the birth certificate? He said it to make the viewers think it’s true and that it exists. It does NOT exist.

            After spending millions to prevent anyone from seeing it, would Barry give EVEN A COMPLICIT “reporter” a copy of his real birth certificate that contains that “embarrassing” information that had to be cauterized from everywhere? Hardly.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if even Mooch has never seen that particular document.

            The timing doesn’t mean much. Factcheck photographed the SFCOLB, supposedly, in that same month–August 2008. It was becoming a huge story in the blogosphere that month and they were doing the full court press to tamp it down with lies. As early as July 2008, and probably before that, the CONTROVERSY over the hospital hit the blogs, too. Here’s an example: Comment 23. Posted in July 2008, the month before Maraniss was sent out on damage control.

            So the WH knew about the discrepancy in the “official” stories. About that student journalist who interviewed Maya who said Barry was born at Queen’s. Hoards of obots were sent out into the blogosphere to ridicule that student AS a student, implying that he was just a crummy journalist. But that didn’t explain all the other sources, like Wikipedia and many online biographies, that also “mistakenly” said Barry was born at Queen’s Medical. And then they lied to say that Queen’s WAS Kapiolani. It was a full court press on that, too.

            To help “fix” that “mistake”, Maraniss the complicit was sent out to answer every question raised about the birth certificate AND the hospital. To spin, JUST AS BRIDGETTE POINTED OUT THIS MORNING. Maraniss was to fill in the blanks and to lend credence to the lies, by answering every question raised with a “believable” lie.

            Maraniss is a FIXER. He’s a useful tool. One of Barry’s plumbers. That article in 2008 was planted to respond to the questions being raised then. Maraniss didn’t learn from Barry’s BC that he was born at Kapiolani. He was told that and told to write that in a memorable way (notice how he tried to cement the “fact” by putting that little image in there, of Barry walking past the hospital on his way to school. Passing under the very room where he allegedly was born. That’s all there to make it seem REAL. Like the lies Eddie Haskell told. Like the lies all liars tell–full of extraneous detail to try to make it sound more believable. It’s a mnemonic trick. A device to make people REMEMBER this LIE.)

    • Now all Cashill has to do is find the book with tips on writing that Barry copied his tips from. They all know this is coming out and all this is spin control. Put it out there. Rationalize and spin it so that by the time the book appears, it’s old news.

    • I think this statement is hilarious – “rite outside your own experience…I find that this works the fictive imagination harder.” Yes indeed, creative writing does have one write outside their own experiences – like making up composite girlfriends, family and whoever is needed to back up your examples of blackness or racism, etc. Fictive is not a word that is used often, and I would be willing to bet that if you asked Obama the meaning, he wouldn’t have the slightest idea- unless he took some Latin course along the way and just guessed. But to make the error of using the word rite instead of write – so typical of poor students! Yeah, he is one heck of a writer! What a joke.

      • As a compulsive liar and megalomaniac, he has a lot of experience with inventing fantastical stories to match his magical thinking. I suspect that he and his speechwriters plagiarize whenever they can. If we cared to look hard enough, we’d find the sources. He even plagiarzes Sarah Palin with his new “all of the above” campaign speech about energy sources. It’s not so much plagiarism as it’s subliminal mimicry to give the IMPRESSION that he’s like conservatives in his views, when, of course, he is not. They deliberately co-opt the code words (is this Clintonian triangulation? Probably.)

  13. See the Letter the DOJ Sent to Florida Demanding It Stop Purging Non-Citizens from Voter Rolls

    • DOJ to Florida: Don’t You Dare Clean Up Your Voter Rolls
      June 1, 2012 Snips

      A simple way to help prevent voter fraud and election abuse is for states to purge voter rolls. What does this mean? Getting rid of names on voter rolls of people ineligible to vote such as illegal aliens, dead people, duplicates, etc. For nearly a year, Florida election officials have asked the Department of Homeland Security for access to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement database in order to take illegal aliens and non-citizens off Florida voter rolls.

      Not surprisingly, DHS has been dragging its feet and has yet to comply with the request and now, the Department of Justice is stepping into the purging process and ordering Florida, a vital swing state, to stop.

