Injustice, Selective Misogyny, and the New Racial Caste System

© Miri WTPOTUS March 24, 2012

Bridgette linked to this story on another post. It’s perfect for pointing out the hypocrisy of this president and progressives, including all Democrats. Bridgette’s personal comments are in brackets:

Barack Obama responded Wednesday with shock to Rick Santorum’s recent criticisms that the President was an irresponsible parent for sending his daughter to Mexico. [I totally agree and they were irresponsible and that is being kind!]

President Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, ripped the Republican presidential candidate for raising an issue about Malia Obama’s recent school trip. She blasted Mr Santorum for targeting the child on the campaign trail. [He targeted the parents!]

Ms Cutter told MSNBC: ‘I think that children, for candidate purposes, have always been off-limits in presidential campaigns, and really any campaign. ‘I’m surprised that Rick Santorum wouldn’t agree with that.’ [Scream Left …where were you when it was your side that were after Sarah’s kids?]
Mr Santorum went on to say: ‘You should set an example. I think that’s what presidents do. They set an example. And when the government is saying this is not safe, then you don’t set the example by sending your kids down there.’


Now I’ll say my piece: The Bush daughters felt that they were “off limits,” didn’t they? NOT!  Democrat candidates’ children are “always off limits.”  It’s open season, always, on the children of their opponents.

Let’s compare this situation with Malia to the Palin children. How about Bristol, who’s asking Obama for a phone call, like Ms. Fluke recently received from a sympathetic president.

But here’s why I’m a little surprised my phone hasn’t rung. Your $1,000,000 donor Bill Maher has said reprehensible things about my family. He’s made fun of my brother because of his Down’s Syndrome. He’s said I was ‘f—-d so hard a baby fell out.’ (In a classy move, he did this while his producers put up the cover of my book, which tells about the forgiveness and redemption I’ve found in God after my past — very public — mistakes.)

If Maher talked about Malia and Sasha that way, you’d return his dirty money and the Secret Service would probably have to restrain you.

I wonder if the presidency has changed you. Now that you’re in office, it seems you’re only willing to defend certain women. You’re only willing to take a moral stand when you know your liberal supporters will stand behind you.

How about Tripp? I didn’t realize how disgusting and misogynist were the “jokes” about Sarah and Tripp until I read this UNEDITED column by Kathleen Parker (Note: many newspapers removed the most incendiary comments, to protect the guilty):

What does matter is that our children are growing up in a world that believes it’s OK to denigrate women. They are witnesses to adults laughing at jokes about women being sluts, whores and worse. When the object of derision is Sarah Palin, “jokes” are even made about her Down syndrome child.

Which brings us back to Louis C.K., whose “jokes” are so beyond anything we should find funny that it’s hard to comprehend how he was selected to amuse a gathering of journalists. Of Palin, he says: “her f—– retard-making c—” and “the baby that just came out of her f—— disgusting c—.”

If you’re not disgusted, please leave now. Similarly, though not nearly as graphically, comedian Bill Maher has called Palin a “dumb t—.” Palin supporters and others concerned with decency have wondered where the outrage was then. Fair question.

Many also wonder why President Barack Obama, who found time to call Fluke out of concern for his own daughters, never raised his voice for Palin. Or why he’s accepting a $1 million contribution from Maher to his super PAC. Like any candidate, Obama doesn’t control his super PAC, but he does control his voice, and it has been notably silent about certain women.

But this is not the only area where this president, progressives, and Democrats are hypocritical. Consider the Trayvon Martin case in Florida, which is being played up, Alinsky style, across the country. A cynical attempt to fire up the base and ramp up racial animus?

A black young man shot by a Hispanic neighborhood watchman, who has a Jewish surname. This case brought Al Sharpton, the NAACP, and other of the usual race-baiting suspects to Florida and incited protests across the country, one in St. Louis where the mayor is unadvisedly participating.

Even Louis Farrakhan has weighed in, tweeting that this case may require “retaliation” if justice isn’t served. What exactly is he calling for?

