We are Talking Half and Half! (Open Thread)

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Half White, Half Black Makes Obama

 a White Kenyan Luo


Half white, half black. Source: CBS


A half black and half white person used to be called a mulatto, Until Now.

What’s right for White Hispanic George Zimmerman,

Must be correct for White Luo Barack Obama!

Although, Mutt Still Fits!


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  1. That’s right, Bridgette! Too funny. It’s exactly right.

    Here’s a “white Jewish Gullah”

    Here’s the “white Luo” with a “Native American Zulu”

    Here’s a “black and white Jewish Papel/Bayote”

    Suddenly, the news media, having jumped to stereotypical conclusions about George Zimmerman and labeled him “white” in their quest for the perfect false narrative, now have invented a never-before-used-in-news-articles description, the “white Hispanic.”

    Henceforth, will lamestream media stories delineate all Hispanics by race? Will we see the terms “Native American Hispanic” and “black Hispanic” and maybe even “Asian Hispanic” (for Filipinos)? To be consistent, they MUST DO SO from now on.

    This could get downright bizarre. What would they label you, should you ever end up in the news? I’m mixed. My husband is mixed.

    This is the same news media that deliberately neglects to label the race of the practitioners of the “Knock Out King Game”, and also sometimes their victims, too, because in every case I’ve seen so far, the victims are NOT black while the perps are black. So these HATE CRIMES are deliberately covered up.

    I’m going to be on the lookout for the first appearance of “black Hispanic”.

    I’m so tired of these racialists.


  2. Oh, I love this!

  3. some races just don’t get RESPECT of others property! only theirs?
    “We the People” own that lovely carpet now with dirty skid marks….
    thanks…..OBAMA’S….. your a piece of work… really you are.

    • On the second link, there was this comment, which I thought interesting:

      As someone in law enforcement, I can tell you that no one who is on the top in a mounted ground fight is going to be screaming for help for 45 seconds. If you are on top, you punch a couple times and then run away. You do NOT scream for help if you’re the one on top and winning. I timed the screaming in the neighbor’s 911 call. It was 45 seconds of Zimmerman screaming for help before the gunshot. Which means he was probably screaming for at least a minute.

      There are articles which state Martin’s father initially said that it was not his son screaming on the tape. Once the negative press started, their lawyer has come out and said it is Martin, which also contradicts the eyewitnesses.

  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_Rush

    a Baptist in the US Army 1963-1968
    follow directions back then? I wonder…. another Demo-crap…
    this madness… who will step in… and put the LID ON IT!
    SHUT the dang mike off ! now another delay switch is needed.
    Silly is as silly does…

  5. This is getting downright bizarre.and scary.:evil:

  6. Check this out. Scroll down and see the Law licence for Barry. I don’t know how these people got his application but it appears Barry did not mention his alias. I’m wondering if this form is legit.


  7. Check this out. I hope it’s true and Soros gets locked up in Russia! I’m not a fan of Russia and Putin but would love to see Soros in a gulog.


    Michelle O ‘Voluntarly Surrendered’ her law licence which indicates admin action pending.

    Barry, ‘Voluntarly Retired’ his law licence I believe which one would would do to stop any investication.

    • I hope Sorry Soros gets locked up for good somewhere.

      Yeah, and I saw something in the way of documents way back, it’s just that I can’t remember where. It’s been too long ago now.

    • This is from that White Hat group. It seems like this would make international news somewhere if true. Would love to see it happen nevertheless.

  8. “Missouri House Passes Requirement for Presidential Candidates to Provide Birth Records”


    • Would seem to be good news but it goes in effect, if it makes it past the DemocRAT governor, in 2016. So Barry will never have to present anything.

  9. “Feds refuse to release Obama draft docs to Sheriff Joe”

    “The Selective Service System has declined Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s request to see the original copy of Barack Obama’s Selective Service registration form.

    A three-sentence March 22 letter written on behalf of Selective Service Director Lawrence G. Romo, however, dismissed the request.

    In response, Arpaio yesterday sent a second letter to Romo, requesting clarification.

    “If your office has the original, authentic Selective Service registration form for Barack Obama from July 29, 1980, please indicate whether or not you are in possession of this document,” Arpaio wrote.

    “If the document is in your possession, please make it available for inspection by my Sheriff’s Office investigators. We will travel to your facility to analyze it.”

    Apraio gave Romo 10 days to respond.”


    • Can you believe that? Yes, we can.

