U.S. Postman Rings Once – Obama a Foreigner! (Open Thread)


Hey Barack, You’ve Got Mail!

Allen Hulton, former U.S. Postman, remembers meeting Barack.


The following is the sworn affidavit of Allen Hulton  obtained by WND.   His credentials and proof of employment with the U.S. Post Office are available here.     Mr. Hulton was the postman who delivered mail to the family of Weatherman Bill Ayers when they lived in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.   Allen swears on one occasion that Mary  Ayers  said they were financially supporting  a black man, a foreigner, through Harvard.   At another time, Allen met this black man who started up a conversation with him while standing on the sidewalk outside the Ayers’ home when he was delivering the mail.    The foreigner announced that he was going to be president of the United States someday!   The foreign student that the Ayers were helping was Barack Obama according to Mr. Hulton.

State of Illinois    )
) ss.
County of Boone )


Allen Hulton, being duly sworn, on oath deposes and says:

1.  I am a resident of Belvidere, Illinois.    I have personal knowledge of the facts contained herein.

2.  I was employed by the United States Postal Service in DuPage County, Illinois, as a letter carrier from March 28, 1962 to March 30, 2001, on which date I  retired.   Attached hereto as Exhibit A are documents that support that I was employed with the United States Postal Service.

3.   From late 1986 to 1997, I served at the Glen Ellyn, Illinois post office, postal zip code 60137.   My primary duty at the time was to deliver mail on Route 6.

4.  During my time at the Glen Ellyn, Illinois post office, I delivered mail to [redacted] Glen Ellyn, Illinois, the residence of Thomas and Mary Ayers, who were the parents of Weather Underground activist, Bill Ayers. The area in which they lived was upper middle to upper class. Thomas Ayers was the president of Commonwealth Edison at the time.

5.  While making deliveries to [redacted] Glen Ellyn, Illinois,  I spoke with Mary Ayers approximately 18 to 20 times, and with Thomas Ayers on at least one occasion. I also delivered certified letters to Weather Underground activist Bernadine Dohrn several times at the [redacted]  who was staying with the Ayers for a short period of time.  I knew who Bernadine Dohrn was at the time I was delivering the mail, but I did not have any conversations outside of obtaining her signature for the letters.

6.   During this time, I never met Bill Ayers; however, I attended Glen Bard High School (now Glen Bard West) with Tim Ayers, Bill Ayers older brother. I would have graduated in 1961.   I did not graduate with my class, but I did receive my GED while in the service. It was this relationship with Tim Ayers that allowed me to speak  more easily with Mary Ayers.

7.  When delivering certified mail to Ms. Dohrn, I was aware that she was not a people person.   At our class reunion, approximately 5 years ago, I asked Tim Ayers about Ms. Dohrn.   Tim Ayers stated, “She’s a star,” and bragged about how her students loved her.

8.  I recall speaking with Thomas Ayers on one occasion shortly after the Ayers had moved onto my route. When we spoke about my job with the postal service, Thomas Ayers spoke like a Marxist and talked about the class struggle between the rich and the poor.

9.  In the early 1990s,  I spoke with Mary Ayers who told me she was
impressed with a foreign, black student.   I do not recall from what country she said he was.  I recall that the student had an unusual, foreign sounding name.  Mary stated Thomas Ayers was helping this student through school financially.

10.   A period of time,  I am not sure of the exact period of time, after the conversation with Mary Ayers, while delivering mail to the Ayers’ residence, I was approached by a young, black male in front of the house and struck up a conversation I with him.  The male introduced himself. He had an unusual, foreign sounding name.  The male stated he was there to thank the Ayers family for the help they had provided  him with his schooling. The male was young, tall, thin, had a light complexion, and had ears that stuck out. He was polite, articulate and spoke with no foreign accent.  He stated during the conversation that he was “going to be” President of the United States.   I was taken aback by this statement because he came across as if his presidency was prearranged.

11. During the 2008 presidential campaign, I saw several news reports detailing a relationship between candidate Barack Obama and radical activist Bill Ayers.  These stories reminded me of my conversations with the Ayers and my encounter with the young black male with the foreign sounding name. The facial and physical characteristics, as well as candidate Obama’s voice, matched that of the young black male I met at the Ayers’ home.   I am positive that the black male I spoke with in front of the Ayers house that day was indeed a young Barack Obama.

