International Money Laundering Scheme Ignored by Obama Administration (Open Thread)

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The Corrupt Obama Administration and the Lamestream Media Aren’t Reporting?  Why Might that Be?


Money laundering happens in almost every country in the world, and a single scheme typically involves transferring money through several countries in order to obscure its origins.

Money laundering, at its simplest, is the act of making money that comes from Source A look like it comes from Source B. In practice, criminals are trying to disguise the origins of money obtained through illegal activities so it looks like it was obtained from legal sources. Otherwise, they can’t use the money because it would connect them to the criminal activity, and law-enforcement officials would seize it.”

Home Owners Across the Nation Sue All Bank Servicers and Their Offshore Havens;  Spire Law Officially Announces Filing of Landmark Lawsuit.

Largest International Money Laundering Network in History Formed During Obama Administration;

U.S. Banks’ Theft of Home Owners’ Money Laundered Through Cayman Islands, Isle of Man and Numerous Offshore-Based Affiliates


Press Release
April 23, 2012, 12:01 a.m. EDT
© Marketwire 2012

NEW YORK, NY, Apr 23, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — In a lawsuit alleged to involve the largest money laundering network in United States history, Spire Law Group, LLP — on behalf of home owners across the Country — has filed a mass tort action in the Supreme Court of New York, County of Kings.   Home owners across the country have sued every major bank servicer and their subsidiaries — formed in countries known as havens for money laundering such as the Cayman Islands, the Isle of Man, Luxembourg and Malaysia — alleging that while the Obama Administration was publicly encouraging loan modifications for home owners, it was privately ratifying the formation of these shell companies in violation of the United States Patriot Act, and State and Federal law.

The case further alleges that through these obscure foreign companies, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo Bank, Citibank, Citigroup, One West Bank, and numerous other federally chartered banks stole hundreds of millions of dollars of home owners’ money during the last decade and then laundered it through offshore companies.   The complaint, Index No. 500827, was filed by Spire Law Group, LLP, and several of the Firm’s affiliates and partners across the United States.

Far from being ambiguous, this is a complaint that “names names.” Indeed, the lawsuit identifies specific companies and the offshore countries used in this enormous money laundering scheme. Federally Chartered Banks’ theft of money and their utilization of offshore tax haven subsidiaries represent potential FDIC violations, violations of New York law, and countless other legal wrongdoings under state and federal law.

“The laundering of trillions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer money — and the wrongful taking of the homes of those taxpayers — was known by the Administration and expressly supported by it. Evidence uncovered by the plaintiffs revealed that the Administration ignored its own agencies’ reports — and reports from the Department of Homeland Security — about this situation, dating as far back as 2010.   Worse, the Administration purported to endorse a ‘national bank settlement’ without disclosing or having any public discourse whatsoever about the thousands of foreign tax havens now wholly owned by our nation’s banks.  Fortunately, no home owner is bound to enter into this fraudulent bank settlement,”  stated Eric J. Wittenberg of Columbus, Ohio — a noted trial lawyer, author and student of US history — on behalf of plaintiffs in the case.

The suing home owners reveal how deeply they were defrauded by bank and governmental corruption — and are suing for conversion, larceny, fraud, and for violations of other provisions of New York state law committed by these financial institutions and their offshore counterparts.

This lawsuit explains why loans were, in general, rarely modified after 2009. It explains why the entire bank crisis worsened, crippling the economy of the United States and stripping countless home owners of their piece of the American dream. It is indeed a fact that the Administration has spent far more money stopping bank investigations, than they have investigating them. When the Administration’s agencies (like the FDIC) blew the whistle, their reports were ignored.

The case is styled Abeel v. Bank of America, etc., et al. — and includes such entities as ML Banderia Cayman BRL Inc., ML Whitby Luxembourg S.A.R.L. and J.P Morgan Asset Management Luxembourg S.A. — as well as hundreds of other obscure offshore entities somehow “owned” by federally chartered banks and formed “under the nose” of the Administration and the FDIC.

Commenting further on the case, Mr. Wittenberg stated:

“As if it is not bad enough that banks collect money and do not credit it to homeowners’ accounts, and as if it is not bad enough that those banks then foreclose when they know they do not have a legally enforceable interest in the realty, we now learn that they have been operating under unbridled free reign given by the Administration and some states’ Attorneys General in formulating this international money laundering network. Now that the light of day has been shined on it, I believe we can all rest assured that the beginning of the end of the bank crisis has arrived.”

All United States home owners may have the right to bring a lawsuit of this kind if they paid money to a national bank servicer during the years 2003 through 2009.

One lawyer impacted by the corruption — Mitchell J. Stein, who formerly represented the FDIC, the RTC and the FSLIC during the Savings and Loan scandal of the 1990s, and who predicted all of the foregoing in open court two years ago — commented:

“Two years ago, I remarked in open court to a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, as well as to legislators including Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office during a multitude of  in-person meetings, that the ongoing violations of the Patriot Act by these financial institutions was outrageous and a breach of the public trust of unprecedented proportions,” said Stein.

“The size and scope of this misconduct — stretching to far-away islands never before having standing as approved United States Bank affiliates — is remarkable and emblematic of what we have seen,” he continued. “The bank crisis represents the height of corruption and brazen behavior where our historically trusted financial institutions have no qualms about breaking the law, because they have the Administration behind them. Banks do well enough when they operate lawfully without needing to be permitted to operate as criminal enterprises that steal money from United States citizens.”

Additional plaintiffs’ counsel Nicholas M. Moccia commented:

“Having been in the trenches of the bank crisis for years, I always knew that the misconduct was being conducted by a network. When I started litigating against banks, however, I could have never imagined that it would be this extensive. I look forward to taking discovery of these thousands of obscure foreign entities and to obtaining for homeowners their constitutionally entitled injuries for this international ring of theft and deception.”

Comments were requested from the Attorney Generals’ offices in NY, CA, NV, and MA and the White House, but no comment was provided.

About Spire Law Group

Spire Law Group, LLP is a national law firm whose motto is “the public should be protected — at all costs — from corruption in whatever form it presents itself.” The Firm is comprised of lawyers nationally with more than 250-years of experience in a span of matters ranging from representing large corporations and wealthy individuals, to also representing the masses. The Firm is at the front lines litigating against government officials, banks, defunct loan pools, and now the very offshore entities where the corruption was enabled and perpetrated.

SOURCE:  Spire Law Group, LLP
Published by Marketwatch

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Managing Partner
Spire Law Group, LLP
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  1. Link not working now
    SOURCE: Spire Law Group, LLP
    Published by Marketwatch

  2. I have long believed that the reason that the Obama administration wasn’t helping AZ with the border problem, and suing them regarding immigration was because they were assisting the drug cartels and helping bring in drugs to the USA. That money had to be laundered as well.

    Also consider all of the real estate/properties found nationwide listed under Barack and Michelle’s name where they utilized all of the different social security numbers. Money laundering and fraud by them was suspected a long time ago.

    How deep are these connections and who is involved at the highest levels in these major banks?

    Is the reason this is not being reported by the MSM because Democrats are involved from Fannie and Freddie, Homeland Security under Napolitano, as well as the FDIC? How many agencies reported wrong doing and nothing was done? Did Napolitano sit on the information along with Senator Feinstein? How about Eric Holder?

    The press release says people will be named in the lawsuit. This may be the final nail in the corrupt Democrat’s coffin. ( I am assuming that there may be Republicans involved as well). But this was known for two years and nothing has been done. When the MSM doesn’t report…we know they are offering protection to their own.

  3. I was looking up Abeel v. Bank of America at Find Law and was directed to this article. There was no mention of the case yet.

    Issa Expands Fast & Furious Probe to Include Money Laundering
    From Dec. 5, 2011 Snips

    Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) has requested a briefing with the Justice Department over a news report that U.S. law enforcement officials helped Mexican drug cartels launder millions of dollars into the country.

    The chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee made the request in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, in which he questioned DoJ head’s ability to lead the agency.

    Issa has been investigating the DoJ’s authorization of a botched gun-tracking operation for most of the year and has increasingly criticized Holder, who is set to appear before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday…
    According to an article published in the New York Times on Sunday, undercover agents with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) helped transport millions of dollars in cash across the US-Mexico border in an effort to study and dismantle the trafficking routes of drug cartels. The article said the DEA allowed the drug cartels to continue functioning as they tracked their money moving methods.[Nice cover! So where is the money?]

    A spokesperson for the DEA said the agency was not planning to reveal the details of particular operations to the public, but declined to state whether it would do so for members of Congress.

  4. Oh, good. This is an open thread!

    Here’s a good one for ya! Did you know that Senate candidate and one time Obama Czar Elizabeth Warren falsely claimed to be a Native American and got a special student load based upon that “fact”?

    “Warren was criticized last week when it was revealed that Harvard Law School officials promoted her slight Native American heritage as evidence of its faculty’s diversity. Then-Harvard Law School president Mike Chmura told the Harvard Crimson in 1996 that Warren is Native American.

    A genealogist at the New England Historic and Genealogical Society said, “In her immediate pedigree there is no one who is listing themselves as not white,” according to the Boston Herald.

    Warren was also criticized for accepting an interest-free loan from Harvard worth between $15,000 and $50,000 in 1996.”

    Not only do I wonder who wrote the book of love, but I also wonder if somebody close to Warren ALSO got an interest-free loan from Harvard based upon a false claim of a mother being part Cherokee or a father being black? Where, btw, did that LIE originate–that SAD was Cherokee? In some loan papers seen at Harvard?

    Might this explain why there’s no loan interest deduction on his early tax returns? So will Barry be held to the same standard?

    If you click the links within GP’s story, there are others that show that now she came up with a very distant ancestor who was Cherokee. While that’s something and is MORE than can be said for Barry, I wonder about the criteria for giving her a special loan for adding to their “diversity.”

    Here’s something else interesting. Note the timing. Warren got her interest-free loan in 1996, which ran for 20 years. That’s the term for these special loans. 20 years. Barry actually (supposedly) paid off his loans in 2000 (if you assume that’s why they’re not mentioned on any disclosed paperwork from that time). So, 1980 to 2000 is twenty years. He started college in 1979/1980. A 20-year interest free loan for being a “minority”? Where’re the loan papers, Barry?

    Read the anecdotes in this story. They reveal how EASY it was for people to game the system and get special treatment based upon lies about their ethnic background. Apparently more common than we think, but when you think about it: Why not? The entire system is a farce, anyway. A racial spoils system.

    Only the Native Americans expect PROOF and even they don’t accept proof. They demand your ancestors to have been on the government rolls and dole, as in–if yours didn’t go to the “Rez”, then you don’t count as a member of the tribe, no matter what your ethnicity. And if they did go to the Rez, then they do (or did) count, even if they’re the descendants of African slaves once owned BY Cherokees, for example. And even if, generations after, the “Native American” tribe member has less Native American blood than your ordinary “Western” citizen on account of generations of Native Americans on the reservation marrying WHITES, whatever “white” is.

    • WARREN*************


      “The Ivy League law school prominently touted Warren’s Native American background, however, in an effort to bolster their diversity hiring record in the ’90s as the school came under heavy fire for a faculty that was then predominantly white and male. [Remember that Derrick Bell and Barry were involved in the beginnings of this protest.]

      Of 71 current Law School professors and assistant professors, 11 are women, five are black, one is Native American and one is Hispanic,” The Harvard Crimson quotes then-Law School spokesman Mike Chmura as saying in a 1996 article. The Crimson added that 83 percent of the Law School’s students believed the number of minority women on staff was inadequate.

      “Although the conventional wisdom among students and faculty is that the Law School faculty includes no minority women, Chmura said professor of law Elizabeth Warren is Native American,” the Crimson wrote.

      The Crimson noted Warren’s heritage again in 1998 when Lani Guinier became the first black woman tenured at the law school, mentioning that Warren was “the first woman with a minority background to be tenured.”

      The Warren campaign said the candidate never authorized Harvard Law to claim her as a minority hire. … [A genealogist said] that finding Native American lineage is not always easy:

      “Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama claim to have Native American heritage, but we were never able to find evidence of that, and in both cases we traced their ancestry fairly thoroughly.””

      What a joke! We’ve been tracing Obama’s ancestry thoroughly for 4 years and we still know NOTHING about it.

      • Ok. I’m willing to go out on a limb and cry BS on this one. This guy leaves himself a HUGE out, but hey. The narrative is all that matters. This should get the Fukino Award for obfuscation and aid to a DemocRAT above and beyond the call of duty:

        “Christopher Child of the New England Historic and Genealogy Society said Monday he found an 1894 document in which Warren’s great-great-great grandmother is listed as Cherokee, which would make the Harvard Law School professor 1/32nd American Indian. Child says more research is needed.”

        It’s written down somewhere in the archives. Where have we heard THAT before?

        Seriously, amateur sleuths and genealogists: Does this ring true? A DemocRAT who’s running against a Tea Party guy for a Senate seat they want back. Suddenly, part of their base, the Native Americans, come out against her, enraged that she’s claiming to be one of them and got special treatment based upon it. What to do; what to do?

        Find a guy who claims to find a 1894 document. Think about it. When did YOUR three-times great grandmother live? 1894? I think not.

