Childhood Obesity and Barack Obama – Open Thread

© Miri WTPOTUS May 3, 2012

Studies show that as many as one third of children in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Diabetes among children and teens is on the rise, and it is harder for them to control the disease.

Michelle Obama’s focus as First Lady is on physical fitness. She hosts exercise workouts in the White House for the Biggest Loser reality TV show.

Michelle Obama exercises in the White House

She lauds the importance of a healthy diet, especially for poor children who live in “food deserts” where they don’t have access to healthy food (a claim that has recently been proved false. The produce is there; the poor choose not to buy it.)

Michelle Obama especially encourages school children to get fit and to stay fit via the five pillars (seriously) of her “Let’s Move” program, which is aimed at young people:

At the launch of the initiative, President Barack Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum creating the first-ever Task Force on Childhood Obesity to conduct a review of every single programs and policies relating to child nutrition and physical activity and develop a national action plan to maximize federal resources and set concrete benchmarks toward the First Lady’s national goal.

The Task Force recommendations focus on the five pillars of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative:

  1. Creating a healthy start for children
  2. Empowering parents and caregivers
  3. Providing healthy food in schools
  4. Improving access to healthy, affordable foods
  5. Increasing physical activity

Everyone has a role to play in reducing childhood obesity, including parents and caregivers, elected officials from all levels of government, schools, health care professionals, faith-based and community-based organizations, and private sector companies. Your involvement is key to ensuring a healthy future for our children.

So concerned is she about childhood obesity, that she ranks it right up there as a serious threat to our economy and military readiness. Her “Let’s Move Cities and Towns” initiative has even created or saved thousands of jobs! Nevertheless, it was recently reported that despite the First Lady’s enthusiasm, the White House is backing away from these healthy food initiatives because of pressure from lobbyists. Say it isn’t so!

Barack Obama, circa 1970, Hawaii

Given Michelle Obama’s intense focus on how children should maintain a healthy weight, isn’t it odd that she never holds her husband out as a weight-loss role model for the young people of America?

She never talks about how her husband must have struggled with his weight when he was in high school.

Barack Obama (left), freshman year at Punahou High School

Nor do either of the Obamas discuss that Barack Obama was a “fat” child when he lived in Indonesia, as attested to by most of his childhood friends there.

Barack Obama in Indonesia, circa 1970

Barack Obama in Hawaii, circa 1970

Why don’t they share with every American child exactly how Barack lost that excess weight between his freshman and sophomore years of high school?

What an example he’d be for them!

The Biggest Loser, Presidential Style.

Why, it’s a perfect fit for her outreach to school children, especially to poor “children of color”, like the young Barack Obama, who disproportionately are overweight because they live in those “food deserts” that (don’t) exist in inner cities.

The First Lady could use her husband’s fatty “before” photos and his skinny “after” photos. So why doesn’t she? 

Barack Obama circa 1971, Hawaii

Barack Obama is more than amply praised for every other accomplishment in his life, real or imagined; but not for this one, which is so difficult for many ordinary Americans to achieve.

What’s his weight loss secret? Enquiring minds want to know.

Barack Obama

Why doesn’t he share his secret with all of America?  Why not with the entire world?

Why hasn’t Michelle written a diet book, especially one for children?

Why doesn’t Barack Obama hold himself out as a role model for children and teens who are trying to lose weight?


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  1. This is an open thread.

    • I’m putting this up here instead of as an update. What a coinkidink! HBO, in association with the NIH and the CDC, produced and will soon run a 4-part documentary about obesity. The Weight of the Nation. Isn’t that special?

      If you look through their webpage, you will find many gems. Everything I recounted above in my post, about how the “poor” suffer from having fewer choices (NOT TRUE), among many other socialist projects.

      Here are a few excerpts, all direct quotes from part four, emphasis added for especially pertinent, COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST messaging and with my snarks included in brackets:

      “Obesity is a very serious medical condition, no longer viewed as strictly an issue of cosmetics. It’s a contributing factor in the death and disability of too many of our neighbors, friends and family members, and its societal costs are astronomical.

      [It’s so expensive that the elites MUST step in to regulate and control, for your own good. The real solution is: Don’t spread these costs from INDIVIDUAL choices to all of society via the government. Problem solved. People pay the price for their own choices.]

      Obesity not only drives up health care costs for patients and families, it costs businesses – and the country – tens of billions of dollars in lost productivity and higher employee health costs.

      [Again, elites MUST regulate and control, for “society’s” own good. What is the definition of SOCIALISM?]

      When it comes to obesity and its related diseases, our zip codes may matter more than our genetic codes. The rates of overweight and obesity are higher in lower-income neighborhoods and some ethnic communities. Being poor is about more than not having money – it also means limited access to affordable healthy foods and safe places where children and adults can play, run, walk, and bicycle.

      [I promise you that their solution to this problem will NOT be to solve the root causes of why people buy unhealthy foods or why they don’t make their own communities safer. Not ALL poor communities are unsafe. Why are some communities unsafe? Why don’t some people make healthier choices for their kids? These are the questions they will not ask because they don’t want to know the answers. Their solution will be to punish the companies that make this “unhealthy” food and reduce the choices for all Americans. And control advertising. And control companies via threats in order to get payoffs from companies so that they can redistribute that money to their selected peeps. In other words, tyranny of the elite bureaucrats instead of FREEDOM for all Americans.]

      One of the main reasons Americans eat as poorly as we do may be the ubiquity of low-priced, unhealthy foods and their promotion – not only everywhere, but at all times of day. From the processed food sold in grocery stores to the prepared food sold in fast food restaurants, we are surrounded with tempting options that aren’t good for us.

      [You can see this “solution” coming: Control when and where companies can advertise. Control what companies can produce. Control the PRICES of “unhealthy” foods. Not by actually forcing the companies to raise the prices (and thus their profits) but by TAXING the “unhealthy” foods that the likes of Michelle Obama will define as “unhealthy”. This achieves two goals: It increases the size of the government payroll, because you will need committees and departments to administer all this and it gives more money to the COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS to use to buy votes. They will redistribute wealth from Mickey D’s. It’s not fair that they make so much money. PUNISH them.]

      Another major reason Americans eat as poorly as we do may be related to the current effects of government policies dating back decades.

      [Must rework regulations; MUST regulate.]

      The abundance of relatively inexpensive food that Americans enjoy is not an accident of history. Government policies that have subsidized and promoted the production of commodity crops, as well as scientific, technological and market changes, have helped shape the economics of the modern food industry.

      [Pay close attention to that word relatively. What does RELATIVELY (in relation to whom?) cheap food have to do with obesity in America? It’s the same situation with energy. We have RELATIVELY cheap energy, so Barack’s solution is to MAKE ENERGY “NECESSARILY SKYROCKET”, which is NECESSARY only if you want to PUNISH America for success. So, what’s the solution? RAISE PRICES ON FOOD THAT’S NOT GOOD FOR US. REMOVE THOSE MARKET FORCES, FOR OUR OWN GOOD. REMOVE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY SO WE AREN’T SUBJECT TO OUR OWN POOR CHOICES. REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH AND MAKE FOR A MORE FAIR WORLD BECAUSE FOOD SHOULDN’T BE CHEAPER IN AMERICA. IT JUST SHOULDN’T. IT’S NOT FAIR.]

      The relatively inexpensive food that most Americans consume every day may seem like a good deal, but in fact is a very expensive proposition. Unaccounted for in the price are, among other things, the future health care costs associated with heart disease, diabetes, and other obesity-related diseases. This examines a long-term strategy for trying to improve the American diet.