    • That is so infuriating. The person responds that they have no reason to believe the document is bogus, as if that’s the issue and the proper response. If a copy of the document is available under FOIA, then the original should be available to law enforcement in the course of their duties. Government officials are supposed to cooperate with law enforcement, especially with PUBLIC documents. The standard isn’t that the Sheriff has to prove the document is bogus before he can see it to determine if it’s bogus and a political appointee (probably of the very person under investigation) has to standing to refuse to cooperate.

  10. Arpaio Investigation Brings Up Compelling Questions About Obama’s Birth Certificate and Eligibility


  11. Joseph Farah: “A lesson in mass deception”

    “On March 4, the Associated Press, the largest news-gathering organization in the world, distributed a propaganda screed thinly veiled as a news story by AP staff writer Jacques Billeaud about Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation of Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as president. You can read the entire story here, just one of more than 100 outlets that carried the piece with virtually no editing.

    Here is an excerpt of that report: …”


  12. Where, Oh where, is Mrs. Robinson? she went to Washington with the Obamas but there have been only a handful of “Mrs. Robinson sightings”. Also, Mrs. Robinson ain’t no granny in the sense of needing to be taken care of quite young enough to have her own life and not toss it all to the wind to be hidden (Oh, where oh where is Mrs. Robinson) away as the babysitter that never babysits………

  13. Dianna Cotter:

    “Barack Obama Foreign Student – American Media Threatened into Silence”


    • From the article…

      “A telephone interview March 22nd with Cold Case Posse Lead investigator Mike Zullo revealed the Posse had received “highly credible” information from three separate, unrelated, credible sources detailing information regarding a nationally syndicated Conservative Talk Radio show. This major very well-known host had a fill-in the day the script called for a discussion of Barack Obama’s persistent and unanswered questions regarding his citizenship status.

      For a nationally syndicated show, this is absolutely unheard of, particularly with a fill-in doing the show. Programing is scheduled days in advance as hours of work and preparation often go into them; it is after all a business and one which must inform accurately. To have a script tossed just hours before airing is simply not done without explanation or substitution.”

      I have my suspicions as to who she is talking about but I’m wondering who you think it is.

  14. Don’t keep us hanging SueQ. There aren’t that many “3 hour shows” (forget where I read it was a 3 hour show). My guess is it was Mark Steyn sitting in for Rush.

  15. There was an old article at Canada Free Press. It may have been a year or two ago, but they have evidence of who was threatened in the media, and this person was not coming forward because of fear of their family being hurt.

    Does anyone else remember this? Wonder if we could find the CFP article.

  16. Thanks for that link Kittycat77.

    Uh, maybe I got my 3’s mixed up. I read the Pravda article and it mentioned three sources and three hours before air time. However, after thinking about it, I can’t imagine Mark Steyn would attempt that, he knows that not even Rush talks about eligibility. He dances around the issue, but he never takes it HEAD-ON.

    No one on Hannity or Levin shows would even think about it either.

    After reading the CFP article, I guess this could go back to before the 08 election.

    Sad, yes. Scary, Even More.

    • Part of that article says this:

      “The Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press are in possession of extremely sensitive investigative documents, including a stunning written admission by a nationally known talk show host stating that he was threatened with his career – or worse – should he talk about the issue of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth records to a national audience. This document was obtained on December 10, 2008, and provides explicit detail of a “gag order” imposed on this host before and immediately following the national election last November.”

      I remember way back when I first read this at CFP, that I thought it must be someone very well known. My first thought was Hannity, then I thought maybe Beck.

      I’m also wondering if Sheriff Joe has this from Corsi at WND. It’s possible that this is what they were talking about when they said something about media being threatened.

  17. Orly Taitz, Sharron Angle Teaming Up To Fight Election Fraud
    By Derrick Loving on March 28, 2012 (you can tell this is a left written article …)

    Self-proclaimed queen of the birther movement Orly Taitz appears to be teaming up with former Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R-Nev.) to combat “rigged elections.”

    Taitz unveiled the partnership on her website, displaying a series of email correspondences with Angle. In the exchange, Taitz cites election fraud as the reason Angle lost her bid to unseat Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in the 2010 midterm elections.

    Another featured email quotes Angle as saying she’s “working with the election integrity group.”