Signed:  Allen Hulton

Official Seal Stamp
Signed:  Lizmara Medina
My Commission Expires  08/24/2015

Sworn to and subscribed before me 12th day of November, 2011



If these  statements, ” I want to be president of the United States” or  ” I am going to be president of the United States”  sound familiar, the same words  were repeated to a U.S. Marine  who  was visiting Hawaii in 1980.   These similar statements follow the one that Barack Obama reportedly  said at age 9,  ” I want to be Prime Minister of Indonesia.”     Supposedly,  at another time, Obama wrote, “King”  in wet cement showing his future aspirations, when his official title for himself  wasn’t yet fully set in his mind.   Yes, he had dreams of grandeur early on or else  his dreams were those of others who had predetermined his destiny.

An interview was reported by John Carlton  on December 3, 2009 at the Post and Email entitled,   “Obama in 1980 said he was born in Mombasa, Kenya
  (One must be a subscriber to read the article there, but it was also published in full at this link.)  Following are a few excerpts of the Marine’s testimony.

“While back in Hawaii by late June of 1980, we went back to Honolulu for liberty. I don’t remember the exact address, or the exact business, but one August night, early August 1980, I stopped at a small shop that was either on Kalakaua Blvd.  or the street just north of it, one block north.   I struck up a conversation with a young man, Mulatto, about 18, all teeth, smiling, skinny, short hair that I remember, at least short for the year we lived in.

He told me he lived in Hawaii.   Not too many black Americans lived in Hawaii at all, now or then, so he being there was an oddity. I asked if he was in the service and he said no. I told him that I was a Marine and had recently gotten back from float.   We spoke of world travel at this time and I told him the places we went to.

What strikes me most is what he said as to where he grew up:  Indonesia  He told me he wanted to be President of the US  someday.   I remember lightly smiling and commenting that maybe by the time he gets to be 40 or so, America will be ready for a Black man to be President,  and I wished him luck. We spoke of the racial tensions I saw at home while growing up and I asked him if he ever saw that overseas or since he returned back to  Hawaii.  I don’t remember his answer, but we spoke more of his time overseas and his thoughts on life and philosophy of government.  He made some strange comments to me, it was obvious he never set foot for any time on continental United States, and I told him he better realize that he is making judgments about the United States when he himself never actually lived there.   I told him, “ Hawaii aint the United States !”

He also told me something that I never forgot, for it caused me to do some other things in an effort to be nice to him and possibly a favor.  We spoke of where I had been and the world as I saw it.   I  told him I had been to Africa , Mombassa specifically, and he said  to me abruptly, “I was born there”.  I told him he is not eligible to be president if that was true, but I remembered he said his mom was an American, so, maybe it was okay.   But it was what I did after that makes this a true memory:   I went back to the barracks and told others of this guy and suggested we all grab our photo albums and visit him again and show him pictures of Mombassa so he could see where he was from.

No one wanted to go, and at that time, my camera had failed the weeks before we hit Mombassa and it was late August or early  September until I had borrowed someone else’s pictures to develop myself so I had copies of where I was.   But I never forgot meeting that man for those reasons.   I was going to do him a favor and show him his home country of birth.   And I never went back for some reason, most likely I forgot to or just felt that a one time chance encounter would be meaningless to both of us and didn’t mean we were friends.

In the light of what is called “The Birther” movement, these memories are still foremost in my mind concerning this. While I cannot swear it was Barak Obama, all the details I do remember of that chance encounter fit the profile of the man who some people claim is born in Kenya and others claim he was born in Hawaii.   The man I met was about 18, thin, Mulatto, told me he was born in Mombassa, raised overseas, was living in Hawaii and hadn’t yet been to many places in the world outside of those places, mostly,  hadn’t been to the mainland of America for any long time period if at all.  And he openly told me he wanted to be President.

And I remember that face, the face of a young man who sat on a table to my right front, his hands resting on the edge of the table, him leaning forward, his smile, all teeth.   It was Barak Obama.   I  don’t know if I’d bet my life on it, but I am willing to tell people openly at the risk of my ridicule. I was there, and saw him, spoke to him, and he openly told me he was born in Mombassa Kenya, not Hawaii.”