      The Justice Department sent a letter to Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner Thursday evening demanding the state cease purging its voting rolls because the process it is using has not been cleared under the Voting Rights Act, TPM has learned.
      Florida says at least 180,000 non-citizens sitting on voter rolls

      • DOJ to Florida: Don’t You Dare Clean Up Your Voter Rolls

        DOJ ? WHO in DOJ would commit voter fraud ? That is what they are pushing then right ? VOTER FRAUD PUSHED BY DOJ ? Really ? WHY would they do THAT ?

  14. One of Miri’s articles was just posted at Free Republic

    Mitt Romney, Natural Born Citizenship, and Media Bias (2x Updated)
    Sunday, June 03, 2012 12:37:38 PM · by Diggity
    “We the People of the United States” ^ | January 16, 2012 | Miri

    • Miri, you put a lot of effort into that article. You should be proud… I guess… Sometimes I’m not sure how to take FR. Recently they banned Doug Hagmann with no explanation as far as I could tell. Maybe you guys know something I don’t. Were they justified? It gets crazy over there at times.

      • Maybe he supported Romney – and the blog owner won’t allow anyone to say positive things about him. Other than that I don’t know what else gets people banned. Trolls are there all the time, so I don’t know what it might be. He is going to have a tough time swallowing Romney as the nominee! Some got banned for arguing too..yet I see that done all the time also. Did he ban Doug or the Canada paper? You aren’t allowed to post some things from certain websites, and there is a list.

        • He banned Doug! I was reading the comments, and suddenly it was shut down. A message appeared that Hagmann was not welcome. It shocked me and I couldn’t seem to get answers on other threads. It was a couple of weeks ago, as I recall. I mean the post just shut down in mid conversation. It was so strange.

          • Okay, I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember what DH article pissed off FR. Here it is. This is the one that rattled them. It was posted at FR, then taken down. DH has made mention on his radio program recently about being banned on FR. And he has no idea why. So I’m not making this up. This is the article that was posted, then suddenly disappeared.

      • I don’t pay much attention to Free Republic. I do read it when somebody links us to it, here on our blog; but I don’t follow it regularly.

        It’s sometimes interesting to see their take on something.

        I can’t ever figure out why they ban people–if there’s a pattern or if the person said something the moderators didn’t like. I do notice that people are banned and then they’re back. Seems that I recall Miss Tickly being banned and unbanned there. Some others, too.

        They don’t like it when people simply go there to tout their own blog. I don’t understand their “vanity” posts versus other types of posts. Maybe they want a person to publish the article in full over there and not just link to it from there?

        I’ve never looked to see if they have “rules” posted anywhere.

        I do also recall somebody thinking he or she was banned once, but that wasn’t the case. Sometimes, they moderate comments and sometimes not, apparently.

        I once read that there was a time that they were being closely monitored, if you know what I mean, and so they were being extra careful not to give anyone an excuse to harass them or try to get them shut down.

      • Thanks for the compliment, btw. Yep. I did put a lot of work into that post. Researched it from library databases of old news articles. Writing it all up took time, too, of course. And then some people took it in full or paraphrased it without attribution. It’s rather extremely irritating to read other people taking credit for the work. It happens to all of us here, so I’m not unique in that regard. Since our goal is to get people to WAKE UP and see the TRUTH, I shouldn’t complain too much. After all, the more it’s out there, the more opportunities for everyone to know what’s going on.

        This post about Romney wasn’t because I cared one way or the other about him. He wasn’t the nominee yet. I was sure hoping that he WOULD BE a natural born citizen, if they did end up nominating him because, just what we need, another ineligible candidate. If the Republicans do it, too, then it will further cement the unconstitutional precedent. I’m still hoping and praying they don’t go with Rubio or Jindal for VP. That would be just our luck. If they do it, then I believe they do it to help Obama and ensure he wins another term. Just like I truly believe that McCain never intended to win. When he picked Palin for VP, he hadn’t a clue how much people would love her.

        My point in writing this was to prove HOW FREAKING BIASED THE MEDIA ARE!!! They did all that wringing of hands over George Romney but then they firmly clamped their hands over their eyes and wouldn’t lift a finger to VET OBAMA. Now they’re doing all they can to keep the truth from coming out because (1) they love Obama, that’s a given, and (2) when the truth comes out, and it will, EVERYONE WILL KNOW WHAT TOOLS THEY ALL ARE.

