Ken Bennett – What Choice Did He Have? (Open Thread)

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  1. MELT the phone lines: 602-542-4285. – Send Emails!

    AZ SOS Bennnett put “Obama” on the ballot without a certified copy of a valid birth certificate supporting Natural Born Citizenship,without having our experts vet it,without seeing the microfilm, in spite of a forged birth certificate presented 4-27-12.

    In spite of the fact that a major AZ law enforcement agency has determined that the purported birth certificate digital image presented on is a forgery,

    In spite of the fact that the purported father was NEVER a citizen, meaning that “Obama” is not natural born, based on Minor v Happersett ruling and hundreds of years of settled law and history.

    Trust in our Constitutional Republic and Rule of Law is dangerously frayed, with this and many other highly questionable occurrences putting the entire system into question.

    Ask Bennett why he accepts the word of a corrupt out of state HI bureaucrat over that of a longtime AZ sheriff who has overseen a months long investigation which ferreted out evidence of fraud and corruption, why he would accept a candidate not natural born on the ballot as a presidential candidate. Read and send him this:

    • NEW PETITION TO SIGN! Not that Congress will do anything, but we must try all avenues. Sponsored by Tea Party Hour – Mark Gillar. They say they only need 1,000, but we can swamp that with our readers!

      Petition Demanding A Congressional Investigation Into Barack Obama’s Eligibility:

      By signing this petition I am demanding an immediate Congressional Investigation into the electronic birth certificate released by President Barack Hussein Obama as well as his forged Selective Service Card and his very questionable social security number which can’t even pass the E-verify test. By signing this petition I am also agreeing that members of Congress that will not do the job we elected them to do, particularly in a matter of this importance, should be voted out of office.

    • The VERIFICATION that Bennett got from the HDOH does NOT have Obama’s birth date listed!

      Just another piece of garbage from Onaka.

    • AZ SOS Bennnett put “Obama” on the ballot…..

      Okay, call me running 18 miles behind today, but did Bennett himself or the State of AZ issue a statement saying he was going to go ahead with putting Obama on the AZ ballot after the Hi “verification”?

      • I found the AP “story”….

        Arizona Official Verifies Obama’s Birth Certificate [liar’s Bennett NEVER Verified the Birth Certificate]

        May 24, 2012
        By JACQUES BILLEAUD, Associated Press

        PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona’s secretary of state said Wednesday that Hawaii’s official verification of President Barack Obama’s birth records meets necessary requirements, meaning the president’s name will appear on Arizona’s ballot in the fall.

        What a set-up! be sure to choke on your algae, Bennett!

        • chock=choke…spelling becomes bad when your PISSED!

          • Fixed.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            But, of course. Thy are so very transparent now. One could practically predict what they are going to to well in advance. Too bad we weren’t privy to people/places and most important, timing!

        • Joseph Farah: “A lesson in mass deception”

          “On March 4, the Associated Press, the largest news-gathering organization in the world, distributed a propaganda screed thinly veiled as a news story by AP staff writer Jacques Billeaud about Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation of Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as president. You can read the entire story here, just one of more than 100 outlets that carried the piece with virtually no editing.

          Here is an excerpt of that report: …”

          “propaganda screed thinly veiled as a news story by AP staff writer Jacques Billeaud”

          • I saw that name Jacques on something else that was really off base, maybe this article is what I remember…but I thought it was much more recent.

            It was that very article where Jacques was the main writer for the AP after Sheriff Joe’s conference and his story was picked up and printed verbatim.

        • He still has to PERSONALLY swear on the new AZ form that he’s a natural born citizen AND answer supposed “eligibility questions,” but we haven’t seen this form yet. This all might be a set-up to ALLOW him to get around that new form. He’ll just present this VOB INSTEAD of a CERTIFIED EMBOSSED BIRTH CERTIFICATE as his EVIDENCE. He will probably submit it everywhere and use it to swear (or have Pelosi swear for him) that he’s eligible. AZ accepted it, so everybody else must AND WILL because they ALL are complicit for whatever reason. MAYBE just so they don’t disappoint the people who are in love with the idea of the first black potus. THAT cannot be allowed to be sullied, which Barry knew and counted upon. He may not be a genius, but he’s sly. Oh, he’s very slick and sly. Such men usually are.

        • That’s the same story I parsed earlier today, but notice the extra paragraphs at the end about Arpaio. This version has even more paragraphs about him than the other. But the PRINT version in my newspaper eliminated ANY reference to Arpaio.

          “Arpaio, known for his hardline stance on illegal immigration, said Wednesday the information given to Bennett’s office doesn’t dispel his suspicions. He vowed to continue his posse’s investigation until Hawaii officials provide microfilm of the original birth certificate or the original document itself.

          Earlier this spring, Bennett’s office made a change that requires candidates to complete a new form asking eligibility questions, including whether they are natural-born U.S. citizens.”

          Bennett did use the word “personally” in regards to the candidate filling out and signing that form. So sounds as if he will expect all candidates to PERSONALLY SWEAR to their eligibility, not through a lawyer, Pelosi, or some other surrogate that gives them wiggle room to avoid perjury or fraud.

          The DemoncRATS in AZ are calling for Bennett to step down from Romney’s campaign or RESIGN as Sec. of State. How ridiculous. Then is EVERY state official who supports Obama and works on his campaign ALSO going to RESIGN?

      • As far as I know no official statement has been released. Only the AP versions of their talking points. Perhaps a holiday – Friday afternoon document dump is planned when readership will be low.

  2. Patrick Fitzgerald is “retiring.” Choices to Replace Fitzgerald – Check these out – Would either of these people work? Patrick Collins, partner at Perkins Coie or how about David Hoffman, Sidney Austin?

    Presidential election-year politics could come in play in Fitzgerald replacement process
    May 24, 2012 Snips

    [Sen.] Durbin will make the pick by virtue of his status as the state’s ranking Democratic senator with a Democrat also sitting in the White House. The choice will be forwarded to hometown President Barack Obama.
    But with voters casting ballots for president in November, Durbin’s pick could be stalled by Republicans. If former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney wins the White House, the choice for the next U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois would then fall to Kirk, the state’s GOP senator.
    Former U.S. Attorney Thomas Sullivan spoke highly of Ronald Safer, a former assistant U.S. attorney from 1989 to 1999 who rose to chief of the criminal division. Safer is now managing partner of the law firm of Schiff Hardin.“He’d be a super-duper candidate if he’d want to take the hit on compensation,” Sullivan said. The U.S. attorney is paid $155,500, modest by top lawyers’ income.

    Another name also mentioned was Patrick Collins, who spent 12 years in the U.S. attorney’s office and led the prosecution of convicted former Gov. George Ryan, who is serving a 61/2-year sentence in prison. Collins, a ***partner at the law firm of Perkins Coie, declined to comment on his own interest in the post and would not discuss other potential candidates. “There’d be a lot of great candidates, no question,” he said.

    ***Another potential choice, David Hoffman, a former federal prosecutor who was Chicago’s inspector general and ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, said he was flattered to be mentioned. “It will be up to other people to make decisions about what happens next,” said Hoffman, a partner with the law firm of Sidley Austin.

    Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, a Democrat who is running for a second term in office, would offer diversity as a Hispanic woman.,0,7433099.story

    • Corruption fighter Patrick Fitzgerald resigns as U.S. Attorney in Chicago

      “People now know that if you’re part of a corrupt conduct, where one hand is taking care of the other and contracts are going to people, you don’t have to say the word ‘bribe’ out loud. And I think people need to understand we won’t be afraid to take strong circumstantial cases into court.” (Patrick Fitzgerald responding to critics)

      CHICAGO, May 24, 2012— Snips

      Champagne corks are popping all over Chicago. Illinois Democrats and Republicans are celebrating together. The political parties are partying. They are celebrating the resignation of a nemesis, a man who struck fear into the hearts of the most corrupt city and state in the nation.
      Fitzgerald also went after members of organized crime who had long ties to the Democratic Machine and operated with impunity in Chicago and Cook County. Recently his office indicted a sitting member of the Illinois House, Derrick Smith, for taking an envelope full of cash in exchange for favorable treatment of a non-profit group.

      When it came to prosecuting criminal politicians and bureaucrats, Patrick Fitzgerald was totally apolitical. His only allegiance was to the law.

      Fitzgerald was responsible for the prosecution and conviction of connected fundraiser to Democrats and Republicans alike, Tony Rezko. Rezko was a political wheeler-dealer, businessman, real estate developer, and government concessionaire. Rezko was a friend, confidante, contributor, fundraiser, and real estate consultant to Barack Obama. He arranged the purchase of a vacant lot next to the future president’s home for an extremely low price. The lot greatly inflated the value of the home. Rezko received a lenient sentence for cooperating during the Blagojevich and other investigations into political corruption. Rezko disappeared into the federal prison system. His secrets are safe. He never testified during the Blagojevich trial and will probably never testify anywhere. Rezko’s ill gotten fortune disappeared too. It is rumored it is sitting somewhere in the Middle East. No one is looking for it.

      With Fitzgerald stepping down, there is a good chance a political hack will be appointed to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Chicago. That appointee will be an order taker. He or she will do what they are told and keep quiet about it. Sort of like Eric Holder.

      It is a sure bet the Chicago Democratic Crime family and their associates in the Illinois GOP will be ecstatic with the selection. They will tell Senator Dick Durbin(D) who they want. Durbin, who brags about his integrity, has none. He never did. He is a product of the Machine. He takes orders. He will follow those orders like he is supposed to. In Chicago and Illinois corruption is king.

    • That explains why Fitzgerald is leaving. They want to ensure that Barry (what a laugh; Durbin has no say) gets to choose the next guy. OMG, imagine a U.S. attorney who might really investigate what’s been going in in Chi-town.

      • The Dems want to get their stooge in before they lose the election in November. You noticed where their suggested replacements are from didn’t you? The law firms? Very cozy, very cozy.

  3. Hawaii verified nothing. In Bennett’s request he asked “please verify that the attached copy of the Certificate of Live Birth for Mr. Obama is a true and accurate representation of the original record in your files.”

    Hawaii responded “I verify that the information in the copy of the Certificate of Live Birth for Mr. Obama that you attached with your request matches the original record in our files.”

    Notice the careful wording. Also Onaka did not sign the verification, someone with the initials gk? But the signature looks a lot like the one on the forged BC.

    • Hi ya Ethicall – Great to see you! I guess verified now means whatever new definition it has been given in the Ismista’s new legal language dictionary. We can add a definition of our own to the language that comes from Hawaii – “Verified means the same old crapola.”

      • Hawaii Can’t Confirm Obama’s Birth!

        Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio made a Probable Cause Finding that the birth document posted on the White House Website, by Barack Obama on April 27th, 2011, is a forgery. It’s simply a matter now of finding out who did it and who knew about it. In response to this finding Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett asked Hawaii to verify the information listed on that birth document. After months of stonewalling Hawaii sent Bennett a ‘Verification of Birth’ on May 22, 2012.