Here we have two reputable men swearing they met Barack Obama in the 1980 and 1990’s.    The mailman delivered mail to the family of radical Bill Ayers (just a guy that lived in the neighborhood),  and  a U.S.  Marine who recalled meeting a young man in Hawaii while he was on liberty.   Both the Marine and the mailman were told that the person they met said  he was going to be president of the United States.  Both men  recognized him as  a foreigner.  One was told that he was born in Mombassa, Kenya, and the other knew his education was being financed by the Ayers.    Both were able to describe the man they met, and their recollections say it was Barack Obama.

Such  coincidences:   Two separate places, Honolulu, Hawaii and Chicago, Illinois;  two different men, a Marine and a postman;  tell their stories occurring ten years apart of meeting a young mulatto man  who was a foreigner.   Both men had chance encounters with this young man where they were told the same or  a similar  statement, that he was going to be the U.S. president someday.   Two men identify that foreigner as Barack Obama.


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  1. People that are bringing up all of this crap about the birth announcements must have not listened to Sheriff Joe and the investigators. Those birth announcements are worthless. They cannot prove anything.

    Thanks, Miri. I tried everything, even spacing some words.

    • birth announcements. announcements, that all.

      my children’s births were also announced in Kansas City, Kansas newspapers back in the early 70’s because their step-grandparents were proud and herald their arrival. my American father was adopted.

  2. Well, this will be a distraction for them. (Btw, the kid looks like Barry. RIP, whatever happened.) This story has everything. A Hispanic with a Jewish surname. A black victim. Al Sharpton. A white chief of police who has to step down because he’s white, apparently. NAACP and the usual suspects. The inJustice Dept. sticking its nose in. 911 recorded calls and people claiming the Hispanic guy used racial slurs (which means Feds can come charging in) except nobody heard it and it’s not on tape. Reminds me of the Duke “rape” case, except in this case certainly somebody is dead. How will the TRUTH ever come out? The Hispanic guy had to move on account of death threats. What’s it to be now? Redistribution of lynchings?http://www.cnn.com/2012/03/22/justice/florida-teen-shooting/index.html

  3. Now compare to this story, which happened a month ago. Have you heard about this female, white, middle-aged, UNARMED school teacher who was shot at point blank range by a cop in Virginia? Did Al Sharpton go there to protest THIS police brutality? Is the inJustice Dept. investigating a potential hate crime? The cop was male; that’s all I can find. His race and identity unmentioned. But, I have my suspicions. Where will there be justice for Patricia A. Cook? Does NOW care? Will they go to protest? How about Gloria Allred? http://www.cnn.com/2012/03/22/justice/florida-teen-shooting/index.html

  4. I saw this a couple of years ago and it freaked me out then as now. I saw it posted recently and thought I would share.

    • tdr,

      I’ve already seen something like this. First off, the name Barak really means “blessing,” but keep in mind that the word can also mean “curse.” It can mean both depending upon the context. It does not mean the other.
      Another thing, and keep this in mind, we are not at the last of this world-age yet. We still have some time to go on that. But in order to understand the timing, you have to also understand the Festivals of Yahweh and the sabbaths, including the Sabbath Years and the Jubilee. According to our timing, we are in the 70th Jubilee Cycle since Israel crossed over into the Promised Land when Joshua (Yahushua) led them in.

      The 70th Jubilee is in 2045/2046, spring reckoning. This is just the 70th Jubilee “cycle.” A lot has to happen in a short period of time. To us it’s probably seems longer, but still a lot has to happen. Keep in mind, Yahushua (aka Jesus) will return in a Jubilee.

      Also keep in mind that there has to be the time of Jacob’s trouble, which we’re not there yet either. This country will be long gone, and the last 7 years will be horrible throughout the world. The last 3 1/2 years, the tribulation period, will be the worst that has ever happened in Earth’s history. Imagine the worst famine that ever happened, then imagine it so many times worse that you can’t imagine. It’s sad to say, but it will be so bad that people will be eating their family, their children, and will go so insane that they will be even eating their own arms off. No joke! Because people can go a bit insane when they are totally starving.

