Showdown in Arizona #2 on March 31st! (Open Thread)

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio with the infamous pink boxers!


Let’s Corral the Lot of ‘Em!

“Pick ’em out, “Move ’em Out,  Move ’em Out,  Rawhide!


The mighty sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ, Sheriff Joe Arpaio,  scheduled another Cold Case Posse update and release of evidence at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 31, 2012! 

It should be remembered that it was the Tea Party from Surprise, AZ that originally brought the charges to Sheriff Arpaio to investigate.  They were  concerned about Obama being illegally placed on the AZ presidential ballot when no one had investigated his eligibility to be on the ballot in 2008.  They wanted someone to get to the bottom of all the strange inconsistencies in Obama’s history, and determine if he should or could be on the ballot in AZ.

With threats upon threats from Obama’s thug the Attorney General, Eric the Bolder, the Sheriff maintains his position.  His posse isn’t giving up their investigation.

Since Holder was appointed as the AG with Obama, there have been multiple ongoing investigations and threats thrown at the Sheriff for just doing his job.  On December 15, 2011, the Department of Justice, released a report filled with numerous allegations against the Sheriff’s Department.  These allegations  weren’t backed up with proof  that their department violated the federal rights of Hispanics caught for numerous crimes, but the Left and national media has continued their unrelenting attacks to smear the sheriff and his department unmercifully.  Retaliation and condemnation for upholding and maintaining law and order?

The Sheriff countered their report and told them to prove the civil rights violations.  Instead, the DOJ had  Homeland Security’s  (Sister Napolitano) group responsible for immigration, ICE,  remove the Sheriff’s and his deputies ability to file charges against illegals caught in their county.    The DHS was to send 50 agents to Arizona to take over for the sheriff’s department.    Anyone know if there are 50 agents on site in Maricopa County or was it another bluff or form of intimidation?  Protecting the civil rights of whom,  DOJ?   Illegals?

A full onslaught of  retaliation has come the sheriff’s way through the left wing media, Soros sponsored organizations, and groups like La Raza (a racist group who wants to take back the states lost to Mexico).   Many of these groups have tried to get rid of Joe for the last 20+ years.  The citizens of  Maricopa keep voting him back in…so I guess the citizens like the  lawful work he is doing as do most law abiding citizens in the U.S.

Sheriff Joe wants the evidence to prove what they are saying in the Report and won’t take hearsay or the words of a few incarcerated illegals as proof.  One or two witness accounts does not mean or match the meaning of the word “systemic!”   Cries of racism against the Sheriff’s department from the most racist administration in history?  Who are they kidding, really?   Sheriff Joe is a major thorn in the sides of the Usurper and lying Eric the Bolder.  I’d put the  Sheriff’s record side by side with the corrupt U.S. Attorney Generals  or that of the criminal White Luo  any day of the week!    No match.

The last Conference held by the Sheriff  revealed evidence found by the Posse that Obama’s Selective Service Card and that well known birth certificate produced by Obama were fraudulently created!   Yet, throughout the MSM, there is a pure total blackout of this news.   Information has leaked that news stations and people have been threatened and intimidated into silence.  By whom is what we want to know.  Who is making the threats?   How high does it go?  Talk to us, leak the names of the thugs or organizations who are using fear to keep people silent.  Expose them  for who and what they are, criminals.

No matter their sound of silence,   the good news is that the information about the criminal behavior of the Obamas  is getting play by courageous radio hosts,  brave commentators,  international media,  You Tube video’s,  international and major blogs like WTPOTUS, and by patriots who are spreading the information.

Perhaps the Posse and Sheriff will talk about the latest rejection to provide original documents by the Director of the Selective Service, Lawrence G. Romo.  He  was appointed by Obama  and asked to produce for forensic examination, the original of Barack’s forged Selective Service application.  In case you missed reading the letter to Mr. Romo, and the one received in return by Sheriff Arpaio ,  they are below.

Sheriff Arpaio's Letter to Selective Service


Sheriff Arpaio's letter to Lawrence Romo, Selective Service, pg.2


Now for the topping on the biggest cover-up in American history, the return response from Romo’s office to a Chief Law Enforcement officer.  Romo didn’t think it important enough to sign a letter himself, instead he assigned someone else to answer for him, Richard S. Flahavan, Associate Director.  Was Romo a coward or did he refusal to engage in the cover-up?  Passing the buck in more ways than one, they also pass it off to the FBI to investigate.  Exactly who has the responsibility of detecting fraud at the Selective Service System if not their own agency?  They don’t police their own registrations?

Apparently being able to read is not a requirement to work for the Selective Service  System when Flahavan wrote the following letter in response to Sheriff Arpaio.   The most incredible parts of these sentences  are:



The response to Sheriff Arpaio from the Selective Service Administration.


Perhaps the new evidence will be to difficult for the MSM to ignore this time.   Bit by bit, article by article, investigative research and evidence is mounting up.  Pressure and demands by citizens for Congress to investigate must  increase.  The topic needs to be brought up at Town Hall meetings or wherever people congregate.  We can’t relent.

Visualize ethical and criminal charges being brought against Obama the White Luo,  who by his own admission, is ineligible to hold the office of president and reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.   See it.  Believe it.

And so it is.


“If the Boxers Fit, Wear ’em!”


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  1. At the end of the Abercrombie article is an editors note.
    EDITOR’S NOTE: This report is in our satire section.

    • Kidding me ? I love the John Smith part ! Tooo bad. I did not even see that but the Caraway part is not satire. I must go check that ending out. I really liked that twist too.It was a cool storyline !

    • TY. I figured it was an April Fool’s joke as soon as I read it. Where did that come from, anyway?

      • CW had it posted from another blog Miri then it was linked to the monkey one. I got thru April fool jokes all weekend just fine then got one today.
        That monkey finally got me. They are pretty good, and funny too.

  2. Miri, thank God this is an open thread ! I have been punked so bad it seems but I love this one ! I have put up all this Hawaii stuff for nothing ? I cannot stop laughing !

