Michelle Obama Uses Bogus Social Security Numbers!

How Many Social Security Numbers Can One Family Have?


One of Many SSN's for Michelle


Michelle Obama Has her Own Skeletons
Just Like Her Husband Barack Obama

©ObamaHustle 2012
March 23, 2012

The so-called First Lady of The United States of AmericaMichelle Obama, has a few skeletons of her own that she needs to explain away.

Last spring as I was collecting the many addresses and social security numbers that Barack Obama has been using for  several years, an interesting anomaly popped up.  It was a discovery that Michelle Obama has been using several bogus social security numbers, and some are attached to actual living persons.

A search from the state of TX for Michelle Obama yielded one hit for the SSN 435-87-XXXX,  and it clearly shows a link to Michelle Obama and five separate listings for the same SSN.  Also note the date of her connection to this number in 08/2008, the same year as the presidential election.

Below is just one example of the many social security numbers that Michelle Obama has been connected with since 2008, the summer before Obama’s historical election.  The address is located at Dover Dr. in McKinney, TX  which is a valid address.

Michelle Obama yielded one hit in Texas for the SSN 435-87-xxxx. It clearly shows a link to her and FIVE separate listings for the SAME SSN.

The two  important questions that need an explanation are:

Why was Michelle Obama using this bogus SSN? 

Why is her name associated with this address in McKinney, TX?

Clearly there is a history of the Obamas using fraudulent social security numbers in an attempt to hide what they have been doing for several years, and what that is, only they can answer.

Since my discovery earlier this spring of the additional Obama social security numbers and the additional addresses for the Obama’s spanning the United States,  one can only wonder as to what their activities were leading up to the 2008 Presidential election.

It is well known that the Obamas were assisted in their presidential efforts by organizations such as ACORN, and  SEIU.  Many  other organizations  have come under  scrutiny for their activities associated with voter fraud across many states leading up to Obama’s historic election in 2008.

The data does not lie.

Q.  Why has the MSM and the United States Congress failed the American people in properly vetting these people for what they truly are?


Our thanks to Al at Obamahustle for his investigative work in uncovering the criminal use of fraudulent Social Security Numbers  by the Obamas including  Barack, Omar, and Michelle.  You are familiar with Barack’s  alias  Harrison J. Bounel, aren’t you?

His work also found that the Chicago property that the Obamas claim as theirs, 5046 S. Greenwood Ave.,  does not belong to them.  The actual owner is a Trust from the Northern Trust Co., Trust # 10209.   This is the same property that taxpayers are on the hook for paying  24/7 security.  Amazingly, when Chicago officials were questioned, they stated there were no taxes paid by the Obamas.  Yet,  when I examined the Obama’s 2009 tax form,  the Obamas stated “under penalty of law”  they paid $22,456 on some property (pin numbers identifying the property were redacted ).

Add Real  Estate and Tax Fraud to Social Security Fraud for the first criminal couple residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D. C. (If you can’t find them there, try one of their other 50+ addresses!).



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18 responses to “Michelle Obama Uses Bogus Social Security Numbers!

  1. I wonder exactly how many SSN’s Al has found that are connected to Michelle? What kind of criminal activity are the Obama’s involved in that they would need so many social security numbers? Money laundering ? Real estate fraud? Overseas banking? They should be at least investigated for identity fraud and use of fraudulent social security numbers. Who is heading up the Social Security Administration? Who isn’t doing their job?

    I wonder if Michelle passes E-verify? I also wonder if Michelle is Michelle or Michael. What verification do we have that she is who she says and that she was born and raised in Chicago, other than what she says? Have we really looked at Fugly Flo? She is no innocent in this con game.

    What possessed both she and BHO to allow their heralded law degrees to go inactive or expire? Such peculiarities for one couple. Do you know of anyone else with so many abnormalities in their history and documentation?

    Was Michelle an affirmative action admission to the university too?

  2. All good questions, Bridgette. Thanks for posting this. It deserves attention again, given the new questions raised about her husband’s law license. When his SS# was revealed on that unredacted tax return (wasn’t it?) did they list Michelle’s, too? They must have filed jointly. Michelle gave up her law license for the same reason, to avoid investigation by the Bar, probably. I’m sure the obots will be right on this by saying that since the addresses are in Texas and associated with hispanic names, then probably Michelle is a VICTIM of fraud. Right. But remember, the family has a history of tax evasion and document fraud. Aunt Zeituni and Uncle Omar. False SS#’s and Omar has liens against him for not paying his taxes.

    Maybe somebody can run Michelle through E-Verify. After all, she’s our employee, too, isn’t she? First Lady? If not, then we should cut her off from every cent of public money.

    • Typically First Ladies are NOT are employees but since over 23 people have been hired by Michelle and the taxpayers pay their salaries she is a government employee — and an unelected one at that! (Like the Supremes, according to Embalma). Michelle could be catagorized as an appointed czar given the authority by the president to make and fund implementation of public policy (think Pick-on-the-fatty program). I am sure, though, she did not sleep her way into this appointment!.