  5. This is great Lord Monckton schools Dennis Miller on Sheriff Joe’s findings:

    “On Dennis Miller’s radio show Thursday Lord Christopher Monckton, a former policy adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and an activist against global warming “alarmism,” went all-in on questioning President Barack Obama’s citizenship.”
    MORE W/ Video


    • Lord Monckton from the UK gets a full article written about what he thinks about Barry’s forged BC …and he even examined the WH BC to determine it was a fake! Unlike Dennis Miller who didn’t. Dennis wanted to change the subject, and Lord Monckton went back to the BC issue. The Lord is another “Normal” person who is viewing the con from another country and wondering why no one is looking into it.

    • “I mean, hey you got a president who has a false birth certificate on the Internet, on the White House website,” Monckton said. It’s not even clear where he was born. …..

      Miller protested by saying he disagreed with the suggestion that Obama has a fraudulent birth certificate. But Monckton dug in his heels.

      “I don’t know whether he is Kenyan or not,” Monckton said. “The point is that if I were you, I would want to make absolutely sure that he was born here before allowing him to be elected. And the birth certificate that he put up on that website, I don’t know where he was born. But I do know that birth certificate isn’t genuine.

      Monckton firmly asserted that the birth certificate on the White House website wasn’t real, and claimed it could be dismantled with software. “It appears in layers on the screen in such a way you can remove quite separately each of the individual dates,” Monckton said. “You use Adobe Illustrator and each of the individual dates is in its own separate layer. This thing has been fabricated. Sheriff [Joe] Arpaio of Arizona has had a team on this for six months. And he has now gone public and said there’s something very desperately wrong with this and of course nobody is saying anything because the entire electorate has been fooled.

      “I’m no birther, don’t get me wrong,” Monckton said. “I haven’t a clue where Obama was born and I wouldn’t want to entreat into the private grief behind investigating. But the point is, is what he has done on the White House website is he has put up a document which he is plainly a forgery and I would regard that as a very serious matter.

  6. Even Though Obama’s Father Was Born In Kenya, Dennis Miller Tells Lord Monckton,Obama No Kenyan

    • Good one Rob, thanks.

    • I see Miller repeats the required Fox News line about not believing that Barry’s bc is fake. If he doesn’t say it, never be on O’Really again.

      • Wait! What? I say the writer of that story misleads us. He said Miller doesn’t believe Barry has a “fraudulent birth certificate.” But that’s NOT what Miller said. He said he doesn’t think Barry’s Kenyan. Then he said he was intrigued by Monckton’s allegation about the forgery on the WH blog. The Monckton explained about Arpaio and the layers and Miller said Arpaio should “check his brake lines.” So I take back what I said about Dennis.

  7. I found this link on FR and thought it would be a good reference:
    A continuous record of the White House and its administration

  8. tdr,
    I simply love Isaac Newton, but he was not privy to the same information that we have today. He didn’t have some transcripts that have been found, didn’t have the DSS that were found, didn’t have corrections in the Scriptures that they know about today.

    I think that Newton said was that he didn’t think that the second coming of the messiah would be no later than 2060. Think of what he said, please.

    So considering all that he knew for his day and time, he was close. Much, much more has been found, and it’s 100 percent today that one can know the true timing of the Sabbath and Jubilee years if one wishes to study it. It’s a very tedious study, but it is obtainable.

    • do u have any links?

      • No, I surely don’t, but what I do know is this, my husband and I watched the first documentary about him, and this is what was said. From what I’ve been able to tell, people have perverted what was said to say that Newton had a 2060 date. This was NOT what he said.

        Another thing, I know that his calculation is off. My historian/author friend knows how it was off, but even he agrees that he was so very close. It’s only a 15 years’ difference. Keep that in mind, from 2045 to 2060.

        Also, this is one thing to understand. The days of the month will go back to 30 days at some time, and we don’t know when that will be. Today they are not that way. The early Earth had 30-day months only, until flip in the Earth from what, an asteroid, comet getting too close?

  9. The evidence is in the ancient histories throughout the world, and in the Scriptures. Did the poles flip? Well, could be, or maybe an asteroid came close and caused the earth’s crust to move, as some scientists say today. Whatever may have happened, there was some flipping going on. Ancient records of various places say the sun rose in the west for a little while, then went back to rising in the east again. Now that would “flip” the newscasters out, totally. I guess that would be so extreme they’d have to say something about it, you think?