In this case, the white chief of police has been forced to step aside. Why? Simply because he’s white? And now, on cue, Barack Obama weighs in. Capitalizing on a crisis so that he can play post-racial president again, until the election is over? Beer Summit II?  My observations in brackets:

President Obama today offered a personal reflection [It’s always about him … ] on the tragic shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, saying the incident requires all Americans to “do some soul searching.” [No, it doesn’t.]

“When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids,” Obama told reporters when asked about the case during a Rose Garden press conference. [Again, always about him.]

“I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative to investigate every aspect of this and that everybody pulls together – federal, state and local – to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened,” he said. [He presumes that every parent and every citizen DOESN’T feel this way? Such faith this man has in the American people. We ALL want justice, for ALL. We all sympathize with Trayvon Martin’s family. And the family of Mr. Zimmerman, too.]

Earlier this week the Justice Department opened an investigation into the incident which took place in an Orlando suburb last month. Martin, 17, was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch captain while he walked down a neighborhood street unarmed.

“I think all of us have to do some soul searching to figure out how does something like this happen,” Obama said. “And that means we examine the laws, the context for what happened, as well as the specifics of the incident. [Another push for gun control?]

“But my main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin: If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon. [Again, all about him.  That’s his main message to the parents?  That their son resembled him?] And I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are gonna take this with the seriousness it deserves and that we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.” [Certainly, we all have sympathy for the parents. We know they want answers and so do we. What we don’t want is a ginned-up race war and cynical politicians, cashing in. Or to see people forced out of their jobs as if they cannot do their jobs unless they are the same race as the victim.]

But where was Obama when unarmed, white, middle-aged, Christian, school teacher Patricia A. Cook was shot to death during a traffic stop by a policeman, in an incident that took place much closer to DC, in Virginia? Why isn’t the alleged shooter being identified by the media? Why isn’t he arrested? Is the Justice Dept. coming in? There’s an eyewitness who disputes the story the cop told. Will there be justice for this woman? For her family? [Note, this has been updated to reflect the new information that eyewitnesses now say that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman, knocking him to the ground.]

Does the president not care because Mrs. Cook was white, a woman, a Christian (so probably conservative) or not a teen-ager who looks like Obama?

Does the president have no sympathy for Mrs. Cook’s husband, who mourns his wife and still has no answers? Does America have no “soul searching” to do or laws to reconsider in the aftermath of Mrs. Cook’s death?

Are empathy and justice ONLY for the “protected classes” and progressives (or those who resemble Obama)? Is America to become an unjust state with a racial caste system, where, in retribution, some castes are “more equal” than others?

268 responses to “Injustice, Selective Misogyny, and the New Racial Caste System

  1. This is letting all Watch captains and those who volunteer in their neighborhoods to protect their properties that they have no real protection from the vigilante groups if they are reporting on robbers who are black. Expect crime to escalate throughout the nation.

    Martin’s parents escalated this just by calling on Al Sharpton in the first place. Then they plead for non violence and just let there be justice. Mama Martin is on a roller coaster ride, and probably enjoying all of the notrieity although she wouldn’t admit it. Her son is lost in this theatrical game that is being played and is being set up to be a martyr for the leftist cause and their cries of social justice. While Zimmerman is in hiding to protect himself knowing that the Panther terrorists put a bounty on his head. The racial division taking place is on the shoulders of those who have inflamed and influenced this situation including the black usurping class-dividing, radical pResident who needs votes.

    Why aren’t the Latinos being heard from to support the WHITE Hispanic?

    • They spent several weeks planning this media blitz. It’s all orchestrated, as is anything involving Sharpton. Tawana Brawley?

      La Raza, like Pontius Pilate, have washed their hands of Zimmerman. He’s too white for them. They side with the blacks. It’s not really about race; it’s about power for them. The race hustlers of every race USE people to get power. They don’t even believe the crap they spew. Zimmerman’s half-Peruvian, so obviously that’s not la raza that La Raza cares about. He’s tainted with that white blood, too. The original sin of whiteness.

