Ken Bennett – What Choice Did He Have? (Open Thread)

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  1. gordo do we ever sleep?… thanks for all the videos… etc. also
    A “Shaka” 2 U…… Aloha…

    Another expert analyzes the LFCOLB and finds more proof that it’s fake.

  3. Did anybody notice that in his recent interview with Gillar, Zullo said that he’s been investigating in the “interior” of Hawaii where there is such poverty? What’s up with that, do you think?

    In addition, I don’t think he truly understands why the verification didn’t include the birth date or the other items that are on the OFFICIAL REQUEST FORM for a letter of verification in LIEU of a CERTIFIED copy. Those items weren’t listed on Bennet’s original request that was a SUPPLEMENT to the request for the official certified letter of verification. When they made him rescind that FORMAL request (because they CANNOT fulfill it, because Barry’s original DOES NOT EXIST), they didn’t rephrase the request for verification of the supplemental data items. Thus, they did NOT verify either his birth date or his parents’ names. (Except they imply it by saying information on the WH LFCOLB “matches” information in their files.)

    • The birth date is missing from the Letter of Verification because it is not August 4, 1961 on record. Bennett filled out the same form that you have to fill out to get a birth certificate. Every field has to be filled in verbatim.

      If what you entered does not exactly match what they have on file, they leave the space blank. I have verified that this is what happens.

      • I don’t know who wrote in a comment the information that was requested to compare it to what was sent. But the parents names were missing and I even think the age was incorrect for Ann. She was 17 when she allegedly gave birth, but I believe they had 18. ( I am going from memory, so I can be wrong). They just gave a statement that the rest of the information was the same as the copy of the BC that was sent. That isn’t verifying, because they left out information that is pertinent. If it wasn’t on that form, then it isn’t verified.

        So the parent’s names don’t match nor does the birth date (Zullo said the birth date was in question.) They gave the place of birth of the parents, but not their names.

        • Lady Forest wrote a list of what they verified. And yes, they do have the age of the unnamed mother at 18.
          Wasn’t Ann 17?

          • i think the birth date of 8/4/61 was chosen to coincide with Kennedy’s election. just saying.

          • I know that we have had this question, regarding how old Ann was when Barack was born.

            I go back to an article that I printed up, but has now disappeared from the internet. It was a magazine called “Current Biography”. The cover biography for July 2005, written by H.W. Wilson contains the following sentences:

            In 1959 he took a Russian class, in which he met an 18-year-old, female, Kansas-born anthropology major, Stanley Ann Dunham, known as Ann. The two fell in love soon after they met and married in 1960.”

            We know that Barack, Sr. went to school in Hawaii in 1959. We also know that there was a request for a certified copy of Stanley’s birth certificate that was dated in July 1959.

            Did Ann need this to register for college in Hawaii? That would mean that she had Barack in 1960, not ’61, and would explain why we never saw a marriage certificate for her and Sr.

            This would also mean that she was 17 when she had Barack.

      • I agree with you about that. Something on the OFFICIAL request form for a letter of verification in lieu of a CERTIFIED copy did NOT match.

        We went over it years ago and this is exactly why they stonewalled others who tried to get such a letter. I seem to remember that FORMERLY (BO, before Obama) what would happen would be that the person would fill out the form and optionally also supply additional information they wanted to verify. Then the HDOH would issue a “letter” that would actually be only a void copy of the SFCOLB. Printed on it would be ONLY the data items CORRECTLY supplied by the applicant.

        In that way, clever investigators could learn, by a process of elimination and by new “vexatious requests”, WHAT he’s lying about.

        Once the HDOH realized how it was possible to use their own rules against them to force them to reveal NOT the correct data but that the data he gave out is FALSE, then they started to stonewall.

        For example, it clearly says someone with a common ancestor is eligible to receive either a certified copy or a letter of verification; but they refused to give them to anybody who is descended from a common ancestor. (Technically, they could be correct because since nobody knows who his ancestors are, it’s impossible for anyone else to know whether or not he or she is descended from a common ancestor!)

