Obama – The Undocumented Fraud! (Open Thread)

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Doesn’t This Say It All?

30,581,232 People Are Now Aware of Obama’s Fraud!



Has the Communist Party Ever Endorsed

Any Other President?


BO, the pedigreed White House Dog, has more papers than his master!  Should BO be rescued?


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  1. If Romney does not use this info, he’ll lose. It amazing how bad our media is!

    • Romney won’t use it. He’s going to pretend to stay above the fray and talk about the economy. I hope it’s just that he will be the Mitt bull in the background and let others do the “dirty work”, which actually isn’t dirty work but it’s how the complicit media will spin it. It’s like how GWB didn’t talk about Kerry’s bogus Purple Hearts. They say that Romney is NO McCain–that he knows how to fight. I hope it’s true. Really, for him to go after this will only invite a full fledged media blitzkrieg against him. So let him play rope a dope. Emphasis on dope, meaning Barry.

      Good post, Bridgette. Thanks. We needed a new open thread!

      That image looks like it’s from several years ago, or at least before recent developments. I’d say that his

      Selective Service Record has been LOCKED AWAY AND POSSIBLY DESTROYED, IF IT EVER EXISTED. Possibly destroyed under orders from (policy change) by Obama’s own administration, right as Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse started its investigation.

      And then add

      Passport files cauterized by an employee of John Brennan’s company–Brennan, who now serves in his administration.

      His mother’s passport files from before 1965–locked away and possibly destroyed by government agencies that report to his administration, and after a FOIA request by a citizen.

      Port of entry records from overseas into New York and Hawaii during the week of OBAMA’S alleged birth probably DESTROYED by the National Archives, after Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse requested to view the microfilms. The Archives is now overseen by Obama’s administration.

      Anything else?

  2. The recent Breitbart, and Arizona SOS stories are all foreshadowing of the political theater to come. The Ariz. SOS will say that the Gov. of Hawaii called him , and said that he “saw” the BC (already set up by Gov. Brewer comments), and now he’s satisfied that everything is legit. Same play as the Trump “birther” claims, sided w/ Fukino saying she saw the original BC in the basement, in a drawer. All claims are hearsay, based on second hand testimony. None of these lawyers in Government will make any legal claim first hand based on observation of ANYTHING— because they know that is fraud. Breitbart is now part of the Republican coverup of their own treason, and has probably been compromised. Where do you think they are getting all of this new “documentation” that was not available before— it’s from Obama.com!!!

    • What exactly did Brewer say? I’m not so sure. This Sec. of State may actually NOT appreciate being dissed. I wouldn’t, if I were he. Time will tell. It really doesn’t matter because as Bridgette pointed out: Over 30 MILLION people who may not have been aware of the seriousness of this are now AWARE that his OWN LITERARY AGENT SAID FOR 16 YEARS THAT HE WAS BORN IN KENYA. This is the agency that represented him when he produced that supposed biography that everybody in the media did believe, prior to when the “compressed” girlfriends appeared. Coffer dam is leaking.

    • April 25th, 2011

      “Arizona governor criticizes birther ‘distraction'”

      “Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who vetoed a bill in April that would have required presidential candidates to prove they were American citizens born in the United States, thinks the so-called birther movement is a “huge distraction.””

      May 20, 2012

      “Brewer disagrees with Arpaio findings, believes Obama birth record real”

      “I have every reason to believe that his birth certificate is valid in the state of Hawaii,” the governor said.

      Brewer acknowledged that, unlike the sheriff, she has not done extensive research.

      But the governor said she had spoken several years ago to her Hawaiian counterpart when the issue first arose. And she said Tuesday that he “assured me that everything was in proper order and they stand by their records that he was born in Hawaii.”

      Arpaio sniffed at the governor’s comments.

      “That’s the governor’s opinion,” he said. “And I have my opinion, plus facts.

      Last year she vetoed legislation which would have required candidates to provide proof they were born in this country to get on the Arizona ballot. Brewer said giving the secretary of state authority to decide if a candidate is eligible, as the law would have allowed, “could lead to arbitrary or politically motivated decisions.””


      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Yes, too bad this occurred after I traveliled to her state in support of her “gutsy” position re: illegal immigration. And, although I don’t regret having vacationed there (so much to see…..gorgeous state) I originally did it to spend my $$ in Az. in support of Jan Brewer….then she had to go “all ixnay” on the birth issue! Seems that very few in power have the cojones to stand up to him. Not EVERYONE in power (government, media) could be intimidated by threats. There have to be SOME in power who will put their lives on the line for this country!

        • This is what I think. The Republican National Committee holds the purse strings for most of them, will help them campaign, raise funds, furnish offices, personnel, and back them up. They threaten the Congressman if they talk and don’t toe the line, there will be no funds available. Now this doesn’t cover those people who are leaving public office. So why don’t they talk? If they are planning to go home and run for another governmental office, they will still need the backing. If they are wealthy and have their own business interest, they can talk all they want. So start talking! But then they also would get the thug threats from the other side to keep their mouths shut or their next pair of boots will be shaped of concrete,

          Senator Jon Kyle, R, Arizona, wrote form letters to his constituents! He is retiring. So talk now Senator!

  3. Hawaii Won’t Send Official Confirmation Of Obama’s Birth To Arizona
    May 20, 2012

    Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett is saying he is “stunned” that after eight weeks election officials in Hawaii still have not provided him with even so much as an Email confirming they have proper documentation on record regarding Barack Obama’s official birth certificate. [Anybody here stunned, just stunned?]

    Florida‘s eligibility challenge is still alive with Attorney Larry E. Klayman representing Citizen Mike Voeltz in a case that already has gone through 19 preliminary motions, hearings, and filings, since being put on the docket of Judge Terry Lewis on 2-15-2012. Case No. 37 2012 CA 000467 has eight different attorneys representing the original defendant Florida SoS Ken Detzner , the Florida Election Canvassing Commission and Barack Obama whose attorney is Stephen F. Rosenthal. The latest entry came on May 14 in the crucial battleground state most pundits agree Obama must have to be reelected in November. [Eight Obot attorneys are on the case against Klayman!]

    “If Obama loses Florida, he WILL lose the Presidency,” Plaintiff’s Attorney Klayman told the Naples, Fl first ever Eligibility Conference held on April 21.

    Another conference participant is using his knowledge of Florida election laws to approach the case from a new angle. By failure to prove eligibility Obama and the Democrat Party are collecting money and fund raising fraudulently or rather by means of false premises. In other words if lies have been or are being told concerning the President’s nativity then fraud is the operative legal vehicle for action.


    • I don’t think that’s actually a new angle, except if there’s a specific law about it in Florida. We’ve all been pointing out that he’s fraudulently fundraising. I’m sure Pam Geller has hyped that angle many times. He’s a total FRAUD! IF he’s collecting money based on false premises? Everything about him is a false premise.

    • At TPM:

      “Emails Show How Hawaii Stiffed Arizona Secretary Of State’s Birther Investigation”
      by Nick R. Martin

      “One of the more amusing things revealed last week when Arizona’s secretary of state came out as birther curious was that Hawaii officials just simply don’t believe he’s qualified to investigate Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

      Sure, Ken Bennett says he’s the man in charge of deciding whether President Obama is eligible to be on Arizona’s ballot in November, but the response from people in Hawaii’s government has been: Prove it. In essence, they’re giving Bennett a taste of his own medicine, making him jump through a series of hoops to prove he has the legal authority to investigate the matter, much the same way the birthers have made Hawaii prove time and time again that the president is indeed a natural born citizen of the United States.

      On Monday, TPM filed a public records request for the correspondence between the Hawaii government and the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office. The results show Bennett and his staff grew ever more impatient with the slow pace of Hawaii’s response before the secretary finally took to a local conservative radio talk show on Thursday to voice his concerns.”


      • From: Jill T. Nagamine
        Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2012 5:11 PM
        To: Drake, Jim; Bennett, Ken
        Subject: Re: Request from the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office

        Dear Mr. Bennett and Mr. Drake [SNIPPED}

        As the Secretary and I initially discussed, it appears that you might be eligible for verification of the record based on subparagraph (2), [(2) A governmental agency or organization who for a legitimate government purpose maintains and needs to update official lists of persons in the ordinary course of the agency’s or organization’s activities;] but we need to see what your authority is “to update official lists of persons in the ordinary course of your activities.” Will you send me a copy of your law that allows this, and will you send me information that shows:

        (1) What list are you updating?
        (2) Is it your normal procedure to update all entries on your list by requiring birth data verification?
        (3) Are you requiring birth data verification of all entries on your list, rather than just targeting one name on your list? (please provide evidence that you are doing so)

        You may address your response directly to me, and I will relay it to my client.

