No SCYTL’s, Just Ink, ID And Thumb Please

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I read a comment just now again by Miri, on Easter Sunday afternoon. It was a good catch as well as a good topic. A topic that is catching on fire it seems.

Miri, you noted Holder and the voter ID, let me add links here as well as your comment first.

“Attorney General Eric Holder is a staunch opponent of laws requiring voters to show photo ID at the polls to improve ballot security. He calls them “unnecessary” and has blocked their implementation in Texas and South Carolina, citing the fear they would discriminate against minorities.

I wonder what Holder will think when he learns just how easy it was for someone to be offered his ballot just by mentioning his name in a Washington, D.C., polling place in Tuesday’s primaries.

Holder’s opposition to ID laws comes in spite of the Supreme Court’s 6–3 decision in 2008, authored by liberal Justice John Paul Stevens, that upheld the constitutionality of Indiana’s tough ID requirement. When groups sue to block photo-ID laws in court, they can’t seem to produce real-world examples of people who have actually been denied the right to vote. According to opinion polls, over 75 percent of Americans — including majorities of Hispanics and African-Americans — routinely support such laws.

One reason is that people know you can’t function in the modern world without showing ID — you can’t cash a check, travel by plane or even train, or rent a video without being asked for one. In fact, PJ Media recently proved that you can’t even enter the Justice Department in Washington without showing a photo ID. Average voters understand that it’s only common sense to require ID because of how easy it is for people to pretend they are someone else. … Some criticism of voter-ID laws has morphed into intimidation. This week, Color of Change, co-founded by former Obama special adviser Van Jones, threatened a boycott against Coca-Cola and Walmart because they financially supported the American Legislative Exchange Council, which has helped state legislators draft some of the voter-ID laws. Within hours, Coca-Cola resigned its membership in ALEC. So far Walmart is holding out by arguing that ALEC is involved with dozens of issues, many of them of direct concern to Walmart shareholders.”


More at link. John Fund is on a crusade about this voter fraud issue. He’s done great work for years.


Now the other parts I have now read that add to this situation.

The company out of America that will count our votes in 2012 ? Is this company owned by Soros ?

Things are looking pretty funny….and there’s more….


70 responses to “No SCYTL’s, Just Ink, ID And Thumb Please

  1. Hey guys im back…. I contacted NC Board of Elections and they immediately responded defensively. ALL VOTING IN NC is Scytl owned equipment since the buyout. I will send in information and copies of emails.

    These are new sources to investigate. All from Don Wright, General Counsel, NC State Board of Elections attempting to defend Scytl, ES&S and SOE. (Email me for the copies of emails)
    So goole Don Wright and the first thing that comes up is…
    “Don Wright=NC GOP BASTARD”

    Chuck Hagel, CEO ES&S is the chair of the office below
    Presidents Intelligence Advisory Board.
    ES&S has been investigated multiple times for inaccuracy in voting.

    Excerpts from same email.
    Don Write on voting software and machines in NC.
    “There is no Scytl voting systems certified and approved for use in North Carolina.”

    “Since the 2008 Primary, North Carolina has been using election reporting software created by SOE. In 2011 SOE software was purchased by Scytl.”

    “We never had a problem with the SOE software or any complaint. It has reported accurately both the major Democratic victories in 2008 and the major Republican victories in 2010.”

    “That fact that SOE is now owned by a Spanish company is not unlawful, nor has there been any evidence or allegation that the SOE reporting software does not report the data entered into it. ”

    So what he side stepped is that the other company, ES&S, that he praised so highly IS being investigated for vote machine miscalculations. I emailed back and forth and he sidestepped every question; however, did open a door to links to the Obama administration.

    Scytl CEO – Obama Supporter
    1/3 Start Up companies for scytl has links to Obama (i think Renee found out that the only start up company is linked to Obama)
    ES&S CEO linked to Obama

    I can not continue to investigate completely so I was hoping we can work together to find out more info on these leads. Chuck Hagel needs depth because I just read his wiki page and it was informational and linking to BHO and the PIAB (which has no job in the government anymore) just read the article about PIAB and you will understand. Lets expand on this information if we could. I found all this out on a 29.5hr shift at work in a 36hr period and over the last hour at home.

  2. Where are our Elected Officials Statements and Opinions on this: a Soros Owned Spanish Company Will “Count” American Votes Overseas In November
    June 11, 2012 at 4:00pm

    Id like to hear from our Elected Leaders that Our Vote Counts, If fraud is to be addressed by Washington, who is putting a stop to this? This is exactly why the RINO Party does not deserve to be in Washington, so as we throw Democrats in Jail in January 2013, lets also throw Republicans out of DC for their stupidity in not fighting this.

    “In January 2012 a [then] quiet deal was struck between SOE Software (then the leading US vote tabulation company. Scytl is said to be strongly linked to George Soros. The Obama syndicate members arranged the deal and Obama’s now wholly-owned rubber-stamp Congress agreed to it. That’s right. A foreign company may now, ostensibly and unconstitutionally, determine who wins US “elections.” Of extreme interest, Scytl’s CEO, Pere Valles, was the former VP and CFO of GlobalNet whose headquarters were based in Obama’s then base of operations Chicago. Although apparently scrubbed from Obama’s donor list (as so many negative and potentially negative-to-Obama documents and videos have been), Valles is said to have contributed heavily to Obama’s first presidential run”.

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