  15. I wonder if this’ll be the outfit Sasquatch will wear for her ‘official portrait?’

    Personally, I’d like to see him/her in an orange jump suit with the word ‘Leavenworth’ on the back. I think they’d let her keep that black bondage belt she’s so fond of under her non-existent chest.

    • Laura’s portrait was really wonderful, wasn’t it? I liked George’s, too. I wonder if Barry has them covered with veils yet? It was hilarious how GWB told Mooch that her job, in case of fire, is to save his portrait! What’s awful is to think that even when BO and Mooch leave, they’ll still be there, on the walls of the WH forever. Yuk.

      • Yes, Miri, George and Laura’s portraits defined class, while the two current ‘occupants’ portraits will define dumpster diving.

        I say that if their portraits are indeed hung :), we go ahead and launch a ‘covert operation’ to make things right. I think we can count on the WTPOTUS family here to run interference while the job gets done….

    • OH, there are no words to express…….(gag)

      • Hey Kitty,

        Read the comments at the Daily Mail; these people actually think she’s *fashionable!* Yeah, for a 14 year old….


    They have another fawning campaign book ready to roll out. This one is going to be about what a terror warrior Obama is, right on the heels of the long story in the NY Times. It recapitulates how waterboarding is so horrible (and yet slaughtering by drone is not, damned the “collateral damage”). And it tells some bogus fib about how Axelrod and Holder almost came to blows because Axelrod, we’re supposed to believe, was incensed that Holder even suggested he might want to “interfere” politically in the inJustice Dept. This is another load of bull, just another book full of lies and spins FOR Obama. Look at the last part about how Obama worried about how ROMNEY might use the power Barry asserts that he has to indefinitely detain even U.S. citizens without trial! OMG. What a card he is. What a joke that these writers think we would swallow that one. It’s reported that Ed Schultz (sp?) is worried that should Romney win, there will NEVER again be a Democrat president. (Oh, if only. Is that a promise?) But why does he believe this? Because all the poisons that lurk in the mud will hatch out? Because once the DemoncRATS are purged from the government, the TRUTH will come out and nobody will ever again trust the DemoncRATS? They won’t, if it should become known the FRAUD that they have perpetrated on the American people.


    words of wisdom from Soros – I’m sure he plans on being the head of the “euro-zone-wide supervision and regulation.”

    “In retrospect, it is now clear that the main source of trouble is that the member states of the euro have surrendered to the European Central Bank (ECB) their rights to create fiat money. They did not realize what that entails – and neither did the European authorities,” he said.

    The euro zone needs a European deposit insurance scheme for banks, Soros said, as well as direct financing by the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) for banks, which “must go hand-in-hand with euro-zone-wide supervision and regulation.

    Soros said that too much blame had been placed on peripheral euro-zone countries such as heavily indebted Greece and Spain, and that creditors like Germany had to share responsibility.

    “The “center” is responsible for designing a flawed system, enacting flawed treaties, pursuing flawed policies and always doing too little too late.”

  18. an article from 2008 about Obama’s closest and oldest friends in Chicago: jarrett, dr. whitaker, martin nesbitt, rogers
    saturday obama and jarret walked 4 blocks from his Chicago house (and past Farrakhan’s house/mosque) to Nesbitts for a 90 minute visit.


    This article (h/t Renee) has 10 reasons why Barry must disclose his college records. I was interesting in this one in particular, because we always love how these family obots get tripped up when they tell their various stories:

    “5. Appearing this week on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” Michelle Obama maintained that the president decided to transfer to Columbia “when he lost his father.” “He really buckled down,” she said, “and thought about how to use his life to the fullest.” But he transferred in 1981 — a year before his dad died. So here we have another story that doesn’t add up.”

    No, it doesn’t add up. Much about this person doesn’t add up. Just this morning, I ran across the discrepancy where Maya said Barry changed his name to Barack at Christmas 1980, but Barry says it was the following summer. Yesterday, I ran across the discrepancy where Barry said he met Mooch “in class” but he supposedly didn’t REALLY meet her until he was a summer intern in Chicago, where both worked for the same law firm. He wasn’t at school (allegedly) at the same time as Mooch.

    O, what a tangled web …

  20. # 3 . …… Another person can also be added to the “list” of deadheads….
    O got his weed from a terrifying drug dealer they called “RAY” who met
    a grisly end… years later, …( Ray knew it all? ) they learned he’d been killed with a ball-peen hammer by a scorned GAY LOVER! OH!