    • well, I did check several of the addresses you posted for Michelle and two of them: 300 Mass. Ave. N.W. in Wa.d.c. and 750 1st street N.E. #1040 Wa.d.c. are addresses for the Washington Naval Yard. Two other addresses I found for her in Zaba search list her at 365 Broadway at two different zip codes,one for Boston and one for Somerville. She also uses Michelle Meyers alot in Chicago and Texas, I’m pretty sure but not proven, such as Michelle Meyers with three addresses in Wa. d.c. ,California, Arlington Va. and Kanehoe Hawaii. I feel these are also Michelles addresses…in this same person has about five last names as aliases such as Johnson, Walker Connell Edwards and Ruhl.
      Another address for Michelle O. was 1013 E. 53rd St. Chicago Ill., I finally found a reverse address showing the owner of this address was Tati ? Refers to alot of things…so don’t know why this address is associated with her name.

  3. Totally OT; feel free to move this anywhere.

    Santorum is out.


    • you can move this too if need be,but who died on their way to Honolulu today while in air in flight? Has anyone heard?

      • The first line and the last in this report do not mesh..

        “Delta Air Lines says a passenger on one of its Honolulu-bound flights from Japan has died.

        Delta spokeswoman Gina Laughlin says Flight 612 from Nagoya was about two hours from Honolulu when the man began experiencing some kind of medical emergency. She says flight attendants and nurses performed CPR but the passenger was unresponsive.

        Paramedics met the flight when it landed on Monday morning and took the man to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

        Laughlin says passenger privacy prevents the airline from revealing details about the man.

        She says given the plane’s location, going on to Hawaii was the shortest and only available option.”


      • HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – A 62-year-old man died on a Delta flight to Honolulu Monday morning.

        Delta spokeswoman Gina Laughlin says the man was found unconscious while en route from Japan.

        The passenger has been identified as Michael Coverdale of Converse, Indiana.

        Laughlin says flight 612 from Nagoya was about 6 hours into the flight when Coverdale experienced a medical emergency. Coverdale was traveling with a companion.


  4. Charles Kerchner blog – New Jersey Obama Ballot Challenge
    Apr. 10

    …The hearing got off to a late start circa 9:30 a.m. and lasted about 3 1/2 hours. The judge asked a lot of questions on the natural born Citizen issue repeatedly interrupting the presentation by Attorney Mario Apuzzo.

    On the issues of the forged Obama documents, the judge did not wish to hear anything about that matter and refused to allow any evidence to be entered on those forgery issues since Obama had not presented his birth certificate or draft registration documents in any form to NJ. Thus he said those issues of alleged forgery are not before his court. His reasoning was that the only legal matters before him is whether Obama has to provide any documentation such as a certified copy of his birth certificate with a raised seal on it to the state of New Jersey to try to prove his qualifications as to place of birth in the USA and also as to whether Obama’s father being a foreign national and non-U.S. Citizen impacts whether Obama is a natural born Citizen or not.

    He seems to place a lot of weight on prior cases that the Obama for America campaign defense counsel brought up such as the Ankeny case and Wong King Ark. But the judge did listen very attentively to Mario’s arguments as how those cases are being misinterpreted, misrepresented, and misstated as to what they determined. But one could see the judge was reading more into those cases than really was there. The judge’s ears did perk up at one point when Mario pointed out that both of the parents of WKA were legally domiciled, i.e., had established permanent residency in the USA. Obama’s father was never legally domiciled, i.e., established permanent residency in the USA. Obama’s father was only sojourning here in the USA on a student visa.

    The judge ended the hearing saying he would issue an oral YES on NO decision later today to the Secretary of State of NJ and the two counsels as to whether he recommends to the Secretary of State of NJ to allow Obama being placed on the ballot in NJ. The written decision to back up his oral decision will be issued tomorrow at 10 a.m.

    More later.
    CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
    Lehigh Valley PA USA

    • Another real stand-up judge! Judge rules for Obama after admitting that no evidence exists of a U.S. Birth Certificate. Judge Admits Obama Hasn’t Provided Proof of Birthplace Then Rules Obama Born in Hawaii!

      ‘New Jersey Hearing: Obama Lawyer Says Obama Does Not Have to Prove Eligibility – 4/10/2012’

      Obama hasn’t produced a BC to this court so the case is premature says the judge. Obama hasn’t produced it for the judge or the Secretary of State. No one has offered the judge anything, he has no paper document to look at that was produced by Obama, so he can’t say if it is fraudulent or a forgery. He has nothing to rule on because the document isn’t in his hands. Obama’s lawyer says she doesn’t have to produce anything for the court or for the State. The judge speaks more than the lawyers in this segment.

      • A shocking turnabout!