      If you ask, as Limbaugh did, why La Raza isn’t there for Zimmerman, then they call you racist. This is a joke, coming from an organization that calls itself THE RACE.

      I guess the Cubans don’t care about Zimmerman, either. I wonder if his dad is Jewish? He’s supposedly a retired judge. Ordinarily, you’d think that would help him, rather than hurt him. The father’s afraid, too. He was on Hannity, but with his face blacked out.

      Hannity has scared them big time with bringing up the connection between Barry and the NBPs in 2007 and Holder looking the other way on voter intimidation. What’s ironic is that the Republicans RUN from these stories, which WOULD HELP them in the election, out of fear of looking racist, all while the DemocRATS gin up RACISTS and RACISM. Who are the racists? It’s obvious. Romney better be prepared to point it out.

    • the “sweet parents” of our “precious victim” should hold a candle light prayer vigil for George Zimmerman, that he is kept safe, gets good counsil and a fair trial. They should ask their friends to pray for him and his family. Justice? yeah, right. mmmmkay.

      Where’s George’s Clergy these days? Scapegoat. Psalms. Lamb.

  2. Rush: Obama intentionally stoking racial chaos
    Limbaugh warns: ‘It’s a powder keg waiting to go off’
    2 hrs ago

    Radio host Rush Limbaugh says President Obama and officials in his administration are intentionally stoking racial chaos in America in connection with the Trayvon Martin case.
    “There’s no question that the White House wants this kind of chaos and unrest in the culture,” Limbaugh said this afternoon.

    His comments came moments before the Washington Post reported Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey planned to announce she is charging neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in the shooting of Martin.

    Limbaugh said the situation is “a powder keg waiting to go off,” and that “nobody that I see is doing anything to try to make sure that powder keg doesn’t explode.” He added: “ IF in the White House they wanted to cool this down, which they should do, they could do it. All it would take … would be Obama addressing the nation to calm this down, and then speaking about it in genuine American terms, not racial terms. If they wanted tot do that, they could. Other presidents have. It’s not happening here.”

    Limbaugh says the White House has determined “it is helpful for Obama’s re-election because they believe that they can tie all of this to the existence of Republicans and conservatives, that the racial problems exist because of never-ending racism of the right, never-ending racism of Republicans. And that’s why George Zimmerman in the New York Times is called a white Hispanic. There are people un the race industry who became excited that this event took place because it allowed them to carry forward with their template, that we still are a nation, essentially, with slaves. You couple that with what I think is a chip on Obama’s shoulder about the founding of the country, the engrained discrimination, his anger over it, his opportunity now here to finally make it right.”

    • Eccentially, Rush said exactly what we have been saying.

      In the words of the dingbat commie janeen garofalo, “It is racism straight up” – only it is coming from the Left and is being stoked by the left!

    • Obama’s opportunity to finally make it WRONG.

    • He’s been stoking it since his first day at TUCC. we got a sniff in late 2007.
      It was inevitable. a mission. his agenda. militants. from the get-go, we saw.

  3. Yeah, we are sure believing you Michelle! Cry me a river in blood you stupid terrorist woman.

    New Black Panther Party chief of staff Michelle Williams apologizes after George Zimmerman radio outburst
    Apr. 10 Snips

    Through tears she said, “If my words, my words that I had to say out of anger will make the American people address this issue, let it be my time, Melanie. Let it be my time to address this issue with America, that we say enough is enough. We can’t have any more killings.”

    Michelle is now offering an apology for her controversial comments. She spoke openly, “My words were out of anger. I did not incite, I did not promote, nor did I encourage anyone to go and pick up a gun.” [Then why did you say them? A member of the Panthers gets some air time and doesn’t want to face jail perhaps?]

    Michelle said during that interview, “Let me tell you, the things that’s about to happen, to these honkeys, these crackers, these pigs, these pink people, these —- people. It has been long overdue. My prize right now this evening … is gonna be the bounty, the arrest, dead or alive, for George Zimmerman. You feel me?” [ Nothing inciteful there, Michelle! Dead or alive, bounty? Who are you kidding?]