        Guess What? Hawaii can not confirm Obama’s birth day or his birth year. The time of birth is verified but the day and year of birth are strangely missing. This means they are NOT verified. The birth document Obama posted on the White House Website, the one he is using to prove he is qualified to be a presidential candidate, lists the birth day as August 4 and birth year as 1961. Can you imagine being asked to verify if someone was born on August 4, 1961 at 7:24 p.m. and all you can confirm is, “Yes he was born at 7:24 p.m.”.

        The name & race of Obama’s mother & father, the name of the attendant, are not verified either.
        Hawaii law says that a Verification of Birth can only verify what is on the original document. Hawaii could not verify the day and year of birth on what Obama says is his original birth certificate. A copy of an original BC can not be a “little bit verified”. It is an exact match or it isn’t and Hawaii is telling us it is not a match. Hello! The document posted on the White House Website does not match the birth certificate Hawaii “says” they have in their file for Barack Hussein Obama II.

        Forgery Confirmed This Verification Does Not Pass The Sniff Test. Is that why the Hawaii Registrar didn’t sign it? There is a small “gk” next to the registrar’s signature stamp. You can’t legally verify a document by proxy but maybe you could claim “plausible deniability” when the cow pie hits the fan.

        Linda Jordan

    • You’re correct! Onaka avoided saying that the LFCOLB (the probably forged one) on the WH blog is a “true and accurate representation.” That’s on purpose because he thinks it will shield him. It’s not a true and accurate representation, as anybody who’s followed this from its inception knows. For one thing, it has NO INDICATIONS of the many permutations it’s gone through, as required by Hawaiian LAW. The HDOH can bend and morph their policies, but they can’t change law. Their law says that late birth certificates and amended birth certificates MUST indicate the before and after AND the date of the amendment. Barry’s is KNOWN to be amended. So that thing they posted is a computer-generated file that either deliberately eliminates all the changes and the dates they were changed, or it’s made up out of whole cloth and is a COMPOSITE of his many versions, just as he has composite parents, girlfriends, friends, and family members.

      There is probably a Hawaiian law or policy that requires not only a registrar’s stamp but also an embossed seal on the document, to make it official. Is there even a hard copy? We don’t know. It’s a pdf.

      Why did Bennett remove his explanation for why he went through this verification process from his website? Why has he not published this pdf on his website? Has Hawaii published it on their website yet? If not, why not? Where did it come from? Who issued it? All we have are news reports saying Onaka sent it. Did he? Who’s “G.K.” who initialed the signature stamp? His secretary? Some unknown clerk? Six degrees of separation, for legal reasons. Did they mail it? MAIL FRAUD, possibly, if they did.

      • Amazing stuff, Dr. P. Thanks for sharing. Lots of hard work went into that. You’ve earned your place in history. If we’re the winners who get to write it.

    • No DATE OF BIRTH listed.

  4. Oh the Donald is getting involved through tweets! I guess he has been reading. Stand up again for us Donald and make some headlines!

    DNC spokesman recognizes question of Obama resume fraud

    Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse went there: He acknowledged the emerging question of whether a young Barack Obama could have fraudulently mischaracterized his upbringing while seeking entrance to three colleges — Occidental, Columbia and Harvard.

    On Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump tweeted out a coy message saying,

    “I wonder if @BarackObama ever applied to Occidental, Columbia or Harvard as a foreign student. When can we see his applications? What do they say about his place of birth.”


    • Of course he “could have,” he’s a compulsive liar. Fits the diagnosis perfectly.

    • “The intervention risks highlighting the issue, but may be intended to delegitimize the issue by associating it with the wealthy and bombastic Trump, who is derided by many media professionals and Democrats.

      The issue also provides Democrats another story line to distract the public from Romney’s focus on the economy, where record unemployment, deficits and debts have driven Obama’s public approval ratings well below 50 percent.”

      So once again we wonder: Whom does The Donald serve?

  5. After reading the lamestream reports today, I see that this was a political thing all along. A deal between Barry and the RINOs in AZ. I suspect this because of the way the lamestream reported it. The politicians all were distancing themselves from Arpaio.

    The deal was this, imho: AZ would set up this verification drama. They would make it look as if Bennett was doing what the Tea Party wanted (to satisfy them).

    HI would pretend to drag their feet but in the end, they made a deal to verify everything BUT the birthdate (because he’s lying about that. We know that for certain now. I wouldn’t be surprised if you can amend everything on a BC EXCEPT the date of birth.)

    So in return, AZ WOULD accept it and Barry would get on the ballot and for doing this, to help isolate and Alinsky Arpaio (especially because he’s continuing his investigation and it’s in the news, which they DON’T want), the lamestream would NOT mention “birthers” or Arpaio in their reports.

    The AP story I read this morning says NOTHING about Arpaio or his allegations that the online BC is probably forged. (Interesting: The online version DOES mention Arpaio at the end; the print version excluded all of that part about Arpaio. It also mentions the new form that Bennett drew up that makes the candidate state that he or she is a natural-born citizen AND answer “eligibility” questions. We need to SEE that form to determine how this is worded. Of course, since even SCOTUS hasn’t given a definition of NBC, he will weasel out on that one. My guess is that Barry will submit the “verification” and say that proves his eligibility.)

    They mention in the print story that people still questioned the long-form birth certificate, but no mention about why they did question it–that a posse of trained detectives with 100s of cumulative years of experience have found probable cause that they FORGED the document placed on the WH website and likely committed a crime!

    Notably, they also DON’T insult the birthers or the Tea Party, which is completely out of character. They don’t mention them, at all, even though the Surprise Tea Party was responsible for eliciting Bennett’s actions. They don’t mention them, lest the public “google” the Surprise Tea Party and LEARN why they’re suspicious of the LFCOLB.

    The AP calls those who question the LFCOLB “skeptics” and “voters”. Such respect all of a sudden!!

    They also focused on “CITIZENSHIP”. Not NATURAL BORN citizenship. Romney is quoted as saying that the “citizenship test” was passed by Obama.

    So this was a finely negotiated political deal, probably between Brewer, Bennett, and Romney on one side and Barry and his peeps on the other side.

    They both consider Arpaio an embarrassment, but she can’t do anything about him, as governor. He’s immune to her pressure, anyway, I think. A seasoned cop like Arpaio isn’t going to bow to pressure. Obviously. He’s been at this longer than she has, he has more experience, and he’s smarter than she is. jmho.

  6. There are still 29 Republican Governors and only 18 Secretary of State officials who are Republicans. Is there not one person among these people that will call fraud and forgery and tell him to produce documentation. Is there not one?

    Remember Soros is putting all the money from his groups like Tides into his Secretary of State projects so they can sway the elections like they did in Minnesota with the election of the goofball Franken

    I had the weirdest thought about Bennett and wondered if there was any way he could be a Soros plant (in order words his campaign was financed by democrats). I know Brewer first nominated him and then he won an election after that, but could this be a possibility? That a person with the responsibility he has for the election process didn’t want to talk to law enforcement about their findings?

    • Remember….
      Hawaii’s Big Five
      C. Brewer & Co.
      Theo H. Davies & Co.
      Castle & Cooke
      Alexander & Baldwin

  7. Well, it’s a toss-up. It could be three or so years before he claims (based on his website that said he was 52) or it could be he was born about Jan. 1961, based on the timeframe his babysitter first gave us. That might make him illegitimate. I’m thinking about Zullo’s comment that some kids born in CA but adopted in HI (did he say twins?) were 3 years old when announced by the Hawaiian newspapers, because all they printed was “births” registered in Hawaii. So in the case of these adoptions, did the paper list the adoption date as the date of birth?

    • I believe it is Renee that has often said that the adoption papers will always show the real country of birth for the child when they are adopted. That never changes, but the name may. It then lists the adoptive parents as the “real” parents.

      My cousin said the same thing, and her kids were adopted from China. They are the new parents, but the place of birth was listed as China.

      Approximation of birth date because they were from an orphanage and the parentage was unknown or birth date unknown perhaps.

      • But I’m thinking: What if Ann wanted Lolo to adopt Barry? What if she only had a BC from Kenya? What if she’s in Hawaii and wants Lolo to adopt him? So she goes to the HDOH and says that she gave birth in Hawaii but never registered his birth and now she’s married and wants a father for her fatherless kid. Anything’s possible with these people. It becomes more and more evident that he has a sealed initial BC on account of adoption. Maybe that original did say BHO Sr. was his dad, yadda, yadda. But then Lolo adopted him and they NEVER changed it back. But Barry NEEDED it to be changed back in order for his “Dreams” to work and to be the first “black” potus.

    • So Lolo might have adopted Barry and the “probable” location of birth might have been said by SAD to be Hawaii and that’s the first bc for him? Thanks for this. Do you have any source for that form that Onaka used for the verification?

    • I think he was born somewhere else (maybe to SAD, maybe not), then SAD (or her parents) did a late registration saying he was born in Hawaii. the late registration will have the date of the late filing.
      so they went in to do the late registration on 8-7-61, which is the “date of signature of parent.” The “date of signature of attendant” and “date accepted by local registrar” is 8/8/61 – the day the “attendant” who took the form and the date it was officially accepted by the registrar.
      then he was adopted by Lolo, and SAD had the bc changed to reflect adoption. the original late filed bc was sealed and that is the current valid bc.

      that scenario explains:
      1. why HDOH said they had to waive the rules to give bo his original sealed certificate – which was then used to create the forgery, and

      2. why this “verification” they gave to arizona “indicates” bo was born in hawaii. In legal language, “indicates” is a way of trying to give the impression of certainty without actually stating it as fact. If it were 100% certitude, it would have read: “A certificate is on file with HDOD which CONFIRMS that BHO was born in Hawaii on august 4, 1961” or “THE bc on file with HDOH for BHO CONFIRMS . . . ” or ” THE bc on file with HDOH VERIFIES that BHO was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961
      “Birth certificates registered one year or more after the date of birth, and certificates which have been altered after being filed with the department of health, shall contain the date of the late filing and the date of the alteration and be marked distinctly “late” or “altered”.
      (b) A summary statement of the evidence submitted in support of the acceptance for late filing or the alteration shall be endorsed on the certificates.
      (c) Such evidence shall be kept in a special permanent file.
      (d) When an applicant does not submit the minimum documentation required by the rules for late registration or when the state registrar finds reasons to question the validity or adequacy of the certificate or the documentary evidence, the state registrar shall not register the late certificate and shall advise the applicant of the reason for this action.
      The department of health may by rule provide for the dismissal of an application which is not actively prosecuted.
      (e) As used in this section, “late” means one year or more after the date of birth.”
      Haw. Rev. Stat. § 338-16 (West)

      • oh, and the “original record” – besides the use of “a” instead of “the” bc and “indicate” instead of “verifies”, and no date, the “original record” would include not just his valid bc but any other bc’s and accompanying info. even if the late registration application was denied, they could still say that the “records” indicate or match the info on the fake bc.

        btw, was it ever verified this is really the response AZ got?