        So what does he have? The Starr Roll? Would the woman be alive then? And where’s his proof this woman was her ancestor? What’s the name and particulars? We’ll do the “more research,” Chris.

        • This story gives the name of the supposed ancestor: “She would be 1⁄32nd of Elizabeth Warren’s total ancestry,” noted genealogist Christopher Child saidreferring to the candidate’s great-great-great-grandmother, O.C. Sarah Smith, who is listed on an Oklahoma marriage certificate as Cherokee.”

          Okaaaay. So in 1894 Warren’s great-great-great-grandmother was just getting married! World’s oldest bride. Oh, it helps to have a common name like SMITH!

          • Oh, found more: It was her son’s marriage certificate that allegedly listed her as Cherokee, but he didn’t list himself in the census as such. And the Boston media scrambles to help poor embattled Liz. So who leaned on Chris to “find” that “proof”?

            Here’s how ironic it becomes. They weren’t listed on the Dawes Roll, so they don’t count (if it’s even her ancestors). “If you have ancestry, that’s great,’’ said Lenzy Krehbiel-Burton, deputy director of communications for the Cherokee Nation, based in Oklahoma. “We encourage you to research it and do your proverbial homework. With a margarita-sized grain of salt, there is a difference between having ancestry and being a citizen.’’


            “On Monday, several universities where Warren taught before Harvard were unable to provide her employment records, which could shed light on whether she ever used her ancestry when applying for a job.”

            Like That One. Unable, unwilling, prohibited, or were they eaten by bugs?

            “At the University of Texas, where Warren taught from 1981 through 1987, a records coordinator said Monday that computer records there list her ethnicity as white.”

            OKAY. Now how is it that the U of Tejas will give out that information about Warren, but the U of HI won’t give out anything about SAD and Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard won’t give out anything about Barry? How about ethnicity? I’d love to know that. Did he say INDONESIAN at Occidental? Enquiring minds want to know. Will this same reporter ask for us?

          • So, she is a White Cherokee.

    • Isn’t it dem activist Ward Churchill that also claims to be Indian yet no documents can back up his claim?

      Elizabeth Warren camp: It’s kind of sexist for Scott Brown to ask if she’s lying about being Native American
      April 30, 2012 by Allahpundit Snips

      If the presidential election can come down to whether it’s more offensive to eat dogs or put one in a kennel on top of your car, I guess it’s fair for a Senate election to come down to whether Elizabeth Warren is 1/10,000th Cherokee.

      The newest front in the “war on women,” apparently: Calling a female pol out on her self-serving B.S.

      If one gauges from the Readers’ comments, this may not bode
      well for Professor Sitting Horseface.

      ted c on May 1, 2012 at 12:59 AM
      So her name isn’t Elizabeth Warren, it’s “I-lies-a-bit Warren”

      • Sexist? Sexist? How do they get to that one? Oh, I see. It’s a different stroke on: Any question you ask Barry is by definition RACIST because just to question him is racist. What a freaking stretch.

        What’s more offensive? Using a miniscule amount of “Native American blood” (if true) to get special treatment ahead of other people far less fortunate than you, or asking for this woman to prove that she DIDN’T defraud the backers of that loan? Professor Sitting Horseface. Now that’s funny, albeit possibly really sexist.

        I noticed that they turn it around, mischaracterize the question, as they usually do: They asked Brown if he’s implying that she’s not qualified. What the heck does asking if she LIED about being Native American have to do with qualifications to be Senator (other than that who wants a known LIAR, except apparently that’s NEVER bothered DemocRATS, unless it’s a Republican. Remember, “Bush lied and people died?”)

        Speaking of people dying or not dying: I read this morning that the military has been LYING about the number of attacks upon our troops by Afghan insiders. They report it only if somebody gets killed. If the Afghans shoot and miss or only wound, then they don’t report it. What a surprise! They lie. Upon orders, no doubt.

    • Hi Miri,

      I’m here in Granny Warren territory and yeah, she’s one of us, alright!

      Here’s yet another piece from the Boston Herald, stating that Granny is 1/32 Cherokee; that hardly qualifies her as a ‘minority professor’ yet, she took advantage of zero interest loans as such. HUH?

      One thing readers need to realize about Granny is that she was personally tapped by barky to run against Scott Brown. That alone tells you who she is. Add to that the fact that she claims to have created the ‘intellectual foundation’ for the OWS movement. Well, THAT’S certainly something to be proud of, eh?

      I think we know what we’re dealing with in MA however, I’m seeing a few ‘Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts’ bumpah stickas on my way to work each day. I’m sorry to say that brain dead Libs in this moonbat state are out in public, unaccompanied…..

      • Look at Hot Air. The comments document what I’ve found, except I didn’t find the marriage record, which is here: The photocopy from Familysearch shows that there’s no race listed for the mother on either the license or the marriage certificate. Note the name of his wife-to-be (Woolford NEE LONG) and his mother (O.C. Smith).

        In addition, there were multiple men named William J. Crawford. The one who married in OK to a woman named Mary E. Long, allegedly said on his marriage certificate that his mother O.C. Sarah Smith was Cherokee. But the record doesn’t say that. However, the ONLY record I can find of that is a CONVERSATION at Rootweb where people from that family discuss how people are mixing the men up and (as is too often typical in genealogy) not documenting their facts.

        There was a Neaomia Smith, who married a John Houston Crawford. They had a son named William J. Crawford. But look at these names: Smith, Crawford, Long. Can you get any more common? People with uncommon surnames often don’t do their homework to ensure that the person they track through public records is the SAME person. How much more confusing when they’re common names?

        In addition, at Hot Air they point out that THIS isn’t even Elizabeth Warren’s family–she’s NOT descended from that family!

        They are grasping at straws and OBFUSCATING. Just like they do with Barry. The genealogist got jumped on for his report, so he went and found something remotely plausible, counting on the media to take the NARRATIVE and run with it and the NARRATIVE IS (for those not paying attention) that BROWN is wrong and racist and sexist and WARREN was telling the truth and is vindicated and so there, you evil Republicans.

        The genealogist TRIED TO BE HONEST BY SAYING THAT MORE RESEARCH IS REQUIRED. Well, here it is and it PROVES that she still hasn’t PROVEN that she deserved that special loan.

        She still hasn’t proven that she’s Native American and those who use this LIE to “prove” it are just that–LIARS. But this will be like what we all say and PROVE about Barry’s background. They will not see because they don’t want to see.

        • An update on Warren. She’s such a loon. After denying yesterday that she categorized herself as Native American and pretending that she didn’t have anything to do with how the colleges touted her ancestry, today she says she only put down Native American so that she could perhaps be put in touch with other people such as herself–that she might be “invited to a luncheon!”

          This part is from the you-can’t-make-this-up category, combined with the how-tone-deaf-and-out-of-touch-can-one-woman-be category:

          “She also claimed that “being Native American has been part of my story I guess since the day I was born” — despite the fact that she has rarely, if ever, mentioned her Native American ancestor in any of her speeches or statements.

          To back up this up, she told reporters,”my Pepaw, had high cheekbones like all of the Indians did.””

          I’m almost beginning to feel sorry for her but then I remember how they mercilessly made fun of Christine O’Donnell and NEVER would have described her, paraphrasing, as a “feisty fiscal warrior and progressive bogeywoman.”

 That story repeats the lie, repeats the lie, repeats the lie that she does have, according to “records”, some native heritage.

          It’s a lie because (1) the record they claim says Cherokee does not say Cherokee, which was definitely proved by looking AT the image of the record on the LDS genealogy website; and (2) that person is not her ancestor, anyway!

          The story falsely misrepresents the incorrect story, too! It says her ggggrandmother listed herself as Cherokee on HER OWN marriage license, when it was a grandson’s marriage license, but it did NOT list her as Cherokee, anyway.

          This story tells us more about what I already suspected yesterday. That some genealogists scrambled to find records that sound PLAUSIBLE to help her, even though the stories are NOT TRUE and NOT VETTED, which is so very much like how they vet Obama. But they don’t care if it’s true so long as they can throw out something that the media will run with so that the narrative becomes that she was right, the Republicans are sexist and racist, and they’re just picking on her because they’re evil, hateful people.

          “The New England Historic Genealogical Society provided CNN with initial research showing several members of Warren’s maternal family claiming Cherokee heritage. The Native American link extends to Warren’s great-great-great grandmother O.C. Sarah Smith, who is said to be described as Cherokee in an 1894 marriage license application. NEHGS gathered that information through a 2006 family newsletter, and says the original application cannot be located.”

          So it is AS I SUSPECTED: They took what was written down in a family newsletter as truth which, from what I read at Rootsweb, even already included disclaimers about how the information is hearsay and can’t be proved. The family wasn’t even sure they were researching the correct person, and it appears now that they were not, because Dr. Evil at Hot Air pointed out that the license says no such thing and also that it’s not her family, anyway. There was more than one William J. Crawford and the one she’s descended from was from Kentucky, not Tennessee. btw, the newsletter was written in 2006, when the resources that we now have on the Web were unavailable.

          This is shoddy genealogy at its best and the people at New England Historical Genealogical Society should be ashamed of themselves for politicizing this. The guy’s first story was accurate. There’s no proof. He must have got leaned on and took this hearsay, family oral history and put it out there to obfuscate so all the progressives can defend her, like they defend Barry’s false narratives and attack anyone for questioning them.

          • Another update on Warren. The Dems are despairing choosing her because of her “inexperience” with running for office. So funny the excuses they make for a Dem as opposed to a Rep like O’Donnell.

            “Elizabeth Warren’s stumbling efforts to douse the firestorm surrounding her claims of being a Native American minority have raised concerns among local and national Democrats who are questioning her campaign’s competence.

            There’s nobody watching this that doesn’t think she’s in big trouble,” one well-known Massachusetts Democrat said.

            … Some national political experts had much stronger words for Warren’s conflicting explanations about why she listed herself as a minority in university directories.

            “This takes her biography into a bizarre dimension,” said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics. “It has derailed the effort to define Warren in a voter-friendly way.”

            Sabato also said that Warren’s claim that she didn’t list herself as a minority to gain an employment advantage is not believable.

            “This is what happens when candidates don’t tell the truth,” he said. “It’s pretty obvious she was using (the minority listing) for career advancement.” [I disagree; this doesn’t happen to ALL politicians who lie about their biography and game the system for personal benefit by claiming minority status.]

            … Warren then recounted how a relative had told her that her Native American heritage was why her grandfather had “high cheekbones like all of the Indians do” — a response that critics have pounced on as perpetuating Native American stereotypes.

            “That’s kind of racism,” Sabato said.

            National Democrats and the White House are counting on Warren to keep control of the U.S. Senate. Warren has raised millions, but her recent performance is showing her inexperience as a campaigner, some Democrats say.”

            • This one is funny. Dim bulb, aka loon:

              She’s defined by political correctness yet is still so oblivious to its tenets and prohibitions that she didn’t even realize that using the term “Indian” and stereotyping a minority group’s looks, even if the generalization is valid, are verboten. This, despite the fact that Warren had been a professor at Harvard, an institution where Political Correctness 101 figures prominently. So, methinks we’re dealing with a pretty dim bulb here.”

              But brains matter not to the DemocRATS. So long as the puppet can read a teleprompter or work the vote system in Congress, he or she is in. Power is all that matters. The brain does not. In fact, a brain is a disadvantage because Pelosi and Reid don’t want THINKERS, they want puppets who will do as told and march in lockstep, which the DemocRATS all do.

              • “I guess if I’m to be thoroughly modern in an age in which even your sex can be whatever you like, I should accept Warren as an Indian. But, then, I wonder. Should her birth name perhaps have been Stands with Foot in Mouth? Or maybe Thieving Donkey? Did she have a remote ancestor named Chief Stupid Horse? As for me, don’t think that I’m going to give Hocumhontas a break anytime soon. I may smoke the peace pipe, but I won’t inhale.”


      • Now that’s funnnny..libs are out in public, unaccompanied…!

  5. I am between fifty and sixty. Grandmothers born in 1890”s. greats 1850-60, great great around 1820-30’s. But if all the women had the babies at sixteen ggg would have been born close to 1932.

  6. I hope someone got a screen shot. I have tried every source and all have pulled the story — some still have the headline. This is all that remains
    “Obama arrives in Afghanistan report says; White House denies it
    KABUL — President Obama arrived in Afghanistan Tuesday on an unannounced visit to meet with President Hamid Karzai, TOLONews reported, citing Afghan officials.

    The White House denied the report.

    “That report is not accurate and the president is not in Kabul,” National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor told NewsCore.

    ISAF would only confirm that a “high-level delegation” had arrived in the Afghan capital while the US Embassy said reports that Obama was there were “false.”
    Read more:…#ixzz1tdH55O2S

    • A photo op for the anniversary for further campaign ads? Perhaps a tour of the compound where Bin Laden was, and then out for a round of golf after a hardy lunch of a roasted Afghan-dog?

      • It’s May Day. Do you know where your favorite Communist is?

        As a reminder: A comprehensive list of Occupy atrocities.

        • The answer to my question was answered. How much has it cost taxpayers for damages to property nationwide by OWS during their last movement? $35 MILLION DOLLARS per a boxed note on FOX.