        But they would not publicly give out a certified copy or a letter of verification to his own sister if she intended to release it to others! It’s like with Duncan Sunahara. He without a doubt has a right to a certified copy of his sister’s original birth certificate, but they found a way to stonewall him and refuse to give him one.

        What Bennett did was he: (1) filled out the official request form asking for the letter of verification in lieu of a certified copy, (2) supplied a request for them to verify ADDITIONAL information that is NOT ON the official request form, and (3) asked them to certify that the copy of the LFCOLB from the WH blog is a TRUE and AUTHENTIC representation (exact copy, iow) of the original birth certificate on file in Hawaii.

        They stonewalled him because they could not and would not respond to 1 and 3. Somehow, and this is not and will not ever be in the released emails (maybe this was done via telephone), they got him to agree (this is the fix that was in) to absolve them from responding to 1 (officially) and 3 (using the phrasing he asked for).

        Eventually, all they responded to is part 2 and a rephrased part 3 to make it APPEAR as if they were saying the information is ACCURATE, when all they said was that those data items existed somewhere in their files and were CLAIMED by someone (Barry, his grandmother, his grandfather, his mother) as true.

        If all that’s on file is an affidavit that was NEVER accepted as a valid registration of his birth because the facts were never authenticated, then that fits what they did supply.

        They could not respond to 1 because they CANNOT issue a letter in lieu of a CERTIFIED birth certificate that DOES NOT EXIST. We have testimony from at least 2 people (Tim Adams and Neil Abercommie) that it did not exist (at least in 1961). That fact is totally consistent with all of the circumstantial evidence we’ve discovered or discerned over the last 4 years.

        It’s why Lakin went to prison (there IS no birth certificate).

        It’s why Obama has NEVER given a copy to a court (there IS no birth certificate; the one he supplies is bogus; and to supply a court with a bogus document is a crime).

        It’s why his lawyers have only implied that’s his official birth certificate but have never SWORN in court that it is (they could lose their law licenses).

        It’s why his lawyers have only ever supplied it to other officials via UNOFFICIAL methods (mentioned in footnotes or sent in personal mail).

        It’s why it has only been presented on BLOGS or websites and NEVER given to anyone for forensic examination.

        Not only is the birth date missing, but so are the parents’ names, so either or both (or all) could be incorrect. On the form, not EVERY field has to be filled in. Only the data items that the applicant wants verified and they respond with ONLY the data items that match. So, if they DID actually issue Bennett an OFFICIAL letter of verification in lieu of a certified copy (which they DID NOT) and if, say, the mother’s name was wrong when Bennett put Stanley Ann Dunham, then they would have left the mother’s name off the letter of verification but put the birth date and the father’s name on it (given that those items had been correctly supplied by Bennett). Somewhere on butterdezillion’s blog, she has a copy of the form. Since they did not “verify” the birth date OR either parent’s name, then we either MUST assume that all three were incorrectly supplied by Bennett OR they simply refused to honor his request for an OFFICIAL letter of verification in lieu of a CERTIFIED birth certificate. I think they made him rescind his request for an OFFICIAL letter of verification in lieu of a CERTIFIED birth certificate, because there IS NO CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE in Hawaii. OR IF THERE IS, they’re not EVER going to issue a letter to verify WHAT IT SAYS because WHAT IT SAYS would be “embarrassing” for Barry, as in–NOTHING HE’S SAID ABOUT WHO HE IS IS TRUE.

        An adoption of a foundling from the poverty-stricken interior of Hawaii would fit this scenario, too. How “embarrassing”–he isn’t even black! But he was “born in Hawaii”. Maybe. Or maybe just spirited into the country and somebody CLAIMED he was a “foundling” from the poor interior of Hawaii. Anything is possible with the lax policies and procedures in Hawaii.