  18. Help please. I’m in moderation at 12:47. I guess because I posted multiple links. Thanks.

    Washington D.C. (MMD Newswire) March 28, 2012 —

    POTUS Write-In Candidate Montgomery Blair Sibley today filed his Petition for Certiorari with the United States Supreme Court. That Petition presents the Supreme Court with record evidence that: (i) Barack Hussein Obama, II, is not a “natural born Citizen” as required by Article II, §1 of the Constitution and thus is ineligible to be President and (ii) that the “Certificates of Live Birth” released by Mr. Obama are in fact forgeries. Additionally, Sibley is filing a Motion to Expedite Consideration of Petition for a Writ of Certiorari. By these documents, Sibley is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to expedite the resolution of his Quo Warranto lawsuit pending in U.S. District Court before the Honorable John D. Bates. Significantly, though eighty-five (85) days have passed since Sibley’s filing of the lawsuit on January 3, 2012, Judge Bates has refused to rule upon any of the pending matters in that suit.

    Sibley’s filings procedurally forces the Supreme Court to declare whether they will take up the question of Obama’s eligibility to be President or allow the question to be relegated to a judicial process that would not reach the Supreme Court until well after the November 6, 2012, election, let alone before the September 3, 2012, Democratic Convention.

    Sibley stated: “Obama’s eligibility to be President is now in the hands of the Supreme Court. I have properly invoked the federal statute which authorizes challenges to the eligibility of federal office holders and procedurally have now moved that question from the District Court through the Circuit Court of Appeals and now, with these filings, to the Supreme Court. If they deny my Petition to expedite resolution of the significant and fairly-posed question of Obama’s eligibility, it is a clear statement that they will refuse to allow that matter to be properly and promptly adjudicated. In that case, I fear “We the People” will have lost “the right, possessed by every citizen, to require that the Government be administered according to law.“1 For if the Supreme Court will not take up the issue of whether the Government is being administered according to the rule of law, then the government is clearly being administered instead by the rule of whim and caprice.”

    Sibley concluded: “Thus I call upon the Supreme Court to forthwith resolve this heretofore unresolved question: Is Barack Hussein Obama, II, eligible to be President of the United States?”

    – E n d –
    1- Fairchild v. Hughes, 258 U.S. 126, 130 (1922)


  20. See, look at this part of that article from CFP, and why do you think that this happened? Let’s don’t forget the dating of this, which is Aug. of 2009:

    “From multiple interviews conducted within the last eight months, we have obtained information from other sources, independent of the above, who have also been instructed to avoid any discussion of the birth certificate issue at all costs, to wit:

    The account of an administrative assistant employed in New York City by a cable network news station who provided significant, detailed information of a 2008 meeting between the top network executive and four-(4) well-known news anchors. This source confirmed that she drafted the memo to the various hosts to notify them of the date, time and location of this high-level meeting at the request of the network’s top executive.

    Present at this meeting, she verified that the network official issued “warnings” to the personalities “to avoid any on-air discussion of the birth place, eligibility, and news accounts of litigation compelling [Barack Hussein] Obama to produce a legitimate copy of his birth certificate.” She stated that the network executive had her arrange the conference immediately following a meeting “between [the network executive] and an attorney closely associated with candidate Obama who was acting on his behalf.”

    The statement of a corporate secretary for a major news network confirming the existence of a one-page inter-office memo, bearing the markings “confidential” and “not for dissemination,” addressed and distributed to news anchors and on-air talent” that specifically instructed the recipients to avoid any discussion pertaining to the Obama birth certificate controversy. The memo was written and distributed in October 2008, and specifically instructed on-air talent to “advise guests, as necessary, to refrain from citing any news story, legal proceedings, Internet ‘blogs’ or other sources that pertain to the ongoing eligibility controversy of future President Barack Obama.”

    As outlined above, our Investigation has uncovered both direct and indirect evidence of threats being made against some of the nation’s top radio and television personalities, which would explain some giving this topic mere lip service. As one source interviewed during the course of this investigation stated, “I’ve got a career and family to think about.”

    • This has been like waiting for the video of Obama at an anti-Israel dinner that the LA Times won’t release!
      Hopefully this information was sent to Arpaio’s Posse. It would be fantastic if this information started leaking, no, pouring out.

      How could they get to so many and not one will stand for the USA? I sure would figure out a way if it were me. Plus, I wouldn’t stay at that job either.

      • I’m thinking that Sheriff Joe and his cold posse were told about that CFP investigation and the media. This is a newsletter that I got in my e-mail. Here’s a portion of it:

        “As evidence mounts that the “birth certificate” released by Team Obama is a “computer-generated forgery,” EVEN MORE shocking revelations are coming out that Barack Obama’s surrogates and far-left power-brokers are engaged in a massive and tyrannical effort to SILENCE the conservative media from reporting on Mr. Obama’s eligibility.