        – from a 1984 hawaii opinion:

        “(1) Are public health (vital statistics) records and certificates “personal records” within the meaning of both Chapter 338 and 92E, HRS? Please explain and elaborate. For example, if a birth certificate is the “personal record” of the child, is it also the “personal record” of the mother whose name appears on the certificate? If a marriage certificate is the “personal record” of the spouses, is it also the “personal record” of the parents whose names appear? If a death certificate is the “personal record” of the deceased, is it also the “personal record” of the individual survivors?

        BRIEF ANSWER: Section 92E-1(3) defines “personal record” to mean “any item, collection, or grouping of information about an individual that is maintained by an agency.” Public health statistics records contain such items of information about the registrant and, usually, also about the registrant’s parents. The items of information are “personal records” of the individual to whom the information pertains.”
        1984 WL 60076 (Hawaii A.G. Dec. 27, 1984)

        • So that makes them able to be even more obtuse. Record (singular) can mean a group of many documents or records (plural). Amazing.

      • EXCELLENT, Hayden. TY for the law citation. I knew it from reading it long ago, but didn’t store the text or link. This is why he can’t produce any CERTIFIED and ACTUAL copy of his BC: It will contain that “summary statement” of the evidence with the DATE of EACH amendment ENDORSED on the certificate. THAT’S what he’s hiding in addition to the evidence of his adoption by Lolo. I’m not sure he NEEDED the “initial” sealed BC, though, to create that forged thing on the WH blog. It tells us what he’s already told us. Well, maybe it did at least contain the “East African” stuff and the name and signature of the doctor. But wouldn’t he just be able to use the information on the “new” BC he got after being adopted by Lolo? Wouldn’t the new one just contain the same data, but with Lolo as dad?

        I didn’t know the legal definition of “indicates” but that’s in line with normal usage. We all can understand that we say indicates when we’re NOT SURE. The legal definition of “verify” includes by sworn statement or affidavit. Onaka wouldn’t swear that the LFCOLB is a true representation of the birth certificate they have, because it’s not; and they can’t provide any FORMAL verification in lieu of a CERTIFIED birth certifcate because he has NO CERTIFIED birth certificate unless it’s the one naming Lolo as his father and THAT he’s not going to give permission for anyone to see. (Besides, Bennett didn’t ask for verification of the birth certificate of Barry Soetoro.) And he CAN’T give permission to release any sealed “initial” birth certificate. Although he could have Corley copy it and show it to us, but they won’t do that, either, because of the “late filing” problems. What a tangled web, huh? So much easier to just tell the TRUTH.


      “Section 17: Original proof of birth for adopted person. If no certificate of birth is on file for the person for whom a new certificate is to be established under Chapter 57-23, R. L. H. 1955, a delayed certificate of birth shall be filed as provided in Chapter 57, Part I or Part II, R. L. H. 1955, before a new certificate of birth is establisheed, except that when the date and place of birth and parentage have been established in the adoption proceedings, a delayed certificate shall not be required.”

      If you scroll down, you’ll find the regulations for delayed certificates and who can request one. These might be old regulations, but were from 1955, which was probably what was in effect in ’61. The person born in the state or an “older person acting for the registrant and having personal knowledge of the facts of birth” can ask for registration. Depending upon how late the birth is registered, the doctor who delivered may not be around, so the HOSPITAL administrator (none will claim him) can sign the late BC. If the application for delayed registration isn’t completed in one year, it gets cancelled. So that might be what happened with Barry. It’s “written down” there in the archives. Half typed and half hand-written. It’s a “record”, which is a group of documents where they tried to register him there; but it didn’t work. This all might have taken place in 2006! Nothing to say it can’t. Check out this:

      “B. General Requirement
      … (2) The delayed birth certificate shall have spaces for at least the following information:
      (a) Full name at birth, except if a registrant has undergone a change of name through adoption or legitimation prior to the application for delayed birth registration, he may choose to have his new name shown.

      C. Documentary Requirements
      (2) (b) Two factual supporting documents independently established at least ten years prior to the date on which offered as evidence or have been established prior to the applicant’s tenth birthday. [The birth announcement wouldn’t suffice because later on, they state that the proof must include the NAME of the person; he’s not named in the announcement.]

      Check out the requirements for proof of authenticity of the supporting documents, “(7) Any document submitted in support of a delayed birth registration must be from independent sources and shall be in the form of an original record or a duly certified copy thereof or a signed statement from the custodian of the record of document and must also contain all of the following information if it is to be acceptable as evidence: official name of the agency or organization which has custody of the original record; the date on which the record was made; and the name and address of the certifying custodian in charge of the original.”

      They accept consular records AND immigration records. And record of arrival of parent from another country. Passport. Social Security application. Driver’s license. Family Koran. [I made that up; it says Bible.]

      If the authorities aren’t satisfied, they don’t sign or accept the delayed registration. This could have happened, all of it, in 2006. Suppose his SFCOLB said Lolo was his dad? OMG. So he tries to change it all, more than 45 years after the fact.

      The section under that (5.a. and b.) talks about “legitimation” and “adoption” or “paternity determination” which leads to a “new delayed certficate.” All these could apply to him! Then they seal the older stuff in a “special file.” It can be inspected IF the director of health or a court says so.

      So now I’m thinking that perhaps the few tiny little bits of “evidence” released in response to FOIA requests might have been invented JUST TO GIVE HIM THESE independent, contemporaneous supporting documents for his 2006 delayed bc. It would explain why they seem so sloppy and haphazard, not to mention WHY they’d release some of them. Remember that one memo that you particularly questioned, Bridgette? The one that conveniently named him as a U.S. citizen born on a specific date? But did those INS records NAME the child? I can’t remember now.

      If Brennan’s peeps cauterized passport files, why not create and plant these other items of “proof” to substantiate his so-called biography?

      Corsi says the “African” isn’t his father. So is he implying that it’s someone who’s NOT African at all? Now that would be “embarrassing.”

      • That HDOH thing I linked above: The document properties show it was created in 2009, so after Barry was elected and about the time everybody’s asking about his eligibility. The reason I point this out is that there are underlines in the book (prior to being scanned) that are quite interesting. Such as in the section about how to amend a certrificate. Underlined is the part that “such proof as the Director may deem necessary to support the amendment(s).” Hmm. So the Director can decide to accept them or not. Convenient for Barry. But the Director can’t get around the law that they have to show the amendments on the face of any copies.

        Later on, though, it says amendments to DELAYED birth certificates can only be made by court order. Ruh, oh. Public record, probably. But he can change his name on a delayed BC. Whoops! If a new birth record is created following adoption, legitimation or paternity determination, then all the reasons for making the new certificate go on the BACK of the BC. Is this why we never see the reverse side of his so-called birth certificates?

      • Race of parents, and race of BHO, as well as the names of the parents, and his birth date were all not listed intentionally. Yet the mother was born in Wichita, and father in Kenya. That is enough to keep him off the ballot if Ken was going to follow the Constitution and Article II and the meaning of NBC – meaning both parents must be citizens of the US.

        Have you sent a message to Ken Bennett yet? He certainly needs to hear from patriots! Letting him know his goose is cooked if he doesn’t follow the Constitution would be a start. Phone and email address are at the top of the page! Memorial Day is this weekend – a reminder of all who died for our country! Are you going to just read and not do anything? This is serious and we must do all we can! Send letters, phone or email – do something! My emails were sent to my Congressmen along with Bennett yesterday. I expect a form letter to follow from them – mine never respond to my comments, but for them to write a form letter they must get the same type letters from constituents.

        • I can’t remember all the details on the form, but I think those are the items that were listed on the request form for the verification in lieu of a certified copy. butterdezillion opines that perhaps he was forced to rescind that FORM, the official request form, because they COULD NOT GIVE A LETTER IN LIEU OF A CERTIFIED COPY. Because he HAS no CERTIFIED copy and/or if they did verify the facts, they would NOT be as he’s told everyone. Instead Onaka only verified the few items on the list that was supplemental to the rescinded form as well as saying only that the information on the LFCOLB matched what they had on file but he didn’t certify that the LFCOLB on the WH Blog is a TRUE and ACCURATE representation of the record on file. So those other items got lost in translation. They were DELIBERATELY NOT responded to via a verification IN LIEU OF A CERTIFIED COPY. So we can surmise that one or all of them are only CLAIMED within the HDOH records and they CANNOT and WILL NOT CERTIFY that the information is ACCURATE and TRUE.

        • Done! Bennett’s career is over, either way. He’s a confirmed toady. As is Brewer, who I did like. I’m a little concerned that Arpaio is insisting that Zullo return to AZ to be debriefed and that Corsi can’t say anything until that happens and only IF Arpaio agrees. I hope Arpaio can withstand the political pressure that’s sure to be coming his way. Zullo, too, although he’s not a politician. Scary times. Why are they waiting so long, until the middle of June? Remember Breitbart.

      • I am sharing my letter to Mr. Bennett. I did not use the term Honorable to address him which is proper protocol.

        I am in Texas, but moving to AZ, so I believe I will be one of your constituents. I will work diligently to promote any Republican running against you in the next election, if you do not use your power and oath of office to uphold the Constitution, Article II for deciding if Obama meets the presidential requirements.

        We have not seen a press release from your office to date, but the verification given by the AP shows clearly that Obama’s father was born in Kenya. He was never a citizen of the US. A natural born citizen has two citizen parents, not one. Obama is not eligible and never was. Minor v Happersett (1875) was the Supreme Court ruling that covered the subject of natural born citizen. It has never been overturned.

        It was also astounding to read that you would not sit down and listen to Arpaio’s detectives show you the evidence of forgery. Law enforcement officials have evidence of fraud and forgery and you think it isn’t important to investigate before making a decision. You apologized for embarrassing your state? The nation is watching you, Mr. Bennett.

        For your information, the birthers are Constitutionalists! They want the requirements for the presidency followed and want evidence that Obama meets those requirements. He has not provided any prima facia evidence to prove who he is or where he was born. Please understand that CONSTITUTIONALISTS are PATRIOTS and not fringe or extremists. They are voters and upholders of the Rule of Law. Just so you get the terminology and definition correct!

        If you don’t have the guts to stand up for what is right, then you should not hold the job you have.

        May your conscience be your guide when you are making a decision. Hopefully, your desire to be governor and the dangling of RNC monies does not derail you from following the Rule of Law.

        Thank you, xxxxxx, for contacting the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office.

        Your message regarding “Candidates” has been forwarded to the responsible department.

  8. Ok. This is my third try to post a comment. It looks to be working this time. (The others might be in spam. I haven’t checked. They’ve been putting my comments in spam lately. Sometimes with NO links in them.) Anyway …

    Aaron Klein has reprised on his site an article he wrote for WND last year, concerning how the government questioned little Barry’s citizenship.

    Now, we discussed it at length here: (do a page search for “bombshell” to find the comments I mean) and here: The second link is most pertinent.