      [I have predicted the strategy. I don’t need to see their program to learn what it is. This entire 4-part series is a campaign ad for Obama, propaganda for Obamacare, and justification for the NEW AMERICAN SOCIALISM that Obama is bringing, whether We the People want it or not.]

      This is from part one:

      “The obesity epidemic is a problem that’s emerged over the last 30 years. It threatens our nation’s social, economic and physical health. But, unlike a natural disaster, obesity is often preventable.”

      [Yes, and so is HIV 100% preventable. What price do We the People pay for the poor choices people make when they do not practice safe sex? I read recently that the same CDC is touting that 60% of teens “choose” the most effective means of preventing pregnancy. And then they named the Pill, contraceptive shots, the patch, contraceptive implants, vaginal rings, and IUD’s. These are not THE most effective because that would be ABSTINENCE. They point out that condoms are NOT the most effective means and celebrate that the birth rate among teens is dropping. But what is the likelihood that of these 60% who use these other means of contraception that they ALSO use condoms for safe sex? I would guess virtually nil. So where is the concern of the CDC over the risk of HIV these girls take by not using condoms or abstinence? What is the goal of the CDC? Center for DISEASE Control. Pregnancy is NOT a disease, but STD’s ARE diseases. Do they have their priorities back asswards? Do they CARE about the costs to SOCIETY for the poor choices these girls make when they contract AIDS and perhaps even their babies contract AIDS from them? NO, they do not seem to focus on that cost to society, even though I recently saw a TV program, sponsored by one of our local ACORN descendants, that talked about the growing number of black teenaged mothers who have AIDS. IF they did care about sexual choices, then the CDC, NIH, and HBO would have a 4-part documentary about the cost to society of teen promiscuity and what government can do to promote healthy choices like DON’T HAVE CHILDREN WHEN YOU’RE NOT MARRIED AND CAN’T SUPPORT THEM, SO WE THE PEOPLE MUST, AND DON’T HAVE UNSAFE SEX BECAUSE IT COSTS US ALL WHEN WE MUST PAY FOR YOUR HEALTH CARE AND LOST DAYS AT WORK. Don’t hold your breath waiting for THAT documentary.]

      From part three:

      Changes to school lunches are one way to make a major dent in the childhood obesity epidemic. But in too many schools across the country, the lunches being served don’t meet all of the federal government’s guidelines for nutrition. Moreover, the obstacles to changing our National School Lunch Program and the food served in cafeterias across the country are formidable.

      Consuming sugar-sweetened beverages, including juice drinks, is also associated obesity and accounts for more added sugar in our children’s daily diet than any other food.”

      [So, we must regulate, control, ban, and perhaps even change out those providers of meals to schools so that we can put in our own “minority contractors” who will be awarded the deals to supply those meals and maybe even the “healthy” vending machines. See how that works? WHO are the “obstacles”? Let me guess: The STATES and their legislatures, which CONTROL education. The federal government DOES NOT. So the 10th amendment is another obstacle that they want removed, no doubt.]

      Part two seems like little more than propaganda for the “need” for more research and funding to find medical solutions to obesity. In other words, university hind-tit. The NIH lives to get government grants, and the NIH is a sponsor of this propaganda.

  2. I dare you to think a thought.

    archaic? no. you wish. It’s the new normal.

    Usurpation, before it means ‘you’re welcome”. in every language under the sun, except “sign”. we have the fingers to reply.

    USURPATION, torts. The unlawful assumption of the use of property which belongs to another; an interruption or the disturbing a man in his right and possession. Toml. Law Dict. h.t.
    2. According to Lord Coke, there are two kinds of usurpation. 1. When a stranger, without right, presents to a church, and his clerk is admitted; and, 2. When a subject uses a franchise of the king without lawful authority. Co. Litt. 277 b.

    USURPATION, government. The tyrannical assumption of the government by force contrary to and in violation of the constitution of the country.

    A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.

    how dare you let this drivel sear into your subconscious. Occupy Air.

    • except, they even deny us that. fresh air.

      meaning, free of mist and spray of the false fog they inundate us every morning on our way to work. I am not a male, Chinese, or blind… but I see the Global Initiative paying off in my heavens,

    • This fits the government definition to a tee (pun intended, because he’s always on the links).

  3. You know what Michelle LaVaughn Dunham.

    get out of my grill, off my lawn and out of my wallet. mmmkay

    busted. and sunk. Move On. Hut!

  4. oh, forgot the Robinson/ Dorhn.

    and correcting: get. out. of. my. grill.


  5. this reality star said the word thus more times than people responded to her thesis submission @ Princeton. No wonder they had to lock it up and throw away the key… in 2008.


    the thesis: Let’s Segregate Now.

    Black American Princeton Alumnae: 1200
    (circa 1990’s Chicago, is that reduntdant? the circa, thing?)

    Respondents Invited by US Postal Service: 400
    Responents: 89

    Kenyans: Unaccounted.

    # of thus’: 200 +/-

    get bent with your fake garden. what it’s a greenhouse? do tell.
    bwahahha. she’s got peops picking her toe jam all year long.

  6. School Bans Cookies, Candy, & Cake
    May 3 Snips

    Some parents are calling school officials in Colorado “food Nazis” after they announced a ban on all sweets, including cupcakes, candy bars and even birthday cakes – unless the cakes are made with district-approved recipes….black bean cake.

    School officials in Greeley, CO advised parents that new federal guidelines require all food served on grade school campuses to adhere to strict calorie counts.
    “Fundraisers held at school are no longer allowed to include food items of any kind,” said Jenna Raymond, of the District 6 Nutrition Dept. “Rewards for children are to include gifts such as erasers and pencils.”

    The Greeley County School district is even banning sweets at off-campus fundraisers.

    • On the approved list and something you and everyone can’t wait to dig into – “black bean” cake. That is sure to take the place of Hostess cupcakes and be served at every birthday party in the future! That is sure to beat Martha Washington’s devils food cake. Expect more backlash as parents get involved when it affects their family. My family was affected…no PB and J sandwiches – because of nuts. One child was allergic, so the other 2 classes of kindergarten can’t have them either because they might swap sandwiches with the affected child – in California. A staple sandwich was outlawed.

      • black beans and feta?

        on toasted rye, please. with pork sausage links and a dill pickle on the side/ hold the stinking anchovies/ can i haz fried onions on my Home Fries? and a spicy hot bloody Mary, too

      • Don’t tell Big MOm, but they still hand out peanuts on airplanes, with the tiny, controlled air supply that recycles germs, so why not allergens? It’s the parents of these kids who are to blame. Instead of teaching affected kids that life isn’t fair and sometimes biology hands you a lemon, you have to “suck it up” (sour lemons) and NOT demand that every other kid be equally punished by keeping THEM from enjoying what you can’t. In the Obamanation, everyone MUST BE EQUALLY MISERABLE, except for the elite oligarchs at the top who, of course, enjoy Wagyu beef on our dime.

    • No! Black bean cake? While it might be tasty to us, it’s nasty to do this to kids. They can’t even celebrate with cake? What a sad life these kids will have. The only time in their lives they can eat cake without guilt is childhood, when they run it off or grow it off. When they get old and fat like me, they’ll have to anguish over every bite, so there’s no enjoyment. A bland, regimented, bleak, 1984 life.