        However, there’s some good news to report as well. A few brave souls in the conservative media are finally daring to break the silence. Diana West, who writes for The Washington Times, recently blew the whistle: “Clearly, something has us all on lockdown. That’s much, much scarier than even the amazing possibility that some con artist might be pulling off the biggest scam in history.”

        And, as we previous reported, Mike Zullo, the lead investigator of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse stated; “During our investigation, we actually were told [that media] had been threatened with FTC investigations. Commentators [had been] threatened with their jobs.” And according to WND.com, the “threats were so intimidating that some individuals quit their positions over safety concerns for their families.”

  21. Has Obama Offered Israel’s Enemies ‘Flexibility’ Once Re-elected?
    William Bigelow 14 hours ago

    President Obama’s 2012 deputy campaign manager has refused to answer whether Obama or any of his administration has asked Palestinian or Arab leaders for “space” so Obama can be more “flexible” after the election.

    This follows Obama’s infamous meeting in Seoul, South Korea, with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, in which Obama pled with him to beg president-elect Vladimir Putin for “space” with the promise that Obama would be more “flexible” after he was reelected. Tuesday night, Ari Fleischer, former press secretary to George W. Bush and now a CNN contributor, put the question of Obama asking space from the Arabs to Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter; Cutter refused to answer.

    Obama’s question to Medvedev has triggered an outcry because of its implication: that Obama was waiting until the election cycle was over to cave to Russia on missile defense. Speaking with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Obama said, “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him [Putin] to give me space.” Medvedev replied, “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you.” Obama then offered, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” Putin is an opponent of the U.S.-NATO missile defense system for Europe.

    As a result of Cutter’s non-answer, Matt Brooks, the executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, called for the Obama Administration to come clean:

    President Obama’s plea for space with Russian President Medvedev makes me wonder if he has done something similar with any Arab or Palestinian leaders … given the President’s worrisome track record on Israel, it’s clear he wants to ratchet up pressure on Israel, but he doesn’t want to lose the Jewish vote. The American Jewish community and Israel’s friends in this country deserve to know whether President Obama has indicated to Arab or Palestinian leaders that if they give him space now, he will be more “flexible” with Israel after the election.

    The answer, of course, is that Obama likely did exactly that. Remember, Obama has effectively asked Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to refrain from attacking Iran until after the 2012 election, putting the lives of 6 million Jews in Israel in mortal danger just so Obama’s reelection was assured. Would it be any wonder if he made assurances to Israel’s enemies to get them to hold off long enough to ensure a second term?

    Breitbart Big Peace

  22. Obama comes out of the closet

    from Atlasshruggs

    BOMBSHELL BETRAYAL: Obama Leaking Info to Media to Thwart Israeli Strike and Protect Iran’s Nuclear weapons Program

    Iran’s plan for a second Holocaust must be stopped John Bolton

    The Obama administration is leaking information to pressure Israel not to bomb Iran. Enemy in the White House. Not only is Obama an anti-semite, he is anti-American (anti-freedom.) His islamophiliac polcies compromises American security. Iran is clearly an American threat.They have been at war with us since ’79. Israel was willing to do the heavy lifting because our reckless and feckless president was too weak, too compromised. But to betray an ally like this?

    ‘Baku grants Israel use of its air bases’
    Senior US officials tell ‘Foreign Policy’ “Israelis have bought an airfield and the airfield is called Azerbaijan.”

    Is it any wonder that 20% of Americans think Obama is Muslim. But their fruits ye shall know him and so we know him.

    ABC is soft selling this bombshell story but this steaming pile of dung will expose this saboteur no matter how pretty the package the enemedia manufactures.

    JERUSALEM – Two reports today about Iran’s nuclear program and the possibility of an Israeli military strike have analysts in Israel accusing the Obama administration leaking information to pressure Israel not to bomb Iran and for Iran to reach a compromise in upcoming nuclear talks.

    The first report in Foreign Policy quotes anonymous American officials saying that Israel has been given access to airbases by Iran’s northern neighbor Azerbaijan from which Israel could launch air strikes or at least drones and search and rescue aircraft.