    But from the Scriptures, we know it’s going to go back again to 30-day months at some time before the end of this “world-age.” Just don’t know when. Notice I say “world-age,” and that’s because there’s plural world-ages in the Scriptures. Not just one. We’re in the Adamic world-age now.

  10. Jeffrey Kuhner talks about Barak Obama’s birth certificate
    Thursday March 22, 2012

    Guest: Jeffrey Kuhner and Gerald Celente

    Topic: Washington Times write Jeffrey Kuhner talks about the national news media blackout of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s criminal investigation into the forgery of Barak Obama’s birth certificate and Gerald Celente unloads both barrels against the international criminal banking cartel

  11. Isaac Newton was probably one of the greatest scientists of any time, plus he knew that there was a creator and that our creator loves science and proves himself over and over again in it. Yahweh is the master of science and of everything. It’s not the dark ages with Yahweh. His science is all throughout the Scriptures, the flooding, the age before this, etc. It’s just that it’s never taught today. Some of the ancients were actually more brilliant in that they understood the science of Astronomy, Abraham taught the ancient Egyptians mathematics and Astronomy. Like Newton says, everything has been known and then forgotten and lost.

    What used to happen with ancient peoples were that they knew things, had beneficial advances for mankind, but they would hold on to it for power-over-people reasons. So when the certain civilization vanished, then the knowledge would be forgotten. Even the ancients had batteries, and a few that have been found in Iraq have still worked to this very day.

  12. It begs the question that if he was a foreigner when exactly did he live in this country? There are stories that he returned from Indonesia when he was 10 but is that true? Is there anything than a couple of photos with classmates? I do not believe I saw anything for the junior high years in Hawaii. He appears to have gone to HS in Hawaii but other than that I am not sure. Does anyone know how to interpret the definition of foreign student? Only to mean non-citizen or to mean living abroad? I would pick the latter definition. Otherwise if he were living here he would just be a resident as opposed to a foreigner.

    • I’d define a foreign student as someone who’s not an American, who’s here only on a student visa, and who is enrolled under some scholarship program or as an exchange student. Who knows what Ayers’s wife meant? Obviously, that he’s “foreign”, which he is if you ask me, in every sense of the word.

      • I know what you are saying but I found it odd that even though he was supposedly here since he was 10 years old he would be considered a foreigner, this is assuming he was born abroad. This definitely brings into question the timeline of when he was here in the states. If he was here from the time he was 10 years old I doubt he would be refered to as a foreigner. It sounds like they would be talking about someone who spent the majority of his childhood abround with a return to the states for an exclusive high school education wand then a need for someone to sponser him in the states for college. Did they pay for Punahoe (sp) also? I mean his “grandparents” were living here….do you get my drift?? Not sure I am making myself clear.

  13. Obamas ‘Muslim childhood’ to become campaign issue?
    Aaron Klein


    • Obama’s closest affiliation with Christianity comes in the form of his attendance, for over 20 years, at Chicago’s Trinity United Church, led by controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright Jr.

      The church practices black liberation theology, a race-specific ideology that sees Christianity as a means to “liberate” people of color from alleged subjugation.

      WND previously reported how Wright’s church magazine, Trumpet, claimed white Christians are “make pretend” believers and conservative Christians emulate the people who killed Jesus.

      Obama appeared three times on the cover of Trumpet and gave numerous interviews to the magazine.

      The Chicago church is heavily tied to the Nation of Islam and its leader, Louis Farrakhan.

  14. Immigration records missing for week of Obama’s birth
    Arpaio’s team probing possibility president born abroad
    Jerome R. Corsi
    March 22, 2012


    • NARA explains: In a series of emails beginning Nov. 21, 2011, investigators notified NARA archive reference specialists of the missing dates. NARA specialists in Washington, D.C., checked with the NARA employees in College Park, Md., who had made the duplicate microfilm reels for public inspection. College Park NARA officials found the INS passenger records in Record Group A3573, Reels 184 and 185, were also missing in the original microfilm reels. No INS original paper documents could be found for 1961.

      At the request of investigators, NARA archivists documented the missing records in a two-page letter. The first page of the letter can be viewed here and the second page here In the Feb. 6 letter, Brenda Beasley Kepley, chief of NARA’s Archives 1 Processing Section, acknowledged that passenger records for Record Group A3573, Rolls 184 and 185, covering the period July 28 through Aug. 12, 1961, had been filmed by the INS in August 1961, and the original paper records were not retained.