        • There is a face-off between OWS and the police in NY city happening now. The police aren’t taking any guff this time around. I watched guys going after the police – perhaps on purpose to get photographed? This Stupid black guy was taken down by 3 policemen, and then other police surround them to protect the police from OWS who might try to help the guy who initiated the attack. The commies and anarchists are out in force there. We never heard much about those who were arrested before as to their sentences. I would like to know what they were charged with and what it cost them whether jail or money.

          • This is what Barry needs to distract from.

          • This was a comment on This is all just a diversion.

            PBS Frontline tonight 2nd part of Money, Power and Wall Street: with an inside look at how the Obama administration, including a divided economic team, has handled the crisis and how the financial world has returned to many of the practices that created the meltdown in the first place….was set to air tonight.

            Teleprompter-in-Chief may prempt. This IS NOT a coincidence.

    • The early reports were correct. FOX announced it saying BHO was there speaking with Karzai. It was a secret flight and he is arriving at night and is supposed to go to the presidential palace. Then lucky us, BHO will speaking tonight to the nation from the Air Force base there…yes, a few words will be said about Osama. Remember they never politicize events! BHO wants to say that the war was ended on his watch…and today is his new victory march.

      A report also was released today saying how much money has been lost through corruption in Afghanistan. Their AG has refused to prosecute those responsible! This is in the billions not millions of $ of taxpayer money. Also, BHO is supposed to sign a partnership agreement cementing the relationship between the US and that country. We will be apparently sending more money to them for the next 10 years – from 2014 to 2024 – no troops, but cash! Even though our money is wasted and not accounted for we will be supporting them. Yeah, Karzai is to be trusted…not! Burning of Korans by the US tested the relationship and then our soldier who shot so many Afghans for no reason also added to the tension. Our faults, never theirs. How many troops have gone through that country and a couple bad incidents are highlighted.

      Shep the Lib is giving his views of what unity there was when Bin Laden was killed and now it is becoming a political football. [Gads, he looks ill!]

      A Status of Forces Agreement is what is supposed to be signed. I believe it is similar to that what was signed in Iraq.

      • By the way, 90% of Afghanistan’s GDP is supported by foreign sources. How much of that is USA taxpayer money is unknown right now. So Obama is signing our money away for another 10 years. If NATO doesn’t help then we will become their sole supporter. I wonder how much money that will be? Aren’t we great, distributing our wealth to a country that doesn’t need to account for the billions already sent, and whose president’s brother engages in the drug trade!

        • Whose president’s brother used to be in the drug trade…..isn’t he the one that was killed?

        • Hamid Karzai‘s brother is who I was referring to. If he died, I didn’t remember that. Then the sentence should read, “whose brother engaged in the drug trade.” Changed engages to the past tense. I didn’t know Karzai’s family resided in the US until I read this.

          Karzai has six brothers, including Mahmood Karzai and Quayum Karzai, who are both Afghan American restaurant owners in the Baltimore–Washington Metropolitan Area of the United States, as well as Ahmed Wali Karzai, deceased, who was the representative for the southern Afghanistan region.

          Quayum is also the founder of the Afghans for a Civil Society in Maryland. Karzai has one sister, Fauzia Karzai, who is the manager of Helmand restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The family owns and operates several successful Afghan restaurants in the East Coast of the United States as well as in Chicago.

          Ahmed Wali Karzai – Karzai formerly lived in the U.S. city of Chicago, Illinois, where he worked in a restaurant owned by his family.He returned to Afghanistan following the removal of the Taliban government in late 2001. He was shot and killed by one of his bodyguards on July 12, 2011.

          James Risen of the New York Times and others stated that Ahmed Wali Karzai may have been involved in the Afghan opium and heroin trade. This was denied by Karzai, who called the charges political propaganda and stated he was a “victim of vicious politics.”

          On 12 July 2011, Karzai was assassinated by his long-time head of security, Sardar Mohammad. Reports say that Wali was shot twice with a pistol, once in the head and once in the chest, as he was coming out of the bathroom inside his residence.

          • Brother of Afghan Leader Said to Be Paid by C.I.A.

            Published: October 27, 2009

            KABUL, Afghanistan — Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of the Afghan president and a suspected player in the country’s booming illegal opium trade, gets regular payments from the Central Intelligence Agency, and has for much of the past eight years, according to current and former American officials.
            In debriefing notes from Drug Enforcement Administration interviews in 2006 of Afghan informants obtained by The New York Times, one key informant said that Ahmed Wali Karzai had benefited from the American operation that lured Hajji Bashir Noorzai, a major Afghan drug lord during the time that the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, to New York in 2005. Mr. Noorzai was convicted on drug and conspiracy charges in New York in 2008, and was sentenced to life in prison this year.

            >> Habibullah Jan, a local military commander and later a member of
            Parliament from Kandahar, told the D.E.A. in 2006 that Mr. Karzai had teamed with Haji Juma Khan to take over a portion of the Noorzai drug business after Mr. Noorzai’s arrest.


            Haji Juma Khan

            United States of America vs. Haji Juma Khan, INDICTMENT

            – v. –
            S1 08 Cr. 621
            HAJI JUMA KHAN,
            a/k/a “Abdullah, ”
            a/k/a “Haji Juma Khan
            – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
            COUNT ONE
            (Conspiracy To Distribute Narcotics With Intent To Support
            An Organization Engaged In Terrorism)

            The Grand Jury charges:

            Backsround of the Conspiracy

            The Taliban

            1. The Taliban began as a radical fundamentalist
            religious movement that effectively ruled Afghanistan from the
            mid-1990s until the United States1 military intervention in
            Afghanistan in late 2001. The Taliban imposed on Afghanistan a
            totalitarian form of government, based on a strict version of
            Islamic religious law known as Sha’ria.

            2. Since being removed from power in 2001, the
            Taliban has operated as an insurgent organization, whose goal is
            to drive the United States and its allies from Afghanistan, and
            to re-impose Taliban rule on the country. To further its goals,
            the Taliban has used and uses terrorist tactics, including

            Cont’s @ PDF link

            Click to access 713.pdf

      • McCain said it best: Real heroes don’t brag. Barry’s no hero. McCain knows some, so he can speak authoritatively about that.


          Gateway Pundit says no soldiers allowed at the speech. I didn’t watch. I wouldn’t watch. It’s bad enough that I’ll hear what the jerk said. Drudge calls it a campaign speech; AP says he’s talking to the VOTERS back home. SO, is he going to reimburse us for what’s probably THE MOST EXPENSIVE campaign trip ever?

          • As usual, we read the most pertinent facts in the FOREIGN press, namely, the UK Mail Online:

            Serving and former US Navy SEALs have slammed President Barack Obama for taking the credit for killing Osama bin Laden and accused him of using Special Forces operators as ‘ammunition’ for his re-election campaign.

            The SEALs spoke out to MailOnline after the Obama campaign released an ad entitled ‘One Chance’.In it President Bill Clinton is featured saying that Mr Obama took ‘the harder and the more honourable path’ in ordering that bin Laden be killed. The words ‘Which path would Mitt Romney have taken?’ are then displayed.

            Besides the ad, the White House is marking the first anniversary of the SEAL Team Six raid that killed bin Laden inside his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan with a series of briefings and an NBC interview in the Situation Room designed to highlight the ‘gutsy call’ made by the President. … [AND AN EXPENSIVE FLIGHT TO AFGHANISTAN FOR A PRIME TIME SPIKING OF THE BALL.]

            Ryan Zinke, a former Commander in the US Navy who spent 23 years as a SEAL and led a SEAL Team 6 assault unit, said: ‘The decision was a no brainer. I applaud him for making it but I would not overly pat myself on the back for making the right call. [That’s because he’s not Barry; he’s a patriot.]

            ‘I think every president would have done the same. He is justified in saying it was his decision but the preparation, the sacrifice – it was a broader team effort.’

            Mr [Ryan] Zinke, who is now a Republican state senator in Montana, added that MR Obama was exploiting bin Laden’s death for his re-election bid. ‘The President and his administration are positioning him as a war president using the SEALs as ammunition. It was predictable.’ …

            Arianna Huffington, an outspoken liberal who runs the left-leaning Huffington Post website, roundly condemned it.

            She told CBS: ‘We should celebrate the fact that they did such a great job. It’s one thing to have an NBC special from the Situation Room… all that to me is perfectly legitimate, but to turn it into a campaign ad is one of the most despicable things you can do.’ … [NOW THAT’S AMAZING!]

            A serving SEAL Team member said: ‘Obama wasn’t in the field, at risk, carrying a gun. As president, at every turn he should be thanking the guys who put their lives on the line to do this. He does so in his official speeches because his speechwriters are smart.

            ‘But the more he tries to take the credit for it, the more the ground operators are saying, “Come on, man!” It really didn’t matter who was president. At the end of the day, they were going to go.’

            Chris Kyle, a former SEAL sniper with 160 confirmed and another 95 unconfirmed kills to his credit, said: ‘The operation itself was great and the nation felt immense pride. It was great that we did it.

            But bin Laden was just a figurehead. The war on terror continues. [HE DIDN’T GET THE MEMO.] Taking him out didn’t really change anything as far as the war on terror is concerned and using it as a political attack is a cheap shot.

            In years to come there is going to be information that will come out that Obama was not the man who made the call. He can say he did and the people who really know what happened are inside the Pentagon, are in the military and the military isn’t allowed to speak out against the commander- in-chief so his secret is safe.’

            Senior military figures have said that Admiral William McRaven, a former SEAL who was then head of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) made the decision to take bin Laden out. Tactical decisions were delegated even further down the chain of command. …

            A former intelligence official who was serving in the US government when bin Laden was killed said that the Obama administration knew about the al-Qaeda leader’s whereabouts in October 2010 but delayed taking action and risked letting him escape.

            ‘In the end, Obama was forced to make a decision and do it. He knew that if he didn’t do it the political risks in not taking action were huge. Mitt Romney would have made the call but he would have made it earlier – as would George W. Bush.’

            Brandon Webb, a former SEAL who spent 13 years on active duty and served in Iraq and Afghanistan, said: ‘Bush should get partial credit for putting the system in place. …

            Clint Bruce, who gave up the chance of an NFL career to serve as a SEAL officer before retiring as a lieutenant after nine years, said: ‘We were extremely surprised and discouraged by the publicity because it compromises the ability of those guys to operate.”

    Busy baking up a storm of goodies for us all to savor…
    Obama’s Family Murders at Dachau?
    ~ May Day ~ Mother’s Day ~

  8. Do you think the reception has changed a couple years later?

    Different Presidents, A Different Corps
    March 1, 2009

    • Thanks for posting that vid, Bridgette; no matter how many times I see it. I always love to see the ‘tepid’ response barky receives.

      To answer your question no, I don’t believe the reception has changed….


        LIARS ALL. And a grandstander in chief:

        “President Obama made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan on Tuesday, landing on the one-year anniversary of the attack that killed Osama bin Laden and during a pivotal moment in U.S-Afghan relations, as the two countries look to define their military and economic ties beyond 2014.

        Obama landed at Bagram air base north of Kabul at 10:20 p.m. local time and boarded a helicopter shortly afterward for a flight into the capital. He arrived at the Afghan presidential palace just after 11 p.m. local time for a meeting with President Hamid Karzai. He was expected to sign a strategic partnership agreement with Karzai, then address the American people on live television at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday Washington time.”

        Prime time. What or who will he be interrupting?

        • A distraction from the likely bad news about the May Day occupations, no matter how they turn out?

          • its the plot… started along time ago in Chicago… how many times has William Ayres been to the White House since 1/20/12. does he come in disguise?

          • its the plot… started along time ago in Chicago. Have you ever read – “White Mother Country Radicals,” – You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows. From the New Left Notes June 18, 1969, written by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn? They call for International Revolution, how to over take the country to bring about communism. The last three and a half years are going exactly as they (SDS – Ayers) planned back in 69. Clinton, what a guy, pardoning the radical army back onto the streets only to teach others the way to communism. Susan Rosenburg, a Clinton parton, still in possession of counterfeit Social Security cards Susan? Was Susan just someone from the neighborhood?

            Absolutely it has always been part of their plan, sad part is they have almost completed what they had planned out since the 60’s. Barkey and the progressive/communist left in congress have only helped pave the way.

            • I knew there would be violence in Seattle. A reporter had his neck slashed by a group of thugs in black at the Occupy protest.

              This has a somewhat comprehensive roundup of the protests across the country. Sort of fizzled, fo shizzle. 🙂



              “The federal probe that resulted last night in the arrest of five purported anarchists for allegedly plotting to bomb an Ohio bridge began last year at an Occupy Wall Street rally in Cleveland that was infiltrated by an informant who was directed to attend the event by his FBI handlers.

              It was at the October 21 OWS event that the informant first met Douglas Wright, 26, who reportedly confided details of his group’s planned attacks “against corporate America and the financial system,” according to court filings.”

              I’m surprised they infiltrated the OCCUPY MOVEMENT. I wonder if they infiltrated any TEA PARTY GROUPS? What did they find there? People plotting to clean up parks? Grandmothers inciting others to read the Constitution?

              NOW will they please infiltrate the Muslim Brotherhood and the New Black Panthers? When this bomb plot was reported on TV news tonight, I heard SQUAT tying these domestic terrorist to OCCUPY.