        The thing is: WHAT they sent him is NOT a letter of verification in lieu of a CERTIFIED copy. And that form number seen at the bottom does not exist, so far as I can find, anywhere else in their policies or the laws. Other forms are spelled out in the policies. They’re all explained and are the official forms to be used. But this one seems to have come out of left field and that number is there, I suspect, to lend bogus “credibility” to something that’s not official.

        Where is the embossed seal? Where is the language that’s USUALLY included in the registrar’s stamp that says that in his OFFICIAL capacity he’s standing by the accuracy of the information in that letter? Why did Onaka himself NOT even sign the letter but it was instead stamped by some unknown other person who initialed it? Who is “G.K.”?

  4. A Summary Of Recent Developments In ForgeryGate
    May 31, 2012 By Alan P. Halbert Snips

    The Hawaii Department of Health in fact produced a document on May 22nd that verifies certain features of the forgeries that Obama has foisted onto the nation and posted on the White House website. First was his COLB and then his LFBC; the first document was immediately declared a forgery by numerous sources. The most notable was by Dr. Ron Polarik PhD., and for the LFBC by Maricopa County Sheriff’s office. This most recent document bears the Seal of Dr. Alvin Onaka, the State Registrar; suffice it to say that we now have a definitive statement. However; the veracity is much the same as we concluded previously; it is questionable.
    The next anomaly in the verification document is that it claims a “vital statistic” has occurred and references his name, birthplace, certificate number, time of birth, hospital, age and birthplace of his father, age and birthplace of his mother, date of signature by parent, and date of signature by attendant and local registrar. However, what is completely missing and MIA is Obama’s date of birth! Certainly, a “verification of birth” would include a date of birth since the time could have been any point in history then or now; however, his apparent age today at least gives some clue as to his actual age and approximate birth date. This point alone makes me doubt the veracity of this document as a “legal” verification of Obama’s birth in Hawaii. It is missing a “vital” piece of information for a valid birth certificate verification, a birth date. Furthermore, it has been tendered as an official document by an agency of the state of Hawaii!

    Then we have the added statement on the verification that is dubious and specious since it leads one to assume “facts that are not in evidence” with the following statement below line 12:

    “Additionally, I verify that the information in the copy of the Certificate of Live Birth for Mr. Obama that you attached to your request matches the original record in our files.”

    This statement is superficial since it leads one to assume that the “verification” and the so-called “certificate of live birth” that resides in the public domain are equal. We simply do not know this as Hawaii chose to send a “verification” document versus the best evidence possible (the “certificate” itself.) Furthermore, any copy of the “certificate of live birth” that Mr. Bennett could have sent would have been retrieved on what is assumed to be on and has been declared a fraudulent document and forgery by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies; we can only hope they are not the same. Since this means a fraudulent document resides in the records of the office of Vital Statistics vault in a bound volume, Hawaii officials know that it is forgery or has some other legal defect they wish to remain hidden.

    • You know, it’s really very simple now. They have pretended to accept that Bennett, as a Secretary of State, has the standing to request a letter of verification in lieu of a certified copy. It follows, then, that every one of the Secretaries of State throughout the country have the same standing. Therefore, all should request such a letter and, in addition, they should make sure to ask specifically for verification of his date of birth and his parents’ names. Mr. Bennett, himself, COULD ask again for verification of those three items. Could he not? They’ve already implied that he has the authority to ask, so he ought to.

  5. 10 Reasons Obama Must Disclose His College Records
    Investors Bus Daily Editorial
    June 1, 2012

    Here are 10 reasons the electorate has every right to see Obama’s records:

    1. Liberal historians have crowned Obama “the smartest guy ever to become president.” Prove it. We’re not convinced. Neither are the millions of Americans who still can’t find jobs, thanks to his failed policies. Let’s see his course work. Did he get an F in Econ 101 while acing his Marxism classes? We wouldn’t be surprised.