        Thank you,
        Jill T. Nagamine

        • Nagamine the connected one is playing games by focusing on the wrong provision. This one is more apt:

          “(3) A governmental, private, social, or educational agency or organization who seeks confirmation of a certified copy of any such record submitted in support of or information provided about a vital event relating to any such record and contained in an official application made in the ordinary course of the agency’s or organization’s activities by an individual seeking employment with, entrance to, or the services or products of the agency or organization;”

          Obama has applied to be place on the ballot in AZ. The Sec. of State’s office is a governmental agency that seeks to confirm information that can only be contained in the vital record that will prove that he is eligible for the job, for placement on the ballot, which is the service he requests of the Sec. of State. He may be playing games by saying he hasn’t submitted the bc, but he has probably implied or stated that he’s eligible. The information is required to confirm that he is.

          Even the next 2 provisions may apply. Here’s the link: http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/hrscurrent/Vol06_Ch0321-0344/HRS0338/HRS_0338-0018.htm

          But the “list” being maintained by the Sec. of State could be the list of people who want to be on the ballot!

      • “Bennett Backs Off Birther Threat, Apologizes To Arizona”
        by Nick R. Martin

        Updated: May 22, 2012, 7:01 PM

        “After days of ridicule for launching a conspiracy theory-fueled investigation into Barack Obama’s birth certificate, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett on Tuesday backed off his threat to keep the president off the ballot in November and apologized to his state.

        “If I embarrassed the state, I apologize, but that certainly wasn’t my intent,” Bennett said in an interview with Phoenix radio station KTAR. “He’ll be on the ballot as long as he fills out the same paperwork and does the same things that everybody else has.”

        Bennett said he still intends to keep asking Hawaii for verification that Obama’s birth certificate is authentic. But he said he only plans to use Hawaii’s answer as a way to satisfy demands from constituents who remain unconvinced Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States and so therefore eligible to be president.

        He also said he talked to Hawaii’s attorney general on Monday night and clarified what he is looking to have verified.He said he “reworded” his request and expects to receive a response from Hawaii officials “in the next 24 to 48 hours.””


        • Apologizes to Arizona? The NATION was watching you Mr. Bennett! Did the Bots or the GOP get to you too?
          Let’s hope that this is really his response…and we don’t know what else is demanded of other people running for the office.

          “He’ll be on the ballot as long as he fills out the same paperwork and does the same things that everybody else has.”

          Exactly what paperwork is required?

          Good luck on that Governor’s job in 2 years if you backdown on this one…we will help ensure your name is Mud. Did the GOP get to him or the bots? What is your guess? Keep it up Ken and no GOP money to run as governor?

          I bet the Surprise Tea Party is fit to be tied! I am fit to be tied! WTH! Stomping feet!

          • Maybe it was a horse head in the bed.

          • They were pushing him to make sure he applied the say procedures for everyone. I’m willing to bet that Romney in not a NBC either!

          • The question needs to be changed. The American people need to demand that they seek this verification from All candidates. Otherwise, were sunk. Maybe if the heat was put on in this manner, Romney would step up and provide evidence of his birth and his parents various citizenships. If he did, this would be a whole other ball game. I’m willing to be that he won’t. Most likely because he can’t.

            • Every candidate SHOULD swear under oath and penalty of perjury that he is a natural born citizen and present CERTIFIED PROOF in the form of a birth certificate and any other documentation requested by elections officials until they are satisfied. At the very least, a certified birth certificate sent directly from the certifying authority. NO digital images on websites. No Xerox copies. Paper documents mailed from the vital records dept. that created them.

              Whatever is on file in Hawaii will prove either his ineligibility or the FACT that there’s probable cause to doubt whatever it says. Like it’s only one affidavit, filled out under pressure, signed by his “grandmother” in 2007.

            • I have every reason to believe that he can. All my research points towards that his parents were citizens when he was born. That’s all that’s required. His parents were citizens and he was born in the USA.

        • I’m hoping this is a joke. This apologizing is getting so lame. I’m sick and tired of the lies, the fraud, the intimidation, the weasels, the cowards. IS THERE NO ONE PERSON WITH ANY GUTS IN OUR GOVERNMENTS? (Besides Sheriff Arpaio?)

      • 11:56 PM EDT, Tuesday May 22, 2012
        Reported by Nick Martin

        “Hawaii Verifies Obama’s Birth For Arizona Secretary Of State”

        “A Hawaii official announced late Tuesday that the state gave Arizona’s top elections official the verification he wanted showing President Barack Obama was indeed born there in 1961.

        The announcement came just hours after Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett backed away from his threats to keep Obama off the November ballot and apologized for embarrassing his own state with a conspiracy theory-fueled investigation into whether the president was really a natural born U.S. citizen.

        It also followed weeks of back and forth between Hawaii and Arizona, with Hawaii officials saying they weren’t sure Bennett was qualified to be investigating the matter.

        Here’s the full statement Joshua Wisch, the special assistant to the Hawaii attorney general, released at 11:35 p.m. ET:

        Regarding the inquiry from the Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, requesting a verification of birth for President Obama from the State of Hawaii, Department of Health, the matter has been resolved. We have received information from Secretary Bennett that satisfied our requirements, and have therefore provided his office with a verification of birth for President Obama.”


        • They verified that he was born? DUH. What else could have happened? Hatched? What else could we expect?

          Somebody who actually takes an oath to the Constitution seriously? Whatever the hell they are hiding from the American people, do they really believe it’s WORTH destroying the Constitution AND DEFRAUDING the People? Do they truly believe that whatever it is that THEY know We the People of the United States don’t NEED TO KNOW about the person who leads the military of the most powerful country in the world? THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW THE TRUTH about this person.

          What they did was to tell him they have the “original vital records on file verifying that he was born in Hawaii.” Did they do this IN WRITING? UNDER OATH? WITH THE SEAL AND CERTIFICATION OF THE STATE OF HAWAII? I bet not. Why not? Because whatever they have is NOT certifiable. It is more and more likely simply an affidavit, signed by his now-conveniently-dead “grandmother”, filed in the state of Hawaii around the time he began to run for the presidency, probably post April, 2007, when his publicist changed his biography from “born in Kenya” to “born in Hawaii.”

        • I want to SEE the verification of his Hawaiian birth. Is it in the form that other CERTIFIED VERIFICATIONS OF VITAL RECORDS are sent? According to their laws? Something tells me that it is not. After all these years of refusing to verify that WHAT IS ON THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE HE SHOWS THE PUBLIC matches what they have on file, they’re not about to say anything more than that they have something that CLAIMS he was born there. But they will not submit it to court because they will not and cannot swear that it’s accurate. It’s a registration that was NEVER accepted by the registrar as undeniably legitimate, imho.

      • Tuesday, May 22, 2012

        “Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett joins Mac & Gaydos to talk about his Birther Campaign.”



        • All these guys do is browbeat the Secretary and use the obot talking points about “birthers” and hating on Sheriff Joe via Alinsky tactics. They do not and cannot answer the Secretary’s logical questions of them about why there’s anything wrong with even questioning Obama’s so-called credentials?

          When someone applies for a job, does the employer check his references? Yes, the employer does. If the person is the first black applicant, is the employer a racist to verify the black person’s credentials? No, he or she is not.

          Obviously, the radio hosts are biased in Obama’s favor.

          Bennett said that if everybody who wants to be on the ballot fills out and signs the “certification” that everybody else does, then he’ll be on the ballot. This sounds AS IF he just might be requiring OBAMA to fill it out himself and swear under oath that he’s eligible.

          Ain’t gonna happen, but we’ll see. Hope never dies.

    • Is anyone else totally amazed and impressed that Nick R. Martin, TPMMuck, got a “rushed” reply to his response requesting FOIA emails? Was this request sent to Arizona? I mean really less than a week the Muckster was given what was requested. Seeing that all other FOIA requests have taken months, years even! What kind of pull does good old Nick have with Hawaii if it was from Hawaii and why? Who was pulling strings for them? We certainly know that the website is beyond left leaning. As they joke about it, we don’t see the humor.

      “On Monday, TPM filed a public records request for the correspondence between the Hawaii government and the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office.”

      “Prove it” is exactly what we want Obama to do, Jack!

      Hold strong Mr. Bennett. Hawaii has jacked around everyone. Just give them a date to produce it, period. No credentials, no ballot! Simple.