      Food Nazis and Nazis of every type abound in the Obamanation. Let’s put Michelle on a “strict calorie count.” That will put an end to her Wagyu beef Wednesday nights at the WH.

      btw, I totally forgot to add this to the post, although it didn’t technically fit. Did you happen to check out the purchases for the travelers, made in advance of her trip to sunny Spain in 2010? To wit:

      From Air Force Commissary: pancakes, syrup, potato chips, chocolate candy, cookies, Reese’s peanut butter cups, 7 other kinds of candy, cheese crackers, cheddar cheese, feta cheese, cream topping, meatballs, bagels, Canadian lunchmeat, unspecified bakery items (this excludes anything marginally “healthy” and includes what’s likely banned for school children by Big MOm). They did not include receipts for the rest of the items that were purchased elsewhere besides the commissary, totaling about $200.

  7. Miri, you know I am getting Old Fat and Tired, so in case I forget.

    i needed to use the can but it was already occupied.

  8. I am on the other side of being 100 years old. I never saw a person convulse on a peanut. ever. castor oil, yes. and definitely

    barkynuts, where’s the CDC? toxic and allergic. red preservatives.

    America 1776 > anecdote

  9. Miri, Glad you showed those photos of a fat kid purported to be BHO. Anyone believe that the photos above are of chubby Barack? Where was our government when Ann was letting her kid turn obese? What medical problem does BHO have that his weight has changed substantially so he now looks emaciated and ill?

    Is arugula on the approved list? Is the first classless lady still serving guests from her sewage infested garden at the White House? Is she “moving” and bending over to plant those seeds? Is she still checking her kid’s BMI on a regular basis? “Do as I say and not as I do,” huh Michelle? Butt, butt, butt.

    • I don’t believe it, but I can’t figure it out. Actually, my stretch of a post was an excuse TO show those photos purportedly of the now skinny Barry as a child. How likely is that to be the same person? Look at his FRAME. You can lose fat but you can’t lose your bones (at least not until you’re an old lady like me). I have always thought that Christmas with Ann and BHO Sr. was the single most creepy photo of him. If that’s really him, then he is not That One. I was going to include the First Butt, but I decided against it. Let’s put it here:

      • Miri at 9:53 am —

        “I have always thought that Christmas with Ann and BHO Sr. was the single most creepy photo of him. If that’s really him, then he is not That One.”
        From Lame Cherry (March 17, 2010):

        “Why does Indonesian Soetoro look nothing like Hawaiian Obama as a child with just a few months difference in the same photos?”

        • Not only that, but if you look closely at the two photos LC shows of him with his class in Indonesia, it becomes obvious very quickly that the head is cloned onto the body. These photos are perfect examples of what Dr. Polland calls “head games” photos. Not only do those faces look different from the face on the kid with BHO Sr. at the airport, look at the difference in skin color. A person will get darker in the tropics (although what difference is there between Indonesia and Hawaii?), but the tan won’t fade that fast. They can’t have been taken the same year, either. There’s another photo of him in Indonesia where he’s much larger and older looking than those kids in the photo. If that’s his body, they cloned an older version of his head onto it. That looks more like a class of first or second graders. Let me look for the other photo to show you what I mean. I was going to put it into the post but you can’t really see his fat body, just his fat face.

          Here it is: Click that link for a larger view.

          Now that I look at it more closely, the kid in the class photo with the commie youth-for-soharto beret on does resemble the kid at the airport, but not so much the kid in LC’s photos. That kid smiles differently, his ears look closer to his head, and his hairline seems different. But, as I said, that head looks cloned onto the dark body, so maybe beret kid’s body but another kid’s head? The twin? The changeling?

  10. I work on metabolism, at the molecular level, for a living — that is what I do. If you want to burn calories and don’t want to work at it it is quite simple, shut your pie hole. Pretty easy math. An alternative is to put your feet into ice water daily for about 10 min, that will increase your basal metabolism by as much as 20%.

    • Seriously? Ice cold feet do it? Stick your feet in the spring every day, folks. A spring for every school!

  11. Yes, it actually burns an amazing amount of calories through brown fat thermogenesis.

    • I will try it – if done twice a day, double the results? It is to be in the 90’s here today, so this will cool me plus burn calories…a perfect solution. But will I end up with skinny feet and a fat body?

      • No. You don’t have brown fat in your feet. Only in your torso, mostly in your back. It is a systemic reaction, that goes through the peripheral nervous system.

        • Can we use an ice bag instead of cold water? I’m thinking of icing my head so I can sleep at night, with this hot weather. I already have skinny feet, but a chubby torso. Stress doesn’t help. Does it? TY, Barry.

          • Bag of ice will work, but you would have to go longer. Heat (or cold) conducts much much more effectively in water than in air. I promise if you do it daily you will see results.

          • Also, I’m not sure it would work very well on your head because it is so well supplied with blood, and thus very resistant to temp. Your feet are sparingly vascularized and have very little fat insulation. A little cold goes a long way. PET scan analysis shows that the feet test works like magic. I don’t know that it has been tried in other bodily regions.

            • I was thinking of my head because I read that a cold environment helps a person sleep. Insomnia being a problem for women of a certain age, if you get my drift. Hubby likes a warm room; I like a cold room. I thought a compromise might be an ice bag on my head or under my pillow. 🙂

        • OMG! Maybe I will finally lose the “baby weight”! I’m gonna try it 🙂

          • I would probably advise anybody with diabetes to check with your doctor first, before you try this. My feet get cold enough as it is. Is there any danger involved with doing this?

          • For the record, this is cutting-edge physiology. I doubt most physicians even know adults have ample amounts is brown fat, this has only been appreciated in the last two years.

            I do not have a M.D. — I have a Ph.D. My research deals with sugar metabolism and hypoxic adaptation.

  12. KUHNER: Obama, liberal imperialist
    President is pushing neo-Wilsonian globalism on steroids
    By Jeffrey T. Kuhner
    Thursday, May 3, 2012 Snips

    On Tuesday, Mr. Obama delivered a nationally televised address from Kabul. The speech was filled with symbolism…

    The speech was a cheap publicity stunt – political theater masquerading as statesmanship. Mr. Obama was not there to mark America’s victory in Afghanistan or to boost the morale of our soldiers. Rather, his message was aimed at the electorate back home.Opinion polls show that nearly 75 percent of Americans oppose the war in Afghanistan. His aim is to convince them he is a successful commander in chief – that under his leadership, the Taliban have been routed, al Qaeda has been smashed and our troops are (eventually) coming home.

    There is one problem with Mr. Obama’s narrative: It is a lie. Shortly after his visit, the Taliban responded to Mr. Obama’s peace offer. They launched an attack, which killed seven and wounded at least 17. They have no intention of laying down their arms. Why should they? The Taliban are bleeding America to death. They have not been defeated.

  13. May the 4th be with you!!!! 🙂

  14. I didn’t want to get off on a tangent (like I usually do) in the post, because it really was meant to highlight photos of him as a child (if it’s Obam in the first place).

    But her focus on the bogus issue of food deserts was simply another socialist redistribution scheme. As that study showed, there are plenty of places where people in inner cities can buy healthy food. There are the small bodegas, yes, but they charge higher prices. But all the cities have Save-a-Lot, Aldi, Food-4-Less, and other discount or generic-products stores, with reasonably-priced produce. In fact, the middle class will go into the city to seek out the cheap produce at these stores.

    However, the study showed that there are also a lot of fast food places and prepared convenience foods in the stores, and the people buy that unhealthy stuff with their food stamps, instead of produce and healthy choices, which ARE available.

    I’ve visited farmer’s markets in many cities–Kansas City’s City Market, Boston, Seattle, Albuquerque, Santa Fe. There are many. But that didn’t matter.