  21. June 4, 2012
    Floyd Brown:

    “Marine: Obama Claimed He Was Born In Mombasa”

    “Jim “Race Bannon” Bancroft was told by Barack Obama in 1980 that he was born in Mombasa, Kenya.

    In this radio interview about his thirty year old memory, Bancroft recounts Obama’s admission. Bancroft was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps at the time and met Obama in the vicinity of Kalakaua Blvd., one evening in early August of 1980.”
    Published on Jun 2, 2012 by 68Truthseeker:

  22. “Judge tosses WND’s suit against Esquire”

    “A federal judge in Washington, D.C., has dismissed WND’s case against Esquire magazine alleging damages for a false report that the WND Books expose “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible To Be President” by Jerome Corsi had been recalled and repudiated by the publisher.

    “The court’s decision is significantly flawed and intellectually dishonest,” said WND’s attorney in the case, Larry Klayman.

    Judge Rosemary M. Collyer of the U.S. District Court in D.C. granted Esquire’s motion to dismiss based on D.C.’s anti-SLAPP law, which is designed to protect media and public figures from frivolous lawsuits.

    “The decision was so poorly reasoned it rises to a level of negligence, if not a desire to dump the case because it is not palatable to the Washington establishment,” Klayman said.”


    Holder’s going to have his dept. of injustice “monitoring” the governor’s recall balloting in Wisconsin. Just to protect those minority voting rights. This story says things are getting ugly in Wisconsin. Sounds almost like the Civil War–brother against brother, even husband against wife. And Republicans figure the DemoncRATS plan to steal the election. Of course, it’s what they’ve been doing for decades.


    The EPA is sending out drones to spy on cattle ranchers! Amazing. Unconstitutional. Now the EPA acts like a police force. Flying over private property to spy without a warrant. How long before one of these things gets shot down? And then what? Will they sue the property owner? How are they coordinating these flights with air traffic control? Is ANYBODY watching these people? What happens when someone on the ground is injured (and it’s only a matter of time. Is ANY technology fool proof?)


    How much you wanna bet that this example of Barry’s plagiarism was completely staged? Every one of his appearances is carefully scripted. They probably saw Christie get good press with his note for a hookey-playing kid, and figured, why not steal the note AND the incident? What a bunch of tools and fools. I didn’t see this when it happened with Christie, but I bet I’ll see Barry and this hand-picked kid on broadcast news for the next few days.

    • Another good one! Excellent analogy. When Barry takes credit for offing OBL, he’s stealing the valor of the Navy Seals.

  26. Here’s a story that doesn’t show up on Web searches for “news”:
    The Coalition of African-American Pastors has begged Obama through Eric Holder to change his tune on gay marriage!

  27. OMG. Suddenly DemoncRATS discover that the Obamadministration is doing things against the national interest! They’re upset that the cyberattack on Iran was leaked:

    We’re upset that he’s an illegal, ineligible, usurping fool.

    • But wait! Feinstein, Kerry, and Levin all disavow any suggestion that Barry condones all these leaks for political reasons–to make himself look tough. Of course not!

      ““I just can’t believe that there’s a decision in any kind of a formal way to leak this kind of a thing,” Levin said. “I just cannot believe that.”

      Senate Homeland Security Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-Ct.), an independent who caucuses with Democrats, called for an independent investigation into the leaks on Tuesday.

      Asked if he thought there was a political side to the leaks, Lieberman told The Hill he did not know. “The mere fact that people suspect it is means that it ought to be investigated,” he said.”

  28. Drudge is reporting that exit polls show Walker retaining his governorship in Wisconsin, despite that they bused in union thugs from other states, that Holder is “monitoring” to ensure vote fraud, and that they have 400 lawyers there ready to contest it. We’ll see how it shakes out.

    • A 119% voter turnout in Madison, Wisconsin! It’s a miracle! The laws of mathematics have been repealed. Anything and everything is possible in the Obamanation. The Madison City Clerk says, apparently with a straight face, “That would be unprecedented.”

      From the story: “Progressives shrug the 119% figure off as evidence that people are registering at the polls to vote. Considering that Wisconsin has oddly relaxed voter ID laws and a judge granted an injunction against measures that would have protected people’s votes, is it any surprise?