    2. “We like to pretend IQ doesn’t matter, but it really does with a lot of jobs — including the presidency,” Smith College professor James Miller, who studies the effects of human intelligence on the economy, told the Washington Times. And running a country as big and complicated as America demands a very high IQ.

    3. Obama was stoned half the time in high school, according to biographer David Maraniss. He even had a personal drug dealer who scored potent weed for him and his Choom Gang of stoners. He was known as a loafer in school. Yet somehow he got a full academic ride to Occidental College.

    4. Obama’s drug habits worsened at Oxy, where he toked on a three-foot bong and also snorted coke regularly. Professors say he took few notes in class and turned assignments in late. Yet somehow he managed to transfer to the more competitive, Ivy League Columbia. Did he benefit from affirmative action?

    5. Appearing this week on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” Michelle Obama maintained that the president decided to transfer to Columbia “when he lost his father.” “He really buckled down,” she said, “and thought about how to use his life to the fullest.” But he transferred in 1981 — a year before his dad died. So here we have another story that doesn’t add up.

    6. The first lady also expects us to believe Obama got his act together at Columbia. Only, he roomed with a cokehead (and now-recovering drug addict) who was best pals with the druggies Obama had hung out with at Oxy. Before transferring to Columbia, Obama stayed for three weeks at his wealthy druggie pal’s home in Karachi, Pakistan.

    7. While Obama graduated from Columbia with a poli sci degree, his cumulative grade point average is unknown. There are indications it was not very high. Yet somehow Obama got into Harvard Law. Northwestern University professor John McKnight wrote Obama a letter of recommendation after he begged for one. McKnight was not one of his professors, but a radical Chicago leftist who mentored him. He says Obama told him he couldn’t get Columbia professors to endorse him due to lackluster grades.

    8. The same year Obama graduated from Harvard, he got a book contract. He told his publicist he was “born in Kenya.” Did he also tell Harvard he was foreign-born?

    9. Another Democrat stonewaller, John Kerry, refused to turn over his college records during his 2004 White House run. He finally relented the next year, revealing several D’s and a GPA nearly identical to Bush’s. Yet Kerry was portrayed by the media as the mental giant in the race.

    10. The Obama camp has hypocritically demanded GOP rival Mitt Romney turn over 10 years of tax records, which arguably are more personal than academic records.

    • The push is on to get those college records… Hannity, Levin, Rush are all talking about it and now it is getting into the mainstream. Pressure, pressure on the smartest affirmative action president is starting.

  6. Hawaii Confirms Obama’s BC a Forgery!
    Report by Linda Jordan
    May 27, 2012

    • Good analysis by Linda Jordan. Now she needs to set to work analyzing this new letter. It doesn’t use that weasel word “indicating” but it does still say that the information on whatever they have on file is what was used to verify the facts of the event. In other words, ALL they did was look at the record, whatever it is, and say what’s on it matches what Barry claims AND that’s the extent of how they verified the particulars of the event. IF all they have is a NEW original certificate of live birth, initiated in the way Jonah reported above, then it WOULD match because it came from Barry and the initial record, whatever it said, is now sealed. He “made it so” when he made one of his many trips to Hawaii as the situation with his missing birth certificate began to hit the fan. We KNOW that he did not have a birth certificate. Neil Abercommie (a FRIEND of his parents) and Tim Adams, who worked at the HDOH, both said so.

      So if he NOW has a new “original certificate of live birth” (and he must because in 2007 all he had was a CERTIFICATION of live birth, which is different) then it must be a newly created thing made based upon an amendment that HE MADE as an adult illegitimate child of people who were never married. Maybe supported by an affidavit from his grandmother.