  3. I hope that the SC don’t listen to him.

    “Obama: Supreme Court won’t overturn health care law”

    • There was a story in the lamestream media today already picking up his meme. That there’s already precedent for a mandate with Medicare. That people MUST contribute to Medicare while they work and also that, once retired, they must be IN Medicare, whether they want to or not.

  4. I’m stupid/smart and still going to buy that shrimp boat no matter what!
    What people say to me is really none of my business.
    The Pink Sheriff still has my vote, as does Orly Taitz and RON PAUL!

  5. Remember that write-up that went around a few years ago, something about Obama and the college aid or something? I can’t remember the entire subject. It seemed real, and we didn’t figure out really quick that it was an April Fool’s joke. I’m not a fan of that holiday anyway. Not my cup of tea.

    But that article still goes around today and seems real, but it’s not real. It can happen to any of us. I know that I wanted it to be real because I thought back then, heck, he’s going down now. Not!

    • A good way to get the truth out when being threatened not to and/or know it is taboo to talk about, is to print the truth as if it is satire.

    • What made it a “joke” was that they claimed to have evidence from Occidental, when we all know they are hiding it and scrubbed all for him. In the past week, I’ve seen three news stories about people in the news for corruption or some other crime. All three times, the reporters went back to the person’s college records. Asked the schools they went to and were told, in one case, that the school has no record of the person ever being there. In other cases, they confirmed what degrees the person received and when. Now, tell me how it is that reporters can get this information out of colleges for ordinary citizens, but when it’s Barry, all is sealed because they have privacy policies or whatever excuse it is that they use.

    producer…Bettina Viviano 4/2/12 … (check comments also)

  7. WND..
    Christian University in Oakland California
    7 Dead ….3 Hurt shooter is in custody.

  8. Alabama Supreme Court Justice Says Barack Obama Birth Certificate Would Not Stand Up in Court

  9. Barack Obama Was A Foreign Student – American Media Threatened Into Silence

  10. ON NOW:

    “THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW – Bettina Viviano”


      The interview of Bettina Viviano by Jerome Corsi. She says the Clintons always brought up his ineligibility. They (in her group, the delegates) were always told that Bill would tell the truth about Barry’s ineligibility. She doesn’t know why the Clintons WOULD KNOW AND NOT TELL THE TRUTH.

      ME, TOO!!! It’s “un-American”, she says. And so it is.


      People in her film were threatened. Threatened to be killed or to lose their jobs. Or to be kicked out of the party.

      Bill Gwatney was killed. An AK superdelegate, one of Bill Clinton’s best friends. The killer killed, no motive given ever found.

      It was “shut up, Bill, or you’re next” (don’t talk about Obama’s BC). Bill said he was going to reveal it anyway and then Chelsea was threatened, so he shut up.

      The threat was about outing Barry’s lack of a birth certificate. She says “we all know” these are “forged documents” and she doesn’t believe he has “the best intent for this country.”

      I could do without the dramatic music. It detracts from the message, imho.

    • Rob, you read my mind. I was just going to post that. This stems from the 2008 race. Some were forging petitions for Obama, some for Clinton, and some for Edwards. Then they apparently forged the Republican Secretary of State’s signature stamp.

      “Felony charges related to election fraud have touched the 2008 race for the highest office in the land.

      Prosecutors in South Bend, Ind., filed charges Monday against four St. Joseph County Democratic officials and deputies as part of a multiple-felony case involving the alleged forging of Democratic presidential primary petitions in the 2008 election, which put then-candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the Indiana ballot.

      The officials are accused of taking part in a scheme to fake signatures and names on the primary petitions needed to run for president. Court papers say the plan was hatched by local Democratic Party officials inside the local party headquarters. …

      Silcott also told investigators that she recognized the handwriting on the alleged forged Obama petitions as that of Blythe’s.

      The South Bend Tribune and independent political newsletter Howey Politics Indiana have reported that a handwriting analyst concluded last fall that Blythe’s handwriting matched some of the alleged Obama fakes. When Fox News caught up to Blythe as he left the Voter Registration Board last November and asked him if he forged any signatures or faked any petitions, he repeatedly replied, “I don’t have anything to say.”

      The case raises the possibility that the president’s campaign and that of Clinton’s, could have been legally challenged in Indiana if the alleged forgeries were discovered during the race.”

    • Rob, by the way, I like your disco dance in a party hat. A dancing green apple.

    • I hope that video makes a million rounds before it gets zapped. Did you check out any of the David Duke vids after that. Wow, so much of what he shows is very true. Some of em will blow you away.

      • David duke as in the KKK guy?

        • Good question. I tell you what: We’re not promoting David Duke or the KKK on THIS BLOG. That video was disallowed from embedding. You have to watch it at You Tube. There’s nothing KKK-like about it. What does this have to do with David Duke?

          • Just a weird comment, Alfy. You want us to check out the DD vids on the site link and they are good because he was right about something? Iwas right yesterday that today was gonna be Tuesday; DD being right about something is worthy to mention DD and 3-K? Some will blow our minds away? Not connecting the dots on this one. It came from way out there in Left field, so to speak.

    • I wonder if this is also connected with the recent VISA/MC, etc. credit card breaches?

  11. Renee,

    Looks like the Democrats are doing the samething they did in 2008. They got awa with it last time, let’s see if the can do it again.
    Totten commies!!!!


    Tea party to Arizona: Check Obama’s eligibility
    Little-known provision may force hand of secretary of state

  13. Thu, March 29, 2012

    “Mark Gillar Show”

    “Jason Mattera and Dianna Cotter”

    “In the second half hour Dianna Cotter a reporter for Pravda US will be on hand to discuss her article on the American media’s silence regarding Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation.”

    • Dr. Kate was at the press conference. I wish we had a first hand account of the goings on. I didn’t get a chance yet to watch the video.

      • “Sheriff Joe Arpaio Presentation Inside Report and Unseen Q&A Video Footage”

        “Gary Wilmott, Advisor to Article II Super PAC and owner of, attended both the March 1, Maricopa County Cold Case Press Conference and the March 31, Surprise & Sun City West Tea Party event featuring Sheriff Arpaio and Lead Investigator Mike Zullo. What follows are his observations about both events and what they mean to Article II, with an emphasis on the current ineligible occupant of the White House.”