      Kepley acknowledged that the records for the period Aug. 2 through Aug. 7, 1961, were missing. She argued that the missing data was due to poor quality control that allowed multiple cards to be fed through a document feeder and become bunched together, obscuring the images underneath. “Apparently no quality control was done at the time of filming to check for these errors,” Kepley wrote. “Consequently, it is difficult to determine whether or not images of cards for the period August 2 through August 7 exist on Roll 184. If they do, they are unreadable.”

      The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office ordered and obtained duplicate microfilm of Rolls 184 and 185 to be placed into evidence.
      MCSO investigators concluded that the NARA explanation of bunched up and overlapping records caused by a defective document feeder was not a credible explanation for what was observed on the two microfilm reels

      • Bridgette, I was just going to post that. Can you believe this? They have covered all the bases. No doubt about it that the INS records have been “cauterized” too. When? Who the hell knows? Either as they made the copies for Corsi OR before the 2008 election, when passport files and Selective Service records were being “cauterized” or fabricated. So the ORIGINAL PAPER DOCUMENTS are missing? This is a second Sandy Berger-like breach and there’s NO investigation?

        We are supposed to believe that this is yet ANOTHER COINCIDENCE around the crucial points in Barry’s life history? What are the odds? Really. What are the odds? IMPOSSIBLE.

        What are the odds, first of all, that the crucial week is right at the end of the roll? And then, voila! It’s missing.

        So easy to just chop it off and delete it. Throw it away. Eat it. Put it under a construction trailer. Come back later, take it, and burn it.

        We don’t know if the original microfilm, which they won’t let anybody see, is missing those records or not. But it sounds as if Ms. Brenda Beasley Kepley (let me guess when she got her job) has her “story” straight and she’s sticking to it.

        So like Noelani kindergarten “losing” one student’s records and the school in Indonesia, so sad, having Barry’s records “eaten by bugs.”

        What’s the likelihood that the INS filmed the records right then? Right away in August 1961, and then tossed the originals? I don’t believe it.

        • LOL…

          So far we have :
          -A birth certificate that HDOH says is half hand written, half typed; Ambercrummy says it doesn’t exist; then a competely typed one is posted on the web…birther lawyer decides to quit at this point…
          -Birth announcements in two Hawaiian papers wherein all the announcements in those papers match and are in the exact same order which is the first time that has ever happened (cetain microfiche was not allowed to be viewed for months April to July I think…need to go back to LF research)….
          -Mothers passport files disappeared for years prior to 1965…
          -No one ever saw him at Columbia…
          -A social security number issued to a person born in 1890…with a alias no less..
          -A SS registration form signed in 1979 on a 2008 form…
          -INS documents missing for the week of his birth…
          -All records sealed….
          -Chris Matthews claims he was born in Indonesia then mocks birthers…
          -Parliment in Kenya refers to him as born on their soil…and proud of it…
          -Grandma claims he was born in Kenya…passed thru her hands…

          Did I miss anything?

          What a freak show. They have no shame.

    • Pretty wild stuff. Another case of original documents destroyed. Not sure about you guys but if I were in charge of microfiching I would not destroy anything unless I verified it was archived. Just another reason we should eliminate these agencies. They apparently have no problem looking completely incompetent. Just another day at the office.

    • Interestingly really, what are the odds? Ann Dunham’s passport records for a certain period were “destroyed” too, but there are no records to show that it really occurred.

      Investigators didn’t go along with the latest “story” that was handed to them either. Welcome to our world that we have researched for several years now!

      • What I can’t understand is why no reporter will touch this…I mean it’s a gold mine.

      • I know. Here’s what they said, “The bunching up of several hundred INS passenger card records for the dozens of flights arriving in Hawaii Aug. 2 through Aug. 7, 1961 would have constituted a major collapse in the document feeding mechanism that could not possibly have gone unnoticed by the microfilm technicians making the archive record from the physical paper copies.

        MCSO investigators concluded that the NARA explanation of bunched up and overlapping records caused by a defective document feeder was not a credible explanation for what was observed on the two microfilm reels.”

        They can’t even make up plausible stories. It’s apparent that what must have happened is a quick snip of the end of the roll. Too risky to just snip out the one flight, maybe. Too hard to cut that out of the microfilm. Easier just to cut away the end. That’s my theory.