    • The Editorial Board of the Washington Post writes crap like this? Who is the person behind the “Editorial” that condemns a person standing for the Constitution and the laws of Arizona? Yes, Bennett is doing what no one else has done – appropriate due diligence! Who are the real Buffoons? Who are the ones shaming the USA? Extreme – are we really that or are they the real menace to our Republic for which it stands?

      “Fine. Let the buffoonery play through its final act. We’re confident that, in the end, Mr. Bennett will ensure that Arizona’s ballot includes the name of the president of the United States, all the while insisting, disingenuously, that his actions were merely an instance of due diligence.

      But by threatening to exclude Mr. Obama from the ballot, Mr. Bennett transformed what should have been a farcical sideshow of the 2012 election into an actual menace to democracy. He legitimized the lunatic leanings of the United States’, and his party’s, most extreme elements. He put it in the minds of radicals everywhere that elected officials, for the shabbiest reasons (or none at all), can float the idea of bending ballot rules and suffer no adverse consequence.

      In the process, he shamed Arizona on the 100th anniversary of its statehood, giving it the appearance of a banana republic that’s come unhinged under the influence of partisan fever.”


      • bending ballot rules ?
        Are you kidding me ?

      • That IS total crap, isn’t it? It’s like the Alinsky-ites always do: They turn things on their heads. It’s through the looking glass time:

        BY holding to his oath and being faithful to the Constitution, Bennett is “bending” the rules? He’s bending rules? BENDING THE BALLOT RULES? Not Obama. BENNETT is! Amazing.

        By ensuring that candidates are eligible? That’s a “menace to democracy?” No, what’s a menace are so-called journalists who are so biased and partisan that THEY prefer an ineligible person who lies to the public and DEFRAUDS other candidates and the American people.

        We’re lunatics? We’re unhinged?

        Oh, do notice how he uses the phrase, “banana republic.” EXACTLY what this administration is making our country into BY IGNORING THE RULE OF LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION, AS ALL GOOD DICTATORS DO. Oy vey!

  4. Thank goodness! This is a good round-up of information concerning that law that we discussed in depth. I know I read about this a day or so ago, and believe it was Leftists that brought the suit initially. I remember Cromsky being involved. That is why it was so amazing.

    Judge Strikes Down NDAA, Rules Obama Must Obey Constitution
    May 19, 2012 By Doug Book


    • Obama citizen-detention plan in trouble
      Administration refuses to say writers’ 1st Amendment rights protected
      May 17, 2012

      A district-court judge has suspended enforcement of a law that could strip U.S. citizens of their civil rights and allow indefinite detention of individuals President Obama believes to be in support of terror.The Obama administration has refused to ensure that the First Amendment rights of authors and writers who express contrary positions or report on terror group activities are protected under his new National Defense Authorization Act.

      Targeted in the stunning ruling from U.S. District Judge Katherine B. Forrest of New York was Paragraph 1021 of the NDAA, which Obama signed into law last Dec. 31. The vague provision appears to allow for the suspension of civil rights for, and indefinite detention of, those individuals targeted by the president as being in support of terror.

      Virginia already has passed a law that states it will not cooperate with such detentions, and several local jurisdictions have done the same. Arizona, Rhode Island, Maryland, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Washington also have reviewed such plans.

      The case was before Forrest on a request for a temporary restraining order. The case was brought on behalf of Christopher Hedges, Daniel Ellsberg, Jennifer Bolen, *****Noam Chomsky, Alex O’Brien, Kai Warg All, Brigitta Jonsottir and the group *** U.S. Day of Rage. Many of the plaintiffs are authors or reporters who stated that ***the threat of indefinite detention by the U.S. military already had altered their activities.


      • Well, if those “Days of Rage” jerks have altered THEIR behavior, although Barry’s obviously not Constitutionally allowed to simply declare our Constitutional rights don’t apply, I almost have to be grateful for intimidating those jerks. How many of US have not altered our own behavior, if only a tiny bit, in response to the terror perpetrated against our Constitution and our God-given rights by this out of control potus? What a joke that they even believe that anything he does is directed at them. He encourages them. Well, maybe not so much anymore if they TRULY are protesting his policies and are writing in OPPOSITION to him. Welcome to the club, Noam. I hesitate to repeat that old saw about the enemy of my enemy. I’m not lying down with the likes of these progressive commies. They can say and write what they want. That’s their right. And it’s our right to call them idiots. He recently even went a step further with his executive order about Yemen. You’re not to criticize their actions, even if it has NOTHING to do with terror or the War on Terror. You’re just NOT to criticize the leaders of Yemen or Geithner will take your bank account.

      • Applause, applause for that patriotic, gutsy federal judge who called it like it is and did a smackdown of Obama AND Congress: Federal Judge Kathleen Forrest

        Patriot of the Day: Kathleeen Forrest. TY, Judge Forrest.

        “”Section 1021 tries to do too much with too little – it lacks the minimal requirements of definition and scienter that could easily have been added, or could be added, to allow it to pass constitutional muster.” That is, Congress failed—perhaps deliberately– to define “substantial support” of terrorist groups or describe those activities which might be construed as crossing the legal line. And no law may be enforced if those to whom it applies are unable to clearly understand what a violation of that law entails.”

        As serious is his belief that simply by ordering it, he can ignore the Posse Comitatus Act passed by Congress and allow the U.S. military to operate on U.S. soil and ARREST and indefinitely detain anybody, simply on Barry’s say so. This is a huge win for freedom and the Constitution.

  5. bama ‘obsessed with being on Mt. Rushmore’
    Cornel West: ‘He wants to be a great figure in the pantheon of presidents’

    Cornel West criticized President Barack Obama, saying he’s “obsessed with being on Mount Rushmore” and is focusing too much on his “legacy.”“I think at this point he’s obsessed with being on Mount Rushmore, he wants to be a great figure in the pantheon of American presidents,” West told the Financial Times. “If you’re thinking about Mount Rushmore, you’re thinking about your legacy, your legacy, your legacy. Puh-lease.”

    Though he isn’t totally pleased with the president, the Princeton professor said he felt Obama is being unfairly attacked by conservatives and those involved with the tea party movement.

    “He’s not a Muslim, he’s definitely not a socialist,” West told the FT. [Said by a Leftist professor! Then what the heck is he Prof. West? Would communist fit the bill?]


    • I guess Cornel should know – Puh-lease is right! Obama is hallucinating to think he belongs on Mr. Rushmore. And here I thought it was his minions that started that idea in 2008. If they did, it apparently went to Obama’s head. Yeah, we are unfair and truthful, professor West!

      • He isn’t a socialist. He’s FAR beyond that. He may not even be a communist, but he IS a dictator in the making along the lines of some of the worst in history. He is already there as far as being a “great” figure in the pantheon (just look up the meaning of pantheon, btw. What a choice, West!). He’s the WORSE potus EVER. That’s a “great” accomplishment. Great as in big, huge, notable. WORST POTUS EVER. Beat out Carter for the title.

  6. Can you see it now? Look at Abe’s eyes.

    • How will they make him blackish and his purple lips purple?

      • They’ll overlay the granite with a coal wash blasted into the granite from the coals plants that have been put out of business, and purple quartz will be used for his lips. He will be a stand out among the four former presidents as they are all just pale granite.

    • he’s out of his fricking mind.
      trixsters are for kids.

  7. Brava!

    and a foreign polygamist father, too boot.

  8. Michelle entertains the G-8 wives at the White House in her new purple frock. She is so “Elegant”.
    May 19, 2012


  9. Barack Obama, The First Composite President: Now Build Your Own Prez
    May 20, 2012
    By RidesAPaleHorse

    Obama Build-a-Prez Set

    When looking into the past of Barack Hussein Obama, America’s Most Mysterious President!™, it’s helpful to understand that nothing is as it seems. Composite girlfriends; Julia: America’s first composite campaign woman; and, Obama himself: America’s first “composite President.” NOW! a chance to finally build the President Obama you’ve always wanted.


  10. Holy Chicago! CHICAGO WELCOMES YOU! Riot Geared Police in photo! Is Mayor Rahm celebrating today? How about Ayers, Dohrn and Van? Very impressive!
    Drudge Speaks!

    Mob wielding hammers, batons attack diners…
    Police Raid Chicago Apartment, Seize Beer-Making Equipment…
    ‘Conspiracy to commit terror’…
    40 Fed Agencies Man Secret Command Center Near NATO meet site…
    REPORT: City’s website hacked…



    • From their website..we should gather they are black. More black on white terrorism! Be proud Obama, Rev. Sharpton, and all the demoncRats who spawned and promoted this criminal behavior.Reports like this are sickening.