    The second report from Bloomberg, based on a leaked congressional report, said that Iran’s nuclear facilities are so dispersed that it is “unclear what the ultimate effect of a strike would be…” A strike could delay Iran as little as six months, a former official told the researchers.

    “It seems like a big campaign to prevent Israel from attacking,” analyst Yoel Guzansky at the Institute for National Security Studies told ABC News. “I think the [Obama] administration is really worried Jerusalem will attack and attack soon. They’re trying hard to prevent it in so many ways.”

    America, wake up.

    Analysis: US thwarting Israeli strike on Iran YNET

    Obama betraying Israel? US making deliberate effort to hinder Iran strike by leaking classified info, intelligence assessments, says Ron Ben-Yishai in special Ynet report

    Ron Ben-Yishai

    The United States is leaking information to the media in order to avert an Israeli strike in Iran: The US Administration recently shifted into high gear in its efforts to avert an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities by the end of the year. The flood of reports in the American media in recent weeks attests not only to the genuine US fear that Israel intends to realize its threats; moreover, it indicates that the Obama Administration has decided to take its gloves off.

    Indeed, in recent weeks the Administration shifted from persuasion efforts vis-à-vis decision-makers and Israel’s public opinion to a practical, targeted assassination of potential Israeli operations in Iran. This “surgical strike” is undertaken via reports in the American and British media, but the campaign’s aims are fully operational: To make it more difficult for Israeli decision-makers to order the IDF to carry out a strike, and what’s even graver, to erode the IDF’s capacity to launch such strike with minimal casualties.

    The first and most important American objective is to eliminate potential operational options available to the IDF and the State of Israel. I have no intention of detailing or even hinting to the options which the US government aims to eliminate by exposing them in the media. A large part of the reports stem from false information or disinformation, and there is no reason to reveal to the Iranians what’s real and what isn’t. However, it is blatantly clear that reports in the past week alone have caused Israel substantive diplomatic damage, and possibly even military and operational damage.

    Another Administration objective is to convince the Israeli public that an Iran strike (including a US attack) will not achieve even the minimum required to justify it; that is, a delay of at least 3-5 years in Iran’s nuclear program. A lengthy postponement would of course justify the suffering on Israel’s home front, while a six-month delay – as argued by a US Congress report – does not justify the risks.

    The six-month figure was meant for the Israeli public, so that it would press Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak to avoid a strike, whose futility the Americans are trying to prove in every way possible. At the same time, the campaign aims to erode the validity of demands voiced by many members of Congress and Senate – both Democrats and Republicans – who criticize the American president’s inaction. The Congress report published Wednesday is maligned by several inaccuracies, in terms of both analysis and information. However, this makes no difference. The aim was to make headlines in the Israeli and Washington media, rather than an in-depth analysis, which isn’t possible as Congress researchers in Washington do not have access to all the relevant information, fortunately.
    Congress in Iran’s service

    The third objective of the recent publications is to scare the Israeli public via an apocalyptic account of possible retaliation by Iran and its “clients.” This effort also aims to press Israeli decision-makers not to act (including the mention in the Congress report of the accurate fact that Israel’s home front is not adequately prepared to sustain a blow.) Some observers would argue that these reports are not damaging, but rather, grant the Israeli threat validity, thereby serving Western representatives in upcoming negotiations with Iran. So what’s wrong with that?
    The damage has to do with the revelation of secret information and assessments that would require an expensive, risky intelligence effort for the Iranians to acquire. Indeed, the Iranians already realize that the West and Israel possess plenty of up-to-date information on Iran’s nuclear project, including centrifuge workshops in Tehran homes. The Ayatollah regime can also predict possible attack routes and methods by Israel and the US.

    A map of Iran’s nuclear facilities

    However, any rookie intelligence officer knows that there is a huge difference between unconfirmed estimates and solid facts or IDF aims and capabilities. Any Iranian intelligence analyst who reads the latest US Congress report or the Foreign Policy report will find invaluable information there. The overwhelming majority of the information has already been published, yet instead of forcing the Iranians to piece together all the assessments themselves, the Congress report offers them everything in one place, including detailed analysis.

    Fortunately, as noted, Congress researchers and those who leaked the information to them apparently have some trouble in terms of reading comprehension.

    Betraying an ally

    To sum up, the American publications caused the following damage:

    Iran now has a decent picture of what Israel’s and America’s intelligence communities know about Tehran’s nuclear program and defense establishment, including its aerial defenses.

    The Iranians now know about the indications that would be perceived by Washington and Jerusalem as a “nuclear breakthrough”. Hence, Iran can do a better job of concealment.