      I’m sure Eric Holder’s DOJ is on the case.”

      It’s been reported that there were chartered buses full of non-residents being sent to Wisconsin from, among other place, Minnesota where the people intended to VOTE as if they were Wisconsin residents. With the law forbidding photo ID, with the dept. of inJustice “watching”, and with 400 DemoncRAT lawyers there (along with complicit judges), Walker will need an overwhelming majority to overcome all this VOTE FRAUD. Can the DemoncRATS EVER run a race without CHEATING? This is appalling. It’s just a taste of what they will try to pull in November. It’s a perfect example of what they probably pulled in 2008. Not only is he ineligible, he probably wasn’t even “elected,” as they claim in all the court cases. He cheated. He’s cheated in every race he ever was in. The only time he didn’t cheat or couldn’t, as Limbaugh said today, he LOST against Bobby Rush. Rush (Limbaugh) also snarked that Romney presents a huge problem for Barry’s plumbers because Romney’s never been divorced. No “sealed” divorce papers to purloin. No “sealed” child custody papers to steal and leak. All they can come up with is 50-year-old lies about him “bullying” a kid he didn’t even know was gay. And that backfired because Barry is and was a bully, as he admitted in his own book!

  29. The latest installment of Ulsterman/White House Insider.

    If this doesn’t scare the daylights out of you, I don’t know what will.

    A little boy and his drone toys; the exception being that these ‘toys’ kill people. He’s more dangerous than any of us ever imagined him to be.

    • There have been numerous sightings of drones being moved north thru Oklahoma over the last several months. Lot’s of activity. I know of two which have been seen in the last two days. I read one article where the EPA is using them in Nebraska to spy on cattle ranchers. These things are huge. They have huge police escorts to stop trafic and let them through. They are wrapped and resemble a disc. UFO sightings have probably been these drones.

      • Yes, I linked a story the other day about how they’re using them to spy on ranchers in Nebraska and elsewhere in the Middle West. SOME in Congress are upset.


    They never learn. First, they hacked Sarah Palin’s email. Now, it’s Mitt Romney’s. Will the Dept. of inJustice bother to find and prosecute the criminal?


    Wow! If we were stupid enough to use Google and its Gmail system, could we expect them to warn us of potentail state-sponsored hacking of our accounts by our own government or obots in its employ? Somehow, I think not. Somehow, I think this is just another example of Google being complicit in helping the NWO to overthrow whatever sovereign nation it believes needs to go. Will they warn only activists, say, in Syria but NOT activists, say, in Iran? Or how about activists in Saudi Arabia? Will they be warned by Google if the Saudi royals decide to spy on them?

    This will no doubt be a totally non-partisan and unbiased “warning” system, right? NOT!


    Barry misses D-Day again. You’d think with that grandfather who valiantly hit the beaches in Normandy, he’d bother to remember. Well, maybe Mooch, his surrogate will do it for him. Nope! While Barry’s in California, fundraising and socializing with the glitterati,

    “First Lady Michelle Obama, who has made much of her “Joining Forces” campaign to support military families, also has nothing planned for D-Day. She’ll be in New York City for a fundraiser and then in Philadelphia to meet with campaign volunteers.

    Obama’s failure to mark D-Day in any significant way is both a shame and a political mistake.

    According to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, two critical swing states – Florida and Pennsylvania, are among the top five states in terms of veterans’ population. Within the top twelve are four others – Michigan, Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina – all states Obama desperately needs to carry.

    How much you wanna bet that both of them have thrown in at least a 15-second “official” event, like being met on the tarmac by local DemoncRAT supporters, to justify making us pay for their trips?

  33. Larry Sinclair is chalking up another win, apparently. Amazon is on his side against the appeal of that judge’s ruling that there was no libel in his book when he said Barry snorted coke and engaged in homosexual acts. They’re trying to suppress his book now. In addition, one of Barry’s minions, the guy who gave Sinclair the allegedly rigged lie detector test, is in trouble for campaign finance shenanigans. Oh, that’s a shame. Will Sinclair be Barry’s undoing this time around?

  34. “Romney Plants Should Shout “Hillary! Hillary!” at Dem Events”

    “Nothing drives Alinskyites crazier than using their own tactics against them….”Hillary! Hillary! Hillary 2012!”