    • OMG. Exactly. Cry me a river. What an actress. What a phony.

      What? Did she notice that letter Zimmerman’s family wrote and get “skeert” that Holder might ACTUALLY come after her? Or is it the Florida authorities she’s fearing?

      Oh, I believe she’s remorseful. Worried about her own sorry butt. Pink people? Really? What a racist brown person. Or whatever the heck color she is. Who cares?

      Where’s her compassion for the family of Hoang Nguyen, murdered in cold blood, in a “game” played by “black youths“? Or Matthew Quain (fortunately a survivor) who was knocked unconscious by black “kids” playing the same “game” RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE MAYOR?!!! I don’t remember telling you about that case; it happens so often that I figured my point was made and I don’t have time to keep on reporting this horror that goes on and on and on. And YET, “pink people” are the racists. Oh, my.

      Thinking about this, I wonder if “word” came down to tell them all to cool it, at least until their darling Barry gets through his last election.

      Oh, here’s the answer: Worried about her own sorry rear end, “Michelle admits that she got a call from Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor Monday. The chief wanted to make sure there would be no violence, and Michelle assured her there would not be.” Crocodile tears.

    • what a hoax. in broad daylight.

      the media colluding, as usual.

      sneaks and liars and racist supremacists in living color every day everywhere. they are on a roll and in your face. contrived, as usual.

  4. Holder invokes Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement… Expertise of Sharpton? May your biggest obstacle be the American people you clowns!

    Holder rallies Sharpton’s troops to push Obama agenda: Change ‘cannot be the work of government alone’
    04/11/2012 Snips

    “We will continue to need your help, your expertise, your dedication and your partnership,” Holder told Sharpton’s activists. “While I’m optimistic about the path that we’re on and the place that we’ll arrive, I cannot pretend that the road ahead will be an easy one. Many obstacles lie before us.”“This — this — is our moment,” Holder added as the crowd cheered. “So let us seize the chance before us. Let us rise to the challenges of our time.” [OUR MOMENT? OUR MOMENT? the path who is on? What path is that? The path of revolution, lawlessness, and anti-capitalism?]

    • When he says “our moment” he’s talking to those who he refers to as “my people.” Here’s a clue: He don’t mean us! Not anybody who has even one drop of “white” pink people blood. Oh, no. Not even 1/2 Peruvians. The path of racism. That’s his path.

      • That would eliminate the White Luo African Black guy that he serves.

        • Good point. But he doesn’t think that way. I probably should qualify my thesis. It only taints anybody who’s not progressive. If you look at Holder, it’s obvious that he’s not 100% “African”, either. It’s amusing–that new TV show with “professor” Gates. Last week, he appalled a black woman when DNA tests showed that she’s only about half black. They supposedly use new DNA tests to determine what percentage his “subjects” are, African speaking. Some predicted and insisted they are all black, but DNA didn’t lie. What a dilemma for people who grew up thinking race matters. (Odd, considering that for years, progressives have been teaching that “race” is a social construct.) Gates is the guy who bemoans that Mexico doesn’t break down their census records by race. The Mexicans are actually more intelligent and post-racial than we are, apparently. I wonder what Gates’s goal is, in the big scheme? I heard that Alicia Keys was scheduled to be on his program but canceled at the last minute because her grandmother told her not to do it. That she couldn’t tell her WHY, but basically “don’t go there.” So, another person with a dark secret in the past, just like Barry. Oh, why didn’t Gates run his DNA on Barry? Hmmmm.

          It’s really a sad thing. Isn’t it? Everybody was so happy to vote for Barry, thinking it was a milestone in American history and all this man has done is set us back 50 years. That’s “progress” for you.

          • POTUS is just a stepping stone in the grand scheme. We’re just funding it. He’s so transparent. I see the big picture. He’s getting all his ducks in a row all over the world. on every level. Its obvious.

            Prayers for George.

            • Yes, he wants to be president of the world.