        • yeah, he went by helicopter from the airport into the captial, an apx. 40 minute flight. LIARS. yeah, just imagine that. yeah, then met with Karzai at 11pm… was he in his jammies? was it a really big check?

  9. Bosnian born American Man was convicted today in the plot to bomb the New York City subways. He was guilty on all 9 counts. His two accomplices testified against him. They already pled quilty and are awaiting sentencing. The main guy was in cahoots with Al Queda and that came out in the trial.

    All three men were home grown terrorists – from Queens, NY.

  10. Federal Judge Stops Texas Law On Women’s Health
    30 April 2012
    by Chris Tomlinson (AP and OfficialWire)

    AUSTIN, TEXAS (USA) A federal judge on Monday stopped Texas from preventing Planned Parenthood from getting state funds through the Women’s Health Program. U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel in Austin ruled there is sufficient evidence that a law banning Planned Parenthood from the program is unconstitutional. He imposed an injunction against enforcing it until he can hear full arguments.

    The law passed last year by the Republican-controlled Legislature forbids state agencies from providing funds to an organization affiliated with abortion providers. Eight Planned Parenthood clinics that do not provide abortions sued the state. The clinics say the law unconstitutionally restricts their freedom of speech and association.

    “The court is particularly influenced by the potential for immediate loss of access to necessary medical services by several thousand Texas women,” Yeakel wrote in his ruling. “The record before the court at this juncture reflects uncertainty as to the continued viability of the Texas Women’s Health Program.”

    Texas officials have said that if the state is forced to include Planned Parenthood, they will likely shut down the program that serves basic health care and contraception to 130,000 poor women.

    The court’s decision comes after the federal government cut off funding to Texas because of the state requirement. Federal officials said the rule violates federal law by restricting women from choosing the qualified medical provider of their choice.

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry promised to make up for the lost federal funds. State health officials say maintaining the program was cheaper than allowing it to expire, because ending the program would result in a spike in unplanned pregnancies among poor women who rely on Medicaid, which is also funded by the state.

    Yeakel’s decision is temporary. A final decision will come after he presides over a full trial. Whatever decision he reaches will likely be appealed.

  11. Planned Parenthood really needs to get out of my wallet. Its theft.

  12. I’m shaking my head over this one. I have to wonder if the 61% have a death wish:

    “The latest survey of Jewish Americans, conducted March 14-27 by a firm called Knowledge Networks for the American Jewish Committee, shows Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney by a 61%-28% margin. That’s significantly behind Obama’s 78%-21% margin over John McCain among Jewish voters in the 2008 exit poll. But it’s an improvement for Obama over a poll conducted in September 2011 for the AJC in which he led Romney 50%-32%, which I mentioned in an April 3 Beltway Confidential blogpost.”

  13. FOX News Anchor Declares Obama is Eligible

    “Prominent Fox News Channel anchor Bret Baier has posted an explanation on the network’s website of why he believes Barack Obama is eligible to be president.

    “Here’s the deal,” wrote Baier, host of “Special Report with Bret Baier.” “The Constitution requires that the president be a ‘natural born citizen,’ but does not define the term. That job is left to federal law, in 8 U.S. Code, Section 1401. All the law requires is that the mother be an American citizen who has lived in the U.S. for five years or more, at least two of those years after the age of 14. If the mother fits those criteria, the child is a U.S. citizen at birth, regardless of the father’s nationality.””

    Now that’s a whopper and a stretch. And he’s citing the law that was in effect AFTER Barry was born, iirc. But it is not up to the U.S. Code to “define” the words of the Constitution. That is the job of the SCOTUS, should there be a dispute about WHAT they mean. But the SCOTUS has ALREADY defined it: Born on U.S. soil to TWO U.S. citizen parents. The WND story goes on to explain that the part of the U.S. code defines CITIZENSHIP, NOT NATURAL BORN CITIZENSHIP. ARGHHHHH!

    • Now that I think about it, isn’t it RATHER sexist for him to say the law requires the MOTHER to be a citizen but not the father? What if it’s the father who’s the citizen? Is the kid then ineligible, Brett? So, I suppose, according to the Baier doctrine, then Jindal and Rubio are NOT NBCs. They’re not, but not for the reason he cites. No, wait! I read it again. Baier thinks Jindal and Rubio qualify because born in the USA.

      ““The law lists several categories of people who are considered American citizens at birth. [But NOT NBCs.] There are the people born inside the United States, no question there. There are the people who are born outside the United States to parents who are both citizens, provided one of them has lived in the U.S. for any period of time. There are the people who are born outside the United States to one parent who is a U.S. citizen and the other who is a U.S. national (that is, from an outlying possession of the U.S.), provided the citizen parent has lived in the United States or its possessions for at least one year prior to the birth of the child.

      “And then there are the people who are born outside the United States to one parent who is a U.S. citizen and the other who is an alien, provided the citizen parent lived in the United States or its possessions for at least five years, two of them after the age of 14,” he said.”

      But CHECK IT OUT: THAT LAST EXAMPLE IS THE ONE BAIER CITED FOR BARRY. So what does Baier know and when did he know it? Why cite as an example, to prove Barry’s eligibility, the part of the code about people born OUTSIDE THE US to one citizen parent? Is THAT A TELL?

    • They got the facts wrong…but we now know a source – Byron York – who should be educated along with Bret!

      “The brouhaha over President Obama’s birth certificate — has revealed a widespread ignorance of some of the basics of American citizenship. The Constitution, of course, requires that a president be a “natural born citizen,” but the Founding Fathers did not define the term, and it appears few people know what it means.” INCLUDING BRETT AND BYRON WHO HAVE REVEALED THEIR OWN IGNORANCE!

    • Let’s hope that he follows through with this and doesn’t have the guys from the Left on his panel. They will report ALLL sides – as if that has happened.

      Bret Baier
      May 1, 2012.

      “I posted this quickly as a response to all of the emails I was receiving about Senator Marco Rubio and whether he is a “Natural Born Citizen (the same emails comment about Gov. Bobby Jindal). I noted in the blog- there is a lot of dispute about the legal term and what the Founding Fathers truly meant. What I did not put in the blog -was that a large part of this was originally reported by Byron York of the Washington Examiner. I asked him to send me his reporting a few weeks ago – and I should have cited that in the blog this morning… I apologize to Byron for leaving that out. Bottom line… this is obviously getting a lot of attention.. so, we think we should do a full piece on the show about it.. and maybe have a panel of constitutional scholars… and legal experts to discuss this. There is obviously a lot of confusion.. uncertainty and misinformation out there about this topic. And as I wrote in the blog.. there is vigorous legal debate about the term… so we need to talk about it… and we’ll continue to report all sides.”

      • The only debate that matters is the one at the SCOTUS and since they’re avoiding the issue at the moment, then we must rely on precedent already established. That being Minor v. Happersett: Born on U.S. soil to TWO U.S. CITIZEN PARENTS.

      • Hi Bridgette,

        Got this via e-mail from the Article II SuperPac last night. It looks as if Atty. Titus will be accepting Baier’s invite:

        Even though Bret Baier is misinformed, I give him credit for stepping into ‘no man’s land:’ The eligibility issue.

        • Baier, Bayer, Bear, Barr, Subaya, etc…I don’t know SueK. Not much trust in this one here now…Another side show ?
          Step right up ladies and gentlemen, the greatest show on earth…

          • Yes, Renee, I know, however, at least Baier had the babalones to even broach the subject rather than sweep it under the rug like the rest of the talking heads.

            I think we’ll need to adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude and watch what happens with this. At least this ‘hush, hush’ topic has hit the lamestream media. Even GOPUSA is discussing it and that’s pretty significant.

            As we’ve been doing for years, we wait.

        • Great news! I wonder who else will be on the panel. Who will speak for the Left? Let’s hope it happens. The powers that be could put the cabash on it. Bret has usually had 15 – 30 second blips on his show re NBC issues.

  14. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Fox started to change a bit before Beck was booted. O’Reilly always played a “double agent” of sorts. Until that time period, I believe they *were* the only conservaive news outlet. They’ve either been bought out by Saudi interets or Murdoch rolled over. I always attribted the change to his young, liberal Chinese born wife. I’ve posted the Vanity Fair article several times over the years about her. It’s out there if anyone cares to find it.

  15. An excellent article that demonstrates how even as Obama spikes the football for taking out OBL, he’s actually helped fulfill bin Laden’s dream for the Middle East via Obama’s WARPED policy of “legitimate Islamism”.

    “The theory is that with secular leaders who were former U.S. allies out of the way in Middle Eastern countries, radical Islamists will now have an outlet for their Islamism and won’t join al-Qaeda.

    Obama administration officials were pretty blunt about this in a recent National Journal interview, explaining that the president came to a “realiz[ation that] he has no choice but to cultivate the Muslim Brotherhood and other relatively ‘moderate’ Islamist groups emerging as lead political players out of the Arab Spring in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere.”

    “It is no longer the case, in other words, that every Islamist is seen as a potential accessory to terrorists,” administration officials told the Journal. “Now that we have killed most of al Qaida, now that people have come to see legitimate means of expression, people who once might have gone into al Qaeda see an opportunity for a legitimate Islamism.”

    Today, the Obama administration no longer hides its goal of bringing the Muslim Brotherhood and other like-minded Islamists to power.

    And that’s exactly what Obama has been doing. … The list goes on and on, but in country after county, the results are the same. Osama bin Laden’s dream, which he thought would take decades to achieve, is coming to life in a single term of Obama’s presidency. Bin Laden’s Middle Eastern caliphate is rising. Once united in Islam, the caliphate was supposed to turn outward, conquering the rest of the Earth for Allah. No word yet on where Obama stands on that part of the plan. Perhaps we’ll have to wait for a second term to find out.

    While Americans focus this week on the anniversary of the killing of bin Laden and feel smug about our destruction of al-Qaeda’s main cell, they need to understand that with bin Laden’s dream already in motion, al-Qaeda is in many ways is an outdated relic whose purpose has already been served.”


    Read this, but DO NOT FEAR. We shall prevail. Truth, justice, and the American way. 🙂

  17. “$10,000 bounty offered online for Obama college transcripts”

    “A faceless organization calling itself “The Trenches” is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can provide an authentic copy of President Barack Obama’s course transcripts from his days at Occidental College, Harvard University or Columbia University.”

    • I wonder if those are the same benefactors that were willing to pay $15,000 or something like that through the B irther Report. I sure hope someone puts their job on the line and produces the information to help save our country!

      The Daily Caller printed that story. Amazing.

    • Updated:

      “Blogger offers $10,000 bounty for Obama college transcripts”

      “The Daily Caller has identified the owner of a website that promised on Tuesday to pay $10,000 to anyone who can provide an authentic copy of President Barack Obama’s course transcripts from his days at Occidental College, Harvard University or Columbia University.

      Although its one-page website is presented anonymously, conservative blogger Brooks Bayne confirmed to The Daily Caller that he is responsible for it.

      Bayne told TheDC that a group of eight people – including some he called “recognizable” figures – are coordinating the effort to make Obama’s college transcripts public, Bayne told The Daily Caller. He declined to name any of them.”

    • I want to see what RACE he put on his college records. I want to see what CITIZENSHIP he put on his college records. I want to see his LOAN papers so we know what kind of special deal he got. Was it because his father was Indonesian or African? Or was it because, like Elizabeth Warren, he claimed to be descended from a Fauxcahontas?

      • The brilliant Mark Steyn wrote a hilarious piece about Barry’s composite girlfriends and Elizabeth Warren. I’m honored to see that I actually beat him to the punch by calling her Fauxcahontas first. But he took it further:

        “Hallelujah! In the old racist America, we had quadroons and octoroons. But in the new post-racial America, we have — hang on, let me get out my calculator — duoettrigintaroons! Martin Luther King dreamed of a day when men would be judged not on the color of their skin but on the content of their great-great-great-grandmother’s wedding-license application. And now it’s here! You can read all about it in Elizabeth Warren’s memoir of her struggles to come to terms with her racial identity, Dreams from My Great-Great-Great-Grandmother.

        Alas, the actual original marriage license does not list Great-Great-Great-Gran’ma as Cherokee, but let’s cut Elizabeth Fauxcahontas Crockagawea Warren some slack here. She couldn’t be black. She would if she could, but she couldn’t. But she could be 1/32nd Cherokee, and maybe get invited to a luncheon with others of her kind — “people who are like I am,” 31/32nds white, and they can all sit around celebrating their diversity together. She is a testament to America’s melting pot, composite pot, composting pot, whatever.”

  18. Good morning. Pre-morning-coffee aggravation — The little wtpotus gravatar has been changed (against my will) to the little blue WordPress ‘W’. Life can be brutal sometimes.

    • That sometimes happens if you changed your email or other information to log in. It looks like your owl to me.

      • I am referring to the bookmark “logo” gravatar or whatever it is called that goes with your site and sits on my toolbar and in the URL when I am visiting here. It is still gone. Bummed.

        • Really? It’s gone? I see it on mine, although I can’t say I ever noticed it before.

          • Was gone for two days. Things are happy again in la-la land today because the little Constitution is back. Don’t take my Constitution away!

  19. Lots of talk about Bret Baer of FOX, and his interpretaion of NBC over at Citizen Wells. This may be a good time to put some pressure on the media and their defense of Obama’s NBC status. Email Bret, and educate him and his viewers of the true meaning of NBC.