        By Gary Wilmott

        “Having attended Sheriff Arpaio’s press conference on March 1 and the follow-up presentation of evidence re: Obama identity fraud made available to the public in Surprise, Arizona, on Saturday, March 31, I think it is fair to say that Sheriff Joe and his Posse were playing to two entirely different audiences.”


  14. Hi Citizen,

    “Corruption is a subversion of the political process. Elected officials are influenced to act contrary to their obligations of office by the prospect of financial gain to themselves or infusions of money into their campaigns. …

    I would say that defrauding the public regarding Constitutional eligibility is a pretty cut and dry case of subversion, especially considering the purpose of Art. 2, Sec. 1 regarding presidential eligibility is to counter the possibility of foreign influence on or by the commander in chief. That’s not political speech of any kind. That’s a direct and calculated act. It’s lying in order to gain a position for which he is not eligible and which will benefit him financially, politically and possibly set the stage for subversive activity and treason since he has the executive power to treat with foreign nations who may or may not be friendly toward us, as well as intentionally institute ruinous policies to advance an agenda not conducive to this country’s well being. He commands the military. It is a blatant subversion of the political process. Willful subversion. Not wishy washy politics.

    “But precisely what the “corruption” may consist of we are never told with assurance. The fact that candidates and elected officials may alter or reaffirm their own positions on issues in response to political messages …can hardly be called corruption, for one of the essential features of democracy is the presentation to the electorate of varying points of view.”

    He’s not just changing his position on an issue from when he was a candidate to when he got the reins and found out things don’t work quite the way he proposed while campaigning or because of changing political pressure. He has committed a deliberate act of subversion by defrauding the public with bogus credentials. Too bad this country is not a democracy. Yes, we have democratic elements, but as Jefferson said, we have the Rule of Law, not the rule of men. The Constitution sets a specific standard for the president and vice president’s eligibility. He hasn’t changed his mind about whether he’s eligible or not. He’s hidden the truth, lied about who he is and presented fraudulent documents to the public as legitimate. I think that’s pretty good assurance he had an ill intent not subject to change as a response to political messages. In this case, the truth is not subjective. It’s not an opinion. It’s not a political position. There is only one truth about who he is. He can’t change it. He can only lie about it or reveal it.

    This argument doesn’t fit. IMO. But if I were arguing for him, I’d sure as heck try it. :>)

    And I agree with Miri about the campaigning in the WH and about the dotgov website. It is an official blog if it presents itself as having the authority of the WH behind it and it was done by WH staff or staff appointed by the WH. If they think they can blow this off on a technicality, they’re wrong. They presented the bc as official. They put it on a government operated website. They own it. With a crime of this magnitude, I can’t see a court blowing it off either. Well, not a good impartial court anyway.

    • TY, delta. I couldn’t have said it better myself! 🙂 I’m taking the liberty of highlighting the most important points you made. The SPIRIT AND INTENT of the CONSTITUTION is of utmost importance here. You may have hit a nail on the head with your comment about the argument.

      And to citizen: I’m not able to see azgo’s evidence about when the FTS page was begun, IF that’s what that image is supposed to show. The one that comes from clicking the Firefox browser bar.

      Here’s a key question that I couldn’t find an answer to yesterday: Who pays the Pffeifer? Do We the People pay his salary? Is the WH Communications Director on OUR PAYROLL? Is he a federal employee? Who paid Bauer? Who pays Ruemmler now, for that matter? Do We the People or does Barry’s campaign?

  15. I watched the two hours of the presser today. When I find some time, I’ll give you points that interested me. Here’s another take on it. Maybe been posted already. I can’t keep up with y’all!

    I DON’T recommend people pressure the posse to testify for Orly. It might taint their work. I understand why they want to stay out of it. But posting it for what it’s worth. Everybody can make up their own minds about it.

  16. Who knew? CNN news anchor actually believes that Harry Reid equates a white person marrying a black person with a PhD marrying an uneducated person! Somebody should ask Harry his opinion on this biased CNN news anchor and her interpretation of HIS RELIGION! Who knew what bigots they have at CNN? Amazing.

  17. h/t Papoose:

    A letter from a lawyer to the Pennsylvania Attorney General, challenging her to investigate the alleged forgeries presented to the public by this administration.

    This would be a good opportunity for me to tell you what I picked out of that two-hour plus presentation by Sheriff Joe and Detective Zullo:

    First, it was basically a reprise of the first press conference, for the entire Surprise Tea Party, many of whom were unable to attend the first one.

    They added the information about the new petition for AZ citizens to sign, asking their legislature to pass a resolution, which doesn’t need the governor’s signature, asking for Obama to produce proof of eligibility before he’s placed on AZ ballots.

    Zullo received information that it was Soros operatives who allegedly threatened media to ignore this issue.

    They had 685 rolls of microfilm that spanned 10 years of INS records for people entering the US through NY and Hawaii. Although they didn’t look at every one, the only one they saw that was oddly and inexplicably missing a week was the one that should have had the week Obama was born. They’re pursuing this situaion further with the NARA.

    Anybody who wants a federal job must pledge allegiance to the USA and fill out that I-9 form, providing identification documents. A birth certificate is only one document but not THE document that confirms identity because the US government recognized in a report in 2000 that birth certificates are easily falsified. Presidential candidates, however, are unvetted except by Congress and the media. They sent out many letters to multiple government offices and that’s the answer they got. The Constitution, Congress, and the media vet. Otherwise, there’s “no controlling legal authority”, in other words, to make candidates prove identity and allegiance to the USA.

    Postal employees and even a FORMER POST MASTER GENERAL agree that there’s something wrong with the stamp on Obama’s so-called Selective Service Registration card. It is THE LAW that that stamp should have four digits. Obama’s, alone among all looked at, has only two digits for the date stamp.

    Zullo has seen faked photographs. He mentioned photos of Barry as a baby. Made some joke about the size of his head. I didn’t catch the whole thing, but we know all about the photoshopped family pics.

    Zullo says the signatures are faked on the LFCOLB. He says there are multiple problems with the typeface, the distance between lines, the size of fonts, and that more than one typewriter was used to put together the image. (Meaning parts were copied from source documents created on more than one typewriter.)