    The people behind the “food desert” theory had a socialist goal and that was to redistribute taxpayers’ money to individuals to start “small businesses” in the inner cities. Read: preferred, mostly minority persons-of-color who would get these grants, regardless of whether they would end up with a going concern. That’s all that mattered. An excuse to give away the money and constituents to give it to.

    The racist comments by Marion Barry about how they need to get rid of the Asian business people in DC and replace them with “black” businesses is part of this initiative.

    It’s like global warming. A lie and a farce, but an EXCUSE to rationalize stealing money from America to redistribute to the WORLD. The food desert initiatives were an EXCUSE to rationalize stealing money from America to redistribute to the preferred racial spoils caste members.


    Barry’s administration declares that the Internet is not a reliable source of facts or information. You don’t say!

    The Social Security Administration last month told its disability-claims judges they are no longer to seek out information from websites when deciding cases — taking away a tool some of those judges say would help in uncovering fraud.

    Agency officials said reviewers can’t trust information posted online, [LIKE PRESIDENTIAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES?] Rand also said the mere act of typing in queries could compromise protected private information, so they shouldn’t try to access anything.

    Social Security’s ban covers all Internet sites, including social media such as Facebook.

    But Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican and a top taxpayer watchdog, said avoiding the Internet means giving up a valuable anti-fraud weapon — one that he said even federal courts have relied upon in some disability cases.

    “If an individual claims to be disabled, and then publicly posts a picture participating in a sport or physical activity on a social media website, such information should be used by [adjudicators] to determine if the claimant was truly disabled,” Mr. Coburn wrote in a letter last week to Social Security Commissioner Michael J. Astrue.

    The dispute raises Internet-age questions about the information people make available about themselves online, and how proactive government agencies should be in seeking out that information when it comes to granting taxpayer-funded benefits.”

    I’m amazed that anybody believes that the government should not be AS PROACTIVE AS POSSIBLE IN ENSURING THAT NOBODY DEFRAUDS TAXPAYERS. If they want the money, they should provide the proof. Just like if a person wants the job, he should provide proof of eligibility.

  16. I cannot find where Martha MacCallum allegedly said this, but this story says Obama is secretly messaging and threatening the SCOTUS to rule for Obamacare or else he will punish seniors by cutting Medicare drastically:

    There are other tyrannical executive orders reported there, too. Haven’t had time to check into them yet.

    • We all need to laugh at Barry thinking the president has the power to cut medicaid. We need an ad with the tune to ghostbusters but words something like,, “Hey Barry who ya gonna call to cut medicaid cuz yo sure ain’t got the pow’r to do dat!. Who ya gonna call? Barry’s busted!” Just saying.
      Repubs and super pacs have to just start making fun of him, Hollywood style. Our best defense is to go full force ahead and make a joke of him.

      • you are so right Hoot. Full force jokes on him. Jokes for the “JOKER”. I say we make a poster of him dressed as Snidley Whiplash….remember him? And we use him in all sorts of comprimising situations, compromising like acts of fooling and tricking the black race into thinking he’s working for them,compromising taxpayers,homeowners, latino’s. You know the scene where Minnie mouse is tied to the railroad tracks by Snidley. Replace Minnie with all walks of people who are at the mercy of old Obama Whiplash.
        Or maybe an opinion poll of old gay men and find out if Barry is still hot with them or losing his appeal.

        • And when he or any of his czar make a mandate, or executive order that is not theirs to make it should be all sing-songy, “Na,na,na,na,na. We don’t gotta listen to you. You’re not the boss. You’re just the president. Na, na, na, na, na. Your are the executive branch (eb), not the congress or the senate. You are the e.b. not the supremes. You are the e.b, not the fourth branch (b) the people. Na, na, na, na, na.

          We need to start telling companies we will not support them and buy their products if they are going to be a part of ignoring the constitution by following the latest dictatorial mandate through the “departments”. Na, na, na, na, na.

  17. in the photo “Chubby Barack Obama”, why is the Mom’s hand black??

    • Welcome, mjackson! That’s a very good question. I’d never noticed before. If that’s her hand, it certainly is the wrong color. If it’s not her hand, then what is it?

  18. “This is pure arrogance, and it is a hallmark of nemesis. Because none of this is going away. The current scandals will continue to snowball, and there will be more coming over the next months as the seeds scattered by Obama in his first years burst into bloom. (As this is being written, there comes word of a DreamWorks scandal busting open, involving Joe Biden; the Chinese; and, for all I know, the guy who thought it was a good idea to make a picture out of John Carter of Mars.) They have had three years to germinate and spread. As the campaign heats up, so will the scandals.

    Obama will then find himself in the lonely place — the place where the naked soul comes face to face with machinery of fate itself. A place that a man cannot walk out of, where no excuses can be made, where no explanation will ever suffice. By the time it’s all over, the election may well be the least of Obama’s worries.

    The Greeks gave us a complete picture of a very basic human predicament, arising out of the personal flaws and failings of the individual. A portrayal that still speaks to us because its basic elements remain unchanged even with the passage of millennia. We are seeing it repeated in our time. It will be a terrible spectacle. But it will also be just.”


    “A United Nations investigator probing discrimination against Native Americans has called on the US government to return some of the land stolen from Indian tribes as a step toward combatting continuing and systemic racial discrimination.

    James Anaya, the UN special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, said no member of the US Congress would meet him as he investigated the part played by the government in the considerable difficulties faced by Indian tribes. …

    Anaya said he had received “exemplary cooperation” from the Obama administration but he declined to speculate on why no members of Congress would meet him.

    I typically meet with members of the national legislature on my country visits and I don’t know the reason,” he said.

    Last month, the US justice and interior departments announced a $1 billion settlement over nearly 56 million acres of Indian land held in trust by Washington but exploited by commercial interests for timber, farming, mining and other uses with little benefit to the tribes.

    The attorney general, Eric Holder, said the settlement “fairly and honourably resolves historical grievances over the accounting and management of tribal trust funds, trust lands and other non-monetary trust resources that, for far too long, have been a source of conflict between Indian tribes and the United States.”

    But Anaya said that was only a step in the right direction.

    “These are important steps but we’re talking about mismanagement by the government of assets that were left to indigenous peoples,” he said. “This money for the insults on top of the injury. It’s not money for the initial problem itself, which is the taking of vast territories. This is very important and I think the administration should be commended for moving forward to settle these claims but there are these deeper issues that need to be addressed.””

    I’ll bet he got a big welcome from Obama. The Sioux took the Black Hills FROM the Crow before them. The vast part of the West, when the “white man” arrived, was depopulated. No tribe “owned” vast territories. ALL peoples in the USA are immigrants. NO people are “indigenous”. And I say that as a person who is part “Native American” and has the DNA paperwork to prove it.

    • The U.N. is investigating the U.S. “stealing” land from Native Americans, why? so they can pass a resolution demanding the U.S. cede the lands to the tribes? and then compare it to Israel “stealing” land from the Palestinians?

      Miri – yeah, they were all fighting each other, that’s why some tribes fought with the french and some with the Americans, they wanted to take out their enemies too. The Indian Tribes didn’t didn’t even have a concept of “owning” the land so when the gov’t made contracts to purchase them for pennies or blankets or whatever, they thought they were suckering the white men by getting something for nothing. Not to say there were injustices, of course there were, Andrew Jackson esp.