    …the only time the US Supreme Court ever did define the class of persons who were POTUS eligible under Article 2 Section 1 was in Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1874), wherein it was held:

    “The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.” Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162, 168.

    Leo Donofrio Esq @ Natural Born Citizen January archives.

  20. Good morning, everybody. A slight piece of good news. I found this on Yahoo!’s FRONT PAGE:

    “The first lady’s effort to distance herself from her mother’s White House stay comes as both she and President Barack Obama try to stress their middle-class roots, amid a stalled economy and high unemployment.

    The cost of visible first family trips — to Spain, Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard and other locations — has spurred some level of resentment among Americans, whose income has stalled since 2008, even as their costs for gasoline, health care and education have risen.

    The first lady’s 2010 trip to Spain cost taxpayers $487,000, partly because her large group increased security costs. In 2011, the first lady’s trip to southern Africa cost another $424,142. The cost estimates were uncovered by Judicial Watch, a D.C.-based watchdog group.

    … However, both Obama and the first lady have tried to portray themselves as solidly middle-class, despite their Ivy League degrees.

    “By now, you know my story,” she told the audience at the Arizona fundraiser. “My father was a blue collar worker at the city water plant, and he worked there his entire life… neither of my parents had the chance to go to college [but] they poured everything they had into us, because they wanted something more for me and my brother,” she declared. …

    The first lady’s father was a prominent member of the local Democratic Party, and she attended Princeton University and Harvard University.

    The president has been making a similar pitch at his events, even though his grandparents sent him to a private school in Hawaii before he was admitted to Columbia University in 1981 and to Harvard in 1988, following an undistinguished two years in Occidental College.

    My mom was a single mom [LIE!]— my dad wasn’t around — and she raised two kids by herself [LIE!] with some help [over 10 years worth!] from my grandparents because she was able to get grants and work her way through school,” Obama told students at a campaign-style April 25 event in Iowa. “I’m only here today, and Michelle is only where she is today, because scholarships and student loans gave us a shot at a great education.” …

    The family pitch is also used by President Obama in some fundraisers. “It is wonderful to be back in the Pacific Northwest,” Obama told wealthy donors at a Feb. 17 Seattle fundraiser. “I was reminding some folks who may not know, I’ve got Seattle roots my mother went to Puget Sound High School… went to Mercer Island High School… that’s why I love this place, every time I come up.””

    WHOOPS! A new one! Freudian slip or inventing more history as he goes along?

    • I do not know if this improper or proper grammar. I do know my mother would have corrected me to put “me” after “my brother”.
      “…….they poured everything they had into us, because they wanted something more for me and my brother,” she declared. …”

      • What A Hoot: Would you believe that I noticed that, too? I should have put (sic) but was in a hurry to post a new open thread for the weekend. My parents and teachers drilled that into me, too. When I read it, my subconscious took note that, like Barack, she puts herself ahead of anybody else, even her own brother. And second, what an example for the supposedly well-educated flotus to set for the children of America. They called GWB dumb, but he, unlike MOST journalists, consistently was correct in his usage of “me” and “I”. At least MO got the “me” right, when most journalists would say “for my brother and I.” Half a kudo for the conceited flotus.

  21. Do you think Puget Sound High School is in the 57th State? He’s got roots everywhere doesn’t he! I wonder if any of their SS #’s are related to any properties there. Where is that list? Might have been a glitch in his chip! Love it when the guy gets off the prompter. The last time we found he went to Pakistan.

    • I know. PUGET SOUND HIGH SCHOOL. I’ve NEVER heard that name before. We heard Eckstein Middle School and then on to Mercer Island High. You know, I wonder if she NEVER went to Mercer Island, which is why all the yearbooks had to disappear? Maybe she went to Puget Sound and disappeared from there, say about 1959, and they went to Hawaii where she met BHO Sr. (or whoever) and had that baby in Jan/Feb 1961? Or, alternately, adopted Kezia’s inconvenient child in early 1961. 🙂 Or got pregnant AT Puget Sound (how many blacks there?) and they fled to Hawaii to avoid the “embarrassment.”

      “The last time we found he went to Pakistan.” 🙂

  22. Those talks with the Taliban are going really well…not. They showed how impressed they were with Obama’s speech yesterday by having a guy blow himself up. Osama is dead and Obama brings it up on foreign land? What did he expect from them = champagne? If anyone died, it is on his shoulders.

    Obama: Mission Accomplished
    May 2, 2012

    Firefighters are seen extinguishing a burning car at the site of a suicide bomb attack in Kabul on May 2. Taliban insurgents claimed a suicide attack in the Afghan capital Kabul, shortly after US President Barack Obama left the city after an overnight visit.

    Obama had used the ”surprise“ visit to deliver a speech marking the anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden, and to highlight his administration’s success in what the previous administration had called the War on Terror.–hours-after-US-President-Barack-Obamas-visit?utm_source=e_breitbart_com&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Breitbart+News+Round+Up%2C+May+2%2C+2012&utm_campaign=Breitbart+News+Round+Up%2C+May+2%2C+2012&utm_term=More

    • There’s a campaign ad, for those who dare to use it. Nothing stopped the DemocRATS and lamestream for ridiculing GWB for praising the troops for a job well done, when he wasn’t even the one to put up the banner, and when he wasn’t talking about the end of the war, anyway.

      There was a blurb in the paper today that MIGHT explain why Barry pulled the chain to take out OBL–he was threatening to topple Karzai. Didn’t think it was done for the sake of America. After all, they knew where OBL was since 2010 and they left him there, safe and sound.

  23. Isn’t he the gift that keeps on giving? What a sick personality.

    Last night, President Obama’s campaign Twitter feed posted the following tweet: [See the photo]

    In other words, there are no red or blue states … just the Obama States. You have to love the narcissism of a president who posts a picture of himself at the center of America, presenting himself as greater than the country, all of which is united under his hopey-changey administration.

    This is 1984-type stuff. This is the most polarizing president in American history, and he’s busy telling us that we’re all united under his auspices. War is peace. Poverty is wealth. Polarization is unity. United States is Barack States.

    • I read that in his speech yesterday, he said something like, “I set the goal to defeat Al Qaeda.” He did? Who knew? What was GWB doing with the War on Terror from 2001 until 2008?

      I heard also that Chris Tingle Matthews compared Barry to … wait for it … Henry V!!!! The hero of Agincourt.

      Henry V led his troops into battle and participated in hand-to-hand fighting. … The battle is notable for the use of the English longbow, which Henry used in very large numbers, with English and Welsh archers forming most of his army. The battle is also the centrepiece of the play Henry V, by William Shakespeare. … Henry was directly involved in the hand-to-hand fighting. Upon hearing that his youngest brother Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester had been wounded in the groin, Henry took his household guard and stood over his brother, in the front rank of the fighting, until Humphrey could be dragged to safety; the king received an axe blow to the head which knocked off a piece of the crown that formed part of his helmet.”

      Oh, Barry compares admirably. He was on the LINKS while his troops went into battle. Instead of sword or longbow, Barry wields a mean golf club.

      I also heard that Chuck Todd referred to the OBL kill as our “VE” or “VJ” day. What freaking gall. What will the greatest generation think of this comparison?

    • He is one sick Puppy. 😯

  24. Dylan Byers:

    “Obama: ‘New York girlfriend’ was composite”

    “One of the more mysterious characters from President Obama’s 1995 autobiography Dreams From My Father is the so-called ‘New York girlfriend.’ Obama never referred to her by name, or even by psuedonym, but he describes her appearance, her voice, and her mannerisms in specific detail.

    But Obama has now told biographer David Maraniss that the ‘New York girlfriend’ was actually a composite character, based off of multiple girlfriends he had both in New York City and in Chicago.”
    Jack Cashill:

    “Barack Obama’s Missing Girlfriends”

    “In Dreams, in fact, the only lover Obama talks about is the mystery woman in New York. Although he speaks of her only briefly and in retrospect, he does so vividly and lovingly. “She was white,” he tells Auma. “She had dark hair, and specks of green in her eyes. …

    … then she is almost surely grounded in the real-life person of Diana Oughton, Ayers’ lover who was killed in a 1970 Greenwich Village bomb factory blast. Ayers was obsessed with Oughton. In Fugitive Days, he fixes on her in ways that had to discomfit the woman that he eventually married, their fellow traveler in the Weather Underground, Bernardine Dohrn.

    Physically, the woman of Obama’s memory, with her “dark hair, and specks of green in her eyes,” evokes images of Oughton. As her FBI files attest, Oughton had brown hair and green eyes. The two women share similar family backgrounds as well. In fact, they seem to have grown up on the very same estate.”


      “The first love affair detailed in the book is with Alex McNear, who was at the time an Occidental University student and literary magazine editor. The letters between McNear and Obama centered around philosophy and literature.

      “Remember how I said there’s a certain kind of conservatism which I respect more than bourgeois liberalism — [T.S.] Eliot is of this type,” Obama wrote in one letter to McNear. “Of course, the dichotomy he maintains is reactionary, but it’s due to a deep fatalism, not ignorance. And this fatalism is born out of the relation between fertility and death, which I touched on in my last letter — life feeds on itself. A fatalism I share with the western tradition at times. You seem surprised at Eliot’s irreconcilable ambivalence; don’t you share this ambivalence yourself, Alex?”

      Obama had an apartment at 142 W. 109th St. in upper Manhattan that scarcely had hot water, according to Maraniss, and he would dine at Tom’s Restaurant, which would later become the famous meeting place (known as Monk’s Cafe) for the characters on “Seinfeld.”

      A diary kept by Genevieve Cook, whom Obama met at an East Village Christmas party in 1983 and whom he lived with briefly, was more romantic, and depicts the domestic life the two shared together.

      “Today, for the first time, Barack sat on the edge of the bed,” Cook wrote. “Dressed — blue jeans and luscious ladies on his chest [a comfy T-shirt depicting buxom women], the end of the front section of the Sunday Times in his hand, looking out the window, and the quality of light reflected from his eyes, windows of the soul, heart, and mind, was so clear, so unmasked, his eyes narrower than he usually holds them looking out the window, usually too aware of me.””

      Cook’s supposed to be the gal with the green eyes. Be prepared to barf. This is the remaking of Barry, 2012. Oh, he was such an intellectual! I want to SEE these letters in 3-D form. Forensically examined and dated to 1983. LIES to cover where he REALLY was and what he REALLY was doing then. He was NOT a Columbia. LIES.

      • He no more wrote this than I wrote Dreams From My Father:

        “I haven’t read “The Waste Land” for a year, and I never did bother to check all the footnotes. But I will hazard these statements—Eliot contains the same ecstatic vision which runs from Münzer to Yeats. However, he retains a grounding in the social reality/order of his time. Facing what he perceives as a choice between ecstatic chaos and lifeless mechanistic order, he accedes to maintaining a separation of asexual purity and brutal sexual reality. And he wears a stoical face before this. Read his essay on Tradition and the Individual Talent, as well as Four Quartets, when he’s less concerned with depicting moribund Europe, to catch a sense of what I speak. Remember how I said there’s a certain kind of conservatism which I respect more than bourgeois liberalism—Eliot is of this type.”

        WHO the eff are they trying to fool and how stupid do they think we are?

        Dollars to doughnuts you can take those quotes and run them through that software college professors use and find WHERE this stuff came from originally. No WAY did he write it. Perhaps the girlfriend wrote it for him. I want to SEE the letters.

        • More from VANITY Fair:

          “Here’s a passage from another section of that same letter:

          Moments trip gently along over here. Snow caps the bushes in unexpected ways, birds shoot and spin like balls of sound. My feet hum over the dry walks. A storm smoothes the sky, impounding the city lights, returning to us a dull yellow glow. I run every other day at the small indoor track [at Columbia] which slants slightly upward like a plate; I stretch long and slow, twist and shake, the fatigue, the inertia finding home in different parts of the body. I check the time and growl—aargh!—and tumble onto the wheel. And bodies crowd and give off heat, some people are in front and you can hear the patter or plod of the steps behind. You look down to watch your feet, neat unified steps, and you throw back your arms and run after people, and run from them and with them, and sometimes someone will shadow your pace, step for step, and you can hear the person puffing, a different puff than yours, and on a good day they’ll come up alongside and thank you for a good run, for keeping a good pace, and you nod and keep going on your way, but you’re pretty pleased, and your stride gets lighter, the slumber slipping off behind you, into the wake of the past.”

          I guarantee you that they KNOW that the story about Ayers writing his books is out there, so this is to prop up the LIE that he was SO LITERARY even back them. NO WAY did the 20-something Obama write this. NO WAY. Bill Ayers might have, though. Unfortunately, he has the talent. Talent on loan from he who shall not be named.

          Ask yourself, is this how a 22-year-old writes to his girlfriend? Circa 1983? How stupid do they think we are? They live in fantasyland. In addition, this sounds anachronistic. NOT written in the early 80s. NOT. The part about him lunching where the Seinfeld characters did. That sounds bogus, too. AS IF the inventors had to refer to old sit-coms to get the feel for NYC in the 80s and 90s. What say u? I CRY BS AT THE TOP OF MY VOICE.