      Far Left “Anti-Racist” Group Beats Chicago Diners With Hammers and Batons
      Sunday, May 20, 2012 Snips

      This was bizarre.
      A mob of black-clad youths barged into a Chicago restaurant yesterday and started beating diners with hammers and batons....Ten diners were hurt in the attack, and three of those were hospitalized.

      A group calling itself the “Anti-Racist Action Group” took credit for the targeted beating. They left this on their website:

      On Saturday, May 19th a group of 30 anti-fascists descended upon Ashford House restaurant in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park where the 5th annual White Nationalist Economic Summit and Illinois White Nationalist Meet-and-Greet was taking place. The White Nationalists were targeted inside the restaurant and physically attacked, causing several injuries and completely shutting down their meeting. The anti-fascist group was privy to anonymous inside information. This fascist event had been in secret planning for six months. The attendees have attempted to cover up the true intent of the event with mainstream media reports initially reporting the white nationalist conference as a wedding party and then as an Irish heritage meeting. The event was advertised on http://www.stormfront.org, an established white nationalist fascist internet forum.


      • Does that make any white people who research their roots “nationalist fascists?” I don’t give a rat’s patoot about the stupidity of white nationalists but they DO have a Constitutional right to freedom of assembly. And freedom of speech. And freedom of thought and opinion.

        Are these “anti-fascists” also going to disrupt New Black Panther Party events and beat those “fascist” and “racist” participants?

        Do other races have a right to target New Black Panthers if they happen to find out about any events they’re hosting? A preemptive strike against racism and fascism?

        Is the Holder inJustice Dept. going to charge these perps with hate crimes and violation of the people’s civil rights? Are they even going to bother to try to arrest the rest of them? This is outrageous.

        If they were equal opportunity “anti-fascists” and “anti-racists”, they’d still be wrong to physically assault people, but they would be a tad more believable. Do they plan to go after the New Black Panther Party, too? [Answer: doesn’t appear so from their own description of their group. See below.]

        How about the people who support this guy, who thankfully was DENIED a seat (actually REMOVED from his previous seat) on the IL Human Rights Commission? http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/illinois-senate-nixes-member-of-human-rights-commission-over-views/article_9cc53697-1d55-5043-8b49-8b6bdc79b6f3.html

        “A black Muslim activist’s nomination to the Illinois Human Rights Commission has been rejected by the Illinois Senate, after white conservatives slammed him over statements on a website he operates that voices opposition to “race mixing” and interracial marriage. [ONLY white conservatives criticized him for those statements? Amazing.]

        The nomination of Munir Muhammad was defeated on a 20-30-4 Senate vote. [20 senators voted to approve this racist for a second term on the HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION.] The opposition was led by Republicans who criticized him over the racial content of the website connected to a group he operates in Chicago.

        The group is called “The Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah Muhammad,” who was an early leader of the Nation of Islam. The group’s website had contained a list of Elijah Muhammad’s beliefs, which included white reparations for slavery, racial separatism and a prohibition of interracial marriage. [Can you believe he was already once approved to sit on the commission?]

        “He is unfit to serve on the Human Rights Commission,” Sen. Dale Righter, R-Mattoon, who is white, said in floor debate. He slammed the racial separatism beliefs, and asked colleagues to consider “if the situation were reversed” and the nominee were a white member of the Ku Klux Klan, advocating the same kind of beliefs. “Would we be so tolerant? I think not.”

        Muhammad’s defenders — most of them black Chicago Democratsargued that the comments on the site weren’t from the nominee, but were merely quotations from a historic figure. They noted that Munir Muhammad has said the site’s designers put the quotations on it, that he didn’t know they were there, and that he had agreed to take them down.

        Sen. Kimberly Lightford, D-Westchester, who is black, stressed that she doesn’t agree with the racial separation philosophy espoused on the site, but said it’s merely part of the history of race in America. [So is the Confederate flag–does she support flying it in Springfield?]

        “If you like it or not, the Ku Klux Klan had their beliefs . . . and the Nation of Islam had their beliefs,” said Lightford. “That’s what the Human Rights Commission is all about: Diversity.””

        So can we expect to see Senator Lightford support a Klansman for the HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION? Can you imagine Sen. Kimberly Lightford standing up for someone like George Wallace or David Duke to sit on a HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION under the guise of DIVERSITY? You simply cannot make this stuff up.

        • Here’s how that group of anti-fascists describe themselves:

          “A.R.A is a network of regular people, together to solve a problem. We intend to do the hard work necessary to decrease racism, sexism, anti-gay bigotry, anti-racism, and the unfairness which is often suffered by the disabled, the youngest, the oldest, and the poorest of our people. We confront hatemongers like the KKK and other white supremacists. Every Time they come out we want to be there. We won’t stand by and watch these terrorists recruit.
          No dues, No commitment. Just a chance to change the world. Do it for the victims. Do it for the children. Do it NOW before it’s too late.”

          So they have no intention of confronting BLACK supremacists or hatemongers like “Reverend” Wright and the Obamas. But look how dumb they are, too:

          “We intend to do the hard work necessary to decrease racism, sexism, anti-gay bigotry, anti-racism,…”

          “We intend to do the hard work necessary to decrease … anti-racism,”

          They want to DECREASE ANTI-RACISM?

    • Riot gear is big business globally these days…just ARMOUR you know…

  11. Indoctrinated Teacher? Get her out of the classroom! Listen to that teacher! The kid says Obama isn’t God.

    North Carolina Teacher Yells At Student For Criticizing Obama…Says It’s A “Criminal Offense”
    Sunday, May 20, 2012, 3:24 PM


  12. “Lou Dobbs mystified by Obama-birth ‘taboo’
    ‘I don’t know where the national media was in 2008 – or now'”

    “Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs says he’s mystified by an apparent “taboo” Republicans and the national media have as they continue to bury any question or news story probing the eligibility of Barack Obama to be president of the United States.”

    [video at link]


  13. Hey, Lolo’s real name, as we would say it was Soetoro “Lolo” Martodihardjo, right? Do we know Lolo’s parents names, or any other family?
    I found the name Martodihardjo on a Qantas air manifest leaving Honolulu, destination Australia:

    Honolulu, Hawaii Passenger and Crew Lists, 1900-1959
    Passenger Lists
    Mr Warsono Martodihardjo
    Departure: 11 Nov 1955

  14. Obama’s father is Frank Marshall Davis, born in Kansas.
    Obama is legal.
    The Kenyan thing is misdirection.
    Damn, get a clue!

    • Thank you for your opinion. Would you like to give us the source of your information? We mostly deal in misdirection, misperception, lies, and the clues provided. We also do a great job at debunking all of it. We have multitudes of people clamoring to be the one that discovers who BHO’s real father is and right now we have a list being compiled: Barack Obama Sr., Frank Marshall Davis, Malcolm X, and an unknown who impregnated a Soetoro relative of Lolo. There is also the unknown father of the child Barak Mounir Ubayd who changed his name to the current Barack Obama. Then of course, we aren’t sure of his relationship to Harrison J. Bounel, and the surname Bounel could be the real one too. I may have missed a couple fathers that are still unnamed, but someone else can fill in whoever else is vying for the legal parentage of the man occupying our White House.

      But you are the first to say that you definitely know that Frank is the daddy and that Obama is legal. Show us the documents Mr. Observer. Because one thing is true, we don’t have a clue, and I suspect neither do you.

      • September 8, 2010

        Jack Cashill:

        “Was Obama’s Hendrix Reference Freudian?”

        “The headline story on my Yahoo News reads, “Obama channels Hendrix on critics: ‘They talk about me like a dog.'”

        “Though Obama didn’t acknowledge it,” reads the article by Holly Bailey, “the line was a verbatim quote from “Stone Free,” the first song Hendrix wrote after moving to England in 1966.”

        Still, this reference may be more than whimsical. For those who insist on a celebrity father for Obama, Hendrix makes a much better candidate than Malcolm X. Two days older than Obama’s mom, Ann Dunham, Hendrix was not at all abashed about dating white women at his high school, also in Seattle where Ann Lived. Indeed, Hendrix was allegedly thrown out of high school for holding a white girl’s hand.

        Ann might well have fallen for the tall, thin musician. She never dated “the crew-cut white boys,” said friend Susan Blake Botkin. She did not meet many of those at the jazz clubs and coffee houses she frequented in Seattle.

        I can envision the mirthless Huffington headline now, “Right wing hack job says Hendrix Obama’s father!” The weird thing is that the imagined tale of Ann and Jimi is only slightly less credible than the tale as told of Ann and Barack Obama Sr. in Dreams and ever since.”