    The colors differ on the LFCOLB, an unsharp mask was used on the image, and the numbers were out of sequence.

    He talked about how on a real scan, you would see the texture of the paper, something which is missing on the so-called scan of Barry’s LFCOLB.

    It sounded as if he believed that Trump’s interest in the LFCOLB was part of a plan to make an excuse to get the faked image out there. (Someone, maybe it was Zullo, maybe somebody else, recently mentioned that it was predicted that a birth certificate would appear. Someone got inside information that they were forging one and it would be produced soon. Three weeks later, it was revealed. What’s interesting is that jbjd said that Obama’s official campaign began on April 4, and that’s right about 3 weeks before the LFCOLB was published.)

    And now consider this:

    The argument made by jbjd and azgo is that the SFCOLB and the LFCOLB were nothing more than campaign ads and so legally not criminal. However, it IS criminal to produce for the public, in response to a FOIA request, a FORGED Selective Service Registration Card. Putting aside the birth certificates and that undoubtedly taxpayer resources were used to copy them, hold that press conference, pay the people involved in the press conference and all the illegality THAT entails–How can they possibly skate if that Selective Service Registration is FORGED, which it appears to be? Not to mention destroying or hiding from the public records that are required BY LAW to be available to the public? What happened to Nixon? Those 18 minutes of erased tape. Destroying public records. Well, of course, the double standard was apparent in the Sandy Burglar case, but still. How many agencies of the federal government, not to mention the state of Hawaii’s government, are complicit in this?

    • h/t Gordo. An update on the fate of the petition by AZ citizens for a vetting of Obama:

      “Arizona Senate President Steve Pierce and Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives agreed today to just say NO to the 3,000 petitions delivered to the Legislature on April 2, 2012. Pierce and Tobin refused to even allow the Resolution to be formally written which meant it would never even reach the Rules Committee(s) for further advancement. The Resolution if passed would have required SOS Ken Bennett to send a pre-written letter to DNC National Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz requiring substantive and documented replies to questions posed to her regarding Barack Obama’s natural born citizenship, his birth certificate, selective service registration, and social security number. Although an exact count was not taken, it was known that there was considerable support amongst many of the Arizona Senate and House members for the Resolution, and very possibly enough to have passed it in either one or both chambers.”

  18. Another argument made by jbjd is that since the BC’s were OBVIOUSLY forged, then nobody can be charged with forgery. But consider the case of a person who photocopies money on these high tech copy machines. The money looks good enough to pass BUT the “authentication features” aren’t there. You can’t feel the texture or see the watermarks. So, does that mean they’re obvious fakes and so the counterfeiter would be able to argue that he’s not a criminal forger? I think not.

    It’s the spirit of the law and whether or not it’s readily apparent that this is fraudulent. Of course nobody can USE a digital image on the internet as an identification document, but Obama’s people (lawyers) presented them to the public AS LEGITIMATE images of his original documents, which they ARE NOT. In addition, they printed them and handed them to the media (using our public resources). That’s fraudulent. I cannot fathom how this can NOT be illegal. There’s gotta be a law. To coin a phrase.


    “Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio reminded everyone why he’s considered “America’s toughest sheriff” when he took a Fox News anchor to task in a live interview this afternoon.

    Appearing on “America Live” with Megyn Kelly, Arpaio told Kelly she was wrong in some of her reporting about a federal investigation into his treatment of Hispanics in Maricopa County, Ariz.”


    • I have to defend Megyn. She’s a tough interviewer and she presents him with the allegations and what Barry’s peeps say (although she technically was wrong when she said the “investigation” started in 2008. That’s a Barry talking point to make it look AS IF he’s not retaliating against Joe for his stance on illegal immigration or his investigation of Barry’s ineligibility. In 2008, some guy filed a complaint against Arpaio that wasn’t taken up until Barry took over the WH.)

      She let Joe defend himself. I like Megyn 99% of the time. The other 1% is a result of the FOX gag syndrome (aka censorship of anything about Barry’s ineligibility).

      I don’t like that “infobabe” snark, either. It smacks of sexism. (Believe me, guys. It’s condescending and insulting to professional women.)

      Megyn Kelly is a smart, tough lawyer and journalist. She happens to be blond and gorgeous, too, but that has nothing to do with her ability to do her job and she does it very well, imho. If I ever needed a lawyer, I’d like Megyn or Greta on my side. What a team those two would make. I’d love to see them prosecute Barry for forgery.

      Has WND ever called Anderson Cooper or Brian Williams an “infohimbo”? It sounds ridiculous because it is. That’s how “infobabe” sounds to me.

  20. Do read the last paragraph of this story in the WALL STREET JOURNAL! On second thought, I’ll copy it here before the writer hears from the scrub-a-dub team:

    “It said the sheriff’s office previously forced a last-minute cancellation of talks that were set for March 1. That is the date Mr. Arpaio announced results of what he said was his investigation of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Mr. Arpaio said he found indications of possible forgery in the certificate.”

    • Story was in yesterday’s print version of the WSJ, too. So I’m thinking this is WHY they announced yesterday that they are suing Joe. To smear him more and to distract from his findings about the forgery. Also, probably because he’s on the case with Selective Service. Of course, they’ll stonewall until Holder’s done with his crusade against Joe.

      Don’t know if you’ve ever seen this … should check it out. I had come by it looking at Ralph Bunch photos and this one pops up. Also found Rev. Abraham Akaka photo with his leigh as an old man for a ceremony on his march in Hawaii on civil rights. Interesting connections. The rev. is Daniel Akaka’s brother.

      • Hawaii had already achieved “racial harmony” and “racial justice?” Who knew? Not according to their most famous “son” Barry. According to Barry, he suffered for his blackness. To this day, the native Hawaiians are prejudiced against whites who they label with the epithet “haole” and even have beat up a haole day at school. Remember Barry’s friend Pake Zane? I learned while reading, just this week, that “pake” is yet another racial/racist label. It’s the name they gave people of Chinese ancestry. They have a label for Koreans and Filipinos, too. What kind of “harmony” and “justice” is that?