    Then sit back and watch the meltdown.”

    • Oh, yeah. Just what we want to do–help HILLARY get the nomination if, allah forbid, something happens to Barry’s candidacy, like he has to bow out on account of BEING outed as ineligible. Thanks but no thanks. NOT EVEN AS AN ALINSKY TACTIC. We’re better than that. We don’t need to resort to SATANIC tactics to win. Yes, two other Hillary-supporting blogs think this is a great idea. NO WAY. NO HILLARY. SHE’S AS COMPLICIT AS OBAMA AND ANYBODY WHO PRETENDS THAT THEY DISLIKE OBAMA BECAUSE OF WHO AND WHAT HE IS (A COMMUNIST/MARXIST/SOCIALIST) BUT WHO STILL SUPPORTS HILLARY IS AN OBOT OR AT LEAST IS A COMMUNIST/MARXIST SOROS-LOVER.


    Read this “joke” and then ask yourself: (1) Does the man have ANY respect for women and most especially his own wife? What about his daughters? Despicable. How low has America sunk to have this “man” in the White House? (2) Is there any doubt that Larry Sinclair tells truth or that the reason I’ve heard for why he seeks out such activities is because his wife won’t? Again, despicable. And he accuses conservatives of a war on women.

    It occurs to me that I ought to save the “joke” before it’s scrubbed:

    Sayeth Dear Leader:

    “‘Michelle outdoes me in pushups as well,’ he said, after saying that she’s taken some criticism on her technique “’because she doesn’t go all the way down’ – a line that he let hang, naughtily, provoking laughter from the crowd.”

    He was in LA, so probably was trying to compete with the likes of his sycophant Maher and others. The so-called president of the United States.

    • They’re already backtracking and trying to scrub. btw, he was at a fundraiser with Cher instead of honoring the veterans of D-Day, but that’s off topic. Now Politico has changed the headline from “Obama’s Double Entendre” to “Obama’s Joke?” according to Drudge. I should have saved a screen shot! But they didn’t YET change the URL from “risque joke”. So they’re covering for the likely coming meme/talking points that he didn’t MEAN it that way and that it was the audience with the dirty minds. Watch for video of the “joke” to be scrubbed, too.

    • They’re already backtracking and trying to scrub. btw, he was at a fundraiser with Cher instead of honoring the veterans of D-Day, but that’s off topic. Now Politico has changed the headline from “Obama’s Double Entendre” to “Obama’s Joke?” according to Drudge. I should have saved a screen shot! But they didn’t YET change the URL from “risque joke”. So they’re covering for the likely coming meme/talking points that he didn’t MEAN it that way and that it was the audience with the dirty minds. Watch for video of the “joke” to be scrubbed, too.

      Yes, the talking points are out and it was “unintentional” but not all are buying it, but the obots are out in force, too, so you see it’s an orchestrated meme and cover-up.

      • It gets worse. The fundraiser was held with a group of gay and lesbian supporters. It was a “gay rights gala”. So just consider the context. And a group where heterosexual women are TO BE the butt of jokes. (And I’m not accusing Mooch of being a heterosexual woman, just that she allegedly is one.) This was not only a disgusting attack on his own wife (an obviously passive/aggressive one) but it was demeaning to all women. And now the obot meme is that if you criticize THIS you are a homophobe.

        Barry is back to his old bull: ““The fight on behalf of the LGBT community is part of a broader fight on behalf of all Americans,” the president said. “It’s a part of a history of trying to make this union a bit more perfect.””

        Yes, our union is not perfect, as Barry is forever saying. He has to change it. To transform it. He and Mooch need 4 more years to finish what they started–the destruction of our country and our culture. Apparently, he didn’t listen to the group of black ministers who begged him to take back what he said about gay marriage. He’s doubling down. As is typical of him. He needs their money, besides. They WILL downplay this whole appearance because they know how it plays in Peoria.

        “Gay supporters have been a pillar of Obama’s fundraising strength; about one in six top Obama campaign “bundlers,” who amass contributions from others, is gay, according to a Washington Post analysis. But they also have been impatient with his self-described “evolution” on gay marriage. Wednesday represented Obama’s first major outreach to gay and lesbian supporters since he declared that he is now for gay marriage, and they received him enthusiastically.”