        • It is playing games Gordo. Not far fetched at all. Look up Mama Cass, and her sis Leah Kunkle…This is more like what I have found. Also Gordo, look up pics of Papa John Creach….

        • Please do not sully the memory of the late, great Hendrix by even suggesting that “person” might be his spawn. 🙂

  15. “Obama literary agent claims Obama was Kenyan-born ~ dozens of others confirm the same! When will the media WAKE UP?”

  16. Those dang liberals are total nitwits! Sorry, blowing off steam. They can’t even think.

  17. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/n-c-teacher-tells-student-he-could-be-arrested-for-talking-badly-about-obama/

    There’s video here and a transcript of an out-of-control obot teacher being schooled in the Constitution by some brave high school students, who were warned by her that they could be arrested for disrespecting Obama! Way to go, NC high schoolers. Give them all a gold star! The teacher went ballistic when they informed her that Barry was a BULLY when in school, just as she alleged that Romney was. The topic came up because the teacher called it her “fact of the day” that Romney was a bully. Sounds like the teacher makes it a habit to campaign for Obama in the course of her supposed teaching, which sounds more like propaganda. I cannot believe the lack of professionalism and ethics in today’s schools. That woman should be fired. She violated the students’ free speech rights and threatened them, too! Just listen to how this woman speaks to the students. She sounds like a moron. At least one student told her that Obama is a MAN, not a god, and that he’s Romney’s equal, not his superior. This is supposed to be a social studies class! This is what your tax dollars pay for. No wonder Asian students in China and Japan beat the heck out of our students. What ARE they learning here? To shout at others when they express an opinion you don’t like?

  18. Marxist plus Marxist and what do you get? Bumper stickers are printed?

    CURL: Hillary Clinton will be the 2012 veep candidate
    May 20 Snips

    Show of hands: Who here still thinks Vice President Joseph R. Biden will be on the 2012 ticket?

    Really? All of you? So wrong. The Great One, Sir Barack Hussein Obama, will replace the bumbling, buffoonish Mr. Biden with Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, maybe at the Democratic convention, maybe just before, in a last-ditch effort to win re-election.

    The wild and crazy move is all the talk outside the Beltway. One state Democratic leader even tells me the bumper stickers are already printed, sitting in a warehouse in (where else?) Little Rock, Ark. Another party bigwig says she is “99.9 percent sure” the increasingly desperate president planned the whole thing from the beginning. (“C’mon, Hill, be Secretary of State for one term and I’ll make you veep the next!”)

    Step back a minute: What does the president get from keeping Punxsutawney Putz on the ticket? Zippy the chimp. But if he bails on Mr. Biden, picks a woman — bam, base enthusiasm goes through the roof, women come out of the woodwork to vote (for Mrs. Clinton, not for Mr. Obama), and it’s 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for another four years. (Plus, Joe becomes Secretary of State, because, really now, he wouldn’t know what to do if he wasn’t living off the government teat, would he?)


    • Hillary is NO BETTER than Barry. She’s in on it from the beginning. She’s in on it NOW. THE FRAUD.

      • Let’s see if ozero even gets on the ballot. If they want Hillary, then Obama care comes with her. That would be enough to change anyone’s opinion to vote democrat.

    • Teacher needs to be fired immediately. No one cares WHAT she thinks. She is supposed to TEACH, not opinion and bully.

  19. I think this whole thing is a distraction. I’m sure I remember seeing this booklet a very long time ago in a long list of things that got poo pooed and was told to just move one. I don’t think this is the first time it has been brought up, just the first time that it has received the attention from Drudge. I think everyone needs to keep focused on the FACT that he is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN no matter where he was born. A NBC requires TWO parents who are citizens at the time of the childs birth. Obama is not and never has been a NBC. Don’t allow them to pull another fake and say that because he was born in Hawaii he is a NBC. He is NOT!!!!!! We need to get the talking points being discussed to include more than just the place of birth.

    • We’ve been doing this for a loooooong time and I have never seen that booklet or the online biography, nor do I recall ever hearing the name of the literary agency. We have searched for years on (“Obama” AND “born in Kenya”). That should have shown up the online bio before now, but it did not. If ANYONE who’s been researching this subject for over 4 years had found this, they’d have screenshotted it and published it. If anyone had seen the booklet, they’d have scanned it and published it. I’ve NEVER seen either image on the Web until now. The online bio was scrubbed between April 3, 2007, and April 21, 2007. Web searches would not turn up pages from the Web Archive, so by the time MOST of us began seriously searching for records about him, it was long gone.

      This is a huge story. Dr. Eowyn touches upon it here, in the course of explaining a theory about why some conservative blogs don’t expose Barry’s ineligibility. While it’s a valid hypothesis, I believe the truth is far more sinister than mere capitalism. btw, we don’t accept ads for the same reasons (and also because legal issues arise when a blog goes commercial). Allow me to quote something most excellent:

      This proves that Obama is a stone-cold liar and con-man. Checkmate. Either he lied when he said he was born in Kenya, or he lied when he said he was born in Hawaii. The fact that he commissioned and released an OBVIOUSLY FORGED Hawaiian birth certificate certainly causes the Obama garbage scow to list to the side of the lie being that he was born in Hawaii.

      Barack Obama IS A LIAR. He is a man of degenerate morality, and is a psychopath. Is anyone going to do anything about the fact that a con-artist psychopath is the Chief Executive of the largest economy in the world and the history of the world? Is anyone going to do anything about the fact that a con-artist psychopath is the Commander-in-Chief of the largest military force in the world and the history of the world? Is anyone going to do anything about the fact that the entire intelligence, law enforcement and bureaucracy of the United States government is either so incompetent that they couldn’t even vet ONE MAN or that they are complicit in Obama’s con?”

      Apparently not, which is why it’s sinister.

    • This is far simpler to explain to the sound-bite-drunk masses. He’s a PROVED LIAR. No different from those politicians who pretend that they won Purple Hearts or forgot that they didn’t go to Viet Nam (or even SERVE in the military).

      He’s a liar. Do the American People want a lying self-promoter? This is custom-made for devastating TV ads come October. No longer, “Where’s the birth certificate?” Now it should be:

      WHERE was Obama born? Kenya, as he said in 2007? Or Hawaii, as he began to say as soon as he began his campaign for the presidency?

      They also should PUBLICIZE how as soon as Arpaio began to look into his draft registration, his administration changed policies, locked up the microfilm, and refuses to allow anyone to see it.

      How will that play with the military voters and veterans? That this man likely never registered for the draft and then when seasoned detectives determined probable cause that his draft registration released by HIS administration in response to FOIA request is likely FORGED, his administration either locked up OR destroyed the microfilm that would prove he didn’t register for the draft and that the record is forgery.

      And this guy is the Commander in Chief?

    • duplicate!

    • Miri, I agree with you. We have just been had sooooooooooo many times, that this feels like another setup. I’m sure I have seen this a very long time ago. I think it was in my workgroup, however it was from a link to someone elses research. I’ll check, but the link is probably no longer working. They had already asked the publisher and got the same answer and just dismissed it. I don’t think it had the backup that Brightbart did on their publishing rules and how long it had been listed that way. Some people from this workgroup have been in contact with the POSSE. Maybe there was a bot in the workgroup. I don’t know, but I really think the actual booklet was discovered much earlier and I don’t think it was Breightbart.

      • Well, it would help if there was a screenshot with a date from 2007. It would have to be from April 2007, because that’s when it was scrubbed.

        I don’t know if this has been posted yet, but it’s interesting that the Dystel bios went through several iterations. First it was the one about born in Kenya. Then on April 21, 2007, it became:

        “BARACK OBAMA is the junior Democratic senator from Illinois and was the dynamic keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He was also the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. He was born in Hawaii to an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister and was raised in Indonesia, Hawaii, and Chicago. His first book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER: A STORY OF RACE AND INHERITANCE, has been a long time New York Times bestseller.”

        Then by May 17, 2007, it read:

        “BARACK OBAMA, the junior Democratic senator from Illinois, is currently campaigning to become the 2008 Democratic presidential nominee. He was born in Hawaii to a father who was raised in a small village in Kenya and a mother who grew up in small-town Kansas. Barack’s father eventually returned to Kenya, and Barack grew up with his mother in Hawaii, and for a few years in Indonesia. Later, he moved to New York, where he graduated from Columbia University before moving to Chicago, where he became a community organizer. He went on to earn his law degree from Harvard, where he became the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. His first book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER: A STORY OF RACE AND INHERITANCE, has been a long-time New York Times bestseller.”