    Klein is talking about how the government asked if Barry was Lolo’s stepchild and whether he was a citizen. They determined that he was a U.S. citizen, by virtue of his birth in Honolulu; but Klein points out there’s nothing in the RELEASED records that report HOW they knew this. (Obviously, if a BC was there; they withheld it.)

    We, on the other hand, cited the exact INS provisions that the INS asked about and it seems more likely that they wanted to know if he was Lolo’s biological child, illegitimate, and/or an ALIEN who is ineligible to be here in the first place. The HARDSHIP would fall IF he were Lolo’s child and would be separated if Lolo couldn’t come back. Seems that “technically” he was Lolo’s STEPCHILD, but Ann was adamant about the hardship and Lolo seemed adamant about being with Barry. Reading between the lines here. After all, when they got to Indonesia, Barry was a Muslim and an INDONESIAN CITIZEN. She went there with Barry BECAUSE the government would not let Lolo stay.

    You have to read the comments to follow this, but in light of this new scrutiny, in retrospect, I now wonder if THIS was when ANN suddenly decided to get an “original” late birth certificate for little Barry, naming BHO Sr. as the father or possibly saying he was illegitimate but NOT Lolo’s son, because perhaps the INS would determine Barry had no business even being in the USA. OR maybe she decided to amend it and name Lolo as the father, in the hope that they would then let Lolo come back. I don’t know. I haven’t thought this out. Lots of nuances.

    But it seems there were multiple times and for various reasons that this woman, who played fast and loose with rules and who may have married two men for reasons other than love (to help them stay in or get into the US), to amend or create documentation for that mysterious child of hers.

    They waited a year in Hawaii after Lolo went to Indonesia for “passports”. Why did it take SO LONG? And almost as soon as Barry was in Indonesia, he was an Indonesian citizen. HOW did THAT happen?

    • That’s possible, too. They lie about his birth date. I forgot about the five years old thing. I also believe he went to Pakistan with an Indonesian passport. That’s what was cauterized by Brennan’s employees.

  9. I saw a July 18th, 1961 birth date once at Free Republic.

  10. OUTSIDERS…… are …SUCKIN’ the BLOOD out of US! says TRUMP!!

    New Trump project: Anti-Obama Super PAC
    May 24, 2012

  11. I meant to reply to this one. I saw a July 18th, 1961 date once at FR.;page=2101

    See post 2040 & 2041

  12. Something is just not working right trying to get a message posted. Here’s where it’s being talked about at FR:

    “To: BIGLOOK

    I think July 18 might be a more original birthdate.

    2,140 posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2008 8:03:35 PM by Gemsbok (Follow the trail,…,.,.,.,….. I know where it leads)

    To: x

    You may very well be write.

    However, it was from 2004 and perhaps a forgotten article and I believe someone took a screenshot of the article last Spring and it contained the birthdate of july 18th at the end of the article.

    That is why the Obama line about recalling the time of his birth at 7:24 rings like a planted seed to rhyme with the time on a later manufactured COLB.”

    • We’ve kicked that one around before. He had two, if not three, wives then: Kezia, SAD, and the wife in the Philippines. There’s nothing to PROVE that the “son” born to Mr. and unnamed Mrs. BHO Sr. was this person aka potus.

      • The other forgotten gal that went to England (for an abortion or to have a child) but from what we read it was presumed she was pregnant by BHO Sr. She was kicked out of the program by the Unitarians. This was around the time that Harvard was trying to get rid of BHO Sr.

        • Oh, yeah. Forgot about her. She could be another wife. Like Malik. 12 at last count, allegedly, but not all at the same time!

      • they probably put that on the record in case the Kenyan needed it to stay or something. his wife had a baby. yeah, his “tribal bride”, a sacred rite of marriage. they slay me. and i bet ya August 4th is not his BD.

        i don’t think “Stanley” Ann is the mother. yeah, they named their daughter Stanley. weirdos.

      • we’re all out of reply options.

        yes, Renee, swingers. they were political commie Beats… infiltrating.

        train hopping. colluding. partying in the 50s. cool.

        Who was Stan the Man? and what established his relationship with the foreign playboy? why Hawaii? yeah, our parents were all going around saying, “wow” we gonna move to Hawaii. out of the blue. under the radar. Hence, barky. the exotic prince.

    • Stan the Man is barky’s father and i think the dock photo proves it.
      there’s the connection. his ma is probably a Polynesian fellow traveler.

      they were Beat. and and on a mission. I’d like to know where Ruth comes in. they were always “teachers”/ missionaries.

      I just saw that dock picture on the blog tonight. was the dreamy father coming and going. why is Stan the Man even there? i see barky. and I think the “born in Kenya” crap is the lie. 🙂

      • SWINGERS…

      • Are we all positive that’s Stan? I’m serious. Everybody says it is but there’s a guy associated with that the gal with the poor posture who looks very much like Stan. He’s in the other photo where BHO Sr. is sitting with the Asian girl identified as “Ann”. It’s at a party at the “Nachmanoffs”. The husband Arnie Nachmanoff, iirc, was an ambassador later on.

      • there’s no more reply options ^^

        yes, Bridgette and I think that is where Ruth comes in, or whatever her name is. that abortion story should be on every front page. its on the record. and we have a right to know.

        • If I remember, though, the problem is that any abortion was only implied. They redacted a lot and people were reading between the lines.

    • Think about it…the gal went to England to have a child – British citizenship too for the kid if born there even if the mother was from Kenya. Could the gal that went to England be Kezia? She is the pretty one in that family. I will have to reread the immigration file, to see if they shipped the unwed mother back home (Kenya) after they found her.

  13. Groups Concerned Over Arming of Domestic Drones
    May 23, 2012

    Does anybody have thoughts on this?

    • “Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Texas told The Daily that his department is considering using rubber bullets and tear gas on its drone.

      “Those are things that law enforcement utilizes day in and day out and in certain situations it might be advantageous to have this type of system on the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle),” McDaniel told The Daily.

      The use of potential force from drones has raised the ire of the American Civil Liberties Union.

      “It’s simply not appropriate to use any of force, lethal or non-lethal, on a drone,” Catherine Crump, staff attorney for the ACLU, told CBSDC.”

      One might be inclined to say, “DUH!” to that, but we’re learning with this administration that this is an understatement because such OUTRAGES seem to go right over the heads of these tone-deaf totalitarians.

      Yes, we’ve been covering this. What I always say is that Barry promised to bring Americans together in a non-partisan way. Well, he’s done that! Left and Right are outraged by this!

    • It is unconstitutional to use military war machines built to wage war elsewhere on our sovereign land.

      • yep, drones. and there battalions of weaponry stored within all our counties… trucks with painful sirens, thermal technology to scan the contents of your home, tazers… just look and see whats on the ground. next, we’ll be seeing bullet proof checkpoint stations. no doubt.

        i guess we don’t see them painting our skies incessantly and the silvery white dome created is normal sky. what about those pindot jets and who’s driving them 24/7?

    • I am totally against the use of any drones in US airspace over US soil – period! This is not Afghanistan. We have enough spying in US citizens as it is.

  14. Where’s Miss Tickly?

    Hawaii’s verification to Bennett, should have an Official Hawaii Dept. of Health Seal on it, and it doesn’t!

    Another forgery I suspect, from the Obama camp.

    • Well, that’s what I said yesterday: Where’s the embossed seal? Bob, do you have any citation of the laws or policies indicating that it’s supposed to have a registrar’s stamp and an embossed seal? If so, I’d love a link. Thanx.

    • Bob, She was recharging her batteries when we chatted recently. She is fine. Tickle, if you are reading this please weigh in. Bob may wish to chat.
      Thanks Bob for reminding me.

  15. O’s 1996 ad….. Uh-Oh….. OBAMA!

    1996 Ad Shows Obama Event Sponsored by Socialist Group

    May 24, 2012

  16. Miri… some one knows his birthdata… he knows all… & we will too!
    (photo above of O on wnd 1996) shows that big time LIES can tear at ya … Martha Trowbridge said he’s watching his back… as does the DrKatesview’s discussion over the LC’s… blogs…. is all them WH green garden veggies gettin’ to him?…. WTPOTUS…. demand the TRUTH!!!!!

  17. A Town Meeting on Economic Insecurity:
    Employment and Survival in Urban America
    March – April 1996

  18. So BARRY Soe~”BARK”(at ya)ah!….& will tie you down… has a DADDY…
    A nice looking Black Migrant Dock Worker….which is long gone…SAD!
    I can wrap my head around this one… I care not who cracks this case… someone will… today I’m betting on LC

  19. “Obama lies deception and disregard for US Constitution and American people is the story, O’Reilly media ignore story, Birth certificate symptom”


    This is a link to butterdezillion’s excellent analysis of the “verification of birth”. The only thing lacking is a link to anything that would explain that form that was allegedly sent to Bennett. Where did it come from and where, in their laws and policies,is it defined?

    I have to add one thing that I noticed that I find interesting. As ladysforest said yesterday, (or something like it): What’s in a WORD?

    RECORD. Notice how in Onaka’s letter, which butterdezillion says is not in response to the ACTUAL verification in lieu of a certified copy process, he refers to the “record”. He says the INFORMATION on copy of the certificate of live birth that Bennett must have included in his request “matches the original record in our files.” Then he says that only the information on the “vital record” in their files was used to verify the facts of the vital event. I take this to mean that the “original record” is that thing that was “written down” in the State Archives somewhere and alluded to by Abercommie. It was an attempted registration, imho. Something there as a vital “record” but not as a BIRTH CERTIFICATE that they would certify or COULD legally send out a letter of verification IN LIEU OF A CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE. They can’t send out a letter of verification in lieu of a certified birth certificate unless there exists an underlying CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE. There does not. ALL there is is a “vital record” that CLAIMS Obama was born in Hawaii.

    Only in the first item in his list does he use the phrase “birth certificate”. He says there’s a “birth certificate” on file for Barack Hussein Obama II. We know that “birth certificates” can be on file and not be ACCEPTED and therefore not be legally valid. So it’s an UNCERTIFIABLE BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

    butterdezillion points out how and why any birth certificate they have for Barry probably is NOT legally valid. She suspects that they forced Bennett to rescind his formal request (on the Hawaiian FORM) for a verification in lieu of a certified copy of a bc and that Bennett’s third request was not satisfied, either, in that Onaka deliberately did NOT verify that the LFCOLB copy is a “true and accurate representation.” (Because it is NOT, which we know. It’s a composite. A conglomeration of all the paperwork ever filed and the various permutations of his “birth records” from the day he was born. butterdezillion says the record was undoubtedly amended in 2006. It probably was filed late. I think it probably was NEVER accepted because supporting, supplementary documentation was not forthcoming.)

    Bottom line: This verification means zilch, as we suspected. The reason there’s no birth date, according to butterdezillion, is because that was included for verification on the official request form, but not in the page of ADDITIONAL items Bennett asked to be verified. The request form doesn’t include all those other items. Note: When I went to display the request form from her link, my computer locked up. This happens, however, every time I try to look at HDOH FORMS on their website.) So when they made him rescind the official form, the birth date wasn’t on the list of ADDITIONAL items. That is a valid theory, so maybe we must rethink that his birthdate is wrong.