      There are just so many plausible scenarios that fit what we see. Others say he was adopted by Lolo and at that time, SAD claimed that Lolo was the dad and BHO Sr. wasn’t, in order to facilitate the adoption and get off to Indonesia that much quicker. (This may be EXACTLY why the INS asked specifically what Lolo’s TECHNICAL relationship to Barry was at the time he was trying to come back to the USA–Barry was THEN technically considered his “stepchild” even though Lolo may have actually been his biological father, or if SAD was claiming that he was so that he could adopt Barry.)

      Then, in 1971, when she wanted to get Barry out of Indonesia and back into the USA, she got the adoption rescinded by having BHO Sr. return to assert his parental rights and claim paternity. Maybe then they did set aside the adoption and reconstitute the “initial” BC, but it would show each and every change right on the front. That, Barry wouldn’t want, so maybe he reversed this somehow recently (both parents now deceased) and claimed they were never married and he wanted to change his name to whatever it is (have to say that because we don’t know what his name is. Is it Barak as the MS lawyers claim or Barack? Who knows?)

      All we do know are several facts that argue against him having any legitimate 1961-era initial birth certificate that says what he claims it ought to say:

      1. They CAUTERIZED his passport files AND his mother’s divorce records of his birth certificate because it contained “embarrassing information.”

      2. They disappeared the port of entry records for the week of his birth.

      3. He sent LTC Lakin to prison FOR NO REASON AT ALL if his birth certificate says what he claims and it is legitimate.

      What else do we need to know to know that he’s lying?

      • Ken Bennett explains…and apologizes again

        • He has the gall to make a “joke” about “wherever home may be” with regard to Obama? (But later he says he believes he was born in Hawaii!)

          He is correct that no state will allow an original birth certificate document out of its hands, but he could have ASKED for a CERTIFIED COPY of the ORIGINAL birth certificate. Not the original paper itself BUT a CERTIFIED COPY of the original. Or even a CERTIFIED short form because by Hawaiian LAW, that would have to document all the amendments and, if it was late, the fact that it was late. Instead, Bennett played into their hands. Notice he doesn’t say anything about the phone conversations, the back and forth, where he had to modify his request and not ask anymore for them to verify that the WH PDF is a TRUE REPRESENTATION of the record in their files.

          He goes through the procedure for getting the copy “in lieu” of a certified copy. He applied for it and first the HDOH pretended they didn’t get his application. After they found it or he resubmitted it, weeks later, they told him “we are leaning towards rejecting your request”. But Bennett said it’s their law that they SHALL provide the information.

          Then they began to say according to AZ law they weren’t authorized to receive one. So Bennett sent laws and information about needing to keep lists and then it went viral on the WEB about the situation. He says he shouldn’t have answered the question about whether or not Barry might be kept off the ballot if he didn’t get the verification. Bennet implied that he shouldn’t have said yes.

          Within 36 hours of this to-do, he got the verification. He believes Barry was “fibbing” about being born in Kenya when he said it earlier on. He thinks if someone is spending money to seal something, that’s probably where the problem lies. For some reason, he thinks Obama spent millions to hide his COLLEGE records. What is this guy smoking? Or is he just deliberately misleading people and putting out a rationalization to misdirect anybody who hears that Barry spent millions?

          He spent millions to hide his BIRTH CERTIFICATE, not his college records; and just the other day he spent more money to jump through hoops to keep from showing the judge in the FL ballot challenge exactly that document that Bennett believes exists.

          What a LIE to say Barry spent millions to hide college records. In what way would it cost millions? Has anybody gone to court to get them released?

          How can he be so dense? Despite knowing that Barry said he was born in Kenya and won’t release his college records, Bennett claims that he still “believes” Obama was born in Hawaii and that Barry was only lying back in the ’90s because he wanted to get into school.

          Does that make Barry a stand up guy? If you know or suspect that someone committed fraud already, then why would you “believe” that he’s telling the truth about the one crucial “fact” that might torpedo his entire presidency?