        “The lei were no artifice. King had strong Hawaii ties, from his 1959 address to the Hawaii Legislature to his relationship with the Rev. Abraham Kahikina Akaka, older brother of Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii. Abraham Akaka, kahu (shepherd) of Kawaiahao Church in Honolulu, developed a close friendship with King when King came to Honolulu in 1964 to participate in a Civil Rights Week symposium at the University of Hawaii, according to Akaka’s obituary in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Abraham Akaka later sent the lei to King as a gift, according to a 1991 article in Jet Magazine by Simeon Booker.”

        This part of MLK’s speech to the Hawaiians is interesting:

        “But if democracy is to live, segregation must die. Segregation is a cancer in the body politic which must be removed before our democratic health can be realized.”

        Segregation is gone, but it seems to me that the likes of Al Sharpton want it to come alive again. How so? Well, he does not ever trust the authorities if they come in the form of persons of another race from himself. White hispanic neighborhood watch guy? Guilty until proven innocent. Majority white police force or majority white school administrators? Guilty until proven innocent of “racial profiling” based upon STATISTICS about traffic stops or discipline rates. So what would be the solution? If blacks would only trust in and believe the word of black cops, then that means only black cops can police black areas. And so should blacks cops have equal opportunity to police white areas? That’s not “fair”, to use Barry’s terminology. So the only way this problem could be solved is segregation, like in South Africa. Is THAT what MLK would want? NO. So what, exactly, does Sharpton want?

      • Here’s a topical story along the lines of what I just wrote about racist neo-segregationists:

        Faced with a torrent of criticism from his colleagues and other city residents, Marion Barry apologized Thursday afternoon for his Election Day suggestion that Asian business owners in his ward “ought to go.”

        Barry made the comments Tuesday night, at a party celebrating his landslide victory in the Democratic primary race for the D.C. Council seat he’s held since 2005.

        WRC-TVcameras caught the remarks: “We’ve got to do something about these Asians coming in, opening up businesses, those dirty shops. They ought to go, I’ll just say that right now, you know. But we need African-American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.”

        Since then, outrage has mounted. …

        Five suburban Maryland lawmakers of Asian descent — Democratic delegates Sam Arora, Kumar Barve, Susan Lee, Aruna Miller and Kris Valderrama — also called on Barry to apologize.

        At best, Mr. Barry’s attack on Asian Americans is deeply troubling, and at worst it is race baiting,” they said in a statement.

        Barry isn’t apologizing. Rather, he said, in an interview, he suggested his critics “get to know Marion Barry and his stellar record on civil rights.”

        ”I’ve spent the last 50 years of my life fighting for justice and equality of all people,” he said. “Those five people don’t know Marion Barry at all. They know my name; they don’t know my record.”

        But Barry renewed his critique of Asian-owned businesses: “Let me make it clear, I’m not castigating any group of people. I’m not doing anything except trying to have a renaissance of our community and get some respect. A number of these restaurants serve high caloric food, bad food, et cetera, but the more important thing, they don’t participate in the community. . . . That’s what I object to, I don’t care who it is. “

        Asked why he singled out Asians in his remarks, Barry said, “Because that’s reality. Who owns these little restaurants? Who owns them? You know, Asians. . .Ninety percent of all the small restaurants in Ward 8, at least.” It is difficult to verify that claim.

        He added, “We’re spending our money there, and we demand respect. We demand they participate in community affairs. We demand they give jobs to Ward 8 people regardless of their cultural situation. That’s as American as apple pie.””

        He did go on to apologize, but only after saying several times he wouldn’t. I’ve heard this same kind of rhetoric from black elected officials from cities near where I live. Racial statements to the effect that “their communities” should be more “black” and that includes the businesses. They promote semi-boycotts so people only shop “black” and they have their own phone books and business directories to help racist people shop accordingly. Imagine a “white” phone book or business directory! His statement about who owns the restaurants and trying to force them to have quotas for hiring employees–that’s RACIST AND UNAMERICAN. This is of a piece with Barry aka potus’s bull about redistribution of wealth. This is redistribution of BUSINESSES. Who does he think he is to believe he can dictate who owns businesses, where they own them, who they hire, and participation in the community? A racist tyrant wannabe, like that other Barry.

        The city Marion Barry’s talking about segregating is OUR DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA–WASHINGTON DC. The city that is the seat of OUR American federal government. That’s what he considers a racial “community” that belongs to blacks.

        What else does he mean when he refers to it as “trying to have a renaissance in our community” and states then that the way to do it is to make ASIAN businesses “go” and to have African-American businesses “take their place?” (Probably PAID FOR BY ALL AMERICANS WHO WILL BE FORCED TO GIVE THEM THE LOANS TO OPEN THESE BLACK BUSINESSES.)

        And then there’s his illogical and un-American statement about how they don’t “participate in the community.”

        That’s not as “American as apple pie.” This is still America, Marion Barry. Where people have a RIGHT TO CHOOSE whether or not to “participate.” Freedom of association.

        So what’s his solution if you don’t participate? You get run out of HIS racist black community. FORCED PARTICIPATION. BIG BROTHER MARION BARRY.

        The evolving meme about the Asian businesses serving unhealthy food smacks of Michelle Obama’s bullcrap. Excuse my French.

        Ain’t gonna fly, Marion Barry. You’re busted for the RACIST NEO-SEGREGATIONIST that you are.

  21. …. The Rebirth of Birthers?
    1st comment alanaszkler 8:59am
    11 years digital pro…said… it’s NOT original !

    • Good article. “This conclusion glaringly lacks ambiguity. And if Monckton is correct, we should be beyond worried. We should be outraged, and we should demand justice for the betrayal of the American people’s trust.

      Mockton’s testimony is a bombshell. It is a credible voice suggesting that the image on the White House website, offered to the American people in good faith, was presented as an accurate depiction of Obama’s birth certificate, and for whatever reason, it is not. This is forgery, a crime in itself, but it is the reason for the possible forgery — fraud — that keeps the media and lawmakers from running with this amazing story.