    • Miri, Remember the point of this record when we found accepted was not part of it ? It was like it could not be validated and was on hold or something ?

  21. Miri … I’ll check on “daddy dock man” …. 100%~ 4~SURE….
    TIME is running OUT … putting stock in our educated mentors ….
    have yet to pulled a rabbit from the hat …. Are we doomed?
    American’s like us who worked non-stop 24/7 to blow the lid off
    this puppy…. but exactly where are we today? Pray for rain!

  22. “Alex Jones Show: Thursday (5-24-12) – Dr. Jerome Corsi”

    Corsi at 2:14:00 mark

    • Brief notes on the video – others can add to this as to what they hear.

      Corsi – A group of lawyers got together in Hawaii and wrote a verification that is not a verification. They did not verify that he was born in Hawaii. They say they have a record of the information that is in the birth certificate – doesn’t say whether it is correct or not. What they are saying is that we have a copy of fabricated information in our files. Then they gave that to the media. It says nothing.

      Investigators can only publish information after Arpaio debriefs them on everything they have learned. Zullo can’t speak until then either. Corsi can hardly contain himself as he has so much information to publish. Press conference should in mid June.

      Alex says release it now in case either of them get Breitbarted. That information is coming out if something happens to himself or Zullo says Corsi.

      We have proof that even the government did not believe that the African Barack Obama Sr. was the president’s father. (Information on this was released last year – Arican government said records were tampered with.) Now they have additional proof of that. According to Corsi, we will see how the coverup is continuing and intensifying in Hawaii and how the Hawaiian government is working with Bennett. It is all a lie and a cover-up. They got the compliant media to report.

      2:22 Bilderberg information – Obama’s goose is cooked, he won’t be in there anymore. He is now considered damaged goods by global elite. The information they (Corsi et al) will produce will be totally crippling to Obama. The Dems should replace him. At the next Bilderberg meeting they will tell Obama that he will lose. Mitt will win.

      Who is he? It will be a shock as to who the father is. Listen to Joel Gilbert’s movie trailer. There are Two other candidates as BHO’s father besides Frank Marshall Davis. [He didn’t say who they are.]

      Mossad has Obama’s DNA – the “mother” went to Kenya to have the kid.

      They have now identified Ann Dunham’s apartments in New York (weren’t those found by Al at Obama Hustle?). Perhaps the Posse verified the information.

      2:34:30 They may have to replace Obama with another candidate before the elections -Corsi has been exposing HSBC bank fraud international money laundering – That information was passed on to Arpaio. He has now connected Eric Holder to this directly, and in the next 30 days he will show that Eric Holder and his chief of his criminal division are at the center of a massive banking fraud. Holder blocked the prosecution of all these people involved. Corsi has all the documents. Eric Holder is making political decisions to cover the people involved IF they put up the cash. They must pay millions. [Corzine comes to mind.] Holder stopped the prosecution of individuals involved where millions of homeowners lost their homes. Some involved did the fraudulent bank appraisals.

      Research Casino gambling in Chicago – criminal gang including Rezko. Eric Holder represented his firm and went to Chicago to back the casino operation. Will begin to see the banking corruption within the Obama Administration.

      • WOW…….Thanks Bridget for the excellent notes. I don’t understand why they always wait to release informaiton, and sometimes all they do then is tell us to wait some more.

      • We know about the theory that Malcolm X was the father. The other might be Lolo, but that doesn’t explain why the mother would go to Africa to give birth. Is Corsi on board with the Mal and Val theory? Maybe mom is Maya Angelou. Could be Kezia. Could be that wife in the Philippines, but who’s the daddy, if not BHO Sr.? Could be the gal who went to London. Hmmm. Val in London, too. Who’s the daddy, though? Do you think WE will be shocked? Somehow, I think WE won’t be. We identified MANY apartments that SAD had. When is he talking about? Park Ave.? Well, guess I ought to listen to the video. Thanks for summarizing. If Mossad has the DNA, his goose is indeed cooked. But why, then, have they allowed things to progress to this point? I don’t want the DemoncRATS to replace him. That means Hillary and she’s NO BETTER AND JUST AS MUCH OF A SOROS TOOL AS OBAMA IS.

    • Ok. I listened to it. Here’re a few things that stood out to me:

      Sounds as if he is leaning to the Malcolm X and Val theory BECAUSE he says that this is an identity that HAD TO BE HIDDEN from birth. HAD to be covered up from birth. The only situation that’s been theorized so far with that is the Malcolm X one. UNLESS it’s true that he’s related to Sukarno or Suharto. But in that case, why birth in Kenya? Corsi touts the book about FMD, but it might be because he doesn’t want to hurt the guy’s sales. IF it were FMD, why would THAT have to be covered up from birth?

      SAD stayed in 5-star hotels throughout her so-called “career” as an anthropologist. Nothing we didn’t know, but worth confirming and reporting again to prove the lie that she was a single mother on food stamps.

      Holder is the “CEO of the drug business in Mexico.” He has a company that sounds as if it’s a high-faluting version of the Jesse Jackson minority shake-down system. He makes bankers pay to play. He, Rezko, Obama, and others were allegedly complicit in the plan to get gambling into Chicago.

      The DemoncRATS are planning massive vote fraud, but it won’t be enough to stop them being decimated in Nov. Barry is damaged goods. He’s toast. The only problem is: What will the globalists do now? Replace him or stage a false flag or some other crisis, or martial law, to prop him up?

      Corsi says in America “We the People are Sovereign” but Barry and the globalists don’t believe it. He says we “HAVE TO WIN.”

      Bennett’s career is over. He was a useful idiot.

      Other useful idiots are the writers at the NY Times and the Washington Post who prop Barry up. When the globalists win, they should realize that they will be THE FIRST TO GO.

      If the globalists win, there will be no more First Amendment or Fourth Amendment. No more private property. Thought education camps for the likes of Corsi and Jones, unless they’re just killed. All of this is there in the executive orders. He forgot to mention no Second Amendment. The entire point of the martial law. How else to get into every home to confiscate every weapon?

      Corsi’s expose will involve Credit Swisse bank.

      • I have surmised and stated multiple times that the Chicago thugs were involved in the drug business and that is why they weren’t supporting AZ, they needed those drugs to get through to the US. That is exactly why they would not protect the borders. The drug business was a continuation of the one that Clinton was involved in. Then all of the money laundering that went along with it…and I would bet it was going through Shorebank until it closed, and then that bank reopened under a different bank name. That is why so many people came in to rescue Shorebank with the help of Geithner. I didn’t put Eric Holder into that scenario though – so that is interesting that his firm was involved. Why would I be surprised knowing that his partners in crime represented the prisoners at Gitmo. He has long been on the Most Corrupt Politicians List by Judicial Watch.

        • Oh, I remember. They’re like the TRUE successors to the Clintons in this area. Aren’t they? Wasn’t Holder involved in helping Clinton to pardon Mark Rich? And somehow, surprise! He ends up AG.

          • What I have stated before was pretty much breezed over, but at this point I’m going to bring it up again. I had found on a Indonesian article where it stated Ann was arrested IN Indonesia for some banking scam. As I said before AS I was reading the article it went blank.

            I’m thinking this connects to what you two have mentioned above.

            Ever since then, it has been my theory as to why Barry was sent back to Hawaii.

            I think all this run’s very deep into our own gov’t, and maybe the reason’s for so many covering for one another. Personally, I’m not sure I want to tread that deep into this. People have been found “accidentally” ran over by trains for much less…if you get my drift 😉

            • I found evidence once that LOLO went to prison about the time Barry was sent back to Hawaii. Leza, if you can remember anything about the story about Ann getting arrested, would love to know it. That one must have blown right by me because I don’t remember it. Of course, my brain is so full of mush and inane details about this person (reptile) that I don’t remember much anymore.

            • I have searched this blog every which way I can think of and can find no mention that Ann was arrested in Indonesia. If you can think of a search argument using what you probably wrote, I’ll try again.

          • Miri, it was a very old Indo. article, but the date matched up to about the time Barry was sent back to Hawaii. I found it back when we were searching Indo. articles on Lia.

            The headline translated said something like “woman arrested for — bank”

            The reason I clicked on it to read it it mentioned Lia’s name. I was able to get through translating the first few paragraphs before the article went blank. (Maybe goggle translate caught the article as I was translating it and why it went poof?)

            But it CLEARLY said in those first few paragraphs Ann Soetoro had been arrested for some bank scam, I’m thinking it was the bank she had dealings with in Indonesia. And it did mention Lia, but it was about then the article went poof as I was reading it.

          • Miri | May 25, 2012 at 4:31 pm

            Miri, it’s posted, about a year ago..remember I was upset because someone had changed what I wrote to say Lolo rather than as I had stated – Ann.

            • Who would have changed what you said from Ann to Lolo? Was there an explanation why a change would be made? Like retranslation? If it was in Indonesian, it would be hard to figure what they’re saying.

              If you can think of any detail that will help me find it, I will look again. I looked for “arrested” and “Ann arrested” and “SAD arrested” and “Stanley Ann arrested” and “arrested her” and every other combo I could think of. I searched for your name but there are over 200 pages of your comments. Too many to look through. I don’t have time to look more today, but will try again later. Maybe Renee has it on the research blog? I have no clear memory of it. If it was only a year ago, then it wouldn’t be at TD’s. Does anybody else remember this?

          • I remember when Leza found this Miri. I also remember no one noting the info as well. Leza was very upset that the Ann got changed to Lolo…….

            • Point us to it, then. I have no memory of any of this. Are you sure it happened here and not some other blog?

          • Thank You Renee, I thought you would remember this as you and I had discussed it when I originally posted it.

          • If you discussed it with Renee, then it must be in emails and not on the blog. Find the date of the email and the discussion, and perhaps we can find the comment you want to find. Do send a copy of it to us and that could jog our memory. I used different search queries and came up with nothing. Why would anyone change a name anyway? People would say, I think you meant Lolo or vice versa if they wanted to correct your information. There are plenty of corrections to information that people make to information provided, and it is shown in comments.

          • I am not digging for mail, but it happened. Maybe the names got switched in translation ?
            Miri, I just went through the whole Indo post. It is not there. I did search also and find nothing. I think it may have been a change in the names in translation. not sure, but I cannot find it, but I remember this happening. I do not know how to explain.btw, THIS is my only group, not sure what you mean. Sorry. I also wonder if it was in e mail.
            Update 2
            Found part of it. I had copied and pasted part on the Indo thread from the original post it was on.

            Indonesia | Wtpotus Research Blog Renee | May 24, 2011 at 12:29 pm | Reply
            Leza | May 24, 2011 at 1:55 pm | Reply
            The answers lie with Lia. Unfortunately she was silenced, forever. I posted something awhile back, unfortunately names were changed, maybe thinking I had the second name wrong? I did not. Ann (and) ( ) were involved in criminal activity in Indonesia. I can not prove it now because what I had found from an Indonesian article when we were researching this person has amazingly disappeared and did so before I could post the information.