        About the paper documents, I wouldn’t be sure they don’t exist. They could LIE. She could be lied to. I’ve had archivists tell me records don’t exist when the truth is they’re in boxes, buried in storage in a warehouse-like place, and they don’t WANT TO GO LOOK FOR THEM. Most of the laws allow them to only have to search for a reasonable amount of time. Then they always fall back on that they don’t have the staff to spend hours looking for one thing for one genealogist.

        It appears that Beasley Kepley worked for the NARA as far back as 2006. If the same woman, she’s a ’67 graduate of Arlington Catholic High School in Virginia and a 1971 graduate of Regis College, which is in Massachusetts. I found a reference to an article written by an archivist by that name in 1983. There’s a male archivist by the name of David R. Kepley who wrote an article and acknowledged NARA archivist Brenda Beasley Kepley in it, so could be a relative of his.

        • Funny how we are learning of all these institutions where you should never send your children to study.

        • “David R. Kepley is an archivist working for the Operations Staff of the Office of Records Services-Washington, D.C., National Archives and Records Administration. He has been with the National Archives since 1976. The author has been the project manager for the AAD project since its inception. He is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program given by the Information Resources Management College of the National Defense University. He also holds a Ph.D. in American history from the University of Maryland.” http://www.archives.gov/publications/prologue/2003/spring/spotlight-aad.html Interesting place he graduated from: National Defense University. Ever hear of it?

          • david kepley’s Experience
            archivist National Archives II College Park MD Educational Institution; 1001-5000 employees; Research industry

            1976 – Present (36 years)

            elder, deacon Providence Presbyterian Church
            1989 – 2011 (22 years)

            Instructor Northern Virginia Community College Educational Institution; 1001-5000 employees; Higher Education industry

            September 1976 – June 1998 (21 years 10 months)

            I taught a number of classes in American history.

            Instructor University of Maryland, College Park Educational Institution; 10,001+ employees; Higher Education industry

            September 1975 – June 1976 (10 months)

            I taught several classes in American history.

    • H/T Papoose
      Immigration records missing for week of Obama’s birth
      March 22, 2012 Snips

      Have the copies made of the microfilms by NARA been scrubbed to remove the data for the week of interest because it shows that Stanley Ann (nee Dunham) Obama entered the USA from abroad with a newborn baby in tow? Is our government in total cover-up mode to hide the facts and the truth from the American people about Obama’s birth narrative fraud, criminal document forgery, and identity scam under the guise of protecting us from a constitutional crisis … when in fact such cover-up actions are making things far, far worse by corrupting every institution in our system of government and destroying the rule of law and our constitution? Is our own government now totally operating to keep We the People in the dark and from the truth.


      • Somebody has the records and I am sure it is getting frustrating for the Regime that they can’t be sure they have “erased” everyone, oops I mean everything, about that week. Too many people want answers and have been looking in remote places/libraries/archives around the country for proof. And so they squirm, waiting, and hoping but know it is too real of a possibility someone KNOWS. They can’t keep track of everyone……..And it behooves anyone that uncovers information to NOT contact directly any of the Biggies in this document hunt. We are going to have to be creative on how the information is released to stay one step ahead of them — and we can have fun watching them get more fearful and paranoid that they are not keeping up. They realize and may I add, lose sleep over, the fact that the next time information is released it will have already passed, with documentation, through the Patriot underground and “offing” the final deliverer of the news won’t make it go away.………………..We the People now know who and what we are facing and are henceforth one, maybe even two or three or a million steps ahead of the Usurpers.

  15. I mean really, maybe he’s a hybrid..

  16. WEEK of AUGUST 2nd thru 7th 1961
    2 wed 3 thur 4 fri 5 sat 6 sun 7 mon

    • By Mother Goose

      Monday’s child is fair of face,
      Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
      Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
      Thursday’s child has far to go.
      Friday’s child is loving and giving,
      Saturday’s child works hard for a living,
      But the child born on the Sabbath Day,
      Is fair and wise and good and gay.