      Anyone calling Obama’s birth certificate into question will have to entertain the notion that perhaps the forgery was made because the president does not have legal proof of his American birth. And anyone carrying that message will have the stink of “right-wing birther” on him, and he will be swiftly devoured by the attack dogs in the media and marginalized. So in a way, I don’t blame conservative lawmakers and pundits for treading lightly around the issue.

      The discourse has already been cleverly manipulated, you see, to shift the burden of proof from Obama to his detractors. Reasonably, it should never have been incumbent upon Americans to prove that Obama is not a natural born citizen, but rather it should have always been incumbent upon Obama to prove to the American people, verifiably and indisputably, that he was born in the United States.”

      Nothing really new, as far as we’re concerned, but it all bears repeating. Take a page from them and “Repeat the TRUTH, repeat the TRUTH, repeat the TRUTH.”

    George Zimmerson whispered …”punks” … i can’t tell can you?

    • What kind of idiots are these people who compare Zimmerman’s voice as he WHISPERS over a telephone to how he sounds when he’s SCREAMING for help? When there are EYE WITNESSES that it was Zimmerman yelling (while lying on the ground being beaten by Martin), then it’s a good bet that they’re wrong and should lose their careers because obviously, their “science” is about as valid as global warming science and polygraphs.

  23. the latest enhancement makes it pretty clear he said “f-ing COLD” – it was raining that night.

  24. Hitting the mainstream… Daily caller says the conference was “jaw dropping”! Now that is something!

    Arpaio applauds ‘birther’ congressmen, calls for legislative action
    04/09/2012 11:30 PM Snips

    Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is pleased that at least two Republican congressmen have publicly expressed doubts about the legitimacy of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Earlier this week, Missouri Rep. Vicky Hartzler told the Sedalia Democrat, “I have doubts that it is really his real birth certificate, and I think a lot of Americans do.” According to the paper, “Hartzler declined to say whether she believes Obama is a U.S. citizen.” In February Florida Rep. Cliff Stearns told constituents at a town hall meeting, “The question is, is it legitimate? That’s where we stand now.”

    In a statement provided to The Daily Caller, Arpaio applauded the two congressmen. “I appreciate these two representatives having the courage to speak out about the legitimacy of the Obama Birth Certificate released by the White House,” Arpaio said.

    During a jaw-dropping March 1 press conference in Phoenix, Apraio refocused attention on the president’s birth certificate by unveiling his long-awaited “posse” report. He told reporters that there was “probable cause” to suspect that the long-form birth certificate is a “computer-generated forgery.” The sheriff, who oversees law enforcement in the 3-million-person county encompassing Phoenix, said that “the perpetrators” of the alleged crime “should be brought to justice.”

    But at the same press conference, Arpaio acknowledged that individuals skeptical of the birth certificate’s authenticity had hit a dead end and were short of pathways to move forward. The comments from Hartzler and Stearns appear to have given Arpaio a reason to be optimistic about the future of the “birther” movement. “I feel it is time for a congressional hearing to address the facts in this matter,” said Arpaio, after congratulating the two lawmakers.

    • In that story, they link to another where former Rep. Jim Kolbe calls Arpaio an embarrassment. Let’s review who he is, according to Wikipedia:

      “James Thomas “Jim” Kolbe (born June 28, 1942) is a former Republican member of the United States House of Representatives for Arizona’s 8th congressional district, serving 11 terms from 1985 to 2007. …

      In 1976, Kolbe ran for the Arizona Senate in a Tucson-area district and defeated a one-term Democrat who had been elected in the national Democratic wave of 1974. He served three terms in that body, and was majority whip from 1979 to 1982. He divorced his wife in 1992. …

      Kolbe is a leading moderate Republican. This served him well; although his district included most of Tucson’s Republican-leaning suburbs, the brand of Republicanism practiced in southern Arizona has traditionally been a moderate one. Like his mentor, Goldwater, he is pro-choice. He was generally more supportive of environmental legislation than most Republicans, especially those from the West. He is a member of various moderate Republican groups such as the Log Cabin Republicans, the Republican Main Street Partnership, the Republican Majority For Choice, Republicans for Choice, Republicans For Environmental Protection and It’s My Party Too. He is one of the four Republicans who voted against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act which was passed by the House of Representatives with 281-142 votes on October 2, 2003. …

      Kolbe came out as gay in August 1996 after his vote in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act spurred efforts by some gay rights activists to out him. He won re-election that year. In 2000, he became the first openly gay person to address the Republican National Convention, although his speech did not address gay rights. He was the second openly gay Republican to serve in Congress, the first being Steve Gunderson of Wisconsin.

      Even after coming out, Kolbe’s record on gay rights was somewhat mixed. He was lukewarm in his support of same-sex marriage, but he strongly supported the availability of universal civil unions. …

      In 2000, when Kolbe found out about former Congressman Mark Foley’s “Internet communications with teenagers” who were subordinate to Foley, he informed the office that oversaw the page program. He assumed the matter had been taken care of, although this was not brought to the public’s attention until September 29, 2006 when it became public that Foley had sent sexually explicit and solicitative e-mails and instant messages to young adult male pages. Republican leaders had claimed that they had only recently been made aware of Foley’s actions, despite Kolbe’s actions.

      In October 2006, federal prosecutors in Arizona opened a preliminary investigation into a camping trip that Kolbe took in July 1996 that included two teenage former congressional pages, as well as National Park officials, then-current staff, and Kolbe’s sister. During that trip to the Grand Canyon, he was accused of “acting inappropriately”; NBC News interviewed several people who were on the trip, and their accounts vary. One participant, who requested anonymity, said he was uncomfortable with the attention Kolbe paid to one of the former pages. He was “creeped out by it,” he said, adding that there was a lot of “fawning, petting and touching” on the teenager’s arms, shoulders and back by Kolbe. On June 5, 2007, federal investigators absolved Kolbe of any wrongdoing in the case. In a statement released by the Justice Department, “investigators have completed their work on the preliminary inquiry opened by federal prosecutors last fall, and see no reason to pursue it further. [He was defeated for reelection.]

      Kolbe is now a fellow at the German Marshall Fund think tank and a consultant at Kissinger McLarty Associates. He focuses on issues that were his priorities when he was in Congress — trade, aid and migration. In the fall semesters 2007 to 2009, he taught a class on trade and globalization at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law in Tucson. He is a member of the board of directors of the International Republican Institute. During the 2010 election he broke from the Republican Party to endorse the candidacy of Democrat Andrei Cherny for state treasurer.