      I vaguely remember reading a few cases about these trust funds – probably in a wills & trust casebook. From what I remember the funds are managed by the tribe leadership for the benefit of all members and gets around the Rule Against Perpetuities – the problem is the class of beneficiaries keeps growing and growing so each member gets a smaller and smaller share. there was something about the descendancy, so if the original beneficiaries (say 4 for example) each had 25% then one of them has 5 kids and another only 1, they would have unequal shares, so instead, it’s divided equally, so the whole pie goes to the tribe communally and is divided equally among the living members and if someone dies I think it escheats (goes back to) the tribe rather than to heirs. Normally, property goes to heirs (or devisees if there was a will) if there are no heirs, property escheats to the sovereign (normally the state of residence).
      It’s very fuzzy (my memory)

      • I heard about this today from an Indian friend and there are four tribes that are joining together in a lawsuit. This is a major story on Indian websites apparently.

      • The tribes that are now in South Dakota originated in the area around the Great Lakes. At least before they moved west that’s where they lived. The tribes along the East Coast made war on the other tribes, pushing them westward. There were huge wars before “white men” ever arrived. The “west” was basically empty. Only along rivers were there small settlements. Everywhere else, it belonged to the buffalo, elk, deer, antelope, etc. Andrew Jackson was a jerk. I agree with that. And there were injustices, but enough to go around among all the races. There were even wars within the tribes over the land, who controlled the assets, who signed the treaties, who was in charge. Still are. Right now, they’re kicking people out of the tribes because they don’t want to keep sharing the assets. I read yesterday that the Cherokee tribe is currently led by a person who is (what a coinkidink) only 1/32 Cherokee! Same as Elizabeth Warren allegedly is. So there are people who aren’t members of the tribe, say whose families didn’t go on the Trail of Tears to OK, who actually have more “native” blood than the leaders of the tribe! My attitude is that we’re all members of the HUMAN RACE. We are all AMERICANS (so long as we ARE Americans, meaning here legally).


    I agree with Ryan. I forgot to tell you about this yesterday. According to this Dem website, Barry aims to be Julia’s potus all her life! Here’s a link that gives a little more explanation of the website, in case you, like me, don’t want to go to Barry’s campaign site:

    • One of Barry’s great ads – to showcase how the government will take care of you – no worries, they will pamper to your every need from cradle to grave. They are there for you as long as you stay dependent and don’t try to make a better life for yourself other than what the government will do for you. Government healthcare for you as an infant, then for you and your kids, and golly gee you can live in government housing (always a safe place to live) as a bonus. They will provide your food stamps so you can eat too. Poor, poor Julia. Emphasis on poor. These are benefits only if you choose nothing better for yourself by not getting educated or working. There is no hope in that existence for it is just that existing, scrambling for survival.

      • So paternalistic, too, as if women are helpless. Without the government, they would be lost. Eternal infants and second-class citizens. Of course, we know that’s HIS attitude towards women.

  21. This has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but I’d just like to remind the good folks at WTPOTUS that there are some real a-holes out there who deserve a special place in Hell.

    This is Tiana. She and her littermates were thrown away in a dumpster like the trash in February in Boston. May whoever did this get the warmest room in Hell and many pokes with the old pitchfork.

    I am adopting her; she comes home on Saturday to live in Hamster Shangri-La (my house). Please wish her a happy and healthy life!

    • Ohhh so cute! I hope the other ones find homes too. The previous owner put a male and female together…what did they expect? I guess there wasn’t an animal shelter close by to drop them off or time to advertise so people could save them.

      • Yes, Bridgette, probably an unwanted litter; maybe several litters.

        It’s so easy to contact your local rescue or shelter but I assume that this bonehead figured that throwing them in the trash was easier.

        Don’t know how people like that can sleep at night in fact, I have no idea how barky can sleep at night, either!

        • SueK, what a cutie Tiana is! I agree with you, anyone who can just dump an animal with no regard has a black heart in my opinion. I live in a somewhat rural area, and unfortunately ugly black hearted people will bring their dog’s out here and drop them off to fend for themselves rather than take them to the pound. I have taken in three of these dog’s that have been “dumped” (we own 10 acres of fenced land so we have plenty of room for play) they have turned out to be the most loving appreciative dogs I’ve ever owned. (I have two terriers that are spoiled rotten and tend to take their kibbles and bits for granted 🙂 anyway….to make a long story short, their my babies, they are with me till death do us part, to be forever loved and spoiled. I’m forever happy that they ended up finding their way into my life!

          • Thank you, Leza, and thank you also for rescuing! I agree that the ‘throwaways’ are the most grateful critters around; they’ve been given a second chance.

            The throwaways find their way to us for a reason!

            I wish you all long, happy and healthy lives together! I go in an hour :).

    • Cute. 🙂

      • Thanks, Miri, and All,

        She’s now off the web site because she’s been formally adopted and is home! She’s having a great time in her new digs :).

  22. I just came across this comment from an Indonesian blog. The link seems to be a dead link, Miri or Bridgette can you maybe pull your magic and find the archive of the link?

    Comment –

    The last Mardijker says:
    November 7th, 2008 at 6:38 am

    Barry Sutoro was a registered Indonesian of Mohammedan faith

    Sinyo Purba – you could have at least given wiki a reference

    Its the 4th comment down @ this link

    • Obama’s Indonesian Registration Document and Media Cover-Up

      Photo doesn’t come up.

      • on the archived page – Norton gave me a warning that said the site was blocked because it was a known malicious website
        the regular one just gave a 404 error message
        are they talking about his school registration that said he was an Indonesian Muslim?

    • In the comments at wayback , form link posted, it references an African article and says Barry’s teacher 64 years old, which would make her about eighteen, as a teacher, when Barry was in her class.
      “8-14-2008 10:40 PM
      An article from a South African website refers to this registration page.

      Jakarta – The “little curly-haired one” is well remembered by his Indonesian teacher Israella Darmawan.

      It was in 1968 when Barack Obama joined her class, and she likes the idea that he soon might become the world’s most powerful person.

      “We hope and pray that he will become the best US president of all time,” says Darmawan.

      Darmawan was Obama’s teacher while he attended the Catholic St Francis of Assisi school in Jakarta’s up-scale Menteng district.

      Darmawan, 64, who retired last year, now only returns to her former school to tell current pupils about their famous alumnus.

      She takes a faded book from a shelf, the school register dating back to 1968.

      “Barry Soetoro”

      Under registration number 203 it reads in large-lettered handwriting: “Barry Soetoro.” …

      Source: News 24 (South Africa)
      Source 2: Antara News
      Source 3: Antara News

      Cause for concern?
      The above article on this blog has been viewed multiple times by different readers at the Pentagon. What’s going on in the shadows?

  23. Yikes Hayden, I looked up Firefox says this about it –

    Clipmarks lets you clip and share specific parts of articles, blog posts or anything else you read on the web. With our newly integrated Amplify service, you can post clips directly to Twitter or Facebook – or share them on and more.

    Maybe its just that archived link?

    are they talking about his school registration that said he was an Indonesian Muslim?

    According to what Bridgette found I think so, TU bridgette, I appreciate it.

  24. Okay, you all know I’m a pack rat, I’ve saved some things from way back at TD’s. I just came across this Goggle map TD had posted on her blog at one time. Remember it was a big tado on her blog the warehouse in San Francisco on Mission St before Barkey got elected. But I can’t remember what the tado was about, anyone else remember? the Google map has 3 addresses on it one is Barkeys in Chicago, one is of the warehouse in SF, the 3rd is of a Gloria La Riva also on Mission St in SF.

    Here’s the google map –

    I just looked up the address of the Warehouse in San Francisco, Yikes again!