          • More BS, because they ALSO know the facts about Larry Sinclair and Turdi are out there. From Vanity Fair:

            “He noticed her accent. Australian, she said. He knew many Aussies, friends of his mother’s, because he had lived in Indonesia when he was a boy. So had she, before her parents divorced, and again briefly in high school. As it turned out, their stays in Jakarta had overlapped for a few years, starting in 1967. They talked nonstop, moving from one subject to another, sharing an intense and immediate affinity, enthralled by the randomness of their meeting and how much they had in common. They had lived many places but never felt at home.

            At night’s end, as Genevieve recalled that first encounter when I spoke with her decades later, they exchanged phone numbers on scraps of paper. “I’m pretty sure we had dinner maybe the Wednesday after. I think maybe he cooked me dinner. Then we went and talked in his bedroom. And then I spent the night. It all felt very inevitable.””

            Oh, Michelle is going to love this. We’re supposed to believe this sudden sexual exclusive relationship. Uh, huh. With a white chick from Australia. Oh, my. What BS. And she just HAPPENED to have lived in Jakarta from 1967 on, when Barry lived there, too! What a coinkidink. This is Babs Nelson redux and every other bogus remembrance told only to OFFICIAL biographers who have already consulted in the WH with Barry.

        • This is to create a bogus timeline so nobody connects him to what else was going on in NYC in those days and what Ayers, et al, were up to in those days. Brinks robbery time, too, iirc. And the Springbok affair at the airport. Right? This romance with Genevieve was supposedly when he was working for the alleged CIA front, AFTER Columbia. This is the missing time when nobody remembers him from Columbia. It’s all lies. More “memoirs” that don’t have to be real. Whoops!

          “A few weeks into January 1984 they were seeing each other regularly on Thursday nights (when she would be up in his neighborhood, finishing one of her Bank Street classes) and on weekends. He was living then as a boarder in a fourth-floor walkup at 622 West 114th Street. It was a rent-controlled three-bedroom apartment. She remembered how on Sundays Obama would lounge around, drinking coffee and solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, bare-chested, wearing a blue and white sarong. His bedroom was closest to the front door, offering a sense of privacy and coziness. Genevieve described it in her journal this way: “I open the door, that Barack keeps closed, to his room, and enter into a warm, private space pervaded by a mixture of smells that so strongly speak of his presence, his liveliness, his habits—running sweat, Brut spray deodorant, smoking, eating raisins, sleeping, breathing.”

          Genevieve’s journal-keeping started in 1975 during her final year at Emma Willard School, an academically rigorous prep school for young women in Troy, New York, and continued through her undergraduate years at Swarthmore and on into adulthood. As the relationship began, Genevieve was taken by Barack’s mind and the vibrancy of their discussions. Day by day, week by week, her perceptions of him became more complicated.”

          Where was Bill Ayers? Bank Street? I think so. And Dohrn? She was there, too.

          I CAN’T TAKE IT. It is SO BOGUS. Like the photogravure by Lisa Jacks. He was just SO FREAKING SPECIAL that all this was created and saved up just so when he became potus, voila! There it is. The chronicle of his exceptional life. Like Zelig and Forrest Gump. Please.

          • “Genevieve Cook came from not one but several distinguished families. Her father, Michael J. Cook, was a prominent Australian diplomat. Genevieve’s mother, born Helen Ibbitson, came from a banking family in Melbourne and was an art historian. Michael and Helen divorced when Genevieve was 10. Helen soon remarried into a well-known American family, the Jessups. With homes in Georgetown and on Park Avenue at various times, Philip C. Jessup Jr. served as general counsel for the National Gallery of Art, in Washington. The Jessups were establishment Democrats. Philip’s father had been a major figure in American postwar diplomacy.

            In Genevieve’s conversations with Bar­ack, her family was seldom a topic. Barack provided an escape from all that, a sanctuary. She felt that she had far more in common with him than with her relatives. “That wasn’t my world,” she said of the social circles of her mother and stepfather and father. “I was through and through infused with the sense of being an outsider, like Barack was.””

            He just happens to always fall in, accidentally, with all these wealthy, connected, elite, bluebloods. How does that work? How many do you know in YOUR personal life? But remember–he’s just a poor kid who grew up on food stamps with his struggling single mother. Rich white girls simply gravitated to him because he’s the Buhr-rack.

          • Oh, Michelle is going to love this 😆 😆
            maybe she will use the rolling pin on his pointed little head 😆

  25. Hot off the Press!

    Old Obama Girlfriends Revealed in New Obama Book — With Excerpts From His Love Letters!
    May 2, 2012 1:05 pm

    A new book due out next month, “Barack Obama: The Story,” by Washington Post reporter David Maraniss finally reveals the identity of two of Obama’s long-lost girlfriends. As if that wasn’t fascinating enough, it also includes excerpts of the love letters he sent to one of them.

    “The six page excerpt [published in Vanity Fair] focuses on two of Obama’s early girlfriends. One, named Alex McNear, Obama met at Occidental College before he transferred to Columbia,” the Post writes in a teaser. “She came to New York for a summer, the start of a long-distance, letter-based relationship in 1982.” The other, Genevieve Cook, was a diplomat’s daughter he met at a party.

    Alex McNear

    Maraniss got a hold of many of the letters Obama sent to McNear. And those letters, Maraniss writes in an excerpt for Vanity Fair, reveal “the loneliness of Obama’s New York existence.”

    One letter featured Obama’s reaction to McNear writing a paper on T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land.”

    “His reply wove its way through literature, politics, and personal philosophy,” Maraniss writes. Here‘s what he’s talking about:

    I haven’t read “The Waste Land” for a year, and I never did bother to check all the footnotes. But I will hazard these statements—Eliot contains the same ecstatic vision which runs from Münzer to Yeats. However, he retains a grounding in the social reality/order of his time. Facing what he perceives as a choice between ecstatic chaos and lifeless mechanistic order, he accedes to maintaining a separation of asexual purity and brutal sexual reality. And he wears a stoical face before this. Read his essay on Tradition and the Individual Talent, as well as Four Quartets, when he’s less concerned with depicting moribund Europe, to catch a sense of what I speak. Remember how I said there’s a certain kind of conservatism which I respect more than bourgeois liberalism—Eliot is of this type. Of course, the dichotomy he maintains is reactionary, but it’s due to a deep fatalism, not ignorance. (Counter him with Yeats or Pound, who, arising from the same milieu, opted to support Hitler and Mussolini.) And this fatalism is born out of the relation between fertility and death, which I touched on in my last letter—life feeds on itself. A fatalism I share with the western tradition at times. You seem surprised at Eliot’s irreconcilable ambivalence; don’t you share this ambivalence yourself, Alex? [Emphasis added]

    And he wrote that? My A@@! He doesn’t know the meaning of half the words and the style doesn’t match the only other known work of his in the Sundial. Can’t wait for Jack C to analyze it. Does it even say anything? That’s a love letter?


    • I’m sorry I re=quoted what you quoted already. I looked to see what Gordo was responding to, but this comment of yours didn’t show up. Anyway, I added my two cents! Oh, good catch! Really. The style is totally different from his “work” for the Sundial. Wouldn’t you think he’d write his best stuff for PUBLICATION on campus instead of in letters to a girlfriend? How many times can I shout it: I CRY BS!!! TY for teaching me that expression. I love it! Let’s see photocopies of the letters so we can compare handwriting. 🙂

      • It is so fake – the author’s writing reminds me of another person’s writing that we’ve seen before. I second that – B.S.!

        They were probably typed with the same typewriter that typed the B.C.’s!

        Are both of these gals still living? That would be almost a first to have someone living. I wonder why they didn’t come out 4 years ago? Nothing until now ?

        • I want to see their faces. I want to see the letters and the diary. I want them examined for authenticity and forensically for aged 40 years ago. They’d be quite yellow by now. Did he write letters like this to Michelle? IF not, he’s in deep doo doo. (Not unusual for him, given the proclivities. Ooooh. That was nasty.) You have to get New Yorker mag to see a pic of him with one of them. McNear was at Oxy with him, or so the tale goes. Was she in Lisa Jack’s photo spread? More rich kids he hung with. And another Pakistani friend Mahmood. Do note the comments by Mahmood about how Barry had to start distancing himself from them to firm up his AMERICAN-ness, politically speaking. Why did he only hang with PAKISTANIS in college at OXY AND at Columbia? Huh? Except for the slumming rich white girls. Why did Barry prefer white girls, btw? No black girls on campus? No Pakistani girls, for that matter? Such B.S. Such B.S. And we all know why.

          • Cashill spoke and they listened and came up with the lies:


            “And yet, unless I missed something, despite scores of interviews with Obama acquaintances, never do we actually hear from a woman who dated Barack Obama. The same vacuum is apparent in the book Barack and Michelle, Portrait of an American Marriage, by Christopher Andersen. Andersen quotes Obama’s New York roommate, Sohale Siddiqi, on the subject of Obama’s allure: “I couldn’t outcompete him in picking up girls, that’s for sure” — but we do not hear from any of the girls he might have picked up or dated.

            In Dreams, Obama creates a similarly romantic image of himself. At one point, when his half-sister Auma [CUE AUMA WHO’S APPEARING IN INTERVIEWS THIS WEEK!] visits him in Chicago pre-Michelle, he tells her about a ruptured relationship with a white woman back in New York. He adds, with more than a little calculation, “There are several black ladies out there who’ve broken my heart just as good,” but we do not read as much as a single sentence about any of these.

            In Dreams, Obama recalls his early days in Indonesia, when he began to notice “that Cosby never got the girl on I Spy.” Curiously, in his own book, he does not do much better.”

            I smell a redux of 2008. Faux life; faux friends; faux stories; faux person. They know people might pay attention to Cashill, so they’re doing a full court press to LIE so nobody pays attention to the missing girlfriends and Larry Sinclair’s TRUTHS.

          • If Vera Baker had a daughter, would she look like barky? 😉

            makes me think: somethings up. utter bull puckies. steaming mess. lies.
            a barky remake. again. hmmmm, wonder why.

            • I think something’s up, too. Well, for one thing, people ARE paying attention this time. Breitbart, WND, other “right wing” media. The stories are getting out there. The GLOBE tabloid reports. Larry Sinclair won his case. People asking about his time at Columbia. Connecting the dots. And then he gets these gals to back up his stories. Funny how he has to admit he made up the LIES about Genevieve and him having their own little personal racial divide. Not that the entire relationship wasn’t probably a lie. My guess is that she was the girlfriend of the guy she married and she’s doing him a favor. If I’m wrong, Genevieve, then you can easily prove it by submitting those extemporaneous, contemporaneous documents to forensic examiners for dating and handwriting analysis.

              Hmmm. Does Mahmoud know the other Mahmood who was mentioned in the articles as a previously unknown Pakistani friend of Barry’s?

              My, oh, my. What a small world. All these Muslim connections, but hey! Don’t even imagine he’s Muslim. Young guys always lounged around in their apartments in Muslim robes back in the early ’80s. Where you been?

      • Jack Cashill wrote, they listened. Obama speaks, we ignore. They write about Obama, “You Lie!” Thanks again, Joe Wilson! Can we hear it again? OK. Obama lies!

    • Could this be Genevieve Cook, the diplomat’s daughter Obama supposedly met at a party. Her father, was a former Australian Ambassador to Vietnam. Genevieve married a guy from Egypt, go figure!

      Genevieve Cook Weds Accountant

      Published: October 23, 1988

      At the Cosmopolitan Club in New York, Genevieve Hogan Cook, a daughter of Mrs. Philip C. Jessup Jr. of Washington and Michael J. Cook of Canberra, Australia, was married yesterday to Mohamed Moustafa, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Mahmoud H. Moustafa of Alexandria, Egypt. Judge Richard M. Palmer of Family Court in Manhattan officated.

      The bride’s sister, Francesca Munro Cook, was the maid of honor, and their brother, Alexander Ibbitson Cook, was the best man.

      The bride, who will be known as Mrs. Moustafa-Cook, graduated from the Emma Willard School and Swarthmore College, and received a master’s degree in education from the Bank Street College of Education. Her mother, Helen Ibbitson Jessup, is an architectural historian and a specialist in Indonesian art. Her father, a former Australian Ambassador to Vietnam, is the director of the Office of National Assessments, a Government agency in Canberra. Her stepfather, a former corporate secretary and general counsel of the International Nickel Company in New York and Toronto, is the secretary and general counsel of the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

      • U.S. Ambassador-at-Large
        Philip C. Jessup, Department of State, 1949-53.
        February 2, 1971

        Click to access 2239_TrumanOralHist.pdf

        Mahmoud Moustafa , PMP

        Senior Process Engineer at ORYX GTL
        Mahmoud Moustafa , PMP’s Overview
        Senior Process Engineer at ORYX GTL
        Senior Process Engineer (Process Control APC, Simulation & Optimization Engineer ) at EPROM – GS E&C , Linear Alkyl Benzen complex (ELAB Project)
        Process Engineer at EPROM – Foster Wheeler FW at (MIDOR Refinery)

        Alexandria University
        Alexandria University

        About Seven years of experience in process technical support , Advanced process control , Simulation & Optimization on DCS, PLC, SCADA, ESD, F&G systems services including Pre commissioning/Commissioning, and start-up in the field of Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry. Start my pragmatism life with Foster Wheeler (FW) USA. currently employed for ORYX GTL which be an integrated energy company globalizing premium, environmentally friendly GTL products. Previously was employed to MIDOM, which is an Operation and maintenance company in the field of Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, and Power Plants. My experiences have actually been varied between working in various process & utilities units of a Complex refinery (MIDOR Refinery with a capacity of 100,000 BPD) at DHT,SRU,TGT (KTI) & Amine System, through a Petrochemical Plant (E-LAB which Utilizes SR Kerosene in producing Linear Alkyl Benzene) at Aromatic plant BT (UOP) & Utilities, that varied and deepened my technical aspects.