      In September 2010, President Barack Obama appointed Kolbe to the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations. Kolbe currently serves on the Board of Advisors for International Relief and Development Inc.”

      Calling in the chits. Payment for services rendered.

  25. Taitz: Hartler comments add momentum to ‘birther’ movement
    By Eli Yokley
    – April 10, 2012 Snips

    Sedalia, MO – Add U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler to the list of individuals still skeptical of the legitimacy of President Barack Obama’s birthright citizenship.[A new term!]

    Orly Taitz, a California attorney who is one of the leading challengers of President Obama’s citizenship, said Hartzler’s comments add needed momentum for the floundering “birther” movement.

    “Not only that,” Taitz told PoliticMo, “I have several hearings coming in very conservative jurisdictions. I got a message from Sheriff Arpaio’s office today, they are now conducting a criminal investigation.”

    “One judge was nearly ready to remove Obama from the ballot,” she added. “I believe it will break pretty soon.”

    • I wonder what judge she was referring to that was “nearly ready.”

      Hearing that the investigation is now a criminal investigation is great! Let’s step it up! How many days before the Selective Service response is requested?

      Exactly when did we flounder?

  26. AMO PROBOS is above … (the GODS must be CRAZY)
    I do not like it… no way!
    on a lighter “note”…

    • I wonder how many dollar bills or bills they used to find those messages. People do the darndest things. Don’t tread on me – my favorite along with freedom.

  27. Congress flooded with calls to probe Obama
    Thousands demanding answers about president’s eligibility
    April 11, 2012 Snips

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he’s talked to members of his state’s congressional delegation about his Cold Case Posse investigation that suggests there was fraud in the creation of Barack Obama’s birth documentation that was released by the White House in 2011.

    The investigation also concluded that Obama’s Selective Service registration is the same – a forgery, leading to the obvious question of what happens if Obama legally cannot be president.

    But he’s seen no results.

    Now, tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of people are going to see whether Congress ignores their concerns, too.

    It’s because of a new petition that has been launched demanding that the 112th Congress begin a “full and impartial investigation into the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama.”

    During the first day it was available, some 1,000 people signed up every hour. That means a patriotic American was adding his or her name to the list every … wait … there it is … few seconds.

    • Please Sign the petition! We need to show a sign of force behind this need for an investigation. I realize we have done so much to get their attention, but we must keep at it!

      It’s addressed to “All members of the U.S. Congress”

      Whereas, the first official U.S. law enforcement investigation into Barack Obama’s legal eligibility for the presidency, led by Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio and involving a six-month investigation by three professional criminal investigators and two attorneys, established “probable cause” that the document released with great fanfare by the White House April 27, 2011, as Obama’s “long-form birth certificate” is a forgery;…..

      • Reading this through, I hope they have all their ducks in a row because just one mistake will mean the true believers (obots) and Congress will grab the excuse to dismiss the entire thing. I hope that WND, Zullo, and Arpaio went to the source, meaning that they got their own versions of the birth announcements from the microfilm, for example, instead of taking things off the internet. That they developed their own EVIDENCE about what’s fake and why it’s fake, instead of just taking online analyses as truth.

        We’ve seen already that Obama’s lawyer Ms. Hill and the judge in NJ both dismiss anything taken from the Internet, which is ironic, considering that’s the ONLY PLACE HILL’S CLIENT HAS POSTED ANYTHING ABOUT HIS HISTORY.

        • ‘birth announcements’ in 1961 ???
          ladysforest @ myveryownpointofview:
          “Round Pegs In Square Holes”

          “This is a well intentioned attempt to abbreviate my post “Extra, Extra, Announcing Obama’s Birth”.

          *After the first postings of the freshly discovered obama birth announcements, many noticed that the appearance of the obama announcements changed considerably over a short period of time. Much like the COLB did. The examples of this are in the original post,

          *The microfilm box in the Library Of Congress, Star Bulletin Aug 1-15, 1961, had the original reference numbers scribbled out. If you were to look closely, you’d notice that it appears there was an attempt made to alter the original numbers…like when you got a D on a report card and tried to change it to a B. At some point the altered numbers were scribbled over and rewritten in black ink. Out of a total of roughly two dozen film boxes that I handled this was the only box that was so altered.”

          • What I said, Gordo. I hope they got their own copies directly from Hawaii, from the microfilm.

            • If they didn’t, then we will hear the same bull about the material not being authentic so any analysis of it is irrelevant. Provenance.

          • hats off to Ladysforest. thank you. and Gordo.

          • All available microfilm (including those in HI) may have been altered – THEY have had plenty of time.

            More fakes for Arpaio to expose?

            • I would expect the posse to examine those microfilms for tampering. That’s part of my point. None of us has seen the real thing. All we’ve ever seen are images on the Internet, some with no provenance that can be verified. For example, the original Lori Starfelt “announcement”. Lori, who’s now conveniently deceased and so, right when Trump began investigating in Hawaii (if he did) and right when it WAS hitting the lamestream, she became unavailable to tell her side of the story.

              It’s ironic, for certain, that his obots and even his lawyers argue that you can’t take at face value or forensically analyze something that’s not evidence, has no provenance, and is inauthentic (despite that that’s EXACTLY what Obama and his supporters expect the American people to do). But they’re right, as we’ve said all along. Images on the Internet are not evidence and cannot BE evidence and cannot BE forensically analyzed except, as in the case of the LFCOLB, to prove that they’re NOT SCANS OF AN ACTUAL DOCUMENT. Whether or not the underlying “document” might be real, that can’t be proven by analyzing an image on the Internet.

              I’m not questioning you or ladysforest or anybody else who’s presented evidence; I’m trying to argue that unless the Sheriff and his deputies go to the source, themselves, and analyze the underlying documents (like he’s trying to do with the Selective Service Card), it’s irrelevant whether or not 3-year-olds are listed or foreign-born kids are listed ON AN INTERNET IMAGE.