    Map of Party For Socialism & Liberatn, 2489 Mission St Ste 35, San Francisco, CA 94110

    Driving Directions to Party For Socialism & Liberatn. Things To Do Nearby Party For Socialism & Liberatn. Recent Reviews In San Francisco. Map and Directions for Party For Socialism & Liberatn. Party For Socialism &

    Anyone remember this? I only somewhat do, were we trying to connect Barkey to the warehouse…a crap moment! memory’s turning to jello 😦

    Alfy & Renee, you have cast iron memory’s, do you remember? anyone?

    • Gloria La Riva Wiki page. On the Google map I noticed she has the same phone # as that is listed for the warehouse.

      Gloria Estela La Riva (born August 13, 1954, in Albuquerque, New Mexico) is an American politician associated with the Party for Socialism and

    • Is that about the time when we found his home phone number really belonged to the Communist Party?

      • OMG B I think your right, wasn’t it the phone # of the second house on his property? and the warehouse, didn’t it have something to do with Nancy Fishface husbands dealings? I had this! racking my brain here!

      • We didn’t find out about the second house until Lame Cherry uncovered it much later, so it was the main house that used that number. Then I recall the information was scrubbed, but it might still be on Free Rep.

        Obama’s Phone Numbers???? – Latest Articles **
        Thursday, December 18, 2008

        “Why on Earth is the phone number for the Party for Socialism and Liberation linked to the Obamas’ private residence in Chicago?”

        === Excerpt below. Read the entire blog posting ===

        A Google search of the Obamas’ address, 5046 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, yields this:

        Greenwood Ave. Search 12/17/08

        The phone number listed for the address, if you can’t make it out, is 415-821-6171, a San Francisco area code. When I Google’d that phone number, this came up:

        Greenwood Phone Search 12/17/08

        The phone number associated with the Obama’s mansion is the number for the national Party of Socialism and Liberation. When I clicked on that link, I got this:

        PSL Home Page 12/17/08

        And a tab for local offices on the PSL site shows this:

        PSL Local Offices Page 12/17/08

        • The “Party of Socialism and Liberation” is the organization now running the “peace” group A.N.S.W.E.R. When ANSWER was outed as a communist front for the Workers World Party in 2002, several WWP leaders split to form the PSL. WWP has since started up a new “peace” group called Troops Out Now.

          The following is from Wikipedia:

          The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is a Marxist party in the United States founded to promote revolutionary change.

          It was originally created as the result of a split within the ranks of the Workers World Party (WWP). The San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Washington, D.C. branches of WWP left almost in their entirety to form the PSL. The PSL has since established branches in several additional urban centers across the United States.

          7 posted on Thursday, December 18, 2008 7:04:08 AM by ETL (Smoking gun evidence on ALL the ObamaRat-commie connections at my newly revised FR Home/About page)

          Also posted here: This is the information at TD’sincluding the map you linked to Leza.This was also the time people started investigating the Obama’s house, and that information is at Free also.

        • Your right, the second house was found later. But the warehouse, I almost swear it has something to do with Nancy Pelosi, I hope someone remembers what it was, what it was TD was doing with the research. TU BB, tomorrows another day, we need sleep, Not sure about you but I’m holding my eye lids open, we’ll try more tommrow, g’nite.

          Here’s an article about Chicago…Gloria, president of Party of Soc. and Lib. and Longshore Warehouser union….I’m out of touch ;what warehouse are you talking about?

        • Wow. That’s it. You gals have better memories than I do. Obviously, I answered Leza before I kept reading to catch up on the blog since yesterday.

    • A bust of some sort in that warehouse ? I remember that.

    • For some reason, my subconscious is telling me that it was a phone number that tied Barry to that socialist place in SF. Seems that the phone # was scrubbed as soon as we started questioning it at TD’s. Do you have a date for when you saved that screen shot?

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Yes, Leza. I remember it well. I also just tried to post the AP article “Kenyan Born Barrack Obama All Set for U.S. Senate” from the Sun Standard (??) But every time I tried to post it here I got bumped from this site!


      Miri | February 5, 2011 at 9:39 pm

      Mark O Ndesandjo, born Nov 1965, listed at 2243 19th Av, San Francisco, California 94116-0801 (1993); listed at 142, Palo Alto, California 94302-0101 in 1990; alternately at 672 Chiquita Front House Av, Mountain
      View, California 94041. From public directories, which of course might be wrong.

      2243 19th Av, San Francisco, California 94116-0801
      Driving distance to –
      2489 Mission St Ste 35, San Francisco, CA 94110
      Is 4.48 miles

      (Just making a note of this for any future reference/research)

  25. I can’t find the comment but someone pointed out that, in the picture of Obama in the blue striped shirt and SAD in the Blue dress, Sad’s hand looked way darker than the rest of her. I enlarged it and it is definitely a hand and definitely a black person’s hand. you can see the lighter skin across the knuckles, looks like an older black person’s hand. Sara maybe?

  26. I know someone has already posted a news report here about this scam, but this is a video, a special report by news 13. One Illegal Alien family claimed I believe they said in the video 18 nieces and nephews all living in MEXICO and got back over $28,000 for the child tax credit.

    OUTRAGE: Illegal Aliens Claim BILLIONS in IRS Tax Credits for Children IN MEXICO!

    Illegal aliens across America are committing FRAUD by filing tax returns with an IRS “ITIN” number, and listing children as dependents who live in MEXICO. This fraud is costing taxpayers an insane $4.2 BILLION PER YEAR. In addition, these are FELONY crimes – yet the Feds do NOTHING to stop it.

    The above link /congress-votes-to-keep-giving-illegal-aliens-billions-in-tax-credits you now get the 404 – File or directory not found. Congress approved this! I’d for one would really would like to know who in congress voted for this, any one know, or have another link to who in congress voted for it?

    • Congress approved this! Scratch that, I had gotten the above in an e-mail with wrong information. It hasn’t been voted on yet, but is coming up for a vote from congress.

      Will lawmakers act to close tax loophole for illegal immigrants?
      Updated: Apr 30, 2012 7:03 AM

      What can you do?

      Congress may be voting on a budget measure in the coming weeks, and a budget reconciliation package now being considered in the House of Representatives contains language that would limit additional child tax credits to US citizens with a valid social security number. If you feel strongly about this issue – one way or another – now is a good time to let your lawmakers know. Their contact information is listed below:

      If you want to have a good day today bypass the part in the above link titled – “Who’s going to help?”

    • It is totally outrageous and even more outrageous is the response of the government to concerned citizens–basically the same kind of blow-off response we get about Barry’s lack of eligibility. Go away, kid, you bother me.

  27. Miri, thank you much. Information has been sealed and put away, helped greatly, and much appreciated.

  28. On the topic of obesity and the woman who wants to be a mentor and spokesperson on the issue here is a group of photos that show she might have her own problems. She might have nice arms, but that is the extent of it.

    An overview of MO’s best outfits. MO being the woman to emulate if you are a fashion conscious woman. According to the Left’s definition, MO is beautiful. That’s a real stretch. Ugly is as ugly does, and her fashion sense is severely lacking. It would seem with all her 22+ attendants in waiting there would be one “dresser” among them to help her. Smiles to start our Sunday off.

    Who’s Dressed Better?

    • That is seriously mean. I vote for Liberace.

      Did she recently avail herself of her right to choose or does she have some serious dunlop problem going on there? Does she sometimes forget her corset?

      • Oh, this one made me tear up!

        I vote for any/all on the right hand side.