        Note the campaign talking points about the mother from Kansas. It was obviously very closely watched and frequently updated by Obama himself OR his campaign. This campaign language is further EVIDENCE that Obama was controlling the biography put out by his publicist. A literary agent would not be citing campaign talking points.

        • These are without doubt campaign talking points. When he was selling books to the elite, he pointed out that his mother was an “American anthropologist” and his father was a “Kenyan finance minister”. BOTH of these statements are likely the truth, as was his admission that he was born in Kenya.

          ONLY WHEN HE BEGAN A CAMPAIGN, WITH A STAFF THAT BEGAN TO CONTROL THE TALKING POINTS, did his mother SUDDENLY become from “small-town Kansas” (no career woman she) and his father, no longer a high-ranking Kenyan government minister, was now a from “a small village in Kenya.” This is campaign fluff and PROOF that they changed his biography to suit the image they wanted to project. AND THEY CHANGED HIS BIRTHPLACE TO HAWAII. Because they KNEW nobody born in Africa is eligible for the presidency.

        • I don’t remember ever seeing the booklet either, and I’ve been following this since almost the beginning.

      • If they asked the publisher, then they ought to still have the emails. Whoever discovered the actual booklet should be expected to take credit for it. I’ve not noticed these working groups being shy about blowing their horns.

  20. Joseph Farah:

    “10 reasons why some don’t care about eligibility”


    • On Oct. 5, [2004] eight years ago, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a long-forgotten hearing on the subject of “Maximizing voter choice: Opening the president to naturalized Americans.”

      This was two years before Obama was even elected to the U.S. Senate.

      One of the advocates for the plan was Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass. When WND revisited this hearing in 2009, his comments were still available in an audio file posted at Talk Radio News. That posting, like so many others involving this issue, has since mysteriously been scrubbed.

      Here’s some of what he said on the subject: “I believe in the right of the people to choose as they wish. People say, ‘Well you’re amending the Constitution.’ The fact is in 1789 the notion of direct democracy was not the one that governed. Clearly in terms of world history the people who came to the American continent … they went for the first time to self-governance, but they didn’t go all the way. We have evolved substantially since that time, I think in a good direction. We do have now this major obstacle in the way of the voters, and we say to them, ‘We don’t trust you, you could get fooled, I mean, they might, some foreign country might sucker you by getting some slick person and mole him into the United States or her and get that person citizenship and then years later have that person get elected president and you’ll be too dumb to notice.’ I don’t think that’s accurate and I don’t think that ought to be the governing principle. I really believe that the people of the United States ought to have the right to elect as president of the United States someone they wish.”

      It should surprise no one, of course, that Barney Frank is wrong about this. He’s wrong about everything.


      • Isn’t Barney’s statement interesting in light of the issues surrounding Obama. Was Barney looking into the crystal ball or was he part of the cabal that installed BHO? Were we to dumb to notice? Read these words again.

        ‘We don’t trust you, you could get fooled, I mean, they might, some foreign country might sucker you by getting some slick person and mole him into the United States or her and get that person citizenship and then years later have that person get elected president and you’ll be too dumb to notice.’

    • In the 1880′s the issues described in this article were discussed in newspapers. Constitutional experts were quoted extensively and the very things being discussed were answered at that time. The same people quoted then are used in arguments now. Nothing has changed since then except the ignorance of the meaning of the words that were written and the wanting of progressives to change the will and wisdom of the Founding Father’s words to match their own agenda.

      I did extensive reading of newspaper articles to determine the background of natural born citizen and what it meant in different situations. It is a long article,but well worth reading as it should clear up misunderstandings according to who is eligible for the presidency. Screen prints of the original newspaper articles are shown.

      It is the progressives and Marxists who want the Constitution changed because in Obama’s words, it is a flawed document. The Constitution has served our country for over 200 years, and not one person in our government has the wisdom and eloquence of the men who hammered out the document that governs our nation.

      When you have time, do read the articles. They will make sense to you as they were written for the layman to understand. After doing so, you will be able to see how the arguments they are making to change our Constitution are so wrong and that so many of our government officials are ignorant on the subject.

      Natural Born Citizen Discussions in the Late 1800′s

  21. “Obama: The Groomed from Birth Dictator”

    • It almost sounds as if Corsi believes the FMD as daddy story. But if so, then why would he have been born in Kenya? Because he also believes that–that Barry was born in Kenya. Why would the mother, whoever she was, be in Kenya if FMD is the father? I agree that it’s likely that BHO Sr. is not the father. I can HYPOTHESIZE:

      Barry was born to Kezia in Kenya, as a result of her affair with an unnamed man she met while clubbing, a man of unknown race. It’s even possible that Mark was also born the same day as Barry, born in early 1961, twins; and both were adopted after passing through the hands of BHO Sr.’s stepmother, Sarah. Barry was born in Kenya after BHO Sr. had married SAD. BHO Sr. began pursuing SAD no sooner than he learned of Kezia’s pregnancy. The adoption and marriage of convenience was to clear the way for BHO Sr. to return to Kenya and take his place in the government without the embarrassment of having been cuckolded by his then Kenyan wife, who had connections to Tom Mboya. Mboya was leaning on BHO Sr. to return to his Luo wife.

      SAD and BHO Sr. never lived together. The marriage made it easier to bring this child into the country without the usual technicalities. SAD was in Seattle only three weeks after Obama’s alleged birth. She was seen with the baby but was totally inept and unprepared to be a mother, as proved by the fact that she did not know how to change his diaper. Had she at least had this child for 3 weeks, unless totally stupid, she’d have by then learned how to change a diaper.

      It’s known that Ruth Baker took in and raised some of the other children BHO Sr. had with Kezia–namely Auma and Malik. BHO Sr. married Ruth around the time he returned to Kenya. It’s possible that they then took in Mark, who perhaps had been living with Sarah or in the orphanage that she ran. Mark NEVER gives his age. He says only that Barry is his “brother”, not “half-brother”, and he says Barry is older. Mark is also unusually devoted to the cause of “orphans”. Being one himself? Not only are there no photos of SAD pregnant, but also we’ve seen NONE of a pregnant Ruth Baker Obama Ndesandjo.

      There’s also the fictional David, who’s supposed to be Mark’s brother; but who died young, although there’s no evidence of that. For example, he died in a motorcycle accident, but nobody’s as yet turned up any news report of the accident. He’s not mentioned in any Kenyan records we searched–for example, the Kenyan Gazette that names Malik and Kezia as BHO Sr.’s executors. David is not buried in the family grave with his father. No one bothers to even ask where David’s grave is. Did he exist? He may have, as Barry.

      There’s the curious fact that when Barry allegedly first visited the old homestead in Kenya, the villagers thought that he was David! Oh, no, they were told. That’s Barry.

      There’s also the curious fact that David’s name was David Opiyo. Opiyo meaning the “elder of twins” in Luo. Even if Barry or Mark is NOT the younger twin, then who is?

      Luos name children based upon FACTS associated with the moment of their birth. So if David was the elder, who was the younger? Has anyone ever heard mention of a stillborn twin? That would seem to be a notable tragedy for Ruth and BHO Sr.

      Since David was still living when his father died, why was he not mentioned in the will? Of course, one monkey wrench in my theory about Mark is that Barry and others said that only Mark had irrefutable proof of being BHO Sr.’s heir, which is why Barry didn’t inherit.

      But what about David? Why didn’t he inherit, too? Why was it only Mark who had irrefutable proof? Even if a legitimate heir, it still doesn’t mean that he’s a biological son. Maybe Ruth’s adoption lawyer was better able to draw up ironclad adoption papers. (But if SAD and BHO Sr. pulled shenanigans to spirit Barry out of Kenya and into the USA, then there would be no proof, would there?)

      But why would Mark be left behind? Perhaps when twins arrived, they had to go with Plan B because SAD would take one, but not TWO. Maybe the second marriage was also one of convenience. To get a well-positioned mother for Mark, too. Who knows?

      Of course, it’s all speculation.

      Will we EVER learn exactly WHO this person is and the TRUTH about his fabulous fictional family history?

      • Well, just theoretically, if FMD was the daddy and Ann was the mother, then maybe planning to go off to Kenya to have the baby might be better for the family back then. I know Hawaii was almost an anything-goes place, but maybe that was a wee bit too much for the Dunhams. Just a thought. Then if BO, Sr., was used for a fake/sham marriage to give the child a name, it could still work out that he was the father on paper.