    The reports make it more difficult to utilize certain operational options. These options, even if not considered thus far, could have been used by the US in the future, should Iran not thwart them via diplomatic and military means.

    Needless to say, this is not how one should be treating an ally, even if this is a relationship between a superpower and a satellite state. The targeted assassination campaign currently undertaken by the US government also sharply contradicts President Obama’s declaration at the AIPAC Conference, whereby he and the US recognize Israel’s sovereign right to defend itself by itself. One cannot utter these words and a moment later exposes Israel’s vulnerabilities and possible strike routes to its enemies.

    Indeed, there is a difference between legitimate persuasion efforts and practical steps to thwart Israeli plans and eliminate them.

    For a total of seven years, I served as Yedioth Ahronoth’s reporter in Washington, so I know very well that with a few exceptions, the US Administration knows how to prevent leaks to the media if it so wishes. This is the case even when dealing with former officials, and most certainly when dealing with current government officials. What we are seeing here is not a trickle of information, but rather, a powerful current, a true flood that leaves no doubt as to the existence of an orchestrated media campaign with clear aims.

    Posted by Pamela Geller on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 02:15 PM

  23. So sad for Trowbridge. Orly has burst the bubble on Bari M. Shabazz, apparently. He’s from Jamaica and that’s his assumed Mx-honoring name, if I read this correctly: http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Bari-Shabazz-Kingston-Jamaica.pdf

    • Miri, Don’t worry, just be happy. That’s what they say at Ganja University in Jamaica…they sell you t shirts with that school name as you get off the plane…happy university no ?

      • Yeah, that’s a shame, isn’t it? Burst that bubble. And here I was hoping there’d be a “reveal” that would explain all.

    • Hold it, not so fast, we can’t rule out that O. is not a ganja cousin from Jamaica himself.

    • Has Orly identified that this guy is not the imposter in the WH? I’m assuming that he is dead, because she got the SS info., but is he really dead? Every time I try to go to Orly’s site, I get attacked be a virus. Norton has been catching it and shutting it down, but I cannot read her stuff. Would someone mind clueing me in on the details of this? Thanks

      • That’s a thought. Apparently this person was born Oct. 28, 1959 in Kingston, Jamaica. Original name Barrington H. (Hugh Anthony?) Smith. Took the name Shabazz at some point, presumably as many blacks who convert take Muslim names and/or honor Malcolm X. I can’t find the entire Taitz story about this on her webpage. Someone other than Orly requested the records and got them in February. It’s likely buried on her blog with no explanation. I got sent the link. Looks like he changed his name on April 9, 1980 to Bari Malik Shabazz, while living in Hawaii. He got his SS card while living in NYC. The parents’ names were redacted because they were given no proof that the parents are dead. Paula Hoehn was the requestor. 084-54-5926 was the SS#. Maybe Vera Baker knows who he is. When I saw the initial H., I thought of Harrison Bounel. 🙂

  24. “We the People” “We the People” “WE the PEOPLE” !!!!!!!!!!!
    newly released theme… song…. a bit heavy~ as expected by
    ~Dave Mustaine ~ (50years old) Megadeth (was Metallica) ~ Thirt3EN
    wnd has his the interview …
    George Stroumboulopoulos (39years old) concluded he’s a “birther”
    & “Richard Iowa’s comment” (scan down a bit..)
    has a come/back we can all brush up on.

  25. http://talkwisdom.blogspot.com/2012/03/can-this-be-true.html

    Ok all… sit down for this one. Are we getting guests soon?

  26. I find it interesting that this is coming out now.

    Adopted or abducted? More controversy for the Catholic Church


    Last month, a Dan Rather Reports producer and crew were in Canberra, Australia as Parliament released the findings of an 18-month-long investigation revealing illegal and unethical tactics used to convince young, unmarried mothers to surrender their babies to adoptive homes from the late 1940s to the 1980s.

  27. type in “george zimmerman gets new lawyer”
    so easy to find….not so easy to transfer here…

      • I heard on the radio that three news organizations have now backtracked on their original reporting:

        CNN now says further enhancement and analysis of the 911 call indicates Zimmerman said “F***ing COLD,” not “f***ing co*ns.” Gee, what a difference a few letters make. This means that there’s no indication of racial animus AND SO THE JUSTICE DEPT. HAS NO GROUNDS TO INSERT THEMSELVES INTO THE CASE. I wonder if this will be their excuse to save face now? They’ll back off and let it die, since it’s not working out the way they hoped.