  7. I thought it “funny” that he started his little speech talking about the need for real leadership. wow.

  8. Obama’s Birth Certificate: AZ Secretary of State Ken Bennett Speaks Out

    Jun 18, 2012 by SamuelAdams1722

    At the AZ Republican Party LD12 meeting held on June 14, 2012, Az Secretary of State Ken Bennett speaks about his quest to get verification of President Obama’s birth certificate.

    • Ken Bennett gives his side of the story. He believes Obama was born in Hawaii, but Obama participated in some shenanigans when he was going to college. I guess Bennett’s been doing some reading – perhaps the one where Obama’s literary agent wrote he was born in Kenya? I am not pleased with his explanation of what went on. It is not funny, and he seems to make it into a joke! The words the stupid people didn’t get were the words, “probable cause of forgery!” Emphasis on probable. Oh my, he got thousands of emails after his radio broadcast – big friggin’ deal. Did he listen? Citizens of AZ were asking him to do things that weren’t lawful in AZ though. He believed the information sent from Hawaii. He knew about certain things related to Obama’s life so he isn’t totally dense and unaware.

      It appears he doesn’t back Sheriff Joe and the Posse’s investigative work. I want to see egg all over this guy’s face.

    • Article from the Left…

      Video: Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett Says Pres. Obama Lied About Being Born in Kenya

      Jun 20, 2012
      Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett recently said that President Obama was born in Hawaii, but then says the president fraudulently claimed to be born in Kenya so he could get into college. He also believes the president has spent millions of dollars since then to cover it up (video below). [It is the video above that I linked]

      Bennett, who is also the co-chairman of Mitt Romney’s campaign in Arizona, made the comments recently at an event where he pleaded for local Republicans to unite behind Romney because a world under Obama is “just very, very scary.”

      Video: Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett Says Pres. Obama Lied About Being Born in Kenya
      Bennett said: “Now, I know there’s a lot of people that are very skeptical as to whether he was born in Hawaii. Personally I believe that he was. I actually believe he was fibbing about being born in Kenya when he was trying to get into college and doing things like writing a book and on and on and on.”

      Bennett was forced last month to apologize after enduring nearly a week of nationwide ridicule for threatening to keep Obama off the ballot unless he saw more proof that the president was born in Hawaii.

      The video below was shot by an unknown attendee. Bennett’s conspiracy theory begins at the 6:25 mark.

    • Is this the same video we talked about above, at

      Somebody on Free Republic said that Bennett claimed on a video that Obama’s lawyers went to Hawaii and LIED. Did anybody hear that?

      They said he must know something otherwise, why would he say that? Other than that he sounds like an uninformed dingbat if he truly thinks Barry spent millions to hide his COLLEGE records.

      • This is longer than the one above. I will listen to it again as it was late, late when I heard it. I remember nothing about the lawyers. I didn’t realize it was almost the same.

        • I don’t know if it is. I didn’t get a chance to listen to it yet. I listened to the first but don’t remember hearing anything about his lawyers lying! I do remember Bennett joking about his birth in Hawaii (or is it Huwaii?) and also his claim that Barry spent millions to keep from showing college records. It’s the birth certificate (stupid) Bennett!

          • Bennet’s statement per FR –

            “I actually think he was fibbing about being born in Kenya when he was trying to get into college and doing things like writing a book and on and on and on, so, ah there was weird stuff goin’ on. I actually think it was happening back in his college days because I think he has spent one and a half to two million dollars through attorneys to have all of the college records and all of that stuff sealed. So if you’re spending money to seal something that’s probably where the hanky-panky was going on.

            “If you’re sending your attorneys out to lie to get a copy of the certificate posted on the website perhaps, alright, actually I think he was actually born in Hawaii, but all of that aside, we are not gonna win this election based on whether he was born in Hawaii or not….”

            The above is my own transcript [Seizethecarp] of Bennett’s comments beginning at 7:08 min on video.
            1 posted on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 2:05:22 PM by Seizethecarp

      • Do you have a link to the Free Rep discussion about this video?

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