              The posse COULD pursue this at the actual newspapers. They keep archives of their paper copies. Not just microfilm. But they could examine the microfilms, as they examined the ones at the NARA, or tried to.

          • How do THEY avoid exposure of the altered microfilm? Everything related to the alleged birth date (microfilms & newspapers) will be missing from the archives.
            Posted: August 29, 2011

            “The Birther Summit has increased its offer to purchase an original copy of a Honolulu newspaper to $10,000! An original copy of the August 13, 1961 edition of The Honolulu Advertiser or the August 14, 1961 edition of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin will earn the first bearer $10,000.

            Those are the editions of the newspapers in which the purported birth announcement of Barack Obama appeared, and while we understand that the announcement’s inclusion in those newspapers would not be conclusive proof that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii (as there were circumstances that would have allowed for them to appear without a Hawaii birth actually occurring), the only evidence anyone has actually seen of the birth announcements has been copies of microfiche versions of those newspapers, and they contain suspicious anomalies. As with the vault version of Obama’s birth certificate (which has still not been forensically verified to be a valid document, or even to exist), we would like an opportunity to inspect one of these actual newspapers rather than purported representations of them.

            The Birther Summit is aware that the existence of an original copy of one of these two newspapers might be fairly unlikely; however, August 13, 1961 was also the day that the first reports of the Berlin Wall’s construction appeared in newspapers around the globe. For that reason, we believe that someone in Honolulu may have saved and stored a copy of one of them.

            To redeem this reward, individuals may submit photographic evidence of their possession of one of those two newspapers to at which time instructions will be provided regarding the purchase process that will be brokered through our attorney’s office.”


            • Wow. I wish I had a copy. I could use 10 grand. But I wish I had a copy for another reason–I suspect very much the announcement was bogus all along. I remember this offer. No takers? I’d think people whose kids were born that week would have saved the announcements.


          I missed this in the hearing:

          “Shockingly, parting from widespread public ignorance, Hill actually acknowledged two of the three necessary components of determining natural born citizenship as being place of birth and citizenship status of both parents. However, she argued that, “No law in New Jersey obligated him (Obama) to produce any such evidence in order to get on the primary ballot.”

          The third component of natural born eligibility is maintenance of natural born citizenship status from birth to election without interruption, involuntarily or voluntarily, due to expatriation, extradition, renouncement or foreign adoption.”

    • 3000 people in AZ signed that petition to their legislature and it was ignored. We the People will NOT BE IGNORED any longer.

  28. The DOJ continues with their threats of lawsuits against Arpaio. Yet they still haven’t provided the evidence of all of these alleged abuses to the Sheriff’s attorney. The DOJ told them they could find the evidence in their own files; in other words the sheriff is supposed to find them. So another letter to the Sheriff’s office from the DOJ. Threats, intimidation and leftist media coverage continues. They can’t seem to scare Joe and get him to back down! It infuriates them that he won’t allow them to put a monitor in his office.

    From the Left’s blog –
    Justice Department To Sue Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Over Civil Rights Abuses
    April 11, 2012, 11:35 PM

    The Justice Department has given up on settling with Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and is planning to sue the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for systematic civil rights abuses of Hispanic residents, a DOJ official indicated in a terse letter to Arpaio’s lawyer on Wednesday.

    “It is clear that DOJ’s concerted effort to attain voluntary compliance by your client has failed,” Deputy Assistant Attorney General Roy Austin of DOJ’s Civil Rights Division wrote in a letter to Arpaio lawyer Joseph Popolizio obtained by TPM.


    “The lawless Obama Administration filed suit today against Sheriff Joe Arpaio over trumped up racism charges.
    FOX News reported:

    The Obama administration announced Thursday that it is suing Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, accusing him and his Maricopa County office of engaging in a pattern of discrimination against Latinos.

    The announcement by Justice Department officials came after months of negotiations failed to yield an agreement to settle claims that his department racially profiled Latinos in his trademark immigration patrols. Arpaio defended himself in response, claiming the federal government is trying to tell him how to run his office.

    Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, at a press conference Thursday, described this as an abuse of power case. He accused the sheriff of scuttling negotiations by refusing to allow independent monitors.

    The Department of Justice lawsuit marked an escalation in the agency’s civil rights investigation of Arpaio and puts the dispute on track to be decided by a federal judge.

    The DOJ first leveled the allegations against Arpaio in December, saying that a culture of disregard for basic constitutional rights prevailed at the Maricopa County sheriff’s office, which covers metro Phoenix. Federal officials held off on filing a lawsuit as they tried to reach a settlement, but talks broke off last month. ” There’s video of the sheriff at the link.

  30. Below is the lawsuit filed by Thomas E. Perez, Asst. Attorney General, Civil Rights Division, against Sheriff Joe and his department. I read through this and it is basically a rehash of the information that they put out earlier in their report where they provided no evidence of the allegations. The DOJ was asked to substantiate their claims, but did not do so, and instead continue their assault on Sheriff Joe and his department for upholding the law. Sheriff Joe didn’t allow the DOJ to put a DOJ stool-pigeon in his office to ‘monitor’ how things were run, and that really ticked them off.

    Retaliation by the Obama regime is so blatant. The DOJ started on their investigation a couple months after Obama’s election, and the toughest thing for them is they have no power over the Sheriff – that is the craw in their respective a@#es, as well as the leftist AZ newspapers. So next, the democrats sent out another activist and his wife to rile up their Latino base against Joe during this election year. The DOJ stands by illegals and not legal citizens. I hope the people of AZ send Holder and his lawless team another message come November. Citizens across the US back Joe in keeping the law.


    Justice Department Lawsuit Arpaio MCSO

    6. This Complaint sets out three categories of unlawful conduct:
    (1) a pattern or practice of discriminatory and otherwise unconstitutional law enforcement actions against Latinos in Maricopa County;
    (2) discriminatory jail practices against Latino prisoners with limited English language skills; and
    (3) a pattern or practice of retaliatory actions against perceived critics of MCSO activities.

    • What exactly is “unconstitutional law enforcement?” How can enforcing the law BE unconstitutional?

      “Pattern or practice of retaliatory actions?” Sounds like a description of Obama and Holder.

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