        ABC further analyzed their police station videotape, enhanced the image, and now THEY admit they see the laceration on the back of Zimmerman’s head.

        NBC, of course, is investigating themselves for the biased and inaccurate way they transcribed what Zimmerman said to the dispatcher and took it out of context: Omitting that the dispatcher asked the race of the suspicious person and that the dispatcher was the first to use racial terms.

  28. MR. MASQUERADE….. like we did not know…..
    did the Feds give Martha a visit also?
    may be her last since she puts it in Gods hands!

  29. http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Elections/2012/0405/Amid-Trayvon-Martin-case-Obama-hosts-screening-of-To-Kill-a-Mockingbird
    4/5/12 linda feldmann
    BHO….. to HOST a screening in our WH?…. “TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD”
    emotions HIGH but a teachable moment?


  30. http://www.drudge.com
    “Tyler Perry” … pulled over April 1st (fool) for admittedly making
    left turn from far-right lane. A trick his security detail taught him!!!!
    Acusses White Cops of Racial Profiling…on his facebook

  31. The media does it again. http://news.yahoo.com/tulsas-black-community-unnerved-shootings-163906683.html

    “Tulsa’s black community was on edge Saturday after police said the same attacker or attackers were behind a series of shootings a day earlier that left three people dead and two more critically wounded.

    Police are still waiting for the results of forensic tests, but investigators think the early Friday morning shootings are linked because they happened around the same time within a three-mile span and all five victims were out walking when they were shot.

    Officer Jason Willingham said Saturday that police are searching for a white man driving a white pickup, which was spotted in the area of three of the shootings. At least two dozen officers are investigating the case, along with the FBI and U.S. Marshals Service, Willingham said. …

    “We have to handle this because there are a number of African-American males who are not going to allow this to happen in their neighborhood,” said the Rev. Warren Blakney Sr., president of the Tulsa NAACP. “We’re trying to quell the feeling of ‘let’s get someone’ and we will make as certain as we can that this isn’t pushed under the rug.”

    Blakney said “avid distrust” between the African-American community and the police department had raised concerns the shootings wouldn’t be fully investigated, and he contacted police to emphasize the need for them to work together to avoid vigilantism.

    Tulsa’s police department has been tainted by accusations of corruption. Three ex-police officers and a former federal agent were sentenced to prison in December after a two-year investigation involving allegations of falsified search warrants, nonexistent informants, perjury and stolen drugs and money. Two other ex-officers were acquitted of stealing money during an FBI sting but fired after an internal affairs investigation.

    More than a half-dozen lawsuits have been filed by people who claim they were wrongfully locked up by police, and nearly 40 people had their convictions overturned or prison sentences commuted as a result of the corruption probe. Prosecutors have suggested the five police officers who were charged were part of a broader plot in which corrupt officers stole money and drugs, conducted illegal searches and fabricated evidence without fear of getting caught.”


    Wait! What? It was a WHITE Native American Cherokee.

    “A family friend, Susan Sevenstar, told The Associated Press that England was “a good kid” and “a good, hard worker,” who “was not in his right mind” after losing his father and the January suicide of his fiancee, with whom he’d recently had a baby.

    If anybody is trying to say this is a racial situation, they’ve got things confused,” said Sevenstar, who described England as Cherokee Indian. “He didn’t care what your color was. It wasn’t a racist thing.””

    I thought he looked other than “white”.

    But the NAACP is having NONE OF IT:

    “While Tulsa police were reluctant to describe the shootings there as racially motivated, City Councilman Jack Henderson was not.

    Being an NAACP president for seven years, I think that somebody that committed these crimes were very upset with black people,” Henderson said. “That person happened to be a white person, the people they happened to kill and shoot are black people. That fits the bill for me.””

    Indeed it does “fit the bill,” even if it DOESN’T! If it doesn’t, why they’ll just MAKE IT FIT.

    So a hispanic MAGICALLY becomes a WHITE hispanic. A Native American MAGICALLY becomes a WHITE Cherokee. That TAINT of the one drop of WHITE blood, which carries with it that indelible genetic disease of racism (which all other races are “immune” from). That’s what damns them. They’re tainted. They’re evil and it cannot be expunged. They can TRY to “REPROGRAM” them–thus you see the sensitivity classes and the exercises in racism that leave white kids stigmatized and in tears, but, you see, it’s for their own good. To at least try to root out that inborn racism. This is how these people think and this is how THEY’VE been programmed to think. It’s dangerous. It’s wrong. And it MUST stop.