        Renee, maybe a research thread for any further info? I’ll have time to post more research later tonight. btw, this would also “”possibly”” connect the info. I found on SOEBARKAH.

        Gippsland Basin, Rec. Bureau Miner. Resour. Geol. Geophys. Aust. 1978, hummmm…..

      • I think they did say her father was a bigwig. Yes. That’s it. They said the estate they went to was her stepfather’s–the Jessup land. And she was Australian. So she married an Egyptian? Amazing. A Muslim? I recognize that Emma Willard school, too. It was in one of the articles. The Vanity Fair piece is long. I muddled through only the first few pages. Bank St. College. Where Bill Ayers hung. OMG. Back to searching for our old research. Oy vey! If I remember correctly, the mosque of the father of Ground Zero Mosque fame was very close to where Barry lived. AND the tidbit in the story that he wore those Muslim robes when he was in his apartment, while attending Columbia. And he hung out with Pakistanis. Rich ones. So are we supposed to STILL believe he was NOT Muslim?

      • Speaking of Egypt. It rears its hideous, Kennedy-like head (pun intended) in Egypt! Kerry in Egypt to meet with the Muslim Brotherhood. Oh, that Arab Spring. How GOOD for America. NOT!

        “Senator John Kerry, head of the Senate foreign relations committee, arrived in Cairo Tuesday evening, as part of his tour of the region, to hold talks with Egyptian officials about the “democratic transformation” of Egypt, according to the Kuwaiti news agency KUNA. Kerry and his Egyptian hosts will be discussing the presidential elections due late in May, and the conflicts in the region, including Syria, the Sudan and Israel.

        According to Al Ahram, Senator Kerry and US Ambassador to Cairo Ann Patterson will meet with Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate and head of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Mohamed Mursi, at the FJP headquarters on Wednesday.”

        I’d put democratic transformation in quotes, too.

      • Good finds Leza – I wonder if the Australian papers carry the same information from that time? If daddy was a big muckedy muck – news of his daughter’s wedding would be in the papers there. Anyone scouring the Egyptian and Australian papers?

  26. Newt is announcing he is quitting as of today. He is thanking all his 179,000 donors and others who have helped him during his campaign.

  27. Some well known black athlete with the Chargers committed suicide today. The police believe it was suicide. He owned successful restaurants and was doing well. He leaves 3 young kids and an ex-wife. He saw them 3 weeks ago. I didn’t catch his name, a Somoan. His name was Junior Seau.

    • Bridgette,

      Junior played for the New England Patriots; he retired in 2010.

      Patriots Nation is schocked today; he was a fan favorite and a consummate Pro Bowler, having played in many over the years.

      He will be missed.

      • I heard that he had a car accident a while ago where he drove over a cliff and speculation then was that it was a suicide attempt. Sad. Renee, I don’t know his name or any of the names connected to him. No connection to Obama that I see other than that he was Samoan, like the Punahou guys who died.

  28. Things Not Looking Good For Obama, Jackson, And Sharpton
    May 2, 2012 By Kevin “Coach” Collins Snips

    Recently released results from the Public Religion Research Institute hold seriously bad news for the long term viability of the Democrats and Barack Obama’s chances of reelection. The pollsters spoke to adults between the ages of 18 and 24 about their views on race relations, and their findings were surprising.

    One of the questions they asked these young people centered on whether they thought the government paid too much attention to the complaints of blacks and minorities in general. They were asked about the existence of reverse discrimination and if it was a problem in their view.

    These young people – “millennials” as they are labeled by sociologists- don’t seem to be following the Democrats’ script on how they should think about racial issues. Almost half of them (46%) believe the government pays too much attention to the complaints of minorities, and 48% feel that discrimination against whites is a considerable problem.

    When the responses from minorities were removed to count only the responses from white millennials (who represent 2/3 of the millennial population), a sizable majority (56%) agreed that the government caters to the concerns of minorities too much. This is not good news for a Democrat Party that so heavily relied on “white guilt” to elect an unqualified black man as our president.

    This is a hammer blow to the race-hustling world view of the Democrat Party and it’s main “white guilt” salesmen like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Young white people have been taught a conflicting message, and the framers of that message will reap the destruction it brings.



    Why do I smell Kabuki coming on? A staged event. Riots. And wow! The leader will show his cajones and crack down on those radical stooges in his Sista Souljah moment. Will he or not?

    • because it is Kabuki. orchestrated and contrived and drips with conceit and deceit. a big stink. Usurpation for the sole purpose of using the Office as a stepping stone and bank for the future Office.

      we’re in a Coup. the Iranians are being ignored. still. in chains. from what I understand, the Population is under 40 and they love freedom to think, to be. meanwhile, Mubarak was overthrown and Qaddafi was drawn and quartered in public all the world over. My question: Osama who?

      July 2009; 3:00 A.M. call. beep. Leave a message and have a blessed day.

  30. Did you guys see this at the Terrible Truth place?

    “Murder At Harvard Law School: A Cold Case File, A Photo Of Obama”

    You can get it if you pay for it.

    • I’m not paying. She hasn’t impressed me with anything yet. Why pay for more drivel? EVIDENCE, MARTHA! EVIDENCE. If you know something, then please do be a patriot and save our Republic.

  31. Genevieve Cook???

    If so, she has a much better bite than the FWOTUS (First Wooky of…..)

    As far as the ‘excerpts’ are concerned, barky didn’t write those in fact, he doesn’t even understand some of the words…..

    • Good one! I bet you’re right. He studying the dictionary as we speak. Or at least they’re loading those into TOTUS. OMG. Ben Shapiro (no Breitbart he) calls that Vanity Fair article “vetting” his past. Please. Then he writes, presumably NOT tongue-in-cheek, “Nonetheless, Obama was clearly a smart guy.” So he seriously BELIEVES OBAMA wrote that? HE DID NOT.

      So here she is:

      • Miri, if he wrote those lovely passages, then I’m Cleopatra (although some do indeed see the resemblance 🙂 ).

        This isn’t vetting; not even close. Shapiro must fancy himself as some sort of rocket scientist to make a statement like that.

        But hey, anything to sell a mag, right?

        • It’s chilling to see Shapiro pretend to fall for this. Surely he is NOT that stupid. It must be fear. Fear of what happened to Andrew. The talking points given, received, translated to a semblance of mild criticism of Barry. Just to make it look good. To pretend that the fix is NOT in. That they are not terrified. Abandon all hope. I hate to say it, but there it is.

          • From March interview of Shapiro by Mark Gillar:

            “Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro: We’re Going to Vet Obama Except His Forged Selective Service Registration and Forged Birth Certificate”
            Comment by John Doe Sr.:

            “Man, what a tool and a coward Shapiro is!!

            If he actually believes what he is saying, he is totally nuts.

            He says about Obama, “we should look at who this man is”…and then he says that is exactly what he is not going to do.

            Breitbart, as represented by this man, is a useless tool of the left trying to impersonate someone who gives a damn about America.

            The interviewer did a good job. He was calm and would not let Shapiro off the hook.

            Shapiro is a coward and Alinsky has crushed him. He is useless.”

            March 17, 2012 6:54 AM

  32. This is to funny. This article is about how Barry fabricated in his book. At the bottom were two “corrections” in a row:

    “UPDATE: In the reissue of “Dreams from My Father,” Obama writes in the introduction that “some of the characters that appear are composites of people I’ve known.”

    CORRECTION: An earlier version of this blog post stated that Obama had acknowledged using composite characters in the reissue. In fact, Obama acknowledged the use of composite characters in the first edition of the book.”

    Yeah, we can’t keep it straight, either. And also, remember, they DISAPPEARED from the Web the forward from the first edition where he admitted this–that there were composite characters and made-up conversations.

    Didn’t people try to get a bunch of money out of that guy who wrote the bogus book that was featured on Oprah’s show? Sued him, accusing him of fraud and selling the book under false pretences? When I read yesterday that he won his case, I figured that was a relief for Barry. And here they are today, admitting that he, too, FABRICATED his “autobiography.”

    • It just goes to show how these so-called reporters of fact had their heads up their rears for the past 4 years (actually longer–since 2004 when he reissued the book). They DIDN’T KNOW THAT HE ADMITTED IN 1995 THAT THE “MEMOIRS” WERE FABRICATED AND FICTIONALIZED. They didn’t KNOW because they didn’t WANT to know. And they call THIS vetting? How about VETTING these women’s TALES? That’s vetting. Taking Obama’s word for it and the word of little known women who waited all these years to come forward, despite the controversy that’s been raging for the past four years? Now THAT’S having your head up your bum.

      Here’s vetting: You need two other sources that YOU find on your own to back up the story. At least two who will publicly avow that they saw him dating these women. How about some photos of them together? NOT photoshopped ones?

      Btw, does she look vaguely like SAD? 🙂

      • Just read this crap and tell me this girl wrote this 30 years ago:

        “”I can’t help thinking that what he would really want, be powerfully drawn to, was a woman, very strong, very upright, a fighter, a laugher, well-­experienced—a black woman I keep seeing her as,” she wrote.”

        OMG. A seer, too. She saw his future wife. She saw Michelle and just KNEW she didn’t measure up. She was TOO PALE. Not strong enough. Not experienced. Not a “laugher.” Not a “fighter.”


        We have the NLP again. The hypnotic “slow jam” on the comic shows. Barry sonorously intoning his mantra, swaying to the slow beat. Hypnotizing the young to move FORWARD! Vote for the cool guy again. OMG. Save us. Truly. Save us, Lord. Save us.

  33. Whelp, MA’s own John ‘Lurch’ Kerry is across the pond in Egypt consorting with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    What an outstanding American! Wonder if they have ketchup over there? Maybe he’ll stay.

  34. My New Bumper Sticker:

    natural born citizens pale by comparison. true dat.

    I heard there’s gonna be a national argument. I want to be on the record in saying a natural born citizen is a full blooded American on the Day he/she was born. the 14 consecutive years; attained the age of 35 are sidebar.

    its about being “born” a full blooded American, naturally and by the time you want to qualify for the Presidential candidacy for United States of America, you had better be here for 14 consecutive and be at least 35 when you sign the papers.

    Otherwise, we could be speaking Chinese in our 80s. a mere 3 election cycles: 2012 (Landslide);

    2016; 2020; 2024. will you still love me America?

  35. Here Are The Juiciest Excerpts From The Journal Of Barack Obama’s Ex-Girlfriend
    May 2, 2012, 1:12 PM Snip

    What it reveals: They had a prosaic relationship. From Jan. 22, 1984:

    What a startling person Barack is—so strange to voice intimations of my own perceptions—have them heard, responded to so on the sleeve. A sadness, in a way, that we are both so questioning that original bliss is dissipated—but feels really good not to be faltering behind some façade—to not feel that doubt must be silenced and transmuted into distance.

    No. 2: Barack Obama wore “comfy T-shirts depicting buxom women.” From Feb. 19 of that same year:

    Today, for the first time, Barack sat on the edge of the bed—dressed—blue jeans and luscious ladies on his chest [a comfy T-shirt depicting buxom women], the end of the front section of the Sunday Times in his hand, looking out the window, and the quality of light reflected from his eyes, windows of the soul, heart, and mind, was so clear, so unmasked, his eyes narrower than he usually holds them looking out the window, usually too aware of me.

    No, she’s not talking about Business Insider here. She’s talking about Business International, where Obama first worked “uninspired.” From April 3:

    He talked quite a lot about discontent in a quiet sort of way—balancing the tendency to be always the observer, how to effect change, wanting to get past his antipathy to working at B.I.

    Now, this is probably the most bizarre passage in the journal. Some background: That summer, Genevieve would challenge the “virtuous daily jogger” Barack Obama to a sprint, because she thought she would win.

    On Sunday Barack and I raced, and I won. I ran so fast my body transformed itself onto another plane. We ran, he started off behind me and I just said to myself stay ahead, stay ahead and my body became a flat thin box w/ my arms and legs coming each precisely from a corner. And I didn’t know how long I could keep it up, but I was going to try—my whole sight concentrated on the lamp post when I felt him slow and yell you beat me, at first I thought he was giving up, but then I realized he’d meant the lamp post on the left and I’d really won! The feel of the race was exhilarating, but I didn’t feel very victorious. Barack couldn’t really believe it and continued to feel a bit unsettled by it all weekend, I think.

    Finally, on May 23, 1985, the end of the relationship:

    Barack leaving my life—at least as far as being lovers goes. In the same way that the relationship was founded on calculated boundaries and carefully, rationally considered developments, it seems to be ending along coolly considered lines. … Obviously I was not the person that brought infatuation. (That lithe, bubbly, strong black lady is waiting somewhere!)

    • And then he told her that SHE was depressed because she beat him. That darned woman! She ought to have known her place. BEHIND. Always behind.