            Were BHO Sr.’s Immigration Files Doctored? | We the People of the United States


            • Then there’s no evidence that it happened. We have to find the comment or find the article in question. I asked for ANYTHING that would narrow down the search for us, so it’s easier to find if it’s on this blog. We both already spent time looking, and we can’t find this. Obviously, if somebody changed the comment from Ann to Lolo, you have someone in mind. If it wasn’t yourself, then it must have been Red Pill, Sleuth, Bridgette, or me. Right? Or do you suspect WordPress or hackers?

              It’s possible, perhaps, to find the article again by translating search arguments into Indonesian and then searching on that on the Web. I started to do it this afternoon, but then thought: Why should I look for it? I don’t remember this and Bridgette doesn’t either. So that seems to indicate that maybe you discussed it in your group or via email and only think it was presented on THIS blog. Maybe it was on the research blog. Maybe it was at Kate’s. Maybe it was at TD’s. Maybe it was at CW’s or somewhere else.

              If you discussed it, you must have done it somewhere and maybe there’s a CLUE that would help us find it wherever that discussion exists.

            • So what you have found is that the allegation that we changed the name was made a year ago, but the original comment that was allegedly changed is not on that post. That’s the only comment by Leza on that post.

              There are 40 pages of comments on this blog that contain the words “arrest” or “arrested”. There are 17 pages that contain the word “jail”. There are 34 pages that contain the word “prison”. I looked through all of them this morning. And I found the ONLY mention by Leza of Ann and Lolo going to prison here:

              Here is the comment and my response:

              Leza | March 2, 2011 at 12:36 am | Reply | Edit
              Why would MAD and Stan have to adopt?

              1. Ann had died
              2. Ann and Lolo maybe had done something in Indonesia that sent them both to prison there for a very LONG time.<

              Miri | March 2, 2011 at 8:47 am | Reply | Edit
              That’s a good point, Leza. I do remember that there’s a distinct possibility that Lolo was indicted for something. I remember once finding evidence that SOMEONE named Soeotoro was charged with something to do with the killings of government officials during the unrest in Indonesia. If, as her aunt said (or did she?; two different stories by the same reporter), Ann died circa 1970 (right before Barry came to the US) and if Lolo was otherwise indisposed (like, in prison), then somebody would have to take charge of the kid. If he had grandparents in the US and the possibility of a better life, with better education, at the very least, then it makes sense that perhaps they sent for him and asked his “dad” to come help facilitate the transfer. As I said, we’ll never know until the evidence comes out. If ever.”

              Whatever Leza found that suggested that both Ann and Lolo were in trouble with the law, she did not explain further here.

              You said that you had discussed this before and that’s why you remembered it. So when I said your group, I meant the people you might discuss research findings with via email, because there’s no discussion on either blog (here or research) that I found concerning Leza being “very upset” that a name was changed.

          • None of us are going to go through each post looking for the comment. I was only TRYING to jog Miri’s memory to the comment. Just MAYBE Miri had thought I had meant to say Lolo the first time I posted and because she had seen that Lolo had at one time been arrested maybe she thought she was doing me a favor..that I had accidentally put Lolo’s name instead Ann’s name, she had thought I meant to say Lolo.

            It is NO big deal, yes at the time it bothered me, and then I realized what must have happened. The only reason I brought it up was to try to jog Miri’s memory to the comment and I THOUGHT she would remember the mishap and it would jog her memory to the comment.

            The comment IS posted on the blog about a year or so ago..I’m sure someone will eventually come across it and point it out…sheesh! really I’m sorry I brought it up again…everyone BREATH! 🙂

            I would also like to add for the record that I have from day one given you all the authority to correct my error’s in spelling, (I do get in a hurry at times) so I know that was all that had happened in this instance, it was nothing more than a mistaken correction.

            Can we move on now 🙂 TU.

  23. Miri | May 24, 2012 at 3:56 pm | Reply

    Well, that’s what I said yesterday: Where’s the embossed seal? Bob, do you have any citation of the laws or policies indicating that it’s supposed to have a registrar’s stamp and an embossed seal? If so, I’d love a link. Thanx.
    Miri, I don’t have a link, sorry, I wish I did, that’s why I asked where is Miss Tickly. I think she would have the info we seek, as to why isn’t the verification sealed with the DOH seal. It would seem to me to be the proper time to bust it out, but the fact that it isn’t there, is because Obama’s crooks can’t duplicate the seal after Miss Tickly busted them on it earlier, so they can no longer fake it.

    • Bob, I will see if I can find Tickly.

    • I am not sure if this answers your question or not. My search function is not working well so still checking.

      Unveiling the HDOH Seal by Tickly
      4 Dec, 2010

      Image of Embossed Seal disclosed by the Hawaii Department of Health

      The Seal of the Hawaii Department of Health has been in effect since 1988 when it was made a part of the HDOH Title 11-1 administrative rules: “§11-1-2 Seal of the department of health. a) The official seal of the department of health shall be circular in shape, two and one-fourth inches in diameter. At the curve on the top portion there shall be the words “DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH” and at the curve on the bottom portion there shall be the words “STATE OF HAWAII .” At the curve on each side portion shall be a star. In the center of the seal shall be the Caduceus, a winged rod entwined with two serpents, which has long been recognized as a universal symbol of medicine. The Caduceus shall be encircled by an indentation, which shall separate it from the words “DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH” and “STATE OF HAWAII .” For illustrative purposes, a black and white drawing of the official seal is attached at the end of this section as Exhibit “A,” titled “Seal of the Department of Health,” and dated November 1, 1988, and made a part of this section.”

      Furthermore, agency rules are rightly called ‘regulations’ in that they make the operations and administrative practices UNIFORM. See the Chapter on Rulemaking from the Hawaii Revised Statutes, this one in particular:

      Ҥ91-2 Public information. (a) In addition to other rulemaking requirements imposed by law, each agency shall:

      (2) Adopt rules of practice, setting forth the nature and requirements of all formal and informal procedures available, and including a description of all forms and instructions used by the agency.”

      Obama’s seal is not uniform to the seal described in the Title 11 Administrative Rules but the one supplied to me directly by the HDOH is.

      Also worth noting is that only the Director of the Department of Health may issue a certified copy of a vital record. Therefore, all seals on all certified copies since 1988 should be uniform.

      There is no room for debate. Arm yourself with this info, so you can let the Obots and Obot plants know they have no leg to stand on.

      [Link won’t work since blog is private now, but it aids others in finding information in their files if they kept her work. I have her articles.]

      • Miri, I think it was you that searched for the form number that was used and it wasn’t found. This is totally against the rule (2) above where it says all forms must be described“including a description of all forms and instructions used by the agency.” If it isn’t there, it shouldn’t exist and isn’t lawful.

        So someone at the DOH or wherever that form originated, creates a spankin’ brand new one to fit the situation. Then they happen to leave out the date of birth, the parent’s names, and it is signed by an unknown who is only identified by their initials next to Onaka’s name. It says nothing and it verifies nothing. When we go to search for the person with the initials, they will conveniently no longer be working there!

        Where is the description of use for this form at the DOH: OHSM FORM V01 (08/01/01)?
        At least we can read this form number unlike all other forms we usually see. OHSM = means Office of Health Status Monitoring and it was found described in several Hawaii searches. It also can mean Office of Health Systems Management.

        If they are using it, then it has to be documented with rules and there must be instructions for its use.

        FORM V01 did NOT come up in any searches at the Hawaii government website. All Forms are all supposedly listed on these pages alphabetically. It seems all forms that are sent to people would be described. V01 came up once as an ICD code (codes used for medical insurance purposes to describe an illness or disease. When you go to the doctor all the procedures have a code assigned to them called an ICD.).

        The only other form beginning with a V was Form VL-2 Veterinary Laboratory Branch: Veterinary Laboratory Tests Request. Is the V on the form for BHO for veterinary testing to see if BHO is a dog as he has claimed? Or is it a symbol of their victory?

        Misread the form number and it was revised (08/01/01) not (09/01/01). Sorry for the error. It was changed above to be correct. BB

        • Could this be the site Bennett went to to get the OHSM FORM V01 08/01/01 verification he received back? As Renee say’s; Kidding me?

          The DISCLAIMER (below) pretty much say’s it all.

          How to Apply for Certified Copies of Vital Records

          All applications requesting certified copies of birth, death, civil union, marriage, and divorce certificates must generally be made in writing (application forms may be downloaded from this site – see below). Requests may also be placed for birth and marriage certificates on a limited basis through the Internet ( Telephone, FAX, or e-mail requests are not accepted.
          What Information You Should Be Prepared to Provide

          An applicant/requestor must provide the information needed to 1) establish his/her direct and tangible interest in the record and 2) locate the desired record. This will normally include:

          Applicant’s name, address, and telephone number(s);
          Applicant’s relationship to the person named on the certificate;
          Reason why you are requesting the certificate;
          Full name(s) as listed on the certificate;
          The certificate’s file number (if known);
          Month, day, and year of the event; and
          City or town and the island where the event occurred.
          For birth certificates, also provide the full name of the father and the full maiden name of the mother.

          If you are applying for a certificate on behalf of someone else, you must provide an original letter signed by that person authorizing the release of their certificate to you and a photocopy of that person’s valid government-issued photo ID.
          Valid government-issued photo ID.

          Letters of Verification

          Letters of verification may be issued in lieu of certified copies (HRS §338-14.3). This document verifies the existence of a birth/death/civil union/marriage/divorce certificate on file with the Department of Health and any other information that the applicant provides to be verified relating to the vital event. (For example, that a certain named individual was born on a certain date at a certain place.) The verification process will not, however, disclose information about the vital event contained within the certificate that is unknown to and not provided by the applicant in the request.

          Letters of verification are requested in similar fashion and using the same request forms as for certified copies.

          The fee for a letter of verification is $5 per letter.

          Application Forms

          Application forms are available in a “fillable” Adobe Acrobat portable document format (PDF).

          When you go to –

          You get this message –

          Welcome to the Department of Health’s Online
          Vital Records Ordering System
          Vital records (birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates) for events that occurred in Hawaii are received and preserved by the Office of Health Status Monitoring, a unit of the Department of Health (DOH). In Hawaii, access to vital records is restricted by statute (HRS §338-18).
          Certified copies of these records may be issued to authorized individuals and used for such diverse purposes as school entry, passports, Social Security participation, driver’s licenses, employment, sports participation, survivor’s benefits, proof of property rights, and other needs.
          This is only an ordering system for certified copies of vital records. The certified copies being ordered WILL NOT be issued online as a part of your transaction. You will receive the ordered certified copies via first-class postal mail.
          Currently (based on the last 7 days), the average number of days between online order placement and the mailing of a certificate is 16 days.
          You may order certified copies only of birth and marriage certificates and only of records dating from July 1909 to the present on this web site. You can also order certified copies of birth and marriage certificates, and must order certified copies of death and divorce certificates and certified copies of records dating before July 1909, through postal mail or in-person (see click on “vital records” for information).
          You may order certified copies only of your own birth and marriage certificates or of an immediate family member (e.g., a parent of his/her child’s birth or marriage certificate) on this web site. NOTE: This system does exact matches only. Please enter data carefully as typographical errors will result in a failure to match.