    Consider this story:


    “This week, a video was posted online of a seemingly lost and disoriented man being swarmed by a group of young people, then sucker punched, robbed, and stripped naked of his clothing on a downtown Baltimore street. It’s not clear where the video was first posted, but it made it to the now typical stops for such shock clips: Worldstarhiphop, LiveLeak, YouTube, Twitter.

    What could have been just another tantalizing video turned into something else: outraged viewers say they have tracked down the identity of the man who threw the first punch, and police have connected a victim – who had reported an assault and theft to police but couldn’t remember where it occurred – to the incident. Police say an investigation is moving forward.”


    Basically repeats the exact story from the WaPo.

    Now those two are blogs, but notice what’s missing from the story. The race of the victim and the perps. Here’s a “straight” news story that does EVENTUALLY mention the racial implications, later in the story, when it would have been in the first paragraph, had the races been reversed:


    “At first, the video of a man being beaten and stripped [apparently by nobody!] in downtown Baltimore appeared to be just another tantalizing shock clip for the Internet. But in recent days, thanks to social media users as far away as California, it could prove instrumental in solving the case.

    Police have made no arrests in last month’s attack, but they said tips were flooding in about the identity of the man shown punching a disoriented victim before others ripped off his clothes, took his belongings and humiliated him on the sidewalk outside a city courthouse. [No mention of the race of either. Or even that it was a mob of people. It sounds very much like another Knock Out King attack on white people and possibly a gay person. More about that in a moment.]

    Outraged viewers appear to have gone a step beyond voyeurism, using social media to identify a Rosedale man as the person who threw the punch. Meanwhile, the information helped police confirm the identity of the victim — who had reported an assault and robbery but could not provide details at the time.”

    Only later did the story say this:

    “Some of the attention might be driven partly by the racial dynamic; the victim is white and the suspects are black. More than a few online commenters criticized what they saw as a lack of outrage over the Baltimore attack, even as protests continue over the shooting of Trayvon Martin, a black Florida teen whose killer said he shot in self-defense and has not been charged.”

    This is what they say about what happened to the white victim:

    “The man told police that he woke up in his Mount Vernon hotel room with a black eye and scrapes and bruises all over his body. His Tag Heuer watch was missing, as well as an iPhone and the keys to his Audi.

    At the time, he told police he couldn’t remember what had happened or where. With the attention the video received, police have connected the dots, Moses said. Police did not release the victim’s name.

    Even by Internet standards, where the wildest videos get the most views, the video is shocking for its humiliation and brutality. The victim seems disoriented and is punched after he apparently tries to get back something taken from his pocket.

    But something happened when the video hit Twitter: Most people were not impressed. An influential Twitter user from Baltimore who has 47,000 followers posted it and wrote, “Black Power. LMAO,” an abbreviation for laughing. He included the Twitter account of the man who allegedly threw the punch.”

    But what else happened to the victim that they didn’t report?

    “As Baltimore cops investigate the videotaped beating of a tourist on St. Patrick’s Day, a second clip showing the brutal attack could help police identify members of the mob who knocked the victim to the ground, stole his belongings, and even tore his pants off. [What’s missing? White and black. WHY? Is there even one story about Trayvon Martin that omits the races?]

    The video, seen above, was shot by an onlooker outside a downtown courthouse, where the tourist was sucker-punched by an attacker. The victim, wearing a Mountain Dew shirt, crumpled to the sidewalk and hit his head.

    While on the ground, the man was set upon by about ten attackers, [of NO race?] who stole his Tag Heuer watch, money, iPhone, and keys to his Audi, according to police. The dazed and defenseless victim is also punched, kicked, and even hit with a shoe [Hmmmmm. A shoe.] by several assailants. In a final indignity, the man is “teabagged” by a male attacker.

    The 1:26 cell phone video–shot by a cameraman who cackled as the beating transpired–was first uploaded to the WorldStar Hip Hop web site on March 30. It was included as part of a 14:22 “fight compilation” of 12 clips showing assorted mayhem.”

    Interesting that this Lee O’Denat has NO Wikipedia page and the stories don’t have links to WHO he is:

    The CNN of the Ghetto. That’s what he calls himself.

    Take all these stories and reverse the races and then ask yourself: How would the lamestream media report them?

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