        Tell me, what’s with Chewbacca and those bloody black bondage belts that are always tucked under her pillows? Is there something else about this gruesome twosome of barky and the Klingon War Bride that needs investigating?

      • oh yeah.he was always dressed well. :lol;

  29. I know there are some who don’t like Rubio as a V.P. pick because of the natural born citizen issue, but I LOVE him. Besides being dreamy and the strategic advantage of being Hispanic and from Florida, he is a genuine tea party conservative and articulates it so well! he was on Fox News Sunday this morning.
    I think he will be the pick. And I just want to point out that the Constitution only has the natural born requirement for the office of the President, not Vice President.

    • You might be right, but it’s understood that a VP is in line for the presidency if the POTUS can’t serve. So then what? If the VP is ineligible, then next in line is Speaker of the House. If that’s not a Republican, then what? We get Pelosi, for example? It would be a guaranteed loss of much of the base if they choose Rubio. I think the media believes it will be Ryan, based upon how they’re attacking him. I love Rubio, too, but it’s a HUGE mistake to choose him for VP. Huge.

      • I like Ryan too. He was always my top pick for Pres.

        on the technicalities of the eligibility of v.p. – this is just looking at the plain reading of the COnstitution and not any statutes which congress may have passed since (I haven’t researched it in depth) – it says “In case of removal of the President deom office, or of his death, or resignation, or inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office, the Same shall DEVOLVE ON THE VICE PRESIDENT . . .”
        Now, it does not read, the vice president shall RISE to the office of the president or be sworn in as such, which would require eligibility for that office. It says the Powers and Duties of the President’s office shall DEVOLVE on to the person who is in the office of the Vice President. The POWERS and DUTIES devolve to the V.P., eligibility for an office is not a power or a duty. powers and duties are what the President can or must do once he is President. so as long as the person was eligible to hold the office of VP, the powers and duties which the president had devolve to him, the same requirement of eligibility for president is not attached.
        I know in reality the v.p. is called president and is probably sworn into the office of the president, but under the plain reading of the constitution, the v.p. would not have to be sworn in as pres, he would just automatically acquire the Powers and Duties.
        again, I haven’t read any relevant statutes that may be current law for succession, but that’s how the COnstitution reads.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        I agree. Met him on more than one occasion. He’s been a bit wishy- washy re: illegals. Talks out of both sides of his mouth. The Floridian we need is Allen West.

    • Hayden,

      Rubio is NOT eligible and if he is on the (R) ticket, I will vote for some obscure candidate rather than my former Governor, Mitt Romney.

      The requirement is that both POTUS and VPOTUS are natural born.

      If you check the opinion of many in the Hispanic community, he ain’t the most popular chocolate in the box, and I think his being on the ticket would damage the chances of barky being ‘overthrown’ in November.

      He is not eligible; he cannot serve. If he were any kind of decent American, he would settle his own eligibilty question once and for all and remove his name from the short list.

      Let’s not make the same mistake again!!!

      • I agree with you, Sue. It would be a ginormous error to choose an ineligible person for VP.

      • Where is the requirement that VP must be natural born?
        Art. II sec. 1 paragraph 4 ONLY imposes the requirement on the Office of the President.

        Personally, the V.P. could be Mickey Mouse or the Abonimable Snowman and I will still vote for Mitt.

        Mitt was my last choice for the nominee (well, he was above Ron Paul) but I support him and will vote for him. The alternative is 4 more years of Obama – that is a chance we cannot take. We are at a crossroads.
        Those who won’t vote for Mitt because of his V.P. pick and those who are still going to vote Ron Paul might as well vote for Ross Perot.

        • 12th Amendment, clause 4

          • yep, there it is. I guess by 1804 they realized there was a loophole. Oh well, I will still vote for the Abonimable Snowman as v.p. – who I’m pretty sure is not natural born . . .

          • Thanks, dualer.

            ‘But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.’

        • I will vote for Mitt IF and ONLY IF his VPOTUS is eligible to serve.

          Remember, Hayden, we have that problem squatting in the White House right now. If we vote for an ineligible candidate, we might just as well flush what’s left of the Constitution down the hopper.

          We are a nation of laws; let’s start acting like one.

          • Won’t vote for Rubio as vp because I stand on principle and if it is wrong for the other guy it is wrong for our guy, too, even if I want to win.

      • I agree with you Sue. The Republican establishment is a bunch of wishfull IDIOTS! I really hope this is an anti-incumbant year….Republican or Democrat. It makes no difference. The political elites are ALL ROTTEN! The sooner people get this thru their thick heads the better off we will all be. I can’t stand Obummer. I do not consider him to be the president. He is a fraud and a traitor along will all of Congress! It’s all part of their one world plan. I for one am just as afraid of a totally Republican controlled House/Senate and WH as I am of the current Shi$$ mess we have in DC now. People are so flustrated, that if they are not given any real choice, they will set this one out. By nominating Mitt with or without a non-eligible VP, the Republican elites have guaranteed another term for Obummer. That has probably been their plan all along. A non-eligible VP would just be the final nail in the Republican COFFIN! True conservative/Christian people cannot stand the Republican establishment.

        • Very hard for me to get excited about this candidate!

          Same Dirty Trick at Colorado Convention

          The “fake slate” gambit is exposed on Youtube once again.

        • Also, has Romney ever proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is eligible as a NBC? Why not???? Shouldn’t he set a proper example and pony up the evidence?

          • Also, has Romney ever proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is eligible as a NBC? Why not???? Shouldn’t he set a proper example and pony up the evidence?

            I vote for NO ONE that does not pony up their papers…my dog cannot even get groomed without shot records….my dog is not running for public office so….

            • Romney is eligible. His parents were citizens. It’s his grandparents who lived for a time in Mexico. They never gave up their citizenship. We found his relatives in Mexico in the 1930 census. Even then, long after Romney’s parents were living in the USA, his relatives in Mexico were classified as American citizens on the MEXICAN census. 1940 census is out. You can look for his parents there.

              Not voting against Obama is a vote to put him back in office for 4 years. Our Republic will NOT survive another 4 years. He will NEVER leave office. If you notice, Julia, his imaginary female beneficiary, lives her entire life under President Obama.

        • Final nail. I agree.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            But O has set a legal precedent, hasn’t he by bypassing the Constitutional mandate without being impeached/ejected….whatever would be appropriate? The barn door can’t be shut now, can it? WHAT A MESS!!

  30. I agree Sue.what do you think of West as VP.? 🙂

    • Hi Foxy,

      I love West and wish he’d consider running but being a newbie, I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

      Where Mitt is a ‘nice guy’ (and I know he is) West would deliver the take-no-prisoners punch the ticket needs. Mr. West is in your face and that’s exactly what we need, not anyone from the PC crowd who can’t/won’t get things done and is afraid to step on toes. Anyone’s toes!

      I’m thinking that we may see him in 2016 but unfortunately, probably not before. I would do a serious happy dance if he was tapped for the VPOTUS slot this time around, and accepted! I might even open up my checkbook 🙂

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      As I wrote above, there’s no one better. Ryan is my second choice.

  31. I sent my absentee ballot in today,
    voted for Orly Taitz for Senator.
    Hope and change!

    • Did you read the good news that Barry had a rally on Marx’s birthday to kick off his campaign (which has been ongoing since 2008!) and there were EMPTY SEATS in the house? LOTS OF EMPTY SEATS AT HIS CAMPAIGN KICK OFF. I hope this IS an “anti-incumbent” year. We need to clean our White House. And then disinfect it.