        Judge Jeff Masin heard the Obama eligibility case in New Jersey
        But the judge shocked Apuzzo when, at about 7:30 p.m., he called Apuzzo to tell him that the Obama campaign had prevailed on both points. Said the judge, according to Apuzzo: As far as I’m concerned, Obama was born in Hawaii. Apuzzo could not explain how Judge Masin could rule that way, after observing in open court that neither Obama nor his surrogates had shown that he was born in Hawaii.

        Within two hours, according to a deadline that Masin gave him, Apuzzo filed an exception to Masin’s ruling. Apuzzo took exception to the following:

        Judge Masin ruled that Obama was born in Hawaii with no evidence on record, after acknowledging that fact during the hearing.
        Judge Masin ruled that Obama need not comply with statute to show that he is eligible, solely because he need not “consent” to someone circulating a nominating petition for him.
        The judge suggested that Obama might have to show eligibility later. He laid no basis for such a ruling.
        The judge misread the precedents and gave short shrift to the historical evidence that the Framers of the Constitution defined “natural-born citizen” as one born in-country to two citizen parents. Apuzzo devoted half of his 30-page exception to this analysis alone.


        • Reminds me of the scene from “Dances With Wolves”, where the crazy outpost commander says “I just pi$$ed in my pants and there isn’t anything you or anybody else can do about it”. Some judge he is.

      • They did “produce it” to the Secretary of State of Georgia. It’s all games. This isn’t Georgia, unfortunately.

        About six minutes in, did you hear Barry’s lawyer, “Miss Hill”, say, “EVEN IF the petitioners did have an authentic copy of his birth certificate …”? ROFLMAO.

        She actually argues that “there’s been no verified, contrary evidence versus Obama saying that he does not have a verified, authentic birth certificate.”

        So, again, the candidate doesn’t have to prove eligibility; his lawyers stand it on its head and say we have to PROVE that he’s not qualified. btw, he could have a “verified, authentic birth certificate” and STILL BE INELIGIBLE, depending upon what the birth certificate SAYS.

        It’s like this judge is putting on Hill’s case for her. What? Is she incompetent?

        She says she doesn’t have knowledge whether Obama released a BC to the NJ Sec. of State, but “he released it nationally and anybody can go to his …” What a bunch of gobbledegook. Liars. All.

        It’s irrelevant and she already cast doubt on whether the “petitioners” have an authentic bc. And they wonder why citizens hold lawyers in such “esteem”. She hasn’t provided the bc “today”? “No!”

        The judge says the case in IL was “at least one case” where the “campaign” (!) produced the copy in court. The judge seems almost happy that they didn’t give him the bc, so he didn’t have to look at its authenticity. I wonder if this is what they considered–that an IL court accepted the bc, so it must prove he was born in Hawaii.

        SO ACCORDING TO THIS JUDGE, OBAMA HAS NOT PRODUCED A BIRTH CERTIFICATE (AT LEAST TO THIS JUDGE OR THE NJ SEC. OF STATE). This proves what we’ve said all along, that he won’t produce the birth certificate in court, yet he expects the citizens to accept it as real.

        Why doesn’t he produce it, if it’s authentic? Because it’s not.

        Miss Hill says NJ law puts the burden on the objectors to prove he’s ineligible.

        The “campaign” is not planning on offering the judge any birth certificate. They haven’t even shown it to the judge on the Internet.

        If nothing else, there are some great clips for campaign ads against Barry. They admit they’ve not produced a birth certificate and have NO PLANS to do so. Why? FAKE. That’s all we need to prove he’s a fraud.

        Our lawyer, Apuzzo, wanted the judge to assure him that if the Internet bc is “irrelevant” for the purposes of the case, then it WOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED BY THE JUDGE OR THE SEC. OF STATE. The judge implies that if the Sec. of State would consider such evidence, she (?) would “remand” the case, but they don’t have a lot of time. Apuzzo wanted a stipulation that the Internet BC in no way is evidence in this case. Judge says legally that the Sec. of State CAN’T look at the Internet and say, “there’s the birth certificate.” (Ah, but can the Sec. of State look at “evidence” presented in another court, say in IL?)

        I can’t really argue with the judge on any of his points EXCEPT that he totally ignored the letter and spirit of the law and the Constitution in his ruling. According to what we’ve seen here, it’s obvious that the candidate did not QUALIFY, so there’s no evidence he should be on the ballot.

        • Didn’t the judge consider the evidence that Obama has used 3 names, so nobody even knows who he is?

          So Hill objects to the documents because SHE SAYS they’re not evidence because they’re not “originals nor certified copies,” BUT Obama presents them “nationally” on his Website expecting the citizens to BELIEVE they’re original and certified.

          Again, a great campaign ad in this video. ORYR should make the video clip. They’re so good at it. I still laugh EVERY TIME I see that opening segment. “Forged!”

  5. Our whole Judicial Branch is corrupt! Fits well with the corrupt Legislative and insanely corrupt Executive!

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