        He does kind of favor FMD some, doesn’t he?

        • No matter how hard I try, even with watching the ‘transformation’ video, see resemblence between Obama and FMD.

      • But the timeline doesnt add up to be a twin from Ruth. Butter has been reporting alot on this and she is saying that the BC is amended and late in filing. So the amended part would indicate that he was adopted by Lolo, that is the father on the BC…so how can he release it? The late filing is another matter. That means he could have been born elsewhere. Either way, with that type of BC, the veracity has to be determine in court. There is a link at ORYR and I will probably see it posted further down.

        • The trouble is that we can’t trust any timeline. I have my doubts that Ruth ever gave birth to any children. I’m serious. They may ALL be adopted. Mark claims Barry is older than he, but nobody knows how old Mark is. I believe that that BC is amended. And filed late. But if the newspapers announced as (apparently) newborn children, kids who were adopted and registered in Hawaii at the age of 3, then we don’t know when he was born or how old he is. We suspected way back at TD’s that he was adopted by Lolo and the original BC was sealed. There are other reasons, though, why a BC might have been amended–to add a birth father, to change his birth name. For all we know, BHO Sr. returned in 1971 to “re-up” his fatherhood, if that’s possible. There’s something very weird going on. Is it possible that she had Lolo adopt the child without the biological father’s consent? Is it possible in that case to have the adoption overturned? Who can say? That’s why we need the original records. How can he release them? I’ll tell you how: He and the HDOH and the governor of Hawaii CLAIM that he got a waiver and that his personal attorney was given 2 copies of his original birth certificate. Let her make those copies available to the public, for forensic verification of them and all the “facts” they contain.

          • What confuses me is Obama made his bc public, thus wouldn’t that make it unsealed? Thus, HI could also show the unsealed recorded to the world. But they don’t. Isn’t the answer to “Why?” obvious? They have an UNSEALED bc.

            • One would think so. UNLESS what he exposed WASN’T his BC (as we suspect) and so, under that scenario, the fact that the HDOH WON’T release it is evidence that what he revealed is bogus.

    • That was a good video of Corsi. I wonder what they’re coming out with at WND this week? What’s the date of the video, today or yesterday?

  22. Misleading Your Own
    May 21, 2012

    This is an example of Barry uniting Americans across the political spectrum. The military and the State Dept., under Obama and Hillary, want the ability to use propaganda AGAINST Americans IN the USA. It upsets them that they can’t use propaganda, by law, in order to brainwash us into supporting their policies. So they have a “bipartisan” coalition that wants to change the law to allow them to use propaganda, like Hitler and Stalin. But I’m not talking about the bipartisan coalition when I mention this, I’m talking about how the progressives are as outraged about it as we are. Welcome to our world, progressives. Better late than never. Yes, YOU, TOO, WILL LOSE YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS IF BARRY STAYS IN OFFICE. They complain about GWB (as usual) and WMDs (as usual, which, btw, did exist) but they kinda, sorta miss the FACT that Obama, their messiah, is Commander in Chief and controls the Pentagon and the Dept. of State now.

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_Thornberry

      This is the representative who co-sponsored this bill with the DemoncRAT. What is there to know about Mac Thornberry? Is he “moderate”? A RINO? From Texas, so one would think not. But why would he be on board with using propaganda on the American people AND with allowing for detention of US citizens without trial? Wiki says this, “The 13th has always been a somewhat conservative district, but Thornberry’s victory is still regarded as an upset.” So there’s our clue. In an UPSET, he won in a “somewhat conservative district.” So, what? Is he somewhat NOT conservative? Or are they saying he’s more than “somewhat” conservative?

    • Oh, I was watching the Joel Gilbert, “Dreams From My Real Father” trailer, and I was reading the FAQs there. It said that BO had a nose job done in 2000, I think it was.

      • Say what? Is this to “explain” why his nose looks so different from photograph to photograph? How ridiculous.

        • Yeah, can’t wait for them to explain the abnormalities in the ears, teeth, face, hands, head shapes, square chin, and hairline too! We certainly are aware of those who hijack our researched information and try to cover their friggin’ tracks.

          Maybe he had an Indian nose and wanted it changed! Ha! Another boldface lie of him having Cherokee blood. Don’t you think the Cherokee’s would claim him if his ancestors were on their rolls? Obama Heapin Big Nosed Liar! Anyway, now he is an adopted Crow for whatever reason unless they sent Hawaii new papers to sign to give him legitimacy. That whole deal stinks, but they got lots of wampum for it.

        • I don’t know why the person said it. It’s at Amazon in the review. The person says it.

          • What I meant is that that was my interpretation. That person says that he got an advance copy of the entire documentary, so I assumed he watched it and those were the important points he got out of it.

      • http://www.amazon.com/Dreams-From-My-Real-Father/dp/B007XW07CO

        I assume this commenter is reporting that in the 95-minute video, they tell us that Barry had rhinoplasty in 2000. If that’s true, then it should be apparent from photos of him as a state senator and subsequent ones, such as when he made his big speech in 2004. It doesn’t explain, though, the nose and teeth that morph back and forth. Nor the incredible jumping mole.

        • I want to see DNA proof that Obama’s father is FMD. If so, then he will have a Y-chromosome that matches FMD’s other son. If he’s BHO Sr.’s son, there are more than enough male descendants of his to compare to. I think this is very pat–to suddenly come up with a US CITIZEN father to be Barry’s dad. We’re already reading a meme in the lamestream (Tarranto of the WSJ) that’s excusing Barry for not knowing that he was REALLY born in Hawaii when he mistakenly said Kenya, because that’s probably just what he was told as a child. So what’s next? They’re going to say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise. FMD is his dad, but Barry never knew. He just happened to hide all his birth documents for the past 4 years and send a patriot to prison for no reason at all.”

          • I bet Mark Davis (Frank’s son) would like it cleared up too!

          • Miri | May 21, 2012 at 4:05 pm —

            “We’re already reading a meme in the lamestream (Tarranto of the WSJ) …”
            At Leo Donofrio’s site:

            Posted on July 31, 2009

            “Wall Street Journal Caught Spreading False Legal Propaganda Via James Taranto”

            “Yesterday, American journalism reached a new low when James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal published legal propaganda that appears to blatantly lie to readers. In discussing the issues surrounding Obama’s birth to an alien father, Taranto added text to a US statute which does not contain such text. Here is the offensive passage:

            “Someone born overseas and after 1986, but otherwise in identical circumstances to Obama, would be a natural-born citizen thanks to a law signed by President Reagan.”

            No such law exists.

            The words “natural born citizen” do not appear in the statute discussed by Mr. Taranto. In fact, the words “natural born citizen” do not exist in any US statute. Those words only appear in the Constitution – Article 2 Section 1 – and only as a requirement to be President.”


            • Whoops! I misspelled his name. Tough. I’m too lazy to fix it. He’s a worm, anyway, so let it be misspelled.

              Here’s what I read and I must h/t Renee, who sent me the link this morning and I forgot to post it:

              Of course Obama wasn’t born in Kenya. We’ve all seen the birth certificates that verify he was born in Hawaii. The president was pressured into releasing them by conspiracy nuts who theorized that he was actually born overseas and therefore ineligible to the presidency, which requires one to be a “natural-born citizen.” (Birth in the U.S. is almost always a sufficient condition to make one a natural-born citizen. But as we explained in 2009, under the immigration statutes in effect at Obama’s birth, in his case it was a necessary condition as well, because his mother was 18, his father was an alien, and his parents were married.)

              Now it turns out that a literary agency acting on Obama’s behalf claimed more than 20 years ago that he was born in Kenya. Obama’s case ends up looking very much like that of Elizabeth Warren, who early in her career dubiously claimed to be “Native American.” …

              The blurb contains at least one other error. Barack Obama Sr. was never Kenya’s finance minister. According to “Dreams From My Father,” the elder Obama “got a job with the Ministry of Finance” sometime during his son’s last two years in high school, which would have been in the late 1970s. Other accounts describe him as having been a “senior economist” at the ministry. The elder Obama died in a 1982 car accident. …

              Goderich doesn’t specify if she failed to catch the error or if she introduced the error by “correcting” the statement that he was born in Hawaii. Either way, the statement that it was a “fact-checking error” begs the question: What was the source of the false information about his birthplace? (A 1990 New York Times story about Obama’s election to the law review could have been the source of the error about his father’s position, but it correctly identified his birthplace as Hawaii.)