  17. Santorum is now officially toast: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/03/santorum-its-better-to-stick-with-obama-than-etch-a-sketch-candidate-like-romney/
    He says it’s better to have Obama than Romney. Romney says, ““I am in this race to defeat Barack Obama and restore America’s promise. I was disappointed to hear that Rick Santorum would rather have Barack Obama as president than a Republican. This election is more important than any one person. It is about the future of America. Any of the Republicans running would be better than President Obama and his record of failure.””

    How can Santorum possibly say something like this? If he’s THAT out of touch with who and what Obama is and what he represents, then he’s too freaking dense to be POTUS.

  18. Dick Morris was just saying on FOX that for the 8 available Senate seats, Republicans are ahead in all races and even those against incumbents. Republicans have a chance to lose 2 seats but gain 6, and if votes were taken today, it would be a Republican sweep.

    One of interest – Claire McCaskill – Missouri – is trailing by 10 points to Steelman. I think he said the percentages were 41% to 51%. She was one of the prime major personalities calling for the changes to NBC. We noticed she has tried to change her stripes from liberal to a more conservative, fiscal stance since her vote for Obamacare against the wishes of Missourians. She was also caught not paying taxes on her husband’s airplane.

  19. Jeff Kuhner, Washington Times Writer, on TruNews

    Praises Joe Arpaio.

    American Media Silent, NY TIMES, CNN, MSNBC,CBS, Only major newspaper that did a straight reporting piece, was The Washington Times. British, German, Italian, Pravda press, international press are all reporting.

    Arpaio put his 30+ yr reputation on the line in having his Posse report on their findings.

    We are talking about a story is true, Obama has Perpetrated a Massive Hoax and Fraud upon the American People – has been lying to the people. If true, we will have a president who is not fit to be president of the United States. If he is illegal, fraudulent, then all things he has done – illegitimate.

    The American people know the media game is rigged.

  20. Part 2 – Washington Times’ Jeff Kuhner: Everything Obama Has Done Could be Illegitimate

  21. Bill Ayers’ Semi-Fictional Black Surrogates
    By Jack Cashill
    March 23, 2012 Snips

    In this much ballyhooed season of “vetting,” please allow me to zero in anew on Barack Obama’s Achilles heel — namely, his willingness to take credit for a book that he did not write in any meaningful way. This would be the book on which his genius myth is founded: his 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father.

    From early on, I have argued that terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers, a skilled writer and editor, is the primary craftsman behind Dreams. Thanks to the video interview of mailman Allen Hulton by WND’s Jerome Corsi, we have a clearer picture of why Ayers would have invested so much time in this project and how he might have been reimbursed.
    Dreams was a careful book, one written to launch the career of a deeply indebted and highly malleable Chicago politician, maybe even a mayor — one who saw the world through white eyes, as the Ayers family did, but one who could articulate the city’s real problems in words that only an African-American could access.

    In 1994, however, Obama was still struggling with a book commissioned three years earlier. He had already blown one advance and was struggling with a second. As Ayers surely knew, a published author — indeed, the author of “the best memoir ever produced by an American politician” according to Time Magazine — had a much better political future than a failed writer with a contract hanging over his head.


  22. Mailman discouraged from telling Obama story
    Told family and friends: They ‘did not want to hear this’
    March 25 2 hours ago Snips

    Allen Hulton, who previously told WND in a videotaped interview about meeting Obama long before his political career was launched in Chicago, was interviewed by Mark Gillar on his BlogTalkRadio program just days ago.

    Gillar asked him why he didn’t made a more concerted effort to tell people about how Mary Ayers, the mother of longtime Obama associate Bill Ayers and one of the residents to whom he delivered mail, boasted of helping this “foreign” student with his college.

    “I have a very good answer to that,” Hulton said. “I did mention it to a family member, to friends. Because of their reaction, they were not impressed, they tried to explain it away.” One family member, especially, “did not want to hear this,” Hulton said. “I figured that would be the reaction if I came forward.”[An Obama supporter.]

    But he has not, however, tried to keep it a secret. “Over these several years, I have told it to groups of people, places that I go for meetings, activities that I am involved in,” he said. But he agreed with Gillar’s characterization that while he was telling people, not a whole lot of people were listening.

    He confirmed that he still has not been approached by any of the “big boys” – the networks or major talk radio interests, about his remembrance that Mary Ayers told him of helping with “foreign” student and then Obama’s statement, in a matter-of-fact way as if the issue already was decided, that he would be president.


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