        This story contains the MEME that Barry hadn’t a clue and didn’t mean to say what he said about “going down”. It also quotes differently from the Politico story. So which reporter is CORRECT? You Tube will show, if it’s allowed to be online. Context is everything and seeing as where he was, it is more and more likely that he totally intended what he said. The “joke” included a reference to Mooch and Ellen DeGeneres. So it was a snark for lesbians, too, who of course do …

        • Yes, they are out in force to tamp down the TRUTH and to intimidate other reporters into not covering it, not saying it, not suggesting it, not even questioning whether it did or did not happen. Pravda-like, Journolist-like, the OBOT complicit “reporters” will SILENCE ALL DISSENT, ALL OPPOSITION, ALL CRITICISM OF DEAR LEADER. In an “urgent plea” to others:

          “Let’s all agree to just not pretend the president made an “oral sex joke” at his gay fundraiser last night, because that’s stupid. It’s stupid, and most of the people with jobs as political reporters are at least literate, and understand that this thing did not happen. So don’t repeat it, or even write that “some say” they thought it maybe happened.”

          So Salon, at least, ADMITS and PROVES THE TRUTH OF ALLEGATIONS that they get together and just “agree” to NOT REPORT WHAT HAPPENED AND LET THE VIEWERS AND READERS DECIDE. JUST SUPPRESS IT ALL. Don’t even SUGGEST that it happened. This, from people who constantly LIE, by writing, for example, things like, “Some say that McCain beats his wife.” Or “Some say that Mormonism is a cult.” NOW, THESE reporters don’t say it; SOME say it. Some say Obama is the Anti-Christ, but you won’t see Salon “reporting” that! Why MUST his “plea” be “URGENT?” Because they suddenly know what a loose cannon Barry is, how he simply cannot help himself, and they also know how this glitterati, Hollywood hob-nobbing (with groups of gays, besides, with all the baggage that entails) plays in Peoria. It doesn’t. Before this goes “viral” they urgently need to tamp it down. By any means necessary. Alinsky tactics and all:

          “It’s stupid, and most of the people with jobs as political reporters are at least literate, and understand that this thing did not happen.”

          So there you go. Alinsky all the way. The INSULTS. The personal attacks. Call anybody who thinks it’s true “stupid” and imply they’re illiterate. AND THEN, the not-so-subtle threats: “with jobs as political reporters?” Now what happens if a political reporter LOSES ACCESS? That’s the implied threat that surely hangs over all of them. And so they must “understand that this thing DID NOT HAPPEN” OR ELSE.

          • Who is the Salon writer who issued the warning? Alex Pareene. And who is he? Well, he wrote a book about Mitt Romney; it’s available now for $2.99! They’re selling like hotcakes. Get it while you can! The Rude Guide to Mitt Romney:

            “his alien weirdness makes him a very difficult candidate to get to know. Mitt not only thinks it’s perfectly fine to put a dog in a crate strapped to the top of a speeding car for a 12-hour nonstop trip, but he repeats the story years later with a chuckle. Millionaires, Mormons, unimpressive scions and ideologically fungible panderers have run for president before, in spades, but only Romney combines all those elements in one robotic package, topped off with appropriately immobile hair.”

            Sounds like an obot to me.

  36. An update on something I talked about here.

    Now Republican Saxby Chambliss is calling for a formal investigation into the “swatting” of conservative bloggers for having the audacity to oppose the Obama regime. Swatting is when people make false calls to the police, reporting a fake murder, probably with the hope that cops come in guns blazing and kill the conservative before they realize the “joke”. It’s come close to that several times already. At the very least, it’s meant to terrorize and intimidate regime opponents. So like in third world countries. What’s next? Necklacing? That will get rid of, recycle, some of the old tires laying about. What a joke, though. Chambliss is asking Eric Holder to investigate! I have a life-sized picture of that.

    These “jokes” put the lives of the public, the police, and the victims at risk. And it costs taxpayers untold amounts of money to respond to false alarms. This should be a felony. I’m sure it is a felony, if they find and prosecute and figure out the correct charges. It’s also a FEDERAL CASE because it’s meant to INFRINGE UPON THE FREE SPEECH AND FREE PRESS RIGHTS OF THESE WRITERS. What the hell is this? RED CHINA?

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