              Prayers for George AND Trayvon’s family. It can’t be easy for any of the people involved. I can only imagine losing a child, but why is it necessary to do this? Al Sharpton? Seriously? Do they think they’re being used? They should.

  5. They said on my local FOX TV station that Zimmerman is in custody and a “special prosecutor” will file 2nd degree murder charges against him. They’re covering the press conference live. Can you believe this? It’s appalling. The charges were “leaked”.

  6. Angela Corey speaking now. She spoke to Trayvon’s parents before the conference. Then she said she is looking for “Justice for the Sweet Trayvon.” This might be a clue as to what is coming. Yes it was. Zimmerman is to be charged with murder in 2nd degree. Zimmerman is in custody and turned himself in.

    How long has he been in custody? Is that why he didn’t contact his attorneys? I guess jail would be the safest place or is it?

    • Bridgette, I was in the other room and thought that’s what I heard. So much for objectivity. She kept saying that, “justice for Trayvon.” Where’s the justice for Zimmerman? She asked people to pray for Trayvon’s family. What about Zimmerman’s family?

    • This is a perfect example of what I meant when I said there’s to be a “racial caste system”. Now the pink people WILL BE AT THE BOTTOM. Everybody “tainted” with white blood is worth LESS than blacks. Blacks get special treatment, ever and always, from now on. That’s the “justice” that the likes of the NBP party demands. Not just reparations or equality. Vengeance. Revenge. The “sins” of the fathers visited upon their descendants forevermore. That’s why you see no cry for justice for Patricia Cook. No cry for justice for Hoang Nguyen. White. Yellow. Unimportant. Of the lower caste. I hate to feel this, think this, write this, but it’s what is coming to pass before our eyes. Who would ever think we’d have an Attorney General who says that civil rights and voting rights laws DO NOT APPLY to whites? They apply, in his words, only to “my people,” meaning black people.

    • It couldn’t happen any other way in this situation. Railroaded comes to mind. Greta said that it was the prosecutor’s duty to assign the worst case charges initially, and then those can be dropped to lesser charges later on based on evidence and a trial. She couldn’t devulge evidence that led to their decision.

      Yes, Corley did like the limelight, didn’t she? Corley was all in for the innocent Trayvon and her words were proof of it. No call to Zimmerman’s parents?

      Well, I guess Sharpton’s activists and the terrorist Panthers can calm their jets now until they come up with another travesty of justice that can get them all out into the streets again. I do hope that Zimmerman can get some good lawyers. The trial will most likely be covered on TV much like OJ’s….perhaps just before the election!

      • I should have thought to watch Greta. I have a lot of respect for her. She’s fair minded and a lawyer, too. If you ask me, he shouldn’t be charged with anything. My impression was that Corley REALLY enjoyed the spotlight. Like that judge in the OJ trial. Preening for the camera. The guy behind her did NOT look happy, though. Not at all.

  7. That NBP rally should be a Headline. just some people in his neighborhood?

  8. Trayvon Martin corpse photo accidentally released by Florida prosecutors as part of botched evidence dump [ACCIDENTALLY>>>right on!]

    The release included transcripts that showed shooter George Zimmerman was a mediocre college student
    [That has lots to do with the shooting…NOT!]
    Thursday, August 9, 2012, 11:35 AM

    A photograph of Trayvon Martin’s dead body was mistakenly released by prosecutors Thursday — along with college transcripts that revealed that his killer was barely a C student at a Florida community college.

    The grainy image of 17-year-old Martin moments after he was slain by George Zimmerman was in a packet of evidence that was accidentally released to the media.

    There was also a photograph of the head wounds Zimmerman allegedly suffered during what he said was a scuffle with Martin.

    But the newest revelations came from Zimmerman’s transcript from the neighborhood watchman’s days as a mediocre student at Seminole State College

    The Daily News has chosen not to publish the post-mortem photo of Martin.[Why not? Don’t they want to Incite more protests?]

    After 44 days of civil rights rallies and protests, Zimmerman was charged.