          When you Proceed you get this ~

          The information and transactions completed on this web site are provided by the State of Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) as a public service. No posted information is intended to constitute legal or professional advice. The information available through this web site is NOT official information unless otherwise noted.
          This web site is intended for use by the public for the sole purpose of ordering vital records from the DOH. The information contained in this web site DOES NOT disclose any information found within the official vital records in the custody of the DOH.
          All information provided by the DOH through this web site is provided on an “as is” basis and DOH makes no warranties, express or implied, including Warranty of Merchantability and Fitness for a Particular Purpose, and makes no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information accessed, the timeliness of the delivery of the transactions, delivery to the correct party, preservation of privacy and security of users. No one shall be entitled to claim detrimental reliance on any views or information, whether provided by or accessed through this web site, or to claim any duty on the part of DOH to update posted information or to protect the interests of those accessing this web site. In no event shall the DOH, its divisions, employees or other parties be liable for damages of any nature whatsoever, arising from the use of or inability to use this website. The DOH uses reasonable efforts to provide accurate, complete and current information on this website; it does not, however, represent the information to be so. By accessing this web site, the user agrees that the DOH, its divisions, employees and other parties involved in creating, maintaining, or delivering the information contained therein shall be immune from any liability and damages arising from inaccuracies or incompleteness in the data provided.

          ~~I agree and wish to proceed~~ I don’t agree and wish to exit~~

          ****Update to Leza’s. I changed the form number to read correctly above to (08/01/01) because she copied my error. It was not (09/01/01). BB

          • HRS 338-14.3

            338-14.3 Verification in lieu of a certified copy. (a) Subject to the requirements of section … in section 338-14.5 for the first certified copy of a certificate





          • “… user agrees that the DOH, its divisions, employees and other parties involved in creating, maintaining, or delivering the information contained therein shall be immune from any liability and damages arising from inaccuracies or incompleteness in the data provided.”

            Yes, he probably DID use that website to download the form he filled out to request the verification in lieu of certified copy. However, as butterdezillion believes, they tossed that form anyway because they’re not about to send out a verification in lieu of a CERTIFIED copy for any Barack Hussein Obama II. He should now ask for a verification in lieu of a certified copy for Barry Soetoro and see what he gets, since they have now agreed that he’s eligible to request one. OR they pretend that he’s eligible. Watch how quick they change their tune if he DOES ask for Barry Soetoro to be “verified.”

            It does say that the information is SUPPOSED TO be sent via postal mail or in person. Was the “verification of birth” sent to Bennett by mail?

          • It’s just a guess but it could be that Bennet asked the department of the State to get this info for him from the DOH and not directly with the Health Dept. There are two Chair people with that department with initials G K (can’t remember the second initial) There names were Gerald somebody. One was a head chair official with the State of Hawaii. Wish I could remember, but oone of them matched the initials exactly.I did some reverse sleuing and gat people with intials at the state department.

        • the statute allowing for a verification in lieu of certified copy says it can be done in writing, electronic or OTHER FORM APPROVED BY THE DIRECTOR. this statute was added june 2001, so that would explain the 8/01 date.
          HAWAII 2001 SESSION LAWS

          Additions are indicated by <>; deletions by

          <>. Changes in tables are made but not highlighted.
          Vetoed provisions within tabular material are not displayed.
          Act 246
          S.B. No. 1123


          SECTION 1. Chapter 338, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended by adding a new section to be appropriately designated and to read as follows:






          SECTION 2. Section 338–18, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended to read as follows:


          § 338–18. Disclosure of records. (a) To protect the integrity of vital statistics records, to ensure their proper use, and to ensure the efficient and proper administration of the vital statistics system, it shall be unlawful for any person to permit inspection of, or to disclose information contained in vital statistics records, or to copy or issue a copy of all or part of any such record, except as authorized by this part or by rules adopted by the department of health.

          (b) The department shall not permit inspection of public health statistics records, or issue a certified copy of any such record or part thereof, unless it is satisfied that the applicant has a direct and tangible interest in the record. The following persons shall be considered to have a direct and tangible interest in a public health statistics record:

          (1) The registrant;

          (2) The spouse of the registrant;

          (3) A parent of the registrant;

          (4) A descendant of the registrant;

          (5) A person having a common ancestor with the registrant;

          (6) A legal guardian of the registrant;

          (7) A person or agency acting on behalf of the registrant;

          (8) A personal representative of the registrant’s estate;

          (9) A person whose right to inspect or obtain a certified copy of the record is established by an order of a court of competent jurisdiction;

          (10) Adoptive parents who have filed a petition for adoption and who need to determine the death of one or more of the prospective adopted child’s natural or legal parents;

          (11) A person who needs to determine the marital status of a former spouse in order to determine the payment of alimony;

          (12) A person who needs to determine the death of a nonrelated co-owner of property purchased under a joint tenancy agreement; and

          (13) A person who needs a death certificate for the determination of payments under a credit insurance policy.

          (c) The department may permit the use the data contained in public health statistical records for research purposes only, but no identifying use thereof shall be made.

          (d) Index data consisting of name and sex of the registrant, type of vital event, and such other data as the director may authorize shall be made available to the public.

          (e) The department may permit persons working on genealogy projects access to microfilm or other copies of vital records of events that occurred more than seventy-five years prior to the current year.

          (f) Subject to this section, the department may direct its local agents to make a return upon filing of birth, death, and fetal death certificates with them, of certain data shown to federal, state, territorial, county, or municipal agencies. Payment by these agencies for these services may be made as the department shall direct.







          SECTION 3. New statutory material is underscored.

          SECTION 4. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

          Approved June 14, 2001.

          VITAL RECORDS, 2001 Hawaii Laws Act 246 (S.B. 1123)

      • Link doesn’t work because it’s a private blog. Maybe Renee can help.

    • I think it’s because Onaka WANTS to give the illusion (like Fukino did with her parsed statement) that the HDOH HAS vouched for the authenticity of the LFCOLB the WH released. They HAVEN’T because they CAN’T. But the whole thing was a dog-and-pony show to give the media something (for the THIRD TIME, SFCOLB, LFCOLB, now VOB) to use to LIE to the people and leave a false impression. It’s a lawyerly thing that DELIBERATELY EVADES THEIR OWN LAWS. They had to maintain the illusion that they went through the official process, but they did not. Because they CANNOT. Onaka only swore that what’s on the LFCOLB on the Web matches what’s on file, but he carefully avoids saying or CERTIFYING via registrar’s stamp and embossed seal that the LFCOLB is a REAL AND AUTHENTICATED REPRESENTATION of his “original” vital record in Hawaii. That’s because (1) it’s a forgery and Onaka knows it; and (2) in no way does it faithfully represent what’s on file in Hawaii, which is only a collection of documents, probably an initial attempt to register his birth plus an affidavit or two attempting to authentic it.

      From butterdezillion’s analysis, we see that they DID NOT RESPOND TO THE OFFICIAL REQUEST FORM FOR A LETTER OF VERIFICATION IN LIEU OF A CERTIFIED COPY. You cannot VERIFY or VOUCH FOR a “certified copy” that DOES NOT EXIST.

      He doesn’t HAVE a CERTIFIED birth certificate. He has a partially created but never completed one (that is, NEVER ACCEPTED as authentic, meaning that the HDOH was never able to satisfy themselves that the FACTS are as reported by the person attempting to register the birth).

      This is what they do, according to butterdezillion, who has tons of data on her blog, if you care to wade through it all. A person can register the birth late, but the facts must be authenticated. If the birth certificate goes the NORMAL route, then there’s no problem, because an in-hospital birth has plenty of witnesses, is easily verified, and the doctor who signs the certificate is somewhat like an officer of the court. A doctor probably risks his license if he falsifies something like a birth record. But there are nurses, clerks, and other attendants, besides.

      It’s the late registrations and the home births that cause the problem. Not for the HDOH, but for the parents who have to prove the facts of the birth to the registrar. There are procedures.

      I’m thinking that if she was VERY late in registering this birth, it was next to impossible to prove to the HDOH that he was born in Hawaii. And when and exactly where, attended by whom.

      Hawaii’s laws were so lax that it probably was possible for a person to register a child there who had already been registered in another state or country. I lean more and more towards that either he WAS born in another country (like Canada, where she had an aunt) OR that he was a kid that was just handed over to her and she brought him back to Hawaii to register as her own child.

      As I suggested yesterday, it’s also possible that she wanted Lolo to be able to adopt him without having to go through any rigamarole with getting BHO Sr’s permission. Suppose she WAS angry that he had other wives. Suppose she ran off to Washington state, where she had friends. Suppose she gave birth there. Then she returned to Hawaii after BHO Sr. left. Then she met Lolo and married him and wanted him to adopt her kid. But the birth certificate from Washington (or wherever) said BHO Sr. was the father and Lolo couldn’t adopt him without his permission, and maybe Ann knew he’d never give it. So she registered the kid via a late birth certificate, claimed he had been born at home, and now she wants her new husband to be his father. [THAT WOULD BE “embarrassing,” which is why he supposedly hides his initial records.]

      Would Hawaii double check to see if he’d been registered in any other state? Doubt it. Whether or not she EVER was able to satisfy Hawaii well enough that they would accept the “facts” of his Hawaiian birth to create a HAWAIIAN birth certificate, it may be that they did go on to allow Lolo to adopt him. Then they created a new birth certificate, sealed all the rest of the documents that were created up to that point, and suddenly he was Barry Soetoro with Lolo and SAD as his parents. [Also rather embarrassing, all things considered. Barry Soetoro, son of an Indonesian, is hardly the first black potus.]

      There are probably a lot of holes in my theory. I’m just brainstorming what might have happened.

      But we do know that Lolo probably adopted him. We also do know that SOMETHING was initiated in Hawaii (that something “written down”) that alleged he was born there. THAT was file late and was never authenticated and accepted, which is why, as Abercommie and Tim Adams said, there is NO birth certificate for him in Hawaii. There’s preliminary stuff, but NO CERTIFIABLE record, which is why they dance around it and parse their language. They CANNOT certify it. THAT will put them in the slammer. So they DON’T, but they PRETEND TO.
      We know the script by heart, by now.

  24. Rosemary Woodhouse

    I don’t trust Brewer either. Arpaio is the only one I trust to not be bribed, intimidated, etc.

    • High praise, isn’t it? A patriot, indeed. An honest man. Fearless, it seems. God bless him and St. Michael preserve him.

  25. Renee,
    I used to have a link to her blog, but I think she was scared off by the regime.

    She researched the seal and it’s use, and finally received a sample of the seal. It didn’t match the one on Obama’s factcheck cert.