              One innocent possibility is that the young Obama himself was for a time under the misapprehension that he was born in Kenya–a parallel to Warren’s assertion that she simply believed the “family lore” about her Indian heritage. Although one is physically present for one’s own birth, one is not in any meaningful sense a witness to it. Obama, like the rest of us, knows he was born in Hawaii only because others have told him so and official documents say so.

              In any case, Obama’s putative foreign birth fit in with the image his agents were trying to sell: that of a young man whose exotic background gave him a pertinent perspective on “social and racial issues.” Obama, like Warren, was a product of elite academia, which places a great premium on such “diversity.” When tales of exotic origins become a kind of currency, it shouldn’t surprise us to find that prominent people, when they were young and ambitious, turn out to have passed counterfeits.”

              Where to freaking begin?

              1. OF COURSE he wasn’t born in Kenya? Where’s any proof of where he was born? Do we flip a coin? Did Taranto?

              2. We’ve all seen his birth certificates? Where? I’ve never seen them. Taranto has NEVER seen them. He’s seen uncertified copies and images on the Internet, but he hasn’t seen any 3-D certified birth certificate, NOR HAS ANY JUDGE IN ANY COURT.

              3. The blurb says BHO Sr. was A finance minister. It doesn’t say he was THE finance minister. You’d think a man who makes his living via the written word would know the difference between definite and indefinite articles.

              4. He takes blaming everyone but Obama to a new level when he imagines a scenario whereby Goderich is not only a crummy factchecker but she also took an accurate draft of Barry’s biography and indiscriminately introduced an error into it. An error that she must have made up! Just made up out of whole cloth! (Again, HOW could she check the fact of his birthplace when we’ve had NO LUCK in 4 years?)

              5. So after blaming Goderich for failing to factcheck OR for herself introducing the “error” by changing “born in Hawaii” to “born in Kenya”, he then allows for the “innocent” explanation that perhaps Barry did actually, in 1991, after the NY Times “correctly” located his birth place as Hawaii, tell his publicist that he was born in Kenya because of some “misapprehension” about having been born there. Maybe it was one of those “dreams” from his father, whoever his father was.

              6. He then says that Obama “knows” he was born in Hawaii because “official documents” told him so. WHAT official documents?

              7. Finally, he absolves Obama of any deceit or fraud by telling us all that we shouldn’t be surprised if a “young,” “ambitious,” “prominent” person “passed counterfeits.” Plenty of mobsters have rotted in jail for passing counterfeits and I doubt any defense about being ambitious would have done them any good. In Obama’s case, the counterfeit he passed and is still trying to foist onto us is HIMSELF. OBAMA IS THE COUNTERFEIT. Nothing about him is real. Isn’t this so Clintonesque? Remember how we were told that Bill Clinton can’t be criticized for lying under oath because it was just his personal life? Anybody would similarly perjure themselves about sex. Wouldn’t they? NO, they would not. Clinton lied, was impeached, lost his law license because he COMMITTED THE CRIME OF PERJURY. Obama has DEFRAUDED the American people and Taranto is aiding and abetting the FRAUD. Now we’re supposed to admire Barry for his ambition.


        • No, it sure doesn’t, which it sound more likely there are two Barrys.

    • Congressmen Seek To Lift Propaganda Ban

      Propaganda that was supposed to target foreigners could now be aimed at Americans, reversing a longstanding policy. “Disconcerting and dangerous,” says Shank.
      May 18, 2012

      An amendment that would legalize the use of propaganda on American audiences is being inserted into the latest defense authorization bill, BuzzFeed has learned.

      The amendment would “strike the current ban on domestic dissemination” of propaganda material produced by the State Department and the independent Broadcasting Board of Governors, according to the summary of the law at the House Rules Committee’s official website.

      The tweak to the bill would essentially neutralize two previous acts—the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and Foreign Relations Authorization Act in 1987that had been passed to protect U.S. audiences from our own government’s misinformation campaigns.

      ****The defense bill passed the House Friday afternoon.

      CORRECTION: The amendment under consideration would not apply to the Department of Defense, though the it is attached to a defense authorization bill.



  23. Jack Cashill & Roger L. Simon:

    (Published on May 17, 2012 by Pajamasmedia)

    “A 1991 promotional booklet from Barack Obama’s literary agent claims that the President was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia. What does the new information mean and will the mainstream media finally start vetting Obama? Deconstructing Obama author Jack Cashill talks with Roger L. Simon about the President’s changing history.”

  24. The rhinoplasty wasn’t mentioned there. I was mistaken. It was at amazon.com and there’s one review about the video by Joel Gilbert. That’s because it’s not due out until July 24th, but there’s a review there and the person mentions BO’s nose job.

  25. David Axelrod?… got… connections to …. Dr. Fred NEWMAN
    (but we can’t enter)…P&E

  26. Anna Chin… the one LC noted ?
    Anayaja Juanie 2/21/1967 45 years old (sister) …? (daughter)
    Jackie Chun Juanie (father) ?
    Some I used… knowledge wiki .org ~ wc. rootsweb ~
    medapedia LSM ~ Geni.com/
    freepages family rootsweb.ancestry ~ gedit.com/
    Erna (Ema) Kustina about 1945… married Lolo Soetoro 1980 has two kids
    1)Yusif Aji 1981 … 2) Rahayu Nurmaida 1984 …
    Liene Juanie (daughter) ? Aya Soetoro ..? not sure notes? Make sense?

  27. Just a note, noticed that Martha Trowbridge has gone to subscription only too as has P & Email. I assume people will cut and paste information they read if deemed important.

    Newman was a Marxist and so is Axelrod and I believe Ax was brought up in NY as was Newman so would the Marxists meet, most likely. Check out Axelrod’s hair style and mustache…who does he look like. Also he is the absolute worst speaker, and who mimics his uhhh’s but Obama. He gives me the chills listening to him so I am glad he stays on the leftist channels. He looks like a slime and dresses like a slob too.

  28. …… Mark …… Davis…
    Check … if that $MILLION$ …. reward is still around.
    Make it worth your time!

  29. I don’t have a subscription to the P&E. I wrote Sharon once and asked if I could get a subscription with my credit card because I don’t like paypal, and I never received a reply back from her.

  30. “Hawaii Five-O: Sheriff Joe sends detectives to Honolulu

    “In a major development in his probe of Barack Obama’s eligibility for Arizona’s 2012 presidential ballot, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has dispatched his lead Cold Case Posse investigator and a deputy detective to Hawaii.

    Zullo’s investigation is a volunteer effort, but the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has sent him to Hawaii with an MCSO deputy detective for safety reasons and to act as a liaison between MCSO and local law enforcement.

    WND reporter Jerome Corsi is embedded with the investigators in Hawaii with the provision that reporting during the trip be curtailed to protect the investigation.


    • “Sheriff Deputies Visit Hawaii Department of Health Seeking Obama Birth Certificate”
      “Arizona deputies in Hawaii seeking Obama birth certificate”
      By Honolulu Star-Advertiser staff

      “Two men who identified themselves as being from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Phoenix went to the Hawaii Department of Health Monday morning requesting verification of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, said a state spokeswoman.

      A Hawaii deputy attorney general gave the men information concerning the legal requirements to obtain such a document; the requirements are posted on the Health Department’s website. The two men then left the office, Health Department spokeswoman Janice Okubo said.

      The two men showed Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office badges and identified themselves as Michael Zullo and Brian Mackiewcz, Okubo said. They are “authorized by the Sheriff of Maricopa County, who is conducting an official investigation,” a spokesman for the sheriff’s office said in an email.”


      • Same song and dance from Hawaii. Law enforcement officials mean nothing. Now will they get the law involved in Honolulu? What hasn’t been tried yet? Did they think it would be different if they went there in person if they weren’t getting a response from Hawaii via phone or email? Did they give Zullo and Machiewcz an Obama mug with his BC on it as a souvenir of having visited?

        Time for charges to be brought against Hussein or the Forger that they think has been identified!

        Amazing that Janice Okubo gave a statement isn’t it? Why did she want it publicized? Or was the Star Advertiser reporter told to get a statement and to record the visit? (Corsi is there so he might have contacted the Star).

  31. B~ I love it … Did they get a “O~ MUG”…. with his BC on it!!!!…
    yesterdays papers again… Texasdarlin’ 2009… what do we recall?… http://obambi.wordpress.com/2009/07/26/obama-was-never-legally-adopted/
    at july/26/2009 ..8:20pm bho boo … also face look alikes… Ilham Anas
    hit… spitting image also….
    http://www.colony14.net/ HOME on left… Mo Revolutionary Speech…&
    the Psychology of BO

  32. U Want MORE? … bottom of page….& fetch… all are great !

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