      OMG. Did she really write that crap about “lithe, bubbly, strong black lady?” Did it take her or Bill Ayers the last four years to write this BOGUS CRAP? Isn’t her writing style so much like HIS supposed letters to the other white chick?

      I bet they had to put those compliments about the future Michelle in there just to assuage her understandable anger about the sad fact that they MUST put this crap out now, again, to save his sorry rear from REAL vetting. (Did I say crap, again? I’m sorry, but I’m calling it what it is. I cry, again, B.S. I cry me a river of B.S.)

      Doubling down now. Doubling down on the false narratives, the lies, the JOURNOLIST LIVES. Call out the usual suspects–the LYING BIOGRAPHERS. THE LYING “JOURNALISTS”. Even Shapiro PRETENDS to buy it.

      • Look how they twist this back on US, the “conspiracy theorists”, when we’re the ones who have been SHOUTING for the last four years that he ADMITTED IN HIS BOOK THAT IT’S ALL A PACK OF LIES. A FABLE. Didn’t Mark also come up with a long-winded explanation about why his memoirs are similarly false and fabulous? At least Mark wrote his fiction as a novel. These guys. What cards. They’re historic figures so they write the historical fiction before the novelists have a chance.

        I’m guessing that SUDDENLY, it will be EASY to find that disclaimer. I remember looking for it, searching Google and the Wayback Machine, endlessly, trying hard to find the text of that disclaimer. Now look how fast this “journalist” finds it. “For the sake of compression, some of the characters that appear are composites of people, I’ve known, and some events appear out of precise chronology. [Oh, don’t we know all about THAT?] With the exception of my family and a handful of public figures, the names of most characters have been changed for the sake of privacy.”

        • This is the part I referred to before:

          “A few weeks into January 1984 they were seeing each other regularly on Thursday nights (when she would be up in his neighborhood, finishing one of her Bank Street classes) and on weekends. He was living then as a boarder in a fourth-floor walkup at 622 West 114th Street. It was a rent-controlled three-bedroom apartment. She remembered how on Sundays Obama would lounge around, drinking coffee and solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, bare-chested, wearing a blue and white sarong.”

          All the guys I knew in 1984 wore SARONGS while lounging around, doing the NY Times puzzle. Now I know it’s a LIE because Bahr-ruck would never make it through THAT puzzle without TOTUS.

          • Jogjakarta, one of the sarong capitals of the world. And look at the website. Saudi Aramco World! 🙂


            “The lungi [aka sarong] Bengali is a garment worn around the waist in India , Bangladesh , Sri Lanka , and Myanmar (formerly Burma). [And Punjab; Pakistan] While its origin is found in South Indian culture, it is worn by diverse communities across Southern Asia .

            The standard adult lungi is 115cm in height and 200cm in length, when open. It is normally woven from cotton in a variety of designs and colors. The most common styles are either solid-colored or plaid , partly since these patterns are cheaper to produce with a loom. Blue is a particularly popular, since it fades to pleasant tones in contrast to other colors.”

          • Yeah, my dorms were filled with people wearing those sarongs too! Who bought him the sarongs? Were those sold in the stores in ’84? Add a leather jacket and he was ready to go out on the town. Great memory she has – his BLUE and WHITE sarong…was it striped or plaid? Cotton or silk?

            • I’m assuming that since he lived with and hung with Pakistanis, that was their mode of dress when lounging. I noticed that black leather jacket, too. Had to work that in to make all the photoshopped photos look real.

              • “hung” with Pakistanis…so do we know what they wear under those sarongs?

                • 🙂 Good one!

                  I think this article should interest all the African-Americans who follow him. It should interest them that he NEVER was even remotely in touch with his so-called black roots until he went to Chicago to be a community organizer. Then he morphed himself into the black community AS IF he belonged. But how could he belong? What had he in common with them except (and this is arguable) some genes? In Indonesia, he was raised as an Indonesian. In Hawaii, he immersed himself at Punahou and his friends were mostly white kids. At Oxy, same thing. His friends were RICH WHITE KIDS and the Pakistanis that he roomed with. (Why did he room with Pakistanis? We suspect that we know–all “foreign” students. Put together by the school because they share culture and affinity.) So now, after years of hearing from nobody about his Columbia years (except Phil Boerner, who sounds like another planted friend), we learn that he had TWO white girlfriends (if you believe it) and it sounds as if the Pakistanis followed him to NYC. I’ll have to read that story more carefully, but the author names the three from Oxy, Siddiqi, and this NEW ONE: Beenu Mahmood. Now I looked for good old Beenu yesterday and all I could find on the Web was a reference to a LAWYER who was counsel for one of the parties in the ARKANSAS CREATION SCIENCE case. Whether this is Barry’s Beenu, I can’t say. Arkansas. Lawyer. Sounds like it, although PIPL had another Beenu Mahmood who is only 26, so he might be the lawyer. Anyway, my point is: Where are his BLACK friends? From birth through his 20s, he was hanging with Indonesians, Native Hawaiians, RICH white kids and Pakistanis. What, then, does he possibly have in common with African-AMERICANS? So telling that comment by his “friend” (another accidental inconvenient truth) that for his POLITICAL future, Barry had to BEGIN to make himself “American”. Unspoken is the truth that prior to that decision, he wasn’t, and his friends didn’t consider him to be, AMERICAN. AND his friends recognized that he made a conscious POLITICAL choice to PRETEND to be American.

        • I’m thinking now of all the little school children who had his book drilled into their brains as HIS STORY. As THE TRUTH. After four years of this and journalists TAKING his book AS TRUTH, suddenly, they act AS IF THEY KNEW ALL ALONG that it was a pack of lies. What an example he sets for the children. Tell tall tales and when caught, act as if you didn’t have that fact scrub-a-dub-dubbed from the Web for the past 4 years.

        • Weigel has weighed in:

          So the circle is complete. They have circled the wagons to protect him and spin for him and lie for him and attack us once again.

        • Here’s a story written in 1999 about Barry’s book. Amazingly, Lynn Sweet, another of the Barry biographers, although more objective and fair than most, KNEW HIM THEN.

          And I was right. What was amazingly difficult to find the text of, when I looked over the last four years, is suddenly all over the Web–that being his disclaimer that his “autobiography” is a novel. I clearly remember reiterating this every time I wrote about that pack of lies. I called it his admittedly-fictional “auto”biography, or some variation of same. “auto” in quotes because HE DID NOT WRITE IT. Just as he DID NOT WRITE THOSE LETTERS.

  36. The timing, the timing – bi guy covers his collective a@@ with the girlfriend story! And you wonder what the left hand is doing? Calling Larry Sinclair! Reggie, Reggie, come out, come out wherever you are!

    From Free – To: Kaslin [Note story from Nov. 2011]

    YIKES!!!! snip- ”Past gay-oriented sex parties at Duke and the University of North Carolina involving then Duke basketball and football player Reggie Love reportedly cost him his job as President Obama’s ‘body man.’”

    43 posted on Thursday, 3 May 2012 9:38:21 AM by Mortrey (Impeach President Soros)

    To: Kaslin

    Larry is not a girls name, Bacrock.
    44 posted on Thursday, 3 May 2012 9:42:45 AM by Darren McCarty

    To: Mortrey
    Drudge is going to go nuclear on Obama’s relationship with Reggie Love and the Kenyan is preparing their defense. Worst-kept secret in DC.

    A lovey dovey photo at comment – Oh poor MO, having to deal with Larry’s package that was sent to her, next Reggie and now the girlfriend stories. Well, as we’ve noticed in the PHOTO section, MO might have her err his own problems.

    • “This story smells on so many levels. It is either in advance damage control, anticipating the inevitable in-depth comparisons between the “girlfriend” in Dreams From My Father and Genevieve Cook. Politico is an arm of Obama’s reelection campaign.

      David Maraniss is an in-the-tank Democrat sycophant.

      What are the chances his two and only two girlfriends kept journals or diaries of their relationship with Obama, never lost them or threw them out over the last 30 years, and never thought to promote themselves or write their own book? Even during such an historic campaign as 2008! But suddenly, were eager to share them during his reelection?

      My guess is Genevieve Cook and Alex McNear are Democrat operatives, these journals were probably written by Bill Ayers, and the idea for this “biography” of Obama by Maraniss was concocted by David Axlerod.
      40 posted on Wednesday, May 02, 2012 12:40:16 PM by magellan”

      magellan said it so well that I had to share, but now that you mention the left hand, here’s a funny by The Electrician:

      “She bore a strange resemblance to his right hand.
      Oops, I mean his left hand.*

      * Snarky multiculturalist reference there, sorry…

      39 posted on Wednesday, May 02, 2012 12:38:53 PM by The Electrician (“Government is the only enterprise in the world which expands in size when its failures increase.”)” 🙂

  37. Ethics watchdog asks FCC to revoke Fox’s broadcast licenses

    An ethics ??? watchdog group is using the hacking scandal in the United Kingdom to call on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to cancel Fox’s broadcast licenses. [Soros Group] Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) sent a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski [Obama’s pal] on Tuesday, arguing that U.S. law states that broadcast airwaves shall only be licensed to people of “good character” and used “in the public interest.”

    They’re asking the FCC to revoke broadcast licenses for the 27 stations the Fox network owns in the United States. Rupert Murdoch heads News Corp., the parent company of Fox. Murdoch’s former newspaper, News of the World, is under investigation in England for allegedly bugging phones in order to obtain stories.

    “The illegal actions of News Corp. are not only limited to Great Britain,” CREW wrote, citing news reports that News of the World journalists hacked into the voice mailboxes of 9/11 victims. CREW called these actions evidence of a “significant character deficiency” that could disqualify Fox from holding a license. “[T]he Murdochs clearly do not have the requisite character to retain their broadcast licenses,” CREW wrote. “Accordingly, we request that the FCC immediately commence an action to revoke their licenses.” CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan said in a statement that “if the Murdochs don’t meet the British standards-of-character test, it is hard to see how they can meet the American standard.”

    The watchdog group also sent letters to the House and Senate Commerce committees asking for hearings into whether the Murdochs meet the FCC’s character standards.

    • The Leftists are trying this trick to get rid of their nemesis, FOX! Who really has a character deficiency? Our country needs to rid itself of anything Soros connected. So how is the other communist network doing – CNN – lowest ratings in 10 yrs. The voice of the Marxist administration – MSNBC is flatlining, and FOX is on top. CREW calls itself an ethics watchdog – there are no ethics on the Left or anything connected to Soros. The FCC has character standards? Let’s investigate all of Soros’ broadcast stations to see if they fit the bill.

    • If it happens, that will certainly endear Obama to the media. If you close 27 stations across the country, how many people will lose their jobs? How much will it affect the economy? For what?

      Allegations that somebody lower down on the food chain spied illegally in Britain on celebrities.

      So NBC should lose all their licenses, too, because Dan Rather lied and their employees lied about George Zimmerman. They knew. They had to know. The fish rots from the head down. That’s a lack of character and goes against all journalistic ethics–to deliberately lie and slander others. Obviously, the buck stops with Immelt, so his lack of character means all NBC stations should have their licenses pulled.

      This won’t affect FOX NEWS, because it’s not a broadcast station. Their main “enemy” is FOX NEWS, not the local broadcast stations which, btw, shill for Barry as mindlessly as the others do. Two DemocRATS also asked the UK Parliament (I think) to send them ANY information that MIGHT indicate that illegal activities happened in the USA.

      So even if there’s nothing, they’ll send something quasi-questionable (a big reach) and it will be enough for the Senate grandstanders to hold public hearings to humiliate Fox and INTIMIDATE THEM into being “careful” with their election coverage. That’s all this is. More Chicago-style, orchestrated intimidation and thuggery.

      Watchdogs funded by SOROS! What a surprise.

      Hasn’t it already been disproved that anybody “hacked” into email of 9/11 victims? I think Dan Rather’s “character deficiency” far outweighs somebody guessing another’s password and reading their email. He tried to sway a presidential election by presenting forged documents as real. And one could credibly argue that the NBC reporters who deliberately, upon urging from a public relations firm, edited a 911 tape to make Zimmerman appear to be a racist were encouraging racial strife, which led to bloodshed when innocent whites were attacked in the name of Trayvon Martin. That’s far worse than reading someone else’s email, if it even happened.

  38. Cabinets Gone Wild
    Victor Davis Hanson
    May 03, 2012

    We’ve had some unusual Cabinet secretaries in past administrations — Earl Butz, John Mitchell and James Watt come to mind — but never anything quite like the present bunch.


    The media is criticizing Ann Romney for wearing an expensive blouse on TV. (Personally, I wouldn’t give ten bucks for what they say costs almost a grand.) But Dana Loesch points out their typical hypocrisy when they fail to notice Moochelle’s MORE EXPENSIVE outfits that likely either WERE paid for by us OR were donated to her by fawning celeb designers (with them not reporting the gift, most likely). They even went so far as to track down the designer of Ann’s blouse to make sure that the designer wasn’t making a political statement or APPROVING of her wearing that blouse. As if Ann must first get permission from the blouse-makers lest they accidentally be assumed to support Romney. I can totally see the designers cowering in fear if the Obamas decide to punish them (no invites to the Wed. soirees, perchance?) for allowing Ann to wear their clothes.

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