    • Bob, She will have coffee with you and that seal thingie next week. She is in the middle of another project now but says she will address this then. Best I can do. We will see what she says. I have not done much of the seal stuff Bob so I leave it to others that have pretty much. Hope this helps.

  26. Thanks Bridgette, it looks to me that if the verification were real, it would have the seal as well as Onaka’s stamp.

    • Notice that it’s a stamp of his name but with none of the usual legal language about the record being truthful and certified as such by him. That’s no better than a letter sent from any official. Is EVERYTHING ever written under a state government letterhead TRUE under penalty of perjury? Hardly. I could write Bennett a letter saying the opposite. Is either EVIDENCE? No, it’s all hearsay.

      Onaka didn’t even personally sign this. It was stamped by some clerk. SO, it could mean that this clerk pulled up some record on his/her desktop computer and yep! S/he can find some of those CLAIMS in the database. Who is the person who initialed the signature stamp? What’s his/her name, job description, authority? Did the letter get MAILED? Is it only in pdf form?

  27. “So, what is the prevailing choice for Bozo’s Date of Birth these days?”

    Dunham Obama Timeline

    Click here for larger image.

    From: Barack Sr. INS docs support my theory

    • Biracial punishment. That’s funny. Muu muus a very valid point. We noticed that, too. She even wrote about how she loved wearing those muu muus to class. I love the way that was put together. Very good theory. Kudos to Chrissy! Very plausible. There was something in the bio of Ann that reported on some wild ride she took with some boy(s) to CA during high school. Her father had to fly to CA to get her and bring her back to WA. I skimmed the book at a book store. That part of the tale is probably not readable at Google books. The high school girlfriends said Ann was drawn to the black kids and that she went “clubbing” or the ’60s equivalent. So who’s the daddy? Of course, this suggests that Stan and Mad were the type of people who would care about having an illegitimate black grandson. I’m not so sure they would care so much about convention. So, let’s add my theory that she went to Auntie Eleanor’s to give birth. In CANADA. Making it easy for her to move to Seattle for college some months later. Whoops! He’s a Canadian British subject.

      Very good catch by Chrissy that WHEN the INS person wrote (supposedly) that memo saying Ann was living with her parents in HI, she was ACTUALLY thousands of miles away in WA state. “There’s one lie for certain reported in this memo. I.e., that Ann was living with her parents. Her school transcripts and a street directory demonstrate that at that time she was actually in Seattle.” Good job! She goes on to state that the memo also claimed Ann was going to go to U of WA (wrong school!) the NEXT semester, when she was already there, indicating that BHO Sr. didn’t even KNOW where Ann and Barry were and that he might have been pretending for the sake of the INS that it was a legitimate marriage, so he could stay in the US to finish his degrees.

      (Let’s keep in mind Bridgette’s astute comment–to me, if not to all of you–that the INS would not keep such sloppy records as these. SO, I take ALL these supposed memos with a grain of salt. Are other government agencies complicit in covering up when citizens make FOIA requests? Why, yes they are. Why would the INS be any different?)

      Another excellent point by the author of that image: “I think we can be certain that, if the INS files had contained an actual birth certificate for the baby, we’d have heard about it.”

      This didn’t sound familiar until the very end, so this site might have been linked and analyzed before, but it’s sure worth the reprise.

  28. CDR Kerchner:

    “To the AZ Governor, AZ SOS, and Members of the U.S. Congress: When the major media and the political parties looked the other way regarding John Edwards life of lies, the tabloids got on it and ultimately proved John Edwards was lying and brought him down. Obama is next. Get on the right side of truth, the U.S. Constitution, and history! Don’t defend, enable, and protect the liar and usurper-in-chief. Start an investigation into his true legal identity with witnesses under oath and the rules of evidence strictly enforced. Internet images of alleged documents and very carefully parsed statements by legal beavers don’t cut it. Defend the Constitution and your oath to it. Investigate Obama’s criminal identity document fraud (forged birth document images placed on White House servers, forged and back dated draft registration form, and use of a stolen SSN) now!

    Sincerely, CDR Kerchner (Ret)”
    “Final Proof Obama Was Born in Africa”

    “Barack Obama is reeling from a devastating revelation that threatens to end his presidency. Alarming new documents prove that he REALLY was born in Kenya. And insiders say his marriage is in a shambles. Read all about the damning 1991 documents that reveal Obama’s true birth and why his wife Michelle has had it with him – only in this week’s GLOBE.”


    Check this out. Remember that EPA guy who had to resign after he accidentally told the truth about their attitude about oil companies? How they plan to crucify them? Well, some guy simply asked for contact information for him and then he got a visit from the FEDS as if he’d threatened the man! Amazing.

    • The EPA has Police (FBI or who was it?) that work for them? Now that story is frightening. The so called EPA cops didn’t have business cards to leave behind? Yet they had a copy of an innocent email? Investigate the EPA and their thug tactics. They are so out of bounds! I am glad this guy is letting it be known what is going on. Are they protecting the greenie commie that resigned or what?

      Every single person at that EPA should be fired immediately. Then a private investigation of that agency should begin to see what they have really been up to. Cut off the funding. I can’t remember if the EPA is under the Interior Department and Salazar.

      We need more than Congress to investigate all of these corrupt government agencies.

      • Yeah. That’s what I was thinking. Why would they be protecting somebody who no longer works for the government? The email was sent to a university, wasn’t it? The email was a simple request for the man’s contact information. Saying that they wanted to “say hello” must be a veiled threat in the minds of eejits like this. Who were they REALLY if they didn’t have business cards? He took their word for it that they were some kind of officials. Don’t let anybody into your home without photo id.

    “Ashley Judd: Obama is devoted to our Constitution”
    byCharlie Spiering

    “On Meet the Press’s “Press Pass” released today, actress Ashley Judd praised President Obama and declared that she was “fired up” for his re-election.
    “I think that he is a powerful leader, I think that he is a brilliant man I think that he has an incredible devotion to our Constitution, and that he is now able to flower more as the president I knew he could be,” Judd said about Obama.”

    • I think that she’s a mind-numb obot who just lost a lot of royalties because why would any of us bother to watch her stupid movies? I wonder what her mother and sister think of her now?

    • Isn’t she on steroids? They can play havoc with all your faculties. Obviously.

    • Right on Ashley – he is a bloomin’ flower! Good grief. Stay off the talk shows, when you apparently know zero about Zero. Where did you get your information about his brilliance? His devotion is to destroying the Constitution but upholding it? The last time you read the Constitution (or anything) was what year, if eva?

      • They love to snark at us by saying that he believes the exact opposite of what he does believe. They know that we are going after him on account of his deliberate disrespecting and ignoring OF the Constitution, so they send out the celebs to lie about EXACTLY THAT for those who pay no attention to anyone but brain dead, mind-numbed obots like Judd.

  31. COWPIE anyone? … Iowan’s style…

    • If you need any proof at all that Barack Obama hates the Midwest, then just listen to the speech he gave in Iowa. His speech writers probably thought that using terminology like “cow pie” would be endearing to Iowans, but it was clearly mocking them.

      Iowa has the highest rate of literacy in the country, so they better get smart and stop voting for this failed President in November. Don’t you realize that he looks down on you? To Obama, you are stupid hicks who live in barns and eat corn on the cob all day.

      Watch the faces of the people in this crowd. They realize they are being made fun of. Classy, Obama.

    • Nice enhancement of a couple of those in color. Great – they are showing him drugged! What a mentor he is to younger kids. Now they can say, well the president used it! Sickening.

      • Great find! I can’t believe even their pusher was gay. Ray the gay hippie pusher. Fits.

        • They probably want to re-attract the young people by reiterating his coolness and hipness and how he’s just one of them. Only older.

    • funny, he has a penchant for smoking with his right hand.

    • They’re pointing out that he thanked his grandparents and his pusher in his yearbook, but not his mother. Another question: Why didn’t he thank his father? That one who he wrote an entire book about the “dreams” he got from him?

  32. Photos of BHO at Punahou from front page at Yahoo today. I cropped the other two guys. Giving you a lighter version so you can see where they “enhanced” his looks. There are erasure marks on one side of his face and they didn’t like his ears for some reason so they eliminated them. They carved out the right side of his face too. No ears? Bushy eyebrows? I will eat my hat if this is the same guy called Barry.

    • He looks more like Elvis.

    • Why in the world was he on the front page of Yahoo yesterday? This old disco Barry photo, too? Bizarre.

    • bullpuckies.

      is he having his mole implanted or is it infected?

      • I forgot to say that – the mole shows up as being implanted! Ha! They didn’t like the shape of his chin either. I bet this is one of those faces that was split in two and the right side would be equal to the left.

    • Larger here.

      Is this the source?

      • Did they get an original? This was a tiny photo, and when I tried to enlarge it ages ago, it got very distorted. We were able to see where heads were put on bodies though. Do you see the gal with the pinhead by Barry’s elbow? Poor, poor girl. Was he pledging allegiance for the first time in his life with his hand over his heart?

  33. “Hawaii State Registrar does not verify authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate”

    “WASHINGTON, May 24, 2012 – The “Verification of Birth” letter sent by the Hawaii State Registrar Alvin T. Onaka Ph.D to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett fails to respond to the fundamental question asked by Mr. Bennett in a March 30, 2012 letter to Hawaii Department of Health officials: Whether or not the image of President Obama’s “long form” Certificate of Live Birth, posted on the White House web site on April 27, 2011 is a “true and accurate representation of the original record in your files”.

    The official whose signature appears on the “Verification of Birth,” as well as the copy of President Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth released by the White House is Onaka who is refusing to talk to Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (Ariz.) Cold Case Posse investigator Mike Zullo who was on the ground in Hawaii.”

    • Well done, Washington Times! About time one of the major newspapers told a different version instead of the parroted reports by the Left.

      Still not a peep or a tweet from AZ? Why not?

      Did we know this? “Following the release of the Hawaii “Verification of Birth”, some media called for the official end to all questions concerning President Obama’s Hawaii birth records while failing to carefully analyze the response provide by Dr. Onaka to Secretary Bennett’s specific requests.”

      What media? Who in the media? “Official end” to this issue being covered? Was this tweeted by Axelrod and his peeps? Was it a directive to be used in any follow up articles?

  34. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Here’s the answer for both Barry and Liesawatha Warren: They ain’t no Cherokees. They’s Melungeons, now proved by DNA to be black/white mixtures.

  35. Obama has two sons, did you know?

    He mentioned his two sons in a couple of days and also with a teleprompter.

    • I didn’t read it yet, but was one of those mentioned named Trayvon? Has he evolved so much that his two girls have already had a sex change? That would save them from the punishment of getting pregnant.

      • No, I don’t think it mentioned him, but somebody commenting did.

      • They were hypothetical sons and it was rhetorical flourish, they say. And yet they use the “born in Kenya” in the same breath as if that was just a hypothetical flourish, too. Funny how these obots contort themselves to avoid seeing the truth. He’s either an idiot or a liar or both as well as a fraud and a fool.

      • Duplicate comment.

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