      • see day by day cartoon
        Not only karl marx butJulia was the lead female character in Orwell’s 1984
        Taking the mick in plain sight!

  32. Greece and France have voted far left today. The currency markets will attack on Tuesday.
    This could be the break up of the so called eurozone

    I dont know how this figures into the global chaos plan
    It is worth watching/

    • Well, Bill Clinton was recently advising them to stop their austerity measures, so I guess he got his wish. It makes Barry look bad if Europe stops socialism right when he’s trying to start it here. And Barry won’t mind seeing the end of Sarkozy because he, for one, was able to see through Barry and recognize him for the incompetent adolescent that he is. France will be sorry in the long run. Yes, it probably will be the end of the Eurozone. No matter how France and Greece go, Germany and the UK are still conservative and they’re not going to go down with them or carry them on their backs.

  33. I can’t find where somebody tipped me to this story, so I’ll repeat it because I want to comment about this part:

    “Oh, and as for it being personal, you tell me how you would feel if a senator from Illinois sent you a personally signed card, intended to intimidate you and your family. Because you had written a syndicated column titled “Darth Democrat” that was critical of him. ( 11/16/04)”

    This guy saw through Obama and warned us about him 8 years ago! Here’s that story that got the initimidating message from Obama (thug then; thug now):

    He is eloquent, well spoken, with a membrane-thin veiled socialist agenda cloaked in flowery speech. But unlike Rep. Harold Ford, D-Tenn. – who had to be reminded by Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., that while congressional blacks were no longer relegated to ticket taker in a cloakroom, they had better not forget their place – Barack Obama, D-Ill., is just the kind of black man elite liberals can use.

    But also unlike Ford, Barack Obama is much more appealing to blacks nationwide and thus much more formidable when you combine that with his ability to raise large contributions, his Muslim roots and education, his ability to rivet national audiences with his snake-charmer oratory skills and an appealing mien that connects well with liberal voters. Accordingly, Lord Obama could very easily morph into “Darth Democrat.”

    It should be no surprise that he is from Illinois. Illinois has a long history (from Capone to Daley) of empowering the unsavory. This unsavory comes with a smooth veneer that reverberates a thirst for power.

    He has presidential ambitions stitched into the very fabric of his being, and as a student of history he understands the danger of remaining a senator if he is to be successful with his ambitions.

    Granted there are worse things than a black uber-liberal socialist Muslim, supposedly now Christian Democrat in the White House (unless your name happens to be Clinton). The question is: Who would want them visited upon this generation?”

    If only everyone had listened to Mychal Massie back then.

  34. Remember how the media portrayed Reagan as an amiable dunce? Just like they portray every Republican–as dunces, idiots, brain dead (except for Nixon, who was an evil genius, like Rove)? So now somebody has turned up Ronald Reagan’s grades from elementary school: The record shows that Reagan’s lowest score on that particular book was 93 and he got a 95, a 97, and two 100s in the other topics. Straight A student, in other words. But here’s how the story describes it:

    “Besides revealing that Reagan was a pretty much an average first-grader, the books show something interesting about schools back then. “These students just didn’t automatically move on to the next grade level,” said Estes, who points out that some like Reagan completed the first grade in seven months, while others took 14 months.”

    But he was “average”.

    IF ONLY we could see genius Barry’s grades. How would that genius be described? Did Barry finish first grade in 7 months? I seem to remember a very large Barry towering over his friend Scott in 3rd grade.


    Saturday Night Live was planning a skit mocking Obama for spiking the football by taking credit for personally killing OBL. For some reason, the show spiked the skit and instead put on yet another skit mocking FOX News. IF you’re not doing so already, BOYCOTT NBC AND ANY OTHER NBC-AFFILIATED ENTITY.

  36. an oryr comment by Anonymous, pretty funny – and accurate.

    A clever analogy………and true!
    If you start with a cage containing five monkeys and inside the cage, hang a banana on a string from the top and then you place a set of stairs under the banana, before long a monkey will go to the stairs and climb toward the banana.

    As soon as he touches the stairs, you spray all the other monkeys with cold water.
    After a while another monkey makes an attempt with same result … all the other monkeys are sprayed with cold water. Pretty soon when another monkey tries to climb the stairs, the other monkeys will try to prevent it.
    Now, put the cold water away.
    Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new one.
    The new monkey sees the banana and attempts to climb the stairs.To his shock, all of the other monkeys beat the crap out of him. After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs he will be assaulted.
    Next, remove another of the original five monkeys, replacing it with a new one.
    The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment…… with enthusiasm.
    Then, replace a third original monkey with a new one, followed by the fourth, then the fifth. Every time the newest monkey takes to the stairs he is attacked.
    Now, the monkeys that are beating him up have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs. Neither do they know why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey.
    Finally, having replaced all of the original monkeys, none of the remaining monkeys will have ever been sprayed with cold water. Nevertheless, not one of the monkeys will try to climb the stairway for the banana.
    Why, you ask? Because in their minds…that is the way it has always been!
    This, my friends, is how Congress operates… and this is why, from time to time:
    ALL of the monkeys need to be REPLACED AT THE SAME TIME.

    • Love it Hayden………….so true. Let’s continue what we started in 2010 in 2012. The establishment needs to go……………………..


    Explains that Sarkozy was hardly a conservative, that his defeat apparently is not because of austerity but because he wanted only to raise taxes instead of cutting programs, and that a split among the so-called conservative voters is what ENSURED that SOCIALIST win. A lesson for us in 2012.


    Here’s a story about a lot of children who will never have the chance to grow obese. And this is what comes from DEHUMANIZING COMMUNISM, which, btw, this administration admires, as demonstrated by Clinton, Obama, and Mao-loving Anita Dunn.

    “The grim trade is being run from China where corrupt medical staff are said to be tipping off medical companies when babies are aborted or delivered still-born.

    The tiny corpses are then bought, stored in household refrigerators in homes of those involved in the trade before they are removed and taken to clinics where they are placed in medical drying microwaves.

    Once the skin is tinder dry, it is pummelled into powder and then processed into capsules along with herbs to disguise the true ingredients from health investigators and customs officers. …

    The Chinese have historically consumed human placentas to improve blood supply and circulation.

    Health authorities in Asia are concerned that if the powdered foetus trade is allowed to continue the capsules will find their way onto the internet and be sold to gullible or sick desperate people in other parts of the world. …

    Hospitals and abortion clinics in China reportedly pass the remains onto drugs companies when a baby is stillborn or aborted, the South Korean SBS documentary team reported last year.

    The San Francisco Times reported that tests carried out on the pills confirmed they were made up of 99.7 per cent human remains.

    The tests were successfully able to establish the genders of the babies used.”

    Since this is China, need we ask what the results of those sex tests were? The stories didn’t say, lest someone connect socialism/communism to a “war on women.”

    It’s bad enough that their government forces these baby girls to be murdered, but now they desecrate their bodies for people to eat. You cannot make this up.

    Imagine someone who willingly takes a pill made from dried, ground-up baby girls.

    • Real humans doing this to real humans…animals…this is just too gross. Like a horror film…


    • This is beyond repulsive. What century are we living in that this is allowed to happen anywhere in the world? I can’t fathom their mentality nor their ideas of population control. Humans vs humans. Their only solutions to caring for their population is to kill them rather than increase food supplies or whatever else is necessary.

      Jane Fonda wants us on our knees praying for communism too. So out of touch are those that want any of the isms to take the place of our constitutional government.

      Yet our government has its own legalized form of population control by supporting Planned Parenthood organizations.

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