    • C student,—-looks like Trayvon was Obama’s son afterall! Now if we could only get those college and school records of O’s , Obama’s black geneology study would be complete……from this marvolous, in comparison, to other geneology studies like the Mormon’s,,,, Obama’s claim that Martin could have been his son and a C student too!. Golly gee, and then let us compare social pathologies….Wow, he’s looking like a dead ringer for Obama.

      • Don’t we wish Obama’s records could be “accidentally released” like they seem to be able to do for everyone else. Funny how that happens.

        • records have to exist to be released…..

            • Perhaps Trump and his followers should quit saying ‘release your records’ and start saying, “Where are the records”. Remember when it was “where’s the bc” because it was questioned IF even existed. We let the Progs redefine to mean, “release THE records/bc” as if they existed.

          • I’d like to see records from college which might include a college I.D. photo, as well as records that would show financial aid applications for a scholarship or grant, and recommendation letters to attend those prestigious universities. Grades by this slacker? He has shown he has no work ethic or even ethics at all. Where’s Ann’s death record or hospitalization records for him? This is a case that confirms there are storks that deliver babies.

            Stephen Pigeon found that another Barack Obama died in an airplane crash in 1979. That is the year that so much seems to have occurred with this new Barack Obama who has just photo-shopped family and school photos. A fat, stocky kid just doesn’t grow up into a tall, really thin guy.

            Also what country used the term ” Eat your Peas”? I and others never heard the term, we were told to eat all of the food on our plates and to think of the people who had none that lived in India. Why India? I don’t know. That was the consensus of friends who were brought up across the U.S. “Getting shellacked” is another unusual term. The media jumped on those words as well.

            If he had writing ability, it was mediocre at best. There are only two examples, that poem about Pops and the one from The Sundial. Then all of a sudden he wrote Dreams? First thing he did as president was to sign an EO only allowing what he wants released after he leaves office. Those records, if not all destroyed, will have samples of his writing. There is nothing from his days in the senate. Those just disappeared too. If you vote present, you don’t need to keep records of anything. If you use other’s legislation, you don’t have to write anything it has already been prepared for you. What will he put into that presidential library (if he plans to have one) of any significance?

            Wouldn’t you like confirmation that everything on his Blackberry is being recorded?

            • College ID photos. YEAH! That would be great. And we’d see his various names, too. Good point about the “death” in ’79. We’d really have him if he said “eat your pease.” (British spelling.) 🙂

              We could use some examples of his ACTUAL handwriting from his college days.

              That Blackberry! Yep, again. As with the judge in the NDAA case, she just has to trust Barry-the-untrustworthy when he says he’s not ignoring her injunction.

    • WHY are they back to showing the photos of Trayvon at 13?!!! Why do they choose not to publish the photo of Trayvon but they DO publish something that has nothing to do with anything–Zimmerman’s college grades. Did they want people to infer something from the title of that class?

  9. Trayvon Martin’s Family Settles Wrongful Death Suit

    Trayvon Martin’s family has reached a settlement in a wrongful death suit they filed against the homeowners association of the sub-division where Martin was killed, the Orlando Sentinel reports.
    Portions of the settlement released Friday do not specify how much money Martin’s family will receive, but according to the Sentinel, the figure is believed to be in excess of $1 million. The settlement does, however, state that Zimmerman is not part of the agreement. Lawyers for Martin’s family have made it clear that they still plan to file a civil claim against Zimmerman at a later point.

    Major Events highlighted by Huffpo – 19 photos – [photos to make Zimmerman guilty in the minds of the Leftists race baiters]

    • Why would this lawsuit be settled prior to a determination of fault in the case? Why was the homeowners association having to pay off the Martin’s in the first place? I don’t see what they had to do with what occurred nor why they would be considered liable.

      I guess the death of their son was really only money to them. They are to be pitied, not for the loss of their son, but for their greed after his untimely death.

    • Why would the homeowners’ association settle? This is insane. Their son was arguably trespassing. He was the aggressor against a homeowner and member of their neighborhood watch.

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